Clemson does NOT belong in the College Football Playoff 2019-2020 season because it will have played the # 31 Strength of Schedule SoS. In fact the next nearest stinking ACC team SoS is # 43 Louisville while UGA Georgia Bulldogs are Top 10 SoS. In fact 6 of the top 10 toughest schedules SoS are SEC this 2019 season. Notably # 12 SoS is South Carolina and # 13 toughest schedule 2019 is Notre Dame. When you see a team left OUT of the 2019 playoffs this will be the reason why. Utah’s best win is over 6-5 Arizona State laugh out loud.


TO HELL WITH GEORGIA TECH like my daddy used to do.  Georgia Tech SoS 2019 is # 70.







Clemson Strength of Schedule 2019 season is # 39. Georgia SoS is # 11 for this 2019 season. 5 of the top 11 CFP Poll are SEC. The STINKING ACC has ONLY 1 of the top 18 and only 2 of the top 25. Weak Forest is # 19 but only played Elon Rice and Utah State college while it faces Clemson next week. The facts remain THIS is why CFP Poll has Georgia at # 6 and Clemson # 5 despite our loss because we BEAT # 15 ND and # 10 FU




Top 25 teams UGA Georgia Bulldogs face according to Athlons Sports in regular season 2019 are # 23 Auburn. # 20 Missouri. # 11 Notre Dame. # 10 Texas A&M. # 7 Florida.

If anything Athlon Sports has been NOTHING BUT SUSPECT in its rankings every single year forever.  And if Georgia does not play Alabama in The SEC Championship Game again this year then 2019 season will be a HUGE disappointment.


Of course we cannot continue to average the # 100 Passing Offense of the Kirby Smart Era.




This is BULLSHIT. Notre Dame Official NCAA Strength of Schedule is not even top 25 at # 32 while UGA is # 3 hardest schedule in the nation. Committee says THAT is the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR then move others ahead of us with just plain God Damn Weak Ass Schedules. Oklahoma # 40 SoS. Ohio State # 82 SoS.


Official NCAA Strength of Schedule 2018-2019 season.  Who cares what Oklahoma or Ohio State did against cupcakes, or Notre Dame for that matter ?



This schedule just got a WHOLE LOT harder for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2018 our next 5 games in a row 4 ranked 3 top 13. Vanderbilt is # 53 Wes Colley Rankings formerly BCS. They beat Middle TN State 35-7 whose only two losses are to Vanderbilt and Georgia 45-7. Number 6 AP Notre Dame beat Vanderbilt 22-17 at Touchdown Jesus.

Vanderbilt is a good solid football team without penalties and a more effective offense than Georgia has with Jake Fromm this season so far. Their passing offense is much more effective than Jake Fromm last year or this year.


We’ve been burned deep last year and this year too.  So Vandy’s passing attack being good is into our secondary.  And into our linebackers who have not helped out our defensive backs on passing downs this year like our linebackers did last year.  Last year our linebackers  could drop back into coverage better.


I read some Bulldog fans who laughed and scoffed that this year we don’t get pressure on opposing quarterbacks.


The time for laughing is OVER.


The opponents have certainly put the pressure on Jake Fromm who has fumbled 5 of our 7 fumbles and Jake Fromm has been sacked 7 times leaving us with the number 76 passing offense 2018.


We are # 48 in penalty yards.  We’ve got issues.  All this talent and all these issues.


All this talent and Jake Fromm is # 90 in total offense 2018.


We’re not playing # 90 the next 5 games :


  1. # 53 Vanderbilt.
  2. Of course after Vanderbilt we have # 5 LSU.
  3. Then Florida # 22 down THERE. And they are getting it going aren’t they ?
  4. Then Kentucky # 13.
  5. Then Auburn # 8 .


The schedule all of a sudden just got a LOT harder.


Didn’t it ?


We can not sit around with slow starts with the next 5 games we play all in a row.


The season is OVER with a LOSS.  You just have to know that.


Start Justin Fields.  Quit the bullshit.




Georgia has the TOUGHEST STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE of all the top teams according to ESPN this morning and 2nd toughest among the top teams is Notre Dame. It’s a long way down before any other team is listed. And none of them being considered for the play-off poll are even in the top 25 strength of schedule. Gary Danielson PICKS on GEORGIA because of our schedule but the FACTS are we can’t win it all because of our schedule Notre Dame Auburn Alabama Mississippi State Bowl Opponent # 1 Bowl Opponent # 2 while Kentucky and Georgia Tech are NEITHER easy wins – tough teams – TOUGH SCHEDULE Gary Danielson you God Damn PIECE OF SHIT LIAR. You are TELEVISING the God Damn Game Gary Danielson – do not LIE about the opponents pre-game DEFEND YOURSELF whole entire broadcast.

