47 Georgia Bulldogs UGA players on NFL teams right now and of those 47 on rosters 29 are NFL STARTERS

  1. Jordan Jenkins Starting Linebacker New York Jets
  2. Ben Watson Starting TE New Orleans Saints
  3. Abry Jones Starting DL Jacksonville Jaguars
  4. Ben Jones Starting OL Tennessee Titans
  5. Dominick Sanders undrafted free agent DB Philadelphia Eagles
  6. Isaiah McKenzie 5th round of 2017 NFL Draft WR Denver Broncos
  7. Tavarres King WR Minnesota Vikings
  8. Keith Marshall RB Washington Redskins
  9. Tyler Catalina Starting OG Washington Redskins
  10. Corey Moore Starting Safety Houston Texans
  11. Davin Bellamy undrafted free agent LB Houston Texans
  12. Nick Chubb Starting RB Cleveland Browns
  13. Trenton Thompson undrafted free agent Cleveland Browns
  14. Reshad Jones Starting DB Miami Dolphins
  15. Mo Smith DB Miami Dolphins
  16. Thomas Davis Starting LB Carolina Panthers
  17. John Theus Starting OT Carolina Panthers
  18. Justin Houston Starting LB Kansas City Chiefs
  19. Chris Conley Starting WR Kansas City Chiefs
  20. Ramik Wilson Starting LB Los Angeles Rams
  21. Todd Gurley II Starting RB Los Angeles Rams
  22. Alec Ogletree Starting LB New York Giants
  23. Lorenzo Carter Starting LB New York Giants
  24. Aaron Davis undrafted free agent db New York Giants
  25. Matthew Stafford Starting QB Detroit Lions
  26. Toby Johnson DT Detroit Lions
  27. Cornelius Washington Starting LB Detroit Lions
  28. Reggie Davis WR Atlanta Falcons
  29. David Marvin Kicker undrafted free agent Atlanta Falcons
  30. Quincy Mauger DB Atlanta Falcons
  31. Garrison Smith DT Atlanta Falcons
  32. Geno Atkins Starting DT Cincinnati Bengals
  33. Clint Boling Starting OT Cincinnati Bengals
  34. Cordy Glenn Starting OG Cincinnati Bengals
  35. A.J. Green Starting WR Cincinnati Bengals
  36. Shawn Williams Starting DB Cincinnati Bengals
  37. Leonard Floyd Starting LB Chicago Bears
  38. Roquan Smith Starting LB until 2030 Chicago Bears
  39. Marlon Brown WR Chicago Bears
  40. Javon Wims WR Chicago Bears
  41. John Jenkins DT Chicago Bears
  42. Aaron Murray free agent QB Chicago Bears
  43. Malcolm Mitchell Starting WR New England Patriots
  44. John Atkins DE New England Patriots
  45. David Andrews Starting OL New England Patriots
  46. Isaiah Wynn Starting OL New England Patriots
  47. Sony Michel Starting RB New England Patriots





11 of these 47 were on our roster 2017 season for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs UGA who won the Rose Bowl beating Oklahoma whom UGA is undefeated against all-time.  These now gone 11 also beat Notre Dame at South Bend against whom UGA is also undefeated all-time.  And these 11 beat Florida Auburn for The SEC Championship and beat Mississippi State who was 9-4 and # 19 this past season.  We did lose to Alabama in the College Football Playoff National Championship at Atlanta Falcons Mercedes-Benz Stadium.  But Alabama had had the # 1 recruiting class in the nation 7 years in a row before the game.


I am not making excuses.  But you just can’t say we were expected to win that game.  Maybe we should have but we did NOT keep the pedal to the medal after scoring 4 of the first 5 scores.  It’s not like the Falcons’ loss in the Super Bowl ?  Well maybe it is.  Maybe Kirby can FIX his passing game 2018 ?


Finally after that loss Kirby became the # 1 recruiting class for 2018 this year.


