Kirby is building himself a new $ 80 million dollar coach’s office.



UGA Georgia Bulldogs recruiting classes by Kirby Smart have ranked No. 2 in 2019 and No. 1 in 2018 and No. 3 in 2017. Kirby wants us OUT of Jacksonville because we lose out on 12 percent of our recruiting dates every year AND Athens loses out on EVER having a home game with 100 million economic impact.


“We like it because we understand how close we’ve been to taking the next step. And although 24 and 5 the last two seasons is good. It’s not good enough. It’s not where we expect to be at the University of Georgia. We want to do more at the University of Georgia. We’re not complacent in what we’ve done. And we know we need to take that next step.” Kirby Smart SEC Media Days

That pretty much sums it up for ME TOO.  I am not satisfied.  I want more.  I want the men to want more.  I want you to want more.  I do.  They do.  Criticize ME because I do ?  That’s BULLSHIT.



James Coley and Dan Lanning are BOTH new Offensive and Defensive Coordinators. No team has EVER done well with both coordinators having to be replaced together in the same first season.

To be sure it has been frustrating how we TRY to run the ball every down but that is KIRBY and that will NOT CHANGE 2019 with James Coley.


To be sure it has been frustrating as well how we try to CONTAIN on defense with Kirby and not press forward but that too is Kirby and that too is not either going to change 2019 with Dan Lanning.


SEC Media days year 4 is going to be a joke with Kirby giving his “answers” for how he is going to finally pass the ball at Georgia 2019 and how he finally going to wreak havoc on defense.  No he is not.  He is not going to pass the football.  And he is not going to wreak havoc on defense.


We have 10 losses in 3 years’ time Kirby era and that is averaging 3.3 losses a year.  I expect the same 2019.




I expect Kirby to make a mockery of the press asking Kirby questions at SEC Media Days.  That too is what Kirby does.





Kirby # 3 SEC coach 43 years old is 32-10 at .762 winning percentage. # 12 SEC coach is vols Jeremy Pruitt (45) is 5-7 at (.417)

  1. Alabama Nick Saban (67) 141-20 (.881)
  2. FU Dan Mullen (47) 10-3 (.769)
  3. UGA Georgia Bulldogs Kirby Smart (43) 32-10 (.762)
  4. LSU Ed Orgeron (57) 25-9 (.735)
  5. Texas A&M Jimbo Fisher (53) 9-4 (.692)
  6. Auburn Gus Malzahn (53) 53-27 (.663)
  7. Mississippi State Joe Moorhead (45)  8-5 (.615)
  8. South Carolina Will Muschamp (47) 22-17 (.564)
  9. Missouri Barry Odom (42) 19-19 (.500)
  10. Kentucky Mark Stoops (51) 36-39 (.480)
  11. Ole Miss Matt Luke (42) 11-13 (.458)
  12. vols Jeremy Pruitt (45) 5-7 (.417)
  13. Vanderbilt Derek Mason (49) 24-38 (.387)
  14. Arkansas Chad Morris (50) 2-10  (.167)



It’s going to be a BAD YEAR for Dan Mullen.  I would NOT want to be the vols either.




“Yeah absolutely it costs you a recruiting weekend. You don’t get to have anybody. So our game is held in Jacksonville and we don’t have prospects. That’s not conducive to recruiting – absolutely it’s not. It certainly helps to have more home games.” Kirby Smart on UGA Georgia Bulldogs in Jacksonville Florida every year. 2019.

There is NOTHING cryptic about ANY of that.  Dumb Shit.


“Kirby Smart gives cryptic answer on potentially moving Georgia-Florida from Jacksonville. ”


“I can see Kirby Smart’s point of every other year you do lose an opportunity for recruiting.  I can see there is one less home recruiting game every other year.”  Dan Mullen Florida’s head coach.


EVERYONE sees it except a dumb shit AJ-C poor sportswriter.


So again…what is cryptic about ANY of this ?




So why have an article AJ-C where some dumbass “sportswriter” says that Kirby Smart gave a cryptic answer on potentially moving Georgia-Florida from Jacksonville.   No he did not.  EVERYONE except the AJ-C “sportswriter” understood Kirby precisely that he is COMPLAINING about the recruiting in JAX not being allowed AND COMPLAINING about losing a HOME GAME every other year too.


THIS BLOG has made this EXACT position completely clear repeatedly from the beginning of time.  It’s WRONG to play in JAX so a fan can go get DRUNK.



“# 1. Georgia : The sleeping giant is awake. Perhaps no job in the country offers the best of every world like Georgia — great recruiting base, great place to live, great fan base … you get the point. The one knock: The administration hasn’t necessarily been as “all in” as some of the Bulldogs’ rivals in the league.” Athlon


So of the 130 college football coaching jobs in all of America Georgia Bulldogs job is THE number one job.





Is Kirby going to have a lackluster year 2019 ? It’s certainly consistent with his inconsistent offense Saturday which is NOT ready for Prime Time.

There are some great teams Georgia Bulldogs play 2019-2020 season and this offense does NOT look the part to me.


Kirby has not passed the ball well ANY of his first 3 years averaging as he has the # 100 Passing Offense but Saturday was a NEW LOW for Kirby.


There were complaints that Jim Chaney was calling bad plays but I told you that Kirby called those plays.


Now we see I was right.


We’re not competitive on offense with Kirby.


Kirby tips his hand running too much.


It makes defense easy against Kirby.


So why did Kirby then not get beans and franks ?



Trevor Lawrence and Tua Tagovailoa both are ALWAYS listed ahead of Jake Fromm and now Justin Fields and Jacob Eason figure to both get some love too unless Kirby lets Jake Fromm throw the ball some on first and second downs. You have to do that just to keep them honest.

But Kirby doesn’t like it.



“I hate talking about the offensive line. Somebody played well up there. I don’t know which one was mashing people out of there. Out of Trey Hill Solly Cade Andrew. I don’t know where it was coming from but they played well. The backs carried the ball well and the quarterbacks made good decisions. Nobody really stood out that was like a game-breaker. It’s hard to do that because we go in with a script that we’re going to get this guy this many carries. This guy this many carries.”

What a load of HOGWASH Kirby.  I will be the judge of your offense not you.  You’re not going to control what I think of your offense.  So far you don’t pass the ball enough to my liking Kirby.


Nothing you say or do will alter my opinion of that.


I will judge myself next Saturday.


I know you don’t want to pass the football Kirby.


I got that about you 4 years ago.





UGA Georgia Bulldogs held scrimmage after media availability ended so all we have are LIES by Kirby about what actually occurred in the scrimmage at Sanford Stadium Saturday 6 April 2019.

Kirby tells us what he wants to tell us.  QB Mathis who is widely reported as NOT DOING WELL for example Kirby lies and tells us did great in the scrimmage.  I’ll be the judge of that Kirby.  It will have little to do with your words trying to control what I think.



Two 19-year old 5-Star Freshmen linebackers Brenton Cox and Robert Beal Jr. chose to live in room 420 of a known narc dorm on campus hall monitor. In case you did not know 420 is the time pm pot smokers smoke pot a code for pot smokers 420. So it became April 20 four-20 to legalize pot but not for 19-year old children. Not adults for years yet. Kirby says EVERYONE KNOWS the law. Here in room 420 tagged and labeled 420 these children in our care both each kept open bags of pot and flushed plastic bags of it clogging their toilet so they called the narc hall monitor and had HIM of all people smell and see the bags and have to fix their toilet. 1 of the 2 then runs to the Internet to BRAG we don’t understand his need. And the beat goes on.

