# 4 Georgia Bulldogs AP Poll 2020 as SEC goes 8-2 in bowl games while ACC goes 4-7. Boy do I love watching Clemson lose really more than anyone over there in the stinking ACC where NOT ONE ACC team is ranked in the Top 25 AP Poll except Clemson over there playing pussies.

AP Poll 2020 :






Georgia # 4 in the Peter Wolfe (former BCS Official Poll)





AP Poll Oklahoma knocked all the way down to # 7.


# 1 LSU 15-0

# 4 Georgia 12-2

# 6 Florida 11-2

# 7 Oklahoma  12-2

# 8 Alabama 11-2

# 14 Auburn 9-4


AP Poll results 2019-2020 FBS teams.



5 of the top 14 are SEC


4 of the top 8 are SEC


Jeff Sagarin has us # 5 :




Anderson-Hester Seattle Times Poll has us # 5.  The rest went to bed without ranking the teams including coaches’ worthless poll.







The Mighty UGA Georgia Bulldogs ring in a Happy New Year in top fashion. Against the HAPLESS Big XII, who now drop to 1-5 in bowl games while The Mighty SEC improves to 6-2, Kirby’s defense held Baylor scoreless while putting-up 19 points. 19 to NOTHING. Nice start. It could have been even more. The ACC is 4-5 while the Big 10 is 4-4. The Pac-12, who have not won the NC since 1972, also only has 4 wins. Still, with the Pac-12 finished in bowl games as are the Big 12, it looks like the Pac-12 more belongs in the 4-team play-offs while the Big XII should be bumped-out. I know Georgia moves up from # 5 to number 4 bypassing Choke-la-homa who had 63 pasted on them by LSU. It was ANOTHER embarrassing bowl season for the Big XII. When will the committee learn ?

We needed that.


It was a resounding win over Baylor.  TV series Fixer-Upper Jo Jo and Chip Gaines state they both went to Baylor.  This goofball husband and wife whitewash trash homes and like removing popcorn ceilings.  And they take out walls.  Baylor has now LOST all 5 games against UGA Georgia Bulldogs at 5-0 UGA over Baylor Bears all-time.  Chip and Joana Gaines were sent packing really by George Pickens.  It was a one man show in many respects.


Zeus went over a hundred yards, and then we had a penalty to end just shy of the century mark rushing.  Baylor has a good defense.  They also had a good quarterback.  He stood his ground and threw the ball well.


Jake Fromm was off-target to begin with, but had many really nice throws as the night went on.


Kenny McIntosh  had some key runs.


Kenny McIntosh also got in on the receiving act this night in the big easy.  So Kirby did a GREAT JOB REALLY of getting his players ready.  Not that Baylor has had the recruiting classes Kirby has been putting-up, because they have NOT.


Jake Camarda converted a 6-yard run on a 4th down fake.  Camarda took the snap, and ran for the 1st down.


Travon Walker recovered the game’s only fumble recovery, and he knocked their QB pretty hard right at the side marker.  Charlie Brewer never returned.  I believe Charlie Brewer’s career is over playing football.  He was injured in the Big XII championship game.  And, he returned to that last game after then too being hard hit.  That time he was run over pinned to the ground. This time, Brewer was slammed hard from the side by Travon Walker.  Brewer had no idea where he was last game or this one.  I am sorry for the guy really truly I am.


Head trauma is no joke.  When you are woozy, you need to take care of yourself.  This is 2020.  On Travon Walker’s  hit, Brewer’s head bounced on the sorry turf.


This stadium needs to be torn down, and a new playing surface put in for the safety of the players.


Jake Fromm formulated past tense sentences, and he is now generally considered the # 4 QB chosen.  D’Andre Swift is now the # 1 RB chosen in the up-coming NFL Draft they say.  They have 2 more weeks 20th January to declare but neither would give away the truth of their decisions.  I think they are BOTH gone.


It’s going to leave a hole for sure.


Kirby reverted much of the night to runs up the middle.


It IS what Kirby does.


I do LOVE the new OL coach, who was the former Ole Miss head coach :  Matt Luke.  I loved our old OL coach so much, you know ?


Baylor Bears did NOT beat ANYONE this season.


12-2 is our record and we DID beat some top teams.  In fact, Kirby is now 8-4 vs the top 10.  This 8-4 is a far cry from Mark Richt’s record against top 10 teams.


That is a good season Kirby at 12-2 sir.


I wish it was MORE.  It wasn’t. Kirby meddled so much in the Offense, that he could not get the right players on the field – nor call the right plays.  But, Kirby made BOTH of those type decisions for his staff.  It looks to me that Kirby’s offense would be in better hands with Matt Luke than with Kirby deciding who plays and what play to call.


I say make Matt Luke head of your offense.  Leave him alone.  Let him talk to the press.  You might learn how to conduct a press conference from Matt Luke Kirby.  Matt was the head coach at Ole Miss.  I think I would give special teams to someone like Dell McGee.





2 of the top 3 including Alabama at the top are SEC. 3 of the top 5 are SEC teams. 4 of the top 7 are SEC teams. 5 of the top 10 are SEC teams with UGA facing-off late this month against another top 10 game this time in JAX while Notre Dame moved up to # 9 whom we beat just last week. Texas A&M and Missouri are both in the top 25 or just outside of it both of whom we also play this season. Kirby garnered first-place votes in both AP Poll and Coaches’ Polls including 4 number one votes in the AP Poll. In fact 4 in a row more ranked teams we could face-off against to start next month stand between us and # 1 Alabama or # 5 AP Poll LSU.

Road games Auburn Florida and vols.  Georgia Tech is a home game for us wherever it is played like Notre Dame is too for us.


It is going to wind into a hell of a November run with # 7 Auburn and # 8 Coaches’ Poll Florida both ranked in the top 10 of every poll.  Texas A&M as high as # 21 today and Missouri getting other votes in the Coaches’ Poll.


The only game which will be a breather next month for Kirby will be little Georgia Tech the nerds dropping to Temple AND to the Citadel if anyone could really believe all that in Geoff Collins’ debut season rotten as it gets.





7 ranked teams LOST yesterday 7 AP Poll teams LOST this week # 3 of 2019. Oklahoma dropped in the AP Poll. Notre Dame LOST. Michigan LOST. Utah LOST. UCF LOST. Texas A&M LOST again. 5 of the top 9 AP Poll teams are SEC. 5 of the top 8 teams in the Coach’s Poll are SEC. Everyone is positioning for how they can keep two of The SEC teams out of the play-offs. They may not be able to.

SEC cemented its position in the Polls this week.



Jacob Eason threw for an Interception and was sacked and fumbled the ball in his LOSS to unranked California Golden Bears. Jacob Eason ran 9 times for 10 yards total and settled for four (4) field goals missing on the touchdowns instead going 6 of 16 on 3rd Down Conversions. 18 of 30 for 162 yards Jacob Eason passer rating was 26.

Jacob Eason was sacked four (4) times in total for the game.


The loss dropped Washington from # 14 to # 23 in the AP Poll.


Meanwhile 5 of the top 9 and 6 of the top 16 AP Poll teams are SEC teams.


Mississippi State also nearly broke the top 25 while Kentucky got some AP Poll votes too.






Kirby’s UGA Georgia Bulldogs # 3 in the nation 2019-2020 polls Alabama is # 2 and Notre Dame is # 5 and Florida is # 7 while Texas A&M is # 9 all of whom we play this season as LSU is # 10

ESPN Top 10 for 2019-2020 season includes a ton of teams UGA plays this up-coming 2019-2020 season.  We won’t be young when the season gets down to the play-offs but once again Kirby’s Bulldogs are supposed to be in the play-offs – that is if we do our part.


We fell short losing both of our last 2 games.  We did not fall short in our player’s braggadocio however.  We just didn’t live up to it.


I’m hoping we got that out of our systems.


We better be ready to play 2019-2020 because our opponents see us as a target.  It’s best we understand that and not our rankings.



7 SEC teams ranked in the AP Poll Top 25 and Auburn which is NOT in the top 25 beat Washington of the Pac-12 who is # 19 in the Coaches’ Poll. The ACC only has Clemson in the AP Poll top 21 teams. The Big Ten only has half as many teams ranked in the AP Poll as The SEC. Big 12 has half as many teams as Big Ten which is one quarter of SEC. I THOUGHT THE SEC WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DOWN ? 3 of the top 6 AP Poll are SEC. Supposedly there are supposed to be 5 Conferences in the equal position called “FBS.” 5 Conferences and 3 top 6 SEC. What does that tell you ?

So much bullshit from these other conferences and then NONE of their God Damn teams are ranked.


So sad to inform you that your meme that The SEC is DOWN is so much bullshit.


Isn’t it ?


Polls The AP Poll :




5 FBS Conferences and 3 of the top 6 AP Poll are SEC. What does that tell you ?


That tells you that The SEC DOMINATES collegiate football and always has.  SEC always will.


Right now today there is ONLY 1 conference in the playoffs besides The SEC and that is the ACC who has exactly 1 team in the AP Poll top 21.





Georgia moves up to # 7 and Florida up to # 9 AP Poll for top 10 match-up for both ESPN GameDay and SEC Nation thanks to Ohio State getting drubbed 9 spots all the way down to # 11 by previous CUPCAKE whom even Missouri beat but said powder puff team beating Urban Meyer by 4 TD. 4 of the top 9 are SEC. The SEC Network’s pregame show SEC Nation will be there too.




Coaches’ Poll has Georgia up to # 6 with Florida # 11 :




The SEC Network’s pregame show SEC Nation will be there too.


Florida considers us their # 1 Rival and us them while they are not happy that Georgia has beat them 4 of the last 7 years.


Georgia leads 51–43–2 as Georgia won 42-7 last year.






9 SEC teams get votes in Coaches’ Poll 7 in Top 22 including # 1 Alabama and # 2 Georgia week 7 of 2018 LSU # 12. Florida # 16. # 20 – # 22 are Kentucky Auburn and Texas A&M with 67 votes for Mississippi State and 10 votes for South Carolina. In the AP Poll Mississippi State is # 24 for 8 SEC teams top 24 and South Carolina getting votes in others outside top 25 for 9 teams getting votes AP Poll from SEC.





Georgia is picked by 8 points to win at LSU which will make LSU mad as hell and of course they lost to Florida which also motivates LSU.  These are great fans who always welcome us tail gating with them.  I love LSU fans.


I am unconcerned about College GameDay not being in Baton Rouge Saturday.  It will be electric without it.


Wisconsin what a joke.  Michigan what a joke.


I thought The SEC was supposed to be DOWN ?


Not hardly fools.




7 SEC teams make Coaches’ Poll with UGA jumping Ohio State to # 3 and 7 SEC teams make 2018 AP Poll September 4 five of whom are on our schedule 2018 before the play-offs if we play SEC Championship Game South Carolina Florida Auburn LSU and probably Alabama along with then Ohio State in the play-offs and Clemson in the play-offs if we can knock-off all these RANKED 2018 SEC TEAMS. Only 5 Big Ten teams remain. Only 4 Pac-12 teams remain. Only 3 Big 12 teams remain. Only 3 ACC teams remain.







Texas and Florida State losing at home and Miami of Florida’s Mark Richt and Michigan’s embattled loser head coach Jim Harbaugh and overmatched Washington of the lowly Pac-12 all look to take a BIG HIT in the rankings this morning. They open-up the rankings for South Carolina to be a RANKED TEAM for us to kick the shit out of at their house this weekend.

We will stay # 3 this morning which is a lot more than can be said for these 5 teams :


Texas – another bad loss

Florida State curious how great FSU thinks it is to HAVE TO HAVE this coaching change

Michigan’s embattled head coach for now Jim Harbaugh (told you he was short timer)

Washington – that is one bad loss for Washington

Miami of Florida’s embattled Mark Richt losing his 4th game in a ROW (ditto)


These 5 pre-season ranked teams are going to TUMBLE here this morning in the polls as my hatred of them ALL would leave them off my ballot in favor of SEC teams instead – you know our opponents :



4 SEC teams set to move-in to replace ranked teams who got the shit kicked-out of them this weekend all 4 of which have head coaches I think very little of :


South Carolina’s embattled Will Muschamp

Florida’s embattled combo of Dan Mullen and Todd Grantham yuk

Texas A&M just before it faces-off against Clemson AND Alabama welcome Jimbo Fisher

Ole Miss’s Matt Luke who sure beat the shit out of Texas Tech



I am guaranteeing a regime change this morning in the polls replacing these 5 with SEC teams instead.   Mark my words.


Massey Poll has Georgia # 2 this morning with Auburn # 5 LSU # 10 and Alabama # 1 four of the top 10 SEC teams.     https://www.masseyratings.com/cf/11604/ratings



Kirby gets FIVE (5) votes for Number One in the AP Poll and ONE (1) vote for # 1 by the Coaches’ Poll today 11-5-2017 after showing that Jake Fromm CAN TOO THROW THE DAMN BALL. What bullshit.

So I wonder who the coach is who voted The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs Number One in the Nation just now ?







Colley Matrix Official BCS Poll UGA Georgia Bulldogs # 1 team in the nation October 30 2017. So too are Anderson-Hester Poll and Peter Wolfe Poll – all 3 Official BCS Computer Polls have Georgia Bulldogs # 1 team in the nation October 30 2017

# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Colley Matrix Rankings Poll : http://www.colleyrankings.com/currank.html


# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Peter Wolfe Poll : http://prwolfe.bol.ucla.edu/cfootball/ratings.htm


# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Anderson-Hester Poll  : http://www.andersonsports.com/football/ACF_frnk.html


# 2 Georgia Bulldogs Richard Billingsley Poll :  http://cfrc.com/ranking/billingsley-report-65/


# 2 Jeff Sagarin RECENT Poll (he has 3 polls one guy) https://www.usatoday.com/sports/ncaaf/sagarin/


# 3 Massey Ratings Poll UGA worse than Notre Dame AL :  https://www.masseyratings.com/cf/11604/ratings


# 2 AP Poll UGA better than Ohio State # 3 : http://collegefootball.ap.org/poll


# 2 Coaches Poll UGA better than Ohio State # 3 http://sportspolls.usatoday.com/ncaa/football/polls/coaches-poll/


College Football Playoff Poll tomorrow night Tuesday expects UGA # 2 http://www.collegefootballplayoff.com/rankings.aspx


Kenneth Massey and 2 Jeff Sagarin Polls have Notre Dame whom we beat on their home field ahead of us expecting us to lose to Alabama and Notre Dame to not only win out but to beat us in re-match without THE CATCH.





Georgia Bulldogs jump Washington of the Pac-12. This gives SEC Georgia and Alabama in the Top 5 – both ahead of ALL Pac-12 teams. Got it ? It has been since 1972 when the Pac-12 last won the national championship in football. This ends the Pac-12 opportunity to be in the play-offs without 2 teams above Washington losing. Georgia has work to do to make it into the top 4 ourselves : Florida Auburn Alabama – 3 MORE RANKED TEAMS

This is very important that the AP Poll jumped Georgia by Washington of the Pac-12.





# 2 Georgia Bulldogs Colley Matrix this morning while Richard Billingsley Report has Georgia # 6 this morning and while Jeff Sagarin has us at # 9 Massey Rankings at # 12 AP at # 7 and Coaches’ at # 8 with first Play-Off Poll Tuesday October 31 after week # 9.

# 2 Colley Matrix http://www.colleyrankings.com/currank.html

# 6 Richard Billingsley Report http://cfrc.com/ranking/billingsley-report-60/

# 9 Jeff Sagarin Poll with # 14 SoS https://www.usatoday.com/sports/ncaaf/sagarin/

# 12 Massey Ratings https://www.masseyratings.com/cf/11604/ratings

October 15 first Peter Wolfe Poll http://prwolfe.bol.ucla.edu/cfootball/ratings.htm

Not Out Anderson-Hester http://www.andersonsports.com/football/ACF_frnk.html

# 7 AP Poll http://collegefootball.ap.org/poll

# 8 Coaches’ Poll http://sportspolls.usatoday.com/ncaa/football/polls/coaches-poll/


The average ranking of all the polls is # 7 Georgia Bulldogs with 2 wins over top 50 teams # 14 Strength of Schedule of 129 FBS Division 1-A teams 2017.


The Official Play-Off Poll from the Committee for the NC Game at the Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium



Play-Off Poll starts October 31 of 2017 after week # 9 Tuesday


It is a long season.  This is our best shot.  We have to get MORE of our freshmen out there on the field playing notably on the OL and at WR.


THIS BLOG has guaranteed an SEC Championship 2017 for Georgia and has maintained that stance starting with the last game of 2016 season TCU.




6 SEC teams in AP Poll Top 25 with Georgia Bulldogs 2nd best behind # 1 Alabama at # 11 UGA and with Mississippi State # 17. Polls USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll has UGA # 12.

Just imagine if Kirby actually played the players on OFFENSE and on SPECIAL TEAMS which he has.




The Coaches’ Poll has UGA # 12 :




Polls USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll



Wes Colley unbiased Top 25 Poll has moved us up to # 4 UGA Bulldogs. Richard Billingsley Top 25 Poll has us up to # 5. Auburn and Stanford BOTH watched as the AP Poll MOVED Georgia UP passing BOTH in the AP Poll with our resounding win over favored Notre Dame on the road a ranked opponent for UGA without our mascot. We did this despite our lousy OL our putrid kick-offs and our pass-dropping receivers – not to mention despite Kirby NOT playing his best players on OFFENSE again this game. We made quite the statement of how well we travel in an awesome display at South Bend for the nation to see and on that score Notre Dame fans sold us 32 thousand of their tickets to go with the 8 thousand they gave us so of the 77 thousand 52 percent were Bulldogs in RED as the world could easily see. It was a SEA OF RED. We have traveled like this for BOWL GAMES TOO as I have had great fun at ALL the bowl games. We KNOW how to PARTY. If you have never gone on the road to support our team you must do so – for it is the most fun you can HAVE. We’re great and moved up 2 places in the AP Poll today. The Coaches Poll moved us up two positions as well – both to # 13.

# 13  AP Poll :



# 13 Coaches’ Poll :




# 5 Richard Billingsley Top 25 Poll :





# 4 Wes Colley Top 25 Poll :






AP Poll drops us from # 9 to # 16 AND there are either 8, some polls 9 SEC teams sometimes with Auburn and/or Arkansas in the Top 25 of ALL THE MAJOR POLLS. Here is where we stand, ok ?

Dropped from # 9 to # 16 AP Poll 8 SEC ranked teams :



Dropped from # 9 to # 13 Coaches’ Poll 8 SEC ranked teams :



# 15 Richard Billingsley Poll former Official BCS Poll 8 SEC Top 25 with Auburn & Arkansas not Texas A&M as Texas A&M is # 26 :



( http://cfrc.com/ranking/billingsley-mov-37/ )


# 24 Massey former BCS Poll with Auburn & Arkansas Top 25 Florida not, 8 SEC :



# 24 Colley Poll former BCS Poll



Georgia Bulldogs in NCAA Rankings :

# 87 Passing Offense


 # 110 Kick-Off Return Defense

 # 108 Kick-Off Returns by us

 # 79 Punt Return Defense

 # 69 Run Defense



Our team is not practicing our # 1 unit together and we haven’t.  Instead of preparing them by doing so, we’ve invested endless hours of telling the press that we are mad at the press.  We had no choice from the beginning given # 104 Passing Offense and # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions last year with Greyson Lambert.


Yet we failed to practice the # 1 unit with the # 1 QB.


Now, 3 games into the season we’re an offense that got stuffed on the run by North Carolina who can not stop the run and by the # 81 last year FCS team 3-8 in their 1st year with their head coach.


The print is there for these ranked SEC teams to follow against our offense.


What are we doing on offense ?


Well we redshirted Mecole Hardman Jr., Ben Cleveland, and Elijah Holyfield all 3 of whom should have being PLAYING against BOTH opponents so far instead.  And on defense and special teams we have Chauncey Manac whom we’re also redshirting.  It is my belief that we should be playing all 4 of these guys both games so far.  I would have.


Especially given our offense and special teams and our defense needs run stopping help.


We write a script as Offensive Coordinator, here is how to beat us.  Stop our run and run the ball yourself.


