Todd Gurley II has 2093 yards rushing and receiving this season only 2 lost fumbles 1 of the 3 fastest NFL 19 Touchdowns making $1,691,653 this year AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year in his 3rd year NFL as only 2 other EVER history NFL ever gained 2000 scrimmage yards



Todd Gurley II from big man on campus to big man in Los Angeles as they renamed Hollywood to Gurleywood. When Mark Richt put him back out there already injured already 27-7 with only 5:37 left in a game already long since over to see him not even be able to compete the first 3 weeks of the NFL season torn ACL, the NCAA not freeing him back to us for 4 games when he had him ahead in Heisman Trophy, then he is taken 1st Round NFL Draft Pick by the Rams and he was unable to speak with his voice breaking-up taken as the Top 10 best football player in the World, then Pro Bowl, then only 2 running backs ran for more yards, then NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, deals with Nike, Gatorade, Bose Speakers, Carl’s Jr., Campbell’s Chunky Soup and the beat goes on for the humble crackling voice standing there on the stage in Chicago the Top 10 NFL Draft Pick and all this.

When he was here he said he was tired of being mediocre here and losing here – dog tired of it – he announced to the press.



Ask him how does it feel that he has come back from all this adversity and he wells up.  Can not even speak.  Me ?  First Round NFL Draft Pick Top 10 overall.  I can’t even speak about it I am so emotional about what I have endured to even be here.

Todd Gurley II our hero.

I love Hollywood.



6′ 1″ and 227 lbs. 1106 yards rushing despite missing first 3 games caught another 21 passes 8 of those for first downs 45 rushing first downs 10 TD rushing runs a 4.4 in 40-yard dash.

He was big man on campus 5 minutes after he got here and hasn’t let up.


Megastar Superstar Toast of LA renamed Hollywood for him and he overcome with emotion has endeared himself to the 2nd largest market just starved for a hero a nice guy a guy who doesn’t buy his wife a $ 5 million dollar diamond because he ran-around on her and she caught him.


Todd Gurley II from big man on campus to big man in Los Angeles as they renamed Hollywood to Gurleywood.  When Mark Richt put him back out there already injured already 27-7 with only 5:37 left in a game already long since over to see him not even be able to compete the first 3 weeks of the NFL season torn ACL.  The NCAA not freeing him back to us for 4 games when he had him ahead in Heisman Trophy. Then he is taken 1st Round NFL Draft Pick by the Rams and he was unable to speak with his voice breaking-up taken as the Top 10 best football player in the World, then Pro Bowl.  Then only 2 running backs ran for more yards, then NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, deals with Nike, Gatorade, Bose Speakers, Carl’s Jr., Campbell’s Chunky Soup and the beat goes on for the humble crackling voice standing there on the stage in Chicago the Top 10 NFL Draft Pick and all this.



Georgia Bulldogs’ Football program worth $102 million per Forbes # 6. Todd Gurley II is PRO-BOWL NFL All-Star as ROOKIE ! AJ Green (5) Geno Atkins (4) Justin Houston (4) Thomas Davis (1). Lady Bulldogs today TV 1 p.m.

Merry Christmas !  Georgia Bulldogs are well-represented 5 more this season who are named Pro Bowl All-Stars by the NFL, while Forbes Magazine named our Football Program # 6 best in worth at $102 million dollars !  Todd Gurley II is the 19th Bulldog 1000 yards season plus 20 catches 180 yds. Lady Bulldogs TV 1pm today Wednesday but not on Comcast SEC Network. Coach Kirby Smart has NOT announced his Defensive Coordinator nor his RB coach yet.  Bulldogs are 4th latest 11 years Pro Bowl NFL All-Stars with 31.


Imagine ?  Cam Newton is Pro Bowl.  I thought he was just going to be a tight end here at Georgia is all since Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor told him he had Aaron Murray with his 67 % Win Percentage and his 10% of his plays interceptions, fumbles and sacks !