And we gave Alabama HELL in the NC Game scoring 4 of the first 5 scores only to try to sit on it and take the air out of our football.  This while Alabama threw the ball while Kirby and Jake Fromm did not.  For the season and for the game Kirby was the # 105 Passing Offense 2017-2018 season nationally and threw the ball only 31 percent.  In the NC Game we threw the ball only 31 percent of the time.  That defines # 105 Passing Offense of Jake Fromm.  That is too predicable an offense.  Alabama held Kirby’s offense and Alabama passed the ball which Kirby quit doing.  Now of course you can see the 11 lost to the NFL and see the huge requirement that the offense has to be even better 2018 to make up for the great losses to the NFL.  That is a lot to lose after that game to the NFL but we are still damn proud of ourselves.  Hopefully we are NOT stuck in our ways on offense however.


Now we made James Coley Offensive Coordinator and brought-in ESPN # 1 rated overall player in the U.S. Justin Fields.  Justin Fields in every other ranking other than # 1 player ESPN is the # 2 best player in the United States of America.  And Justin Fields is who WON the G-Day Game.  Justin Fields only threw to back-up reserve receivers who aren’t supposed to be our best receivers for Justin Fields.


So we are # 4 or # 6 or the like in every preseason poll for 2018 because Justin Fields according to EVERYONE expects to play in GAME 1.  And because Kirby makes the noise that James Coley is Offensive Coordinator with a more balanced attack than 31 percent passes of not only the NC Game but every game all season last year too only 31 percent passing.  It did NOT work with Jake Fromm handing off against top defenses.  He had to have a game plan of passing the ball.  And he did NOT do that.  31 percent passes is less than run first run second down pass third down.  That would be 33 percent passing plays for Jake Fromm last year.  If you thought it did you are part of the problem.


So we are doing pretty damn well with these 11 latest trying to make it in the NFL from last year’s roster here at UGA and with these 29 NFL Starting Players from UGA and with 47 in total trying to make NFL 53-man active rosters right this moment.  And hopefully we are doing quite well with James Foley and Justin Fields 2018 passing the ball finally here at Georgia for Kirby.  The more we drag our feet on THAT then the more we will miss these 11 gone to the NFL from last year’s roster.  We can’t pass 31 percent of the time and beat top defenses.  If you think we can God help you.


Congratulations to all 47 of these men trying to make the NFL and the BEST OF EVERYTHING to you gentlemen.  We are all mighty proud of you.  We will miss you but we are excited to see the transition of our offense from run first down run second down and run some on third down too to run one pass one offense.







WWE Hall of Fame “And have the knowledge and wisdom to know that there is no way in hell that a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket can ever — and I mean ever — be as badass as a Georgia Bulldog” Bill Goldberg 6′ 4″ and 285 lbs. Georgia Bulldogs’ UGA Defensive Tackle drafted in 1990 NFL Draft playing for the Falcons and playing for the Rams playing in 14 NFL games including one START in the NFL and two time All-SEC Defensive Tackle for The Mighty Bulldogs leading the team in tackles with 121 in 1989 while his 348 tackles is # 9 all-time for UGA.






New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick 7-time Super Bowl Winner 2 as Defensive Coordinator and 5 as head coach and 2017 NFL Coach of the Year Sean McVay of the Los Angeles Rams will both coach and speak at the annual University of Georgia Coaches’ Clinic hosted by UGA Georgia Bulldogs’ head coach Kirby Smart. The clinic is Thursday through Saturday March 29 30 and 31 2018.

Middle school and high school football players are invited to interact with world class NFL head coaches and with Dan Quinn Atlanta Falcons head coach.






Todd Gurley II is 6 feet two-thirds inches 222 lbs. and 39” vertical leap and 4.29 in 40-yard dash and 17 reps 225 lbs. who has played in NFL 3 years (3296 yards rushing) with Rams now his best year with 64 receptions for 788 yards and 6 TD catches along with 1305 rushing yards and 13 more rushing TD while he was ranked the # 5 best running back in the nation 2011 out of North Carolina and has only 2 lost fumbles all year 2017. NFC Offensive Player of the Week three (3) times 2017 so far. Considered NFL MVP Candidate 2017 whereas previous Georgia Bulldogs who Won NFL MVP are Fran Tarkenton and Frank Sinkwich and Terrell Davis.




