DEANDRE LAMAR BAKER I recommend that you do not show-up to NFL Combines either. Just rest on what you have done. Nothing good can happen for you there either.

You little piece of shit DEANDRE LAMAR BAKER.


You knew full-well that Texas can not run the ball and that all they would be trying to do is pass the ball.


Supposedly you are some great God Damn Pass Defender.


Bullshit boy.




I don’t want you associated with collegiate football and certainly not with my alma mater you God Damn little shit.


Oh I might get hurt.


Texas might attack me and make my stats bad.




Stick THIS up your God Damn dumb shit asshole DEANDRE LAMAR BAKER.




I hope one day when you grow-up DEANDRE LAMAR BAKER and go back to Miami that you will reflect on how you turned your back on your football team.


Don’t bother telling anyone you played football for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs DEANDRE LAMAR BAKER.


David Pollack said don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass on the way out DEANDRE LAMAR BAKER.


I hope you get friqin’ injured in the NFL Combines.


You’ll get your ass kicked in the NFL by real Georgia Bulldogs.










13-2 last year


8-5 year one


32-10 three years but that is not the whole story.


Our offense is pitiful.


We let a guy who said he was transferring travel and be on the sidelines.


We let a guy Deandre Baker who said he was on the team quit the team and say he was not going to play in the game against a team we all knew could not run the ball and had to throw it and that his prowess shutting down a passing game.


We lined-up and tried to just run the ball as only Kirby only does want to do.


When we fell behind only then after giving-up 4 scores did we try to pass the ball.


I am sorry.  That is just pitiful.



UGA Georgia Bulldogs have been to 22 consecutive bowl games dating back to 1997 to start this run and we’ve WON 16 of them. Also we have played in 55 bowl games with only 1 school who has played in more bowl games than we have. 31-20-3 only 2 schools have done better. We have played in 17 different bowl games which is the all-time record for most different bowl games played-in. Texas is tied with us with now 55 appearances but Texas only has 28 wins.



Texas is specifically terrible at running the football in that pass-happy Big XII which Texas by the way has NOT won in a decade now.


Our second longest active streak of 22 bowl games is better than all teams except one but Virginia Tech loses their bowl games.  We win.  16 wins of those 22 years for us.


We can even-up our Sugar Bowl record at 5-5 with this win over should be 5-loss Texas who has NO GOD DAMN BUSINESS playing The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs consensus # 5 best team in the nation according to EVERYONE.


We average scoring 9 more points than Texas and we average giving-up 9 fewer points than Texas so we should beat the shit out of them by 18 points.


323 Georgia Bulldogs have been drafted by the NFL while 317 Texas Longhorns have been.



Happy New Year 2019 ! The Big Easy average elevation of the city is currently between 1 foot and 2 feet below sea level with some major areas 7 feet below sea level. No one ever told me that all the times we went there. But Katrina changed all that. Now we all know the truth when one million people there were displaced and thousands died. Gun violence and murder remain the rule of the day for NOLA. I watched in horror as Katrina was 917 mbar as it hit landfall. It’s not really land not as God intended it anyway. Why wasn’t I ever told ? I wish y’all the best. Truly I do. But you won’t find ME in New Orleans EVER AGAIN.


I just want to be clear about this.


I’m not going.


Ever again.


When I think of the Superdome all I can think of is the shit inside the stadium.  Pardon me.




Texas is # 8 at 28-24-2 in bowl games while UGA is # 3 in bowl games all-time at 31-20-3. Texas last won Big 12 in 2009 a decade ago now.

Texas has a losing record in the Sugar Bowl 1-2 fixing to be 1-3.


Georgia looks to even our Sugar Bowl Record at 5-5 with a win over Texas this season.