The way a real offensive coordinator not a fat ass would set-up his offense, is to pass first to set-up a huge stable of running backs we’ve stock-piled this year.  Instead, we tell them like Mark Richt did : Go back out there and keep doing what you’re doing that is not working and learn how to execute better.  So much so that we have redshirted what I thought would be 2 of our STARS in Mecole Hardman Jr. AND  Elijah Holyfield.  This is poor work by the offensive coordinator :

  1. redshirt 3 guys who could be all 3 starting these 1st two games instead
  2. not prepare the # 1 unit with the # QB in practice in spring or fall
  3. only trying to run with a way too conservative approach that isn’t working


It is also disgraceful to set such a precedent as Jim Chaney has for 9 months’ time now and for him to need such help as he does in losing 200 lbs. of his 400.


This is a failed model and poor role model in Jim Chaney.  He needs to be fired.  I swear he has gained another 100 lbs. since we hired him.


Disgraceful what Jim Chaney is doing to our talent handed him and the example he sets physically. A coach ?


No, this is all wrong.


Our children at the stadium should NOT be seeing such a poor example at Sanford in Jim Chaney’s appearance on an ATHLETIC TEAM.


It’s disgraceful seeing a profoundly obese offensive coordinator as an example to our kids who has Jacob Eason and sends our guys out there to just run the ball.


How would you explain our # 87 Passing Offense this season now 3rd game coming-up ?


If it were just Greyson Lambert we had I would understand # 87 Passing Offense given he was # 104 last year.


Dell McGee would be a fantastic replacement of Jim Chaney.


I believe he could be more definitive to Kirby that he has to settle on his QB and prepare him, which this blog called for January 12 when he finally showed-up.  Do we have any choice at QB ?




So why have we wasted all Spring and all Fall and 2 games into the season bouncing back-and-forth willy-nilly like we don’t have a clue ?  And sending the press signals that we HATE both quarterbacks.  No confidence shown in EITHER from the get-go.


Put one in have him losing by double-digits.  Take him out.  Put other guy in.  Have him do everything right and take the lead by several points.  Yank his ass.  Bench him.  Bring in the other guy and run to the press again to tell them why saying he doesn’t communicate as well and is in the wrong play too often.


He won the game for you Kirby.  The other guy sure wasn’t.


Being in the right play and communicating better the other guy was losing by 10 points.  This means that even in the right play and communicating better, a rank rookie is better than he. He doesn’t want to throw the ball.  He holds on to it and gets sacked and lets defenses crowd the box.  Either the offensive coordinator isn’t calling anything to open-up the running game or Greyson Lambert isn’t checking-out of them at the line of scrimmage to a pass play.  That’s because NEITHER think Greyson Lambert can/will pass it.  So we have nothing to open up the running game.  And the good Lord knows he can’t run either with Greyson Lambert’s 29 carries for minus 37 yards and 7 fumbles by himself last season.  His best win over 2-6 in The SEC, Auburn.  That isn’t going to cut it.


Wrong fit for the offense.


Wrong Offensive Game Strategies.


Wrong concept of how to set-up our strong running game.


Wrong guys redshirted.


Wrong example.


Wrong everything, isn’t it ?


Gag them both and tell the press not comfortable with EITHER ?


What message does THAT send to the Team ?


Are we practicing the special teams either ?


It sure doesn’t look like it.


These are Kirby’s 2 weaknesses he and we all knew coming-in. That he knows little about special teams and less about offense.  So get all high and mighty with the press because they dare to ask about offense and special teams ?  Get mad at the press Kirby ?  Gag everyone and then have it leaked by them anyway.  That is what is happening Kirby.  You aren’t gagging them Kirby.  They just tell the press anyway and tell the press they have to not divulge their source.


Be real Kirby.


Fix this stuff please sir.


Practice the QB with the # 1 unit and tell the press you LIKE HIM.  He’s doing a great job.  Tell the team you like him.  Tell the other QB that he is a serviceable back-up and you will play him when you can.


This is how this is handled.


Not what you’re doing Kirby.


If Jim Chaney is telling you what I am saying then why are you doing what you are doing Kirby ?


There is no honeymoon.


We fired Mark Richt for 73-32 his last 8 years # 45 vs top 15 teams game time and # 42 vs top 25 AP or Coaches’ year ranked oh and 12 losses to unranked teams AP or Coaches’ time of game or for the season.


We expect you to do better than that.


That means NOW Kirby.


Jim Chaney should have been telling you this Kirby.  I should not have to be the one.  Mike Cavan would tell you this.


So why all the bickering with and lies to the press Kirby ?


You are holding the reins too tightly for a guy who clearly has not made the right choices.  And if anything, you have become more stubborn about it.


Vince Dooley and Nick Saban would tell you Kirby that you are doing this all incorrectly sir.


Take some classes in offense and special teams and become a guru at those Kirby.  We pay you with $ 5 million dollars not including expense account.


You are holding back our better players with your antics in the press.


Start by promoting Dell McGee to Offensive Coordinator Monday morning now since you did not yesterday as I told you.  Let him talk to the press about offense and quarterbacks and stay out of it.


You hired a son of a head coach who DID know about special teams.  See if you can HIRE HIM ?  Let him talk about special teams and you be the spokesman for defense.



Darling Georgia Bulldogs fly to # 9 after staking North Carolina to 10-point lead with plodding Greyson damn Lambert who remains on 2-Deep vs Nicholls State as # 1 QB as does Brian Herrien remain NOT LISTED behind Brendan Douglas – then letting us watch Jacob Eason for one hour to take lead scoring 19 unanswered points PRIME TIME to wipe them out to end game. Florida DROPPED from Poll as 6 SEC teams top 21 headlined by # 1 Alabama and then # 2 in The SEC and # 9 overall The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs ! We’re all put to the test. It’s what you do, when you are, that is the difference in winners and losers. A call for Biran Herrien Mo Smith and Jacob Eason to be ADMIRED as Players of the Game along with 7 others – only Nick Chubb of which when the chips were DOWN did as much as they.

How about THAT Georgia Bulldogs’ fans !


Kirby disses publically Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien who are only as far as I am concerned 2 of the stars.  Kirby said Jacob Eason didn’t get in right plays and said Brian Herrien needed to block better listing NEITHER as players of the game.  Pretty tough LOVE.  Considering Brendan Douglas TRIED his best to one scuttle Jacob Eason’s Come-Out Party with fumble AGAIN as he has PROVEN through the years his penchant.  And considering Greyson damn Lambert did his best to LOSE the damn game down 10 with the same guys Jacob Eason beat the ever living shit out of North Carolina with.


Brilliant game strategy for Kirby.


Lull them and the crowd to sleep for 2 and a half hours falling behind by double-digits.


Then YANK Greyson damn Lambert and Brendan Douglas who REMAIN on the 2-Deep AHEAD of Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien, insert Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien, watch Jacob Eason completely destroy North Carolina to storm back and take the lead – then bench his sorry ass for being in the wrong damn plays.


Greyson damn Lambert – in the right plays – didn’t couldn’t and wouldn’t do shit.


Going to be mighty hard to justify Kirby who nonetheless had these assessments when asked by the Press who thought Kirby would praise the 2.


But no.


And Brian Herrien absolute hero status as well.  All he did was lead us down the field and set up the field goal.  And oh yeah by the way on his first carry ever scampered determined as hell all the way in the end zone.


Jesus Christ couldn’t have scripted it any better for Jacob Eason and for Brian Herrien.


Publically dissed by Kirby.


I’d be having some words with him personally.


Oh I am.




Just as long as I am TRUE to my HEART on this.





See Jacob Eason listed Nicholls State BEHIND Greyson damn Lambert ?

See Brian Herrien listed Nicholls State BEHIND Brendan Douglas ?


One is in the right play.

The other blocks better.


Never mind in the right play did not do jack shit.

Never mind fumbled the God damn football just when Jacob Eason was going to score.


Big 10 has 5 of the top 32 in the AP Poll.

SEC has 6 of the top 21 in the AP Poll and 8 of the Top 32.


But I forget.  The Big 10 fans say THIS is their heyday that they are doing BETTER than The SEC.




The Pac-12 ACC and Big XII took it on the chin Opening Weekend.


The SEC did ?


Excuse me ?


Then why are 6 of the Top 21 teams ALL SEC teams ?


Lowly unranked Auburn nearly beat the team y’all all said would BEAT Alabama this year.  Really had them beat as it was.  Blew it.


I do believe folks believe that Jacob Eason is going to do WELL with Nick Chubb as the Leading Heisman Trophy Candidate with bruiser Brian Herrien backing him up.


Well not according to Kirby.


It’s a good press conference for Kirby who luckily had ALL THIS to say to guys not a one of which any longer have ANY VOTES in the AP Poll.


Some bullshit about WRITING the NEWS – not MAKING it.




I had reported 12 hours earlier HERE on this blog that former Official BCS Poll from 1998 to 2013 Massey Rankings had ranked The Georgia Bulldogs # 9.


AP Poll 12 hours later followed suit.


Kirby be damned the AP Poll voters think Jacob Eason looks just fine thank you in the WRONG PLAY making plays while Greyson damn Lambert in the RIGHT PLAY didn’t do a God Damn freaking NOTHING but be LOSING by double-digits.


I see Kirby retreated slightly on Brian Herrien as all welled-up about him scoring, when I reported that was what I saw Kirby doing in fact.


We were in SAD SHAPE and sorely needed some frigin’ heroes to STEP-UP and do SOMETHING.


Right on cue, Jacob Eason and Brain Herrien DID JUST THAT.


The Whole World saw it Kirby.




Honestly if you look at the NCAA Rankings Kirby’s Dawgs did really quite frankly VERY POORLY in nearly every aspect of the game : We certainly could NOT pass with Greyson damn Lambert.  We certainly were bottled-up running the ball LOSING by 10 points when Jacob Eason called-upon by Kirby to bail his sorry ass out – losing as he WAS by double-digits.

We absolutely were taken advantage of on Defense as well – losing by 10.  Then when Jacob Eason was INSERTED the entire team SHUT-OUT North Carolina from THEN ON.

Our special teams despite stars playing looked horrible and did their best to give away the damn game.


Then we all watched Florida vols and Ole Miss stink-up The SEC.  Ok and LSU.  Ok and Mississippi State.




Darlings of the AP Poll The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs on the HEROICS of Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien STORMED back and come-from-behind kicked North Carolina ass for an entire hour.  Then were YANKED sent to the pine and NOT REWARDED on Kirby’s 2-Deep for Nicholls State AND said by Kirby to the press who don’t vote in the AP Poll that Brian Herrien doesn’t BLOCK as well as Brendan Douglas.  And that Jacob Eason was in the WRONG PLAYS and poorly communicated some.


Right play.  Wrong play.  Greyson damn Lambert was SHOWN-UP by Jacob Eason.  Communication is clearly required by your QB sir.  So too is actually wanting to do something in your offense and having the desire to execute within that offense.  Communicate all you want sir.  But if you can’t or will not execute, communication truly means little.

Blocking is important too Kirby but Brendan Douglas gave the God Damn Game Away with his frqin’ FUMBLE.  Again.  As he is only wont to do.


For years.


As Greyson damn Lambert.


As he is only wont to do.








With BOTH.


The Coaches’ Poll ALSO has us at # 9 as I reported at midnight Massey already had and the Coaches’ Poll has SEVEN (7) SEC teams ranked.






The Richard Billingsley Report another former Official BCS Poll has Georgia at # 7 :




And Richard Billingsley Report has 8 SEC teams ranked in his top 25 with Arkansas # 25.


Kirby sir, I am all for being in the right plays and blocking.  I want to be on record agreeing with you on these fundamentally imperative objectives for Jacob Eason and for Brian Herrien, sir.


All I am telling you Kirby is that Jacob Eason is HEADS-AND-SHOULDERS way the hell ahead of wherever Greyson damn Lambert ever was or will be.  Sir.


And Brian Herrien is a NFL star while Brendan Douglas like Greyson damn Lambert will NEVER be invited to the NFL Combines even.


Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien HAVE THEIR INVITES to the NFL Combines and BOTH are assured of NFL Draft Picks.


I don’t think it tells these rookies NOT TO WORK HARD and NOT TO KEEP IMPROVING to tell the true freshmen that hey the WHOLE TEAM rallied around y’all and you SAVED MY DAMN BACON – I can ASSURE YOU TWO OF THAT !


All I was going to have without them was that we played hard and that every single aspect of the team’s preparedness in all 3 phases of the game was and is looking like it needs a whole hell of a lot of work to be worthy of being named today SEC Championship Game match-up for # 1 Alabama.  Even with them.


Brendan Douglas and Greyson damn Lambert do NOT belong on the same field as Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien.


In 59 years’ worth of seasons’ tickets I have NEVER seen a Quarterback Controversy this PRONOUNCED and frankly there has only been one worse-treated at running back as well.  Well, maybe Vince Dooley starting Ray Goff instead of Matt Robinson, whom I was vindicated about after when he had a fine NFL career.

Vince Dooley would wait until 3rd Down.  Then, he would substitute Ray Goff with Matt Robinson.  This is worse than that letting Greyson Lambert be LOSING by double-digits – insert Jacob Eason take the lead by several points, then YANK his ass and put back in the plodder who didn’t do anything.


I shout-out to them BOTH !


Good job guys !


I could shout-out to Mo Smith too for both his game-saving TD preventing pass defenses which BOTH were crucial but at least HE got to START whatever the hell he did wrong too Kirby.


I have no problems with your Players of the Game Kirby EXCEPT that you LEFT-OFF the 3 MOST DESERVING behind Nick Chubb.




What message does it send to your team Kirby to point-out the absolute heroics MAKING PLAYS of these 3 sir ?


That 9-4 average for 8 years is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and HERE are 3 guys who MADE plays.


Go to cult-site UGA Thomas Brown and read all about it !


That’s what I have got to say.


Thank you very much…


for allowing little ole me to share that :


We’re all put to the test.

It’s what you do

when you are

that is the difference





because :

You have to WANT IT.

Do you want it ?

Those who do, can accomplish what others can not.

Those who do not, will NEVER accomplish anything in this World

and Never have nor ever will.


If you can’t say that Nick Chubb, Brian Herrien, Mo Smith and Jacob Eason did what was asked of them and won the game for us, then you’re simply biased, or blind – or both.


Please Start Jacob Eason.  Please BENCH Brendan Douglas a game and move-up Brian Herrien.  Please let’s get some rhythm to our offense.


And what in the world can we do about our special teams too Kirby ?


Statistically speaking, we did little on offense defense or special teams.  But you and I know Kirby whom it was in the game we both watched you slightly closer than I, who wanted to do something to improve us and ultimately did.


These 3 clearly did not only want to, but went out there and did Kirby sir.



Kirby faces 4 AP Poll Top 25 Opponents prior to The SEC Championship Game and Bowl Game – sure to be 2 more Ranked teams for Kirby while Mark Richt is NOT RANKED AT ALL AP Poll which is the way he left this place not only his final failed season but unranked AP Poll Mark Richt 4 of his last 8 years here – half the time. I look for Ohio State Ole Miss and FSU to get KNOCKED-DOWN this season. I look for Michigan to play a 2-game season and brag about its won/lost record when they only play 2 teams all season long. Good Lord CUPCAKE CITY for Michigan’s schedule of 2 teams all season. Kent State plays a better schedule than Michigan 2016 you bunch of pussies Michigan.



Auburn is # 33

North Carolina is # 22

Florida is # 25

Kirby # 18 fancy that

Ole Miss is # 11

vols # 9

In SEC Championship Game we’d face either # 1 Alabama or # 5 LSU

That would give Kirby another AP Poll Top 25 Opponent as well

Lots of ranked teams for Kirby


I thought this was supposed to be some pushover schedule ?


No, it is not.


As anyone can readily see.


6 SEC teams in the AP Poll 2016-2017 season.  Nice.


5 Pac-12 teams – thought they supposed to be better than The SEC ?

4 ACC teams – but NOT Mark Richt

4 Big 10 teams who have by the way 14 teams not 10 lol

4 Big XII who have by the way 10 teams not 12 lol

2 others made up of a team not from Power 5 Conferences and an independent


1972 is the last time the Pac-12 won the national championship in football


44 year drought Pac-12 national championship football now 2016-2017 season.


The SEC Won the national championship in football :


2003 LSU

2004 * Auburn was undefeated and consensus next in line since USC vacated nc game win

2006 Florida

2007 LSU

2008 Florida

2009 Alabama

2010 Auburn

2011 Alabama

2012 Alabama

2015 Alabama


10 SEC National Championships in Football starting 2003


Did I mention Georgie tek yellowjackets got no votes -0- none in the AP Poll




Kirby faces 4 AP Poll Top 25 Opponents prior to The SEC Championship Game and Bowl Game – sure to be 2 more Ranked teams for Kirby while Mark Richt is NOT RANKED AT ALL AP Poll which is the way he left this place not only his final failed season but unranked AP Poll Mark Richt 4 of his last 8 years here – half the time.


Ole Miss plays FSU Alabama and Georgia in its first 4 games and Ole Miss is ranked ahead of Kirby.


Michigan plays 2 games all season and both basically in November Ohio State and Michigan State.  Cupcake City schedule Michigan.  A 2-game season ?  That all you got Michigan ?  Say you lose them both and win every other game all of which are CUPCAKES you’d be 11-2.  Pretty sad Michigan.


I look for FSU Florida State, Ole Miss and Ohio State to have a season where they get knocked down.  Not Michigan.  Michigan plays a schedule like Boise State.  Seriously 2 games you play all season and that is all you got Michigan ?


Kirby starts the season # 16 Coaches’ Poll and # 18 AP Poll 2016-2017 pre-season polls.


11-3 or 12-2 both of which would be better than Mark Richt his last 8 years of average of 4 losses a season and 9 wins average for his last 8 years here in 15 game seasons for the top teams which he was NOT.


Nick has 7 home games and Kirby has 6.


Kirby will have no problems doing something about this downturn the last 8 years of 4 losses a season average.  He will not waste the talent like Mark Richt did and will TRY to win, something else Mark Richt quit doing after 2007 – wanting to win – with his stupid mantra for 8 years of there’s something BESIDES winning that’s important here at Georgia.


No there isn’t.


8 years of deficiency, failure, inadequacy, inadequateness, insufficiency, lack, paucity, scantiness, scarceness, scarcity, shortage, undersupply, drought, meagerness, shortfall, mediocrity, losses, deprivation, and skimpy results end.


Long live Kirby !    Good riddance Mark Richt and his loser mentality.


Kent State plays a better football schedule this 2016-2017 season than Michigan.  Michigan you are a bunch of pussies.




AP Poll All-Time The University of Georgia is # 15. Georgie tek yellowjackets are NOT listed in the Top 25 of the AP Poll All-Time – these represent 80 years of polls. Of course UGA also has the one AP Poll national championship while Georgie tek has NONE in football and only 1 in ANY sport and that in girl’s tennis a LONG TIME AGO. Now the AJ-C today on page C2 runs an article about THIS and refuses to give CREDIT to the person at the AJ-C who WROTE what he wrote. It reads and I quote : “In the All-Time AP Poll rankings Georgie tek yellowjackets LEADS OFF the ALSO RECEIVING VOTES contingent.” Knowing that they have had 7 years of -0- wins and another 5 years of just 1 win all season I kept looking for the AJ-C to say that UGA was # 15 All-Time in AP Poll Rankings. THE AJ-C NEVER DOES. So here you are AJ-C. Stick THIS up your asshole ! The AJ-C also does NOT give you the URL Link to the All-Time AP Poll Rankings starting now it’s 81st year. So HERE that is too AJ-C. God damn Bullshit artists AJ-C Page C2 Sports “Jackets rank 26th in all-time AP Polls.” AJ-C Ken Sugiura – God Damn HOMER Bullshit Artist – LIAR – distorter of Truth



( http://www.collegefootball.ap.org/top-100 )


20 Georgia Bulldogs’ fans read the AJ-C for every 1 Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fan.


Why is the AJ-C a paper in financial RUIN ?




59 miles away really one county away from Atlanta and some dumbass who is NOT CREDITED Page C2 today Sports thinks he can provide ONLY Georgie tek yellowjackets’ numbers just before we are ranked about # 15 or so in the AP Poll and Georgie tek yellowjackets UNRANKED.