# 9 Strength of Schedule Georgia Bulldogs

# 16 Strength of Schedule Notre Dame touchdown Irish Jesus’

# 32 Strength of Schedule Aladamnbama

# 33 Strength of Schedule All Barn

# 39 Strength of Schedule Mississippi State

# 42 Strength of Schedule Ohio State boy are they a disappointment

# 45 Strength of Schedule Choke-la-homa

# 46 Strength of Schedule Climpson

# 49 Strength of Schedule Michigan State

# 55 Strength of Schedule in the ACC FSU wow easy schedule with 5 losses

# 68 Strength of Schedule Texas in the Big XII with 5 losses

# 78 Strength of Schedule Penn State in the Big 10 with all those pussies’ schedules


Just LOOK at these Strength of Schedules of these teams acting so High and Mighty.


Just look…



Our schedule is the TOUGHEST you lying piece of shit Gary Danielson CBS.  Name me a team with a TOUGHER SCHEDULE Gary Danielson ?


Go ahead I will wait.



7 Quality Opponents remaining at least six (6) quality opponents remaining. We could get better in some areas and it might be time for Kirby to BURN REDSHIRTS.

Quality Opponents Remaining 2017 season BURN REDSHIRTS – go for it 2017 instead ?


# 111 Passing Offense 2017

# 90 First Downs by our Offense 2017

# 87 Penalties per game 2017

# 60 Punt Returns 2017

# 23 Kick-Off Returns 2017



  1. 6-2 South Carolina nearly ranked team
  2. 6-2 Auburn is ranked # 15
  3. 6-2 Kentucky nearly ranked team
  4. 4-3 Georgia Tech frankly nearly ranked last week then lost to defending nat champ
  5. 8-0 Alabama # 1 team SEC Championship Game
  6. Bowl Opponent ranked team obviously – could be two (2) bowl games right ? Goal 2.
  7. Play-Off Opponent ?  If we play 15-game season this is remaining quality opponent # 7 right ?





LSU South Carolina and Georgia Tech are all 3 going to have bad records 2017 in college football while Oklahoma and Wisconsin play nothing but CUPCAKES insuring good records for them. Georgia’s schedule 2017 in football is # 36 nationally with 3 ranked teams and all games except 2 against teams who played in a bowl game.

Oklahoma Strength of Schedule 2017 is # 86.

Wisconsin Strength of Schedule 2017 is # 94.


Both teams are pussies for such a schedule.


LSU Notre Dame South Carolina and Georgia Tech have little hope of escaping 2017 with good records because they play too tough a schedule.


College Football is ALWAYS about the schedules you play.


THIS is the difference in the NFL and the college game that the NFL takes the team who came in first and gives them the last pick in the NFL Draft and the toughest schedule.  The NFL on the other end of the spectrum takes the last place team and lets them pick first in the NFL Draft and gives them the easiest schedule.


But that is not how college football is.


Expect Clemson to have a tough time 2017 with this schedule.


Expect to see Oklahoma and Wisconsin high the polls all year long playing cupcakes.  The polls are all about your won/loss record.  Always have been always will be.


Now Kirby beat Auburn last year and that was an important win for Kirby.  That win and his recruiting 2016 and 2017 propelled Kirby to being generally given a year off 2016 a honeymoon granted by our fans.


I’ve been tough on Kirby.  I figure a team who beat Auburn should have not lost to 6-7 Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat.  I know we lose 17 to 20 Starters off this 2017 team and that this has to be Kirby’s year 2017 while our Bulldog Nation fan base has been willing to give Kirby another throw-away year 2017 saying Kirby might be a year away still 2017.


Dispelling that party line I have maintained that the current recruiting for 2018 is not at all like Kirby 2017 and 2016 here especially given all the talent Kirby can and will lose after this up-coming 2017 season.


This is a season where Kirby faces-off against every team on Kirby’s schedule this 2017 season who played in a bowl game except for Notre Dame and Missouri.  Samford played in the FCS Division 1-AA Play-Offs.


