Kirby forced Jake Fromm to run the ball consecutively on first and second downs back-to-back ten (10) times against a team stacking the box and STOPPING THE RUN while ALSO BEATING Kirby at the time. We did boo and boo and boo and boo and boo Kirby’s bullshit play calls. Yet there remains some discussion about BEGGING Kirby to respond to THIS CRITICISM. Excuse me ? Why is Kirby # 72 Passing Offense ? Because Kirby runs the ball up the middle on first and second downs. Even when Kirby is LOSING. Even when we BOO Kirby for it. Did you HEAR ME that time ? Well did you punk ?

Kirby insisted we run the ball consecutively on first and second downs back-to-back ten (10) times against a team stacking the box and STOPPING THE RUN while ALSO BEATING Kirby at the time. We did boo and boo and boo and boo.  Now Kirby has no GOD DAMN ANSWER to this.


Kirby meets with the press.  And the press are such GOD DAMN WIMPS that they accept that Kirby does NOT reply to this criticism.  Kirby will NOT answer the press on this. Kirby IGNORES the press asking him about this booing and booing by the fans for his running first and second down 10 times even losing even us booing Kirby for it.  Kirby REFUSES to answer the press about it changing the topic to yes we are thinking only about Kentucky and running first and second down every time all this week again too with Kirby’s # 72 Passing Offense.  This is what Kirby does.  Control freak.  Fans booing.  He runs up middle first and second downs 10 times against South Carolina ANYWAY and refuses to answer direct questions from the press about it.  He ducks the question.


It’s such bullshit and bad that the press lets Kirby get away with this ignoring the press asking Kirby about it.


Kirby will ANSWER for this.


I guarantee it.


God damn stubborn son of a bitch.




“We have to do a better job getting the ball to playmakers in space as well as trying to get the ball outside a little more and we have to take more shots downfield.” D’Andre Swift outspoken critic to the press on our offense. In other words D’Andre Swift says all we do is run the ball up the middle. Did you get that ? D’Andre Swift said all this to the press. You stand behind Kirby Smart ? Or you agree Kirby Smart MUST CHANGE HIS OFFENSE like D’Andre Swift says Kirby must change the offense ? Which is it ?


Justin Fields against 6 ALL UNRANKED CUPCAKES (six such so far with Northwestern next) has been sacked twice per game 12 in total SACKS so far 2019 and is taking his course work at Ohio State online on the Internet. Thought you should know.

What Justin Fields is doing at Ohio State is that he is getting an online education.  He takes his courses on the Internet.  I do NOT consider THAT a Scholarship to a top school.  And he has been sacked 16 times already now too.  4 times Justin Fields got sacked here on The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs and now that he transferred another 12 times twice per game so far at online Ohio State Internet they call it.


Transferred from this great University where he was required to go to classes because Jake Fromm told Justin Fields that he Jake Fromm was going to STAY and play next year too 2020-2021 season and then be a top NFL Draft Pick 2021 NFL Draft.  12 times Justin Fields has been sacked at Ohio State.  Justin Fields is going to set a record at Ohio State getting sacked.  When you are getting sacked several times EVERY GAME you have to ask yourself what the hell is the problem getting sacked ALL THE TIME like Justin Fields is doing at Ohio State.


How do you get sacked 16 times Justin Fields ?



Have fun up there in your Internet “Education.”  There are LOTS of distractions online to NOT CHEAT.


That’s NOT an education.  That’s bullshit Justin Fields.






Kirby loses two 5-star quarterbacks not playing them enough who both in their debut Saturday went out and threw 4 TD passes each. Justin Fields also ran for a TD for # 5 Ohio State. Jacob Eason 27-36 for 349 yards and 4 TD Passes for # 13 Washington. Justin Fields 18 of 25 for 234 yards and 4 TD Passes TOO. And another TD running. Kirby that is NOT good for you son.


72 we ranked number 72 in passing last year 2018 and # 16 rushing with 567 running plays and only 241 passing plays all of 2018-2019 season. It’s what Kirby does. He says it makes his defense better which it does. And Kirby says that fewer bad results happen. We LOST the last two (2) games in a row and now have LOST 10 games in Kirby’s 3 seasons as a result. Supposedly Jake Fromm can throw the ball. So it is all on Kirby.


