Olivia Godwin SPEAKS UP ON BLOG defending her son Terry Godwin Hogansville 247Sports.com composite 4-Star # 48 overall prospect ATHLETE 5′ 10″ 179 lbs. coming-in 2015 as a true freshman who has 35 and 38 catches 2015 and 2016 who has 379 and 397 yards receiving with 2 TD total going into his now Junior Year – WHO HAS BEEN Tentative to-date as a wide receiver both years here. She is defending her son just after midnight this morning Monday 3 April 2017 from a reply to Bill King’s poster when Bill King himself said Terry Godwin is “coming off a somewhat disappointing sophomore season and needs to step up.” The poster Hugh Nash who LIKE MYSELF does not find Terry Godwin serious in his pass routes nor in his blocking having the timidity to also point-out that he could try harder. He is just sort of there going into his Junior season here going through the motions not asserting himself. He is not the hardest working guy out there for certain. Olivia AGREES about Terry Godwin but BLAMES IT ON THE COACHES.

Olivia Godwin·C.E.O.at Mom.me    “I don’t hold my breath about him either….. as you can see he has a lot to smile about he’s a blessed young man! There’s no need to beat himself up about a play when you KNOW you did what you was told to do! Glad you’re a person with an opinion cause everyone has one! I will say this once again….. Every player has some talent but if given the opportunity every player can have their day! Maybe you can learn something from Clark Smith next time. ���� #teamgodwin “

It isn’t going to be handed to your son Olivia.  Perhaps you could tell your son that ?  Did you hear me ?  He needs to WORK HARDER.  He has to WANT IT.  Can you tell your son that or is ALL of this wasted on you ?   Or is this what you expected of him here ?  No it is clear from your reply Olivia that it is NOT.

You blame the coaches for telling him not to block – to run poor routes – to not get open – to not hold on to the ball – to not score touchdowns – to not step-up – to not recognize the defense –  to be TENTATIVE in everything he has done for Georgia Bulldogs Football ?

Seriously ?
I too like EVERYONE ELSE would love to see your son WANT IT more trying extra hard to do all he can do as one of the 11 on the field.  His relationship with God has NOTHING to do with this Olivia.  Either YOU make the point to your son to give it his all or this game will pass him by.  Clark Smith – you mean the Atlanta swimmer at Texas ?  We’ve TRIED to make the point to your son that we’d love to see him do really well.  What he’s lacking-in is EFFORT.  Try sending THAT message Olivia.
Life passes by those who think it’s handed to them.  You only get one go-round.  You must apply yourself to God’s Calling.  God would want that.
Try to keep to the point.  The rest of us ALL are.  All you are saying is that you AGREE with the assessment going into his Junior year.  You can NOT blame the coaches for ANY of this.  This is ALL on Terry whom I look forward to breaking-out 2017 but am looking at our options because your son is tentative.   Maybe he’s hen-pecked.
A henpecked son will be timid and meek and act intimidated.  And you are NOT helping your son blaming it on the coaches.  We ALL saw this hidden-away where so many might have missed it Olivia.
But I brought it out in the open right after you posted it online this morning Olivia.
If that is what you want – to discuss your son in public – agreeing he could be much better – then agree that is ON HIM and he can FIX IT HIMSELF.  Otherwise why AGREE with all these assessments Olivia ?  You did agree.  You blamed it on the coaches.
When you post online it becomes a matter of public record what you said.  You said YOU AGREE and BLAME it on the coaches.  Olivia hears EVERYONE saying that wide receiver is the BIGGEST HOLE on our ENTIRE TEAM.  This is her reply to conjure-up phrases of EVERYONE has an asshole on a public forum acting forgiven.
He’s had 2 sets of coaches Olivia.  The results have been the SAME with BOTH.  He’s got a ton of God-Given Talent and has been so far to-date tentative not putting in as much effort as those less-talented who WANT IT more.   I presume you’ve apologized to your fine son for what you DID say Olivia.   This could be good that you did this Olivia.   Once your son gets over being embarrassed you wrote this into public record the way you wrote it Terry Godwin will reread your actual statement about him  NOT doing as well as you expect so far either.
I would expect your statement to go viral.
And I am the cause.  I read blogs.  I call it like it is.  I pull no punches.
Your son is PULLING HIS PUNCHES while we ALL including a mom Olivia of a son Terry and a daughter Terryuana who have competed for us here at UGA in sports and including all his current and previous coaches expect more from him his Junior and Senior Years when every player just does better.  The light goes on.  He has the talent to do better and should be a break-out player this his Junior Year.  Spur him on !  We need Terry to show what we ALL know he is capable of in all aspects of his Calling.   Thank you for discussing this Olivia.   The Offensive Coaching has been very poor last year and the year before.  We stood pat this season so it is UP TO TERRY GODWIN himself Olivia.

Quentin Moses 18 November 1983 12 February 2017 A fine man. Q is Academic All-SEC and helped his players he coached in college in Academics. Good Works 1st Team. Everything one could ever hope. Celebrated Favorite every endeavor. Consensus All-America including Rivals Walter Camp Playboy and AP All-America. Q is 1st Team All-SEC Coaches and 1st Team All-SEC AP. An NFL player for years and now college football coach in Waleska Georgia 25 miles North Q played on our basketball team and was our Starting DE in football with 25 sacks. Thank you Quentin Moses. I fondly miss such a fine young man a good-looking man who touched so many young lives and who no doubt was trying to save his girlfriend and her child in Monroe 25 miles West of Athens.

I celebrate your life Q and miss you dearly as do we all.  I thank you so much Q for being such a fine young man in all you did for us all and the wonderful legacy you leave behind of helping so many you loved so much.  I know you lost your life trying to help your girlfriend and lovely daughter you loved so much.  I have so much to be proud of each time I am so struck by this tragedy to all of us. We love you Q.

Oh Q what a great man you are.


So how did Kirby do ?

Why do the players hold a players-only meeting ?

When the players hold a players-only meeting is this a good sign for your football coach ?

Why do players hold a players-only meeting and not allow the football coach in his own locker room ?

If there are players who are the leaders of the team – and there are always leaders in any group of people at any endeavor ever in the history of mankind – what have they done ?

Have the team leaders gone to the coaches ?

Have the team leaders gone to the coaches and make points to the football coaches ?

Have the team leaders gone to the coaches made points to the football coaches and told OTHERS that they did ?

What does THAT indicate about the coaching of your football team ?

Nicholls State had a losing record this season and Kirby beat them come-from-behind 26-24 at Sanford.

Missouri was 4-8 this season a losing record too and Kirby beat them 28-27.

Ole Miss had a losing record as well 5-7 and they BEAT Kirby ahead 45 to nothing.

Vanderbilt was 6-6 and they beat Kirby at Sanford as well.

vols Georgie tek yellowjackets and Florida beat Kirby too.

Is number 26 ON THE HOT SEAT of 128 acceptable for your football coach – THAT 102 ARE DOING A BETTER JOB THAN KIRBY ?

The reasons for this are obvious to all Bulldog fans.  We had a great recruiting class last year and Kirby DRAGGED HIS FEET playing them, preparing them with the # 1 unit and using all that talent in the 2016 class.

What worries me most about his bias against Freshmen like this is 1959 with all these freshmen across the country doing so well for YEARS now is that our 2017 recruiting class is our best class arguably we’ve ever had.

Remember how Kirby was still practicing Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit NOT Jacob Eason AFTER the 2nd game still both that Monday and Tuesday ?

He did not take advantage of his Freshmen class.

He was stubborn about running the ball even with every defense loading the box and did NOT use it to open up his passing game.

Kirby never figured-out who to throw to either.

His passing game NEVER got their timing down all season.  Still do not.

And there questions about the guy who hired Kirby big time right ?

Greg McGarity has been here all of 2010 through now.  He has been horrid across the board all sports ESPECIALLY FOOTBALL averaging MORE than 4 losses per season in football.  And it’s not just football.  All Greg McGarity’s hires have been MEDIOCRE hires.

So let’s evaluate here when do you know if a guy is a good football coach ?

Where are we ?

What does he know ?

College football is unique in that you have to be able to recruit. But if you hold-back your recruits are reticent about getting them out there with the # 1 unit and preparing them and urging them on and celebrating what you want from them when they do well and don’t do any of that what difference does it matter if you recruit well ? Don’t you have to play the recruits if you recruited good ones to have them make you look better as a coach than you might be on the strength of your experience as a football coach ?

Are we any good on offense ?

Are we any good on special teams ?

Is your football coach one who knocks the players down ? Is it wrong to do this ? Does any manager succeed if to others he is knocking the players down ? How do the players feel about it ?

Do we really just pay lip service to the back-ups or do you see the coach actually identify the back-up as a potential star who could take over if the others are injured for example ?

If a player is injured does the coach send him out there anyway less than 100 percent ? If he has the flu does he play him when he really was questionable in the first place before the flu too ?

Does the football coach take care of injured players or really take advantage of them and just ask too much of them when they had surgery of 3 ligaments in their previous game ?

How do you tell if we have a good football coach or not ?

Is your job to teach a football coach how to be a football coach or if you offer him up five million 400 thousand in 2016 to coach your team is it reasonable to expect him to have certain knowledge which you see he is demonstrating he simply does not have ?

Does a good football coach try to change the perception of how he is doing when he is not doing well by controlling who he lets talk and what he lets them say ?

Is it readily apparent what the questions are to ask a football coach ?

Does he see that as being critical of him or that ALL OF US are on the same page trying to do better ?

Is it pretty-darn obvious who the better players are and they are just not out there doing that all the time only as ho-hum go get a couple of snaps ?  Or can you really not even tell who the better players are ?

How does this motivate the others on the team when they know too who the better players are at certain positions and this guy they all thought would be isn’t out there all the time doing that when they too thought he should be ? Does this inspire others to be the best they can be ?

Should it be you want to be perceived as in-charge and therefore you are giving a player a lesson as a football coach and therefore spite him to teach him the lesson whether that is spiting you ?  When that hurts the team as a whole ?  Does ANY of this hit home here now ?

How does he treat his players ?

Does he inspire and motivate his players ?

Does he know about defense and how to teach that ?

Can you indeed succeed at any profession if you as the manager don’t have a desire that you want them to be perceived as great players who you helped succeed and win awards and win football games ?

Is he even willing to answer the question of him if you ask him ?

Does his utter denial to answer questions of him as football coach indicate that there probably is fire where there is smoke ?

Is anyone who is any good at anything unwilling to answer direct questions ?

Do you just hire experienced football coaches or can you hire a person with the traits and skills that give him the make-up to be a football coach ?

Is this the school to do that at or are other schools the proving ground for UGA ?

Is this the right time for that or did we just fire a coach because he was no experience as head coach either and was quite mediocre the last 8 years losing to unranked teams losing to the top teams and having glaring issues as head coach everyone easily saw ?

Does a successful company leave a guy in-charge who they maybe made a mistake in hiring ?

Is it obvious when a football coach needs help ?

If you’re his boss and you hired him should you be able to talk to him about what you hired him to do ?

Or are you obviously a person who was put there by a quite controversial person Mike Adam$ who has demonstrated yourself that you know nothing about what you’re doing too ?

Do you have expectations for your football team that you EVEN WANT the coach to be great ?

Do you settle for less than great ?

Do you really not even really care how great or not the football coach is ?

Does he know about offense and how to teach that ?

Does he know about special teams and how to teach that ?

Can he be a good head football coach and know only defense ?

Can he be weak himself at offense and special teams ?

How well does he recruit ?

How well does he evaluate talent and quickly get the best players on the field ?

If he recruits well but is slow on the uptake to play them what difference does it matter how well he recruits ?

Does he seem to have some other goal other than getting his best players playing ?

Does he have built-in biases ?

Is he treating all his players and coaches equally ?

How has he done in hiring coaches ? Do they know what they’re doing ?

Can you evaluate a coach after one year ? Sure you can.

Just as a coach has to be quick on the uptake to get his best players out there playing for him – if you are going to judge how good a coach he is then you have to evaluate him after a year and see where his deficiencies are right ?

Does he know what he needs to learn about coaching football ?

Is he stubborn about being told where he is needing to improve himself as a football coach ?

Does he seek those who know what he does not know about coaching football and surround himself with those or only wants to have it his way or the highway ?

Is sheer determination to WIN a trait of a successful coach ?

Does a good football coach force his system on everyone around him all his players and coaches or does that coach have an uncanny ability to adapt himself and his system to what he actually has as players ?

Do you frequently see him urging the players on and his staff too ?

Or does he mostly criticize ?

Does he get his players to think they can do more and get them fired-up to try to do more than they thought they might ? Is this what a good football coach does ? Can you be a good football coach and not do this ? Can a coach be lucky and have good players and that made him a good coach ?

What are his priorities as coach ? What are your priorities for him as your coach ?

What experience does he have as coach which prove that he is an experienced coach ?

Do you have a list of questions you ask of a prospective football coach you expect him to know ?

Do you have no business in hiring a coach ?

What skills and traits you have seen in successful coaches does he have ?

Does he know enough about the game to teach the skills to his players ?

Is he winning ?

Is he a good coach ?

Is he learning to be a football coach ?

Is he continuing to make the same mistakes or learning from his mistakes ?

Has he been making mistakes as a football coach ?

It seems in each lifetime there are certain winning coaches who get it as a football coach and seem to have a tree of those under him who go on and prove that he developed good football coaches on his staff or does he seem to come from a tree where the successful coach he worked for really has a mixed-bag of former coaches for him who really didn’t prove that they know how to coach at all ?

What do others say about him as a good football coach ?

Did he play the game himself or was a back-up not playing football ?

Is that important ?  Can he have the skills to coach when was just a back-up ?

Do you want a coach who wins ? Does he want to win ?

Are you wanting some goal from him as coach other than winning ?

Does he have some other goal other than winning ?

Does he have a list of areas where he can improve himself as a football coach ?

Is he studying the game and taking courses on being a football coach ?

