31 percent of our plays are passing plays. That is NOT EVEN run 1st and 2nd pass 3rd down. That is run on 3rd down some too. Here are my 2-Deep 2018. Who are the players I am expecting the MOST from 2018 season ? This is a REBUILD. All you have to do is look to see this is not a reload. I told you THIS all last year. Lose 3 games 2018. Remember I told you SEC Championship 2017 ? Well do you ? I am counting on 12 Freshmen 2018 twelve got it ? Without those 12 Kirby NEVER replaces all he just lost. 12-3

  1. D’Andre Swift Sophomore TB I felt would’ve won Heisman last year nearly any other team 1 start 17
  2. Jake Fromm Sophomore QB All-America QB returns but Kirby has started True Fresh QB 2 yrs row
  3. J.R. Reed Redshirt Junior DB our single best defensive player returning
  4. Deandre Baker Senior CB
  5. D’Andre Walker Senior LB
  6. Michail Carter Junior DT
  7. Tyler Clark Junior DT
  8. Ben Cleveland Redshirt Sophomore OL
  9. Ahkil Crumpton Senior WR
  10. Deangelo Gibbs ? Wasted Freshman none last 8  games better last play than Malkom Parrish DB
  11. Terry Godwin Senior WR
  12. Mecole Hardman Jr. Junior WR 1 start 2017
  13. DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle Senior DT
  14. D’Marcus Hayes Senior now wasted last year OL
  15. Brian Herrien Junior TB I still see him as NFL potential
  16. Jeremiah Holloman Sophomore WR held back 2017-2018 season
  17. Riley Ridley  Junior WR held back to just 6 starts 2017-2018 season
  18. Elijah Holyfield Sophomore Special Teams TB WR great potential 1 start 2017
  19. Netori Johnson Redshirt Freshman OL
  20. Solomon Kindley Redshirt Sophomore OL
  21. Richard LeCounte III Sophomore DB got one start last year
  22. Jonathan Ledbetter Senior DE
  23. David Marshall Junior OLB
  24. Nate McBride Sophomore LB
  25. Tyrique McGhee Junior DB
  26. Isaac Nauta Junior TE believe will declare for draft after 2018 season pretty much wasted 2017
  27. Natrez Patrick Senior ILB drug treatment gave-up his scholarship would not be on my team
  28. William Poole Sophomore DB
  29. Monty Rice  Sophomore ILB felt should’ve started vs AL & OK
  30. Riley Ridley Junior WR held him back 2 years now
  31. Julian Rochester Junior DL
  32. Ameer Speed Sophomore DB
  33. Andrew Thomas Sophomore OL
  34. Isaiah Wilson  Redshirt Freshman OL wasted 2017
  35. Charlie Woerner Junior TE
  36. Rodrigo Blankenship  Junior K
  37. Jake Camarda Frosh 2018 Punter
  38. Kearis Jackson Peach County 4.53 in 40-yard dash # 26 national prospect # 4 WR Early Frosh
  39. Trey Hill Houston County Warner Robins 6′ 3.5″ 346 lbs. # 38 national # 2 Guard Frosh
  40. James Cook Miami Northwestern HS 5′ 11″ 183 lbs. # 31 national # 3 Running Back rotation Frosh
  41. Jamaree Salyer Pace Academy 5-star 6′ 4″ 342 lbs. # 10 national prospect # 1 Offensive Guard Frosh
  42. Zamir White Scotland NC 5-star  6′ 1″ 220 lbs. # 6 national prospect # 1 RB be redshirted Frosh
  43. Azeez Ojulari Marietta  6′ 3″ 230 lbs. # 79 national prospect # 7 Defensive End Frosh
  44. Devonte Wyatt Towers 6′ 3″ 301 lbs. DL # 10 JUCO national prospect # 4 JUCO DT rotation Frosh
  45. Luke Ford Illinois 6′ 6″ 252 lbs. # 49 national prospect # 2 Tight End Frosh
  46. Channing Tindall Columbia SC 6′ 2″ 218 lbs. # 91 national prospect # 5 OLB start Frosh
  47. Justin Fields Harrison 5-star # 1 prospect in the nation overall # 1 QB nationally too start Frosh
  48. Adam Anderson Rome 6′ 5″ 225 lbs. 5-star # 18 national prospect # 1 Outside Linebacker start Frosh
  49. Cade Mays Knoxville  6′ 6″ 318 lbs. 5-star # 16 national prospect # 2 Offensive Tackle start Frosh
  50. Brenton Cox Stockbridge 6′ 4″ 250 lbs. 5-star # 22 national prospect # 2 Defensive End start Frosh


Let’s put it like this : If Kirby does not play 12 of his true freshmen game 1 this 2018 he can never replace all we lost and if he doesn’t play 12 freshmen 2018 Kirby is writing this year off as rebuilding year.  It is VERY dangerous to not study 37-50 on the depth chart and get them in the rotation early.  Last year at the end of the year we had freshmen who were ready but they had no snaps so were redshirted when they could’ve helped.


For all we did right 2017 the last play is a screw-up when others could have helped and were NOT out there.  You have to cover the guy.  Now we will be 12-3 twelve wins 3 losses for 2018.  Lost too much. Rebuilding year.


Swift, D’Andre got 5 carries a game 1 reception a game which I see as criminal

Hardman, Mecole got 25 receptions all 15 games also criminal

Nauta, Isaac got 9 receptions all 15 games should turn pro after this 2018 season then

Crumpton, Ahkil allowed to have 5 passes thrown to him all year flashing great hands

Holloman, Jeremiah allowed to have 1 pass thrown to him all year I counted on game 1

Hardman, Mecole had 8 carries all year long 8, Prather Hudson got 6 – you get that ?


975 total plays on offense and 305 were passes 31 percent .31 not balanced sat on lead and lost


We scored the first 3 times in the game unanswered and lost imposing our will with small OL.  We scored 4 of the first 5 scores in the game and got beat.  You can say all you want but THESE are the facts.   You know what my NFL buddies said to me ?  They thought they were watching the FALCONS.  Guys who played in the NFL.  This is what THEY SAID.  Nick Chubb had 18 carries for 25 yards.


That is a FAILED OFFENSE 2017 Kirby.


You better FIX THAT SHIT 2018 Kirby passing only 31 percent of the plays.  That works fine against unranked teams but in the play-offs you telegraph your plays against a good defense.  They can sit on a play which is what they did.





Brian Herrien SHOULD have started against North Carolina and certainly should have against Nicholls Missouri and Ole Miss. So what does his future hold ?