Feleipe Franks ranked # 20 QB 2019. Jacob Eason # 19. Joe Burrow LSU # 14. Kellen Mond Texas A&M # 13. Justin Fields # 11 and on Heisman Shortlist. Ian Book Notre Dame # 7. Jalen Hurts # 5 Oklahoma. Tua Tagovailoa # 2. Trevor Lawrence # 1. Jake Fromm # 3 according to Sporting News.



24-5 Jake Fromm as Starting QB 3-4 vs SEC West Auburn 2-1 LSU 0-1 Alabama 0-2 Miss St 1-0. David Greene was 21-5 at this point. Eric Zeier 19-5. Matthew Stafford 18-4. Quincy Carter 17-7. Aaron Murray 16-11. Jake Fromm has had a LOT of talent around him.



“Select underclassmen invited to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis February 2019 with Andrew Thomas it opened my eyes a little bit about my NFL options after this up-coming 2019 season. It gives me a different perspective about what is going on and how that transition is taking place. I am definitely a lot more comfortable with us 24 wins the last two seasons.” Jake Fromm



Kirby says he did not play Justin Fields because the game was out of reach. Excuse me Kirby ? You said that Jake Fromm gave us the best chance to win. You felt he could lead us on the comeback. Pardon me Kirby ? What the hell is the TRUTH Kirby ?


You said if you thought that Justin Fields would give your team a spark on offense it needed badly that you would have put Justin Fields in.


Kirby you are a GOD DAMN LIAR and these quotes catch you at that LIE don’t they Kirby ?






Jake Fromm # 68 Passing Offense and that is just not acceptable for # 8 team in the nation to have that bad a Passing Offense with Jake Fromm.

# 28 Fumbles Lost – our Quarterback can’t hold on to the ball

# 38 Interceptions thrown – our Quarterback throws too many interceptions

# 35 Sacks of our Quarterback – he’s too slow and does NOT hit the open man

# 68 Passing Offense – our Quarterback is more concerned with percentage than throwing football

# 51 Turnover Margin – and we don’t try to throw the football

# 77 Penalties – we’re undisciplined shooting ourselves in the foot



I am sorry but our Quarterback does NOT see the field well.   He has lost 3 games already and could easily lose 3 games this season.  That’s NOT elite.  That’s NOT top 8 in the nation.


This Passing Offense of Jake Fromm is dragging the whole entire team down.


We had this coming.


THIS BLOG told you this would happen with Jake Fromm every day since the G-Day Game.


I was RIGHT again.


Wasn’t I ?


Our Quarterback :

too many sacks

too many fumbles

too many open receivers downfield not completed passes to

too many interceptions

too hesitant to actually throw the God Damn Football






Jake Fromm threw 2 interceptions fumbled the football and was sacked 3 times besides letting LSU’s quarterback kick Jake Fromm’s ass today scoring the first 4 times in a row to start the game with Jake Fromm scoring NOTHING.

This was a big blowout today and the reason for it was Jake Fromm.


LSU’s quarterback kicked Jake Fromm’s ass today.


Despite all the talent around Jake Fromm today for us Jake Fromm LOST this game today.


Jake Fromm had a shitty ass day.


Jake Fromm

threw interception after interception

fumbled the football

failed to throw on target

did not run the ball well

failed to help his team run the football

got sacked 3 times

Jake Fromm let LSU’s quarterback score 4 consecutive times to begin the game

THAT is on Jake Fromm.  He is supposed to ANSWER opponents’ scores.


The REALLY bad part of this is NOT THAT JAKE FROMM sucked today but that Kirby left him in and only let Jake Fromm throw any passes despite the fact that he absolutely could NOT pass the football today.


There is no excuse that in game 7 our coach doesn’t even know who our God Damn Quarterback is.  I have known it since G-Day Game.


Wake up Kirby.




Jake Fromm was fabulous as Vanderbilt scores last minute touchdown in 41-13 Georgia spread the wealth win. Stanford LSU Oklahoma and Kentucky all 4 LOST their 1st loss of the season. Auburn Oklahoma State and Michigan State all lost their 2nd game this season already now.

Our Strength of Schedule just took a big hit today with all these losses by every one of our opponents.


I cannot gush more about Jake Fromm bouncing back today to remain with a firm hold now on his starting job.



ACC takes it on the chin as Kirby inserts Justin Fields in a 10-7 game at the time in the Red Zone and he gets a good run then Jake Fromm fizzles again. vols are next after they were plastered tonight by Florida slaughtered by Florida at Neyland by 26 God Damn points.

Our team is missing something.