Notre Dame has a tough schedule 2017 and easy target Brian Kelly must win against Kirby or he will be fired right after the game against us in game 2.  And Missouri is looking to bounce back too.  So the only 2 games against teams who did not play in a bowl game last year for Kirby 2017 are both a lot tougher than they appear.


Kirby has a tough schedule 2017 doesn’t he ?


This is a make-or-break year 2017 for Kirby.  His entire coaching career is on the line.


Sure he’s a young man.  He was only 39 when we hired Kirby but Kirby is seriously facing a tough opportunity after this 2017 season losing 17-20 Starters off this 2017 team in 2018 and having frankly maybe one player slotted so far to take all those job openings in Kirby’s 2018 recruiting so far.


I think Kirby is going to have a tough time 2017 a grueling schedule of frankly NO WEEK OFF.


And little prospects for 2018 being great with all the losses of starters after this 2017 season especially given his 2018 poor recruiting start.


It’s really right down to it for Kirby who has to feel the heat for 2017.  He has to put-up a winning SEC record 2017 which he did not do in 2016 and must make Atlanta meaning he plays a 14-game season with no day off.


10-4 is the minimum acceptable for Kirby 2017.


Anything worse than that and expect the entire nation to demand that Kirby be fired.  That is how bad this 2017 season could be for Kirby but he has PLENTY of talent if he uses it.


Oh give him a year or two to get settled-in the party line goes for Kirby.  However 2018 is NOT going to be fun for Kirby – not compared to 2017 with all this talent and coming-off our greatest recruiting class ever # 2 in rankings 2017 for Kirby and # 3 by every one of all the other recruiting services.


Be prepared for 2018 now Kirby.  Win.  Win now.  Win with this talent.  Phil Steele is the # 1 pre-season magazine and while I spend a ton of money on pre-season magazines Phil Steele is the one magazine coming-out soon now which I always buy and the one I study the most.


There is NO OTHER NEWS TODAY.  THIS is it.  This is what 2017 means to Kirby.  2017 means EVERYTHING to Kirby.



6 SEC Top 25 for 2017 Kirby Top 10 but Kirby faces 11 of his 12 games before SEC CG and Bowl Game where he could lose any week. 2017 could get out-of-hand for Kirby with THIS TOUGH SCHEDULE if he does not BRING-IT Spring Practice from the first practice preparing the guys who he will end-up starting. That is just around the corner with early enrollees on-campus today. This season could go to hell in a handbasket in a damn hurry with this schedule. No Cake-Walk.

Adding to Nick Chubb Sony Michel and Jacob Eason along with Roquan Smith Trent Thompson Dominick Sanders Lorenzo Carter Davin Bellamy Natrez Patrick Julian Rochester Brian Herrien  Mecole Hardman Junior Isaac Nauta Ben Cleveland Lamont Galliard  we have at least one top ranked wide-receiver Jeremiah Holloman along with the impressive 14 top 100 recruits with him D’Andre Swift D’Marcus Hayes Isaiah Wilson Netori Johnson Andrew Thomas  D’antne Demery Justin Shaffer  Robert Beal and we have frankly an entire 2017 roster chalk full of excitement.


Easy to get excited about the most talented team my UGA Georgia Bulldogs have EVER assembled.


But wait just a minute.

It’s EASY-as-pie to see how Kirby is TOP 10 pre-season.


I have been saying this for some time here now on this blog that Kirby would be and now indeed is Top 10 Pre-Season.


Cake-Walk 2017 for Kirby all these games you can pencil-in a win over ?




It’s a great schedule.


There is NO REST for the weary.


6 SEC teams are ranked Top 25 for 2017 and while Kirby is expected to be Top 10 pre-season I have been predicting here on this blog for some time and now is – 2017 is no Cake-Walk for Kirby given 11 of the 12 teams Kirby faces all could beat him before SEC Championship and before Kirby’s Bowl Game 2017. It’s as nice a schedule as Georgia Bulldogs have ever played. Well if you like getting-up for your Opponent every week all season long except for game 3 – it is a nice schedule. If your idea of a nice schedule is a Cake-Walk for Kirby 2017 he will NOT being enjoying such but he is Top 10 perched at the peak and nowhere to go but down Top 10 Kirby 2017 pre-season. I told you he would be. Now he is. 2017 could get out-of-hand in a hurry for Kirby with all the top opponents and one lonely cupcake week 3.