To watch The Lady Bulldogs live today on TV – click this URL Link Watch Live !


Todd Gurley II is PRO-BOWL as ROOKIE !  AJ Green  (5) Geno Atkins (4)  Justin Houston (4) Thomas Davis (1) for the Pro Bowl 2016.


Champ Bailey has 12 Pro Bowls

Fran Tarkenton has 9 Pro Bowls

Richard Seymour has 7 Pro Bowls

Ray Donaldson has 6 Pro Bowls

Jake Scott has 5 Pro Bowls

Bill Stanfill has 5 Pro Bowls

Guy McIntyre has 5 Pro Bowls

Len Hauss has 5 Pro Bowls

Hines Ward has 4 Pro Bowls

Terrell Davis has 3 Pro Bowls

Mo Lewis has 3 Pro Bowls

Marcus Stroud has 3 Pro Bowls

Garrison Hearst has 2 Pro Bowls

Rodney Hampton has 2 Pro Bowls

Tim Jennings has 2 Pro Bowls

Bobby Walston has 2 Pro Bowls

Joe Geri has 2 Pro Bowls

Jimmy Orr has 2 Pro Bowls

Marion Campbell has 2 Pro Bowls

Mack Strong has 2 Pro Bowls

Herschel Walker has 2 Pro Bowls

Charley Trippi has 2 Pro Bowls

11 other former Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Players have 1 Pro Bowl NFL All-Star Selection.







Melvin Gordon from Wisconsin drafted by San Diego Chargers AFTER Todd Gurley II is NOT doing as well as Todd Gurley II


I said that Melvin Gordon would not be as good as Todd Gurley II in the NFL.  I got an argument about that, too.


San Diego Chargers, everyone knows is not a very good football team, either.

You do NOT have any feel for talent, have never had seasons’ tickets to the NFL games too, to sit there and tell me as you did that Melvin Gordon would be drafted ahead of Todd Gurley II because of his injury.  I said he would NOT, nor would he be better than Todd Gurley II.

Falcons are off to a good start in the NFL.

No one said The Bulldogs would be a 3-loss team this season.  No one.  I said 9-4 or 9-5, exactly the 2 averages Mark Richt has put up for now eight (8) seasons in a row.

It’s not rocket science folks – you are just FULL OF SHIT bragging on how great we would be, and then revisionist coming back and saying now that you knew it all along that Georgia would be no damn good again and unranked again for 50 % of the time after 2007, as Mark Richt is.

Todd Gurley II was famous last year for making his statement he was sick and tired of losing and being mediocre.  No one on our team this year gives a shit anymore to make such a statement – numb from allowing 5 then 4 unanswered touchdowns against us – having played 5 unranked teams and one ranked time of game # 13.



Todd Gurley II projects to over a thousand yards this season St. Louis Rams (not a very good team) 3 games 305 yards rushing already


In addition to 49 carries for 305 yards in 3 games, he has 3 catches too.


Something tells me though that he is going to be sick and tired of losing and being mediocre with St. Louis Rams, as he said here last year he was with Mark Richt.


It’s shameful the talent Mark Richt has squandered and wasted here at Georgia.



Todd Gurley II tear to left knee on plant at 5:37 in 27-7 game long since over – just hate it – as we all await word on Todd Gurley II’s left knee injury

There is no sense in trying to tell oft-injured Todd Gurley II that there was nothing between him and his dream, that there was nothing he could do to improve his NFL Draft status after we play Georgie tek and bowl game – I tried to tell him that with years of experience watching this and before that, playing it; I just hate it.  In 39 degrees after out for 6 weeks, last playing against Vandie October 4 through tonight November 16 now when back home, Mark Richt left all his starters in the game – despite then 27 unanswered points trying to make it 34 which he accomplished.  But at what cost to the center of attention who only returned a kick-off 106 yards for a TD on his 1st touch and 138 yards on 29 workhorse carries against about now # 18 Auburn – who now finds themselves tied all-time with UGA in wins in The deep South’s Oldest Rivalry.


