falcons have purposely and systematically NOT selected 56 UGA Georgia Bulldogs for their rosters because they are AFRAID of the comparison and don’t want to feed Bulldog Nation with MORE PRIDE. And falcons have suffered greatly from this. Here are the cold hard facts on this right here every player falcons shunned for WORSE PLAYERS instead the falcons chose. Dumb shit falcons

  1. Bill Stanfill falcons passed on Bill Stanfill 1969 draft no falcon any good great db 2 Super Bowl champs Cairo
  2. Jake Scott falcons passed on to choose 6 picks instead none any good great db 2 Super Bowl champs Super Bowl MVP 3 Super Bowl appearances
  3. Terrell Davis falcons passed on to choose 6 picks 1995 before Terrell Davis was drafted none any good Hall Fame rb 2 Super bowl champs Super Bowl MVP
  4. Champ Bailey falcons picked 9 nobodies 1999 draft none any good Hall Fame db 12-time Pro Bowl Folkston
  5. Andy Johnson falcons picked 5 absolute nobodies instead good running back Athens
  6. Horace King of 5 falcons picks prior to 6th round Steve Bartkowski only good 1 good rb Athens
  7. Matt Robinson great QB NY Jets & others falcons passed on 5 times 1977 North Springs
  8. Mike Moon pie Wilson great OL falcons passed on 3 times before 4th round 1977 none any good
  9. Willie McClendon falcons passed on twice 1979 draft great rb none falcons amounted to shit Brunswick
  10. Ray Donaldson falcons picked Nebraska player instead who never did shit 1980 draft great center Cowboys Super Bowl champ Rome
  11. Scott Woerner falcons picked him but falcons were awful 1981 losing 9 games
  12. Terry Hoage 1984 falcons whiffed on him too picking 4 zeroes who never did shit great db
  13. Guy McIntyre 1984 falcons selected 4 nobodies 3 times Super Bowl champs 5 times Pro Bowl great OG Thomasville
  14. Herschel Walker 1985 falcons refused to take him either taking 3 others instead only 1 of which ever accomplished anything 2-time Pro Bowl 8225 yards rushing NFL 512 Receptions 4859 yards 82 TD Wrightsville
  15. Kevin Butler 1985 falcons passed on made 265 of 361 NFL field goals Super Bowl champ Redan
  16. Rodney Hampton 2-time NFL Pro Bowl Super Bowl Champ 1990 falcons chose Steve Broussard instead who did jack shit
  17. Garrison Hearst Lincolnton 1993 draft Pro Bowl rb but falcons wanted Lincoln Kennedy instead who did not make falcon’s team but did go to Super Bowl later when falcons traded him falcons so suck I gave up my season’s tickets to falcon’s games tired of watching all this shit I know only oh too well.
  18. John Kasay Pro Bowl made 461 of 563 field goals 1970 NFL points in 1995 falcons chose Brett Favre but traded him for Tony Smith a rb who ran for 2 TD total while Brett Favre who was Super Bowl champ 11-time Pro Bowl who threw 10 thousand NFL passes for over 500 TD Pro Football Hall of Fame falcons suck
  19. Hines Ward 3rd round NFL Draft Super Bowl MVP Super Bowl champ 3-time Super Bowl appearances 4-time Pro Bowl 1000 NFL catches for 12 thousand yards 85 TD surefire NFL Hall of Fame falcons chose Jammi German and Bob Hallen before Hines Ward drafted. German caught 20 passes for 294 yards total and 3 TD in his lifetime out of Miami. Hallen never did dog shit out of Kent State so much better than Georgia Bulldogs obviously.