That pisses me off.


A 3-9 team who did NOT fire their coach gets Page C2 article by unnamed AJ-C writer in print edition today gets 3 columns of bullshit about their AP Poll All-Time ranking NOT EVEN IN THE TOP 25.




Dumb shits.


That is right not 1 freaking word about Bulldogs.






Here is the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ “crowd” at their G-Day Game this year while we had 93,000 at ours :



( http://twitter.com/GTFootball/status/721358097302863873/photo/1 )


Of course Marco Rube Rubio did not even come in 2nd here after calling this a Georgie tek yellowjackets “stronghold.”  Uh no it is NOT.


Nowhere is.


7 million folks in Atlanta and Georgie tek yellowjackets hold their annual G-Day Scrimmage Game and 5000 showed-up this year yet again.  Maybe 5000.  Frankly it looks like LESS THAN THAT.


Indoor Practice Facilities ?  Georgie tek yellowjackets’ Indoor Practice Facility is 87600 square feet compared to our new 100800 square feet facility.  They do NOT even have a full field.  It is 80 yards long only.  And it is designed to be UNSAFE with cement steel walls for their kids to run into where the 100-yard field and end zones are supposed to be.



( https://i0.wp.com/grfx.cstv.com/schools/geo/graphics/facilities/2015/Interior-Perspective.jpg )


The Georgie tek yellowjackets are on NCAA PROBATION as we speak.  Does the AJ-C tell you that ?  No.


They named their stadium for a college drop-out : Bobby Dodd.


You have so much God Damn Penis-envy of us that you come across as nothing but a bunch of pussies !


You’re # 19 in Wins in football and we # 11, and you have not won shit since 1955.


You buy a ticket and they give you 2 free cokes, 2 bags of boiled peanuts, and 2 free hot dogs, along with a parking pass.

Still no one goes, and no one cares.


Starting 1975, you have beat us ten times.  4 decades 10 wins.


They have a 1914 Ford Model T which they TRY to call their Ramblin’ Wreck but the facts on that are that in 1893 when they cheated and HIRED our players off our team who won at football, we stoned their train returning back to Atlanta and they rear-ended a freight train with the headlines on the AJ-C reading : Ramblin’ Wreck Returns to Atlanta.  It has NOTHING to do with 1914 or a Model T, but a DAMNED TRAIN.


Georgie tek yellowjackets have won 6 national championships in football, although none ever in the AP Poll, and UGA has 6 national championships in football in every single poll Georgie tek claims their 6 in.  Every poll that ranked Georgie tek # 1, UGA has been ranked # 1 in as well – every poll they’re ranked # 1 in.


AP Poll All-Time The University of Georgia is # 15.  Georgie tek yellowjackets are NOT listed in the Top 25 of the AP Poll All-Time – these represent 80 years of polls.

Of course UGA also has the one AP Poll national championship while Georgie tek has NONE in football and only 1 in ANY sport and that in girl’s tennis a LONG TIME AGO.

Now the AJ-C today on page C2 runs an article about THIS and refuses to give CREDIT to the person at the AJ-C who WROTE what he wrote.  It reads and I quote : “In the All-Time AP Poll rankings Georgie tek yellowjackets LEADS OFF the ALSO RECEIVING VOTES contingent.”

Knowing that they have had 7 years of -0- wins and another 5 years of just 1 win all season I kept looking for the AJ-C to say that UGA was # 15 All-Time in AP Poll Rankings.  THE AJ-C NEVER DOES.  So here you are AJ-C.  Stick THIS up your asshole !  The AJ-C also does NOT give you the URL Link to the All-Time AP Poll Rankings starting now it’s 81st year.


So HERE that is too AJ-C.  God damn Bullshit artists AJ-C Page C2 Sports “Jackets rank 26th in all-time AP Polls.”


Georgia Tech 26th in all-time AP poll rankings


( http://georgiatech.blog.ajc.com/2016/08/03/georgia-tech-26th-in-all-time-ap-poll-rankings/ )


AJ-C Ken Sugiura – God Damn HOMER Bullshit Artist – LIAR – distorter of Truth







I’mYourHuckleberry 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 Season : Kirby is # 1 as he is the difference now after 8 years of what you called unsatisfactory performance by Mark Richt avg # 7 Scout.com recruiting ranking but avg 4 losses a season for the last entire 8 excruciating years here. Other than Jacob Eason we might as well have not recruited anyone for none other made your list while others did who obviously are NOT going to help us beat teams like you say of the vols Florida and Ole Miss. You did not mention Missouri North Carolina Auburn and don’t forget Georgie tek yellowjackets beat Mark Richt both of his last 2 games at Sanford including the year before last here where we play them this year then our SEC Championship Game then our bowl game hopefully BOTH teams ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll on the national stage EVERYONE watching us for a change. Sorry I’mYourHuckleberry but I have problems with your Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season therefore. Enjoyed reading it but you listed some who aren’t and left off others who OBVIOUSLY will be in my humble opinion if we are ALLOWED (or earned the Right) to add-on or comment I’mYourHuckleberry. If you list a player who has played here for years and not performed that doesn’t make him the Most Important Bulldog this season.

“The players that are most important to the Bulldogs success in 2016.”




A team is made up of much when we’ve recruited the average # 7 Scout.com Recruiting Rankings for the years these guys have been here who make up our team.




1.Nick Chubb

2.Natrez Patrick

3.Dominick Sanders

4.Terry Godwin – he was our most accomplished QB last year 2015 season. If the ball had been thrown to him properly and not behind him he would have had a more profound effect on a team who FIRED their coach for going 9-3 last season as Mark Richt did.

5.Lorenzo Carter

6.Brandon Kublanow

7.Trenton Thompson

8.Sony Michel was misused last year as our # 2 best at receptions yet used too much not out in space.  His natural position is wide receiver. He is our 16th Bulldog to rush for over 1000 yards in a season.  Sony Michel was critically misused last season not out in space and we acted like we had no one to run the ball other than him up the middle when we DID.

9.Jacob Eason almost did not make your list of the 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.  OBVIOUSLY he is at the VERY TIPPY TOP OF THE LIST # 1.  Either that or we can SCRATCH this season as yet another write-off before it begins.

10.DaQuan Hawkins 9 days ago you listed at # 10 of Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.


Some of these guys are a stretch at best.

Some of the guys you left-off altogether are glaringly missing and who clearly are FAR MORE IMPORTANT 2016-2017 season than these 10.





I’mYourHuckleberry 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 Season : Kirby is # 1 as he is the difference now after 8 years of what you called unsatisfactory performance by Mark Richt avg # 7 Scout.com recruiting ranking but avg 4 losses a season for the last entire 8 excruciating years here.


Other than Jacob Eason we might as well have not recruited anyone for none other made your list while others did who obviously are NOT going to help us beat teams like you say of the vols Florida and Ole Miss not to mention Missouri North Carolina Auburn and don’t forget Georgie tek yellowjackets beat Mark Richt both of his last 2 games at Sanford including the year before last here as they play us here this year then our SEC Championship Game then our bowl game hopefully BOTH teams ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll on the national stage EVERYONE watching us for a change.


Sorry I’mYourHuckleberry but I have problems with your Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season therefore.  Enjoyed reading it but you listed some who aren’t and left off others who OBVIOUSLY will be in my humble opinion if we are ALLOWED (or earned the Right) to add-on or comment I’mYourHuckleberry.


Greg Pyke picked to be NFL Draft Pick # 7 of OG after this season and you do not even list him but do these other 10 instead ahead of him ?


Can’t see it sorry I’mYourHuckleberry.


Mecole Hardman Jr. is OBVIOUSLY 1 of the 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.  Our special teams have sucked.  We have really nothing but questions about running the football today and he is a great rusher.  From there or out in space he is a great target for Jacob Eason you do list.  But Mecole Hardman Jr. you don’t I’mYourHuckleberry ?




( http://www.bulldawgillustrated.com/author/mpasek/ )


How in the world can you leave off  Tyler Catalina I’mYourHuckleberry ?  And to list these you do consider the 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season and leave off  Tyler Catalina is a travesty and injustice.


Davin Bellamy is left off so you can prop-up these other guys who have no business being listed ahead of him as well ?  Talk about injustice.


Just my opinion now.


If we are BACK to allowing opinions around here with my over 50 years of Seasons’ Tickets studying all this as my hobby quite obviously.  A hobby I’m quite good at I might add.


I am PLEASED that you did leave off Isaiah McKenzie as the Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs going into this 2016-2017 season given his failures on and off the field leading up to this up-coming season.  He has some proving to do including demanding that we buy some of the $ 150 beeping footballs so that he learns how to properly hold on to the football with the fundamental 5-points of contact causing the balls to whistle or beep so they know they are finally holding the ball correctly.  Up until now he would not have had a ball not only not wear out its battery but in fact never beeped yet here for us.  I still don’t like the way he treats ladies off the field either.  This man was coddled.


I am likewise pleased that there not only is no mention of Greyson Lambert but specifically you also LISTED Jacob Eason.


Even if it was at # 9.


Greyson Lambert fumbled the ball 7 times last season for us and others that were not charged to him in his sorry ass season of only 12 times throwing a TD Pass ALL SEASON.  He rushed 29 times for minus  – 39 yards.  He was # 109 Passing Offense refusing to TRY to throw the football down the field thinking he would lose his Starting QB job if he did and keep it if it did NOT.  And he was # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions as a direct result thereof.


So thanks for that too I’mYourHuckleberry.


But even Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation who completed his series on this question before you even started yours I’mYourHuckleberry listed Jacob Eason at # 2 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.


Why # 9 for you Jacob Eason ?


I’d have Jacob Eason at # 2 after Kirby and if players only as you specify # 1 clearly and undeniably with Mecole Hardman Jr. # 3.


Mecole Hardman Jr. was invited to the Alabama game last year by Mark Richt and said afterwards that Kirby’s guys were ready to play but Mark Richt’s were NOT.  AND Mecole Hardman Jr.’s MOM said then too that Elite Prospects WANT TO WIN !


And you left him off your guess as to the top 10 most important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.





( https://www.dawgnation.com/football/team-news/georgias-most-important-players-of-2016-how-long-until-launch-for-jacob-eason )


Again a team is made-up of much when we average # 7 Scout.com recruiting rankings as we do for this 2016-2017 football team.


Indeed several of the coaching additions this season could join Kirby at this point in my list such as Dell McGee whom I love and always have ever since even before he told Mark Richt to go jump in a damn lake.


Not only coaching additions to this 2016-2017 team but FANS are MOST IMPORTANT TOO.  For far too long these last 8 years according to you of unsatisfactory results the Mark Richt Apologists have held back this # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program with 6 NC and # 3 best in bowl games.  Our FANS have held us back.  If we’re going to be successful sometime SOON this has to end.


Now 7 and a half months AFTER I FIRED Mark Richt they STILL are whining about it daily on EVERY BLOG on the Internet notably daily on senator Bluto’s gtp get the picture blog.


As noted herein daily.


It’s sickening.


For this reason I list our FANS as Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.  They have to be UNIFIED as Kirby has repeated 2000 times already.  And they are NOT.


Read any senator bluto gtp get the picture blog and READ THE COMMENTS.


I do.




“I don’t think Mark Richt is losing his job this year” November 2015 mind you.


“I can’t deny it was a decision by Greg McGarity that could not be justified.”


“Again I’m not saying that you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job.”


“He isn’t going anywhere.”


Jim Chaney I would not list yet as he has to prove himself to me from what I can tell so far.  Will he have the # 89 Passing Offense of Mark Richt Mike Bobo and Hutson Mason of 2 years ago 2014 now this season ?  Will he have the # 109 Passing Offense of Mark Richt and Greyson Lambert last year 2015 now this season ?  Well Kirby is counting upon him to fix this crap isn’t he ?  It won’t happen without Jacob Eason.  Jim Chaney has STOOD IDLY BY as Kirby did not give Jacob Eason 1 single snap with the # 1 unit.  If Jim Chaney thinks I missed that he is gravely mistaken.  It’s his responsibility with Kirby only 1 season on offense here as running backs’ coach ever in his lifetime to point out to Kirby that Jacob Eason has to get used to the # 1 unit and THEY to HIM.  We wasted the Spring.


Wasted it.


Mel Tucker will have to prove himself to ME too not just to Kirby from what I can tell so far as well.  Kirby said we were protected here at Georgia last year on defense.  Well we certainly DID have an easy schedule to FIRE the coach for being 9-3.  There were 29 teams Division 1-A FBS who made it a 10-win season last year and Mark Richt did NOT DESPITE a protected easy schedule since he was only 9-3 and UNRANKED in the Final AP Poll Top 25 therefore.  Thus Mark Richt’s 2015 team NOT ONLY COST HIM HIS JOB but more importantly to ME since I was FIRING him anyway he did not even make the Final AP Poll Top 25 even with a bowl win against an unranked opponent him coaching at Miami of Florida at the time.


Half the latest 8 years Kirby was National Champion calling all the defensive plays as Defensive Coordinator while Mark Richt for his latest 8 years here was NOT ranked half the time in the Final AP Poll Top 25 even.


Good Lord.


Please do not hold-up these guys who have NOT GOTTEN THE JOB DONE around here as they underperformed and act like now they are the top 10 most important Bulldogs.  No they aren’t.  They have to PROVE themselves.  There is QUITE a DIFFERENCE there in our thinking I’mYourHuckleberry.


I would love to see them do well.


They AREN’T my expectations since they HAVEN’T and HAD THE CHANCE to.


Sam Pittman our Offensive Linemen Coach is ALREADY the difference for Kirby SIGNING Jacob Eason.  And he has REALLY LINED them UP since joining the staff and causing Jacob Eason’s Dad’s quote that that is the reason he quit looking at Florida crocodiles when he certainly DID when Mark Richt was fired.


The Dirty Dozen Running Backs 2016-2017 season I highlight have been left-off your list entirely other than Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.  How about at least 4 others I see Kirby using as running backs you leave off for some of the likes of those you do list ?


No one is talking about Charlie Woerner.  That is a BIG HUGE MISTAKE.  I promise he could rush for 1000 yards this season for us.  I have seen him run the football.


Our SoS this season is top 10 in the nation.


We are not getting through it with the running backs left-off EVERY BLOG’S LIST except mine of the Dirty Dozen Running Backs 2016-2017 season who will set RECORDS for us.  Trust me on this.


I do have a small amount of credibility on my PREDICTIONS don’t I I’mYourHuckleberry sir ?


Yes we lost 2 dozen guys in the great exodus here after last season guys who averaged the # 7 Scout.com recruiting ranking and DOMINATED the NFL Combines winning those Awards and monies who were misused here by Mark Richt.  But since Kolton Houston graduated after last year too joining Mark Richt’s Dream Team in the great exodus after last season those guys averaged 4 losses a season too while they were here with 24 losses in 6 years the same record Greg McGarity and Mark Richt shared together and for which he was FIRED summarily.  And of course these last remnants of the Dream Team fared very well in the NFL Draft and free agent signings.  They just did not do shit here.


Tracy Rocker indeed was already here but he stayed unlike Thomas Brown.  He’s great too.


Ben Cleveland how can he be left off while others you list are ?


I just don’t get it.


How can Isaac Nauta be left off while others are listed by you AHEAD of Isaac Nauta ?


Tim Kimbrough # 14 of ILB if he did not flunk-out when grades came out December and was suspended academically for the bowl game I presume.  Recall as well as reported here that Mark Richt demoted Tim Kimbrough for the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game.  Did he have reports Tim Kimbrough was behind in his grades at that time ?


Quincy Mauger # 18 of SS.


Jeb Blazevich.


I am at a loss.




I think you think Kirby is NOT playing these freshman for example to just name one group you left off entirely except for Jacob Eason I’mYourHuckleberry sir and NFL Draft Picks as another group YOU SAY WILL NOT BE TOP 10 MOST IMPORTANT BULLDOGS 2016-2017 SEASON.


I KNOW he will play these freshmen and NFL Draft Picks and THESE on my list in this blog post will MOST certainly end-up on the Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs this 2016-2017 season up-coming I’mYourHuckleberry sir.


There is NO WAY they can’t.


Frankly if some of MY LIST DON’T we have little hope this season.


I read quite a few of these lists across the Internet and I have the only list that really lists the Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.


Yes I think outside the box.  I have never been put in a bias box.


I know Riley Ridley is going to have a great career here catching Jacob Eason’s passes as we’ve ALREADY seen.


I know Julian Rochester is going to have a great career here and it ALL STARTS with his season 2016-2017.  To list these others who have NOT PROVEN they are worthy of your list of top 10 when they have proven that to you I’mYourHuckleberry while leaving off guys like these I suggest INSTEAD of THEM is incredibly short-sighted as I see it.  If I am allowed to offer-up an opinion or have any kind of proven track record at doing so.


You know there’s a chance Javon Wims does extremely well this season AND next season I’mYourHuckleberry sir.  Leaving him and these others I highlight off as a mention even while including some you did list Top 10 is going to make MY LIST more relevant than yours.  I am sure of that.


How important is it that Kirby signed Elijah Holyfield now ?  List those you did and not mention this ?  Big gamble on your part to UN-LIST Elijah Holyfield while LISTING clearly questionable choices of Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.  In my opinion I would list him AHEAD of several of yours.


Michail Carter – Tyler Simmons – David Marshall – Tyler Clark – Jaleel Laguins – you listed some long shots I think these on my list are BETTER than.


Just saying.


You can NOT list a player who HAS NOT PERFORMED well so far and LIST HIM as Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season I’mYourHuckleberry.


No matter how much YOU WANT HIM TO PERFORM FINALLY given the opportunity ALREADY.


Brian Herrien is going to rush for over 1000 yards in a season I am CONVINCED.  I am so proud of this young man !  And yet you hold up these OTHERS instead of him ?  I would LIST HIM.  I have.  I have said so.


Kirby says he needs Depth across the board and we DON’T HAVE IT he said.  If that is the case the only way he does that is PLAY THE FRESHMAN not just Jacob Eason who isn’t going to be the # 9 Most Important Bulldog 2016-2017 season either.


I’m sorry but I have a LOT better list than yours.  Mark it.  Check it out.

























29 Teams make 10-win season and being # 29 not even in the Top 25 is NOT one of our Goals. AP Poll does NOT rank Georgia in the Top 25. 5 SEC teams did make the Top 25 Final AP Poll but we did not. 29 teams 10-win season 2015-2016 season our best win over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


AP Poll released and we are NOT Top 25 for this season. Another UNRANKED season.  Half the time after 2007 we were NOT ranked : 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2015.



10-Win Season 2015 FBS  


Pos Team Record
1. Alabama (14-1-0)–0.9333
2. Clemson (14-1-0)–0.9333
3. Houston (13-1-0)–0.92857
4. Ohio St. (12-1-0)–0.92308
5. Michigan St. (12-2-0)–0.85714
6. Stanford (12-2-0)–0.85714
7. Iowa (12-2-0)–0.85714
8. Western Ky. (12-2-0)–0.85714
9. Oklahoma (11-2-0)–0.84615
10. Navy (11-2-0)–0.84615
11. TCU (11-2-0)–0.84615
12. Appalachian St. (11-2-0)–0.84615
13. Toledo (10-2-0)–0.83333
14. San Diego St. (12-3-0)–0.80000
15. North Carolina (11-3-0)–0.78571
16. Mississippi (10-3-0)–0.76923
17. Northwestern (10-3-0)–0.76923
18. Notre Dame (10-3-0)–0.76923
19. Michigan (10-3-0)–0.76923
20. Florida St. (10-3-0)–0.76923
21. Oklahoma St. (10-3-0)–0.76923
22. Utah (10-3-0)–0.76923
23. Baylor (10-3-0)–0.76923
24. Wisconsin (10-3-0)–0.76923
25. Marshall (10-3-0)–0.76923
26. Temple (10-4-0)–0.71429
27. Bowling Green (10-4-0)–0.71429
28. Florida (10-4-0)–0.71429
29. Georgia (10-3-0)–0.76923



# 29 and NOT even in the Top 25 is NOT our Goal.  NOT !


Hell 9-win teams are ranked ahead of us.  That makes us not even # 29.




