Here “senator” of NOTHING Bluto of Get the Picture : Go FUCK yourself asshole and your little butt fuck-buddy CB.

What a jacked-up offense we have of Kirby’s that the LIKES of YOU TWO, Bluto and CB, would defend in your inimitable fashion.



Merry Christmas CB you FOOL.

Merry Christmas “senator” of NOTHING Bluto with your 0.00 GPA.


I have NEVER forgiven Bluto for his defense of Mark Richt because Bluto is an INTERNET BULLY and always has been.  Mark Richt, whom he made excuses for and apologized for, held us back as a football program.  Frankly, he did the same with DJ Shockley at Athens online  –   this “senator” of NOTHING holding DJ Shockley back when I thought he was our best QB…




And CB he doesn’t even have a blog anymore.


And so now 20 years later we have this piece of shit “senator” who NEVER once stood up to be counted that Justin Fields should have been made STARTING QUARTERBACK.


Never mind “senator” refused to step up that Greyson Lambert should NOT be STARTER but Jacob Eason.


History has NOW PROVEN that indeed


DJ Shockley was better as our QB

Justin Fields was better as our QB

Jacob Eason was better as our QB


And that we HOLD BACK as a program our best QB and go with the one with more experience even though it is patently obvious it is the WRONG CHOICE.


THIS BLOG criticized Kirby Smart for his holding back of MANY PLAYERS on offense and has done pieces about EACH as they occurred.


And Kirby has held back our offense…


in a HUGE fashion.


And so we THINK BACK on the bullshit of “senator” Bluto that DJ Shockley was NOT better and that Jacob Eason was NOT and that Justin Fields was NOT.


Sure they were.


And we recall plainly and succinctly that “senator” and his boys of his blog he considers insiders PUT SHIT on those in a bullying fashion with whom they disagree on what is best for our football program.


THAT is just NOT right.


And so with a clanging of glasses I say unto you : Fuck you “senator” of FUCKING NOTHING, you God Damn Bluto with your 0.00 grade point average.


And your all wrong suppositions.


Son of a BITCH.  That is ALL you EVER have been are or ever will be.






You little Piece of shit.


Fuck YOU.


Go FUCK yourself Bluto.


You are and remain WRONG.


Kirby does NOT know offenses and CB the current offensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks is NOT what you make out of him EITHER you dumb fucking little shit.


Kirby’s offense STINKS to high fucking heaven.


Go FUCK yourselves.


Ha ha ha


I was and remain RIGHT as rain on this point.




Do you remember ANY of THIS Bluto ?


Bluto “don’t think losing his job this year. (Nov ’15) can’t deny was decision that couldn’t be justified.Again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job”




do you PUNK ?


You have attempted to shut me up for all of 2 decades…


and FAILED haven’t you you little butt fuck ?


Haven’t you ?




THAT is NOT an offensive strategy, this which Kirby calls his offensive strategy he has so many times explained it to us all.


It was NOT when you THOUGHT you were making FUN OF ME for stating that this offense has sucked, sucks, and will continue to suck.  Good Luck NOW with ALL OF US ALL SAYING THE SAME THAT I AM RIGHT ABOUT KIRBY’S OFFENSE to find traction that my point is FALSE.  No, it’s not.  Now is it ?


And it damn sure is NOT today either you MOTHER FUCKER.


And CB the problem was NOT Offensive Coordinator – Brian Schottenheimer   but MARK RICHT you dumb fuck.  When will you quit making EXCUSES for Mark Richt, CB ? Tell me that ?  Never because you have to DEFEND your bullshit statements in contraction to me back THEN too ?  You stupid little North end of a Southbound horse.


It did NOT hold water then and it still doesn’t.




And you WRONG CB.



I have criticized “senator” of NOTHING Bluto of Get the Picture EVERY TIME every post about him for 20 years.  THAT is what he doesn’t like.  That and I make him look like shit.


Don’t I ?


Forget he, this piece of shit Bluto, stood guard defending Mark Richt and now Kirby when they were taken to the cleaners by ME for their BULLSHIT ?


Hell no.


You hold us back as a program and still do.


Fix the shit that needs fixing.  No.  NOT you two.  You 2 insist on running to the Internet to make a FOOL of yourselves in public discussing a topic which you have NO CLUE about and do so to a guy who for 20 years has stuffed your bullshit back down your FUCKING throats.


Our offense for example 2019 season.


It’s NOT the offensive coordinator.  It’s Kirby you stupid ignoramus fuck.  You do NOT know what you are talking about.  But you go on the Internet and are an Internet Bully despite these proven KNOWN facts about you that you remain wrong stating.  You have been proven to be ALWAYS wrong.  You and “senator” of NOTHINGNESS Bluto.  Jesus Christ !  Can’t either of you two ever get ANYTHING right ?


No you can not.  Not either of you two.  Ever.


Joined at the fucking hip.


Butt fuck buddies.


Go FUCK yourselves.


We’re going to FIX this offense of Kirby’s.  Kirby SHALL NOT continue with it.  He must give it up for a real OC to actually be in charge of Kirby’s offense unlike his first 4 years of # 75 Passing Offense EVERY ONE of his first 4 years here so far to-date.


Do you really feel it is your lot in life to argue that that which is, isn’t ?  That to argue that from your points of view is to “SUPPORT” your program and that to try FIX THAT BULLSHIT is wrong of LITTLE OLE ME ?


Excuse me ?


With my 3.88 GPA at UGA Honored Honor’s Day at Foy Fine Arts Building for my valedictorian father and dear mom ?  I, who represented this great state on the Debate Team.  Honored as Top 5 percent of my graduating class.  You see ?  This too rancors you, doesn’t it ? Go ahead.  We ALL know.  That I can NOT say that Kirby is WRONG on his offense that HE ALONE is ONLY responsible for.  That being # 75 Passing Offense 4 years in a row now of Kirby Smart insisting on this bullshit can be criticized by the likes of me because wait for it now I have the timidity to put shit on YOU ?


Go fuck yourselves, –   both of you.




Have you 2 got ANYTHING ELSE to say about our FUCKED-UP OFFENSE you 2 want to further DEFEND ?


Well do you PUNKS ?



I hold up Sam Pittman.  That HE, Sam Pittman, and not I  –  said that you can NOT turn around down after down, and hand the ball off   –   telling our men to go sic em dawgs.



Is Mark Richt a better coach than Wally Butts ? Hell no.

Kirby also CALLED THE PLAYS on defense at Alabama for 8 years as their Defensive Coordinator, not Nick Saban – half of the time of which he was National Champion during which said time Mark Richt was here the same 8 years yet Mark Richt was not even ranked half of those last 8 years here in the Final AP Poll Top 25.  Kirby called the plays on defense for us as a player and was 1st team All-SEC Kirby.  Mark Richt was never anything but a God Damn BACK-UP.  Wally Butts also was a great player. Then he was championship high school coach everywhere he went then he came here and the legend grew as with Kirby. Not so much Mark Richt.


We FIRED Mark Richt because he could not win the big games and lost to a cupcake or 2 every year too.  Mark Richt’s last 8 years here he averaged 4 losses per season 32 losses his last 8 years.  Do NOT begin to tell me Mark Richt is or was a great football coach.


After our Athletic Director here fired Mark Richt Mark Richt was then run out of town on a rail by the athletic director at Miami of Florida back-to-back.


Mark Richt did not care about winning.  Vince Dooley wanted to keep Jim Donnan as coach.  Mike Adam$ insisted Vince Dooley replace Jim Donnan.  This is widespread knowledge.


Mark Richt was NOT groomed to be head coach by Bobby Bowden who himself was FIRED with CAUSE from Florida State.  He was NOT prepared to be a head coach by disgraced Bobby Bowden.


2002 The SEC was down.  A 5-loss Arkansas was Mark Richt’s opponent in The SEC Championship Game then Mark Richt played 5-loss Bobby Bowden in the bowl game 2002-2003 season.  I am sorry that is NOT great.  Mark Richt 2002 was zero for thirteen on 3rd down conversions against our # 1 Rival Florida 2002 and LOST to a Florida team he should NOT have lost to.  He did that a lot losing to Florida teams he should not have lost to.


2005 Mark Richt was ranked third of just SEC teams IN EVERY SINGLE solitary poll for the 2005-2006 season.  Mark Richt LOST to Florida Auburn and West Virginia.  That’s great ?  God damn fool.