Does he know it all ?

If you stand idly by and never get in their face and demand greatness can you be a successful football coach ?

How do you judge a good football coach ?

You have to be a good football coach to judge a good football coach ? You have to have been a good football coach to hire a good football coach ? You can get lucky as a person hiring a football coach for him to be good ?

Can a woman be a football coach ?

What would a woman have to know to be a football coach ?

Does being the son of a football coach mean that you will be a football coach ? How good average or great was the father in coaching football ?

Are you pretty-much a know-it-all or like to just put others down ? Have you ever managed or coached yourself or played the game ? Is that important either ?

Do you select among those yourself of the players and spur them on ?

Does a good football coach have favorites ? Should he ? Should it be a trophy for everyone ?

Is being the best they can be what is important ?

How does he deal with losing ?

Does he have some other goal other than winning ?  Is that wrong to ask yourself of your team ?

Is your football coach not doing well ?

Why are you afraid to say that your coach is not doing well ?

Can’t you see what makes a good football coach and what does not ?

Are you a casual fan who really knows nothing and really don’t care to learn either ?

Do you find yourself studying the game of football ?

Do you go to the games ?

Have you been to many away games too ?

Have you been to a ton of bowl games ?

Do you just go on the Internet and criticize others on the Internet and turn the TV off when the team is not going to win that day ? Or do you stick it out to the bitter-end each game and have expectations of at least trying to help the team players and coaches ?

Do you ever get to the point where you give-up on a football coach ? What does he have to demonstrate for you make that decision ?

Did the football coach start doing anything that made you wonder about him as a football coach ?

How long to go before you speak-out about it ?

Is that for someone else to do to determine if he is obviously the guy who gets it as a football coach ?

Are you just kind of stupid and lazy and really don’t get into anything so you really don’t care as long as you like a guy or not as your football coach ?

Do you go along with others’ evaluations of him as a football coach or do you have an informed opinion of your own ?

Do you hate it when a fan says that they think their football coach isn’t doing well when it might be obvious to you as a player coach on his staff administration or fan that this guy has clear weakness a clear limitation to him being a good football coach ?

Is a good football coach a teacher ? Does a good football coach teach ?

What areas do you see us as having flaws ?

Are we any good on defense ?

Do we sit back or get after them on defense ?

Do we take it to them on offense ?

Do we seem to have the same guys back there who are losing or do we try someone else at those positions ?

What makes a good football coach and bad one ?

Is there no question you ask of him to determine for yourself ?

How does he conduct himself ?


What is the essence of the make-up of a good football coach ?


Who should be making these decisions ? A former tennis coach of one year ? Is tennis anything like football ? Is one year coaching tennis really enough to have proved that you do know how to hire a football coach ? Who hired the 1-year tennis coach as athletics’ director at a football school ? Is that important who hired whom ?


How did he get the job as football coach ?


If you offered a job to a guy and he said it would be his “dream job” what would you do if he said he wanted to stay at his old job for 7 weeks and 4 days before bothering to show-up to your job you offered him ?  November 28 he told Greg McGarity dream job showed-up January 12.  Kirby said Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead said this was just fine.


Would you think that that would raise a red flag ?


Does it always work-out when you promote a coach up the ranks ?


Should the # 11 program all-time in wins hire a proven head coach ? Should that be a priority ?


How have the other coaches this guy hired worked-out ?


How well has he done as the athletics’ director during his tenure here starting just prior to the 2010 sports’ season ?


Is that how you measure him ?


Is there some other measure ?


Should no one ever question anything ?


Should online blogs have people who all they ever do is criticize someone for HAVING AN OPINION of how well our football coach is doing his damn job ?


Is that all they have to say ?


Do they have no opinion at all other than he is my coach so I think he is the best ever ?


Is that the best for the players ?


Is that the best for the school ?


What about the school ?


How does THIS reflect on Jere Morehead as the president of The University of Georgia that his first act was to hire one assistant coach promoting him to head football coach at a football school to replace another assistant coach promoted to head coach who for 8 years with # 7 talent here was # 45 in wins vs top 15 teams as the # 11 program all-time in wins ?


Why do Alabama fans have expectations that they MUST do well ?


Why don’t we ?


Should we ?


Is Alabama a better school ?


Is Alabama a better or bigger place or has a better campus or better football stadium or better fans ?


What are your goals to sit back and have no opinion on how Kirby is doing as football coach ?


Does it matter that coaches hotseat.com has Kirby at # 26 after his first year ?


Is he really even number 26  ON THE HOT SEAT ? There is no measure I know of which ranks Kirby as highly as number 26.


Number 26 of 128 is certainly in red on their webpages as ON THE HOT SEAT.


Is Kirby on the hot seat ?


Is this just fine and dandy and Kirby can do whatever and we all love him anyway ?


Now that he is telling the players to have fun now that we play TCU in the Liberty Bowl and that he wants them to take time-off not practice is that telling the players and indicating the coach thinks his job is secure ?


Did Mark Richt say that he was SURPRISED that he was fired ?


Is Kirby going to say the same ?


While I listed Kirby as a possible better coach than Mark Richt and noted that Kirby was the ONLY one on my list NOT a current proven head coach – is it what you expected of me to settle for 8-5 when Mark Richt was 9-4 at 73-32 his last 8 years here ? Is Kirby going to be 7-6 and not even 8-5 ?


Is there anything to indicate that Kirby is doing anything different NOW today than he did starting January 12 ?


Do you see our offense as a FAILED OFFENSE ?


Do you think that Kirby KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT OFFENSE ?


Or do we have a defensive coach who is our football coach ?


Which is it ?


Is your football coach stupid or did Kirby earn Academic All-America as our 1st Team All-SEC defensive back and team captain here ?


So he is not stupid then right ?


He is inexperienced isn’t he ?


He has certain areas where he has a lot to learn about being a good football coach doesn’t he ?


Am I allowed to open-up this discussion ?


Should I or should you indeed should anyone who writes anything about Georgia Bulldogs’ football ignore that which is obvious about where he is lacking as a good football coach ?


Should Kirby have given his top 3 OL signees this 2016 one snap combined or was THAT one of the very weakest areas of this team ? Did it matter ? Was he on a damn honeymoon anyway ?


When does the honeymoon end ?


When you finally fire his ass ?


When is that ?


When you sat by and never offered-up an opinion and finally one day he loses to Vandie and you fire him ?


Or finally one day many years of mediocre football from now because he is not prepared to be a good football coach you let him go for being WORSE than Mark Richt who was fired for being 9-4 for his last 8 years here now winning NOTHING at 8-5 one season ?


When ?


When NOT ?


When can this be discussed ?


Does it hurt recruiting to discuss this ?


Do you think the recruits saw that Mecole Hardman Junior got no punt returns no kick-off returns no passes thrown to him no passes defended no rushes no touch of the ball ?


Should Ben Cleveland have been redshirted ?


Should Brian Herrien have been the starter this season as Tailback when Nick Chubb and Sony Michel were trying to get over their injuries ?


Or should Nick Chubb have been given 32 carries for 227 yards right out of the gate and really not been the same since ?


Can you criticize Kirby about ANYTHING ?


Well can you ?


Should I ?


Indeed should anyone ?


Did Ole Miss have better talent than we HANDED Kirby ? No. We average the # 7 recruiting ranking for the last 5 years with redshirt making up this team and Ole Miss # 11. Should Kirby have been 45 to nothing ?


Is that acceptable ?


What kind of message are YOU sending if you write anything about or say anything about The Georgia Bulldogs and disregard asking these questions ?


Can Kirby not GATA and beat TCU or is that a throw-away have fun game too ? More honeymoon ?


When is the honeymoon over ?


When must he answer the tough questions ?


When do you ask one of him ?


When do you say anything on this topic or frankly any other relevant topic on this team you purport to write about ?


Well ?


Fluff pieces ?


Is that what you say to yourself as you sit down to do your job covering this team we PAY YOU to ?


That you are going to IGNORE anything about Kirby’s coaching and just write a fluff piece again ?


Ignore Kirby ?


Ignore the season ?

I really don’t give a damn what you think about me in case you have not figured that out yet after me writing about us on the Internet since 1977. I ran my own BBS for many years. I built my own computer. I ran two phone lines into my computer I bought with my money and built myself. It is what I do.


I was honored Honor’s Day as Top 5 % of my graduating class at The University of Georgia. I have the papers to prove they invited my parents there to Foy Fine Arts Building for the Ceremony.   I am not in this world to live-up to YOUR expectations of me.


What I do give a damn about is that my alma mater wins.


I have a DEGREE in THIS.


I have coached for MANY YEARS.


I played 4 sports and lettered in 4 sports.


I was the Senior Patrol Leader of my Boy Scout Troup HERE where I have lived all my life.


Good coaches always build-up self-esteem rather than undermine it. This self-esteem building is not a gimmick nor is it done artificially. In other words the coach doesn’t praise a mediocre effort. A good football coach judged as a good football coach simply makes it a practice to catch his athletes doing things RIGHT. The good coach doesn’t get caught up in playing head games that leave the athlete questioning his abilities. He doesn’t criticize them to the press but PRAISES them.


I know what I am talking about.


I can prove I know what I am talking about.


College football players are not criticized by their football coach for a mistake failure or short-coming. This is an aggressive assault on that athlete that doesn’t build mental toughness or enhance performance.  There is NOTHING educational or constructive about it. It tears down that athlete and grossly undermines his self-esteem creating performance problems.


I have a DEGREE in this.


I have studied it all my life. I did it before I went to UGA. I have done it EVERY day since.


A good football coach does not just teach the skills techniques and strategy of this sport. Instead a good football coach looks for opportunities where the more important life lessons can be taught such as mastering hardship handling and rebounding from failures and setbacks trusting his teammates sacrificing himself for the benefit of the team emotionally dealing with winning and losing teaches good sportsmanship fair play honesty integrity and that as a team the team is TRYING to win. Some get it. Some don’t. Which do we have ? I ask these questions because I am not about to put-up with it next year nor will I stand idly by and have not since PRIOR to January 12 when it finally dawned on little ole me that we HAVE A PROBLEM here in our football coach.


When you are out-of-balance in a job offering-up $ 5 million 400 thousand plus an expense account plus a retirement package for life and think there is something you will be judged on other than winning or that THIS is acceptable as laid-out by me here for Kirby this 2016 season pardon me but I am going to direct myself to what he needs to do to improve.


Mark Richt ignored me and called me noise.


I fired his ass. I had no choice.


He would NOT IMPROVE HIMSELF in the areas he was simply ineffective as a football coach. He was stubborn about it.


Kirby is showing these same stubborn traits about his areas of weakness as well the very same as Mark Richt.


And Kirby unlike Mark Richt is not stupid.


On the contrary Kirby is smart enough to KNOW I am RIGHT about this.


In anything you have to have self-awareness. You have to take ownership. It does not work not to. If the team wins THE PLAYERS did it not the coach. If the team loses YOU MUST BE THE ONE WHO SAYS IT WAS YOUR FAULT ALONE that the players and staff did EVERYTHING they could do. That you are SATISFIED with the performance of the team. That you have to do a better job of coaching.


That’s what I am saying here.


What Kirby has to do to improve.


I will NOT settle for this shit as it is.


A good coach knows that while one athlete may respond well to a hard edge and raised voice and he knows that this approach may totally shut another down. What I see is what I saw in Rodney Garner here – tough love only.


Kirby had to have seen that Brian Herrien wanted the ball more.


Kirby has to know that Mecole Hardman Junior’s mamma is very disappointed in Kirby not playing him either.


It’s a good thing that Kirby doesn’t let Ben Cleveland as a freshman to speak-up or Elijah Holyfield for getting 6 carries or any of his assistant coaches – none of whom does Kirby allow to speak-up because THEY WOULD TELL HIM THIS TOO and you know it.


Game plans in-game adjustments time-outs play calls practice not practice say great accolades about the guys you signed yourself to your team are all areas a good coach is great at. We don’t have ANY of these.


You know that too.


I am not the only one who sees this.


I am not stupid. I know you know this.


The good football coach is flexible. He adjusts what he thought he wants to what he DOES have.


All good coaches are GREAT communicators. Kirby is probably about as abrasive a football coach as he can be and have any chance of being a good football coach one day.


When will that day be ?


Do you expect Kirby to play his freshmen with the # 1 unit this Spring who show-up this Spring who Kirby will START next year ?


I do NOT.


How can you expect to LISTEN well if all you EVER do is tell everyone to SHUT-UP ?


That you categorically refuse to answer the question ?


I understand how important it is to LISTEN.


I know how to ask open questions. I am trained at it. I know how to ask directed questions. I know how important this is.


I know how the Bulldog Nation feels this morning.


A football team has a mission. It is not a process but a GOAL. It is that you WANT IT BADLY ENOUGH to give it your all. Kirby still seems locked-in on something else. He hasn’t gotten to the point yet that he feels the pressure yet to WIN.


He will.


He has to LEARN THAT apparently.


Nick Saban did not prepare Kirby and TOLD US TO HIRE HIM anyway. Nick Saban had to know all these short-comings of Kirby after all these years the 2 were inseparable. And Nick had to know he had not given Kirby a free hand to make these decisions such as who starts at QB and why ?


Who redshirts ?


What are the teams’ strengths ?


What are the teams’ weaknesses and what can I do as football coach to fill that hole to fix that ?


Give up on it ?


Write the season off as a throw-away year ?


Say we have NOBODY on the team ?


Criticize EVERY PLAYER to the press ?


Say the guy has this weakness and that weakness as QB as to why you NEVER practiced him with the # 1 unit even Monday and Tuesday after GAME TWO (2) and made him your starting QB all year WITHOUT the confidence of his teammates and without the experience with the # 1 unit ?


I mean.


No timing down then with the receivers. No feel for the game with them as receivers.


A good coach is not defensive about these tough questions EVERY TIME all season long when we ALL asked you Kirby.