323 Georgia Bulldogs have been drafted by the NFL while 317 Texas Longhorns have been.




12 SEC Bowl Games including 8 ranked teams top 25 SEC SEC is king of bowl games again 2018-2019 season while ACC has only 2 ranked teams

12 SEC Bowl Games including 8 ranked teams top 25 SEC

9 Big-10 Bowl Games including 4 ranked teams top 25 Big-10

7 Big-12 Bowl Games including 3 ranked teams top 25 Big-12

7 Pac-12 Bowl Games including 3 ranked teams top 25 Pac-12

11 ACC Bowl Games including 2 ranked teams top 25 ACC

47 Bowl Games by Power 5 Conferences

30 Bowl Games by Group of 5 Conferences

3 Independents’ Bowl Games (either Clemson ACC or Notre Dame 1 more)

New Year’s 6 Bowl Games 4 SEC 2 Big-12 2 Big-10 1 Group of 5 1 Pac-12 1 ACC




Honest assessment of the game ahead 20-7 and lost. We scored the first 3 scores of the game and lost. We scored 4 of the first 5 scores of the game and lost. Oh and excuse me the God Damn Big 10 Officials sucked.

A poll of those watching the game showed everyone felt the Big 10 officials sucked.  They could not get any of the calls right.  No wonder Big 10 football plays second-fiddle to The SEC.  On Sony Michel’s TD for example the camera clearly showed his heel on the line.  It was very poorly officiated.  I would hope that these ratings of their Big 10 Officials would result in demotion.  Of all the 12 College Football Playoffs so far this was rated the dead last worst officiated game of all games in the entire history.  Both teems suffered.  The point is the game was poorly officiated and EVERYONE says this.  The announcers did a good job of pointing them all out.  There was one every few minutes.  It was God Awful.


There were only 3 teams who had more talent than Georgia 2017 season and Alabama was one.   These teams DESERVED better officiating.  Those officials would have to admit that themselves.  We ALL saw.


I also believe you could say that Kirby was out-coached.  Despite the struggles of Jake Fromm Jacob Eason is now transferring NOT given the same shot Nick Saban gave Tua his back-up.


And we could not run the ball on Alabama yet 18 times Nick Chubb was sent to run 1 yard per 18 carries.  Kirby redshirted 3 of the top 5 OL in the nation.  1 might transfer as a result.  Kirby had no answer for Tua having redshirted his freshmen defensive backs too.  Nick Saban does NOT do that as you saw.


Congratulations to Alabama but we had you 20-7 like Falcons in the Super Bowl and BLEW-IT with Jim Chaney’s conservative play calls when what got him the 20-7 lead was ANYTHING but conservative play calls.  He sat on it except the play where Jake Fromm hit the defender in the helmet throwing underarm upwards from the line of scrimmage. Kirby just had no answers.  Given 2 weeks Kirby might have prepared for the # 1 Dual-Threat QB in the nation being brought in since Kirby certainly did stop Jalen Hurts.  Nick Saban plays his players.  This was our best shot 2017.  This 2018 can NOT be by comparison and is 12-3 I think.


Alabama has had the # 1 recruiting class 7 years in a row now today and Georgia # 3 class last year 2017 sits at # 1 this year 2018 in recruiting.  2016 Kirby was # 7.  Then 2015 was # 8.  Then 2014 was # 8.  Then 2013 was # 10.  Then 2012 was # 8.  Then 2011 was # 6.  Then 2010 was # 11.  All of those classes were all # 1 Alabama.  Still the nation WANTED us to win so they tuned-in.  When he could turn to Tua off the bench left handed stout guy solid hard to tackle and strong # 1 dual-threat QB in the nation 2017 of their # 1 ranked recruiting class to Kirby # 3 we had no answer with 7 days to prepare.  We had stopped their starter Jalen Hurts.  There is little doubt that the vastly increased TV ratings were all there to watch Georgia bring Alabama down.  Without Tua we do.


The team with more talent won.


The team with better coaching won.


Alabama out-played Georgia and Nick Saban out-coached Kirby.


The officials still were the WORST OFFICIALS of all 12 College Football Playoff Games so far.


