Kirby Smart to the media in his last press conference : “There is a disease that creeps-in at Georgia where the kids believe they are better than they are. They read their own press clippings. Our team Chaplin did a wonderful job today expressing that. He basically said when you start reading the Bible that it says when you start reading about yourself and reading your own press clippings, is when you fall. Those kids you just mentioned are tremendous players. But, they will only be as good as they can be if they stay as hungry as they are. Because when you are not hungry, then you become average. Some of that has affected us in the past. We’ve got to find a way in this program to not let that creep in. We need to learn to keep that same hunger you have as a young player. Because we’ve had it happen to several guys who were really hungry. And, then they become full. You can’t become full when you go play against the teams we play against.”



Teams like Cleveland Browns have entire offensive rosters who are only nothing but problems on and off the field failing to play well while acting like clowns in clown shoes while their underwhelming coaching staff does nothing but yell at them during the games while losing.


Here, Kirby is quick to embrace a very visible one of those coaches for the Cleveland Browns.  While Kirby is complaining about his players, the facts are that Kirby too has coaches for his offense as well, who have coached Kirby’s offense very poorly indeed.  This is just like the Cleveland Browns have too and so Kirby brings-in one of those offensive coaches from the Cleveland Browns who was their offensive coordinator.  What is wrong with this picture ?


Tomorrow, we will get into this in more depth because I think it requires that we do so.


This is a big cancer for the Cleveland Browns and guess what ?  It’s a big problem here too that the coaching here doesn’t take advantage of the talent he recruited for his offense here.  This is therefore no different than the Cleveland Browns.  They fired their coaching staff for it.


Kirby is quick to pick one of them up one of the most criticized ones of the Cleveland Browns’ coaching staff.


Kirby says he has talent and that they think they are great.  So Kirby refuses to let them play much on offense.  It is called spiting your face by cutting off your nose.


Kirby needs to play his best players on offense.  Having them held back here and then leaving after 2 years or less playing time is certainly NO ANSWER KIRBY.


Do not cut off your nose to spite your face Kirby.  Instead, play your best athletes on offense and on special teams just as you do on defense, rotating them.  On offense what did the first 4 years Kirby was to NOT play your best players and now the best of those have gone leaving another young crop you also have HELD BACK on offense.  You have to play them Kirby.  Other coaches try to figure out how to get those very players MORE snaps. Instead, you try to TEACH THEM A LESSON BY NOT PLAYING THEM.  Then, you wonder why you have LOST every game against LSU every game against Alabama and throw in for good measure, an inexplicable loss as well every year except 2017.


That is NOT GOOD COACHING of our offense nor of our special teams to not take advantage of the talent you recruited here Kirby by NOT PLAYING THEM to teach them the lesson of being hungry.


If you can’t coach them on offense and special teams Kirby, then let the guys you hired to coach them on offense and on special teams coach them.  Quit meddling with the offense and special teams telling your coaches you want to teach that offensive or special teams player a lesson by NOT PLAYING HIM.


Good Lord Kirby.  It works to play them on defense by rotating them in and out and it keeps them fresh and ready.  Why are your offense and special teams your weakness Kirby ?  I think you have chosen coaches you can run roughshod over Kirby.





I don’t mind $6 million a year $ 25 million so far for Kirby. But, I expect a more seasoned head coach at press conferences and one who is better at offense and special teams. All Kirby has is a defense and his excellent recruiting. Bringing in 5-star players he can’t keep for that kind of money is fine truly it is. It would be better if he made the offensive players happy instead of muzzling their comments about this shitty offense of his all 4 years # 72 Passing Offense. Kirby is seriously STUBBORN about 2 areas he has NEVER coached. What 2 areas ? Offenses and special teams are 2 areas Kirby has zippo experience at. And, what is this bullshit about secret practices ? Kirby, is this so no one can 2nd guess the only person you let talk to us ? Once the others leave here, they have made your offense look silly. I presume you understand that ? I guess you know there is no reply to Sam Pittman’s criticism of your offense Kirby. You are ALL we ever hear. Then, they leave. And, we get an earful. Do you think that is cute Kirby ? You want to know the truth of the matter ? THIS isn’t working. Your heavy-handed approach that only you know how to run an offense and only you can speak about your stinking special teams is VERY MUCH UNDER QUESTION Kirby. This is DESPITE the blog responses on THIS BLOG that you win and therefore your offense is just fine. No, it is NOT Kirby. It does not follow that you lose to 2 SEC teams every year and lose to a cupcake all years but one in addition and therefore your offense is ok. So do THAT again next year now with a new QB Kirby ? Afraid to throw downfield because he is a new QB ? I am frustrated with your offense Kirby. I have been despite those HERE who have made jackasses of themselves HERE. THIS BLOG has had posters state that our offense is just fine. No, it isn’t. How do I know that ? Sam Pittman. On the topic of just how bad the # 72 Passing Offense is of Kirby EVERY SINGLE YEAR all 4 so far, Sam Pittman said you can NOT just turn around hand it off and say Sic ’em boys up the middle. What a FUCKED-UP Offense you have had all 4 years Kirby. Fix it Kirby. Or, get someone who can. Be smart enough to let someone you trust run your offense, Kirby. Let him do his thing and you do recruiting and defense which you ARE good at. Your special teams and offense aren’t working, Kirby. Defense and recruiting are the best in program history (Certainly, Kirby’s defense is as good as Erk Russell’s were. I was here.) Look, Kirby this has to come to an end that you continue this crappy offense of yours. $25 million dollars so far for this offense ? Fuck your Offense, Kirby. Greg McGarity should be FIRED for not standing up to you Kirby on your stubborn ways on Offense of run up the middle on 1st down, on 2nd down, and some 3rd downs too. Good Lord. What a childish offense for UGA Georgia Bulldogs 4 years in a row Kirby. Sad son. Really sad. There, I said it.

I do NOT think this do-nothing Athletic Director Greg McGarity is going down in history as any good whatsoever.  Today, he comments on the severed finger of Cade Mays while on a recruiting visit here and how now 3 years later he sues everyone in sight despite the facts that he elected to come here AFTER that recruiting visit.  Why not just sue right then in 2017 rather than AFTER THAT choosing to come here and then a few days before transferring out deciding to sue all possible ?  What a lame press conference once again Greg McGarity has today.  Just as lame blame as having a former also ran tennis player run University of Georgia’s program.  Kirby could use someone to tell him to hire someone on the offensive side of the ball whom Kirby does trust to run that side of the ball for Kirby.


What Kirby has done for 4 years of # 72 Passing Offense all 4 years clearly is NOT WORKING.  And Greg McGarity is Kirby’s boss who hired Kirby.  Who is supposed to tell Kirby he needs help on offense and on special teams ?  The press ?  Me ?  You ?  No one ?  Or, Greg McGarity should ?





Kirby I do not think much of your # 76 Passing Offense 2019. It was # 73 in 2018. It was # 106 in 2017. It was # # 97 Passing Offense 2016. Likewise I do not care for how you FAILED to use Jacob Eason and Justin Fields. Your offense STINKS to high heaven Kirby. This was NOT a SUCCESSFUL 2019 season overall. Furthermore Kirby I especially do NOT care for your “PRESS CONFERENCES” which remain a SHAM. And I think very little of you playing a guy who admitted smoking pot age 19 while driving with open cognac. But 15 others REFUSED to play for you Kirby. You have to FIX these areas we are telling you about Kirby such as settling for too many field goals. Such as NOT playing offensive stars then watching them make PRO BOWL. Kirby you are not a very good evaluator of talent on offense and you are a piss poor offensive coordinator yourself Kirby. You LOSE to 2 SEC teams EVERY YEAR with # 76 Passing Offense holding back stars on offense and holding bullshit press conferences Kirby. In 4 years $ 25 million dollars salary you have LOST 12 games an average of 3 losses a season. Lose today and drop to LOSING BOWL RECORD Kirby. Lose today and you are averaging MORE than 3 losses a season Kirby. Fix this shit RIGHT NOW Kirby.

My New Year’s resolution is that I get through your hard head Kirby.



D’Andre Swift only got 1 START all 2017 season and only got 5 STARTS all 2018 last season. Held back by Kirby D’Andre Swift now says he isn’t answering the question whether or NOT he is going to play in the Sugar Bowl against Baylor or will let Kirby’s BOWL RECORD DROP TO A LOSING BOWL RECORD.


