Kirby Smart on Offensive Lineman D’Marcus Hayes : “He didn’t make the jumps in the spring we wanted him to.” BUT THE GUYS who could not even earn a job last year on that OL who SUCKED – did Kirby ? No sir they did NOT Kirby. Kirby said Pat Allen and Dyshon Sims are better football players than D’Marcus Hayes.

Kirby holds us back.


We will NEVER be what we can be with this bullshit attitude of Kirby against all his younger players actually helping him out in the very areas Kirby needs help at most.


Whomever you put ahead of D’Marcus Hayes on your God Damn Depth Chart 2017 again Kirby will FOREVER be held against you.


Kirby said Pat Allen and Dyshon Sims are better football players than D’Marcus Hayes.


Bullshit Kirby.


Just bullshit like comes out of your God Damn mouth Kirby every freaking day boy.



Pat Allen is at RIGHT TACKLE for Kirby. Dyshon Sims is at LEFT TACKLE for Kirby. Kirby you are a God Damn dumbass on OFFENSE and on SPECIAL TEAMS and this shit is costing us wins. Who the living hell would call Pat Allen his right tackle and Dyshon Sims his left tackle with what Kirby has on his OL. Jesus Christ Kirby give up the reigns over offense and special teams – you don’t know what you’re doing Kirby – give it up son.


This is indefensible Kirby and it does not matter how little you let us watch this bullshit continue.  We all can see it ourselves in a few seconds.


What the hell is your problem Kirby ?  Is this where you’re going to announce to the press how well they are doing again ?  Well is it bullshit artist ?



“The first-team offensive line unchanged at this point : left to right it’s still Isaiah Wynn Pat Allen Lamont Gaillard Solomon Kindley and Dyshon Sims.” Bullshit Kirby

I am sorry I am not buying that crap Kirby that every practice so far your OL remains unchanged.  These are NOT your top 5 offensive linemen for 2017 and you should KNOW THAT Kirby.   Kirby’s starters practicing every snap so far this Fall Camp on his OL are better than Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation, Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation, D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation, Andrew Thomas consensus # 11 OT, Ben Cleveland # 7 consensus OG in the nation. Come on Kirby you can do a better job of evaluating talent than that – can’t you ? I surely hope you can Kirby.


Justin Shaffer # 16 OG in the nation



Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation DOES NOT FIGURE in Kirby’s plans for 2017 says Kirby. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017. Justin Shaffer does not figure into Kirby’s plans 2017 on the OL either. Andrew Thomas consensus # 11 OT does NOT figure into Kirby’s plans on the OL 2017 either. # 7 consensus OG in the nation Ben Cleveland does NOT figure into Kirby’s plans on the 2017 OL either. Kirby says he is COMFORTABLE with THESE DECISIONS.

Kirby expects camp to begin like spring practice ended — with Isaiah Wynn at left tackle, Pat Allen a left guard, Lamont Gaillard at center, Solomon Kindley at right guard and Dyshon Sims at right tackle.


You figure it out.


Here are MY 2017 UGA Georgia Bulldog OFFENSIVE LINEMEN :


  1. Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation DOES NOT FIGURE in Kirby’s plans for 2017 says Kirby.
  2. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017.
  3. D’Marcus Hayes  # 5 consensus OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017.
  4. Justin Shaffer does not figure into Kirby’s plans 2017 on the OL either.
  5. Andrew Thomas consensus # 11 OT does NOT figure into Kirby’s plans on the OL 2017 either.
  6. # 7 consensus OG in the nation Ben Cleveland does NOT figure into Kirby’s plans on the 2017 OL either.  Kirby says he is COMFORTABLE with THESE DECISIONS.


In other words NOT A SINGLE ONE of the ones Kirby is comfortable with would be playing but these six of mine instead.


Did you get that ?