  1. Aaron Murray says : “People say these kids are 18-19 years old.  If they want to be treated like men they have to act like men.”
  2. Texas lost to a 7-loss and lost to a 6-loss team but in our last game beat us trying to run when Texas can not run the ball.
  3. Kirby now has lost 10 games in 3 years’ time here to-date averaging 3.33 losses per season an unacceptable number.
  4. Kirby now has 6 arrested in a month and a half.
  5. Kirby has a draconian offensive strategy he learned well nowhere since he never has run an offense or special teams anywhere.  In fact he hasn’t been in charge of kids anywhere either.  Nor has he ever been in charge of meeting and discussing the team he is supposed to be promoting with any media anywhere either.
  6. Two 5-Stars just transferred out.
  7. Now 2 more 5-Stars are rumored to be just 2-game suspensions which Kirby seems to be quite lenient about.
  8. Kirby allowed one 5-Star to stand on the sidelines at the bowl game he just lost to an inferior team who was in the transfer portal at the time of the game leaving to what is now Ohio State.
  9. Kirby allowed another who is rumored to be our top NFL Draft Pick to also stand the sidelines and not play against Texas either.  Waah… I don’t want to get hurt.
  10. 5-Star players took to the Internet again tonight to decry that we are being unfair to them that we owe them.
  11. 5-Star players took to Twitter pre-bowl game to whine UGA did not deserve to be playing Sugar Bowl Texas as # 2 best team in the nation.
  12. Kirby’s Passing Offense is all the way up to averaging # 90 Passing Offense in the NCAA for this said # 2 best team.
  13. I was told during the Mark Richt era here that I could not sound-off railing against this very same crap from Mark Richt.
  14. Yeah I could.
  15. I proved you WRONG then too.  I am an “outsider” dumbass Bluto senator nothing says.
  16. This is what you’ll want to talk about right ?  Guess what ?  Stick THIS up your asshole Bluto.



There is NO QUESTION that Mark Richt LOST CONTROL here and Miami and that Kirby has TOO with 10 losses 3 years two 5-stars transfer-out not played enough iron-fisted dogged run 1st and 2nd down and some 3rd down too best player sideline watching team who lost to 7-loss and lost to 6-loss team beat us in the last bowl game and NOW 6 arrested. I mean our passing offense averages # 90 with Kirby and Kirby THINKS he can CONTROL what WE ALL SAY ABOUT his crappy passing game and poor special teams by limiting us watching them. Spinning out of control Kirby. 6 arrested in last month and 2 weeks Kirby ? THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT KIRBY.

I am an outsider am I you son of God Damn BITCH Senator of NOTHING BLUTO ?


“Well it ain’t off the field that the team has improved.   I can promise you that.”  Kirby Smart just said about the substantive issues facing Kirby Smart.


Thought I would let you know this is ALL unacceptable Kirby.




I do not think you are properly punishing them Kirby and I don’t think they are respecting your heavy-handed approach of them EITHER Kirby.




Despite all the talent you’re not getting the job done in practice or the games Kirby.


On or off the field unacceptable is the operative word Kirby.


So your approach is to HIDE FROM THE MEDIA.


Your contract requires you get us and get your players prepared and to keep them us and the media informed Kirby.


Bar fights Drugs quitting the team no-show at bowl game social media spouting their mouths off and all you can do is to deny press to see them or ask your staff about ANY of all of this.


Bullshit Kirby.  You’ve LOST CONTROL same as Mark Richt whom we FIRED for all this.  And Mark Richt was forced-out at Miami for more of the same down there according to his now former AD at Miami.  “This is unacceptable and not just the bowl game but all season long as well” Miami AD to Mark Richt the day before Mark Richt resulted in “quitting.”  Quit before he is FIRED again.


Kirby is headed down the same road himself.


How are you any different Kirby ?



I am sorry but I see this as more of Kirby TRYING to control what the media says about Georgia Bulldogs to preclude second-guessing of Kirby’s poor offensive strategies averaging the # 90 Passing Offense during the entire Kirby era. Saturday’s practice in pads but press allowed to view only 10 minutes.

Kirby’s hate relationship with the media 4.0



“Look we’ve been really successful at running the ball. That’s who we are at Georgia. We’re not going to go re-create the wheel and say OK now we’re going to open it up. And us be an empty spread team every down and go high tempo is not us. You do what makes you successful. And James Coley had a meeting with the offense which I sat in on and he talked about balance. What is balance ? People think balance means 50/50. Balance is not 50/50. Balance is being able to run the ball when you have to run the ball and being able to throw the ball when you have to throw the ball. So can you do both ? Yes. You can be successful at both. That might be 70/30 one game and then 30/70 the other way the next game. I don’t think that we’re going to say OK we’re throwing out everything we’ve done. We’re starting over. That is not going to happen.”

We passed the ball 39 percent of the plays last year. We run 1st and 2nd down. It is what Kirby does. Anyone who thinks that James Coley gets to call the plays is out of his mind. Kirby decides that as you should be aware of by now. Kirby runs the ball. It is what makes a defense better to run the ball.



Nolan Smith Jermaine Johnson and Nakobe Dean hit practice field for Dan Lanning Defensive Coordinator while James Coley Offensive Coordinator looks to get Passing Game going finally in year 4 for Kirby.

Spring Practice Day 1.


It’s going to be a better year than last year.



Notre Dame and Texas A&M highlight home games 2019 while Florida is certain to be tough as well and of course vols will be a challenge South Carolina Auburn Kentucky and Missouri before Georgia Tech concludes a hard slate of 11 hard to beat opponents. Vanderbilt went to a bowl game last year as our 12 opponent and they’re in Nashville to start the season so they will be ready for us. We better quit feeling sorry for ourselves in a hurry because Kirby is NOT running this gauntlet NOT. Don’t forget Kirby hasn’t beat Alabama yet either while Kirby continues to drop at least 2 games to SEC teams EVERY season so far. So which 2 of these will it be this year for Kirby’s losses to 2 SEC teams every year ?

I can’t see any way that Kirby can have a great year with all these opponents lined-up one after another to expose our offense running the ball every play up the middle by Kirby now in his 4th year of doing just only that on offense.


There will be great gnashing of teeth about Kirby’s offensive strategies again 2019.


This time without fat ass Jim Chaney.



2 major points while fools want to talk about 2019 being Kirby’s year. First Kirby has to beat Notre Dame Kentucky Florida Texas A&M all 4 ranked top 16 teams plus Alabama SEC Championship to make play-offs And South Carolina Vanderbilt and Missouri along with vols and Auburn all looking prettier 2019 themselves aren’t they ? Playoffs 2019 season for Georgia to end Clemson Alabama game number 5 in the playoffs first 5 years ? Oh come on. NOT WITH THIS SCHEDULE 2019 for us. And point 2 is Kirby hasn’t beat Alabama yet in fact Kirby has LOST to at least 2 SEC teams EVERY YEAR he has ever coached. Remember Texas lost to 7-loss and 6-loss teams ? They beat Kirby too. You might want to remember these points when you wake up calling 2019 Kirby’s year. It can’t be. Wake up.

Dumb shits are writing Georgia can do it all 2019.


I don’t think so.  For one our quarterback loses to 2 SEC teams every year he plays. For two Kirby averages the # 90 Passing Offense every year for 3 years running now.  That isn’t going to change either since Kirby told Jim Chaney run the ball every first down.  Run the ball every second.  And try to pass it sometimes on third down.  That’s Kirby. And that isn’t going to change either.




Kirby likes to LIE to the press like Kirby thinks WE do not know if he LIES to THEM. Yeah we do Kirby. We’re not dumbasses Kirby.

We know Kirby :

You benched starters on offense

You play favorites on offense

You rotate defense but on offense dog house might get 3 snaps

You want ONLY to run the football Kirby

You think running helps your defense which it does

You don’t know about 2019 Offenses Kirby (or 2018 or 2017 or 2016 or 1999…)

You think spread offenses passing the ball is bad

You think leaving qb having bad day in there is best

You think your # 97 then # 105 then # 69 Passing Offense is just fine

You let me-me-me Justin Fields stand on sidelines on TV distract team Kirby

You let your top db take the day off Kirby that was acceptable to you too Kirby

You knew Kirby Texas could not run the ball

You knew Kirby Texas would try to stack the box against your sorry offense Kirby

You knew we had to pass the ball Kirby

You knew Texas was suspect against the pass Kirby

You knew Kirby Texas lost to both a 7 and a 6 loss team 2018 Kirby

You knew your lip-service no use when players took Texas lightly Kirby

You know Kirby you don’t know jack shit about offenses Kirby

You meddle in our offense Kirby and have no expertise to do so

You knew down 7 to 28 we had to pass Kirby

You know you should have known that on the 2nd play Kirby

You’re stubborn Kirby

You have 10 losses your first 3 years guess what Kirby ?   That’s unacceptable.

Mark Richt got fired for averaging 4 losses a season his last 8 years

You’re not far behind Kirby at 3.33 losses per year Kirby for 3 years

You better fix your God Damn OFFENSE Kirby

You better fix your LIES to the press Kirby

Kirby about your qb well he’s NOT getting the job done # 69 Passing Offense

Why did you allow the kids to run their mouths on social media Kirby ?

You lose control of the team Kirby ?

How can the # 2 team be # 69 passing offense Kirby ?  Tell me that ?