I can’t exactly put my finger on it yet but we’re missing something.  We have a ton of talent and many of them have broken-out while others labor to get enough snaps to establish that they are our identity.


I say again Jake Fromm is NOT our quarterback.



ESPN ranks Georgia all last season behind Jake Fromm # 106 at being sacked with 16 sacks. Now while I criticized Kirby’s choices on the OL as under-sized with far better OL sitting on the bench the fact is # 106 with Jake Fromm at being sacked. In the Alabama loss Jake Fromm was sacked four (4) times for 33 yards AND threw 2 interceptions. And in the Auburn loss Jake Fromm was also sacked four (4) times for 37 yards. We need James Coley and Justin Fields to STEP-UP our Passing Game and we need Kirby to actually PLAY all these stockpiled huge OL he has been recruiting 2016 and 2017 and 2018. Talk is cheap. The fact is we don’t pass the ball very well and NEED Justin Fields.

So while you sit there BRAGGING on Jake Fromm just recall that Jake Fromm is # 106 Passing Offense all of last season AND # 106 at being sacked as well.


Game manager ?  Well yeah.


The perception is that Jake Fromm does not pass the ball very well nor want to.


We recruited the # 1 or # 2 best quarterback in the nation and he is either the # 1 or # 2 best player overall in the nation Justin Fields.


Kirby has indicated to YOU every which way but loose that Justin Fields is playing in EVERY GAME all of 2018.


Then we have Justin Fields this year 2019 and the 2020 season before he is taken with one of the top 2 NFL Draft Picks.


We will NOT be sacked 16 times # 106 in the nation with James Coley and Justin Fields 2018 and we will NOT be the # 106 Passing Offense 2018 with THEM either.


Cease being biased in your reporting and bragging on Jake Fromm.


Jake Fromm is NOT NOW nor will he EVER BE a better quarterback than Justin Fields who beat Jake Fromm’s ass in the G-Day Game despite Justin Fields throwing to the WORST receivers AND despite having the WORST OL too.


Frankly Jake Fromm was NEVER in the G-Day Game and afterwards all Jake Fromm could do was BRAG on Justin Fields.


Wake up.


Without Sony Michel and Nick Chubb our most prolific duo tandem EVER it is paramount that James Coley and Justin Fields capitalize in our Passing Game 2018 season and beyond.


This is NOT the time to sit on our Laurels and act like Jake Fromm was not sacked 4 times for 35 yards against BOTH Alabama and Auburn last year.  Obviously both of those teams stand in our way 2018.


Obviously in BOTH LOSSES 2017 season Jake Fromm did NOT step-up leaving the door wide open for James Coley to try Justin Fields instead.  And he will.


Mark my words.




Jake Fromm QUOTE about the stellar performance by Justin Fields in Justin’s G-Day debut : “Justin Fields did great. He ran around made a lot of plays. He did really well for his team and I’m excited to see where he’s going.” You get that ? That is JAKE FROMM saying this. Ok ?




“Coach Kirby Smart blew a gasket at Jake Fromm for not getting a first down in the third quarter of a blowout win at Vanderbilt.” Well yeah he was # 105 Passing Offense all of last season.


Saturday Down South Connor O’Gara



# 105 Passing Offense all last season for Kirby

31 percent of our offensive plays were passing plays  all last season for Kirby

975 plays offense all last season 305 passes 31% not balanced Kirby sat lead lost


$ 50 million dollars we are PAYING for a BETTER God Damn Offense than that Kirby.


Maybe instead of yelling at Jake Fromm you need to try Justin Fields Kirby.










Who is the better quarterback Jacob Eason or Jake Fromm ?

Jacob Eason :

8-5 won/loss starting QB

208 of 377 completions 55 % for 2458 yards 16 TD passes

minus 57 yards -57 rushing on 36 attempts for 1 rushing TD Jacob Eason.

Jacob Eason had 8 interceptions.

COULD NOT HANDLE THE COMPETITION prefer transfer where school loses senior QB again.



Jake Fromm :

12-2 as a Starter and he won game Jacob Eason started last year coming off the bench

181 completion of 291 passes which is 62 % for 2615 yards and 24 TD Passes

positive 79 yards + 79 yards rushing on 55 attempts for 3 rushing TD

Jake Fromm 7 interceptions.

WANTED the competition came to Georgia when Jacob Eason ALREADY HERE.



Jake Fromm far BETTER across the board every single solitary category.