We did not need Todd Gurley II.  He did not need to be playing, now did he ?



It’s all a horrible nightmare.  X-Rays were taken before midnight, carted-off to have them made, after limping from the field as many previous ACL tears and worse I’ve seen through the years.  He maybe could’ve helped against # 1 Alabama, were Missouri who has no passing and no rushing either, to lose to either lowly lousy Arkansas or worse the vols – that’s all the hope we have to play # 1 Alabama.  That will not get us a play-off spot – even if we beat # 1 Alabama.  That’s bullshit hogwash by those who only are allowed to talk to you about the fate of this football program after 2007.  What Mark Richt did until 2007, no one talks about anymore.  It’s meaningless.


What matters is what he is doing NOW.


I told you Clemson had played 2 games and lost them both.  Now, both of us have beat Clemson this season before welcoming the yellowjackettes in 13 days’ time to our house – without Todd Gurley II.


He shouldn’t have played in the 1st place and certainly not 5:37 in a 27-7 ROUT, on route to 34 unanswered points, as Nick Marshall was lousy but a lot better than our QB who has 1,638 yards passing on the entire 10-game to-date season and another 15 yards rushing on 37 rushes – that’s it for the damn season son.


1,638 yards 10 games, which is 163 yards per game and he the only QB to play this season.  Sad.


In the other game of significance besides Alabama beating Mississippi State and Clemson losing again to knock them out of rankings, where they never belonged in the 1st damn place, South Carolina who had lost every game since the 2nd game of the season beat a team who lost 10 of their most recent 13-games before beating us the week before last.


This is where we are.


This is where Todd Gurley II is.  His NFL Draft status was the # 1 RB in the up-coming draft and about Top Half a Dozen Picks OVERALL, and only hampered by his numerous frequent on-going injuries – or, he would’ve been higher.  Hundreds of millions of dollars in the balance.  Mark Richt has spoken frequently for 14 years’ time now about the violent dangerous kick-off returns fraught with danger for injury to the kick-off returner.  1st game back, right out there he goes to be gassed and having to be replaced in the starting line-up by none other than Heisman Trophy Front Runner for 2015 season, Nick Chubb.


Ryne Rankin, who set his all-time personal tackle record for UGA last week with 1 tackle against Kentucky, called for holding, negated what we all stood-up and cheered our silly little frozen heads over that Todd Gurley II could return the 1st kick-off to us after Auburn shut us all up 0-7 taking the opening possession the length of the field, prior to 34 unanswered points by our beloved Bulldogs.  Ryne Rankin held at the point of Todd Gurley II’s cut-back, right there, at the 32-yard line, giving us the ball at our 22-yard line instead of the TD at the far end of the field.  Ryne Rankin now has 3 tackles all season this season and 3 assists – total – for all 10 games combined.


And the ruination of the FREE TODD GURLEY II triumphant return on his 1st touch back after 6 weeks’ exile.


I just really hurt for Todd Gurley II and his mother and family.  The best of folks get no breaks in life.


It did not have to happen.


Damian Swann got away with punt interference later – darting in front of Auburn’s punt returner – who was calling for a fair catch with no one shoving Damian Swann there, as the Fair Catch had been called long before his arrival.


We did not miss any field goals for a change, and tried to match the most penalized team in the nation, penalty for penalty.  We also fumbled the ball 3 times, including Todd Gurley II; but, this was again not Auburn’s night for the 3rd time this season – although those 3 teams today are ranked :


# 11 maybe Georgia Bulldogs who have a 1-0 record against teams ranked for the season, in our only game of the year – despite 0-2 losses to 2 awful football teams, there is no other way to put it.  Too bad for a coach the entire 2nd half of his career, marked with losses – not even a top 25 team after 2007 – that he would win a game by risking Todd Gurley II.  And, on a night when Notre Dame would lose and Florida State struggle yet again, and # 1 go down, and # 5 Struggle, and # 8 get beat.  None of that matters.


