How does # 4 team play-off poll have 7 wins over Top 25 teams as ranked by the AP Poll after the season ?


  1. # 15 Notre Dame
  2. # 10 Florida
  3. # 16 Auburn
  4. # 24 Texas A&M (drops OUT top 25 when we beat them then beats LSU like us too)
  5. # 1 LSU
  6. # 4 Clemson
  7. # 3 Ohio State


Yeah we LOST to South Carolina.  Who cares ?  We have beat 3 top 16 teams 2019 three (3) so far.


What our problem is is NOT that we LOST to South Carolina who will not even play in a bowl game but that we might give up our dreams and say oh beating 3 top 16 teams makes this a “successful” season and lose to Texas A&M like it doesn’t matter.


Or lose to LSU to drop to 13-18-1 vs LSU.  Oh we had a great year (Mark Richt Apologists said to ME every mother mucking year.)


Not there yet.


Not satisfied.


Runner-Up 2017-2018 season ?  That good enough ?  2nd place is just the FIRST loser.


We HAD that game.  The officials stole it from us.


I want Texas A&M.


Do you understand ?


Texas A&M wants to be spoilers this week at Georgia and next week at Baton Rouge ?  Bullshit on Texas A&M.  Do NOT make their season.  They have BEAT NO ONE all season 2019.


We have.




Florida # 10

Notre Dame # 15

Auburn # 16.


“Mark Richt averaged 10 wins a season.”  God Damn LIARS.  He was here 15 seasons and won 145 games which is 9 wins a season – nine and a half wins a season in 15-game seasons for the top teams of which we were NOT one of those.


That is NOT a successful year or a good year.


A successful year for those who care to know is winning.  The object is win.  Who gives a shit that 119 lose every year ?  There is one team who is successful.  There is one team who WINS.


It is NOT a good year to lose to South Carolina not even in a God Damn bowl game AND to lose to let’s say Texas A&M.




Or Ohio State


Or Clemson.


NOT GOOD ENOUGH what we’ve been doing.  This year we can make good on the Mulligan and win OUT.  That’s 14-1.  Ten win season what total hogwash.  How good or successful is 9 point 5 wins in 15-game seasons ?  There were and are years where 10-win season does NOT end up ranked in the final top 25.  That’s NOT successful or good year.


Mark Richt now retired was FIRED for it here.  Kirby let our QB throw 3 TD passes last week.  “Those were the plays we practiced for Auburn,” Kirby said yesterday at the press meeting.  As long as we PASS the God Damn football we might beat Texas A&M too who damn sure CAN throw the forward pass.


And our former coach was then run out of town in Miami for the same God Damn Reason by their athletic director after he suffered the same fate here by our athletic director.  It seems some folks understand a potty mouth is ok sometimes.  You have to want to win.


Do NOT begin to tell me we’ve had a successful or good year 2019 beating # 10 Florida # 15 Notre Dame and # 16 Auburn.


For one thing we LOST to South Carolina.  Stay focused beat Texas A&M.


Don’t get ahead of yourself.


Beat Texas A&M.  Nothing else matters.


Bunch of God Damn pussies.  Sat around here and told me how piss off great Mark Richt was.


No he wasn’t.


Dumb shits.


We’re NOT there yet.




5 of the top 13 AP Poll are SEC with UGA # 5 top-five. 3 of the top 5 are SEC. Florida drops to # 11. Auburn is # 13. Notre Dame is # 16. Alabama did NOT drop as far as UGA exactly as I told you would happen. Our loss to SC worse than Alabama losing to LSU (who reclaims # 1.) First UGA Auburn # 5 vs # 13. Then # 5 vs # 1 winner take all as Alabama is IN PLAYOFFS with UGA loss (NOT 3 SEC teams in playoffs but 2 as I TOLD YOU all season long.)



5 of the top 11 first CFP Poll are SEC and while UGA is # 6 outside facts remain 5 ahead play each other. Ohio State plays Penn State bad timing for that loss. Alabama plays LSU. And Clemson does NOT play ANYONE which is why Clemson is OUTSIDE in the first College Football Playoffs Poll this morning. Our game against # 11 Auburn is beyond huge for us and that game is just NEXT WEEK. Wins over # 15 Notre Dame and # 10 Florida offset loss to South Carolina setting us up. Good job Kirby !