Jacob Eason quit the program because he can see he is NOT the better QB.

Oh we did that already – to determine that Jacob Eason was NOT GOING TO BE SENT BACK OUT THERE as our Starting Quarterback EVER AGAIN barring injury to Jake Fromm.   And even then. Jacob Eason was NOT the better Quarterback compared to Jake Fromm – both 5-Star Quarterbacks ranked the # 2 or #3 best QB in the nation.


Ok.  But you quit the program because you can’t stand the competition.  Good riddance is exactly what I have to say about that bullshit turn of events.


Kiss my ass Jacob Eason.


If you thought it was tough last year wait until 2018 around here with us adding ANOTHER QB who is ALSO better than you Jacob Eason.


I guess Jacob Eason can not take the competition.


When did we have a QB who did that to us before ?


Oh I can’t compete with Jake Fromm.


I am going to Washington Huskies and be the back-up for Jake Browning a Junior whom NO ONE is going to replace with Jacob Eason because he must sit-out a year.  It is what it is.  Jake Browning would be a senior 2018 season so Jacob Eason could replace him next year 2019.  And Jacob Eason has played his freshmen year and has played his sophomore year sit-out his junior.  One year for Jacob Eason. Jake Fromm bio UGA  Jacob Eason bio UGA


Adios – don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out the door Jacob Eason.


The better man is our QB.


Honestly Jacob Eason I find this unprecedented that you would do this to us.  I don’t think it says much about you Jacob Eason.


I guess you KNOW that right ?


Kirby made the RIGHT CHOICE for the right reasons and has been proven correct.


Jacob Eason :

8-5 won/loss starting QB

208 of 377 completions 55 % for 2458 yards 16 TD passes

minus 57 yards -57 rushing on 36 attempts for 1 rushing TD Jacob Eason.

Jacob Eason had 8 interceptions.



Jake Fromm :

12-2 as a Starter and he won game Jacob Eason started last year coming off the bench

181 completion of 291 passes which is 62 % for 2615 yards and 24 TD Passes

positive 79 yards + 79 yards rushing on 55 attempts for 3 rushing TD

Jake Fromm 7 interceptions.



Jake Fromm far BETTER across the board every single solitary category.


Jacob Eason quit the program because he can see he is NOT the better QB.


I’ll take JAKE FROMM.



Jalen Hurts 2nd leading rusher last week in their playoff win. Alabama no interceptions. They don’t turn the ball over. Alabama no penalties. They are disciplined. Alabama shuts down rushing offenses. Lining-up smash mouth against that bunch is NOT going to work Kirby. That is NOT where our advantage is Kirby. Alabama out-recruited us every year Kirby until you got here in the trenches too.

If you want to picture the game before it is played I believe that is entirely possible.


Nick Saban is going to line-up stop the run and run the ball himself.  He will ask his quarterback to throw maybe 5 yards downfield all game – that’s it and otherwise take-off and run the ball from the QB position.  Nick Saban is going to think that he can dominate our OL – which I still say is our weak link.  Nick Saban thinks his defense can stop our running.  Nick Saban is also going to believe that he can run the ball on us.  He may have more reservations about that than stopping us but he nonetheless thinks he can run the ball on us and that his QB can still be conservative and still pass the ball if he has to.


Nick Saban has NO REASON to think otherwise.


I just don’t see any mistakes from Alabama.


Kirby now on the other hand has done extremely well since he got here on Defense.  It is Kirby’s small offensive line which has let him down along with an array of poor play calls that his freshmen quarterbacks have not always been able to audible out of.  They read it.  They see it.  They check out of it.  But honestly our play calls are WAY TOO CONSERVATIVE to my way of thinking on offense.  I also think we are too conservative on returning kickoffs.


I mean we have all these speed guys and yet take a knee on every kick-off instead of try to take it out of there.


And there really is no question that our OL is undersized this entire 2017-2018 season and that it did not need to be but that is what Kirby wanted to do this season redshirting 3 of the top 5 OL in the nation.  Seth Emerson said today Georgia may NEVER get back to this game.  When are the Good Ole Days ?  I said every post that THIS is the season not next year.  THIS year.


I tried this time last year to tell Kirby that he HAD TO PLAY the freshmen OL.  He played 2.  He redshirted 3 of the top 5 OL in the nation this year. I told you Kirby would NEED them for THIS GAME against Alabama.  I thought it would be for The SEC Championship.  But it is the same difference now because lose and we are DONE.  He redshirted 2 last year and did not play them really this year either.  The beef is on the bench on OL 2017-2018 season for Kirby.  I tried to tell Kirby that I guaranteed him The SEC Championship and that he would play Alabama and that he would NEED his big OL against Alabama.