All that really matters is that Todd Gurley II is really injured seriously – this time.



UNRANKED Texas A & M, who was UNRANKED before they lost to a miserable Missouri team tonight  when Missouri has had no running game and no passing game all this entire season.  Texas A & M was seemingly our only hope for salvation from ourselves.


# 5 About Mississippi State.


On the plus side, besides these 3 LOSSES already, Auburn did beat Kansas State, Ole Miss (on a fluke injury play at the goal line) and unranked LSU as they were shut-out 17 to nothing tonight, dropping them from any rankings.


I do not see Ole Miss beating Mississippi State, nor Alabama being anything other than # 1 when they face Missouri – us having to only hope now Arkansas or the vols can do what so many awful teams have done to Mark Richt double-digit losses by Mark Richt to UNRANKED teams in ANY POLL for the season.  Hapless teams like these 2 Arkansas and the vols, are Mark Richt’s ONLY HOPE to get into anything resembling a posturing even for the Play-Off Selection Committee.  Pretty sad really, that our only hope on a season with all these great talents we have on our team this season should boil down to needing :


(1) vols without a winning record even on the season despite playing Arkansas State community college, Utah State community college, and Chattanooga city college – not to mention such cupcakes as South Carolina and Florida (Both of whom beat us, 1 of whom FIRED their coach AFTER he beat us – what does THAT tell you?), Kentucky and Vandie.  This is whom we place our hopes and dreams on, if we can get over having played Todd Gurley II in 39 degree weather for 29 carries including one with a 3 TD lead with only 5:37 remaining in the game – when he had not played in 6 weeks’ time since Vandie October 4 through November 16, when he also had the 106 yard kick-off return to begin this frigid night in high winds.  Damn it Mark Richt; it was so clear that all the ingredients were there to NOT have him run that ball meaningless 3 TD lead to make it 4 TD lead, not the LEAST OF WHICH was ALSO in addition to all this : he was injured, compensating for his inability to use his arm in a soft cast from earlier in the blessed damn game : Mark Richt you bloody freaking idiot.


(2) Arkansas who likewise does NOT EVEN HAVE A WINNING RECORD on the season.  These are the 2 damned teams we rest all our hopes and dreams upon beating a team, Missouri with no running game and with no passing game.  Expect Georgia under Mark Richt to maybe lose to such teams, hell yes.  Expect someone else to do the same ?  Well, Missouri certainly does not enjoy the talents of THIS GREAT STATE FOR RECRUITS, to see Mark Richt add the crocodiles AGAIN this season to his list of nobody teams who beat him like a drum they beat him and THEN FIRED Will Mushchamp as I guaranteed to you ALL SEASON LONG AND PRE-SEASON AS WELL ON THIS BLOG.  Mark Richt ALSO LOST to hapless South Carolina, who lost their opening game of the season, beat us, then proceeded to LOSE EVERY GAME until they played Florida last week, whom THEY ALSO BEAT.


South Carolina does not have a WINNING RECORD EITHER – like Arkansas and like the vols.


Florida just FIRED THEIR COACH for beating Mark Richt.




5-9 against Florida with LOSS AFTER LOSS TO HORRID FLORIDA TEAMS and hapless coaches.


Multiple hapless coaches, fired for beating Mark Richt.


Or, in spite of beating Mark Richt.


We have a poll here on this blog.


It’s 5 to 1 votes against Mark Richt sending Todd Gurley II BACK OUT at 5:37 mark.