“Our guys value the opportunity to compete. I think they value the opportunity to compete against one of the best teams in the country. What a great measuring stick for us as a program and our players. And we have a lot of guys that feel this way. Everyone is going to play for our Baylor team.” Baylor Head Coach Matt Ruhle former Penn State Linebacker and Scholar-Athlete.

Kirby you might want to pay attention to THIS.


There is damn little that gets through to you Kirby.


Maybe this should sir.



“Some of the comments our fans are saying are correct. Some of the statements being made about us are dead-on.” Kirby Smart tries to diffuse his # 76 Passing Offense again 2019 by agreeing with the fans. Kirby is NOT trying to FIX IT. Kirby is TRYING to shut up the critics of Kirby’s deplorable # 76 Passing Offense. No one wants to say # 76 Passing Offense. Uh I will. I have. I will CONTINUE to do so. How can you be one of the top college football programs when EVERY YEAR Kirby is # 76 Passing Offense.

I am NOT the one making these comments.


It’s Kirby saying this.


What did THIS BLOG say ALL of LAST YEAR ?


What did I say 2016 ?


What did I say 2017 ?


Well the FACTS are that Kirby insisted on Greyson Lambert not Jacob Eason 2016 and LOST 5 games.


2017 when Jacob Eason got injured Kirby NEVER put him back in for one moment.  He left.  He has been NOTHING but wonderful.  He will be drafted higher than Kirby’s choice.


2018 Kirby had Justin Fields and I told you he was our Quarterback.  Instead, he stood the sidelines and got either one or no pass every game.  He left.  Kirby’s choice at Quarterback, instead, will ALSO be drafted worse than Justin Fields.


Kirby had Trevor Lawrence here.  Kirby said he could not promise him anything.  Trevor Lawrence told us that gem in his recruitment.  Does this mean that Kirby DID make promises to the Alabama commitment Jake Fromm ?


Well does it ?


Instead we watched last night as the Carterville QB beat the Kennesaw QB in the NATIONAL SEMI-FINAL.


Kirby LOST to 4-8 South Carolina 2019

Kirby LOST getting BLOWN-OUT by LSU again 2019 by 10-37

Kirby LOST 2018 to LSU by 16-36

Kirby LOST 2018 to Alabama

Kirby LOST 2018 season to Texas

Kirby LOST 2017 to Alabama

Kirby LOST 2017 to Auburn but revenged that LOSS

Kirby LOST 2016 to Ga Tech Vandy vols Ole Miss and Florida

Kirby has LOST to 2 SEC teams EVERY YEAR all 4

Kirby has LOST to 10 SEC teams in 4 years here so far

Kirby has ALSO LOST to Texas and Georgia Tech 2 absolute nobodies 2 cupcakes

Kirby has ALSO LOST to cupcakes South Carolina and cupcakes Vanderbilt

Kirby has had # 76 Passing Offense all 4 years of Kirby ball to-date

Kirby has had the 2nd best TALENT in the NATION

Kirby is a fine recruiter none better or maybe one better in the nation

Kirby has a fine defense one of the best defenses despite tough opponents

Kirby is a likable character but can not hold a press conference to save his soul


THIS is where we are 4 years in.


12 losses in 4 years. 3 losses per year.  LOSSES to CUPCAKES.  Inexplicable losses.


Kirby has mismanaged his TALENT especially on offense

Kirby has mismanaged his games

Kirby has settled for too many God Damn Field Goals

Kirby has run the ball up the middle too much

Kirby has TRIED to control what we say about him

Kirby has held PRIVATE practices like we are his enemy

Kirby does NOT feel that we are trying to HELP him

Sure we are

Kirby has tried to stifle the press

Kirby has told us what we can ask him

Kirby has told us what we can NOT ask him

Kirby will not let us watch us practice

Kirby does NOT want to have ANYONE second guess him

Kirby NEVER COACHED OFFENSE anywhere knows NOTHING about it

Everyone is big-time pissed-off

Kirby is playing arrested open cognac admitted smoking pot 19 year old


I don’t know, Kirby.  This is better than Mark Richt ?

3 losses a year is NOT what I signed-up for

$ 6 million year $25 million dollars. Averaging # 76 Passing Offense. 3 losses year

Ok Mark Richt LOST 4 games a year for 8 years then was fired


Ultimately if you can’t get your Passing Offense up from # 76 you can hit the road too






Well there have been six (6) of these College Football Play-Offs and we’ve been in one where Kirby tried to sit on the lead and so didn’t win it. Kirby has TRIED to play that SAME GAME of sitting on the lead ahead or behind SINCE that LOSS to Alabama and it has NOT WORKED. Now we are to believe Kirby has fixed it. WATCH THE GAMES TODAY. See if you see Kirby Smart’s OFFENSE duplicated today ? The ANSWER is NO. They all 4 today have dynamic PASSING OFFENSES not Kirby Smart’s # 76 Passing Offense ALL 4 YEARS so far with MORE to come next year. Bad formula Kirby. Hire Offensive guru you DO TRUST and let him run your offense Kirby. I hate your FUCKING OFFENSE Kirby and don’t think much of your special teams EITHER while we are on the topic of that which you have NO GOD DAMN CLUE Kirby.


“It is a lot of things that go into having a successful offense, and we need to be better. I think everybody acknowledges that.” KIRBY SMART

I never heard Kirby say ANY of that before, so this is a positive step in the right direction.


First, you must recognize that you have a situation.

Secondly, you have to admit that you have a goal to improve or fix the situation.

Thirdly, you have to actually do something about the situation.


Often, it is not easy.


Kirby’s basic instincts when it comes to offense is to control everything on his offense, like he does his defense.


But Kirby does not possess ANY of his experience on the offensive side of the ball.


Kirby is making classic errors as head coach that any manager does when he is promoted and that is to control and micromanage everything.


The experienced head coach KNOWS to delegate AREAS to OTHERS.


Kirby has NOT evolved to THAT LEVEL in his management style yet.


When he does, Kirby will have a far better offense and will have far better special teams as well.


Until then, we can count on having a very good defense and excellent recruiting.


Mark Richt certainly never had either a good defense nor excellent recruiting.


Kirby raised both of these areas to the level previously only seen here on defense with Erk Russell.  And, frankly, on recruiting UGA has NEVER had this level of success Kirby Smart has recruiting.


The kids love Kirby.


The defense plays lights out.


The offense and special teams ?  Not so much.  # 76 Passing Offense all 4 years of the Kirby Smart Era is NOT any good.


Kirby HAD TO SAY he recognizes it and will fix it.  Kirby also had to say that EVERYONE agrees that our offense is NOT SUCCESSFUL and that it must be corrected.


What Kirby FAILED to say was that he would have to relinquish control of the offense to his yet-to-be-hired offensive guru whom Kirby DOES respect and trust to meet with the press to answer these questions, head up our practices, and bring our offense into the modern era of football –  not this conservative old-school football which Kirby was

PREACHING to us all about.


Which has been proven NOT TO WORK KIRBY.


Good luck with changing ANY of this.


I don’t see Kirby doing ANYTHING about it next year either.  So look forward to the # 76 Passing Offense again 2020.


Kirby’s LIES to the press are designed to SHUT THEM UP.


Kirby diffuses the press by saying HE AGREES WITH THEM and so does EVERYONE ELSE.  Then, he is wishy-washy about what it is Kirby is going to actually do.  Or, when Kirby might do something about it – if ever.





Why was Justin Fields given only 1 pass against South Carolina ? Why didn’t Kirby let Justin Fields throw ANY passes against Missouri ? Why was he given only 2 passes against the vols ? Why was he given 0 passes against LSU in that loss ? Why did Kirby have Justin Fields throw 0 passes against Kentucky ? Why did Kirby only give him 2 passes against Auburn ? Why did Kirby give Justin Fields only 3 passes against Georgia Tech ? Why was he given only 1 pass against Alabama in that loss ? Why 0 in bowl loss against Texas ? Criminal for the Heisman Trophy finalist wouldn’t you say ? I mean we LOST 3 of those games. Kirby always loses 2 games to SEC teams EVERY YEAR for 4 years in a row. Kirby 12 losses in 4 years as well so 3 losses every year too. Why ? 2nd best talent in nation. So why ? (1) Kirby’s bullshit old man antiquated conservative Offense (2) Kirby holds back his freshmen preferring 3-star seniors over 5-Star freshmen and (3) Kirby settles for field goals and fair catches even losing so as to get NO TRACTION with his talent the other team not as many 18 of Kirby’s 5-Stars. This is the story of one of the 18 of Kirby’s 5-Star Recruits basically NEVER fucking used. Wasted. And LOST 3 games as a result. Would it have cost Kirby anything to get his # 1 QB in the nation ranked # 2 by another service involved ? No. He LOST 3 games anyway. Why not play him ? Kirby said for LSU that he didn’t want to put Justin Fields IN THAT SITUATION that it would have been unfair to Justin Fields… Did you get that ?


