From 1929 to 1942 Georgie tek yellowjackets won 2 games against us. Two. 14-game stretch. From 1964 to 1976 Georgie tek yellowjackets won 3 games. 13-game stretch 3. From 1964 to 1983 a 20-game stretch Georgie tek yellowjackets won 4 games. 20-game stretch 4. From 1964 to 1997 Georgie tek yellowjackets won 8 in 34-game stretch. From 2001 to 2014 Georgie tek yellowjackets won 2 at HOME for Georgia leaving Paul Johnson Fish-Fry with NOT a losing record at Sanford vs Mark Richt and were 2 of the most devastating losses in UGA history. 2008 we were consensus # 1 in the nation for the 1st time in our history pre-season but Mark Richt LOST to Georgie tek yellowjackets and in 2014 Florida had lost 10 of their previous 13 games Will Mushchamp coach yet beat Mark Richt knocking him from possible Play-Off berth and then Mark Richt LOST to Paul Johnson HERE at HOME for us AGAIN – leaving Paul Johnson NOT a losing record at Sanford vs. Mark Richt.

So don’t give me this shit about Mark Richt vs. Georgie tek yellowjackets’ Paul Johnson.


At some point you will wake-up one day and realize that Mark Richt is not was not and never will be perceived as our Savior.


Mark Richt was ANYTHING but.