My 3 older sisters were married and gone before I was 5 when these 2 hits hit # 1. They took me everywhere. Sock hops. Pools. I as excited as they when they went out on dates telling me about the guys and then home how they wanted me to grow-up better than their dates. I remember dancing at their parties every weekend. Dad got them a Hi-Fi to play the 45 rpms. They danced together all day every day. It was exciting times. I remember all everything age 3 on. If you couldn’t love this music you couldn’t love your mother. Dad had season tickets Bulldogs and we watched Fran Tarkenton fill the air with footballs. This 50th anniversary all this I am reminded. Ed Sullivan Show had 1 live act each week. Dick Clark American Bandstand. Ed Thilenius Bulldogs. The radio was big. Then TV got color I recall neighbors came over to watch even outside the window.

I know you would enjoy these 2 from 50 years ago :






Can you picture all this ?


When the Beatles came to Fulton-Atlanta Stadium 1963 I was there with the youngest of my 3 older sisters listening to the girls all screaming.  For 4 hours.


It all started with Chuck Berry the heart and soul of all of this.


The Bulldogs were great then as we embark upon Spring Practice tomorrow.  I watched us win 4 national championships in football and regularly beat the top teams.  We had great head coaches.  And we had great assistant coaches.  We had great talent.


Music and The Bulldogs go hand-in-hand with me.  I was there.


50 years later now I had no idea then that daily new songs would fill the airwaves then that we’d ALL still be dancing and singing to.


Good times.


We all graduated from The University of Georgia with our degree.  We all had straight A grades.  We all love music.  We all love football.  Dad bought a van and had it all decked-out custom made with Georgia Bulldogs disc player underneath blaring when we pressed the special horn.  Graphics.  Sound system.  Color TV.  Kitchen.  Seats for all 7 of us and more.


I am the eldest son.  Dad was valedictorian.  Mom a graduate.  All of us.  One of my 3 sisters was valedictorian too.  I was just top 5% my graduating class and honored 3rd quarter my senior year Foy Fine Arts for them all to come back up and celebrate.


I grew-up with music in my ears and Bulldogs in my head.


In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.  This is love.




What makes Georgia THE place to go ? Why is THIS the place EVERYONE wants to be at ? Why is THIS THE place ? Why are WE the BEST ? Why is Georgia the # 1 college football job ? Why does EVERY top 25 coach and NFL coaches want this gig ? Why did Mark Richt want this gig ? What are our ADVANTAGES ? “The stadium rocks and swings. So, we’ll try to kick one a 100 thousand miles ! 60 yards plus a foot and a half. Oh my God ! Oh my God ! The STADIUM is worse than bonkers. This is ungodly.”

The state of Georgia finds only California, Texas and Florida have more who go on to the NFL than from here.

The state of Georgia finds only two states who have more who are signed to Power 5 Conferences.

We have no in-state competition for these recruits, unlike EVERY other school does have.

UGA is # 11 All-Time College Football Program in Wins.

We do have 6 national championships all in the very same polls which list Georgie tek yellowjackets with 6 as well – only they have NEVER also had the AP Poll EVER in their existence name them # 1 as we have.

George Woodruff national champions UGA 1927.

Vince Dooley national champions 1966, 1968 and 1980.

Wally Butts national champions 1942 and 1946.

Sanford Stadium is always considered one of the very best venues and is ranked # 7 best stadium.

We sign the average # 8 recruiting class Mark Richt era 2001 to-date.  This is 2nd best nationally.

We have 86 NFL Draft Picks 2001 to-date.  This is 2nd best nationally.  This verifies that the NFL agrees then with the recruiting rankings.

Only the University of Southern California has averaged better recruiting ranking in the Mark Richt era, 2001 to-date and only they have more NFL Draft Picks than we during this period as well.

UGA faces little opposition in our state from Georgie tek, Georgia Southern University and Georgia State University.  Only 3 states produce more high school recruits who go on to the NFL.  They ALL 3 face far tougher in-state competition for that talent.  Don’t they ?

Only the University of Southern California has barely had more Signed Scholarship Football players to there, go on to the NFL in the NFL Draft in the Mark Richt era 2001 to-date, to Mark Richt’s 86 NFL Draft Picks to-date.

