# 3 Georgia Bulldogs according to Lindy’s Athlon and Street and Smith’s preseason magazines while NCAA.com ranks UGA # 4 Ohio State # 3


Tomorrow G-Day Game for # 3 Georgia Bulldogs who face # 7 # 8 # 9 Notre Dame Florida Auburn. Ohio State NOT in Top 10






Alex Scarborough ESPN states UGA # 4 for new season AND “Justin Fields is ready to get on the field right now. Justin Fields is too good an athlete and too capable a passer for Kirby Smart and the coaching staff not to find certain packages.” Well for # 105 Passing team Georgia Bulldogs with Jake Fromm last year that is inarguable.

# 105 Passing Offense all 2017-2018 season UGA Georgia Bulldogs Jake Fromm quarterback





The identity of this team for the next three (3) God Damn Years is Justin Fields.


I will tell you this.  After THAT G-Day Game by Justin Fields with JAKE FROMM STATING JUSTIN FIELDS WAS GREAT…


if Kirby does NOT put Justin Fields out there he will LOSE ANOTHER 5-star QB and this one with 4.51 speed in the 40-yard dash at several inches taller than Jake Fromm.


It would be a gross dereliction of duty on Kirby’s part to not get Justin Fields out there instantly.


Who do I think is the better QB ?


Justin Fields and I LOVE JAKE FROM.


I am not giving a trophy to everyone.  I am putting MY BEST PLAYERS ON THE FIELD.


You do as you like but Kirby has started a TRUE FRESHMAN at QB 3 years in a ROW if he starts Justin Fields too now.



Kirby KNOWS this is EXACTLY the kind of guy Kirby can NOT defend against.  It is Kirby’s weakness that he can NOT defend Justin Fields and others like him.



You might be stupid enough to tell Kirby to NOT START JUSTIN FIELDS : I for one am NOT.



ESPN picks Georgia not only to WIN SEC Championship 2018 but to win EVERY GAME all regular season long too. Did you get that ? Georgia BEATS Florida beats LSU Booger McFarland beats Alabama SEC Championship Game beats South Carolina Booger McFarland beats Auburn. So according to ESPN Booger McFarland Georgia UGA Bulldogs are FAVORED TO WIN EVERY GAME this regular season AND FAVORED TO WIN SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME too over Alabama – according to ESPN at THIS URL LINK



Auburn is supposed to give Kirby the best game 2018 regular season with only a 66 % win percentage for Georgia over Auburn while EVERY ONE else ESPN picks Georgia to win by 77 % or MORE including beating Alabama for The SEC Championship back-to-back 2017 as I guaranteed on THIS BLOG this time last year and every day since AND as ESPN guarantees 2018 as well.


I said we are going 12-3 but we could go 13-2 again 2018 if Justin Fields plays EVERY game as I predict AND if more than Ben Cleveland AND Isaiah Wilson START 2018 on the OL as I said Ben should have started 2016 and I said Isaiah Wilson should have started 2017.


As long as Justin Fields does NOT START 2018 and as long as Kendall Baker (LG) and Lamont Gaillard (C) both DO START 2018 we will be 12-3 otherwise 13-2.  Not having Justin Fields start will COST US a game this season AND so will Kendall Baker LG and Lamont Gaillard C COST US a game this up-coming season too.



Kirby has Georgia ranked AHEAD OF OHIO STATE 2018 in FPI measuring past 4 years performance returning starter coaching staff then figure-in 2018 recruiting into that equation. UGA # 3 nationally FPI index ESPN predictor for 2018. Pre-Season Polls

23.1 Georgia

22.4 Ohio State


Kirby figures to have the # 9 defense 2018


Of course Ohio State LOST to not only Oklahoma whom Kirby BEAT but Ohio State inexplicably LOST to 5-loss UNRANKED CUPCAKE Iowa in a BLOW-OUT.


For THAT they paid their Ohio State coaches MORE than we paid our coaches.


Michigan is NOT EVEN in the top 10.


Michigan’s OFFENSE is # 32.




Miami of Florida Mark Richt sucks ACROSS the board 2018.


Georgia Tech has the # 50 defense 2018.  That’s about right too.


Here is the complete break-down :





Oklahoma Alum on ESPN TV picks UGA Georgia Bulldogs to win Football National Championship 2018 and Mel Kiper ALSO PICKS us to make the College Football Play-offs 2018 at # 3.







After the RECRUITING HAUL of 7 of the top 25 ESPN rated 2018 recruits ESPN has MOVED GEORGIA UP from # 5 to # 3 for this up-coming season. # 3 Georgia Bulldogs UGA 2018-2019 pre-season Poll ESPN

ESPN must be figuring since the 7 of their ESPN Top 25 prospects for 2018 is the most ANY school EVER recruited that many of the very best football players in the nation that Kirby will be playing them this up-coming 2018 season.


Kirby has embarked on a series of POSITIVE COMMMENTS about his top recruits one by one since Signing Day last Wednesday one top recruit after another highlighted by Kirby since last Wednesday that they are going to be great by individual name.






Kirby picked # 5 for 2018 in way too early Rankings ESPN Alabama Clemson Ohio State Oklahoma Georgia Wisconsin Washington Michigan State West Virginia Penn State Auburn Michigan Virginia Tech Southern Cal TCU Boise State Mississippi State LSU South Carolina.




CBS Sports Dennis Dodd has Georgia Bulldogs # 3 for 2018 in preseason poll on CBS with 5 SEC teams in the top 25.

Quarterback? Check. Running backs? Check. You will become familiar with D’Andre Swift and incoming recruit Zamir White. Roquan Smith is the biggest loss on defense. Oh, and the SEC East remains soft. Pencil in the Dawgs for another trip to Atlanta — at least.



CollegeFootballNews.com ranks UGA # 7 nationally for 2017 : “Everything is in place to win the SEC East and have a puncher’s chance at the title if the offensive line can rock right away. Everything was there last year too but now there’s really NO EXCUSE TO NOT TAKE DOWN THE DIVISION.”



Preview 2017: CFN Rankings No. 1 to 130


“Everything is in place to win the SEC East and have a puncher’s chance at the title if the offensive line can rock right away. Everything was there last year too but now there’s really NO EXCUSE TO NOT TAKE DOWN THE DIVISION.”



Las Vegas Westgate LV Superbook picks The Georgia Bulldogs to WIN The SEC East play Alabama or LSU SEC Championship Game and Westgate LV Superbook RANKS Georgia # 17 today in their PRESEASON POLL highest odds to win national championship at 30-1. This is the GENERAL CONSENSUS across the board of EVERYONE as well. I have seen no one pick other than Georgia in SEC East and most polls have us at # 17 or so.

Georgia # 17 today in Westgate Las Vegas Superbook PRESEASON POLL highest odds to win national championship at 30-1 tied with Kansas State Washington and Miami of Florida Hurricanes Mark Richt.







Mark Bradley AJ-C DawgNation ranks UGA # 14 on his preseason football poll 2017 in today’s AJ-C Page C1 continued C12. He ALWAYS takes shots at us. Is he really DawgNation ? Wouldn’t Mark Bradley be anti-DawgNation ? “Once again the Georgia Bulldogs appear to be the class of The SEC East. Once again we wonder if the results will reflect as much.”

Mark Bradley drones on : “Kirby Smart’s first season yielded a series of bewildering losses and one key question : Is the CAREER ASSISTANT up to the task ?  The return of Nick Chubb and Sony Michel and a banner recruiting class have spawned high hopes.  THOSE AREN’T NEW EITHER.”


You are not telling us a new story either Mark Bradley.


It’s the same old tired storyline from you Mark Bradley when you write about The Georgia Bulldogs.


Something new Mark Bradley ?


No.  I did not think you thought what you’ve written today was any different than any other article on us you’ve EVER written.


Ever.  Ever.


You putting shit on our beloved Georgia Bulldogs Mark Bradley boy telling us that Hope Springs Eternal when we ALL know all of us that all you do Mark Bradley is put us down.


Smart ass.


One would think reading his pompous ramblings of superiority that this guy who parts his hair down the damn middle thinks he’s BETTER than The Georgia Bulldogs.


But he’s NOT.


And never has been.


Well he’s been a has been.


That’s about it.


He just thinks he is better than The Georgia Bulldogs – which he’s not.


Mark Bradley is a smart-ass pig-mucker who has NEVER AMOUNTED to a damn thing in life because he doesn’t know dog shit about sports save MAYBE basketball.


And he doesn’t write about basketball often so he doesn’t give it away that he only knows maybe college basketball.


Football ?


College Football ?


Mark Bradley is a God Damn neophyte.


And FULL of HIMSELF on top of that.


If he has a URL Link to it or not I could care and am not going to go look for it.  He’s ALWAYS WRONG on college football anyway.


Stick this up your God Damn puckered asshole Mark Bradley.


Pontificate about that.


Otherwise piss-off.



(Mark Bradley’s parents before he was born in the backwoods of Kentucky.)