1-NFL Draft Pick

2-ALL-SEC Performer

3-Big Future



Darling Georgia Bulldogs fly to # 9 after staking North Carolina to 10-point lead with plodding Greyson damn Lambert who remains on 2-Deep vs Nicholls State as # 1 QB as does Brian Herrien remain NOT LISTED behind Brendan Douglas – then letting us watch Jacob Eason for one hour to take lead scoring 19 unanswered points PRIME TIME to wipe them out to end game. Florida DROPPED from Poll as 6 SEC teams top 21 headlined by # 1 Alabama and then # 2 in The SEC and # 9 overall The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs ! We’re all put to the test. It’s what you do, when you are, that is the difference in winners and losers. A call for Biran Herrien Mo Smith and Jacob Eason to be ADMIRED as Players of the Game along with 7 others – only Nick Chubb of which when the chips were DOWN did as much as they.

How about THAT Georgia Bulldogs’ fans !


Kirby disses publically Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien who are only as far as I am concerned 2 of the stars.  Kirby said Jacob Eason didn’t get in right plays and said Brian Herrien needed to block better listing NEITHER as players of the game.  Pretty tough LOVE.  Considering Brendan Douglas TRIED his best to one scuttle Jacob Eason’s Come-Out Party with fumble AGAIN as he has PROVEN through the years his penchant.  And considering Greyson damn Lambert did his best to LOSE the damn game down 10 with the same guys Jacob Eason beat the ever living shit out of North Carolina with.


Brilliant game strategy for Kirby.


Lull them and the crowd to sleep for 2 and a half hours falling behind by double-digits.


Then YANK Greyson damn Lambert and Brendan Douglas who REMAIN on the 2-Deep AHEAD of Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien, insert Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien, watch Jacob Eason completely destroy North Carolina to storm back and take the lead – then bench his sorry ass for being in the wrong damn plays.


Greyson damn Lambert – in the right plays – didn’t couldn’t and wouldn’t do shit.


Going to be mighty hard to justify Kirby who nonetheless had these assessments when asked by the Press who thought Kirby would praise the 2.


But no.


And Brian Herrien absolute hero status as well.  All he did was lead us down the field and set up the field goal.  And oh yeah by the way on his first carry ever scampered determined as hell all the way in the end zone.


Jesus Christ couldn’t have scripted it any better for Jacob Eason and for Brian Herrien.


Publically dissed by Kirby.


I’d be having some words with him personally.


Oh I am.




Just as long as I am TRUE to my HEART on this.





See Jacob Eason listed Nicholls State BEHIND Greyson damn Lambert ?

See Brian Herrien listed Nicholls State BEHIND Brendan Douglas ?


One is in the right play.

The other blocks better.


Never mind in the right play did not do jack shit.

Never mind fumbled the God damn football just when Jacob Eason was going to score.


Big 10 has 5 of the top 32 in the AP Poll.

SEC has 6 of the top 21 in the AP Poll and 8 of the Top 32.


But I forget.  The Big 10 fans say THIS is their heyday that they are doing BETTER than The SEC.




The Pac-12 ACC and Big XII took it on the chin Opening Weekend.


The SEC did ?


Excuse me ?


Then why are 6 of the Top 21 teams ALL SEC teams ?


Lowly unranked Auburn nearly beat the team y’all all said would BEAT Alabama this year.  Really had them beat as it was.  Blew it.


I do believe folks believe that Jacob Eason is going to do WELL with Nick Chubb as the Leading Heisman Trophy Candidate with bruiser Brian Herrien backing him up.


Well not according to Kirby.


It’s a good press conference for Kirby who luckily had ALL THIS to say to guys not a one of which any longer have ANY VOTES in the AP Poll.


Some bullshit about WRITING the NEWS – not MAKING it.




I had reported 12 hours earlier HERE on this blog that former Official BCS Poll from 1998 to 2013 Massey Rankings had ranked The Georgia Bulldogs # 9.


AP Poll 12 hours later followed suit.


Kirby be damned the AP Poll voters think Jacob Eason looks just fine thank you in the WRONG PLAY making plays while Greyson damn Lambert in the RIGHT PLAY didn’t do a God Damn freaking NOTHING but be LOSING by double-digits.


I see Kirby retreated slightly on Brian Herrien as all welled-up about him scoring, when I reported that was what I saw Kirby doing in fact.


We were in SAD SHAPE and sorely needed some frigin’ heroes to STEP-UP and do SOMETHING.


Right on cue, Jacob Eason and Brain Herrien DID JUST THAT.


The Whole World saw it Kirby.




Honestly if you look at the NCAA Rankings Kirby’s Dawgs did really quite frankly VERY POORLY in nearly every aspect of the game : We certainly could NOT pass with Greyson damn Lambert.  We certainly were bottled-up running the ball LOSING by 10 points when Jacob Eason called-upon by Kirby to bail his sorry ass out – losing as he WAS by double-digits.

We absolutely were taken advantage of on Defense as well – losing by 10.  Then when Jacob Eason was INSERTED the entire team SHUT-OUT North Carolina from THEN ON.

Our special teams despite stars playing looked horrible and did their best to give away the damn game.


Then we all watched Florida vols and Ole Miss stink-up The SEC.  Ok and LSU.  Ok and Mississippi State.




Darlings of the AP Poll The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs on the HEROICS of Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien STORMED back and come-from-behind kicked North Carolina ass for an entire hour.  Then were YANKED sent to the pine and NOT REWARDED on Kirby’s 2-Deep for Nicholls State AND said by Kirby to the press who don’t vote in the AP Poll that Brian Herrien doesn’t BLOCK as well as Brendan Douglas.  And that Jacob Eason was in the WRONG PLAYS and poorly communicated some.


Right play.  Wrong play.  Greyson damn Lambert was SHOWN-UP by Jacob Eason.  Communication is clearly required by your QB sir.  So too is actually wanting to do something in your offense and having the desire to execute within that offense.  Communicate all you want sir.  But if you can’t or will not execute, communication truly means little.

Blocking is important too Kirby but Brendan Douglas gave the God Damn Game Away with his frqin’ FUMBLE.  Again.  As he is only wont to do.


For years.


As Greyson damn Lambert.


As he is only wont to do.








With BOTH.


The Coaches’ Poll ALSO has us at # 9 as I reported at midnight Massey already had and the Coaches’ Poll has SEVEN (7) SEC teams ranked.






The Richard Billingsley Report another former Official BCS Poll has Georgia at # 7 :




And Richard Billingsley Report has 8 SEC teams ranked in his top 25 with Arkansas # 25.


Kirby sir, I am all for being in the right plays and blocking.  I want to be on record agreeing with you on these fundamentally imperative objectives for Jacob Eason and for Brian Herrien, sir.


All I am telling you Kirby is that Jacob Eason is HEADS-AND-SHOULDERS way the hell ahead of wherever Greyson damn Lambert ever was or will be.  Sir.