It’s NOT the offensive line which must come through for The Georgia Bulldogs to have the kind of SEC Championship Season I have guaranteed for us 2017 but Kirby who MUST play them. If Kirby drags his feet with his OL he recruited here 2016 and 2017 signing classes and does NOT instantly put them out there this season is shot and so is Kirby’s career. 2018 after Kirby loses 20 starters here at UGA after this 2017 season will be a bad year for Kirby because it has to be given the fact that Kirby will lead the nation in NFL Draft Picks after this 2017 season. So it is all or nothing for Kirby 2017. This year. This SEC Championship year. Kirby either plays the OL he recruited here and signed here 2016 and 2017 or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t then the SEASON IS SHOT and so is Kirby’s career. Yeah he is a young man. Yes he can do ok in 2019 not 2018 but 2019. But by then he will have pissed-off EVERYONE by not playing his recruits. Yes they are raw. They STILL are Kirby’s ONLY HOPE for 2017. He either plays those Hosses or he can kiss goodbye this great gig.


Do NOT talk to me about how ALL THESE HOSSES ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE are MOVING-UP the depth chart. Good Lord Kirby. Start your BEST PLAYERS. You know Kirby ? The ones you RECRUITED on the OL 2016 and 2017.

If you look at the guys who could NOT even win the job last year on that horrible offensive line and pick among them for your STARTERS 2017 then 2017 will be the END for Kirby.


Trust me on this.


There is NO SECOND HONEYMOON for Kirby 2017.


2018 features a completely depleted roster compared to 2017.


It is 2017 which has us with the TOP 5 in the NATION talent.


Then after 2017 we have the MOST NFL DRAFT PICKS in the ENTIRE NATION.


Then 2018 is NOT THE YEAR.





Don’t talk to ME about NEXT YEAR or how well the great OL recruited by Kirby 2016 and 2017 are moving-up on the depth chart.  START them now.


Kirby just does NOT get-it on offense.


Kirby IS SAYING he is going to START those little bitty guys who could NOT even win the job over last year, over those who departed from here after last season who SUCKED.


How is THAT moving-up the depth chart ?


It IS instead an indictment on Kirby’s inability to EVEN RECOGNIZE talent on the Offense.





HAPPY 4th of JULY. If the main problem on the field in execution of the offense 2016 wasn’t the offensive line then the OL would have blocked better for the run too and they did NOT.

Happy 4th of July !





So I think the ONLY FOCUS for Kirby this Summer is to figure out how to replace the OL , which remains, with his top OL recruits of his 2016 and 2017 signing classes because the guys who could not beat-out those who left after last season CERTAINLY are NOT the ones to play 2017.


THAT would insure The SEC Championship 2017 I have GUARANTEED.


Of course if Kirby stays the course he has headed down and starts all these UNDER-SIZED OL instead then 2017 is shot when 2018 will see Kirby working with a DEPLETED ROSTER due to having the MOST NFL DRAFT PICKS in the entire nation after this 2017 season.



Kirby says we’re a young team but PHIL STEELE says UGA is 3rd in the MAJOR CONFERENCES in EXPERIENCE 2017 and trail only Auburn in The SEC.

If you consider that Phil Steele shows Kirby’s OL 2017 as the WEAKEST LINK in experience on our roster 2017 really then this is a huge ADVANTAGE for Kirby 2017.


NOT one of his weaknesses.


In fact since the OL trotted-out by Mark Richt who REMAIN Kirby’s odd choices to START again 2017 despite their diminutive stature are in fact our one weakest link on experience according to Phil Steele TODAY then really this is ANOTHER ADVANTAGE KIRBY HAS 2017 because Kirby surely should NOT be starting small OL but the stock-piled BIG BOYS on the OL he has been recruiting last year and this year.


So if Kirby learns anything from the EXPERIENCE LEVEL he has on his ROSTER 2017 then he would START the recruits from last year and this year on the OL and become a play-off contender 2017.


Phil Steele # 1 Pre-Season Magazine



So we have the # 1 group of running backs in the United States of America today according to Bleacher Report for whatever the hell that is worth – some guy David Kenyon – whoever the hell that is and Bob Stoops amid ALL THE ISSUES with his PLAYERS he has TAKEN-ON DESPITE their LEGAL TROUBLES outcasts from OTHER SCHOOLS finally resigns today only 7 weeks after his STARTING QB arrested on FELONY CHARGES has his court date and still faces those charges – any correlation ? You tell me.