USA Today says Bulldogs Win SEC East 2017 with 6 SEC teams ranked Preseason USA Today Poll Top 25 and of course Texas A&M is the 7th best SEC team 2017 Preseason so says USA Today Preseason Top 25 Poll just released. SEC Down ? I don’t think so. ACC better Chip Towers AJ-C ? Only 4 ACC teams Top 25 for 2017 Chipper ole boy – not that I understood your comment today that “And by and large I think the SEC still plays the best football overall.” AJ-C DawgNation Chipper Towers says. If you are saying The SEC is DOWN Chipper Towers then say that. If you “think The SEC still plays THE BEST FOOTBALL OVERALL” then say that. It’s one or the other dumbass. It’s NOT POSSIBLE to be BOTH. Jesus Christ. By the way all preseason polls but 1 say UGA Wins SEC East 2017 while College Football News ranks UGA # 7 for 2017.

It’s pretty aggravating Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation to read you say that The SEC is down and the ACC is better then read you say in the same post that it is NOT TRUE and in fact :


“And by and large I think the SEC still plays the best football overall.”


What do you tell yourself when you write such utter nonsense Chipper Towers ?


You’re so full of shit that you think you can GET AWAY with this yet AGAIN ?





You’re a wishy-washy son of a bitch Chipper Towers and always have been and always will be because you’re stuck being one of THOSE pussies. Be a man. Have some conviction. If you believe something then tell us you believe it. If you don’t then tell us you don’t. Don’t sit there contemplating your God Damn navel telling us BOTH you believe this and then in same freaking article TAKE IT ALL BACK and say you think the complete opposite contradicting your own friqin’ self saying “by and large you think The SEC still plays the BEST FOOTBALL OVERALL.”


Which is it Chipper Towers ?


Last year it was the B1G all year long was BETTER than The SEC. I debunked that. Now you write it is the stinking ACC oh wait no it is not it is “STILL The SEC.”




ACC what a damn joke.


Oh. Wait. You said that Chipper Towers. Make up your God Damn MIND contradictory bastard.


You can’t have it both ways.


It is or it isn’t.


It isn’t or it is.


It’s NOT both.





6 SEC Preseason Athlon Sports Top 17 while only 4 ACC Top 25 :




3 SEC Preseason College Football News Top 10 while only 2 ACC Top 10

UGA # 7 that’s HIGHER than Clemson # 8 and 2nd highest in The SEC and again Winning SEC East UGA 2017 :







5 SEC Top 21 ESPN Preseason Poll Top 25 and only 4 ACC Top 21 with UGA # 2 SEC and again UGA 2017 Wins SEC East :




6 SEC Top 22 SB Nation Preseason Poll Top 25 and only 4 ACC Top 22 and only 5 ACC Top 24 with Texas A&M of course closely following the Top 25 and again UGA Wins SEC East :





5 SEC Top 22 CBS Sports.com Preseason Top 25 for 2017 with AGAIN UGA SEC East Champions UGA Wins SEC East and only 4 ACC Top 24 while only 3 ACC Top 22 :




6 SEC Top 25 Yahoo.com Preseason 2017 Poll to only 3 ACC with this ONE LONE POLL says vols Win SEC East where it would seem that everyone has just a complete fill long since over with Butch Jones but no not this one site ONLY Yahoo.






The Average of 3 Preseason 2017 College Football Polls show that Kirby is # 10 so far for 2017. 6 of the Top 17 teams in the nation are SEC teams for 2017 by yet another Pre-Season Poll. In the latest pre-season poll Kirby is ranked # 13 and # 10 in the other. Both pre-season Polls have the same 6 in the Top 25 from The SEC. In one Georgia is the 2nd best and in the other 3rd best from The SEC and in BOTH the BEST in The SEC East is Georgia. And in a 3rd Way Too Early Top 25 since Bowl Games over tonight NFL Draft has those who have Declared and since the vast majority of the teams have their Commitments for 2017 recruiting Kirby has Georgia # 9

Now that the recruiting commitments are all pretty much in for most of the teams except for last minute additions the preseason polls are already coming-out now projecting with those commitments how they fill-in the teams and knowing the schedules.  The polls do figure some of the commitments will be immediate help game 1.


Now that the Bowls are all over tonight and that those Declaring for the NFL Draft 2017 are known we pretty-much know what the schedules are who they lost off their teams how they did in 2016 who they lose and who they have coming-in for 2017 for immediate help.


There is a lot of correlation in the preseason 2017 college football polls so far.


6 of the top 17 for 2017 season are SEC teams again :

# 1 Alabama

# 12 LSU

# 13 Georgia

# 14 Auburn

# 16 Florida

# 17 vols

Athlon Sports




( https://athlonsports.com/college-football/very-early-college-football-top-25-2017 )


Kirby checks in at # 13.


I tried to pick-up this pre-season magazine yesterday but it was not there.


In the other Poll Sporting News :


# 1 Alabama

# 10 Georgia

# 11 LSU

# 14 Florida

# 19 Auburn

# 24 vols




Both pre-season Polls have the same 6 in the Top 25 from The SEC.  In one Georgia is the 2nd best and in the other 3rd best from The SEC and in BOTH the BEST in The SEC East is Georgia.


This guy is a TCU Fan who predicted TCU to be Top 10 for the season 2016-2017 over tonight after our PASTING of TCU in our Bowl Game :




He calls himself the ShortSportsShow.






# 1 “Alabama greatest dynasty in college football history 5 NC in 8 years something special no one has ever done” before tonight’s game

# 2 Southern California

# 3 Penn State James Franklin taking heat 3 losses 2016 including 5-loss Pitt 3-loss Michigan and to 3-loss Southern California

# 4 Oklahoma

# 5 Clemson loses Deshaun Watson

# 6 Washington

# 7 Michigan looked slow against also-ran FSU who lost 3 games 2016

# 8 Oklahoma State

# 9 Wisconsin

# 10 FSU beat by Clemson North Carolina who even UGA beat and by Louisville who even Kentucky beat




I believe you will see reflected that Ohio State will not be as hyped 2017 following their slow plodding team got smoked 31 to nothing in their bowl game despite all their talent.


Big Ten got pushed-around in their Bowl Games as they ALWAYS do by a LOT of weaker teams. 0-5 Big Ten East in Bowl Games 2016-2017 season which EVERYONE up there in Big 10 Country said was the GREATEST DIVISION in College Football. Cough Cough. No they are NOT.

B1G Big Ten Big 10 does this EVERY year bragging how great they are then their top teams are SMOKED beaten by weak teams and embarrassed on the national stage at the end of the season.  Do you see a Big 10 team playing tonight ?

Mercedes-Benz Stadium the world’s most expensive stadium all-time EVER anywhere for ANY sport hosts next year’s National Championship Game College Football Play-Offs 2017-2018 season and it opens in July.  I can’t wait to see it.



6 SEC Top 25 for 2017 Kirby Top 10 but Kirby faces 11 of his 12 games before SEC CG and Bowl Game where he could lose any week. 2017 could get out-of-hand for Kirby with THIS TOUGH SCHEDULE if he does not BRING-IT Spring Practice from the first practice preparing the guys who he will end-up starting. That is just around the corner with early enrollees on-campus today. This season could go to hell in a handbasket in a damn hurry with this schedule. No Cake-Walk.

Adding to Nick Chubb Sony Michel and Jacob Eason along with Roquan Smith Trent Thompson Dominick Sanders Lorenzo Carter Davin Bellamy Natrez Patrick Julian Rochester Brian Herrien  Mecole Hardman Junior Isaac Nauta Ben Cleveland Lamont Galliard  we have at least one top ranked wide-receiver Jeremiah Holloman along with the impressive 14 top 100 recruits with him D’Andre Swift D’Marcus Hayes Isaiah Wilson Netori Johnson Andrew Thomas  D’antne Demery Justin Shaffer  Robert Beal and we have frankly an entire 2017 roster chalk full of excitement.


Easy to get excited about the most talented team my UGA Georgia Bulldogs have EVER assembled.


But wait just a minute.

It’s EASY-as-pie to see how Kirby is TOP 10 pre-season.


I have been saying this for some time here now on this blog that Kirby would be and now indeed is Top 10 Pre-Season.


Cake-Walk 2017 for Kirby all these games you can pencil-in a win over ?




It’s a great schedule.


There is NO REST for the weary.


6 SEC teams are ranked Top 25 for 2017 and while Kirby is expected to be Top 10 pre-season I have been predicting here on this blog for some time and now is – 2017 is no Cake-Walk for Kirby given 11 of the 12 teams Kirby faces all could beat him before SEC Championship and before Kirby’s Bowl Game 2017. It’s as nice a schedule as Georgia Bulldogs have ever played. Well if you like getting-up for your Opponent every week all season long except for game 3 – it is a nice schedule. If your idea of a nice schedule is a Cake-Walk for Kirby 2017 he will NOT being enjoying such but he is Top 10 perched at the peak and nowhere to go but down Top 10 Kirby 2017 pre-season. I told you he would be. Now he is. 2017 could get out-of-hand in a hurry for Kirby with all the top opponents and one lonely cupcake week 3.


6 SEC teams ranked in the Top 25 for 2017 after looking at the commitments and Kirby is Top 10 while to end-up top 10 he would have to beat Alabama defending national champions in SEC Championship Game and would have to beat # 24 vols and # 19 Auburn and # 14 Florida. LSU is # 11 and then The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs are TOP 10 as I guaranteed we would be Top 10 preseason polls for 2016.