Of course, LSU a 9-win team this season BEAT Florida.  We got the shit beat out of us 3-27.  That is why we’re not ranked and why 5 other SEC teams ARE !


And, why we FIRED the God Damned Coach, despite all your bullshit to prop him up as having a 9-win season here.


Bryan McClendon beat Penn State but they are 7-6 and beat not 1 single Power 5 Conference team with a  winning record this season.


NEITHER did we !


And, so we are NOT ranked in the AP Poll for the 4th time in the most recent 8 years.


And, we’re # 29 with our 10-win season 9-win season for FIRED coach.


With 9-win teams ranked AHEAD of us for BEATING SOMEONE !


We are NOT RANKED Final AP Poll Top 25 :



Jake Eason’s Dad says Sam Pittman ! Drudgery until after next Monday start anew ? Good Lord ! Just quit then. You are so FOS. Give it up! And, just when I am so pumped ! Now, Jeff Sagarin Poll moves Bryan McClendson’s team up to # 22. And, so we bid adieu to 21 and maybe 22 all whom Started for us. The last of the Dream Team. # 14 Malkom Parrish leaps 42″ and Lorenzo Carter then jumps 42″ and they both then bat the ball down with BOTH HANDS EMPHATICALLY after Sterling Bailey was all over Trace McSorley who had to heave the Hail Mary through his arms as Blue Bloods Penn State Nittany Lions and Georgia Bulldogs battle it out to the buzzer 24-17 UGA ! Bryan McClendon gets Georgia ranked in AP and Coaches’ Final Polls ! How exciting ! 29-19-3 UGA Bowl Record which is Top 5 All-Time in Bowl Games. We beat Penn State ! The SEC Wins Bowl Challenge 2015-2016 at 8-2 while Pac-12 pedestrian 6-4, and while Big 10 does NOT have winning bowl record, and while Big XII Big 12 and ACC both have LOSING BOWL RECORDS again. 29 teams 10-Win Season. Massey Rankings Top 25 Poll former Official BCS Rankings Polls just after the win, updated its Top 25 so far this season with one game to go and ranked Bryan McClendon’s team all the way to # 15 ! Wow !


Academic Honor Roll  Malkom Parrish # 14, leaps out of his skin as time expires today at the Gator Bowl to beat Blue Blood Penn State 24-17, leaping 42 inches and with both hands smashing the ball downwards so hard that it bounced to Daytona Beach !


Fine-looking young man, isn’t he ?


Sterling Bailey    was all over their back-up QB Trace McSorley as he tried to heave it through his out-stretched arms on the Hail Mary Pass to end the game.  First, Malkom Parrish leaped and then Lorenzo Carter repeated a 42″ leap both smashing the ball into and through the turf.


Penn State fans have been typing on the Internet after the game that they are glad their Starting QB did not play further, that their back-up QB did very well, better than he.


I find myself thinking the same about our former coach.


That we did better WITHOUT him.


Leonard Floyd picked up their little back-up QB  Trace McSorley  # 9.


They ran no replay of that !


Trace McSorley had a better day than Greyson Lambert !


Dominick Sanders, Tucker High School, got an interception – his 7th for the season !  One of the national leaders listed on EVERY LIST !  At the time, Penn State was taking the opening drive right down the field on the strength of their NFL High Draft Pick QB and long pass after long pass.  So much so, that I and many others were getting a bad feeling about this game to begin with.


Then, instead of Penn State going ahead 0-7.  We kicked a field goal, and instead we were not behind 0-7 but AHEAD 3-0.


10-point swing on that one play.


Difference in the game.


Hero again Dominick Sanders, Tucker High School.


You know ?


Tucker High School, like Thomas Brown !


Keith Marshall had the game of his life with huge big runs at the end of the game for us, with no one else to turn to !  Keith Marshall has 62 yards on 14 gutsy up-the-gut carries against Penn State to save our bacon today I can tell you !


You’re a good man Keith Marshall, sir !


Best of everything to you sir !  What a game !


Terry Godwin made a spinning behind the back spin-around and leap in the end zone to make a TD grab and threw the longest pass of the season for us as Todd Gurley II did last year for us to a wide-open Malcolm Mitchell who just really punctuated his career here with well over 100 yards receiving.  It was in the air 44 yards from the former high school WR and QB who also lettered as I in basketball and in baseball.  There were 48-yard passes by Greyson Lambert this season, but they were a catch and run not end zone TD throw from mid-field.


Sony Michel was worked to the bone against the tough Penn State Nittany Lions’ # 1 ranked defense.  In the end it was Sony Michel’s gutsy score for the final margin.  And, this leaves Sony Michel with his name # 12 all-time in rushing for Georgia in a season, 1 ahead of Frank Sinkwich.


Sony Michel this season makes 16 Georgia Bulldogs who have rushed for over 1000 yards in season !


16 !


Sony Michel dragged his defender # 90 for Penn State Garrett Sickels from the 10-yard line all the way 3 yards deep for the winning 21-yard romp for the winning score today at the Gator Bowl where we had previously been under the fired coach, losers of 11 of 16.


TaxSlayer.com states on its WebPages that it is the sponsor for what it calls the “Gator Bowl.”


It was OUR DEFENSE that showed their strength in speed and depth all season trying to bail out our QB Greyson Lambert, who is just damn maddening.


At halftime, Coach Kirby Smart in a new Blue Blazer with brass buttons, swaying side-to-side throughout, was interviewed and said we played with a lot of energy today and a lot of passion !  When the ESPN announcers double-teaming him said the interview was over, you could see Coach Kirby Smart who is a fine-looking gentleman standing there swaying side-to-side nervous energy 39 years’ old when we hired him as our Coach, just exhale and you could see the palpable relief on his smile in front of 100 million watching him live with no competition on TV for our very exciting game.


We got up by 24-3.  We lost one like this to the vols earlier this season, up by 21 or more.  Greyson Lambert did all he could do to let Penn State back in it with their QB racked across the shoulder as he hit the ground on a penalty against Penn State behind that play.  He left and never came back, ending his career on the sidelines.  Junior Penn State QB Christian Hackenberg is draft eligible and I sure hope he is ok and just a shoulder separation.  They said they took X-ray, but did not share results yet.  Just that he wouldn’t be back in this game, per James Franklin.


In the 4th Quarter, we were still ahead 24-3.


4th quarter.


Penn State was unranked, is unranked, and will be unranked at 7-6.


Bryan McClendon gets Georgia ranked in AP and Coaches’ Final Polls !


Bryan McClendon has balls !


He went for it on 4th down in field goal range ahead by but a score.


We failed.


It was a horrible play call, too deep, and right into the teeth of the stifling front 7 of Penn State led by their Consensus All-America Carl Nassib Consensus 1st Team All-America 2015.  We certainly had no one honored like that this season.


This gave Penn State the ball at our 25-yard line with 1:52 left in the game.


Austin Johnson  # 99 for Penn State Nittany Lions came up behind Sophomore  Isaiah Wynn  for Georgia after the whistle and shoved him hard from behind and tried to knock him down.  He spun around quickly to see who took the cheap shot, and it was this play that let us escape !


Penn State is ahead of Georgia All-Time in Wins once again after the NCAA re-instated their wins, but upheld their NCAA Probation in Football they are still suffering from.




Georgia Bulldogs 787-413-54 All-Time # 11 in Wins !




Blue Bloods ?


Bad blood.


Maybe Penn State was not the better defense on the field.  Penn State players said it was, pre-game.  And, John Theus said the game has not been played in reply.


It has now.


Click on these guys’ names below to see what they’ve done :


Starting Right Offensive Tackle : John Theus Started all 13 games this season, has great future ahead of him in the NFL, will be invited to combines.  Invited to Senior Bowl and accepted to Senior Bowl Saturday January 30. Working out at Ryan Goldin at GATA Training in Duluth after the Penn State Bowl Game !

Starting Inside Linebacker : Jordan Jenkins, Started 10 of the 13 games including all the last 4, will be invited to combines. Invited to senior bowl and accepted to Senior Bowl Saturday January 30.  Has Great NFL career ahead of him !

There are the only 2 of the 22 in The Great Exodus (maybe 21 – see last entry below in this list) who are rumored to be NFL Draft Picks.  Leonard Floyd and Jordan Jenkins.  Of course that graphic during the telecast by ESPN, is wrong.


ESPN spent the entire game, rooting for Penn State.


Friq Penn State Nittany Lions.

Starting Fullback : Quayvon Hicks, Started 3 games this season, jerked around his whole career here and never properly utilized because of some penchant for playing walk-ons in this we’ve got something besides winning that’s important here B.S.  Started 6 of his 13 games in 2014, Started 6 of his 13 games in 2013.

Starting Inside Linebacker : Jake Ganus, Started all 13 games this season, declared by entire staff as the Most Valuable Player of this football team this season and I might add without ANY doubts, not yet invited to combines or Senior Bowl, holding out hope, got Married, great guy !

Starting Wide Receiver : Malcolm Mitchell, Started all 13 games this season, has tremendous numbers, one of everyone’s Most Favorite Bulldogs of All-Time !  Great all-around guy too !  Outspoken in a good way.  Fun to watch by God !  When he gets the ball he turns upfield and gives it his all !  Great blocker and prides himself on his blocking like Hines Ward.  Has a swagger about his stance where he leans his head and takes off.  Hard to describe but it is Signature.  Like a dogged determination to be great.  Suffered from NOT having a damn QB both his Junior and Senior Seasons !  # 103 passing game and this man is IT.  Has IT.  Is IT. Great future in the NFL awaits.  Can do anything he wants to do.  Invited to Senior Bowl and accepted to Senior Bowl Saturday January 30.  Will be invited to Combines.

Starting Place Kicker : Marshall Morgan, played in all 13 games, great personal tragedy

Starting Tight End : Jay Rome, Started this season, never had ball thrown to him.  No concept about all that.  Has 40 catches for 400 yards. Biggest question mark about this team is how Mike Bobo refused to throw to the Tight Ends last season and then this year the new guy – well, we all know Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor called all the plays for 15 years.  We threw a weak assed pass toward him in the bowl game.  Starter Several Games 2014 too, and Started in 2012 as well. This is the type of guy who surprise you.  Seen it a lot.  He goes out and proves himself and someone gives him a shot.  He has nothing but pride for his accomplishments here, despite all the B.S. to not throw the damn ball to him.

Starting Wide Receiver : Justin Scott-Wesley, an exciting Starter for us Started a bunch of games in his career here.  Thank you Justin !

Starting Tailback : Keith Marshall, dear God what is it that Keith Marshall is the guy who no one made any effort toward getting him the ball in space ? I pegged him for the NFL on day 1.  So many big injuries vs vols.  He has been ready to play this season.  We didn’t give him the ball.  He quits after this bowl game.  He has a full season left and he quits after this game, but he could come back.  He is declaring for the NFL Draft. Maybe they will see in him what I do.  2 of his last 3 games here, this God Damn Coaching Staff did not give him a single freaking carry until his heroics in this Bowl Game vs Penn State where he willed us to the win !  I’d quit too damn it.  Love you Keith Marshall sir !  Keith Marshall was a Starter here for us at Tailback in 2013.  He was a Starter here for us at Tailback in 2012 too.  Has a Medical Redshirt Year 2016 for us if he only wants it !  Please want it sir !  Really hoping he is invited to Combines.

Starting Center : Hunter Long,  Started Several games for us this season.

Starting Offensive Left Guard : Kolton Houston, Started all 13 games for us this season. NFL beckons. Working out at Ryan Goldin at GATA Training in Duluth after the Penn State Bowl Game !  Under-sized but frame can handle more weight.  Invited to Combines ?

Starting Defensive End : Josh Dawson, Started 4 games in 2014 and Started in 2013 too, played in all 13 games this season.  Thanks Josh !

Starting Defensive End : Sterling Bailey, Starter 11 of the 13 games this season. Also was a Starter last season in 2014 and he Started 9 of 12 games in 2013.   Great guy !  Best of luck in the NFL sir !  Invited to Combines ?  His QB pressure on the last play vs Penn State is what gave us the win !

Starting Defensive Tackle : James DeLoach, Starter 3 games this season !  Way to go sir !

Starting Nose Tackle : Chris Mayes, Starter 12 of the 12 games he played this season.  Started 8 of his 11 games in 2013 too !  Best of luck in the NFL sir !  All the best ! Invited to Combines ?  Said we never had spirited practices until the fired coach, was gone.

Starting Cornerback : Devin Bowman, played in the 1st 5 games this season after being Starter in 8 of his 12 games last season !  Also was a Starter in 2012.

Starting Linebacker SLM : Junior Leonard Floyd, not a sack machine.  Does have a motor when he comes to play.  Harasses the QB, not sack him.  When he gets his ass in gear can take over a game by himself.  Tremendous upside with the right coaching.  Starter every game after he faltered on grades getting-in.  Will be invited to Combines after he declares.

Starter as Kicker : Patrick Beless, got to play vs Southern University Baton Rouge, also was our only Starting Kicker the 1st two games of 2013 when Marshall Morgan was suspended those 2 games.  Made all his field goals and extra points !  Thanks Patrick !  Sorry, we did not ask you instead of the fired punter, to try the field goal in the bowl game.

Starting Wide Receiver 2015 season Kenneth Towns !  He personally won 2 games for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor.  Imagine how those 2 games go without Kenneth Towns and his season.  My God, his season !  Thank you Thank you Thank You !  Kenneth Towns Started for us 2015 !  A real success story in my book !

Starting Punter : Collin Barber, was our Punter the 1st 10 games then we made our Starting QB the only Starting QB on the roster, the Punter and watched him throw a pass off his back foot no follow through on a botched-fake punt.  Just junk.  Collin, thanks for your efforts. Sorry your career ended like that sir !  And, your bowl game wasn’t any better this time either, was it ?

Starting Long Snapper : Nathan Theus.  Great job in the classroom too Nathan !  Yes, I noticed.  Has been Invited and Accepted to play in the NFL Players’ Association Collegiate Bowl Saturday January 23.  This All-Star Game sponsored by the NFL Players’ Association is to showcase collegiate seniors to the NFL.

Starting Outside Linebacker Junior Tim Kimbrough Started last 7 games of the season 2015 for us with strong NFL future, then before the exams lost his Starting Job last game regular season and came in off the bench hiding it from us that what ?  Then, the day after the Final Exams, he was not allowed to practice and the interim coach could no longer lie about it and announced he was suspended for this game.  He may have played his last game if it’s grades, and can not study between now and Fall.  You can do it Tim !  We believe in you !


And, so we bid adieu to 21 and maybe 22.  The last of the Dream Team.


These 2 teams do NOT like each other.


James Franklin beat again !


ESPN put up all the recruiting talent this team has, and we’re loaded and deep !  And, then about 10 minutes LATER, someone nudged them that hey Penn State has done just as well with James Franklin, as everyone knew they would when they hired him from Vanderbilt.  Put up Penn State’s recruiting !  It’s just as good.  Finally ESPN did.


They were biased in favor of Penn State in the call of the game anyway, so why not ?


Able to go ahead by 2 scores with them out of time-outs and the clock down to 1:52 after the go for it, Bryan McClendon says nah.  Go for it !


Patrick Beless never missed an extra point or field goal for us, 100 % but was not given the opportunity to kick field goals this game ?


Why ?


Sterling Bailey    was all over their back-up QB Trace McSorley as he tried to heave it through his out-stretched arms on the Hail Mary Pass to end the game.  First, Malkom Parrish leaped and then Lorenzo Carter repeated a 42″ leap both smashing the ball into and through the turf.




Player of the Game, Terry Godwin whose sister played the last game for The Lady Bulldogs and whom The Bulldog Nation gave much praise to in recruiting, is our 2nd leading receiver for the Year !


And, our # 1 QB.


Terry Godwin !


100 Terry Godwin QB Rating for 2015-2016 season 100 !

31 Greyson Lambert QB Rating 31  vs Penn State Nittany Lions.





1,000 Yards Rushing Season Georgia Bulldogs :

  • 1,891 – Herschel Walker, 1981 SEC Record
  • 1,752 – Herschel Walker, 1982
  • 1,616 – Herschel Walker, 1980
  • 1,547 – Garrison Hearst, 1992
  • 1,547  Nick Chubb, 2014
  • 1,400 – Knowshon Moreno, 2008
  • 1,385 – Todd Gurley II, 2012
  • 1,334 – Knowshon Moreno, 2007
  • 1,324 Musa Smith, 2002
  • 1,312 – Willie McClendon, 1978
  • 1,216 – Tim Worley, 1988
  • 1,161 – Sony Michel, 2015
  • 1,103 – Frank Sinkwich, 1941
  • 1,059 – Rodney Hampton, 1989
  • 1,058 – Kevin McLee, 1976
  • 1,016 – Lars Tate, 1987



The SEC is # 1 in Bowl Games 2015-2016 at 8-2, and the Big 10 is 5-5 their season over with not a winning record in the bowl games but ahead of the lowly ACC with their losing bowl record 4-5 again as they always do in the ACC.



They have no hope against Alabama.


The SEC still has that game left.  The ACC with a win can NOT have a winning bowl record this season again.


The Mighty SEC also has the MOST BOWL GAMES 2015-2016 with 11.  No other conference has as many !


Our 8 Wins already is the Winning Number, 8-2.


Pac-12 is better than The SEC at 6-4 ?  What kind of bullshit is that that 6-4 pedestrian Pac-12 is better than 8-2 or maybe 9-2 SEC ?


Or, even close.


You make the comparison.  I already have.  Your teams already have.


Tell us again how The SEC is OVER-RATED !


Overrated ?


Who’s overrated ?


“Power 5” Conferences of The Mighty SEC and then the also rans.  The nobodies.  The Mighty SEC and then all the rest of the LOSERS !


This means that The Mighty SEC Wins the Bowl Challenge no matter the result of that remaining 1 Bowl Game.  The 41st Bowl Game.


Pac-12 ends their season with a pedestrian 6-4 mark in the bowl games.  Their season over.




So many ranked teams lost their bowl games, that Bryan McClendon is assured of having HIS team ranked after this electrifying rousing titillating win over Blue Blood Penn State and their # 1 defense in the nation they said to US pre-game.


The list of who lost their bowl game among ranked teams is so long that I will not bother to try to list them all.


The Big XII Big 12 also put forth a losing bowl record AGAIN TOO this bowl season at 3-4.


I thought this was the Power 5 Conferences in some attempt to state that these other “conferences” were close to equal with The Mighty SEC ?


Uh, no !


Not so fast.


The SEC Wins Bowl Challenge 2015-2016 at 8-2 while Pac-12 pedestrian 6-4, and while Big 10 does NOT have winning bowl record, and while Big XII Big 12 and ACC both are sporting LOSING BOWL RECORDS again.


The Power 5 Conferences ?


You mean The Mighty SEC and then all the others adjusting their glasses as the Xerox commercial years’ ago now that said almost as good as a Xerox ?


Maybe I will list the losers of their bowl games for these ranked teams ahead of The Georgia Bulldogs who find Bryan McClendon is NOW RANKED in both the AP Poll and the Coaches’ Final Polls.


Temple ranked team, lost.

North Carolina ACC ranked team, lost.

Southern California Pac-12 ranked team, lost.

Choke-la-homa Big XII ranked team, lost.

Michigan State ranked Big 10 team, lost to The Mighty SEC 38 to nothing!

FSU ranked ACC team, lost.

Iowa ranked Big 10 team, lost blown-out 45-16.

Notre Dame ranked team independent, lost.

Oklahoma State ranked Big XII team, lost blown-out by SEC 48-20.

Northwestern Big 10 ranked team, lost, decimated 45-6 by SEC.

Florida ranked SEC team, lost 41-7 in a drubbing 1 of 2 SEC losses.

Oregon ranked Pac-12 team, lost.


The SEC might have 7 SEC teams ranked in the Final Top 25 Polls, 6 for certain !


Bowl Standings :


Team Apps First Last W-L-T Pct
Alabama 63 1925 2015 36-25-3 0.595
Texas 53 1942 2014 27-23-2 0.538
Southern Cal 52 1922 2015 34-18-0 0.653
Nebraska 52 1940 2015 26-26-0 0.500
Georgia 51 1941 2015 29-19-3 0.598
Tennessee 51 1938 2015 27-24-0 0.529


As you can see, only 4 teams have played in more bowl games than The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs !  Of these 4 with more bowls, while 3 of even those are just not as good as our results and 1 barely better than The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs and that is Southern California.