Not that we can get ahead of ourselves with solid Missouri coming this weekend a team which was ranked just a week ago in the top 25 themselves.  We had everything go wrong in South Carolina loss.  Interceptions Fumbles Drops Penalties Calls Missed Field Goals Shanked Punts Injuries lackluster blocking Pick 6 and we lost by a field goal in 2 overtimes.  That is behind us right now for a moment now.  It never happened.  Mulligan.  However lose to Auburn everything is over.  Lose to Missouri ditto.  Of course the elephant in the room is winner LSU Alabama and how close the loser plays as to falling ABOVE us to keep us out.  2 SEC I pointed-out all season is a GIVEN.  3 SEC can not happen.  Not with loss to South Carolina 4-5 and not even in a God Damn Bowl Game.  How huge was win over Florida ?  Shut up Dan Mullen.  That’s always a good thing.  All he could do was WHINE.  Waah.  That is the MOST SATISFYING since he did brag pre-game that his receivers would outclass our receivers.  NO they did NOT.  Everything went wrong and lost in 2 overtimes by a field goal ?  Forget all that on this day (maybe to rear its head decision Tuesday.)  Surely we have NOT heard the last of any of this.


Bring on Missouri.


We are playing BETTER now than earlier. That’s a factor in all this too.  Under the microscope now.  All forgotten (today) about 4-5 no bowl South Carolina with last 3 games App State Clemson and Texas A&M all 3 obviously losses (4-8) South Carolina sure to fuel this fire again later.


For now CFP said forget it !


All Forgiven with win over # 15 Notre Dame and # 10 Florida today.


Look what CFP did to Clemson ?


Good Lord though two 4-5 teams UNC and vols not only beat South Carolina but vols 4-5 doubled South Carolina up Saturday 41-21.




Never happened.


Thank you CFP.



Auburn checks-in at number 24 in the College Football Playoff Poll which is the ONLY poll to matter at all all season long until December 2 – then it never gets updated after December 2 and all the other polls then are relevant again. Their object is to determine national champion with CFP Poll but they NEVER have a poll after their CFP Poll coming-out after The SEC Championship Game.


Of course the FINAL College Football Playoff Poll for 2018 will be December 2 after Georgia and Alabama face each other in The SEC Championship Game.


Stupid shits who designed the College Football Playoff Poll do NOT have a poll at ALL after the national championship game so the final CFP Poll for this 2018 season is December 2.


In fact ALL POLLS wait from December 2 all the way until the NC Game is complete to come out with their final polls for the 2018-2019 season January 8.


Where is Mark Richt ranked in the polls this year ?


ANSWER: he’s not.




7 of top 20 in College Football Playoff Poll are SEC. Top 10 match-up # 6 UGA at # 9 Kentucky Saturday 3:30 pm CBS. 2 of the top 3 are SEC. We knocked Florida down to # 11. So that is 5 of the top 11 are SEC. I thought The SEC was supposed to be DOWN or something ?



updated RICHARD BILLINGSLEY former BCS Official Poll has GEORGIA BULLDOGS # 1 and Alabama # 4. Peter Wolfe Poll ranks Georgia Bulldogs # 2 in nation this morning 12-1 ahead of Clemson ahead of Oklahoma ahead of Ohio State ahead of Alabama. Jeff Sagarin Poll has us up to # 3 behind Alabama # 1 and Clemson # 2 which is pretty close to how I see it too. Kenneth Massey Ratings Poll has us up to # 2 behind only Clemson which is also fairly close to where I have us. So two # 2 and one # 3 so far of the BCS Computer Polls.

This Richard Billingsley Poll has us # 1 this morning and Alabama joining us at # 4.


As long as they have us playing Oklahoma game 1 then I could care less how they rank any of us, us included.

This Peter Wolfe Poll has us # 2 this morning.

This Jeff Sagarin Poll has us # 3 this morning.

This Kenneth Massey Ratings Poll has us # 2 this morning.



As long as we get to play Oklahoma I don’t care where they rank us or where they rank Alabama.  So far only Jeff Sagarin has Alabama in the College Football Playoffs 2018.


I told you all year long all of 2017 calendar year that The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs would WIN The SEC Championship 2017.


I told you so.


Didn’t I ?


Oh and I told you so that Mark Richt was NOT the coach for us.


Didn’t I ?



The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs with Kirby JUMP MARK RICHT Miami of Florida in the Polls

Georgia is up to # 6 where we are ahead of Mark Richt.

Where are the Mark Richt fans now ?

Huh ?

Tell me that ?

For years you have run your God Damn Mouths about how great Mark Richt is.

HERE on THIS BLOG you ran your freaking mouths about the moron coach last week in here.


Where are you now fools ?

I told you so.

Mark Richt is SO FAR BACK IN THE POLLS NOW AT # 7 that Miami of Florida fans are PICKING ON HIM DOWN THERE NOW TOO.


Pittsburgh beat Mark Richt.