Big 10 refs sucked.


Here is another TRUTH about the game : Mark Richt would NEVER have had us in that game.  He lost to Pittsburgh for God’s sake 5-7 losing record not even in a bowl game Pittsburgh.


Now what was it that Jake Fromm said TODAY June 9 about the game ?




This is what happened in the game.


It’s over Jake Fromm.


We lost.


You were # 105 passing offense Jake Fromm.  So we lost.  Their back-up QB for Alabama was better than you Jake Fromm.


Now what was it you said today Jake Fromm about the game ?


Only Alabama has played in more bowl games than Georgia with 54 bowl games. Only Alabama and Southern California have won more bowl games than Georgia while Georgia is now at 31-20-3. Georgia is one of the 2 or 3 best bowl teams all-time.





Guys who I think can take-over this game against Oklahoma include D’Andre Swift Sony Michel Nick Chubb Jake Fromm Mecole Hardman Javon Wims Isaac Nauta Charlie Woerner Terry Godwin Elijah Holyfield Roquan Smith J.R. Reed Lorenzo Carter Dominick Sanders D’Andre Walker Davin Bellamy Johnathan Ledbetter Deandre Baker Monty Rice Trenton Thompson Rodrigo Blankenship Cameron Nizialek. Did you know D’Andre Swift has 754 yards and 4 Touchdowns ?

D’Andre Swift

Roquan Smith


Our stars will come from this group of 23 Georgia Bulldogs 2017.





What does Rose Bowl do with NO Big 10 and NO Pac-12 team in College Football Playoffs this year AT ALL WHATSOEVER ? Big XII has NEVER won College Football Playoffs ever before. Neither the Big XII nor the Pac-12 have Won The College Football Playoffs yet while The SEC ACC and Big Ten each have won one. Not after 1972 has the Pac-12 (Pac-10 nor Pac-8) won the national championship in college football. The Pac-12 is NOT going to win the national championship this year either since they are NOT even in it. So Pac-12 and Big XII have neither EVER won the College Football Playoffs.

SEC is 3-2 in College Football Playoffs tied with ACC also at 3-2 in College Football Playoffs before this year.


The Big 10 not only does not have a winning record in College Football Playoffs but is not even in it this year.


Oklahoma has never won a game in college football playoffs but it is 0-1 so far before this year.


We look to extend that streak against Oklahoma picked by a point and a half to beat Oklahoma according to Las Vegas.


Odds favor that Oklahoma has the worst defense of all 4 College Football Playoff contestants this year and that while we can stymie Oklahoma’s offense Oklahoma’s defense can not do jack shit to stop our offense at all whatsoever.


That is how I see it too.


Big 10 has no participant in the College Football Playoffs this year.


Ha ha ha.


Pac-12 has no participant in the College Football Playoffs this year.


This means that Pac-12 has never won the national championship in football after 1972.


46 years of futility for the Pac-12.  That the ROSE BOWL has to go FIND 2 teams NOT in the stinking Big 10 and not in the stinking Pac-12 is particularly embarrassing for the Rose Bowl.


What does Rose Bowl do with NO Big 10 and NO Pac-12 team in College Football Playoffs this year AT ALL WHATSOEVER ?


Well the Rose bowl had to invite some other teams didn’t they ?


For all these years they told us it was the granddaddy of them all.  But the teams were and are shit teams.  Big 10 deplorable conference who can’t do jack shit.  And Pac-12 who has not won the national championship in football after 1972.


How does the Rose bowl feel that this is EXPOSED ?



60 thousand Georgia Bulldog fans expected Rose Bowl with PLENTY of $ 400 tickets available. The asking price for Rose Bowl tickets on VividSeats is $2364 each at 50-yard line which would be a great seat for one of the biggest college football playoff games in years. Stubhub is $2500 lettered row sideline tickets each. Search for flight searches from Atlanta to Los Angeles for the Semi-final game between Georgia and Oklahoma have jumped over 20% which means Georgia fans. Flights searches from Oklahoma City did not increase significantly.