We’re NOT the opposition Kirby. We’re not Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fans Kirby. No sane person would read any word in 50 years I wrote and say that Kirby. We’re TRYING to HELP. Are you LISTENING ?


Feedback Kirby is the breakfast of champions. Learn from your mistakes Kirby.


This is NO FUN Kirby. How much FUN do YOU think this is Kirby ? Well son ?


All season long we did EVERYTHING we could do to LOSE.


Where are we at with our football coach ?


Do you think that the foundations are set for us to do well next year ?


Or do you think that we aren’t coaching our recruits as well as we could ?


What are YOU going to do about it if you do think we have areas to improve for Kirby ?  Be like Kirby and not allow the question to be asked ?


That will fix it ?


Do you WANT IT ?


Do you know what it means to WANT IT ?


I am sorry but I am not into dinky.  I know how to ask others :




I will stand there until they say :





And we’re going about this all wrong.

What I do give a damn about is that my alma mater wins.  I think that is fun.  I want that.  I have expectations that we do win.  I do not consider 7-5 winning football. This is unacceptable. Kirby is a neophyte at coaching and has loads to learn.

If he is not ready what do we do now ?

Do you think I am wrong ?  Or even wrong to ask ?

Do you think I have the RIGHT to ask you if you think this is acceptable right now today that this is where we are ?



Kirby will be criticized again next year 2017 for not practicing the freshmen this 2016 year with the # 1 unit, for not preparing them when Kirby needed them 2016, for not putting them in the game, and for not letting the freshmen play THIS YEAR. Why ? “The prospects understand there are a lot of opportunities to come in and play. That’s what we’re selling.” Kirby

“The prospects understand there are a lot of opportunities to come in and play.  That’s what we’re selling.”  Kirby


Why will Kirby be criticized ?  Because he is selling that which he knows he does not want to do : To play freshmen.


Because they will kick-ass next year this 2016 freshmen class – wasted as they ALL every one are all season game 8 next.


You’re too conservative Kirby.


It all started with his criticizing of Jacob Eason by stating that he could NOT tell who was better Greyson Lambert or Jacob Eason.  So he gave Jacob Eason not one single snap all Spring with the # 1 unit.  He WAS STILL practicing Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit all Fall Practice too except for 9 practices.  This is not preparing Jacob Eason with the # 1 unit and they with him.   2 weeks Kirby gave Jacob Eason snaps with the # 1 unit ALL SPRING AND ALL FALL.  Were they the last 2 weeks even in the Fall ?


Hell no.


The last entire week of Fall Practice ONLY Greyson Lambert got the snaps with the # 1 unit.


In fact, Monday and Tuesday AFTER the North Carolina win, Kirby not only did NOT recognize Jacob Eason as 1 of the top 8 best players, but in fact STILL had Greyson Lambert practicing with the # 1 unit Monday and Tuesday the week of the Nicholls State game.  Why did we struggle ?


Why have we struggled all year on offense ?


Then he had his issues with injured running backs and NEVER put in Brian Herrien.  Cameo appearances only for Brian Herrien is down right criminal.  Kirby said Brian Herrien needed to learn to block somewhat better.  He has done very well Kirby.  Play him more.


Ben Cleveland redshirted.  I mean Kirby.  Jesus Christ.  This is your TOP OFFENSIVE LINEMAN HELP you added for 2016.  And what did you say ?  You said that your OL sucked 2016 Kirby.  That’s right.  But Ben Cleveland is the ONLY recruit 2016 who will NEVER SEE THE FIELD.  You redshirted Kirby a possible NFL Draft Pick after 2018 season who was your BEST HOPE FOR HELP on the OL 2016.


And with THIS BLOCKING WE JUST SAW by the OL against Vandie.


These are just a few of the examples of the misuse of freshmen by Kirby.  Of the clear bias Kirby has against freshmen.


Jesus Christ Kirby.


Wide Receivers ?  Kirby stood-up tall and answered the question about Mecole Hardman Jr. saying that Kirby WOULD play him if after 4 or 5 practices Kirby saw him as Elite.  Well Kirby this is GAME 8 now boy coming-up.  Not 1 punt return not 1 kick-off return not 1 pass not 1 hand him the ball.  Has Kirby played him at defensive back where Kirby said he has slotted him at ONLY ?  No sir.   Kirby Redshirted Mecole Hardman Jr. for SEVERAL GAMES until Mecole Hardman Jr. became UNGLUED and HAD IT OUT with Kirby.  Now, he gets 1 play per game tackling on special teams ONLY.  This appeases Mecole Hardman Jr. ?  No, it does not.


Do we have to break-down the ENTIRE freshmen class 2016 ?


All Kirby has done is to in public put-down, berate, admonish, chastise, and lambaste EVERY freshman ALL YEAR.  And still GAME 8 has not played them when what do we know ?  Well ladies and gentleman after ALL Kirby did and said to Jacob Eason, I do believe that Jacob Eason has PROVEN KIRBY INCORRECT on his analysis of him and that Kirby did not know what he was doing with Jacob Eason and that Kirby did NOT prepare Jacob Eason AT ALL. Not.


Hasn’t he ?


So where the HELL are the freshmen other than Jacob Eason, Kirby ?


Where ?


3 passes you threw all year is all Kirby has allowed Charlie Woerner to catch.  3.  Game 8 next week.




Riley Ridley had only 2 passes thrown to him before last week.  2.  Seriously Kirby ?


Isaac Nauta ?  Do you spread him out wide and fill-in your hole at receiver with the glut of Tight Ends as I called for January 12 Kirby ?  No sir.   Isaac Nauta has started only 1 game all season as our top threat for catching passes.  Isaac Nauta has been BENCHED not starting EITHER of the LAST 2 GAMES.  That is how bad this misuse of our Freshmen Class # 7 nationally has been.  When Kirby does give him another start, Kirby will throw maybe one pass to Isaac Nauta all game.  This how glaring the misuse of the 2016 Signing Class Kirby himself signed here this year.


Kirby has thrown the ball 30 times to Isaiah McKenzie and half of that to Isaac Nauta.  Just damn.


There is not 1 NFL talent scout who would agree with that that twice as many throws to Isaiah McKenzie and half as many to Isaac Nauta.


This is the proven proof that Kirby indeed misplays his freshmen.


Mistreats his freshmen.


Thinks the only player he has 2016 is Isaiah McKenzie.


Getting into a game and being one of the 57 players Kirby let play in the game does not mean that he really is giving his freshmen their due.  They all should revolt.


Sony Michel Game 8 next he has 11 catches all season.




2 passes all season long until last week is all Kirby has thrown to Javon Wims.


Why say you need receivers Kirby ?


You will not play the ones you do have.


Jackson Harris has 1 pass all season thrown to him.  Honestly, I see Jackson Harris as one of the very best.


Elijah Holyfield has 5 rushes and 1 pass thrown to him Game 8 next.


I swear to God Kirby.


David Marshall was not even allowed to play against vols.  It’s NOT just the offense.  It’s not just the offense and special teams.  It’s across the board that Kirby MISTREATS his freshmen.


In public.

In practice.

In games.


Kirby does NOT prepare his freshmen.  Then Kirby throws them in for a cameo appearance and they do very WELL.  Kirby yanks them.


Benches them.


Mecole Hardman Jr. has 2 assisted tackles Game 8 next.  No rush.  No catch.  No punt return.  No kick-off return.  Are we ANY good at ANY of those ?  No sir.  Is Mecole Hardman Jr. someone by GAME 8 you might have considered help at ANY of those Kirby ?




Kirby does not recognize Mecole Hardman Jr. as ANY help whatsoever at PR KR WR RB not even to play in the secondary as db.  2 assisted tackles all season game 8 next, both plays on special teams.  Really really truly awfully wonderful talent evaluation Kirby.



Talent recognition.

Talent recognition at positions of need.


Let’s see, we’re bad at running the ball, bad at catching the ball, bad at blocking, bad at kick-off return, bad at penalties putting guys out there game on the line when you refused to let them practice with the # 1 unit but now crunch time game on the line out there they go to bail you out Kirby, bad at punt return, bad at kick-off no leg kicker, bad at well… I think you get the picture.


Never crossed your stubborn I Hate Freshmen mind Kirby to consider throwing the ball to Mecole Hardman Jr. or even to let Ben Cleveland play.


Roquan Smith did not even start against vols or Vandie.  Oh we LOST both of those Kirby ?


Roquan Smith leads the defense Kirby behind Natrez Patrick and he CAN NOT START for you Kirby half the games this season ALREADY ?  Seriously Kirby.  WTF ?


Half the games Trenton Thompson has NOT STARTED EITHER Kirby – same as Roquan Smith.  Excuse me Kirby ?  Trenton Thompson did not start against vols or Vandie BOTH LOSSES as well.  WTF ?  Trenton Thompson is our # 3 leader on defense and half the games SAME AS WITH ROQUAN SMITH Kirby has seen fit to bench them.


I am certain I speak for ALL these men Kirby that when you THINK YOU ARE MAKING A POINT to them to so mangle your year and their season by BENCHING THEM – that you Kirby sir, are HOLDING OUR TEAM BACK.


Kirby you are bad sir at talent evaluation.


I swear to God.

You did not start Mo Smith against Vandie Kirby.  We LOST.


What were you doing Kirby ?


Making a point to Mo Smith that you are in charge ?




Less than half the games you have even let Julian Rochester start.


Excuse me Kirby Julian Rochester is a STARTER Kirby.


Julian Rochester after Kirby says he can tell after 4 or 5 practices if the guy is Elite, did NOT start 4 of the 7 games.  WTF Kirby ?  Are you THIS BAD AT TALENT EVALUATION ?


Yes.  Yes, you are this bad at talent evaluation Kirby.


As a head coach, you are the WORST talent evaluator I have ever seen Kirby.


Do NOT write to me that Kirby is SELLING to 2017 recruits PT as freshmen.  Our 2017 recruiting class which clearly is the # 1 best recruiting class UGA has EVER HAD, will never see the field in practice with the # 1 unit no matter how badly we have needs at his position.  There is opportunity to come-in, practice with the # 1 unit, be prepared to play, and put in the games more than just casual off-the-cuff cameo appearances and then BENCHED ?  Really Kirby ?


I would make Kirby sign a document, have it notarized, and make him present it to the press, that I get snaps practicing with the # 1 unit, that I am prepared to play with the # 1 unit, and that I get in EVERY GAME all season long in the 1st quarter for more than a cameo appearance. Or else, or I would NOT sign with Kirby.


If he told ME that he is selling the concept to everyone who has not yet committed 2017 of early PT- if Kirby told me that I can come-in and play right away I would make him sign that document.


Don’t you dare write that bullshit to me for me to read as you ALL are doing right now.  Don’t you dare try to pass that off to me.


I am not buying that bullshit.


Kirby is AFRAID to put them in lest they SHOW him up for having NOT PLAYED them while we are # 75 at every aspect of a football team.


How would have the 2016 year gone had Kirby recognized right up front that Mark Richt left him nothing returning as starters on his 2-Deep and prepared his freshmen across the board as if he had no choice ?


It would have been compelling evidence to the 2017 uncommitted recruits to sign-up with Kirby to fill the holes they see they could help us at.


Kirby is TRYING to make a point to them by not playing them instead.


While what Kirby has actually done Instead is to MAKE MY POINT that Kirby has a bias against freshmen.  If he ever puts-in his freshmen class this year, we will start winning and quit all this losing.


“The prospects understand there are a lot of opportunities to come in and play.  That’s what we’re selling.”  Kirby


How can that be true, Kirby ?  You don’t play FRESHMEN by policy.


How can a prospect buy-in to that total bullshit Kirby ?


I certainly am not falling for it.  I know 2017 you will not let any freshman talk to anyone, practice with the # 1 unit, play in the games more than a cameo appearance, and therefore not prepare him at all.


That’s what I know Kirby.


We can look forward to seeing these 2016 freshmen in 2017.


And 2017 recruiting class, we can see in 2018.



Recruiting does not mean a hill of beans, if you don’t put them in the game and let them play.

We are using the same recruiting shtick next year 2017 recruiting signing date as we used 2016 signing date and that is that there is opportunity to play here at Georgia as a freshman.


Wouldn’t Kirby have had to have played some freshmen this year for anyone to believe that ?


Come here and no matter how badly we need you here, we will chide you and refuse to let you play as a freshman and we’ll also gag you.


No wonder there is a lot of opportunity here to play early as a freshman.  Even next year because he won’t let them play this year to show everyone how much depth he does have.


Kirby has a great recruiting class 2016 and has steadfastly refused to play ANY of them.  NONE OF THEM.


If he ever did, we would kick some butt.


Next year, he will play the freshmen as sophomores.


Then the good ones of this 2016 class will leave the year after next.  So the best ones you will really only see for 2 years with nothing but cameo appearances 2016 season – wasted as freshmen – EVERY ONE OF THEM.


Next year when this year’s class finally gets RECOGNIZED for what they are and get to play football finally and really help us, he will CATEGORICALLY REFUSE to play the even better 2017 class because they will be freshmen.


He will hold press conferences where he tells us where each of next year’s 2017 signing class is weak.  All of them will be chided in public.




How do I know that ?


Because only that has gone on all year 2016.


This is NOT how I envisioned 2016 game 8.


It has stymied his recruiting for 2017 right where it is for a LONG TIME NOW.


He better start playing his freshmen.


By the way, I would have practiced Jacob Eason ONLY with the # 1 unit January 12.


I would have STARTED Brian Herrien game 1 vs North Carolina and been cautious with Nick Chubb.  Brian Herrien was the ONLY running back healthy for North Carolina.  38 carries for Nick Chubb after THAT 3 ligament surgery.  Criminal.  He’s not been the SAME since.


We’ve just steadfastly refused to play freshmen.


And what’s up with this all we have is Isaiah McKenzie ?


Why Ben Cleveland with the sorry OL we saw vs Vandie in the last game still redshirted when he leaves to NFL with his best friend Jacob Eason after the year after next.  WTF ?


