Mike Bobo won 6 of 24 games vs top 15 time of game after 2007. Six of twenty-four games. Where the hell were you ? Oh yeah you were on every blog saying ban my posts. I remember. If Mike Bobo was so great 2010-2014 why did he lose 26 games those 5 years as our Offensive Coordinator ? Why was he # 27 in won/lost record those years ? Why zero SEC Championships ? Why is he only 7-6 as head coach both years so far ? Why does NO ONE want to play for Mike Bobo ? Why can’t Mike Bobo get any players ? Why would Mike Bobo go to a place where they have a LOSING RECORD all-time ? How is that working out for Mike Bobo ? It’s not and you know it. You talk CRAP all day every day. You have no clue whatsoever. We have disagreed since the day you first posted online about us. Mike Bobo ? Shit Mike Bobo averaged MORE than 5 losses 2010-2014 and you write several posts about HOW GREAT HE WAS 2010-2014. No he was NOT you God Damn stupid ass freaking fool. Mike Bobo and Mark Richt were # 45 nationally with # 7 talent vs top 15 teams for # 11 all-time UGA after 2007. STFU about BOTH.

We have NEVER agreed on anything.


We never will.


You have some agenda not shared by me.


I would like to WIN at football.


You don’t give a shit if we win or think this is winning averaging MORE than 4 losses a season the latest last most recent 9 years now today.




I want more.




Quit with your bullshit of how great Mike Bobo and how great Mark Richt.




They are gone.


You are NEXT.


Get that dumbass ?


All you did from 2010 to 2014 inclusive was try to shut me up.


You still are.


Mike Bobo won 6 of 24 games vs top 15 time of game after 2007.  Six of twenty-four games.  Where the hell were you ?  Oh yeah you were on every blog saying ban my posts.  I remember.


LOSING 18 of 24 games vs top 15 after 2007 was # 45 nationally with the # 7 average Scout.com recruiting talent.  Mike Bobo SUCKED.


Stick it up your God Damned Asshole about Mike Bobo AND Mark Richt.


They’re gone.


I saw to it personally.


Did you get it that time you piece of shit ?


Well did you punk ?


You have not won a single argument with me ever anywhere and never will because you’re totally wrong and clueless.


“Mike Bobo is great and got promoted to head coach at Colorado State because of his success here as our Offensive Coordinator.”


He has NOT done jack shit here or there.  And you are WRONG again.


Mike Bobo and Mark Richt were # 45 nationally with # 7 talent after 2007 vs top 15 teams for # 11 all-time Georgia Bulldogs.  STFU about BOTH or not – all you do is make a public fool of yourself on the topic.


“I don’t think Mark Richt is losing his job this year” November 2015 mind you.


“I can’t deny it was a decision by Greg McGarity that could not be justified.”


“Again I’m not saying that you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job.”


“He isn’t going anywhere.”



This is what you’ve been saying to me 2010-2014 bragging on Mike Bobo and Mark Richt while we got the ever living shit beat out of us by EVERYBODY.  Not just top 15 teams whom they were no shows against but losses inexplicable losses to unranked teams 12 of them after 2007 in ADDITION.


Now STFU.  I won that argument. I fired them for it.  They’re gone and you still are trying to paint the story otherwise.  Good luck with that bullshit.  And good luck with trying to shut me up about how wrong you were then and still are today on the topic.


Mike Bobo and Mark Richt were # 45 nationally with # 7 talent vs top 15 teams for # 11 all-time UGA after 2007.  STFU about BOTH.




DawginLex – just who is this child ? What makes him tick ? He tried to have my comments about how bad our program is removed from the Internet starting 2008. Wants to claim greatness always posting EARLY EVERY MORNING. So now he picks on me AGAIN with MORE PERSONAL ATTACKS AND THREATS ONLINE THREATS TO ME.

I am the majority opinion of The Georgia Bulldogs.  What I say is what WE ALL SAY.  It ALWAYS has been.  I am not a fringe fan.  I am not a man of fringe opinion of my beloved Dawgs.


THIS blog is free.  I began posting on the Internet in 1977.  Back then the blogs were called Forums.  I had 2 copies of my forum software on a PC I built myself with 2 phone lines to it.  I have posted to EVERY Bulldogs’ blog since – every one which does NOT charge.  Daily.  I have expectations for our Bulldog Football Program.  I do NOT post to nor do I support Internet sites which CHARGE MONEY.  That is a failed model.  I go to the games and have on my Dad’s seasons’ tickets starting 1957 and then on my own seasons’ tickets  and DawginLex does not go to the games and readily admits every word of this post.  He and I locked-horns years ago now.  I also attended UGA which he did NOT either but says his FAMILY did.  Well my family did too.  But that is not the point.  The point is that HE SAYS I can NOT have my opinion and that he says he can.  I took EVERY law course UGA offered.  I graduated with 239 hours when I only needed 180 for my BBA degree.  I was honored in the Top 5% of my graduating class at the Foy Fine Arts Building.  I finally made a B in my 3rd quarter of my senior year.  89.78 which was B.  This guy DawginLex is a child and he resents me.  He is not I.  I am not he.  He resents me and resents that I can even have an opinion on how good we should be here at UGA.  He wants to claim greatness for us and builds the team up before the season then complains afterwards that which I told him whining at ME preseason.   This is NOTHING NEW for him to attack me even to threaten bodily harm of me to shut me up that we should be better than we are.  It is what he does.  This just more of the same.  He is and WAS a Mark Richt Apologist.  He is NO BULLDOG.  He does not want to hear where we are short of our expectations.  He hates facing the truth that is unless it is HE SAYING IT.


How is that working-out for you POS trying to censor me and NOT ALLOW my opinion only yours on the Internet DawginLex ?


DawginLex is not happy that I am NOT SATISFIED with the current state of our football program and have not been starting 2008.

I am NOT ALLOWED TO SAY THAT according to DawginLex.

Like anybody does not know we average more than 4 losses a season for 9 years now with ALL THIS TALENT here.

I demand more.

He demands I shut-up.

Has he shut me up ?

You be the judge.  Here SKIM this :

DawginLex :

10:00 a.m. 09-28-2011 : “CMR stays.  Adams loves him because he runs a clean program.”

09:18 a.m. 10-20-2010 : “I will personally shut you up TB.  I hope that the bus plows you.”

8:29 a.m. 11-25-2011 : “This is Richt’s biggest game ever.  Florida now.”

09:18 a.m. 04-03-2012 : “Yes TB I’m not pleased with Aaron Murray either.”

10:14 a.m. 10-21-2012 : “Aaron Murray will crap the bed once and that will be the difference.”

10:46 a.m. 11-24-2010 : “Have TB banned.”

08:49 a.m. 09-27-2011 : “Don’t respond to me.  I am damn sure not going to respond to you.”

09:12 a.m. 11-01-2011 : “I love the gator logic.  They win 31-34 in overtime over us and use the term beat down of us. Now 24-20 they use the term fluke.”

01:58 p.m. 11-14-2011 : “I’m 53 and will wipe the floor with you.  If I meet you in person I will whip your ass TB.”

02:08 p.m. 11-14-2011 : “I’m gonna find him and whip his ass.  If Chip won’t I will.”

02:16 p.m. 11-14-2011 : “I apologize for my rant.  Do not copy and paste my posts TB.”

09:02 a.m. 11-15-2011 : “Show me where I said Richt should be fired.”

10:49 a.m. 12-19-2011 : “You bet I threatened you TB.  You can count your lucky stars that we’ll probably never meet.”

09:14 a.m. 12-20-2011 : “Be very thankful you will never engage me in person.  Very thankful.”

09:27 a.m. 12-23-2011 : “I am not ashamed that I lashed out at you TB because you deserved it.”

08:13 a.m. 04-28-2012 : “I had big expectations for this team.  Not any more.  I am just sick.”


LcBlldawg :

01:17 p.m. 12-23-2011 : “I’ve not seen TB make ANY personal attacks to DawginLex or anyone else.”



Cut to the chase Kirby – how do you REALLY feel about the press ?

You know where for 124 years before you became the head coach here we used to get the news about our football program Kirby ?


The football program they cover because they care about our football program or they would not cover it.


The football program we covet news about.


It has grown very old Kirby this heavy-handedness of you toward OUR PRESS.


Our press Kirby.




The vast majority of the millions we pay you Kirby is solely for your COMMUNICATION with the press only you view them instead as the enemy and frankly Kirby it comes across to ALL of us as though you don’t care about EVEN LETTING us get the news on the team.


Is that going to help you beat Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat Kirby ?


This on-going bickering and bitterness toward the press ?


I read it said by someone else other than just by me finally today that NICK SABAN does NOT do this Kirby.


You vote for censorship on NEWS Kirby.


Do you really think you can control the NEWS of how poorly you are doing your main job of being a head coach which is to COMMUNICATE ?


You are the single worst communicator for a head football coach ever.


You give the impression you don’t want ANYBODY to follow YOUR team Kirby.

I have news for Kirby : This is NOT your team and our team will revert to just that in short order the way you are mishandling the press.


And it’s NOT just only the press either is it Kirby ?


No it is not just the press you’re having problems with Kirby.  It’s across the board in every single aspect of this FAILED FOOTBALL PROGRAM except for your recruiting.  Other than recruiting there is NOTHING you are doing correctly as our head coach Kirby.




And now G-Day is more about the team than the fans ?


Excuse me we packed over 93000 into Sanford Stadium to watch Jacob Eason and Kirby did not even let him take a snap at QB until 10:36 remained before half.


So make no mistake about it G-Day is ALL ABOUT THE FANS.


Without the fans clamoring for the players and news about the players there is no team.


I am sick and tired of averaging more than 4 losses a season for the latest most-recent 9-year period Kirby and you sir were NOT brought here to continue it while TELLING THE PRESS what they can and can not say.


Try shutting me up Kirby?


You have already got quite a reputation Kirby.  And you get more stubborn on every issue of your coaching and controlling with the passing of every new day.




“So it turns out Mark Richt is trying to do a solid for both himself and his former employer there which of course is awesome.” senator of NOTHING bluto gtp get the picture just now he calls “The return of Evil Richt” about an article at the AJ-C from 11 hours prior. Was he drunk asleep all that time that only now he misreads it ? Still is ?



bluto can NOT honestly think as he said he thinks this morning that THIS is some greatness of Mark Richt to ACT upon what bluto says is a FALSE rumor and that by THAT ACT of contacting the Florida Gator recruits that he is doing something NOBLE for Miami of Florida Hurricanes because of the FALSE RUMOR.

Or doing UGA a favor by such a sleazy contact of Florida Gator recruits.


I honestly believe bluto thinks Mark Richt sent the texts to the recruits that the rumor was false.


He writes ALL his posts when he is passed-out drunk.


Jesus Christ bluto is a dumbass and right there tied with him is Mark Richt.


And oh by the way THIS CONFIRMS once again 14 months after I FIRED HIM ON THIS BLOG to bluto’s chagrin that bluto still has a man crush on Mark Richt – the loser.


“I don’t think Mark Richt is losing his job” after losing to Florida. bluto said.  “He isn’t going anywhere.”  Bluto “don’t think losing his job this year. (Nov ’15) can’t deny was decision that couldn’t be justified.Again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job”


Now this :


“Mark Richt is trying to do a solid for both himself and his former employer there which of course is awesome.”


After last week stating he was SHUTTING-DOWN his blog and no longer is INTERESTED EVEN in Georgia Bulldogs Football – too much drudgery without Mark Richt his personal Savior who WALKS ON WATER best ever according to bluto.


Not following The Bulldogs.  Doesn’t have season tickets any longer – if he ever did.  bluto states NOW he doesn’t even WANT to follow The Bulldogs any longer.


Give it up bluto.  You LOST.  I won.  I FIRED him when you said he wasn’t going anywhere and would still be here today.


Didn’t you bluto ?


Sure you did.


Never any doubt of ANY of this.




There was NOTHING SOLID about contacting Florida Gator recruits about a FALSE RUMOR bluto states DESPERATE as Mark Richt is in recruiting last year AND this year yet again.


Mark Richt is not a good recruiter and THIS just simply is yet MORE proof of this as well to wit bluto BRAGS on Mark Richt AGAIN this morning – like this is some great recruiting tactic by Mark Richt.




Kirby out-recruited Mark Richt by 17 ranking positions 2016 Scout.com rankings and this season 2017 is no different is it bluto ?


Oh I am sorry bluto you don’t follow recruiting so you don’t know.


A good part of college football NOT TO FOLLOW being a CONFIRMED Mark Richt Apologist as you ARE still 14 months later about that which you were NOTHING but wrong right down the line on.





Kirby # 74 in fewest penalties per game. # 94 in Fumbles per game. # 122 in Kick-Off Return Defense. # 112 in Net Punting. # 19 in number of passes thrown for an Interception. # 69 in Punt Returns. # 70 in Sacks of our QB allowed. # 113 in us tackling our opponents behind the line of scrimmage. Rodrigo Blankenship # 9 nation Field Goal Percentage 90%. What is the mandate ? What is any mandate ?

Unfortunately across the board in every aspect of Kirby’s team we’ve got a lot of work to do.




