Pac-12 who last won the national championship in football 1972 who has been left-out of the college football play-offs is once again left-out of the Final 4 of college basketball too.

The SEC is represented in the Final 4 as it was in the national championship game but the Pac-12 has been left-out of both again this year.


The nightmare continues for the Pac-12.


4 games Pac-12 won 2019 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament

7 games Big-12 won 2019 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament

12 games SEC won 2019 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament

13 games ACC won 2019 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament

13 games Big Ten won 2019 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament



The most bowl games the lousy stinking Pac-12 can win this year is down to only 6 after they LOST Arizona State losing dropping to 7-6 on the season

Of course Arizona State lost to only 7-5 San Diego State so no one figured the Pac-12 team would win their first bowl game this year.


It has been since 1972 since the Pac-12 last won a national championship in football.


Pac-12 does not even have a team in the College Football Playoffs this year so the streak lives on.


The Pac-12 sucks not that anyone out there in the Land of Fruit and Nuts gives a shit about college football because they do NOT.





How bad is the Pac-12? The last national championship in football won by Pac-12 was 1972. This is now 47 years since last the Pac-12 won the national championship. Starting 2003 The SEC has won 11 national championships in FBS College Football. In fact last year 2 SEC teams faced each other. The Pac-12 is an abject flop. This year the Pac-12 has 3 ranked teams. The SEC has 8 including that both the # 1 and # 2 teams are both SEC just like last year.

Currently (just like 2017 too) The Mighty SEC are both # 1 and # 2.

1.2017 Alabama SEC vs SEC for NC (Georgia Alabama)

2.2015 Alabama

3.2012 Alabama

4.2011 Alabama SEC vs SEC for NC (LSU Alabama)

5.2010 Auburn

6.2009 Alabama

7.2008 Florida

8.2007 LSU

9.2006 Florida

10.2004 Auburn 13-0 undefeated 2004 # 2 all polls before USC stripped of its NC

11.2003 LSU


The Pac-12 is not even half as good as The Mighty SEC.


The top ranked of the 3 Pac-12 ranked teams is Washington whom Auburn beat. Auburn has since been beat by BOTH Mississippi State SEC and by LSU SEC.


How bad is the Pac-12?


Unranked in the Top 25 AP Poll for 2018 Stanford lost to Notre Dame. SEC Vanderbilt nearly beat Notre Dame 22-17 at Notre Dame mind you.


In the Land of Fruit and Nuts out there college football is NOT something fans out there care about. They don’t go to the games and don’t care about college football.


Pac-12 fans don’t even follow college football.


Even the Big 12 has higher ranked teams than the Pac-12 for 2018 season.


The SEC has WON 2 national championships in collegiate football since the Play-offs started. The ACC has won 1 national championship and even the Big 10 has 1 national championship. But NOT the Pac-12.


Pac-12 is being shut-out of the national championship game again this season as it was last year too.


So when you are pondering why no one is talking about the Pac-12 again this year I thought you might want to know why.




David Shaw from San Diego scored 5 TD at Stanford of the Pac 12 while Pac 12 has not won any national championship in football since 1972. So excuse his inferiority complex while 63 % of Stanford’s 15877 student body are from out-of-state saying that The SEC is where “1 person in the entire state that’s eligible to get into Stanford.” Pac-12 no NC after 1972. SEC 9 of last 13 NC.

1 of 3 Stanford students are from California the Land of Fruit and Nuts where NO ONE cares about college football.  And while the Pac-12 has not won the national championship in football after 1972 forty-four years’ ago, David Shaw who scored only 5 TD in his entire career in college says The SEC states have maybe 1 person in each entire state who is eligible to even GET IN Stanford University as a student there.


Who gives a rats’ ass about that David Shaw when (1) that is a fabricated God Damn Lie with nearly 2 of every 3 Stanford students from out-of-state while (2) The SEC has won the national championship in football 2015 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 and 2003.


Tell me that David Shaw ?


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Y’all don’t play football out there in the Land of Fruit and Nuts  have not in 44 years’ time will not in 2016 either and no one out there has the slightest interest in college football.


Anyway all 2138 Stanford students for 2018 all came from Dawsonville Georgia.


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9 of the last Baker’s Dozen NCAA National Championships are by The Mighty SEC while the Pac-12 has none after 1972.  This is what frosts your balls David Shaw.