( http://www.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football/news/college-football-top-25-2017-18-alabama-clemson-usc-penn-state-ohio-state-florida-state-michigan/1ki5o9b7yw86y1ej8yrnswitsg )

It seems like Kirby is going to have to play his freshmen from last year 2016 and these 14 in-coming who are top 100 overall prospects nationally of the 3300 FBS Division 1-A will sign 2017 four Wednesdays from now National Signing Day 2017.


While the recruiting class for Kirby 2017 will not be ranked the # 1 class by any of the services it is the top recruiting class for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs ever with the MOST HELP in one class we’ve ever assembled.


Kirby gets Notre Dame 2017 at South Bend at Touchdown Jesus Mississippi State who played in a bowl game 2016 and Appalachian State who won their bowl game 2016 and were Sun Belt Champions at 10-3. Appalachian State gave the vols all they could handle in the opening game 2016 for both teams losing by only by 20-13 in overtime at Neyland so Appalachian State is not coming here to Sanford September 2 as some opening game warm-up for Notre Dame for us.


Samford is game 3 and that is the only game which is a breather September 16 for Kirby all 2017 season. If the players and coaches take any other game all 2017 for granted we’ll lose. 11 of our 12 games before SEC Championship and then the Bowl Game could easily be a loss.




Kentucky was a Bowl team 2016. Vanderbilt was a Bowl team 2016. Mississippi State was a Bowl team 2016 too. Appalachian State was a Bowl team 2016. vols were a Bowl team 2016. In fact vols won their Bowl Game 2016 against # 24 Nebraska 38-24 and vols were # 21 in College Football Play-Off Poll 2016 by virtue of them beating The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs on a last-gasp Hail Mary. We ruined Auburn’s season 2016 beating them at our house but Auburn was still # 17 in the College Football Play-Off Poll 2016 and ended # 17 in both the AP and Coaches’ Polls after losing to # 7 Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl 2016.   I’ve been to many Sugar Bowls through the years but Kirby certainly did not 2016 like Auburn.


Of course The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs are UNDEFEATED all-time against Notre Dame beating them at the Sugar Bowl. I went to that Sugar Bowl Game too along with a host of other such as Penn State and the one at the Georgia Dome.  I can’t wait to go to the most expensive football stadium and most expensive stadium all-time when it opens this coming July. But we have NEVER played at Touchdown Jesus nor them here.


Mississippi State won their Bowl game 2016 too and to get to the Bowl game 2016 Mississippi State beat Texas A&M and South Carolina and Ole Miss before beating Miami of Ohio in Mississippi State’s Bowl win 2016. So that is no gimme given our blow-out loss to Ole Miss whom Mississippi State handled AT Ole Miss by three times their score 55 Mississippi State 20 Ole Miss at Ole Miss. Texas A&M whom Mississippi State beat 2016 too was # 22 in both the AP and Coaches’ Polls for 2016 and Mississippi State beat them by double-digits.


I saw one Atlanta rag writer say just last week that Kirby is beating this team and that team and this other team and rattled off I swear 10 wins for Kirby before National Signing Day even is here. I don’t think folks know or realize whom it is Kirby faces 2017. He had it easy 2016.


2017 is no Cake-Walk for Kirby let me assure you of that right this second.


There used to be Southern Dance-Offs where the top dance combo teams would prance around the dance floor and be awarded a huge big cake for winning the dance contest.


2017 is NO Cake-Walk for Kirby.





Samford is Kirby’s only Cake-Walk ALL 2017 season.


The participants in the Southern Dance Contests would find the last couple of pairs given an opportunity to do a prance around the dance floor before being named the winner. They pranced around in a Cake-Walk high-stepping it.


Kirby will be doing NO high-stepping 2017 before any game is determined on the field other than Samford.


Trust me.


Brian Kelly in his 7th year at the helm for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat Mark Richt’s Miami of Florida Hurricanes at South Bend 2016.


And while that may not surprise Mark Richt fans – both of them – that Mark Richt went to South Bend 2016 and LOST the fact remains that Notre Dame RUINED Mark Richt’s season 2016.


Ask Mark Richt.


South Carolina was a Bowl team 2016 and while they lost their Bowl game to South Florida South Florida was # 22 in the Coaches’ Poll 2016 and # 24 in the Final AP Poll. I think we all recall the game at South Carolina last year where they wouldn’t relent on playing it there in the 45 mph gusts. 5 passes ? STFU about 5 passes. It was miserable conditions for Jacob Eason and you know it.


South Carolina is a Rivalry Game to South Carolina and with Kirby’s best of buddies Will Muschamp picking-off the top Wide Receiver in the state of Georgia 2017 trust me Kirby and Will see this as a Rivalry game both of them.


While Mark Stoops at Kentucky beat all these teams. Mark Stoops watched us march into Lexington and was nonplussed with us losing by the slimmest of margins 27-24 The Good Guys. Mark Stoops went to # 11 Louisville and beat the shit out of Bobby Petrino who was # 13 in the College Football Play-Off Poll 2016 and # 15 in the Final Coaches’ and AP Polls. Mark Stoops also beat South Carolina Vanderbilt Missouri and Mississippi State. This is not the definition of a CUPCAKE.


No Creampuff.


No Powderpuff football team.


There are NO Cake-Walks 2017 other than Samford week 3 September 16 of 2017.


We had better be practicing with a PURPOSE Spring Practice # 1 because if we pussyfoot-around Spring Practice again 2017 this season will get out-of-hand in a hurry.


Did I mention Florida beat us ? vols beat us. Vanderbilt beat us. The damn yellowjackets beat us. None of them of push-overs for 2017 either.


It’s a fine schedule and one I am personally really looking forward to. But I like good football. Going 37-1 vs. non-bowl teams means little to me.


And Samford was # 24 in the FCS Coaches’ Poll for all of 2016.  Remember Nicholls game last year ?  This team is a LOT better than Nicholls last year.  Trust me.


Call one game 2017 a Cake-Walk or write one post about Kirby wins this game and that game and I will kick your ass from pillar to post.


This schedule could be headed for disaster inescapably and precipitately frankly EVERY week.


This 2017 Schedule for UGA The Georgia Bulldogs College Football I have NEWS for you is lousy with great opponents any one of which can beat us.  There is no stinking Cake-Walk Honeymoon or Throw-Away Year 2017 for Kirby.


I want to BEAT these guys on our Schedule 2017 and I know Kirby has the talent if he GATA Spring Practice # 1 which is not that far away with the early enrollees on campus today.





Kirby faces 4 AP Poll Top 25 Opponents prior to The SEC Championship Game and Bowl Game – sure to be 2 more Ranked teams for Kirby while Mark Richt is NOT RANKED AT ALL AP Poll which is the way he left this place not only his final failed season but unranked AP Poll Mark Richt 4 of his last 8 years here – half the time. I look for Ohio State Ole Miss and FSU to get KNOCKED-DOWN this season. I look for Michigan to play a 2-game season and brag about its won/lost record when they only play 2 teams all season long. Good Lord CUPCAKE CITY for Michigan’s schedule of 2 teams all season. Kent State plays a better schedule than Michigan 2016 you bunch of pussies Michigan.



Auburn is # 33

North Carolina is # 22

Florida is # 25

Kirby # 18 fancy that

Ole Miss is # 11

vols # 9

In SEC Championship Game we’d face either # 1 Alabama or # 5 LSU

That would give Kirby another AP Poll Top 25 Opponent as well

Lots of ranked teams for Kirby


I thought this was supposed to be some pushover schedule ?


No, it is not.


As anyone can readily see.


6 SEC teams in the AP Poll 2016-2017 season.  Nice.


5 Pac-12 teams – thought they supposed to be better than The SEC ?

4 ACC teams – but NOT Mark Richt

4 Big 10 teams who have by the way 14 teams not 10 lol

4 Big XII who have by the way 10 teams not 12 lol

2 others made up of a team not from Power 5 Conferences and an independent


1972 is the last time the Pac-12 won the national championship in football


44 year drought Pac-12 national championship football now 2016-2017 season.


The SEC Won the national championship in football :


2003 LSU

2004 * Auburn was undefeated and consensus next in line since USC vacated nc game win

2006 Florida

2007 LSU

2008 Florida

2009 Alabama

2010 Auburn

2011 Alabama

2012 Alabama

2015 Alabama


10 SEC National Championships in Football starting 2003


Did I mention Georgie tek yellowjackets got no votes -0- none in the AP Poll




Kirby faces 4 AP Poll Top 25 Opponents prior to The SEC Championship Game and Bowl Game – sure to be 2 more Ranked teams for Kirby while Mark Richt is NOT RANKED AT ALL AP Poll which is the way he left this place not only his final failed season but unranked AP Poll Mark Richt 4 of his last 8 years here – half the time.


Ole Miss plays FSU Alabama and Georgia in its first 4 games and Ole Miss is ranked ahead of Kirby.


