ESPN ranked Greyson Lambert the # 37 QB 2011 only a 3-Star recruit. This is JUST 3 sets of coaches who will have YANKED-HIM benched his ass demoted him from Starter fired him as THEIR starter too. Nothing else. That is ALL this is. And if you want to support that – fine – go ahead. I remain NOT skeptical AT ALL not one iota. I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that this is a MISTAKE. You support ALL THE MISTAKES you want. This fan will not. What I want is TO-DO that which we HAVE NOT for 8 years beating top 15 opponents time game # 45 in the nation losing 18 of 24 and for 8 years losing to top 25 for the season opponents at the rate of # 42 in the nation winning only 8 of 21 such games – ALL THIS with this # 7 average Recruiting Rankings. It was MY GOAL for Kirby when he got here TO-DO something about this WETTING THE BED against the top teams that unfortunately we have BECOME KNOWN FOR. To be the laughing stock on the NATIONAL STAGE having all this talent being ranked pre-season and LOSING. Or to quote Todd Gurley II sick and Dawg-tired of losing and being mediocre. If there is a shred of REALITY in your Internet posts of your position on this – you will ADMIT that Greyson Lambert gives us ABSOLUTELY NO HOPE of fixing ANY of this. In fact as the season progressed last year he got WORSE not better. He isn’t improving. He’s a guy who cannot stretch North Carolina’s poor defense and will make them look BETTER than they would with Jacob Eason whom they MOST ASSUREDLY can NOT load the box with 8 to stuff the run against. They must play Jacob Eason honestly. Greyson Lambert ? They’d be the BIGGEST FOOLS of all-time to expect him to change his spots and NOT BE WHAT HE absolutely has been which will ONLY lead to this 3rd staff sitting him DOWN as Starter. Make NO MISTAKE about that. I see this as a FAILURE by Kirby and Jim Chaney to prepare Jacob Eason to Start instead the # 22 QB in 2011 instead a 3-Star QB. They have FAILED to prepare Jacob Eason who is an Academic All-America and made a 100 on the Play Book but only brought him in at the 10:36 mark before Half in the G-Day Game reluctantly and NEVER gave him ANY SNAPS with the # 1 unit until VERY LATE in the Fall Practice and NONE in the Spring at ALL when they had EVERY REASON to believe that Greyson Lambert is NOT the QB to lead this program where we NEED TO BE. Mike Cavan washes his hands of having anything to do with how this has been handled. Talk about a God Damn QB Controversy – nothing Kirby has done is consistent with preparing Jacob Eason. There was NO QB battle for Starting Job.

Greyson Lambert THREW THE BALL DIRECTLY to our opponents right in their breadbasket twice a game.  We played CUPCAKES.  He Greyson Lambert played CUPCAKES.  His best win was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


Even Kirby noted at halftime of this year’s G-Day Game that Greyson Lambert SHOULD HAVE BEEN PICKED-OFF a BUNCH OF TIMES and that we did NOT.  That he Kirby insisted at halftime that we do intercept those.  Kirby challenged OUR SECONDARY AT HALF to INTERCEPT THOSE PASSES from him.  We did and now he is our Starter.  No one is lacking for film on Greyson Lambert and THEY ALL SEE what WE ALL KNOW and that is that he CANNOT THROW the football.


For a QB who had 7 fumbles in 12 games as he and 29 rushes for minus 39 yards, that is REASON ENOUGH to give someone else a chance to BETTER US.


Greyson Lambert is not bettering us.


He is the polar opposite.


If you asked Kirby if he were the Defensive Coordinator and told him that Greyson Lambert gets us in the right play more often than Jacob Eason, Kirby would FIRE BACK Jacob Eason is by FAR the harder person to Defend against.


That it would make the defense honest against us.


That he WILL stack the box against Greyson Lambert and MAKE HIM BEAT US – especially if we can put up scores which I think we ALL KNOW North Carolina WILL DO.


I return you to the nincompoops who tell you to SUPPORT this bullshit.


Count me out.


I am NOT ON RECORD supporting this decision AT ALL.  We’re going to fumble the ball.


I know it is wrong.


I know Kirby KNOWS this is wrong.


Jacob Eason MIGHT throw an interception ?


How many TD Passes might Jacob Eason or Greyson Lambert throw ?


How many interceptions have YOU SEEN Greyson Lambert THROW which the lousy defense did not catch directly into their numbers ?


Go ahead ?


How many ?