Remember ?

Remember how UNRANKED TEAMS tripped-up Mark Richt EVERY YEAR here at UGA ?


You skimmed right over that his entire tenure here.



They are NOT MAKING EXCUSES for it in the College Football Poll tonight.


# 7 Mark Richt



They are NOT MAKING EXCUSES for it at Miami of Florida.



4-7 Pittsburgh who had lost to 4-7 Syracuse and Pittsburgh who had lost to 3-8 North Carolina – this UNRANKED Pittsburgh BEAT Mark Richt and Georgia JUMPED MARK RICHT in the polls.





It really is an 8-TEAM PLAY-OFF 2017 SEASON and 6 of the 8 teams have to win Saturday or they are LEFT-OUT of the remaining 4-game play-off. 3 of the teams playing Saturday can NOT make the play-offs whether they WIN or not. Those 3 already OUT are Wisconsin who has as their best wins, wins over an 8-4 unranked team and wins over a 7-5 unranked team. Wisconsin therefore does not pass the EYE TEST. Ohio State is ALREADY OUT TOO as a win over hapless Wisconsin is not going to punch their ticket in. And the 3rd team ALREADY OUT is the team who 5-7 Pittsburgh beat last week Miami of Florida’s Mark Richt.


  1. Clemson LOST to 4-8 Syracuse.
  2. Oklahoma LOST to 7-5 Iowa State.
  3. Auburn LOST to 11-1 Clemson and lost to 9-3 LSU.
  4. Alabama LOST to 10-2 Auburn who lost to 11-1 Clemson and lost to 9-3 LSU.
  5. Georgia LOST to 10-2 Auburn who beat two teams the committee had ranked # 1.
  6. Wisconsin has as its best wins wins over unranked Michigan 8-4 and over unranked Iowa 7-5.
  7. Ohio State LOST to 7-5 Iowa AND Oklahoma 11-1 beat Ohio State too.
  8. Mark Richt Miami of Florida LOST to 5-7 Pittsburgh.



Georgia # 1 COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF POLL and in HALF the polls 10-31-2017 and # 2 in the other half and BOY IS ALABAMA mad about it. 5 SEC in the top 19 including BOTH # 1 and # 2. # 1 UGA College Football Play-Off Poll Anderson-Hester Poll Colley Matrix Poll and Peter Wolfe Poll. These are the so-called COMPUTER POLLS from the BCS plus the real ONLY POLL that matters Poll by the committee.

College Football Playoff Rankings


# 1 College Football Playoff Poll tonight Tuesday 31 October 2017 UGA # 1


# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Colley Matrix Rankings Poll :


# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Peter Wolfe Poll :


# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Anderson-Hester Poll  :


# 2 Georgia Bulldogs Richard Billingsley Poll :


# 2 Jeff Sagarin RECENT Poll (he has 3 polls one guy)


# 3 Massey Ratings Poll UGA worse than Notre Dame AL :


# 2 AP Poll UGA better than Ohio State # 3 :


# 2 Coaches Poll UGA better than Ohio State # 3



Rank # Logo Team Record
1 University of Georgia 8-0



team rating   record    SOS: rank    top 25
  top 50
 best game

1. Georgia    0.9224168-00.528020: 5522W: #6 Notre Dame





Rank Team                     Div        W  L    PF   PA   Rating  Chg
1 Georgia FBS 8 0 305 95 8.648 0



The Jeff Anderson & Chris Hester
College Football Computer Rankings, as of Oct. 30
vs. Current
vs. Current









Colley Matrix Official BCS Poll UGA Georgia Bulldogs # 1 team in the nation October 30 2017. So too are Anderson-Hester Poll and Peter Wolfe Poll – all 3 Official BCS Computer Polls have Georgia Bulldogs # 1 team in the nation October 30 2017

# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Colley Matrix Rankings Poll :


# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Peter Wolfe Poll :


# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Anderson-Hester Poll  :


# 2 Georgia Bulldogs Richard Billingsley Poll :


# 2 Jeff Sagarin RECENT Poll (he has 3 polls one guy)


# 3 Massey Ratings Poll UGA worse than Notre Dame AL :


# 2 AP Poll UGA better than Ohio State # 3 :


# 2 Coaches Poll UGA better than Ohio State # 3


College Football Playoff Poll tomorrow night Tuesday expects UGA # 2


Kenneth Massey and 2 Jeff Sagarin Polls have Notre Dame whom we beat on their home field ahead of us expecting us to lose to Alabama and Notre Dame to not only win out but to beat us in re-match without THE CATCH.