Bob Stoops has had NOTHING BUT issues with the press over his Dorial Green-Beckham transfer after multiple arrests AND allegedly forced open an apartment door and pushed a woman down a flight of stairs.


Then there is also of course Joe Mixon top running back BAD BOY.  Bob Stoops reviewed a security tape of Joe Mixon striking a young woman resulting in serious facial injuries and decided on a one-year suspension from the football team.  Then late last year 2016 Bob Stoops told the press after the season that his decision would have been different now once the tape went viral.


Now there is another.  Baker Mayfield arrested on FELONY CHARGES and in the last several weeks now today still facing these legal charges.  On April 7 he plead NOT GUILTY to ALL CHARGES.  That is his STARTING QUARTERBACK as THIS BLOG pointed-out at the time.  See this blog’s entries on THAT ARREST which can be searched and are listed after any post as RELATED POSTS at the bottom of the post – if you click this post not just only read the home page.


Coincidence that Bob Stoops is STEPPING-DOWN ?


I don’t think so.


Bob Stoops clearly has gone the WRONG-WAY on taking-in just big chances with players who have great promise and who also have no business playing collegiate football whom other schools had TROUBLE WITH THERE and so they end-up on Bob Stoops’ team Oklahoma.  Even with that Bob Stoops could not win the big games.  Even playing in the stinking Big XII Bob Stoops could not do well.  I do not therefore find this at all unusual that Bob Stoops has QUIT given his statements AFTER last season and NOW THIS on top of all that that yes Dorial Green-Beckham and yes Joe Mixon have put EGG all over Bob Stoops’ face and NOW THIS with Baker Mayfield.


The reports of Baker Mayfield state that he Mayfield is a person who is unable to walk straight, having slurred speech and having food covering the front of his shirt. When he was asked to stay so the police could get a statement, Mayfield began shouting obscenities and “causing a scene”.   After resisting arrest he was charged ALSO by the police with fleeing arrest as well.  His case against ALL these charges are NOT RESOLVED.


And so NOW Bob Stoops quits.


Coincidence ?


No way.


Defend Bob Stoops all you want but he has THROWN IN THE TOWEL.


Good riddance to the CHEATER taking-in THUGS like this and STILL not getting back to the national championship after 2000.


In 2003 Bob Stoops lost his last two (2) games including being BLOWN-OUT by Kansas State.

In 2004 Bob Stoops was BLOWN-OUT by Southern California.

In 2008 Bob Stoops lost to Texas by double-digits and still lost to Florida by double-digits.

Then two years’ ago 2015 Bob Stoops lost to Texas and still played Clemson BLOWN-OUT 17-37 only to watch Clemson lose the next game to Alabama.

Then THIS LAST SEASON 2016 Bob Stoops lost to Houston by double-digits then LOST in a BLOW-OUT to Ohio State 24-45 only to watch Ohio State lose to Clemson 31 to nothing.

These are Bob Stoops’ best years – cough cough – after 2000.  Now you have the nutshell of Bob Stoops’ 2003 2004 2008 2015 and 2016 season leading-up to this LESS THAN STUNNING announcement that Bob Stoops gives up – quits – can not compete and no longer wants to even try to compete with these questionable players such as NOW his wide receiver running back and quarterback.


They do NOT call the place choke-la-homa for NOTHING.




We better do something with all these running backs we are stock-piling here.  One would THINK that an AVERAGE offensive line could block for the # 1 group of running backs in the nation right ?



Kirby has 18 Offensive Linemen here these Spring Practices. Here they are with independent analysis thereof of all 18. How is Kirby going to win The SEC East with HIS CHOICES of these 18 on HIS OL in spring practice with the NFL draft potential of these 18 he has chosen ? How in the HELL ? Kirby has 23 in total OL for 2017 season including 6 he JUST SIGNED one of whom is HERE NOW being WASTED not prepared to start.