Your offense has NOT worked and is NOT WORKING Kirby wake up

That’s a stupid offense run 1st down run 2nd down pass 3rd down

Jesus Christ Kirby figure it out or hire someone who will teach you to pass more Kirby

How utterly boring watching shitty run the ball up the middle lose to a team who lost to 2 really bad teams

That’s NOT SMART Kirby

I know

Guess what ?

Texas Tom Herman knew you would be stubborn and keep trying to run the ball Kirby

It cost you the game

You got out-coached by an undermanned coach Kirby

Dumb shit




  1. How can scholarship players tweet whatever they want no consequences Kirby ?
  2. How can players in portal for transfer stand sidelines at next game Kirby ?
  3. How can scholarship player tell YOU not playing travel with team Kirby ?
  4. How can you run up gut losing 7-28 late in game Kirby ?
  5. How can you average # 90 passing offense all 3 years Kirby ?
  6. How can Mark Richt get fired 4 losses year and you 3.3 are not right behind him Kirby ?
  7. How can 10 losses in 3 years be satisfactory Kirby ?
  8. How can everyone say you benched players at practice Kirby ?
  9. How can scholarship players say they took Texas lightly Kirby ?
  10. How can YOU say the players did NOT take Texas lightly Kirby ?
  11. Why lie Kirby ?
  12. That was one crappy-assed showing Kirby and your excuses are worse right ?



Kirby needs to quit meddling with the offense and special teams. He doesn’t have any experience making those play calls and isn’t any good at it nor which personnel to have out there when. He looks really bad making those decisions all 3 years. THIS BLOG has pointed this out every single year.

“Pre-snap it was open.  D’Andre Swift was uncovered.  Then I Kirby sent the back-up quarterback out there who disrupted the offense every time I sent him out all game long did not call for the ball to be snapped.  If he snaps it we have it.  When he waited ten seconds they covered D’Andre Swift and there wasn’t a back-up plan to that play any longer.  I never did call time-out or send my offense out on 4th and 11.  I just let the wrong personnel call the most important call of the game and left them out there when it was clear the window of opportunity for the play to work had vanished.  Then we gave their former starting QB the short field which he promptly ran it in to beat us.”  Kirby Quote


Kirby Quotes




SEC East as it turns out is BETTER than SEC West and not just the 9-5 head-to-head. The facts are Vanderbilt South Carolina and vols are BETTER than Arkansas Auburn and Ole Miss. And frankly Georgia Florida Kentucky and Missouri are BETTER than LSU Texas A&M and Mississippi State. But Alabama has been the best team in the nation for quite a while now going all the way back to 2008. Is this Nick’s swan song ?

Nick Saban has been so much better than everyone for a decade and now 2018 too.


He’s lost half as many games as Ohio State and Clemson and won 25 more games than both of them during this timeframe at Alabama 2008 until now.


Despite what Kirby has done for us his 3 years here Georgia Bulldogs are # 15 in won/lost record starting 2008.


Perhaps you remember 2008 ?


Mark Richt was ranked consensus unanimous # 1 preseason for the first time in UGA history 2008.  AP and Coaches’ Polls had Mark Richt # 1 in the nation 2008.


Our players went out that night and CELEBRATED.


22 of them got arrested.  One even beat-up the hospital.


We were in brawls all over town in every bar.


Then we played like shit.  Then every poll dropped us worse in the rankings despite winning.  Then we faced Alabama and were supposed to beat Alabama and Nick Saban.  Then the # 8 Alabama came to Athens against us the # 3 undefeated both teams.


It was 31 to NOTHING at halftime Alabama embarrassing Mark Richt on national TV.


We NEVER even scored 31 points in the game.  The game was OVER at the half.


I wanted Mark Richt fired.


8 years later I got my way.


Despite your bullshit that I should not say that.


Sure I should.


I was right.


Mark Richt who was winning 80 percent of his games quit caring about winning.  He said he cared MORE about winning the players over to Jesus than winning in football.  He said he was NOT MEASURED by his wins and losses and that none of that mattered. He won 2 and lost one game from that day forward when he fell behind at home as the FAVORITE to win against Alabama 31 to nothing at the half.


Winning 3 losing 1 became winning 2 losing 1 from there on out.


I wanted Mark Richt fired.


I was right.


He was fired.


8 long excruciating years later thanks to YOU.


You tried to shut me up.


You failed.


I got Mark Richt FIRED.


He gave-up trying to win.


Acted like we were a Church.


So here we are on the precipice 11 years later and somehow I don’t see a 31 to nothing happening at half now do you ?


“Mark Richt is our best coach EVER.”  This is the bullshit you told me at the time.  Remember ?  Well do you punks ?


Mark Richt averages 9 wins a year for 15 years in 15-game seasons for the top teams.  I said  that sucked.  You told me that was awesome.  No it wasn’t dumbasses.


145 wins in 15 years is NOT averaging 10-win season now is it you piece of shit liars ?


Easily you can see it is NOT.


145 divided by 15


NOT EQUAL TO 10-win season average


yet there are 15-game seasons for the top teams.


Mark Richt was NOT THAT starting 2008.


A little trip down memory lane for you God Damn fools known as Mark Richt Apologists…


Kirby is averaging 10-win seasons PLUS and it goes to averaging 11-win seasons if he can beat Alabama Saturday not at our house but Atlanta.


Mark Richt did not do that.





Kirby is not giving the ball to enough of his top recruits on offense and not letting them play. 74 players have played 489 games for Kirby 2018 nearly 7 of the 8 games.

516 games played by Kirby’s players 2018 so far before Kentucky game 9. Of the 94 players 13 have played only a snap or 2 for 1 game and another 7 have played only a snap or 2 for 2 games. So 20 of the 94 really are walk-ons Kirby threw a bone to. Or threw 2 bones to so they can say they got on the field and will practice hard to make Kirby’s practice hard and not play bullshit be what Kirby does.


74 players have played 489 games for Kirby 2018 nearly 7 of the 8 games.


But it’s NOT the 74 players getting participation for a game by getting a snap or two that is the focus of Kirby’s doghouse or lack of playing time for so many of his top recruits Kirby himself recruited here.


Kirby is not giving the ball to enough of his top recruits on offense and not letting them play.


Did you get that ?


On Offense Kirby doesn’t play so many of his top recruits meaningful number of snaps to be fair to them and BRAGS about it now yesterday on the radio that Kirby isn’t answering any God Damn questions about personnel and how many snaps each gets.


Guess what Kirby ?


I’ll hold you accountable for that Kirby.



David L. Marshall Starter DL for Kirby all 3 of Kirby’s years and crowd favorite who missed LSU misses Florida too as does Ben Cleveland Starting Right Guard who was injured against Missouri. Monty Rice Starting Middle Linebacker got banged-up at LSU and is somewhat recovered. Starting Tailback D’Andre Swift who led the team in rushing against LSU because Justin Fields only got 5 snaps is probable for Florida but also is banged-up. Justin Fields did NOT transfer during the off-week as it would not have substantially accomplished anything other than sending hard-headed Kirby a MESSAGE. DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle is OUT. Solomon Kindley injured against LSU is gimpy on knee. Devonte Wyatt is injured.

D’Andre Swift is a sophomore phenom from Philadelphia who had his CAREER HIGH in rushing attempts at just 12 last week at LSU.  Kirby just doesn’t give him the ball.  It’s hard to explain.  He injured his ankle.

Justin Fields is a true freshman phenom who has out-played Jake Fromm EVERY game since arriving here including the G-Day Game and thus is clearly our best quarterback and surefire NFL quarterback ahead of Jake Fromm but Kirby doesn’t like freshmen and hates anyone telling him anything EVEN MORE.

Monty Rice is the Starting MLB from Alabama whom Kirby stole from Alabama 2 years ago as a sophomore now.

Ben Cleveland is the Starting Right Guard who should have been the Starting Right Guard the last 2 seasons in addition too but his injury to his leg is long-lasting and Ben is a redshirt sophomore now.  Fibula.

Kirby just holds some players back.  It’s unexplainable.  And it’s frustrating with all this talent.  We take losses because of it.

David L. Marshall is the Starter on DL who is from Upson-Lee who has Started for Kirby all 3 years of Kirby’s career so far. Foot.

DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle is OUT.  DT

Solomon Kindley injured against LSU is gimpy on knee. OL

Devonte Wyatt is injured. DT.   Knee.