When the baseball player made his comment I told Kirby he had to make Justin Fields the STARTER that very moment in time.


Instead Kirby did just the opposite.






I see the PROBLEM as NO ONE BUT Kirby.

Kirby is a GREAT RECRUITER.  It’s not like he doesn’t recruit talent on special teams and talent on offense.  He does.  THAT’S the rub.  Kirby is a fine defensive coach.  Now, his fair catches special teams, settling for field goals special teams, just to hand it over to the offense puts all kinds of pressure on Kirby’s defense when the offense goes out there and accomplishes NOTHING all fucking year long.


This doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Offensive Coordinator or Offensive Line coach or Wide Receiver’s coach.  It has nothing to do with a LACK OF TALENT.  It does have something to do with Kirby holding back certain players and not giving them experience.  It’s Kirby who determines whom it is Kirby is going to make a STARTER.  It’s Kirby who decides we’re going to run 1st Down and run 2nd Down and sometimes on 3rd Down as well.  It’s Kirby who sends in the 2nd string OL.  It’s Kirby who sends in the 2nd string RB.  It’s Kirby who determines who is 3rd string RB and when he comes in and how many carries he gets.


Kirby liberally substitutes on Defense but NOT special teams and NOT Offense.


It’s Kirby who gets all after the special teams’ return man if he doesn’t call fair catch.  I see Kirby climb all over his ass on the sidelines when he gets back to the sidelines.


I know which side of the bread has the butter on it.


I see and listen to the players and to the coaches if and when they are allowed to speak.  Take Sam Pittman for example.  Sam Pittman was NOT ALLOWED to speak to the media until he took the job as head coach at Arkansas.  THEN he put shit on Kirby’s bullshit fucking offense.


It is NOT like this is some news to you that THIS BLOG is fed the fuck up with Kirby’s meddling into the offense and special teams with NO EXPERIENCE in IEITHER ever anywhere.  We’re not doing anything on offense or anything on special teams,  nor did he ever play those positions or coach them. And THAT is the problem.  Kirby’s hard head on this that only he wants to only be in charge of it.  You see the results after 4 years of that.  Try saying it.


We knew we had problems when Kirby did not show up here when he was offered the job in NOVEMBER of 2015.






Mid-January 2016 Kirby finally showed the FUCK up.






had crawled all up Kirby’s ass over it.


YOU came on MY BLOG and told ME Kirby winning his 5th National Championship for Nick Saban was good for us.




We’ve proven that repeatedly.


On a daily God Damn basis.


I am FED UP with our offense and with our special teams and furthermore I am all bent out of shape that Kirby refuses to hold a proper press conference




And that he LIES to the press and hides players and coaches from us.


And has hidden practices..


like I can NOT then second guess Kirby.


The FUCK I can’t.



Kirby does NOT know what Kirby is doing on offense nor on special teams does he have a FUCKING clue.



All this TALENT…




We hired a long term defensive side of the ball coach who played defense as well and did NOT play or coach special teams or offense.  And he did not conduct press meetings nor hold practices.  Nor did he have final say of who plays and who starts on special teams or offense either.  Now he does all that here with no experience at any of that, just a great recruiter and fine defensive coach – which is something.


But we’re NOT here to state accolades about his recruiting or his defensive prowess except against mobile quarterbacks.


We’re he to try to figure out why Kirby averages 3 losses per year and always 2 losses to just SEC teams every year and in that study we find very succinctly that Kirby FAILS on special teams and FAILS on offense.  “Oh I don’t care how Kirby runs his offense – just that he wins.”  Excuse me, Kirby is NOT winning losing 12 games in 4 years.  Kirby is NOT losing because of his recruiting and because of his defense but his special teams are weak and his offense is weaker.


It is NOT POSSIBLE in 2019 to have the # 75 Passing Offense 4 years in a row as Kirby has done ALL 4 YEARS TO-DATE and be one of the competitive offenses in the nation.


Kirby has to FIX THAT SHIT.




I am fed up with it.  I have been fed up with it.  Now don’t come in here and make EXCUSES to me about it.  Assist in putting pressure on Kirby to fix THIS SHIT, or else you are part of the problem too.  If you are NOT a PART OF THE SOLUTION, then you are culpable as well.


Being a fan does NOT mean that you do not work toward making us a better program.  I realize you think it does.  It doesn’t.  Sometimes you have to stand up and be counted.




Pothead 5-Sar Robert Beal quits team not being played after his ARREST with Pothead Brenton Cox another 5-Star who transferred to Florida to LOSE to Georgia 2019 watching from the sidelines. Both were former 5-Stars. Robert Beal was 5-Star with PrepStar and 5-Star with ESPN the # 3 best OVERALL player in the state of Georgia. KIRBY’S TROUBLES CONTINUE… Of course there were six (6) arrests this off-season but most of those were coddled. Currently in EVERY STATE in the United States it is ILLEGAL to smoke POT as a 19-year old. Perhaps he can transfer to a state where when he is an adult he can smoke POT. Thanks a lot Robert Beal, POTHEAD.

Kirby said that “we were NOT doing very well off-field this off-season” earlier this year.


Our Offense nor our special teams did very well ON FIELD this season either Kirby.


If you’re keeping score.





Kirby you have LOST to LSU twice in a row, LOST to Alabama twice in a row, LOST to Auburn once, LOST to Georgia Tech once, LOST to South Carolina once, LOST to Vandy once, LOST to Florida once, LOST to vols, LOST to Ole Miss, LOST to Texas, 1-3 at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium where it appears your coaches don’t know how to tell the players to turn on the turf. You can’t get them on the surface to get ready for it Kirby ? You don’t know what shoes to issue Kirby ? SEC Championships you’re 1-2 Kirby. Only 1 team in America had more talent than you 2019 Kirby and it was NOT LSU who beat the fuck out of you 10-37. And it’s NOT South Carolina either who was 4-8 this year. 11-2 playing in another meaningless bowl game none of your players READY to play in again. And disillusioned big time Kirby with our lack of offense all 4 years and lack of success these 4 years of 12 LOSSES Kirby and lack of special teams play all 4 years and too many undisciplined penalties all 4 years Kirby and frankly questions about how you determine who is a STARTER and who isn’t Kirby. Oh and your stupid dumb fuck press conferences Kirby. And your GOD DAMN OFFENSE Kirby half what top teams do passing the ball. Kirby for a young man with loads of talent on the team not necessarily on the field for you Kirby, you are one dumb son of a bitch playing OLD MAN FOOTBALL and now we are told you have MORE players who don’t want to play Baylor. That’s because you had THOSE TYPE players on the sidelines at the Sugar Bowl last year Kirby. Now you have some MORE sapping the energy of your team. Hells Bells you even had Justin Fields on the sidelines last bowl game when he already told you he was QUITTING your bullshit offense Kirby of only run the ball. Oh and RUN the ball up the gut Kirby. How fun…and fair catch EVERY special teams’ play so you can hand it to your offense and run it up the middle again. You are 2-2 bowl game record Kirby. You try to sit on the lead and are CLUELESS with no experience coaching offense Kirby or special teams. Why hold back your talented younger players Kirby ? Officially you are boring.


Kirby is NOT going to let Mike Bobo call his own plays EITHER. It will STILL be KIRBY’S OFFENSE. Kirby has been QUITE CLEAR that he considers 2 of the 3 outcomes of a pass to be BAD and all 3 scenarios for a PASS are BAD FOR THE DEFENSE and that a good running game makes his DEFENSE BETTER.

Anyway Mike Bob SUCKED.  We LOST to all the top teams every year and threw in losses to CUPCAKES every year in ADDITION.


I said at the time that Colorado State was a DEMOTION for Mike Bobo and that he should not take a job at a program with a LOSING ALL-TIME RECORD.


Good Lord Mike Bobo.


If Mike Bobo came here Kirby would STILL RUN EVERY FIRST DOWN and every SECOND DOWN and Kirby would still run on 3rd downs too some.


Even with Mike Bobo.


Mike Bobo could NOT recruit the top players AND he could not beat the top teams… everything we are trying to FIX.



“How ’bout them fucking Dawgs? That’s what I told them.” Kirby Smart head coach The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs who grade out a SOLID A across the board OFFENSE DEFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS complete WIN.



