Zamir White 2nd leading Rusher this season with a TD and 123 yards. Brian Herrien 1019 yards rushing so far in his career here demonstrating he is an NFL back after # 19 RB in the nation rating coming here. Kenny McIntosh had a great game of 61 rushing yards after # 6 RB nationally coming here from Florida. George Pickens now # 2 receiving yards this season for us and he also scored a TD and 5 blocks downfield that were great. Nolan Smith is our sack leader along with Channing Tindall.


# 68 Scoring Offense. # 106 Passing Offense. # 124 Third Down Conversions by our Offense. # 127 in Penalties.


# 68 Scoring Offense


# 106 Passing Offense


# 127 in Penalties



# 124 Third Down Conversions by our Offense



Oh yeah.  We’re doing great with all these good teams we have to beat to be in the playoffs.







Jake Fromm 1 of 7 on 3rd Down Conversions against Vandy a 6-7 LOSING RECORD team. Jake Fromm was ALSO 0-1 on 4th Down Conversions. Play like that against some of the good teams we have to beat 2019 and we will have more of his 3 losses Kirby averages per year and 3 losses Kirby added last season too – GOING TOO CONSERVATIVE on offense.

I wouldn’t worry about how Notre Dame doubled-up 2-10 last year Louisville.


I would worry about Kirby telling you he is the ONLY source of information for you about his stupid-shit offense and how great Kirby thinks Jake Fromm is in his complicated God Damn Offense.


Let’s see.


Snap the football to Jake Fromm.


Hand it off to one of the stable of running backs behind one of the 328 lbs. Offensive Line.


Run 1st Down

Run 2nd Down

Run 3rd Down

Score 3 field goals in the 2nd half against a LOSING RECORD Vandy 6-7 on the season.


How God Damn Complicated is THAT Kirby ?


10 losses in 3 seasons so far for Kirby.

More same 2019.





# 69 Passing Offense and # 67 in Penalties were the 2 areas that hurt us the most this season. We have 1 bowl game to improve our weak areas this year so let’s go win our bowl game and cap a really good season. “CFP committee got it right.”

Kirby’s team was # 67 in penalties per game and we had a ton called every game. They hurt us.


We did not do well on net punting kick-off coverage nor punt return coverage.


# 69 Passing Offense seriously hurt us the most this season.


But we spread around our weakest areas with the # 101 Red Zone Defense giving-up scores nearly every time an opponent got inside our 20-yard line.


And of course as everyone knows we were # 101 on sacking opponents’ quarterbacks too.


# 116 at tackles for a loss we just didn’t get in opponents’ backfield much all season seemingly by design.


The rest of it we did fine at really. It is just these areas which cost us the most this season. We did however make mistakes coaching and substitutions again for the third year in a row of  3 years for Kirby.  Kirby DID have to answer year 3 for his coaching mistakes and substitutions so there is THAT while THIS BLOG was all over Kirby on this all 3 years here making rookie mistakes a head coach at UGA.


For the third toughest schedule in the nation it was a good season where we did a lot right. We have more work to do in these areas if we are to be playoff winning team.


You just can’t give away so many different areas of our team and allow our opponents to take advantage of us in all these different weaknesses we demonstrated frankly every week all season.


We get one bowl game this season so let’s go out in style guys as a solid team needing to be improved in just these handful of areas even if it is just only a God Damn 4-loss soon to be 5-loss God Damn Texas bullshit hose job team we get to play as the # 5 team in America who played the # 3 toughest schedule in the United States of America.  And as for Chipper Towers’ crap that the committee got it right – here stick this up your God Damn dumbass asshole Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation.  We beat Notre Dame.  We beat Oklahoma. We beat Ohio State.  We beat Clemson.  In fact we nearly beat Alabama twice.  Our consolation for ALL THAT ?  Chip Towers telling us committee got it right. FU Chip Towers you are so full of shit boy.


“CFP committee got it right.”



This is BULLSHIT. Notre Dame Official NCAA Strength of Schedule is not even top 25 at # 32 while UGA is # 3 hardest schedule in the nation. Committee says THAT is the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR then move others ahead of us with just plain God Damn Weak Ass Schedules. Oklahoma # 40 SoS. Ohio State # 82 SoS.


Official NCAA Strength of Schedule 2018-2019 season.  Who cares what Oklahoma or Ohio State did against cupcakes, or Notre Dame for that matter ?



We are doing very well on 3rd Down Conversion # 10. We defend 3rd Downs ok too # 25. Our passing offense is weak at # 78. Our field goal kicker is # 10 in the nation percentage. Our rushing offense is # 17 and our rushing defense is # 35. Our Strength of Schedule is # 9 toughest in the nation. Notre Dame # 60 SoS. Oklahoma # 56 SoS.



THIS BLOG HAS BRAGGED THAT WE HAVE A HORRIBLE OFFENSE ALL YEAR EVERY GAME AND THAT OUR OFFENSIVE LINE CAN NOT BLOCK FOR RUN OR PASS. Why don’t we BRAG on our team and act like we are great having beat only a Notre Dame team by a point who claims they are PLAY-OFF BOUND. # 91 penalties – # 86 first downs offense – # 52 kick-off return defense – # 110 Passing Offense – # 52 punt returns – # 47 red zone defense – why don’t you tell me how great we are with one win over top team Notre Dame – otherwise nondescript wins all. NCAA Rankings to evaluate our team? I have been TRYING to tell you. You did NOT want to hear it. We have MORE LOSSES for the SAME REASONS.

We have much work to do to become a great football team and beating stinking lousy disgraced losing record on the season 3-6 Florida is not going to change THAT.


# 91 penalties –

# 86 first downs offense –

# 52 kick-off return defense –

# 110 Passing Offense –

# 52 punt returns –

# 47 red zone defense –



A LOT of work to do.




What did you EXPECT me to say ?



7-0 Georgia consensus # 3 is – 14.5 pick Las Vegas odds over Florida 3-3 who has lost 2 in a row. THIS IS THE YEAR although we are # 39 in getting 1st Downs. # 111 Passing Offense. # 99 in penalties. # 82 Kick-Off Return Defense. # 60 Punt Returns by us. And Florida has a good defense. We still do not call a good offensive game plan. Florida was supposed to be good then they LOST to now unranked in the AP Poll Michigan. Then LSU beat them. Then Texas A&M beat Florida with a freshman QB. In their 3 losses Florida has scored either 16 or 17 points only. So they are a LOT worse on offense than even we are.



# 3 Total Defense 2017 UGA # 62 Total Offense UGA 2017

What is wrong with this picture ?


What is wrong with this picture is that with only 4 other teams with more talent than Georgia 2017 season we are seriously holding-back our offense with Kirby meddling in the play calls and Kirby meddling with the talent he allows in fact to play 2017 again.


# 62 Total Offense Georgia Bulldogs 2017 with ALL THIS TALENT