And Brian Herrien is a NFL star while Brendan Douglas like Greyson damn Lambert will NEVER be invited to the NFL Combines even.


Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien HAVE THEIR INVITES to the NFL Combines and BOTH are assured of NFL Draft Picks.


I don’t think it tells these rookies NOT TO WORK HARD and NOT TO KEEP IMPROVING to tell the true freshmen that hey the WHOLE TEAM rallied around y’all and you SAVED MY DAMN BACON – I can ASSURE YOU TWO OF THAT !


All I was going to have without them was that we played hard and that every single aspect of the team’s preparedness in all 3 phases of the game was and is looking like it needs a whole hell of a lot of work to be worthy of being named today SEC Championship Game match-up for # 1 Alabama.  Even with them.


Brendan Douglas and Greyson damn Lambert do NOT belong on the same field as Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien.


In 59 years’ worth of seasons’ tickets I have NEVER seen a Quarterback Controversy this PRONOUNCED and frankly there has only been one worse-treated at running back as well.  Well, maybe Vince Dooley starting Ray Goff instead of Matt Robinson, whom I was vindicated about after when he had a fine NFL career.

Vince Dooley would wait until 3rd Down.  Then, he would substitute Ray Goff with Matt Robinson.  This is worse than that letting Greyson Lambert be LOSING by double-digits – insert Jacob Eason take the lead by several points, then YANK his ass and put back in the plodder who didn’t do anything.


I shout-out to them BOTH !


Good job guys !


I could shout-out to Mo Smith too for both his game-saving TD preventing pass defenses which BOTH were crucial but at least HE got to START whatever the hell he did wrong too Kirby.


I have no problems with your Players of the Game Kirby EXCEPT that you LEFT-OFF the 3 MOST DESERVING behind Nick Chubb.




What message does it send to your team Kirby to point-out the absolute heroics MAKING PLAYS of these 3 sir ?


That 9-4 average for 8 years is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and HERE are 3 guys who MADE plays.


Go to cult-site UGA Thomas Brown and read all about it !


That’s what I have got to say.


Thank you very much…


for allowing little ole me to share that :


We’re all put to the test.

It’s what you do

when you are

that is the difference





because :

You have to WANT IT.

Do you want it ?

Those who do, can accomplish what others can not.

Those who do not, will NEVER accomplish anything in this World

and Never have nor ever will.


If you can’t say that Nick Chubb, Brian Herrien, Mo Smith and Jacob Eason did what was asked of them and won the game for us, then you’re simply biased, or blind – or both.


Please Start Jacob Eason.  Please BENCH Brendan Douglas a game and move-up Brian Herrien.  Please let’s get some rhythm to our offense.


And what in the world can we do about our special teams too Kirby ?


Statistically speaking, we did little on offense defense or special teams.  But you and I know Kirby whom it was in the game we both watched you slightly closer than I, who wanted to do something to improve us and ultimately did.


These 3 clearly did not only want to, but went out there and did Kirby sir.



Hired at just 39 years old, likable extrovert Kirby acts just like one of the guys out there. Gets job done. Beats ranked team. Yeah ! Kirby STARTED Freshmen Charlie Woerner TE. I told you he would get Starts 2016. First-timer Mo Smith gets Start too and makes huge play with the game in the balance on a Deep Ball which he ups and bats out of air in 4th Quarter. In all Kirby played 60 players in Game 1 rotating our guys out. This is what the difference was in the game. We average # 9 Scout.com recruiting ranking making up Kirby’s team 2016-2017 season who with redshirt would be playing. And North Carolina Tar Heels avg # 30. That Kirby kept our guys rotating throughout is what made the HUGE DIFFERENCE when faced with adversity of being DOWN double-digits with 3rd Quarter winding down. After 2 and half hours putting our raucous crowd to sleep, Kirby gets us all up again. And for the NEXT HOUR we kicked ass. We literally ran away with it over # 22 UNC from 10 down to 9 ahead. 19 unanswered points with UNC dragging ass because of Kirby’s rotation of 60 all night long. 14 of them never played for us. 25% of the players never played a down here. I guess this stadium is getting old. We nearly took the roof off the old Lady. I’ve been to a lot of games there never so roaring thunderous ear-splitting deafening booming. I remember going to 1994 SEC Championship Game with Dad # 6 Florida vs # 3 Alabama, and that game was big on TV as Florida won by one. But it has NEVER been like last night PRIME TIME. Maybe 22 years’ ago I did not have a ‘Dawg in the fight, but we sure had a fight on our hands last night. And we came to support this comeback as doubts crept in down double-digits 3rd Quarter winding down. With Kirby keeping halting Greyson Lambert out there. Now after, it’s lol. But trust me the PRESSURE was palpable on a calm cool collected determined rock star Jacob Eason. He knew we had his back. North Carolina tried to stay in the box when Kirby reinserted him. And then BOOM our offense woke-up our fans. Wildly and raucously we obliterated them with Kirby’s plans to wear them down with our talent so deep. 14 First-Time Bulldogs Played in the Game. Kirby’s 2016 SIGNING CLASS was truly and really on display. 19 UNANSWERED POINTS to end the game. Sparked by Jacob Eason, a COME-BACK WIN for the ages ! And over ranked # 22 North Carolina Tar Heels. Spotting ranked team # 22 ten points 3rd Quarter waning, Kirby was only toying with them with his great 2-Deep 60 men rotating in-and-out to wear them down for this. It was all in the Game Plan from the beginning for Kirby. Kirby knew. Coming-Out Party ! All scripted by Kirby running down the sideline signature congratulations all around by Kirby no matter what we did. Sometimes in their face but ALWAYS up-beat. Clearly awake. A for Kirby. A.

I knew we’d run the ball 2016.  And I also knew North Carolina would score on Kirby’s Defense.


I knew Kirby would play a ton of first-game, first-timers.  14 did in an Away Game.


I knew we had better talent # 9 vs # 30 according to Scout.com making up the Labor Day Weekend Kick-Off.  Ranked teams, both,  battling it out at the Dome.


We had scarfed-up voraciously all the tickets.  And 191 miles to the North Carolina border from I-285, North Carolina found itself instead in a hostile home game environment.  And we ?  A Dawg in the Fight this night.  Dad would’ve been so proud of our ‘Dawgs.  It felt like a Coming-Out Party !  Not at all like 1994 when it was a weird feeling watching Florida and Alabama fight it out.  Us with no Dawg in the Fight at the Dome, watching as if it someone else’s Christmas Party you were at –  by invite.


We invited ourselves to see if Kirby could do that which we had not for 8 years.  Beat ranked teams.


And a worthy opponent they gave us all they had until they too pooped to pop.


A ranked opponent with a double-digit lead late in the 3rd Quarter even.