Alabama # 1 Georgia # 2. Mississippi State South Carolina and Kentucky could all 3 end up ranked this week. Notre Dame is already in the Top 10. Auburn is # 19 and moving up as well. Basically our STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE just got a LOT BETTER today with us having maybe 7 ranked teams right there plus our bowl game is 8. ACC took it on the chin today. SEC looking great today and not just because we have # 1 and # 2. I still would feel a LOT better with 3 redshirted top 5 offensive linemen playing 2017. Told you SEC Championship 2017. Said that since TCU win last year. Hey Florida way to run your mouth.


SEC has both # 1 and # 2 teams going into the first College Football Playoff Poll 2017 Tuesday October 31 2017 Georgia and Alabama as any questions about that ended with LOSSES by TCU and by Penn State tonight while we ROMPED and Alabama had the day off. Lots of scenarios now where BOTH Alabama and Georgia can make the playoffs 2017.


# 2 Georgia Bulldogs Colley Matrix this morning while Richard Billingsley Report has Georgia # 6 this morning and while Jeff Sagarin has us at # 9 Massey Rankings at # 12 AP at # 7 and Coaches’ at # 8 with first Play-Off Poll Tuesday October 31 after week # 9.

# 2 Colley Matrix

# 6 Richard Billingsley Report

# 9 Jeff Sagarin Poll with # 14 SoS

# 12 Massey Ratings

October 15 first Peter Wolfe Poll

Not Out Anderson-Hester

# 7 AP Poll

# 8 Coaches’ Poll


The average ranking of all the polls is # 7 Georgia Bulldogs with 2 wins over top 50 teams # 14 Strength of Schedule of 129 FBS Division 1-A teams 2017.


The Official Play-Off Poll from the Committee for the NC Game at the Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium


Play-Off Poll starts October 31 of 2017 after week # 9 Tuesday


It is a long season.  This is our best shot.  We have to get MORE of our freshmen out there on the field playing notably on the OL and at WR.


THIS BLOG has guaranteed an SEC Championship 2017 for Georgia and has maintained that stance starting with the last game of 2016 season TCU.




Anderson-Hester Seattle Times Poll former Official BCS Poll ranks Georgia Bulldogs # 25 with Miami of Florida Mark Richt # 28 and Florida # 15 with Auburn # 30 and Georgie tek yellowjackets # 56. Richard Billingsley Poll former Official BCS Poll has Georgia # 20 with Auburn # 16 and Florida # 23 in fact with 9 SEC teams in the Top 25. Kenneth Massey Poll former Official BCS Poll has Georgia with Schedule Strength # 14 toughest so far while Florida has Schedule Strength # 65 so far and with Miami of Florida # 60 Schedule Strength so far . The Georgia Bulldogs of course are # 26 in the AP Poll this week and # 27 in the Coaches’ Poll.

The OFFICIAL College Football Playoff RANKINGS come-out after week 8 which is our bye week.  We will not give up our bye week before Florida because they saw fit not to play Sunday against LSU when they certainly could have as we had to.  So we have to beat Vandie to possibly make the Official Football Play-Off Rankings after week 8 and then we’d have to beat Florida to remain in or make it in the top 25 of the College Football Play-Off Rankings November 1.


Anderson-Hester Seattle Times Poll former Official BCS Poll ranks Georgia Bulldogs # 25 :


Richard Billingsley Poll former Official BCS Poll has Georgia # 20 and 9 SEC Top 25 :


Kenneth Massey Poll former Official BCS Poll has Georgia with Schedule Strength # 14 toughest so far while Florida has Schedule Strength # 65 so far and with Miami of Florida # 60 Schedule Strength so far :


Georgia of course is # 26 in the AP Poll this week and # 27 in the Coaches’ Poll :


Mark Richt only was 8-4 his first season here 2001.  After 5-1 start while Kirby is 4-2 Mark Richt then lost 2 in a row to drop to 5-3 in route to his 8-4 season 2001 when he was left a lot more to work with than he left Kirby.


Kirby’s 4-2 start is more akin to Mark Richt’s last entire 8 years here.  Kirby was not hired because of what Mark Richt did 2002-2007 but for what Mark Richt did NOT do after 2007.  There is no doubt the pressure is on Kirby to beat a very good Vandie team here noon Saturday.



OFFICIAL College Football Playoff RANKINGS show UGA # 30 won/lost with no good win does NOTHING for us – unranked because 30 teams on track for 10-win season !

How does having a 10-win season mean anything with 30 teams on track for 10-win season this season, and we have no one useful win.  None.  Our best win is over 2-5 SEC Auburn.

This is how the Official College Football Playoff Rankings see it !