Coleman Rudolph LOST both his Junior and Senior Games against Georgia making him one bitter son of a bitch toward The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs and now is a high school coach in Roswell for Tim McFarlin where they have NEVER SENT A SINGLE PLAYER to Georgia Institute of Technology – not one – not EVER. His SENIOR YEAR it was 31-17 Georgia over Georgia Tech. Georgia has BEAT THE SHIT out of Georgia Tech 22-8 over the last 30 years yet Coleman Rudolph thinks Georgia Tech has had the BETTER COACHING ? Really ? Hey dumbass dipshit you judge who has the BETTER COACHING over the last 30 years by the RECORD including ESPECIALLY YOUR OWN RECORD against Georgia dumb shit. Jesus Christ what a GOD DAMN LIAR you are Coleman Rudolph. In fact it is 45-17 Georgia over Georgia Tech starting 1957 last 62 years because well GEORGIA TECH COACHES HAVE BEEN OUT-COACHED. Part of coaching is RECRUITING. # 51 Georgia Tech Coleman Rudolph BRAGS about this morning while UGA is # 2. TRUTH-0-METER Morgan Stanley high school coach telling LIES about Georgia Tech. 45-21 we OWN this state GOD DAMN bitter boy Coleman Rudolph. Get over it boy. 1957 is when Jack Rudolph began at Georgia Tech and gave his son 2 last names Coleman Rudolph. His dad is 80 today and all he has KNOWN is that Georgia Tech got the SHIT BEAT OUT OF IT by UGA. # 51 Tech # 2 UGA and YOU THINK that is “getting it” Coleman Rudolph you dumb bastard




In fact it was 45-7 Georgia over Georgia Tech in the last game when we put in our 3RD STRING between the two # 35 Georgia Tech # 46 Georgia U.S. News and World Report Rankings Best Colleges for 2019.


But don’t tell Coleman Rudolph this for he will go ballistic.


45-17 won/lost record Georgia over Georgia Tech last 62 years starting 1957 :

Read it and cry Coleman Rudolph.


hours ago  

“It’s no secret that, as a whole, GT has had better coaching over the last 30 years vs . The future battles of vs Smart will be no different. The question is talent and talent depth.”



We have had seasons’ tickets since 1957 to UGA Georgia Bulldogs Football 2019 now so I have watched EVERY GAME.  I think I would know if Jack Rudolph and Coleman Rudolph are bitter about 17-45 record against us at Georgia Tech his dad’s entire time since beginning at Georgia Tech.


By the way UGA Georgia Bulldogs were 4-0 undefeated against Coleman Rudolph’s dad Jack at Georgia Tech 1957 1958 1959 and 1960.  I was at ALL of those games too.


If one team gets BETTER TALENT because they have WORSE coaches why hasn’t Georgia Tech beaten Georgia in your and your dad’s time at Georgia Tech through today better than only 27 percent of the time ?


One could surmise that the players think that the coaching is BETTER at UGA Coleman Rudolph.  Since we have won from the time your dear old dad used to be at Georgia Tech.  Georgia has BEAT Georgia Tech 3 and half times as many times as Georgia Tech has beat The Mighty UGA Georgia Bulldogs from the very day Jack Rudolph began at Georgia Tech through this day today when he is now 80.  How sad is that ?  So Jack’s son Coleman runs to the press on social media to surmise Georgia Tech therefore has had the better coaching.


My God !


But what do I know ?  I’ve only watched every God Damn Game we are discussing this morning twit.


You are so full of shit Coleman Rudolph.  Wake up.  Telling lies is no way to go through life.


How again are the # 51 recruiting rankings this morning for Georgia Tech better for Talent and Talent Depth than Georgia Tech has EVER enjoyed 1957 through today ?  Tell me that Coleman Rudolph ?


You must really be bitter for your logic is flawed son.  Oh was I not invited to COMPARE Georgia to Georgia Tech ?  Excuse me.  You just posted a $9 million dollar LOSS while we just put up a $43 million dollar profit.  Georgia Tech starting 1957 is # 51 in won/loss averaging 6.2 wins and 5.1 losses.   Paul Johnson fish fry ends his career everyone at Georgia Tech unhappy with his results 5 bowl wins 8 bowl losses for his entire coaching career. And Paul Johnson never could recruit averaging # 51 recruiting class. In 11 games against UGA he had 3 wins at Georgia Tech a “winning percentage” of 0.27 and you are a FOOL saying he is a better coach than UGA Georgia Bulldogs.  Bullshit.  What a dumb shit.  Paul Johnson put Georgia Tech on back-to-back repeat offender NCAA Probation in FOOTBALL. Oh yeah that is better than UGA.  Keep telling yourself that for NO ONE ELSE EVER will believe a God Damn WORD out of your mouth Liar.  Geoff Collins was 7-6 and 8-4 as his only two previous years coaching.  His recruiting class is particularly lousy and he has to replace 8 of his starters on defense.  Geoff Collins has no previous experience on offense at all anywhere and now has FIRED all of Paul Johnson’s entire coaching staff to the glee of EVERYONE at Tech but YOU SAY THOSE COACHES were BETTER than UGA losing and being out-recruited as you are against us.  I mean.  You are being taken to task boy.  I hope that you can realize this.  If the coaches were BETTER why did Georgia Tech FIRE ALL OF THEM ?  Tell me that ?  Never mind.  I know you do NOT have the balls to answer ANY of these direct questions.

Georgia Tech is NOT in the top 50 football programs starting 1957 :




God awful.


But you say they have had better coaching than our coaching which is # 11 all-time in 1-A FBS wins.


