Quarterback Justin Fields Ohio State and Tight End Luke Ford Illinois and Wide Receiver DeAngelo Gibbs vols and Inside Linebacker Jaden Hunter Western Kentucky and Safety Tray Bishop have used NCAA transfer portal to leave The Georgia Bulldogs UGA this off-season five (5.)



Who cares that Justin Fields is the # 1 player (and Angelo Gibbs # 37 player) in the TRANSFER PORTAL ? A player who left quit the team because he could NOT get on the field enough here. I don’t care about such a player. Not now. Not ever again. Get LOST Justin Fields.

Ok so you were criticized for coming here.  Guess what ?  I don’t give a shit about you.


You quit us.  Was I supposed to follow you at Ohio State without Urban Meyer  because they paid their coach six million who should not have been hired as Urban Meyer’s replacement ?


The Big Ten is a God Damn joke.


Stick it up your asshole Justin Fields.