What is the mandate ?


Kirby has to coach better and his coaching staff has to coach better.  Not some of them.  All of them.  They are failing to take advantage of talents we do have.


What is any mandate ?


That what is transpiring is fine and dandy ?


Or that we demand change ?


As for xenophobic whining by those who have run down our great nation there is no medical condition known as xenophobia.  If you think your neighbors are not sending their monies made here in America back to their home country while not paying taxes on their incomes here you’re naïve.  If you think that Americans are not targets worldwide you’re not observant about the world around you.  We should not police the world nor should that be our goal.  We owe the world nothing simply because we’re Americans.  While half of Americans are on the dole the other half have a job are working and are paying for it.


We need a fair shake.


Taking pride in our own great nation and our peoples which is a melting pot we’re all proud of does not mean that we have to allow unfairness by 2 specific groups taking advantage of us and attacking our way of life and our peoples. We’re a stronger nation because we do truly love all nations and the people of all nations.  Some of us just look around and see what is for what it is.  Others think that is wrong.


Instead of feeling disenfranchised by President Donald Trump being elected President how about you do some self-alert awareness of the wishes of the nation where you live ?


I do believe we spoke.


You tried to make this election about anything but that which was his message and our mandate we sent him to Washington with.


No.  It has NOTHING to do with all the criticism of President Donald Trump.  It’s the economy stupid.


If you are an unlicensed driver who buys only insurance while earning an income here too while not paying taxes on your income excuse me you’re a drain on America.


Every day of the year groups of 4 or more Americans are attacked with intent to kill us.  Where have you been ?


Are you that out-of-touch that I have to tell you this ?


Excuse me but I stayed-up last night until 2:44 a.m. because I loved the mandate we gave to Washington to fix this.


And I don’t care what terms you try to label us to somehow think you’re going to continue down these same 2 roads.


You have no perspective of our great nation.  You should go live overseas for 3 years.  Maybe then you would have proper perspective. You don’t know what you’re talking about.


It’s fine for other nations to ALL every single one of them to take national pride themselves but heaven forbid we do as well.


We must prudently protect ourselves.  We are under attack more than once a day in groups of 4 or more of us.  And we can’t give everything to everyone who thinks they’re entitled to it because someone else has a job is working and can pay everyone else’s way in life.  That should not be our goal.  It sends all the wrong message about hard work.




More than anything Hillary losing an election where she was the only woman who could possibly have run and lost in fact is a mandate for change.


Instead of calling us names realize that we’ve got to change.  To that end you lost.  You shall not force your agenda on the rest of us because you think it makes you more popular to do so.


We’re all foreigners here in America and whether Kirby is one of us or not he has to bring about change.  What we’ve been doing as a country and as a football program has been an utter failure.


The only question is whether or not we’re going to be stupid or not.  Or instead whether we’re going to send the mandate that change is required.  We can’t continue this as a nation or as a football program.  It’s not working.  Fix it.  That is what a mandate is.



Auburn better look-out – the same as Hillary Clinton.




( https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CwsATZUWEAEcckf.jpg:large )


Everyone told us all that Hillary Clinton had won in her second attempt to be President.  What changed ?


Everyone tells us that Auburn has won too before it as well is decided.

I would never vote for Hillary Clinton after the way she lied about Bill Clinton cheating on her.  I don’t trust her.  In fact it is worse than that.  I know that her campaign of negativity certainly made the choice easy for America.


I pay too much in taxes now.


Every time she said something negative about Donald Trump I thought of Hillary Clinton.  Excuse me I said ?  Excuse me ?


Like Hillary Clinton Auburn better look-out too.


They haven’t beaten us – not yet.


We have a secret weapon.  Kirby may need a kicker who can kick-off farther.  But I see Kirby giving Rodrigo Blankenship – our secret weapon – the next scholarship.  And to think of all the scholarships wasted by Mark Richt here.


I am damn tired of the way politicians up North and out West are running this great country.  Did you hear me ?  We’re ALL very upset with how the politicians think they are running our great nation.


I voted for every woman on my ballot except one.  That one has lost twice now for it is she who is flawed.


I am paying more for health care now than I ever have and have worse coverage.


I wanted to send a clear message.  We did that today.  They took us for granted and we did not.  We voted.


If you thought that WE felt vindicated when first I and then all of us fired Mark Richt then by God WE are vindicated this night.


I loved the whiners for the last year now and I love the whiners tonight AGAIN.


All I saw were ads by Hillary Clinton saying how bad Donald Trump is.  That is all the Clintons know as politicians.


That is all they did all night long as the results became more and more clear.


It is all they are saying today still – those who told us that Hillary Clinton had won before it was decided by the American people.


What is Donald Trump going to do they told us all night and now this morning as well.


If there was a campaign by Hillary on ANY of those points I never saw it.


Dig up dirt and smear it around and then say to the Director of the FBI to please release the information to the American Public a week before we all vote.


I called for that myself amid everyone being told that Hillary Clinton had won before it started.  They kept on-point of how bad Donald Trump and never said what she would do while the message Donald Trump had for us was that he would shake this up.


Republican President Republican House and Republican Senate.  Donald Trump can fix the infrastructure and lead us to GROWTH in the economy not raise our taxes if that is what he wants to do.


What did she stand for ?  Well she stood by her man and said that Bill Clinton did not have sexual relations with that woman.  Then when he told us all he in fact did and the details of it and the cigar in the Oval Office we saw them hide e-mails pardon the unpardonable and her take Bill away from the White House for a trip.  A vacation ?  Uh no.


It was for her to be pissed-off at him.  For her to tell him.  For her to then ignore all that like the American public did not watch all that and how she treated him afterwards.


Bill made a fool of her and she stood by and took it so that she would run for President twice and lose both times.


That is not what I stand for Hillary.  Any other woman would have won.


The more negative you made it Hillary and that is ALL you did the more pissed-off WE all became.  And we showed-up amid being told by ALL that YOU HAD WON before it ever played-out.  Guess what ?


Auburn is in the same boat.


And we have a secret weapon Rodrigo Blankenship.


And 10 new faces Kirby Started against Kentucky who never played for Mark Richt.


In the end President Donald Trump did better with women than they said he would better with Blacks better with Latinos because his message resonates with all.


The ones who voted for Obama and see NOTHING from it did NOT vote for Hillary.


The World ?  Well now is a good time to buy.  When the world found-out what Americans want first the Asian markets and then others sent stocks tumbling.  Now it seems they overreacted.  Like I say now is the time to buy.

We have nowhere to go but up.


Kellyanne Conway President Donald Trump’s campaign manager did a great job.


President Donald Trump won Florida Georgia North Carolina Pennsylvania Wisconsin South Carolina Alabama Ohio Missouri Arkansas Louisiana Texas Kentucky Tennessee – the entire SEC – Oklahoma West Virginia Indiana South Dakota North Dakota Iowa Utah Idaho Montana Wyoming and Ohio.


And I still want to see all those e-mails.


Liar Hillary Clinton.  Liar.


I agree with Hillary Clinton that James Comey FBI Director should immediately release full and complete ALL everything to the American Public NOW Saturday morning of e-mails every e-mail Huma Abedin has on her e-mail accounts to us the American Public with me set to vote a week from Tuesday.  Let ME read them.  I’ll let you know what I find.  I will sit down and read all 30 thousand.  Huma Abedin printed EVERY e-mail of Hillary Clinton.  Every.  Hillary Clinton ORDERED Huma Abedin to print EVERY e-mail to her to make them easier to read than on a PC screen.  I might not agree with Hillary Clinton about STANDING BY HER MAN for Bill Clinton being UNFAITHFUL to her but I do agree with her on this.  RELEASE ALL THE E-MAILS NOW INSTANTLY so I can vote as per Hillary Clinton’s explicit order that you do so James Comey.


They told us Hillary Clinton had won before it was decided by the American people and they tell us Auburn has won as well.


I predicted ALL of this.


Take the points.



A poster posted here now : “9-11 wins with regular defeats of our rivals and 15 straight bowl games is looking pretty good right about now… isn’t it?” Uh no. That is why he was FIRED. Because he would’ve lost to North Carolina too this year and he would’ve lost to Kentucky. And playing far weaker opponents he has no better record. As well he isn’t recruiting anywhere near as well as Kirby. Look dimwits Mark Richt lost 18 of his last 24 games over his last 8 years here vs. top 15 teams and that just doesn’t cut it at # 45 nationally at that with average # 7 recruiting rankings. You think now is the time to say this mediocrity for 8 years worth proximately causing his own FIRING is somehow preferred right about now ? How about NO it is NOT the right timing. Look I am glad Mark Richt is gone. Or somehow did you think that I didn’t spearhead running him out of town on a rail ?

Good riddance.  Addition by subtraction.  You’re making believe Mark Richt was great.  We could call you the Pittsburgh Steelers – stealing your love of Mark Richt by firing him – thus ending your Love-Fest of Mark Richt lousy loser he was for 8 excruciating years.  We both know the score.





( https://youtu.be/zL49I1CBHmc )



( https://youtu.be/eiCCeS0W2_A )


He would’ve lost to North Carolina.  He would’ve lost to Kentucky.  He’s playing a far easier schedule and doing no better than Kirby.  And he’s recruiting a lot worse.  You’re just making believe he was great.


I don’t know how Kirby is going to do after his rocky start but I certainly know that Mark Richt wasn’t the answer.


Nor were “fans” like you the answer saying as you HAVE HERE that you DON’T GO TO THE GAMES and NEVER HAVE.  But somehow Mark Richt was our Savior.  No he wasn’t.  And neither are you.




What a joke of a name : DawgFaithful.  You are anything but.


You remain NOTHING but a Mark Richt Apologist and take comfort amongst yourselves right now that somehow Kirby stubbing his toe too makes Mark Richt great.




You told me you’re a Miami of Florida Hurricane fan now.  You said you put a bumper sticker on your truck for Miami now.


Have at it.


You even said that you did not know what to do anymore that you didn’t even want to root for us anymore.


I know you don’t want to hear it but NO we don’t wish we had Mark Richt back.  He’s gone and in my mind so too are you therewith.


Making believe is all you can do.    Heaven is just a win away.   Making believe – what else can you do ?  Mark Richt would have NEVER beat Auburn this week and you know it.   Making believe that you never lost him.  My plans for the future will never come true with him.  Follow your arrow right out of town with him.  He was nothing for 8 years.  Standing by your man now just makes it all the more clear you never were one of us.


73-32 is not 9-11 wins the last 8 years.  It is 9-4.  He went 6-7 in 2010 losing the Liberty Bowl to U.C.F. 6-10 while losing to Auburn and Florida and Colorado who went 5-7 themselves firing their coach while losing also to Missy State Arkansas and losing to South Carolina.


Making believe that that is somehow acceptable striking while the iron is hot right now doesn’t serve you or him well.  Now does it ?  He wasn’t heaven now was he ?


Kirby most definitely has his back up against the wall of that there is no doubt either.  He must win against Auburn.  He was less than testy on the noon interview on AM680 The Fan Buck Belue yesterday.  Kirby said all the right coach speak.  Kirby has now Started against Kentucky ten (10) Players who never played for Mark Richt already this season.  From my standpoint and per my prediction Signing Date, there are more coming who will Start.  Can Kirby beat Auburn ?


Sure Kirby can beat Auburn.  Mark Richt never would have and you know it.


Anyone would have been an improvement on what we have endured the 8 previous seasons of Mark Richt.  Impossible to not be.


Inevitably Mark Richt would’ve lost Saturday to Auburn and you know it.  Kirby ?


Take the points.



Isn’t it the head coach’s job to figure out who his # 1 receiver is and get him out there practicing with his Starting QB ? Getting comfortable, learning each other’s tendencies, getting confidence in each other, knowing each other’s abilities. Today is Kirby’s day number 300 here on the job and we have no pitch-and-catch combo YET. WTF Kirby ? Want to gag me Kirby ? Think you can DUCK this question too Kirby ? How is this possible after 300 days here Kirby that you STILL do not know who your pitch-and-catch combo is ? WTF have you been doing Kirby ?

Doesn’t the head coach determine WHOM it is he is STARTING at EVERY POSITION ?


Isn’t it the head coach who says this is basically the framework you are working within on offense, defense and special teams ?


You can not DENY that Kirby 100 % said prior to the Vandie game that “fewer bad things happen when you run the ball” and that SINCE that is ALL Kirby has allowed Jim Chaney to do – run the ball until such time as it is proven to Kirby that that is not going to work, which has been AFTER the games have been LOST and he is DESPERATE.


Then, he goes 100 % the other way.  Jim Chaney I want you to NEVER run another run all game.  Pass every down.


LOOK GOD DAMN IT.  There is not one single God Damn Offensive Coordinator in the history of the God Damn Game that calls play calls like that WITHOUT Kirby calling the shots for him.


Kirby doesn’t know WTF he is doing on Offense, Special Teams or talent evaluation determination to quickly decide at positions of need who might or might not be of any help to his coordinators.