Our fans are as engaged as any fan base, any sport.

We are the Flagship University of Georgia !

I loved my days at Russell Hall 3B.

I ate at Snelling every meal.  It was awesome !

I never went to Red & Black.  Not once.

I love the eating in Athens.

I wish there were more Home Games in Athens.

I would love to get Home and Home with Florida here in Athens.

Athens is the Classic City !

Off-campus is great in Athens, but I came here to get a great education, not party, so I stayed on campus.

I was NOT on Scholarship to UGA, my roommate was.

I would not trade my friendships at UGA for anything and many of those then are still my best friends now.

They ALSO love UGA !

I have donated lots of money to UGA.

I had great professors at Georgia.

I stayed in my dorm a lot when not playing basketball between Russell Hall and Brumby.

I went to UGA to get an education.

I chose UGA because it was an accredited business college.

I took EVERY UGA law class.  All of them.

I took a lot of EBE classes at UGA too, where I was the only man in the class.  That was loads of fun, I can tell you. Typing for example.  My Dad told me that typing would be important for me if I were to go into computers.

Dean Fluellen had to sign my Registration every quarter because I overloaded.  At first with reservation, later no issues.

I maintained a 4.0 at UGA until my senior season when the upper classes got me.  Truth be told I made B before that, but retook the course entirely with a W.  One I still made a B in.  I was ready to go to work.

I was offered many jobs by Colonel Thrasher my advisor.  They were ALL in computers.  I said I did not know anything about computers, and Colonel Thrasher told me, I was the # 1 or # 2 student in every single computer class I took.  I said I was in all the other classes too, sir.

I have only worked in computers since my graduation.

I still love our campus, and especially the ladies !

I would go to UGA’s campus if I did not go there.

It is that beautiful !

We are UGA !

My whole entire family are college graduates, all 7 of us.

We went to UGA.

We had an UGA van with the fight song when I was 4 growing up and recall fondly watching Fran Tarkenton fill the air with footballs.  Well, for the day.

College should be fun.  You should enjoy it.  It should be GREAT !  Mine certainly fits that bill.

Thank you University of Georgia.

Matt Robinson wants to buy his Jersey from me he wore in the Alabama win we partied all night long before and after.

I am a Bulldog.

We sell as many trinkets for our beloved Georgia Bulldogs’ Football team as any team in the history of sports.

We have more cash in our Athletic Department than every school in America except for Texas.

We have now over 7 million folks living in Atlanta – alone – as the World’s Largest Single City of College Football Fans, worldwide.

The fans of this city of 7 million 59 miles from The University of Georgia have to travel less in time to get to our stadium than the 2 fans of Georgie tek have to travel in time, because they are in the slums downtown and it just takes longer to get there than to our stadium.

Our viewership and readership of all Bulldogs’ media outlets is surpassed by only a very small handful of schools.

We have the most beautiful campus in a college town anywhere.

When folks think of college towns, Athens is the one they are thinking of.

We have more beautiful women on our campus.  That’s important to football recruits.

We protect our ladies at UGA, and always have so their Dads send them to UGA to get their education.  Currently, such cost is just under half a million dollars to do so on the average including all costs except the cost of these gals not working.  It’s very expensive to go to college nowadays, especially when you have to go 59 miles to get there.

We have the single-most best recognized mascot of all sports, UGA.

We have the # 1 Best College Football Player of All-Time in EVERY survey.

How many feet do you go between seeing 1 UGA logo and the next ?  3 inches ?  Every 1 inch ?

No matter where you live, even Sydney New South Wales 10,500 miles from here, you get news’ updates on The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football team – even front page sports.

No matter how far away, you can get The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football team news and watch the games LIVE.

There is not a better team to follow in all of sports.

We pay our coaching staff as much money as all but 5 other college football teams.  Mark Richt makes more than $ 4 million a year by himself, and his assistants are paid top money.  He has a full staff including all the positions Nick Saban came up in an effort to circumvent the NCAA rules of how many coaches he can hire.

We’re in the Sun Belt.

We’re in the Bible Belt.