6 SEC teams ranked in the Top 25 for 2017 after looking at the commitments and Kirby is Top 10 while to end-up top 10 he would have to beat Alabama defending national champions in SEC Championship Game and would have to beat # 24 vols and # 19 Auburn and # 14 Florida. LSU is # 11 and then The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs are TOP 10 as I guaranteed we would be Top 10 preseason polls for 2016.


( )

It seems like Kirby is going to have to play his freshmen from last year 2016 and these 14 in-coming who are top 100 overall prospects nationally of the 3300 FBS Division 1-A will sign 2017 four Wednesdays from now National Signing Day 2017.


While the recruiting class for Kirby 2017 will not be ranked the # 1 class by any of the services it is the top recruiting class for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs ever with the MOST HELP in one class we’ve ever assembled.


Kirby gets Notre Dame 2017 at South Bend at Touchdown Jesus Mississippi State who played in a bowl game 2016 and Appalachian State who won their bowl game 2016 and were Sun Belt Champions at 10-3. Appalachian State gave the vols all they could handle in the opening game 2016 for both teams losing by only by 20-13 in overtime at Neyland so Appalachian State is not coming here to Sanford September 2 as some opening game warm-up for Notre Dame for us.


Samford is game 3 and that is the only game which is a breather September 16 for Kirby all 2017 season. If the players and coaches take any other game all 2017 for granted we’ll lose. 11 of our 12 games before SEC Championship and then the Bowl Game could easily be a loss.




Kentucky was a Bowl team 2016. Vanderbilt was a Bowl team 2016. Mississippi State was a Bowl team 2016 too. Appalachian State was a Bowl team 2016. vols were a Bowl team 2016. In fact vols won their Bowl Game 2016 against # 24 Nebraska 38-24 and vols were # 21 in College Football Play-Off Poll 2016 by virtue of them beating The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs on a last-gasp Hail Mary. We ruined Auburn’s season 2016 beating them at our house but Auburn was still # 17 in the College Football Play-Off Poll 2016 and ended # 17 in both the AP and Coaches’ Polls after losing to # 7 Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl 2016.   I’ve been to many Sugar Bowls through the years but Kirby certainly did not 2016 like Auburn.


Of course The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs are UNDEFEATED all-time against Notre Dame beating them at the Sugar Bowl. I went to that Sugar Bowl Game too along with a host of other such as Penn State and the one at the Georgia Dome.  I can’t wait to go to the most expensive football stadium and most expensive stadium all-time when it opens this coming July. But we have NEVER played at Touchdown Jesus nor them here.


Mississippi State won their Bowl game 2016 too and to get to the Bowl game 2016 Mississippi State beat Texas A&M and South Carolina and Ole Miss before beating Miami of Ohio in Mississippi State’s Bowl win 2016. So that is no gimme given our blow-out loss to Ole Miss whom Mississippi State handled AT Ole Miss by three times their score 55 Mississippi State 20 Ole Miss at Ole Miss. Texas A&M whom Mississippi State beat 2016 too was # 22 in both the AP and Coaches’ Polls for 2016 and Mississippi State beat them by double-digits.


I saw one Atlanta rag writer say just last week that Kirby is beating this team and that team and this other team and rattled off I swear 10 wins for Kirby before National Signing Day even is here. I don’t think folks know or realize whom it is Kirby faces 2017. He had it easy 2016.


2017 is no Cake-Walk for Kirby let me assure you of that right this second.


There used to be Southern Dance-Offs where the top dance combo teams would prance around the dance floor and be awarded a huge big cake for winning the dance contest.


2017 is NO Cake-Walk for Kirby.



Samford is Kirby’s only Cake-Walk ALL 2017 season.


The participants in the Southern Dance Contests would find the last couple of pairs given an opportunity to do a prance around the dance floor before being named the winner. They pranced around in a Cake-Walk high-stepping it.


Kirby will be doing NO high-stepping 2017 before any game is determined on the field other than Samford.


Trust me.


Brian Kelly in his 7th year at the helm for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat Mark Richt’s Miami of Florida Hurricanes at South Bend 2016.


And while that may not surprise Mark Richt fans – both of them – that Mark Richt went to South Bend 2016 and LOST the fact remains that Notre Dame RUINED Mark Richt’s season 2016.


Ask Mark Richt.


South Carolina was a Bowl team 2016 and while they lost their Bowl game to South Florida South Florida was # 22 in the Coaches’ Poll 2016 and # 24 in the Final AP Poll. I think we all recall the game at South Carolina last year where they wouldn’t relent on playing it there in the 45 mph gusts. 5 passes ? STFU about 5 passes. It was miserable conditions for Jacob Eason and you know it.


