SEC best college football rivalries. I would rather be Georgia than be anyone. How do you feel about UGA Bulldogs 2018 ?

Georgia Auburn (this is not considered Michigan Ohio State but Michigan stays down)

Alabama Auburn (better than Oklahoma Texas because Texas stays down)

Auburn LSU (better than Ohio State TCU did you see Auburn fans stunned ?)

Georgia Florida (lot better than Harvard Yale nowadays)

Florida Tennessee (better than Yale Princeton)

Georgia Clemson (recently better than Southern Cal Notre Dame recently So Cal down)

Arkansas Texas (considered not as good as Oregon Oregon State Oregon State is down)

Missouri Arkansas (better than California Stanford because California stays down)

Georgia Tennessee (better than Southern Cal UCLA recently as UGA better than both)

Florida Florida State (better than Michigan Michigan State and Florida is SEC)

Florida Miami of Florida (better than Wisconsin Minnesota and Florida is SEC)

Alabama Tennessee (better than North Carolina Virginia)

LSU Alabama (better than Oklahoma Oklahoma State)

Florida Auburn (better than Nebraska Oklahoma because Nebraska remains down)

LSU Texas A&M (better than Michigan Notre Dame recently as Michigan is down)

Texas A&M Texas (better than Southern Cal vs California both who are down)

Georgia Arkansas (better than Georgia Tech Clemson Georgia is 10-4 vs Arkansas)

Georgia Florida State (better than Florida State Miami of Florida we’re 6-4-1 vs FSU)

Georgia Ohio State (better than Ohio State Oklahoma UGA is undefeated vs Ohio State)

Georgia TCU (better than TCU Texas A&M Georgia is 4-0 vs TCU all-time)

Georgia Georgia Tech (better than Army Navy because Georgia better than both)

Georgia Oklahoma (better than Oklahoma TCU Georgia is undefeated vs Oklahoma)

Georgia Notre Dame (better than Notre Dame Michigan State UGA 2-0 vs Notre Dame)

Georgia South Carolina (fact is huge rivalry and UGA kicks ass which they hate)

Georgia Missouri (Georgia has won every game vs Missouri since they joined SEC but 1)

Georgia LSU (fact is a huge rivalry not played often but intense)

Georgia Alabama (Georgia always plays Alabama as well as any Alabama opponent)


Facts are everyone wants to watch Georgia against everyone.


The facts are folks want to watch SEC.  The old time rivalries of the OTHER conferences are NOT WATCHED as much as SEC teams are.  When The SEC is on TV folks want to watch The SEC.  It is NOT A BIAS.  The SEC is better football.


11 SEC National Championships in football starting 2003.


There has been a shift in college football AWAY from the old time rivalries as is proven by the facts in this post today by ME.


Nebraska has been down

Michigan has been down

Miami of Florida has been down

Florida State has been down

Texas has been down

Southern California has been down

Oklahoma State has been down

Oregon has been down

Oregon State has been down

Washington has been down

California has been down


These OLD rivalries do NOT mean as much as watching compelling football. If you are a fan of college football and profess to be a fan of college football then you want to watch SEC football.


Don’t you ?


The facts are that we do VERY WELL against rivalry teams in other conferences and we are considered the college football elite this morning.  Did you hear that ?  We are Elite this morning.


No one else has talked about UGA Georgia Bulldogs being ELITE.


That is I who is talking about us being Elite.  Want to see who reads my blog ?  Watch who uses the term elite next.


Ok ?


The dominance of college football by The SEC is evident to everyone who wishes that they could say otherwise.


Missouri is voted on by AP Poll voters this morning.  Missouri is playing Georgia.  LSU just beat Auburn.  LSU plays Georgia.  Auburn beat Washington.  Auburn plays Georgia.  Florida was ranked last week.  Florida plays Georgia.  Vanderbilt nearly beat Notre Dame.  Vanderbilt plays Georgia.  Kentucky got votes AP Poll today.  Kentucky plays Georgia.  South Carolina was ranked before we beat the ever-loving shit out of them.  Alabama is # 1 Georgia is # 2.  Alabama plays Georgia SEC Championship Game and both played each other in the NC game last year too.


Last year this blog predicted SEC Championship Georgia before the first game.  I was right.


Fans like watching us.


We’re fun to watch.


It’s become TRENDY to talk about Georgia.  If you have a blog that ever discusses college football you’re talking about Georgia again this morning.   We’re staying in the news for good news. If you went to another school or have talked-up other teams in the past you are mincing your words this morning about Georgia. You’re not saying we’re the losers in the NC game.  You’re saying you know what ?  Georgia is quite good.  Georgia is ultra talented.  Georgia is not likely to disappoint.  Georgia could be better than folks are saying.  We have some tremendous games coming-up and Missouri is the next one of those.