We can practice every day of the year.

We have the most expensive roadway system the world over to get us quickly wherever there is something to go see about The Georgia Bulldogs.

Every bowl game wants US to be at their venue.

No school has Won more Different Bowl Games than we.

Only 2 have Won more College Football Bowl Games than we.

We have no off-season as fans either 24 hours for 365 days a year.

We have more blogs than every other school.

We have better coverage of our beloved Georgia Bulldogs’ Football team than all others.  The AJ-C alone has now hired a dozen on their staff who report on Bulldogs’ football, for example.  You will find all their names as well as URL Links to every fact listed on this post on the right under categories.  Click the category in question and then click the URL Link to the source of this fact.

Our head coaching football position is considered the # 1 such job in the nation for ALL THESE FACTS.

We have a lot of talent, and this particular set of coaches right now, are ALL the top recruiting college football coaches in all of this wide World.  They do not lack in talent.

We have the same average recruiting ranking that the 14 other head coaches in 3.5 years at their school have to win their national championship on the Mark Richt watch # 8.  I averaged the ranking over 5 years to include redshirts.

We do NOT suffer from any lack of talent.

Our football players have as many different areas of study they can choose from for their free college education from one of the Very Top Best Universities in the World.

We are # 55 best college in the U.S. News and World Report Rankings.  Georgie tek yellowjackets are # 36.  None of the higher ranked colleges have anywhere near the advantages in recruiting we do.  You should look up the other top football schools today.  You really should.  I already have and the URL Link on the right under that category like every other statement herein in this post of facts with URL Links to prove every single fact herein, and all of these facts too.  All.

Our Football Players, being of this persuasion, have one of the Top 3 groups of young ladies to engage our desires.

More than half our entire student-body are all beauties, smart, cute, rich, successful, friendly, Southern, eat grits – absolute knock-out dolls.

We are all successful in life and are a bond of fellowship and friendliness in business amongst us all, to further our success in business and in life.

41 UGA National Championships in all sports.  Our women make up the majority of our enrollment.  I happen to like that.  I kissed a girl and I liked it !  Our football players are of this persuasion as well.

This is God’s Country !

The players from here, want to stay here.

The players from everywhere else, want to be here.

We all stay here.

We aren’t toothless.

We don’t treat dogs in a mean fashion but love Dawgs.

We don’t mistreat any of God’s Creatures, including defenseless trees.

We have MORE Rivals than EVERY COLLEGE.

There’s not something besides winning that’s important here.

Winning is everything and nothing else matters.

We have MORE schools who consider US, THEIR, # 1 Rival.

We’re # 11 All-Time in Wins 1-A, but our only 67 % win percentage after 2007 is only # 21.  Two ways to look at this : First, recruits see lots of opportunity as we’ve not done well, or Second, they see us an unable to beat the top teams often enough and too many losses to top 25 time of game or for season or too many losses to 12 unranked teams after 2007.

We have 16 Bulldogs who won the Award named Walter Camp All-America.

We have the 3rd Most SEC Championships in football, one behind the vols.

Our fans know football, follow football and are engaged in discussing football everywhere we go.

We LOVE it !

It consumes us.

Any top 25 college football coach would give his left nut to come here, as would any NFL coach given the money and they all would have their teams ready to play. None of them would be conflicted with 2 Gods to Serve, and would have balance.  All of them would be Christians too.

They also would see an opportunity to do well compared to the most recent 8-year period of Mark Richt.

Wally Butts and Vince Dooley FREQUENTLY took us to the national stage everyone watching us huge big bowl game everything on the line and BOTH won these bowl games too.

Herschel Walker played here.  He came to the game last week to see his record tied.  I saw him.

He still has every penny of the $ 5 million Donald Trump handed him when he challenged the NCAA.

We are KNOWN as The University of Ground Attack.


Every coach we previously had and currently do have is and was a Christian.

We play tough games, high strength of schedule and always have.

Our teams have to be able to beat not only just teams who go on to a bowl game that season, but top 25 time of game and top 25 for the season ranked teams.