Here we are.


The game will be won and lost on our OL.


The entire national championship relies upon Kirby’s OL being able to impose its will on Alabama.


Because Kirby is not going to pass the ball any more than Nick Saban will Monday night.


Those will be exciting plays when the ball is passed but there will not be many of them – on either side.


Mark Richt lost the recruiting battle to Alabama every year.


Kirby has fixed that.


We have the talent to win.


We are going to have to be DYNAMIC on OFFENSE to win.


Jake Fromm.


Jake Fromm must have a MVP game.




Kellen Mond unranked Texas A&M 4-2 Freshman QB or Jake Fromm # 3 Georgia Bulldogs Freshman QB 6-0 throwing higher percentages bigger boy doing better higher rated as a QB than Kellen Mond as well. Jake Fromm plays for # 3 UGA (Thank you Clemson losing to 3-3 Syrcause.)

If you are 4-2 have not been ranked and still are not ranked all season long folks tend to look at your size your stats and your record.  Folks also look at what the publications have said and are saying about you as a QB.


Jake Fromm beat Notre Dame on the road who have not otherwise lost – ranked team.


Kellen Mond LOST to unranked UCLA who has lost to 2 lousy football teams and remains unranked.

Kellen Mond was not as highly thought of coming-in.


Kellen Mond :

5* Rivals

4* PrepStar





Jake Fromm :

5* Rivals

5* PrepStar





Jake Fromm 60% pass rating 164 with 10 TD 2 INT 6-0 with 5 sacks 2 rush TD

Kellen Mond 56% pass rating 124 with 7 TD 3 INT 4-2 with 13 sacks 2 rush TD


I’ll take Jake Fromm over Kellen Mond and so will everyone else.  Thank you Clemson for making Jake Fromm # 3 in the nation this morning.



So far the Jake and Jake Show has been the Jake Fromm Show single-handedly swamping vols at their house to a thunderously loud Georgia Bulldogs’ crowd AGAIN !

Jake Fromm scratches all itches as with 6 minutes 10 seconds to go in the 1st Quarter at vols throws ANOTHER TD pass to Wims to go up




Lorenzo Carter then jumps on the swapped turnovers fumble recovery following the INT on Ridley skip route not hard slant.


Untouched Jake Fromm shows he is NO AARON MURRAY.


2 Big Runs on 3rd Downs converting both the second to go up




Bulldog Fans in the crowd going WILD


Kick-off into the end zone.


JR Reed INT.


Jake Fromm again shows his legs – he is quite good on the base paths scoring runs in baseball too let me tell you.






Jake Fromm Show.  UGA Bulldogs beating vols 24 to nothing half at Neyland Stadium 30 September 2017.


We should be able to get in some work for the BACK-UP QB in the 2nd half.


Butch Jones is a horrible bad coach going up worse from his # 6 rank game time.



Trailing 10 to 13 Jake Fromm watched with his poor OL and with his poor DROPPING passes receivers as KIRBY’S DEFENSE held Notre Dame to a Field Goal to make it 10-16 and I said then that Jake Fromm can throw a TD pass we can WIN BY ONE which is what happened. Jake Fromm was LOSING five (5) times in the game 0-3, 3-10, 10-13, 10-16, and 17-19 and EACH TIME I said we HAD NOT LOST YET. Jake Fromm was NOTHING SHORT of amazing given the bullshit Kirby sends out there on OFFENSE to help Jake Fromm now on Kirby’s OL and Kirby’s RECEIVERS.

5 deficits OVERCOME by Jake Fromm in his first start ever on the road against a ranked opponent who was picked by Las Vegas to beat us strapped as Jake Fromm is with the bullshit changes Kirby keeps making on the OL when the OL looked like shit again last night and with the bullshit changes Kirby keeps making with the WR when the receivers kept DROPPING THE DAMN BALLS thrown by now Jake Fromm.


Kirby does NOT have a well-oiled OFFENSIVE machine with Jim Chaney’s play calls and yet this true freshman in his first start in college ever overcame five (5) deficits to beat powerhouse Notre Dame and shove us skyward in the polls to make Fran Tarkenton once again look RIGHT as RAIN.