I know Kirby after a defensive series is over, has been telling Jim Chaney what he wants HIM to do now that the defense is coming off the field.  Whom to play.  Whom to NOT play.  What play calls he wants.  This is NO DIFFRENT from last year with Mark Richt who did the same God Damn thing to Brian Schottenheimer.  Here are your guys to play here don’t play these guys and oh by the way here is my philosophy on offensive play calls.  Here we are running this basic set.  Don’t call these type plays.  Don’t do this on first down.  Do this.  Do this because fewer bad things happen when you run.


Why do you think that Jim Chaney huddled the guys on offense.  Because Kirby did NOT tell Jim Chaney what he insisted that they do do ?


I am not stupid.


Kirby is a Defensive Coordinator.  It is only common sense that Kirby would be found in the Defensive Huddle after a series to talk with them about what it was HE JUST SAW on defense.


Can he be there and in the Offensive Huddle ?


Frankly, I question if Kirby hasn’t ALREADY meddled too much in the Offensive Play Calls TELLING  Jim Chaney that he MUST RUN the ball up the gut.


Kirby doesn’t give a SHIT if we don’t have the personnel to do that, or if we TELEGRAPH that by Kirby’s stubbornness on this topic of his ongoing continuing saga of TELLING EVERYONE that he Kirby wants to IMPOSE HIS WILL on the opposing defense by running the ball.


Kirby knows this helps his defense.


It does.


It’s a fact.




Disregarding that he doesn’t have the personnel to IMPOSE HIS WILL against opposing defenses by running up the gut every 1st and 2nd Down putting us in 3rd and long and then 4th and long DESPERATE still going for it.




Yes Jim Chaney SUCKS.


I said in Game 1 that Jim Chaney needed to be FIRED and in fact intimated that in the Spring when Jim Chaney did NOT insist on Jacob Eason taking all the snaps with the # 1 unit so that November NOW we have a well-oiled offense.


I called for Del McGee to be promoted to Offensive Coordinator.


But let’s be honest here :

(1)Kirby decides who starts and who does NOT

(2)Kirby decides the framework for Defense Offense and Special teams.


It is KIRBY who tells Jim Chaney no you can not have ANY of the freshmen OL this year.  No you can not have Mecole Hardman Jr. spread out wide on offense – I want him to learn the defensive back position first and when he has done that, then maybe.  No I am not moving any of the logjam at tight end to spread any of them out wide.  Here Jim Chaney I give you Isaiah McKenzie ONLY to help the offense.  Here Shane Beamer I give you Isaiah McKenzie to help the special teams.  These are ALL Kirby’s calls.


Kirby will not let you find out this from ANY of his coordinators because well they are GAGGED.  Gag Order all assistants and all coordinators.


No discussion.


Gag Order all freshmen.


Gag order the damn press – he tried that stranglehold too on even the press y’all.


It is KIRBY who says on special teams no you can NOT have Elijah Holyfield or Brian Herrien.


It is KIRBY who says on special teams, here is your damn kicker.  No that was a mistake.  Hold on.  Now, here is your kicker.  Bench the other guy I told you to use.  Never use him EVER again for anything.


And oh yeah do NOT use Mitchell Wasson on special teams for ANY damn reason.


And it is ONLY KIRBY too who ONLY tells Mel Tucker play these guys, here now, put this guy in for a play.  Now, take this guy out.  Here generally I want this guy to get 80 % of the snaps and here take these other 2 and give them the other 20%.


He does the same to Jim Chaney.  No to this guy.  Yes to this guy.  Here play all 5 of these tight ends.  Give each a start.  Swap them in and out willy-nilly throughout the game, never mind who might be hot.  But for heaven’s sake, no Jim Chaney, do NOT move 1 of the 5 logjam there to ANY other position.  No.


You don’t understand Kirby and are a dumbass if you can not see ALL THIS.




We have 85 scholarship players.


How can there be no one whom Kirby has allowed our Starting Quarterback to have to throw to as his pitch-and-catch combo yet in 300 days now ?


Kirby ?


Hello ?




Kirby you are NOT looking for what is NOT there.  You are CHOOSING among the 85 Scholarship players for one guy who can CATCH the God Damn Football Kirby.


Day 300.


Hello Kirby ?


Who is the guy who is BEST of the 85 Scholarship Players to play receiver ?


Figure it out Kirby.


Or give up the job of head coach.  I know now why you categorically allowed Nick Saban to have Jeremy Pruitt.


Because by God Jeremy Friqin’ Pruitt would have GONE TO THE GOD DAMN PRESS and told them – here is what I feel about the receiver position for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2016 season.


He is so pissed-off at such dumbass decisions by the prior dysfunctional staff that no one dares ask him about this now.


Good move Kirby.


Like your gagging of all freshmen is a good move Kirby.


Can you IMAGINE what Jeremy Pruitt or the freshmen might actually say ?


I sure as hell can.


When Kirby ?


Thought about Mecole Hardman Jr. Kirby ?


How about the glut of tight ends Kirby ?


Considered spreading-out wide Charlie Woerner yet Kirby Day 300 ?


Thought about at all getting Isaac Nauta also ASSURED an NFL Draft Pick 1st Round not next year but the year after out wide Kirby ?


God damn it Kirby do something.




Shit put Elijah Holyfield out wide.


In 300 days someone in our football program knows who the pitch-and-catch combo is for this team.




Go-To Receiver ?  Hell we don’t even have one the QB has even practiced with much.


Kirby a balanced offense is one with THREATS out wide and blocking for the run.


Instead you have YET to play ANY of your offensive line you recruited standing-pat with a bunch who do NOT get the job done for 300 days.


You wrote this season off Kirby before it EVER started.


You made ZERO effort Kirby.




What happened with that ?  What did they SEND their representative to you to TELL YOU Kirby ?  You know ?  When EVERY player on the team said that you Kirby can not be in your own God Damn Locker Room ?


What was their collective statement to the cough cough head coach when EVERY player on the team said Kirby go F yourself.  We want to meet WITHOUT you in the room Kirby.


How about some of these myriad of guys you trot out there every game at receiver Kirby ?


Can’t figure out who is our pitch-and-catch combo in 300 days Kirby ?


When did you plan on having a # 1 receiver in practice every day Kirby practicing with your # 1 Quarterback getting their tendencies down, their timing down, their familiarity with each other, their confidence in each other, their THREAT to opposing defenses Kirby ?


Day 301 ?


Day 302 ?


Never ?


Just keep sending 3 different guys out there every set at receiver.


None of whom have practiced with the # 1 unit one iota.


This is getting REALLY old now Kirby.


You truly do not know.  Do you Kirby ?  Go ahead.  Tell us ?  Who is your choice at receiver Kirby ?


Silence is deafening.


Day 300.  No idea who Jacob Eason should throw to.  Er uh.  I dunno.  No you can’t ask any of my coordinators – they’re all idiots morons or little children.  My assistants ?  Go F yourself.


Can you ask the players ?


The players have no say about who it is who is supposed to be someone Jacob Eason can or can not throw to.


No you can’t ask the players.


That is the coaches’ decision.


We’ll decide.


Next question please ?


No you WILL NOT decide who your pitch-and-catch combo is Kirby – you God Damn LIAR – not by day 300 anyway.  Too much to ask.


Too many other MORE IMPORTANT decisions than that.


Why are you still talking about Florida ?  Today is Tuesday.  MY POLICY is 24-hour rule.


Kirby did you realize that every head coach you have faced, every single one, has figured this out ?


That YOU do not know who your receiver is for your # 1 Quarterback in the Nation and ASSURED NFL Draft Pick 1st Round NFL Draft not next year but the one after that to throw to.




Really really really old Kirby day 300.




You know what I would have done Day 1 Spring Practice Kirby ?


Put Mecole Hardman Jr. the # 1 Athlete in the nation out there at Wide Receiver and bookended him with Sony Michel on the other side as soon as his broken arm from horsing around on a dangerous ATV July 4 finally healed.


I also would have STARTED Brian Herrien at TB Day 1 of Practice.  Instead, you went into the season with 2 broken-down running backs both INJURED and disregarded your pitch-and-catch combo totally Kirby.


All year long.


300 days and counting.


Not 1 day have you practiced your Starting Quarterback with your Starting Wide Out.


Not one Kirby.


Quit meddling in the offense Kirby.


You know about as much about OFFENSE as you do SPECIAL TEAMS or TALENT EVALUATION to figure-out by day 300 now Kirby who your pitch-and-catch combo for 2016 is Kirby.


Which is NOT a God Damn Thing about ANY of these 3 areas.


Should Kirby be more involved in the offense?


He’s been WAY TOO INVOLVED IN the offense already up until NOW.  That’s the Fing problem.


If Kirby would step back maybe the guys Kirby has us paying $ 20 million dollars a year coaching this team can figure-out amongst themselves who the hell should be our pitch-and-catch combo after 300 days coaching them to NOT KNOW.


What a freaking waste of money 2016 on a “coaching staff.”


Who the HELL EVER heard of a team where only 5 guys are allowed to speak.  One for the all the coaches ONLY Kirby.  And 4 for the players all whom sound pretty God Damn STUPID Kirby not having a clue what the hell you’re doing EITHER.


Oh that is a coach’s decision.


Gag him for THAT Kirby ?



Last we hear from him too ?


Want to try to gag me Kirby ?


How is this possible after 300 days here Kirby that you STILL do not know even who the Hell your God Damn Friqin’ pitch-and-catch combo is yet ?


WTF are you doing Kirby ?


Do you listen Kirby when your players tell the press when THEY ASK THEM that it was the coach’s decision ?


Yet every other coach we face – ALL -every one – know you do NOT know Kirby who your pitch-and-catch combo is.  This is what they are challenging YOU to do Kirby.  Hello ?  Is anyone home who gives a shit ?  THIS is YOUR JOB KIRBY.  We offered you $ 5 million 400 thousand dollars with incentives this year 2016 Kirby to DECIDE THIS and you have WHIFFED on it.


The BODY LANGUAGE of this football team and all its coaches is as bad as it has EVER been.


Why do you think that the players held a PLAYERS ONLY MEETING just last week ?


Because they LOVE what Kirby is doing ?


Is that what you thought that meant ?


Or, are you trying to IGNORE that ?


Kirby tell me about the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING last week ?  “I am NOT desperate,” Kirby replied to the press to ANSWER that question.


To wit I replied oh God Oh NO !  Don’t tell ME that Kirby.  THAT means you are STILL going to TRY to run until they prove to you that you can NOT impose your Will upon them Running Kirby.  We are DOOMED I replied all week last week after the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING.


I have called since for Kirby to tell us what the hell it was the players DID SAY TO HIIM when they BANNED Kirby from the locker room – that the players OBVIOUSLY came-up with SOMETHING they would TELL THE COACHES it was all about – what their GRIEVANCES are.


Clearly the players are NOT HAPPY Kirby.


The OFFENSE and the SPECIAL TEAMS failed to show-up Saturday Kirby vs. our # 1 Rival.  NO-SHOWS both offense and special teams – totally.




I am subject to NO DAMN 24-HOUR RULE Kirby.  Get the hell off your God Damn high-horse on that Kirby.  STFU about 24-hour rule and ANSWER the freaking question for a change.


I haven’t seen the tape yet.


Yes we reviewed the tape yesterday.  We’re not talking about Florida.  24-hour rule.  Let’s talk about Kentucky.


THIS entire season is UNACCEPTABLE Kirby, sir.




Nothing could be worse than instead of finding a pitch-and-catch combo to open-up the running game with Jacob Eason in the gun, that Kirby IS NOT DESPERATE I said all week last week.


That that his reply to the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING the press pressed him about.


I am so tired of your bullshit with the press Kirby.


4 losses the last 5 games Kirby.  2-4 in The SEC and Kentucky favored ?  Kentucky ?  And you’re NOT DESPERATE Kirby ?  WTF makes you desperate then if NOT THIS Kirby ?


If NOT NOW –  when Kirby will you be DESPERATE sir ?


I saw you grinding your teeth at halftime Kirby, gnashing your teeth sir.


It’s bad.


Players only meeting ?  Nah I’m not desperate.  We’re not desperate.  Everything is hunky-dory. Fine and Dandy.  No problems.  We’re doing well.  Not desperate.  Not us.  Hell no.


Every player and every coach Kirby included knows that all we fans and press and the world over know too that we do not have a pitch-and-catch THREAT.


WTF are we doing on Offense ?


WTF Kirby ?



Kirby will be criticized again next year 2017 for not practicing the freshmen this 2016 year with the # 1 unit, for not preparing them when Kirby needed them 2016, for not putting them in the game, and for not letting the freshmen play THIS YEAR. Why ? “The prospects understand there are a lot of opportunities to come in and play. That’s what we’re selling.” Kirby

“The prospects understand there are a lot of opportunities to come in and play.  That’s what we’re selling.”  Kirby


Why will Kirby be criticized ?  Because he is selling that which he knows he does not want to do : To play freshmen.


Because they will kick-ass next year this 2016 freshmen class – wasted as they ALL every one are all season game 8 next.


You’re too conservative Kirby.