Every game is on TV and anyone anywhere can see every game live. carries every event live, even if your smart TV does not have complete Internet viewing, you can watch us on the Internet from smart phones or laptops.

I choose The University of Georgia over the Georgia Institute of Technology and Cornell.  After UGA, I went to Princeton where I studied computers another 2 years before going into selling them.

If you are considering us as your college, you will sign with us.  We do NOT have folks look at us and decide we’re not right for them.

We’re that good.


Sports Illustrated.

Did you get that ?

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated ranked us 2015 the very best # 1 college football head coaching job # 1.

How impressive is that ?

Our fan base is loyal to our coaches, pay them tons, make their life easy street cushy damn job.  We really do.  We really always have.  We’re the Good Guys !

We treat our Rivals with respect.



All of us.

We had Erk Russell as Vince Dooley’s Defensive Coordinator !

We have a ton of former Bulldogs in the game on ESPN and every other network right now.

We DOMINATE the NFL with our former players.

We have had former players coach in the NFL too.

Our former players, such as Thomas Brown, coach ALL OF THE FOOTBALL WORLD.

We are in The SEC – the premiere college football conference, has been, is and will be.

Every kid wants to play in The SEC.

The state of Georgia is The # 1 state for sending recruits to The SEC !

They ALL want to play in The SEC.

14 Conference Championships Georgia Bulldogs

50 Bowl Games Georgia Bulldogs

# 1 Most Different Venues in Bowl Games The Georgia Bulldogs

28-19-3 Bowl Game Record

3rd Most Bowl Wins

4th Most Bowl Games  All-Time any school

Won Rose Bowl, Won the Orange Bowl, Won the Sugar Bowl, Won Oil Bowl considered big at time, Won Gator Bowl, Won the Cotton Bowl, Won the Peach Bowl, Won the Chick-fil-A Bowl, Won the Sun Bowl, Won the CapitalOne Bowl, Won the Citrus Bowl – many of these on the National Stage against top-ranked team the whole entire nation watching us – and we WON !  This is our Heritage.

2 Maxwell Award Charley Trippi 1946 and Herschel Walker 1982

Lombardi Award David Pollack 2004

Outland Trophy Bill Stanfill 1968

Doak Walker Award Garrison Hearst 1992

Ray Guy Award Drew Butler 2009

Chuck Bednarik Award David Pollack 2004

Bronco Nagurski Award Champ Bailey 1998

Paul Hornung Award Brandon Boykin 2011

Walter Camp Award Herschel Walker 1982

Ted Hendricks Award David Pollack 2003 and 2004 both

Draddy Award Matt Stinchcomb 1998

ESPY Award Garrison Hearst 1992

Lott Trophy David Pollack 2004

781-412-54  through loss to vols

6 National Championships Football Georgia Bulldogs

2 Heisman Trophy Winners Frank Sinkwich and Herschel Walker

2 Number 1 Over-All # 1 NFL Draft Picks Charley Trippi and Matthew Stafford

12 College Football Hall of Fame Charley Trippi, John Rauch, Frank Sinkwich, Fran Tarkenton, my friend Jake Scott, Bill Stanfill, Bob McWhorter, Catfish Smith, Bill Hartman, Terry Hoage, Herschel Walker # 1 best All-Time College Football Player ever on EVERYONE’S list, Kevin Butler so we’ll try to kick it 100 thousand miles

3 Pro Football Hall of Fame Fran Tarkenton Frank Sinkwich Charley Trippi

Famous NFL head coaches : John Rauch

3 NFL Most Valuable Player Frank Sinkwich 1944, Fran Tarkenton 1975, Terrell Davis 1998

4 MVP of NFL Championship Title Game Charley Trippi, Jake Scott, Terrell Davis and Hines Ward

3 Super Bowl MVP Jake Scott, Terrell Davis, and Hines Ward

Every All-America Team has awarded Georgia Bulldogs All-America

24 Consensus All-America such as Jake Scott 1968 and Jarvis Jones 2011 and 2012

AP Poll National Champion

Coaches’ Poll National Champion

Every Other Poll National Champion

Major Bowls

Won Major Bowls

SEC Champions

8 Famous Head Coaches Wally Butts Jim Donnan Vince Dooley *Pat Dye Joel Hunt Pop Warner George Woodruff Mark Richt

5 College Football Hall of Fame head coaches Wally Butts Jim Donnan Vince Dooley *Pat Dye Pop Warner

Larry Munson # 2 Clemson “The stadium rocks and swings. So, we’ll try to kick one a 100 thousand miles !  60 yards plus a foot and a half.   Oh my God ! Oh my God ! The STADIUM is worse than bonkers. This is ungodly.”