If you are wondering about Choke-la-homa, Ohio State, LSU, FSU and Penn State, here they are :


Oklahoma 49 1938 2015 28-20-1 0.581
Ohio State 45 1920 2015 21-24-0 0.467
LSU 47 1935 2015 24-22-1 0.521
Penn State 46 1922 2015 28-16-2 0.630
Florida St 44 1954 2015 26-16-2 0.613


Dale Earnhardt, Junior says he is a South Carolina Gamecock fan and has won the Daytona Firecracker 500 twice which used to be raced on July 4th,  in his 26 NASCAR Wins in 18 seasons.


He is worth a third of a billion dollars !




He has Washington Redskins NFL updates radioed to his car during the races, an avid fan of the game.


He has also won The Talladega 500, as these are the 2 Superspeedways in NASCAR.


I also have driven Talladega.




His sponsor now is TaxSlayer.com a company in Evans, Georgia (suburb of Augusta) that wrote and provides an online software program where you enter your information online to the IRS, rather than a program on your PC.


“TaxSlayer.com is the sponsor for the Gator Bowl.”




Richard Petty The King has 200 NASCAR wins # 1.

David Pearson has 105 for # 2.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is # 27 with 26 wins.




He drove his Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet on the field and was interviewed with a scraggly beard.




We’re 40 wins for our seniors, not nearly our best.  1 of 13 teams to accomplish this.  Not that the previous coach accomplished this because he did NOT.  This is NOT his win.  He was NOT here, fired.




29 teams have 10-win seasons this season :  29




Again, not that the previous coach accomplished THIS EITHER, because he did not by God because again he was NOT HERE for this win.  He did NOT have a 10-win season nor win 40 games in 4 years nor 50 games in 5 years.


He did, most assuredly, however, lose 4 games a season average for 8 years now.  THAT, he did ACCOMPLISH !


For which he was summarily fired !


This is not a goal for Coach Kirby Smart to be one of 29 :


Not ANY year is this a goal


10-Win Season 2015 Record
Team records (Current FBS Teams) Years 2015-2015
Showing Actual Game Results


Pos Team Record
1. Clemson (14-0-0)–1.00000
2. Alabama (13-1-0)–0.92857
3. Houston (13-1-0)–0.92857
4. Ohio St. (12-1-0)–0.92308
5. Michigan St. (12-2-0)–0.85714
6. Stanford (12-2-0)–0.85714
7. Iowa (12-2-0)–0.85714
8. Western Ky. (12-2-0)–0.85714
9. Oklahoma (11-2-0)–0.84615
10. Navy (11-2-0)–0.84615
11. TCU (11-2-0)–0.84615
12. Appalachian St. (11-2-0)–0.84615
13. Toledo (10-2-0)–0.83333
14. San Diego St. (12-3-0)–0.80000
15. North Carolina (11-3-0)–0.78571
16. Mississippi (10-3-0)–0.76923
17. Northwestern (10-3-0)–0.76923
18. Notre Dame (10-3-0)–0.76923
19. Michigan (10-3-0)–0.76923
20. Florida St. (10-3-0)–0.76923
21. Oklahoma St. (10-3-0)–0.76923
22. Utah (10-3-0)–0.76923
23. Baylor (10-3-0)–0.76923
24. Wisconsin (10-3-0)–0.76923
25. Marshall (10-3-0)–0.76923
26. Temple (10-4-0)–0.71429
27. Bowling Green (10-4-0)–0.71429
28. Florida (10-4-0)–0.71429
29. Georgia (10-3-0)–0.76923








Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor was 73-32 his last entire 8 years here for the # 17 won/lost record for # 11 All-Time Wins’ UGA :




Of course, his record against ranked teams was NOT Top 25 his last 8 years, and this more than anything is why Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor was fired, why he is NOT here any longer.


What happened to him ?




He lost control of this team.


Not only averaging therefore 4 losses a season for his last 8 years here; but, also 37-1 vs non-bowl teams and 36-31 vs bowl teams – which ALSO is unacceptable with our # 8 Average Scout.com recruiting ranking vs bowl teams record his last 8 years here.


And, he lost 11 of his 16 games at THIS stadium, the Gator Bowl.


They did not interview him, if he was there.  There were 16 empty SECTIONS, so if he had been there, ESPN would have shown him.


He didn’t give a shit to show up.  So, don’t add in this game as his game because he was not coach and not here.


In fact, coach of a different team even.  The bad boys of college football.  The ones who strut around on the field.  The ones who are on NCAA Probation in Football as we speak and who continue to be until October 21, 2016.


January 16, 2015 Penn State had its wins restored by the NCAA and they were able to recruit a full class for 2015 for the 1st time since their NCAA Probation.


Coach Kirby Smart is to keep Georgia out of any NCAA Probation of any and all kind.


Coach Kirby Smart I thought looked good in the interview at halftime.  I think the kids will love him.


Massey Rankings Top 25 Poll former Official BCS Rankings Polls just after the win, updated its Top 25 so far this season with one game to go and ranked Bryan McClendon’s team all the way to # 15 !  Wow !




None of the other polls, nor the NCAA on its Official stats, nor even http://www.Georgiadogs.com have updated their stats yet.  Check back right here.  Or, click the URL Links on the right here as you read this called “POLLS” and check yourself from time to time, as I do !  Imagine http://www.georgiadogs.com is still partying from the win !   And, have not posted the stats yet all night long ! I have certainly as you can see in this post and in the Categories on the right here, up-dated this entire site to the proper stats and proper URL Links to the facts, by God !


Not some bullshit theory that well only provide the good news.


Sadly both the men and women played like shit in their basketball games, jacking it up.  Neither coach took control early enough.  Neither called time out and said, God Damn It !


The Lady Bulldogs’ Coach Joni Taylor is not dealing with this four 10-minute quarter, which frankly I have a problem articulating as well.


We got way up early, and were off to the races against Texas A&M a really deep, well-coached long time, ultra-talented team of ruffians.


We sprinted out on fast breaks and made easy lay-ups.  We’re deep this year, Joni Taylor unlike next.


You let the entire Starting 5 stay out there too long.  You saw their veteran coach, get 3 players in VERY EARLY.  You sat there smug Joni Taylor mam.


When you did get a TV time-out, you were looking all around the gym.  You never said a damn word to the team, jacking it up as soon as they ever touched the ball, from anywhere, with any coverage.


You needed to at about the 4 minute mark, CALL TIME-OUT Joni Taylor man.


Put in 5 more players !


Give your gals a blow.


Instead, you let them get their own blow on the court !


On defense.


So, Texas A&M got back and ran off 20 points to our none.  From ahead by double-digits to behind by at one point 20 points !


Bad coaching.


Massey Rankings has 9 SEC teams in its Top 23 with # 23 being Florida who beat us.


Massey Rankings also ranks our Defense # 8 in the nation – not bad for no Defensive Coordinator and none hired for next year either.


Now, Jeff Sagarin moves Bryan McClendon’s efforts inside the Top 25 to # 22 after the exciting win !




USA Today


And, he also was an Official BCS Poll.  I think Bryan McClendon now has raised us to a ranked team in ALL POLLS as they come out !


Yeah !


Way to go guys !


Nice job.


Fun game !


Just let them motivate themselves and play by themselves !


Who needs a stinking coach, or Offensive Coordinator, or Defensive Coordinator – or, anyone indeed ?


The players certainly earned that ranking this game coaching themselves, and they certainly did JUST AS WELL WITHOUT Jeremy Pruitt as they did WITH.


Stick that in your craw Jeremy Pruitt !


Jeremy Pruitt who was the 1st phone call from Nick Saban, and who then after when friend Coach Kirby Smart and he talked, told Coach Kirby Smart that “Yes, I know Kirby.”  “How did you know Jeremy?” “Nick offered me your job and I accepted Sunday 29 November.  They are vetting me now.”  “Me too,” Coach Kirby Smart replied. “Congrats.”  “You too!”


Mutiny ?  Well, yeah, when Todd Gurley II top NFL player now said then his last season here that he was sick and tired of losing and being mediocre.  When David Greene has to speak up and say  “Here we are in November and we still don’t know which direction they’re going in. It’s tough to be this deep in the season really without any identity offensively. Unfortunately it’s not just one thing.  Offensively right now it’s very stale.  Special teams has really struggled. There’s a lot of talent on the team.  As an entire team they just kind of seem lost…like they just don’t know what they want to do and how they want to do it.  A good example of that is starting Faton Bauta when he has zero starting experience. It just goes to show that what they’ve been trying to do just isn’t working.”  When Chris Mayes and Jordan Jenkins both seniors this season speak up the day before the bowl game and say that there never was a spirited practice in ALL their years here until after the fired coach was GONE.  When Tracy Rocker has to speak up after the bowl game and label it what is.  When the pussies who tried to ruin this Proud # 11 Program All-Time telling us that we’re just not as good of a fan as they and that it’s just as easy to call it like it is as it is to be on the bus get on their damn bus that losing 4 games per season for 8 years now 32 losses current 8 seasons is just fine satisfactory best Bulldogs’ coach of all-time and I guarantee he will be back after the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game.  When the coaches he hired are so damn mad and fed up with it too that they are fighting amongst themselves in public.

Yes, you have a freaking mutiny.

Damn right it was a frigin’ mutiny.

Good word for it Tracy Rocker.

Who had to live through it in his home.

Like I did.

If it was up to you, he’d STILL BE HERE.

And, we’d of lost this game.

Sure as shit.

Terry Godwin is the # 1 recruit in this damn state !

It was NOT UNTIL I SPOKE UP HERE game 8 that he had NOT BEEN GIVEN ONE SINGLE carry all season long, that he finally GAVE him even one snap.

We were dumbasses for 8 years after 2007.

It drove the real freaking fans of this program God Damn Friqin’ crazy.

The players.

The coaches.

Every God Damn Freaking media.

It drove us all wild.


ALL of us.

Except for you.

And, you sat there with your God Damn Bullshit FREAKING EXCUSES.

And, ball less bullshit.

Like Pussies !

Grow a pair I told you.

Shut him up !

Ban his ass !

Delete his post !

Don’t let him say that.

I feel sorry for him. I just can’t let him have his say !  There are too many who want a Christian to do it the right way and lose.   That bullshit wimpy-ass lying son of a God Damn Bitch Friqin’ coach will be back.  He’s not going ANYWHERE !


I know because there are too many on my blog who tell me that this is the best ever !


For God’s sake look at what he’s done since 2001 ?  2001-2007 in fact game 5 of 2008 he was 76-19.  Win 4 lose 1. 80%.  Since win 3 lose 1.  And, if they ranked, he lost.  How is that going to work for # 11 All-Time ?




You didn’t want to hear it.


He posts his diatribes all the same, sad man, all over the Internet.  Don’t let him post here !


It’s just as easy to be happy !


Takes just as much energy.



Stick it up your asses DISNEYdawgs.com.


An open rebellion against the captain led especially by the sailors against said egregious captain, an up-rising, to rebel, to refuse to obey defiantly, to violently rise up as a group against clear undeniable grievances wreaking untold harm to the good of the common !


God Damn Mutiny.


Too bloody right it was !


And, I.








And, you were WRONG.


Weren’t you, you pussies !


Walk like a man !

Talk like a man !

Call it what it is !


You’re not feeling well today ?

No friqin’ wonder !



Jake Eason’s Dad says the reason why Coach Kirby Smart got his son’s commitment to stick when the old coach did all he could to squirrel it up for us flying out there the day before he got fired and KNEW IT, was that we hired Sam Pittman to protect his son so that he could play football and not baseball from concussions.  He will be here on Monday 11th for classes.


Bluto – get the picture – state senator and Mr. Blue http://www.TheDawgbone.com are down unmotivated and lackluster ?


Give it up !


You never were a damn fan of this program anyway !  Just fans of a guy I had a vendetta against for 8 years.


The cutest little girl on the sidelines yelled right on cue to the camera crew that :

“We’re # 1 !”



If you think he’s back after this morning’s game, would you mind clicking these URL Links for his results after 2007 and then justify your position please ?


# 26 All games not at Home tied with Cincinnati :


# 26 vs ranked teams AP or Coaches’ for season year 11-25 for 30 % win % :


# 26 vs ranked teams for the year season not at Home 6-17 for 26 % win % :


# 26 vs ranked teams time of game not at Home 9-15 for 37 % win %


# 26 vs ranked teams AP or Coaches’ time of game 16-23 for 41 % win % :


# 26 vs ranked teams AP or Coaches’ time of game 16-23 for 41 % win % :


# 28 vs Top 10 AP or Coaches’ time of game 5-12 for 41 % win % :

http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&breakdown=on&sgrb=on&cres=1&scrview=5&tview=4&sortby=G10 see column # 3 here at this URL Link

# 29 vs Ranked teams time of game who were bowl teams 15-23 for 39 % win % :

http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&breakdown=on&sgrb=on&cres=1&scrview=5&tview=4&sortby=BTM see column # 6 here at this URL Link

# 32 when both teams are bowl teams :


# 33 vs Top 10 year season not at Home 1-11 for 9 % win % tied with Arizona :

http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&away=on&neut=on&breakdown=on&cres=1&scrview=3&sortby=Y10 see column # 3 here at this URL Link

# 33 vs Top 10 year season not at Home 1-11 for 9 % win % tied with Arizona :


# 33 at 2-16 vs Top 10 AP or Coaches for the season year 11 % win % :


# 34 vs ranked teams for the year season at 2-8 on opponents home field visitor away for 20 % win % :


# 35 when both teams ranked time of game not at Home 8-12 for 40 % win % :


# 37 when both teams are ranked for the season year 8-10 for 44 % win % :


# 40 when both teams are ranked time of game 14-18 for 43 % win %


# 45 vs Top 15 time of game lost 18 of 24 for 25 % win % for # 11 All-Time Wins :


12 Losses to unranked teams time of game or for year season after 2007 :

12 losses after 2007 to unranked teams :

2009 Okie State not ranked AP Poll season

2009 vols not ranked any poll ever 19-45 lost

2009 Kentucky not ranked any poll ever lost at Sanford Home game

2010 Colorado not ranked any poll ever

2010 Florida not ranked any poll ever

2010 Central Florida UCF  not ranked AP Poll time of game

2013 Missouri not ranked Coaches’ Poll time of game

2013 Vandie not ranked in both Coaches’ Polls and AP Poll time of game

2013 Nebraska not ranked AP Poll for year & not ranked either poll time of game

2014 South Carolina not ranked either AP or Coaches’ Polls for the year

2014 Florida not ranked any poll ever yet blown-out 20-38

2015 vols not ranked any poll at all 2-3 team 31-38


7 LOSSES by MORE THAN 3 TD after 2007 with NONE PRIOR :


10-49 crocodiles 2008

19-45 vols 2009

17-41 crocodiles 2009

10-42 LS who 2011

7-35 gamecocks 2012

10-38 bammer 2015

3-27 crocodiles 2015




36-1 vs non-bowl teams

36-31 vs teams making a bowl game




4 losses per season average 72-32 :




Not Ranked half the time AP or Coaches’ Polls  2009 2010 2013 and now 2015 :




Mark Richt averages the # 8 Scout.com Recruiting Ranking and has the # 5 Most NFL Draft Picks with 86, but after 2007 he is not in the Top 25 at really anything except for his 36-1 record against non-bowl teams – which certainly does not bode well for Georgie tek yellowjackets this morning playing their 12th game of the season with only 3 wins.  The SEC has beat the ACC all 3 games already this season South Carolina beating North Carolina, LSU beating Syracuse and Auburn beating Louisville.  All-Time The SEC is 291-144-10 vs the ACC for a 66 % win percentage by The SEC against the ACC.

Talk about underachievement !  This blog post details the epitome of underachievement with all his talent after 2007 !  And, the previous blog post here details the vast resources at hand for Mark Richt to have accomplished after 2007 diddle-e-squat.

26 Georgia Bulldogs’ Seasons of 80 % Win Percentage or Higher of which Mark Richt has only 4 – eleven NOT. What are Mark Richt’s 4 good seasons ? 1 after 2007 and it black-marked by horrible coaching by Mark Richt several times ! Look, after 2007 he beats non-bowl teams 36-1 and teams making a bowl game struggles 36-31. # 22 at 30-28 vs teams who went to a bowl game after 2008. There are 41 teams on-target for 10-Win Season ! Mark Richt had Matthew Stafford Knowshon Moreno Mike Bobo and AJ Green and LOST 3 games getting to Play # 24 Michigan State in our meaningless bowl game THAT SEASON 2008. All he needs is an O.C. and QB ? When does it END ?


Thanksgiving Special !


ESPN Alex Scarborough: “Let’s be clear, they’re both great jobs. If LSU and Georgia are open, the line of candidates will stretch as far as the eye can see. But for me, the question of which job is more appealing is easy. It’s Georgia, and I don’t think it’s close.  The support is there from fans and administration. You’re recruiting in a state that produces the most SEC players of any in the country. And you don’t have to bother with the West.”

ESPN Edward Aschoff: “To me, Georgia would be the better job. It’s in the heart of one of the Southeast’s most fertile recruiting grounds. Atlanta is right down the road, and the facilities are only getting better. It’s also in the East, which has barely registered a pulse recently, so any rebuilding project shouldn’t take too long. And you don’t have to play Alabama every year.  But don’t get it twisted, LSU is a great job. Louisiana doesn’t have the talent pool that Georgia has on a continuous basis, but you can pluck plenty of elite-level prospects out of your backyard However, you have to compete in the SEC West !”









“Most of the coaches in America would crawl across broken glass to take the head job at a high-resource program sitting atop a recruiting goldmine.”


Andy Staples – Sports Illustrated




“If Georgia were to make a change at the top it would be a highly-coveted job perhaps even as attractive as the opening at Southern California.”


Dan Wolken, USA TODAY Sports




The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program is # 11 All-Time in Wins.






# 12 won/lost record 1997-2000




# 1 won/lost record 1980-1983






# 5 won/lost record 1941-1948






# 10 Won/Lost Record 1911-1912




# 10 Won/Lost Record 1920-1921





# 4 Won/Lost Record 1941-1942




# 4 Won/Lost Record 1944-1946




# 10 Won/Lost Record 1966-1968




# 9 Won/Lost Record 1975-1976







Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program in history :


5-1-0 in 1894

4-0-0 in 1896

5-2-1 in 1908

6-2-1 in 1910

7-1-1 in 1911

6-1-1 in 1912

6-2-0 in 1913

8-0-1 in 1920

7-2-1 in 1921

9-1-0 in 1927

7-2-1 in 1930

8-2-0 in 1931

8-2-0 in 1933

7-3-0 in 1934

9-1-1 in 1941

11-1-0 in 1942

9-2-0 in 1945

11-0-0 in 1946

9-2-0 in 1948

10-1-0 in 1959

10-1-0 in 1966

8-1-2 in 1968

11-1-0 in 1971

9-3-0 in 1975

10-2-0 in 1976

9-2-1 in 1978

12-0-0 in 1980

10-2-0 in 1981

11-1-0 in 1982

10-1-1 in 1983

9-3-0 in 1987

9-3-0 in 1988

10-2-0 in 1992

10-2-0 in 1997

9-3-0 in 1998  for 299 Wins 55 Losses 12 Ties .8361 Win % these specific 35 years before Mark Richt


Then, Mark Richt’s best years to compare with our best 35 years before Mark Richt :


13-1-0 in 2002

11-3-0 in 2003

10-2-0 in 2004

10-3-0 in 2005

11-2-0 in 2007

10-3-0 in 2008

10-4-0 in 2011

12-2-0 in 2012

10-3-0 in 2014

10-3-0 in 2015 ?





10-Win Seasons before Mark Richt 12 but 10-win seasons are meaningless if you go 10-3 or 11-4.


We play a lot more games now than we did before, don’t we ?


