Jake Fromm is 34-7 as starter. 12-7 against Top 25 teams. Jake Fromm did NOT have a good season this year. In fact in his last 5 games Jake Fromm was less than half of his passes as completions. Jake Fromm overthrew many passes this season. Jake Fromm did poorly running the ball this season. Jake Fromm was criticized by his own teammates for putting us in running plays into the teeth of opponents. You can make up all the EXCUSES in the world for ANY of this but the facts are that Jake Fromm had a lackluster year this year and he had some STINKER games. Jake Fromm misses open men and the best plays repeatedly. Did THIS BLOG think that Jake Fromm was a BETTER quarterback than Justin Fields ? Uh, no…

Having everything handed to him did NOT make Jake Fromm a better quarterback this season.  He was worse.  Jake Fromm has had the # 76 Passing Offense in the nation every year as our Starter.  Openly criticized by opponents and NFL pundits Jake Fromm is nothing more than a game manager and not a good one at that.  In the beginning as starter Jake Fromm was said to put Georgia into the best play. That also is NOT the case now is it ?


There is no question that Jake Fromm also suffered an injury in the last game a 3-34 LOSS in which he came back after the injury against their LSU 4th team and scored a meaningless late garbage time touchdown to lose by 4 TD 10-37.


UGA Georgia Bulldogs 2019 have NOT had a successful year because Jake Fromm was NOT successful 2019.  The LOSS to South Carolina and 2 blowout losses to LSU has led to much speculation but the facts are that Justin Fields and Jacob Eason are BOTH considered by EVERYONE except for Kirby Smart as BETTER quarterbacks who will be BOTH drafted HIGHER in the NFL Draft than Jake Fromm.


Kirby Smart is a piss-poor offensive genius and one sorry-assed head coach meddling in his offense without the first fucking clue and zero experience choosing quarterbacks or calling plays both of which are ONLY Kirby’s doings here.


Jake Fromm did beat Notre Dame.  On the road too.  But Notre Dame has sucked for years and years and had nowhere NEAR the talent on their team that Jake Fromm had around him here.  Jake Fromm beat Oklahoma but Oklahoma wasn’t any good on defense.


This season Jake Fromm competed against teams who did NOT have a good quarterback.  LSU did.  10-37 was the result.


THIS is testimony to these FACTS.


I now return you to your BULLSHIT.



I wanted Justin Fields to be MY QUARTERBACK.  I openly stated my case for just that from the day he stepped on our campus.


Kirby Smart has a load a questions to answer if I were interviewing him.  Kirby had said that he would do this exclusive no holes barred interview but he has FAILED to do so so far.


Do you think Kirby has made the right choices on offense ?



I sure as shit do not.






Merry Christmas. If Kirby held open practices, then EVERYONE would be second-guessing Kirby on these OFFENSIVE STARS here at UGA for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs whom Kirby holds back on offense and refuses to even let them play much. If he could, Kirby would NEVER PLAY THEM. The only present I want is that we pass the football.


THIS BLOG called for Isaiah Wilson as STARTER all 2017 season. Instead Kirby held Isaiah Wilson back and redshirted him. Crazy shit Kirby. Hard-headed of Kirby. Unanimous consensus 5-Star Recruit Nation’s # 2 best Offensive Lineman in the United States of America and Kirby redshirted him holding him back. Sad Kirby. Waste talent Kirby. Isaiah Wilson 5-Star Recruit consensus unanimous 5-Star recruit the # 2 best Offensive Lineman in the nation and STILL Kirby held Isaiah Wilson back.

Now, we get to see Isaiah Wilson play only a portion of 2 seasons.  Even when Kirby started Isaiah Wilson, Kirby took him in and out of the line-up during the game like he was out of shape or something.


Now he might be one of the top players taken in the 2020 NFL Draft and he was up for the Outland Trophy.


Good Lord Kirby.  You look like a FUCKING IDIOT on offensive players.  Can’t you hire someone you DO TRUST, Kirby, to take care of your offense for you ?


Obviously, you would NOT have a God Damn Clue on what to fucking do on offense, or which players even to play.


This morning Mel Kiper said that Jacob Eason is a BETTER QUARTERBACK than Jake Fromm.


The NFL is going to make Kirby look like a FOOL when all these offensive players Kirby would NOT EVEN PLAY, become NFL stars.


THIS BLOG told YOU that, all along.


Didn’t I ?


There are a long list of OTHER OFFENSIVE STARS of the upcoming NFL, who while they were here had a hard time getting snaps.




It is THIS VERY LONG LIST, which will be the undoing of Kirby’s conservative offensive game plans his first 4 years here of # 76 Passing Offense ALL 4 years.


I told Kirby that when Kirby refused to even let them play.


This LONG LIST of players Kirby held back here at Georgia on offense all were very highly-rated offensive stars by the recruiting services. And, despite that, Kirby never would put them in the games like he didn’t like them because the press asked about them all the time.






Steamrolled 3-34 in our last game against LSU leaving our starters in during garbage time all Kirby’s offense could muster was 10-37. It was the SAME ALL GOD DAMN YEAR LONG on offense. Kirby lied about it, but clearly Kirby told the WR recruits 2020 that he didn’t have any WR. Sure he did. He didn’t play them. He didn’t practice them catching balls and running routes, but blocking on runs instead. Kirby picked the WRONG GUYS to be starters and held back his talented WR. YOU MARK MY WORDS THAT Kirby’s WR corps 2019 will end up in the NFL in great numbers. But HERE, Kirby could not bring himself to play them and threw to them infrequently. He threw to BLOCKERS whom Kirby STARTED at WR instead. It was BULLSHIT. All season long, Jake Fromm was only given options to throw to guys who DROPPED the fucking passes. Now we play Baylor. Good luck learning anything from them EITHER Kirby on how to truly run an offense. Or any other opponent, 12 of whom have BEAT YOU KIRBY in your first 4 seasons now – 3 a year LOSSES average for you Kirby here. NOT what I would call : “SUCCESS.”

Why does Kirby have the # 76 Passing Offense AGAIN 2019 ?


By design.


Kirby’s design.


Next year will be NO DIFFERENT.


Just as 2016 and 2017 and 2018 were NO DIFFERENT.


2020 ?  With all these talented WR ?


Kirby will NOT play the ones who can catch, but the ones who can BLOCK.


And Kirby will run up the middle 1st down and 2nd down and even on some 3rd downs.


How do I know this ?


Go FUCK YOURSELF if you can’t see it too.


I certainly can and do NOT believe one mother-fucking word out of Kirby’s God Damn lying mouth when he says he wants to pass the fucking football.


No he does NOT.


THAT is why Kirby’s Passing Offense is # 76 Passing Offense all 4 years so far and 2020 more of the same.



The narrative is that THIS BLOG was correct last year that Kirby just had to make Justin Fields the QB last year. Especially after the comment by the baseball player, Kirby had to put in Justin Fields. And the narrative of this blog that Kirby needed to fix his annual # 76 Passing Offense has also proven to hold water now. Desperate that he couldn’t run against stacked SEC boxes, Kirby had to throw. But all Kirby threw to were to receivers who were not our best pass catchers, but who were Kirby’s STARTERS because they blocked well Kirby told us. The receivers Kirby played this year also could not get open. When they did, they dropped the passes. THE WRITING was on the wall, but Kirby stubbornly refused to heed the warning of THIS BLOG. Quit MEDDLING with the offense Kirby. You never coached offense and you never played offense Kirby. And frankly, your special teams are SUFFERING too with your STINKING OFFENSE Kirby.

Throwing the ball 42 times against LSU in a blow-out loss 10 to 37 does NOT mean Kirby is opening up his old man football Offense,  but it does mean that Kirby was desperate.  And Kirby did not practice that approach of 42 passes per game. Nor did Kirby play the players who could have flourished in it.


Instead, what Kirby did was the complete opposite all season long. We just ended the regular season with the # 76 Passing Offense for the 4th year in a row for Kirby here as our Offensive Genius.


“What game were you watching I threw the ball 42 times.”