Kirby’s mantra for the entire 2-week period now is that we didn’t protect for Jake Fromm who gets sacked 3 times every game and who fumbles the ball every game too trying to run and who averages minus several yards per carry as a direct result thereof and of holding on to the football too long.  His freshman season he came to the line knowing he had to get rid of the ball.  Now in his sophomore slump he doesn’t feel he has to and lumbers around back there then throws off-target and misses open players despite playing against what has been proven to be 6 cupcakes and a team beat by Florida.


That’s right LSU was BEAT by Florida.  I told you our schedule just got a lot harder last week.


Florida averages not only 3 sacks a game but is # 3 nationally in turnover margin both bad signs for troubled embattled Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm.


Florida has averaged allowing only 3 third-down conversions per game the last 3 games – a far cry from Kirby’s giving-up last week at LSU.  Kirby did NOTHING RIGHT at LSU last week.


Kirby seems to be making mistakes you often associate with a younger head coach and of course Georgia has no Athletics’ Director who was football head coach so we don’t have any help for Kirby to shake him from his stubbornness.


We’re expecting Florida to get after our smarting Bulldogs Saturday afternoon late.  And it’s the late start that might help us most.  We’re hurting in more ways than one.



Both teams come in 6-1 but we haven’t played anyone other than LSU who beat Kirby’s ass but whom Florida handily beat.



This bears repeating.  We haven’t played anyone except for LSU.  LSU was BEAT by Florida but LSU kicked Kirby’s ass from pillar to post last week.


Did you get that ?


(1) We’ve played NO ONE except LSU

(2) LSU slaughtered Jake Fromm by 3 unanswered TD

(3) Florida easily handled LSU

(4) We’re supposed to beat Florida at the site of the annual Gator Bowl game by double-digits.

(5) Are you seeing ANYTHING wrong with ANY of this ?




On the road against # 13 team they took the opening possession down the field on you but we held them to a field goal. We do the same right back in their face and instead of tying it up with one of the top kickers in the nation as the # 2 team nationally Kirby refused to tie it up and went for fake field goal from point blank range. The game was over RIGHT THEN. We never overcame that opening field goal by LSU. Kirby did NOT TRY. He quit and made no adjustments and gave up.

Our quarterback the # 68 Passing Quarterback nationally is playing our toughest opponent all season the # 13 team and he is off target misses seeing open receivers fumbles throws interception after interception gets sacked time after time after time and Kirby never lets the nation’s # 1 recruit nationally throw a single pass.


Kirby said the game was OUT OF REACH which is why he FAILED to give Justin Fields ANY ATTEMPT to play at ALL.  It’s bullshit Kirby.  Bullshit boy.


We are having great success running the football have stockpiled both top running backs and top offensive linemen our quarterback is having his worst day ever we’re losing by 2 scores because we failed to kick the field goal instead going for the fake field goal and we tell the quarterback having his worst day ever to throw the ball instead. We punt after punt and never run the ball. They score each time and we don’t answer don’t keep pace. The back-up Quarterback is shown on the sidelines steel in his eyes but Kirby stubbornly refuses to give him a shot instead. Better to get blown-out by 3 touchdowns and not use him than to have folks say I told you so to Kirby that Jake Fromm is NOT our best quarterback as we all saw in the G-Day Game and EVERY game since.


Every 4th down LSU goes for it and not once did we stack the box. Each time their average at best quarterback KILLED us. They had four 4th downs. They went for it all 4 times. They made it all 4 times. We acted like they were going to throw it on 4th down and inches and watched them run it all 4 times mostly just quarterback sneaks.


We went for it on 4th down once and failed. Kirby was out-coached by a guy no one gives ANY respect as coach Ed Orgeron. Ed Orgeron did this to Kirby.


LSU scored the first 4 times in a row to start the game. Kirby had no answer for our offense any of the 4 scores.


There have been nothing but questions for Jake Fromm.


Still Kirby refuses to consider his choice might be WRONG.


After this loss Jake Fromm’s third loss everyone is aware that Jake Fromm is going to lose 3 games this year now. Kirby ? What did Kirby say after this latest loss ? Jake Fromm gave us the best chance to win.  And Jake Fromm has led us on comebacks before.


Then Kirby tries on this lie : “Justin Fields didn’t get to play because the game was out of reach.”


No it wasn’t. Their quarterback ran rings around Jake Fromm.  And Justin Fields should have played.


How easy is that Kirby you stubborn son of a bitch ?


Here give us your crap again Kirby how you are in control ?


Put in Justin Fields.


I wouldn’t say that we fans have turned on Kirby but the facts are that this is the worst coaching job of Kirby’s entire career.


Kirby did not do anything right.




Kirby says he did not play Justin Fields because the game was out of reach. Excuse me Kirby ? You said that Jake Fromm gave us the best chance to win. You felt he could lead us on the comeback. Pardon me Kirby ? What the hell is the TRUTH Kirby ?


You said if you thought that Justin Fields would give your team a spark on offense it needed badly that you would have put Justin Fields in.


Kirby you are a GOD DAMN LIAR and these quotes catch you at that LIE don’t they Kirby ?






The running game is in VERY good hands. The only one running the ball who can’t is Jake Fromm. Our Offensive Line is in VERY good hands too. We’re DEEP at both positions. We are DEEP at RECEIVER too but when we only pass half the number of running plays they don’t get great numbers receiving and of course we’re not beginning to be a balanced attack.

Jake Fromm was the # 106 Passing Offense last year and this year is no different.


I never thought it would be.


I did expect we would play Justin Fields more.


I still do.


Special Teams are in good hands.


I would NOT want to be one of these opposing teams trying to beat ALL THIS TALENT Kirby gets to come play for national championships with.


Right now our only problem is we have two quarterbacks.



“It is really simple. If you had a product put in the heart of the best five-hour radius of all football players. And you have a great education – top 15 public school. And you have a chance to play in the SEC – the best conference in the country – you can play for championships – which we did last year. Why wouldn’t you come?”

Kirby quote



What is going on with the recruiting – season to start 10 days from today – now that Kirby is getting the Elite Players to buy-in wholesale AND Kirby is NOT kicking guys off the team but instead insisting on discipline while they are here. Make NO MISTAKE Kirby is in charge. We have a mission.

Look all Mark Richt did was get some guys who were always going to come to Georgia.  Kirby has proved that he can turn guys around from possibly going to Alabama LSU Tennessee Florida Auburn Clemson Florida State Texas Michigan Ohio State Penn State Southern California Oklahoma Notre Dame.


THIS has translated to Kirby # 6 # 3 # 1 and now again # 1 for next year his first 4 years here in recruiting rankings.  Mark Richt did NOT do that.


The Elite guys want to win.


No Mark Richt did NOT average 10 wins a season.


He didn’t.


In 15-game seasons for the top teams Mark Richt FAILED to average 10 wins a season.  Kirby is averaging MORE than 10 wins a season.


Kirby has also NOT LOST Forty Percent 59 of the 146 Signed Scholarship Recruits beginning 2010 through 2015 like Mark Richt did his last 6 seasons here either.  Guys Mark Richt kicked-off the team or failed to qualify or got arrested or flunked-out or just quit.


Why would someone brag about what Kirby is doing in recruiting and say that it is because only 2 states have more high school players who go on to The SEC or go on to Division 1-A teams ?  It’s because the good players want to WIN.


That is what makes them WINNERS.


They win.


They want to win.


Mark Richt did not give a shit about winning.  Leading the boys to Christ was his gig and he told you that every year for 15 years before he got fired for that shit.


One God did NOT create the universe and two there is no afterlife.


Three he was measured not on leading the boys to Christ but on wins and losses.  And he did NOT average a 10-win season when we thought he should have.


He lost to 12 unranked teams his final 8 years here in either the AP or Coaches’ time game or for season.


He lost to 18 of the last 24 games against top 15 teams time of game good for # 42 best his last 8 years here.


We have a dynasty because Georgia has no competition in-state for recruits ?


No.  What Kirby is doing is to out-recruit Mark Richt and out-coach him and to insist on discipline and to win and not lose to freaking cupcakes like Mark Richt did every year sometimes multiple times in some years.


Kirby has a better coaching staff.  Kirby is a better recruiter.  Kirby is a better coach.  Kirby wants to win.




Let me ask you this if we are supposed to go undefeated winning every game on the 2018 schedule then why is Kirby # 97 and # 106 Passing Offense his first 2 years here stating now he is STANDING PAT on his offensive identity of PLAYING smaller OL not his big boys he has SIGNED but HELD BACK ?