Winning Percentage Season of 80 % or better before Mark Richt
























22 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Seasons before Mark Richt of 80 % Win Percentage or Higher


4 Mark Richt Seasons of 80 % Win Percentage or Higher


26 Seasons of 80 % Win Percentage or Higher of which Mark Richt has 4 – eleven NOT.


Mark Richt had an 11-win season in 2003 which was 78 % win %.  That is not great !

Mark Richt had 10-wins seasons in 2005, 2008 and maybe 2015 of 76 % win percentage. Not great !

Mark Richt had a 10-win season 2011 which was win % of 71 %.  That is not great !


There are 41 teams this season 2015 on-target for 10-Win Seasons and we have no good win – NONE !


Therefore 10-3 this season is NOT GREAT !


Mark Richt has had nine 10-win seasons ?  Excuse me ?  I debunked 5 of win percentages worse than 26 of our seasons and you want to make those 5 out as great of his 9 ?  No.  Sorry.  They just are not.  Are they ?


That leaves him with 4 out of 15.  Here those 4 are for your perusal :


2002 when he lost to Florida unranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 even with their win over us when he went 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions relegating him to play 5-loss unranked Arky SEC Championship Game and 5-loss FSU # 23 in the bowl game nobody cared about and nobody watched.

2004 when he lost to a hapless Phillip Fulmer vols’ team who should have lost 4 games that 2004 season and he got blown-out by Auburn by 3 TD without extra points 6-24; therefore he did not even get to play for The SEC Championship.  For this, he played in the Outback Bowl nobody watched and nobody cared about at 11 am.

2007 when he lost to 6-6 South Carolina who did not even play in a bowl game.  And, he lost – blown-out by the vols 14-35 by 3 TD.  The vols should’ve been a 5-loss team.  For these performances, he was awarded the booby prize of beating # 19 Hawai’i in the bowl game nobody watched and nobody cared about.

2012 when he lost – blown-out by South Carolina 7-35.  A 4 TD beat-down.  And, then he 3 times in front of me told Aaron Murray No, No, No, do not spike it – that Mark Richt said he was certain that Nick Saban would not expect an Aaron Murray pass, which was batted down at the line of scrimmage with all receivers covered.  For these performances he was awarded 4-loss Nebraska # 25 AP Poll in the CapitalOne Bowl which nobody watched and nobody cared about.  Note please, that of these 4 best Mark Richt seasons only 2012 is after 2007 and that year he had 2 really really really bad coaching decisions – not preparing the team to be ready-to-play against South Carolina beat by more than 3 TD for 7 times after 2007 and this 1 of them !  And, then his disagreement 3 times with Aaron Murray that Aaron Murray wanted to spike it and Mark Richt 3 times over-ruled Aaron Murray when Aaron Murray CLEARLY DECISIVELY was correct and Mark Richt just wrong.


These are his 4 “best” seasons and the bowl games he earned for us compared to the 15 Bowl Games on the National Stage by The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program, many of which we Won and 6 of those named # 1 by this poll or that poll.


If you doubt that Mark Richt’s bowl games do NOT MEASURE UP to those of Vince Dooley and Wally Butts, here are these specific 15 Bowl Games.  Again, The Georgia Bulldogs’ 15 Biggest Bowl Games in history for us are mostly Wins.  6 of these Wins got us # 1 in this Poll or that Poll – all highly recognized as Authority  and used by ALL of our Rivals when THEY BRAG about how many National Championships they have.  They use these same polls to brag, and yet for example you may not know we won the National Championship in 1966 according to the highly recognized and former now Official BCS Poll – the Massey Poll.  Kenneth Massey has a very USEFUL Poll which has obviously been recognized.  Is it the AP Poll or the Coaches’ Poll ?  No.  It is one of the NCAA Officially listed Polls.  You can DISCOUNT that at your own whim, but it is a National Championship 1966 for The Georgia Bulldogs.

More importantly, however, since my personal goal for us is NOT to Win National Championships which I WOULD LIKE TO DO, is the fact that these 15 Big Huge Bowl Games by Wally Butts and by Vince Dooley both were on the National Stage at the end of the season, everyone watching US !  Mark Richt has zero bowl games at the end of ANY of his seasons which are better than these 15 Big Huge Bowl Games by UGA coaches Wally Butts and Vince Dooley, on the National Stage EVERYONE watching us.

This is my goal for us.  I would like to just simply PLAY IN SUCH A BOWL GAME, again.  I have been to many Bowl Games for us in my years as a Seasons’ Ticket holder where I am offered these tickets and buy them.  I find this most rewarding !


I am a fan of this program.


I go to the games.


I go to Home games.  I go to some selected away games.  I go to SEC Championship Games and have even gone to these when we were NOT there, did not make it – which is weird I must tell you sitting there and us not even making it to the game !  2 teams I detest, and I am there watching them – yuk !  I am NOT a fan of other teams.  You may be, as well; but, I am NOT !  I do NOT wish for my Rival to do well so that it makes US LOOK BETTER.  I would rather them lose every game.  They are OUR RIVAL !  But, I have no problem with YOU rooting for WHOMEVER your little heart desires !  Truly, root for whomever you like whenever you see fit to do so.  This does not belittle me as a Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Fan.  I do watch other games that we are NOT INVOLVED IN.  I go to those games sometimes.  I find whatever the outcome, that it is GOOD for US !


I go to our Bowl Games a lot.


I have been to over 2 dozen of the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Parties.  Mark Richt is particularly pitiful winning only 5 of 15 of these games – frequently against FAR LESSER TALENTED Florida crocodile teams than we fielded, or at least brought with us, even if Mark Richt never let them have a single snap at Quarterback !


I go to the games, and I live eat and sleep The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program.  I have given up on Mark Richt and share with anyone interested now, here, why.

I LOVE the guy as a man, and as a fellow Christian.  I am not confused that that is NOT what he was hired to do, and that what he has done is CLEAR and CONCISE after 2007, which I will summarize for you.  I do this now summarizing his career here in YOUR TERMS because in my fandom I have read ALL YOU type on the Internet, and have READ each of you and your replies from 1977 to present.  You knew me as BoWeevil because when I got started with computers in 1977 and prior at The University of Georgia where I have my degree honored Top 5 % of my Graduating Class and invited my parents to the Foy Fine Arts Building for the Ceremony for just us the Top 5 %, and computers have 8 bits in a byte and therefore limited to 8 characters.  Boll Weevil is a typical Southern Gentleman type name.  And, trust me I am that all over.  So 8 characters was BoWeevil !  I have had some other handles.  BBA I used in transition.   I have had lots of heroes !


They are ALL Southern Gentlemen or Ladies and trust me they represented The University of Georgia in the highest fashion and The South – my Home !


I have been all over this grand world.  All over.  Many times all over.


I share this because of a fellow fan # 62 who goes to the games too with me and with many others of us who go to the games because of how Great UGA Football is.  I have personal fiends such as Jake Scott, who is not at all as he is made out to be, either.


Look, we’re all Bulldogs’ fans of one kind or another.


1 is not better or worse.


I am THE ONE who for 39 years on the Internet and 59 years at Sanford sitting there with you and all these away games too, that you have greeted and read my replies to you !  I know who all of you are too.  I remember you.  I remember everything from age 4.  I have this in my head that you and I are equal fans of this program.  I know because I have been so active for so long.  And, I am the 1 who does this research on US and share it with you for ALL THESE YEARS.  This is I.  I am the same guy.  You know and have read me for all these years.


I shared that these are the good ole days when they were happening !


I share them with you again, now, to REMIND you – not of whom I am – but to remind you of who WE ARE that I bragged about us and you read my posts in forums on the Internet about us where we shared our thoughts together all of you and me.


I want you to actually know what I have researched about us about the games we’ve been to.


BBA is another handle I used for many years, you read me reply to you online with.  It’s my degree from UGA where I lived in Russell Hall 3B with my roommate who was on Scholarship.  I was not.  I was a walk-on.  I lettered in 4 sports, so I hoped I could play.  All I got from it at UGA was a scar on my arm from the hedges.  And, these guys are my heroes !  When a coach lets them and me down, excuse me I am still a fan of this program !


I have been trying to tell you this, as I do today again, because I research what I say online and have for all these years, 39, given you URL Links where you could go see the other person making this point with their analysis of it, not my own.  And, because I believe we are all equal fans, and I want you to not be uneducated on these matters.

I know as a matter of fact that you are NOT a better fan than I.


I prove that with my every post, and have for 39 years.


I want you to know who we are.


We are a program to be reckoned with !


Aren’t we ?


Haven’t we always been ?


Well ?



We have played in 50 Bowl Games.




Only 4 teams have played in more.


Alabama, Texas, Southern California and Nebraska.  And Southern California and Nebraska have only played in one (1) more bowl game than we have !


We are 28-19-3 in Bowl Games.


Texas has not done as well as we have in bowl games and neither has Alabama, and neither has Nebraska.  In fact, only Southern California has done better than us in Bowl Games !


There are teams who have gone to fewer bowl games who have done remarkably well.  Utah for example is 14-4, but that hardly compares to our 28-19-3.  They would have to go 14-15-4 to catch us !  That’s 33 more bowl games while we would have to sit still 33 years !


Ole Miss is 23-13.  They’d have to go 5-6-3 for 14 years where we did not play at all.  Still, it’s a remarkable record in bowl games Ole Miss has !  It’s not better than us either.  Is it ?


Penn State, now that their games have been restored which the NCAA had taken away from them they overtook us again for Top 10 in All-Time Wins moving us back to # 11, and in bowl games they are now back to 28-15-2, so they’d only have to be 1-4-1 which means they have a higher percentage but have not gone bowling still 6 years we have.


FSU is 26-16-2 so they’d have to go 2-3–1 so they have gone to 6 fewer bowl games than we have and still have won fewer bowl games than us.  Their bowl record is fairly close to our own, if you discount the fact that if they played us those 6 other years, their own team was not good enough to even go to a bowl game !  Even Mark Richt could beat them then !


Oklahoma is 28-19-1, so they are fairly close to our 28-19-3 but even Oklahoma is 2 bowl games fewer than us both ties for us.


As you can readily see, we are certainly one of the very exclusive few best at bowl games, right ?

That is why I wrote this about the 15 Big Bowl Games by Georgia, mostly all wins, all 15 of which are BETTER than Mark Richt has even taken us to once.  Let alone won any that compare to these 15 of Vince Dooley and Wally Butts.

However you slice it, Georgia certainly has gone to more bowl games, won more bowl games, and have a higher percentage of these way more bowl games we’ve been to we won.

And, 15 really Big Huge Bowl Games at the end of the seasons, everyone watching us on the Grand Stage, the entire Nation watching us !  This is what I want.  Not National Championships !  To be there like these 15 Big Huge Bowl Games Mark Richt has zero of which compare.  And, after 2007, even worse.  He’s LOST IT !  Others have before him, and they were escorted out.  This one you can NOT keep and say it’s not his fault he hired the wrong coordinator for the 9th time in 15 years and that will fix all.  It will NOT !  You’re making EXCUSES and I am NOT !  I hold him responsible for NOT doing these once :

1942 Rose Bowl, # 13 UCLA Final AP Poll, Wally Butts Won Rose Bowl, Wally Butts ended AP Poll # 2 end November Ohio State no bowl game, shut-out Florida in Jacksonville at Fairfield stadium 75-0, beat # 3 Alabama 21-10 when Wally Butts was ranked # 2 at Grant Field, shut-out # 2 Georgie tek yellowjackets 34-0 at Sanford,  SEC top teams 1942 Final AP Poll are # 2 UGA, # 5 Georgie tek yellowjackets, # 7 vols, # 10 Alabama, # 16 Auburn, and # 17 Mississippi State, UCLA is the Pacific Coastal Conference Champion. Frank Sinkwich won the Heisman Trophy and Wally Butts Won the National Championship shutting-out UCLA 9-0 Rose Bowl National Champions according to Berryman Poll, Billingsley Poll, DeVold System Poll, Houlgate System Poll, Litkenhous Poll, Poling System Poll, Williamson System Poll, and according to Sagarin Ratings Poll.   Wally Butts was 11-1, Wisconsin was 8-1-1, and Ohio State was 9-1 not even playing in a bowl game.  1942 SEC Champions. Capacity Crowd, National Stage, everyone watching us. National Champions Wally Butts Georgia.

1945 Oil Bowl, # 17 Tulsa Final AP Poll, Wally Butts Won Oil Bowl 20-6 New Year’s Day Houston Texas Capacity Crowd National Stage, everyone watching us as Charley Trippi College Football Hall of Fame Pro Football Hall of Fame Won Maxwell Award as Finest College Football Player Won 2 National Championships Football Georgia # 1 Overall NFL Draft Pick NFL Championship Game MVP threw for 1 TD and returned a punt for another TD.

1946 Sugar Bowl, # 9 North Carolina Final AP Poll, Wally Butts Won Sugar Bowl 20-10, beat # 7 Georgie tek yellowjackets at Sanford 35-7, shut-out # 15 Alabama 15-0 at Sanford, beat # 19 Kentucky 28-13, ended season 11-0, and Wally Butts won the National Championship beating # 9 North Carolina in the Sugar Bowl 20-10. National Championship Williamson System Poll. Army 9-0-1 and Notre Dame 8-0-1 and Wally Butts Georgia 11-0 in far better Conference. Capacity Crowd, National Stage, everyone watching us. National Champions Wally Butts Georgia.

1948 Orange Bowl vs Southwest Conference Champion Texas 4-1-1 Southwest Conference. Georgia Wally Butts SEC Champions 6-0 SEC.  We lost to Texas Orange Bowl 28-41 and ended up # 8 Final AP Poll 1948.  Vandie was # 4 in The SEC and # 12 Final AP Poll 1948.  Tulane was # 3 in The SEC and # 13 in the Final AP Poll 1948.  Ole Miss was # 2 in The SEC 1948 at 6-1 and # 15 in the Final AP Poll 1948.  Our guys had all returned from the WWII.  National Heroes, our guys WWII, Dad also fought in. He returned to home, Georgia too.

1959 Orange Bowl, # 18 Missouri Final AP Poll, Vince Dooley Won Orange Bowl shutting-out Missouri 14 to nothing.  We were 10-1 losing in Columbia to # 16 Coaches’ Poll South Carolina of the ACC.  We were undefeated in The SEC at 7-0-0 while four (4) SEC teams finished the 1959 Season in the Final AP Poll Top 10 Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss and Florida # 19.  Pat Dye All-America Guard 1959.  I was at these games here when I recall Dad telling me Fran Tarkenton DeMolay, Dad was leader for, College Football Hall of Fame Pro Football Hall of Fame would fill the air with footballs for that era – beautiful Fall days on our beautiful campus which has only become even more beautiful since. He took me with his seasons’ tickets and specifically pointed out these points to me about the DeMolay that Dad was proud of. Georgia SEC Champions.  Georgia ended # 3 in the Massey Poll, Number 5 in the AP Poll and # 5 in the Coaches’ Poll because we beat # 8 Auburn, beat Alabama, and beat # 18 Final AP Poll Missouri in the Orange Bowl behind Vince Dooley and Erk Russell.

1966 Cotton Bowl Classic, # 10 SMU Final AP Poll, Vince Dooley Won Cotton Bowl Classic 24-9, beat # 5 Georgie tek yellowjackets 27-14 at Sanford, beat # 7 Florida Gators at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville 27-10, beat Ole Miss # 12 Final Coaches’ Poll 9-3 at Sanford, Georgie tek yellowjackets would end the season # 8 Final AP Poll, Miami of Florida # 9 Final AP Poll who beat Vince Dooley at the Orange Bowl Miami 6-7 in 1966, and Vince Dooley had Georgia # 4 in both Final AP Poll and Final Coaches’ Poll.  Miami of Florida was # 10 Final Coaches Poll, Florida # 11, Ole Miss # 12. Vince Dooley Won National Championship 1966 according to Kenneth Massey Poll which was also part of the Official BCS Polls because we had a better strength of schedule than Alabama.  And, because we had a better Defense than Alabama with Georgia ranked the # 1 Defense in the nation. Georgia SEC Champions.  The Junkyard Dawgs.   Ole Miss had the 2nd best Defense in the nation and we beat Ole Miss 9-3 at Sanford.  I was at these games here. Final AP Poll had Georgia # 4, Miami of Florida # 9 and Georgie tek yellowjackets # 8, with SMU # 10. Erk Russell Georgia Defensive Coordinator. National Championship Vince Dooley and Erk Russell.

1968 Sugar Bowl Tulane stadium New Orleans, # 6 Arkansas Final AP Poll. Erk Russell had us with the # 2 best defense in the nation to Ohio State # 1 but Ohio State Woody Hayes played the # 31 strength of schedule and Vince Dooley played the # 11 Strength of Schedule with players such as Jake Scott, my friend,  and Bill Stanfill both College Football Hall of Fame.  We had to play # 9 vols, # 12 Auburn, # 13 Ole Miss, # 15 Houston, # 9 Arkansas and still after all that our Erk Russell Defense was the # 2 ranked defense in the nation to disgraced Woody Hayes Ohio State with their soft schedule by stark contrast. The SEC in 1968 also had # 12 Coaches’ Poll Alabama but we did not have to play Alabama because we were undefeated in SEC play 1968 and Alabama lost twice to SEC foes 1968.  Vince Dooley suffered 1 loss 1968 to Frank Broyles’ Arkansas who ended-up atop the Southwest Conference at 10-1. Georgia SEC Champions.  Houston tied Texas in Austin and Darrel Royal of Texas had no one on his team by comparison with us and also lost to a lousy Texas Tech 1968 played a weak Southwest Conference who had only SMU and Arkansas.  We tied the vols 17-17 at Neyland who ended with 1 SEC loss and a 2nd loss # 7 in the Final Coaches’ Poll 1968  # 13 Final AP and we tied Houston # 18 Final AP Poll and # 20 Final Coaches’ Poll at Sanford 10-10 who was an Independent.  I was at these games here. Ohio State did not have any players like we had 1968.  We played a great schedule and earned the # 1 National Champion Litkenhous Poll who voted Vince Dooley National Champions based upon our far tougher strength of schedule than Big 10 Ohio State who had only Purdue and Michigan as the only ranked Big 10 teams.  National Championship Vince Dooley & Erk Russell.

1971 Gator Bowl # 18 Final Coaches’ Poll North Carolina.  Vince Dooley & Erk Russell beat # 15 Final AP Poll Ole Miss 38-7 at Sanford. I was at these games here. We lost to # 5 Final Coaches’ Poll Auburn at Sanford 20-35 and that was our only blemish on the season finishing 11-1 same as Alabama. Six (6) SEC teams finished in the Top 15 of the Final AP Poll 1971 Georgia, Alabama, Ole Miss, vols, LSU and Auburn.

1975 Cotton Bowl in Dallas Texas # 6 Final Coaches’ Poll # 7 Final AP Poll Arkansas.  I was there, and I was at all the home games too with student tickets and left frequently to go back and forth to the Railroad Tracks.  I have scar on my arm from The Hedges as a walk-on. They were sharp back then and I was fast and hit them full speed.  I brought back Coors from the Cotton Bowl to Russell Hall on specific requests in my 1971 Mustang 351 Cleveland I special ordered with my money earned as Top Pay AFL-CIO. We might have won the game were it not for Vince Dooley’s call before halftime that led to great cheers of Pig Soohey all halftime with their motorized hat. We had a 10-3 lead and Ray Goff, who always was replaced by Matt Robinson on every 3rd Down to bail his butt out, set the ball down on the turf on purpose to pretend to tie his shoestring fumblerooskie pitch to Gene Washington for us but Arkansas got the ball scored the tying score 10-10 just before half time leading to their unbelievable cheers until they finally exploded at the end of the game with 3 unanswered 4th Quarter touchdowns. We had that game.  Vince Dooley blew it with this stupid call.  This began the Dump Dooley – make Erk Russell Head Coach – although Vince Dooley would recover and stave him off, only later to hire Ray Goff as his replacement.  Another bad move. Georgia was # 2 in The SEC 1975 Alabama undefeated # 1, but we would have OUR DAY against them at Sanford 1976 the following year and this time Matt Robinson shined in a huge big game everyone in the Nation watching us obliterate Alabama 21-0 Alabama # 10 and UGA # 6.  I have that game jersey by Matt Robinson entering the locker room as a press I guess they thought I was.  I still say we had this Cotton Bowl 1975.  Vince Dooley blew it with the lead with a guy feigning a fumble tie his shoe with a 10-3 lead just before half-time the same guy who blew it as Dooley’s replacement and who never was the better QB than Matt Robinson either, and the same guy who when elected into the Georgia – Florida Football Game Hall of Fame quipped : “For which team?”