  1. D’Marcus Hayes generally considered the top OL prospect nationally here as early enrollee right now as a junior 2017 then drafted in the NFL Draft after this season. Kirby has HELD HIM BACK and is NOT giving him snaps AT ALL WHATSOEVER with the # 1 unit ALL SPRING despite being here ready to plug-in one of the MANY HOLES on our horrid OL one of the worst offensive lines in the nation 2016 and since ONLY those guys are there playing this spring then ONE OF THE WORST OFFENSIVE LINES in the nation April 8 of 2017 too. 4-star # 5 OVERALL prospect nationally as a JUCO transfer. A beast out of Mississippi EVERYONE considered him long since plugged-in as OFFENSIVE TACKLE on a team here at Georgia which as you can see from this analysis of our OL by me right now today is TOTALLY VOID of ANY offensive tackles. Getting no reps with the # 1 unit will be UNPREPARED for starting as OT 2017 for Kirby in Kirby’s bizarre inability to determine whom it is he has on his roster who is any damn good on offense – an area of expertise which Kirby now has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD of having no clue whom it is he might have on his roster who might assist us AT OBVIOUS GLARING HOLES 2016 and now 2017 AGAIN.  Kirby has D’Marcus Hayes BEHIND both Dyshon Sims AND behind Aulden Bynum at Right Tackle all 2017 spring practices.  No snaps with the # 1 unit.  No one will EVER say that Dyshon Sims OR Aulden Bynum are better than D’Marcus Hayes but that is what Kirby is saying all spring practice 2017 all 9 practices so far of the 15.  If you wanted to get him ready for 2017 this is EXACTLY PRECISELY how you would do ANYTHING but.  And who is 4th string behind all these 3 at Right Tackle ?  That is Ben Cleveland of course.  How silly of you not to know.
  2. Ben Cleveland generally considered the # 1 worst decision of Kirby for 2016 for not giving ANY opportunity to get even a snap against Louisiana-Lafayette on an offensive line for Kirby which just SUCKED all of 2016 with guys such as Ben Cleveland JUST WASTED who could have helped since Kirby saw 2016 as insignificant and therefore a throw-away year 2016 for Kirby on his damn honeymoon all of 2016 losing 5 games including to Vandie and thus not even a winning record for Kirby 2016 against The SEC.  2016 U.S. Army ALL-AMERICAN. 6’ 6” 340 lbs. Redshirt Freshman 2017 for Kirby. Was wasted by Kirby as early enrollee last spring practices not getting any opportunity AT ALL yet here for Spring Practice 2016 and now 2017 too again not being given much shot at playing much 2017 EITHER in favor of under-sized offensive linemen returning for Kirby 2017 who are INSTEAD being HANDED GIVEN the job of Starting OL on a team who had no damn OL 2016 with them then either. 5-star prospect by some and 4-star by EVERYONE ELSE AJ-C Super 11 and All-State 1st Team Toccoa Georgia ON SCHOLARSHIP FROM KIRBY academic scholar star baseball player too Georgia Sports Writers 1st Team # 118 CONSENSUS OVERALL player in the nation and consensus # 6 Offensive Guard in the nation on a team 2016 for Kirby with NO OFFENSIVE GUARD on the roster playing for Kirby 2016 AT ALL. Kirby lists him on the roster as OL not even as an offensive guard like Kirby is a PROVEN BETTER judge of offensive talent here at Georgia than all these recruiting services PAID ALL THESE MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF DOLLARS annually to have such a PROVEN TRACK RECORD THEMSELVES of in fact judging talent a damn sight better than Kirby’s track record on offense. Kirby has continued to piss me off about Ben Cleveland relegating him to a season 2017 of GETTING NO SHOT WHATSOEVER AGAIN for God knows why.  Ben Cleveland all spring practice 2017 is 4th string offensive right tackle behind Dyson Sims then 2nd string Aulden Bynum then 3rd string D’Marcus Hayes and then 4th string Ben Cleveland.  I presume Kirby wants Ben Cleveland to transfer right ?
  3. Isaiah Wynn 6’ 2” and 302 lbs. is considered under-sized. Playing for Kirby his senior year 2017. 4-star # 11 offensive guard nationally # 198 overall prospect came-in for Mark Richt at 283 lbs. and has added 19 lbs. bulk playing all 3 years here with one start 2014 started every game 2015 and missed Louisiana-Lafayette game with injury 2016. Has played on 1 of the most under-sized offensive lines at Georgia ever and the single worst offensive lines ever at Georgia and is considered himself the one who most strains his potential on the offensive line who as a group have not gotten the job done AT ALL ever.  He has been at left offensive tackle all spring working with Pat Allen at left guard as a tandem.