I think there is every reason to believe Kirby will HOLD BACK Justin Fields 2018 season.


So when y’all get all giddy about 2002 and 2012 and 2017 the facts are we LOST 2 games passed the ball only 31 percent of all our plays with Jake Fromm and Jim Chaney and ended-up with the # 106 Passing Offense last season.


According to y’all that’s great.


We relied on our defense Kirby IS great at.





Regarding 3 weeks from Saturday : “Our offense started creating some big plays today in the first scrimmage at Sanford. Both quarterbacks Jake Fromm and Justin Fields commanded their huddles well. Both quarterbacks met our expectations today.” Kirby

I say again.  Jake Fromm was # 106 Passing Offense last year despite all this talent.  I say again Justin Fields is NOT the # 6 quarterback of last year 2017 but the # 1 player of any position in the nation according to ESPN who just happens to know college football and who has NOT misinterpreted the top talent.


Further I say AGAIN that Kirby Smart has made EVERY EFFORT to share with you that he is going to play Justin Fields against Austin Peay 3 weeks from Saturday and everyone else such as South Carolina game 2.


You can either wake up or not.



Alabama has 8 and Clemson has 8 and Georgia has 5 of the top 100 players in America in college football 2018 season according to Sports Illustrated. The facts are EVERYONE has these 3 teams as the top 3 teams 2018. But I am concerned about Kirby passing the ball 2018 again after # 97 for 2016 and # 106 for 2017 season passing the ball. We do have 7 losses Kirby’s first two years averaging 3 and a half losses which is NO BETTER than we FIRED Mark Richt for and he could THROW the forward pass. Kirby can NOT.

Talent at Alabama is better than the talent at Georgia according to EVERY LIST I have seen for 2018 but Georgia is the # 3 most-talented team 2018.  We were right there 2017 too.


Despite all this talent, Kirby’s refusal to ATTEMPT to pass the ball down the field has COST Kirby dearly in years one and two and certainly appears to be our WEAKEST LINK on our team for 2018 as well.


I do have the expectations that Kirby knows this and will 2018 throw the football.


But we DO HAVE the HISTORY of Kirby that Kirby will NOT throw the football in 2018.


James Coley appears to have been promoted to cater to Justin Fields at QB so that we can improve upon :


# 97 passing offense of Jacob Eason 2016 season

# 106 passing offense of Jake Fromm 2017 season


But Kirby HAS RECRUITED THE TALENT to compete with the top 2 teams in the nation 2018 Alabama and Clemson.


However Alabama threw 3 TD passes against Kirby in our last game to beat us and Clemson also is quite adept at passing the ball as well.


Clemson was the # 7 best passing offense in Kirby’s first season as head coach 2016 when he had Jacob Eason at QB.


Clemson just passes the ball much more effectively than Kirby’s teams.


Dabo Swinney  became a head football coach because he was a GREAT WIDE RECEIVER’S COACH.


This is Kirby’s single WEAKEST LINK.


Wide Receivers.


Of course Dabo Swinney was Alabama’s wide receiver.


At Alabama Dabo Swinney lettered 3 years at wide receiver including the national championship 1992 for Alabama.


All Dabo Swinney EVER has done is play and coach wide receivers.


I thought I would share that his alma mater Alabama has MORE TALENT than us this up-coming season and that not only Alabama but that Clemson does as well have better talent 2018 than us but that Kirby is right behind those 2 at # 3 most talent 2018.  However BOTH of them pass the ball better than Kirby – a LOT better.  Kirby does NOT believe in the forward pass.


THAT is the difference in Alabama Clemson and Georgia 2018.  Kirby has to prove he can SHAKE this reputation for his inability to throw the forward pass especially against the top teams who certainly CAN THROW THE FORWARD PASS ON KIRBY.


And did.


And continue to.


And will again 2018.


Unless Kirby can make James Coley make Justin Fields flash his great preeminent arm DOWNFIELD 2018 for a change for Kirby, our season will hang in the balance.  We need our passing game to MAKE-UP for the loss of 20 men from last year’s team who all 20 STARTED for Kirby.


We’ll see.


The season hangs in the balance.





“Negative recruiting to me never works on the kind of kids and people you want in your program. If they buy into that then they are probably a little gullible.”


When you are spending your time negative selling :

1).You are NOT selling your product but doing your competitor a favor by talking on your dime about HIS or HER product instead.  You are giving your competitor another sales call when they are not even there.  Learn how to sell what you have.  What you have is NOT that your competitor isn’t good or his or her product is not good.  The prospect considers the competitor competitive.  You are telling the prospect that you think the prospect is stupid thinking that.  He may tune out your product and you completely.

2).Your objective for your sales call should be not only another appointment with the prospect but also to talk about your product in such a way as to make it the product that does something that you perceive the other products do NOT do.  If you let your competitors come in after you and say me too to your product presentation then you have WASTED your sales call and accomplished nothing.

3).This then presupposes that you know your competition. You should be certified on your competitor’s product and NEVER mention it.  Get the prospect to say that they want that which your competitor does NOT have.  That is selling YOUR PRODUCT.

4).You have  nothing better to do than to whine about your competitor and TRY to put their company or product down?  Think about the Coca-Cola ad where Coke’s competitor shows their cola and Coca-Cola and tells you their cola is better.  They have advertised Coca-Cola for God’s sake.

5).If you do not know how to sell you should take the classes at UGA.  You can NEVER recruit without having a complete understanding of selling techniques.  Negative Selling is NOT a precept of sales.  DO NOT negative sell.


Study your competitor and talk about your product by ONLY talking about what your product will do for the prospect that the competitor’s product will NOT do but just don’t name the competitor.  If you have surround 360 degree bird’s eye camera then demonstrate your car showing ONLY that.  Have the prospect tell you he will NOT buy a car without it.  That is easy to do.  You are selling your product not negative selling against your competitor and recruiting is selling.


Kirby gets selling.  Study Kirby.





Kirby Smart was asked how he gets his team to ignore all the praise of last year which is OVER and concentrate on our potential for THIS YEAR ? “Be a real butthole on the field : you coach them HARD!”

“Be a real butthole on the field : you coach them HARD!”


Kirby does the SAME to the press.


The press seems convinced that Kirby does not like them.  And I believe some of the players think he doesn’t like them either.


But it’s a LOT better than saying you are NOT JUDGED by wins and losses.


Sure you are.


Which is why only 5 make more money than Kirby while FIRED Mark Richt finds he is not even in the top 25 salaries for college coaches 2018 by STARK CONTRAST.


One knows he is judged by his wins and losses.


The OTHER well he was genuinely surprised he was FIRED for his wins and losses.


Mark Richt STILL THINKS he is NOT JUDGED by his wins and losses.  He is one very mucked-up son of a bitch football coach I can tell you that.


We are ALL judged by that which we do.


If you think you are here for SOMETHING ELSE other than what you do you need to have your head examined or at least need to run into me.


I’ll set you straight.


God Knows I WILL.


I’d say Kirby gets it and Mark Richt NEVER will.


Nice.  That’s what I like to hear Kirby :


“Be a real butthole on the field : you coach them HARD!”


They’re kids.  They do NOT need to be coddled.  They need to be inspired and challenged to be the best they can be on the football field and in the classrooms and in the press – in every part of their life.


You ONLY get one go-round.  When you are dead : You are dead.  There is no after-life.  You’re dead.  It’s over.


We had a chance took the lead scoring 4 of the first 5 scores and sat on the ball refusing to throw it and so for the last game the NC Game and for the season we threw # 105 Passing Offense only 31 percent of our plays 305 of 975 plays as passes.


So we LOST.


Now we have Justin Fields and James Coley to FIX THAT FOR KIRBY this season.


Yesterday is a cancelled check.  Tomorrow is a promissory note.  Today is cold hard God Damn Cash.  Make the most of today.  Do NOT be deterred.  You have to WANT it.    Kids need to learn to want it.  Wanting it is a learned experience.


What have you learned ?


I learned that you are NOT going to win throwing 31 percent 305 of 975 plays to end-up the # 2 team last season with Jake Fromm # 105 Passing Offense for the # 2 team.   God Damn disgraceful and it better get fixed.


I did NOT enjoy going to the Atlanta Falcons Mercedes-Benz Stadium to see us and have this happen to us but the rest of the year was good enough to give Kirby the nod to fix his passing game which I know he can with instead James Coley and Justin Fields as I am firmly focused on fixing our weakest area # 105 Passing Offense for the # 2 team God Awful.


