We’ve never played Auburn twice in a season before but lead in The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry 57-56-8 after Kirby beat Auburn last year and got embarrassed this year which prompted Kirby to whine to The SEC league office after the shellacking 17-40 that Auburn held our receivers 6 times 6. And Gus Malzahn ran his mouth : “We whipped the dog crap out of them – didn’t we?” SAT 4 p.m. winner to FBS Play-Offs against Clemson who already beat Auburn (and Alabama) this calendar year and the very same Auburn who lost to a lousy LSU team – talented but POORLY COACHED with wasted players at LSU. Auburn is going to be # 4 and Georgia # 5 Tuesday ? Or Alabama # 5 and Georgia # 6 Tuesday ? The winner could face Oklahoma who will be # 2 behind Clemson Tuesday. Ohio State ALSO Tuesday will be AHEAD of Mark Richt. I knew this 2017 season would boil down to THIS and said so in EVERY BLOG POST all year long, every one beginning with beating TCU last year. Jarrett Ryan Stidham Key.

Mark Richt just could not win this type game and thus THIS BLOG took big criticism for daring to FIRE Mark Richt who with the # 7 average recruiting rankings and 2nd most NFL Draft Picks was # 45 against the top 15 teams time of game after 2007.


From 2008 to 2015 inclusive Mark Richt was only 6 wins out of 24 games against top 15 teams time of game with the # 7 talent nationally.  This was # 45 at beating top 15 teams time game.


Mark Richt is on the OUTSIDE looking-in this game and is OUT OF THE PLAY-OFFS.


Mark Richt’s entire career is on the skids this day after losing YET AGAIN to YET ANOTHER UNRANKED TEAM losing to 5-7 Pittsburgh to end his season.  Pittsburgh had LOST to Georgia Tech 17-35 more than twice Pittsburgh’s score.


Syracuse a 4-8 team had also beat Pittsburgh this season.


North Carolina a 3-9 team as well beat Pittsburgh this season.


THAT is who Mark Richt lost to to ruin his 2017 season.


5-7 Pittsburgh BEAT Mark Richt this weekend to derail Mark Richt’s career one more time.  Miami of Florida fans are only just getting used to this with Mark Richt.


But we all know here Mark Richt was one going to lose to Pittsburgh and two would NOT beat Auburn in The SEC Championship Game EITHER.


I would feel a LOT better about this game if Kirby had not redshirted three of the top 5 best OL in the nation 2017.  I tried to tell him that this was a long season and that we would need the 3 OL saved for another year.


Do you want to share with THIS WRITER what season pray tell was MORE IMPORTANT than 2017 ?


I’ve been a Bulldog for 64 years with seasons’ tickets and my entire family graduates including myself.  We won 37 years ago when I was 27.


We lose 20 after this season and talk is that 2 more would be DRAFTED in the NFL as Juniors if they jump ship after this 2017 season.


This 2017 season I have long since GUARANTEED SEC Championship for Kirby.


This blog has stated Kirby would win SEC Championship 2017 after we beat TCU in the bowl game to end last year – that was December in the Liberty Bowl last year.


Wisconsin beat unranked 7-5 Iowa and Wisconsin beat unranked 8-4 Michigan and now they face 2-loss Ohio State with only Wisconsin with any chance of making the final 4 based upon THESE TWO crappy-assed wins as their best wins.  Ohio State LOST to 7-5 Iowa among Ohio State’s 2 losses so Ohio State is OUT anyway as a win over hapless Wisconsin will do NOTHING to legitimize the Big 10.  Big 10 is shut-out of the play-offs by the committee.


Kevin Steele was the Defensive Coordinator at Alabama before Kirby.  Kevin Steele played for the vols.  Auburn has 8 SEC Championships and Georgia 12 but Auburn has won The SEC Championship in 2004, 2010 and 2014 while this is the second longest stint Georgia has not won The SEC Championship all the way back to 2005 when we ended-up the # 3 SEC team in EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY POLL.


The only time Georgia has not won The SEC Championship in Football longer than this today is from 1982 to 2002 and in 2002 The SEC was down that year.  It might be argued it is down again 2017.


Mel Tucker has a far more stellar coaching career than Kevin Steele and was a better football player than Kevin Steele too playing for Barry Alvarez.


In either case this is our best chance to Win The SEC Championship.  It will be far harder 2018 without the 20 players all whom Kirby STARTED here at UGA who leave and maybe Kirby loses two top juniors leaving early too after this 2017 season.