Wins over


# 6 Florida ON THE ROAD down there

# 7 Notre Dame at HOME

# 12 Auburn ON THE ROAD over there on the plains.



Auburn beat # 6 Oregon.


Auburn beat 7-3 Texas A&M who will be ranked again this up-coming week.


Notre Dame beat # 23 Navy today.


Notre Dame beat # 18 Virginia.



Florida beat # 7 Auburn but Georgia beat Auburn too but still Florida beat # 7 Auburn.



We jumped their shit over there on the plains in Auburn and went ahead 21 to NOTHING at their house then held on for dear life.  44 UGA Georgia Bulldogs have now registered a TACKLE for us 2019 season.  We face-off against LSU in The SEC Championship Game Saturday December 7 of 2019 at Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium.  Texas A&M is next and they won tonight to go to 7-3 and are ranked in the top 25 coming-out in the morning tomorrow and then again Tuesday in the College Football Playoff Poll which will feature # 4 Georgia.  Inside looking in.  Again.  What a win.  Kirby has a fine defense and won the game just exactly as I said and guaranteed pre-game. A solid A by all tonight against a great team.   1,027 rushing yards – D’Andre Swift 2019. 



Bring on # 1 LSU 10-0 on the season who beat # 3 Alabama.



LSU beat Texas who is 6-4 unranked  –  not ranked at all.



LSU beat Florida but so did we and we won AT JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA while LSU won at home at Baton Rouge.


LSU beat Auburn by a FIELD GOAL but we beat Auburn by a TOUCHDOWN and we did it AT AUBURN while LSU again did it at Baton Rouge.


LSU beat Alabama but Alabama hasn’t beat anyone all season.






Kirby improves to 7-3 vs top 10 teams in his career. Here they are. Congratulations Kirby !

  1. Kirby beat # 8 Auburn Kirby’s inaugural season of 2016.
  2. Kirby avenged his loss to # 10 Auburn 2017 with the next top 10 opponent
  3. Kirby beat # 4 Auburn 2017
  4. Kirby has beat # 2 Oklahoma 2017
  5. Kirby lost to # 4 Alabama 2017 who therefore became # 1
  6. Kirby beat # 9 Kentucky 2018
  7. Kirby beat # 9 Florida 2018
  8. Kirby lost to # 1 Alabama 2018 knocking us out of the playoffs
  9. Kirby beat  # 7 Notre Dame earlier this 2019 season
  10. Kirby beat # 6 Florida us # 8 this 2019 season moving us to # 6


1-0 in 2016 vs top 10 for Kirby

2-2 in 2017 vs top 10 for Kirby

2-1 in 2018 vs top 10 for Kirby

2-0 in 2019 vs top 10 for Kirby and would be # 3 had we beat South Carolina

7-3 total Kirby Smart career vs top 10


It’s quite the story really on the heels of what Mark Richt did NOT do vs top 10 teams his last 8 years here.


Fine record of 7-3


Auburn is the next top 10 opponent we play after Missouri which is next week.



The College Football Playoff Polls come out Tuesday 5 November 2019 and Georgia is expected to check-in at # 6.  Considering how poorly we played before Florida we are in good position but beating Alabama or LSU and Texas A&M and Auburn then someone like Clemson or Ohio State will be a challenge our guys would welcome.  Let’s beat Missouri.



Does Kirby really have to have control of EVERYTHING even those areas he has no experience in and no knowledge of like special teams for example ? Or can Kirby relinquish control of special teams to someone he respects and trusts who does know special teams and who can try to at least consult TOTAL CONTROL KIRBY SMART on what Kirby should be doing on special teams ?


KIRBY SMART : “Fans boo. That is what they pay their money for to give their opinions. And they are entitled to that. I respect that. But at the end of the day our job is to put our kids in the most successful situations and allow them to be successful. Do you know what I mean ? I don’t think you make decisions based on fans booing. If you do—you never look back.”

Maybe you can say that you do not make decisions based upon your own fans booing your ineffective play calls.  We all know Kirby you want to be CONTROL FREAK Kirby.  You are NOT putting our men in position to do their best for us Kirby.  It does I dare say affect you sir. Your defense played so well. And your offense and your special teams were not contributing sir.


This is the second game in a row Kirby that the fans have wholesale been booing at you Kirby.  11 losses with your 12th loss next and this still halfway through your 4th year as head coach Kirby.  And 2 weeks in a row against weak football teams everyone else has been beating but your offense was NOT beating them last week so we did boo you Kirby.  And we did boo again when you were not beating another weak team AGAIN this week Kirby.  You called us noise.  You hide from us what your practices are like.  You act like it is you against us.  Excuse me Kirby we rooted for this team BEFORE you took over and will root for this team AFTER you are gone Kirby.


Your first seven (7) possessions Kirby you PUNTED the God Damn football Kirby along with once losing the ball on downs unable to run less than a yard against this Kentucky team. Kentucky is a 1 win 4 loss SEC team. Kentucky does not have their quarterback. It was 6 minutes before the 4th quarter Kirby against this team. Then Kentucky punted the ball to only their own 39 yard line. Finally you scored Kirby.


Kentucky beat Arkansas who is 0-4 SEC team at Kentucky only by 24-20. But 6 minutes before the 4th quarter Kirby you had 7 possessions ALL PUNTS or failed to make first down on 4th down. Kentucky without their quarterback.


You have been criticized Kirby for tying the offense’s hands behind its back and for doing the same to the special teams Kirby.


7 possessions of nothing in a row to start the game all the way until 6 minutes before the 4th quarter begins against a 1-4 SEC Kentucky team without its quarterback. Did you get that Kirby ?


Yeah the fans booed you again Kirby.


You don’t make decisions based upon the fans booing ? Seriously Kirby ? Who do you think pays your salary ? That’s right Kirby. We do. Us. The fans. The ones booing such an effort 6 minutes before the 4th quarter.


It seemed to have the desired effect.


Only to read you don’t make decisions based on that.


A 1-4 SEC team without its quarterback and you punt or lose the ball on downs 7 times in a row to begin the game. Did you think you did NOT deserve to be booed Kirby ?


You really think it did not have the desired effect ?


Sure it did Kirby.


You are one stubborn son of a bitch to think you do NOT make decisions based upon our fans booing you again Kirby two games in a row.


With 11 losses half-way in your 4th season fixing to be 12 losses 3 losses a year with a fine defense and an offense and a special teams deserving of being booed.




7 consecutive possessions to begin the game against a 1-4 SEC Kentucky team without its quarterback nothing at all Kirby.






6 minutes before the 4th quarter.


Only when their punt only got out to their own 39 yard line did you score Kirby even then sir.


You do not make decisions based upon the fans booing your offense and special teams Kirby ?


I suggest it had its desired effect Kirby.


Kirby has no imagination on offense or on special teams and refuses to put our talent only 3 teams having more talent than this into a position where they can be successful.  In fact anything but.  Kirby has the team playing tight on offense and tight on special teams with a great defense substituting liberally only on defense.  Kirby wants to make this Kirby against the fans ?  Guess who is going to win that ?  There aren’t ANY excuses for a 1-4 SEC team holding our offense and special teams to just punts and a 4th down that was stopped until 6 minutes before the 4th quarter.


There ALSO were not any excuses for what happened last week on offense and special teams either.  We just have a coach who has NEVER COACHED offenses or special teams in his entire lifetime and it shows.


We are NEVER going to beat Florida like this and that is the subject of my next blog since there are so many who read it.


Kirby is coaching not to lose on offense and on special teams.  That is NOT WORKING against weak teams last week and this week.  And it damn sure is not going to work against good teams like next week.


This is why the fans boo.


Tell me please that you know why fans boo Kirby for his play calls up middle.  Good Lord.




Is it all or nothing with Kirby ? Do we have to watch Kirby sink or swim with his utter lack of experience on the offensive and special teams’ areas of our program ? Is there no one above Kirby who can tell Kirby he has to learn modern offenses and learn how to take advantage of special teams with all this talent he has ?


The truth of the matter is that I am sick and tired of losing 3 games every year. Kirby was hired to FIX that. Kirby’s next loss with be loss # 12. This is his 4th year. I am sorry but THIS is unacceptable. I see glaring areas of LACK of experience and LACK of knowledge of offenses and of special teams. All the rest Kirby is great at. But 3 losses a year for 4 years is NOT what I signed-up for. 11 losses 6 games into his 4th season with 8 games to go this season. We OBVIOUSLY have several more losses ahead. Listen to Kirby. He is not fixing his offense or his special teams.