$ 30 million dollar full indoor practice facility

Every business owner I sell to went to Georgia

I wear my ring every day

School and team to be damn well reckoned with

Really only Ray Goff since 1963 has not been a good head coach elected to Georgia-Florida Hall Fame quipped “For which team?”  Matt Robinson # 17 was a better QB for us and came in to bail his ass out on 4th downs.

The World’s Most Famous Uniforms and Logo.

How ‘Bout Them ‘Dawgs !

We have more former players who have Won MVP of the NFL Championship Title Game than all teams.  4.

We have 39 Bulldogs who have lifted the NFL Championship Title Game trophy as winner.

We’re it !

*Pat Dye All-America Consensus 1959 & 1960 The University of Georgia Lineman & Linebacker Auburn head coach East Carolina Wyoming, motivated us to beat Alabama 2002 in Tuscaloosa # 11 Final AP Poll, not man enough,_L%E2%80%93Z),_A%E2%80%93K)





Day after tomorrow Mark Richt attempts to rewrite history that he is just a really nice guy everyone loves who can not win the big game, while the aliens abducted Mark Richt and left us with this clone with his Goody Two-Shoes DNA but left out the fire. God make the aliens give us all back the real Mark Richt – not this clone without fire anymore – oh please Lord ?

The day after tomorrow Mark Richt either attempts to rewrite history that he is just a really nice guy everyone loves who can not win the big game, or he tries to put some damn spin on it again – that somehow he really doesn’t care about it – that instead there’s something besides winning that’s important here.

Mark Richt was so good when he 1st got here.  Then, Kathryn was diagnosed with cancer, and Mark Richt saw his fortunes on the field change with it.  It no longer consumed him.  It no longer was important in the whole scheme of his life.  He even went so far as to share with us all that winning isn’t important.

We watch the national press attempt to mimic Mark Richt’s since mantra that there’s something besides winning that’s important here, but after 2007 Mark Richt has just not been the same man on the football field and his passion for winning has gone by the wayside along with our status as Elite we certainly were when he was doing so well when he 1st got here.  But, deep down, all Bulldogs’ fans know that Mark Richt has most certainly lost control.  Hasn’t he ?

Most recent 16 games vs teams making Top 10 AP or Coaches’ Polls :

2008 Alabama he lost at our home Sanford behind nothing to 31 at half

2008 Florida he lost at site of Gator Bowl blown-out 10-49, scored TD end game lose by 5 TD

2009 Florida he lost at site of Gator Bowl blown-out 17-41, lose by 3 1/2 TD

2010 Auburn he lost at their house 17-41, blown-out by 3 1/2 TD

2011 Boise State he lost at Georgia Dome, bought T-shirt at game, 21-35, lose by 2 TD

2011 South Carolina he lost at our home Sanford

2011 LSU he lost at Georgia Dome, ate Jambalaya at tailgating, 10-42 blown-out 4 1/2 TD

2011 Michigan State he lost

2012 South Carolina he lost 7-35 blown-out at their house

2012 Florida he WON 17-9 at site of Gator Bowl

2012 Alabama he lost at Georgia Dome Aaron Murray 3 times overruled CMR spike it

2013 Clemson he lost at their house, taunted them pre-game on field coming down steps

2013 South Carolina he WON at our home Sanford

2013 Missouri he lost 26-41 at our home Sanford more than 2 TD

2013 Auburn he lost at their house

2014 Georgie tek he lost yellowjackets at our home Sanford

He’s lost 14 of 16 games after 2007 vs teams making AP or Coaches’ Polls Top 10 for these latest 8 years now

The 2 wins ?

2013 when we lost 5 games and ended-up ourselves NOT RANKED ANY POLL.

