Zeus is still not able to even practice.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Zamir White.




Dell McGee and Sam Pittman are Kirby’s top coaches on his coaching staff. Try saying that ?

Dell McGee has been promoted to RUN GAME COORDINATOR from Assistant Head Coach and Sam Pittman is absolutely fantastic.


In our last 3 seasons now Dell McGee has five (5) running backs with 1000 yards :


1345 Nick Chubb 2017

1161 Sony Michel 2017

1130 Nick Chubb 2016

1049 D’Andre Swift 2018

1018 Elijah Holyfield 2018


Sam Pittman gets loads of the credit for all these running backs reporting to Dell McGee.





Elijah Holyfield – here’s what I saw a man with great determination who came to the line of scrimmage with an attitude and attacked his runs. 26 reps bench press showed what I saw too. Did he get outside and run down the field ? No. Is he 4.28 ? No. He is 4.78

If Elijah Holyfield is eye-opening to YOU at 4.78 then you are not following Elijah Holyfield because that is not what he brings to the table.


I liked his answers at the NFL Combine and I liked his strength.  I saw him come up to the line of scrimmage with a rare sense of effort here.  He really tries.  Some team will be damn proud to have him.


I love the kid.


The NFL is all about effort and Elijah Holyfield wants it.


Did you hear me ?


That is what is eye-popping about Elijah Holyfield.  If you can’t see that then I have no respect for what you find eye-popping.



Running Back U 2019 : Well here we are. Another great Bulldogs’ season ahead. 1000 yard season 2019 for D’Andre Swift Junior Brian Herrin Senior James Cook Sophomore Zamir White Medical Redshirt Freshman. Now we add true freshman Kenny McIntosh Ft. Lauderdale 6′ 1/2″ 218 lbs. the # 11 best running back in the nation 2019 whom Auburn Oklahoma and Alabama thought they would get and not Kirby.

It’s March 1 this year but next year it will not be.



John Emery Junior says he is a GOD DAMN WIMP and can’t stand to play on a team with Zamir White Mecole Hardman James Cook D’Andre Swift Elijah Holyfield Demetris Robertson Justin Fields and Brian Herrien running the ball. He is AFRAID he would not shine here.

Guess what John Emery ?


You are NO 5-Star # 2 running back in the nation.  You are a GOD DAMN wimp boy.


Oh.  They have too much competition at Georgia.


I want to go somewhere where there isn’t anyone any good at running back.


I’m afraid I can’t be any good on a team so talented as Georgia :


  1. Zamir White
  2. Mecole Hardman
  3. James Cook
  4. D’Andre Swift
  5. Elijah Holyfield
  6. Demetris Robertson
  7. Justin Fields
  8. and Brian Herrien running the ball is too much talent for me John Emery Jr. to go there


I quit.


They’re too good at running the God Damn Football for me.


I want to go somewhere where they aren’t any good at running the ball.