  4. Dyshon Sims ANOTHER under-sized offensive lineman at just 290 lbs. 2017 recruited here by Mark Richt who bragged EVERY YEAR that he did not NEED big offensive linemen to be successful here then was FIRED for going # 45 in wins vs top 15 teams his last 8 years here losing 18 of 24 such games after 2007 with this under-sized OL. Played in 8 games all as back-up 2014. Played in ANOTHER only 8 games in 2015 with one start. Played with Kirby 2016 being yanked in and out of the line-up getting only two starts all of 2016 on that undersized underperforming horrible 2016 OL for Kirby. # 21 ranked Offensive Tackle nationally and # 270 overall prospect. Kirby has him listed at Offensive Guard. For his career has been largely unremarkable and has no hope of being selected for the NFL Draft. Ranked by everyone to be the first player from last year’s unreliable OL who would NOT MAKE the OL this year even with all those lost off last year’s OL because of the talent of the OL coming-in for Kirby 2017 but in a twist of fate here he is Kirby’s shoe-in choice to be in fact a starter for the 1st time in his life on the OL and at OG a position for which he is utterly unsuited for.  So what is Kirby doing all Spring Practice with Dyshon Sims ?  That’s right Kirby has been giving him all the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit at Offensive Right Tackle and at Left Guard with the # 1 unit.  He’s going to start for Kirby at one of the 2 positions.  That’s what Kirby IS doing all spring practice.
  5. Chris Barnes undersized offensive lineman at 288 lbs. considered skinny who was given a scholarship 2016 by Kirby who needs to add bulk 3-star prospect by Rivals by and by Composite ratings who also ranks him because of his lack of size as the # 42 Offensive Guard nationally in high school where his team was a 6-5 team although Kirby knows better and so is working Chris Barnes as back-up to ALSO undersized Lamont Gaillard at Center while NEITHER have ANY hope whatsoever of making the NFL Draft because of their lack of size yet neither seem able to bulk-up according to the Official WebSite of The University of Georgia Bulldogs.
  6. Lamont Gaillard not considered an NFL prospect 6’ 2” 288 lbs. not top offensive lineman trying to block for pass not top offensive lineman trying to block for run Redshirt Junior now 2017 no hope being in the NFL draft played in two games 2015 did not even letter started last season for Kirby as offensive guard on the single worst OL Georgia Bulldogs EVER had none considered good even academic scholar listed at offensive guard not ranked at his position out of high school RECRUITED as a Defensive lineman but not big enough so when he got here was moved by Mark Richt to the OL and put on the scout team 2014. ON SCHOLARSHIP. Recorded 82 tackles his senior season in high school as defensive tackle had better junior year in high school as DT as well now being jerked around AGAIN to CENTER for 2017. Was considered the # 13 DT coming-out of high school Rivals 3-star prospect. Was too small to play offensive tackle last year so Kirby moved him to offensive guard for 2016. He has no future in football.  Kirby has handed him all the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit at Center all 2017 spring practice.
  7. Sam Madden 3-star # 53 OT no hope being in the NFL draft member of scout team redshirt sophomore now 2017 not played any position listed at OL not even OG or OT walk-on NOT RECRUITED by Mark Richt was given scholarship by Mark Richt for 2015 and for 2016 not lettered at Georgia not played one game at Georgia who knows if a scholarship is tied-up for 2017 by Mark Richt but Kirby has not let him play either not even a snap.  2017 all spring practice Kirby has worked Sam Madden as 2nd string offensive right guard.
  8. Solomon Kindley 3-star # 105 OT recruited by Kirby 2016 awarded redshirt for 2016 by NCAA undefined as medical INJURY redshirt or plain ole redshirt yet Kirby lists him as OL not even OG or OT is on Scholarship but since his redshirt awarded after one snap 2016 for Kirby is undefined as medical or not it is not known if his scholarship counted as one in-use for 2016 thus TODAY April 7 of 2017 or not. If the redshirt is in fact a medical redshirt for injury by the NCAA which it does NOT say it is then his slot WOULD HAVE BEEN one today which an EARLY ENROLLEE could have used. We have many who wanted an early enrollee slot today out there for us but had to be turned-away completely or held-off until Fall. Fall will be on Scholarship in either case.  What is Kirby doing with Solomon Kindley all spring practice ?  You guessed it.  The only guy to take # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit all spring practices has been Solomon Kindley Offensive Right Guard.
  9. Allen Sage Hardin 3-star # 57 offensive tackle nationally by both and by 247 Sports Composite rankings given scholarship by Mark Richt 2015 but played in no game for Mark Richt. Mark Richt also gave scholarship for 2016. Kirby gave one snap to against Louisiana–Lafayette a losing record team in game 11 ONLY all of 2016. 6’ 6” and 291 lbs. is considered not big enough. Is a member of the scout team and has no letters at Georgia. Redshirt sophomore 2017 for Kirby. no hope being in the NFL draft listed at OL not even OG or OT. Not being considered on the OL for 2017 and 2018 certainly NOT since the in-coming players 2017 on the OL are ALL considered significantly better.