Jarrett Ryan Stidham is the nation’s # 6 best QB 2015 for Baylor a dual-threat from Texas.  He kicked our ass.  A 5-Star QB prospect according to both Scout.com and according to 247Sports.com Composite Ratings Jarrett Ryan Stidham is 6′ 3″ and 214 lbs.  ESPN rated Stidham the # 2 best dual-threat QB in the nation.  Stidham has changed the fortune of Gus Malzahn and that of Auburn.


Stidham is only a sophomore a redshirt sophomore and clearly is The SEC Player of the Year.


4.66 in the 40-yard dash Jarrett Ryan Stidham was wanted by Alabama Auburn Clemson Florida Miami Michigan Ohio State Oklahoma Oklahoma State Penn State TCU vols Texas A&M and Texas as their Starting QB.  Only Mark Richt did not offer Jarrett Ryan Stidham a Scholarship 2015.


202 completions out of 295 passes 2017 Stidham has thrown for 1000 yards more than Jake Fromm.  If you are going to beat Auburn, you must get after Stidham just as Auburn gets after our running game.  Elusive Stidham is impossible to really get after but THAT is the GAME PLAN.



There is ONLY ONE GAME NOW.  There is only this ONE game against Auburn.  If Mel Tucker does not get after Stidham the game is OVER.


After dancing on the sidelines November 11 all Auburn has done this season is to beat two # 1 teams Georgia and Alabama.


But they get us twice.






Was hiring Todd Grantham who got FIRED from Louisville by Bobby Petrino a way for Mississippi State to take advantage of the Ole Miss NCAA Probation or a MISTAKE as well ?

It’s a big mistake for Mississippi State and a step backwards hiring Todd Grantham when Bobby Petrino hired the Mississippi State Bulldogs’ Defensive Coordinator Peter Sirmon but had to wait to announce it until after someone anyone would hire Todd Grantham.


No one liked Todd Grantham and it was surprising to ME that Bobby Petrino even offered Todd Grantham 5 years one point three million to go there.  Now the way he handled hiring this Peter Sirmon a total nobody in his haste to rid himself of Todd Grantham just leaves you wondering even more about Bobby Petrino.


But Mississippi State has done themselves no favors in this swap of their nobody defensive coordinator to this one now who is just a north end of a south bound horse no one likes at ALL.


Safety Jonathan Abram and defensive lineman Chauncey Rivers joins him there.




Good luck with that kind of hiring and recruiting Mississippi State.



Mark Richt LOST to an FSU team who had already lost 2 games when his # 100 special teams missed an extra point with slightly over a minute to go. Typical. FSU had already lost to North Carolina and to Louisville – neither one any good. How bad is Oklahoma ? Houston who beat OK lost to Navy. Big XII bwaah. vols lost but vols should have lost 3 games in a row with their impending loss to Alabama next Saturday. If that happens vols would be 6-2 SEC and 6-1 SEC Florida would have to beat UGA to make them play the game vs LSU that both don’t want to play. We can play in South Carolina today but FL and LSU can not play ANYWHERE today ? WTF ?

SEC League Office is out of their ever-loving minds and have been since Greg Sankey took over.


Greg Sankey was the Commissioner of the Southland Conference last century.


Greg Sankey also tried to stop other payments to student-athletes known as full cost of attendance.


As Commissioner of The Mighty SEC with no alignment or understanding of this level of play he stepped-in in today’s game and insisted Ray Tanner USCe A.D. was correct in scheduling this game there where all the victims are still not allowed to return home.


And now he has not only stood on the wrong side with the NCAA for full cost of attendance because it would give an advantage to The SEC – he did so while he worked on The SEC League Office at the very time.  Who would this give an advantage to The SEC over Greg Sankey ?  Over Southland Conference in football.  Because The SEC has the money and Southland Conference obviously does NOT.


Jeez Louise.


And of course as SEC Commissioner now today he insists he has no say about Florida playing LSU.  Either 1 of those 2 teams as a result could end-up in The SEC Championship as a result of not having to play.


What good is The SEC League Office since Greg Sankey took over last year ?


Well no good.


And Greg Sankey delayed the distribution of record SEC monies in SEC Revenue Sharing and has not released those monies either publically because he wants to KEEP $ 75 million dollars for The SEC League Office – for his money to make all these cornball decisions.


Fire Greg Sankey.


Give us our monies and tell the public if you are KEEPING $ 75 million for The SEC League Office to make all these screwball choices.


Florida does not have to play LSU Greg Sankey ?  What are you in charge for then ?




Absolutely nothing.