Desperation is not an offensive strategy EITHER Kirby.


You LOST 10-37 which is four (4) Touchdowns you LOST by Kirby.


Dumb Fuck.


# 76 Passing Offense old man Kirby football 4th year in a row so far :




I’m sorry Kirby.  This isn’t working.  Fix it.


Quit with the LIES to the PRESS.


You can’t LIE to ME Kirby.


I have it down son.


Of the 6 playoffs, UGA has only played in one.  In that one, Kirby was ousted trying to sit on the lead.


Kirby features 2 losses to SEC teams EVERY year of Kirby’s 4 years so far.  This makes up 8 of Kirby’s dozen losses in 4 years here.  Frankly speaking, this is NOT successful now is it ?



# 76 Passing Offense ALL 4 YEARS of Kirby ball so far is what Kirby has actually put up.


12 LOSSES Kirby has already suffered in his career of 4 years.  Kirby is averaging 3 losses per year.  If I told you Mark Richt was averaging 3 losses a year, would you say he had to FIX his won/loss record ?  I certainly would.


There is NO EXCUSE for the loss to South Carolina Kirby this year.  You were NOT PREPARED.  You called bad play calls.  So you took all your talent and wasted it.  10 first and second downs, you called running plays up the FUCKING GUT Kirby.  Excuse me.  At what God Damn Point do you figure it out Kirby that you have no fucking clue calling the play calls for the offense Kirby ?


Call the plays on defense.


Clint Eastwood says you have to know your limitations in Dirty Harry.


Jesus Christ Kirby.  You were losing you DUMB FUCK.


Your press conferences have been TOTALLY AWFUL all 4 years Kirby.  I know you know we know how badly you conduct press conferences.  You refuse to answer these questions and turn the questions about all this around and state bullshit fucking lies about it Kirby.


My God son.


Your hidden private practices are NOT WORKING.  Did you think they were Kirby ?


You have started NOT SIGNING the top players in-state.


You NEVER play your 5-Star recruits Kirby.  It’s bullshit.


You feature way too many undisciplined penalties.  And you settle for too many field goals.


You’re not getting sacks Kirby.  You are  # 56 in the nation at sacks 2019.  Sad.






You think you are one of the top teams Kirby ?


Seriously ?


Now all your stars are stating they are NOT PLAYING against Baylor.


You settle for too many field goals.


You don’t try to return kick-offs, and you fair catch punts.


Take advantage of the 18 of 5-Star recruits you had Kirby by playing them.


START them.  Get them on the special teams.  Tell them return kick-offs.


Get some TRACTION Kirby with 18 of 5-Star players by using them.  Do not have them disinterested and leave Kirby.  Why the heavy-handed approach of one 1 pass play per game for Justin Fields.  He is a Heisman Trophy Finalist Kirby this year, exactly as I promised he would be.  Our most significant quarterback ever and you FUCKING BLEW IT Kirby.


Why don’t we put all 18 of 5-stars out there on special teams and return the kick-offs ?  Why reduce us instead Kirby to just the hand ball off on offense after a fair catch ?  How fucking stupid can you be Kirby ?


That is a question Kirby.


Fair catch kick-offs ?  How is THAT taking advantage of our # 2 best talent in the nation ?  We are reducing where we have the advantage over them to just offense and defense.  Pretty stupid again Kirby.


And God Knows, your offensive strategy ALSO is NOT WORKING Kirby.


In case you did not notice it, Kirby.


Or in case you don’t allow anyone to tell you that Kirby.


Your 5-stars are not playing in bowl games either Kirby.  I certainly hope you had fun with them in practice.  Secret practice.  Tell us again Kirby how your 5-stars are NO GOOD ?  That is what you tell the press when they ask you about players expected to contribute like Justin Fields whom you just simply HELD BACK Kirby instead of getting them the meaningful experience they needed to get.


Anyone could see that Kirby.


And you invite the guys to the bowl game to stand on the God Damn FUCKING sidelines distracting the team anyway YOU DUMB FUCK when they tell you ahead of time they REFUSE TO PLAY.


Wake up Kirby…


If you are not disappointed in THESE performances listed in THIS BLOG POST Kirby, then guess what Kirby ?


Well I am son.




This is NOT acceptable Kirby.


We FIRED Mark Richt because averaging 4 losses his last entire 8 years was NOT GOOD ENOUGH.


3 losses a season average for YOU Kirby, does NOT SEEM much better.  3 losses a year average is NOT successful Kirby.


And damn son, your offense stinks to fucking high heaven Kirby.




I’m fed up with it.


You have a boring offense Kirby.


Quit MEDDLING with the offense Kirby.  You never coached offense and never played offense.  And frankly, your special teams are SUFFERING too with your STINKING OFFENSE Kirby.




Now you have had 6 players arrested LAST OFF-SEASON and start-off this off-season with ANOTHER arrest Kirby this week.  Driving around drunk with bottle in the car.  Tell me you sat all 125 players down after that this week and used that as an example, right Kirby ?  Also other issues other charges.  Oh good Lord.


Is the narrative supposed to be cute that you have NOT LOST CONTROL Kirby ?


This is pretty fucking frustrating Kirby.


Do you think you are engaging the kids Kirby ?


Is that what you think ?


It doesn’t seem that way to me Kirby.  It seems to me that you have LOST CONTROL Kirby.


I return you now to your narrative Kirby.  You and Chuck Dowdle have a narrative Kirby that you threw the ball 42 times and therefore opened the game up.  Fixed your offense I believe you would have us believe Kirby based on your latest antics in your latest bullshit press conference Kirby.


In desperation you threw 42 passes.


You LOST 10-37.


How in the FUCK is that opening-up your offense Kirby ?


What game did you watch I threw the ball 42 times you said Kirby.  You didn’t practice that Kirby.  You started guys who were blockers, and threw them passes which they dropped wide open.  THAT is not what I said you should do Kirby.  It’s NOT what you said you would do Kirby when you held your private practices and kept everything a secret so no one could second-guess you.


Guess what Kirby ?


EVERYONE is second-guessing you Kirby.  It’s NOT just that I am.


We ALL are.


I return you now Kirby to you and Chuck Dowdle trying to put a spin on this.


You are not and Chuck Dowdle is not discussing what you did this year.  You 2 are not discussing what you did last year.  But you 2 are discussing what you did the year before THAT Kirby.  But you are not discussing what you did the year before THAT.  In summary, you have 12 losses in 4 years.


You have to fix this shit Kirby.


Do not placate us YOUR FANS nor placate your players nor placate your coaching staff.  You have a LOT of professional coaches Kirby.  You have very expensive coaches Kirby.  But only you can talk to us Kirby ?


What are you FUCKING AFRAID of Kirby ?


That some coach might say something to the press like I am saying this morning in this blog ?


Well Kirby ?


Is THAT what you are AFRAID of Kirby ?


You know ?


Like SAM PITTMAN Kirby ?  Are you afraid Sam Pittman might criticize your offense Kirby so you disallowed him to talk to the press ever until he quit.


Then put shit on you Kirby.


Sam Pittman criticized your offensive strategy Kirby.


Did you think you would sweep under the carpet what Sam Pittman just said Kirby that you can’t just turn around down after down and hand the ball off telling them go sic’ em ?


Well did you Kirby ?


Dumb fuck stupid shit offense.




THAT was what your BEST COACH on your staff just said this week Kirby.




Your best coach on your entire coaching staff said you do NOT know what the FUCK you are doing on offense Kirby.


How embarrassing for you Kirby.


Now your best coach is promoted to head coach at an SEC program.  And HE said you can NOT just turn around down after down hand the ball off and say go sic’ em.


Guess what Kirby ?


I’m second-guessing you Kirby despite your 6 and a half million dollars a year and over $25 million in just your salary just so far Kirby.


I am NOT GETTING my money’s worth Kirby.


Sam Pittman is second-guessing you Kirby, and he was your BEST COACH.