  10. Sean Fogarty 291 lbs. played 2014 and 2015 at Savannah State transferred here as a junior 2017 did not play redshirted 2016 by Kirby and not played. Father Pat went to UGA but did not play sports for us. Cousin Chase Roberts academic scholar also undersized offensive lineman who played for Georgia Tech one year in 2013 when they went 7-6 before unfortunately suffering a head injury. Is a member of the scout team and has no letters at Georgia. no hope being in the NFL draft listed at OL not even OG or OT. Not being considered on the OL for 2017 and 2018 certainly NOT since the in-coming players 2017 on the OL are ALL considered significantly better. Mother also is a good athlete who played volleyball at Louisiana Tech. Brother Patrick Fogarty Junior was an offensive lineman for Stetson University Hatters in DeLand Florida by Daytona who went 4-7 in 2016 as FCS school in football where he was quite good on the OL.
  11. Pat Allen ANOTHER under-sized OL at 290 lbs. given scholarship by Mark Richt for 2015 and for 2016 who was redshirted in 2015 by Mark Richt while Kirby gave him a snap against Louisiana-Lafayette when he cleared the bench in game number 11 and then another snap in the bowl game against TCU. 3-star recruit # 83 Offensive Tackle nationally has no hope of being drafted by the NFL because he is not big enough. No letters at Georgia and is on the scout team.  What is Kirby doing with him 2017 ?  You guessed it Kirby figures this is your Starting Left Offensive Guard as he is the only guy taking the snaps with the # 1 unit at LG all Spring Practice as of today 8 April 2017.
  12. Thomas Swilley no hope being in the NFL draft member of scout team played in one game 2015 one game 2016 senior now 2017 academic scholar listed at offensive guard not ranked at his position out of high school NOT RECRUITED by anyone walk-on NOT ON SCHOLARSHIP.
  13. Daniel Gothard no hope being in the NFL draft member of scout team redshirt freshman now 2017 academic scholar listed at offensive line not even defined as guard or tackle not ranked at his position out of high school NOT RECRUITED by anyone walk-on NOT ON SCHOLARSHIP
  14. Allen Williams no hope being in the NFL draft member of scout team redshirted 2016 redshirt freshman now 2017 academic scholar listed at OL not even OG or OT not ranked at his position out of high school NOT RECRUITED by anyone walk-on NOT ON SCHOLARSHIP
  15. Shahed Noorollahi no hope being in the NFL draft member of scout team junior now 2017 not played any position academic scholar listed at OL not even OG or OT not ranked at his position out of high school NOT RECRUITED by anyone walk-on NOT ON SCHOLARSHIP
  16. Michael Barnett Kirby lists on his 2017 roster as OL/DT redshirt sophomore whom Mark Richt gave scholarships to for 2015 and for 2016 and who then played back-up DT 2015 in back-up role only 7 games part-time with only 5 tackles in 7 games 2015 # 27 defensive end nationally whom NO RECRUITING SERVICE ranked as an offensive lineman and whom Kirby did not give one single snap to all of 2016 at all as DE or as OL.  This is not an offensive lineman.
  17. Kendall Baker Kirby is practicing all spring practice at 2nd string back-up offensive left tackle.  Under-sized 287 lbs. Junior on scholarship from Mark Richt redshirted 2014.  Played in 3 games 2015.  Kirby inherited on scholarship and cut his playing time DOWN from 3 games in 2015 for Mark Richt to only 2 games 2016 for Kirby did he get even one snap in.  All the recruiting services ranked Kendall Baker as a defensive lineman and none of them ranked him as an OL at ALL.  None of them. Composite ratings have Kendall Baker as the # 37 Defensive Lineman in the country a 3-star prospect.
  18. Aulden Bynum 295 lbs. under-sized Senior Offensive Tackle and Tight End listed that way on Kirby’s Official Roster today 8 April 2017 recruited by Mark Richt 2013 but did not play 2013.  Did not play 2014 again another Mark Richt scholarship.  2015 again on Scholarship from Mark Richt played in 5 games only getting even one start.  Kirby inherited him on scholarship for 2016 season and did not even play him in one game sitting him down but played in 12 games for Kirby of the 13 games and Kirby gave him 2 starts despite criticizing Aulden Bynum all year.  Consensus 3-star recruit # 65 Offensive Tackle in the nation because of his lack of size.  What has Kirby been doing with him spring practice 2017 ?  That’s it Kirby has him STARTING at Offensive Right Tackle getting some of the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit at RT when Dyshon Sims is at Offensive Left Guard.


