Jake Fromm Andrew Thomas named Freshman All-America 1st Team ESPN







JAKE FROMM NAMED SEC FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR. JAKE FROMM NAMED ONLY FRESHMAN QB ON ALL-SEC FRESHMAN TEAM Nick Chubb Roquan Smith Isaiah Wynn and Lorenzo Carter Deandre Baker named to Coaches’ All-SEC Team 2017 season. Andrew Thomas and Solomon Kindley and D’Andre Smith and Jake Fromm named to All-SEC All-Freshman Team 2017. KIRBY named SEC Coach of the Year.



2017 All-SEC Football Team Coaches’ 1st Team :

Nick Chubb RB

Isaiah Wynn OL

Roquan Smith LB


2nd Team Coaches’ 2017 All-SEC Football Awards :

Lorenzo Carter LB

Deandre Baker DB


 KIRBY named SEC Coach of the Year.




Jake Fromm ONLY QB named on SEC All-Freshman Team 2017 :






For a program who MADE ITS NAME on our OFFENSIVE STARS winning AWARDS we NEVER DID HAVE ONE DURING THE MARK RICHT ERA. Not 1. Frank Sinkwich. Herschel Walker. Garrison Hearst. Champ Bailey. Charley Trippi. All of them PLAYED OFFENSE here at Georgia and ALL won AWARDS. But the Mark Richt era brought us NONE OF THAT on OFFENSE. What will KIRBY bring us on OFFENSE for AWARD WINNERS ?

We’re steeped in tradition here at Georgia for our Bulldogs’ Offensive Players to WIN AWARDS.  It’s been a LONG TIME since we had one all the way back to Jim Donnan years when we last won an AWARD for one of our Offensive Players and even he was a 2-way player at WR and defense AND special teams.




It goes all the way back to Garrison Hearst for the last Georgia Bulldogs’ AWARD WINNER on OFFENSE for UGA.


What will the Kirby era produce for us for AWARDS for OFFENSE ?


Our offense here at Georgia has NOT KEPT-UP with college football trends innovations and AWARD WINNERS on OFFENSE.


What is Kirby going to do to produce OFFENSIVE stars who WIN AWARDS on OFFENSE ?


Mark Richt sure NEVER did.





Heisman Trophy Award

Archie Griffin Award (MVP)

AP Player of the Year Award

Maxwell Award (top player)

Sporting News Player of the Year Award

Walter Camp Award (top player)

Burlsworth Trophy (top player who began as walk-on Award)

POLY POY (Polynesian College Football Player of the Year Award)

Davey O’Brien Award (quarterback)

Johnny Unitas Award (senior/4th year quarterback)

Kellen Moore Award (quarterback)

Manning Award (quarterback)

Sammy Baugh Trophy Award  (passing quarterback)

Fred Biletnikoff Award (wide receiver)

Paul Warfield Trophy Award (wide receiver):

John Mackey Award (tight end)

Ozzie Newsome Award (tight end)

Dave Rimington Trophy Award (center)

Jim Parker Trophy Award (offensive lineman)

Doak Walker Award (running back)



Mark Richt could not bring us ANY of these Awards on Offense during his entire 15 years averaging 9-wins a season coming here as an Offensive Coordinator.


What will Kirby bring us for Awards for our players on Offense ?


Margaret Sullavan


( https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/3e/Margaret_Sullavan_in_The_Shopworn_Angel_trailer.JPG/300px-Margaret_Sullavan_in_The_Shopworn_Angel_trailer.JPG )


( https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BMTkxODcyMzU3OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzE5MDAwNzE@._V1_UX214_CR0,0,214,317_AL_.jpg )


This is The SEC Spokeswoman Wynn Everett who is from Atlanta but she went to Auburn.  She wins my Award this morning along with Margaret Sullavan whom we also did not get to come to Georgia.  But this year’s team is chalk full of possible Award Winners if the coach plays them.


What do you do with TALENT like this ?


Throw them out of the bed ?


Call them persona non grata – person not wanted because they are young ?


Or RECOGNIZE who the TOP STARS on your God Damn Football Team are and play them practice them with the # 1 unit BRAG on them when they do something right to the press and GROOM them for success.


I don’t give a SHIT if they are FRESHMEN.


Play them or look the fool.


Mark Richt redshirted Knowshon Moreno so we only got to see him 2 years.


We have YOUNG TALENT 2017.


We damn sure better be GROOMING them and PRACTICING them and PLAYING them Kirby.


Or you shall find yourself boy on my shit list.


And if he doesn’t and holds them back and does let them practice even with the # 1 unit SPRING PRACTICE and again all FALL CAMP and BERATES them in PUBLIC at every PRESS CONFERENCE then throws them out there to the wolves anyway and gives them the START we all know the youngsters MUST be getting this 2107 season as he did 2016 season then AGAIN we will have HELD OUR STARS on OFFENSE BACK and not prepared them nor the team for them and we can piss away another wasted season – another THROW-AWAY season 2017.


We just have too many holes on a 8-5 team who LOST to losing record Vandie and therefore did not even put-up a winning record in SEC action year one.


It was a tale of poor roster management and lack of confidence in Kirby’s freshmen last season.


And just when last season saw the last remnants of the last great recruiting class here at Georgia – The DREAM TEAM Mark Richt called them who were all gone prior to last season 21 seniors every single one of the 21 whom Mark Richt STARTED here and who collectively averaged 4-losses a season their 6-year tenure here since Kolton Houston joined those seniors who left prior to last season.


We were a team destined to be young.


Instead it was a THROW-AWAY season.


The youth did not gain confidence themselves in themselves.  How could they ?  Every time the coach was asked about them oh well he’s ONLY just a freshman.


Then started him anyway.


And his teammates too lost confidence in our freshmen.


In this day and age 2017 if you don’t get your TOP STARS on your team FRESHMEN or NOT out there – especially with less returning seniority than EVERY TEAM in America really, then we are doomed as a program with coaches who are


AFRAID to start freshmen.


Well no.


He played him.


He made him starter.


He just UNDERMINED every God Damn BEST he could and then threw him into the breach again anyway unprepared.


Here’s hoping the 18 ESPN Top 200 overall recruits of 2017 do not face the same.


8-5 is unacceptable as is losing to losing record Vandie and not even putting up a winning SEC Record.



It is PUT UP or SHUT-UP time for Kirby as far as I am concerned too.


I am sick and Dawg-Tired of averaging 4 losses a season for the last 8 years God Damn It.


I want to see our Offense grow-up and produce STARS again.  Stars who win AWARDS.




Not 2018.


And you better damn well shore-up the God Damn Special Teams too Kirby.


Are you listening to me ?


Soon you shall if you aren’t.


Trust me.


This is NO THROW-AWAY year 2017.




Like the last 8 years in a row now averaging now MORE than 4 losses a season for the latest 8 seasons now and counting.


God Damn pitiful bullshit results with all this friqin’ talent


WASTED God Damn It.





If I had talent like we have I would PLAY them Kirby.


Practice them in SPRING PRACTICE giving them reps with the # 1 unit announcing that what went on on Offense 2016 was UNACCEPTABLE.


I would play EVERY early enrollee on Offense some reps with the # 1 unit SPRING PRACTICE Kirby.