Michigan plays 2 games all season and both basically in November Ohio State and Michigan State.  Cupcake City schedule Michigan.  A 2-game season ?  That all you got Michigan ?  Say you lose them both and win every other game all of which are CUPCAKES you’d be 11-2.  Pretty sad Michigan.


I look for FSU Florida State, Ole Miss and Ohio State to have a season where they get knocked down.  Not Michigan.  Michigan plays a schedule like Boise State.  Seriously 2 games you play all season and that is all you got Michigan ?


Kirby starts the season # 16 Coaches’ Poll and # 18 AP Poll 2016-2017 pre-season polls.


11-3 or 12-2 both of which would be better than Mark Richt his last 8 years of average of 4 losses a season and 9 wins average for his last 8 years here in 15 game seasons for the top teams which he was NOT.


Nick has 7 home games and Kirby has 6.


Kirby will have no problems doing something about this downturn the last 8 years of 4 losses a season average.  He will not waste the talent like Mark Richt did and will TRY to win, something else Mark Richt quit doing after 2007 – wanting to win – with his stupid mantra for 8 years of there’s something BESIDES winning that’s important here at Georgia.


No there isn’t.


8 years of deficiency, failure, inadequacy, inadequateness, insufficiency, lack, paucity, scantiness, scarceness, scarcity, shortage, undersupply, drought, meagerness, shortfall, mediocrity, losses, deprivation, and skimpy results end.


Long live Kirby !    Good riddance Mark Richt and his loser mentality.


Kent State plays a better football schedule this 2016-2017 season than Michigan.  Michigan you are a bunch of pussies.




Another top Google Search RESULT the DawgBone has no URL Link. Why is that again ? Kirby picked # 12 in nation 11-2 Campus Insiders Pete Fiutak says 7-29-2016. I have us at 11-3 or even 12-2 but 11-2 is a LOT better than Mark Richt last 8 years averaging 4 losses per year for 8 solid years before THIS SITE fired his sorry ass. I hope we don’t lose to BOTH Ole Miss and the vols. The season really boils down to those 2 early games and how much Kirby can get reps for Jacob Eason with # 1 unit between now and then – early.



( http://campusinsiders.com/news/college-football-rankings-predicting-teams-finish-07-11-2016 )


11-2 and # 12 in the nation for Kirby year one – Campus Insiders Pete Fiutak.




( http://campusinsiders.com/news/uga-football-schedule-predictions-07-28-2016 )


Losses : Ole Miss & vols for Kirby year 1 – Campus Insiders Pete Fiutak.  


I hope that does NOT happen.



Another top Google Search RESULT the DawgBone has no URL Link.  Why is that again ?


Kirby picked # 12 in nation 11-2 Campus Insiders Pete Fiutak says 7-29-2016.


I have us at 11-3 or even 12-2 but 11-2 is a LOT better than Mark Richt last 8 years averaging 4 losses per year for 8 solid years before THIS SITE fired his sorry ass.


11-3 is what we are this 2016-2017 season even 12-2.


I hope we don’t lose to BOTH Ole Miss and the vols.  The season really boils down to those 2 early games and how much Kirby can get reps for Jacob Eason with # 1 unit between now and then – early.


The Dawgbone has become basically worthless these latest 9 years now.  I can NOT imagine what Mr. Blue’s objection is to Campus Insiders Pete Fiutak a writer I have the upmost of respect for.


He gives you only JUNK URL Links anymore.


He leaves OFF so much.


You are better-off just doing a Google Search nowadays, which is what I do.


He does NOT cover us.


If he covers Auburn fine for him. But Georgia he quit 9 years’ ago providing the URL Links sent to him.


What’s deal DawgBone – why not this URL Link to Campus Insiders Pete Fiutak # 12 lose to vols Ole Miss 11-2.


Why no URL Link to this DawgBone ?


Cat got your tongue ?



Athlon ranks Georgia # 16 in pre-season poll



( http://athlonsports.com/college-football/athlon-sports-2016-preseason-college-football-top-25 )


The good news is we are ranked # 16.  The bad news is there are a LOT of teams we play 2016-2017 season who are ranked AHEAD of us.


Good thing we don’t have Mark Richt because he would’ve LOST to ALL those ranked ahead of us.  He ALWAYS did.


And threw in losses to unranked teams in addition every year.


In fact, he also lost to any ole team who even was a bowl team the year he played them as likely as he would beat them.  There are 41 bowl games.  There were 29 teams FBS Division 1-A who WON 10-game season last year.  Being # 29 with our best win over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn is NOT our goal.





Phil Steele the # 1 pre-season magazine says that Jacob Eason is the # 1 Starter for Kirby and # 1 Pre-Season Quarterback in the Nation and figures us at 11-3 which is how I see it too on both accounts or 12-2 pointing-out that we LOST 11 Lettermen on Offense 12 Lettermen on Defense and 5 Lettermen on Special Teams in the last remnants of the “Dream Team.” Those LOST included Kolton Houston so together they LOST 24 games here these last 6 years they were here averaging 4 LOSSES a season.

Say you are only going to buy 1 Pre-Season Magazine.  It comes out in 3 days’ time from now.  This is the only 1 to buy.  I would know.  I have always bought this one.  Then you run to the Internet and talk about bullshit every pre-season because you did NOT.  And I was spot-on on what I said about our program wasn’t I ?


What did I say all last year ?  That it was Mark Richt’s last which I said this time last year didn’t I ?


What is the salient fact provided by Phil Steele June 24 2016 ?  Jacob Eason is the Starter and the # 1 QB in the nation pre-season and he goes 11-3.


If you were going to do a review of Phil Steele wouldn’t you provide THIS url link ?  Wouldn’t you say THAT Jacob Eason is Phil Steele’s Starter at QB and the # 1 QB Pre-Season in the nation ?


Apparently according to senator of NOTHING bluto gtp get the picture : No on ANY of these accounts.


Why is that ?


Go read his bullshit words.  He does NOT say this.


Again why ?


It IS what the # 1 pre-season magazine says.


It IS really ALL it says.




( https://blutarsky.wordpress.com/2016/06/23/the-bulldogs-are-a-legitimate-contender-in-the-sec-east/ )


How in the hell could you “write” a “review” of this and NOT say Phil Steele predicts Jacob Eason as the Starter and the # 1 Pre-Season QB in the nation ?


How pray tell ?




Of course bluto was quite lucid that Mark Richt would NOT be fired did not deserve to be and even afterwards that a good case can be made that it was UNJUSTIFIED.  Even in NOVEMBER bluto DISAGREED with ME that Mark Richt would “NOT lose his job” he boldly laughed at me in November mind you.  Bluto said that he even felt sorry for me for saying so.  That I was NOT as good a fan as he.


Had he read Phil Steele for the last 15 years or this year either which he obviously did not study as I he would not have made ANY such predictions as bluto did.


Phil Steele the # 1 pre-season magazine says that Jacob Eason is the # 1 Starter for Kirby and # 1 Pre-Season Quarterback in the Nation and figures us at 11-3 which is how I see it too on both accounts or 12-2 pointing-out that we LOST 11 Lettermen on Offense 12 Lettermen on Defense and 5 Lettermen on Special Teams in the last remnants of the “Dream Team.”  Those LOST included Kolton Houston so together they LOST 24 games here these last 6 years they were here averaging 4 LOSSES a season and sealed Mark Richt’s fate.


Phil Steele has a left side right side 2-page layout for each team each year and there is MORE information contained therein than any other pre-season magazine.


( http://philsteele.com/Pdf/2016_Top_40_Countdown/23_Georgia.pdf )






Las Vegas has 3 SEC of the Top 9 teams 2016 FAVORITES to win NC despite our schedules. After the FAVORITES Ole Miss then UGA are the TOP 2 TEAMS in the nation according to Las Vegas to WIN the NC 2016 season – what Las Vegas calls “CONTENDERS TO WIN THE TITLE 2016.” After that Auburn is # 4 in that group and Florida is # 9 in that group. So of the Top 21 teams The SEC has 7. THIS IS CLEARLY an anointing of SEC teams with 7 of the FAVORITES to win it or CONTENDERS to win The Title DESPITE all our schedules. For example UGA would have to beat FAVORITES vols CONTENDERS Ole Miss Auburn and Florida and to win it all FAVORITE either LSU or Alabama. Show me a schedule like that ? And we have to start the 2016 season with UNDEFEATED in the Coastal Division of the ACC last year North Carolina. Our BIGGEST bugaboo ? Our QBs the last SEVERAL YEARS have SUCKED. Is that plain enough ? Tough Schedule. Picked to do VERY WELL. QB our biggest bugaboo.

Las Vegas has 3 SEC of the Top 9 teams 2016 FAVORITES to win NC despite our schedules.


After the FAVORITES Ole Miss then UGA are the TOP 2 TEAMS in the nation according to Las Vegas to WIN the NC 2016 season – what Las Vegas calls their category after FAVORITES :  “CONTENDERS TO WIN THE TITLE 2016.” 


After that Auburn is # 4 in that group CONTENDERS  and Florida is # 9 in that group CONTENDERS.


So of the Top 21 teams The SEC has 7.


THIS IS CLEARLY an anointing of SEC teams with 7 of the FAVORITES to win it or CONTENDERS to win The Title DESPITE all our schedules.