We argue over redshirting the best player in the nation 2018 who Kirby just signed as our quarterback.  When they look at him he kicks ass and does not disappoint.  This is all we have to talk about.


We’re # 2 in the nation.


Let that sink in.


THIS is a LOT better than being # 1 pre-season 2008 only to have 22 of our men go out on the town that night and CELEBRATE.  We even beat-up a hospital.


I’d rather be # 2 today kick-off game 4.


I would rather be Georgia than be anyone.


That probably goes right over your head.  Let me try getting through to you.


Georgia or Florida State this morning ?  Georgia or Oklahoma this morning ?  Georgia or Texas this morning ?  Georgia or Southern California this morning ?  Georgia or Oregon this morning ?  Georgia or Washington this morning ?  Georgia or UCLA this morning ? Georgia or TCU this morning ? Georgia or Auburn this morning ?  Georgia or LSU this morning ?  Georgia or Stanford this morning ?  Georgia or Notre Dame this morning ?  Well ?  Do you see my point yet ?


Missouri has played Georgia 7 times and lost every game to Georgia except 2013 when Mark Richt went 8-5. I said then that Mark Richt had to be fired.  You told me that was crazy talk that you wanted your son to play for Mark Richt.  I said to what ?  Lose ?


I do not even want to talk about 2013.  I hated Mark Richt long before that 8-5 bullshit season and you know I did.  And you know you made excuses for Mark Richt 2013 like you are this morning for him loser of 4 of his last 5 games this morning.


Mark Richt lost to Vanderbilt 2013 going 8-5.  Don’t talk to me how Missouri beat Mark Richt 2013.


We have always had great recruits in the state of Georgia.  Kirby makes mistakes but you know what ?  I told you how intelligent he was when he was the only one on my list of replacements for Mark Richt when you told me Mark Richt was not going anywhere and I was the fool to suggest he was when Kirby was the only coach I listed on my list of replacements for Mark Richt who was not a proven head coach.


We’re in good hands.


Kirby is not perfect.


Kirby is also NOT STUPID.


The same can not be said for Mark Richt who is no Kirby.



We might be the most talked about team in the nation.  And folks don’t hate us.


Well our opponents do…


Who’s elite ?


Who is ?




We beat Middle Tennessee State University 49-7 and Clemson beat Georgia Southern University 38-7 and they JUMPED US over Clemson to # 2. EVERYBODY NOTICES THAT SHIT.

I am sorry but that doesn’t make any sense at all except that it is a VOTE FOR The SEC.


FACTS are we are # 2 in the nation.


SEC # 1 and # 2 and LSU # 6.  Auburn # 9.  Mississippi State # 14.  Texas A&M # 22 for LOSING.


Kentucky Missouri and South Carolina in other votes.  9 of the 14 SEC teams getting votes.


3 of the top 6.  4 of the top 9.  5 of the top 14.  SEC certainly does NOT look down.


I guess Georgia playing Alabama for the national championship shut-up the assholes who talked all year last year about how The SEC was down.




SEC 11 National Championships in Football Starting 2003.


I do not believe that ANYONE thinks that they can get away with saying The SEC is DOWN.


SEC 11 National Championships in Football Starting 2003.


Do you want to know why the AP voters voted UGA to # 2 today ?


  1. 2017 Alabama SEC vs SEC for NC (Georgia Alabama)
  2. 2015 Alabama
  3. 2012 Alabama
  4. 2011 Alabama SEC vs SEC for NC (LSU Alabama)
  5. 2010 Auburn
  6. 2009 Alabama
  7. 2008 Florida
  8. 2007 LSU
  9. 2006 Florida
  10. 2004 Auburn 13-0 undefeated 2004 # 2 all polls before USC stripped of its NC
  11. 2003 LSU


This is a VOTE FOR The SEC by AP Poll voters today to jump us up over Clemson.