(1) 39 degrees and windy bitter cold

(2) not played 6 weeks Oct 4 to Nov 16

(3) 106 yard kick-off return to begin our game after Auburn TD on opening kick-off

(4) 29 carries already

(5) 138 yards rushing already

(6) INJURED ALREADY and arm in a soft cast, compensating for that as we all saw

(7) send his ass back out there with Nick Chubb rested on bench and with others who could have run the damn ball to get Mark Richt his precious 4 TD lead, 3 TD lead NOT ENOUGH


So, Todd Gurley II made UGA pay $ 75,000 to have a $ 2.5 million dollar policy if he slips in the NFL Draft worse than # 8 pick overall and $ 5 million dollars if he never plays again.  Both insurance companies would tell you that Mark Richt prima facie failed to show due diligence and ACTED IN NEGLIGENCE with Todd Gurley II – a kid.


Todd Gurley II is NOT AN ADULT.  He is a year away from being an adult.  He cannot drink.  TGII cannot even supervise a learner driver.  He cannot begin to drive a vehicle with capacity for carrying people, nor any transport airplane, not even a gyroplane.


TGII is one of our CHILDREN.  And, will be for another year.


Todd Gurley II cannot even purchase a can of beer.


TGII cannot even drink a can of beer, if his mom buys him one.


He can, however, enter into a contract that he be paid $ 2.5 million if his NFL Draft Pick Status currently # 8 drops at all.


And, he and his mom damn sure can sue Mark Richt personally for EVERY DAMN PENNY for sending him back out there in the cold after 6 weeks lay-off for carry # 29 when he already was injured earlier in the game.


You hear me Mark Richt, you friqin dumbass ?


For THIS, Mark Richt looked at ALL the 7 RISK FACTORS and played him anyway.  If I were the insurance company, I would SUE MARK RICHT’S DUMBASS for the full extent of the pay-out.  Every friqing penny.


Sad all around.


Season shot in the foot against Florida, losers of now 11 of their last 15 games, and South Carolina who had not won a game since the 2nd week of the season both of whom beat us.


South Carolina, with a LOSING RECORD, faced Florida at the Swamp, and somehow Florida managed to lose to the bums, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as Hutson Mason did – deer in the headlights – against South Carolina to already scuttle this season.  They BOTH lost to Missouri.


Now, we hope Arkansas or the vols can beat Missouri, so we can back-in once again to The SEC Championship Game against # 1 Alabama and what ?


Put us in the play-offs the blogs you are allowed to read tell you about this season.




You lose to South Carolina and to Florida this season and you are NOT going to be judged any Top 4 team in the nation no matter what the friq you do thereafter, dumbass writing this to your glee on his blog this week.  A sanctioned blog, I might add.


I am NOT into Censorship.


I was cold on this blue-out night.  Black-Out, well at least we cured that bad taste in our mouths finally tonight, but some wore red only and most blue, on black-out night and it was bitter cold.  1st real cold all season.  It will be 19 tomorrow Monday after the rain and Tuesday night.  Shit happens.  Balls bounced off of hands all night long.  Mine were frozen and I had on gloves, because I kept taking them off.


Tonight, you will read how we routed Auburn a Top 10 team, who is going to have a struggle to make any polls this season, even with a bowl win – as Auburn obviously has no passing game to come back in a game with, and seemingly has not improved their defense a damn bit over last season, which I also spent saying Auburn was not deserving of their ranking as well and not just because they beat us.  It will say at a cost we routed Auburn, a dear cost to a great man we all Love and Adore and did not want to see playing after 29 rushes he had to take already this cold night after 6 weeks’ lay-off from making cuts, on a night he would be in the fray heated-up 105 yards’ TD kick-off return – then, this.  Alas, always this.  Even in such a great win when our Defense once again, this season, rose up and met the challenge.  I still have no idea what happened at Florida 2 weeks’ ago, or South Carolina in week 2.


But, it’s what we do nowadays after 2007, seven years of this shit.


What could’ve been.