“I don’t think you can just turn around down after down and hand the ball off to the tailback and say Let’s go Sic’ Em.” Sam Pittman on his OFFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY to Razorback fans who hired him because I always thought he looked like the perfect head coach. It’s BULLSHIT what Kirby has done 4 years in a row here of # 75 Passing Offense. No Coach Pittman it DOES NOT work to turn around and hand off to the tailback every 1st Down every 2nd Down and some on 3rd Down too – you LOSE TOP QUARTERBACKS and have wide receivers and tight ends who are NOT INTO the game and NOT READY. It DOES help your defense because it keeps ball away and doesn’t cause interceptions or drops but when they stack box you have no hope.

Merry Christmas Kirby.  Someone else other than CB who thinks your offensive game plan strategy absolutely sucks.


I told you so despite the bullshit to the contrary on THIS BLOG by CB.





You have to do something about your STINKING OFFENSE Kirby # 75 Passing Offense 4th year in a row for Kirby now

# 75 Passing Offense 4 years in a row for Kirby.





Uh.  This does NOT work Kirby.


I told you that Kirby, you hard head.



We’re # 4. What I’d like to know is how did we make # 4 with our # 73 Passing Offense all 4 years of Kirby here ? One in which Kirby totally refuses to let ANY offensive coordinator of his throw the forward pass ANY of his 4 years here ? It’s run first and second down and even on 3rd down sometimes. Otherwise Jake Fromm gets to throw on 3rd down. I’m sorry. That is PITIFUL God Damn play calling Kirby. We have to fix that if we are going to beat the top teams who will stack the box and make our offense look like shit game after game. Now we have rain today all day an inch of rain today. I promise Texas A&M will pass the ball in the rain. Our storyline ? Kirby told Paul Finebaum : You can’t pass in the rain. And Kirby told Paul Finebaum you can’t play special teams in the rain either. Sure you can.

We influence what people think because we are right and because we care when we criticize Kirby’s offense and special teams.  It has to get fixed.


Texas A&M has not beat anyone 2019 yet.


But they ALWAYS do win a game against a top team.  Quit giving away your game plan Kirby that you refuse to throw the football.


We will need to be able to pass the football Kirby.  THAT will open up our running game.  You defend offenses Kirby.  Surely you see run the ball every first and second down gives away your play call and makes it easier to defend.


Our Passing Offense all season long 2019 season is # 73.




This is once again NOT a balanced offense Kirby.


Not with our # 73 Passing Offense for the # 4 team in the nation.


What’s wrong with this picture ?


Are we who are criticizing Kirby’s offense and his special teams expecting too much ?  Kirby had his meeting HE scheduled with Paul Finebaum.  Kirby did NOTHING but MAKE EXCUSES.  That means that he AGREES with us criticizing his offense.  And we criticize Kirby special teams’ fair catching not utilizing his massive talent base of 18 eighteen 5-star recruits he brought here and wastes on offense and on special teams.  Either Kirby agrees with our criticism or he would not make excuses but say that it is NOT TRUE that his offense is # 73 Passing Offense.  It is though because he calls conservative play calls on special teams and on offense.


And make no mistake about it.    I have been on this all 4 years where Kirby holds back his young pups on offense and on special teams yet on defense liberally plugs them into the game.


And I have been on this because Kirby averages 3.3 losses a year and he loses to 2 SEC teams EVERY YEAR.  2 of our next 3 games are SEC teams.  They are BOTH good offenses.  While our offense is NOT COMPETITIVE with top offenses at  # 73 Passing Offense.  How the hell can the # 4 team in the nation be the # 73 Passing Offense ?


Who the muck thinks THAT will beat the top 4 teams in the nation ?  Or fair catching everything with 18 of 5-star recruits ?  How is that smart ?  It puts too much pressure on Kirby’s greatest in the nation defense.   Use our talent Kirby damn it son not just on defense but on offense and on special teams to make our TEAM a better TEAM.  You are wearing out your Defense Kirby.


Why is our offense the # 73 Passing Offense ?  It is NOT Kirby’s EXCUSES.  This is why instead :


  1. Because Kirby never coached offense
  2. Because Kirby wants to run every first and second down
  3. Because Kirby would like to run every 3rd down too if he could
  4. For 4 years.
  5. Kirby doesn’t have to make excuses for being # 73 Passing Offense ?



Sure he does.


What else can he do ?


Say HE is NOT # 73 Passing Offense ?  Everyone has a computer.  Everyone can look it up.


Kirby is living in denial to make up EXCUSES.  Mark Richt did that.  He averaged 4 losses a year his last entire 8 years here.  32 losses his last entire 8 years here.  We FIRED him for it.  Kirby averages 3.3 losses a year.


If you think for one God Damn New York nanosecond that the # 4 team in the nation is going to win with the # 73 Passing Offense you are a God Damn fool.  You are living in denial too.


Kirby is not stating an opinion saying he has this litany of EXCUSES.  He is trying to get you to take your eye off the ball and listen to his EXCUSES.  So Kirby ADMITS then that his offense is # 73 Passing Offense in the nation as the # 4 team in America.  It’s GOD DAMN AWFUL.


Kirby does NOT want to be forced to fix it.  He doesn’t know how.  Furthermore Kirby disagrees that # 73 Passing Offense shouldn’t be his goal all 4 years because that is EXACTLY what Kirby has done 4 years in a row now # 73 Passing Offense all 4 years here now.


And counting.


Don’t expect this to change THIS YEAR or next year.


Or the year after.


As long as you ALLOW Kirby to have the # 73 Passing Offense then he will by God Above keep it up.


Kirby runs the WORST press conferences of all time.


He hates the media for pointing out the obvious and LIES every press meeting.


Remember when Kirby early in this 2019 season told the press that he tries every play to pass the ball ?


That’s funny Kirby.


Run first down.

Run second down.

Run some third downs or have Jake Fromm try to convert 3rd Down.


That doesn’t work.


I know that.


Kirby does NOT.


You better teach him.


Win games and it doesn’t matter ?


Again Kirby averages 3.3 losses a year and Kirby averages losses every year to 2 SEC teams.  How in the name of God is that winning games ?  Oh I see.  You’ve got EXCUSES for that too.  Don’t you ?


Kirby is doing less with more on offense and on special teams.  Watch what Kirby said to Paul Finebaum Friday night.  Kirby is going to do it again against Texas A&M.  He’s going to play tight on offense and special teams and have his defense 4-deep 44 who have a tackle contain them not pressure them.  It’s his MO.


Where is all the talent on offense and special teams ?  Told to fair catch.  Told to NOT THROW.


That’s where.


There is no one who thinks Kirby is right on offense or on special teams.  He won’t let you watch it in practice but you get your eyeful in the games and it isn’t pretty.


If Kirby got after the special teams to take advantage of all our talent 18 of whom are 5-Stars by returning punts and returning kick-offs we would open up the game and have all 3 parts of the team trying to win.  If Kirby got after the offense and threw the ball on first and second down far more often than Kirby lets them Kirby wouldn’t have 3.3 losses a year and lose to 2 SEC teams every year.  And Kirby hopes you don’t see that.  Denies that he does this by design.  Kirby doesn’t want to lose 3.3 games a year or lose to 2 SEC teams a year but it happens to him because he FAILS to pass the ball and because he gets no traction on special teams either.  He just has one of the best defenses in the nation beating 3 top 16 teams so far.


Until we all teach Kirby about offense and special teams he NEVER coached, you have a hard-headed Kirby making EXCUSES so you can quote that instead of his # 73 Passing Offense AGAIN 2019 EXACTLY the same as 2016 and 2017 and 2018 and now 2019.


It’s not all 3 parts of the team working to be # 1.  It’s rely on the defense and don’t muck THAT up with the offense and special teams’ play calls being “overly aggressive.”


This is ON KIRBY.



“You gotta be careful in kicking situations; you gotta be able to handle that. And those are all critical times.”  And you have got to not throw the football in the rain either right Kirby ?


Sure you can take advantage of your talent on offense Kirby.

Sure you can take advantage of your talent on special teams Kirby.


You just don’t want to.