It all started with his criticizing of Jacob Eason by stating that he could NOT tell who was better Greyson Lambert or Jacob Eason.  So he gave Jacob Eason not one single snap all Spring with the # 1 unit.  He WAS STILL practicing Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit all Fall Practice too except for 9 practices.  This is not preparing Jacob Eason with the # 1 unit and they with him.   2 weeks Kirby gave Jacob Eason snaps with the # 1 unit ALL SPRING AND ALL FALL.  Were they the last 2 weeks even in the Fall ?


Hell no.


The last entire week of Fall Practice ONLY Greyson Lambert got the snaps with the # 1 unit.


In fact, Monday and Tuesday AFTER the North Carolina win, Kirby not only did NOT recognize Jacob Eason as 1 of the top 8 best players, but in fact STILL had Greyson Lambert practicing with the # 1 unit Monday and Tuesday the week of the Nicholls State game.  Why did we struggle ?


Why have we struggled all year on offense ?


Then he had his issues with injured running backs and NEVER put in Brian Herrien.  Cameo appearances only for Brian Herrien is down right criminal.  Kirby said Brian Herrien needed to learn to block somewhat better.  He has done very well Kirby.  Play him more.


Ben Cleveland redshirted.  I mean Kirby.  Jesus Christ.  This is your TOP OFFENSIVE LINEMAN HELP you added for 2016.  And what did you say ?  You said that your OL sucked 2016 Kirby.  That’s right.  But Ben Cleveland is the ONLY recruit 2016 who will NEVER SEE THE FIELD.  You redshirted Kirby a possible NFL Draft Pick after 2018 season who was your BEST HOPE FOR HELP on the OL 2016.


And with THIS BLOCKING WE JUST SAW by the OL against Vandie.


These are just a few of the examples of the misuse of freshmen by Kirby.  Of the clear bias Kirby has against freshmen.


Jesus Christ Kirby.


Wide Receivers ?  Kirby stood-up tall and answered the question about Mecole Hardman Jr. saying that Kirby WOULD play him if after 4 or 5 practices Kirby saw him as Elite.  Well Kirby this is GAME 8 now boy coming-up.  Not 1 punt return not 1 kick-off return not 1 pass not 1 hand him the ball.  Has Kirby played him at defensive back where Kirby said he has slotted him at ONLY ?  No sir.   Kirby Redshirted Mecole Hardman Jr. for SEVERAL GAMES until Mecole Hardman Jr. became UNGLUED and HAD IT OUT with Kirby.  Now, he gets 1 play per game tackling on special teams ONLY.  This appeases Mecole Hardman Jr. ?  No, it does not.


Do we have to break-down the ENTIRE freshmen class 2016 ?


All Kirby has done is to in public put-down, berate, admonish, chastise, and lambaste EVERY freshman ALL YEAR.  And still GAME 8 has not played them when what do we know ?  Well ladies and gentleman after ALL Kirby did and said to Jacob Eason, I do believe that Jacob Eason has PROVEN KIRBY INCORRECT on his analysis of him and that Kirby did not know what he was doing with Jacob Eason and that Kirby did NOT prepare Jacob Eason AT ALL. Not.


Hasn’t he ?


So where the HELL are the freshmen other than Jacob Eason, Kirby ?


Where ?


3 passes you threw all year is all Kirby has allowed Charlie Woerner to catch.  3.  Game 8 next week.




Riley Ridley had only 2 passes thrown to him before last week.  2.  Seriously Kirby ?


Isaac Nauta ?  Do you spread him out wide and fill-in your hole at receiver with the glut of Tight Ends as I called for January 12 Kirby ?  No sir.   Isaac Nauta has started only 1 game all season as our top threat for catching passes.  Isaac Nauta has been BENCHED not starting EITHER of the LAST 2 GAMES.  That is how bad this misuse of our Freshmen Class # 7 nationally has been.  When Kirby does give him another start, Kirby will throw maybe one pass to Isaac Nauta all game.  This how glaring the misuse of the 2016 Signing Class Kirby himself signed here this year.


Kirby has thrown the ball 30 times to Isaiah McKenzie and half of that to Isaac Nauta.  Just damn.


There is not 1 NFL talent scout who would agree with that that twice as many throws to Isaiah McKenzie and half as many to Isaac Nauta.


This is the proven proof that Kirby indeed misplays his freshmen.


Mistreats his freshmen.


Thinks the only player he has 2016 is Isaiah McKenzie.


Getting into a game and being one of the 57 players Kirby let play in the game does not mean that he really is giving his freshmen their due.  They all should revolt.


Sony Michel Game 8 next he has 11 catches all season.




2 passes all season long until last week is all Kirby has thrown to Javon Wims.


Why say you need receivers Kirby ?


You will not play the ones you do have.


Jackson Harris has 1 pass all season thrown to him.  Honestly, I see Jackson Harris as one of the very best.


Elijah Holyfield has 5 rushes and 1 pass thrown to him Game 8 next.


I swear to God Kirby.


David Marshall was not even allowed to play against vols.  It’s NOT just the offense.  It’s not just the offense and special teams.  It’s across the board that Kirby MISTREATS his freshmen.


In public.

In practice.

In games.


Kirby does NOT prepare his freshmen.  Then Kirby throws them in for a cameo appearance and they do very WELL.  Kirby yanks them.


Benches them.


Mecole Hardman Jr. has 2 assisted tackles Game 8 next.  No rush.  No catch.  No punt return.  No kick-off return.  Are we ANY good at ANY of those ?  No sir.  Is Mecole Hardman Jr. someone by GAME 8 you might have considered help at ANY of those Kirby ?




Kirby does not recognize Mecole Hardman Jr. as ANY help whatsoever at PR KR WR RB not even to play in the secondary as db.  2 assisted tackles all season game 8 next, both plays on special teams.  Really really truly awfully wonderful talent evaluation Kirby.



Talent recognition.

Talent recognition at positions of need.


Let’s see, we’re bad at running the ball, bad at catching the ball, bad at blocking, bad at kick-off return, bad at penalties putting guys out there game on the line when you refused to let them practice with the # 1 unit but now crunch time game on the line out there they go to bail you out Kirby, bad at punt return, bad at kick-off no leg kicker, bad at well… I think you get the picture.


Never crossed your stubborn I Hate Freshmen mind Kirby to consider throwing the ball to Mecole Hardman Jr. or even to let Ben Cleveland play.


Roquan Smith did not even start against vols or Vandie.  Oh we LOST both of those Kirby ?


Roquan Smith leads the defense Kirby behind Natrez Patrick and he CAN NOT START for you Kirby half the games this season ALREADY ?  Seriously Kirby.  WTF ?


Half the games Trenton Thompson has NOT STARTED EITHER Kirby – same as Roquan Smith.  Excuse me Kirby ?  Trenton Thompson did not start against vols or Vandie BOTH LOSSES as well.  WTF ?  Trenton Thompson is our # 3 leader on defense and half the games SAME AS WITH ROQUAN SMITH Kirby has seen fit to bench them.


I am certain I speak for ALL these men Kirby that when you THINK YOU ARE MAKING A POINT to them to so mangle your year and their season by BENCHING THEM – that you Kirby sir, are HOLDING OUR TEAM BACK.


Kirby you are bad sir at talent evaluation.


I swear to God.

You did not start Mo Smith against Vandie Kirby.  We LOST.


What were you doing Kirby ?


Making a point to Mo Smith that you are in charge ?




Less than half the games you have even let Julian Rochester start.


Excuse me Kirby Julian Rochester is a STARTER Kirby.


Julian Rochester after Kirby says he can tell after 4 or 5 practices if the guy is Elite, did NOT start 4 of the 7 games.  WTF Kirby ?  Are you THIS BAD AT TALENT EVALUATION ?


Yes.  Yes, you are this bad at talent evaluation Kirby.


As a head coach, you are the WORST talent evaluator I have ever seen Kirby.


Do NOT write to me that Kirby is SELLING to 2017 recruits PT as freshmen.  Our 2017 recruiting class which clearly is the # 1 best recruiting class UGA has EVER HAD, will never see the field in practice with the # 1 unit no matter how badly we have needs at his position.  There is opportunity to come-in, practice with the # 1 unit, be prepared to play, and put in the games more than just casual off-the-cuff cameo appearances and then BENCHED ?  Really Kirby ?


I would make Kirby sign a document, have it notarized, and make him present it to the press, that I get snaps practicing with the # 1 unit, that I am prepared to play with the # 1 unit, and that I get in EVERY GAME all season long in the 1st quarter for more than a cameo appearance. Or else, or I would NOT sign with Kirby.


If he told ME that he is selling the concept to everyone who has not yet committed 2017 of early PT- if Kirby told me that I can come-in and play right away I would make him sign that document.


Don’t you dare write that bullshit to me for me to read as you ALL are doing right now.  Don’t you dare try to pass that off to me.


I am not buying that bullshit.


Kirby is AFRAID to put them in lest they SHOW him up for having NOT PLAYED them while we are # 75 at every aspect of a football team.


How would have the 2016 year gone had Kirby recognized right up front that Mark Richt left him nothing returning as starters on his 2-Deep and prepared his freshmen across the board as if he had no choice ?


It would have been compelling evidence to the 2017 uncommitted recruits to sign-up with Kirby to fill the holes they see they could help us at.


Kirby is TRYING to make a point to them by not playing them instead.


While what Kirby has actually done Instead is to MAKE MY POINT that Kirby has a bias against freshmen.  If he ever puts-in his freshmen class this year, we will start winning and quit all this losing.


“The prospects understand there are a lot of opportunities to come in and play.  That’s what we’re selling.”  Kirby


How can that be true, Kirby ?  You don’t play FRESHMEN by policy.


How can a prospect buy-in to that total bullshit Kirby ?


I certainly am not falling for it.  I know 2017 you will not let any freshman talk to anyone, practice with the # 1 unit, play in the games more than a cameo appearance, and therefore not prepare him at all.


That’s what I know Kirby.


We can look forward to seeing these 2016 freshmen in 2017.


And 2017 recruiting class, we can see in 2018.



Recruiting does not mean a hill of beans, if you don’t put them in the game and let them play.

We are using the same recruiting shtick next year 2017 recruiting signing date as we used 2016 signing date and that is that there is opportunity to play here at Georgia as a freshman.


Wouldn’t Kirby have had to have played some freshmen this year for anyone to believe that ?


Come here and no matter how badly we need you here, we will chide you and refuse to let you play as a freshman and we’ll also gag you.


No wonder there is a lot of opportunity here to play early as a freshman.  Even next year because he won’t let them play this year to show everyone how much depth he does have.


Kirby has a great recruiting class 2016 and has steadfastly refused to play ANY of them.  NONE OF THEM.


If he ever did, we would kick some butt.


Next year, he will play the freshmen as sophomores.


Then the good ones of this 2016 class will leave the year after next.  So the best ones you will really only see for 2 years with nothing but cameo appearances 2016 season – wasted as freshmen – EVERY ONE OF THEM.


Next year when this year’s class finally gets RECOGNIZED for what they are and get to play football finally and really help us, he will CATEGORICALLY REFUSE to play the even better 2017 class because they will be freshmen.


He will hold press conferences where he tells us where each of next year’s 2017 signing class is weak.  All of them will be chided in public.




How do I know that ?


Because only that has gone on all year 2016.


This is NOT how I envisioned 2016 game 8.


It has stymied his recruiting for 2017 right where it is for a LONG TIME NOW.


He better start playing his freshmen.


By the way, I would have practiced Jacob Eason ONLY with the # 1 unit January 12.


I would have STARTED Brian Herrien game 1 vs North Carolina and been cautious with Nick Chubb.  Brian Herrien was the ONLY running back healthy for North Carolina.  38 carries for Nick Chubb after THAT 3 ligament surgery.  Criminal.  He’s not been the SAME since.


We’ve just steadfastly refused to play freshmen.


And what’s up with this all we have is Isaiah McKenzie ?


Why Ben Cleveland with the sorry OL we saw vs Vandie in the last game still redshirted when he leaves to NFL with his best friend Jacob Eason after the year after next.  WTF ?


Mecole Hardman Jr. was redshirted for SEVERAL GAMES to begin this season and he had a come to Jesus meeting with Kirby and now gets to play one play on special teams each game TACKLING people NOT kick return or punt return both of which we SUCKED AT again vs Vandie.


Mecole also has not been handed the ball once.  Nor thrown to once.


Nice use of the # 1 athlete in the nation Kirby sir and his WASTED freshmen year.


Are you afraid to let us see how good Mecole Hardman Jr. is Kirby so that he doesn’t make you look bad because you said you would and then game 8 STILL HAVE NOT.


And thanks too Kirby for having such a out-of-sync offense too Kirby because of your feet-dragging about Jacob Eason.


I swear if you say one more word Kirby about your hating on your freshmen crap, I will really get this out there so as to CHANGE YOU KIRBY.


You hard-headed stubborn pig-headed hater of all freshmen Kirby.


MARK MY WORDS these freshmen this year will have a GREAT NFL DRAFT the year after next when the top ones leave early.  This is 2016.  You SAW what Jacob Eason was despite all the B.S. from Kirby and nothing but dragging his feet – kicking and screaming.


What my real concern is now game 8 is that Kirby will NOT play his even better recruiting class 2017 next year, EITHER.