2012 when we got blown-out 7-35 by 4 TD by USCe and refused spike it vs Alabama.

Mark Richt really nice guy everyone loves who can NOT win the big games any longer.

Here are all the games Mark Richt has played against teams who ended up higher ranked than him for the season, after 2007 in either the AP or Coaches’ Polls :

LOST UGA # 13 AP Poll 2008 lost to Alabama # 6

LOST UGA # 13 AP Poll 2008 lost to Florida # 1

LOST UGA unranked 2009 lost to Okie State Coaches’ Poll # 25

LOST UGA unranked 2009 lost to LSU # 17

LOST UGA unranked 2009 lost to Florida # 3

*Won UGA unranked 2009 beat Georgie tek # 13

LOST UGA unranked 2010 lost to South Carolina # 22

LOST UGA unranked 2010 lost to Arkansas # 12

LOST UGA unranked 2010 lost to Missy State # 15

LOST UGA unranked 2010 lost to Auburn # 1

LOST UGA unranked 2010 lost to Central Florida # 21

LOST UGA # 19 AP Poll 2011 lost to Boise State # 8

LOST UGA # 19 AP Poll 2011 lost to South Carolina # 9

LOST UGA # 19 AP Poll 2011 lost to LSU # 2

LOST UGA # 19 AP Poll 2011 lost to Michigan State # 11

LOST UGA # 5 AP Poll 2012 lost to Alabama # 1

LOST UGA unranked 2013 lost to Clemson # 8

*Won UGA unranked 2013 beat South Carolina # 4

*Won UGA unranked 2013 beat LSU # 14

LOST UGA unranked 2013 lost to Mizzou # 5

LOST UGA unranked 2013 lost to Vandie # 24

LOST UGA unranked 2013 lost to Auburn # 2

LOST UGA unranked 2013 lost to Nebraska Coaches’ Poll # 25

LOST UGA # 9 AP Poll 2014 lost to Georgie tek # 8

* Note : Mark Richt won these 3 games against teams higher ranked than him for the season, after 2007, but he himself was an unranked team all of these seasons, despite the win.  He lost every other game after 2007 against teams who in fact were higher ranked than he for the season after 2007 in either the AP or Coaches’ Polls.

I have documented here on this blog daily how when he 1st got here, before Kathryn’s diagnosis with cancer, that he did win the big games (He still had inexplicable losses those years too.) but, it has become so routine for the entire 2nd half of his career here that our fans have quoted to us all now that right NOW, it is almost expected for him to collapse several times every year all of us hoping for the best and expecting the worst.

Moniker Nice Guy Everyone Loves but can NOT win the big game

It really all started with this game the last time they came to town.  It really did.  Before that we might beat top teams more often than we lost – a lot more often – AND, if he did lose back then, even then, it was close by a score.

We took solace in that.

When way back then, he lost in a close one-score loss.

We were, after all, Elite then.

We as fans took that too far.  We try even today when he now wins 68% to back then 80% wins, and try to take solace we made a score close.  There is a difference.  Please see it !

But, we as fans took that too far when things changed here for Mark Richt that ill-fated game on National TV – everyone watching us – the higher ranked team then too, as now, against these same wounded Elephants – seeing Red then although we in all black – as they see Red only now.  Like raging bulls, they see Red now this season.  Disrespected now and treated like all of a sudden they can not stop the run.  Where did that come from ?  Sure they can.  Disrespected now like they will throw 3 interceptions and have 2 fumbles against Georgia when they lost by less than one score against Ole Miss with 5 turnovers.  I mean give me a break.  They are not going to repeat that against us, and note when they did 5 turnovers to Ole Miss, Ole Miss beat them by less than a touchdown.

See ?

These are not what we’ve seen that we did see 2001 through 2007, since :

Mark Richt’s results were GREAT 2001-2007. So what happened afterwards ?

Why do fans attempt to include what he did do 2001-2007 to what he is doing now, in the 2nd Half of his Career here and say that he is great on the road, wonderful away from Sanford, wins the big games, is one of the best coaches, and recruits really well has tons of talent and a guy who is a nice guy everyone loves ?