The rest of us all want you to because we all know you are losing 3.3 games a year and 2 losses to SEC teams every year with 2 of the next 3 games against SEC teams.


Kirby opened up HIS offense a little bit with all this criticism.  And Kirby tried to let all our talent return some punts and kickoffs.  Now is NOT the time to pull in the reigns and go back to fair catches and run every 1st and 2nd down and some of the 3rd Downs too Kirby while telling special teams to fair catch and hand the ball to the sorry assed  # 73 Passing Offense in the nation where Kirby runs the ball up the gut every 1st and 2nd Down by design into 9-man boxes.


Dumb Shits.


Kirby is NOT an offensive genius or a special teams’ genius and he certainly sure as shit can not hold a press conference well either with all his EXCUSES and living in denial.


Kirby has an Erk Russell Defense and that is a WONDERFUL thing.




Passing Offense Kirby Smart Era : # 97 in 2016 then # 106 in 2017 then # 73 for 2018 and now Kirby all the way up to # 58 for 2019 because Kirby turned our guys LOOSE on Florida 2019. Total 240 yards per game. Kirby is listening. That’s a good fact that Kirby IS LISTENING to we fans who TOLD HIM he had to pass against Florida to beat their defense and he did and it worked to PERFECTION. Thank you Kirby.


I expect us to FIX our offense and special teams today. And I demand we pressure their QB. Kirby knows full well he can not continue 2019 as he has been.

We have to get the ball out in space and no way better than to turn our jets loose on punt returns and kickoff returns with our fast studs taking it back against our # 1 Rival.


We have to change it up and pass on 1st Downs.  Throw the football.  Florida will be Kirby.  You start slowly today and we will boo again.


Don’t play our lesser players while holding our better players on the bench Kirby.


Boy do I hate having the # 75 Passing Offense all 4 years of you Kirby so far.


Instead of telling us what you are going to do Kirby then not doing it except playing well on defense how about you go do it Kirby.





I am pretty fed-up with all the secrecy Kirby maintains at his practices so that he can do whatever he wants with personnel no questions asked and frankly I am NOT SATISFIED averaging 3 LOSSES a year for 4 years now but mostly because # 75 Passing Offense and conservative play calls. Do I want Kirby to drop to 2-2 vs Florida and 1-1 vs Dan Mullen ? He better not or he can feel the heat that we need an experienced head coach who can do offense special teams and defense – which Kirby has proven he CAN’T.

Kirby was supposed to destroy Florida 2019 with Kirby’s far better talent because of superior recruiting.  That is not how we feel game day.  Game Day we feel Kirby didn’t want to play the game in Jacksonville because it hurts his recruiting and we feel that Kirby will insist on running the ball today and fair catch every special teams’ play so we can run the ball every down.


I want to pass the ball and use 2nd stringers on special teams who absolutely will return every kick.


What Kirby has been doing leading-up to this game has been TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.  He better come through today because we just have to have this now after blowing it against a 3-5 team who Florida beat obviously.  Last game Kirby was looking pretty crappy against Kentucky in the last game until 6 minutes before the fourth quarter still with just failed drives.  All failed drives until 6 minutes before the 4th quarter to another CRAPPY TEAM Kentucky.


I am tried of the excuses frankly.


Win baby.


Win.  I hate Florida.



A Bulldog fan said to me today that he didn’t care how we run our offense as long as we’re winning. See ? That’s just it. This next LOSS is Kirby’s Loss # 12. This is year 4. I am not sure what you signed-up for but 3 losses a year is not what I signed-up for. And with # 75 Passing Offense EVERY year all 4 so far and same again next year too. The 2 are interrelated. Conservative play calls. And conservative play calls on special teams. You know ? The 2 areas where Kirby has NEVER COACHED and NO EXPERIENCE : Offense and Special Teams.

Did you think Kirby’s next LOSS is not # 12 year 4 ?  Kirby LOST 3 games last year.  I am sorry but I wanted MORE than # 75 Passing Offense every year for Kirby and I expected MORE than averaging 3 losses or MORE per year too.  Did you think Kirby averages 3 losses per year with his next loss ?  That is NOT IT either you know ?  Kirby LOSES MORE games this season too so Kirby is averaging MORE than 3 losses a year.  What the hell is the difference between Kirby and Mark Richt who LOST 4 games a year average his entire last 8 years here of 32 losses ?  NOT MUCH.


And Fair Catch every punt and every kick-off so Kirby can go right back out there and run it every first and second down.


It’s bullshit and no pressure on opposing quarterbacks.


Conservative play calls across the board by Kirby  Offense Special Teams and Defense.


And hidden practices so we cannot tell him how to fix this pile of shit of his on Offense and on Special Teams.







You want a QUICK FIX for our offense ? I’ve got a QUICK FIX for our offense. Tell Kirby he can NOT have ANY say whatsoever on our offense starting today’s practice. How can we allow our offense to continue in this direction of Kirby’s TOTAL CONTROL with our offense so out of touch with the rest of the known world ?


Only 8 of Kirby’s 25 signed last year 2019 are from Georgia 17 out-of-state and now 2020 only 4 of 16 commitments are from Georgia and it is NOT LIKE we get all the top recruits in-state either. We have seen the dynamics change after falling to Alabama twice both of which KNOCKED US OUT 2017 and 2018. Now 2019 we can’t even get to that already KNOCKED OUT. Over. Done. Stick fork in Kirby. Don’t give me this BULLSHIT that we struggle against two 4- loss teams lose to one of them and will beat LSU Alabama Texas A&M Auburn and Florida only running every down against a stacked box and run blitzes. Bullshit. And fair catch every punt and kick-off to hand it off every first and second down # 72 Passing Offense. 3 losses a year average. No different from Mark Richt. Control Freak with NO EXPERIENCE offense or special teams. Head coach control freak not accepted by the kids in-state. Now go tell me how I am wrong. I am NOT wrong.

Kirby’s strategies on offense and special teams are wrong.


Kirby’s defense is fine with liberal substitutions. Offense and Special Teams Kirby plays NOT TO LOSE.


Really on defense Kirby does the same playing not to lose.  Contain strategy on defense.  Not a get after their ass defense.  Kirby does NOT force the issue.  It works on defense. On offense Kirby struggles against opponents with nowhere near his talent only 3 teams with better talent 2019 season.


On special teams Kirby refuses to let the 2nd stringers get in their contributions.  You see Kirby at the games on the sidelines yell at younger offensive players on special teams for even THINKING about trying to return a kick-off or a punt.


That’s bullshit.


I now return you to your 3-losses a year for 4 years of Kirby.


Replacing Mark Richt who gave you 8 straight years at the end of his tenure of 32 losses 4 losses a year.


How is 3 losses a year any different from 4 ?


Kirby loses to at least two (2) SEC teams EVERY year.


And Kirby on Saturday week will be 3 losses a year average for 4 years… with still games against LSU or Alabama Missouri Texas A&M and a bowl opponent like Ohio State or Clemson or maybe Notre Dame again.  I bet you Notre Dame can stack the box and run blitz against Kirby now.




Excuse me.


I am unsatisfied with Kirby’s level of experience on offense and on special teams.  I think the kids see this.


Fans can not boo Kirby ?


Here stick THIS up your God Damn NOVICE asshole.




# 72 Passing Offense every year Kirby

Fair catch every punt and every kick-off Kirby

Ain’t working Kirby.





We hired Kirby DURING the 2015 season.  I see analysis where the writer starts 2017. Excuse me. We fired Mark Richt 2015 during the season and HIRED KIRBY THEN 2015.  2016 is Kirby’s fault for NOT BEING HERE until a few days before Signing Date. NO EXCUSES. Read my blog then.  I said it daily.  Now I still hold Kirby responsible for 2016.