And to think Kirby guaranteed us about Mecole for example that after 4 or 5 practices he’d recognize if he is Elite or not and play him on special teams and offense.  No, he has NOT.


It’s ALL been a recruiting shtick he is employing again 2017 already.


Game 8 next our # 1 Rival.






It doesn’t mean you will play as a freshman.  Ask any of those who are freshmen this year and report back to me.





Interview with Kirby

Kirby : Thanks Thomas for your call.

me : I am humbled Kirby sir.

K : Do you think since it’s Thursday now that you could give it a rest about Vanderbilt ?

me : I have not spoken about Vandie since Sunday Kirby.

K : I am redshirting Ben Cleveland because I spoke with him and told him where he needs to improve.

me : You need help on the OL and he is going to NFL with Jacob Eason after 2018.

K : I am glad you brought-up Jacob Eason Thomas.  I have been playing him exclusively and you were on a longtime agenda about me doing so.

me : Yes Kirby but why did you not let him have any snaps with # 1 unit all Spring to have a well-oiled offense by now game 8 coming-up ?  And none in Fall until 3 weeks before kick-off ?  And then yank him the last week Fall Practices ?  And then yank him when he WON the UNC game for you ?  And then give Greyson Lambert the snaps with # 1 unit Monday and Tuesday before Nicholls State ?

K : I asked for this interview.  Not you Thomas.

me : No sir.  This is my dime.  I called you.  You sent me an e-mail and asked me to call this number.

K : I gave you my number to clear the air.

me : No sir.  You gave me your number Kirby because you want to tell me you are in charge.  And that I should not be harping on Vandie when we are trying to build a program here better than 4 losses a season the last 8 when I am (1) not subject to your 24-hour rule and (2) I am asking Kirby sir about (a) freshmen (b) offensive play calling and (c) special teams.  Why couldn’t we have had this conversation before now Kirby when you might have learned something from our questions as fans and done something about at least one of these glaring issues with you and your inexperience and frankly unprepared to be head coach paid the salary of one and getting nothing close to it.  So many seasoned coaches proven as head coach we could have had and now LSU gets one and we can’t ?  We should give up football.  Set us all loose free to the wind without a football program at all with this Greg McGarity cat in charge and he the worst AD we’ve ever had all sports across the gambit not the least of which is now you on top of all the other growing concerns about Greg McGarity installed as a puppet replacement by Mike Adam$ for his other puppet replacement red panties do you even know who I am jumbotron don’t drink and drive leaving today’s game.

K : I am talking about freshmen.  I played Jacob Eason like you wanted me to Thomas.

me : No sir.  I have no answer from you Kirby sir that if you are playing Jacob Eason, then why did you not prepare him as I said you should have January 12 ?

K : Because I considered Mark Richt had chosen Greyson Lambert as # 1 QB.  I want to play the more seasoned guys.

me : Fair enough but since you brought it up, you have done that across the board haven’t you Kirby sir ? Shying away from freshmen sir ?

K : Sure.  That is my policy.

me : Even if you have a real need at the position and even if you have seen him in 75 practices and in game situation as well Kirby game 1 vs UNC ?

K : Well I did change on Wednesday Nicholls State and went to Jacob Eason then.

me : No sir you did not Kirby sir.  You yanked him in Nicholls State and put in Greyson Lambert AGAIN.

K : I am coach.

me : But why then Kirby this predilection sir against freshmen ?

K : I thought Greyson Lambert had better command.

me : He was losing by double-digits when you finally put in Jacob Eason to bail you and Greyson Lambert both out or you lose to UNC.

K : I did not lose to UNC.

me : Why is that Kirby sir ?

K : Because I am in charge the coach I won.

me : Kirby sir this is really about all your freshmen too isn’t it ?  Not just Jacob Eason ?  You want to tell freshmen that you are in charge right Kirby ?  Show them ?

K : Yes, my Daddy was a high school coach and he taught me that Freshmen lose games.

me : When was that ?  Decades ago Kirby sir ?

K : Well yeah.  Jacob Eason has lost 3 games.

me : No sir he won every game except Ole Miss.  How did you fall behind 48 to nothing in that game ?

K : I am not talking about Ole Miss.  That is 24-hour rule of mine.

me : You talked about winning North Carolina game Kirby.

K : I am coach.  I am in charge.

me : So when it suits you there is no 24-hour rule ?

K : I am coach.

me : Kirby let me ask you this sir : When Nick Chubb had surgery did you think 38 carries 1st game back was good for him ?

K : The doctors cleared him Thomas.

me : The doctors expected you to run the 1 guy 38 times Kirby ?

K : I had Sony Michel too.

me : No sir Sony Michel had broken arm.

K : Well that is all Mark Richt left me.

me : No sir, you recruited Brian Herrien.  Why not play him some instead of running ragged these 2 injured guys ?

K : Brian Herrien is a freshman.  I have played him some.

me : Not really Kirby.  He got only a cameo appearance in Vandie loss.

K : I am not discussing Vanderbilt because of my 24-hour rule.

me : You’re kind of defensive aren’t you Kirby ?  I mean you did ask me to call you, right ?

K : I thought I could do you like the press and tell you what to ask and not ask ?

me : No sir my readers expect me to ask and to negotiate an answer from you.

K : My answer is that Brian Herrien is not better than Sony Michel and Nick Chubb.

me : Even with both of them coming-off injuries Kirby ?

K : When healthy they are the best 2 running backs in The SEC.

me : That’s the point that they were not healthy either one so why rely on them ?

K : I get a mulligan for 2016.  I want to save Brian Herrien for his senior year.

me : Kirby he will be gone after 2018 like a good bit of your recruiting class this year.  He is leading the team in rush per carry but you refuse to play him much.  Yank him back out as soon as he has a great run and none of the others are running the ball well early-on this season.  Seriously Kirby you ran a guy who clearly is NEVER going to be a running back on 4th and 1 to lose the game and kept-on keeping freshman Brain Herrien and freshman Elijah Holyfield on the bench.

K : Well after 4 or 5 practices I can tell if a player is Elite or not and play him on offense get him the ball then.  I want our 2 horses returning to get all the snaps really.  I moved a lot of guys around yesterday.

me : More bad things have been happening running the ball because you are in 2nd and long all the time Kirby.   Sony Michel is better out in space and you send him in and make him run right up the gut too.   And, you saw Mecole Hardman Jr. 60 practices Kirby and still had not played him.  And, yeah now before game 8 you made wholesale changes to a dozen guys and now have tied-up your coaching staff teaching ALL of them a new position.  But, you have done so Kirby sir without any move of any impact player to do anything about winning 2016.  They were cosmetic changes and why I asked if I could do this short interview and see if I couldn’t actually get you to answer the questions rather than kowtow to your demands that you can run roughshod over the rest of the press out there Kirby.  You made no move to get any of your freshmen class into a position to play them Kirby sir.  You said you would.  You promised them you would and sold it as a reason they come here 2016 and now again 2017 that you obviously have holes and need help and they can get immediate playing time.  Your idea of PT and mine, differ sir.  Isaac Nauta ?  Why not spread him out wide ?  Your receivers all drop the ball and the one good receiver you could sign you whiffed-on losing out to California Golden Bears and their # 76 recruiting class Kirby.  Julian Rochester why hold him back ?  Riley Ridley – didn’t he catch the ball against vols Kirby ?  Why he forgotten man at receiver ?  Charlie Woerner you have thrown all of 3 passes to. Why keep the logjam at TE when they are ALL better than the receivers you do play, when instead you could get your best 11 out there on offense at one time ?  Javon Wims Kirby ?  Why isn’t he played more ?  Everyone is dropping Jacob Eason’s passes, aren’t they all Kirby sir ?  Solomon Kindley you ripped the redshirt off of 4 games into the season for one game.  Now that is all he gets is one snap all year ?  Why all this misuse of your 2016 signing class at least # 7 nationally Kirby sir ?  Michail Carter you stole from Alabama the last moment.  Why can’t he get more PT too Kirby ?  What are you doing Kirby ?  David Marshall.  Tyler Clark.  And now you have 2 starting linebackers at least one of whom is going to be suspended for the rest of the season.  Why have him practice like you are Kirby when # 1 Rival Florida is next ?  Don’t you EVER practice the guy at the position you KNOW you have to play him at anyway ?  You make no sense for such a great student who made all A here at Georgia Kirby.  This has to be by design ?  You are purposely scuttling this 2016 season.  Alabama in 2007 was on Probation.  You have no excuse for ANY of this other than your hatred of freshmen.

K : I like Isaiah McKenzie.  And, I want Mecole to focus on defensive back and when he learns that we can talk about spreading him out wide on offense.  These other freshmen too will get to play some next year as sophomores and then as juniors even more.

me : We can all see you like Isaiah McKenzie Kirby.  You were left the # 93 experienced 2-Deep by Mark Richt Kirby.  You do have other options.  He is one of 85 scholarship players.  We’re not used to having 85.  You do.  And, you clearly play 58 instead.  Why ?  You refuse to play Mecole in your secondary. You are holding back Mecole Hardman Jr. just like you did Jacob Eason and like you are Brian Herrien.  And like you are Ben Cleveland. And all the other freshmen.

K : You said it Thomas that Mecole is a freshmen.

me : Yes and gone after 2018.

K : I am playing Mecole.

me : No sir you are not.  You redshirted him for the first several games and then only cameo role on special teams but not punt returner and not kick-off returner.

K : I am in charge as the coach Thomas.

me : So you really don’t want to discuss any of your decisions on the freshmen Kirby sir ?

K : No sir I do not Thomas.

me : Ok.  Let’s discuss the Offensive Play-Calling then, ok Kirby sir ?

K : I like to run the ball.

me : It makes your defense better.

K : Yes that’s right Thomas.

me : What about your Offensive Line blocking ?  And, do you think Jim Chaney presents a positive role model for the kids.  What does he weigh anyway ?

K : We’ve struggled in that offensive line area.  We need bigger guys.  Jim Chaney was a nose guard so he’s going to be big-boned.

me : So, if you need bigger guys to impose your will and run the ball, why are you running the ball ?  As for Jim Chaney’s bones, he seems to me to have enough fat on him to weigh over 400 lbs and why was he laughing during the Vandie game losing the whole game ?

K : Because I want to run.  I think that fewer bad things happen when you run the ball Thomas.  I told Jim Chaney to run the ball.  That’s why I hired him.  He was laughing because he told me that we’re not doing well running the ball and I pointed to the scoreboard and showed our defense is holding them because we’re running the ball controlling the clock and establishing field position by running the ball.

me : You have had eight nine and even ten in the box against you Kirby.  Again, Kirby sir, you TELEGRAPH your plays are to run the ball and say so in interviews. So Jim Chaney was laughing because he was proving his point that we’re not running the ball ?  As for you say your offensive line struggles to block, do you assimilate what you say Kirby – or, are just overwhelmed with it all with so many OBVIOUS areas you are unprepared to be a head coach at sir ?  And we have established your tailbacks both had injuries.  Therefore more bad things happen when you force an offensive strategy on a # 1 unit which frankly has been very poor running the ball.  There isn’t any one part of this I want to run the ball which was fitting with your team you do have.  And you would not let the freshmen play so we don’t know if they would have helped you to run the ball.

K : I want to run the ball Thomas, ok ?  Can I do that as the coach ?

me : No sir – you’ve been unable to do that all season long sir.  You even ran the ball with a minute to go before half losing.

K : Excuse me Thomas, may I run the ball if I want to ?

me : You’re the coach.  You’re in charge Kirby.

K : Ok so that is an answered question then isn’t it Thomas sir ?

me : Yes sir.  You are going to run the football.

K : Right.

me : Even if your personnel is wrong you say to even try to do that.  Even if you are losing.  Even if on 16 first down plays, you ran the ball only 36 yards them all stuffing the box on you.

K : A healthy Nick Chubb and Sony Michel are as good as any at running the ball.

me : Ok Kirby.  Ok.  That question is answered.

K : Thank you Thomas.

me : What about special teams Kirby ?

K : I hired the son of a coach who made his living for decades on special teams.

me : So let me ask you this Kirby sir : Do you feel your area of expertise as a coach is defense ?

K : Yes.

me : And no real experience offensively ?

K : I coached running backs 2005 here at Georgia.

me : Is that your only experience ever on offense Kirby ?

K : Yes.

me : And as running backs’ coach then that 1 year, you want to run the football ?

K : Correct.

me : And special teams Kirby sir ?

K : I have not been involved in special teams until this 2016 season.

me : How is it going ?

K : Ups and downs but we are headed in the right direction.

me : You kicked-off to the 3-yard line had it returned to our goal line, returned a kick-off to your own 3-yard line and gave up 10 points those 2 plays alone.

K : We did some areas of special teams well Thomas.  I have Isaiah McKenzie human joy stick back there returning punts.

me : Yes you made 3 field goals after missing 4 of the first 7.  And you had 8 balls punted to your lousy special teams and your one punt return man bobbled two of those and let all 8 roll past him.  He uses his body to catch the ball rather than his hands.  Reggie Davis is the only guy you have to return kick-offs or some of these freshmen we have been discussing would be great choices at kick-off returning Kirby sir ?