South Carolina is a Rivalry Game to South Carolina and with Kirby’s best of buddies Will Muschamp picking-off the top Wide Receiver in the state of Georgia 2017 trust me Kirby and Will see this as a Rivalry game both of them.


While Mark Stoops at Kentucky beat all these teams. Mark Stoops watched us march into Lexington and was nonplussed with us losing by the slimmest of margins 27-24 The Good Guys. Mark Stoops went to # 11 Louisville and beat the shit out of Bobby Petrino who was # 13 in the College Football Play-Off Poll 2016 and # 15 in the Final Coaches’ and AP Polls. Mark Stoops also beat South Carolina Vanderbilt Missouri and Mississippi State. This is not the definition of a CUPCAKE.


No Creampuff.


No Powderpuff football team.


There are NO Cake-Walks 2017 other than Samford week 3 September 16 of 2017.


We had better be practicing with a PURPOSE Spring Practice # 1 because if we pussyfoot-around Spring Practice again 2017 this season will get out-of-hand in a hurry.


Did I mention Florida beat us ? vols beat us. Vanderbilt beat us. The damn yellowjackets beat us. None of them of push-overs for 2017 either.


It’s a fine schedule and one I am personally really looking forward to. But I like good football. Going 37-1 vs. non-bowl teams means little to me.


And Samford was # 24 in the FCS Coaches’ Poll for all of 2016.  Remember Nicholls game last year ?  This team is a LOT better than Nicholls last year.  Trust me.


Call one game 2017 a Cake-Walk or write one post about Kirby wins this game and that game and I will kick your ass from pillar to post.


This schedule could be headed for disaster inescapably and precipitately frankly EVERY week.


This 2017 Schedule for UGA The Georgia Bulldogs College Football I have NEWS for you is lousy with great opponents any one of which can beat us.  There is no stinking Cake-Walk Honeymoon or Throw-Away Year 2017 for Kirby.


I want to BEAT these guys on our Schedule 2017 and I know Kirby has the talent if he GATA Spring Practice # 1 which is not that far away with the early enrollees on campus today.





I’mYourHuckleberry 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 Season : Kirby is # 1 as he is the difference now after 8 years of what you called unsatisfactory performance by Mark Richt avg # 7 recruiting ranking but avg 4 losses a season for the last entire 8 excruciating years here. Other than Jacob Eason we might as well have not recruited anyone for none other made your list while others did who obviously are NOT going to help us beat teams like you say of the vols Florida and Ole Miss. You did not mention Missouri North Carolina Auburn and don’t forget Georgie tek yellowjackets beat Mark Richt both of his last 2 games at Sanford including the year before last here where we play them this year then our SEC Championship Game then our bowl game hopefully BOTH teams ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll on the national stage EVERYONE watching us for a change. Sorry I’mYourHuckleberry but I have problems with your Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season therefore. Enjoyed reading it but you listed some who aren’t and left off others who OBVIOUSLY will be in my humble opinion if we are ALLOWED (or earned the Right) to add-on or comment I’mYourHuckleberry. If you list a player who has played here for years and not performed that doesn’t make him the Most Important Bulldog this season.

“The players that are most important to the Bulldogs success in 2016.”




A team is made up of much when we’ve recruited the average # 7 Recruiting Rankings for the years these guys have been here who make up our team.




1.Nick Chubb

2.Natrez Patrick

3.Dominick Sanders

4.Terry Godwin – he was our most accomplished QB last year 2015 season. If the ball had been thrown to him properly and not behind him he would have had a more profound effect on a team who FIRED their coach for going 9-3 last season as Mark Richt did.

5.Lorenzo Carter

6.Brandon Kublanow

7.Trenton Thompson

8.Sony Michel was misused last year as our # 2 best at receptions yet used too much not out in space.  His natural position is wide receiver. He is our 16th Bulldog to rush for over 1000 yards in a season.  Sony Michel was critically misused last season not out in space and we acted like we had no one to run the ball other than him up the middle when we DID.

9.Jacob Eason almost did not make your list of the 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.  OBVIOUSLY he is at the VERY TIPPY TOP OF THE LIST # 1.  Either that or we can SCRATCH this season as yet another write-off before it begins.

10.DaQuan Hawkins 9 days ago you listed at # 10 of Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.


