Colley Matrix Official BCS Poll UGA Georgia Bulldogs # 1 team in the nation October 30 2017. So too are Anderson-Hester Poll and Peter Wolfe Poll – all 3 Official BCS Computer Polls have Georgia Bulldogs # 1 team in the nation October 30 2017

# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Colley Matrix Rankings Poll :


# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Peter Wolfe Poll :


# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Anderson-Hester Poll  :


# 2 Georgia Bulldogs Richard Billingsley Poll :


# 2 Jeff Sagarin RECENT Poll (he has 3 polls one guy)


# 3 Massey Ratings Poll UGA worse than Notre Dame AL :


# 2 AP Poll UGA better than Ohio State # 3 :


# 2 Coaches Poll UGA better than Ohio State # 3


College Football Playoff Poll tomorrow night Tuesday expects UGA # 2


Kenneth Massey and 2 Jeff Sagarin Polls have Notre Dame whom we beat on their home field ahead of us expecting us to lose to Alabama and Notre Dame to not only win out but to beat us in re-match without THE CATCH.





# 2 Georgia Bulldogs Colley Matrix this morning while Richard Billingsley Report has Georgia # 6 this morning and while Jeff Sagarin has us at # 9 Massey Rankings at # 12 AP at # 7 and Coaches’ at # 8 with first Play-Off Poll Tuesday October 31 after week # 9.

# 2 Colley Matrix

# 6 Richard Billingsley Report

# 9 Jeff Sagarin Poll with # 14 SoS

# 12 Massey Ratings

October 15 first Peter Wolfe Poll

Not Out Anderson-Hester

# 7 AP Poll

# 8 Coaches’ Poll


The average ranking of all the polls is # 7 Georgia Bulldogs with 2 wins over top 50 teams # 14 Strength of Schedule of 129 FBS Division 1-A teams 2017.


The Official Play-Off Poll from the Committee for the NC Game at the Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium


Play-Off Poll starts October 31 of 2017 after week # 9 Tuesday


It is a long season.  This is our best shot.  We have to get MORE of our freshmen out there on the field playing notably on the OL and at WR.


THIS BLOG has guaranteed an SEC Championship 2017 for Georgia and has maintained that stance starting with the last game of 2016 season TCU.




Wes Colley unbiased Top 25 Poll has moved us up to # 4 UGA Bulldogs. Richard Billingsley Top 25 Poll has us up to # 5. Auburn and Stanford BOTH watched as the AP Poll MOVED Georgia UP passing BOTH in the AP Poll with our resounding win over favored Notre Dame on the road a ranked opponent for UGA without our mascot. We did this despite our lousy OL our putrid kick-offs and our pass-dropping receivers – not to mention despite Kirby NOT playing his best players on OFFENSE again this game. We made quite the statement of how well we travel in an awesome display at South Bend for the nation to see and on that score Notre Dame fans sold us 32 thousand of their tickets to go with the 8 thousand they gave us so of the 77 thousand 52 percent were Bulldogs in RED as the world could easily see. It was a SEA OF RED. We have traveled like this for BOWL GAMES TOO as I have had great fun at ALL the bowl games. We KNOW how to PARTY. If you have never gone on the road to support our team you must do so – for it is the most fun you can HAVE. We’re great and moved up 2 places in the AP Poll today. The Coaches Poll moved us up two positions as well – both to # 13.

# 13  AP Poll :


# 13 Coaches’ Poll :



# 5 Richard Billingsley Top 25 Poll :



# 4 Wes Colley Top 25 Poll :




Darling Georgia Bulldogs fly to # 9 after staking North Carolina to 10-point lead with plodding Greyson damn Lambert who remains on 2-Deep vs Nicholls State as # 1 QB as does Brian Herrien remain NOT LISTED behind Brendan Douglas – then letting us watch Jacob Eason for one hour to take lead scoring 19 unanswered points PRIME TIME to wipe them out to end game. Florida DROPPED from Poll as 6 SEC teams top 21 headlined by # 1 Alabama and then # 2 in The SEC and # 9 overall The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs ! We’re all put to the test. It’s what you do, when you are, that is the difference in winners and losers. A call for Biran Herrien Mo Smith and Jacob Eason to be ADMIRED as Players of the Game along with 7 others – only Nick Chubb of which when the chips were DOWN did as much as they.

How about THAT Georgia Bulldogs’ fans !


Kirby disses publically Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien who are only as far as I am concerned 2 of the stars.  Kirby said Jacob Eason didn’t get in right plays and said Brian Herrien needed to block better listing NEITHER as players of the game.  Pretty tough LOVE.  Considering Brendan Douglas TRIED his best to one scuttle Jacob Eason’s Come-Out Party with fumble AGAIN as he has PROVEN through the years his penchant.  And considering Greyson damn Lambert did his best to LOSE the damn game down 10 with the same guys Jacob Eason beat the ever living shit out of North Carolina with.


Brilliant game strategy for Kirby.


Lull them and the crowd to sleep for 2 and a half hours falling behind by double-digits.