K : See ?  We made 3 field goals.

me : Pardon me sir ?

K : We’re headed in the right direction as a team on the whole.

me : You’ve lost 3 of the last 4 games.  You like to duck questions and change the topic don’t you Kirby ?

K : Those 3 of the last 4 games I’ve lost are all beyond the 24-hour rule.

me :  Then why did you JUST SAY  Kirby that you made 3 field goals 5 days ago Kirby ?  And, what is your record Kirby sir ?

K : We are nearly 6-1.  Things happen in The SEC Thomas.

me : Kirby sir you are 4-3.

K : We could have been 6-1.

me : You are NOT 6-1 Kirby sir.  And you could have lost to North Carolina too like Mark Richt.

K : We did not lose to North Carolina Thomas.

me : Because Jacob Eason came in and bailed you out you and Greyson Lambert.

K  : Right.  Good move by me.  Right Thomas ?

me: You took him back out Kirby sir after he got the lead.  Greyson Lambert didn’t do anything.

K : I think we’re slightly stronger running the ball with Greyson Lambert.

me : Kirby sir Greyson Lambert has in his career 29 rushes for minus 39 yards and leads the team with 7 fumbles all last season leading the team in fumbles except for Isaiah McKenzie.

K : I wasn’t here last year.

me : Don’t remind me Kirby, sir.  Did you get a call from Greg McGarity November 28 after Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game ?

K : Yes.

me : Did he offer you the job ?

K : I told Greg McGarity that it would be my dream to be head coach at my alma mater and my wife’s alma mater where she starred as starting guard on our basketball team which was so good.

me : Then why did you wait 6 weeks and 4 days to show-up ?

K : I wanted to win the national championship.  I owed it to those recruits there on Alabama’s team.

me : We offered you five times your salary there to be here.

K : Money isn’t everything Thomas.

me : Money isn’t everything ?  Neither is being here to see our team, coach our team, help our team get prepared for this year.  Being here isn’t everything to you either then is it Kirby sir ?

K : This year is a mulligan.  I wanted to be at Alabama.

me : You felt we could throw-away this season Kirby, sir ?  If you wanted to be at Alabama why did you say it would be your dream to come here and coach ?  I am confused.

K : I did not say that we could afford to throw-away this season Thomas.

me : Yeah, you did Kirby sir.  You tacitly said so because you would rather be there than to get a head start on 2016.  I have never even heard of anyone being allowed to take a job and then say hey can I do this at my old job for the next 6 weeks and 4 days ?  That’s really poor commitment to your new job and a bad omen to your success here Kirby. You know Kirby ?  Your job.  Your profession.  Your calling.  Head Coach Georgia Bulldogs.  You’re top 10 on Coaches’ HotSeat.com Kirby because you are so far behind and so over-rated as a coach without really any experience at anything except defenses and surprisingly horrible as quick determination of ANY of your players as elite.  Maybe if you had been here November 28 when you lied to Greg McGarity it would be your dream TO BE HERE you might have figured-out by now to play your freshmen.

K : I owed Alabama’s players to finish what I started there.  Ok I have made some mistakes on the field and at practice forcing the wrong plays on the wrong guys and not looking at other alternatives along with poor clock management and frankly a bad defense I set-up on the Hail-Mary  vs. the vols.  I was trying to have cover guys out there not realizing all we had to do was line end zone and keep them out knock it down that they had to pass.  But being here in November would not have helped that.

me : No, sir, you owed fiduciary responsibility to UGA Kirby.  If we fire you here because you are not ready and let you learn how to be head coach at some place like Weeber State agricultural college, would you tell them that you want to stay here for 6 weeks and 4 days finishing-up your job here before you go there and learn how to be committed to a new job and the excitement of that Kirby sir ? And you don’t know if being here 6 weeks and 4 days earlier would have helped you or not.  What we definitely do know is you showing-up here so LATE sent the message to the fan base that you really didn’t want to be here and work on THIS TEAM.  You refused to be here even after Nick Saban said you should be here.  You’re just stubborn, aren’t you Kirby ?  You want to do what you want to do.  I am glad we’re having this heart-to-heart Kirby.  We all needed to hear these answers.  Why all the ranting and raving to the press when it is clear you could have answered these questions before now, couldn’t you have Kirby ?

K : No sir Thomas.  I owed fiduciary responsibility to Alabama.  I was their Defensive Coordinator.  I recruited those kids.  I needed to finish it out there Thomas.  I hoped I would not be forced to answer these questions honestly Thomas.  You’re not like the other press.  You hang right with it and demand the answer.

me : No sir.   You just didn’t want to answer.  They tried to get you to.   You needed to get here and get a top-notch staff and find out what you have and make sure you fill the holes.  And get ready to win 2016.  You have done whatever you want to whomever you want especially the freshmen since you got here and haven’t given a hang about the energy vampire you’ve been to the freshmen class – who could have so positively affected this 2016 season now over.

K : I am winning 2016 Thomas.

me : You did not get here until January 12.  And you’ve made a ton of mistakes with time-outs and adjustments and being bull-headed.

K : I did get here January 12 and I am from South Georgia so yes we’re conservative.  I’ve made some mistakes.  Are you a city boy Thomas ?

me : You said this would be your dream job to be our head coach Kirby sir and then did not show-up for 6 weeks and 4 days’ time sir.  And yes I live in Atlanta.  And yes you have made some mistakes Kirby and continue to make the same mistakes again and again.

K : Greg McGarity talked it over November 28 with Jere Morehead and both of them said it was ok for me to finish like I said I wanted to.

me : Nick Saban said in public it was a big mistake on your part to not be here at Georgia and stubbornly wanting for odd reasons to not be excited about your new job but do a 4th time that which you had already done 3 times.  Kirby, sir, are you saying that there was NO SEARCH FIRM ?  That on November 28 Greg McGarity offered you the job and you accepted ?  Shouldn’t we do an open records’ request and find-out just what that SERACH FIRM RECOMMENDATION DOES SAY ?

K : I saw that statement that Nick Saban said I should leave Alabama and be at my new job and I well ignored it.  I have not seen any SEARCH FIRM knowledge made public.  It should be.  All I know is I wanted this job badly and am ecstatic to be here.  Tom Herman wanted this job ?  We all knew at the time he was a top candidate for the job and that he was probably the top choice as proven head coach who might actually leave and be our coach instead of me.  There was a long list of coaches for the job I took here at Georgia and was not the only assistant looking to be promoted to our first head coaching job.  What did the search firm report actually say ?  I’d love to see that myself Thomas.  Yes do an open records’ request and my new law will get you an answer by the time the final record for 2016 is also finalized.  I hold little hope that I can win-out.

me : You’re good at that, aren’t you Kirby sir ?

K : I am good at defense.

me : There are 3 sides to the ball Kirby sir.

K : I got here.  We’re doing just fine Thomas.

me : You got here late Kirby sir and you and the team have been trying to play catch-up ever since.

K : We’re working on the culture here now.

me : No you started working on the culture here 6 weeks and 4 days after you could have.

K : We’ve got to throw the ball better that was what stuck with me about last year for Georgia.

me : So you put back in the same QB who could not throw ?

K : I was not playing a freshman QB.

me : You had to.

K : I don’t have to do anything.  I am the coach Thomas, sir.

me : Shane Beamer has done very poorly Kirby sir.

K : Shane Beamer is a great special teams’ coordinator who will do well in-time here at Georgia too. And I will be very involved in special teams.

me : You’re too involved in all aspects of the team.  Why not hire someone who is good at special teams and let him coach them since you admit you are weak in special teams’ experience yourself sir.  You are too involved in offensive play-calling telling Jim Chaney to just run the ball 16 times on first downs the last game you lost.  You know the third loss in the last 4 games Kirby ?  And not having the personnel in who can run it.  And against a stacked box.  Good Lord Kirby.  Give up some control of the small details to get a managerial overall view of the team.  Move some guys around at impact positions and change our fortunes the 2nd half of this season.  Quit making Jim Chaney laugh that he should have been doing anything BUT those 16 first downs you insisted he run on all 16 Kirby.  For Heaven’s Sake Kirby, I would have laughed at you openly to the homecoming crowd too making my point while you have some preconceived notion that WE MUST RUN EVERY PLAY because fewer bad things happen you say repeatedly Kirby.  More bad things happen when you do that – ESPECIALLY when you telegraph every play as a run.  Even on 4th down you kept the same play – Isaiah McKenzie to run.  I saw Isaiah McKenzie on the 2nd time-out there saying : “This is Vandie.  Come-on guys.  Let’s not LOSE to Vandie” with his poor body language.  You were too involved in your one player team Isaiah McKenzie ONLY to even see the negative effect that had in the huddle on all 85 scholarship players Kirby.  You should have run ANYONE but him because of that.  And what was that running play one minute before half where we all stood and booed YOU Kirby not Jim Chaney.  Instead again you act like all you have to run with or pass to is Isaiah McKenzie.  You really get stuck in your ways don’t you Kirby ?  One track mind.  You brag of making 3 field goals more than 24 hours ago today Kirby but you don’t discuss that a field goal at half would have given you the lead and therefore the win. Instead you throw a Hail Mary to the shortest smallest guy on the team with speed.  His prowess is out in space not jump balls Jesus Christ Kirby.  You had 8 more penalties willy-nilly sending in play calls and personnel that don’t fit the situation and frankly have been slow on the uptake Kirby to make necessary adjustments in-game.  You had a penalty at the end of the game that cost you the game when Jacob Eason ran to the 19-yard line red zone and had it called back.

K : They need to do their job.  That is all they need to concentrate on.  I am in charge Thomas not you.  And I am sure I am doing well at this as head coach at Georgia.  What are you Thomas ?  What do you do ?

me : Well they aren’t, are they Kirby sir – doing their job ?  I was a computer salesman.  Now this is my hobby and frankly it isn’t any fun with a lying coach forcing his will against the grain of his personnel and acting like he can recruit this great class coming-in telling them all too the same message you gave this year’s class that they should all come here and we obviously need them so they can get early playing time.  No they can’t.  Not next year any more than this year.  All you have done this morning Thursday morning Kirby is say that you are NOT playing any freshmen.  Do you even stop and consider the negative energy that is to these or indeed any ever who are freshmen with you establishing this precedent that you prefer seasoned guys who are not as good or as talented as the new guys.  And what was this moving around of so many of your personnel just prior to game 8 Kirby ?  Late to do that ?  Why not some of these IMPACT players we’ve discussed Kirby ?  Why no moves to get any of them involved finally ?  Why same play calls and only lip-service by you toward the freshmen instead of play calls designed to take advantage of the # 1 athlete Mecole Hardman Jr. on offense for example Kirby ?  Can’t you as coach design your strategies around the talent you do have instead of just always only forcing your own will on me, on the other press, on the freshmen, on Jim Chaney to only run the ball, on Shane Beamer to just play the guys back there on special teams who Mark Richt played back there as the # 100 special teams last year too ?  What are you doing Kirby ?  Do you even know sir ?

K : “You do whatever you have to do to win the game.”  As for me moving around a dozen players including multiples I made a mistake on moving them from one side of the ball to the other, I wasn’t going to play them anyway.  Good move on my part to move them Thomas.  And I am not going to play them on the other side of the ball I moved them too either.  I want all their dozen scholarships back. I’m out and have some more guys I want to come in and help us we can sign but I’m out of scholarships for more commitments 2017.

me : You have redefined grey-shirting Kirby.  I expected that coming from Alabama.  Jerk them around make them all unhappy, sign another big class with same promise of PT and not play them either.  Par for the course.  You will have no problem having MORE scholarships Kirby.  A ton of unhappy freshmen will just leave – Ben Cleveland for example.  Frankly, any and all your existing 2016 freshmen class Kirby all jerked around like at Alabama.  Here where there is TALENT unlike the state of Alabama, we DO PLAY our freshmen Kirby.  This is 2016 sir. Across the board in every category of your team all 3 sides of the ball Kirby sir you are NOT doing what you need to do to win the games.  You purposely categorically refuse to play any freshmen Kirby.  The more you talk and lie the more I am convinced you were right in the first place to NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS Kirby.  Who told you they prepared you to talk to the press ?  You’re a freshmen Kirby and should not be allowed to speak with the press and certainly have made a grave error in smarting-off to me that you wanted me to call you this morning Kirby.  You wanted ANYTHING but.

K : “We had kids here last year that were talented enough their freshman year who couldn’t get out there because of the complexity of the scheme.  I’m going to sell the scheme as a way to lead a kid there knowing he can get to the next level once he learns it but not be stupid on my part and not have the best players out there. It is a fine line between the two.”

me : It’s a fine line between what 2 Kirby ?

K : Freshmen and having the best players on the field.

me : I thought so since you don’t play the freshmen – only if kicking and screaming you are forced to.

K : I hold private practices Thomas.

me : They all come running to us to tell us.

K : I gag all the freshmen and all the assistant coaches.

me : They all run to us Kirby and tell us everything.

K : The freshmen don’t talk to y’all because I monitor their Twitter and Facebook etc.

me : It’s a good thing you gag all the freshmen Kirby because they would be none too kind to you if you did not.