Some of these guys are a stretch at best.

Some of the guys you left-off altogether are glaringly missing and who clearly are FAR MORE IMPORTANT 2016-2017 season than these 10.





I’mYourHuckleberry 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 Season : Kirby is # 1 as he is the difference now after 8 years of what you called unsatisfactory performance by Mark Richt avg # 7 recruiting ranking but avg 4 losses a season for the last entire 8 excruciating years here.


Other than Jacob Eason we might as well have not recruited anyone for none other made your list while others did who obviously are NOT going to help us beat teams like you say of the vols Florida and Ole Miss not to mention Missouri North Carolina Auburn and don’t forget Georgie tek yellowjackets beat Mark Richt both of his last 2 games at Sanford including the year before last here as they play us here this year then our SEC Championship Game then our bowl game hopefully BOTH teams ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll on the national stage EVERYONE watching us for a change.


Sorry I’mYourHuckleberry but I have problems with your Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season therefore.  Enjoyed reading it but you listed some who aren’t and left off others who OBVIOUSLY will be in my humble opinion if we are ALLOWED (or earned the Right) to add-on or comment I’mYourHuckleberry.


Greg Pyke picked to be NFL Draft Pick # 7 of OG after this season and you do not even list him but do these other 10 instead ahead of him ?


Can’t see it sorry I’mYourHuckleberry.


Mecole Hardman Jr. is OBVIOUSLY 1 of the 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.  Our special teams have sucked.  We have really nothing but questions about running the football today and he is a great rusher.  From there or out in space he is a great target for Jacob Eason you do list.  But Mecole Hardman Jr. you don’t I’mYourHuckleberry ?


( )


How in the world can you leave off  Tyler Catalina I’mYourHuckleberry ?  And to list these you do consider the 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season and leave off  Tyler Catalina is a travesty and injustice.


Davin Bellamy is left off so you can prop-up these other guys who have no business being listed ahead of him as well ?  Talk about injustice.


Just my opinion now.


If we are BACK to allowing opinions around here with my over 50 years of Seasons’ Tickets studying all this as my hobby quite obviously.  A hobby I’m quite good at I might add.


I am PLEASED that you did leave off Isaiah McKenzie as the Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs going into this 2016-2017 season given his failures on and off the field leading up to this up-coming season.  He has some proving to do including demanding that we buy some of the $ 150 beeping footballs so that he learns how to properly hold on to the football with the fundamental 5-points of contact causing the balls to whistle or beep so they know they are finally holding the ball correctly.  Up until now he would not have had a ball not only not wear out its battery but in fact never beeped yet here for us.  I still don’t like the way he treats ladies off the field either.  This man was coddled.


I am likewise pleased that there not only is no mention of Greyson Lambert but specifically you also LISTED Jacob Eason.


Even if it was at # 9.


Greyson Lambert fumbled the ball 7 times last season for us and others that were not charged to him in his sorry ass season of only 12 times throwing a TD Pass ALL SEASON.  He rushed 29 times for minus  – 39 yards.  He was # 109 Passing Offense refusing to TRY to throw the football down the field thinking he would lose his Starting QB job if he did and keep it if it did NOT.  And he was # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions as a direct result thereof.


So thanks for that too I’mYourHuckleberry.


But even Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation who completed his series on this question before you even started yours I’mYourHuckleberry listed Jacob Eason at # 2 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.


Why # 9 for you Jacob Eason ?


I’d have Jacob Eason at # 2 after Kirby and if players only as you specify # 1 clearly and undeniably with Mecole Hardman Jr. # 3.


Mecole Hardman Jr. was invited to the Alabama game last year by Mark Richt and said afterwards that Kirby’s guys were ready to play but Mark Richt’s were NOT.  AND Mecole Hardman Jr.’s MOM said then too that Elite Prospects WANT TO WIN !


And you left him off your guess as to the top 10 most important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.



( )


Again a team is made-up of much when we average # 7 recruiting rankings as we do for this 2016-2017 football team.


Indeed several of the coaching additions this season could join Kirby at this point in my list such as Dell McGee whom I love and always have ever since even before he told Mark Richt to go jump in a damn lake.


Not only coaching additions to this 2016-2017 team but FANS are MOST IMPORTANT TOO.  For far too long these last 8 years according to you of unsatisfactory results the Mark Richt Apologists have held back this # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program with 6 NC and # 3 best in bowl games.  Our FANS have held us back.  If we’re going to be successful sometime SOON this has to end.