Then as if on cue, as if Kirby had scripted it all from the beginning, we tore the old place to hell and gone.

Left them gasping for air – air we sent spiraling upward skyward toward God Himself.  And toward the metal-fatigued rafters.  The place went bonkers.

And he came through for us.

Don’t forget THAT.


This is no EXCUSE.

This is no moral victory that he came in down double-digits and played so well.

Kirby reinserted Jacob Eason – who had done so well before half – only to be benched, sat down, made a pine time player, playing second fiddle to an elder.  An elder who brought nothing to the table Jacob Eason brings.  Then, THAT is when we ALL sprang-up.

We and Jacob Eason simultaneously.

And in Prime Time, Jacob Eason oh so methodically decimated their staunch defense that saw them sack Greyson Lambert 3 times while long, longer, and even longer yet, he just stood back there.

Stood back there for the longest time obliviously.

And didn’t, or couldn’t, or did not want to try to get the ball off even.  Be smart.  Be conservative.  Fall behind by double-digits with no hope of executing a play or taking pressure off the running the game.  No way to spread them out make them honest on Defense.  Leave them 10 in box and us go back and execute better vis-a-vis Mark Richt all over again.  Greyson Lambert the safer choice.  The one who can’t do anything in the right play.

With them stacking the box,  I swear there were times I thought they had all their defense up at the line of scrimmage except for one lone man back there defending the whole field.

In basketball, this is called a box and one.  Where you put your one best defender on their one best guy their # 1 guy one-on-one called man-on-man defense.  Then, you play zone.  Cover the field with guys responsible for areas not men.  Only you do it to cover their best player with your one best defender.  That way if he gets past your best defender you have help to make it even harder.  This works if they have a Star Player they rely upon.  And grunts to spread you out with.  You zone the rest of the team, with a box and one and dare the rest of them to beat you.  Making it harder on their one guy.

Here, they boxed Nick Chubb with 10 and left the one to cover everyone else.  Only Greyson Lambert couldn’t do anything with it.  You would think he would’ve expected that. I certainly called THIS exactly in pre-game, didn’t I ?  That this is what they’d do.  This that Greyson Lambert would find us losing to.


They marked Nick Chubb with 10 and left one to zone cover the field otherwise.  That WORKED for them.


How ?


Greyson Lambert just did nothing.  That is how.


But Jacob Eason was just being set-up by Kirby to be the hero.


All part of the plan from the beginning.


Let us fall behind by double-digits nearly 4th Quarter and THEN finally put back in our best guy.  Our # 1 QB.  Our Starting QB we had only as a secret weapon.


Perfection Kirby.


Played to perfection sir.


And how about that Brian Herrien first run ever for us ?  Did I call that too ?


How about the sometimes unsure hands of Isaiah McKenzie this night ?  Just absolutely perfectly Fred Biletnikoff hands all night long in all his many tasks.  He’s 1st Team All-SEC.  And maybe All-American – certainly on this night.  We had seasons’ tickets at the old Fulton County Stadium when the Falcons got here too and I saw Fred Biletnikoff up close, as those were some empty stands.  He had tar on his hands, his arms, his chest, his legs, and yes even on his face.  If the ball hit him, it was like glue.  Isaiah McKenzie put on his Fred Biletnikoff Show this night.  Perfect night for Isaiah McKenzie, who has the game of his life.


Make no mistake about this.  This was no Falcons’ game in 1966 at Fulton County Stadium watching Fred Biletnikoff.  It was no 1994 SEC Championship Game Florida vs. Alabama.  I’m so glad I have lived long enough to see us BACK.  We can party with the best.  In THIS the # 1 college football town, WE have a program to be reckoned-with now.  We’re not the joke of the pre-season polls, recruiting ranking polls and NFL Draft only to ask : Well what did they do here ?  Having so much talent, and WASTING it, before Kirby we went 8 long excruciating years of losing to the ranked opponents.


Especially Away from Sanford.


Now, we’re tough.  We’re in shape.  We’re talented.  We got Jacob Eason back in, and boy did he EVER come through.


COME-BACK WIN # 1 for Jacob Eason


We all stood and cheered when he came back in.  And it felt like nothing I felt 1994 here or 1966 over at Fulton County Stadium.  It was Atlanta sure.  But, we had a Dawg in the Fight this night.  We knew we were DOWN double-digits.  And, we were all pensive.


But he showed no signs that being benched affected him at ALL.  Greyson Lambert came over and congratulated him.  I mean.  It was an awesome show to be a part of.  One I’ll never forget.


We’re going to have to expand Sanford Stadium.  We’ll have to fill-in The Bridge with a window through to see Baxter Street NOW !


You covered-up my Railroad Tracks.


You’re going to have to do this.


Clean bathrooms ?  Is there a correlating between us beating top teams before we go back to Sanford and don’t have to smell piss in the bathrooms throughout our stands ?


Can we take the $ 2 million dollars we just earned – twice what a bowl game pays – and somehow figure out in future years how to have 7 games at Sanford and 1 here every year ?  Or 7 at Sanford and 2 here ?


Well I don’t much care who plays and who doesn’t, since it is so clear Kirby wants to play EVERYBODY !


A man that much better than the one AHEAD of him on the 2-Deep, and we blew inflating air upwards toward the ceiling of OUR HOUSE when Kirby sent him back-in to bail us out !


The ceiling of the Georgia Dome is 27 stories high and made-up of Teflon-coated fiberglass.  The air we sent toward that, toward God, this night when he came back in was a feeling, an atmosphere, that was doubly intense DOWN by double-digits 3rd Quarter waning.


And, yes, we were engaged in deep reflective serious thoughts of : Have we waited too long, to be BEHIND by 10, to ask Jacob Eason to BAIL US OUT ?


You could sense we all were thinking and WONDERING this.  This too much a deficit Kirby has dug for Jacob Eason ?  Or did Kirby know all along 10 would be just right ?


Spot them 10 with 3rd Quarter nearly done ?


Sporting of him.  I can say that.


But we cheered him on back-in finally.  Even if we did have to wait until DOWN by double-digits.




Through it all, the unflappable Kirby kept-on with his rotation in and out of all 60.


And we were in it.  After the score, you could see his face light up.  Not sure you saw that.


He was so elated when Jacob Eason took the somewhat high snap and so perfectly hit in stride Isaiah McKenzie across the field right to left in front of Jacob Eason.


As he willed his speeding bullet body in the end zone to cut it to 3, the Human Joystick held-on for all he was worth as they stopped the game to see.  With only a little over a minute now to go before the 4th Quarter, his hand went down after his hips sideways bumped the pylon.  We all saw it when you did.  It’s a TD pass.  Jacob Eason had done it.


Hadn’t he ?