2011 Mark Richt LOST 4 games.  He averaged 4 losses his entire last 8 years here. THIS is NOT ONLY NOT GREAT but what the dip shit did here.


And at Miami.


2012 Mark Richt LOST to South Carolina 7-35.  This too is what Mark Richt did embarrassing us in big games.  Not just the cupcakes he lost to every year and he did that too.  But losing the big games and getting blown-out.  2012 Mark Richt 3 times told little Aaron Murray to NOT SPIKE THE BALL so we would have 3 plays at the end toward the end zone instead of one.  Dumbass.


Despite all the talent we handed Mark Richt that he could NOT win the big games is well-documented.  His losses to CUPCAKES every year too –  sometimes more than one is inarguable as well.  Kirby has BETTER TALENT than Mark Richt.  I said that would happen too that great football players want to play on winning teams.  Mark Richt lost those games and therefore lost out on those players.  Look at Kirby’s top end talent.


145 wins in 15 seasons clearly is NOT averaging 10-win season.  Moreover these have been 15-game seasons for the top teams.  10-wins is shitty.  Kirby averages 12-wins the last several years.  I said this too  before I fired Mark Richt right here.  You tried to shut me up.   You failed at that didn’t you Joe Vitale ?

2015 Mark Richt did NOT win 10 games but was FIRED summarily by AD Greg McGarity with 9 wins.  He LOST 4 games 4 games on the average for his final 8 seasons here and was FIRED for it.  There were 28 teams ranked ahead of Mark Richt 2015.  With all that talent.  Blown-out by Alabama 10-38.  LOST to the vols who should have had 5 losses themselves.   And LOST to Florida 3-27 in yet ANOTHER BLOW-OUT of Biblical Proportions when Mark Richt inserted a back-up QB who had not thrown one pass all season and threw 4 interceptions never to be removed by Mark Richt.  The dumb shit.


Mark Richt is currently RUN OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL by BOTH his only athletic directors whom he reported to as head football coach a profession which he does NOT excel at and doesn’t give a shit about Joe Vitale.  Do NOT tell me how great he was.  Rank him ahead of multiple national championship Wally Butts who is in the College Football Hall of Fame.  Mark Richt NEVER will be.


Stick it up your dumbass asshole Joe Vitale.


G.O.A.T Georgia Bulldogs football coaches


You misrepresented that TOTALLY Joe Vitale like you always do.


6 National Championships UGA in Football Mark Richt none.  Ever anywhere.


63 of Mark Richt’s last 146 signed scholarship recruits either flunked-out were kicked-off failed to qualify never showed-up or quit 43% from 2010 to 2015 just were NOT HERE for Kirby.


What does Coach Kirby Paul Smart have to do to be better than his predecessor over his last 8 years – for which his predecessor was FIRED ?


Senator Bluto said at the time : “don’t think losing his job this year. (Nov ’15) can’t deny was decision that couldn’t be justified.Again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job.”


Yes this blog said that he would be fired and needed to be.  Every post I wrote after 2008 blowout by Alabama over us after 22 of our players celebrated being ranked # 1 preseason said FIRE MARK RICHT.  Didn’t it Joe Vitale ?


Don’t get me started Joe Vitale you dumb shit.



You are a LIAR Joe Vitale.





Wally Butts has 4 SEC Championships when The SEC was good and multiple National Championships including 1942 and 1946 National Championships.   Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall is dedicated to these major achievements by this man.


One is a  College Football Hall of Fame coach Wally Butts who won big games with national championships and the other Mark Richt never did a damn thing anywhere and you think he’s great.




Mark Richt LOST 18 of his last 24 games against the top 15. Also 2008 to 2015 Mark Richt lost to twelve (12) unranked teams time game or season.  You think you can tell us now that’s great Joe Vitale.  You want your son to play for that coach ?




So let me get this straight ok ? I am supposed to be “WRONG” and an “OUTSIDER” because I hold two 5-star linebackers Brenton Cox and Robert Beal Jr responsible for LIVING in room 420 bragging about it and running to the social media AFTER their arrest that we just don’t understand how much they NEED it and have to have it and how we ALL owe them that pot shit they do REGULARLY. Then WHY DID KIRBY PUNISH THEM AND HOLD THEM RESPONSIBLE AS I TOLD YOU HE HAD TO ?

Go ahead you GOD DAMN MORONS tell me that ?


Well PUNKS ?


Kirby thinks enough of what I said to prevent these players from competing in the scrimmage and sent them to the far reaches of Sanford Stadium for all to see them there.


THAT is YOU Senator of NOTHING Bluto whom I am calling OUT on this because it seems to ME that it is YOU who is on the OUTSIDE.


What you think GOD DAMN fool senator of NOTHING Bluto with your 0.00 grade point average.


Some well-intentioned — albeit, misguided — UGA fans have played the blame game on social media. Rather than hold players accountable, some suggested laws are outdated, police are at fault, and messengers are wrong for reporting the news.”




Only baseball has more attendance than Collegiate Football and they have 162 games plus another 38 games postseason 200-game year while we have at most a 15-game season. So what is the MOST POPULAR SPORT ? Why it’s collegiate football with 47 million 622 thousand 196 attendance and billions worldwide who follow the sport and I do mean follow college football – to my way of thinking the # 1 sport.

I am not biased on this.


So what that a few million more attend baseball than college football ?  They have 200-game season to our 15-game season so they do NOT have a bigger fan base just MORE GAMES.  Too many games to my way of thinking and really even with more than a dozen times more games than college football major league baseball MLB only barely has more attendance than college football.


NFL does NOT come close to college football in total attendance at LESS THAN HALF the attendance of college football.  And again while there are avid NFL fans there are NOT AS MANY as college football.


And we are far more rabid fans in college football obviously than Major League Baseball MLB or National Football League NFL both of whom are PROFESSIONAL SPORTS.  Note if you please that MOST comparisons of attendance detail ONLY professional sports.


They don’t LIKE being put-down by college football as a sport.


I was 10 thousand 500 miles away from Grant Field 5 December 1981 in Sydney New South Wales Australia yet the local newspaper in Sydney we had subscription to carried an article which stated that Herschel Walker scored 4 tries against rival Georgia Tech which is like 4 scores in Rugby the paper said.  36 rushes for 225 yards and 4 Touchdowns we call it in the 44-7 rivalry match-up blow-out by us in college football.  The article had a picture with caption of Herschel diving-over Georgia Tech’s players into the end zone.


American football has a HUGE FOLLOWING the world over and players in our colleges here come from every nation of the world nowadays.


Indeed college football is a huge sport.  Our fervor for the game as fans especially in the noted SEC Conference is unmatched even by the soccer-mad fans of Europe and South America.  Our fans are MORE INVOLVED and spend MORE TIME outside game time following our sport.


We invest MILLIONS of hours following collegiate football when there is NO GAME just us following our team.


Fans pick a team even if they did not attend any college so swept-up in the intensity of our hated rivalries.


Alabama – Auburn

Michigan – Ohio State

Georgia – Auburn

Texas – Oklahoma

Navy – Army

Clemson – South Carolina

Georgia – Florida

Georgia – Clemson

Georgia – Tennessee

Georgia – Georgia Tech

Michigan – Michigan State

Southern Cal USC – Notre Dame


There are colleges and universities in every suburb of every city on this planet and they ALL are intensely aware of the American Football College Rivalries.


What has baseball got like this ?  New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Socks ?  Is that at all like college football in Major League Baseball MLB ?  Is it really ?


Live American Football games are shown worldwide on ESPN for other nations to watch with their own commentators and their own commercials.


Does the world really give a shit about watching American Baseball ?  It is a boring game. Yes I lettered in baseball every year and was the starting catcher my junior and senior years but baseball pales by comparison with the love of the game college football fans the world over share with me.


Don’t tell me MLB has MORE ATTENDANCE than college football with their God Damn 200-game season to our 15-game season them barely more in attendance even then.


I know what the most popular sport is.


And when I see that College Football is the # 2 sport in attendance without describing # 1 an obvious idiotic article in the first place I know who it is they say with their 200-game schedule has MORE ATTENDANCE than College Football.


Bullshit in 15-game schedule we nearly catch MLB with their 200-game schedules every year by direct comparison.


College Football – the best and the most favored sport a LOT more than the NFL who does have half what college football has for fans and they too have MORE GAMES than college football too.