Todd Gurley II man’s man.





Thomas Davis hit likely to draw $48620 NFL Fine after being charged with blindside hit but much more is needed this morning immediately by the NFL. It is a perfect example of what the NFL has an image issue over with now Tommy Nobis death over CTE as well. On sidelines Davis seems resigned to BIGGER penalty than $48620 NFL Fine. This is what the NFL has to fix. No question Thomas Davis blindsided Davante Adams and that he then drove through him helmet to helmet. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy could bring END to this game. There just is NO place in game for this whether Thomas Davis retires or not.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy.  If you do not know what it is well it killed Tommy Nobis.


We had seasons’ tickets to every game Tommy Nobis played-in here.  It gives me unique perspective on what is and what is not NFL talent.  I know.  I recognize it. It is obvious.


Dad had seasons’ tickets for the Redskins’ games when he stood guard outside President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s bedroom window in World War II.  So Dad who died of CTE golden gloves boxer was keen to buy seasons’ tickets when the Falcons started with Tommy Nobis.


Tommy Nobis was targeted by EVERY team every play.  They cut his legs out from under him.  He was the ONLY  player we had.


Now we lose this fine man.


The list is ENDLESS.


Dad talked to me repeatedly about the jarring of the brain and hemorrhaging as the why after he retired back home here to Atlanta that he quit as a professional boxer.  Dad died of CTE obviously.


I am quite saddened to see Thomas Davis not present himself in front of Davante Adams and to not use his arms not helmet to take him out.


This is December of 2017.  God help us please teach the NFL and its players what is and what is not football.


This isn’t.


Please Lord help us before we have no sport to watch and I mean that.


A defenseless opponent is one who should not be subject to that which is just penalized as a blindside hit as this.


This is unmitigated unnecessary roughness as Thomas Davis’ actions directly thereafter attest.




Why doesn’t the NFL have the same targeting rule we have in the NCAA finally ?


Davante Adams did not see it coming.  I cry to see such a vicious hit.  I don’t know how you react to it.  It well could end this sport.


Are you listening to me ?


I read some defending Thomas Davis that the play is NOT DIRTY.


I will speak-up.


I fully expect a BIG FINE and MORE from the NFL instantaneously on this.


They have no choice.


Thomas Davis should have been removed from the game.  He will be in short order this morning.


This is NOT what football is all about nor should it be.  Together we must protect our heroes.  If you can’t I will.



Quentin Moses 18 November 1983 12 February 2017 A fine man. Q is Academic All-SEC and helped his players he coached in college in Academics. Good Works 1st Team. Everything one could ever hope. Celebrated Favorite every endeavor. Consensus All-America including Rivals Walter Camp Playboy and AP All-America. Q is 1st Team All-SEC Coaches and 1st Team All-SEC AP. An NFL player for years and now college football coach in Waleska Georgia 25 miles North Q played on our basketball team and was our Starting DE in football with 25 sacks. Thank you Quentin Moses. I fondly miss such a fine young man a good-looking man who touched so many young lives and who no doubt was trying to save his girlfriend and her child in Monroe 25 miles West of Athens.

I celebrate your life Q and miss you dearly as do we all.  I thank you so much Q for being such a fine young man in all you did for us all and the wonderful legacy you leave behind of helping so many you loved so much.  I know you lost your life trying to help your girlfriend and lovely daughter you loved so much.  I have so much to be proud of each time I am so struck by this tragedy to all of us. We love you Q.

Oh Q what a great man you are.