And what about the 51-yard bomb to Isaiah McKenzie too ?


I mean.


Greyson Lambert is NOT THAT GUY !


Don’t be elated you were right and I wrong.


No you were not.


No I was NOT !


Now, was I ?


This was wrong from the beginning.


If I Greyson Lambert, I tell Kirby to play me in back-up role : That I will do my best.


Then the Defense, who had played so well, gets the Safety.


And now the missed field goal loomed larger than life with us down only by 1 now.


Only 48 seconds before the 4th Quarter, still we’re down.  Still we’re losing.


But, with all the momentum, we go back on Defense now.


And Kirby’s Defense stiffens again.  And still down,  4th Quarter now, Kirby LETS Jacob Eason play again.


Mighty nice of him to oblige us in the crowd.


Brian Herrien gets us in field goal range down by 1.  William Ham comes through this time.


Jacob Eason has BROUGHT US BACK.  14-24, now we’re ahead 26-24. Thank you Jacob Eason.


Kirby’s Defense holds them AGAIN.


Our one hour of Jacob Eason is done.  He did his job.  Come-in down 10 and put us ahead.  Go back to bench.


Wait for us to fall behind by 10 again.


Back-in comes Greyson Lambert, as Nick Chubb rips-off a big run down the right side 33-24.


What a come-back.


What a game.


What a debut.


What a ton of fun !


And so the Alabama Connection Kirby has, did it.  With his 10 coaches he has now this season NOT at Alabama, but here.  10 coaches Kirby has – his ALABAMA CONNECTION – have survived the storm.  The adversity and pressure of being down, averted thanks to Jacob Eason.


Our secret weapon no one knows about.


Lull them to sleep for 2 and a half hours.


Then bring in unknown sleeper secret hidden weapon Jacob Eason.


Let him erase 10 point deficit and get us ahead.


Yank his ass.


Put the plodding, put you to sleep, elder QB back in.


The young buck’s job complete.


Hell of a story line.


Played-out to perfection with 100 million watching.


Watching and waiting.


Wondering themselves if Kirby scripted it all like this ?


Needing to redouble their efforts with Greyson Lambert down by 10, the Alabama Connection went to work finally.  Surely we’re the more talented team as with Mark Richt.  But he would’ve sent Greyson Lambert back-out and told HIM to bring us back down by 10.  We at OUR HOUSE huge air currents rippling upwards to God through the Teflon-coated fiberglass ceiling.


Prayers answered.




All night long, this unrelenting and unyielding Kirby went about his business as only he can.  Spurred by the crowd, and newness, in PRIME TIME, there was so much energy at the Dome that you could CUT IT WITH A KNIFE.   I swear.


Undaunted, unflustered, and unshaken we DID IT !  Kirby did it. Jacob Eason did it.


Has to mean a LOT to the players that Jacob Eason could pull this off for Kirby.  Scripted as it was by Kirby for him to do so.


And how did Kirby do it ?


He played True Freshmen.  We played Redshirted Freshmen.  We played First-Time UGA Players.  He played transfers.  Prominently he played guys we signed AFTER signing day and sent THESE very guys out to bail-out the old men ahead of them on the 2-Deep.


He played walk-ons and preferred walk-ons and put them in the FIRE.


How did they respond ?


A LOT better than the ones they supposedly were unable to handle BEING UNDER THE FIRE as well as, I can tell you that.


It doesn’t matter who starts.  It’s who wins the game for you, that matters.


It sure as shit was NOT Greyson Lambert who did that.


Now, was it ?


I ask you ?


I, for one, have had quite enough of this QUARTERBACK CONTROVERSY.


It’s OVER !


Go look at the tape ?


I have looked at no tape yet.  I know what I saw.


Greyson Lambert with the SAME GUYS was down double-digits with 4th quarter staring us in the face.  He didn’t do jack shit.  That is what he did.


Right play ?


Right play or wrong play, he did nothing.


Excuse me while I tell you once again I TOLD YOU SO !


As with Mark Richt, I was right about this too.


Kirby put his YOUTH out there with the game on the line, and they did NOT bat an eye.


14 First-Time Bulldogs Played in the Game :


Brian Herrien

Mo Smith

Charlie Woerner

David Marshall

Marshall Long

Jacob Eason

Tyler Catalina

Isaac Nauta

Julian Rochester

Riley Ridley

Michail Carter

Tyler Clark

Jaleel Laguins

Justin Young Redshirt Freshman

Tyrique McGhee played according to Kirby but not on georgiadogs.com box score and season yet for 15.



What a game plan.  Played-out to perfection by the youth.  The ones who CAN NOT HANDLE THE FIRE the pundits whined.  Oh don’t play him.  Bring him on slowly.  Let the seasoned guy, seasoned with nothing but losses in such a game, take the Smart Starting Role.


Bring him in a series not too late in the game.


No discussion of it would be DOWN 10.


Crisis averted.


Thank you Jacob Eason.


I believe you made my point sir.  And Greyson Lambert, too.


You must really hate coming into my blog and seeing I was right yet again, don’t you now ?


Shut him up.


Not good fan.  Certainly not as good a fan as I.  Ban his thoughts.  He’s a Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fan anyway.  It’s bad for our recruiting.  He can’t talk even.  Poor English.  He’s a hater.


No.  I believe I said Jacob Eason is a BETTER QB than Greyson Lambert and should NOT be put into the situation of having to bail his sorry ass out when instead he can play from the get-go.


Did I say that ?


Was my prediction spot-on and you ALL WET ?


It certainly was exciting playing it your way.


Awesome script.


Let’s see if we can get this right now, ok ?


One is a serviceable back-up ONLY.



ALABAMA CONNECTION – How Kirby has AFFECTED Alabama and Nick Saban : What exactly has happened in lowering Alabama while elevating Georgia ? What is Alabama Connection at Georgia guys Kirby has brought here who were there and would have been there today had Kirby not taken this gig ? And whom has Kirby brought with him that have HURT Alabama ? Why does no one talk about this when it is so OBVIOUS ? Nick Saban’s guys on The Georgia Bulldogs Now. The Nick Saban Connection at UGA. The University of Georgia 2016-2017 season. Frankly Kirby appears to be making a huge impact on both Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide since coming here January 12. The kids are BUYING in. They have BOUGHT-IN. 12 on 2017 commitment list. 9 on 2016 roster not counting walk-on QB. 10 on coaching staff. Kirby leaving Alabama and coming to Georgia has hurt Alabama and helped Georgia.