That does NOT mean I am not rooting for my Bulldogs.  It just simply means that I am realistic that we have two (2) more losses this season to keep Kirby losing an average of 3 games a year.  In fact, Kirby’s next loss will be # 12 Loss in 4 years.  So whether he loses 3 as I guarantee this season or loses just one more Kirby loses 3 games a year.  These 3 losses a year are a direct result of Kirby running every first and second down and fair catching every punt and every kick-off so that Kirby can have Jake Fromm hand the ball off every first and second down.


Do that crap and you will have 3 losses a year…


or more.



Forget about all the teams that we’re behind in the polls now. Recall again where we are with Kirby telling LIES to the press how his every effort is to pass the ball. Bullshit Kirby. And hiding what he is doing like no one knows Kirby has never coached offense or special teams. So all the practices are PRIVATE. If no one can see him coaching offense or special teams they can not second-guess Kirby. That is what Kirby thinks. His opinion. No one else has an opinion – just only Kirby. No one can even ask questions about personnel decisions. Kirby is one stubborn son of a bitch. Imagine everyone at Dooley Field booing Kirby’s play calls of only runs every first and second down ? Imagine that ? And still losing, Kirby makes the offense again just only run every first and second down. Kirby gives away what he is going to do. And he then therefore WASTES all this talent. 3 teams in the nation with more talent than us 2019. Kirby it is unacceptable and this has to come to an end. So say ALL of us.

Don’t tell me we can WIN OUT and make the play-offs. Try to see if you can focus for a moment now on what our weaknesses are and how we can get Kirby to do something about our weaknesses on special teams and on offense.  Kirby needs to hire an offensive coordinator in FACT not in name.  Kirby needs to hire a special teams’ coordinator in FACT not in name. Kirby knows NOTHING about either and has NEVER COACHED either.


If that is not obvious to you.


Kirby’s defense is doing fine. It’s EVERY other aspect of the team that is suffering.


We can’t beat a team who 3 of their first 4 opponents beat ?


How are we going to beat the top teams ? Is there ANYONE out there who did boo Saturday at Kirby’s play calls who thinks for one God Damn moment that Kirby can CONTINUE this run first and second down and then behind the chains against a stacked box, can send his Jake Fromm out there to make the first down on third down every time throwing ?


Well ?


Is there ?


Florida Auburn Texas A&M LSU Alabama… even Ohio State – everyone throws the ball.  Hell Missouri saw what South Carolina did stacking the box no turnovers then get after Jake Fromm every 3rd down.  And don’t forget what South Carolina did passing the ball against us.  Kirby never realized what South Carolina’s game plan was.  Never.  Or he thought he could teach us how to better block for his stupid shit runs every first and second down forever.


That was the 16th time that Kirby failed to get 200 yards rushing them stacking the box against Kirby.  He has LOST 9 of the 16 games held under 200 yards rushing.  It’s Kirby who will not let Jake Fromm pass the ball – not Jake Fromm who can’t pass the ball.


And all the top teams have now all seen how bone-headed stubborn Kirby is fair catch every punt and fair catch every kick-off even losing.  Only 3 teams in America have more talent than Kirby does yet Kirby refuses to let us return punts or return kick-offs.  Turn our guys loose Kirby.  Try to use all this talent on special teams and return punts and kick-offs Kirby.  Good Lord son. Might as well NOT EVEN have all this talent out there.  See ?  Why reduce us every punt and kick-off to sending Jake Fromm out there to hand-off every first and second down instead Kirby ?

I know you are not stupid Kirby.


You just don’t know a God Damn thing about Offenses Kirby.


Or special teams.


Or how a team with third best talent makes something happen in special teams. I can tell you this Kirby that you do NOT make something happen on special teams by flinging a hail mary with 13 seconds on the clock and then expect your kicker to bail you out.  Send him out there.  We all saw he was ready.


There are too many mistakes that can happen Kirby.  I know you have seen NFL games.  They are in the guy’s field goal range.  They run up the middle.  They put it between the hash and send him out.  2nd down.  3rd down.  13 seconds.  Hells Bells on first down they send him out there.  Worse is to not even let him try.


Yes.  I am second-guessing you Kirby.  You were not prepared Kirby.  You better learn.  Soon.  You have to kick that field goal with 13 seconds Kirby.


Why is that Kirby ?


  1. Because too many mistakes can happen
  2. Because you have NEVER coached special teams and don’t know kick it


Reduce the game to just run every first and second down even not only losing but even NOT WORKING.  This is the BOOK on Kirby.  Be conservative on play calls per Kirby.  Be conservative on special teams.  Don’t change-up play calls so the defense never knows what you are going to run before you run any play.


Heavens no Kirby.


Don’t do that.


Tip your hat.


Tie your third best talent’s hands behind their backs and yell at them on the sideline if they try to return a punt and make the first man miss or try.  Good Lord.


Let’s not practice returning kick-offs with all this running back talent stockpiled.  Sit them on the sidelines.  Tell them they got in the game.  Force them to fair catch.  Let’s not take any chances Kirby.


Reduce us to hand off from Jake Fromm every first and second down.




So now today Kirby runs to the press and announces Kirby wants THE PLAYERS to look in the mirror.  That Kirby insists we have to block better on our OL Kirby said today so that we can run every first and second down.


I swear to God.


Kirby it is not the players who need to look in the mirror.  It is YOU son.  You Kirby.  You who must look in the mirror and finally figure it out that the top teams like Alabama and LSU pass the God Damn Football.


You are stuck in the stone age Kirby of beginning to understand offenses.  You still only understand offenses Kirby from the defensive point of view that it helps your defense if you shorten the game by running every first and second down even when they stack the box against you Kirby.


Good golly.





Try shutting me up Kirby. All of us who boo your play calls. We rail against THE BOOK ON KIRBY SMART. The book is that you stack the box and stubborn Kirby will try run every 1st and 2nd down anyway – even when he is LOSING. 16 teams have stacked the box against you Kirby in 3 years plus 6 games and have held you under 200 yards rushing. You have LOST 9 of these 16 games Kirby with more to come. Even a moron can see that Kirby. Quit being predictable on offense God Damn it Kirby. That’s STUPID. That’s NOT smart.

Open letter to Kirby.  3 SEC teams are ranked ahead of Kirby this morning.  3 Big Ten teams are ranked ahead of us too.  An independent whom we beat is ranked ahead of Kirby.  The lone ACC team is ranked ahead of Kirby.  A Big XII team is ranked ahead of Kirby today.  We dropped from the single digits in the AP Poll.


16 games Kirby’s 3 seasons plus 6 games so far Kirby has been held to under 200 yards rushing and lost 9. Jake Fromm 3 sacks 1 fumble lost and 3 interceptions.  Kirby has run-off all QB competition and holds practices with only Kirby’s set of eyes all we hear of every practice.

Kirby’s lack of offensive coaching experience on your resume and your lack of special teams’ coaching experience Kirby shows-up in these 16 games of rushing less than 200 yards with them stacking the box against you Kirby and you trying to run only run every down.  It’s worse than boring.  It’s counterproductive Kirby to tip your hat like that son.


Stubbornly Kirby you only hire ONLY YES MEN as coordinators and refuse to allow them or anyone to talk to the press.  You let us watch but limited to 8 minutes of watching the team to TRY TO HELP you KIRBY.


Kirby you are averaging OVER 3 losses a season and surely no different this season either.


11 losses 10 the first 3 seasons and now 1 this season with 2 more losses ahead.  As always with Kirby and always they stop the run and Kirby runs anyway.




Even losing, all Kirby wanted to do was to run the football – even though it was NOT working. We boo and boo and boo Kirby for his play calls and no one tells anyone how we feel about Kirby and take shit from Kirby when they try to ask Kirby ANY of these questions. Questions which ultimately will cost Kirby his job. Does Kirby recruit well ? Yes. 4th best talent in the nation and we lose to a team who lost 3 games already this season who has nowhere near our talent. Kirby insists on running first down running second down and running a lot of third downs. On Defense Kirby substitutes liberally. On Offense and Special Teams Kirby only plays yes men and fails to rotate them in seemingly with many in Kirby’s doghouse.


I tried to tell Kirby this 2016. My blog is here. I tried to tell Kirby this 2017. I tried 2018 to tell Kirby. I tried to tell you 2019 and Senator over at Get the picture called me an outsider for my effort and sent CB over here to tell me that I wanted Brian Schottenheimer who is the offensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks with no discussion of our growing frustration with Kirby’s lack of offensive coaching experience and lack of special teams’ experience.