Mecole Hardman Jr. was redshirted for SEVERAL GAMES to begin this season and he had a come to Jesus meeting with Kirby and now gets to play one play on special teams each game TACKLING people NOT kick return or punt return both of which we SUCKED AT again vs Vandie.


Mecole also has not been handed the ball once.  Nor thrown to once.


Nice use of the # 1 athlete in the nation Kirby sir and his WASTED freshmen year.


Are you afraid to let us see how good Mecole Hardman Jr. is Kirby so that he doesn’t make you look bad because you said you would and then game 8 STILL HAVE NOT.


And thanks too Kirby for having such a out-of-sync offense too Kirby because of your feet-dragging about Jacob Eason.


I swear if you say one more word Kirby about your hating on your freshmen crap, I will really get this out there so as to CHANGE YOU KIRBY.


You hard-headed stubborn pig-headed hater of all freshmen Kirby.


MARK MY WORDS these freshmen this year will have a GREAT NFL DRAFT the year after next when the top ones leave early.  This is 2016.  You SAW what Jacob Eason was despite all the B.S. from Kirby and nothing but dragging his feet – kicking and screaming.


What my real concern is now game 8 is that Kirby will NOT play his even better recruiting class 2017 next year, EITHER.


And to think Kirby guaranteed us about Mecole for example that after 4 or 5 practices he’d recognize if he is Elite or not and play him on special teams and offense.  No, he has NOT.


It’s ALL been a recruiting shtick he is employing again 2017 already.


Game 8 next our # 1 Rival.






It doesn’t mean you will play as a freshman.  Ask any of those who are freshmen this year and report back to me.





vols’ fans think they have the advantage in every aspect of this game tomorrow afternoon despite having beat no one. vols did beat Florida last week who has beat no one either. vols’ fans are acting like they’re great on every blog. 11-14 SEC Butch Jones I don’t think so. Until they beat Northwestern in an 11 am bowl game last season they had not been ranked in 7 consecutive seasons ending # 23. # 106 best college vols 2016 U.S. News & World Report UGA is # 56 by stark contrast. UGA # 8 average 247Sports.com composite last 5 classes while vols are # 14. We can even series with win vs. vols who had no business beating us last year up there. “With the injury to Nick Chubb the Bulldogs cannot compete with the upper echelon of the SEC. 31-20 vols win.”

Excuse me if I am unimpressed with vols and most especially with their big-talking vols’ fans.


Not that we’ve looked like much but we’re more talented than they – if we would only play our freshmen and pass the ball to Mecole Hardman Jr.


If we don’t then vols have a 3-game lead on us in The SEC East requiring 3 losses by them while Kirby then goes undefeated the rest of the season.


Frankly both of those could happen too.


I would love nothing more than 3 straight losses for vols because I remember how nasty vols fans can be.  It was a long time ago but I remember when they last were any good.


vols are not any good this season and I do not consider that vols were any good last season either but they beat Mark Richt anyway.


But what really gets to me is that vols’ fans act so high and mighty before the game tomorrow.


Wes Rucker Go vols 247Sports.com :



“With the injury to Nick Chubb the Bulldogs cannot compete with the upper echelon of the SEC.  31-20 vols win.”



“If ever there was a week where Georgia would rise to the occasion it would be this one. I really wish I could believe Tennessee is going to blow that team out. As of right now, I’m just not there.”


Tony Basilio . com




Prison Orange ?  Who wants to wear orange pants ?  Orange shirt ? Orange hat ?  Orange socks ?  Orange anything ?


Go ahead.


Who ?


If my coach was 11-14 in The SEC the last words out of my mouth would be anything that even resembled that the vols are back.


The vols are NOT BACK.


Not with Butch Jones.  All he does is talk.


Oh, and LOSE to 3 more SEC teams than he’s beat in a DOWN SEC East all this time he has been there.


11-14 SEC Butch Jones


I suggest the vols lose 3 games in a row.  That is my prediction.


And if my school was ranked # 106 in the latest 2016 U.S. News and World Report Rankings best colleges, I would not act like we were any great college football team either – not going 7 straight seasons UNRANKED then beat Northwestern in an 11 am bowl last season and finally make # 23 just for that.  That is the ONLY year you have been ranked vols’ fans in the last 8 years.  We fired our coach for that and he wasn’t 11-14 vs. The SEC.  In fact, Mark Richt was ranked for half the last 8 years.  4 of the 8.


vols fans are desperate for a great team.  It is NOT this one and they all should know that not act high and mighty – here is a URL Link I find amusing.


Amusing that UGA has had 16 running backs rush for 1000 yards.  We have 2 freshmen both of whom will pass that mark as well.  But not if we continue to mistreat freshmen and not even play them.


We don’t play them.


We don’t play any of our freshmen.


If we did we would be a lot better.


Playing with a dozen hands tied behind our backs.


Do that again not playing our freshmen and try to run the ball up the middle every play again and we lose again.


Otherwise I don’t see vols as any good.


vols lose to Alabama

vols lose to Texas A&M

vols lose to UGA or SHOULD if our smart coach WAKES-UP

I am not even sure vols can beat Missouri


vols lose to Alabama second time in SEC Championship Game if they beat Kirby.  This is what this game is all about.  Beat Kirby get 2 losses to Alabama this season.


vols lose their bowl game


I have vols UNRANKED again this year with Butch Jones OBVIOUSLY.


I see 5 losses for vols 2016-2017 season with Butch Jones – at least 4.


And I see Butch Jones being 11-15 in The SEC tomorrow.


So yuk it up vols fans.


While you can acting so great.


I don’t THINK so.


Let everyone else tell you are more talented than UGA.  Heck tell us yourselves.


You are not.


In your orange prison garb jump suit.  How fitting with all that goes on in your football program this entire century of bad press for the vols following Tee Martin admitting that he took a bunch of $ 7 thousand and $ 6 thousand dollar payments from you at the 7-11 store all the time during his tainted NC 1998.


You have been the laughing stock of The SEC for a decade now.  So you yuk it up that our fans are amusing ?


Good luck with that.


I am bemused by that statement Tony Basilio.


Yuk it up pre-game like you are great.


I know you know you aren’t.


Talk about being nonplussed by a college football program ?  vols rear their ugly heads pre-game and yuk it up that they’re playing UGA who only has 2 freshmen running backs to play vols.


Your football program has sucked for so long you don’t have any fans who remember when you last were any good.


So vols pick on UGA pre-game like vols are UPPER ECHELON SEC.


Look down at UGA.


Butch Jones’ only win over a top 10 team in his entire career is beating South Carolina his 1st year there with vols and UGA beat South Carolina that year, too.


Good luck with that you nasty-assed vols’ fans.


# 51 vols under Butch Jones vs teams ranked at time of game like UGA # 25 tomorrow :






vols upper echelon of The SEC ?


Butch Jones is # 11 of SEC teams vs. SEC teams in Butch Jones Era for vols.



ha ha ha ha ha lol rofl what a joke 11-14 SEC Butch Jones – some UPPER ECHELON of The SEC.


yuk yuk yuk





Happy Easter. Depth problem at Running Back 2016 ? Or recruiting talk from Kirby ? When you see (1) Mecole Hardman Jr (2) Charlie Woerner (3) Elijah Holyfield and all Kirby’s other walk-ons RUN the ball along with (4) Sony Michel (5) Brendan Douglas (6) Nick Chubb (7) Tae Crowder (8) Isaiah McKenzie (9) Christian Payne (10) Glenn Welch and don’t forget (11) Terry Godwin – you will SEE why I say we set records 2016 RUNNING THE BALL including Kirby’s OTHER walk-ons who are the # 12 Dozen Dirty Dozen Running Backs 2016. We have a stable of running backs to see us through 2016 who are REALLY FAST and some bruisers who accelerate through contact. We WASTED talent the last several years running the ball both with and without Mike Bobo. It was Mark Richt’s doing. We are NOT LACKING at running back. NOT. I call them our DIRTY DOZEN RUNNING BACKS for 2016.

Happy Easter.


Kirby says we have a depth problem at running back.


Not so fast.


When you see (1) Mecole Hardman Jr (2) Charlie Woerner (3) Elijah Holyfield and all Kirby’s OTHER walk-ons RUN the ball along with (4) Sony Michel (5) Brendan Douglas (6) Nick Chubb (7) Tae Crowder (8) Isaiah McKenzie (9) Christian Payne (10) Glenn Welch and don’t forget (11) Terry Godwin – you will SEE why I say we set records 2016 RUNNING THE BALL including Kirby’s OTHER walk-ons who are the # 12 Dozen Dirty Dozen Running Backs 2016.  We have a stable of running backs to see us through 2016 who are REALLY FAST and some bruisers who accelerate through contact.  We WASTED talent the last several years running the ball both with and without Mike Bobo.  It was Mark Richt’s doing.  We are NOT LACKING at running back.  NOT.  I call them our DIRTY DOZEN RUNNING BACKS for 2016.



Then after Easter we got Brian Herrien the # 19 best running back in the nation.  Brian rounds out The Dirty Dozen Running Backs for Kirby year 1.


We will set records rushing the football 2016.


We’re VERY good running the ball 2016.  I am certain.




Kirby has 3 Scholarships remaining for 2016 Signing Class and has reportedly offered 5 preferred walk-on and 1 full Scholarship now March 7 2016.

According to ESPN Kirby still has 4 Scholarships in his hip-pocket.  Either way we are getting a view from this about how Kirby is handling the remaining Scholarships he clearly definitely has.  I will show you here exactly how I came to 3 he has and 5 preferred walk-ons and 1 full scholarship so far towards to the 3 as I see it.


Does a preferred walk-on added now get one of these 3 or 4 remaining Scholarships ?  It sounds like he is not committing to these preferred walk-ons that Scholarships remaining in his hip-pocket will be given to them – not now anyway.


This blog takes the assumption that there not more on Scholarship here than 85 when Mark Richt was fired, that 22 left in the great exodus after the firing of the loser these last 8 years of his here, and that we signed 20 Signing Day.


That left us with 2 and then there is the news that after Mark Richt was fired one of his players he previously suspended for drugs got another a 2nd drug suspension.  Whether Kirby kicks him off or not he made a big mess for himself being the only 1 who does have a suspension coming-up 2016 a second offense drug issue – the only 1 so far after Kirby was named and before he got here to take over.


This guy isn’t playing at least 6 games 2016.  Did he just give-up his scholarship ?  That would give Kirby 3 in his hip pocket.  How ESPN announced that it is 4 then is beyond my ability to keep up with.


But 3 I say and 4 ESPN says Kirby has in his hip-pocket.


There are a group called preferred walk-ons.  In the past Mark Richt gave those away instantly.  Kirby seems to be saying that is not the case with him that he will keep them until he decides to give them to Preferred Walk-Ons.


Well there are 5 of those and 1 offered a full scholarship who is rumored to have passed qualifying scores.  So pretty full now.


If Kirby only gives 1 of the 3 to the DE who just got qualifying score who said he is coming here.  That leaves him with 2.


ESPN says 3.


MyKelle McDaniel apparently has qualified and clearly has said he is coming here now for 2016 and is the # 7 in the state of Georgia defensive end.  He’s good.  He’s not as big or fast as some but he is not small nor slow.  And says his relationship with his position coach and head coach along with playing time is what he wants.  Chad Simmons does a great job of laying this out for all who are not too lazy to figure out what is happening with MyKelle McDaniel.  Kirby invited him last Thursday here and reportedly is getting a scholarship now from Kirby.  You have trouble reading these type stories.  I do not.




You have to read this URL Link on it too at the bottom which is ALSO going to be listed again on # 3 walk-on :




And, then this one too :




And this :






Then there are the 5 preferred walk-ons.


But let me talk about the kickers 1st since Kirby has to replace both Marshall Morgan and Patrick Beless.


Starter as Kicker : Patrick Beless, got to play vs Southern University Baton Rouge, also was our only Starting Kicker the 1st two games of 2013 when Marshall Morgan was suspended those 2 games.  Made all his field goals and extra points !  Thanks Patrick !  Sorry, we did not ask you instead of the fired punter, to try the field goal in the bowl game.  That was a mistake by Brain McClendon in the bowl game not to use a guy who made all his field goals and extra points for us and who started several games as our ONLY KICKER.  Punter to try field goal who got FIRED as punter ?  This is what we have been doing.  I would not be surprised to know that Mark Richt told Brian McClendon to do that should it arise.  Trophy for everyone not our best player at that position.  Frankly that is ALL we have done for 15 years and I am sick and tired of it.  Thanks Patrick Beless sorry you did not kick that field goal in the bowl game.  I know you make it.


They can not comment officially on preferred walk-ons but the walk-on can.  Having followed recruiting 59 years, here is my take on this :

(1) preferred walk-on Rodrigo Blankenship was offered by Mark Richt and is here. What does Kirby do about that ?  He is an excellent kicker.

U.S. Army All-America Bowl kicker commits to UGA (UPDATED)


( http://recruiting.blog.ajc.com/2014/12/15/u-s-army-all-america-bowl-kicker-commits-to-uga/ )




( http://www.ugafootballlive.com/news/fresh-faces-preferred-walk-ons/ )


(2) preferred walk-on Mitchell Wasson was offered by Kirby 5 days ago now.  He is an excellent kicker.  I have always felt that this is sort of the way this is handled correctly that you offer preferred walk-on to kickers and punters (although Kirby gave a punter a Scholarship.)  2 means depth.  2 is good. 2 excellent is even better.  If Kirby takes the position I believe I read him as doing on preferred walk-ons, he is NOT giving EITHER of these 2 kickers a scholarship until they (a) win the job and (b) he then has 1 for them open up – not one of the 3 or ESPN says 4 he has in his hip-pocket right now.  How do you build depth ?  This clearly does do that and is consistent with the complaints by the Mark Richt Apologists that THIS is then how Alabama handled this sort of situation.  It is within the rules and no doubt consistent directly with that which Kirby is telling these guys.  And frankly there are either 3 or 4 scholarships sitting there in his hip-pocket today.  All of this presupposes about Tim Kimbrough as well whom you recall I have asked since Mark Richt demoted and then suspended without announcing it making Brian McClendon announce it that he is suspended for at least 1 game by Brian McClendon – that I think might be grades because of the timing on Tim Kimbrough and because I have followed this type situation for 59 years for us.