Matt Ryan trying to go to 4-4 in the NFL Play-Offs on Super Sunday 2 weeks from today as the Falcons DISMANTLE Green Bay Packers. Last time the Falcons played in the Super Bowl we had NO ONE and Chris Chandler the quarterback but Kyle Shanahan’s Dad Mike and John Elway did us in that day. Now the son Kyle can do what his Dad did before he takes the San Francisco job if he wants it. We have players for the Super Bowl this time. Can NFL MVP Matt Ryan do it one more time ? Why not ? Thank you Arthur Blank. NFC CHAMPIONS ATLANTA FALCONS 6 months before Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium opens.

I never saw so many excuses in years and years.


Green Bay Packers must have some Mark Richt fans up there or something.  They were destroyed.  It was who Green Bay played LAST WEEK ?


Oh come on.


I thought for 8 years here to end his career here at Georgia that Mark Richt fans had the corner on EXCUSES.


That was UNTIL today.


The game LAST WEEK took it all out of Green Bay ?


Oh this guy is injured.


Every 4th play all game long Green Bay Packers were walking off the field injured.


It’s football Green Bay.


Oh you were fogged-in ?


Who’s fault is that in Green Bay for God’s sake ?


Be a man about it Green Bay.


You got your butts beat.


Boo-hoo to all your excuses.  You fumbled the ball and we didn’t even challenge it ahead by 23 points.


What’s the point ?


Losing because you GAVE-UP 6 TD and a field goal and you get pressured and throw the ball and that is all you can whine about throwing yet ANOTHER interception to the Falcons.


Where is your stadium like our new stadium Green Bay ?


What’s your excuse for that ?


Green Bay dropped the pass ?


Atlanta threw 2 should’ve been interceptions ?


Atlanta fumbled the ball and Green Bay should’ve had the ball did have it and then did not ?


I mean guys.


Aaron Rodgers 55-yard interception was in effect really a 55-yard punt ?


I’ve heard it ALL now.


No.  That was an interception and we promptly drove it right down the field for a TD.


No it was NOT a punt.


It was an interception and 14-point swing on THAT play.  You LOST 44-21.  We had 9 possessions and scored 6 TD and a field goal while punting twice including once at the end to pin you at the 3-yard line when we could MAKE that field goal too.


Why did you LOSE ?


It was NONE of your EXCUSES.


You guys have more excuses than a pregnant Nun.


Dan Quinn head coach Super Bowl 2nd season.


Matt Ryan was BETTER than your guy wasn’t he ?


1 win in 168 combined seasons of Falcons Braves Hawks and Flames/Thrashers.


We’re do.


And Matt Ryan NFL MVP can be 4-4 in the NFL Play-Offs and win Super Bowl MVP too.


The Atlanta Falcons CAN win the Super Bowl.


2 weeks Super Sunday OUR Day in Houston and we will be ready to win this time.


Now is not the time to celebrate now is the time to WIN !


Go Falcons !




There are no Bulldogs playing today in the last game at the Georgia Dome 3:05 p.m. Chris Mayes who played his last year here Mark Richt’s last year with 41 tackles is in his rookie season with the Falcons on injured reserve defensive tackle and did not play for the Falcons this year. Green Bay has no Bulldog either. In Foxborough at 6:40 p.m. today Malcolm Mitchell WR and David Andrews C are on New England Patriots. And Pittsburgh has Jarvis Jones OLB and Zach Mettenberger back-up QB. There are 39 former Bulldogs who have lifted the NFL Championship Game Trophy. These are whom we are down to this season.

David Andrews has Started and played every play for New England Patriots all season long as their Starting Center except for 4 plays.

Malcolm Mitchell has Started 6 of 14 games as WR for New England Patriots this season with 401 receiving yards with 4 touchdowns on 32 catches.

Jarvis Jones 44 tackles a sack two forced fumbles a fumble recovery 3 passes defended and an interception and return for 20 yards on the season for Pittsburgh Steelers as their Starting OLB 9 of 14 games this season after Starting all 15 games last season.