Now 7 and a half months AFTER I FIRED Mark Richt they STILL are whining about it daily on EVERY BLOG on the Internet notably daily on senator Bluto’s gtp get the picture blog.


As noted herein daily.


It’s sickening.


For this reason I list our FANS as Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.  They have to be UNIFIED as Kirby has repeated 2000 times already.  And they are NOT.


Read any senator bluto gtp get the picture blog and READ THE COMMENTS.


I do.




“I don’t think Mark Richt is losing his job this year” November 2015 mind you.


“I can’t deny it was a decision by Greg McGarity that could not be justified.”


“Again I’m not saying that you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job.”


“He isn’t going anywhere.”


Jim Chaney I would not list yet as he has to prove himself to me from what I can tell so far.  Will he have the # 89 Passing Offense of Mark Richt Mike Bobo and Hutson Mason of 2 years ago 2014 now this season ?  Will he have the # 109 Passing Offense of Mark Richt and Greyson Lambert last year 2015 now this season ?  Well Kirby is counting upon him to fix this crap isn’t he ?  It won’t happen without Jacob Eason.  Jim Chaney has STOOD IDLY BY as Kirby did not give Jacob Eason 1 single snap with the # 1 unit.  If Jim Chaney thinks I missed that he is gravely mistaken.  It’s his responsibility with Kirby only 1 season on offense here as running backs’ coach ever in his lifetime to point out to Kirby that Jacob Eason has to get used to the # 1 unit and THEY to HIM.  We wasted the Spring.


Wasted it.


Mel Tucker will have to prove himself to ME too not just to Kirby from what I can tell so far as well.  Kirby said we were protected here at Georgia last year on defense.  Well we certainly DID have an easy schedule to FIRE the coach for being 9-3.  There were 29 teams Division 1-A FBS who made it a 10-win season last year and Mark Richt did NOT DESPITE a protected easy schedule since he was only 9-3 and UNRANKED in the Final AP Poll Top 25 therefore.  Thus Mark Richt’s 2015 team NOT ONLY COST HIM HIS JOB but more importantly to ME since I was FIRING him anyway he did not even make the Final AP Poll Top 25 even with a bowl win against an unranked opponent him coaching at Miami of Florida at the time.


Half the latest 8 years Kirby was National Champion calling all the defensive plays as Defensive Coordinator while Mark Richt for his latest 8 years here was NOT ranked half the time in the Final AP Poll Top 25 even.


Good Lord.


Please do not hold-up these guys who have NOT GOTTEN THE JOB DONE around here as they underperformed and act like now they are the top 10 most important Bulldogs.  No they aren’t.  They have to PROVE themselves.  There is QUITE a DIFFERENCE there in our thinking I’mYourHuckleberry.


I would love to see them do well.


They AREN’T my expectations since they HAVEN’T and HAD THE CHANCE to.


Sam Pittman our Offensive Linemen Coach is ALREADY the difference for Kirby SIGNING Jacob Eason.  And he has REALLY LINED them UP since joining the staff and causing Jacob Eason’s Dad’s quote that that is the reason he quit looking at Florida crocodiles when he certainly DID when Mark Richt was fired.


The Dirty Dozen Running Backs 2016-2017 season I highlight have been left-off your list entirely other than Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.  How about at least 4 others I see Kirby using as running backs you leave off for some of the likes of those you do list ?


No one is talking about Charlie Woerner.  That is a BIG HUGE MISTAKE.  I promise he could rush for 1000 yards this season for us.  I have seen him run the football.


Our SoS this season is top 10 in the nation.


We are not getting through it with the running backs left-off EVERY BLOG’S LIST except mine of the Dirty Dozen Running Backs 2016-2017 season who will set RECORDS for us.  Trust me on this.


I do have a small amount of credibility on my PREDICTIONS don’t I I’mYourHuckleberry sir ?


Yes we lost 2 dozen guys in the great exodus here after last season guys who averaged the # 7 recruiting ranking and DOMINATED the NFL Combines winning those Awards and monies who were misused here by Mark Richt.  But since Kolton Houston graduated after last year too joining Mark Richt’s Dream Team in the great exodus after last season those guys averaged 4 losses a season too while they were here with 24 losses in 6 years the same record Greg McGarity and Mark Richt shared together and for which he was FIRED summarily.  And of course these last remnants of the Dream Team fared very well in the NFL Draft and free agent signings.  They just did not do shit here.