That the number YOU HAVE SEEN ?


2 a game ?


I tell you AGAIN that 4 QB 2015 True Freshmen were ranked in the Top 42 and Greyson Lambert # 79 best QB 2015.


Jacob Eason is better than ALL 4 of those True Freshmen Starters 2015 all 4 rated in the Top 42 best QB while Greyson Lambert # 37 ESPN QB 2011 only a 3-star recruit was ranked # 79 QB mostly because he GOT a lot worse as the season progressed after he beat 1-7 SEC South Carolina with record performance a 3-9 team on the season.  Hell EVERYONE did well against South Carolina.  Their coach quit the team mid-season because South Carolina SUCKED.


We are starting our WORST QB and benching our BEST QB because one MIGHT throw an interception when the OTHER ONE threw 20 which SHOULD HAVE BEEN intercepted.


As a defensive coordinator I would RELISH the opportunity to play Georgia WITH Greyson Lambert.


I would HATE to face Jacob Eason and Georgia instead.


Do what you want.


I will be there.


I am NOT ROOTING AGAINST Greyson Lambert.  I will not boo when he enters the stadium.  Quit with your bullshit lies about us who KNOW Greyson Lambert CAN NOT lead us to better than we’ve been against the top teams.


Mark Richt got fired because he COULD NOT BEAT the top teams any longer.  Because he LOST IT after kick-off game 5 of 2008 as Mark Bradley said yesterday in the newspaper.  (Are we to forget he said Kirby would have a HARD TIME beating Mark Richt’s record?)


I will be mildly surprised if he is NOT YANKED in the 1st Quarter just as soon as BOTH our offense and our defense realizes that North Carolina can score and we CAN’T with Greyson Lambert as well as we would with Jacob Eason.


What do I know ?


Well, I called for Joe Cox to be BENCHED in favor of Zach Mettenberger pre-game opening game 2009 at Okie State.


I called for us to recruit Deshaun Watson.  I as well pointed-out HE was the BEST QB on that field that day when we beat them because THEIR COACH did NOT play him except a little bit where he SHINED for ALL TO SEE.


I called Mark Richt a dumbass for telling Cam Newton here in Atlanta that if he came here he would only be a Tight End.


I pointed-out that Mark Richt told Nick Marshall that he could ONLY play defensive back for HIM only to watch him take Auburn to the National Championship Game as QB.


We’ve made so many mistakes at QB choosing which one to start or even play for us after 2007 as the # 11 all-time winning football program FBS Division 1-A as to stagger the mind these last 8 years.  9 now.  More of the same.  I pointed them ALL OUT before KICK-OFF each time.  What do I know ?


I called me I said that Jacob Park should have been playing not Hutson Mason and that he would be then a 4-year starter I said.  Mark Richt would have started him vs Kentucky last year if he had not run him off too.


I said on Online Athens and EVERY OTHER BLOG in 2001 that DJ Shockley should NOT be redshirted.  We wouldn’t have LOST 4 games 2001 if he had not been.


I said pre-game that Joe Tereshinski III is the ONLY QB Mark Richt could have possibly started against a lousy Florida 2005 that we lose to with.  He did.


I said that Matthew Stafford was undermined in the press and with the team therefore not being named the starter in Game 7 even 2006 that we LOST to Vandie a 1-7 season team in The SEC only win over us because Mark Richt told us that BOTH Joe Tereshinski III and Joe Cox were BOTH better than Matthew Stafford.  So he didn’t practice with the # 1 unit and was NOT the # 1 QB and WE LOST.


So what do I know ?


I am NOT a hater.  I love Jacob Eason as our QB and as a fine SMART young man who WANTS to help us and we’re holding him back from that.  Fine that you think you can write me off as a hater – that’s the same tired bullshit you tried to pin on me the last 8 years while you held us back BRAGGING on Mark Richt.  Look the year after next he leaves to the NFL anyway.  Do whatever the hell you want to do.


You can’t say I did NOT tell you as I did that Mark Richt had to be fired.


The same decision 2 other staffs came to as well ?


Excuse me ?


You mean the 3 staffs who will have REMOVED him as their Starting QB ?  Is THAT what you mean ?


Well is it ?


Or you think I am wrong on this ?


Which is it supporting this bullshit yet again for a guy I helped not only get the guy here fired but personally went to bat for to be here to fix this shit against top teams.


Did you think we’re playing a CUPCAKE ?