I mince no words and NEVER HAVE.


What kind of a God Damn mealy-mouth are you ?


I am decisive.  I am ALSO right.







You’ve had a true freshman Starting QB every year Kirby. How do you determine who is your Starting QB Kirby ? “You compete. You let guys come out and compete. I think sometimes you guys think we just make a decision and just go with it. We do what happens in practice. We have scrimmages. We’ve got 25 practices before our first game.”

“We’re excited about those opportunities to find out how much better Jake can get and how much better Justin can get.  Both of them do a good job managing our team. Both of them are great in the locker room. I’m excited to see where they go.”


Kirby Smart quote 5-18-2018

Does that sound like Kirby is going to start Jake Fromm 2018 to you you God Damn fool ?
It does NOT sound like Jake Fromm has won the Starting job  to ME at all.
It can not sound like he has to you either.
To me it would be all 3 of Kirby’s first 3 years as head coach that he chose a true freshman to be his starting QB.
That is what this sounds like to me.

Bama fans want Kirby to be their next head coach when Nick Saban quits soon but we are paying Kirby $ 7.4 million for the last year of the contract PLUS he can earn up to $ 925 thousand additional per year in total bonuses. So Bama would have to pay him a TON of money to steal him when Nick Saban quits football soon. $ 7.5 million per year would only be $75 thousand more than UGA would pay him in the last year were Kirby to maximize his bonuses too.

Kirby has hurt Alabama’s recruiting by being our coach here in the state of Georgia.  Kirby has a fine defense.  Where Kirby is lacking is not recruiting nor his defense but his offense.  Last season we were the second best team in the nation but only # 105 Passing Offense.


Obviously if James Coley and Justin Fields can enhance our Passing Offense to better than # 105 Passing Offense for this entire year coming-up then Kirby would be known as a well-rounded coach.  Right now he does have that glaring lack of competitiveness in Passing Offense for all of last season at # 105 Passing Offense with Jake Fromm his QB.


Let the speculation begin for Kirby most certainly IS the PICK for Bama fans today to replace the long expected retire of Nick Saban who is two years after Medicare now this season coming-up at 67 years old 2018.  Will Nick Saban still be coach of Alabama during Kirby’s current contract paying Kirby $ 7.4925 million with bonuses the last year of his contract with his alma mater UGA ?


No but Nick Saban does have 6 National Championships.



If Mark Richt is so God Damn GREAT why did he get FIRED and is # 31 in salary at just $ 4 million year while Kirby is # 5 at $7 million dollars a year plus BONUSES ? Tell me why is that ? Mark Richt NOT in Top 25 salaries 2018. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ?

Mark Richt # 31 salary only $ 4 million year :


Kirby is # 5 at $ 7 million a year nearly TWICE what Mark Richt gets and with bonuses is twice.


# 1 Urban Meyer $ 8.49 million year

# 2 Nick Saban $ 8.28 million year

# 3 Jim Harbaugh $ 7.73 million year

# 4 Jimbo Fisher $ 7.5 million year

# 5 Kirby Smart The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs $ 7 million dollars per year plus bonuses

# 6 Gus Malzahn $ 7 million unlikely win bonus losing to Kirby as continues to

# 7 John Calipari $ 7 million year 4 times as many games

# 8 Dabo Swinney $ 6.75 million LOST to SEC again

# 9 Dan Mullen $ 6 million what a God Damn WASTE of money 33-39 SEC record

# 10 David Shaw $ 6 million year

# 11 Tom Herman $ 5.95 million year

# 12 Mike Krzyzewski $ 5.5 million year

# 13 Charlie Strong $ 5.2 million year

# 14 Rick Pitino $ 5.057 million year

# 15 Kevin Sumlin Texas A&M still paying him $ 5 million year 2018

# 16 Gary Patterson $ 4.75 million year

# 17 Bill Self $ 4.75 million year 4 times as many games

# 18 Jim McElwain still paid $ 4.75 million year by Florida as Michigan OC 2018

# 19 Hugh Freeze still being paid $ 4.7 million Ole Miss 2018

# 20 Sean Miller $ 4.53 million year said did not do it reinstated

# 21 Bobby Petrino $ 4.525 million year

# 22 James Franklin $ 4.5 million year

# 23 Kirk Ferentz $ 4.5 million year

# 24 Mark Dantonio $ 4.38 million year

# 25 Bret Bielema still being pad $ 4.2 million year by Arkansas 2018

# 26 Mike Gundy $ 4.2 million year

# 27 Chris Petersen $ 4.125 million year

# 28 Butch Jones still being paid $ 4.11 million year by vols 2018

# 29 Bob Stoops $ 4.05 million year

# 30 Jeremy Pruitt vols $ 4.0 million year

# 31 Mark Richt $ 4.0 million year not earning any bonus losing to CUPCAKE Pitt 5-7





Mark Richt NOT in Top 25 salaries 2018.  WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ?


Kirby gets $2500 dollars an hour until 2025.  That’s a LOT of God Damn monies.


I thought I was something when I made one dollar a minute for 7 years.




Kirby Smart QUOTE on Justin Fields’ amazing performance in the G-Day Game 2018 winning the game as a result of his heroics : “Justin Fields has gotten better. Justin Fields has gotten more comfortable in the offense but I’ll be honest with you it’s not like he’s been behind with the offense from Day 1. Justin Fields has done such a good job coming in and learning. It’s not like it’s been a growth process. He’s never been behind with the offense from Day 1. Justin Fields has gotten more confident and is able to move around in the pocket and create some things when things break down.” KIRBY QUOTE


Look I don’t have a problem if Kirby is tough-love. It did NOT work for Rodney Garner. I would not say it assisted Kirby with Jacob Eason either for example. And I think that Justin Fields GOT ON KIRBY’S CASE privately for Kirby’s comments about Justin Fields hitting a God Damn WALL a week’s worth of practices under his belt in this RUN HAPPY OFFENSE of Kirby. What MY PROBLEM is is his GOD DAMN BULLSHIT he feeds the press and all the crap about keeping it secret so no one can second-guess Kirby on this FAILED OFFENSE of his 2016 and 2017 refusing to allow us to throw the ball. Run 1st Down. Run 2nd Down. Pass SOME OF THE TIME on 3rd Down 31% pass plays all 2017-2018 season # 105 Passing Offense. Kirby thinks he can gag the press gag the players gag all his coaching staff but he sure as shit can NOT gag me.

That’s the problem I have – NOT that Kirby is tough-love but that he THINKS he can CONTROL what I know and don’t know about our football program I hired him to fix.


We are NOT here to spy on Kirby with his one year’s experience with an offense anywhere 2005 Mark Richt’s running backs’ coach.


We are all of us PULLING in the SAME DIRECTION as Kirby SHOULD BE.  I have no idea why Kirby sees us loyal Bulldog fans and dedicated press as offside to him and to everything Georgia.  No we are NOT Kirby.  We’d like to HELP you with your offense.


You OBVIOUSLY need our help on offense Kirby.



“Justin Fields AND Jake Fromm performed well in the scrimmage today” Kirby said to Kelsey Russo of The Red and Black student newspaper noting “the offense dominated during the third-down period.” Are you concerned Kelsey that that is the fault of our defensive backs ? Or Kelsey do you see that as a sign of our strength of our passing game which made up only 31 % of all of Kirby’s plays all last season the # 105 passing offense. Kelsey you owe further questioning or are you AFRAID of Kirby Kelsey ? WTF ?

Kirby continued the defense did well against the RUN.


So :


(1) Both Quarterbacks performed well in the scrimmage today

(2) The Offensive passing game had “explosive plays” Kirby told Kelsey

(3) The offense dominated during the 3rd down period meaning run run pass Kirby again 2018

(4) The Defense stopped the RUN

(5) Georgia Bulldogs’ running back D’Andre Swift will NOT play until Fall with groin pull

(6) Kirby can NOT control what WE SEE Saturday at 4 p.m.



I remain not into this bullshit of Kirby being the only source of how we’re doing.  He has been caught red-handed with complete and utter lies about the answers he gives us anyway.


Why ask him ?


Kirby has not had an explosive offense since he got here.


Clemson does.


Trevor Lawrence won the STARTING job at QB for Clemson 2018 today.


Georgia is coming off 2 seasons of FAILED OFFENSE in a row so far for Kirby’s career.


Kirby had a hell of a great defense 2017.