Nielsen states 29 million 932 thousand watched Kirby take-on Alabama and score 4 of the first 5 scores in the game only to lose. We sat on the lead and didn’t do what we had done to go up. This is # 2 all-time cable television ratings ever all-time and ranks at the very top broadcast and cable shows recently as well. Alabama had led the nation in recruiting 7 years in a row # 1 nationally until Kirby unseated Nick Saban 2018 only. ATTENDANCE is NOT DOWN and VIEWERSHIP is NOT DOWN. Oh and by the way YOU TOLD ME that The SEC was DOWN – that is ALL YOU SAID ALL YEAR LONG LAST YEAR then you TOLD ME NO ONE WOULD WATCH an ALL-SEC National Championship Game. Dumbass yeah they did at ALL-TIME RECORD HIGH. Jesus Christ you are FULL OF SHIT. How does HISTORY look at us ? Well I guaranteed SEC Championship 2017 BEFORE THE SEASON STARTED and every day thereafter all season. You did NOT. Alabama beat us recruiting 7 years in a row until this year. How is it viewed ? It is viewed we did WELL. Game over. Alabama won. They had a back-up QB we couldn’t practice for in a week.


No one will watch The SEC play The SEC in the national championship game ?


God Damn LIAR.




Jesus Christ who the HELL lets you get away with that shit ?


SEC 11 National Championships in Football Starting 2003  eleven of latest 15 NC and TWICE of those it was SEC against SEC only.


Yeah we’re really DOWN.


Yeah no one wants to watch us.


Yeah our attendance is not up or nothing.  What a God Damn LIAR you are.


Dumbass piece of shit.




Only 2 teams have won more bowl games than Georgia Bulldogs with 30 bowl victories and 3 bowl ties to only 19 losses and those are Alabama 38 bowl wins and Southern California 34 bowl wins. Oklahoma has 29 bowl wins and only 20 bowl losses with 1 tie. Bowl games played Georgia can move up to # 2 if we can beat Oklahoma, and if we can’t then Oklahoma will tie us in bowl wins. Alabama has played in 66 bowl games. Georgia Bulldogs have played in 53 bowl games with this bowl game against Oklahoma and a win there would send us to our 54th bowl game. I take Georgia to WIN and face Alabama for the National Championship at Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Georgia where I choose US.

SEC down ?


Not hardly.


I thought that it was accepted that The Mighty SEC is DOWN ?


SEC 10 National Championships in Football Starting 2003

  1. 2015 Alabama
  2. 2012 Alabama
  3. 2011 Alabama
  4. 2010 Auburn
  5. 2009 Alabama
  6. 2008 Florida
  7. 2007 LSU
  8. 2006 Florida
  9. 2004 Auburn * 13-0 undefeated 2004 # 2 every single poll before USC stripped of its NC belongs to Auburn
  10. 2003 LSU


This would be 11 NC for SEC starting 2003 season.  That is NOT DOWN.  THIS is NOT DOWN.  There are 2 SEC teams for NC 2017 season called the 2018 National Championship Georgia # 3 and Alabama # 4.  Frankly there would have been 3 including Auburn if Auburn did not have to play us.  Down ?  No.  THIS is NOT DOWN.


*The FWAA stripped USC of its 2004 Grantland Rice Trophy and vacated the selection of its national champion for 2004. The BCS also vacated USC’s participation in the 2005 Orange Bowl and USC’s 2004 BCS National Championship, and the AFCA Coaches’ Poll Trophy was returned.


Alabama is looking for revenge.  You will NOTE that THIS BLOG called for us to play Oklahoma DURING THE GAME against Auburn yesterday and for Alabama to play Clemson in a grudge rematch of 35-31 last year.  On the last play of the game the OFFICIALS did NOT call a PICK PLAY as they did against Georgia Bulldogs in The SEC Championship Game REMOVING our touchdown catch from the scoreboard.  But Clemson LOSES without that call and the officials GAVE the NC to Clemson and STOLE IT from Alabama.  My proof ?  3 different polls after that play to end the game ranked Alabama national champions anyway.


You get that ?


Alabama won the national championship 2016 season last year.


There is NO QUESTION of it.


  1. Colley Matrix Poll ranks Alabama national champions last year 2016 season
  2. Congrove Computer Rankings Poll ranks Alabama # 1 for 2016 season too
  3. Dunkel System Poll ranks Alabama # 1 for 2016 as well.


Excuse me but those are the VERY POLLS Georgia Tech claims their national championships in.


Clemson LOST to 8-5 Pittsburgh last season at HOME for Clemson in Clemson.  Alabama’s lone loss was the 35-31 call on the last play of the game which was by all accounts an Alabama WIN counted as their only loss last season.


I want bad boy Baker Mayfield.  I want his ass.


Big XII and ACC ?  No hope this is an ALL SEC NC.


Nick Saban says he LOST to Auburn on the same field but not by as much.

Hey Nick you are NOT PLAYING Auburn.  That was us yesterday and soon it will be us you are playing.  See ya soon.  Go beat Clemson but watch us beat Oklahoma first in the Rose Bowl where Georgia Bulldogs are UNDFEATED in the Rose Bowl all-time including a shut-out.  Baker Mayfield is going to know he is playing The SEC.