Tracy Rocker indeed was already here but he stayed unlike Thomas Brown.  He’s great too.


Ben Cleveland how can he be left off while others you list are ?


I just don’t get it.


How can Isaac Nauta be left off while others are listed by you AHEAD of Isaac Nauta ?


Tim Kimbrough # 14 of ILB if he did not flunk-out when grades came out December and was suspended academically for the bowl game I presume.  Recall as well as reported here that Mark Richt demoted Tim Kimbrough for the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game.  Did he have reports Tim Kimbrough was behind in his grades at that time ?


Quincy Mauger # 18 of SS.


Jeb Blazevich.


I am at a loss.




I think you think Kirby is NOT playing these freshman for example to just name one group you left off entirely except for Jacob Eason I’mYourHuckleberry sir and NFL Draft Picks as another group YOU SAY WILL NOT BE TOP 10 MOST IMPORTANT BULLDOGS 2016-2017 SEASON.


I KNOW he will play these freshmen and NFL Draft Picks and THESE on my list in this blog post will MOST certainly end-up on the Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs this 2016-2017 season up-coming I’mYourHuckleberry sir.


There is NO WAY they can’t.


Frankly if some of MY LIST DON’T we have little hope this season.


I read quite a few of these lists across the Internet and I have the only list that really lists the Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.


Yes I think outside the box.  I have never been put in a bias box.


I know Riley Ridley is going to have a great career here catching Jacob Eason’s passes as we’ve ALREADY seen.


I know Julian Rochester is going to have a great career here and it ALL STARTS with his season 2016-2017.  To list these others who have NOT PROVEN they are worthy of your list of top 10 when they have proven that to you I’mYourHuckleberry while leaving off guys like these I suggest INSTEAD of THEM is incredibly short-sighted as I see it.  If I am allowed to offer-up an opinion or have any kind of proven track record at doing so.


You know there’s a chance Javon Wims does extremely well this season AND next season I’mYourHuckleberry sir.  Leaving him and these others I highlight off as a mention even while including some you did list Top 10 is going to make MY LIST more relevant than yours.  I am sure of that.


How important is it that Kirby signed Elijah Holyfield now ?  List those you did and not mention this ?  Big gamble on your part to UN-LIST Elijah Holyfield while LISTING clearly questionable choices of Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.  In my opinion I would list him AHEAD of several of yours.


Michail Carter – Tyler Simmons – David Marshall – Tyler Clark – Jaleel Laguins – you listed some long shots I think these on my list are BETTER than.


Just saying.


You can NOT list a player who HAS NOT PERFORMED well so far and LIST HIM as Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season I’mYourHuckleberry.


No matter how much YOU WANT HIM TO PERFORM FINALLY given the opportunity ALREADY.


Brian Herrien is going to rush for over 1000 yards in a season I am CONVINCED.  I am so proud of this young man !  And yet you hold up these OTHERS instead of him ?  I would LIST HIM.  I have.  I have said so.


Kirby says he needs Depth across the board and we DON’T HAVE IT he said.  If that is the case the only way he does that is PLAY THE FRESHMAN not just Jacob Eason who isn’t going to be the # 9 Most Important Bulldog 2016-2017 season either.


I’m sorry but I have a LOT better list than yours.  Mark it.  Check it out.

























All these have an EASIER SCHEDULE than UGA 2016 according to ESPN : Notre Dame Stanford Nebraska Miami of Florida Penn State Georgie tek yellowjackets Michigan UCLA Washington Baylor and the Ohio State university as UGA is Top 10 SoS Strength of Schedule 2016 according to ESPN at this URL Link found here.

We have our work cut-out for us.  It’s tough.


Ole Miss is good

Auburn is good

North Carolina is good

vols are good

Florida is good

Missouri has a good defense we found that out last year with our worthless quarterbacks

LSU or Alabama in The SEC Championship Game will move our SoS to # 1 in the nation

Our Bowl Opponent is going to be GREAT 2016 !


We finish with the toughest SoS in the nation this up-coming 2016-2017 season.

11-3 or 12-2 even.


All these have an EASIER SCHEDULE than UGA 2016 according to ESPN :


Notre Dame



Miami of Florida

Penn State

Georgie tek yellowjackets





the Ohio State university


UGA is Top 10 SoS Strength of Schedule 2016 according to ESPN at this URL Link  :


( )


It’s going to be grueling and we’re going to have to have our wits about us.