There were concerns in that secondary as well – as seen in the national championship game yet again costing the game.  That and THEIR quarterback made plays and our QB did NOT having him instead try to sit on the ball take the air out of the ball although had scored 4 of the first 5 scores ahead 20-7 and LOST as a direct result thereof.


The question is what are we doing to FIX that ?


Kirby we will see for ourselves Saturday evening 4 p.m.  Explosive plays on offense Kirby ? What does THAT mean ?  That your secondary sucks ?  That your quarterbacks THREW the ball deep on your secondary ?  That your running game is no good without D’Andre Swift ?


Answers in person 4 p.m. Saturday evening for ALL to see Kirby.


I am presuming that Justin Fields IS THE REAL DEAL.


That’s my guess.


What’s yours ?


I do like this schedule where we at least are starting 2 guys on the OL I said one of which should have started 2016 and the other of which I said should have started 2017.  This is good.  We’re ahead on that schedule.  Not ahead of my schedule of that schedule but ahead of my prediction that Kirby would NOT get his best OL out there 2018 either based upon Kirby’s poor choices on the OL 2016 and 2017.


We hold our offense back.


That’s Kirby.


And we LIE about it.


That’s Kirby too.



HOW DO YOU FEEL about what you are being TOLD and NOT TOLD specifically about the offense which Kirby has no prior experience except one year as Mark Richt’s running backs’ coach ?


Kirby gags not only the players and the press but the coaches too.


I for one am looking forward to Saturday evening 4 p.m. to see for myself.


Kirby Quotes.


I for one stand-up to Kirby on his bullshit of his on his failed offense.  I hold Kirby responsible for the failure of his offense.


All we had last season was a defense and Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.




“I thought both offensive units moved the ball well.” Kirby today about the scrimmage played at the new Billy Payne Indoor Practice Facility with BOTH Justin Fields and incumbent Jake Fromm both impressing Kirby today : “I thought both offensive units moved the ball well.” Kirby

Obviously Justin Fields PLAYS 2018. Jake Rowe



“I thought both offensive units moved the ball well.”  Kirby



Happy Easter but don’t give me this shit that the # 1 recruiting class and the # 1 overall prospect as well Justin Fields are not ready to play 2018. Justin Fields is going to play 2018 this year then next year then the year after that and then he plays in the NFL. We were # 105 Passing Offense last year with Jake Fromm and Jim Chaney. Believe whatever the muck you want to believe but that is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

Kirby is saying Justin Fields is really fast and moves around very well back there obviously.  Kirby says Justin Fields is very quickly picking-up the offense.  Kirby says what he likes most about Justin Fields is that he continues to improve not letting the good plays so far or bad plays change his even keel.


Kirby has started a true freshman quarterback each of his two previous years and there is every indication that this year is going to be MORE of the same.


# 105 Passing Offense last year for the # 2 best team in America.  Obviously if we had passed the ball better we win the national championship.


You can not be # 105 in Passing Offense and THAT is why Kirby has accelerated Justin Fields in the 6 practices so far this Spring and why Kirby PROMOTED James Coley to quarterbacks’ coach and offensive coordinator.


ANYONE suggesting otherwise is blowing smoke up your ass.


Trust me we can not continue to pass only 31 percent of the time as we did last year with Jake Fromm and Jim Chaney.


THAT is unsustainable.


If on the 1st 2nd 3rd Down you run run and then pass but not every 3rd Down pass then your percentages are 31 percent of all our plays last year were passing plays.


Kirby HAS to fix that.




# 105 Passing Offense Georgia Bulldogs UGA 2017-2018 season football.

31 % of all our plays all season long last year were passing plays.




So what we have here is a football program with TONS of talent where EVERYONE wants to come HERE to play – and why wouldn’t they since they are all from here anyway ? We have a coach with NO EXPERIENCE on OFFENSE at ALL EVER ANYWHERE who MEDDLES with Jim Chaney 28 percent of all plays PASSES. 28% PASS. THIS is NOT CLOSE to a BALANCED OFFENSE. And we don’t even know whom it is who should be PLAYING. One poster said F – on here yesterday for OFFENSIVE COACHING. Yes indeed ! And why it is F – is (1) 3 runs to every 1 pass and they are ALL against stacked boxes run run run pass plays every time and (2) whole host of players held back ESPECIALLY on OFFENSE because our head coach has ONLY EVER coached defense.

The very WORST portion of this 28 percent of our plays are only PASSES all season is what our “head coach” Kirby said about it yesterday which was : ” What am I supposed to do with Sony Michel and Nick Chubb when we are NOT running the ball ? ”   Of course, any nincompoop on offense or football in general knows the answer to THAT QUESTION KIRBY is to throw them the football.


This is how badly we are coached on offense.

I offer-up FURTHER that EVERY DAY all last season all of 2016 from DAY 1 THIS BLOG stated Ben Cleveland should have been STARTING last year on that lousy stinking itty-bitty OL Mark Richt left behind last year 2016.


Last year all season THIS BLOG stated as FACT that Mecole Hardman Jr. should be getting TOUCHES in EVERY GAME as the # 1 athlete in the nation.  Kirby said : “If he is Elite then after 3 or 4 practices watching him I will KNOW IT.”  No you WOULD NOT Kirby. THAT is the WHOLE ENTIRE POINT Kirby.


This year Ben Cleveland and Mecole Hardman Jr. BOTH proved that I was right EVERY DAMN DAY last year on THIS BLOG about them BOTH.


Now this season I have spent EVERY DAY the entire season telling Kirby how WRONG he is about my guarantee of SEC Championship 2017 if only 4 MORE guys who I said HAD TO START THIS ENTIRE SEASON on the OL :  Ben Cleveland and Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation REDSHIRTED and D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation REDSHIRTED and Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation REDSHIRTED ? Where are they Kirby ?  Without them I stated this season will be SHOT.  That after this season Kirby loses 20 plus another 2 leaving early all 22 whom Kirby STARTED here for Kirby.


Now here we are Al Knight telling Kirby that he earns an F – offensive coaching.


Without a doubt Al Knight sir.


And EVERY DAY all season I have stated that D’Andre Swift would be a HEISMAN TROPHY CANDIDATE on ANY other team but instead Kirby has given him only 62 carries in 11 games 5 carries a game when HE is our LEADING RUSHER nearly 8 yards per carry.  And this blog has complained that our receivers last year and this year drop the football and that when Kirby DOES RECRUIT a guy who flashes good hands that Kirby DOES NOT RECOGNIZE it such as Ahkil Crumpton whom I would have made a STARTER.


Ahkil Crumpton no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Richard LeCounte III  no snaps vs Auburn LOST


DeAngelo Gibbs no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Jacob Eason  no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Jeremiah Holloman no snaps vs Auburn LOST


William Poole no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Lorenzo Carter  did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Ben Cleveland did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Sony Michel did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Isaac Nauta did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Natrez Patrick did NOT start vs Auburn LOST he too was AVAILABLE to start


Trenton Thompson did NOT start vs Auburn LOST seems Kirby had loads in his dog house eh ?


Kirby you are a fine defensive coach but until you can QUIT MEDDLING with the offense you will NEVER be any good as a head coach – not passing the ball only 28 percent of our plays all season long now and counting.   THIS IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE against Alabama or the top 4 teams.  THIS is who Kirby WANTS us to be.


One would think even a DEFENSIVE COACH KIRBY would know that you can NOT just pass the ball 28 percent of the time.  If on defense you can key in on the 1 tailback back there 3 out of 4 times and always the 1st down and always the 2nd down both just only runs ALL SEASON LONG EVERY GAME, you increase the odds to stop both the run and the pass.


I think Kirby would have NO PROBLEM going up against his own offense – NONE.  He would stuff the box and run blitz 1st down 2nd down and pin their ears back on 3rd down.  Even as a secondary player you know you have to support the run stop the first 2 downs EVERY TIME.


F – Offensive Coaching.  It’s Kirby who runs this offense.  Jim Chaney was NOT ALLOWED to tell you Friday last week that this offense can not continue to JUST RUN THE BALL to the CBS telecast crew according to Seth Emerson.  What does that mean ?  That Jim Chaney DISAGREES with Kirby’s offensive mandates to ONLY RUN THE BALL and therefore pass the ball 28 percent of the time (3rd down in other words.)





F – indeed offensive coaching






Al Knight : “ UGA offensive coaching …… F- “


Yes sir Al Knight sir.


Absolutely sir.