10 on coaching staff :


Kirby Smart Head Coach UGA : was Nick Saban’s LSU Defensive Backs’ Coach when Nick recognized Kirby’s greatness then Nick took Kirby with him to Miami Dolphins NFL to coach Nick’s Safeties then Nick took Kirby with him to Alabama as Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Backs’ Coach then Kirby in 2008 eight years ago made Kirby Defensive Coordinator where in these last 8 years of nothingness here Kirby called every defensive play as he did at UGA as a player All-SEC 1st Team all Kirby did was win the NC half the time while our coach was unranked in the AP Poll half the time these same last 8 years.  Now Kirby has GUTTED Nick Saban’s Alabama and it is SHOWING listening to Nick Saban as I have been.  His Dad was head football coach high school.


Mel Tucker Defensive Coordinator UGA : was Nick Saban’s graduate assistant at Michigan State when Nick Saban recognized Mel’s greatness and Kirby brought Mel with him from Alabama where Nick had Mel as Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Secondary Coach.


Glenn Schumann Inside Linebackers Coach UGA : was Nick Saban’s Director of Player Development at Alabama and Kirby’s right-hand man as Glenn Schumann was there at Alabama under Nick for 8 years and Glenn Schumann played Safety Defensive Back for Alabama.  He has his degree from Alabama.  Also has a Master’s Degree in Sports Management. His Dad was DC college football for several decades and his granddad was a football coach at FSU.


James Coley Wide Receivers’ Coach UGA : Nick Saban recognized James Coley and hired him as his graduate assistant at LSU where James Coley won the NC with Nick Saban at LSU 2003 then Nick took James Coley with him to NFL Miami Dolphins where James Coley was Offensive Assistant Coach NFL Miami Dolphins for Nick Saban when Kirby was Nick’s Safeties’ Coach.  James Coley is the former Offensive Coordinator at both FSU and at Miami of Florida.


Dell McGee Running Backs’ Coach UGA : Nick Saban has been recruiting Carver-Columbus players in a big way.  Dell McGee is generally considered one of the very best high school football head coaches in the world for some time now.  When Dell McGee told Mark Richt that Mark Richt could no longer recruit Carver-Columbus stars and he has a ton of them at Carver-Columbus Nick Saban moved-in recruiting his stars.  It was the opening Nick was looking for.  Dell McGee is an Auburn grad where he was a Starter for several years.  Last season Dell McGee was Head Coach at Georgia Southern University leading GSU to their 1st Bowl Win EVER and before that Dell McGee was on the Auburn Coaching Staff when Auburn beat Nick Saban for Auburn to play in the NC game not Nick Saban.  Dell McGee made THE interception against Alabama in 1993 which beat Alabama when he played at Auburn who was undefeated in 1993. Undefeated as Division 1 College Football Coach.  Georgia Southern SHOULD have made Dell McGee their head coach OBVIOUSLY. They whiffed on that and since Kirby who was Mr Everything in Recruiting for Nick Saban knew Dell McGee extremely well from recruiting all his stars at Carver-Columbus where Dell McGee won the State Championship in Football for the state of Georgia.  Drafted 5th Round NFL Dell McGee coached Offense at Auburn.  89-19 Record Head Coach High School and College Head Coach Record is a LOT better record than Mark Richt’s at .8241 winning percentage which has GONE UP not down like Mark Richt’s over the last 8 years. Pay Dye recruited Dell McGee to Auburn.  Jarvis Jones played for Dell McGee at Carver-Columbus.  He not only won his bowl game he beat the ever-living shit out of them 58-27 scoring 35 unanswered points.  Dell McGee is very handsome man who is all business. Imagine Dell McGee told Mark Richt to not recruit his Carver-Columbus stars. Georgia Southern in their game prior to Dell McGee being head coach lost to Georgia State University in Statesboro 7-35.  This is the same Georgia Southern who Mark Richt said was so great the game before that.  Yeah uh huh with Dell McGee head coach they certainly were.  But not the coach who lost to Mark Richt 17-23 in overtime which sealed the fate of Mark Richt here.  Alabama’s Nick Saban has recruited players from Carver-Columbus such as Mekhi Brown.  Nick Saban thought he was getting Jawon Pass.  Nick Saban also got DeQuan Menzie from Carver-Columbus Consensus All-America who beat LSU in the 2012 NC game and then was 5th Round NFL Draft Pick.  Dell McGee brought along with him Olten Downs.  Nick Saban and Dell McGee are best of friends on 1st name basis.


Travares Tillman Graduate Assistant – Defense UGA : played for Nick Saban and Kirby as Safety at NFL Miami Dolphins


Kevin Sherrer is Kirby’s Outside Linebackers’ Coach at UGA : Nick Saban recognized Kevin Sherrer and hired him at Alabama where he worked for Nick Saban for 3 years.  Nick Saban and Kirby.  Kevin Sherrer won the NC 2011 and 2012 with Nick and Kirby and had Aaron Murray all covered-up when Mark Richt insisted 3 times in front of me to not spike it.  Every receiver was covered-up and the defensive line was all over Aaron Murray as it was OBVIOUS Academic All-America Aaron Murray was correct and Mark Richt incorrect to spike it to have 3 such shots.  Kevin Sherrer was Defensive Coordinator at Hoover Alabama and won the state championship 6-A twice.  Kevin Sherrer played Tight End at Alabama as a player.  Also Kevin Sherrer is a graduate of Alabama and has his Master’s Degree from Alabama.  Kevin Sherrer was Kirby’s second hire after Glenn Schumann as Outside Linebackers’ Coach.  Kevin Sherrer has been a Defensive Coach his entire career as Kirby except for Mark Richt hiring Kirby as Running Backs’ Coach 2005 the dumbass.  Imagine that and now Mark Richt is fired and Kirby made head coach because Mark Richt lost it after 2007 when Kirby PROVED HIMSELF as a great coach and one who makes GREAT HIRES and out-recruits Mark Richt and is an Academic All-America while Mark Richt is a dumbass who warmed the bench not 1st Team All-SEC like Kirby.


Ed Ellis Senior Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning UGA former Alabama grad.


Aaron Feld Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach UGA who in 2014 was on the strength and conditioning staff at Alabama for Nick Saban.


Blaine Miller Quality Control Assistant UGA  : was Nick Saban’s Player Personnel Assistant at Alabama. During his time in Tuscaloosa assisted with on-campus recruiting efforts last year.


