updated RICHARD BILLINGSLEY former BCS Official Poll has GEORGIA BULLDOGS # 1 and Alabama # 4. Peter Wolfe Poll ranks Georgia Bulldogs # 2 in nation this morning 12-1 ahead of Clemson ahead of Oklahoma ahead of Ohio State ahead of Alabama. Jeff Sagarin Poll has us up to # 3 behind Alabama # 1 and Clemson # 2 which is pretty close to how I see it too. Kenneth Massey Ratings Poll has us up to # 2 behind only Clemson which is also fairly close to where I have us. So two # 2 and one # 3 so far of the BCS Computer Polls.


This Richard Billingsley Poll has us # 1 this morning and Alabama joining us at # 4.


As long as they have us playing Oklahoma game 1 then I could care less how they rank any of us, us included.





This Peter Wolfe Poll has us # 2 this morning.




This Jeff Sagarin Poll has us # 3 this morning.




This Kenneth Massey Ratings Poll has us # 2 this morning.



As long as we get to play Oklahoma I don’t care where they rank us or where they rank Alabama.  So far only Jeff Sagarin has Alabama in the College Football Playoffs 2018.


I told you all year long all of 2017 calendar year that The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs would WIN The SEC Championship 2017.


I told you so.


Didn’t I ?


Oh and I told you so that Mark Richt was NOT the coach for us.


Didn’t I ?



Colley Matrix Official BCS Poll UGA Georgia Bulldogs # 1 team in the nation October 30 2017. So too are Anderson-Hester Poll and Peter Wolfe Poll – all 3 Official BCS Computer Polls have Georgia Bulldogs # 1 team in the nation October 30 2017

# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Colley Matrix Rankings Poll : http://www.colleyrankings.com/currank.html


# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Peter Wolfe Poll : http://prwolfe.bol.ucla.edu/cfootball/ratings.htm


# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Anderson-Hester Poll  : http://www.andersonsports.com/football/ACF_frnk.html


# 2 Georgia Bulldogs Richard Billingsley Poll :  http://cfrc.com/ranking/billingsley-report-65/


# 2 Jeff Sagarin RECENT Poll (he has 3 polls one guy) https://www.usatoday.com/sports/ncaaf/sagarin/


# 3 Massey Ratings Poll UGA worse than Notre Dame AL :  https://www.masseyratings.com/cf/11604/ratings


# 2 AP Poll UGA better than Ohio State # 3 : http://collegefootball.ap.org/poll


# 2 Coaches Poll UGA better than Ohio State # 3 http://sportspolls.usatoday.com/ncaa/football/polls/coaches-poll/


College Football Playoff Poll tomorrow night Tuesday expects UGA # 2 http://www.collegefootballplayoff.com/rankings.aspx


Kenneth Massey and 2 Jeff Sagarin Polls have Notre Dame whom we beat on their home field ahead of us expecting us to lose to Alabama and Notre Dame to not only win out but to beat us in re-match without THE CATCH.





# 2 Georgia Bulldogs Colley Matrix this morning while Richard Billingsley Report has Georgia # 6 this morning and while Jeff Sagarin has us at # 9 Massey Rankings at # 12 AP at # 7 and Coaches’ at # 8 with first Play-Off Poll Tuesday October 31 after week # 9.

# 2 Colley Matrix http://www.colleyrankings.com/currank.html

# 6 Richard Billingsley Report http://cfrc.com/ranking/billingsley-report-60/

# 9 Jeff Sagarin Poll with # 14 SoS https://www.usatoday.com/sports/ncaaf/sagarin/

# 12 Massey Ratings https://www.masseyratings.com/cf/11604/ratings

October 15 first Peter Wolfe Poll http://prwolfe.bol.ucla.edu/cfootball/ratings.htm

Not Out Anderson-Hester http://www.andersonsports.com/football/ACF_frnk.html

# 7 AP Poll http://collegefootball.ap.org/poll

# 8 Coaches’ Poll http://sportspolls.usatoday.com/ncaa/football/polls/coaches-poll/


The average ranking of all the polls is # 7 Georgia Bulldogs with 2 wins over top 50 teams # 14 Strength of Schedule of 129 FBS Division 1-A teams 2017.


The Official Play-Off Poll from the Committee for the NC Game at the Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium



Play-Off Poll starts October 31 of 2017 after week # 9 Tuesday


It is a long season.  This is our best shot.  We have to get MORE of our freshmen out there on the field playing notably on the OL and at WR.


THIS BLOG has guaranteed an SEC Championship 2017 for Georgia and has maintained that stance starting with the last game of 2016 season TCU.