He just stands there staring down his receivers and refusing to throw it thinking he would LOSE his starting QB job if he did.  It will ALL come back to YOU just as soon as you see him AGAIN.  He’s not changed his spots.  He was not # 104 Passing Offense and # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions because he was BETTER than Jacob Eason.


He’s worse.




And YOU damn well KNOW IT.


The Offensive Line did not play poorly last season; Greyson Lambert just STOOD THERE ALL DAY LONG.


If you do NOT believe that Kirby is being lambasted for his decision to YANK Greyson Lambert HIMSELF 3 weeks prior to today and LEAVE HIM benched for 2 entire weeks, only to name him the Starter, you’re only reading what you want to read and disregarding the rest as you did the last 8 years of Mark Richt with me in your God Damned Ear the whole freaking time day and night for 8 years.


Greyson Lambert is so good that HE DID NOT need those snaps ?


That this does NOTHING but put doubts into Greyson Lambert and the team about Greyson Lambert ?


Oh come on guys – don’t feed ME that shit.


He won 10 games last year ?  There were 29 teams who won 10 games last year and we were NOT ranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 because he Greyson Lambert had as his best win 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.  There were 4 others like us last year when Greyson Lambert won 10 games who ALSO were not ranked in the Top 25 since there were 29 teams with 10-win seasons 2015.






It sure as shit ain’t mine to be # 29 in the AP Poll because 29 teams had 10-win seasons 2015.


Oh you thought that Kirby saying that Greyson Lambert is the STARTER at QB means that Kirby thinks Jacob Eason is the better QB ?


I get it now.  Jacob Eason is my guy so I am starting Greyson Lambert.  Sounds like 2002 when we had David Greene and DJ Shockley only problem with THAT is that Greyson Lambert is NOT David Greene.  AND Jacob Eason is a LOT better than DJ Shockley even.


I am used to coaching staffs here making dumbass decisions on our Starting QB.  It is what we do here.  We have a long history of that these last 8 years and a matching # 45 vs top 15 game and # 42 vs top 25 season to go right along with it as direct results therefrom.


THIS just MORE of the same.  It therefore does not surprise me one damn iota that you support THIS too as you did being # 45 vs top 15 and # 42 vs top 25 for the last 8 years bragging on THAT as the best ever and 10-win season.


You don’t know jack shit about this.


Leave it to those of us who do.


That would be I and NOT you.



I see this as a FAILURE by Kirby and Jim Chaney to prepare Jacob Eason to Start instead the # 22 QB in 2011 instead a 3-Star QB.  They have FAILED to prepare Jacob Eason who is an Academic All-America and made a 100 on the Play Book but only brought him in at the 10:36 mark before Half in the G-Day Game reluctantly and NEVER gave him ANY SNAPS with the # 1 unit until VERY LATE in the Fall Practice and NONE in the Spring at ALL when they had EVERY REASON to believe that Greyson Lambert is NOT the QB to lead this program where we NEED TO BE.


Oh you thought Greyson Lambert was highly-rated by the Recruiting Services ?  Uh no.  We did NOT recruit any quarterbacks here rated as badly as Greyson Lambert only a 3-Star recruit 2011 by and the # 22 best QB 2011.  Here is that URL Link for you :



( )


ESPN ranked Greyson Lambert the # 37 QB 2011 only a 3-Star Recruit :


( )


He wasn’t as bad as folks are saying last year ?


# 104 Passing Offense

# 119 Third Down Conversions

# 119 Most Fumbles

7 fumbles by Greyson Lambert HIMSELF

29 rushes for minus 39 yards

STOOD there in the pocket ALL DAY LONG all year long

stares down his receivers

“best win” over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn

won 10 games ?  29 teams 2015 won 10 games. # 29 is your goal

Finished us UNRANKED in the Final AP Poll Top 25

good game vs vols ?  He was up by 3 TD lead with 3 minutes go before half.

He gave up 4 UNANSWERED TD because they STACKED box make him beat them.

Mark Richt benched his ass against FL our # 1 rival

# 37 ESPN QB only a 3-star recruit

FAILURE Kirby AND Jim Chaney to PREPARE Jacob Eason

Only reluctantly brought him in Spring G-Day Game with 10:36 before half


Wasted Jacob Eason’s Spring TOTALLY yet graduated with HONORS and came here early and made all A in classes.

This is bullshit that Greyson Lambert IS THE ONE WHO IS SMART.