Part of the charm of college football is that there are so few games.  You can only suffer a mistake game or 2 and still be at the top of the sport.


NFL might lose nearly as many as they win in the year and still be Super Bowl Champions.  How God Damn screwed-up is that ?  MLB always loses well over 100 games and still is World Series Champion.  That’s not the same.  That’s not like College Football.


2011 for example the New York Giants NFL went 9-7 losing twice to the Washington Redskins by blow-out scores both times while the miserable God Damn Washington Redskins were 5-11.  These Washington Redskins losers were 3-11 except beating the Super Bowl Champs two times.  No other team the Redskins beat had a winning record but the Redskins beat the New York Giants twice who then won the Super Bowl.  NO WONDER more fans attend watch follow care about and are obsessed with college football than professional NFL football.


That is not the only example.  There are ALL KINDS of teams who win the Super Bowl of the NFL who LOST 7 games or lost 6 games or lost 6 games or lost 6 games or lost 5 games.  It’s disgraceful.


More than one-third of the 32 NFL football teams make the play-offs every year.  That is bullshit.  Total unadulterated bull shit.  More than 37 percent of all NFL teams make the playoffs.  That is so full of shit.  It’s like racing Daytona or Talladega – anyone can win.  It is not a contest of skill.  It’s not.  Skill is being the best and beating the best while NOT LOSING TO CUPCAKES.  That’s skill.  The NFL has not been about skill when for 3 decades now the NFL includes more than 37 percent of all teams in the playoffs.  They do that to increase fan interest in cities which have no God Damn hope or business in acting like they are # 1 but they might be if they get home field advantage and CHEAT to win a game like the NFL does.  College football we STRIP the cheaters such as USC Southern Cal in 2004 of their national championship # 1.  Is it perfect ?  No.  But we do a  LOT better job than Bluto Senator of Not a God  Damn thing gtp Get the Picture would have you believe cynical bullshit artist.  I like college football.  He can stick it up his God Damn dumbass asshole.  College football is RIGHT.


College Football does a fine job of making me happy following UGA.


The Pac-12 not so much since they have not won a national championship now after 1972.


Now I follow The University of Georgia Bulldogs UGA and we have the world’s greatest mascot UGA.  We played in the national championship game and scored 4 of the first 5 scores in the game trying to SIT on the LEAD and refusing to pass the ball.


Kirby has to fix that this year.  James Coley and Justin Fields can do JUST THAT.



# 2 total attendance last season 1246201 one and a quarter million fans watched UGA

We only had 6 home games.  Miami of Florida Hurricanes had 8 home games for example.







Starting at 1 p.m. Friday this afternoon at least 8 of the next 14 bowl games are SEC teams competing and it could be up to 10 SEC teams compete in the last 15 bowl games this 2017-2018 season. 57.14 % of the teams are SEC teams the next 14 bowl games. And it could be up to 66.7 percent of the teams in the last 15 bowl games are SEC teams.

Now that the weenie bowls are over we are down now to The SEC Bowl Games to end this 2017-2018 season.


I thought the meme was that The SEC is down ?


Isn’t THAT what YOU heard all year long on gtp Get The Picture Senator Bluto ?


That The SEC was down.


You know the guy who said that you could make a good case that Mark Richt should NOT have been fired.


The guy who said repeatedly that he did NOT think that Mark Richt was losing his job this year in November of 2015.


The guy who repeatedly since November of 2015 has told you that you cannot deny that the decision to fire Mark Richt was a decision that could not be justified.


The guy who said that again and again he was not saying that you can’t make a case that Mark Richt did NOT deserve to lose his job.


This is the meme we were told.


All year long by bluto senator of nothing get the picture.


By STARK CONTRAST THIS BLOG stated every day this 2017 that we would WIN THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 season.  I started making this point when we beat TCU to end last season that Kirby would win The SEC Championship 2017.




Repeatedly other blogs TOLD YOU that WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR.


Repeatedly I told you that that was utter bullshit.


All of it.




EVERY DAY of 2017 THIS BLOG stated SEC Championship Kirby 2017.


Didn’t I ?


Didn’t I ?


I told you so.  These have been my PREDICTIONS all along.  Mine in direct contradiction to the God Damn LIES told you by dumbass wrong as he could be bluto get the picture senator of nothing.


EVERY DAY of 2017 THIS BLOG stated SEC Championship Kirby 2017.


Didn’t I punk ?


Punked again bluto.




Only 2 teams have won more bowl games than Georgia Bulldogs with 30 bowl victories and 3 bowl ties to only 19 losses and those are Alabama 38 bowl wins and Southern California 34 bowl wins. Oklahoma has 29 bowl wins and only 20 bowl losses with 1 tie. Bowl games played Georgia can move up to # 2 if we can beat Oklahoma, and if we can’t then Oklahoma will tie us in bowl wins. Alabama has played in 66 bowl games. Georgia Bulldogs have played in 53 bowl games with this bowl game against Oklahoma and a win there would send us to our 54th bowl game. I take Georgia to WIN and face Alabama for the National Championship at Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Georgia where I choose US.

SEC down ?


Not hardly.


I thought that it was accepted that The Mighty SEC is DOWN ?


SEC 10 National Championships in Football Starting 2003

  1. 2015 Alabama
  2. 2012 Alabama
  3. 2011 Alabama
  4. 2010 Auburn
  5. 2009 Alabama
  6. 2008 Florida
  7. 2007 LSU
  8. 2006 Florida
  9. 2004 Auburn * 13-0 undefeated 2004 # 2 every single poll before USC stripped of its NC belongs to Auburn
  10. 2003 LSU


This would be 11 NC for SEC starting 2003 season.  That is NOT DOWN.  THIS is NOT DOWN.  There are 2 SEC teams for NC 2017 season called the 2018 National Championship Georgia # 3 and Alabama # 4.  Frankly there would have been 3 including Auburn if Auburn did not have to play us.  Down ?  No.  THIS is NOT DOWN.


*The FWAA stripped USC of its 2004 Grantland Rice Trophy and vacated the selection of its national champion for 2004. The BCS also vacated USC’s participation in the 2005 Orange Bowl and USC’s 2004 BCS National Championship, and the AFCA Coaches’ Poll Trophy was returned.


Alabama is looking for revenge.  You will NOTE that THIS BLOG called for us to play Oklahoma DURING THE GAME against Auburn yesterday and for Alabama to play Clemson in a grudge rematch of 35-31 last year.  On the last play of the game the OFFICIALS did NOT call a PICK PLAY as they did against Georgia Bulldogs in The SEC Championship Game REMOVING our touchdown catch from the scoreboard.  But Clemson LOSES without that call and the officials GAVE the NC to Clemson and STOLE IT from Alabama.  My proof ?  3 different polls after that play to end the game ranked Alabama national champions anyway.


You get that ?


Alabama won the national championship 2016 season last year.


There is NO QUESTION of it.


  1. Colley Matrix Poll ranks Alabama national champions last year 2016 season
  2. Congrove Computer Rankings Poll ranks Alabama # 1 for 2016 season too
  3. Dunkel System Poll ranks Alabama # 1 for 2016 as well.


Excuse me but those are the VERY POLLS Georgia Tech claims their national championships in.


Clemson LOST to 8-5 Pittsburgh last season at HOME for Clemson in Clemson.  Alabama’s lone loss was the 35-31 call on the last play of the game which was by all accounts an Alabama WIN counted as their only loss last season.


I want bad boy Baker Mayfield.  I want his ass.


Big XII and ACC ?  No hope this is an ALL SEC NC.


Nick Saban says he LOST to Auburn on the same field but not by as much.

Hey Nick you are NOT PLAYING Auburn.  That was us yesterday and soon it will be us you are playing.  See ya soon.  Go beat Clemson but watch us beat Oklahoma first in the Rose Bowl where Georgia Bulldogs are UNDFEATED in the Rose Bowl all-time including a shut-out.  Baker Mayfield is going to know he is playing The SEC.


Want a top pick in the NFL Draft ?


Take Roquan Smith not Baker Mayfield who is a FLAKE while you can build a defense around Roquan Smith.


Watch and see.


This is really a dozen national championships in football for The SEC starting 2003 and EVERYONE knows that especially Nick Saban who has half the dozen himself at Alabama and at LSU.  Get the picture Bluto maintains The SEC is DOWN – uh no Senator THIS IS OUR heyday.