Hannah Brinks Football Graphic Design Coordinator UGA : Hannah Brinks is a consummate professional who is doing all this great art work for Kirby and our tickets and our WebPages you are seeing now here.  When LSU began having their budget cuts because they are broke Kirby jumped in and instantly hired Hannah Brinks on his football staff here to do our graphics.  UGA does not credit the artists with their name on the works and although I recognize Hannah Brinks’ style we have no WebPages yet crediting her for her outstanding works here for Kirby and UGA.  Another great Kirby hire with Alabama Connections.  Hannah Brinks is an HONORED Alabama graduate and one of Alabama’s all-time greatest student-athletes.  Hannah Brinks holds many Alabama School Records in Swimming and in her combination of Academics’ Dean Lists Honor Rolls and Athletics prowess.  Everyone at the University of Alabama knows EXACTLY who Hannah Brinks is.  Kirby certainly DID and jumped at the chance to get her on Kirby’s football staff.  Look at our graphics and what she has done since she took over.  Just look.  I do daily.  I love her work and would recognize it in an instant.  Hannah Brinks is one of The SEC’s Most Celebrated Student-Athletes of All-Time. Competed in the U.S. Olympic Trials 2008.  Alabama graduate and competed for Alabama and The SEC Scholar All-America.


Nick and Kirby are inseparable.  They are joined at the hip. Who will Alabama turn to and offer $ 7 million dollars to coach Alabama when Nick Saban gives it up with all these devastating losses to Georgia of all these Nick Saban Connections ?  You tried for 8 mediocre years of UGA football here to tell me Mark Richt would be FSU’s hire. I said no.  I tell you NOW that Kirby is # 1 on Alabama’s list today to replace Nick Saban AND that Nick Saban is CLEARLY hurting over all this right here right now today in this blog post of his LOSSES to Kirby.  If you think that Kirby did not call every down on defense these same last 8 years as he did here as a player at the line of scrimmage 1st Team All-SEC here at UGA then you are showing that you don’t know what you are talking about AGAIN.  And I am showing that I do know what I am talking about and ALWAYS have by stark direct contrast.


Since winning his 4th national championship for Nick Saban as his Defensive Coordinator these last 8 years of rotten football here at UGA half the time NC there while half the time Mark Richt did not make the AP Poll Top 25 even, Kirby finally got here January 12.  Since January 12 Kirby has SIGNED these players HERE at UGA who previously were NOT Mark Richt commitments whom Alabama thought they had and who were going to play for Nick Saban and now are NOT :


9 on 2016 roster not counting walk-on QB :


Brian Herrien superstar Running Back Nick Saban was hot and heavy after future NFL

David Marshall superstar Defensive Tackle Nick Saban was sure he had future NFL

Michail Carter superstar Defensive Tackle Nick Saban was sure he had future NFL

Tyler Simmons Wide Receiver who Nick Saban was also recruiting heavily

Mecole Hardman Jr. superstar defensive back wide receiver special teams Nick Saban sure he had NFL

Solomon Kindley 6′ 5″ 345 lbs. OL Alabama and Nick Saban wanted at Alabama

Isaac Nauta # 1 Tight End United States of America Nick Saban and Alabama dearly wanted NFL

Riley Ridley Nick Saban and Alabama wanted his brother Heisman Trophy candidate WR now


This whom Kirby has ALREADY SIGNED and has playing for Kirby now instead.




Mo Smith 1st String Defensive Back 2016-2017 senior season at Alabama Transfer


IN ADDITION KIRBY Commitments 2017 :


12 on 2017 commitment list :


Toneil Carter one of top RB nation 2017 Nick Saban wanted dearly NFL

Andrew Thomas OT Nick Saban wanted badly  future hopeful NFL

Robert Beal Defensive End Nick Saban wanted badly NFL

Latavious Brini Defensive Back Nick Saban wanted

Trey Blount Wide Receiver Nick Saban wanted badly NFL

Netori Johnson 6′ 4″ 325 lbs. OT Nick Saban wanted badly NFL

William Poole III Cornerback Nick Saban dearly wanted NFL

Jake Fromm Pro-Style Quarterback Nick Saban was absolutely certain he had NFL

Justin Shaffer  6′ 5″ 330 lbs. Offensive Guard Nick Saban badly wanted NFL

Jaden Hunter Linebacker Nick Saban wanted

Richard LeCounte Safety Nick Saban dearly hoped to get too NFL


If ANYONE thinks that Kirby has not IMPROVED Georgia Bulldogs and HURT Alabama and Nick Saban dearly they would be absolute fools and could not possibly believe it themselves when they tried to say it.  Sure Alabama still has a great recruiting class 2016 without these Kirby STOLE from Alabama at the last moment here for Georgia Bulldogs but they don’t have THESE GUYS and We DO !


Frankly Kirby appears to be making a huge impact on both Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide since coming here January 12.


Kirby leaving Alabama and coming to Georgia has hurt Alabama and helped Georgia.



Kirby’s rad 2016 recruiting class hits the field for their first Fall Practice together today and of the 21 figure 10 will get a start this 2016-2017 inaugural season for Kirby expecting to be 11-3 or even 12-2 but only 6 home games. We are deep with talented players although Mark Richt left Kirby only 2 seniors and only 6 juniors on the 2-deep – the # 93 “most” experienced team in America according to Phil Steele’s analysis of the most experienced 2-deep in the nation. This is why this great first Kirby recruiting class hitting the field today for the first time together TODAY is going to feature at least half of them getting a START this 2016-2017 season. Kirby has no choice and no options. Kirby will start 12 first-year recruits for us this season 10 true freshmen as I have maintained all along.

Kirby’s rad 2016 recruiting class hits the field for their first Fall Practice together today.  And of the 21 figure 10 will get a start this 2016-2017 inaugural season for Kirby.     Expecting to be 11-3 or even 12-2 but only 6 home games.  We are deep with talented players although Mark Richt left the cupboard bare for both seniors and juniors on the 2-deep.


Mark Richt left Kirby only 2 seniors and only 6 juniors on the 2-deep – the # 93 “most” experienced team in America according to Phil Steele’s analysis of the most experienced 2-deep in the nation.


This is why this great first Kirby recruiting class hitting the field today for the first time together TODAY is going to feature at least half of them getting a START this 2016-2017 season.  Kirby has no choice and no options.


It also is a great selling point for Kirby’s 2017 recruiting class that he started half his recruits 2016 as true freshmen.


12 first year players for us this season expected to START 10 of whom are true frosh:


Jacob Eason QB

Isaac Nauta TE

Mecole Hardman Jr. DB PR K-OR and I still say gets Rushes too

Charlie Woerner and I will predict as PR until Mecole Hardman Jr. settles-in

Javon Wims WR will be 1st year player for us Kirby gives start to too

Tyler Catalina OL 1st year player for us Kirby starts every game

Julian Rochester DT

Jaleel Laguins LB

Elijah Holyfield TB

Brian Herrien RB may Start at FB early

Ben Cleveland OG will get a start from Kirby this year too

Michail Carter DT Kirby did not steal him from Alabama at the very last moment this signing class to sit him down either

This is the # 7 recruiting class in the nation and next year we are at least # 3 in the nation so far with huge commitments up-coming.  Mark my words.  You’ve BEEN WRONG on this and I’ve been right on this.  This is how Kirby builds depth.  He gives these 12 guys a START this season their first season with us 10 of whom are true frosh.