If it were the Power  5 Conferences   and NOT    The SEC      then the other 4 big conference also rans   and then EVERYONE ELSE one would expect to find with THEIR EASIER SCHEDULES not having to play all these FAVORITES and CONTENDERS in The SEC 7 of them that of the Top 21 teams ACCORDING TO LAS VEGAS 2016 that The SEC would NOT have 33 % of the Top Las Vegas picked teams to win it all 2016.


Wouldn’t you ?


Despite beating each other up The SEC has 33 % of the Top 21 teams according to Las Vegas as FAVORITES or CONTENDERS far in excess of what is expected IFF it were the Power 5 Conferences.


It is NOT.




As always.


For example UGA would have to beat FAVORITES vols CONTENDERS Ole Miss Auburn and Florida and to win it all FAVORITE either LSU or Alabama. 


Show me a schedule like that ?


And we have to start the 2016 season with UNDEFEATED in the Coastal Division of the ACC last year North Carolina. 


Our BIGGEST bugaboo ?


Our QBs the last SEVERAL YEARS have SUCKED.  Is that plain enough ?  Tough Schedule.  Picked to do VERY WELL.  QB our biggest bugaboo.


This blog has predicted 12-2 or 11-3 and that Jacob Eason is the ONLY choice at QB.  My predictions have been PROVEN correct.


Haven’t they ?





( http://mybookie.ag/sports-betting/ncaaf/2017-national-championship-odds-preview/ )


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2017 NCAA Football Championship Odds Preview




Pre-Season magazine rankings The Georgia Bulldogs

ESPN had us # 9 last year.  We ended-up unranked in the Final AP Poll 2015-2016 season. Our best win was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


Lindy had us # 10 last year.


Athlon had us # 10 last year.


Sports Illustrated had us # 11 last year.


USA Today had us # 16 last year.


The Sporting News had us # 18 last year.



We ended-up unranked in the Final AP Poll 2015-2016 season. Our best win was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


This blog tried to tell you this time last year that they were FULL OF SHIT.


You would not hear it.


Hear it now !


You were WRONG.


I was RIGHT.


I said all year that Mark Richt would be FIRED.


I said with the last remnants of the Dream Team that he would fall on his face as he always did after 2007.


He won 9 games and did not beat ANYBODY.


Despite starting in the Top 10 and peaking at # 6 he failed to show-up in the big games again.


He said AND YOU SAID that there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.


No there isn’t.


No such meme.




( http://preseason.stassen.com/consensus/2015.html )


This year AJ-C Mark Bradley says he buys the Sporting News every year pre-season magazine.  Why ?  It is the single worst at predictions.  Hailed widely by Mark Richt Apologists and then nothing but excuses by same afterwards.  The failures after 2007 were denied as being relevant only his mini-record they maintained and that what he did 2001-2007 was MORE relevant.  And that he wasn’t going anywhere.  How stupid I was they put forth.


That I was a poor Bulldogs’ fan for pointing out the truth and not allowed to TELL YOU THAT.


I said Mark Richt would go 9-4 last year.  He went 9-3 and unranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25.  He played Alabama only once.


Mark Bradley also said he bought ESPN pre-season magazine this year.


The Sporting News has us at # 19 and ESPN at # 13 for 2016-2017 season pre-season.




( http://preseason.stassen.com/consensus/2016.html )


If we start Jacob Eason we will beat those expectations and go 12-2 or 11-3 in the 15-game season for the top teams 2016-2017.


9-4 Mark Richt averaged for his last entire most relevant most recent 8 years here after 2007.




He lost to Top 15 teams, unranked teams, even any ole team who made any of the 41 bowl games that year he played them.


He did not win The SEC Championship in a Decade 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.


Kirby takes over a team without the Depth Chart that Mark Richt enjoyed last season because the Dream Team all left after the season last year.


Collectively Mark Richt and his bullshit Dream Team were a FLOP.  The Great Exodus after last season insured Mark Richt would NOT be great this season either without his God Damn Dream Team.


The seniors who left after last season for us included Kolton Houston so collectively then they LOST an average of 4 games a year for those 6 years they were here 56-24.


You said that Jacob Eason would NOT be here if we fired Mark Richt.


In fact Mark Richt has been COMPLETELY shut-out in the state of Georgia without a single recruit from here where you said he would RACK-UP.


Mark Richt recruited from December 2nd in the far more fertile recruiting grounds of Florida.

Kirby did not get here until January 12th had less time and out-recruited Mark Richt # 7 to # 36.


Kirby is # 5 now for 2017 recruiting rank as well.


He is trying to rebuild the Depth Chart left so lacking when the last remnants of the Dream Team left after last season.


Mark Richt was DESPERATE last year.


He started a guy against our # 1 Rival whom he had not given a single snap to at QB all year.




And now Kirby is supposed to start Greyson Lambert because Mark Richt picked him after only 5 practices last Fall with the # 1 unit.


You continue to hold this Great Bulldog Nation back.


There were 29 FBS Division 1-A teams who won 10-game seasons last year and Mark Richt won 9.


He failed to even make the AP Poll Top 25 for half his last 8 years while Kirby was NC half his last 8 years by stark contrast.


I do not give a shit what you think Mark Richt will do at Miami of Florida.


I also do not give a shit what Georgie tek yellowjackets 3-9 last season do either.


Magazine alert: UGA is picked second in its division; Tech is not


( http://markbradley.blog.myajc.com/2016/06/03/5747/ )





Mark Schlabach ESPN Senior Writer picks Georgia # 12 pre-season Poll today : “Freshman Jacob Eason the No. 1 pocket passer in the 2016 ESPN 300 showed off his arm strength in Georgia’s spring game. New Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart won’t name a starter until preseason camp (or later?) but Jacob Eason is in the mix”

Mark Schlabach ESPN Senior Writer picks Georgia # 12 pre-season Poll today : “Freshman Jacob Eason the No. 1 pocket passer in the 2016 ESPN 300 showed off his arm strength in Georgia’s spring game. New Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart won’t name a starter until preseason camp (or later?) but Jacob Eason is in the mix”




( http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/15994654/alabama-crimson-tide-no-1-tennessee-volunteers-moved-top-10-tcu-horned-frogs-surge )



Kirby picked # 9 in pre-season poll 2016 with strong top-heavy recruiting actually highest recruit rank per signee in the nation – and, they figure to play . This too will improve his Quality Depth he says is important by playing them and set him up well for recruiting even MORE 2017 class. All this adds up to measurables for # 9 Pre-Season Poll ESPN FPI Poll – Sharon Katz, ESPN Stats & Information # 9 Kirby preseason Poll ESPN based on recruiting talent.

When your recruiting class is # 1 in the Nation in average rank of each recruit, you have DONE VERY WELL.  He has 4 scholarships available – ESPN says 5.


I can account for all 3 of his 4 remaining scholarships I have for Kirby this 2016 class : 1-Savannah WR we do NOT need, 2-preferred walk-on offered night before Signing Day, 3-Maine OL here visiting all the right signs AND can you imagine HIM coming our campus talking to THIS staff and NOT coming here?


Now, Kirby is picked # 9 in pre-season poll 2016.  This poll uses his strong top-heavy recruiting class 2016 as basic basis of her poll.  He actually has the highest recruit rank per signee in the nation – and, they figure to play .  This too will improve his Quality Depth he says is important.  If he plays them, it sets him up well for recruiting even MORE 2017 class.  All this adds up to measurables for # 9 Pre-Season Poll ESPN FPI Poll per Sharon Katz this morning.  Sharon Katz is ESPN Stats & Information and she updates her INDEX every time there is more info available such as injuries and progress of rehab and other factors such as how good a recruit looks on campus or does not qualify.


 # 9 Kirby preseason Poll ESPN based on recruiting talent






Kirby ranked in another pre-season poll # 19 by ESPN

Mark Schlabach used to be our AJ-C beat writer.  He was still here when Kirby’s predecessor got hired.  He went national when he left here.  He has mellowed with age.


He says we have 7 back on offense 6 back on defense and 1 back on special teams.


I know we have lost 22 all of whom started for us and that we only signed 20 so far with 1 looking pretty for his visit tomorrow with us and 1 hanging-on to see if his SAT will rise 100 points so he can GET INTO Stanford for his brother.  That would be pretty tough on him.  Stanford is not forgiving and 1970 SAT would put him behind the 8-ball in EVERY 1 of his CLASSES, bottom of class – need to be hardest worker to compete AND GO entirely across the country – he from Savannah.


I also know that we gave up 5, 4 and 4 unanswered TD last season with eight (8) invited of the 22 we lose to the NFL Combines.




5, 4 and 4 unanswered TD last season and 8 go to NFL Combines while the team of course was UNRANKED 2015-2016 season in the Final AP Poll Top 25 even.


Florida was not that impressive and the vols were not that impressive and they BOTH BEAT us with all this talent.


8 invited to NFL Combines and several more have legitimate shot at NFL – several more of the 22 lost.


But Mark Schlabach has us # 19 now for this up-coming season and he sees us with 7 returning starters on offense 6 on defense and 1 special teams.