You have been watching NOTRE DAME Football who just BLEW THE GAME with Georgia Bulldogs when NOTRE DAME was supposed to WIN and did NOT at home at Touchdown Jesus and how embarrassing for Notre Dame to see the sea of RED as Georgia INVADED South Bend Indiana and OWNED the place. Notre Dame has a nice defense and solid special teams but their QB is BELOW PAR. All game long all we heard was how Notre Dame ran this play last week against Temple. Georgia REMAINS UNDEFEATED against Notre Dame. Georgia undefeated North of Mason Dixon Line after 1964.

Brandon Wimbush -0- TD passes. Brandon Wimbush threw 39 passes and none for a TD.  That Notre Dame could not run the ball just might be because Georgia is NOT Temple.


We also beat Michigan at Michigan October 2, 1965.



Notre Dame Brian Kelly says he doesn’t care which QB he faces Jake Fromm or Jacob Eason but that instead what makes Georgia’s offense are instead our 2 running backs Nick Chubb and Sony Michel – but we don’t play them both together. We send 1 out and then replace him with the other. So defenses can simply focus on the one RB we do have in the game. Also we have 4 capable great running backs Brian Kelly as you are going to learn at Touchdown Jesus. In fact we as well welcome a 5th top RB back from suspension against you as well.

The WR Saturday were particularly nondescript given that tentative Terry Godwin had a pass hit him in the chest and drop to the ground in front of him.




I would rather have the problem we have to have Jake Fromm do this well making every effort to quickly get to the line of scrimmage and get a pass play off than I would to have our starting QB injured and his back-up not get the job done better than he did in his nearly complete quarter of just only 3 and outs looking like shit like our starting QB just did again.


I made excuses for Jacob Eason for last year but this year Jake Fromm came in and did what Jacob Eason did not do against same defense with the same OL and same WR and TE and with the same horrid offensive coordinator hamstrung by Kirby telling him again 2017 to run the ball every first down.



Jacob Eason is NOT the starting QB for The Georgia Bulldogs and in fact is injured losing his job to the back-up because while he has been in there he has NOT DONE WHAT JAKE FROMM HAS. It would be until the vols’ game before Jacob Eason CAN get back at the earliest in my opinion and I would not rush him back. I expect the doctors to err on the side of the player – unlike what they did with Nick Chubb this time LAST YEAR.

Notre Dame


Mississippi State


These are Jake Fromm Starts.


vols may well be too.


Jacob Eason did not lose his job because he was injured.  Jacob Eason lost his job because what the FANS HAVE SEEN tells us that Jake Fromm is the better college quarterback on the same field with the same defense, same OL, and same Offensive Coordinator.


It’s not the Jake and Jake Show.


It’s Jake Fromm.


Long live the new King.


If you think a sprained knee is not serious think again.  I had one that would not go away for a year.  It is in fact a tear the doctors told me.  It is diagnosed as a sprain.  What is a sprain ? The doctors told me a sprain is a micro-tear or multiple micro-tears.  It’s a complicated joint and Jacob Eason therefore is NOT coming back for Notre Dame if that is what you thought.  I think not for the next 2 after that too.


I am not sure I would say that Jacob Eason is the better Quarterback.  I am sure that I would say that Jake Fromm is the better Quarterback.



Either way I am NOT putting Jacob Eason out there against Notre Dame.




The Jake and Jake Show is going to go on for at least several years.


If you have to have your starting quarterback injured Jake Fromm is a good problem to have.  I have watched the kid 5 years now.  What you see is what I have been seeing.  Jake Fromm has IT.


I told you about his accuracy when Mark Richt refused to offer him a Scholarship.  When he committed to Kirby I told you he NEVER would have committed to Mark Richt.


Notre Dame is a very good team.  Do NOT consider their 4-8 record last year.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am happy to have Jake Fromm take that shot.  Trust me.



1 of 5 weeks are complete now for Spring Practice. Not only was Mecole Hardman Junior at Wide Receiver all this week but as well both Isaac Nauta and Jeremiah Holloman stood-out as well at Wide Receiver while the returning wide receivers ALL STRUGGLED dropping passes by STARK CONTRAST. Jacob Eason has out-dueled Jake Fromm Week One.

Jacob Eason is Starting with the # 1 unit while Jake Fromm is getting EQUAL REPS with Jacob Eason while it is Jacob Eason putting his stamp week one with the better job passing so far.