  20. 2000 Charlie Clemons Linebacker St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl
  21. Richard Seymour 3-time Super Bowl champ one-time Super Bowl loser All-Pro 5 times
  22. Guy McIntyre appeared 3 Super Bowls OL 5-time All- Pro
  23. Clarence Kay appeared 3 Super Bowls
  24. Patrick Pass appeared 3 Super Bowls 3-time Super Bowl champ Tucker Georgia
  25. Thomas Davis 1 Super Bowl appearance
  26. Mo Lewis Pro Bowl
  27. Todd Gurley II Pro Bowl 3 times Super Bowl appearance
  28. Sony Michel Super Bowl champ
  29. Nick Chubb
  30. A.J. Green
  31. Geno Atkins
  32. Matthew Stafford
  33. Justin Houston
  34. Jordan Jenkins
  35. Leonard Floyd
  36. Malcolm Mitchell Super Bowl champ
  37. Matt Stinchcomb Parkview
  38. Verron Haynes North Springs Super Bowl champ
  39. Randy McMichael TE 4539 yards receiving NFL
  40. Will Witherspoon 951 tackles NFL
  41. Jon Stinchcomb Parkview Pro Bowl Super Bowl champ
  42. Boss Bailey 305 tackles NFL
  43. Sean Jones 513 tackles NFL Safety
  44. Ben Watson 5885 NFL yards receiving Super Bowl champ
  45. Tim Jennings 2-time Pro Bowl Super Bowl champ led NFL interceptions
  46. Charles Johnson All-Pro de Super Bowl appearance
  47. Knowshon Moreno over 5000 NFL yards
  48. Matthew Stafford Pro Bowl 38526 NFL passing yards
  49. Reshad Jones 2-time Pro Bowl 759 NFL tackles
  50. Geno Atkins 7-time All-Pro DT 71 NFL sacks
  51. Justin Houston 4-time Pro Bowl NFL sacks leader 78 NFL sacks Statesboro
  52. A.J. Green 8907 receiving yards NFL 7-time Pro Bowl 63 TD
  53. Alec Ogletree 2nd team All-Pro 594 tackles NFL inside linebacker Newnan
  54. Ramik Wilson
  55. Roquan Smith Montezuma Rookie All-Pro
  56. So falcons despite Charley Trippi NFL Championship Game MVP and Fran Tarkenton 3-time Super Bowl loser Len Hauss 5-time Pro-Bowl and Jimmy Orr wr career receptions for 7,914 receiving yards and 66 touchdowns Super Bowl champ falcons have purposely and with riposte not chosen Georgia Bulldogs so as to NOT compare falcons to The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs. To have them separate. To NOT have the 2 tied together. And so falcons have inexplicably purposely not selected UGA Georgia Bulldogs for falcons’ rosters so as to alienate Georgia Bulldogs from falcons. And so all over this state of Georgia we watch all these Georgia Bulldogs do so well in the NFL but not on falcons’ teams but on every other team instead.  So all these others listed above here on this blog post by me were SKIPPED OVER by falcons in favor of players from places like Kent State from places like Nebraska who collectively have been far worse for falcons than these UGA Georgia Bulldogs they could have taken in the draft for their roster instead.  Dumbass falcons. Did you notice how many of these UGA Georgia Bulldogs are Super Bowl champ ?  Well did you Rankin Smith and Arthur Blank ?  Because the falcons NEVER have been.  And NEVER will be as long as you on purpose choose non-Bulldogs so that you do not make the comparison WORSE for falcons.