Kirby was criticized on “approved UGA blogs” – read that to mean Mark Richt Apologists’ blogs – for NOT signing him and letting Alabama do so and how great the guy from Marietta.


Excuse me ?


Kirby not only got him as you criticized him for not doing but in addition did it the correct way.




Kirby says all this at this URL Link just provided.  He doesn’t know what he has as a staff at kicker.  He wants depth and competition and is using walk-ons to do that.  Mark Richt would have just handed the job to Blankenship and kept his preferred walk-on to him.  I think Kirby will do about the same with BOTH.  1 of the 2 will be great, if not both.  We are in fine shape at a position which in the last game we sent the fired punter to kick a field goal.  We should have used Patrick Beless.  If not he should not have been on Scholarship as a Kicker and he was.  I also pointed out Beless certainly never missed a kick for us but was not used in the bowl game but the fired punter, which I called then as a mistake.


We were at the 22-yard line in the 3rd quarter in the bowl game when Greyson Lambert nearly let Penn State tie us after a 3 TD lead. Greyson Lambert took a 9-yard critical sack and then dumbass Brian McClendon sent Collin Barber not Patrick Beless to kick the field goal – which he missed obviously.  This let Penn State BACK INTO THE GAME and eventually the 3 TD lead which could have been padded to 3 TD and a FIELD GOAL lead dwindled down to a 1 score possession game.   Kirby is not going to make these type of mistakes.  That is why Kirby has 2 kickers he has as preferred walk-ons.


This is a business.


This is NOT a church league.


SEC Football requires that we treat this limited number of 85 scholarships at any one time as sacred.


Not the coach because he accepted Jesus as his Savior.




You do NOT give them away because you are NICE GUY.


Mark Richt gave walk-ons WHO NEVER PLAYED OFFENSE OR DEFENSE JUST SPECIAL TEAMS scholarships.  He bragged about it.  He WASTED as many as double-digit scholarships of his 85 in a season in exactly this fashion.  He was is and always will be a TOTAL dumb shit.  He touted this as “doing it the right way.”


No that was not right.


He did it the wrong way and LOST an average of 4-losses per season in his mini-record for his last entire 8 years here and was FIRED FOR IT.  Kirby is going to do it the “Georgia Way” which is to NOT LOSE but win and not treating this as any damn Church League which The SEC most certainly is NOT.


So why don’t you run to your stupid little “approved” blog and write AGAIN as you did yesterday that 3 months later after I FIRED HIS DUMB SORRY ASS that this and that about him at Miami and how is going to do there ?


Who gives a shit ?


Now I do care about Erin Andrews.  The poor thing was about 29 when all this happened to her at 2 hotels.  One I have stayed at once a week for many years and this pervert is never paying her a penny of the $ 28 million he owes her.  Marriott on the other hand has a headache this morning and in neither case I don’t think she ever got it off the Internet.  Well the 2nd hotel she did prevent but not the Marriott.  Let’s say she settles for $ 5 million after taxes and expenses from Marriott.  Well the poor thing deserves that.  Marriott had a computer-oriented phone system that provided on the info displays PRIVACY INFORMATION providing him the room number to certain administrative phones connected to their phone system of any room you transferred calls to from that phone.  Good on Erin Andrews now about 37.  Marriott can pay her.  And fix their phone systems.  Their phone system should have NEVER been programmed to give away privacy information which EVERY PERSON IN ANY HOTEL knows they CAN NOT.


(3) Allen Williams OL preferred walk-on offered by Kirby.




(4) The 4th preferred walk-on I can verify is Jordon McKinney db.  I have been telling you about him since he was offered the preferred walk-on on the eve of National Signing Day 2016 by Kirby.  Kirby is keeping up with all this too.




(5) preferred walk-on  Joshua Moran defensive back too also offered eve of National Signing Day by Kirby.  Mark Richt would have given him a Scholarship and he was injured last season playing only 3 games.  Kirby gave him preferred walk-on.  Mark Richt ALWAYS maintained his recruiting of ANY and ALL injured players.  If he talked to a player about a scholarship here, then they got injured, Mark Richt KEPT his scholarship to them.  This was touted as doing it the “RIGHT WAY.”  I am sorry but the way this is being handled by Kirby is the “GEORGIA WAY” and it IS THE RIGHT GEORGIA WAY.


Some of these injured players Mark Richt WASTED a scholarship on NEVER really got to play at all and had to leave.


Want names ?


I can provide those too you know such as Tramel Terry who just was not the guy that we offered when he then got injured.  Was he ?  Kirby intends these type guys are preferred walk-ons or maybe not even that.  Is that cold ?


Wake up !


Your damn stupid hero Mark Richt is gone – I FIRED HIM !  Right here on THIS BLOG.


And, you were wrong that he would be here now.


Get over it.






Which is the right way to handle these recruits ?


If you do not know what Mark Richt was doing, did NOT work.


You can NOT give away Scholarships of which you only get 85 at any one time.  I have seen this improperly presented to you as well on other blogs that it is something other than 85 at any one time.  It is what it is.  You get 85 at any one time.  No other definition is feasible.  But given the level of bullshit provided by “approved Bulldog blogs” this is not surprising.  “Approved” blogs are into control and wish to control that which you are told and to purposely keep you in the dark and present biased viewpoints only on where we are.


We are where we are.  I will not sugarcoat it to you.


Why should I ?


I will go with Kirby on this and not because I am a homer but because I feel that Mark Richt was stupid in fact I know it to be the case and because I feel that Kirby is really smart in fact I know that to be the case as well.


Kirby 1

Mark Richt 0


Move is what he had to do when he got FIRED, not another word for FIRED.



If you want the thumbnail here it is but what good is a thumbnail if you do not know what you’re talking about have not looked it all up and have therefore no clue ?


Kirby has 3 scholarships in his hip-pocket ESPN says 4.  He is giving away 1 of these precious remaining for 2016 to MyKelle McDaniel quite a coup for the man.  He still can give the # 1 WR from Savannah 1 immediately if his brother gets off his back about Stanford which he would NOT be anything but behind the 8-ball at in EVERY CLASS there in Demetris Robertson.




And has 5 preferred walk-ons I can verify I think will be here in the Fall.  Maybe of those 5, two or maybe 3 might be in line immediately for scholarship and the other 2 or 3 get the next up available scholarship.  Or Kirby might be doing what I think I am reading him correctly as doing that he has 3 scholarships is giving one of those 3 away now and keeping the other 2 and that all 5 preferred walk-ons fend for themselves in the Fall between HOPE and Kirby giving them 1 of his then 2 or maybe 3 waiting for further fallout.


Why someone does not keep up with this for us is not because it is a secret but because it is a lot of work to keep up with it and well because everyone is basically lazy.


But they put shit on me because I am the only person willing to research it and type it at 55 wpm.


Some criticism.


Again, what your problem with me is not how I say what I say or that you ALREADY KNEW what I then research and present in detail because by God Above you did NOT, but that SPECIFICALLY I PUT SHIT ON MARK RICHT FOR THE ENTIRE LAST 8 ROTTEN YEARS OF HIS CAREER HERE and you hated my ass for it.


Which I was THEN proven RIGHT by my alma mater about ALL ALONG all 8 years of you putting shit on me – never once discussing ONE SINGLE one of ANY of my protests about the dumbass Mark Richt and how he DID NOT WIN his last 8 years here.


And, you then PROVEN WRONG.


In fact, still yesterday on “approved UGA blogs” you wrote about the guy more than 3 months after I fired him and still sit there whining about it because (1) you know I was right all along all these many last 8 years now proven to have been right every friqin’ word out of mouth on it and (2) you know that you were wrong and still need to justify how you AFTER he was fired told ME that he should not have been, did not agree with the decision to fire him, referred to it as a “coaching move” not firing and GUARANTEED to ME that Mark Richt would still be here today.


He is gone.


I fired him.


Right here on this blog – you wish you could ignore yet come back to daily to find out what the hell is REALLY GOING ON in our football program.


I see this as good.


Again as I see all this :


Kirby 1

Mark Richt 0


Or as :


Kirby +1



“Smart proves he can attract top talent, but now he must do something with it.” John Hollis Saturday Down South – not sure how much he has to prove to be better than 4-Loss per season his last entire 8 yrs here and 18 of 24 Lost vs Top 15 also his last 8 yrs here John ?

John Hollis – Mark Richt APOLOGIST still AFTER fired losing 18 of 24 vs top 15 last 8 yrs here WET THE BED top teams – Saturday Down South


What we fired him for John was his last entire 8 years here of beating no one.


And, I do mean no one :


(1) 37-1 vs non-bowl teams his last entire 8 years here

(2) 36-31 vs bowl teams his last entire 8 years here

(3) combined 73-32 averaging 4-loss per season his last entire 8 years here

(4) Lost to 12 unranked teams time of game or season his last entire 8 years here

(5) Lost 7 times by MORE than 3 TD his last entire 8 years here mostly picked to win

(6) Lost to 18 of 24 teams ranked Top 15 time of game his last entire 8 years here John


Do something with it John ?


All he has to do is do better than his FIRED predecessor his last entire 8 years here John.


Given all the talent in this state as you pointed-out his predecessor WASTED it would indeed be an EASY TASK to do better than this LOW BAR set by his FIRED predecessor wouldn’t it John Hollis Saturday Down South sir ?


It had little to do with Championships for God’s sake John Hollis sir.  But no Kirby only has to win NONE of those EITHER in the next whole entire decade – the bar set THIS low sir.  If Kirby can better than NONE SEC Championships in the next decade then he shall have over-achieved compared to his FIRED predecessor who of course won zero SEC Championships his last entire decade here.




Kirby will go 12-2 in his inaugural season the same as his predecessor should have every year and NOT average 9 wins and 4 losses as his FIRED predecessor in fact averaged his last entire 8 years here sir.  Huge difference John Hollis sir.


If you want the specifics of why – it is right here on this blog in the Categories on the right as you read this John Hollis sir.


The mistakes his FIRED predecessor made were so far-reaching and all-encompassing that it was obvious to EVERYONE that he could not beat his way out of a wet paper bag his entire last 8 years here.


It will be EASY AS PIE for Kirby to better his FIRED predecessor his last entire 8 years here won’t it John Hollis Saturday Down South sir ?


But yeah he ALSO out-recruited him.  Not only a better class here in less time than his FIRED predecessor had at Miami of Florida a state which far exceeds ours here.  But also Kirby got MORE of the Elite Top Prospects guys who WANT TO WIN.  Elite Top Prospects HATE losing.  His FIRED predecessor embraced it and repeatedly stated that “there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.”


“Wins and losses are not what defines me my Christianity does.”


“I do care about winning souls to the Lord more than being measured by wins and losses.”


“If I were judged as being a college football coach rather than as a Christian that would be a disaster.”


“No matter what happens in wins and losses with me here at Georgia, I am comfortable being forgiven by the Lord.”


“So no, I do not care about wins and losses.”


Top Elite Prospects covet winning.


Top Elite coaches too.


This resonated with the Top Elite Prospects as you pointed-out John Hollis sir.


Now all he has to do is better than his FIRED predecessor his last entire 8 years here John Hollis sir.


12-2 would do that.

So would 11-3.


Since he averaged 9-4 his last entire 8 years here all Kirby has to do is better than that John Hollis sir.


It would not hurt to have some off-field discipline instead of harsh punishment for lack thereof.


Heck if he can just only pick a QB that would be a HUGE IMPROVEMENT on his FIRED predecessor.


Actually we put-up with it for a LONG TIME his last entire 8 years here so we are EASY to please aren’t we?  In fact if it up to some of the Apologists still today he’d still be here – that’s how easy we are to please.


John Hollis sir I mean he did not win an SEC Championship in an entire Decade and some of us still wanted him here so why would Kirby need to win an SEC Championship more frequently than NONE in a Decade ?

Answer he does not obviously.


We all knew his FIRED predecessor wasn’t going to win The SEC Championship this year either and the consensus was that they ALL guaranteed me that he would STILL BE HERE right now today John Hollis sir even with no SEC Championship AGAIN.


Now, what was your word “shocking” ?


It was a “shocking” firing ?


“Shocking” to whom, John Hollis Saturday Down South, sir ?


“Shocking” ?


Too long overdue sir.


8 years too long overdue sir.


For NOT beating ANYONE for his last entire 8 years sir.


Losing to unranked teams his last 8 years 12 of them, getting the shit kicked-out of him every year 7 losses by more than 3 TD his last entire 8 years here sir, crapping the bed on the national stage NOT WINNING, losing to 18 of 24 top 15 teams his last 8 years here sir for us – us the # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program sir, and for likely as not losing to ANY ole team who EVEN made it to a bowl game his last entire 8 seasons here sir at 36-31.


What is shocking is that a guy who was 37-1 vs NON-BOWL teams his last entire 8 years would even have a person given the Right to POST on the Internet that it was “SHOCKING” to him.


Stick it up your ass John Hollis sir !


Grow a pair.


Dare to know something about which you find shocking.


Look it up.


Ask someone who knows.


You clearly and obviously do NOT.


Do you John Hollis dick lick ?




SEC set to share revenue of staggering two-thirds of a billion SEC Revenue dollars after August 31, 2016. The SEC kept 14 % of that SEC Revenue last year or $ 72 million. We are SO FAR behind other colleges and their gyms which enhance The University and all the students.

Nearly two-thirds of a billion dollars is SEC Conference revenue sharing figure for the 2015-2016 fiscal year ending August 31 and of that figure it is expected that The SEC itself will share with itself about $85 million whereas last year The SEC shared with itself $ 72 million dollars.  This makes The SEC the most valuable conference by a long wide margin.  Easily the most valuable conference.