K :  I would just not play them if they did Thomas.

me : You do that already Kirby.

K : “I’m looking for great competition because there’s some young talent that may be as talented or more talented than a guy ahead of them when it comes to jumping, running fast, but maybe they don’t have as much experience. There’s great competition there. We told them yesterday nobody’s job is safe on defense or offense. This is going to be a totally competitive environment where every position is up for competition. If you don’t compete every day then you’ll be moved. We want to create that competition. I think competition breeds a little more success. We’re going to challenge those guys to compete out there. The guys that have been around and played a lot of snaps, they have no guarantee of keeping those snaps because there are some talented guys behind them and we’re going to let them play. We’ll keep it simple for them and let them go.”

me : Unless they are freshmen.

K : “I Like Jacob’s arm talent. We know that. He can make a lot of throws” I said after just the 3rd Spring Practice at Sanford Stadium.

me : Then why didn’t you give him reps with # 1 unit to have a well-oiled offense by now then ?

K : Because he is a freshmen and has room to improve.  I wanted him to not feel everything is handed to him.

me : You had no choice Kirby.

K : I am the only one who does have a choice Thomas, sir.

me : You said you want a unified fan base.

K : That is a big part of the culture here that folks want Mark Richt to be coach and not me.

me : No sir.  We offered the job to you, you said it would be your dream, then you did not show-up for 6 weeks and 4 days’ time when we then fired him the very next day.

K : My job did not start here until January 12 and Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead said that would be fine with them.

me : Then, they both need to be fired and then after that you need to be put on a short-leash with the press, and your antics with them and made to improve your team THIS YEAR.  You better use this coming-clean interview this morning Kirby to clear the air as you say and belly-up to the questions from all of us – as you are this morning.  I do so appreciate you finally answering these burning questions Kirby sir we all have about you.  Why did you try to hide these answers sir ?  We’re all love you and respect you and want nothing but the best for you and our program.  You should not be so adversarial with all of us trying to help by asking questions.

K : This year is toast.  I might as well answer these questions, which is why I Kirby Smart head coach Georgia Bulldogs asked you to call me UGA Thomas Brown.

me : You got that right on both counts – that the season is wasted and that you asked me to call you to get these answers and that you should have and are glad you did.

K : How did Greyson Lambert having 7 fumbles last year have anything to do with me Thomas sir ?

me : Because it taught you of all folks with 3 of those fumbles against your Defense Kirby that Greyson Lambert DOES NOT make us slightly better running the ball than Jacob Eason.

K : You just want to disagree with me Thomas.

me : No sir.  I just want you to win some games and not lie to us and play the freshmen if they are better like you said you would, not punish them for being freshmen.

K : Freshmen make mistakes.

me : One Kirby you don’t have any seniors or juniors and two Kirby if you did they make mistakes too.

K : You said Thomas that freshmen make mistakes.

me : No sir Kirby what I said is that YOU SAID that if they are the most talented that you would know that after 4 or 5 practices and would play them and if on offense would get them the ball.

K : I am in charge and the freshmen can not play for me.  That is my mindset.

me : Thank you Kirby sir.  I appreciate your candor for once on questions asked.

K : You’re welcome Thomas sir.  This was refreshing to have a press conference on the phone.  I should do this more.

me : You should answer questions more Kirby.  Then we would all know where you are weak and could help you Kirby coach our team better.  What about the kicker you got Mitchell Wasson ?

K : I am in charge and we are changing the culture here which is like a steamship in the night.  Mitchell Wasson is a freshman.  I am redshirting him.

me : It’s like a steamship alright Kirby – out of date out of touch too slow to react and no plans to even try to win this year.  You don’t have a kicker who kicks the ball out of the end zone.  Does Mitchell Wasson do that or not Kirby ?

K : I will play the freshmen more Thomas.

me : Mighty convenient about your 24-hour rule Kirby where you say after the games that you haven’t seen the tape yet and then when you have the next day, is taboo to discuss beyond 24-hours.  And no, you won’t play the freshmen more this year Kirby.  And you won’t play the freshmen in next year’s 2017 signing class either.  Or the freshmen in the 2018 class.  By then, as a result, you will be gone when you had no upper class and had to play the freshmen no matter how long you stonewall everyone only now coming clean that freshmen make mistakes so even if they’re better you prefer the seasoned guys which you were afforded none of.  I do appreciate however for a brief moment in time here this Thursday morning Kirby that you did dispense for a change with ALL your non-answers.   You were better-off NOT answering them Kirby.  Boy are we in a mess for a long time coming.



Like I said Kirby is slow on the uptake. Game 8 next and NOW he moves around players but does he do it at positions of need with IMPACT players moved so they can PLAY ? No sir. Suspensions of 2 starting linebackers or just one of them suspended – the one caught last year too. This is where Mark Richt should’ve kicked him off last year ? I mean he did kick-off one last year with him and this is really 3 times for him right ? One is Suspended for rest of the year instead Kirby practiced both starting linebackers yesterday. Wake up Kirby. Speaking of waking up : What did you expect from Greg McGarity – our ENTIRE Athletics’ Department across the board all horrible uncompetitive teams and have been EVERY year of the FAILED Greg McGarity regime installed as his puppet by Mike Adam$ as Greg McGarity was.

Here all my assistants game 8 next and instead of you DOING SOMETHING to IMPACT our 4-3 season down the stretch here.  Take ALL THESE GUYS I want the scholarships of to recruit BETTER players with and quit working on what you need to do to fix ALL this and instead here take ALL these guys and teach them ALL  a new position too.  That is my answer to the OBVIOUS wholesale changes of IMPACT players to make a difference the remainder of the season.  Oh and both starting linebackers get out there at your STARTING positions both of you at starting linebacker.  Let me send THAT MESSAGE just before The University has to step in on AT LEAST ONE for the remainder of the season.  I realize he is going to be suspended for the rest of the season but since he is the 1 guy I want starting at LB let him at least practice there so our # 1 Rival can beat the ever-living bejesus out of us too – you know like 48 to nothing Ole Miss – picking on a guy you don’t practice with the # 1 unit now. Seriously ?


Too early to draw conclusions ?  How do you figure that ?


If it were about losing to Vanderbilt, which it is not, then I could understand that it is too soon to draw conclusions.  But that is not the case at all.


After all in the last 25 years we have lost to Vanderbilt now 3 times.  Twice by Mark Richt.  So losing to Vanderbilt is NOT why Kirby is on the hot seat.


It is the whole entire package of not understanding offenses or special teams at all and his absolute wasting of freshmen because of his clear bias against them even at positions of need.


No the base position of Kirby is all wrong.  I want to be in charge Kirby screams.  Then Kirby makes some minor changes and tweaks for a whole entire host of players game 8 next.  Late Kirby ?  And right after I said it is OVER with you sir if you don’t fix this NOW.  You don’t get it Kirby.  Wholesale changes to KEY FRESHMEN finally turning them ALL LOOSE including Ben Cleveland who after 2018 goes to NFL with Jacob Eason – learn offense or hire offensive GURU in-shape OC and stay out of it – and learn special teams or hire FATHER not son who actually did something on special teams and stay out of that too.  Or MOVE-ON.


And try making some changes that mean something.  This wasting of time teaching players new positions at every part of the team prior to game 8 is counter-productive to what you should have done now.  Guys who you really don’t want on your 85 scholarships and are tacitly asking to leave.


These cosmetic changes of personnel from one side of the ball to the other are what you should’ve done with KEY PLAYERS before Spring.  You do not do that game 8 next Kirby.  Jesus Christ.  And what you had to do in the Spring we are TELLING you to do now finally Kirby while you procrastinate and think you can weather the storm and screw-up the rest of your mulligan year too was not to run-off a dozen guys prior to # 1 Rival game down there in JAX but to move KEY FRESHMEN to IMPACT POSITIONS.


Why do I always get addressed ?


Because I am CONSTANTLY right.


It’s too little too late now Kirby.


Make some significant shake-ups of inserting freshmen into the line-ups both sides of the ball and on special teams – you know Kirby the 3rd side of the ball.


Hello ?


And where did you say something about the play calls Kirby ?  Did you figure you could DUCK that issue as well by gagging every assistant coach and telling ALL of them NONE of them can speak to the press at ALL Kirby ?


Answer the questions Kirby.


I removed you from being in charge Kirby if you can not fix ANY of your 3 weaknesses.  You don’t know what you’re doing offensively special teams nor with freshmen and it has gone on since January 12.


I told you BIG CHANGES in your base position offense special teams and Freshmen and you respond with this that guys you never intended to play one side of the ball you are moving to the other side where you also have no intentions of ever sending any of them out there on that side of the ball too.  And what about figuring out your top 22 players and get them ALL 22 on the field at SOME POSITION any position Kirby ?  Good Lord Kirby.  Hello.  Is anyone home ?


Nice opening kick-off Kirby to the 3-yard line.  Where did you say Mitchell Wasson is whom you recruited as your ONLY KICKING RECRUIT 2016 Kirby ?  If you have so much confidence in your kicker that you eschew the field goal after running a running play with one minute to go before half to hear all of us boo Kirby and throw to a 5 feet 4 inch tall guy who drops them anyway instead where is Mitchell Wasson ?  I have NOT seen him.  I care NOT about your PRIVATE personal practices Kirby as you sir are IN QUESTION.  I want to see Mitchell Wasson Lassiter whom you STOLE from Nick Saban at the last moment Kirby the # 26 best kicker in America.  I can assure you kicking-off to the 3-yard line is why you LOST the game that and eschewing the field goal in favor of your FAVORITE Isaiah McKenzie.  Isaiah is the ONLY player we have according to you Kirby.


Nice punt returns by him too 8 that all 8 got by him including 2 MORE bobbles.


Oh yeah and great kick-off return by # 100 KR man Reggie Davis.  I see we still have not taught him which ones to return and which not to Kirby.  You are TOO involved in the details of EVERY area to be good at ANY of them.  Work on the most important items that day.


Such as should I play a freshmen PR and Kick-Off man Mecole Hardman Jr. ?


Look Kirby you can either make these changes in your base positions offensively on special teams and with freshmen or move along.  I see you don’t understand Kirby.  I said do THESE or move along.


As for the suspensions, one is suspended for the rest of the year.  If Kirby doesn’t The University of Georgia will do it for Kirby.  Both practiced Kirby ?  Excuse me ?


Kirby still has not unredshirted Ben Cleveland moved Mecole Hardman Jr. to getting a rush or a pass thrown to him nor even looked at to return kick-offs or punts wasted Elijah Holyfield’s freshmen year gives cameo appearance to Brian Herrien only the leading rusher per rush all season not moved around his logjam at TE to get 3 of them on the field every down playing games at receiver when game 8 next and clear none holding on to ball etc.


You are stubborn Kirby about the very weakest areas you have – total blind spots offensively on special teams and freshmen.


Getting nasty with the press about these 3 key areas of weakness for you Kirby only serves to make the point on ALL 3 all the more clear to everyone and why I called for you to move along if you don’t it fix all 3.  Why ?  Because I knew you would announce you aren’t doing ANYTHING about ANY of the 3 Kirby.  I have you down boy.


You’re too conservative Kirby like most folks in South Georgia.


And be a man and apologize to the freshmen Kirby for this harangue you have had against them ALL from the beginning because by God I am NOT PUTTING UP with THAT AGAIN 2017 with those freshmen or 2018 when you announce after 4 or 5 practices you can determine if the player is elite and get them on the field on offense and get them the ball.


And then going into game 8 in 2018 still having NOT PLAYED ANY FRESHMAN really at ALL just nasty statements about EVERY FRESHMAN all 2016 and 2017 and 2018…


Acted upon nasty statements about EVERY freshman by Kirby all 2016 Spring Fall and into # 1 Rival Rivalry week wasting time of your assistants to teach new positions to a dozen players instead of FIXING this.  Acted upon nasty statements by NOT letting them play.


Your shtick of tough-love to freshmen reminds me Kirby of Rodney Garner.  He coached in the 2 previous regimes here prior to you and that was ALL he did too.  That does NOT work.  He is living proof.


When do you pull the plug ?  Oh let him continue THESE POLICIES such as notably hating on ALL FRESHMEN and then if after 2018 still the same – then well yeah I guess he has to go.  But ONLY then.  I mean I was satisfied with Mark Richt the last 8 years averaging 4 losses 73-32.


So I fully expected you to say that it’s too early to come to any CONCLUSIONS.


And I really loved the blog post yesterday on Bulldog Illustrated former Leather Helmet Dawg saying that Mark Richt is gone so whining about having him still here instead of this by Kirby would be SO GREAT is counter-productive. Must be getting a lot of those e-mails right I’mYourHuckleberry ?


After you said that it was unacceptable what Mark Richt was doing his last entire 8 years 4 loss average and now announce the same for Kirby across the board the # 75 team in America with the # 7 average Scout.com recruiting rankings.


Frying pan to fire.


What did you expect from Greg McGarity – our ENTIRE Athletics’ Department across the board all horrible uncompetitive teams and have been EVERY year of the FAILED Greg McGarity regime installed as his puppet by Mike Adam$ as Greg McGarity was.