1976 Sugar Bowl # 1 AP & Coaches’ Polls Pittsburgh I am Anthony Dorsett not TD, but all their fans had TD buttons.  I was there too at the Sugar Bowl and all these games here.  Well, we did not win.  I was stuck behind a post a huge pole supporting the crappy Superdome later crapped all over in Hurricane Katrina I also called prior to it hitting.  I am NOT a fan of New Orleans.  We lost to Ole Miss in Oxford but because we beat Alabama we are SEC Champions and 10-1 going in to the Sugar Bowl but it was Matt Cavanaugh who would do us in for Johnny Majors’ Pitt, currently QB coach Washington Redskins and 3 time Super Bowl Champ twice as player Matt Cavanaugh.  We were # 5 and they were # 1.  We had beat # 10 at time of game Florida in Jacksonville coached by Doug Dickey 4th and Dumb against us in a game I told my parents I was not at – only to be zoomed in on twice on national TV.  I got the yard marker after the game.  Well, we were there. I was there.  I remember.  The whole nation remembers.  We did not win, but the memories last a lifetime. Georgia SEC Champions.

1980 Sugar Bowl # 8 Final AP Poll Notre Dame.  We beat # 20 Florida in Jacksonville on Buck Belue’s pass to Lindsay Scott. Run Lindsay Run ! We beat # 14 South Carolina, Independent, at Sanford. All 3 on ABC.  I was there.  12-0 untied, unbeaten, unbelievable ! National Championship including both Consensus AP Poll and Coaches’ Polls after the season.  Georgia SEC Champions.  Herschel Walker, no freshman is going to start for me.  More fodder for Vince Dooley. More for Erk Russell, too, and finally he had to go make his name for himself with the nation’s # 3 best Defense AGAIN – also # 5 best offense – duh !  AND, there were no other unbeaten teams.

1981 Sugar Bowl # 4 Pitt Final AP Poll.  Our schedule was just too hard 1981 – far tougher than Clemson who beat us in Clemson, but we beat all the rest and arrived to the Sugar Bowl I also went to 1981 # 2 best in the nation all polls.  Georgia SEC Champions. 20-24 we lost without Erk Russell who played Football, Basketball and Baseball at Auburn.

1982 Sugar Bowl # 1 Final AP Poll Penn State.  Vince was just not the same without Erk Russell which I said all along before he finally left.  We beat Clemson at Sanford and arrived undefeated # 1 in the nation against # 2 Penn State but lost 23-27 at another game I unfortunately was at.  Joe Paterno had Todd Blackledge at QB now of famous broadcasting career, and we had John Lastinger.  You are made and broken as college football coach with your QB and always have been.  Georgia SEC Champions. Unfortunately, I was there and knew Vince Dooley would lose without Erk Russell.

1983 Cotton Bowl # 2 Texas.  Texas entered as # 2 and we were # 7.  We ended up # 4 and Texas # 7.  We beat # 20 UCLA, # 9 Florida, tied Clemson at Clemson, and won at Grant Field 27-24. I was at that game too and our games here.  Clemson would end up # 11, Alabama # 15 and we # 4 AP Poll, same as we finished 1982.

1992 Citrus Bowl # 18 Final AP Poll Ohio State.  Ohio State had played 11 bowl games against The SEC and NOT WON ANY until they beat Alabama last year in the Play-Offs 2014, which is why Ohio State is only 25-24 in bowl games while we enjoy 28-19-3 in bowl games – which as you can SEE – is quite the storied history of big bowl games on the national stage everyone watching us.   10-2, we had lost to only # 12 vols and # 10 Florida Final AP Poll Rankings and ended up # 8 ourselves at 10-2 behind Eric Zeier QB and Garrison Hearst RB who thought he would win the Heisman he came in 3rd, and did win the Doak Walker Award top running back, and the ESPN Espy Award Top Outstanding Collegiate Athlete Award.  Watched all this from my seasons’ tickets.

1998 beat # 18 both Final AP and Coaches’ Polls Virginia and were # 14 both polls ourselves. 1997 we were # 10 in the Final AP Poll and 10-2 behind Matt Stinchcomb, Hines Ward, Robert Edwards, Larry Brown, Greg Bright, Kirby Smart and Champ Bailey and won the Outback Bowl over Wisconsin. 1999 we were again # 16 both polls and again beat # 19 Purdue in the Outback Bowl and in 2000 again we were # 17 in the Final Coaches’ Poll. In fact, Jim Donnan’s last 4 years we were # 12 in the nation won/lost record at 35-13, and Vince Dooley did NOT want to replace Jim Donnan but found Mike Adam$ make the decision for Vince Dooley when the only teams better in The SEC were the vols and Florida.  In stark direct contrast to these 15 Big Bowl Games by The Georgia Bulldogs on the National Stage everyone watching us, Mark Richt then was hired by Vince Dooley December 20, 2000 and his best bowl win over a team ranked like these others by us in the Final AP Poll was that in 2004, Mark Richt won the Outback Bowl – more in line with what we were doing at the time.  As a matter of fact, Mark Richt is # 18 won/lost record after 2007 at 72-32 – hardly a step up, wouldn’t you say ?  Saw all this from my seasons’ tickets.


# 18 for God’s sake after 2007 at Wins for # 11 All-Time UGA with # 8 talent :



2001 Mark Richt stated he “knocked the lid off this program” the # 11 All-Time Wins Program with 6 National Championships, 15 huge bowl games us and them both ranked at the Top of the Final AP Poll everyone watching us while Mark Richt lost his 4th game 2001 to Boston College who was unranked in BOTH polls before the bowl loss and us with the 3rd most SEC Championships as you can readily see here in this post by me of that which I recall firsthand of it – only 1 SEC Championship out of 2nd place in The SEC – the Premier Football Conference, has been, is and will be – and, which Mark Richt is outclassed in.

2002 lost to a 5-loss should have been 6-loss Florida team of Ron Zook going 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions in the game, a recurring theme for Mark Richt – supposedly an Offensive Guru who was in fact a back-up QB, never played and who was NOT groomed to be Head Coach by Bobby Bowden – who was FIRED from FSU. Mark Richt also was not allowed to choose the QB at FSU, but Bobby Bowden as well, who never took Mark Richt under his wings to teach him how to coach at all – nothing taught about when to call time-outs, when to go for it instead of settle for field goals, nothing taught about motivation to Mark Richt, nothing taught about when to play our best players and when to not.  Mark Richt was NOT TAUGHT to be a head coach by Bobby Bowden.  Bobby Bowden never taught Mark Richt anything about hiring a coaching staff.  All of this came to roost in his only head coaching job here.

Vince Dooley was going to teach him these areas he so suffers at, but was fired by Mike Adam$ before he could. Even one 3rd Down Conversion 2002 vs Florida would have won the game – for example the last pass by David Greene who overthrew a wide open Terrence Edwards. Again, Florida should have been a 6-loss team on this play, but even this we could not convert.

How is this Mark Richt’s fault ?

Excuse me, this is his chosen QB when at the time I called for DJ Shockley to NOT be redshirted 2001 and to start.  This relegated us to a bowl game against Final Coaches’ Poll # 23 Florida State  # 21 Final AP Poll a 5-loss team after beating 5-loss Arkansas in The SEC Championship Game Georgia SEC Champions in way Down SEC 2002, 2003 beat # 19 Final Coaches’ Poll # 18 AP Poll in the Citrus Bowl getting our butts beat by LSU 13-34 in fact beat by LSU twice 2003 and beat by Florida and so we played in the Citrus Bowl, 2004 won the Outback Bowl again beating Wisconsin again who ended # 17 in the AP Poll and # 18 Final Coaches’ Poll, 2005 was another disappointment with us losing to a lousy Florida team when Mark Richt told us all that Joe Tereshinski III could fill in for DJ Shockley and win when in fact he was the only QB he could have started who could have possibly lost to that lousy Florida team who even lost to 7-5 South Carolina 2005 but beat us and in fact 2005 we ended up the # 3 team of just SEC teams in every single solitary poll behind worse than Alabama and LSU 2005 – Georgia “SEC Champions” losing at the Sugar Bowl that never happened at the Georgia Dome I went to to fall behind nothing to 28 before we even could all sit down from booing Mike Adam$, 2006 we lost 4 games including 1 to Vandie who played 8 SEC teams and we the only 1 they could beat – redshirting Knowshon Moreno don’t need him to beat Vandie 2006 –  2006 you recall Mark Richt told all of us that Joe Tereshinski is a better QB than # 1 NFL Draft Pick Matthew Stafford as well, 2007 we lost to a 6-6 South Carolina team who did not even play in a bowl game and lost to lousy vols’ team who beat Mark Richt by Biblical Proportions 14-35 a 4-loss vols’ team who should have been a 5-loss team who had also beat us 51-33 the previous year and so we beat # 19 Final AP Poll Hawai’i 2007 when in the big games Knowson Moreno got only an average of 17 carries and in fact redshirted him so we got to see him only 2 years, then began the real bad streak for Mark Richt since – basically unable to beat anyone or maybe even better put losing to everyone after 2007, seen all this from my seasons’ tickets, too, unfortunately and dog-tired of it all on the eve now of us unranked AP Poll going to JAX to lose to # 11 Florida – unranked team losing, that is what we are half the years after 2007 now.

There is little need to detail all of this after 2007 except that you want to make EXCUSES for him including Mark Richt telling us that Joe Cox with flu and his chronic shoulder keeping him out of practice once or twice a week all season was our best shot in Stillwater in 2009 when pre-game I called for Zach Mettenberger to start vs Okie State 2009 who nearly beat Matt Ryan and the Falcons today and would have had his receiver not dropped a TD pass thrown of 50-yards downfield.

We have the Cam Newton is never going to be our QB because he is only a TE from Mark Richt who said that Aaron Murray is a better QB than Cam Newton, and the debacle of telling all of us once again that Nick Marshall would only play db for us – that Mark Richt thought Hutson Mason was better than Nick Marshall as QB, only to watch Nick Marshall lead Auburn to the NC game – something Mark Richt therefore still has never accomplished here either as a direct result.  He does not like dynamic Quarterbacks like Cam Newton, DJ Shockley and Nick Marshall – preferring game managers who have not done diddle-e-squat for him and us.

This on the heels of choosing Aaron Murray as his starting QB really in 2009 which is why he did not play Zach Mettenberger 2009 vs Okie State to win that game, because he did not want us to want Zach Mettenberger as our Starting QB which we would have done, and he knew it.  Aaron Murray I said at the time 2009 would be his downfall as coach here and would cost him his job that and the lousy job he did in choosing his coaching staff.  Aaron Murray would go on to have 10% of his plays either a fumble interception or sack and he called his own number more than half the plays – either checking out of Mark Richt’s call into his own number, or if his own number was called, keeping the play called.

For # 8 talent around Aaron Murray, he was # 27 in Won/Lost Record his 4 years as our starter, and no one ever was groomed to be his back-up QB even.  Very frustrating for an Offensive Coordinator paid over $ 4 million dollars a year through 2019, whose offense is stale, old school, out-of-date and an utter failure # 90 Passing Offense last year with Hutson Mason and # 80 this season with Greyson Lambert – who lost his job as starting QB at Virginia for God’s sake.

As a fan at the games for 58 years, this crap of we do it the right way and Mark Richt is the guy everyone wants his son to play for has grown old – as has the AJ-C’s attempt to rewrite the e-mails sent to Jere Morehead and Greg McGarity as positive mostly they said while the Athens Banner Herald reports that of 28 such e-mails 24 are of the UGA Thomas Brown fan club and only 4 are of the we love Mark Richt support – give the guy more time after 15 years of meaningless bowl games.

In fact, Greg McGarity said to ABH today : “That’s why sometimes you’re numb to it,” he said. “… It is just typical of the type of email traffic we receive on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. It doesn’t surprise me because people are passionate.”  He does not care one iota as you can see, yet his record here sucks as our AD, hired to replace Damon Evans by Mike Adam$ who hired BOTH.  We’re passionate ?  So – you are numb to it Greg McGarity ?  Sad indeed.

Mark Richt by direct stark contrast to all these great 15 Bulldogs’ Bowl Games on the National Stage everyone watching us against a team ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll with us, has not beat any team in any bowl game on the National Stage everyone watching us ranked as high as any of these 15 Big Bowl Games by Vince Dooley, even Ray Goff and Wally Butts – teams in the Final AP Poll for that season higher ranked than any Mark Richt has played in a bowl game and this year no different again, nor even played a team ranked this high in the Final AP Poll in a bowl game for ANY season as these 15 Big Huge Bowl Games on the National Stage EVERYONE watching us between 2 teams both highly ranked in the Final AP Poll.

Mark Richt has not won a single Big Stage Bowl game the whole entire nation watching him in the entire Mark Richt era including 2015 now too, let alone even played in one comparing to all these we most certainly did with Wally Butts and with Vince Dooley & Erk Russell.  And, he NEVER will.  Mark Richt is bad after 2007 and not as good as Jim Donnan even – whom we FIRED.

We’re a bad team after 2007, despite all this talent who 15 bowl games prior have put us on the National Stage EVERYONE watching us against a team also ranked at the Top of the Final AP Poll.



6 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football National Championships :








6 is 6 and are the same very polls who ranked your other favorite team with their 6.


6 is 6 and is not 2.

Nor is 6, 4.

6 is also not 5.

6 NC UGA Football.


Again, my goal is not to win the national championship.  My goal is to PLAY FOR THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, to be in the game !  To be on the National Stage, everyone watching us at the end of the season.  In short to do what 15 previous Bulldogs’ teams have done, which Mark Richt has FAILED to do even once.


Let alone win one.


I have grown weary of this as it has continued, and when coupled with his FAILURES – utter FAILURES after 2007 with our program, and his arrested/suspended/kicked-off, it’s grown very tiring from Mark Richt.  Tedious. Overwhelming.






# 1 College Football Town Athens, Georgia by panel of AP Poll voters :




Because it is beautiful, loads to do, fun, good music, great place to ride bike, botanical gardens, and a top venue for football with engaged knowledgeable fans who are Southern Gentlemen and Southern Gorgeous Ladies !

More Rivals than every other program, teams some of whom we do not even care if we never play them ever again in any sport hate our guts.  Some teams who even have the Most Famous Fight Song about nothing but us !


# 1 Mascot in all of Sports UGA.  Most recognized mascot in the World too !  Been in movies.  Everybody Loves !  Meets with the President all the time !  Playboy Mansion.  Revered. Goes to Heisman Trophy Winning Ceremonies in New York in Black Tie and Tuxedo !  Has had badges on the helmets of the players remembering when passes.  # 1 Best Mascot in College Football USA Today.com Been on the COVER of Sports Illustrated ! Bit Auburn Player Robert Baker during the game !  Has a custom-built air conditioned dog house at Sanford Stadium.


Took a good chunk out of him :



Movie Star with Clint Eastwood !

UGA has his own car with his own Official license tag.

UGA has his own room he lives in.


UGA has his own personal lawyer, his own personal publicist, has his own personal handler, has his own personal agent, and is more famous than you will ever be !

“The English Bulldog in a red jersey has a lockdown on being one of the cutest mascots around. There is no denying the charm he brings at the southern institution, especially on game days. Sure, Uga might not be the most exciting mascot in terms of rah-rah, fire-you-up attitude, but the dog makes it up in other areas.”


“1. Georgia, Uga

Uga, the English bulldog that has been a fixture at Sanford Stadium for the last seven decades, is less a mascot than a furry icon. He’s appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, he’s been the subject of books, and he’s even starred in a full-length documentary.”







# 1

# 1 of 10 Best Mascots in College Football Today by USA Today.com

The 10 best mascots in college football of 2014


“As determined and published by the Pittsburgh Press, the University of Georgia is the only major college that actually buries its mascots within the confines of the stadium. Ugas I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII are buried in marble vaults near the main gate in the embankment of the South stands. Epitaphs to the dogs are inscribed in bronze, and before each home game, flowers are placed on their graves. The memorial plot attracts hundreds of fans and visitors each year.”



Really seriously cute !





# 6 Hottest Student Bodies !




“Last Years Ranking: 9”

“Athens is an all time great college town, and it’s women can be put up against anyone’s and come out looking good. People who go to college in the northeast really have no idea what they are missing when it comes to the ladies.”

# 6 Merchandise Sales of Top 200 Colleges in selling memorabilia




# 1 Party School Princeton Review Georgia

# 7 Playboy Party School Georgia



# 2 Forbes’ Magazine Most Revenue nationally from our football team




Alabama is # 1.


U.S. News and World Report 2016 Top Colleges Rankings :


# 61 Best National University – The University of Georgia !  Higher than nearly every top football program.


# 36 Georgie tek yellowjackets trade-school playing their 12th game this season vs us, Won 3 games !



We are at The University of Georgia a place where we should be doing better than losing 4 games a season after 2007, an excruciating long time of 8 years.  It is NOT what we are or should be doing.  He wastes talent.  He wastes the RESOURCES we HAND TO HIM to do FAR BETTER !


Instead, consistently he only beats the cupcakes :

36-1 after 2007 vs teams not playing in a bowl game that season

36-31 after 2007 vs teams who do make 1 of the 42 bowl games that season !


Good God !


Really ?




This is # 18 in the nation vs bowl teams after 2007 with # 8 talent for # 11 All-Time UGA, averaging 4-Loss seasons !





# 18 Won/Lost Record after 2007 for # 11 All-Time Wins’ UGA with # 8 talent :


72-32 lost all the big games beat cupcakes, averaging 4-loss season after 2007.





80% win % kick-off game 5 of 2008 at 76-19 is # 7 nationally his 1st 95 games but only 68-32 now only 68 % win percentage since # 18 his latest 100 games with all losses to the top teams and wins over just those teams who did not even go to a bowl game !


He’s LOST IT !


And the games he does win even are nobody teams.  He loses the important games now after 2007.



He wasn’t like this when he 1st got here.  Quit making excuses for him now after 2007, and trying to include in 2015 that which he did 2001-2007.


This is about what he’s done for us more recently after 2007, not what he did way back when 2001-2007.


36-1 vs non-bowl teams after 2007

36-31 vs bowl teams after 2007


He hasn’t done diddle-e-squat after 2007.



He has not even been Top 25 half the years after 2007 !






After 2007, he can not beat the Top 5 teams, can not beat the Top 10 teams, can not beat the Top 15 teams, can not beat the Top 25 teams, likely as NOT loses to even those who just go on to a bowl game that season as 1 of the Top 82 teams, and has in fact only a 36-1 won/lost record after 2007 against non-bowl teams ONLY !


He sucks !


Just why is that Mark Richt can not get us on the National Stage ANY year end of the season?


What the blazes is he going to do that he in fact isn’t doing ?


Quit making EXCUSES for the guy !

He is what he is.


And, it is NOT GOOD !



I am dog-tired of playing in meaningless bowl games with this coach !


You should be.

Shame on YOU for not !


He’s not won a single big stage bowl game both at top of the polls for season – Nation watching him Mark Richt era let alone even played in 1. Did beat # 23 FSU 2002 a 5-loss team & # 19 Hawai’i 2007 both long ago.


We’re supposed to pay him over $ 4 million a year until 2019 for this ?


Not my monies.



He “pulls a Richt” or “Georgia’s” too many big games.  He beats cupcakes and loses likely as not to EVERYONE else, and YOU KNOW IT !


Quit with the hogwash that all he needs is Jake Eason or a new Offensive Coordinator !  It’s WAY TOO LATE for all this B.S. !


His religion has given him different goals from our own.


His roster mismanagement after 2007 has been clearly because of a goal other than winning, and his failure at his main position QB to develop them


# 88 Passing Offense 2014 with Mike Bobo

# 104 Passing Offense 2015 with Brian Schottenheimer




in years 14 and 15 of the Mark Richt era is compounded by losing 20 seniors off this team even.

He tries NOT to lose.  Thus, he brags to us about Hutson Mason last year and Greyson Lambert this year.