Oh and MARK RICHT is not in the Top 10 of the AP Poll nor in the Top 10 of the Coaches’ Poll.  Got that senator Bluto ?


So while you were over there saying how The SEC is DOWN and how a good case can be made that Mark Richt should NOT have been FIRED, I promised that Mark Richt WOULD BE FIRED and had to be and I guaranteed on THIS BLOG too all calendar year 2017 that WE would WIN The SEC Championship 2017.


Guess what Bluto ?


That makes you 0-2 and me 2-0.


I said that EVERY DAY on THIS BLOG.  No one has ANY question of that.



senator BLUTO gtp : “I’m sure it’s tempting for many to declare that we’ve got ourselves a full-blown controversy – if not ready to change starters for good – but I’m not there yet.” I fully expected him to say that because he is – was – and remains a dumbass. TELL ME BLUTO what does it take to convince you ? Dumb Shit.

Some of us God gave the sense to look and see that which is as what it is.  Others are so screwed-up in their biases that they can not see that which is as that which they saw.


What you saw Bluto senator of nothing was that Jake Fromm whom I have extolled the virtues of on this blog for five (5) long years now since when Mark Richt REFUSED to even offer him a scholarship :


(1) hustled to the line of scrimmage

(2) behind a small under-achieving wrong choices on the OL just like Kirby chose wrong OL 2016

(3) quickly got the pass play off

(4) despite the pitiful awful sucky play calls by Jim Chaney same as 2016 again 2017 too

(5) Jim Chaney directed by Kirby to run every first down again 2017 as he did 2016

(6) with the same WR as 2016 out there having Jake Fromm passes bounce off his chest drop to ground in front of him Terry Godwin who has been tentative as a WR since he got here and done NOTHING despite all his talent too now 2017 same as 2016 on that point as well

(7) Luck is what you make in life.  Some have it.  Some don’t.  Mark Richt certainly did NOT and you loved the shit out of him BLUTO.

(8) Jacob Eason has a left knee.  He is NOT STARTING.  I had this injury and STILL had it over a year later.  The doctors told me a sprain is a tear.  “It is a micro-tear.”  He should have never been running that play.   The only reason he did was that he did not want to throw an incomplete to make his completion percentage better.  He’s down.  He’s gone.  By my way of thinking he is NOT COMING BACK against Notre Dame.

(9)  There is no reason for him to even try to come back the following 2 weeks of easy Jake Fromm wins.  The first game to even consider where he is is the vols’ game.

(10) Try to keep up BLUTO.

(11) There is no piss ant controversy BLUTO.

(12) Who gives a shit if it is a change for good or not – we ONLY have one quarterback as ALL THE REST OF US SAW with our OWN EYES.

(13) But I digress as we forget of course that YOU BRAG YOU DO NOT GO TO THE GAMES BLUTO.

(14) Jake Fromm has IT.  He is in a hurry to get us a win and he knows what he is doing to do so.  Is he going to make mistakes ?  Who gives a shit about THAT either BLUTO ?  He is the STARTER vs Notre Dame or did you want to DISCUSS SOMETHING ELSE dumb shit ?

(15) Your QB is JAKE FROMM.  Get over it.  Get the God Damn Picture dumbass from those of us who did go to the game.


This is the SAME BLUTO who offered-up : Bluto “don’t think losing his job this year. (Nov ’15) can’t deny was decision that couldn’t be justified.Again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job”


Let us know when you get THERE BLUTO, ok ?  Tell me boy would you say you NEVER got over Mark Richt being fired either ?


Sure you would.


You did.


About 5000 times until we ALL threw-up.


Jake Fromm is your God Damn Quarterback BLUTO – what a total dumbass you remain daily.


Jesus Christ BLUTO.






2010-2014 Mike Bobo was SO DAMN GREAT that he parlayed our success with him into head coach at Colorado State community college where he is 7-6 both seasons so far at a school with a losing record all-time while NO ONE WANTS to play for Mike Bobo taking THAT DEMOTION. But read Bluto this morning and you would get the CONCEPT Senator Bluto thinks that being # 27 won/lost record 2010-2014 with Mike Bobo at 54-26 was some great God Damn Time in UGA history averaging OVER 5 losses a year.

“From 2010-14, when Mike Bobo was Georgia’s offensive coordinator, the Bulldogs averaged no less than 32 points per game in a season. In 2014, Bobo’s offense averaged 41.3 points and 257.9 rushing yards per game, which helped him land the Colorado State head coaching job.”


What a God Damn Dumbass you are Senator Bluto.


Seriously boy.


26 losses in 5 years the last 5 years of Mike Bobo here and you laud that Senator Bluto ?


Well yeah you do.


“From 2010-14, when Mike Bobo was Georgia’s offensive coordinator, the Bulldogs averaged no less than 32 points per game in a season. In 2014, Bobo’s offense averaged 41.3 points and 257.9 rushing yards per game, which helped him land the Colorado State head coaching job.”


STFU you God Damn FOOL Senator Bluto.


Give it up.





“I know I’m a smart-ass fan blogger. I try to give the men who do it for a living the benefit of the doubt because they know more than I do.” bluto gtp get the picture senator of nothing today

No bluto you don’t like others who have the timidity to stand-up to your bullshit and disagree with you.  You don’t give ANYONE the benefit of the doubt and put shit on those whom you disagree with in a vane attempt to make yourself better therefore.


You never have given anyone the benefit of the doubt even when it has been proven later they right and you all wet boy.


You prefer to put shit on folks and hope no one remembers what the hell it was it you did say on the topic.


You contradict salient sagacious commentary on many topics because you have an agenda of putting others down while acting like you are some more intelligent person on ALL topics.


It’s on purpose on your part bluto.


You want to come across as the better person with the smarter agenda on the topic.  You really do.


You have never been right on any call you EVER made.


You have ALWAYS been on the wrong side of everything Georgia Bulldogs.


You remain so.


You said earlier this year that you were so unhappy that it was such drudgery to you now trying to act like you’re a fan of this program any longer.


You brought it all on yourself.


You have nobody to blame but yourself.


And oh by the way you’re hardly superior on the topic of football to anyone.


A God Damn neophyte.


You have no insight.


You have no experience.


You have a total inability to utilize technology.


You are the proverbial village idiot who opens his mouth to switch feet.


And act like you’re friqin’ God.


Here stuff this up your God Damn ASSHOLE bluto.


“I know I’m a smart-ass fan blogger.   I try to give the men who do it for a living the benefit of the doubt because they know more than I do.”


No you do not.




You know what really bothers you bluto ?  That you can not think of any smart ass freaking reply to your own God Damn self for your continuing saga of comments such as “don’t think losing his job this year. (Nov ’15) can’t deny was decision that couldn’t be justified.Again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job”



bluto quits being a Bulldogs’ fan : “I used to indulge in recording everything and going back to watch it all again in the offseason. Then in the aftermath of the 2015 season about a month after the bowl game I realized I had no interest in reliving any part of that dull grind. Out went it all.” state senator of NOTHING bluto of get the picture gtp says TODAY on his blog REFERENCING a URL LINK to Mark Richt being FIRED.

Trust me bluto we ALL know you have QUIT being a fan of the program that you ONLY JOINED 2001 after Mark Richt was HIRED HERE. I know. I was there on Online Athens when you JOINED bluto.




We get it bluto. You AREN’T a fan of this program any more. Point taken.


You’ve always been pretty-much a God Damn dumbass from the beginning.  Why should it change now that you WANT to SHUT-DOWN your Mark Richt Apologists’ blog  and haven for same ?





LOOK if you haven’t read these 2 great posts YOU MUST. You will be glad you DID. Forget all the bullshit about bluto WHINING STILL for he has NEVER followed recruiting and NEVER WILL. A coach CAN BE JUDGED AS GREAT JUST SIMPLY BECAUSE HE HAS GREAT PLAYERS. Trust ME on THIS. But to both these great MUST READ POSTS today if Kirby does NOT GATA and get them ON THE FIELD top recruits can’t WIN THE GAMES for you which is OUR ONLY GOAL.


( ) Kipp Adams writes this first post MUST READ which is the best article I have read on Bulldogs in my lifetime.  It is a great article with all the information you need in that one article.  It says IT ALL.



( )


AJ-C DawgNation Connor Riley writes this second MUST READ and he is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.


Don’t miss either article.