Greg Sankey has to MAKE Florida play LSU.  That is HIS JOB.


Or, fire Greg Sankey and give them both a loss if they do not play the game neither wants to play.


Mark Richt announced after the loss by Miami of Florida to FSU Florida State when his special teams let him down as they did HERE for 8 years in a row before being FIRED here for it that he lost to their # 1 Rival for the 7th consecutive year but that hey : “There’s something besides winning that’s important here.”


He did not do well here vs our # 1 rival either losing 11 of his 16 games at the site of the Gator Bowl every year.


Mark Richt also did not do well for the last 8 years losing to top teams, losing to unranked teams, and losing to ranked teams on the road.


But last night’s game for Mark Richt was at Miami.


He lost A LOT of those too his last 8 years ‘Tween the Hedges.  Devastating Losses at HOME for us by Mark Richt after 2007.  Like last year 10-38 loss to Alabama.  Like 24-30 the year before to Georgie tek yellowjackets.  Like Missouri the year before 26-41.  Like losing to South Carolina 2011 by 42-45.  Like the year before that too to Arky 24-31 in his 6-7 year 2010.  Like his loss to LSU 13-20 in 2009.  Like his loss to unranked Kentucky 27-34 also in 2009.  Like his Black-Out Loss 2008 when favored to win losing by 31 to nothing at halftime. And then following that up with the loss at Sanford Stadium too also in 2008 when he won the Fulmer Cup as the # 1 Consensus football team AP and Coaches’ to Georgie tek yellowjackets 42-45.


Just looking back at his last 8 years at HOME like he was in his loss last night – and for which we FIRED him only to see FSU hire him the next day in his UGA belt at the announcement.


There’s something besides winning that’s important Mark Richt ?


What would that be ?


So this is I TOLD YOU SO on that, too.


Good Luck with that down there at Miami of Florida.


You URL Linked to THIS BLOG from down there when you hired him and he showed-up with an UGA belt took off his coat and showed it off to everyone in Miami.  And you said THEN that you did not hire a good coach against # 1 rivals or top teams or even unranked teams.


You can add HOME games to that.




How does Kirby’s 2016 Recruiting Class look NOW ? 3 Scholarships remain NOW for preferred walk-ons. 15 First year players 2016-2017 season have shot at a Start. 10 True Freshmen of these 15 will earn a Start this season. There are a ton of True Freshman Quarterbacks who did great.

Tyler Catalina OT Team Captain 1st Team All-Conference NFL Draft 2017 at 6′ 5″ at 315 lbs. choses UGA over Florida and Auburn and everyone else for this 23-year old man who has STARTED EVERY GAME OF HIS CAREER. 1 year eligibility remaining 6′ 5″ and 300 lbs.

Brian Herrien # 19 best running back in the nation a bruiser with 4.45 speed in the 40-yard dash with 44″ vertical leap DUAL-THREAT

Maurice Smith Mo Smith starter at Alabama at CB 2013 one game, 2014 one game, 2015 played 15 games no START also Player of the Week on Special Teams. Under Armour All-American # 5 CB 2013 Scout.com as a WR too in Texas 2012 high school senior caught 21 passes for 389 yds and 7 TD. Had 63 tackles and 3 interceptions as Junior 2011 – has one year of eligibility remaining which he can take 2016 or 2017 per SEC. Has a redshirt if he wants it. Has 4.43 and a 4.51 Nike Time in 40-yard dash.  6′ 0″ and 200 lbs. Ranked # 12 of all CB NFL Draft 2017 per Scout.com and CBS also has him # 12 CB 2017 NFL Draft.  Must take 9 hours toward Master Public Health post-graduate degree if he does not pass 9 hours no bowl game 2016-2017 season.  And if Mo does not graduate UGA by 2018-2019 season UGA can not request SEC waivers until he does or until 2021-2022 season.  Whichever comes first. If Mo does not meet APR credits UGA can not request waiver of SEC for graduate transfer until AFTER 2019-2020 season. The SEC dragged its feet to say that bullshit until AFTER he had missed the 1st 2 days of classes.


( https://www.al.com/alabamafootball/index.ssf/2016/08/maurice_smith.html )

The SEC could have approved this transfer on Wednesday as they had no God Damn Choice on the freaking matter and then Mo would have been able to be in classes on Thursday 8-13-2016 when they started.  But The SEC did NOT.  Nor did they rule on Thursday 8-13.  It was not until AFTER he had missed classes on Friday too before The SEC quit their feet-dragging on this.  And now all these restrictions and penalties.  Such unadulterated bullshit SEC League Office.

