Jake Fromm scored more than 7 points in the first quarter all season last year only 3 times. That sucks.

Opponents stack the box.  Kirby runs first down. Kirby runs second down. Kirby runs some third downs too.  Kirby does NOT let Jake Fromm throw the football.  Kirby has NO KNOWLEDGE of offenses.  Our offense was # 72 in passing all of last season.  It is NOT changing 2019.  It’s Kirby’s offense.




“A lot of exotic stuff on offense that the world will have to look out for this season from the Georgia Bulldogs.” D’Andre Swift on James Coley Offense.

That sounds completely opposite from the Kirby bullshit quotes that Kirby isn’t changing anything from his run first down run second down and maybe even run some on 3rd down too.

G-Day is next Saturday 20 April 2019.





“Is the playbook going to be different? No. It’s just probably going to be more added on to it. So I am super excited. What we’ve got going in. I can’t wait to see what happens in the spring. And man just really see what’s going to happen.” Junior QB Jake Fromm about James Coley’s pass-happy offense he brings with him to Georgia now finally this up-coming season.

It’s a LOT more passing than Jim Chaney who ran every first down and ran every second down and who even on 3rd down ran some of those too.


It’s a boring offense that frankly doesn’t work against the good teams.


This is 2019.


You have to throw the football and do it more often than sometimes on 3rd and long after two somewhat unsuccessful running plays.


10 losses in 3 seasons 3.3 losses a year. That’s too many.  Two SEC losses EVERY year.  It’s got to get better than THAT.


Junior QB.




Cut James Coley free Kirby.



“Look we’ve been really successful at running the ball. That’s who we are at Georgia. We’re not going to go re-create the wheel and say OK now we’re going to open it up. And us be an empty spread team every down and go high tempo is not us. You do what makes you successful. And James Coley had a meeting with the offense which I sat in on and he talked about balance. What is balance ? People think balance means 50/50. Balance is not 50/50. Balance is being able to run the ball when you have to run the ball and being able to throw the ball when you have to throw the ball. So can you do both ? Yes. You can be successful at both. That might be 70/30 one game and then 30/70 the other way the next game. I don’t think that we’re going to say OK we’re throwing out everything we’ve done. We’re starting over. That is not going to happen.”

We passed the ball 39 percent of the plays last year. We run 1st and 2nd down. It is what Kirby does. Anyone who thinks that James Coley gets to call the plays is out of his mind. Kirby decides that as you should be aware of by now. Kirby runs the ball. It is what makes a defense better to run the ball.



He doesn’t look like Jim Chaney now does he ?

I told you James Coley was being promoted to Offensive Coordinator.  Kirby hired him after he hired Jim Chaney or he would’ve been the offensive coordinator here from the start.







I have been calling for this for 3 years.  We wouldn’t have had so many bad decisions on offense with James Coley in charge.  He wasn’t.  Kirby had to not want to retain Jim Chaney to be able to promote James Coley to the job in reality.  He had the job in title last year but as we all saw fat ass in the sky still called the plays.


Run up the middle.


Oh 2nd Down ?


Run up the middle.


Third Down ?


Not all of them even were passes even behind the chains.


This is the best news this off-season right up there with the # 2 recruiting class James Coley had much to do with too.


The reason why our receivers have been doing so well is because of James Coley.  Now he can throw the ball to the receivers too.  How progressive.  James Coley is 45 fits right in there well with Kirby who is 43.




“It’s play design and play calls that we didn’t do a good job as coaches on offense. We didn’t do a good job of that against Florida. And we have got to improve that.” Kirby on Jim Chaney’s play calls this season and again specifically again against Florida in our most recent game. I still say Kirby is going to replace Jim Chaney.

Where is James Coley Kirby ?



I am very disappointed in the play calls. When we promoted James Coley I expected to see us open-up this bullshit offense at least against the good teams. This bullshit of not showing opponents what we have is so much crap. We weren’t ready to have a team pass on us and score 36 points and we had NO ANSWER no adjustment and did NOT EVEN TRY to have a solution during the blowout Loss.

We recruit all these players who are all-world then Kirby tells us they are NO GOOD and doesn’t play them.


All you “fans” who told us Jake Fromm was the best quarterback in the country are covered with egg all over their faces.


Repeatedly you told me that Jake Fromm was our quarterback.


Since the G-Day Game I have told you otherwise.


Haven’t I ?





Kirby : “The way the offensive game plan is built will be very similar to what we have been doing in previous years as an offensive identity.”

Yes that is what worries me with all this talent that a defensive coach would think that he knows what our offensive identity is and wants to maintain that arguably crappy assed offense relying on his defense with Jim Chaney’s # 97 Passing Offense 2016 with Jacob Eason and then last year with Jake Fromm the # 106 Passing Offense.


Kirby’s biggest problem offensively other than he only has coached offense one year and that here as running backs’ coach in 2005 at UGA is that he has FAILED to play his hosses on the OL.  He has recruited a ton of them and then held them back in favor of smaller OL that were left here by Mark Richt in his FAILED offensive model.  The receivers who could catch the ball Kirby has NOT LET PLAY EITHER much like the OL sitting there watching us FAIL on offense.


And if you think we have NOT failed on offense 2016 and 2017 then why would James Coley be promoted to offensive coordinator 2018 ?  Because what our identity is has been WORKING ?


Oh no it has NOT.