Notre Dame invaded by Georgia Bulldogs 2017 estimated 40 thousand


Notre Dame Fighting Irish left guard Quenton Nelson : “It was insane. I thought we were playing a home game but half or maybe even over half of the stadium was colored in red. Their fans did a great job during that game. Their crowd noise did not REALLY affect us a lot but it was the first time I remember seeing a bunch of red in Notre Dame Stadium.   It was pretty sweet. A lot of our players wanted our fans to copy and start doing it turning on their cell phone flashlight app to start the 4th quarter. Credit to their fans and their team. On Friday you started to see a lot of red and Georgia Bulldogs in South Bend. And on Friday September 8 Coach Kelly said there was going to be a lot of red in there so don’t be surprised. But yeah I was surprised.”,q_auto,t_large/g43oas706gdugaccicp4



“The cheapest ticket on SeatGeek is $554 which is nearly six times the face value of that upper tier seat. The most expensive ticket is $2498. Anyone who purchases that seat is paying 8 times more than the $300 face value for Georgia-Notre Dame tickets September 8 2017.  Nebraska fans had 25 thousand here at our stadium in 2000 and it appears Georgia has 40 thousand here at our stadium 2017. This means that at least 21 thousand Notre Dame fans sold their seats to Cornhusker fans in 2000 robbing my team of its home-field advantage.” Notre Dame fan andrewwinn.






VancouverChokers   : “Credit to the Dawgs. Lifetime Cornhusker fan here. We did that before to Notre Dame many years ago but I watched some of that game Saturday night and UGA fans took it to a whole other level. Tip of the cap.”


iRATemedia    :   “I was there and this pretty much explains it all. It was a total disgrace. When I walked in the stadium I asked my dad, “What happened to Irish pride?” Pathetic! Hats off to the Georgia fans for supporting their team and SHAME on Irish fans for selling out to the all mighty dollar. SHAME!!!”



Midwaytyrant :   “As far as ‘little’ is concerned ND’s fan base is like twice the size of Georgia’s. We’ll see how much faith the UGA faithful has in two years when ND visits Georgia down there. I swear I will apologize sing the Dawgs praises and admit the fans mattered instead of calling it a decent team beating a mediocre one.”


Notre Dame fans were upset with their fellow Irish faithful for selling tickets to Georgia fans.,q_auto,t_large/g43oas706gdugaccicp4



We always stay at the Marriott Irvine Spectrum interstate 5 interstate 405 and drive down Topanga Canyon Road which is just gorgeous to Gladstones Seafood in Malibu on the PCH overlooking Pacific Ocean.

We go to Malibu all the time.  We love the place.  It is easy to find your way around.  Unfortunately we have spent the night there during earthquake so we do choose a place to stay which best suits that.  I could share the nightmare if you want ?  It was the Joshua Tree.  I woke up on the floor thrown from the bed while she 98 lbs. was still on the bed.  The hotels on roller skates 6 feet one direction and 6 feet back.  We had to run down 22 stories from the Concierge Level.  Drive down the PCH.  Pacific Coastal Highway.  So lovely out there.  Go to Rodeo Drive nearby – we always do and go shopping.  Buy stuff there.  You will be glad you did and will wear it all your life.  Trust me on this.  I want to be in Malibu.  I do not want to be up by the Rose Bowl on the North side L.A.


By the way you can drive out there.  I have done that several times at 22 hours from Atlanta. I would allow more time than that – just sharing what I have done. Dunwoody to the Pacific Ocean through the smog 22 hours.  It’s just over 2200 miles.  You should figure anywhere from 22 hours 2 drivers to 33 hours but you are not stopping along the way for all the great stuff between here and there.  Have to make your mind up about that before you leave.  No Grand Canyon.  No Dallas.  No Las Vegas.  The airplane flight is just too much for me.  When we fly to Malibu it seems about an hour before getting there in 1st class that I just can not stand another minute.  One hour too long a flight. Have to get up and move around on plane.  I prefer to drive which is all we do out there after a few flights there.