He is not the same coach after 2007.

Is he ?

Same guy, different coach.

I still love Mark Richt.

I still know he is one of the best guys on the planet maybe even of all-time.  A hero to me.

But, damn it all, he can no longer wear his Superman cape in the 2nd half of his career here after 2007 as he did prior.

Can he ?

Not on the football field.

Off it, oh hell yeah.

On the field after 2007 ?

He has SUCKED.



He cannot win these games like this after 2007.

And, his cupcakes he loses to, too.  Oh, God Save Us.

10 cupcakes not ranked either time of game or for season in AP or Coaches, he’s lost to nowadays after 2007.


Mark Richt has lost 10 games to unranked not Top 25 teams time of game or for the season in either the AP or Coaches’ Poll after 2007.

Here all 10 are :

(1) LOST Okie State unranked AP Poll for 2009 season

(2) LOST vols unranked AP and Coaches’ Polls for 2009 season

(3) LOST Kentucky unranked AP and Coaches’ Polls for 2009 season

(4) LOST Missy State unranked time of game 2010 both AP & Coaches’ Polls

(5) LOST Central Florida unranked time of game 2010 AP Poll

(6) LOST Missouri unranked time of game Coaches’ Poll 2013

(7) LOST Vandie unranked time of game both AP & Coaches’ Polls 2013

(8) LOST Nebraska unranked time of game both AP & Coaches’ Polls 2013

(9) LOST South Carolina unranked AP & Coaches’ Polls for 2014 season

(10) LOST Florida unranked AP & Coaches’ Polls 2014

If anything, we’ve gotten worse against unranked teams the more recent we look at it.  We’re trending toward losing more of these type games against unranked opponents.


No damn good against the teams better than us for the season after 2007 losing 21 of 24 higher ranked than him in the AP or Coaches’ Polls for the season.

Lose to unranked teams in addition, 10 losses to unranked teams after 2007.

Damn it all.

Every game by UGA after 2007 against a team who played in a  bowl game that season :

Won vs Central Michigan 2008, who lost their bowl game.

Won vs South Carolina 2008, who lost their bowl game.

LOST vs Alabama 2008, who lost their bowl game.

Won vs Vandie 2008

Won vs LSU 2008

LOST vs Florida 2008

Won vs Kentucky 2008

LOST vs Georgie tek 2008, who lost their bowl game

Won vs Michigan State 2008, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Okie State 2009, who lost their bowl game

Won vs South Carolina 2009, who lost their bowl game

Won vs Arkansas 2009

LOST vs LSU 2009, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs vols 2009, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Florida 2009

Won vs Auburn 2009

LOST vs Kentucky 2009, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Georgie tek 2009, who lost their bowl game

Won vs Texas A & M 2009, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs South Carolina 2010, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Arkansas 2010, who lost their bowl game OSU win vacated Arky Loss not vacated

LOST vs Missy State 2010

Won vs vols 2010, who lost their bowl game

Won vs Kentucky 2010, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Florida 2010

LOST vs Auburn 2010

Won vs Georgie tek 2010, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Central Florida 2010

LOST vs Boise State 2011

LOST vs South Carolina 2011

Won vs Missy State 2011

Won vs Vandie 2011, who lost their bowl game

Won vs Florida 2011

Won vs Auburn 2011

Won vs Georgie tek 2011, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs LSU 2011, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Michigan State 2011

Won vs Vandie 2012

LOST vs South Carolina 2012

Won vs Florida 2012, who lost their bowl game

Won vs Ole Miss 2012

Won vs Georgie tek 2012

LOST vs Alabama 2012

Won vs Nebraska 2012, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Clemson 2013

Won vs South Carolina 2013

Won vs North Texas 2013

Won vs LSU 2013

LOST vs Missouri 2013

LOST vs Vandie 2013

LOST vs Auburn 2013, who lost their bowl game

Won vs Georgie tek 2013, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Nebraska 2013

Won vs Clemson 2014

LOST vs South Carolina 2014

Won vs vols 2014

Won vs Mizzou 2014

Won vs Arkansas 2014

LOST vs Florida 2014

Won vs Auburn 2014, who lost their bowl game

Won vs Louisville, who lost their bowl game

LOST vs Georgie tek 2014

33 wins vs bowl teams, 29 losses for 62 games vs bowl teams 54 % games vs bowl teams won after 2007.