THIS is what is going-on on this day not that bluto senator of nothing is STILL WHINING about Mark Richt being friqin’ FIRED and that HE DOES NOT like recruiting and purposely IGNORES it fully and completely.  He only became known on the Internet AFTER Mark Richt was HIRED and NEVER let me have my say about HIS MISTAKES in 2001 on Athens Banner-Herald.  He’s a dumbass.  I proved he all wet on Mark Richt.  He KNOWS that.  YOU know that.


Forget bluto who cares what he does with his blog of Apologists ?  I sure as shit don’t.


What is important NOW given these 2 posts I highlight for YOU today is that Kirby PRACTICES these guys 2017 coming-in and gets them READY TO PLAY 2017 for us along with patching-up the 2016 recruits KIRBY SIGNED here WHOM he ALSO did NOT play.


It matters not how great the players if the coach does not practice them with the # 1 unit and gets them ready with NO UPPER CLASS players HERE – thank you Mark Richt.


There is no write-off season 2017 and I hate it that it was acceptable to you for 2016.


Say it was NOT.







“I will say that for those of you who claim to detect a rise in my level of cynicism about Georgia football you may have a point.” bluto . Am I seriously bluto not supposed to remember what you SAID and DID even unto the END and BEYOND even until now about Mark Richt this senator of NOTHING but bluto ? “It’s hard for me to accept that Smart escapes that history other than as the result of sheer blind luck” and ENDS-UP BEING A GOOD COACH.

“I will say that for those of you who claim to detect a rise in my level of cynicism about Georgia football you may have a point.”  bluto

“Greg McGarity’s track record as an evaluator of coaches when it comes to hiring and firing.” bluto

“In light of recent comments I’ve seen here questioning my support for Kirby Smart.”  bluto

“To suggest that I’m rooting for him to flop out of a sense of cynicism or bitterness arising from Mark Richt’s dismissal”

“I don’t have time to sit through a mediocre four-year run and then wait to see if the next guy is the one to pull the program’s proverbial nuts out of the fire.”

“I simply don’t see how the 2016 season is worthy of being exempt from criticism on just about every level.”

“There’s the process that led to Smart’s hire. Feel free to dismiss it in your enthusiasm – whether that’s due to Smart himself – the importation of the Process – Richt’s dismissal – or some combination of the three – but I’m not of the same mind.”

“It’s hard for me to accept that Smart escapes that history other than as the result of sheer blind luck” and ENDS-UP BEING A GOOD COACH.

Now we’re finally getting to the nitty-gritty of it bluto you have repeated yourself for YEARS that Mark Richt was NOT worthy of criticism – GET ON THE BUS – don’t CRITICIZE Mark Richt – he’s NOT GOING ANYWHERE – he will STILL BE HERE TODAY you said AFTER the Florida loss 2015.  Mark Richt does not deserve the criticism.  He’s fine.  Best coach ever for us.

MORE of the same CONSISTENT point from you senator of NOTHING bluto – please NOTE you did not like the process that Mark Richt was FIRED with and say so AGAIN year and a half later now today. Nor do you like the process of hiring Kirby Smart as the replacement after FIRING MARK RICHT.

So it does not surprise ANYONE that you would be CONSISTENT on this point and STILL WHINE about us NOT having Mark Richt.

THAT is ALL you have EVER DONE.


Stick this up your God Damn lying ASSHOLE bluto.


So you’ll have to forgive me if I seem a little more negative at times than you’d prefer. You’re not Kirby Smart but don’t take it personally on his account.”

I don’t bluto. I take it that you are CONSISTENT on your point that YOU want Mark Richt here that you :

“Don’t think Mark Richt is losing his job this year” you said November 2015 AFTER losing to Florida.

“Can’t deny that it was decision to fire Mark Richt that couldn’t be justified.”

“And again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job.”

We got it bluto.

Trust me.

We’re not confused in the least.

This is ALL consistent with your WHINING about Mark Richt being FIRED.

Hey bluto – I was RIGHT about Mark Richt being FIRED – wasn’t I Bluto all these years dumbass son of a freaking bitch LIAR.

Get OVER it bluto.  You were WRONG. I was RIGHT ALL ALONG.  You’re STILL WRONG.

( )

Am I not to remember what you SAID and DID even unto the END and BEYOND even until now about Mark Richt this senator of NOTHING but bluto ?

Tell me it’s not true.


You are so FULL of SHIT bluto you piece of shit LIAR bluto senator of NOTHING.


( )


You indeed proven WRONG about Mark Richt and still a year and half later can not bring yourself to say the truth that you were WRONG ALL ALONG.



Is it good for The SEC that Alabama is trying win National Championship Football for the 11th time in 14 seasons for The Mighty SEC with only 3 other teams winning starting 2003 ? Bluto asks us that question today on get the picture gtp. And then Kyle Funderburk of Dawn of the Dawg says with 10 top 100 players recruited by Kirby for 2017 who are the most exciting and leaves off *Richard LeCounte * D’Andre Swift *Jake Fromm *Robert Beal *Walter Grant *Toneil Carter Jr. William Poole Malik Herring. There certainly are no contenders against Alabama. Washington got beat at HOME by 2 TD to a 3-loss Southern California team. Clemson lost at HOME to a 4-loss Pitt. And Ohio State lost to a 3-loss team.

Jesus Christ fools. Both of you dumbasses.


Is it good for The SEC that Alabama is trying to win their 5th National Championship 2009 2011 2012 2015 LSU two 2003 and 2007 and Auburn with 2 undefeated 2010 and undefeated 2004 when Auburn was consensus # 2 before Southern California had to VACATE their “wins” over both UCLA and Oklahoma and Florida two 2008 and 2006 ? Ten (10) SEC National Championships in college football starting 2003 trying to win # 11 and blog post asks us is that good for The SEC ? 14 seasons trying to win # 11 is that good for The SEC ?


Jesus Christ Bluto. What a total dumb shit.


Duh it’s GOOD for The SEC.


Excuse me Kyle Funderburk of Dawn of the Dawg who are the most exciting of Kirby’s 2017 recruiting ? Excuse me Kyle ?


( )


We’re # 10 of 14 SEC teams 2016 season.



It had NOTHING to do with the half-time CBS Interview by Allie LaForce this day last year that the guy who averaged 9.7 wins a season in 15-game seasons for the top teams which he was NOT – was fired. Sure he screwed the pooch – again – on his QB at halftime saying they were not Faton Bauta’s fault and would stick with him through 4 interceptions this day last year. It was his UTTER FAILURES in the big games like this most especially his last entire 8 years losing 18 of his last 24 vs. top 15 which is # 45 nationally with # 7 talent which he WASTED. And oh yeah another 12 losses to unranked teams thrown-in for good measure his same last entire 8 years here which SEALED THAT FATE. Mark Richt was damn DESPERATE. Here is that CBS halftime interview by Allie LaForce.

( )


4858 is the 2 hour 36 minute 18 second mark of the game vs. our # 1 Rival whom Mark Richt lost to.  It was his 11th loss in 16 games at the site of the annual Gator Bowl where we venture yet again now this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. for the 1st time since.



It was in fact his rationale for starting a guy whom I had called to be moved to running back the year before who has not taken the very first snap at QB all season long.  A running back who knew the play calls.  A DESPERATE as Hell move by Mark Richt.  And yet Mark Richt took the week off before the Florida game while Florida practiced every single day.  Then the following week it was reported from EVERY SOURCE that Faton Bauta would start.  Mark Richt himself stated that Greyson Lambert did not give him the better chance to win the game.  The players – every player – said Faton Bauta would start. Then he took the week off during the off week.  Then he put in a guy who on EVERY play in his entire career here was asked to run the ball and NEVER had him run once.  There was not one single running play called for Faton Bauta which is ALL Mark Richt had EVER DONE with Faton Bauta.  Mark Richt did not give Faton Bautua a single snap all season prior at QB in ANY GAME.  None.  No snaps at QB all season.  Our # 1 Rival.


There was NOTHING Mark Richt could have said – one way or the other at halftime – that would have altered the fact that he had to be FIRED.


It was his dumbass decisions which cost him his job – not that he didn’t want to remove Faton Bauta at halftime down nothing to 20.


Mark Richt is a dumbass.  He did dumbass shit.  That is ALL he EVER did here.  Good riddance to the son of a bitch.  I know no Dad who would want his son to play for such a God Damn LOSER.