Kirby seems to be managing these last 4 scholarships closely as I see it; ESPN says it is 5 remaining scholarships.


Isn’t the news about Nick Chubb Kirby says 1st in to rehab last out every day great ?

(1) That means Kirby is 1st there and last to leave

(2) While it does not insure anything it certainly is what I had hoped for Nick Chubb.


We owe some salaries to Kirby’s predecessor’s staff ?  Well we certainly do NOT to him because he NEVER signed the new contract.


$ 150 million annuity in revenue 2016 the least of my concerns is paying-off the staff that WASTED 8 NFL Combines players to get blown-out 3 times 2 to lousy teams by 4, 5, and 4 unanswered TD.


And, no that does not mean the defense was bad.


Unanswered means the OFFENSE sucked.


Hard to imagine all the wasted talent around here.


Pay them off to leave ?


Hit the road Jack – Don’t come around here no more no more !










Pre-season Polls 2016 Season. Hayden Panettiere

More Preseason Polls 2016, also see CATEGORY to right called “Pre-season Polls ” :



# 19 FOX Sports

Extremely early Top 25 for 2016 college football season

Jan 12, 2016 at 1:00a ET

Georgia # 19

Alabama # 3

LSU # 5

Ole Miss # 8

vols # 11

North Carolina # 20






Unranked USA Today like his predecessor left us in Final AP Poll

# 2 Alabama

# 10 LSU

# 12 vols

# 16 Florida

# 22 Ole Miss

Georgia and North Carolina UNRANKED







Sports Illustrated preseason 2016 Poll Top 5 only :

by Colin Becht

# 3 Alabama






CBS Sports

Dennis Dodd


# 2 Alabama

# 4 LSU

# 11 vols

# 17 Ole Miss

# 19 Arkansas

# 22 Georgia

# 13 Miami of Florida

North Carolina again UNRANKED











JAN 09/2017@8.00p

Odds to Win the 2017 CFP National Championship






Hayden Panettiere :


She is a little doll !




This pic rates # 1 in my pre-season poll of all her pics.


3 pics of Hayden Panettiere


( http://www.hecklerspray.com/wp-content/gallery/hayden-panettiere-leaked-pics/Hayden-Panettiere-leaked-photos-01.jpg )

( http://www.hecklerspray.com/wp-content/gallery/hayden-panettiere-leaked-pics/Hayden-Panettiere-leaked-photos-30.jpg )



( http://all4desktop.com/data_images/original/4229595-hayden-panettiere-hot.jpg )



Coach Kirby Smart ranked # 20 pre-season Athlon Sports’ Poll Alabama # 1 (Game 13 ? ) vols # 8 (Game 5.) LSU # 9. Ole Miss # 13 (Game 4.) North Carolina # 18 (Game 1.) Florida # 25 (Game 8) And, Auburn (Game 10) if they can find QB ? Bowl Game (Game 14) better be a ranked team for a change. 7 ranked teams ? 12-2 ?

# 18 North Carolina Peach Bowl Chick-fil-A Kick-Off Classic PAGEANT 9-3-2016

# 13 @ Ole Miss 9-24-2016

# 8 vols HOME 10-1-2016

# 25 Florida JAX hellhole 10-29-2016*

# ? Auburn will be ranked all that talent if they find a QB HOME 11-12-2016

*predecessor lost 11 of 16 at hellhole JAX site of annual Gator Bowl


6 ranked teams if we make it to SEC Championship and 7 if Auburn finds QB.


Too tough.







2016 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Schedule :

Sept. 3    North Carolina (Atlanta)
Sept. 17  at Missouri
Sept. 24  at Ole Miss
Oct. 1     TENNESSEE vols
Oct. 8     at South Carolina
Oct. 29   Florida (JAX) at site of annual Gator Bowl wish it was NOT !
Nov. 5    at Kentucky
Nov. 12  AUBURN 1-game UP all-time Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry !
Nov. 26  GEORGIe tek yellowjackets

SEC Championship Game – vols @ Home can we beat & Florida or 1 & Ole Miss?

Bowl Game January 2017 vs ranked team



Coach Kirby Smart ranked # 20 pre-season Athlon Sports’ Poll Alabama # 1 (Game 13 ? )  vols # 8 (Game 5.)   LSU # 9.  Ole Miss # 13 (Game 4.)  North Carolina # 18 (Game 1.)  Florida # 25 (Game 8)  And, Auburn (Game 10) if they can find QB ?  Bowl Game (Game 14) better be a ranked team for a change. 7 ranked teams ?  12-2 ?



Coach Kirby Smart gets RANKED in his 1st Poll ! ESPN ranks us for 2016 Season ! That’s something the FIRED loser (4 loss AVG last 8 years) did not do for us last season Final AP Poll even after we beat Penn State.



( http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/14514317/clemson-tigers-alabama-crimson-tide-lead-2016-way-too-early-top-25 )


Mark Schlabach ESPN Senior Writer used to be our BEAT WRITER here when he started out at the AJ-C.  Honestly, he and I had it out on his blogs quite a bit when he was here.  But he has mellowed in his old age.


The same can NOT be said about me, however.


I find myself agreeing with Mark Schlabach NOWADAYS !


That’s a good improvement !


ESPN Pre-Season Poll January 13, 2016 :


# 2 Alabama

# 7 LSU

# 11 vols

# 13 Ole Miss

# 17 North Carolina

# 23 Coach Kirby Smart’s Bulldogs !


So we are ranked last of 5 SEC teams 2016, and we hopefully face-off against another in SEC Championship Game and ANOTHER in a bowl game.  I certainly am looking forward to playing in our 1st Meaningful Bowl Game to end ANY season both teams ranked at the Top of the Final AP Poll instead of both NOT ranked at ALL !


Regular Season Games 2016 :

# 17 North Carolina Peach Bowl Chick-fil-A Kick-Off Classic 9-3

# 13 Ole Miss 9-24

# 11 vols 10-1


So we will know all about this team, our Coach, and Jake Eason by October 1 2016.


Front-end loaded.


I believe most other observers will rank Florida as well both pre-season and by the time we play them although I agree with Mark Schlabach that they were NOT very impressive 2015 with this new guy Jim McElwain and he is desperate for a QB.


Halloween is a day and a half after we play Florida on Monday October 31 this 2016 year.


We play them Saturday October 29 2016.


His predecessor went there to that hellhole 16 times and lost 11 times.


Auburn is November 12 and we have them here along with Georgie tek yellowjackets here November 26.


1 of those 2 will be ranked as well along with Florida and it shall not be Georgie tek yellowjackets.


Missouri and South Carolina also will be fun games with new coaches like we have.


So, lots of tests.


Sept. 3    North Carolina (Atlanta)
Sept. 17  at Missouri
Sept. 24  at Ole Miss
Oct. 1     TENNESSEE vols
Oct. 8     at South Carolina
Oct. 29   Florida (Jacksonville) at the site of the annual Gator Bowl wish it was NOT !
Nov. 5    at Kentucky
Nov. 12  AUBURN 1-game advantage all-time Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry !
Nov. 26  GEORGIe tek yellowjackets




( http://www.georgiadogs.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/102915aad.html )


12-2 Georgia Bulldogs of Coach Kirby Smart 2016 season.


I do NOT want to average 4 losses the next 8 years.



Georgia Bulldogs’ Football 2015 is # 15 in most of the preseason polls. “There’s plenty of talent across the roster, as usual, but I do have my usual concerns about this team’s toughness—mental and physical. It’s an ongoing issue under coach Mark Richt, and the one thing that has kept them from being a national title contender. I don’t see it changing any time soon. ” We adhere to something here more important than winning Mark Richt ?

UGA # 18 CBS Sports, # 15 College Football About.com,  # 14 in 24/7 Sports, # 9 Athlon Sports,  # 13 Bleacher Report, # 15 Sports Illustrated, # 15 Fox Sports.

CBS Sports has us # 18.


College Football About.com ranks us # 15 for preseason 2015 college football poll :


“There’s plenty of talent across the roster, as usual, but I do have my usual concerns about this team’s toughness—mental and physical. It’s an ongoing issue under coach Mark Richt, and the one thing that has kept them from being a national title contender. I don’t see it changing any time soon.”


24/7 Sports has us # 14 preseason 2015 college football poll :


Athlon Sports has us # 9 preseason 2015 :


Although our non-conference slate is cupcake city 2015, we take on both of the top teams from The SEC West Alabama and Auburn.  And, while The SEC East has been down for a long time now compared to The SEC West, we have failed to capitalize on this opportunity with disappointing losses heaped upon more disappointing losses to less talented teams in our own division.  Poor teams beating us in our division has been a staple now for us.  It’s a trend others nationally do not see us shedding anytime soon.

We return 6 Offensive Starters from last season and 6 Defensive Starters from last season – about half the team returns – because we had so many redshirt seniors last season.

Brian Schottenheimer was a below average NFL Offensive Coordinator for the last decade and accepted this demotion to the same position at Georgia for Mark Richt in college football he used to hold in the NFL.