We could be in the play-offs and obviously could beat a team that we gave a shit about beating.  Who we give a shit about beating and who we don’t a matter of public record of the players, many different players who said we took Florida lightly.  Nothing was said about South Carolina – neither of whom are worth a shit this season.

Georgie tek we now face without Todd Gurley II, who should’ve never been on the field at 5:37 in a 27 unanswered point lead 27-7.


I know Brendan Douglas fumbled again tonight.  I said it was bitter on my own hands.


And, Todd Gurley II’s.


And, even Michael Bennett’s.  And, Chris Conley’s, and all the 3 fumbles and half a dozen drops by Auburn’s receivers, two of the fumbles which we recovered and all their drops on pass plays we touch advantage of.


Isaiah McKenzie sent back for punt return, just does not have good hands – feet yes, but someone needs to teach him how to use his hands properly, as he too dropped a certain TD Pass which bounced of his hands in the cold, too.


All of them fumbled and dropped passes tonight, but Auburn’s Special Teams are even worse than our own.


It was that kind of a night.  Why play a game on such a cold day at night in the 1st place ?


ESPN GameDay was at Mississippi State Alabama, I presume.


We faked a punt and threw a long TD pass to a wide-open man, only to see our Special Teams once again flub it, as we did on our 1st Kick-Off return this night.  This time on the converted for a TD Fake Punt, Brandon Kublanow with no one around him, decided to take a walk downfield as an ineligible receiver when instead he has started all season long on the OL.  Go figure.  Put Brandon Kublanow on our Special Teams and he takes a walk-about which from my seat looked to be about 4 and a half yards past the line of scrimmage before he caught himself and just stood there, no one around, looking rather sheepish as the play was way to the other side of the field for a TD and never did we even look in Brandon Kublanow’s direction.  The play was to the left and he at right offensive line position on Special Teams, just blows it.


When Aaron Murray went down with his injury last season, that season was already shot too with loss after loss.  Again.


Zach Mettenberger is Starting in the NFL.



This is what we do, too.


So on a night where we WIN over then # 9 Auburn 34-7 spanking of Biblical Proportions, all anyone can talk about is why Todd Gurley II would even be on the freaking field up 27-7 with 5:37 left in a game we had already scored 27 unanswered points, so that we could tack that on too to be 34-7.




That is what Brendan Douglas is for.


That is what you gave Brendan Douglas the Scholarship for.  It is what he does for us.


We are such dumbshits coaching our men.  We’re freaking clueless.


And, in the balance, $ 100 million dollars stolen from Todd Gurley II.  The NFL is not for running backs who get picked poorly in the draft who then have to prove they’re not going to get injured – now, he has that moniker.  Thanks a lot Mark Richt.


Hutson Mason threw a 4-yard dink down TD pass to Malcolm Mitchell, locked-in and staring him down.  He also threw a horrible deep pass into double-coverage in the end zone.  The pass was wide right by 7 yards and overthrown by 6 yards.  His receiver was not in 40-square yards of the deep pass for a TD.    It should have been intercepted.  Against Alabama it would have been.  Reggie Davis had to become defensive back, or on another Hutson Mason pass is also intercepted.


54 again, Brandon Kublanow, who just had a horrible night on Special Teams back to block on a punt, just stood there  and assisted 2 others to his right blocking 2 Auburn guys on the right, zeroed in on them and finally just waving his left arm at # 24 for Auburn who rushed-in from his left.  This is coaching.  Special Teams’ coaching, something we haven’t had in years and years and years now.  A guy comes from your left, Brandon Kublanow, sir, you TAKE THAT MAN, when you are lined-up on the left.


Of course, Brandon Kublanow plays on the RIGHT SIDE of the Offensive Line, not the left so his tendencies and training are all COMPLETELY OPPOSITE from his responsibilities on Special Teams’ Punt unit – which is one of the worst in the nation by the way.


Auburn’s Special Teams are even worse.