Want a top pick in the NFL Draft ?


Take Roquan Smith not Baker Mayfield who is a FLAKE while you can build a defense around Roquan Smith.


Watch and see.


This is really a dozen national championships in football for The SEC starting 2003 and EVERYONE knows that especially Nick Saban who has half the dozen himself at Alabama and at LSU.  Get the picture Bluto maintains The SEC is DOWN – uh no Senator THIS IS OUR heyday.


Oh and MARK RICHT is not in the Top 10 of the AP Poll nor in the Top 10 of the Coaches’ Poll.  Got that senator Bluto ?


So while you were over there saying how The SEC is DOWN and how a good case can be made that Mark Richt should NOT have been FIRED, I promised that Mark Richt WOULD BE FIRED and had to be and I guaranteed on THIS BLOG too all calendar year 2017 that WE would WIN The SEC Championship 2017.


Guess what Bluto ?


That makes you 0-2 and me 2-0.


I said that EVERY DAY on THIS BLOG.  No one has ANY question of that.



SEC had bad opening weekend ? Look at what The SEC did do and what the other Power 5 Conferences did and did NOT do too. The SEC kicked-ass opening weekend dumbasses. Half your God Damn Big 10 Conference can’t play football at all.

Let me say that this junk about The SEC had a bad opening week weekend is just BULLSHIT.  And just look at their conferences.  Just look in comparison.  I mean My God what Assholes to think they could say that.  You’d think they were great or something ?  Or had at least a point to make about it, right ?


Oh The SEC is no good.

The SEC is down.

The SEC is not the Best College Football Conference.


Oh yeah ?


Really ?


No one replied to you about THAT ?


Here I will.


Stick THIS up your God Damn Asshole :



We had an EXCELLENT weekend thank you very much.  There are 7 SEC teams ranked in EVERY POLL this morning and 8 in some of the major polls with Arkansas ranked as well.


In just the AP Poll :

Big 10 has 5 of the top 32 in the AP Poll.

SEC has 6 of the top 21 in the AP Poll and 8 of the Top 32.


But we had a bad weekend.  Oh come-on you can do better than that.


Moreover, The SEC is the most dominant conference in football by a large wide margin.


Not only are we set now to distribute two-thirds of a billion dollars in SEC Revenue-Sharing here in about 3 weeks’ time now; but we’ve won by my count 10 National Championships in Football starting 2003 :


The SEC Won the national championship in football :


2003 LSU

2004 * Auburn was undefeated and consensus next in line since USC vacated nc game win

2006 Florida

2007 LSU

2008 Florida

2009 Alabama

2010 Auburn

2011 Alabama

2012 Alabama

2015 Alabama


10 SEC National Championships in Football starting 2003


*When you vacate the national championship game win because you CHEATED you are NOT National Champions.  You vacated it.  Don’t try to ADD it back in now later.  That shit doesn’t fly.


Got it ?


Let’s look now what the OTHER POWER 5 Conferences did opening weekend shall we ?






SEC not doing well ?  Excuse me :

PAC-12 Oregon State LOST – # 20 Southern California LOST 6-52 to SEC – # 16 UCLA LOST to SEC – Eastern Washington for God’s sake beat Washington State Pac-12 in a HOME GAME for Pac-12 no less – Arizona Pac-12 LOST to last year 4-loss Independent team.  SEC had bad weekend ?  Not compared to Pac-12 SEC did NOT.  Did they ?  ———–

ACC Clemson beat 2-6 in The SEC Auburn on a FLUKE or they LOSE to 2-6 SEC Auburn – ACC # 22 North Carolina beat by 19 unanswered points to end the game to SEC – ACC LOST to FCS Division 1-AA 4-loss Spiders Richmond beat ACC Virginia by double their score ACC ———-

BIG XII # 3 CHOKE-LA-HOMA LOST to American Athletic Conference whatever the hell that is # 3 Oklahoma BIG XII LOST by DOUBLE-DIGITS to them nice Big XII – Kansas State Big XII LOST by double their score too Big XII – Iowa State Big XII ALSO LOST TO FCS Division 1-AA Northern Iowa whatever the hell that is Big XII lost to ————

Big 10 LOST to Mid-American Conference 5-loss team Western Michigan Broncos this was mighty NORTHWESTERN who LOST to Mid-American Conference 5-loss team who ran-up their record last year in the stinking Big 10 –  BIG 10 is 14 teams which run-up their record on weak sisters such as Rutgers Good Lord Rutgers Big 10 and it’s not just Rutgers Big 10 also has Nebraska LOSING RECORD last year 6-7 and Big 10 has Purdue 2-10 and Big 10 has Illinois 5-7 and Big 10 has Minnesota 6-7 and Big 10 has Maryland Good Lord Maryland Big 10 who was 3-9 while Big 10 Rutgers was 4-8 and Big 10 Indiana was 6-7.   Good Lord Big 10 – run your God Damn mouths about SEC ?  Half your God Damn Big 10 Conference can’t play football at all.