There you have it the 18 OL Kirby has here this spring.

Impressive aren’t they ? Especially the ones Kirby has CHOSEN 2017.

Good luck with that OL Kirby 2017. Your choices are POOR Kirby for 2017 and insure that the OL which has been completely DOMINATED in their careers here continue these results under-sized as a unit and individually for your CHOSEN OL 2017 according to Kirby April 8 2017.


Why are we the most tortured fan base with Kirby ?


Because KIRBY is NOT playing the right players either same as the guy we FIRED for it.


Kirby has them.


He just is going to play the WRONG PLAYERS AGAIN 2017 as he did 2016.


Kirby better hope for the sake of his job that SOMEONE gets through to that STUBBORN FAT HEAD of his that these players BETTER get snaps with the # 1 unit Fall Camp from his # 2 ranked 2017 signing class or you can kiss goodbye 2017 as throw-away year two of the Kirby regime :

  1. # 4 OG *Netori Johnson 6′ 3.5″ 348 lbs. Cedar Grove # 82 overall and # 5 OG prospect nationally 2017 by Composite Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  2. # 7 OT *Isaiah Wilson 6′ 7″ 350 lbs. Brooklyn New York # 42 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 32 overall by Composite # 2 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  3. # 11 OT *Andrew Thomas 6″ 4.5″ 318 lbs. Pace Academy # 54 overall prospect nationally 2017 # 74 overall and # 12 OT by Composite # 38 Overall ESPN RecruitingNation Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  4. # 12 OT *D’antne Demery 6′ 6″ 304 lbs. Brunswick # 92 overall prospect nationally 2017 Signed LOI 2-1-2017
  5. # 14 nationally overall JUCO # 2 JUCO OT *D’Marcus Hayes 6′ 5″ and 320 lbs. Madison Central Mississippi JUCO # 5 JUCO overall prospect nationally 2017 # 14 nationally JUCO by Composite Signed Enrolled 1-9-2017   Here now.
  6. # 14 OG Justin Shaffer 6′ 5″ 346 lbs. also Cedar Grove # 243 overall prospect nationally 2017 Signed LOI 2-1-2017

Because the guys Kirby has coming back LISTED ABOVE in the list of 18 here now OL Kirby practicing all spring practice HAVE LONG SINCE SHOWED that NONE of them can get the job done other than Isaiah Wynn.