8-5 would look good right now for Kirby. What we’ve done until now we no longer control. We’re 3 and 0 against TCU and while we’re not those other teams those 3 years this year – we get 15 extra practices and get to get to win number 30 in bowl games. Only 2 programs have more wins in bowl games. Win # 30 in Bowl Games UGA would give us .6176 win percentage in Bowl Games and only 3 major teams are better than that too Penn State Southern California and Ole Miss and only 1 of those 3 has more Bowl Wins Southern California. This is VERY IMPORTANT for us and for Kirby to put behind us our struggling ways on Offense and get going offensively.

There is NO NEED for more than 4 teams in college football playoffs again this season as there was NOT last year either.


This bullshit by Bluto this morning that there is shows what he doesn’t know about college football.




( )


We have a REAL NATIONAL CHAMPION again this season as we did last season Bluto you dumbass MF.


Who the F do you want to be playing this year or last who did not or is not ?


Dumb Shit.


Yeah our game is on a Friday at noon ESPN.  62 thousand show-up for the game every year.  We can get Kirby to 8-5.


We beat TCU 37-13 the other 3 times we played them but we were 8-3 and 12-0 and 9-1-1 those previous 3 meetings.  We’re not those teams this year.


It’s our OFFENSE.


That is what we have to work on.


We were 4-4 this season after Florida.  8-5 looks good compared to that.


Let’s beat TCU.


No neither team TCU or UGA had the season this year our fans expected.


It is frankly pretty embarrassing for both coaches but rather than both be 7-6 we can be 8-5.


That’s good.


It’s a lot better than our 6-7 the last time we played in this game and LOST 6-10 to Florida Atlantic whatever that is in Mark Richt’s 2010 season here.


It would also get us to 2-2 in the Liberty Bowl.


The truth of the matter is that I have driven to MANY BOWL GAMES through the years and we travel as well or better than any team and so we our fan base won this bowl for us.


We’re the # 10 of 14 SEC teams 2016 season.


Honestly we didn’t deserve this bowl.  I figured us in the Birmingham Bowl.


We approached Gary Patterson about this job here and he turned us down.


He wants win number 150 there the only place he has coached.


He can go get that next year in the Big XII.


The lone fact about the Big XII is that they play NO DEFENSE.


We certainly do.


TCU is only 15-15-1 in Bowl Games and if we can beat them a 4th time 4 Fridays from now at noon that would give them a LOSING BOWL RECORD.


For a team who throws the ball around which is what Gary Patterson ALWAYS does at TCU they play pretty good special teams but have no defense.


This is not a good match-up for TCU.


I am not saying 8-5 saves any face but it looks good when you’re 4-4 after Florida.


The only item we can control now is to beat TCU.  Go to Memphis.  Eat some Bar-B-Q.  Play Defense.  Defend the pass.  GATA and win bowl game number 30 for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.


Be 8-5.


If you think there is no difference in 8-5 and 7-6 think again.  This is important.


He did not want to compete against these defenses in The SEC.  I want to remind him why.  We have a whole lot more talent.  Let’s show that.




Birmingham Bowl December 29 Thursday of 2016 featuring Georgia and Houston. Houston lost to 5-7 SMU lost to Navy and lost to Memphis and their coach took the Texas job Tom Herman after he had said he wanted THIS JOB when Greg McGarity hired instead Kirby. The game is at LEGION FIELD. It used to be called the Compass Bowl then Papa Johns now just Birmingham Bowl. The SEC is 4-2 in the bowl and GEORGIA HAS NEVER PLAYED IN IT so that is another check mark for UGA playing in MORE DIFFERENT BOWLS than ANY PROGRAM.


( )


Houston is UNRANKED in ANY POLL.


American Athletic Conference vs. SEC – this is my prediction.