When James Coley was promoted to Offensive Coordinator I was hoping that Kirby would turn the reigns over on Offense to James Coley and to # 1 recruit nationally according to ESPN dynamic dual-threat


James Coley



ESPN ranks Georgia all last season behind Jake Fromm # 106 at being sacked with 16 sacks. Now while I criticized Kirby’s choices on the OL as under-sized with far better OL sitting on the bench the fact is # 106 with Jake Fromm at being sacked. In the Alabama loss Jake Fromm was sacked four (4) times for 33 yards AND threw 2 interceptions. And in the Auburn loss Jake Fromm was also sacked four (4) times for 37 yards. We need James Coley and Justin Fields to STEP-UP our Passing Game and we need Kirby to actually PLAY all these stockpiled huge OL he has been recruiting 2016 and 2017 and 2018. Talk is cheap. The fact is we don’t pass the ball very well and NEED Justin Fields.

So while you sit there BRAGGING on Jake Fromm just recall that Jake Fromm is # 106 Passing Offense all of last season AND # 106 at being sacked as well.


Game manager ?  Well yeah.


The perception is that Jake Fromm does not pass the ball very well nor want to.


We recruited the # 1 or # 2 best quarterback in the nation and he is either the # 1 or # 2 best player overall in the nation Justin Fields.


Kirby has indicated to YOU every which way but loose that Justin Fields is playing in EVERY GAME all of 2018.


Then we have Justin Fields this year 2019 and the 2020 season before he is taken with one of the top 2 NFL Draft Picks.


We will NOT be sacked 16 times # 106 in the nation with James Coley and Justin Fields 2018 and we will NOT be the # 106 Passing Offense 2018 with THEM either.


Cease being biased in your reporting and bragging on Jake Fromm.


Jake Fromm is NOT NOW nor will he EVER BE a better quarterback than Justin Fields who beat Jake Fromm’s ass in the G-Day Game despite Justin Fields throwing to the WORST receivers AND despite having the WORST OL too.


Frankly Jake Fromm was NEVER in the G-Day Game and afterwards all Jake Fromm could do was BRAG on Justin Fields.


Wake up.


Without Sony Michel and Nick Chubb our most prolific duo tandem EVER it is paramount that James Coley and Justin Fields capitalize in our Passing Game 2018 season and beyond.


This is NOT the time to sit on our Laurels and act like Jake Fromm was not sacked 4 times for 35 yards against BOTH Alabama and Auburn last year.  Obviously both of those teams stand in our way 2018.


Obviously in BOTH LOSSES 2017 season Jake Fromm did NOT step-up leaving the door wide open for James Coley to try Justin Fields instead.  And he will.


Mark my words.









“Jim Chaney’s focus remains mainly on the overall offense and all aspects of it. So Jim Chaney will still have the last word on what the offense looks like what the strategy is and yes what plays are called.” Bullshit he will. How do you sleep at night Chip Towers with this CONTINUED unabashed utter crap ?

I am predicting James Coley does NOT have anything like the 31% plays this season passing plays like Jim Chaney did last season.


You are a God Damn LIAR Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation.  You ALWAYS have been.


“Since Jim Chaney has been at Georgia the tendency has been to think of him as a run-heavy coordinator. And he is to a certain degree.” God Damn it Chipper Towers Jim Chaney passed the football only 31 percent of all the plays not only in the national championship game against that great Alabama defense tipping his hand but also all season. 31 % do you even know what that means to a balanced attack to keep the opponent off-balance Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation ? Do you dumbass ? Yet Jim Chaney had Jake Fromm national leader in passing percentage completion. It was a fool-hearty bullshit game plan which FAILED.


“Head Coach Kirby Smart made it clear at his introductory news conference for the UGA Georgia Bulldogs replacing FIRED Mark Richt that Kirby intended Georgia to be a run-first team on offense under Kirby’s leadership. Beyond that Smart doesn’t meddle much on that side of the football.” What utter nonsense Chipper Towers Jesus frigin’ Christ. Only 300 of our total of 1000 plays all season did Jake Fromm throw a pass. Three hundred passes of one thousand offensive plays for the # 2 team in the nation which THIS BLOG guaranteed pre-season would be The SEC Champions with all this talent. And we tied our hands behind our backs and passed the ball 31 percent of all our plays last season.


That is NOT a balanced attack Chipper Towers you God Damn FOOL.


That is ANYTHING BUT a balanced attack.


So Jim Chaney was DEMOTED. Stripped of being Kirby’s only guy in charge of Kirby’s offense. We all know who is in charge of Kirby’s defense.


Kirby PROMOTED James Coley to Offensive Coordinator. Maybe you missed that Chipper Towers you dumb shit.


“Jim Chaney’s focus remains mainly on the overall offense and all aspects of it. So Jim Chaney will still have the last word on what the offense looks like what the strategy is and yes what plays are called.” Bullshit he will. How do you sleep at night Chip Towers with this CONTINUED unabashed utter crap ?


I guarantee you that James Coley will NOT throw the ball only 31 percent of the plays this year God Damn MORON Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation.




You have written some dumb shit pieces Chipper Towers. THIS takes the cake.


And THAT is saying something.




James Coley is training the quarterbacks himself. I did NOT want you to MISS THAT in this bullshit statement that somehow Jim Chaney was NOT DEMOTED. Sure he was. Our offense SUCKED 2016 and sucked 2017.

James Coley is going to make Mike Bobo look like shit.