This blog FIRED Mark Richt during the season over his bullshit against this Florida team 2015.  Now Kirby is headed down there.  He like Mark Richt maintains that it is a DISADVANTAGE playing Florida down there.  Kirby says recruiting disadvantage.  Mark Richt said it is hard to acclimate to the weather.  It was 41 degrees last night here.  I am sorry it is 86 degrees in Jacksonville at game time.  86 not 41 here last night.  It’s an hour for them.  Frankly the Gator Bowl is played EVERY YEAR at this hellhole city and hellhole old rickety stadium which has not been host to any major event in the lifetime of these kids you insist on playing there so you can go down there and get drunk.


And our head football coaches at Georgia have their heads up their ass against Florida.


So there you have it.


I am telling you Kirby is NOT going to JAX with his offensive strategies of run up middle first and second down then let them key on Jake Fromm on 3rd down and fair catch every punt and every kick-off.  Why recruit all this talent only 3 more talented 2019 in the entire nation and fair catch ?  Try getting some traction Kirby.  Try making something happen.


After Florida which is a LOSS we have Texas A&M Auburn LSU or Alabama a bowl opponent like Clemson or Ohio State and we struggled against two 4-loss teams South Carolina and Kentucky.  So Kirby is going to lose 3 games this year and at least 2 if not 3 SEC teams 2019.  Four ?  Then a bowl game.


You let Kirby off the hook.


We are trying to get stubborn Kirby to get off his control freak high horse and do something like NOT be # 72 Passing Offense EVERY MOTHER sucking year.


No experience special teams and none offense.  No idea what to do. Defense is fine and is NOT the problem with Kirby.  Recruits see it.  You say I can NOT say it. Do you really think you dumb shits that if I do not say it that the recruits are that stupid that they don’t see it ? That somehow I am an outsider with season tickets forever and graduate who should shut up and let Kirby keep losing 3 games a year 2 to SEC teams ?


Or worse.


Well do you PUNK ?


Our coach does not know what he is doing and you are a GOD DAMN FOOL.


If Kirby is not appealing to the top talent in-state then we have a problem no matter how you bury your head like you did with Mark Richt his last 8 years.  It’s NO DIFFERENT.   National recruiting to fill holes because the kids in-state are NOT STUPID and don’t need ME to tell THEM that Kirby is NOT getting it done on offense nor special teams and us with no athletics’ director to teach offense and special teams to Kirby.  Just a stubborn son of a bitch head coach who thinks he DOES know offense and special teams and just play to NOT LOSE.


I am sorry.  Quit telling me I can not say it.  You know it.  I know it.  Kirby knows it. Every coach we play knows it.  The kids know it.  Bury your head in the sand and the recruiting will be better ?  We have PLENTY of talent.  What we don’t have is a special teams’ coordinator nor an offensive coordinator and Kirby will all these monies we give him refuses to hire someone to do what he doesn’t know.  Vince Dooley was NOTHING without Erk Russell.


I have been trying to tell you about this for years about Kirby. One day I get the credit I am due on it.  I tell you again.


How many times now this is game 8 – how many times has our offense been handed the ball by our special teams or our defense for that matter and on the next play we did what Steve Spurrier always did of throwing it in the end zone scoring a TD on the next play all season now ?   Once I can think of and that was on a bad punt not something Kirby FORCED and even it was a run. We get NO TRACTION.  We play NOT TO LOSE.  It is against Kirby’s rules to EVEN TRY to do something on the field.  Do our job.  Chop wood.  Crap on all that.  Score God Damn it.  Make something freaking happen for a change. I am bored Kirby.  I don’t think you know what to do on special teams or offense and frankly you never put any pressure on defense to make anything happen either. If it were not for the talent only 3 more talent in the entire nation 2019 frankly you would not be close Kirby to being a well-rounded polished head football coach.


Brash.  Know-it-All.  Control Freak.  No experience offense or special teams.  Refuse to listen or hire anyone he respects at areas he knows he knows nothing about.


I am with Buck Belue on this AM680 The Fan.


Intense Kirby over paid at this point.


You think Kirby has not forced these folks to say what he wants said ?


Hear the other side of page two here.




7 in 2016 then 12 in 2017 then 9 in 2018 then 3 in 2019 now 2 Kirby in-state top 20 prospects 2020 – headed in the wrong direction Kirby. What’s the problem Kirby ? Is it your bullshit offense which we all know is the sole responsibility of Kirby and NO ONE ELSE. Kirby you have explained how you like running the ball to make your defense better which it does. Kirby you are full of shit if you think you can do that and win over Florida Texas A&M Auburn Missouri LSU and Alabama. Hells Bells Kirby you can’t even get the 5-star recruits in-state to play for you with this bullshit special teams all fair catches and bullshit offense run up middle every God Damn play. I am sorry Kirby but I am NOT BUYING it. And your next loss is # 12 Kirby in 4 years to-date. NOT what I signed-up for Kirby.

Why is it that NO ONE can say that Kirby is the # 72 Passing Offense every mother God Damn Year ?


7 Seven 2016 Top 20 in-state prospects state Georgia Kirby

12 Twelve 2017 Top 20 in-state prospects state Georgia Kirby

9 Nine 2018 Top 20 in-state prospects state Georgia Kirby

3 Three 2019 Top 20 in-state prospects state Georgia Kirby

2 Two 2020 Top 20 in-state prospects state Georgia Kirby


What is wrong with this picture ?



# 86 Passing Offense average for Kirby all 4 years so far. # 73 Passing Offense for 2019. # 69 Passing Offense for 2018. # 105 Passing Offense for 2017. # 97 Passing Offense for 2016.

And 11 losses in his 4th year.  More to come as a DIRECT result of this # 86 Passing Offense.



South Carolina # 35 then Missouri # 26 then Auburn # 16 then Texas A&M # 12 then Notre Dame # 9 then Florida # 8 then either LSU # 6 or Alabama # 2 SEC Championship. Get by all that then # 1 Clemson and/or # 4 Oklahoma or # 5 Ohio State in playoffs. Do that with # 72 Passing Offense of Jake Fromm 2018 now in 2019 ? Crazy shit.

Kirby is going to have to throw the football 2019.  He has 10 losses in his 3 years so far including 3 more losses last year including both the last two games in a row lost.  Good teams line up and stop the run.  Good teams know they have to pass the ball more than 241 passes in 15 game seasons for the top teams and this crap of running 567 running plays to 241 passing plays all of 2018 for Kirby tips his hand and makes it easy for the top teams against Kirby.


Intense hard-headed Kirby is going to have to pass the ball with Junior 3-year starter Jake Fromm 2019.


How in the HELL is


567 running plays in 2018

241 passing plays in 2018


any God Damn balanced attack ?


It’s not.  It’s unbalanced.


70.2 % of the plays Kirby lets Jake Fromm play are him handing the ball off for a running play 2018.

29.8 % of plays Kirby lets Jake Fromm play are him passing the ball 2018.


567/808 = 70.2 percent running plays all 2018 Kirby’s bullshit passing offense

241/808 = 29.8 percent passing plays all 2018 Kirby’s bullshit passing offense


If you run every first and second down then run most of the third downs that is 70.2 % running plays.


Kirby can NOT tip his hand again 2019.


Not and beat # 1 and # 4 or # 5 and # 6 or # 2 and # 35 and # 26 and # 16 and # 12 and # 9 and # 8.


# 8 Florida

# 9 Notre Dame

# 12 Texas A&M

# 16 Auburn

# 26 Missouri

# 35 South Carolina

then either # 6 LSU or # 2 Alabama SEC Championship Game

then either # 1 Clemson and/or # 4 Oklahoma or # 5 Ohio State


with 70.2 % running plays 2018 all running plays all Kirby allows.


Bullshit 29.2 % passing plays of 808 plays 2018 of Kirby.


Unsatisfactory results loom against such a schedule 2019 with only 29.2 % passes 2018 Kirby.


If Jake Fromm can pass the ball then Kirby is going to have to let him way more than 29 % pass 2018.


I think Kirby is going to run the ball 2019.


I think Kirby is NOT going to let Jake Fromm throw the ball 2019.


I wouldn’t exactly say that this is working.


Would you Kirby ?