67-39-5 UGA against Georgia Tech Geoff Collins is NOT going to beat Georgia Bulldogs is he ?


Paul Johnson’s last 4 years at Georgia Tech he won 1 bowl game lost 1 bowl game and was not qualified to play as one of the top 80 football teams half of his last 4 years but he is a better coach than at Georgia with Kirby Smart.  Oh yeah I get that logic.  Stick this up your God Damn stupid shit asshole Coleman Rudolph boy.


The future promises more of the same with Tech’s # 51 ranked recruiting just now this morning to UGA # 2.


6.2 wins per year last 62 years since 1957 Georgia Tech

5.1 losses per year last 62 years since 1957 Georgia Tech


Georgia Tech has RELAXED its academic standards and yet why is it that Georgia Tech still has signed only 1 of the top 50 best football players in the state of Georgia each of the last 4 years ? Why is that ? I mean Georgia Tech is NOT Princeton or Harvard but # 35 while UGA is UP to # 46.   Georgia just signed with Kirby Smart 10 of the top 102 best ESPN ranked players in the country – 10 top 102 the entire nation – not 1 top 50 in state every year for Georgia Tech – Coleman Rudolph and today you want to BRAG about Talent and Talent Depth ?  Oh Jesus Christ Almighty boy.


Georgia Tech did not get ANY of the top 300 ESPN top recruits nationally.



What in the HELL are you talking about Coleman Rudolph ?  Are you used to telling lies to high school Christians ?



# 46 best college U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges 2018 The University of Georgia vs the # 35 best colleges Georgia Institute of Technology :


2016 Georgia Tech was UNRANKED.  2017 Georgia Tech had a LOSING RECORD.  2018 Georgia Tech is UNRANKED. This is what Georgia Tech has done in our coach’s career here at UGA.  Presumably our coach’s career at UGA of 32-10 is worse than the coach at Tech according to YOU Coleman Rudolph.  Uh…  No.  Real SMART point you make Coleman Rudolph.  NOT !  Paul Johnson was 12-12 at Georgia Tech the last 2 seasons before EVERYONE wanted Paul Johnson OUT at Tech because his coaching is WORSE than Kirby Smart at Georgia who the last 2 years is 24-5.


Let me see now Paul Johnson is the BETTER COACH at 12-12 his last 2 years before being run out of town on a rail for that record “coaching.”  This compared to Kirby Smart at UGA 24-5 his last 2 years by direct stark comparison.  24-5 is the WORSE coaching and 12-12 is the BETTER coaching.  Oh dear Lord help us all for we have a fool in charge of explaining which is better and which worse this morning.

Georgia Tech is and remains a CUPCAKE.


Starting 1957 Georgia Tech is 6-5 for 62 years now of futility.


45-17 starting 1957 Georgia has won nearly 3 of out of every 4 for 62 years against Georgia Tech.  Now what was it you said about 70 percent Coleman Rudolph ?  We have won 72 percent of the games against Tech since your dear old dad began at Tech through today.


Paul Johnson also could NOT recruit with average # 51 recruiting classes for 11 years of a miserable 7-5 average record.


Geoff Collins is NO DIFFERENT at # 51 recruiting class for his signing class this morning Coleman Rudolph so why all the presumed greatness glee on your part when he was average at Temple against cupcakes they play at Temple.


We are up from our average # 7 recruiting ranking to # 2 today and you are really no different from your all-time recruiting rankings averaging # 51 for 62 years now and counting and today # 51.  So if anything it is GETTING WORSE for Georgia Tech.  My God boy.  You really invite this comparison ?  Hardly.  You want anything BUT.


You want to discuss that Georgia Tech compared to Georgia is BETTER for Georgia Tech with UGA way up to # 2 recruiting talent and talent depth and Georgia Tech still # 51 just like you always are.  Open mouth and switch feet much Coleman Rudolph or no one has the balls to take you on ?  I do boy.


The God Damn CHEATERS Georgia Tech.  The series started in 1893 when Georgia Tech hired players off our UGA winning team 1892 to compete against us 1893 because in 1892 Georgia Tech had a losing team.  They wrecked their train back from Athens hitting a freight train they ran-up on in Lawrenceville. The headlines read 1893 Rambling Wreck limps back in to Atlanta.  It’s NOT a Model T from 1914 which is the namesake of the Ramblin’ Wreck now is it ? I laugh when I see a car from 1914 paraded around like IT is the train from 1893.  No dumb shits.  Ramblin’ Wreck refers to this train not a car from 21 years later.  You are living a LIE.  Like everything else at Georgia Tech, you are living a LIE Coleman Rudolph.


STFU.  You prove that you don’t care that we beat the ever-living shit out of you as long as 1 every 4 games since 1957 you beat us.  We have nothing to gain playing you.  I’d rather not play another cupcake frankly.


If Tech has had such great coaching then Tech must have had some sorry-assed players and dumb shit game plans in fact to have in-fact LOST 72 percent of the games since Jack Rudolph Coleman’s dear old dad began at Tech against Georgia in 1957 the last 62 years of pure futility by Tech against UGA Georgia Bulldogs.  We own this state Coleman Rudolph and you and your dad of all people now know this best.  Don’t you ?


Quit talking shit Coleman Rudolph.  You’re not up to it clearly according to EVERYONE in this tweet “It’s no secret that, as a whole, GT has had better coaching over the last 30 years vs . The future battles of vs Smart will be no different. The question is talent and talent depth.”


We’re going to CONTINUE to kick your asses like our Daddies always have against Tech – not that you care – so quit acting like you do care.