He is NOTHING but a piss-ant LOSER who categorically REFUSES to even try to throw the ball downfield in FEAR he might throw an Interception and cost him his Starting Job.

He has NO mobility

His arm is WEAK

He can’t hit the out routes to the flats – floating them

He knows he can’t throw the ball deep well

So he STANDS there all day and LOOKS

He beat South Carolina in record performance ?  he GOT a lot worse as the season progressed after he beat 1-7 SEC South Carolina with record performance a 3-9 team on the season.

Greyson Lambert got Mark Richt FIRED.

He gets us in the Right Play ?  What the hell does he do in the “Right Play” to help us win ?  Not a God Damn NOTHING does he do.  Can’t run, can’t pass worse refuses to try to, and can’t even hand-off with 7 fumbles.  I would rather be in the WRONG PLAY than that.


We Start Greyson Lambert and against a good defense which North Carolina is NOT we will FALL BEHIND.  What ?  Then say oh I friq’d it up ?  I should have Started Jacob Eason.  Yank Greyson Lambert and ask Jacob Eason to go out there and bail your ass out ?  After you have SHOT the CONFIDENCE of Jacob Eason NOW ALREADY.  After the ENTIRE TEAM is told and all the press that the # 37 QB in 2011 only a 3-star QB is BETTER than Jacob Eason.


I would have expected this from Mark Richt.


I FIRED his ass for it – didn’t I ?




Big Mistake.


Larry Fedora is an Offensive Coordinator of some notability in Conference USA now head coach calling the plays and Gene Chizik is his Defensive Coordinator. If you think they will NOT stack the box and make Greyson Lambert beat them, then TRUST ME they will.


We’re playing right into their hands.  We are setting ourselves up for even more against Ole Miss Florida and vols.


This will NEVER get us where we want to be as a program starting the # 37 QB 2011 according to ESPN a 3-Star QB.  That is what a Conference USA team gets as their starter.  NOT UGA.


Only 12 TD Passes in 12 games all against CUPCAKES.  Stack box make him beat them or ADMIT ERROR and bring-in Jacob Eason and ask him to bail-out the dumbass brain trust decision to start Greyson Lambert.  Where the HELL is Mike Caven Special Assistant to Kirby ?


( )


I swear to God.


QB Guru Mike Cavan Special Assistant to Kirby Kirby said when he hired Mike Cavan THE Most Celebrated in our HISTORY.


Former University of Georgia Quarterback Mike Cavan was head coach for 16 years at Valdosta State University, SMU and East Tennessee State. He signed Herschel Walker here at UGA for us himself.  Now we have Jacob Eason and I swear we tell HIM that we ain’t starting no God Damn Freshmen – just like we told Herschel Walker 1980.  I bet Mike Cavan told Vince Dooley he better get Herschel Walker in the God Damn Game to save his ass behind as we were to vols – looking like shit until we did.


Mike Cavan led us to an undefeated regular season ranked the # 1 team in the nation in his ONLY sophomore season 1968.  He would’ve done the SAME as a God  Damn Freshman but Vince Dooley NEVER started freshmen and wasn’t allowed to in 1967.  Those days are PAST.


6 Football National Championships for The Georgia Bulldogs URL Links proving THIS :


6 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football National Championships :


As you can see Mike Cavan lead UGA to National Championship 1968.


These are the VERY SAME POLLS who ranked Georgie tek yellowjackets # 1 six times national champions in football TOO.




Robert E. Lee High School legendary head coach Jim Cavan is his Dad.


I can ASSURE you Mike Cavan had NOTHING to do with this BULLSHIT of NO SNAPS with the # 1 unit all Spring for Jacob Eason to prepare him NOT, and nothing to-do with sitting down Greyson Lambert with 3 weeks before TODAY only to name him the Starter with only a few days before today.  Nick Saban wouldn’t handle this this way.  Sonny Smart would NEVER have handled this this way either. Jim Cavan 140-84-14 would roll over in his grave on Jim Cavan Memorial Parkway.  And Mike Cavan had NOTHING to do with ANY of this bullshit either.


Talk about a God Damn QB Controversy – nothing Kirby has done is consistent with preparing Jacob Eason. There was NO QB battle for Starting Job.


Where the hell is Mike Cavan in all THIS SORDID MESS handling and preparing Jacob Eason to take this program where we NEED to be NOT where we in fact are for our last entire 8 years here losing to top teams at the rate of # 42 and # 45 vs top 25 and top 15 teams ?