Zach Mettenberger has not played this season for Pittsburgh Steelers but did the last 2 years for Tennessee Titans with 208 completions in 345 attempts for 12 TD 2347 yards from Oconee whom I wanted to Start against Okie State instead of Joe Cox September 5 of 2009 which began this long run of nothingness here at Georgia losing 5 games 2009.

The Falcons are 12-5 trying to get to 13 wins and return to the Super Bowl.

All these players are trying to get to the Super Bowl this afternoon which will be held in Houston 2 weeks from today LI 51 with Lady Gaga and then next year in Minneapolis and then 2019 here at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium LIII 53 our 3rd Super Bowl here in Atlanta.

The Falcons behind Matt Ryan QB beat Aaron Rodgers Pro Football Hall of Fame QB 33-32 here at the Georgia Dome October 30 and now Aaron Rodgers who has already been Super Bowl MVP winner returns trying to avenge that rare loss here because he lost here while Julio Jones Alabama is going to try to play Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Alabama with his foot just killing him.



4 of the Top 30 and 6 of the Top 64 Best Players in the NFL – the most of ANY college in the Top 100 NFL Players according to the NFL PLAYERS themselves- are former Georgia Bulldogs. Of course Mark Richt told Cam Newton that he could only play Tight End for him that he just wasn’t a QB and would NEVER be considered for ANY position at UGA other than Tight End. Of course later – in 2010 – Mark Richt had Aaron Murray instead at QB 2010 instead of Cam Newton and while Cam Newton was National Champion Aaron Murray went 6-7 as Mark Richt’s Starting QB 2010. Cam Newton is # 1 on the NFL List of Player-chosen Top 100 Players in the NFL today July 8 2016.

What did Cam Newton do in 2010 while Mark Richt lost to UCF in Liberty Bowl capping 6-7 year for Mark Richt :

Heisman Trophy

AP Player of the Year

nearly 3000 yards passing

30 TD Passes

7 Interceptions

nearly 1500 yards rushing

20 Rushing TD

1 Receiving TD


Undefeated Season

Beat 7 Ranked Teams


All this in 2010 while Aaron Murray went 6-7 to see Cam Newton insure his enrollment in the College Football Hall of Fame as QB and Aaron Murray not eligible with Cam Newton 14-0 and BCS National Champion.  It was 1 of the most amazing football seasons of all-time and ALL because of Cam Newton at QB.  Then he was drafted # 1 overall in the NFL Draft.  Now he is the consensus best player in the NFL according to EVERYONE including now today his peers.


Cam Newton beat 7 ranked teams 2010.  7.


Aaron Murray won 6 games as Starting QB 2010 and lost 7.


Small difference there.


Cam Newton beat 7 ranked teams 2010 while Aaron Murray with MORE talent around him than Cam Newton had around him lost to 5-7 not only unranked Colorado but Colorado FIRED their coach and they still beat Aaron Murray.


Florida was an unranked team 2010 season but they beat Aaron Murray too.  Even with their win over Aaron Murray 2010 Florida still was an unranked team for 2010.


UCF whatever that is was unranked in the Coaches’ Poll when Aaron Murray played them in the Liberty Bowl in December 2010 but they too beat Aaron Murray.  We LOST that game 6-10.


Mark Richt said that Aaron Murray would be great.  He started the season ranked in the Top 25 of BOTH the AP Poll and the Coaches’ Poll to begin the season.  Then he called his own number 50 % of our plays and fumbled had intercepted or was sacked 10 % of his plays here.  He left with the worst record as a Starting QB and was the beginning of the end of  the Mark Richt era.


I said SO at the time.


I had called for Zach Mettenberger to Start the game at Stillwater the year before 2009.


Mark Richt is not going to do shit at Miami of Florida.  He’s a dumbass.  Imagine showing up there at their announcement of him December 2 2015 wearing a Bulldogs’ belt and taking off his coat to reveal that to EVERY flashing bulb of EVERY newspaper in the country ?


I called for Brice Ramsey to Start the year before last not Hutson Mason.