Certainly the lack of success of his offense with the Rams and the Jets had, is well documented :


We failed to name a Special Teams’ Coach again 2015, despite the utter lack of success we’ve put forth recent seasons as well.  This despite the fact that more than 100 other college football coaches feel that they do need a Full Time Special Teams’ Coach.  And, this is in the very face of our disasters on Special Teams nowadays.

Defensive Coordinator Jeremy Pruitt left national champion Florida State to take this job with Mark Richt, and what we’ve learned about that is that this time last year, we lost our entire defense and those who were here did not do much, such as notably Leonard Floyd.  We chased quarterbacks, but stood idly by while we watched their quarterbacks out perform our quarterback every game last year nearly.

And, the real issue Mark Richt himself, remains as unsettled these most recent 7 years now, that it still begs the question what happened in the preseason polls 2008 that has left Mark Richt without that fire in his belly he once did have when he first got here ?

3 other states only produce more talent than this state, but Mark Richt continues to put forth dumbass decisions on not only the roster management, discipline, and motivation, but more importantly an utter wellspring of devastatingly disappointing losses upon losses not only away from Sanford against teams making the Top 25, but also all the mounting losses to lesser teams.  Not just lesser teams, but teams far less talented than we have.

Bleacher Report has us # 13 preseason 2015 :


Sports Illustrated also has us # 15 preseason 2015 :


We ran the ball too much last year and did not mix it up at all with deep passes.  This brought defenses to stack the box against us, allowing less talented teams to embarrass us.

Fox Sports also has us # 15 preseason 2015 :


Athlon Sports steps outside the preseason 2015 college football polls and notes the teams with the MOST TALENT discounting redshirt seniors and looks only at the 2015 roster as made up of recruiting ranking averages other than the redshirt seniors.  I think this is incredibly wrong to leave out all redshirt seniors in their averages as these are frequently in college very powerful players in college football, but it does show even just looking at the average rankings of our 4 most recent recruiting rankings that there is no way that Georgia should have lost as many games as we have these most recent seasons.  And, in fact the losses are ALL to far lesser talented teams than our own.  What does this show ?  That we have squandered talent.  That is what this shows.  It also shows that we recruit extremely well.  Results for the talent on hand, is what is missing.  Why is that ?

# 6 talent based on just the last 4 recruiting rankings :


Phil Steele also steps outside the preseason 2015 college football polls to predict not that he is saying that Georgia will be # 10 in the preseason poll, but that he thinks the AP Poll will rank Georgia # 10 preseason this year.




Bluto’s Mark Richt’s To-Do List is bullshit (aka Senator Freaking Bluto) GET THE PICTURE ? I think not !


There is something here besides winning that’s important ?  Or we need more clear precise goals as our To-Do List – not bullshit ?  Which is it ?  Our goal is to quit losing for 7 years now more than 4 losses a season average ?  How do we teach them to obey the rules not punish them harshly as if that is teaching them to obey the rules ?  You’re clueless and more to the point purposely painting Mark Richt as not responsible for that which only he is responsible. He runs a lax ship and only punishes harshly.  He doesn’t know how to tell them to obey the rules.

Get the Picture says Mark Richt’s To Do List is to score more touchdowns in the red zone when Bluto says that surprises him !  And, not do anything about all the arrests/suspensions/kicked-off that led to having only 72 suit up for the latest game of the 118 he signed who with redshirt would’ve been playing instead.  And nothing to do with our abysmal 54 % win percentage against bowl teams the entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era – after 2007.


Nothing on Bluto’s Mark Richt To-Do List for 2015 about not losing to unranked teams as he’s done 10 times after 2007.  Nothing on Bluto’s Mark Richt To-Do List for 2015 about him being # 50 in the nation at beating top 15 teams time of game after 2007 when we are all-time the # 11 program in wins.  How can this be that THESE are NOT on Mark Richt’s To-Do List pray tell ?


Well punks how ?


Mark Richt needs to fix this shit.  What is the fix for this shit ?  Obviously I am saying it is Mark Richt.  Aren’t I ?  Are you that God Damn Stupid that you can’t see I am saying that the fix to this crap is that Mark Richt just has to go  –  this God Damn Friqin’ Hero of yours- not mine ?


You do not fool me that you do not see this is what I am saying.


You are just acting stupid.


And, because you DO NOT WANT TO DISCUSS THE ISSUES I am bringing up about your freaking hero and not mine.  Why ?  Because you know I am right if you did discuss any 1 of these individual points I make that you would agree with me.  You do not know these points.  If you did you would TALK ABOUT THEM as items Mark Richt needs to fix.


You do NOT know them.


They are NOT insignificant or meaningless.


They are ALL instead his win/loss record after 2007.


You know ?


Against top 15 teams after 2007 us # 11 all-time in wins.


Against unranked teams after 2007.


You know ?


With his average # 8 recruiting rankings.


Against teams who even go to a bowl game the season he plays them after 2007.


You know ?


The ones he likely as not loses to when they are bowl teams after 2007.


Quit telling me how great he was 2001-2007.  We all rooted for him then me included no matter how you try to paint me TODAY on that way back then 8 to 14 years’ ago.


He has LOST IT.


Against ALL these groups.


It’s not a mini-record.


It’s what he’s doing NOW – these latest 7 years making up the entire 2nd half his career here.

Quit ignoring the point.


The more you do, the more you cement MY POINTS in everyone’s mind.


Surely by now you know you are LOSING this argument and me winning it, don’t you ?


Sure you do.



These are his real To-Do List items not that he needs to JUST ONLY score more TD in the red zone.


So why is it then that NONE of you can discuss what the issues are ?


Because I do not say it in a fashion in which you can look at a sentence and say you could re-word it better ?  So could I.  So what ?  That is not what this is about and your stupid attempts to IGNORE all the facts or act like you knew them all anyway when you did not, just leaves me making my point and leaves me making my point which you make yourself out the village idiot for not addressing.


My points are here.


You attempting to avoid my points leaves ONLY ME MAKING MY POINTS of what should have been on Bluto’s To-Do List for Mark Richt for 2015 and did not.


Doesn’t it ?


Well punks ?


You’re just all a God Damn Bunch of NOTHING BUT INTERNET BULLIES the freaking lot of you.


These pervasive issues about Mark Richt are going to cost him his job.


I will see to it.


You want to stop me seeing to it.


This is where we are.


You are going to lose.

You IGNORE me at your own risk because I am making these points about him as coach and don’t give a shit if he is a fine man.  Nothing on Bluto’s Mark Richt To-Do List for 2015 about teams who play in a bowl game the season he plays them which he is after 2007 likely as not to lose by the way.  Nothing about getting the ever-living shit kicked out of him after 2007 every year by more than 3 TD when he never did that 2001-2007 either.  Just that I can NOT say this on his blog, you can say the problem is my English or my mother and TRY TO IGNORE these points I DO BY GOD MAKE, and that he ONLY THINKS THE ONLY ISSUE is instead his bullshit Mark Richt To-Do List for 2015 that we have to do better in the red zone scoring TD.  Yeah, that’s the point.  He’s a dumbass for even attempting to say that and does not have the balls to hear me take him to task on same on his blog where I made him look like shit so he banned me at your request because YOU ALL – as a group there – think we have some other goal besides winning here.  We don’t.  You can’t.  You’re wrong.  He’s shallow and off-point and he is wrong that Mark Richt only needs to score more TD in the red zone.  It is a LOT more pervasive across our football program than that shallow bullshit analysis and if Bluto and his minions don’t wake-up he will be FIRED for what I have been saying after 2007 about him.  He could have looked at ANY of my posts to know what Mark Richt’s To-Do List IS for 2015.  Any of them.  You can read my points quite clearly.  You just want to act stupid that you can’t.  Sure you can.  You do NOT LIKE WHAT I SAY not how I say it.  You can ALL stick it up your assholes.  I will make my point. I do make my point and you have NO POINT.


Whether you like it or not I am changing the court of public opinion about what a fine man Mark Richt is.  He is a fine man and shitty coach after 2007.  Wake-up.  You have FAILED to shut me up and I am WINNING.  That is what bothers you.

Bluto is the character’s name in the movie – not any damn freaking senator.  He showed-up online a few years’ back now in the Online Athens’ forum crying for censorship then, too.  Today, he writes a Mark Richt’s To-Do List.  Ah, bullshit Bluto is all I can say to such utter nonsense, Bluto !

(1) Mark Richt is # 21 in Won/Record after 2007 – the entire 2nd Half of Mark Richt era



Teams such as Florida, Southern California and Nebraska who have been abysmal, are all better than Mark Richt these latest 7 years now to-date.


And, Bluto says that Mark Richt’s To-Do List is scoring better when we are down there ready to score and that ” given how solid Georgia’s offense was running the ball ” that surprises him.  Dimwit.  Dumbass.


How about beating teams we should not be losing to, you freaking dumbass Bluto ?


Wouldn’t that be up there on the Mark Richt To-Do List ?


He’s 5-9 vs Florida, and let yet another underwhelming Florida team beat him.

He lost to Georgie tek to give their coach now not even a losing record against us at our house.

(2) He made a quarterback our Starting Quarterback who lost to 3 unranked teams and to lowlife # 52 average recruiting ranking Georgie tek – 4 inexplicable losses.