The 14 member institutions of The SEC are set to receive approximately between $ 40 and $50 million dollars each in late August 2016 distribution this year.


The total sports’ revenue for UGA is $ 150 million 2016 fiscal year of which The SEC payments are one-third the total we get.   The total includes local media packages, the TV rights with multiple Network agreements The SEC has hammered-out, the NCAA payments of about a million per school slated for Academic Enhancements, post-season bowl games, The SEC Championship Game, College Football Play-Off Revenue, NCAA Championships’ Revenue, March Madness Revenue, The SEC Basketball Tournament Revenue, the amounts retained by each SEC member school in Bowl Games’ Revenue, the supplemental surplus distribution.  Georgia gets each year from its student fees as a Subsidy to our annual Revenue $3,200,000 per year which some schools do not collect.  Tickets and donations/fees we pay to buy tickets and marketing revenue for some of our sports make up the majority of the balance of approximately $ 100 million for fiscal year ending August 31 of 2016 upon which the between $ 40 million and $ 50 million The SEC will revenue share with Georgia 2016 fiscal year.


The SEC will retain what would be another $ 6 million dollars maybe per SEC member school to operate The SEC in its next check to us.


These are staggering sums August 31, 2016 for The University of Georgia and will drive up our Total Revenue to about $ 150 million dollars.


This figure of between $ 40 to $50 million dollars annually in SEC revenue-sharing monies is only one-third of the total revenue for sports at The University of Georgia.


This is an increase in revenue sharing of maybe 20 percent by The SEC over last year when last August 2015 The SEC distributed then the record amount of nearly half a billion dollars – staggering figure in its own rights when $ 455 million was shared with the 14 member schools of The SEC $ 527 million Revenue The SEC paid taxes on according to tax records yesterday January 17, 2016.  This would put the January 2017 SEC Revenue at at least $ 632 million.


The figure for August 2016 distribution includes nearly half a billion dollars from TV revenue alone for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.


Last year August 2015 The SEC TV revenue component was $ 350 million dollars from TV alone of the then record total shared amongst the 14 SEC member institutions of nearly half a billion total.


Easily the most valuable conference.  Notably the Pac-12 is lagging way behind out there in the land of fruits and nuts where nobody cares and nobody bothers about college football.




College Football FBS Division 1-A represents 85% of the total college sports revenues which ranks 3rd behind NFL and MLB revenue for sports revenues and equal to NBA revenue.


College Basketball both men and women represents 9% of the total college sports revenue and the remaining 6 % comes chiefly from baseball and golf.










SEC schools are in an arms race to see who can best spend such staggering sums each year – an annual annuity to fund significant capital projects to enhance their school’s competitive position in the primary sports and to distribute the wealth to all the 18 sports our 300 student-athletes compete in.


Each group of our 300 student-athletes annually of the University of Georgia in our 18 sports then generate in their lifetimes 2 billion dollars – most of them in something other than competing in sports professionally at $ 5 million dollars each during their lifetimes.


Approximately 9 % of our draft eligible football players here are drafted, but the other sports do not offer such opportunities because the revenue for those sports dwarfs in comparison to the football revenue.  The football revenue and to a far lesser degree basketball revenue must support all 18 of our sports.


So why is that we cannot have a new gym for them then but Ole Miss can ?






We are so far behind the other colleges with their gyms.


Do you even know what a gym is used for and its benefits  ?


It is shameful how no one discusses even our new gym.



We have no options at QB for 2016. There is no competition. Can NOT be. Greyson Lambert was made starter here last year after only 5 practices with the # 1 unit. Therefore that is the same way he can LOSE his job. INSTANTLY ! No choice.

Greyson Lambert lacks the spark to be a QB.  He is afraid to throw the ball downfield because he does not want to turn the ball over.  His passes are way off target.  If he did not have all this talent around him he would be deemed horrible as a QB.  He has no hope of any ability to run.  He is really slow back there making decisions – all day !  Still the line blocked well for him and so did everyone else !  He stood back there and locked-in on 1 receiver.  He stared the receiver down.  He can throw the ball farther than Hutson Mason but both were # 100 Passing Offense.


One because he could NOT THROW the ball downfield – Hutson Mason

One because he REFUSED TO TRY TO THROW the ball downfield – Grayson Lambert


THIS is why Coach Kirby Smart yesterday told us all that we MUST BE ABLE TO THROW THE BALL BETTER.




And, not just the fans.


The players.


The COACHES on this staff last year.


EVERY blog and newspaper writer.


Even Greyson Lambert said he had to throw the ball better.


When you are NOT TRYING you have no hope to improve.


He is stuck in his old man ways of NOT TRYING.  Rather keep my job and make entire team look bad than I would not be afraid to throw the ball downfield that it might get intercepted.


This keep your job is over Greyson Lambert.


It just has to be.


Greyson Lambert is NOT CLUTCH.


3rd and long, he throws UNDERNEATH.


We saw Malcolm Mitchell and Terry Godwin both wide open down field and no efforts to throw to either.


We saw this EVERY GAME !


Tight Ends open.


Never threw to them either.


It’s no good.


Sony Michel is great out in space.  He never threw to him either.


Nick Chubb is a beast in space.  Never made any effort to him either.


Michael Chigbu ran great routes and Greyson Lambert would throw him the ball out of bounds.


UNACCPETABLE and cost his boss his job.


All the talent we have at Tight End and no passes to them !






We are front-end loaded.


3 top 15 teams at the beginning of the season.


Can NOT wait until mid-season, like we did with Matthew Stafford and we LOST those games before he finally was made the starter.


Greyson Lambert and Isaiah McKenzie led the Bulldogs in fumbles too.


We can ill-afford to have reservations of WHAT IF Greyson Lambert has to start until Jake Eason learns the offense ?


Greyson Lambert was made starter here last year after only 5 practices with the # 1 unit.




Since that is how he got the job, that is how he can LOSE IT.






All 3 Suspended ? Certainly sounds that way to me. Now, we learn it’s 3. Online Athens Banner-Herald Dawgbytes pay-per-view site says not telling you who other 2 are. AJ-C Seth Emerson for FREE tells you who the other 2 are and what they did at the arrest. Broken trust with me – no car, no gas, no cash, no insurance, no car payments, no driver’s license – you WILL understand I promise !



Do you know what a degree from The University of Georgia is worth ?


About $ 5 million dollars !




Now, we learn it’s 3.  Online Athens Banner-Herald Dawgbytes pay-per-view site says not telling you who other 2 are.  AJ-C Seth Emerson for FREE tells you who the other 2 are and what they did at the arrest.  Save your monies for the pay-per-site.


Let’s see now, you’re driving the vehicle and certainly know what’s going on in it, were arrested last month on the very same charge, the vehicle reaks – again – and your buddy – again – is arrested again.  You’re not, this time.


Think you get NO SUSPENSION for this ?


You are UNDER AGE.  Illegal in EVERY state of this great nation because of your age.  You’re driving a 2-ton weapon around like this twice in a month’s time.

You are going to DUI school.  You are paying for it.  I don’t and will not pay for the driver’s ed class for you.  When you have accomplished that, let me know ?  Until then, do NOT ask me for ANYTHING !




I am not supporting your habit.


You can go to prison for all I care.


And, so I get this straight – another guy is in the vehicle  He knows they both got arrested last month.


He gets in the same vehicle.


It reaks.


You have a small container also smelling like illegal drugs.


You thought it wise to be there with these 2 ?


Bring your own ?


Keep a container it was in ?


Get out.


Still have it on you.


You also underage.


You think you’re not suspended ?


Maybe the old fired loser who said yesterday it was good timing all around that he got fired- for not caring about winning and saying instead that there’s something besides winning that’s important here.


Maybe he’d let you get away with it if AB-H Online Athens doesn’t name you and you are not arrested according to Dawgbytes.


And, he’d be there telling you like he did last month when you last were arrested that at least he loved you.


And, God.


Don’t forget God told him to tell you that God Loves You too !


His policy was to tell you he loves.


His policy was if not arrested, hide it if could and no suspension – or at least not an announced suspension.


That’s what his policy was.


Cover it up if he could.


If didn’t have to call Police, then no arrest – even if over $ 500 in cash and other valuables is stolen from another team member.


A Felony therefore.


Don’t call the Police.


Kick them off the team, all 3 of them.  But, do not call the Police.


That’s what the Police Chief told us at the News Conference.


That NO ONE called the Police.


You are banned from seeing EITHER of these other 2 boys, son.


Both of them.


Banned for life.

They NO LONGER can be with you ever again.


Not for 2 seconds together.


You hear me ?


If they are not kicked-off the team and you’re not kicked-off the team, you can NEVER be with them EVER again son.


That goes for all 3 of you numbnuts.


You are representing The University of Georgia AND its proud brand-spanking new Head Coach Kirby Paul Smart.


Not like this you aren’t.


Trust me boys.


Finals week ?


Driving impaired ?


In a car with 2 others who are impaired and you have a small container reaking of illegal drugs yourself on your person ?  In your pocket ?


Oh, no.


This isn’t bad.


Nothing like that.


You didn’t get arrested.


I’ll cover for you on that since you were not arrested and by the way, God Loves You and So Do I and you are FORGIVEN.


You 3 guys are going DOWN boys !


This is what you think – not be suspended – by Coach Kirby Smart ?




Admittedly, I do not do drugs.  I need such a habit during Finals Week where I spend monies to forget what’s going on.  That what it does to you.  Forget. Then study, or not.  Doesn’t matter.


Pay some more money.


Get in another loaded weapon car.  Drive around reaking of drugs.  Keep little containers of it even after you smoked it.  Under age.


Bulletproof – not be suspended.


News flash !


Want me to tell you how this goes down with me and you’re my son ?


Repercussions.  Punishments.  Privileges yanked.  I am removing my name from that vehicle.  I am not paying for that insurance.  I am not making payments for that car.  I am not buying that gas.  I am NOT handing you any cash.  I will buy books, with you.  I am COMING to your residence.  I will be there when I am THERE.  I will have a key.  I find this shit, I am throwing it in toilet.


I am paying for you to go to The University of Georgia.


You are too big to spank now.


Your punishments now are big-boy punishments.


See how you like not having a car.


As starters.


See how you like have a keeper 24-hours a day.


You have embarrassed me.


Guess what ?


I can get through to you 3.


Maybe you do not give a shit how much bad press you get us representing us getting arrested twice in a month for the same offense ?

It’s Great to be a Georgia Bulldog ! How can the # 11 team All-Time in Wins, with our Average # 8 Scout.com Recruiting Ranking, with 86 NFL Draft Picks # 5 best nationally, us with 17 seasons of 0 or 1 loss, us with 15 Bowl Games on the National Stage both teams ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll most of which we Won, us with 26 seasons of 80% win percentage or higher have only 1 season after 2007 over 80 % win percentage and it marred by 2 devastatingly horrible coaching decisions to be # 41 in Won/Lost Record after 2007 vs the Top 15 Ranked teams, be 36-1 vs non-bowl teams and only 36-31 for our 72-32 over the most-current 8 years averaging 4 losses per season and therefore have only played in meaningless bowl games by stark contrast with 12-1 record not at Sanford vs non-bowl teams and only 18-22 vs bowl teams # 26 nationally ? How is this possible ? How could this possibly be considered remotely acceptable ?


Happy Thanksgiving !


This blog answers 2 questions.

(1) Who is Georgia – what have we accomplished – why have expectations?

(2) Who is Mark Richt – what has he really done after 2007 ?


Who are we ?  What have we accomplished ?  Why should we expect more than averaging 4 losses per season over the most-recent 8-year period ?  We all loved the guy 2001-2007.  But, isn’t he better judged his last 8 years since we all wanted to keep him his first 7 years from 2001-2007 ?


Sports Illustrated Zac Ellis :

” I used to consider Texas the best job in the country, but now I think it’s Georgia, followed by Ohio State. Why Georgia? My top criterion is access to players relative to competitors, and Georgia is in a really enviable position. In the past five recruiting classes, an average of 113.6 high-schoolers from the state of Georgia have signed with Power Five schools each year. (Note that we’re talking Power Five, not all of the FBS.) That number is third behind Texas (179.4) and Florida (164.4) and ahead of California (100.4). The competition between state schools in those states is far more intense than it is in Georgia. With Georgia Tech running the option, the schools aren’t really going head-to-head on offensive players because of different needs, and Georgia is the bigger brand name. It’s also in the conference that more recruits consider desirable. In Georgia, they grow up wanting to be Bulldogs. The state of Ohio produced 64.6 Power Five signees a year over that same five-year period.”

“Do Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Tennessee, South Carolina and others come in and poach Georgia talent? Absolutely. But there’s such an abundance of it in the state that Georgia can afford to lose a few top in-state targets and still field a team capable of competing for SEC and national titles. Alabama and Auburn have to invade Georgia. During that five-year period, their state produced 36.4 Power Five signees a year. People talk about LSU’s monopoly in its state, but the numbers between Louisiana and Georgia aren’t even close. Louisiana’s average number of Power Five signees during that span was 38.6 a year.”

“Add to this great facilities (now that the Bulldogs are building an indoor), great tradition…possibly the best college town in America and the fact that they play in the easier division of the nation’s deepest conference. That’s the recipe for a great job that just about every coach in America would crawl over broken glass to take.”

“I know no school president or athletic director will ever say it out loud, but coaches almost always get fired because of their win-loss record—not because they didn’t mold enough men.”


ESPN Alex Scarborough: “Let’s be clear, they’re both great jobs. If LSU and Georgia are open, the line of candidates will stretch as far as the eye can see. But for me, the question of which job is more appealing is easy. It’s Georgia, and I don’t think it’s close.  The support is there from fans and administration. You’re recruiting in a state that produces the most SEC players of any in the country. And you don’t have to bother with the West.”