Mark Richt’s halftime interview by Allie LaForce CBS Sports October 31 2015 had NOTHING to do with sealing Mark Richt’s fate here.


It was in fact nothing but further proof of his decided dumbassness.


DESPERATE as Mark Richt was.


Mark Richt knew he was in trouble for his job.  YOU knew Mark Richt was in trouble for his job.


God Damn you.


You denied it.  You denied it AFTER the halftime interview.


9.7 wins a season for 15 years ?  There were 29 teams who were 10-win seasons in 2015 alone all FBS Division 1-A teams all 29 who won 10-win seasons.  Your goal was to be # 29 ?


Well was it punk ?


Mark Richt’s best win was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn all of 2015 season.  They responded well ?  Stick it up your God Damned Friqin’ ASSHOLE.


There were 4 teams who were 10-win seasons 2015 who were NOT RANKED UNRANKED in the Final AP Poll.  Mark Richt AGAIN was one of those UNRANKED Final AP Poll teams 2015-2016 season.  He had four (4) such UNRANKED Final AP Poll his last God Damn 8 freaking years.  This just MORE OF THE SAME.


So today all day long GTP – get the picture Bluto senator of NOTHING made-up all kinds of God Damn BULLSHIT about how Mark Richt’s interview at halftime cost him his job.


It was OVER long before that on THIS BLOG.  Only YOUR BLOG did not want to HEAR THAT.


Said it was NOT TRUE.


Said he would STILL BE HERE.


Said he wasn’t going ANYWHERE.


AFTER Florida you said he would not be fired.


AFTER he WAS you and your entire friqin’ BULLSHIT BLOG of bullshittedness of the highest order said that Mark Richt did NOT deserve to be fired.  That a GOOD CASE can be made that HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FIRED.


You bluto said that it COULD NOT BE JUSTIFIED that Mark Richt was fired.


Piece of shit LIAR bluto.



( )



Mark Richt was damn DESPERATE.



Shaquery Wilson’s redshirt was burned by Mark Richt to play him only 1 play vs 3-9 South Carolina and 1 play vs 6-5 Southern University. 2 special teams’ plays all year registering no tackle and no catch. Shaquery Wilson is ESPN’s 4-Star ranked recruit. # 11 best wide receiver in state of Florida from Coral Gables whom Florida also wanted and Rivals # 22 best athlete in the nation. Mike Bobo and trepidation without Mike Bobo senator Bluto ? Good Lord all he did was LOSE here to the top teams 8 years as our “offensive coordinator” for an offense whose plays Mark Richt designed. Mark Richt also called ALL the plays too, NOT Mike Bobo. You know this Bluto.

As you study these Mark Richt recruits, daily, all you find is MORE and MORE wasted talent.


Kirby says the 6′ 2″ 198 lbs sophomore Shaquery Wilson can run the football effectively.  He played some defensive back and running back at Coral Gables.  There are going to be more moved around rather than placated with 1 snap each against 2 worthless opponents especially amongst the ATHLETES and this is an athlete Shaquery Wilson.


When you take a laissez-faire policy attitude towards the 85-man scholarship limit you have a coach who is not one who failed to get involved on offense but 1 who clearly is disinterested in winning.  In fact he said repeatedly that there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.  Kirby has stated the OPPOSITE.  I have been predicting to YOU that Kirby would be MOVING PLAYERS AROUND especially at running back while you have been wasting your time trying to tell me that Mark Richt was a nice guy.


No he was for 8 long years culminating in his FIRING at the hands of Jere Morehead more than 4 months ago now today a poor coach with a POOR STAFF.


A poor staff which ALSO was poorly run by Mark Richt.


Mike Bobo was not the 1 who called the plays at Georgia but Mark Richt.  And the plays were not designed by Mike Bobo but Mark Richt Bluto.


There were no crayons Mike Bobo EVER had here.


Mark Richt has been for 8 years an uninvolved detached dispassionate without feeling or interest stubbornly uninfluenced with winning any longer pussy who had instead a complete different goal which was in conflict of interest here whose minions were and are nothing but pussies.


DISENFRANCHISED – those of us interested in winning harp instead on decisions which lead to wins, not other goals directly in conflict therewith.


He will be NO DIFFERENT at Miami.


If you still more than 4 months later are still viewing Kirby’s direction instead focused on winning as Bluto today with trepidation you missed the point and still do which is a reflection only upon your intelligence.


Or lack thereof.


How the hell can you view Kirby’s vision with trepidation given the bullshit these last 8 entire years ?


Answer : You can NOT.


Only you want to save face for 8 years of persecution on the Internet and seek ye therefore every opportunity to try to put anything down not Mark Richt.


All you have EVER been is an Internet BULLY senator Bluto.


Well, you are ALWAYS wrong Bluto – too, Bluto.


Always and ever.


Good God.


He wasted talent for 8 years.  He was not CEO : he was dispassionately disfriqinginterested.


Get it straight : Get the God Damn freaking picture for once Bluto.


Trepidation senator bluto gtp get the picture Blutarsky ?


( )


We are NOT looking back on Mike Bobo fondly dumbass, Bluto.


Having a smart guy in charge is ONLY viewed with trepidation by a complete focking moron.


Mike Bobo lost 18 of 24 games vs top 15 teams his 8 years as our offensive coordinator # 45 nationally and since going to Colorado State has recruited the # 63 recruiting class 1 game over .500 at 7-6 losing for example to Boise State 10-41 a 4-loss unranked Boise State just as Mike Bobo did here.


( )


If Mike Bobo is so freaking great Bluto why does this continue to happen to him ?  In fact at Colorado State Mike Bobo is NEITHER WINNING nor RECRUITING and his play calls such as they ever were are NOT translating out there to any better than he did here at WINNING FOOTBALL games.


Mike Bobo’s 8 years as our “offensive coordinator” are marked by ONLY his horrid record vs the top 15 amid his failure to show-up in said games.





“I liked Coach Richt and Coach Schottenheimer a lot, but it’s just different now. They just have a whole new attitude and mind-set, and want to get this thing going.” Trevor Lawrence Trevor Lawrence has 4.86 speed in the 40-yard dash for a 6′ 6″ tall QB. Did you get that ? That is VERY QUICK for a QB and especially one that tall. That dog will hunt. This is the # 1 prospect in the nation probably 2018 Jake Eason’s junior and final year he wants to play in G-Day Game 2018 start early – conflict there. Past tense “I liked Coach Richt but it’s just different now…they want to get this thing going” “Greyson Lambert will be gone after this year and they will just have Jacob Eason and Brice Ramsey,” Lawrence said. “If Brice Ramsey doesn’t start, then he will probably either punt or go somewhere else so they will only have Jacob Eason.”

“I liked Coach Richt and Coach Schottenheimer a lot, but it’s just different now.  They just have a whole new attitude and mind-set, and want to get this thing going.”  Trevor Lawrence


( )


Past tense as in he is NOT interested in Miami of Florida – my point always about Kirby’s predecessor that he would NOT RECRUIT AS WELL somewhere else I said for 15 years here and that we could recruit better here without him.




The Lady Sportswriter reluctantly agreeing with me to MOVE FORWARD ? Dragging her feet yes she is appearing to want to struggle with MOVING FORWARD. I mean what’s she going to do go to Miami and root for him there?


Like most of the other recruits at Georgia Saturday, quarterback Trevor Lawrence took the tour of the campus, he got a feel for Athens (Ga.), and he saw what all the other visitors saw.


But, this five-star wanted to see what the new coaching staff was like.






The 6-foot-6, 186 pound signal caller out of Cartersville (Ga.) was impressed.


“They (Georgia coaches) are all awesome. They all have my type of personality,” said Trevor Lawrence.


When Lawrence got some one-on-one time with a couple of UGA coaches, he liked what he heard.


“Coach [Jim] Chaney (Offensive coordinator) and I talked a lot. It was just a bunch of small talk. He talked to me about the staff, their plans, and things like that.


“Coach [Kirby] Smart (Head coach) told me that they really want me there. He told me he couldn’t promise me anything, but that he wanted me. He does not know what is going to happen with Jacob Eason, so he couldn’t promise me anything there. Nobody really knows what is going to happen.”


Overall, the visit to Georgia was “awesome” for the sophomore who will challenge for the top spot in the country.


When asked about leaders, Lawrence said, “Georgia is up there. I would say Georgia and Tennessee are tied at the top.”