Surprisingly it is Jake Fromm who was the less accurate week one. I did not expect that. If that continues to be the case then hopefully rather than having The Jake and Jake Show for 2 years this year and next before Jacob Eason is taking in the NFL Draft early after next season – we can do instead what we did with Hutson Mason Aaron Murray’s redshirt JUNIOR Year 2012 where he was PRACTICED HARD as the back-up like this but unless there was an injury he would not be played at all.


In fact Aaron Murray joined us 2009 and Hutson Mason a year later 2010 just like this with Jacob Eason 2016 and Jake Fromm a year later this year 2017.


Then Aaron Murray was our QB 2010 2011 2012 and 2013. Hutson Mason in Aaron Murray’s junior year 2012 was redshirted as Aaron Murray was redshirted 2009 with a sore shoulder and his high school injury. I saw this week Aaron Murray compared to Jake Fromm in HEIGHT. At the NFL Combines as I had maintained all along it was indeed true that Aaron Murray was NOWHERE in the vicinity of 6’ 2” and in fact barely is past 6 feet flat at 6 feet and three quarters of an inch.


Short and short-armed Aaron Murray not only is only 6 feet and ¾ “ but his arms are only 30 and 5/8 “ long.


Comparing Jake Fromm to THAT is NOT GOOD for Jake Fromm.


Jacob Eason TOWERS over Aaron Murray at 6’ 5” and with much LONGER arms.


Of course Aaron Murray did suffer a torn ACL but that was his SENIOR SEASON 2013 and Hutson Mason had redshirted 2012 Murray’s Junior Season. Thus Hutson Mason was able to step-in 2013 and get 2 starts and play 5 games 2013. Hutson Mason was on STAND-BY 2012.


Jake Fromm if this continues should stand-by 2017.


Then instead of 2 years of The Jake and Jake Show this 2017 and next before Jacob Eason goes in the NFL Draft after next season it will be but one year of The Jake and Jake Show next year 2018.


Is it realistic to expect that in 2017 ?


Well in 2012 it CERTAINLY WAS REALISTIC for Aaron Murray with Hutson Mason as his back-up REDSHIRTING 2012.


So it is possible however unlikely.


Either way whether it is 2 years of The Jake and Jake Show or one next year 2018 clearly Jake Fromm is FALLING WAY BEHIND after the first week of Spring Practice.


I always talked about Jake Fromm throwing 16 strikes in a row I saw him throw. But it has in fact been Jacob Eason the more accurate week one this week.


We’ll see if that continues.



Kirby Smart : “I expect Jake Fromm to come out and compete like he’s trying to win it. I look at Jake Fromm no different than I did with Jacob Eason this time last year. Jake Fromm is coming in highly regarded a heralded recruit but he’s very serious and very professional about his work. Jake Fromm is a great leader in the locker room. Guys in the locker room respect Jake Fromm. Jake Fromm has got good arm strength and is a good decision-maker. Jake Fromm has got a little leadership to him that Jake Fromm is not afraid to jump out there and tell guys where to line up what to do and get after it with a little fire. I think that dynamic Jacob Eason sees that. And Jacob Eason is sitting there watching this young kid that comes in with a little more fire and brimstone than even he Jacob Eason had. Plus Jake Fromm is coming in with Jacob Eason there and that makes it a little bit different than last season with Greyson Lambert who was the incumbent starter. I think Jake Fromm is in a good place. And I think Jake Fromm is ready to go compete.” Kirby Smart.

I have seen Jake Fromm throw 2 dozen strikes in a row for a long time now.  The Jake and Jake Show.  I have also witnessed Jake Fromm for a long time now put his team on his back especially in pressure situations game on the line.


I can tell you from watching Jake Fromm for a long time now that he is a great athlete.  Jake Fromm knew Jacob Eason was here long before Jake Fromm committed to Kirby.  Kirby wanted Jake Fromm when Kirby was at Alabama.  Jake Fromm de-committed from Alabama to come play for Kirby.  That was when Jacob Eason was already here.


Jacob Eason goes to the NFL after next season.


This season is their first of 2 seasons together – the Jake and Jake Show.


Jake Fromm was committed to Alabama including February of 2016.  Then Kirby got Jake Fromm to commit to Georgia after National Signing Day last year 2016.  Then Jake Fromm came to the G-Day Game last year with 93000 of us here.  Then Jake Fromm took Camp here with Kirby last year 2016.