So say I.  Chauncey Manac has a shot too at DE as does Marshall Long at P and Riley Ridley at WR.


There will be no one redshirted whom Kirby just signed here.  All the Freshmen play.


Kirby will start 12 first-year recruits for us this season 10 true freshmen as I have maintained all along.


Let the practice begin !  See you Saturday at 11 a.m. !


I’m stoked.




( http://www.georgiadogs.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/geo-m-footbl-mtt.html )



The Dirty Dozen Running Backs for Kirby 2016 season at UGA will set all-time Records !

The Dirty Dozen 12 Running Backs for 2016 season :


We’re in Great shape at running back 2016 will set Records – you heard it here 1st.


# 1 RB in the Nation Keith Marshall, had a medical redshirt year this 2016 season

# 2 FB in the Nation Quayvon Hicks, jerked around from position to position at combines

# 2 RB in the Nation Sony Michel another big season coming 1000 yard rusher # 16 for UGA

# 3 overall Athlete in the Nation Terry Godwin also plays basketball, baseball, sister on UGA basketball

# 5 FB in the Nation Brendan Douglas (Rivals # 5 FB, ESPN # 4 FB, 247Sports # 13 FB, nationally)

# 9 RB in the Nation Nick Chubb NICHOLAS JAMAAL CHUBB head coach after playing days over

# 19 Running Back in the Nation Brian Herrien bruiser 4.45 40-yard dash 44″ vertical leap 6’1″ 205

# 24 QB in the Nation Faton Bauta when he plays almost exclusively designed runs

# 37 RB in the Nation Isaiah McKenzie also WR/KOR/PR who needs to hold on to ball better

# 37 RB in Nation AJ Turman, jerked around by Mark Richt for 3 years never handed the ball 1 time

Walk-On FB/LB/TE Christian Payne, started FB last game regular season 2014

Walk-On FB Glenn Welch, played with Greyson Lambert Wayne County, brother Parker Welch GA QB

# 72 CB/RB in the Nation JJ Green quit dumbass coach who jerked him around at Georgie tek now

# 214 WR/RB in the Nation DEQUARTAVIOUS “TAE” CROWDER also plays basketball




# 5 Best Athlete in the Nation. Charlie Woerner. Rabun County  SERIOUS RUNNING BACK !

Nephew of Scott Woerner College Football Hall of Fame just sent his FAX in here and said : “I’m from Georgia, always been a fan, and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” Charlie told the AJ-C.  6′ 5″ 228 lbs 4.78 40-yard dash !  Beast.  Tops All-American.  With our TE Depth might play nearly anywhere such as WR or Safety as his Uncle. We’ll see where Kirby slots him, I am guessing Safety.  I know Erk would.
# 1 Athlete in the Nation Mecole Hardman Jr 2-Way Player & Special Teams Elbert County
Mecole Hardman Jr FANTASTIC RUNNIING BACK is the biggest new news for Signing Day 2016.  He had told Kirby’s predecessor that he had Alabama above Georgia and that he did not bring his players ready to play, but that Kirby’s players WERE ready to play.  Kirby’s predecessor had INVITED Mecole Hardman Jr to the Alabama game as his Official NCAA Visit.  Good Lord.  But, Kirby turned Mecole Hardman Jr around for us today !  Great News !  I love this guy !  Kirby can figure out where to use him when but he will START game 1 and play 3 years and then go early in the NFL Draft.  U.S. Army All-American like the other 5 listed above.  5′ 11″ and 180 lbs. # 16 Overall Football Player in the Nation.  QB and Defensive Back.  Historic Signing Day !  Thank you Mecole !  I see him as Defensive Back and Special Teams and sometimes on Offense too maybe Wide Receiver. 4.48 Mecole Hardman Jr is the FASTEST Signee for Georgia so far today !  Likely the fastest obviously we will sign. His speed is one of the many reasons he is the # 1 Athlete in this class and a LOT of the many reasons this class is historic.
# 12 Running Back in the Nation Elijah Holyfield.  Woodward
5′ 11″ and 204 lbs. physical running back. Son of only 4-time Heavyweight Champion of the World Evander Holyfield of Atlanta !  4.63 in the 40-yard dash makes great catches and his cuts after the catch and in rushing his cuts are crisp leaving defenders looking.  Tough.  1st Team All-State AAAA Georgia Sportswriter’s Association.  No fumbles.
The Dirty Dozen 12 Running Backs for 2016 season.  They will be great !

Happy Easter. Depth problem at Running Back 2016 ? Or recruiting talk from Kirby ? When you see (1) Mecole Hardman Jr (2) Charlie Woerner (3) Elijah Holyfield and all Kirby’s other walk-ons RUN the ball along with (4) Sony Michel (5) Brendan Douglas (6) Nick Chubb (7) Tae Crowder (8) Isaiah McKenzie (9) Christian Payne (10) Glenn Welch and don’t forget (11) Terry Godwin – you will SEE why I say we set records 2016 RUNNING THE BALL including Kirby’s OTHER walk-ons who are the # 12 Dozen Dirty Dozen Running Backs 2016. We have a stable of running backs to see us through 2016 who are REALLY FAST and some bruisers who accelerate through contact. We WASTED talent the last several years running the ball both with and without Mike Bobo. It was Mark Richt’s doing. We are NOT LACKING at running back. NOT. I call them our DIRTY DOZEN RUNNING BACKS for 2016.

Happy Easter.


Kirby says we have a depth problem at running back.


Not so fast.


When you see (1) Mecole Hardman Jr (2) Charlie Woerner (3) Elijah Holyfield and all Kirby’s OTHER walk-ons RUN the ball along with (4) Sony Michel (5) Brendan Douglas (6) Nick Chubb (7) Tae Crowder (8) Isaiah McKenzie (9) Christian Payne (10) Glenn Welch and don’t forget (11) Terry Godwin – you will SEE why I say we set records 2016 RUNNING THE BALL including Kirby’s OTHER walk-ons who are the # 12 Dozen Dirty Dozen Running Backs 2016.  We have a stable of running backs to see us through 2016 who are REALLY FAST and some bruisers who accelerate through contact.  We WASTED talent the last several years running the ball both with and without Mike Bobo.  It was Mark Richt’s doing.  We are NOT LACKING at running back.  NOT.  I call them our DIRTY DOZEN RUNNING BACKS for 2016.



Then after Easter we got Brian Herrien the # 19 best running back in the nation.  Brian rounds out The Dirty Dozen Running Backs for Kirby year 1.


We will set records rushing the football 2016.


We’re VERY good running the ball 2016.  I am certain.