Indubitably Al Knight sir.





THIS BLOG has reported that Kirby only lets us PASS the football 28 percent of the time all 2017 season. 205 of 712 plays passing plays. NO GOOD TEAM IN FOOTBALL has EVER won with 28 percent of the plays passing plays. IT DOES NOT WORK. Now Seth Emerson REMINDS US that Jim Chaney sat beside CBS Announcers and RAN HIS MOUTH when KIRBY has gagged the dumb son of a bitch since the day he HIRED HIM as Kirby’s FLUNKY. Kirby will NOT LET Jim Chaney pass the ball. “What am I supposed to do with Sony Michel and Nick Chubb when we pass.” Kirby chides Seth Emerson. How about throw EITHER ONE OF THEM their first TD pass of the entire freaking season Kirby ? “We cannot keep doing this – not passing the ball.” Jim Chaney

Neither Sony Michel NOR Nick Chubb have had a TD pass thrown to EITHER ONE all 2017 season Kirby.  What do you do with THEM on passing plays Kirby ?


Throw them the God Damn FOOTBALL KIRBY.


Jesus Christ.


“We cannot keep doing this – not passing the ball.”  Jim Chaney




If you have not read this article on ESPN today – you can not be Bulldogs’ fan and not read it – best article EVER on Kirby Smart ANYWHERE.


ATHENS, Ga. — Had Kirby Smart not made Nick Saban a promise right before Smart left to interview for the open head-coaching job at Auburn in 2012, who knows what the SEC coaching landscape would look like right now?

For that matter, Smart might even be on the home sideline Saturday on the Plains when Auburn and Georgia renew the Deep South’s oldest rivalry.

Either way, Smart is glad that he made that promise.

“I promised [Saban] that I would stay on at Alabama to coach through the national championship game if I got the job,” Smart told ESPN. “It was important to me to finish what I started.”

Ultimately, Auburn hired Gus Malzahn, and one of the factors working against Smart, multiple sources told ESPN, was that Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs wasn’t comfortable with Smart being the Auburn head coach and pulling double duty as the Alabama defensive coordinator for the next month.

“The others on the search committee [Bo Jackson and Pat Sullivan] were good with it, I think, but I don’t think Jay could ever get past the thought of the Auburn coach coaching at Alabama for another month and all that went into that,” Smart said. “I get that, and the truth is it worked out the way it was supposed to. My experience is that it usually does.”

He wouldn’t get any argument from the red-and-black-coated masses at Georgia. Smart, in his second season as the Dawgs’ head coach, has his alma mater unbeaten, No. 1 in the College Football Playoff rankings and absolutely killing it on the recruiting trail. It’s the first time Georgia has been No. 1 in either of the major polls or the CFP rankings during the season since 1982. For perspective, Herschel Walker was still “running over people” between the hedges in ’82.

Smart, who spent 11 seasons working under Saban at Alabama, LSU and the Miami Dolphins, has never been one to get ahead of himself, and he’s not about to start now.

“They don’t measure races at the 60-, 70- or 80-meter mark. They do at the finish, and that’s our goal,” Smart said last week following the Dawgs’ 24-10 win over South Carolina.

He was obviously talking about this season, but there’s the bigger picture, too.

“I tell our kids all the time that humility is just a week away, and that goes for our entire program,” Smart said. “We’re not there yet, not even close. We’ve made progress and are continuing to make progress in a lot of areas. We’ve got good players, and I love the way our kids are working and have bought in. But we don’t have the kind of players Alabama has. They’re the standard, and we’ve got to keep recruiting better players, developing those players and coaching them.”

The irony that it’s Auburn this week for Georgia isn’t lost on Smart, who says the No. 10 Tigers will be the Dawgs’ toughest test of the season. And, yes, Georgia won at No. 3 Notre Dame the second week of the season.

“They’ve got the best defense we’ve faced and a quarterback [Jarrett Stidham] who throws it as well as anybody we’ve faced,” Smart said. “That’s my focus — not what might have been or what might not have been five years ago when I interviewed for the job.”

If he sounds like his old boss, it’s not a coincidence. Smart worked closer and longer with Saban than any of the other current head coaches who’ve branched out from Saban’s coaching tree. Smart is as familiar with Saban’s “Process” as anybody.

“The most important thing I took from him was holding everybody’s feet to the fire, holding everybody accountable, and that goes for every single meeting, every single drill, every single practice and every single day,” said Smart, who was with Saban for one season at LSU in 2004, one season with the Miami Dolphins in 2006 and then nine seasons at Alabama from 2007 to 2015.

“You take on what’s right in front of you and don’t get caught up in everything else.”

It’s precisely that mindset that landed Smart his dream job. He kept his head down and worked, grinded and learned all those years under Saban and paid little attention to the expanding narrative that his head-coaching window might have closed.

“I knew the right one would come,” said Smart, who will turn 42 in December. “I didn’t necessarily know it would be this one. This was my school and the one that meant the most to me, but I had a good job making a lot of money at one of the best programs in the country and working for the best coach in the country.

“I didn’t care what anybody else thought, that I should take a head job at a smaller school and then work my way up. I didn’t care that people were saying our defensive success at Alabama was really Saban’s success. None of that bothered me. I was going to do the best job I could do where I was and trust that it was all going to work out.”

It helped that Smart was the son of a coach. His father, Sonny, was a longtime high school coach in Georgia and coached Smart at Bainbridge High School.

“My father was a defensive coordinator before he was a head coach, and that’s what I always wanted to be, a defensive coordinator in the SEC,” Smart said. “Growing up, I learned from him that the best job is the one you have, and that’s the one you put all of your energy and focus into. I never looked at it like my career would be unfulfilling if I didn’t become a head coach at a certain place or by a certain time. I was too busy coaching.”

Smart understood unequivocally what the stakes were when he took the Georgia job. His predecessor, Mark Richt, was fired despite a winning percentage over 15 seasons (.740) that ranks first among all Georgia head coaches. But what Richt hadn’t done was win an SEC championship in a decade. Smart, in his second season, already has the Dawgs headed to Atlanta for a Dec. 2 date in the SEC championship game, but he didn’t come back to his alma mater to play for championships. He came back to win them.

He’s coaching and recruiting that way.

To open the game against South Carolina, Georgia attempted an onside kick. The Dawgs didn’t recover, and Smart was asked about it after the game. His answer only fueled Dawg Nation’s fire.

“I don’t want to be the hunted. I want to hunt,” Smart said.

It’s been a similar story on the recruiting front. Georgia had more than 100 prospects on campus for the South Carolina game, and it was a who’s who on the Dawgs’ sideline before the game. The top prospects from Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and both Carolinas were in attendance, and the Dawgs already have committed in this class the nation’s top quarterback and No. 1 overall prospect (Justin Fields) and the nation’s top running back (Zamir White), according to ESPN’s rankings.

“Players see what we’ve got going here and where Coach Smart is taking us,” Georgia senior running back Sony Michel said. “They want to be a part of that. Why wouldn’t you?”

Smart coached under Richt at Georgia as running backs coach in 2005, and Smart said they still keep in touch.

“They don’t come any finer than coach Richt,” Smart said. “I still talk to him some, and it says so much about him the way he’s continued to support the kids on this team and support Georgia. The cupboard wasn’t bare when we got here. Now, we had to go sign a quarterback, but we had players. I know a lot of new coaches talk all the time about how they don’t have enough good players when they get there, but I can tell you this place was in better shape than Alabama was when we got there in 2007.”

One of the main reasons Georgia is considered one of the best head-coaching job in America is the wealth of talent in the state. But as Smart points out, everybody all over the country is trying to recruit the state of Georgia, which makes relationships and pinpoint evaluations even more important.

“We’ve got be sure we take the right players, and sometimes that means telling good players from this state that we don’t have room for them,” Smart said.

“You’ve got to make hard decisions, but that’s not a bad problem to have,” said Smart, who shrugs at the thought that the Dawgs might be further along overall than most people expected in his second season.

“I’m not going to sit here and say I expected us to be No. 1 [in the rankings], but it doesn’t really matter where we’re ranked right now.”

Spoken like someone who knows a little something about the “Process” and is content to let that process run its course.





KIRBY SMART : “Most teams right now they peak out. Some of them start dinged up. Kids get tired of it. They don’t get better. And very few teams in the country continue to get better throughout the season. A lot of teams lose focus. We’ve got to do a great job of staying away from that. The easiest thing to do is focus on each day. And that’s what we try to do.”