You people tried to tell Kirby that Kirby did not recruit Jacob Eason.  The way that actually went down was that YOU TOLD ME Jacob Eason coming here was ABSOLUTELY dependent upon Mark Richt being here.  Your quote was that Jacob Eason coming here is CONTINGENT upon Mark Richt still being here.


I told you you were full of shit.  That I had read the words of Jacob Eason and of his Dad.  That I heard them BOTH say that Jacob Eason LOVED the FANS of Georgia.  That he wanted to be followed by US.


You always have been FULL OF SHIT.  You are ALWAYS wrong.  You are ALWAYS PROVEN WRONG.


Then Mark Richt went to Miami of Florida on December 4.  At that time then Kirby was NOT HERE.  And Jacob Eason told Florida gators that he was coming there on a recruiting trip.  Florida wanted Jacob Eason to be their QB before Kirby ever was here.


That pissed-off the Florida gators’ quarterbacks they were recruiting and those already committed to Florida as well as those Florida gators’ quarterbacks who were there already.


Then Kirby was hired.


Then Kirby instantly left from the announcement and went to Washington.  Directly.  Left announcement got on plane to Washington and INVITED Jacob Eason HERE not to Florida gators.


Then Kirby came back and hired rock star Sam Pittman.


Then Jacob Eason’s Dad told everyone that THAT changed everything : Sam Pittman.


Then Jacob Eason came here.  You were holding God Damn VIGILS for Mark Richt.  Kirby had to meet with Jacob Eason ANYWHERE but where the rest of us were.  He couldn’t come to the Gala.  That’s how friq’d-up YOU made all of this.


Then Jacob Eason committed to Kirby.


Then Kirby signed Jacob Eason.


This while Miami of Florida fans were fawning over Jacob Eason saying THEY would get Jacob Eason.


And you said you were NOW a fan of Miami of Florida.


And you said that YOU COULD MAKE a good case that Mark Richt should NOT have been fired.


THIS is how all this went down.


Oh Yee of short memories.


Oh Yee God Damn LIARS.


What you hate about me is that I have a better brain than you have.  I remember what you say and ram it back down your God Damn throats daily forever every word out of your stupid dumbass mouth.  You are jealous of my ability to tell it like it is.


All during all of that Jake Fromm was committed to Alabama.


Then February of 2016 after Kirby had been here in Athens for 7 weeks from January 12  Jake Fromm committed to Kirby at which time Jacob Eason was enrolled in classes here.


Then Jake Fromm saw Jacob Eason play for us G-Day Game 2016.


Then Jake Fromm came to camp here.


Jake Fromm 5-Star Quarterback.


I have watched Jake Fromm grow-up.  Jake Fromm is going to be a Professional Athlete of the highest level.


Jake Fromm got Georgia the # 2 best recruiting class in the nation according to  Jake Fromm recruited these guys here for us.  16 of them in the Top 200 of the ESPN RecruitingNation Top 200 nationally no matter what position they played.


15 of them ranked in the Overall Top 100 recruits of 3300 recruits 2017 according to either or according to ESPN RecruitingNation or according to Composite.


You said Kirby did NOT recruit Jacob Eason here.


Kirby heard you tell him that he did not recruit Jacob Eason here.


This is exactly how all this came down in the order in which it came down.


You have made yourself out not only a horses’ ass the whole ENTIRE time but have been PROVEN INCORRECT on EVERY WORD out of your God Damn LIAR mouth.


Remember telling ME that I could NOT say this.  That YOU would NOT allow me to say this ?


Well do you punks ?


If it were up to you still today Mark Richt would still be here as you promised me he would be today and Jake Fromm would still be committed to Alabama and now preparing to play in THEIR Spring Practice instead next Tuesday.


That is how THIS all would have come down if it were up to you.


Except that I would not have been ALLOWED to say this to YOU.  How did that go for you ? Well ?  Did you shut me up ?


Did you ?


Did ANYTHING you said on ANY of this any of it come-out like YOU TOLD ME ?


Go ahead.


You can say it.


We ALL know.


I was RIGHT about all of this.  And NOTHING you said came to pass.  You questioned whether you wanted to be a fan of us any longer.  THAT is what happened.


That and you tried to CENSOR me because you did not want to hear what you said when you said it and how you still feel about it all.


You did not have your way on that either did you ?  Did you censor me ?  Was ONLY your opinion heard ?


Or did I have my say ?


Did I tell it like it is and how it all turned-out ?


Were you right about ANY of this ?  No.