Like Mark Richt teams Kirby lost to an unranked opponent who 3 other teams already in their first 5 games beat. Like Mark Richt Kirby wants to wait for the game to come to him. Fair Catch every punt and fair catch every kick-off no one is allowed to try to return the ball per direction from Kirby. Our quarterbacks are allowed only to hand-off with runs up the middle.


# 4 best talent in the nation only 3 other teams have more talent than Kirby but routinely Kirby is beat by lesser talented teams 11 such teams so far 6 games into his 4th season. We have 8 games left this season if we face Alabama or LSU in The SEC Championship Game 8 more remaining.


The fans have spoken.


I have spoken.


Boo on your play calls. Boo on your press conferences. Boo on your conservative approach to special teams. Boo on your POOR CHOICES for coordinators only YES MEN who refuse to speak-up to the press in fear that they will be criticized for doing so by you Kirby. Boo on your practices Kirby so there can be no differing opinion.


Guess what Kirby ?


I have a different opinion.


Shut me up Kirby.


This is no fun Kirby. Turn our guys loose. Let’s play football. And get you a back-up quarterback because you are stuck with this one this year and next year who was sacked 3 times fumbled and lost the fumble and threw 3 interceptions to one guy yet you never considered rotating anyone in as QB.  Pretty God Damn sad Kirby.


That’s poor coaching.



Piss poor.



That’s an F for coaching.


That’s an F for Jake Fromm.


That’s an F for special teams.


That’s an F for defensive coordinator.


That’s an F for offensive coordinator.


That’s an F minus for Kirby.


And do NOT hold a press conference like you did Kirby afterwards and announce that no one wins them all in The SEC that any game any SEC team can win over any other SEC team.  And don’t hold such a press conference either which you ALSO held afterwards Kirby and announce that you can not overcome a pick-6.  Sure you could have but FAILED.


Like ALL your press conferences are ALL FAILURES.




“The central focus is protecting Jake Fromm to let Jake throw the ball vertical…to spread the ball out some and loosen people up. What can we do to get the ball to our playmakers in space ? How can we do it better ? How can we find plays to get the ball on the perimeter to loosen some teams up throwing the ball downfield and to find ways to get George Pickens the ball ?” Well Kirby you have to throw the ball more to do that and we all know you will NOT Kirby. Don’t placate me Kirby. I know you are NOT going to do ANY of this.

What is this bullshit all about ?


Does ANY one think Kirby is going to do ANY of this ?


I do NOT.


Not buying it Kirby.


What do you think I am a fool Kirby ?



Matt Landers special team play really set us back and nearly cost us the game. His tentative play and inexcusable presence on the botched fair catch were nearly the difference in the game.

I have heard NOTHING of this from ANYONE.  Thought I would put that on who it was I saw at the game who caused the punt fumble.  Dear God we sucked at punting all night long.  What the hell are we doing punting and receiving punts ?  We looked like a Mark Richt coached team out there against Notre Dame on punting and receiving punts.


We wore Notre Dame down ?  Seriously ?  Is that really what you saw ?  What I saw were ACC Officials who tried to give the game to Notre Dame.  And Kirby allowing it along with playing into their hands.


Notre Dame got their wind during all the cheating fake injuries allowed by ACC refs and they stopped us really the whole entire game but it was Kirby’s Defense who did stop Notre Dame just when the game was going to be lost.


It certainly was NOT a win because Notre Dame was gassed on defense.  They held Kirby to 3 field goals the last of which left us up by 13 when I said at the game right then that we could lose if they only score 2 TD.  Then they promptly did just go and exactly execute just precisely that and kicked-off to us and then they finally got pressure from Kirby on the QB but Notre Dame was just left with too much time to score two TD to beat us.


What I see is we continue to make the same mistakes on special teams and offense.


We have a fine defense which bailed-out our offensive game strategies and personnel moves bailed-out our special teams especially on punting and receiving punts and all those personnel decisions and our defense on the final drive bailed-out our coaching.


We are a stubborn God Damn coached team.  Yes 6 top 10 wins for Kirby to just 3 top losses (while Notre Dame has LOST 11 top 10 games in a ROW consecutively) but our new head coach is continuing to make the SAME MISTAKES on offense.


Throw in poor special teams’ play and Kirby’s fine defense was put to the test and passed with flying colors.  No thanks to the offense and no thanks to the special teams.


Did you think it was GOOD that we settled for 3 field goals ?  It should have cost us.  It nearly did.  It could have.  LSU Alabama Clemson Oklahoma Ohio State all those teams beat Kirby Saturday night playing like THIS on offense and special teams.


Get a first down Kirby.  Quit being so God Damn stubborn on offense Kirby.



Kirby has some questions to answer about his play calls once again and his missing in action offensive players once again as well but Kirby does have 6 wins vs top 10 teams in 4 years now against 3 such lost on the big stage. It’s still a little frustrating what you are NOT DOING on offense Kirby. It truly is.

Left Offensive Guard Solomon Kindley was carted-off ankle injury. CB Eric Stokes is in knee brace injured vs Notre Dame returned for final 2 defensive drives might miss vols. DL David Marshall was injured vs Notre Dame with chronic issues to lower body. WR Kearis Jackson club left hand limiting catching ball. CB Tyson Campbell missed Notre Dame game with foot injury. WR Tommy Bush groin out. None went to practice today. Ben Cleveland and Jamaree Salyer should be Starting but once again neither are.


What is the deal with offensive players who seem to stay in Kirby’s doghouse ? And what’s up with the play calls Kirby stubborn are you ? The field was open and we kick 3 field goals and don’t throw until passing down again late in this game ?


Pretty frustrating Kirby with all this blog has offered about your wasting offensive players Kirby and refusing to open it up when opponents give it to you downfield. You had better hire an offensive mind you truly respect to make the offensive calls for you Kirby.


Notre Dame was ready for you Kirby from the opening kickoff. Kirby give Jake Fromm free reign to throw the football for God’s sake.


There is no excuse for those offensive play calls once again Kirby. We all know you controlled that once again.


Jamaree Salyer you gave the Start at Right OT vs Murray State then benched again Kirby. What’s the deal ? We need him out Starting and Ben Cleveland Starting too Kirby. Can’t you see that ?  Did you really think that was working on offense Kirby ?  It’s a good situation that your Defense passed the test Kirby because your meddling in the offense as to who you keep in your doghouse and how you will not let Jake Fromm open it up downfield are going to continue to hurt you offensively.


You really LOST 2 of the 3 areas of your team again Kirby both your special teams and those personnel decisions by you Kirby and your offensive play calls and personnel too Kirby.  Year 4.  You need to shore this up soon Kirby.





UGA Georgia Bulldogs recruiting classes by Kirby Smart have ranked No. 2 in 2019 and No. 1 in 2018 and No. 3 in 2017. Kirby wants us OUT of Jacksonville because we lose out on 12 percent of our recruiting dates every year AND Athens loses out on EVER having a home game with 100 million economic impact.


“We like it because we understand how close we’ve been to taking the next step. And although 24 and 5 the last two seasons is good. It’s not good enough. It’s not where we expect to be at the University of Georgia. We want to do more at the University of Georgia. We’re not complacent in what we’ve done. And we know we need to take that next step.” Kirby Smart SEC Media Days

That pretty much sums it up for ME TOO.  I am not satisfied.  I want more.  I want the men to want more.  I want you to want more.  I do.  They do.  Criticize ME because I do ?  That’s BULLSHIT.



James Coley and Dan Lanning are BOTH new Offensive and Defensive Coordinators. No team has EVER done well with both coordinators having to be replaced together in the same first season.

To be sure it has been frustrating how we TRY to run the ball every down but that is KIRBY and that will NOT CHANGE 2019 with James Coley.


To be sure it has been frustrating as well how we try to CONTAIN on defense with Kirby and not press forward but that too is Kirby and that too is not either going to change 2019 with Dan Lanning.


SEC Media days year 4 is going to be a joke with Kirby giving his “answers” for how he is going to finally pass the ball at Georgia 2019 and how he finally going to wreak havoc on defense.  No he is not.  He is not going to pass the football.  And he is not going to wreak havoc on defense.


We have 10 losses in 3 years’ time Kirby era and that is averaging 3.3 losses a year.  I expect the same 2019.




I expect Kirby to make a mockery of the press asking Kirby questions at SEC Media Days.  That too is what Kirby does.