And so Falcons have alienated the entire state of Georgia. And sucked as a direct result thereof.




Don’t talk to me about the COBB COUNTY Braves 14 division titles 1991 to 2005 since owned by LIBERTY MEDIA who does not care about winning just profits with our one (1) lone win in World Series 1995 while Toronto won twice and while Yankees won 4 including 2000 under Joe Torre while whomever was the weakest link for the Braves Joe Cox who beat his wife would put out there at the WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT to LOSE. BUFFALO BILLS OF COBB COUNTY last 4 years now LOSING RECORD EVERY YEAR 79-83 then 67-95 then 68-93 now last year 72 wins 90 losses. So TODAY they run TV special about THAT ?



79-83 then

67-95 then

68-93 now last year

72 wins 90 losses.


So TODAY they run TV special about THAT ?


COBB COUNTY Braves 14 division titles 1991 to 2005 since owned by LIBERTY MEDIA who does not care about winning just profits with our one (1) lone win in World Series 1995 while Toronto won twice and while Yankees won 4 including 2000 under Joe Torre


This is what we have to talk about today ?


Thank you Kirby for giving us an alternative to discuss now.


Oh and good luck up there in Cobb County where you can not even get to the stadium and no MARTA at all.


Dumbasses at Liberty Media.


Cheaper in Cobb County ?


Cheaper for whom ?


God damn bullshit artists Liberty Media.








We have not done a GOD DAMN NOTHING since Liberty Media bought the Braves from Ted Turner 11 years ago who TURNED HIS BACK on Atlanta Sports’ fans with ALL HIS GOD DAMN MONEY.


Cellar-dwelling Braves whose active roster total payroll is just shy of $63 million owned by Greg Maffei Liberty Media’s $73.5 million CEO.


$73,750,882 and we have not sniffed a winning record even in now 5 years 2018.


Thanks a LOT Ted Turner.  I appreciate you selling out to these assholes after profit only while you moved out there to MONTANA.


So that TODAY Valentine’s Day we can talk about the MLB TV show last night about the team of the nineties.


Bunch of God Damn BULLSHIT.



I am not ignoring New England Patriots offense with Tom Brady against Atlanta Falcons defense what I am saying is that Tom Brady should NOT have been allowed to play in the Super Bowl.

We have a new owner Arthur Blank who is TRYING to win never mind that we’re thirsty that we have one win in 168 combined NFL MLB and NHL seasons here in Atlanta.


We have 7 million folks in this city of Atlanta more than Boston has.


What I want to know is what if Tom Brady is NOT all that better than Matt Ryan ?  Will you come back and cease with the where were you when the Falcons were no good and when the Braves were no good and when the Flames/Thrashers were no good ?


We were here.


I was here.


I have gone to these games.  We have good attendance to the games and I had seasons’ tickets to the Falcons games too for a long long long time.  I do not currently have seasons’ tickets to the Falcons.  How many of the 7 million here do ?


THAT is NOT the measure of the fan.


I would LOVE to see the Falcons beat New England Patriots and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.


You know why ?


Because the Patriots were not any better than the Falcons when their owner with a HISTORY of REPEATED CHEATING including Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady bought the team.


Arthur Blank bought us the MOST EXPENSIVE STADIUM any sport in the world EVER here in Atlanta.


This is a LOT better stadium here in Atlanta than this Super Bowl Houston stadium and better than the stadium Gillette Stadium is located in Foxborough Massachusetts.


Matt Ryan can be 4-4 in NFL Play-Offs.


QB Tom Brady owner Bob Kraft and coach Bill Belichick can lose to yet again another team whose QB is not significantly worse than Tom Brady as in his 4 Super Bowl wins.


We have a real chance to win and you know it.


6th time the Super Bowl has pitted the # 1 scoring offense against the # 1 scoring defense but the question is is Tom Brady significantly better than Matt Ryan ?




Atlanta fans are good fans.


We are the # 1 college football town in the nation and have been for a long time.


This is why we have the Super Bowl here have the Olympics here have the NC Game in College Football here have the NC game in NCAA Men’s Basketball Final 4 Big Dance here why we have the NBA All-Star Game here.  Because WE are BETTER fans than New England BOSTON.


Want to see US rally behind OUR TEAM ?


Watch and see.


Read it and weep.


Where were YOU when the New England Patriots owned by Bob Kraft coached by Bill Belichick and quarterbacked by Tom Brady were CHEATING ?


Trying to IGNORE that ?


Tom Brady should NOT have been allowed to PLAY in this Super Bowl indeed ever any NFL game.


Kick Pete Rose out of baseball and let Tom Brady play the Falcons in the Super Bowl in the very season in which he was FOUND GUILTY and ADMITTED IT and suspended just 4 games THIS SEASON for his patently systemic and systematic CHEATING.


1 win in 168 combined seasons of Falcons Braves Hawks and Flames/Thrashers.


We’re due.


And THEY were caught red-handed and do NOT therefore deserve to win.


They’re due to pay the piper.


We STOLE the Braves from you and left you with that cheesy little green stadium with green wall looking like a building outside and only 29 thousand inside.


Where were YOU when all this cheating was going-on ?


Living in the jungle up there in Boston with round intersections racial hatred frozen tundra nobody wants to live in CHEATING and blue laws against prancing across a dance floor on Sunday.