“get better at our 3rd-and-7 passing and goal line-short yardage” Well I would say so James Coley

Kirby has been averaging the # 100 Passing Offense his first 3 seasons without James Coley solely in charge.  “Getting better at our 3rd-and-7 passing and goal line-short yardage” are getting better at really the same problem area.  You have to change it up.  Kirby does not comprehend that.  He hasn’t ever had any experience at offensive play calls nor at special team play calls not ever not anywhere not for anytime.


I should like to discuss James Coley’s not his gap blocking where you are responsible for a different gap than where you line-up but “Getting better at our 3rd-and-7 passing and goal line-short yardage.”


All too often Kirby thinks that running the ball makes his defense look better.  It does.


That is NOT the point however.


The point is that when you run first and second down and sometimes on third down too you are tipping-off the defense and setting us up for losses to the better teams.


A well-coached team is going to take advantage of you if you run first down run second down and sometimes even still run on third down.


Your tendencies are ALL WRONG.


You must keep the defense off-balance.


THAT is what a balanced offense is Kirby.  Keeping the defense off-balance.


To do that you must be able to pass the football.  That opens up the short yardage plays and the 3rd and long.


Otherwise you are just not going to be competitive.


Everyone is looking for James Coley to fix this.


Kirby had better let him.





85 Scholarships 2019 season seems on-target with the number 85 as I see it after 8 players leave our TROUBLED OFFENSE – frankly I see more fallout on offense in the next couple of days too this time on the TROUBLED OFFENSIVE LINE. Kirby’s meddling in our offense has led to this following Kirby’s 3rd annual average # 90 Passing Offense – oh and his 10 losses in 3 years including 3 losses by “the # 2 best team in the nation.”

Let’s be very clear why the loss to Texas happened.  It’s Kirby Smart’s fault for his dogged stubborn offensive game plan of running every play up the gut into the 8-man Texas front designed to stop the run by Tom Herman.  Falling behind 7 to Texas 28 Kirby finally let Jake Fromm throw the football.  The game was over.  We never got to 28 against a team who lost both to a 7-loss team and lost to a 6-loss team but Texas beat “the # 2 best team in the nation” Kirby’s players repeatedly told us pre-game.  There is unrest here.  This is NOT unifying.


8 Offensive players on-scholarship have announced so far they are jumping ship.


Jumping Kirby’s offensive ship.


The LSU loss also was the fault of the offense.


Failed # 69 Passing Offense 2018 Kirby put-up.


# 69 Passing Offense for “the second-best team in the nation.”


What’s wrong with this picture 2019 ?


Oh and of course Alabama took advantage of our offense 2017 and 2018 seasons now over for us.  In fact we should’ve lost to Alabama again too for we never beat Alabama since we couldn’t even beat Texas.


No I’m not happy.


And of course Auburn beat our Offense 2017 too as Kirby’s # 97 Passing Offense 2017 held us back 2017 too.


Kirby’s failed offense of 2016 was the # 105 Passing Offense.  No wonder Kirby lost 5 games 2016 due to his failed offense.


This leads us to today where 8 of this TROUBLED KIRBY OFFENSE now 2019 have stated they quit the team offensively and are moving-on.


Luke Ford I don’t care about him.


Justin Fields I don’t care about him.


Deangelo Gibbs now I did care about him but found reports of medical condition to not be truthful about the lack of playing time afforded by Kirby who painted him as entitled. Unfortunately we have to move on with him not in classes AGAIN this semester and only playing half the games.


They’re gone.  They have had it up to here with Kirby’s meddling in their piddling number of snaps 2018.


Elijah Holyfield was part of this offense 2018 that wasn’t a very good offense.  It needed shaking-up.  Kirby should have wholesale tried something different.  That he did NOT speaks volumes to Elijah Holyfield jumping-ship.  Notice if you will that Kirby gave Holyfield now an NFL player only 6 rushes in 5 games wasting his entire season 2016.  It made no sense.   We got to see him therefore only 2 years really.  Never used right really any of the so-called 3 years. Stupid by Kirby as I see it.  Kirby wasted Elijah Holyfield’s entire career here.   I’m with Elijah Holyfield on this.  Did Kirby figure-out what he had with Elijah Holyfield or waste his career here ?  You tell me.  I’ve already told you from Elijah Holyfield’s point of view to leave this morning.  2016 only 6 carries total in 5 games 1 carry per game wasted by Kirby.  2017 three carries per game for this 1000-yard running back and not used on special teams either just wasted.  Now 2018 eleven carries per game.  It was up to Elijah Holyfield to get to 1000-yards this season on his own with only 11 carries per game by Kirby.  Kirby NEVER recognized what he had with Elijah Holyfield and only now looking-back can see how he wasted him like Mark Richt did Knowshon Moreno.  I told you Kirby did not give him enough carries here at Georgia and that Kirby could lose him as a result.  Why stay ?  To get 11 carries a game next year ?  If he got 33 carries would he have been a 3000-yard season running back ?  Well certainly a LOT more than barely a 1000-yard man with only 11 carries per game.  He had to go. Again why stay ?  What is in it for Elijah Holyfield ?


Isaac Nauta.  Another who Kirby frankly just wasted.  2016 I would have made Isaac Nauta the # 1 target for our passing attack.  Barely over 2 throws per game 2018 season to the nation’s top tight end who will be a mainstay in the NFL for a decade and a half as pro bowl performer.  Criminal.  Starting only 5 games 2016 Kirby threw FEWER PASSES to Isaac Nauta 2016 season.  Why did Kirby lose 5 games 2016 ?  Because Kirby’s offense sucked especially throwing the ball.  Isaac Nauta was a solution to that 2016 but Kirby was slow on the uptake.  Kirby started out slowly with Isaac Nauta only 29 catches 2016 and Kirby fizzled-out altogether now this failed 2018 season again only throwing Isaac Nauta 30 catches.  I would leave were I Isaac Nauta too.  Criminal.  Kirby 2017 only threw the ball 9 times to Isaac Nauta.  9.  Are you getting this ?  I will predict and guarantee that Isaac Nauta has 1000-yard SEASON in the NFL.  Here Kirby did not let him get close to that figure combined his entire Bulldog career.  This too is on Kirby alone.  I guaranteed you he was gone after this year since pre-season last year.


Mecole Hardman Jr.  They are all alike.  All these who left all of whom are great football players.  All of whom I criticized Kirby for his WASTING of them here.  2016 while Kirby was losing 5 games Kirby did not throw the football one time to Mecole Hardman Jr. who I told Kirby from the pre-season had to start and had to start on special teams too.  Kirby was so slow on the uptake with Mecole Hardman Jr. that THIS BLOG suggested he should transfer-out.  One and a half passes per game Kirby threw to Mecole Hardman Jr. last year 2017.  And this year 2018 Kirby threw 2 and a half throws per game to Mecole Hardman Jr.  Again criminal.  Again in the NFL Mecole Hardman Jr. will again put-up 1000 yard season but here combined all 3 seasons Kirby did not throw the ball for 1000 yards to this man who will be talked about as ANOTHER wasted Offensive Player by Kirby here at Georgia.  I suggested he was gone after this year because he isn’t used enough here clearly either.


Riley Ridley.   Look there are others here on Offense too.  Guys who are unbelievably wasted by Kirby who has NEVER COACHED Offense and has no idea how to get more snaps to his offensive stars than these piddling bullshit numbers for ALL OF THESE who are leaving and to many more also wasted whom Kirby doesn’t hurry-up and get more snaps to.  This is not a fun offense for our players.  It doesn’t work.  One pass per game 2016 by Kirby to Riley Ridley whom Kirby stole at the last moment in recruiting.  I think his brother has second-thoughts about telling Riley Ridley to come here to also last year 2017 have only 1 throw per game to his brother.  Now we see I was right all along on Riley Ridley too yet still really only 3 throws per game did Kirby throw to Riley Ridley.  Riley Ridley had only 12 throws to him by Kirby all of 2016 and only 14 throws all of 2017.  His 44 this year prove he was capable of being a difference maker for us last year and the year before but once again Kirby was slow on the uptake.  I suggest his brother apologized to Riley Ridley and told him to come on the NFL that he was wrong sending him here for Kirby to waste 2 years.  2 of his only 3 years here. I am sad to see Riley Ridley go with these numbers Kirby allowed him here.  There will be NFL analysts who will notice this snub by Kirby here for 2 years.  Trust me.