But, when we get down there ready to score, we should do better Bluto surmises – bless his heart – despite our awesome OL and running game.


How about our damned Quarterback # 88 in Passing Offense Bluto dumbshit ?  Nothing about that, either ?  If we had a passing game, we would have really racked-up down there in the red zone scoring touchdowns.


(3) Instead, we’re # 88 in Passing Offense nationally.




And, # 67 in Passing Yards per completion.  If Mike Bobo had not taken that demotion to way out there in the snow with a program who has a losing record all-time, Mark Richt would have never done anything about his offense which Bluto says is anemic inside the red zone actually scoring as Mark Richt’s To-Do List.

(4) Now that Penn State has been restored to its previous win total which the NCAA took away from them in 2012 and added back last week, UGA is now outside the Top 10 All-Time in Wins again back to # 11 All-Time.





Instead, Mark Richt has 29 Losses after 2007, an average of MORE than 4 losses per season for these 7 latest current seasons.


But, Bluto says that in the red zone, Mark Richt should score touchdowns more frequently.


God Almighty Bluto !   What a dumbass liar you are to not discuss what we’ve been doing these latest 7 years and the reasons for it, which are by the way the attrition on our roster.


In the latest football game, we had only 72 of the 118 signed scholarship recruits who with a redshirt season would’ve been playing this game.  None were drafted early by the NFL in the 2014 NFL Draft.


The attrition has been so damn devastating that teams who recruited nowhere near us have dominated us.  How do you explain away Florida’s win over us this season or South Carolina either for that matter ?  Georgie tek was supposed to beat us with their recruiting so sorry compared to our talent ?  No !


But, Bluto says nothing about this either, just that when we’re down there we need to score more touchdowns.


(5) Mark Richt’s To-Do List is quite a bit different from the bullshit presented by Bluto this day, I can assure the dumbass.


He has not won a national championship yet the coaches who have won these 15 years now average only 3 and a half years at the school before they won one.


Mark Richt has 2002 when unranked Florida of Ron Zook mind you held him to -0- of 13 on 3rd Down Conversions, a hapless Florida team.  And, Mark Richt has 2007 when not only did the vols blow us out but that we also lost 2007 to 6-6 South Carolina who did not even go to a damned bowl game.  Of course, there is 2012 when South Carolina beat us like a drum 35 to 7.  And, 2012 we have that wondrous do not spike the ball by Mark Richt as well !  These are the high water marks for Mark Richt.  The best of the best.  Mark Richt just has bad luck ?  Bullshit, he sucks and you know it.

Bad Luck, my Ass !

And, so he censors posts to “his blog” and calls me out saying I am not a fan of The Georgia Bulldogs.


Hogwash, he isn’t and never has been.


I’ve known this twit Bluto for 15 years now online.  He does not want the countering viewpoint and for smoke and mirrors, he shall reply to this reply to his bullshit post of Mark Richt’s To-Do List with there is something wrong with me !  No, his post sucks and even he Bluto senator of nothing, would readily admit that my discussion here is far more hitting the nail on the head for Mark Richt’s To-Do List !  Don’t you Bluto ?  Facebook says you have to know the person face-to-face.  I think not.  We all have many dealings with folks whom we speak with every day, and whom we send back and forth e-mails all the time to transact our business, and none of these are our friends ?  Bullshit Facebook.  Bullshit.  We do not “KNOW” these people ?  Ridiculous proposition. Bluto is a guy who is into censorship and into power and authority – wanting to tell everyone else how to live their lives – he having so screwed-up his own.  Daily in every blog post, Bluto, has come-on titles designed to get you to click the URL Link to see just what the hell it is his blog is about that day.


What is Bluto’s blog about ?


Well, # 1 it is a Mark Richt Apologist blog.  If that is not obvious.


And, # 2 it is a blog about anything but that which are our woes, anything but that which are our bucket list.  Afraid to bring it out in the open, and unwilling to discuss the real issues you get red herrings instead.


Bluto spends his days reading a blog such as this one here with meat in it, and then he “WRITES” a blog about it, putting it down and saying how worthless the blog’s point is.  He oozes censorship and unfair play, that he can say whatever the Hell he wants to say but Heavens Above, do not allow the altering viewpoint.


That is Bluto – the one you call senator when the character was called Bluto the entire movie.


(6) NEVER does Bluto have a point of his own.  Never !  Always just steal someone else’s idea and present it as his own blog post of the day with inane discussion of the point of the actual point-making blog post.


# 63 in Sacks by our Defense and Bluto tells you to your glee drink the damn Kool-Aid that we have all these mighty pass rushers returning to our team 2015.   We do not sack opposing quarterbacks, now do we Bluto ?  Why say that bullshit either then bubba Bluto ?






Come-on titles to stolen point-making blog posts where you throw your 2 cents worth in, all how great Mark Richt.




No, he isn’t.


Is he ?


He was when he 1st got here, but what he did 8 to 14 seasons’ ago has little resemblance to what he’s been doing since, now does it ?




After 2007, Mark Richt has 29 losses latest 7 years averaging over 4 losses a season 2nd Half CMR era.




Find that on Bluto’s blog and report back please ?


Find that on Bluto’s To-Do List for Mark Richt this morning ?


I’ll wait.


2-13 vs teams ranked AP Poll Top 10 for the seasons 2008 to current :




And, that is not on Mark Richt’s To-Do List Bluto ?


Hogwash bullshit freaking moron !


11-23 vs teams ranked for the seasons 2008 to current :




Add in to that that he has also lost to 10 unranked teams in this timeframe and you have a horrid situation requiring it to be up there at the top of Mark Richt’s To-Do List, you dumbass !


Right ?


Think just maybe you failed to hit the nail on the head ?


Again ?


As always ?


Only 2012 blown out by South Carolina and then the don’t spike it in front of me, and this past season when we lost to 3 far less talented teams has Mark Richt made the AP Poll Top 10 after 2007, clearly our goal as a program # 11 All-Time in Wins.  But, no that’s not listed – or, even hinted as a To-Do List action item for Mark Richt !




Mark Richt was 81 % Win Percentage but now these latest 7 years making up the entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt Era, he’s only 68 % win percentage.


Is this perhaps maybe on Bluto’s To-Do List for Mark Richt ?  Hell freaking no.  It’s too obvious how lousy this blog post by Bluto !




Bluto misses the damn point right down the line, doesn’t he ?


He’s afraid to have the real topics discussed.


So, he leaves himself wide friqin’ open to a proper rebuttal to his utter nonsensical Mark Richt To-List blog post, doesn’t he ?


Well Bluto ?


What smartass reply have you to offer-up in defense of such bullshit man has never witnessed in the history of histories that your Mark Richt To-Do List is a worthy discussion of same ?


What response of how great you are and how that of not a fan of this football program I ?




Mark Richt is 65 % win percentage away from Sanford after 2007 to-date and no To-Do List discussion by you sir ?  Seriously ?

54 % win percentage vs Bowl Teams after 2007 to-date and not worthy on your To-Do List ?  Come on you bullshit artist of no substance and just censorship how great you are and your friqin’ To-Do List for Mark Richt !


57 % win percentage bowl game after 2007 and again no mention.  Why is that Bluto ?  You that stupid ?


Vs Higher YrRnk Tms: 25-(26.9%)-(4-21-0)–0.160 after 2007 to-date




4 wins 21 losses to teams after 2007 to-date who are higher ranked in either the AP or Coaches’ Polls for these latest 7 seasons making up the entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era, and Bluto says this is not worthy of discussion on his blog post of that which is in his humble opinion the Mark Richt To-Do List.



20 preseason 2014 Polls avg # 12 UGA, high # 3

Georgia Bulldogs rank as high as # 3 in Preseason 2014 Football Polls. Our average rank is # 12 in 20 preseason polls.  USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll comes out a week from Friday on August 1.  The AP Poll comes out August 17 two weeks before we take on # 16 Clemson – we the heavy 9-point pick at home.  The new CFP College Football Playoff Poll comes out 1st after the 8th week, and it the definitive poll for the 2014-2015 Four-Team Play-Offs.

Preseason Polls for The Georgia Bulldogs 2014 :

# 3 http://cfbmatrix.com/final-top-25-50-2014/#comment-5247

# 6 http://mcillecesports.wordpress.com/2014/06/02/2014-top-25-and-conference-predictions/

# 8 http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/10884991/college-football-post-spring-way-too-early-preseason-top-25

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# 12 http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/10935532/florida-state-seminoles-lead-2014-preseason-football-power-index-ratings

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# 15 http://www.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football/story/2014-05-12/top-25-preseason-oklahoma-oregon-fsu-alabama-auburn-stanford-baylor/slide/15

# 17 http://www.4down20.com/power/

# 17 http://www.chatsports.com/ncaa/a/Early-Look-2014-College-Football-Preseason-Rankings-10-205-1079

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# 19 http://collegefootball.about.com/od/schools/tp/rankings-preseason.01.htm

# 31 http://www.collegefootballuniverseblog.com/rankings.html

Clicking each URL Link, provides you the complete preseason poll according to that publication, where all the other teams are ranked.

On these 20 preseason 2014 polls to-date, The Georgia Bulldogs average rank is # 12.