Then YANK Greyson damn Lambert and Brendan Douglas who REMAIN on the 2-Deep AHEAD of Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien, insert Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien, watch Jacob Eason completely destroy North Carolina to storm back and take the lead – then bench his sorry ass for being in the wrong damn plays.


Greyson damn Lambert – in the right plays – didn’t couldn’t and wouldn’t do shit.


Going to be mighty hard to justify Kirby who nonetheless had these assessments when asked by the Press who thought Kirby would praise the 2.


But no.


And Brian Herrien absolute hero status as well.  All he did was lead us down the field and set up the field goal.  And oh yeah by the way on his first carry ever scampered determined as hell all the way in the end zone.


Jesus Christ couldn’t have scripted it any better for Jacob Eason and for Brian Herrien.


Publically dissed by Kirby.


I’d be having some words with him personally.


Oh I am.




Just as long as I am TRUE to my HEART on this.




See Jacob Eason listed Nicholls State BEHIND Greyson damn Lambert ?

See Brian Herrien listed Nicholls State BEHIND Brendan Douglas ?


One is in the right play.

The other blocks better.


Never mind in the right play did not do jack shit.

Never mind fumbled the God damn football just when Jacob Eason was going to score.


Big 10 has 5 of the top 32 in the AP Poll.

SEC has 6 of the top 21 in the AP Poll and 8 of the Top 32.


But I forget.  The Big 10 fans say THIS is their heyday that they are doing BETTER than The SEC.




The Pac-12 ACC and Big XII took it on the chin Opening Weekend.


The SEC did ?


Excuse me ?


Then why are 6 of the Top 21 teams ALL SEC teams ?


Lowly unranked Auburn nearly beat the team y’all all said would BEAT Alabama this year.  Really had them beat as it was.  Blew it.


I do believe folks believe that Jacob Eason is going to do WELL with Nick Chubb as the Leading Heisman Trophy Candidate with bruiser Brian Herrien backing him up.


Well not according to Kirby.


It’s a good press conference for Kirby who luckily had ALL THIS to say to guys not a one of which any longer have ANY VOTES in the AP Poll.


Some bullshit about WRITING the NEWS – not MAKING it.


I had reported 12 hours earlier HERE on this blog that former Official BCS Poll from 1998 to 2013 Massey Rankings had ranked The Georgia Bulldogs # 9.


AP Poll 12 hours later followed suit.


Kirby be damned the AP Poll voters think Jacob Eason looks just fine thank you in the WRONG PLAY making plays while Greyson damn Lambert in the RIGHT PLAY didn’t do a God Damn freaking NOTHING but be LOSING by double-digits.


I see Kirby retreated slightly on Brian Herrien as all welled-up about him scoring, when I reported that was what I saw Kirby doing in fact.


We were in SAD SHAPE and sorely needed some frigin’ heroes to STEP-UP and do SOMETHING.


Right on cue, Jacob Eason and Brain Herrien DID JUST THAT.


The Whole World saw it Kirby.




Honestly if you look at the NCAA Rankings Kirby’s Dawgs did really quite frankly VERY POORLY in nearly every aspect of the game : We certainly could NOT pass with Greyson damn Lambert.  We certainly were bottled-up running the ball LOSING by 10 points when Jacob Eason called-upon by Kirby to bail his sorry ass out – losing as he WAS by double-digits.

We absolutely were taken advantage of on Defense as well – losing by 10.  Then when Jacob Eason was INSERTED the entire team SHUT-OUT North Carolina from THEN ON.

Our special teams despite stars playing looked horrible and did their best to give away the damn game.


Then we all watched Florida vols and Ole Miss stink-up The SEC.  Ok and LSU.  Ok and Mississippi State.




Darlings of the AP Poll The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs on the HEROICS of Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien STORMED back and come-from-behind kicked North Carolina ass for an entire hour.  Then were YANKED sent to the pine and NOT REWARDED on Kirby’s 2-Deep for Nicholls State AND said by Kirby to the press who don’t vote in the AP Poll that Brian Herrien doesn’t BLOCK as well as Brendan Douglas.  And that Jacob Eason was in the WRONG PLAYS and poorly communicated some.


Right play.  Wrong play.  Greyson damn Lambert was SHOWN-UP by Jacob Eason.  Communication is clearly required by your QB sir.  So too is actually wanting to do something in your offense and having the desire to execute within that offense.  Communicate all you want sir.  But if you can’t or will not execute, communication truly means little.

Blocking is important too Kirby but Brendan Douglas gave the God Damn Game Away with his frqin’ FUMBLE.  Again.  As he is only wont to do.


For years.


As Greyson damn Lambert.


As he is only wont to do.








With BOTH.


The Coaches’ Poll ALSO has us at # 9 as I reported at midnight Massey already had and the Coaches’ Poll has SEVEN (7) SEC teams ranked.




The Richard Billingsley Report another former Official BCS Poll has Georgia at # 7 :


And Richard Billingsley Report has 8 SEC teams ranked in his top 25 with Arkansas # 25.


Kirby sir, I am all for being in the right plays and blocking.  I want to be on record agreeing with you on these fundamentally imperative objectives for Jacob Eason and for Brian Herrien, sir.


