We are 6 points from being 4-8 and only 12 points from being 3-9. And we don’t know what the future with Kirby may bring or not ? Excuse me ? I’m an alumnus too. Let’s talk about that. We “GEORGIA’D” another game this weekend. We have ALL THIS TALENT here. We “Georgia” a game ALL THE TIME and ALWAYS HAVE. It’s what we do. It is what defines us. It is what HAS DEFINED us. It is who we ARE. It is who we WILL BE with KIRBY. I mean Kirby is the guy who HIRED Jim Chaney and Shane Beamer. And made NO ADJUSTMENTS all season long. We averaged # 8 recruiting class under Mark Richt and # 7 under Kirby and IMPROVING on THAT yet we “Georgia” games. I said for 8 long excruciating years that we “pulled ANOTHER Mark Richt” and LOST AGAIN. Kirby is no better. The REAL PROBLEMS are Mike Adam$’ two (2) Athletic Directors first Damon Evans now Greg McGarity. And that he chose a head coach who isn’t one. Harrison Martin calls for JIM CHANEY and SHANE BEAMER to both be FIRED. But ALL of us know the problem with special teams is that the WRONG PLAYERS are playing the WRONG POSITIONS and that Kirby ALSO DRAGGED his feet about playing OTHER notable freshmen across the board from the time of Spring Practice until TODAY. Kirby is stubborn. That is not going away. He’s conservative. That’s not going away. He wants ONLY to be IN-CHARGE. That’s not going away either. But Greg McGarity can HIT THE ROAD. And that could be GOING AWAY – couldn’t it ?

Here are our HOME GAMES 2017 next year :

Appalachian State Moutaineers

Samford Bulldogs

Missy State


South Carolina



You want to improve our HOME-GAME environment ? How about IMPROVE our OPPONENTS we spend all this money to come see play ? Is there one good game there ?


One ?


If we had Florida on HOME-AND-HOME we’d have a GREAT GAME AT HOME every other year.






( https://www.dawgnation.com/football/at-second-glance-why-georgia-couldnt-finish-and-what-it-says-about-the-program-and-its-future )





( http://www.dawgsports.com/2016/11/27/13756808/rant-from-a-disgruntled-uga-fan )


Having Florida at Sanford every other year would invigorate our entire program.



vols had 8 HOME GAMES AGAIN this year and we had 6 again.


We always have 6.


It’s what we do.


We Georgia our schedule then we Georgia the games.


Thanks Kirby.  It’s no longer that we “Mark Richt’d another game to a lesser opponent.”


Now it’s we Georgia’d another game against a lesser opponent AGAIN.


It’s habitual now Kirby – so thanks for that Kirby.  Really.  Thanks.


Good job Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead you dumbasses.