So we won the game and convincingly while all that will be said will be at what cost to Todd Gurley II, personally ?

Todd Gurley II ends his season with less than 1000 yards rushing again, same as last season, while Nick Chubb goes over.


Todd Gurley II, best of all best to you sir in your recovery and hopefully great NFL career – which was a certainty on these pages, and now is in question.  My prayers are for you and your family, sir.

Official WebPages Todd Gurley II for Heisman thanks to Taylor Maxey – Starting FB walk-on North Oconee



Todd Gurley II finds Taylor Maxey, Starting Fullback # 47, in the middle of the wedge, and Taylor Maxey Scholar leads the way earning his football scholarship.  It’s been a long road for Taylor Maxey, injured twice at North Oconee.  Todd Gurley II never out-runs Cordrea Tankersley # 25 Clemson who runs 40-yard dash time 4.49 the # 25 best athlete nationally 2012 without the block by Taylor Maxey who is Honor Roll, Dean’s List and magna cum laude.  I know a little about these myself. That was a cheesy play by Cordrea Tankersley after Todd Gurley II slowed down 5 yards deep in the end zone to fall sheepishly, having to be shed by Todd Gurley II as water off the back of a duck.

This is only the latest Todd Gurley II 100-yard kickoff return.

Can he make it ?

Yes, he can !

1 of the 22 Starters against Clemson, Taylor Maxey did not get a carry.  It isn’t what he does.  He hits people.  Ok, he hits people hard, which is why we line him up in the middle of the wedge.

Todd Gurley II juked, to bend in a supple way – dancing, and was off to the races and no one touched him until he was end in the zone.

Todd Gurley II has run a 4.42 in 40-yard dash, but 100 meters is really his distance.  At 6′ 1″ and 232 lbs., he is the # 18 pick in the 1st Round NFL Draft after this season.  1st running back because of his kickoff returns.

His pass blocking skills, and his pass catching, along with his consensus All-America status might well move him up higher than # 18 pick.

They all say he is Marshawn Lynch.

Marshawn Lynch will never catch as many passes as Todd Gurley II.

His has his Super Bowl though.

He is considerably lighter and not as long as Todd Gurley II, and he went to California before his 7,500 NFL rushing yards.

He also has 23 Fumbles after being the # 12 Pick in the 2007 Draft.

I am not feeling this Marshawn Lynch comparison.  Or, Jim Brown – who did have a good Hollywood career.  There’s that, too, Todd Gurley II can aspire to.

Todd Gurley II told Mark Richt he did not have a good game Saturday night.

I am more than a little confused what we’re comparing Todd Gurley II to these others on.  His Hollywood fame ?  His NFL career after the season ?  Everything ?  Be specific, for I see the Heisman Trophy Todd Gurley II, quiet, reserved, fiercely competitive, already named his 1st son, intense cheerleader for his teammates, and a really good guy.

And, where does this Anthony Dorsett come from ?  He’s an asshole.  I shall never forget our bowl game, and we got there and they are all wearing these TD buttons, and he does his interview telling everyone he is not TD, but Anthony Dorsett.  Do you remember the TD buttons they all had on at the bowl game ?  Do you ?  Excuse me Mr. personality.  We have to vote on Todd Gurley II as Anthony Dorsett ?  God Almighty Above.  Kiss my grits : he’s TD from what I saw of his fans at the game.  Were you there ?

Herschel Walker ?  Just what did you intend we compare Todd Gurley II to Herschel Walker based on ?  I see no such instructions.  Both are quiet.  Todd Gurley II might have a better NFL career.  He’ll be picked higher.  He wasn’t the focus for 3 years here that Herschel Walker was.  He will not have the number of carries Herschel Walker did.  But, maybe of all the folks listed.

I saw Fran Tarkenton play between the hedges.  Dad’s seasons’ tickets, too.  The anticipation of going to the games on our campus and seeing how the campus has been made so much more beautiful, and the Fall, knowing the air was about to be filled with balls.  So exciting.  It was not done.  I remember all that.