I called for Jacob Park to be a 4-year Starter here at QB.  Instead he was redshirted and NEVER given an opportunity here to Start last season.  Instead dumbass started Greyson Lambert.


I called for Matthew Stafford to Start at QB 2006.  Instead Mark Richt told us all that BOTH Joe Tereshinski III and Joe Cox were BOTH better Quarterbacks than Matthew Stafford.  So Matthew Stafford still in week 8 did NOT START for Mark Richt 2006.  We played Vandie who was 1-7 in The SEC and Matthew Stafford did not start and we lost.


I call for Jacob Eason to Start vs North Carolina.


I will add to this list if he doesn’t.


I promise.


I called for DJ Shockley NOT to be redshirted 2001 on Online Athens.  Ask bluto.


I still say if he hadn’t gotten injured he would have played QB for the Falcons.


I said if Mark Richt had not run off Jacob Park that he would have started Jacob Park against Kentucky last year.


Look this is college football.  Your QB is all-important to your success and failure.  Especially if he is a ball hog.




I watched every Auburn game 2010.  It was unreal.  I hate Auburn.  I loved watching Cam Newton.


Anyway here they are the Top 100 NFL Football Players July 8 2016 according to the NFL Players themselves with Cam Newton # 1 overall and 4 Georgia Bulldogs in the Top 30 and 6 in the Top 100 for Georgia the most of ANY college.  Actually 6 of the Top 64 is ALSO a record for all colleges.


# 16 AJ Green WR CIN

# 22 Todd Gurley II RB LA

# 26 Justin Houston LB KC

# 29 Geno Atkins DT CIN

# 54 Thomas Davis LB CAR

# 64 Rashad Jones S MIA




( http://www.nfl.com/network/top100 )


And the one who got away from Atlanta ?


# 1 Cam Newton QB CAR  He can ONLY play TE for Mark Richt.


4 of the Top 30 and 6 of the Top 100 Players in the NFL – the most of ANY college – are former Georgia Bulldogs.  Of course Mark Richt told Cam Newton that he could only play Tight End for him that he just wasn’t a QB and would NEVER be considered for ANY position at UGA other than Tight End.

Of course later – in 2010 – Mark Richt had Aaron Murray instead at QB 2010 instead of Cam Newton and while Cam Newton was National Champion Aaron Murray went 6-7 as Mark Richt’s Starting QB 2010.  Cam Newton is # 1 on the NFL List of Player-chosen Top 100 Players in the NFL today July 8 2016.


After 32 Bulldogs competed or coached in the last 2012 Olympics in London the final group is not known yet for Rio next month but more than 20 – we know that.  They accomplished something while they were here at UGA unlike the 6 Top 64 NFL Players 2016 as voted on by their peers.



Georgia Bulldogs UGA boasts 50 in the NFL today according to CBS Sports.com and I look for 20 or more of those to be STARTERS in the NFL this season.



( http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/playersearch?SCHOOL=Georgia&print_rows=9999 )

Go to the NFL and you get this


( http://www.romancegoals.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/miranda-brooke.jpg )


Bulldog AJ Green’s wife.


( https://youtu.be/fCpt4M6I1OU )

( http://www.romancegoals.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Kelsi_reich1.jpg )


( http://www.romancegoals.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/lacey-minchew.jpg )

( http://www.pageantupdate.info/uploads/5/3/4/4/53444789/9289802.jpg ) Lacey Minchew is from Atlanta and is Miss Teen USA 2002,  married to QB Matt Flynn, Lacey Minchew LSU grad, met at LSU football game.  Lacey Minchew has not changed much and if she has, it is all for the better !


( http://www.romancegoals.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/CarmellaDeCesare.jpg )


( http://www.romancegoals.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/elise-pollard-golden-tate.jpg )


( http://www.romancegoals.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/katherine-webb1.jpg )


( http://www.romancegoals.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/nicole-williams.jpg )


( http://www.romancegoals.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/lauren_Tannehill.jpg )