All I am telling you Kirby is that Jacob Eason is HEADS-AND-SHOULDERS way the hell ahead of wherever Greyson damn Lambert ever was or will be.  Sir.


And Brian Herrien is a NFL star while Brendan Douglas like Greyson damn Lambert will NEVER be invited to the NFL Combines even.


Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien HAVE THEIR INVITES to the NFL Combines and BOTH are assured of NFL Draft Picks.


I don’t think it tells these rookies NOT TO WORK HARD and NOT TO KEEP IMPROVING to tell the true freshmen that hey the WHOLE TEAM rallied around y’all and you SAVED MY DAMN BACON – I can ASSURE YOU TWO OF THAT !


All I was going to have without them was that we played hard and that every single aspect of the team’s preparedness in all 3 phases of the game was and is looking like it needs a whole hell of a lot of work to be worthy of being named today SEC Championship Game match-up for # 1 Alabama.  Even with them.


Brendan Douglas and Greyson damn Lambert do NOT belong on the same field as Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien.


In 59 years’ worth of seasons’ tickets I have NEVER seen a Quarterback Controversy this PRONOUNCED and frankly there has only been one worse-treated at running back as well.  Well, maybe Vince Dooley starting Ray Goff instead of Matt Robinson, whom I was vindicated about after when he had a fine NFL career.

Vince Dooley would wait until 3rd Down.  Then, he would substitute Ray Goff with Matt Robinson.  This is worse than that letting Greyson Lambert be LOSING by double-digits – insert Jacob Eason take the lead by several points, then YANK his ass and put back in the plodder who didn’t do anything.


I shout-out to them BOTH !


Good job guys !


I could shout-out to Mo Smith too for both his game-saving TD preventing pass defenses which BOTH were crucial but at least HE got to START whatever the hell he did wrong too Kirby.


I have no problems with your Players of the Game Kirby EXCEPT that you LEFT-OFF the 3 MOST DESERVING behind Nick Chubb.




What message does it send to your team Kirby to point-out the absolute heroics MAKING PLAYS of these 3 sir ?


That 9-4 average for 8 years is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and HERE are 3 guys who MADE plays.


Go to cult-site UGA Thomas Brown and read all about it !


That’s what I have got to say.


Thank you very much…


for allowing little ole me to share that :


We’re all put to the test.

It’s what you do

when you are

that is the difference





because :

You have to WANT IT.

Do you want it ?

Those who do, can accomplish what others can not.

Those who do not, will NEVER accomplish anything in this World

and Never have nor ever will.


If you can’t say that Nick Chubb, Brian Herrien, Mo Smith and Jacob Eason did what was asked of them and won the game for us, then you’re simply biased, or blind – or both.


Please Start Jacob Eason.  Please BENCH Brendan Douglas a game and move-up Brian Herrien.  Please let’s get some rhythm to our offense.


And what in the world can we do about our special teams too Kirby ?


Statistically speaking, we did little on offense defense or special teams.  But you and I know Kirby whom it was in the game we both watched you slightly closer than I, who wanted to do something to improve us and ultimately did.


These 3 clearly did not only want to, but went out there and did Kirby sir.



Why does NO BLOG and NO NEWSPAPER tell you Bryan McClendon got HIS TEAM ranked # 15 Massey Ratings # 19 Billingsley Report # 21 Colley Rankings # 22 Jeff Sagarin Ratings USA Today. 4 polls rank Bryan McClendon’s team from # 15 to # 22 in their final polls before Monday night’s 830 pm blow-out of Clemson by Coach Kirby Smart


# 15 Massey Ratings


# 21 Colley Rankings


# 19 Billingsley Report


# 22 Jeff Sagarin Ratings USA Today


Beating Penn State was huge for us.  Thank you Bryan McClendon !



Beating Penn State insures that Coach Kirby Smart will have our team ranked to begin the season.  All the polls will be updated after the mauling of Clemson January 11 2016.


That will be 4 of the last 7 for Coach Kirby Smart National Champion and 5 for Nick Saban (LSU.)



Not 1 single Poll has us ranked at ALL now – NOT 1 – as we drop WORSE in EVERY SINGLE POLL after the debacle against Georgia Southern # 64 in the Polls with our # 8 recruiting ranking. Nice Mark Richt. Real nice, son !



AP Poll UGA # 35


USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll # 31


Jeff Sagarin Poll # 28

Georgia Southern # 63


Anderson-Hester Seattle Times Poll # 27

Georgia Southern # 64


Richard Billingsley Poll # 27


Colley Rankings Poll # 30

Georgia Southern # 54



Massey Poll # 26

Georgia Southern # 54


Peter Wolfe Poll # 29

Georgia Southern # 58



Richard Billingsley Poll ranks UGA # 27 November 15, 2015 and ranks Georgia Southern # 38


Richard Billingsley Poll is another former Official BCS Poll.

# 27 UGA

# 38 Georgia Southern

# 46 vols

# 54 Auburn

# 78 Georgie tek yellowjackets