Well, I remember all that.

Mark Richt era has been marked with Quarterback centric offense, so unlike Fran Tarkenton’s era here or anywhere at that time.  Herschel Walker came to campus as the # 1 player nationally, and Todd Gurley II came in quietly the # 5 running back behind his own teammate whom we still have not used properly out in spaces as so many plays were designed to do just that Saturday night, but not Keith Marshall who did recover a fumble on special teams to have it called back.  I sure would feel better about it, if we could hit him with more than 1 pass.  That’s criminal.

The Official Todd Gurley II for Heisman Trophy WebPages :

We need a QB to throw him more than 1 pass
We need a QB to throw him more than 1 pass



Todd Gurley II is just wrong to say that ?

“We’re just tired of just being mediocre and going to the SEC championship game, going to the bowl game and losing.” Todd Gurley II.


I don’t think we do our coaches & players a favor by telling them 15-0, 14-1

I believe we instead need to tell the coaches and players that they need to GATA.

If we were 72-9 and 3 NC current half a dozen seasons as Alabama in fact is, instead of our factual 54-26 only # 23 in Wins, we would still want to tell the coaches and players that we want to return punts and kick-offs better and that we want to stop punt returns and kick-off returns better.  We have issues on the OL replacing 3 Starting OL and the Starting Blocking TE.  We have issues at Fullback, not recruiting enough fullbacks when our offense is designed around the fullback, with the over 200 fullbacks available each season.  The 1 fullback we did recruit in 6 seasons, we moved to TE because of our lack of depth at that position.  We have concerns at Starting Quarterback on deep passes, not floating the passes. We have issues of not running the ball enough, until the game is at hand.  The defensive secondary is weak.  We have too many penalties, too many fumbles and interceptions, and too many 3 and out on offense.  We have not performed well on the road against top teams these most recent seasons.


We did very well to begin with, and have dropped off.


3 unranked seasons 2009, 2010 and 2013.


Our 16-13 vs teams making the top 25 through the 2007 season, dropped off to only 7-22 since.


We’d have to beat too many top teams 2014-2015 up-coming season to be 15-0 or 14-1.


It’d be great if we could.


How has that worked out for us, telling them they could go 15-0 and 14-1 ?


That has motivated the coaches and players to beat the top teams ?


Are we Elite as a Top 10 Team All-Time in Wins ?


Are we Elite now, currently ?


72-9 & 3 NC is Elite these 6 years

54-26 is not by stark contrast.


Can we tell them to GATA instead ?


Does telling them you think they’ll be 15-0 or 14-1 motivate them ?

How has that worked out for us, you telling them they’ll beat # 1 in the play-offs, # 2 Auburn, # 3 in the play-offs, # 4 South Carolina at their house, # 5 Missouri at their house, # 7 Alabama in SEC Championship Game, # 9 Clemson to begin the season and Florida ?


Don’t talk about history, you say, and follow that up with 81 % win percentage going into the 2005 season.


67 % win percentage after 2007 good for # 23 at 54-26 is far more relevant, as is our 7-22 vs teams making the top 25 of either the AP or Coaches’ Polls.


I will be damned if I am going another off-season of bragging on how great they are, as if that alone is allowed.


That’s just censorship.


Every single poll shows that we’ve got to tell the coaches and players to GATA.


Every single poll shows that we’re not doing well.


Every single poll shows that we’ve got a lot of attrition with bad press.


Mark Richt needs to get the remaining 78 Scholarship Recruits of the 118 he signed, with redshirt, to GATA.

“We’re just tired of just being mediocre and going to the SEC championship game, going to the bowl game and losing.” Todd Gurley II.



Every single poll shows that we started out very well, and have dropped-off.


Todd Gurley II is just WRONG to say that ?