ESPN Edward Aschoff: “To me, Georgia would be the better job. It’s in the heart of one of the Southeast’s most fertile recruiting grounds. Atlanta is right down the road, and the facilities are only getting better. It’s also in the East, which has barely registered a pulse recently, so any rebuilding project shouldn’t take too long. And you don’t have to play Alabama every year.  But don’t get it twisted, LSU is a great job. Louisiana doesn’t have the talent pool that Georgia has on a continuous basis, but you can pluck plenty of elite-level prospects out of your backyard However, you have to compete in the SEC West !”



“If Georgia were to make a change at the top it would be a highly-coveted job perhaps even as attractive as the opening at Southern California.”

Dan Wolken, USA TODAY Sports




“Georgia is…a great job that just about every coach in America would crawl over broken glass to take.”


Andy Staples – Sports Illustrated





The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program is # 11 All-Time in Wins.




Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program in history :

5-1-0 in 1894

4-0-0 in 1896

5-2-1 in 1908

6-2-1 in 1910

7-1-1 in 1911

6-1-1 in 1912

6-2-0 in 1913

8-0-1 in 1920

7-2-1 in 1921

9-1-0 in 1927

7-2-1 in 1930

8-2-0 in 1931

8-2-0 in 1933

7-3-0 in 1934

9-1-1 in 1941

11-1-0 in 1942

9-2-0 in 1945

11-0-0 in 1946

9-2-0 in 1948

10-1-0 in 1959

10-1-0 in 1966

8-1-2 in 1968

11-1-0 in 1971

9-3-0 in 1975

10-2-0 in 1976

9-2-1 in 1978

12-0-0 in 1980

10-2-0 in 1981

11-1-0 in 1982

10-1-1 in 1983

9-3-0 in 1987

9-3-0 in 1988

10-2-0 in 1992

10-2-0 in 1997

9-3-0 in 1998  for 299 Wins 55 Losses 12 Ties .8361 Win % these specific 35 years before Mark Richt

17 seasons of 0 or 1 loss for # 11 All-Time Wins’ UGA



10-Win Seasons before Mark Richt – twelve (12) but those are ALL 80% win % or more.


Winning Percentage Season of 80 % or better before Mark Richt























22 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Seasons before Mark Richt of 80 % Win Percentage or Higher

4 Mark Richt Seasons of 80 % Win Percentage or Higher


26 Seasons of 80 % Win Percentage or Higher of which Mark Richt has 4 – eleven NOT.


These then are Mark Richt’s Best 4 Seasons :


2002 when he lost to Florida unranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 even with their win over us when he went 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions relegating him to play 5-loss unranked Arky SEC Championship Game and 5-loss FSU # 23 in the bowl game nobody cared about and nobody watched.

2004 when he lost to a hapless Phillip Fulmer vols’ team who should have lost 4 games that 2004 season and he got blown-out by Auburn by 3 TD without extra points 6-24; therefore he did not even get to play for The SEC Championship.  For this, he played in the Outback Bowl nobody watched and nobody cared about at 11 am.

2007 when he lost to 6-6 South Carolina who did not even play in a bowl game.  And, he lost – blown-out by the vols 14-35 by 3 TD.  The vols should’ve been a 5-loss team.  For these performances, he was awarded the booby prize of beating # 19 Hawai’i in the bowl game nobody watched and nobody cared about.

2012 when he lost – blown-out by South Carolina 7-35.  A 4 TD beat-down.  And, then he 3 times in front of me told Aaron Murray No, No, No, do not spike it – that Mark Richt said he was certain that Nick Saban would not expect an Aaron Murray pass, which was batted down at the line of scrimmage with all receivers covered.  For these performances he was awarded 4-loss Nebraska # 25 AP Poll in the CapitalOne Bowl which nobody watched and nobody cared about.

Note please, that of these 4 best Mark Richt seasons only 2012 is after 2007 and that year he had 2 really really really bad coaching decisions – not preparing the team to be ready-to-play against South Carolina beat by more than 3 TD for 7 times after 2007 and this 1 of them !  And, then his disagreement 3 times with Aaron Murray that Aaron Murray wanted to spike it and Mark Richt 3 times over-ruled Aaron Murray when Aaron Murray CLEARLY DECISIVELY was correct and Mark Richt just wrong.

These are his 4 “best” seasons and the bowl games he earned for us compared to the 15 Bowl Games on the National Stage by The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program, many of which we Won and 6 of those named # 1 by this poll or that poll.


We have played in 50 Bowl Games :



Only 4 teams have played in more bowl games than we have.

Alabama, Texas, Southern California and Nebraska.  And Southern California and Nebraska have only played in one (1) more bowl game than we have !

We are 28-19-3 in Bowl Games.

Texas has not done as well as we have in bowl games and neither has Alabama, and neither has Nebraska.  In fact, only Southern California has done better than us in Bowl Games !


6 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football National Championships :





# 1 College Football Town Athens, Georgia by panel of AP Poll voters :



# 1 Mascot in all of Sports UGA


# 1 of 10 Best Mascots in College Football Today by USA Today.com


The 10 best mascots in college football of 2014


# 6 Hottest Student Bodies !


“Last Years Ranking: 9”

“Athens is an all time great college town, and its women can be put up against anyone’s and come out looking good. People who go to college in the northeast really have no idea what they are missing when it comes to the ladies.”


# 6 Merchandise Sales of Top 200 Colleges in selling memorabilia





# 1 Party School Princeton Review Georgia

# 7 Playboy Party School Georgia




# 5 Party School Bible.com


5. University of Georgia – Athens, Georgia

BroBible Party School Index Score: 314.5

Notable Party Reputation Accomplishments: Princeton Review Party School (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2002), Newsweek Party School (2012), Playboy Party School (2012, 2011, 2009, 2006, 2002), Football School Factor

Notable Campus-wide Parties: Football Saturdays, Greek Life

Testimonial #1:

“The scene here in Athens is something that has to be experienced to be believed. If you’re over on Milledge Ave (Frat Row) on any given weekend night, you’ll hear bands and big time rap names blasting over the screams of some of the finest Southern Belles. But the main attraction to UGA is the downtown scene; it is absolutely unreal. Thursdays find wild outfits from socials running around, and every other night it seems like the entire student body is out raging in their Sunday best. Athens is where The South’s finest go to raise a little hell.”

Testimonial #2: 

“To put it simply, Athens is insane. Every single night of the week, you can go downtown and find people drinking and partying. Whether it be Sunday nights at Pauley’s or Thursdays at Whiskey Bent, there will never be a shortage of attractive Southern men and women downtown to meet. The Greek scene tends to dominate the party scene, with socials every Thursday and band parties nearly every weekend. However, one does not have to be Greek to go downtown and have a great time. Getting into bars downtown is a joke as well, so being a freshman does not mean you can’t join in the fun. Downtown Athens has 20+ bars where you can drink as much as you want. This is also a great school for guys, where the student body is comprised of nearly 60% women in a school of 32,000+. Saturdays in Athens on Gameday are also one of the big parts of the insanity. Typically, people wake up and start drinking and tailgating all day until the game starts. Athens is literally shut down so everyone can party and watch the game.”

“The music scene in Athens is also a big part of what makes UGA a great party school. With the Georgia Theater attracting big names on a weekly basis to huge country concerts in Sanford and out in the field, there will always be somewhere to listen to music and drink. Athens, GA is the best college town in the United States.”


We raise a little Cain, now and again.


We are characters !


I am sorry; we are characters !  And, we don’t like what’s been going-on over the last 8 years here.




# 2 Forbes’ Magazine Most Revenue nationally from our football team





U.S. News and World Report 2016 Top Colleges Rankings :

# 61 Best National University – The University of Georgia !  Higher than nearly every top football program.

# 36 yellowjackets trade-school playing their 12th game this season vs us, Won 3 games !




Look up please here at this URL Link the OTHER FOOTBALL PROGRAMS who are considered the Top Football Programs and see how far down they are as a University !  These other top football programs really almost all of them are way worse as a school.  We are going to recruit more of the Elite Talent here at Georgia after Mark Richt leaves.  And, why is that ?  Because one, we are a great University AND we have a great Football Program !  And, because two, the top players do NOT want to play for a Charlie Brown who really only beats the cupcakes and who struggles against EVERYONE else.  This is the Major Point of this blog, whatever part of it you read.


Now that we’ve established who we are at Georgia, let’s study exactly coldly precisely whom it is Mark Richt has run his record up on, and why he has been considered by everyone as a coach who – just has lost it after 2007. Is it ok if we do this please ?  This blog here does not have the 250 top analysts in college football today who have TOLD YOU he has to go for those would make this blog post too long.  They are found on the right side of this blog as you read it in the 250 CATEGORIES where you can see in the 250 CATEGORIES on the right just who said what in their own words with the URL Link in each CATEGORY so you can just click it and see exactly that they ALL think he just has to go.  Or, shall we just simply say he is a nice guy and leave it at that ?


72-32 beats powder-puff teams, averaging 4-loss season after 2007.




36-1 after 2007 vs teams not playing in a bowl game that season

36-31 after 2007 vs teams who do make 1 of the 42 bowl games that season !


Likely as not to lose to any of Top 82 teams for 8 years’ time now !

Runs up record on easy teams.





Not even been Top 25 half the years after 2007 !






His religion has given him different goals from our own.

His roster mismanagement after 2007 has clearly been because of a goal other than winning, and his failures at his main position of QB are that he came here as a QB coach yet has failed to develop them.  I think he spends too much time not directly doing his job.  In fact, I know that has to be the issue because he tells us winning is not important to him and he’d be SATISFIED with whatever happens here in winning at Georgia.  It’s not how he’s JUDGED he says !


# 88 Passing Offense 2014 with Mike Bobo

# 104 Passing Offense 2015 with Brian Schottenheimer




Years 14, 15 and 16 of the Mark Richt era are compounded by this being his year – the year of the last of the Mark Richt’s “DREAM TEAM” recruits – losing 20 seniors off this team after this year.


So, next year is BLEAK for our program’s outlook !


They’re gone !  This was SUPPOSED TO BE THE YEAR !


Sporting News does NOT rank Mark Richt one of the Top 25 College Football Coaches 2015.



You saw something different against # 64 Georgia Southern in the last game than I ?


“We knew. I’m telling you,” Mark Richt said of Georgia Southern. “Everybody was like, ‘well coach is just saying this and that to try and get his boys ready to play,’ but we, especially our defensive staff, could see how well this offense executed. Just knowing what it takes to prepare for an offense like that. It keeps you up at night.  Well-coached team.  A team that knows how to win. They played their tails off.” 





‘ I don’t think we’ve gotta create motivation. I think we’ve gotta temper it’  “head coach Mark Richt said on his radio show Monday night ” before Alabama kick-off this season – blown-out 10-38 more than 3 TD as he’s done 7 times after 2007 and did not once prior, because the team showed-up again not-ready-play !  Told players all week prior to Alabama THIS – that it’s HIS JOB to DE-MOTIVATE them, then they showed-up not-ready-play which the # 1 Athlete in the nation he invited to the game as Our Recruiting Guest told you after the game that his impressions were that Mark Richt did NOT bring his players to the game ready-to-play.  It’s written between the lines in this blog post that these items herein listed make it patently clear that Mark Richt does NOT know how to coach a football team, or that if he does, he has FAILED to do so – often because he has a completely different set of goals from our own for our Proud UGA Football Program !  Did you get that please ?





Mark Richt says : “You can’t become what you do. What I do is not who I am. If I become what I do and I become just a football coach, then you’re asking for disaster. My identity is in Christ. I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. I know that he died for my sin and I am going to heaven when this is all said and done, forever. That gives me peace, no matter what happens here.”






“All the time y’all probably thought I was being coy but I really really didn’t know.  Even on this decision – very very close decision to name the Starter.  I think they all can get us in the right plays; all can get us in the right protections; I think they all can function extremely well and help us win.  That is what made it tough. I can not tell you how many times it went back-and-forth quite frankly. It was very close. It really has been a tough decision because they all are extremely hard workers; all smart; all capable; all talented.  It was a battle that didn’t define itself; no one really pulled away.”

5-2 before the game 8 with Faton Bauta -0- snaps at QB.  None all season !  Then, left him in every snap not 1 running play for him – running QB – 4 interceptions.   DESPERATE !






“There’s something besides winning that’s important here.”





“I see your frustration; I understand your frustration.  I wasn’t born yesterday, I’ve coached football for 25 years, so I know what the hell I’m doing, OK?”




“Teams are trying to stack the box against us Malcolm Mitchell said.  Vanderbilt stacked the box and we didn’t pass the ball and you saw what happened.  Until we get comfortable throwing the ball I hope our defense shows up.”



“I think Coach Brian Schottenheimer is a great coach.  I think he knows what he’s doing. I think he knows how to coach QBs extremely well. I’ve got a lot of faith in that.”  Mark Richt head coach who calls ALL the shots on Offense and always has – and none on Defense and never has.



David Greene says : “Here we are in November and we still don’t know which direction they’re going in. It’s tough to be this deep in the season really without any identity offensively. Unfortunately it’s not just one thing.  Offensively right now it’s very stale.  Special teams has really struggled. There’s a lot of talent on the team but sometimes the players just aren’t making plays.  As an entire team they just kind of seem lost…like they just don’t know what they want to do and how they want to do it.  A good example of that is starting Faton Bauta when he has zero starting experience. It just goes to show that what they’ve been trying to do just isn’t working.”



1-10 vs ranked Top 10 for the Year not at Sanford after 2007

6-15 vs ranked Top 25 for the Year not at Sanford after 2007

18-22 vs teams who played in a bowl game not at Sanford after 2007

12-1 vs non-bowl teams not at Sanford after 2007





# 26 ALL games not at Home after 2007 tied with Cincinnati





# 40 nationally all games not at Sanford after 2008 at only 24-22 !



This is down there with Temple and Bowling Green !

Actually, both of those teams Temple and Bowling Green are BOTH better than Mark Richt after 2008 in all games not on their home field !