Bryan McClendon gets Georgia RANKED # 22 Final Jeff Sagarin Poll for 2015-2016 with the Win over Penn State ! # 24 Final Peter Wolfe Poll 2015-2016

Final 2015-2016 Polls :



# 23  Final Jeff Sagarin USA Today Poll 2015-2016



# 24 Final Peter Wolfe Poll 2015-2016





Why does NO BLOG and NO NEWSPAPER tell you Bryan McClendon got HIS TEAM ranked # 15 Massey Ratings # 19 Billingsley Report # 21 Colley Rankings # 22 Jeff Sagarin Ratings USA Today. 4 polls rank Bryan McClendon’s team from # 15 to # 22 in their final polls before Monday night’s 830 pm blow-out of Clemson by Coach Kirby Smart



# 15 Massey Ratings




# 21 Colley Rankings




# 19 Billingsley Report




# 22 Jeff Sagarin Ratings USA Today


Beating Penn State was huge for us.  Thank you Bryan McClendon !



Beating Penn State insures that Coach Kirby Smart will have our team ranked to begin the season.  All the polls will be updated after the mauling of Clemson January 11 2016.


That will be 4 of the last 7 for Coach Kirby Smart National Champion and 5 for Nick Saban (LSU.)



Not 1 single Poll has us ranked at ALL now – NOT 1 – as we drop WORSE in EVERY SINGLE POLL after the debacle against Georgia Southern # 64 in the Polls with our # 8 recruiting ranking. Nice Mark Richt. Real nice, son !



AP Poll UGA # 35



USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll # 31



Jeff Sagarin Poll # 28


Georgia Southern # 63


Anderson-Hester Seattle Times Poll # 27


Georgia Southern # 64


Richard Billingsley Poll # 27



Colley Rankings Poll # 30


Georgia Southern # 54



Massey Poll # 26


Georgia Southern # 54


Peter Wolfe Poll # 29


Georgia Southern # 58



Jeff Sagarin Poll also moves us up to # 23 after besting Auburn, our # 2 Rival behind Florida


The Jeff Sagarin Poll who also was 1 of the Official BCS Polls and another Poll I have long followed prior to the BCS, moved us up to # 23 this morning and dropped Auburn down to the # 34.




He has Georgia Southern # 65

Georgie tek yellowjackets # 45



If I hear one more word about 10-win season…might get to play # 45 Duke or # 42 Northwestern or # 41 North Carolina State in our bowl game. Wow ! Our Average Win 2015 is # 107. Our Strength of Schedule is # 75 including Georgia Southern, Georgie tek yellowjackets and Auburn. DISNEYdawgs.com How the HELL is that relevant when we would have beat absolutely NOBODY ?


Not 1 more word about 10-win season in 15-game seasons for the top teams nowadays.

Our Official NCAA Strength of Schedule is # 75 through all games this year including Auburn, Georgie tek yellowjackets and Georgia Southern University.


Here are ALL our wins :

Win # 1 is # 216 Southern

Win # 2 is # 159 Louisiana Monroe 1-8

Win # 3 is # 75 Vandie 3-6

Win # 4 is # 74 Kentucky  4-5

Win # 5 is # 62 Missouri 4-5

Win # 6 is # 61 South Carolina 3-6

Win # 7 would be : Georgie tek yellowjackets are 3-6

Win # 8 would be : # 69 Georgia Southern

Win # 9 would be : Auburn 5-4

Win # 10 would be bowl game YOU SAY JOHN BUHLER # 45 Duke or # 42 Northwestern or # 41 North Carolina State


Are you seriously, John Buhler, going to talk about 10-win season with our Average Win over team # 107, and with our Strength of Schedule as you can see # 75 Official NCAA Strength of Schedule for entire season ?

Stick it up your ASS John Buhler !


How in the HELL is that RELEVANT when we would have beat absolutely NOBODY ?

2015 there will be more than 25 teams with 10-win seasons, and nobody less deserving than us – having then beat no one !

We’re LOST.  We don’t know what we’re doing.   And, you run in here to proclaim that Mark Richt can be GREAT 2015 !


We’re averaging 4 losses after 2007 for these latest current 8 years dumbass 70-32, John Buhler !


So John Hollis Saturday Down South comes to Mark Richt’s defense as well :


“Coach Mark Richt will survive the storm and isn’t leaving Georgia anytime soon”


November 10, 2015 yesterday.




Yeah he is Bible Thumpers.  He is being FIRED for losing for 8 years and counting.


$ 50 million dollars we paid him to win here John Hollis and John Buhler.