Jeremiah Holloman has been the Riley Ridley of 2016 and 2017 now for Jeremiah Holloman 2017 and 2018.  I told you Jeremiah Holloman would be a star.  That he would be a leading wide receiver for us.  Kirby will not throw the ball to him anymore than Kirby did to Riley Ridley his first 2 years here too.  Last year 2017 Kirby played Jeremiah Holloman 5 games all season to Jeremiah Holloman.  5.  This is just like Kirby did to Elijah Holyfield 5 games 2016 for Elijah Holyfield by Kirby too.  At least Elijah Holyfield got 6 carries in 5 games 2016 by Kirby.  Kirby only gave Jeremiah Holloman one catch in 5 games.  One.  Criminal.  Now this year 2018 Kirby only gave Jeremiah Holloman one and three-quarters of a throw per game.  I’m telling you as I did all last year 2017 that Jeremiah Holloman will have 1000-yard seasons in the NFL and be a star.  THIS BLOG guaranteed to you last year 2017 that Jeremiah Holloman would be our star receiver since Kirby obviously didn’t like Mecole Hardman Jr.  Boy was I wrong.  Kirby won’t give the ball to Jeremiah Holloman EITHER.  Just like Kirby won’t hurry-up his offense and get more snaps for ALL THESE GUYS so our offensive players feel like they are contributing more than they feel they are here for Kirby so they all leave.  Kirby what in the hell is wrong with you on Offense ?  Hire someone to tell you who to play Kirby.  You can’t continue this wholesale wasting of talent on Offense only to shuttle your defense in and out wholesale getting your defense all the snaps they need to shine for you here Kirby.  It’s your offense you meddle in Kirby that is # 69 Passing Offense for “the second-best team in the nation” Kirby.  You dumb shit.


Demetris Robertson.  Oh good Lord Kirby.  Only 9 games played and only zero passes caught.  4 rushes for 109 yards for the nation’s number one wide receiver.  I am just out of words for you Kirby.  Dumbass.  Dumb shit.  You better figure-out how to run a hurry-up Kirby and get more snaps for your offense or you will find yourself without your dream job no matter how good your defense and no matter how many top stars you recruit here and run-off on offense Kirby.  You’re getting a reputation on offense Kirby.  Wake up you stubborn son of a bitch.  Demetris Robertson’s brother is looking smart and right on this all along now Kirby.  What is your problem on offense Kirby ?  You don’t know jack shit about offense Kirby and NEVER HAVE.  Quit acting like you do and making all these boneheaded decisions Kirby. You’re smarter than this Kirby.  Hire offensive help.  Quit meddling with the offense.  We all saw you didn’t want to replace your defensive coordinator who left because you wanted to be the defensive coordinator in the last game the bowl game loss Kirby where your offense failed to respond except once to 6 scores by Texas down 7 to 28 at that point Kirby.  Game over.  Bowl loss.  On Kirby.  On Kirby’s offense.


Luke Ford Tight End.  Kirby played Luke Ford only 9 games 2018 failed season.  9 games.  Top Tight End nationally wasted like all these offensive players so highly thought-of when Kirby signed them here only to NOT USE THEM.  Kirby burned Luke Ford’s redshirt to throw him one pass all season.  One.  Now he too is gone.  Why is that Kirby ?  Does Luke Ford see Kirby’s meddling in the offense as counter-productive ?  I certainly do.  Don’t I ?    Under Armour High School AllAmerica  Rivals # 1 Tight End in the Nation.  ESPN # 3 Tight End in the Nation.  U.S. Army All-America.  1 Pass Kirby.  One.  Criminal and now gone.  247sports.com composite # 3 best Tight End in the nation.  See ‘ya too.   Like this failed offense couldn’t use Luke Ford.  Sure we could.  We just didn’t.  I should say Kirby just didn’t.


James Cook and Brian Herrien have been wasted here by Kirby while on another other team and in the NFL they will be stars.


Terry Godwin didn’t get the ball either.


Kearis Jackson.


Jamaree Salyer should be playing a LOT more so we are dominating on offense.  He’s not so we’re not.


Trey Hill has been underutilized as well other than some play against Vanderbilt.  That’s it really Vanderbilt.  Vanderbilt.  Jesus Christ Kirby play these guys.


It doesn’t make sense what’s going-on on Kirby’s offense at ALL.


Some of my favorite players don’t get to do much most especially on Offense.  It’s the Offense where Kirby meddles too much about who should NOT PLAY much.  Tindall, Walker, Cox and Andersen have all played more on defense than Kirby allows similar players to play on offense to have an impact.  Kirby rotates his defense.  His offense Kirby plays favoritism. There really is no other name unless you want to say that Kirby is BIASED against younger players because HE IS.  This blog right here has highlighted this 2016 2017 and now 2018 hasn’t it ?


Any other team would die to have these guys out there playing and with 94 who have played in games that these guys get this underutilized by Kirby not only makes no sense but SMACKS of Kirby telling THE WORLD he is in charge forget you.  That’s how it strikes me.  Kirby why play 94 guys that deep into the depth chart and yet your top stars you don’t play on offense ?  Try explaining it to me Kirby.


Just try.


Frankly Charlie Woerner I guaranteed to you too would be a star here.  Kirby refuses to use him much either.  This is Kirby’s offensive genius.  5 and 9 and 11.  Charlie Woerner has played for Kirby 3 years now 2016 and 2017 and 2018 with 5 catches 2016 then 9 catches last year 2017 and now 2018 Charlie Woerner has 11 catches.  That is not even a catch per game Kirby.  What do you tell them Kirby when you recruit them ?  That you will NOT even throw them one pass a game ?  THIS is your design for your offense leading to 10 count them now Kirby ten losses in just 3 years here as our Offensive Guru deciding who plays and who you throw the ball to – you Kirby.


Offensive Line.  You have a single Junior Kirby on your OL.  You have so wasted your OL top talent as to render this discussion of your offense useless on-point as compared to your wasting of our OL Kirby.  OL you recruited here and since don’t use and hold back like EACH and EVERY of these other offensive players discussed here-in above who are or should be leaving – jumping-ship as it were.

I believe that we are over-paying Kirby.  We are paying for a head coach and he is really still just a defensive coach without any prowess or experience or expertise obviously on the offense even deciding who should play and whom he should sit-down and bench.  Did you hear me ?  Benched Offensive Players by Kirby Smart Georgia Bulldogs UGA 2019.  D’Marcus Hayes is a junior really.  I said here Kirby has a single junior on his OL and D’Marcus Hayes is that only junior really.  He should be gone.  But Kirby doesn’t play him.   I would have left.  He still might.  Wasted is the operative word of the day.  Kirby redshirted D’Marcus Hayes last year 2017 and this year he qualifies for another redshirt having been played in only 3 games.  Kirby’s OL could not do jack shit against Texas in the last game but D’Marcus Hayes got not one snap to see or show if he can help.  Why waste a scholarship on him Kirby ?  ESPN ranked him the # 2 best JUCO OL in the nation.  Obviously Kirby disagrees.  Who has proven they know more about this ?  Kirby ?  No.  Not close.  Based on this discussion this morning Kirby has been PROVEN to be in fact WRONG on his analysis of Offensive Players.  Hasn’t he ?  Do you think Kirby needed some help on offensive line against Texas ?  Well do you ?


Why does Kirby have these hidden practices ?  Because he benches starters on offense and because he plays favorites on offense and because he doesn’t want you to have the facts to provide that these guys listed in this blog post today by me should be playing more while other lesser guys are getting their snaps instead.  It’s what is happening.  It’s what has been happening.  By having hidden practices Kirby thinks he can continue to pull this bullshit on offense and not let these obvious men get their due number of snaps.  Instead Kirby plays 94 players deep in his depth chart.  That enables him to throw a bone to non-scholarship players that they can walk-on come to practice work hard and get in games.  Yes at the expense of the 2nd stringers who should be proving to you that they deserve to be the starter.  Do you see what Kirby is perpetrating here ?