I am sorry to report that after 2007, we’ve played 62 teams who played in a bowl game the season we played them, and that we won only 33 of the 62 games, for a miserable paltry 54 % win percentage after 2007 against bowl teams.

God Freaking Awful.

Mark Richt wins the Big Games and is a Big Game Coach ?

He was.


He won 80 % of his games including all these big games I just will list a few of for you his 1st half his career here 2001-2007.

He wins only 68 % after 2007 of all his games, losing all these type games and when he does win a game like this one coming-up the day after tomorrow, he sprinkles in his 10 losses to unranked teams that year anyway.

And, NEVER gets us on the Big Stage everyone watching us on the National Stage at the end of any season, as a DIRECT RESULT thereof.

Mark Richt is the Big Game Coach on the National Stage ?

Elite ?

He was :

beat # 4 vols at their house 2001

beat # 24 Georgie tek yellowjackets 2001 at their house ending them then forever since

beat a solid # 11 Alabama team (AP Poll as they on probation ineligible for Coaches’ Poll) 2002 at their house

beat # 14 Auburn their house 2002

blew-out # 21 FSU neutral field 2002 beating his old boss

blew-out # 22 Clemson at little Death Valley 2003 shutting them out 30 to nothing

blew-out # 15 vols at their house 2003

beat # 18 Purdue neutral field 2003

beat # 16 LSU 2004

beat # 25 Florida 2004

beat # 17 Wisconsin neutral field 2004

blew-out # 6 LSU 2005 handily and win The SEC Championship Game

blew-out # 9 Auburn 2006 at their house

beat # 19 Virginia Tech neutral field 2006

blew-out# 13 Florida neutral field 2007

blew-out # 15 Auburn 2007

blew-out  # 19 Hawai’i 2007

We replay the Larry Munson’s calls of all of these games

You remember all this ?

Back then, he was making a statement.

Since then, you and he have been making excuses instead : Haven’t you and he ?

Or just internalized it as who is he, and have failed to readjust to what he IS doing, not what he used to do ?

He is NOT that guy.

Not anymore.

Not since.

Is he ?

If he had won those games the 2nd half of his career here, he won when he 1st got here the 1st half of his career here 2001-2007, he would still be winning 80 % of his games, would be the nicest guy on the planet, and be winning the right way.

Instead, they say he does it the right way and LOSES – and we would rather do it the right way and lose than do it the wrong way and win.

That’s bullshit.

He was doing it the right way and WINNING.

Now, he isn’t.

Is he ?

Quit making excuses for the guy.

Get him up and off his damn duff and let’s get going again !

Beat Alabama !

Like he used to.

Before he tried a wardrobe change as motivation the last time they came to town.

Why all this bullshit since seen at this URL Link by direct stark contrast ?

This is not the same guy.

Aliens have come down from the sky and taken our coach – replacing him with a facsimile of his former self.

The aliens copied all the Goody Two-Shoes DNA and left out the fire genes.

Dear God, pray oh please give him back to us for just this one game – we need him !

Look what you left us with !

He cannot beat shit anymore.

When he does, it is just to keep face its seems anymore now with inexplicable loss heaped upon inexplicable loss anymore the same season nowadays – in stark direct contrast with what he once did – oh so long ago now way back 2001 to 2007.

The 1st half of his career here.

Is he the same coach if he was winning 4 then losing 1 from 2001-2007 and since has been winning only 3 then losing 1 ?  Is there any difference here that you can deduce from winning 4 then losing 1 to now after 2007 winning only 3 and then losing 1 ?  I guess the question is, is this the same Mark Richt at 68 % win percentage NOW after 2007 as he was before 2007 at 80 % win percentage ?

Have I documented this to you now that it has finally gotten through to you, that this is not the same coach ?

I want the fire to win, not the excuses.

God, make the aliens give us all back the real Mark Richt – not this clone without fire anymore – oh please Lord ?