You articles to the contrary today are not stemming the tide against Mark Richt for we ALL know including both of you he is being FIRED for losing for 8 years despite your bullshit about his FAITH being what we paid him the $ 50 million dollars for.



Our Official NCAA Strength of Schedule is # 72 so far and our 4 CUPCAKES coming-up have a LOSING RECORD too, so we end up with the # 75 SoS in the nation. We get a CUPCAKE in our meaningless bowl game. Auburn 4-loss team. We lost to a 4-loss vols already. Our AVERAGE WIN is over # 107. Our BEST win is over # 61. THIRTY (30) teams EVERY YEAR are 10-win or 9-win teams maybe 37 this year. I’d like to just see us just beat 5-4 Auburn unranked.


Auburn is a horrible football team.  They have played a far tougher schedule than we have, and they have a significantly tougher schedule up-coming as well compared to us.

Auburn has no offense

Auburn has no defense

Auburn has no special teams

Auburn has no quarterback

Auburn gets no pressure on any QB

There isn’t anything that Auburn does.


2015 is a season known for our CUPCAKE city schedule.

Our game is at NOON again.  Another morning game for us.  They all are MORNING GAMES for us.  Well, we had two 3:30 games, but got BLOWN-OUT by more than 3 TD in BOTH.

Despite all these cupcakes, we could not get close to getting-up for the only 2 games we had all season.

Big Game, Big DUD.

All this despite # 8 Scout.com recruiting ranking # 5 most NFL Draft Picks and # 72 toughest schedule for our # 11 All-Time Most Wins’ Program.

Anyone else have a problem with this picture ?

http://stats.ncaa.org/rankings/ranking_summary  It’s over in misc reports toughest schedule

Auburn’s SoS is # 18 in the nation this 2015 season.

Auburn has wins over # 33 Texas A & M and # 35 Louisville.

What’s our best win ?

# 216 Southern

# 159 Louisiana Monroe 1-8

# 75 Vandie 3-6

# 74 Kentucky  4-5

# 62 Missouri 4-5

# 61 South Carolina 3-6

If you are wondering, those are our ONLY wins all year.  Impressive.  Great Season !

Mark Richt is great alright uh huh.

There are 30 teams EVERY YEAR who have 10-win or 9-win seasons.


Georgia Southern University are # 69 this year

Georgie tek yellowjackets are 3-6

Auburn are 5-4  We’re playing for All-Time Lead in Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry

Greyson Lambert was big-time lousy again last week vs # 74 Kentucky 4-5.

By all means now, let’s brag on Mark Richt that he can get to a 10-win season ?

I’d like to see us just beat unranked 5-4 Auburn.  Is that asking too much ?

We have played now # 199 Southern # 117 Louisiana Monroe # 74 Vandie and # 50 South Carolina, while Alabama has played # 3 Ole Miss and # 19 Wisconsin leaving Alabama with SoS # 16 and us SoS # 107.

Our Strength of Schedule then obviously is # 107 while Alabama’s Strength of Schedule is # 16.




Despite this, we are :


# 98 in the nation in making our 3rd Down Conversions.




# 83 in Kick-Off Return Defense


# 126 of 127 teams in Kick-Off Returns by us


# 94 Net Punting by us


# 54 in Punt Return Defense


# 66 in Passing Offense by us


# 65 in Red Zone Offense


# 115 in Time of Possession by us of 127 teams


# 6 Alabama 2008

# 1 Alabama 2009

# 10 Alabama 2010

# 1 Alabama 2011

# 1 Alabama 2012

# 7 Alabama 2013

# 4 Alabama 2014




3 of these most recent seasons, Mark Richt not ranked at all


# 13 Mark Richt 2008

unranked 2009 Mark Richt

unranked 2010 Mark Richt

# 19 Mark Richt 2011

# 5 Mark Richt 2012

unranked 2013 Mark Richt

# 9 Mark Richt 2014


Obviously, at the end of the seasons, Alabama has been on the Big Stage in Big Bowl games with everyone watching them – and winning.


Obviously, at the end of all of Mark Richt seasons, we have NOT been on the Big Stage in Big Bowl games no one watching us.


Let alone won one.


My concerns are on forced passing downs, us converting on 3rd Down – since we have FAILED against 4 cupcakes.


And, being schooled on Special Teams.


There also is no question that Mark Richt has not enjoyed the success of Wally Butts in the Big Bowl Games on the National Stage everyone watching, nor has he enjoyed the success of Nick Saban in the Big Bowl Games on the National Stage everyone watching.


As a matter of fact, Mark Richt has not even played in one, let alone won any.


It’s a shame really.  When Mark Richt got here, he did really well.


That was a long time ago.