( )


The very next day Jimbo Fisher offered him FINALLY !


( )


Trevor Lawrence has 4.86 speed in the 40-yard dash for a 6′ 6″ tall QB.  Did you get that ?  That is VERY QUICK for a QB and especially one that tall.  That dog will hunt.


Trevor Lawrence has twice been named the top underclassman for 2018.  Jake Eason would be going OUT to the NFL Draft that year 2018 as I see it.  2018 season is Jake Eason’s last here as I see it because he would be NFL Draft Eligible after the 2018 season.  So Trevor could come-in watch him get some significant snaps offer a change-up with his speed and take over 2019.


Trevor Lawrence might be the # 1 Recruit 2018 nationally all positions in case you do not follow recruiting like it’s unimportant or you think these guys lie or you are disinterested because you NEVER have played the damn game.


And, make stupid statements about recruiting daily like senator bluto of get the picture gtp.


Of course he makes other stupid statements daily too doesn’t he?


Bluto “don’t think losing his job this year. (Nov ’15) can’t deny was decision that couldn’t be justified.Again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job”


Trevor Lawrence has thrown 69 TD passes to 11 interceptions in 2 years so far.


The vols thought they had him wrapped-up before Kirby got here.


“He’s already been invited to the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, the one to be played in January 2018 after his senior season.”


How Trevor Lawrence, nation's No. 1 sophomore football recruit, survives the hype


( )

His only timetable is to be in position to enroll in college early so he can take part in spring practice.

“I think it’s important for a QB to get in and learn the offense and it will give me a better sense of starting early. That’s a goal for me is to start my first year,” Lawrence said.


Starting early, that might be issue would be Jake Eason’s junior and last season.


2018 G-Day Game.


Past tense “I liked Coach Richt but it’s just different now…want to get this thing going”






Kirby employer employee Do…your…job :




( )




( )


Bulldawg Illustrated formerly Leather Helmet Dawg – in my humble opinion our top blog.  They call it right !  Endorsement.


Greyson Lambert will be gone after this year and they will just have Jacob Eason and Brice Ramsey,” Lawrence said. “If Brice Ramsey doesn’t start, then he will probably either punt or go somewhere else so they will only have Jacob Eason.”


( )




5 more days of college football for the last of The Dream Team ! The Great Exodus of 22 players all who STARTED for us. Thank you guys ! Also, the 11 whom I think come back and do not declare for the NFL Draft after the Penn State Bowl Game. GOODBYE TO THE DREAM TEAM !

You can click on these guys’ names below to see what they’ve done :


Starting Right Offensive Tackle : John Theus Started all 13 games this season, has great future ahead of him in the NFL, will be invited to combines.  Invited to Senior Bowl and accepted to Senior Bowl in 33 days’ time. Working out at Ryan Goldin at GATA Training in Duluth after the Penn State Bowl Game !

Starting Inside Linebacker : Jordan Jenkins, Started 10 of the 13 games including all the last 4, will be invited to combines. Invited to senior bowl and accepted to Senior Bowl in 33 days’ time.  Has Great NFL career ahead of him !

Starting Fullback : Quayvon Hicks, Started 3 games this season, jerked around his whole career here and never properly utilized because of some penchant for playing walk-ons in this we’ve got something besides winning that’s important here B.S.  Started 6 of his 13 games in 2014, Started 6 of his 13 games in 2013.

Starting Inside Linebacker : Jake Ganus, Started all 13 games this season, declared by entire staff as the Most Valuable Player of this football team this season and I might add without ANY doubts, not yet invited to combines or Senior Bowl, holding out hope, got Married, great guy !

Starting Wide Receiver : Malcolm Mitchell, Started all 13 games this season, has tremendous numbers, one of everyone’s Most Favorite Bulldogs of All-Time !  Great all-around guy too !  Outspoken in a good way.  Fun to watch by God !  When he gets the ball he turns upfield and gives it his all !  Great blocker and prides himself on his blocking like Hines Ward.  Has a swagger about his stance where he leans his head and takes off.  Hard to describe but it is Signature.  Like a dogged determination to be great.  Suffered from NOT having a damn QB both his Junior and Senior Seasons !  # 103 passing game and this man is IT.  Has IT.  Is IT. Great future in the NFL awaits.  Can do anything he wants to do.  Invited to Senior Bowl in 33 days’ time and accepted to Senior Bowl.  Will be invited to Combines.

Starting Place Kicker : Marshall Morgan, played in all 13 games, great personal tragedy

Starting Tight End : Jay Rome, Started this season, never had ball thrown to him.  No concept about all that.  Has 40 catches for 400 yards. Biggest question mark about this team is how Mike Bobo refused to throw to the Tight Ends last season and then this year the new guy – well, we all know Mark Richt called all the plays for 15 years.  Maybe we throw some to him in the bowl game.  Starter Several Games 2014 too, and Started in 2012 as well. This is the type of guy who surprise you.  Seen it a lot.  He goes out and proves himself and someone gives him a shot.  He has nothing but pride for his accomplishments here, despite all the B.S. to not throw the damn ball to him.

Starting Wide Receiver : Justin Scott-Wesley, an exciting Starter for us Started a bunch of games in his career here.  Thank you Justin !

Starting Tailback : Keith Marshall, dear God what is it that Keith Marshall is the guy who no one made any effort toward getting him the ball in space ? I pegged him for the NFL on day 1.  So many big injuries vs vols.  He has been ready to play this season.  We didn’t give him the ball.  He quits after this bowl game.  He has a game left and he quits afterwards, but he could come back.  He is declaring for the NFL Draft. Maybe they will see in him what I do.  2 of his last 3 games here, this God Damn Coaching Staff did not give him a single freaking carry.  I’d quit too damn it.  Love you Keith Marshall sir !  Keith Marshall was a Starter here for us at Tailback in 2013.  He was a Starter here for us at Tailback in 2012 too.  Has a Medical Redshirt Year 2016 for us if he only wants it !  Please want it sir !  Really hoping he is invited to Combines.

Starting Center : Hunter Long,  Started Several games for us this season.

Starting Offensive Left Guard : Kolton Houston, Started all 13 games for us this season. NFL beckons. Working out at Ryan Goldin at GATA Training in Duluth after the Penn State Bowl Game !  Under-sized but frame can handle more weight.  Invited to Combines ?

Starting Defensive End : Josh Dawson, Started 4 games in 2014 and Started in 2013 too, played in all 13 games this season.  Thanks Josh !

Starting Defensive End : Sterling Bailey, Starter 11 of the 13 games this season. Also was a Starter last season in 2014 and he Started 9 of 12 games in 2013.   Great guy !  Best of luck in the NFL sir !  Invited to Combines ?

Starting Defensive Tackle : James DeLoach, Starter 3 games this season !  Way to go sir !

Starting Nose Tackle : Chris Mayes, Starter 12 of the 12 games he played this season.  Started 8 of his 11 games in 2013 too !  Best of luck in the NFL sir !  All the best ! Invited to Combines ?

Starting Cornerback : Devin Bowman, played in the 1st 5 games this season after being Starter in 8 of his 12 games last season !  Also was a Starter in 2012.

Starting Linebacker SLM : Junior Leonard Floyd, not a sack machine.  Does have a motor when he comes to play.  Harasses the QB, not sack him.  When he gets his ass in gear can take over a game by himself.  Tremendous upside with the right coaching.  Starter every game after he faltered on grades getting-in.  Will be invited to Combines after he declares.

Starter as Kicker : Patrick Beless, got to play vs Southern University Baton Rouge, also was our only Starting Kicker the 1st two games of 2013 when Marshall Morgan was suspended those 2 games.  Made all his field goals and extra points !  Thanks Patrick !

Starting Wide Receiver 2015 season Kenneth Towns !  He personally won 2 games for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor.  Imagine how those 2 games go without Kenneth Towns and his season.  My God, his season !  Thank you Thank you Thank You !  Kenneth Towns Started for us 2015 !  A real success story in my book !

Starting Punter : Collin Barber, was our Punter the 1st 10 games then we made our Starting QB the only Starting QB on the roster, the Punter and watched him throw a pass off his back foot no follow through on a botched-fake punt.  Just junk.  Collin, thanks for your efforts. Sorry your career ended like that sir !

Starting Long Snapper : Nathan Theus.  Great job in the classroom too Nathan !  Yes, I noticed.  Has been Invited and Accepted to play in the NFL Players’ Association Collegiate Bowl.  See below for more information on this All-Star Game sponsored by the NFL Players’ Association to showcase collegiate seniors to the NFL.