Kirby # 3 SEC coach 43 years old is 32-10 at .762 winning percentage. # 12 SEC coach is vols Jeremy Pruitt (45) is 5-7 at (.417)

  1. Alabama Nick Saban (67) 141-20 (.881)
  2. FU Dan Mullen (47) 10-3 (.769)
  3. UGA Georgia Bulldogs Kirby Smart (43) 32-10 (.762)
  4. LSU Ed Orgeron (57) 25-9 (.735)
  5. Texas A&M Jimbo Fisher (53) 9-4 (.692)
  6. Auburn Gus Malzahn (53) 53-27 (.663)
  7. Mississippi State Joe Moorhead (45)  8-5 (.615)
  8. South Carolina Will Muschamp (47) 22-17 (.564)
  9. Missouri Barry Odom (42) 19-19 (.500)
  10. Kentucky Mark Stoops (51) 36-39 (.480)
  11. Ole Miss Matt Luke (42) 11-13 (.458)
  12. vols Jeremy Pruitt (45) 5-7 (.417)
  13. Vanderbilt Derek Mason (49) 24-38 (.387)
  14. Arkansas Chad Morris (50) 2-10  (.167)



It’s going to be a BAD YEAR for Dan Mullen.  I would NOT want to be the vols either.




“Yeah absolutely it costs you a recruiting weekend. You don’t get to have anybody. So our game is held in Jacksonville and we don’t have prospects. That’s not conducive to recruiting – absolutely it’s not. It certainly helps to have more home games.” Kirby Smart on UGA Georgia Bulldogs in Jacksonville Florida every year. 2019.

There is NOTHING cryptic about ANY of that.  Dumb Shit.


“Kirby Smart gives cryptic answer on potentially moving Georgia-Florida from Jacksonville. ”


“I can see Kirby Smart’s point of every other year you do lose an opportunity for recruiting.  I can see there is one less home recruiting game every other year.”  Dan Mullen Florida’s head coach.


EVERYONE sees it except a dumb shit AJ-C poor sportswriter.


So again…what is cryptic about ANY of this ?




So why have an article AJ-C where some dumbass “sportswriter” says that Kirby Smart gave a cryptic answer on potentially moving Georgia-Florida from Jacksonville.   No he did not.  EVERYONE except the AJ-C “sportswriter” understood Kirby precisely that he is COMPLAINING about the recruiting in JAX not being allowed AND COMPLAINING about losing a HOME GAME every other year too.


THIS BLOG has made this EXACT position completely clear repeatedly from the beginning of time.  It’s WRONG to play in JAX so a fan can go get DRUNK.



“# 1. Georgia : The sleeping giant is awake. Perhaps no job in the country offers the best of every world like Georgia — great recruiting base, great place to live, great fan base … you get the point. The one knock: The administration hasn’t necessarily been as “all in” as some of the Bulldogs’ rivals in the league.” Athlon


So of the 130 college football coaching jobs in all of America Georgia Bulldogs job is THE number one job.





Is Kirby going to have a lackluster year 2019 ? It’s certainly consistent with his inconsistent offense Saturday which is NOT ready for Prime Time.

There are some great teams Georgia Bulldogs play 2019-2020 season and this offense does NOT look the part to me.


Kirby has not passed the ball well ANY of his first 3 years averaging as he has the # 100 Passing Offense but Saturday was a NEW LOW for Kirby.


There were complaints that Jim Chaney was calling bad plays but I told you that Kirby called those plays.


Now we see I was right.


We’re not competitive on offense with Kirby.


Kirby tips his hand running too much.


It makes defense easy against Kirby.


So why did Kirby then not get beans and franks ?



Trevor Lawrence and Tua Tagovailoa both are ALWAYS listed ahead of Jake Fromm and now Justin Fields and Jacob Eason figure to both get some love too unless Kirby lets Jake Fromm throw the ball some on first and second downs. You have to do that just to keep them honest.

But Kirby doesn’t like it.



“I hate talking about the offensive line. Somebody played well up there. I don’t know which one was mashing people out of there. Out of Trey Hill Solly Cade Andrew. I don’t know where it was coming from but they played well. The backs carried the ball well and the quarterbacks made good decisions. Nobody really stood out that was like a game-breaker. It’s hard to do that because we go in with a script that we’re going to get this guy this many carries. This guy this many carries.”

What a load of HOGWASH Kirby.  I will be the judge of your offense not you.  You’re not going to control what I think of your offense.  So far you don’t pass the ball enough to my liking Kirby.


Nothing you say or do will alter my opinion of that.


I will judge myself next Saturday.


I know you don’t want to pass the football Kirby.


I got that about you 4 years ago.





UGA Georgia Bulldogs held scrimmage after media availability ended so all we have are LIES by Kirby about what actually occurred in the scrimmage at Sanford Stadium Saturday 6 April 2019.

Kirby tells us what he wants to tell us.  QB Mathis who is widely reported as NOT DOING WELL for example Kirby lies and tells us did great in the scrimmage.  I’ll be the judge of that Kirby.  It will have little to do with your words trying to control what I think.



Two 19-year old 5-Star Freshmen linebackers Brenton Cox and Robert Beal Jr. chose to live in room 420 of a known narc dorm on campus hall monitor. In case you did not know 420 is the time pm pot smokers smoke pot a code for pot smokers 420. So it became April 20 four-20 to legalize pot but not for 19-year old children. Not adults for years yet. Kirby says EVERYONE KNOWS the law. Here in room 420 tagged and labeled 420 these children in our care both each kept open bags of pot and flushed plastic bags of it clogging their toilet so they called the narc hall monitor and had HIM of all people smell and see the bags and have to fix their toilet. 1 of the 2 then runs to the Internet to BRAG we don’t understand his need. And the beat goes on.

  1. Aaron Murray says : “People say these kids are 18-19 years old.  If they want to be treated like men they have to act like men.”
  2. Texas lost to a 7-loss and lost to a 6-loss team but in our last game beat us trying to run when Texas can not run the ball.
  3. Kirby now has lost 10 games in 3 years’ time here to-date averaging 3.33 losses per season an unacceptable number.
  4. Kirby now has 6 arrested in a month and a half.
  5. Kirby has a draconian offensive strategy he learned well nowhere since he never has run an offense or special teams anywhere.  In fact he hasn’t been in charge of kids anywhere either.  Nor has he ever been in charge of meeting and discussing the team he is supposed to be promoting with any media anywhere either.
  6. Two 5-Stars just transferred out.
  7. Now 2 more 5-Stars are rumored to be just 2-game suspensions which Kirby seems to be quite lenient about.
  8. Kirby allowed one 5-Star to stand on the sidelines at the bowl game he just lost to an inferior team who was in the transfer portal at the time of the game leaving to what is now Ohio State.
  9. Kirby allowed another who is rumored to be our top NFL Draft Pick to also stand the sidelines and not play against Texas either.  Waah… I don’t want to get hurt.
  10. 5-Star players took to the Internet again tonight to decry that we are being unfair to them that we owe them.
  11. 5-Star players took to Twitter pre-bowl game to whine UGA did not deserve to be playing Sugar Bowl Texas as # 2 best team in the nation.
  12. Kirby’s Passing Offense is all the way up to averaging # 90 Passing Offense in the NCAA for this said # 2 best team.
  13. I was told during the Mark Richt era here that I could not sound-off railing against this very same crap from Mark Richt.
  14. Yeah I could.
  15. I proved you WRONG then too.  I am an “outsider” dumbass Bluto senator nothing says.
  16. This is what you’ll want to talk about right ?  Guess what ?  Stick THIS up your asshole Bluto.



There is NO QUESTION that Mark Richt LOST CONTROL here and Miami and that Kirby has TOO with 10 losses 3 years two 5-stars transfer-out not played enough iron-fisted dogged run 1st and 2nd down and some 3rd down too best player sideline watching team who lost to 7-loss and lost to 6-loss team beat us in the last bowl game and NOW 6 arrested. I mean our passing offense averages # 90 with Kirby and Kirby THINKS he can CONTROL what WE ALL SAY ABOUT his crappy passing game and poor special teams by limiting us watching them. Spinning out of control Kirby. 6 arrested in last month and 2 weeks Kirby ? THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT KIRBY.

I am an outsider am I you son of God Damn BITCH Senator of NOTHING BLUTO ?


“Well it ain’t off the field that the team has improved.   I can promise you that.”  Kirby Smart just said about the substantive issues facing Kirby Smart.


Thought I would let you know this is ALL unacceptable Kirby.




I do not think you are properly punishing them Kirby and I don’t think they are respecting your heavy-handed approach of them EITHER Kirby.




Despite all the talent you’re not getting the job done in practice or the games Kirby.


On or off the field unacceptable is the operative word Kirby.