Where did you get 7 crappy-assed football teams like that from Big 10 ?  Half your conference.  And you have the unmitigated God Damn Gall to pick on The SEC with that ?  Jesus Christ idiots.


That is an argument you could never possibly win.


Who gives a shit about that COMING from these also-ran conferences ?  Georgia Bulldogs won.


Starting 2003 season The SEC WON football national championship 10 times

Big 10 once.

ACC once.

Big XII once.

Pac-12 has NOT won the national championship in football since 1972.


Now what was it YOU said about The SEC being down ?







National Championships




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Top-ranked teams

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Who won the latest National Championship ?

Oh that is The SEC too.

Who is # 1 this year ?

Oh that too is The SEC ?

Poor little whiny-assed babies, grow-up The SEC is down ?

The SEC in fact is anything but down.

You only dreamed-up this bullshit about Power 5 Conferences to TRY to make yourselves EQUAL in your wee itty-bitty mind when you KNOW you are nowhere compared to The Mighty SEC.

Power 5 Conferences choke-choke cough-cough what a damn laugh

You wish The SEC was down.

We are in fact DOMINATING every single measure of college football.

Aren’t we ?


Most Accomplished Conference in Winning Football

Most Valuable Conference

Most Influential Conference


This includes RIGHT NOW TODAY 8 September 2016 MOST ESPECIALLY.

Now what the hell was it you just said ?

Oh I see, you admit all this is true.

Go ahead.

You can say it.



You just wish you were down here in the Bible Belt in the Sunbelt where everyone wants to live and where every college football player, fan, bowl game, and analyst does.


You can’t WAIT to get down here to play in one of our Bowl Games which is where we then beat the shit out of you.


The city of Atlanta is The Hotbed of College Football and has been for a long time with over 7 million now here in this city alone.  And our football team, 59 miles away in a suburb actually closer than that from the main population of the city which is ALL NORTH towards The University of Georgia, is a fine institution in its own rights.  In fact it is faster to get to UGA than it is to get to downtown for the 7 million who live, eat, sleep, and follow College Football here.


There is no one up there who follows football like The SEC.


And the Land of Fruits and Nuts out there in California has no one who cares about college football either.


# 1 College Football Town


We have the best roads in the country.  There are 16 lanes on one of our 8 Interstates nearby my home.  You can get here very quickly.  Come on down.  The weather is fine.  Don’t you hate it ?  It is 95 degrees today here in Atlanta.  It will be for a long time yet.  Our leaves are green.  We have the largest man-made lake by shoreline for you to buy a home on, or the mountains 90 miles North to have a cabin at.  Or beaches here you flock to every year by driving through Atlanta.  You can’t get there without coming here and giving US your money.  So come on down.  See if we give a shit.


We have the fastest growing population in the country while your cities are ALL going DOWN in population.  The jobs are here.  The weather is here.  College Football is HERE.  And all the college football fans are HERE.


We have the most college football fans in the country.


We are NOT The rural South.


We have a great group of colleges here in The South and are NOT uneducated nor backwards but IN FACT are actually all of YOU from UP THERE who all gave-up on the rust belt and all came down HERE.  We call you DAMN YANKEES. The ones who STAYED down here. We have the largest airport to prove it with all y’all wanting to go “HOME” to visit and then come BACK HERE to live.


Thanks for laugh this morning.  I needed that.


Take pot shots at us.


Go ahead.


I relish them.


EVERY year.


This one year especially.


We’re ranked # 9 this morning in EVERY POLL.  What is YOUR GOD DAMN TEAM RANKED ?


The SEC is down.  Hogwash.  Anything BUT and you damn well know it.


Grow up.

Get a Life.

Come live here like all the rest of your friends who already have.

You know you want to.

Or bring your piss-ant football team with your pitiful recruiting down here and play all 14 of us in The Mighty SEC why don’t you ?

Shit all you want to do is hold football camps down here to get our recruits to come play in your piss-poor conferences by stark direct contrast and in the damn frozen tundra all of them LEFT up there to get away from.


Poor losers.


We have 11 of the top college football programs and 3 more that would be in ANY of your stinking conferences.