Netori Johnson # 4 Offensive Guard in the nation Scout.com and # 5 Offensive Guard Rivals.com Netori Johnson did not get to play ANY 2017 redshirted and now this year basically has been redshirted too getting to play only 4 games then moved to our Defensive Line where he was used for one game.  Again why recruit these guys Kirby ?  You obviously don’t like them.  You don’t play them.  Why recruit them Kirby ?  You have a bias against players and don’t use them on offense Kirby.  On defense everyone is rotated to keep them fresh.  But on offense you get a hair up your ass Kirby and refuse to ever let them see the light of friqin’ day.

THIS BLOG has made these points about Kirby’s meddling in our Offensive Line and how wasted talent is the story of the day here too such as Ben Cleveland.  Frankly I am surprised he has not already jumped-ship too.  U.S. Army All-American.  5-Star # 6 Offensive Guard in the nation.  Did you know Ben Cleveland can declare too for this up-coming NFL Draft as well ?  That’s right. If he wasn’t injured I think he would.  I still sort of expected him too.  While Kirby was losing 5 games 2016 I accused Kirby of losing the games on purpose to say see how much we’ve improved year one to year two ?  Ben Cleveland was redshirted 2016 and I told you preseason he would START 2016.  Ben Cleveland is where I first learned about Kirby’s hatred of freshmen.  Nick Saban doesn’t feel that way at Alabama.  So where did Kirby get this shit a throw-back to 1971 football when freshmen football players were not allowed to play.  Kirby was born in 1975 yet he harbors this ill-will toward freshmen rather than embrace them despite the fact that ALL THESE basically redshirt sophomores are now leaving having really been wasted all of them here by Kirby on Offense.

I am not the only one who has noticed that Kirby has squandered his Offensive Players here at Georgia without any requisite experience by Kirby in said FAILED OFFENSE.


Make no mistake about it.  2018 is a FAILED OFFENSE  2016 was too and frankly 2017 were it not for Sony Michel who Kirby never really played much and Nick Chubb who is a future Georgia Bulldogs’ head coach himself Kirby’s offense 2017 would have been a FLOP too.  10 losses in 3 Kirby years to-date you can point your finger at Kirby’s ill-advised meddling in the offense such as telling the offense to run the ball first and second down and then finally on third down pass it.


It’s a failed offensive approach.  One which has seen Kirby lose TOO MANY GAMES –   10.  This is more than I would like to have had at this point –  more than to my liking.


And I don’t like this FAILED Kirby offense worth a God Damn nor his choice of favorite players while he benches others I see and everyone sees as MORE talented and BETTER offensive players who could have helped Kirby to NOT HAVE LOST 10 games already.


I want to see our stars playing more.  That is what I am paying my money for and I don’t give a shit what Kirby thinks about me saying this.


If it is your goal to be better than Mark Richt you can stick it up your God Damn asshole as far as I am concerned.  I want MORE.


You did not criticize Mark Richt when he was here.  I did.






Kirby’s misses at Wide Receiver extend well beyond Demetris Robertson with Kirby’s # 97 Passing Offense 2016 followed by # 106 Passing Offense of 2017 while Alabama has come over to this state and taken Wide Receivers at WILL and so too has Clemson and so has Louisville even. Even guys like Mecole Hardman Jr. Kirby did get have been misused and held back – wasted in 2016 and only 25 targets 2017. Ahkil Crumpton only 5 targets all 2017. Deangelo Gibbs bungled 2017 also. Jeremiah Holloman who should have been featured instead one pass thrown to all 2017 as well. Then there are Tight Ends as well who have not been used by Kirby in this bullshit passing offense 2016 and 2017.

It has been this blog’s contention that Kirby is purposely holding back our passing offense.


I am making the point that this FAILURE by Kirby at passing offense as a head football coach has cost Kirby in recruiting wide receivers.


Kirby got a reputation right out of the gate in 2016 recruiting when he stated that “fewer bad results occur when you run than when you pass the football.”  Kirby has been largely unable to shake that rap.


“Georgia does NOT pass the football.”  This is what everyone says about Kirby’s lack of a passing game.


Look at all the top receivers and athletes Kirby missed out on 2016 as a result :




2017 was more of the same :




2018 Kirby is behind the 8-ball trying to retool his offense to include the forward pass.


Even the ones he does have he will NOT throw the ball to.


And the quarterbacks who can throw the football are not allowed to.


Kirby allowed our passing offense to pass the ball actually only 31 percent of our offensive play calls all last season.


THIS is where our passing offense is 2018 now June.


Frankly with the OL undersized whom Kirby prefers despite all the huge OL who could be blocking for downfield passing and for making the running game more consistent against the top defenses Kirby has faced so far – it is yet another proof that Kirby does not want his passing offense to get off the ground with no one to block for the pass either.


So we see games like Auburn in the regular season last year whom Kirby did not pass against and lost and Alabama who certainly did throw 3 TD Passes against us with a back-up dual threat QB and so we lost that game as a direct result thereof as well.  And it is NOT just 2017 last season.


We had 5 more losses 2016 where Kirby eschewed the forward pass too.



Marquez Callaway vols doing better than all our WR yet we have his QB as our QB from Warner Robins.

Our Tight Ends not thrown to at all.

Deangelo Gibbs all but forced off the team with Kirby’s lack of targeting him too.

Kirby categorically wasting not only Deangelo Gibbs 2017 but frankly Mecole Hardman Jr 2016.

OL failures of Kirby 2016 and 2017 preferring smaller guys who can not block for the pass

Demetris Robertson who is doing very well at California.  California God Damn it.

Kyle Davis Auburn.

Frankly the list is never-ending of our FAILURES recruiting receivers with Kirby







Are we competitive at passing offense with Kirby ?


Well ?


Are we ?


Or is this our weakest link ?


What is our weakest link with Kirby ?


What should we be working on now this 2018 season with all our 2018 offensive players joining the team now ?


Is it your idea that # 97 passing offense all 2016 followed by # 106 passing offense all 2017 seasons are not remaining as an issue at all ?


What is an issue ?


What should we be working on fixing ?


Nothing because we are the # 2 team in the nation ?


Satisfied with everything ?


Alabama did not beat us with 3 TD Passes when we scored the first 3 scores in our last game and when we scored 4 of the first 5 scores our last game and LOST ?


Is Kirby really getting the top # 1 wide receivers and is Kirby really balancing his offense to keep rivals off balance ?  Or is what Kirby is in fact doing actually making it easier on Kirby as a defensive coordinator to defend against by running Nick Chubb up the gut 18 times in a row against Alabama for 25 yards ?


18 Nick Chubb runs for 25 yards in total Kirby having scored the first 3 scores and 4 of the first 5 – telegraphing Nick Chubb as Kirby’s primary offensive strategy against Alabama up the gut – that is dumbass of me to point-out ?


That’s working ?


Against top defenses ?


I can’t say this ?





18 Nick Chubb rushes 25 yards 1.38 yards per rush vs Alabama – THAT instead is a BETTER offensive strategy than Alabama throwing 3 TD Passes to beat Kirby as a result when Kirby too was stopping their runs ?


Well which is it punk ?


I am the genius ?


I am Albert Einstein ?


Oh you are ?


We are doing just fine ?


There is no room for criticism here.


This is all bull shit.


Alabama’s Nick Saban sends in Tua Tagovailoa to throw 3 TD Passes while Kirby sends in Nick Chubb to rush 18 times right up the gut for 25 yards 1.38 yards per carry for the game for this FAILED strategy and I’m the Einstein.


“Passing stats do not matter.”



It is unsustainable that we are # 102 in passing offense every year with Kirby at Georgia.


Kirby must fix this 2018 with James Coley and with Justin Fields.