So your approach is to HIDE FROM THE MEDIA.


Your contract requires you get us and get your players prepared and to keep them us and the media informed Kirby.


Bar fights Drugs quitting the team no-show at bowl game social media spouting their mouths off and all you can do is to deny press to see them or ask your staff about ANY of all of this.


Bullshit Kirby.  You’ve LOST CONTROL same as Mark Richt whom we FIRED for all this.  And Mark Richt was forced-out at Miami for more of the same down there according to his now former AD at Miami.  “This is unacceptable and not just the bowl game but all season long as well” Miami AD to Mark Richt the day before Mark Richt resulted in “quitting.”  Quit before he is FIRED again.


Kirby is headed down the same road himself.


How are you any different Kirby ?



I am sorry but I see this as more of Kirby TRYING to control what the media says about Georgia Bulldogs to preclude second-guessing of Kirby’s poor offensive strategies averaging the # 90 Passing Offense during the entire Kirby era. Saturday’s practice in pads but press allowed to view only 10 minutes.

Kirby’s hate relationship with the media 4.0



“Look we’ve been really successful at running the ball. That’s who we are at Georgia. We’re not going to go re-create the wheel and say OK now we’re going to open it up. And us be an empty spread team every down and go high tempo is not us. You do what makes you successful. And James Coley had a meeting with the offense which I sat in on and he talked about balance. What is balance ? People think balance means 50/50. Balance is not 50/50. Balance is being able to run the ball when you have to run the ball and being able to throw the ball when you have to throw the ball. So can you do both ? Yes. You can be successful at both. That might be 70/30 one game and then 30/70 the other way the next game. I don’t think that we’re going to say OK we’re throwing out everything we’ve done. We’re starting over. That is not going to happen.”

We passed the ball 39 percent of the plays last year. We run 1st and 2nd down. It is what Kirby does. Anyone who thinks that James Coley gets to call the plays is out of his mind. Kirby decides that as you should be aware of by now. Kirby runs the ball. It is what makes a defense better to run the ball.



Nolan Smith Jermaine Johnson and Nakobe Dean hit practice field for Dan Lanning Defensive Coordinator while James Coley Offensive Coordinator looks to get Passing Game going finally in year 4 for Kirby.

Spring Practice Day 1.


It’s going to be a better year than last year.



Notre Dame and Texas A&M highlight home games 2019 while Florida is certain to be tough as well and of course vols will be a challenge South Carolina Auburn Kentucky and Missouri before Georgia Tech concludes a hard slate of 11 hard to beat opponents. Vanderbilt went to a bowl game last year as our 12 opponent and they’re in Nashville to start the season so they will be ready for us. We better quit feeling sorry for ourselves in a hurry because Kirby is NOT running this gauntlet NOT. Don’t forget Kirby hasn’t beat Alabama yet either while Kirby continues to drop at least 2 games to SEC teams EVERY season so far. So which 2 of these will it be this year for Kirby’s losses to 2 SEC teams every year ?

I can’t see any way that Kirby can have a great year with all these opponents lined-up one after another to expose our offense running the ball every play up the middle by Kirby now in his 4th year of doing just only that on offense.


There will be great gnashing of teeth about Kirby’s offensive strategies again 2019.


This time without fat ass Jim Chaney.



2 major points while fools want to talk about 2019 being Kirby’s year. First Kirby has to beat Notre Dame Kentucky Florida Texas A&M all 4 ranked top 16 teams plus Alabama SEC Championship to make play-offs And South Carolina Vanderbilt and Missouri along with vols and Auburn all looking prettier 2019 themselves aren’t they ? Playoffs 2019 season for Georgia to end Clemson Alabama game number 5 in the playoffs first 5 years ? Oh come on. NOT WITH THIS SCHEDULE 2019 for us. And point 2 is Kirby hasn’t beat Alabama yet in fact Kirby has LOST to at least 2 SEC teams EVERY YEAR he has ever coached. Remember Texas lost to 7-loss and 6-loss teams ? They beat Kirby too. You might want to remember these points when you wake up calling 2019 Kirby’s year. It can’t be. Wake up.

Dumb shits are writing Georgia can do it all 2019.


I don’t think so.  For one our quarterback loses to 2 SEC teams every year he plays. For two Kirby averages the # 90 Passing Offense every year for 3 years running now.  That isn’t going to change either since Kirby told Jim Chaney run the ball every first down.  Run the ball every second.  And try to pass it sometimes on third down.  That’s Kirby. And that isn’t going to change either.




Kirby likes to LIE to the press like Kirby thinks WE do not know if he LIES to THEM. Yeah we do Kirby. We’re not dumbasses Kirby.

We know Kirby :

You benched starters on offense

You play favorites on offense

You rotate defense but on offense dog house might get 3 snaps

You want ONLY to run the football Kirby

You think running helps your defense which it does

You don’t know about 2019 Offenses Kirby (or 2018 or 2017 or 2016 or 1999…)

You think spread offenses passing the ball is bad

You think leaving qb having bad day in there is best

You think your # 97 then # 105 then # 69 Passing Offense is just fine

You let me-me-me Justin Fields stand on sidelines on TV distract team Kirby

You let your top db take the day off Kirby that was acceptable to you too Kirby

You knew Kirby Texas could not run the ball

You knew Kirby Texas would try to stack the box against your sorry offense Kirby

You knew we had to pass the ball Kirby

You knew Texas was suspect against the pass Kirby

You knew Kirby Texas lost to both a 7 and a 6 loss team 2018 Kirby

You knew your lip-service no use when players took Texas lightly Kirby

You know Kirby you don’t know jack shit about offenses Kirby

You meddle in our offense Kirby and have no expertise to do so

You knew down 7 to 28 we had to pass Kirby

You know you should have known that on the 2nd play Kirby

You’re stubborn Kirby

You have 10 losses your first 3 years guess what Kirby ?   That’s unacceptable.

Mark Richt got fired for averaging 4 losses a season his last 8 years

You’re not far behind Kirby at 3.33 losses per year Kirby for 3 years

You better fix your God Damn OFFENSE Kirby

You better fix your LIES to the press Kirby

Kirby about your qb well he’s NOT getting the job done # 69 Passing Offense

Why did you allow the kids to run their mouths on social media Kirby ?

You lose control of the team Kirby ?

How can the # 2 team be # 69 passing offense Kirby ?  Tell me that ?

Your offense has NOT worked and is NOT WORKING Kirby wake up

That’s a stupid offense run 1st down run 2nd down pass 3rd down

Jesus Christ Kirby figure it out or hire someone who will teach you to pass more Kirby

How utterly boring watching shitty run the ball up the middle lose to a team who lost to 2 really bad teams

That’s NOT SMART Kirby

I know

Guess what ?

Texas Tom Herman knew you would be stubborn and keep trying to run the ball Kirby

It cost you the game

You got out-coached by an undermanned coach Kirby

Dumb shit




  1. How can scholarship players tweet whatever they want no consequences Kirby ?
  2. How can players in portal for transfer stand sidelines at next game Kirby ?
  3. How can scholarship player tell YOU not playing travel with team Kirby ?
  4. How can you run up gut losing 7-28 late in game Kirby ?
  5. How can you average # 90 passing offense all 3 years Kirby ?
  6. How can Mark Richt get fired 4 losses year and you 3.3 are not right behind him Kirby ?
  7. How can 10 losses in 3 years be satisfactory Kirby ?
  8. How can everyone say you benched players at practice Kirby ?
  9. How can scholarship players say they took Texas lightly Kirby ?
  10. How can YOU say the players did NOT take Texas lightly Kirby ?
  11. Why lie Kirby ?
  12. That was one crappy-assed showing Kirby and your excuses are worse right ?



Kirby needs to quit meddling with the offense and special teams. He doesn’t have any experience making those play calls and isn’t any good at it nor which personnel to have out there when. He looks really bad making those decisions all 3 years. THIS BLOG has pointed this out every single year.

“Pre-snap it was open.  D’Andre Swift was uncovered.  Then I Kirby sent the back-up quarterback out there who disrupted the offense every time I sent him out all game long did not call for the ball to be snapped.  If he snaps it we have it.  When he waited ten seconds they covered D’Andre Swift and there wasn’t a back-up plan to that play any longer.  I never did call time-out or send my offense out on 4th and 11.  I just let the wrong personnel call the most important call of the game and left them out there when it was clear the window of opportunity for the play to work had vanished.  Then we gave their former starting QB the short field which he promptly ran it in to beat us.”  Kirby Quote


Kirby Quotes