The guy HAS LOST IT !

You know he calls the shots on Offense.

He told you he chose Hutson Mason and Greyson Lambert, just as he told you he chose Joe Tereshinski III instead of Matthew Stafford !

He’s LOST IT !

You see him on the sidelines.  He doesn’t care.  He’s told you he doesn’t care about winning, that there’s something BESDIES WINNING that’s important here at Georgia for him now.

You TRY to ignore all this.

You KNOW that I am right.

Why else thousands on MY SITE now ?


Because I am wrong and the pussies right ?


Sporting News does NOT rank Mark Richt one of the Top 25 College Football Coaches 2015.




You saw something different against # 64 Georgia Southern in the last game than I ?

No, you did NOT !

Sports Illustrated Zac Ellis “I consider Georgia the best coaching job in the country because of their access to players relative to competitors with-in the state of Georgia who is 3rd nationally sending their recruits there in Georgia to the Power 5 Conferences.”



And, he is :


36-1 vs non-bowl teams after 2007

36-31 vs bowl teams after 2007


And, you want to prop him up ?


For the Name of God, why ?

The Great Exodus of 20 of our Best Players nearly every 1 of the 20 who has Started for Mark Richt after this cruddy 2015 season assures Mark Richt of yet again, yet another transition year next year.

And, you STILL want to prop him up !


Say you want your son to play for him ?  And, LOSE ?  And, beat ONLY non-bowl teams 36-1 after 2007 and 36-31 vs bowl teams after 2007 ?

No, you don’t you LIAR !

He does it the right way ?

36-1 vs non-bowl teams after 2007

36-31 vs teams who play in 1 of the 42 bowl games after 2007

And, play in a meaningless bowl game ?

You CAN’T be that stupid, can you ?

You have to know in your heart of hearts, you’re lying – right ?


You’re lying to us and you’re lying to yourself.


Aren’t you ?


We all know.

You can say it !





Has been after 2007.



It’s not working.

He tells you WHY it’s not working and you do not listen to him.


‘ I don’t think we’ve gotta create motivation. I think we’ve gotta temper it’  “head coach Mark Richt said on his radio show Monday night ”




Mark Richt says : “You can’t become what you do. What I do is not who I am. If I become what I do and I become just a football coach, then you’re asking for disaster. My identity is in Christ. I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. I know that he died for my sin and I am going to heaven when this is all said and done, forever. That gives me peace, no matter what happens here.”



http://www.scout.com/college/georgia/story/1580970-mark-richt-names-greyson-lambert-starting-qb (http://www.scout.com/college/georgia/story/1580970-mark-richt-names-greyson-lambert-starting-qb)

“All the time y’all probably thought I was being coy but I really really didn’t know.  Even on this decision – very very close decision to name the Starter.  I think they all can get us in the right plays; all can get us in the right protections; I think they all can function extremely well and help us win.  That is what made it tough. I can not tell you how many times it went back-and-forth quite frankly. It was very close. It really has been a tough decision because they all are extremely hard workers; all smart; all capable; all talented.  It was a battle that didn’t define itself; no one really pulled away.”

5-2 now, game 8 now : update Faton Bauta -0- snaps at QB.  None.



“There’s something besides winning that’s important here.”



“I see your frustration; I understand your frustration.  I wasn’t born yesterday, I’ve coached football for 25 years, so I know what the hell I’m doing, OK?”



“Teams are trying to stack the box against us Malcolm Mitchell said.  Vanderbilt stacked the box and we didn’t pass the ball and you saw what happened.  Until we get comfortable throwing the ball I hope our defense shows up.”




“I think Coach Brian Schottenheimer is a great coach.  I think he knows what he’s doing. I think he knows how to coach QBs extremely well. I’ve got a lot of faith in that.”  Mark Richt head coach who calls ALL the shots on Offense and always has – and none on Defense and never has.



David Greene says : “Here we are in November and we still don’t know which direction they’re going in. It’s tough to be this deep in the season really without any identity offensively. Unfortunately it’s not just one thing.  Offensively right now it’s very stale.  Special teams has really struggled. There’s a lot of talent on the team but sometimes the players just aren’t making plays.  As an entire team they just kind of seem lost…like they just don’t know what they want to do and how they want to do it.  A good example of that is starting Faton Bauta when he has zero starting experience. It just goes to show that what they’ve been trying to do just isn’t working.”



Mark Richt has made 8 proven mistakes choosing whom he considers his quarterback :

1.He told us that Cam Newton is only a Tight End and would not be considered as our QB.  He told us that Aaron Murray was a better QB than Cam Newton, and that he therefore would not consider Cam Newton at QB.  Who is in the NFL Cam Newton QB or Aaron Murray the all-time worst won/lost record whose 10 % of his plays here were Fumbles, Sacks and Interceptions ?

2.He told us that Nick Marshall is not as good a QB as Hutson Mason and would only play db.  Nick Marshall led Auburn to the National Championship Game – something Mark Richt has never accomplished – despite the fact that 15 times Wally Butts and Vince Dooley lead Georgia Bulldogs’ teams to Big Huge Bowl Games at the end of 15 seasons, the Nation Watching, on the National Stage everyone watching us.

3.He told us that Joe Tereshinski III is a better QB than Matthew Stafford.  And, he started Joe Tereshinski III instead of Matthew Stafford in 2006.  In 2005, too, Mark Richt told us Joe Tereshinski III is a great QB and is our best QB to start against hapless Florida 2005, when in fact, he was the only QB Mark Richt could have possibly started who could have lost to this crappy Florida team 2005.

4.He told us that Joe Cox, chronic shoulder and flu Okie State 2009, is a better QB than Zach Mettenberger whom I called for pre-game to Start.  Which one is in the NFL playing QB, Joe Cox or Zach Mettenberger ?

5.He told us that Hutson Mason is a better QB than Brice Ramsey, Jacob Park and Faton Bauta.  Hutson Mason had us with the # 88 Passing Offense in a horrible season last year 2014 with his floating passes and 3 times lost to an UNRANKED OPPONENT as our starter and 4 times lost to an Opponent who had NOWHERE NEAR the better talent we have at Georgia.  With far better talent around him than our 4 opponents had around their QB Hutson Mason lost to lesser-talented  : Nebraska, South Carolina, Georgie tek yellowjackets and Florida.  South Carolina and Florida were 6-win teams INCLUDING their win over Mark Richt, and those 2 plus Nebraska were none of them ranked teams when Mark Richt played them with Hutson Mason as his QB.

6.He with this bad experience as a backdrop tells us Greyson Lambert is a better QB than Brice Ramsey, Faton Bauta and Jacob Park.  Mark Richt ran Jacob Park off.  Is Jacob Park going to play for TCU Gary Patterson ?  Greyson Lambert was chosen Starting QB after only 8 pre-season practices with the # 1 unit.  None of the 3 got used to their timing with their OL, their WR, their TE, their Center.  It was a recipe for disaster and dumb as shit.

7. With -0- snaps at QB ALL SEASON 2015 Mark Richt names for the biggest game all season, his job clearly and undeniably on the line, Faton Bauta whom he ALSO designed NOT EVEN ONE DESIGNED RUNNING PLAY for, when I called for Faton Bauta to be moved to RB last year 2014.  2015 we need him at RB too.  He’s one of our more accomplished runners, is healthy, knows all the plays and without JJ Green to rely upon and AJ Turman not playing, really Mark Richt has little hope except to finally listen to me and move Faton Bauta to RB. Why not give Terry Godwin one single carry all season Mark Richt ?  Quayvon Hicks why does he too have not 1 rush all season ?  What are we thinking Mark Richt ? Talk about a buffoon.  And, where we would all be today had Jacob Park not been run-off when I said I hoped he would be a 4-year Starter for us at QB.  Clearly, if he were here, Jacob Park would start Saturday against Kentucky.  I shall wait to add Jacob Park to this list as # 8 until such time as it TOO is proven that I am correct on this.  Greyson Lambert has us the # 104 Passing Offense 2015 after Hutson Mason with Mike Bobo had us the # 88 Passing Offense 2014 !  Neither are anywhere near acceptable !  This has caused teams to stack the box against us Mark Richt !  Can’t you figure it out ? No.  Obviously not or don’t care !  Just what have you been doing with your time Mark Richt ?  It is NOT studying our team and figuring out what to do sir !  What have you been doing with your time sir ?  What ?

8. Mark Richt ran off Jacob Park.  He would have started him against Kentucky, but he RAN HIM OFF !

Mark Richt was wrong on all 8 of these choices for his QB.  He has been proven to have been wrong on all 8.


Mark Richt Apologists post FREQUENTLY that Mark Richt is great not at Sanford :


30-23 all games not at Sanford after 2007





1-10 vs ranked Top 10 for the Year not at Sanford after 2007

6-15 vs ranked Top 25 for the Year not at Sanford after 2007

18-22 vs teams who played in a bowl game not at Sanford after 2007

12-1 vs non-bowl teams not at Sanford after 2007




30-23 is # 26 nationally in games not at team’s home field after 2007




# 26 nationally games not at Sanford after 2007 tied with Cincinnati 30-23




# 40 nationally all games not at Sanford after 2008 at only 24-22 !




This is down there with Temple and Bowling Green !


Actually, both of those teams Temple and Bowling Green are BOTH better than Mark Richt after 2008 in all games not on their home field !


Mark Richt is great at the games not on our home field ?  Excuse me ?


Mark Richt has ALL THESE RESOURCES and is this mediocre in fact with ALL THIS TALENT :


# 5 in NFL Draft Picks with 86 – as much talent as ANY team in the country but averaging 4 losses a season for 8 years now with ALL this talent :







2014 Ohio State.   Scout.com recruiting rank 2014 # 5, 2013 # 1, 2012 # 3, 2011 # 6, 2010 # 20.  5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 7.  Urban Meyer 3rd year as head coach.

2013 Florida State.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2013 # 16, 2012 # 11, 2011 # 1, 2010 # 8 2009 # 20.  5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 11.   Jimbo Fisher 4th year as head coach.

2012 Alabama.  Scout.com recruiting rank # 2012 # 2, 2011 # 7, 2010 # 4, 2009 # 1, 2008 # 1.   5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 3. Nick Saban 6th year as head coach.

2011 Alabama.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2011 # 7, 2010 # 4, 2009 # 1, 2008 # 1, 2007 # 22.  5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 7.  Nick Saban 5th year as head coach.

2010 Auburn.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2010 # 5, 2009 # 13, 2008 # 18, 2007 # 6, 2006 # 9.   5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 10.  Gene Chizik 2nd year as head coach.

2009 Alabama.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2009 #1, 2008 # 1, 2007 # 22, 2006 # 18, 2005 # 16.    5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 12.  Nick Saban 3rd year as head coach.

2008 Florida.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2008 # 10, 2007 # 1, 2006 # 2, 2005 # 11, 2004 # 8.   5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 7.  Urban Meyer 4th year as head coach.

2007 LSU.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2007 # 5, 2006 # 7, 2005 # 19, 2004 # 2, 2003 # 2.  5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 7.  Les Miles 3rd year as head coach.

2006 Florida.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2006 # 2, 2005 # 11, 2004 # 8, 2003 # 4, 2002 # 20.  5 years’ recruiting rank (including redshirts) avg recruiting rank # 9.  Urban Meyer 2nd year as head coach.

Average Scout.com recruiting ranking for all national championship coaches on Mark Richt UGA Watch : 8

Now, for Georgia Bulldogs.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2015 # 4, 2014 # 12, 2013 # 8, 2012 # 14, 2011 # 4, 2010 # 21, 2009 # 4, 2008 # 5, 2007 # 17, 2006 # 4, 2005 # 4, 2004 # 6, 2003 # 11, 2002 # 9.  15 years’ recruiting rank avg recruiting rank # 8.  Mark Richt 15th year as head coach.  2016 # 7 Scout.com recruiting ranking same as every other year :




National Champions averaged the # 8 recruiting class, while Mark Richt averaged # 8 recruiting class.  National Champion head coach averaged 3 and a half years as head coach when they won the national championship on Mark Richt’s watch head-to-head, while Mark Richt in his 15th season this year without.  In fact, Mark Richt has not even been in a single big bowl game at the end of the season on the National Stage everyone watching all this talent good enough to have won nc each year, but instead the most recent now 8 seasons and counting 72-32, averaging 4 losses per season !

Mark Richt averages the same recruiting ranking as the national champions have and while their head coach averages having been there 3 and a half years before he won the national championship, Mark Richt is starting his 15th season without a national championship.  That is 5 times WORSE for Mark Richt.

If coaching is defined as getting more from less, then Mark Richt is as far to the other end of the scale as God could possibly put him.  Mark Richt has the most talent but produces average 4 losses a season for 8 years now, while watching coaches of 14 other teams at other schools only be there at their school 3 and one-half years before they won the nc with the same talent as Mark Richt here.

You can verify this recruiting ranking by Scout.com by checking it against NFL Draft Picks and what you find is that while Mark Richt has had MORE THAN ENOUGH TALENT here to win national championships by Scout.com recruiting rankings, as you will find that the NFL also agrees with Scout.com rankings with Mark Richt’s 86 NFL Draft Picks 2nd best nationally in the Mark Richt era – on his watch.






Another FREQUENTLY stated “FACT” by Mark Richt Apologists is that Mark Richt gets


10-Win Seasons :

On Target for 10-Win Season
Overall Record for .ALL. Teams Year 2015
Division IA
Official Records


# Team Record
1. Clemson (11-0-0)–1.00000
2. Iowa (11-0-0)–1.00000
3. Michigan St. (10-1-0)–0.90909
4. Ohio St. (10-1-0)–0.90909
5. Houston (10-1-0)–0.90909
6. Alabama (10-1-0)–0.90909
7. North Carolina (10-1-0)–0.90909
8. Notre Dame (10-1-0)–0.90909
9. Florida (10-1-0)–0.90909
10. Oklahoma St. (10-1-0)–0.90909
11. Oklahoma (10-1-0)–0.90909
12. Navy (9-1-0)–0.90000
13. Toledo (9-1-0)–0.90000
14. Baylor (9-1-0)–0.90000
15. TCU (9-2-0)–0.81818
16. Northwestern (9-2-0)–0.81818
17. Florida St. (9-2-0)–0.81818
18. Western Ky. (9-2-0)–0.81818
19. Temple (9-2-0)–0.81818
20. Stanford (9-2-0)–0.81818
21. Marshall (9-2-0)–0.81818
22. Michigan (9-2-0)–0.81818
23. Appalachian St. (8-2-0)–0.80000
24. San Diego St. (9-3-0)–0.75000
25. Texas A&M (8-3-0)–0.72727
26. Pittsburgh (8-3-0)–0.72727
27. Louisiana Tech (8-3-0)–0.72727
28. Memphis (8-3-0)–0.72727
29. Utah (8-3-0)–0.72727
30. Wisconsin (8-3-0)–0.72727
31. Washington St. (8-3-0)–0.72727
32. Bowling Green (8-3-0)–0.72727
33. Mississippi (8-3-0)–0.72727
34. Oregon (8-3-0)–0.72727
35. Mississippi St. (8-3-0)–0.72727
36. UCLA (8-3-0)–0.72727
37. Southern Mississippi (8-3-0)–0.72727
38. BYU (8-3-0)–0.72727
39. Air Force (8-3-0)–0.72727
40. Northern Illinois (8-3-0)–0.72727
41. Georgia (8-3-0)–0.72727





41 teams today have 8 Wins with 2 games including 1 bowl game remaining !



Now, what is so Special about 10-Win Seasons in a 15-game seasons for the Top teams ?




Oh, wow – we’re # 41 !





36-31 vs teams who went to a bowl game after 2007 I mean wow !




# 22 at 30-28 vs teams who went to a bowl game after 2008 :





12 losses after 2007 to unranked teams :


2009 Okie State not ranked AP Poll season

2009 vols not ranked any poll ever 19-45 lost

2009 Kentucky not ranked any poll ever lost at Sanford Home game

2010 Colorado not ranked any poll ever

2010 Florida not ranked any poll ever

2010 Central Florida UCF  not ranked AP Poll time of game

2013 Missouri not ranked Coaches’ Poll time of game

2013 Vandie not ranked in both Coaches’ Polls and AP Poll time of game

2013 Nebraska not ranked AP Poll for year & not ranked either poll time of game

2014 South Carolina not ranked either AP or Coaches’ Polls for the year

2014 Florida not ranked any poll ever yet blown-out 20-38

2015 vols not ranked any poll at all 2-3 team 31-38


7 LOSSES by MORE THAN 3 TD after 2007 with NONE PRIOR :


10-49 crocodiles 2008

19-45 vols 2009

17-41 crocodiles 2009

10-42 LS who 2011

7-35 gamecocks 2012

10-38 bammer 2015

3-27 crocodiles 2015




What do you do with your time Mark Richt ?

It’s NOT coaching this football program after 2007; that much is VERY CLEAR, sir !


Georgia is not a great program ?

We should not have higher expectations than this ?

Mark Richt is great ?


He just beat the # 64 team at Sanford in over-time.



Who are we ?

What are our expectations ?

And, with all this talent !

This is unacceptable.

All he needs is a QB and his 9th Coordinator Change in 15 seasons ?

Excuse me, he had Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, Mike Bobo and AJ Green and LOST 3 games getting to Play # 24 Michigan State in our meaningless bowl game THAT SEASON 2008 :




Manifesto on Mark Richt !


He was BLOWN-OUT embarrassed in 2 of those losses and the 3rd loss was to Georgia tek yellowjackets averaging the # 52 Scout.com recruiting ranking !


And, those 3 were all HOME designated games.


# 27 at 16-23 after 2007 vs ranked teams AP or Coaches’ time of game :




# 25 at 11-25 after 2007 vs ranked teams AP or Coaches’ for the season :





# 40 at 18 losses of 24 games vs Top 15 after 2007 for # 11 All-Time UGA




Just last season Pooch kick-off to Georgie tek yellowjackets AND 1st and Dumb vs gamecocks.  Not spiking the ball vs Bammer.  Every time-out he’s ever called or not.  Telling the players that they should shut-up about taking Florida lightly last season when they had lost 10 of 13 games at game time – got blown-out. Telling us that Joe Tereshinski III is a BETTER QB than Matthew Stafford.  Redshirting Knowshon Moreno then 17 carries vs top teams – all losses.  Starting Joe Cox with chronic shoulder & flu vs Okie State not Zach Mettenberger as I called on every blog prior to the game !  Telling Cam Newton that he would ONLY be a Tight End here at Georgia that Aaron Murray is a better QB with his # 27 won/lost record his tenure here with all this talent 10% of his plays sacks fumbles and interceptions !  Telling the players that it is his job to “temper their motivation” prior to Alabama game this season – got blown-out.  Telling us that “There’s something BESDES winning that’s important here.”  We were # 9 to begin this season.  # 9.  Then he makes a QB who had zero snaps ALL SEASON LONG THIS SEASON starter vs # 11 Florida and although a running QB, never called a running play for him.  Despite 4 interceptions NEVER takes him out for even 1 snap !  # 88 Passing Offense with Mike Bobo the pseudo O.C. when we all know you call ALL the shots on Offense.  # 104 Passing Offense 2015 with really you again as our only O.C. right Mark Richt ?  Give you QB to waste like Matthew Stafford ?  What for ?  You LOST 3 games with Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, AJ Green and Mike Bobo as your pseudo-O.C. and played a hapless 4-loss Michigan State # 24 team in that MEANINGLESS bowl game 2008, sir.  You waste TALENT !  When does it end ?


Not 1 single Poll has us ranked at ALL now – NOT 1 – as we drop WORSE in EVERY SINGLE POLL after the debacle against Georgia Southern # 64 in the Polls with our # 8 recruiting ranking. Nice Mark Richt. Real nice, son !



AP Poll UGA # 35



USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll # 31



Jeff Sagarin Poll # 28


Georgia Southern # 63


Anderson-Hester Seattle Times Poll # 27


Georgia Southern # 64


Richard Billingsley Poll # 27



Colley Rankings Poll # 30


Georgia Southern # 54



Massey Poll # 26


Georgia Southern # 54


Peter Wolfe Poll # 29


Georgia Southern # 58