Got that ?


NONE of them but Isaiah Wynn who were here playing last season have been getting the job done.


I would put the 6 signed OL ahead of everyone here before this signing class Day 1 Game 1 Appalachian State except for Isaiah Wynn.  This is NOT another throw-away season for Kirby.  If it is this most tortured fan base will FIRE your sorry ass Kirby.  Starting with ME.  Right here.   Wake-up Kirby God Damn it.


Kirby you are a great recruiter but a VERY POOR judge of Talent picking whom among those you have on the roster are the best on offense and on special teams.  You do fine on defense picking the best ones Kirby.  It’s special teams and OFFENSE you suck at Kirby because YOU ARE PLAYING THE WRONG GUYS.


Again 2017 as you did 2016.


And you had better get Ben Cleveland some snaps with the # 1 unit the remainder of spring practice too Kirby.  Obviously Isaiah Wynn has earned himself a spot at left offensive tackle.


You’re in DEEP TROUBLE on the OL Kirby 2017 the manner in which you are going about this.  And you had better be planning on getting those Fall camp guys out there on the OL getting reps with the # 1 unit.  Because the guys other than Isaiah Wynn we watched last year who are back this year have NOT gotten the job done.  Since they got here for Mark Richt in his PLANNED PURPOSELY INTENDED recruitment of ALL under-sized OL he even BRAGGED about none except for Isaiah Wynn have done well on the OL.



“Pat Allen was again working at left guard with the first team while Dyshon Sims was at right tackle. Redshirt freshman Chris Barnes was snapping the ball during a drill. Barnes is getting a look as a potential option at center.” WE HAVE NO CLUE WHAT WE ARE DOING ON THE OL.



These are NOT our best offensive linemen.




I suspect Kirby is calling the shots on offensive linemen based upon his PROVEN TRACK RECORD of having NO CLUE who is good on offense and who isn’t.


I see Seth Emerson is being delicate about Mecole Hardman Junior not to heap too much praise or ask ANY questions about him to piss-off Kirby and sit him down which is what Kirby does when the press asks him anything about a player.


“Offensive analyst Jay Johnson was patrolling the sidelines in shorts. Johnson spent last year as offensive coordinator at Minnesota.


Maybe Jay Johnson can talk some God Damn SENSE into the offensive coaching staff – er uh I mean KIRBY.





Every practice it has been the same so far on the OL : Right Guard Solomon Kindley. Right Tackle Aulden Bynum. Left Tackle Isaiah Wynn. Left Guard Dyshon Sims. Center Lamont Gaillard. THESE ARE NOT OUR BEST OFFENSIVE LINEMEN. This remains a BIG PROBLEM if Kirby continues to meddle with the OL and keep our BEST OL off the field.

I remain quite concerned that we continue to NOT have our best players out there on the field and practicing with the # 1 unit who are clearly our BEST PLAYERS regardless of their time here in THIS FAILED PROGRAM.  A failed program primarily because of our failed offensive linemen.


Besides those who have STARTED with the # 1 unit all Spring Practices so far :


Right Tackle D’Marcus Hayes

Right Tackle Ben Cleveland who I guess just needs to TRANSFER Kirby ? Is that what you want Kirby ?

Right Guard Sam Madden


Left Tackle Kendall Baker

Left Tackle Michael Barnett


Center Dyshon Sims

Center  Chris Barnes

Center Sean Fogarty


All I can say to THIS revolting turn of events is bullshit Kirby.


Bullshit son.


No coach in America given the talent YOU HAVE here at Georgia would have this crappy assed OL as his # 1 unit.


We have been FAR from a well-oiled machine on the OL.


We need to GET TO THAT.


We aren’t practicing our best players with the # 1 unit.