Get over yourself SEC League Office.  Maurice Smith has been a God Damn GRADUATE since LAST SATURDAY 8-6-2016 a frigin’ God Damn Week.  You have NO JUSTIFICATION for ANYTHING except to instantly approve this for the kid on Wednesday when we requested it.  When Alabama and Nick Saban finally capitulated your hands were completely tied and you God Damn know it boy. Alabama dragged their feet on this from June.  June.  You refused to let him be part of your team.  You have hurt your RECRUITING with all this too Alabama. You even allowed all his possessions to be thrown into the God Damn trash can there at the University of Alabama which is a school nowhere near as prestigious as The University of Georgia. You’re full of shit Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey.  We’re allowing you to hold back $ 72 million dollars last year on August 31, 2015 for SEC Revenue Sharing for your God Damn SEC League Office to drag your God Damn Feet like this on a very good kid who NEVER has been ANYTHING but a model student-athlete who graduated early.  Stick it up your God Damn ASSHOLE Greg Sankey.

# 2 Quarterback in the Nation Jake Eason.

# 1 Tight End in the Nation Isaac Nauta. 

# 7 Defensive Tackle in the Nation Julian Rochester McEachern High School.

# 7 Offensive Guard in the Nation Ben Cleveland Stephens County High.

# 28 Wide Receiver in the Nation Riley Ridley

# 36 Cornerback in the Nation Tyrique McGhee Peach County

 # 17 Defensive End in the Nation. Chauncey Manac  Clinch County
# 19 Offensive Guard in the Nation. Chris Barnes  Lee County..
# 10 Punter in the Nation Marshall Long China Grove North Carolina.
# 5 Best Athlete in the Nation. Charlie Woerner. Rabun County
# 3 JUCO Wide Receiver in the Nation Javon Wims.  Our only JUCO. Miami Florida.
# 1 Athlete in the Nation Mecole Hardman Jr 2-Way Player & Special Teams Elbert County
# 12 Running Back in the Nation Elijah Holyfield.  Woodward
# 40 Offensive Guard in the Nation Solomon Kindley.  Jacksonville Florida
# 21 Defensive Tackle in the Nation Michail Carter.  Jackson High
# 40 Wide Receiver in the Nation Tyler Simmons stolen from Alabama McEachern
# 41 Defensive End in the Nation David Marshall Upson-Lee Thomaston
# 22 Defensive Tackle in the Nation Tyler Clark Americus
# 11 Inside Linebacker in the Nation Jaleel Laguins Oconee County  
# 3 best AVERAGE RANKING in the nation of our 2016 Signed Class 3 February 2016 in Rivals Team Rankings.


Only Alabama and Ohio State are the only 2 teams in Rivals with a higher average per recruit than us.


THEN Kirby signed Brian Herrien Tyler Catalina and Mo Smith.  Wow !  By my count, Kirby has 3 Scholarships remaining NOW for preferred walk-ons.


I already stated that Kirby will START 10 of these first year players 2016-2017 season.  10 will get a START.




Mo Smith will get a START too.   Our team just got a LOT better.  We will see if we can get Mo in classes on Monday now and see if we can find notes for what the Profs said on these 2 beginning most important days of the Semester.  Thanks for nothing SEC League Office.


15 First year players 2016-2017 season have shot at a Start.  10 True Freshmen  of these 15 will earn a Start this season. There are ton of True Freshman Quarterbacks who did great.


Mark Richt left Kirby only 2 seniors and 6 juniors on the 2-Deep Depth Chart.  This is the # 93 ranked team 2016-2017 in terms of depth chart seniority.  This is why so many this season get a start for Kirby in their 1st year with the team :


Jacob Eason QB

Isaac Nauta TE

Mecole Hardman Jr. DB PR K-OR and I still say gets Rushes too

Charlie Woerner and I will predict as PR until Mecole Hardman Jr. settles-in

Javon Wims WR will be 1st year player for us Kirby gives start to too

Tyler Catalina OL 1st year player for us Kirby starts every game

Julian Rochester DT

Jaleel Laguins LB

Elijah Holyfield TB

Brian Herrien RB may Start at FB early

Ben Cleveland OG will get a start from Kirby this year too

Michail Carter DT Kirby did not steal him from Alabama at the very last moment this signing class to sit him down either

Chauncey Manac has a shot too at DE as does

Marshall Long at P and

Riley Ridley at WR.

Tyler Catalina 1st year player for Kirby this year will get a Start

Mo Smith 1st year player for Kirby this year will get a Start