# 5 in NFL Draft Picks with 86 – as much talent as ANY team in the country but averaging 4 losses a season for 8 years now with ALL this talent :






Georgia Bulldogs.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2015 # 4, 2014 # 12, 2013 # 8, 2012 # 14, 2011 # 4, 2010 # 21, 2009 # 4, 2008 # 5, 2007 # 17, 2006 # 4, 2005 # 4, 2004 # 6, 2003 # 11, 2002 # 9.  15 years’ recruiting rank avg recruiting rank # 8.  Mark Richt 15th year as head coach.  2016 # 7 Scout.com recruiting ranking same as every other year :




12 losses after 2007 to unranked teams :

2009 Okie State not ranked AP Poll season

2009 vols not ranked any poll ever 19-45 lost

2009 Kentucky not ranked any poll ever lost at Sanford Home game

2010 Colorado not ranked any poll ever

2010 Florida not ranked any poll ever

2010 Central Florida UCF  not ranked AP Poll time of game

2013 Missouri not ranked Coaches’ Poll time of game

2013 Vandie not ranked in both Coaches’ Polls and AP Poll time of game

2013 Nebraska not ranked AP Poll for year & not ranked either poll time of game

2014 South Carolina not ranked either AP or Coaches’ Polls for the year

2014 Florida not ranked any poll ever yet blown-out 20-38

2015 vols not ranked any poll at all 2-3 team 31-38



7 LOSSES by MORE THAN 3 TD after 2007 with NONE PRIOR :


10-49 crocodiles 2008

19-45 vols 2009

17-41 crocodiles 2009

10-42 LS who 2011

7-35 gamecocks 2012

10-38 bammer 2015

3-27 crocodiles 2015




What do you do with your time Mark Richt ?

It’s NOT coaching this football program after 2007; that much is VERY CLEAR, sir !




All he needs is a QB and his 9th Coordinator Change in 15 seasons ?

Excuse me, he had Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, Mike Bobo and AJ Green and LOST 3 games getting to Play # 24 Michigan State in our meaningless bowl game THAT SEASON 2008 :




He was BLOWN-OUT embarrassed in 2 of those losses and the 3rd loss was to the yellowjackets averaging the # 52 Scout.com recruiting ranking !


AFTER 2007 :


# 26 All games not at Home tied with Cincinnati :


# 26 vs ranked teams AP or Coaches’ for season year 11-25 for 30 % win % :


# 26 vs ranked teams for the year season not at Home 6-17 for 26 % win % :


# 26 vs ranked teams time of game not at Home 9-15 for 37 % win %


# 26 vs ranked teams AP or Coaches’ time of game 16-23 for 41 % win % :


# 26 vs ranked teams AP or Coaches’ time of game 16-23 for 41 % win % :


# 28 vs Top 10 AP or Coaches’ time of game 5-12 for 41 % win % :

http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&breakdown=on&sgrb=on&cres=1&scrview=5&tview=4&sortby=G10 see column # 3 here at this URL Link

# 29 vs Ranked teams time of game who were bowl teams 15-23 for 39 % win % :

http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&breakdown=on&sgrb=on&cres=1&scrview=5&tview=4&sortby=BTM see column # 6 here at this URL Link

# 32 when both teams are bowl teams :


# 33 vs Top 10 year season not at Home 1-11 for 9 % win % tied with Arizona :

http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&away=on&neut=on&breakdown=on&cres=1&scrview=3&sortby=Y10 see column # 3 here at this URL Link

# 33 vs Top 10 year season not at Home 1-11 for 9 % win % tied with Arizona :


# 33 at 2-16 vs Top 10 AP or Coaches for the season year 11 % win % :


# 34 vs ranked teams for the year season at 2-8 on opponents home field visitor away for 20 % win % :


# 35 when both teams ranked time of game not at Home 8-12 for 40 % win % :


# 37 when both teams are ranked for the season year 8-10 for 44 % win % :


# 40 when both teams are ranked time of game 14-18 for 43 % win %


# 45 vs Top 15 time of game lost 18 of 24 for 25 % win % for # 11 All-Time Wins :



36-1 vs non-bowl teams

36-31 vs teams making a bowl game




4 losses per season average 72-32 :




Not Ranked half the time AP or Coaches’ Polls  2009 2010 2013 and now 2015 :




Mark Richt averages the # 8 Scout.com Recruiting Ranking and has the # 5 Most NFL Draft Picks with 86, but after 2007 he is not in the Top 25 at really anything except for his 36-1 record against non-bowl teams.


Talk about underachievement !  This blog post details the epitome of underachievement with all his talent after 2007 !

– The  vast resources at hand for Mark Richt to have accomplished after 2007 diddle-e-squat.  Mark Richt failures.


vs top 15 after 2007 only won 25 % games 6-18 time of game



# 41 at 18 losses of 24 games vs Top 15 after 2007 for # 11 All-Time UGA





10-Win Seasons :

On Target for 10-Win Season
Overall Record for .ALL. Teams Year 2015
Division IA
Official Records
# Team Record
1. Clemson (11-0-0)–1.00000
2. Iowa (11-0-0)–1.00000
3. Michigan St. (10-1-0)–0.90909
4. Ohio St. (10-1-0)–0.90909
5. Houston (10-1-0)–0.90909
6. Alabama (10-1-0)–0.90909
7. North Carolina (10-1-0)–0.90909
8. Notre Dame (10-1-0)–0.90909
9. Florida (10-1-0)–0.90909
10. Oklahoma St. (10-1-0)–0.90909
11. Oklahoma (10-1-0)–0.90909
12. Navy (9-1-0)–0.90000
13. Toledo (9-1-0)–0.90000
14. Baylor (9-1-0)–0.90000
15. TCU (9-2-0)–0.81818
16. Northwestern (9-2-0)–0.81818
17. Florida St. (9-2-0)–0.81818
18. Western Ky. (9-2-0)–0.81818
19. Temple (9-2-0)–0.81818
20. Stanford (9-2-0)–0.81818
21. Marshall (9-2-0)–0.81818
22. Michigan (9-2-0)–0.81818
23. Appalachian St. (8-2-0)–0.80000
24. San Diego St. (9-3-0)–0.75000
25. Texas A&M (8-3-0)–0.72727
26. Pittsburgh (8-3-0)–0.72727
27. Louisiana Tech (8-3-0)–0.72727
28. Memphis (8-3-0)–0.72727
29. Utah (8-3-0)–0.72727
30. Wisconsin (8-3-0)–0.72727
31. Washington St. (8-3-0)–0.72727
32. Bowling Green (8-3-0)–0.72727
33. Mississippi (8-3-0)–0.72727
34. Oregon (8-3-0)–0.72727
35. Mississippi St. (8-3-0)–0.72727
36. UCLA (8-3-0)–0.72727
37. Southern Mississippi (8-3-0)–0.72727
38. BYU (8-3-0)–0.72727
39. Air Force (8-3-0)–0.72727
40. Northern Illinois (8-3-0)–0.72727
41. Georgia (8-3-0)–0.72727




Time-out mismanagement

Roster mismanagement

In-Game Decisions such as pooch kick-off vs yellowjackets last year

In-Game Decisions such as 1st and dumb against Spurrier last year

Telling Cam Newton he is only a TE here that Aaron Murray is his QB instead

His own coaching staff he only hired – total discord

Embarrassing losses

His recruits have been in the bad press

He hasn’t signed contract through 2019 at over $ 4 million a year – take off the table

Too much bad press

Brings his staff and players not-ready-to-play too many times every year

Not developing his players

Has had 4 offensive and 4 defensive coordinators – tell me you’re not going to blame them again !

Look what David Greene said !

Poor leadership

Not trending upward at all !

All we give him all these resources and averages 4 losses over current 8-year period ! 72-32 with 36-1 vs non-bowl teams and 36-31 vs bowl teams.  Unacceptable !

No Direction

Wastes Talent – plays wrong guys

Says there’s something here at Georgia BESIDES winning that’s important

Mixed messages sent to the student-athletes

We have pre-game brawls before Alabama this year and Georgia Southern yet again !

We did the same at Clemson up there

Where is Mark Richt ?

No strategy for special teams and no coach like 100 of his rivals have

Did not even practice special teams in the G-Day Game again !

Dissension and he just stands there and puts gag-order on everyone ?

Nothing done

No results

Disharmony in our football program he is in charge of

Frankly Greg McGarity is to blame for doing nothing about all this

Jere Morehead has done and even said nothing ?

17 years of 0 or 1 loss in UGA history, yet now we’re averaging 4 losses per year for the most recent 8 years now !  Just unacceptable.

The recruits have ALWAYS come here to UGA because we’re the best school if you play football

He leaves holes in his roster recruiting anyway every year he does this

Mark Richt has lost control of this football program for 8 years now.

The problem isn’t Mark Richt if he is still here after the game Saturday, it’s you !


Greg McGarity J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics ad@sports.uga.edu

Jere Morehead e-mail address (since I firmly am convinced the problem is Greg McGarity no good at his job since he got here) president@uga.edu





How can the # 11 team All-Time in Wins, with our Average # 8 Scout.com Recruiting Ranking, with 86 NFL Draft Picks # 5 best nationally, us with 17 seasons of 0 or 1 loss, us with 15 Bowl Games on the National Stage both teams ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll most of which we Won, us with 26 seasons of 80% win percentage or higher have only 1 season after 2007 over 80 % win percentage and it marred by 2 devastatingly horrible coaching decisions to  be # 41 in Won/Lost Record after 2007 vs the Top 15 Ranked teams, be 36-1 vs non-bowl teams and only 36-31 for our 72-32 over the most-current 8 years averaging 4 losses per season and therefore have only played in meaningless bowl games by stark contrast with 12-1 record not at Sanford vs non-bowl teams and only 18-22 vs bowl teams # 26 nationally ?  How is this possible ?  How could this possibly be considered remotely acceptable ?




Obviously, all of us would like to see Mark Richt be as successful his third 7 seasons here, as he was in his first 7 seasons here.

As we embark upon Mark Richt’s third seven-year period here at UGA, we have all come to love the man and what he stands for.  He is an excellent role model.  He is a fantastic recruiter.  He was more successful when he first got here than any Bulldogs’ coach.

I consider those who still brag on his coaching, not his recruiting, over his most current 7-year period here, to be what is holding him back.

In his first seven year period here, I said frequently that his coaching staff would be his downfall.  He had guys out of their knowledge base, coaching that which they did not even play themselves because well they fit in with Mark Richt’s own ideals. He eschewed anyone affiliated with the NFL, and shunned any such from joining his staff.  He said as much.

We won.  We won big.  We were certainly by all measures, elite.  We did not win it all, but we were certainly elite.  We beat the top teams.  We did not beat all the top teams, but we did win games against top teams.  We went on the road and won.  We beat teams who went to the bowl games those years.  We beat top 25 teams, as measured by what they actually accomplished those seasons in the final polls, not what they were ranked at game time in week 2, only to not even make a bowl game.  We got top recruits.  We had a dynamic offense.  We played great special teams, and played our top players at the key positions on the special teams.  We stockpiled talent, and sent them in droves into the NFL.

That was his first 7 years here.


Since, has been anything but acceptable.  We lose on the road against teams making the top 25 these latest 7 years.  We lose to bowl teams, in fact only beating 54 % of the teams who even went to a bowl game these latest current 7 years by stark contrast.  We lose to far less talented teams.  We lose all too often nowadays to teams we should have beat the shit out of.  We still recruit very well.  When we leave Sanford Stadium, we lose.  We cannot beat the top teams.

Through it all, we have had a small vocal community of Bulldogs’ fans who call anyone who dares to offer up this realization of the truth of the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era as he enters his 15th season this up-coming season, Mark Richt haters.

How could anyone hate Mark Richt ?  There is not a more beloved man on this planet.

His coaching results for his high-class recruiting have been piss poor the most recent 7-year period.

This latest 7-year period, hopefully over now, has been marked not only by bad press of mounting losses, more than 4 losses a season average for 7 seasons damn it, but also this most current 7-year period of Mark Richt here has been marked by horrid off-field strife.  It has grown exponentially – these ongoing off-field woes and bad press for Mark Richt’s recruits, for which he is given such high praise and rightfully so for bringing here to our storied program.  We got down to only 72 remaining signed scholarship recruits to play in our last game against Louisville a couple of months’ ago now.  He had none who went early in the NFL Draft 2014, yet of the 118 he signed to play against Louisville with a redshirt season the latest 5 years, he suited-up only 72.  16 of our signed scholarship recruits in 2014 alone were either arrested, or suspended, or kicked-off the team in 2014.

Good Lord.

We have seen Mark Richt on the sidelines basically change from the man he once was when he first got here his first 7 years here of high energy emotionally charged, to a guy who seems resigned to failure, or no longer wants to be here coaching.

He even just recently admitted that he in public can tell us that here at Georgia, we adhere to something more important than winning.

This from the young gun we hired who said when he beat the # 4 vols in 2001 that he had knocked the lid off this program, and winning was going to be a staple for us.

Well, although it was not a staple that year 2001 we beat the # 4 vols because we lost 4 games 2001, but winning certainly was a staple here for the next 6 seasons.

Then, something happened.  I have my theory on that, if anyone is interested.  And, all of a sudden, overnight, Mark Richt was a changed man after 2007.

We had the # 1 rank pre-season in both the AP and Coaches’ Polls because of the momentum he had built here in winning.  And, it all fell apart that very night we I guess the players felt EARNED that # 1 rank.  20 players that very night both polls ranked us # 1 for the 1st time in preseason history for UGA, went out and CELEBRATED.

We never recovered from all the off-field mayhem, culminating with one injured player in the all the bar room brawls, actually beating up St. Mary’s Hospital.  That’s right.  He attacked the hospital building.

Since then, we have played like shit.

I’d like to point out again, if I may, that the problem we have around here are the fans who act like what has happened since that night following the 2007 season, is acceptable.