Starting Outside Linebacker Junior Tim Kimbrough Started last 7 games of the season 2015 for us with strong NFL future, then before the exams lost his Starting Job last game regular season and came in off the bench hiding it from us that what ?  Then, the day after the Final Exams, he was not allowed to practice and the interim coach could no longer lie about it and said he was suspended.  Duh.  Not at practice.  He might have to declare for the NFL Draft maybe even Supplemental NFL Draft.  Really bad situation going on here, and his parents really need to GATA.  Come on Tim !  We’re all rooting for you.  Is this grades ?  If so, he can try to get them up by Fall.  Come on Tim !  You can do it !  Will not be invited to Combines unless he comes back next year, makes the team, and then will be.


The NFL Combines Players Official Invite List will be made public in February 2016.




69 % Win Percentage for these guys.




For # 11 All-Time in Wins.


Damn disgraceful the coaching staff wasted this much talent to be 69 % Win Percentage in their careers here.


In fact, after 2007, it’s BEEN THE DAMN SAME AROUND HERE !


4 Losses per season average for 8 years now.

Not exactly hail to the conquering heroes.  But, it’s not their fault.

Long Live the New King !




110 roster spots on the Senior Bowl 2016, these guys are still possibles :



  • Jake Ganus


    ILB 6-2 227 SEC

  • Quayvon Hicks


    FB 6-2 251 SEC

  • Keith Marshall


    RB 5-11 212 SEC

  • Marshall Morgan


    PK 6-3 194 SEC

  • Jay Rome


    TE 6-6 250 SEC


There have been no Accepted Invitations from The University of Georgia to the East-West Shrine Game January 23, 2016 in Tampa at 4 p.m.


Both the Senior Bowl and the East-West Shrine Game for players who have exhausted their college eligibility will be broadcast again this season on the NFL Network.


NFL Players’ Association Collegiate Bowl is the 3rd Draft Eligible All-Star game for seniors and Chris Conley played in this one.  The NFL Players’ Association sponsors the event 26 days’ time from now. It is on an NBC Channel January 23 at 3 pm.


Mike Holmgren is one of the coaches this 2016 All-Star game.  Carnell “Cadillac” Williams is on his coaching staff.



Nathan Theus is the only Bulldog so far to commit.



I do not expect these guys below to declare for the NFL Draft, but they may, if they choose to do so :

I see these guys coming back : (Always some who surprise and announce they are declaring for the NFL Draft – sometimes because of grades.)


Starting LB Chuks Amaechi Starter at Outside Linebacker for us this season

Starting LB Reggie Carter  Several Starts Inside Linebacker for us this season.  Also made a Start in 2013.

Starting WR PR KOR Reggie Davis unfortunate drops but great season able to put it behind him, Starting Wide Receiver half the games this season !  The 1st six games.  Then, played all the other games.  Punt Returner Kick-Off Returner.

Starting Tailback 2015 Brendan Douglas Great Running Back.  Natural position is Fullback.  He might make an NFL roster, seriously ! Sleeper pick-up by a smart team. Starting Running Back 2015 for The Georgia Bulldogs !  He has not been used like he should’ve been, but then again that is mostly true about all our players.  Isn’t it ?  Just waste talent.  It’s a crying God Damn Shame how we’ve wasted talent for 15 seasons now.  Should have played Fullback, where he plays more if he had.

Shattle Fenteng – Shoulder surgery after playing in the first game this season for us.

Trent Frix played in 11 games including last 10 in a row as Long Snapper !

Starting Right Guard Brandon Kublanow – Started every game last year and this year at Right Guard.  Yet again another undersized OL but has the frame to work with that can handle more weight.

Greyson Lambert piss off guy !  Starting “Game Manager” for he sure isn’t any damn QB.  Note the new guy at titular offensive coordinator when Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor called all the plays for 15 years Brian Schottenheimer said before Greyson Lambert was named the Starting QB said that he would NEVER make a game manager his starter.  He did not.  We all know who named this guy as QB.  Hit the road Jack !  Please ?  Oh God, get this guy out of here.  Little shit.   All this talent around you and you are # 103 Passing.  Inexcusable.  You also FUMBLE the damn ball boy.  And, you are AFRAID to throw the football down the field so that you do not lose your job.  Excuse me, you have been yanked in and out of the games so much we all know you suck.  Tell the damn coaches to play the guy who can throw the ball down the field, for God’s sake boy !  Can you take ANOTHER TRANSFER ?  Did you get your master’s degree and can do that ?  Please tell me yes ?  You and Hutson Mason cost your prayer circle buddy boss his job.  I presume you know that ?  Both of you ?  God Awful Passing Attack and you can not run – like Hutson Mason could not either.  Did I say Piss Off ?  Declarer for the NFL Draft. Do something.  Just go.

Ryne Rankin played in all 13 games this season at Inside Linebacker.

Starting Strong Safety Quincy Mauger Starter 12 of 13 games at Strong Safety this season after Starting 7 games last year for us too !

Starting Right Guard Greg Pyke Starter 1st Nine Games this season at Right Guard.  Playing some in last game of the regular season.  Greg Pyke is not undersized


The cupboard is not bare.  Not with all the talent in this state.


Now, I expect fully for you all 33 to get your degree.  It will be worth about $5 million to you in your lives !


Part of my strategy in naming The Great Exodus was to combat the B.S. by the Apologists that this was a young team this season.  It was anything BUT !  It was in fact the LAST of THE DREAM TEAM.


I hope that you heard me ?


Thanks to all for what you did.  I wish it was more for you here.  I am sorry it was not.  It was not my fault that you were so poorly freaking coached.  There is still much in your futures, and the new Coach Kirby Smart welcomes back all of you to find out what you can accomplish as a team.  For the others of you now leaving after the Penn State Bowl Game, thanks to you too – The Dream Team The Great Exodus !


That was such a stupid name to name you The Dream Team.  It is always the end of the career for such a “coach” to label and put so much pressure on guys who never were given proper coaching.


I would take the blame for that, were I a fan – but, it is NOT my fault.  I did all I could do to get you proper coaching in here, and finally now have.


I know it does not feel like we have a Coach yet, but we do.  Maybe he will join you and us December 31 in just 3 days’ time now !


God I hope so. Even just to be here watching and talking about being a part of all this ending to The Dream Team and witnessing The Great Exodus.


He might win, and then you will see him finally on January 12, 2016.  It will not mean anything either way that he does finally decide to show-up for this great job and all you great football players for ALL THESE YEARS January 12 or December 31 because his bowl game over there is for our hated Rival.


Free Publicity ?


It was 4 weeks’ ago yesterday that your “coach” was fired and he was ANNOUNCED by ESPN 36 hours from then.


It will have been 6 friqin’ weeks and 3 days with no coach.  Well, we have a coach.  Well, I guess we don’t.  I guess he doesn’t give a shit to be here and be part of this.


I’ll be here.


Stay out of Trouble guys !


You have much on the line.


Do it the right way – which is to WIN !


What’s Important Now !


Even if the Coach can NOT see it.


That he should be :


What’s Important Now !


If you can find a better list of the Georgia Bulldogs for 2015 and their futures you are a better man than I.  I could not find it.  So like all my blogs I wrote it myself for myself to track them.


I do hope that you enjoy this list.


We all are Georgia Bulldogs Mr. Blue of sir


If you can put your bullshit behind you of the Apologists and get on with being God Damn Bulldogs, Mr. Blue ?


If you are waiting for me to KISS YOUR ASS, you can stick it up your ass Mr. Blue !


There was NOT a better job of research and presentation of why the God Damn Son of a Bitch had to be freaking fired for his friqin’ 4 losses a season for the latest 8 years either with his 36-31 record vs bowl teams and his 37-1 vs non-bowl teams 73-32 his last entire 8 years here of bullshit meaningless bowl games.


So you hold it against me that I WAS RIGHT and you were wrong Mr. Blue you small little piece of shit and you and BLUTO both.


Friq you BOTH !


Itty-bitty teenie-weenie pussies !


Who WON Mr. Blue and BLUTO ?


Who WON you wusses ?


Go ahead you can say it.


We ALL know.


Get the Picture ?


I say again there is not a better job of research of 2015-2016 Georgia Bulldogs and what their future is than this.