15 First Down Runs by Jim Chaney and Kirby Homecoming. 36 net yards per Seth Emerson AJ-C DawgNation today. Why did we lose ? That does NOT work Kirby. What is this B.S. Kirby you said that you run in such situations 91 % of the time because “fewer bad things happen.” Excuse me Kirby ? You owe your freshmen class an Apology Kirby for NOT playing them.

What do YOU consider not being something bad happening on 1st Down running the ball 91 % of the time Kirby ?


When you are in 2nd and long EVERY time you run the ball, that is bad Kirby.  Really really bad.  Jesus Christ.


I am NOT going to put-up with it Kirby.  For the last 8 years we averaged 4 losses per year because we lost to 12 teams unranked either time game or season AND lost to 18 of 24 top 15 teams # 45 in the nation with # 7 average Scout.com recruiting rankings.  I fired him for that.


I would be INCONSISTENT which I am NOT to fail to point-out that this is totally unacceptable on many levels Kirby.  I’mYourHuckleberry yesterday said he too is disappointed and that he too finds ALL THIS UNACCEPTABLE Kirby.


He asked us all what are we going to do about it ?


I guess I am going to point-out what we need to do.


Same as I tried to do with Mark Richt.


I am certainly NOT going to sit here and be 2-faced and say out of one side of my mouth that you are doing an UNACCEPTABLE JOB KIRBY and then say I am 100 % committed to you.  I find these dubious beginnings built-upon a bad base mindset on your part Kirby.


Yes sir I am judging you Kirby.


I am NOT judging you based on Mark Richt.  He was unacceptable as well.




I am judging you not on what he NEVER DID which was EVER put us on the national stage at the end of the season both teams ranked at the very top of the Final AP Poll – the nation watching.  THAT is our goal accomplished 16 times prior and you have shot this season to hell Kirby.  I gave you no Honeymoon.  No season you could just WRITE-OFF like Mark Richt has been doing and is again this season down there at Miami of Florida.  Hell he lost to North Carolina as I GUARANTEED on my blog he would’ve here too in game 1.




I do not see you learning what is needed Kirby and frankly I don’t have the time to.


Move along.  Again, I am NOT putting up with it Kirby.  If you took some solace from ImYourHuckleberry yesterday Kirby – here is MY REPLY then thereto.  You either fix this Kirby or move-on.  Those are the 2 choices.



If the ones you do allow to play Offensive Line such as NOT Ben Cleveland can not block for the run and you have TELEGRAPHED to EVERY opponent that you think Offensive Strategy 2016 is to ONLY RUN THE FOOTBALL, then guess what Kirby ?


MORE BAD THINGS HAPPEN when you run the football 16 First Downs against really a not all that great Vanderbilt team Kirby.


Yes I did warn you every post all week long Kirby that Vandie is a good team.  I also told you every other word in this post this morning too every post all week long.  You don’t listen Kirby because you are stubborn and because you are too conservative.


Ben Cleveland has been redshirted because he dared to be a true freshman.


Brian Herrien leads the team in yards per rush but since he is a freshman you gave him only a cameo appearance Homecoming Kirby.  He is generally considered the # 19 best running back in America Kirby.


Elijah Holyfield is considered the consensus # 6 best running back in America.


Mecole Hardman Jr. is the # 1 athlete in America.  Obviously he can run the ball.


Charlie Woerner is the # 6 best athlete in America.  Obviously he can run the ball.


Ben Cleveland you have not played at all.

Mecole Hardman Jr. you did not play at all the first several games after entire Fall Practice – not 4 or 5 practices Kirby.  You have not handed him the ball nor thrown to him either.

Elijah Holyfield dared to be a freshman.

Charlie Woerner you have thrown 3 balls to all year and no rushes.

Brian Herrien you gave a cameo appearance to Saturday when you COULD NOT RUN the ball on 1st down Kirby.




Mecole Hardman Jr. can run the football a LOT better than Isaiah McKenzie.  But a freshmen he also does not get to play.


36 Net Yards Kirby on 16 First Down Runs vs unranked 0-3 SEC never won on the road in The SEC in 3 years for their coach Derek Mason.


What we have here is a failure to communicate with you Kirby.  All season long we have TOLD YOU your opponents know this about you ALREADY Kirby.  That you TOLD Jim Chaney to RUN THE BALL.


Now this Saturday at Homecoming you come right out and say it aloud : “When you run fewer bad things happen.”  That is a FAILED OFFENSE Kirby – not that you know anything about offenses or special teams Kirby.


Or what constitutes looking at a player after 4 or 5 practices and knowing if he is elite or not – either Kirby.


There is no reason to keep you around to watch your antics with the press when they ask you questions about your knowledge of offenses, special teams, and why certain what we ALL THOUGHT are top players are NOT PLAYING Kirby.


All these proven head coaches we could have at least asked : How much ?


Yeah, we can pay you $ 6 million.  Let me see now we will have a former middling tennis player who later became women’s tennis coach for a year to ask you what you know about football offense special teams and recognizing elite talent after 4 or 5 practices Kirby.


Let him decide whom the “search firm” offers-up for choices to choose from.  This Greg McGarity lousy tennis player and girl’s tennis coach for a year.


Kirby who do you think knows more about talent offense and special teams you or ALL OF US sir ?


I have news for you Kirby : Collectively, we know a LOT more about offense, special teams and quick talent recognition than you sir.  You better start listening to us and quit being so conservative and stubborn about all this Kirby.


Seriously “Fewer bad things happen when you run the football.” Kirby ?


This is 2016 Kirby wake up.


Do you have ANY idea what an ENERGY VAMPIRE you have been to your FRESHMAN CLASS Kirby ?  Obviously you do NOT care.  When Mark Richt only handed you on his returning 2-Deep 2 seniors and 6 juniors any seasoned coach would have instantly recognized that he HAD TO PLAY his freshmen.  Game 8 next game and you STILL HAVE NOT.  However, I dug up your QUOTE yesterday Kirby that you said after 4 or 5 practices you would recognize whether a player was an ELITE PLAYER OR NOT.  Excuse me you said that about Mecole Hardman Jr. when we ASKED YOU KIRBY if you were planning on redshirting him since you HAVE NOT even given him a snap the first SEVERAL games this season and THEN only put him in on special teams but NOT AN IMPACT POSITION.


A detailed study of ANY of your freshmen class Kirby reveals CLEARLY that you have SAID in public that they ALL are NOT Elite players.  Because you PROMISED US Kirby if they ARE ELITE PLAYERS that you would GET THEM ON THE FIELD and you said if on Offense would GET THEM THE BALL.


The problem with me Kirby is that I remember what everyone says.


I assimilate that.  I took you at your word.


You owe your freshmen class an Apology Kirby for NOT playing them.


You have completely and fully disappointed all Bulldogs Kirby.  That includes Mary Beth Lycett Smart.  Kirby you are not ready to be a head coach sir.


How long do we WAIT until you do learn to be one Kirby ?  Who is going to teach you now ?  Greg McGarity ?  A former tennis coach for a year – girl’s tennis and former less than average tennis player ?  I certainly would have thought with your grades here all A Kirby all 4 years all A that by now you would have learned that your freshmen had to play.  Honestly Kirby that is your # 1 mistake – which is saying something.


These 3 glaring weaknesses you have Kirby : Offense, Special Teams, Recognizing Elite talent and putting them on the field freshman or not – have ruined this season.





( https://www.dawgnation.com/football/at-second-glance-the-fault-in-georgias-play-calling-its-inability-to-be-in-sync-and-the-larger-takeaway )



“I would take Vanderbilt with the 14.5 points given us – as I think we continue our low-scoring close-game slog-fest through the entire SEC schedule.” – by some Vandie fan who thinks he is smart. If Kirby turns our # 7 rated 2016 freshmen class loose one day, we’re going to blow some teams out.

Vandie is such a joke.  And this Vandie fan even more so.  Vandie thinks they can compete when they haven’t recruited in football EVER.


I surf the blogs with Google and found this Vandie blog today believe it or not.  Believe it or not there actually is one Vandie football blog.


Still today their Vandie fans have banded together to talk about beating Mark Richt in 2006 when Mark Richt said that Joe Tereshinski III is a BETTER QB than Matthew Stafford – who did not start.  Vandie 2006 went 1-7 in The SEC beating only Mark Richt.  That was game seven 2006 when Vandie beat Mark Richt because he started Joe Tereshinski III instead of Matthew Stafford.


When a coach does that, he sends all the wrong unintended messages to the team to play tight.  And, it sends the message to the team that the player they KNOW is the better player is being punished by the coach playing FAVORITES instead.


Coaches like to have their seniors and juniors be rewarded by being ahead on the 2-Deep to build a program.  The problem with that is Kirby was handed only 2 seniors and 6 juniors on his 2-Deep Mark Richt handed Kirby ranked then the # 93 team in America on experience coming-into this season.


So Kirby HAD TO PLAY his true freshmen.  Not wait until game 7 of 2006 and still even then not starting Matthew Stafford bragging to all of us pre-game that Joe Tereshinski III is a great QB and better than Matthew Stafford who was just all hype and no good as Mark Richt’s QB Mark Richt told us all Spring all Summer and all Fall even into game 7.


It was not until after game 7 of 2006 when Mark Richt WOKE-UP and finally recognized the talent he did have with Matthew Stafford and did NOT have with Joe Cox and Joe Tereshinski III both of whom he started instead of Matthew Stafford.


Big mistake.


He continued to make these type of mistakes on roster mismanagement and finally was recognized as a coach who just lost it as a coach and frankly never was a good judge of QB talent.  He looked at QB talent signed QB talent and WASTED THEM – frequently whining to them that they all could play ANY OTHER POSITION on his team EXCEPT QB when they his only hope to keep his job.


At least Kirby figured it out after game 1.  Even if by MISSING THE BOAT on ALL TRUE FRESHMEN, he didn’t prepare them for game 2 either.  He will need them the day after tomorrow against a fine Vandy defense.


But a few fans thought that they could shut me up on that.  Then, I proved them as incorrect on that as they are on EVERY STINKING WORD out of their two-faced lips.


So here we are more than a decade later and Vandie fans are still bragging how great they are today because they over a decade ago today beat Mark Richt.


Well they actually beat him twice.


The only 2 losses the last 24 games by The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs against HAPLESS Vandie.


So that is the topic of their blog today with this gem that with their recruiting they are every bit as good as we are.  That you should take the points.


My problem with that and calling our mascot a melted version of a better dog is not so much that your team really is good as I already said myself repeatedly that you have a very good team, but that you have the unmitigated gall to call our mascot a melted version of a better dog and follow that up with you are so great when no one comes to your games except for us and when you have no talent.


Oh and that no one bothers to follow Vandie football and that includes MOST ESPECIALLY the lot of you banding together to act so great comparing yourself to an opponent whom you are 2 wins against in the last 24 years – both against Mark Richt.


We FIRED Mark Richt.


Dream on.


Your team is made-up of 2-star nobody recruits who every once in a while gets a 3-star.  Maybe one on offense and one on defense.




I have said all along that Vandie is a very good team but your recruiting makes it clear that big-talk by your fans pre-game is NOT YOU.


They talk about what Georgia is ranked.


Excuse me just where is Vandie ranked ?




“I would take Vanderbilt with the 14.5 points given us – as I think we continue our low-scoring close-game slog-fest through the entire SEC schedule.”


Smart ass.  Smack Talk which caught my attention.


Today on this same blog you ALL are whining about Vandie needing a new football stadium.  Excuse me ?  If I were your Athletic Director I would tell you I will spend our SEC Revenue Sharing monies on a new stadium when 1 of you shows-up to a game NOW.  Just when you Vandie fans (both of you anywhere) think you are so great because you beat only 2 teams all season Western Kentucky whatever that is and Middle Tennessee State college whatever that is.  You want to whine today you want your A.D. to buy you a new stadium ?  What the hell for ?


You are the joke of The SEC and have been your and my entire lifetime.


You have NO BUSINESS in The SEC and you get together all your Vandie fans all in one place and all chime-in about how superior you are to Georgia because we beat a team by 1 point whom everyone else beat by 50 ?


Moral Victories are what are best taught on Vandie blogs – excuse me on the ONLY Vandie blog anytime anywhere.


I know that Derek Mason is a fine coach who one day really soon will be recognized for this fact and end up as head coach at a real football school who gives a shit about football, which of course Vandie is NOT.    Derek Mason only took the job to get hired somewhere anywhere by a real football program.  I think the world of Derek Mason as a coach.  He would be doing far better anywhere else.  I will be proven as right on this as I have been on EVERY OTHER prediction I have EVER made.


Derek Mason was a fine football player as defensive back.  He has tried to go hire some offensive coaching help and I applaud that effort as well.  If Vandie fans would recognize what you do have you might actually go to a game sometime like we all do here where you venture your team here to take-on.  But you do NOT.  So no new stadium for you.


You don’t get a new stadium because you let James Franklin go when your good A.D. had the foresight to hire Derek Mason.


He will be gone soon.


But I would hesitate to call your “program” a breeding-ground for head football coaches because you Vandie fans (again both of you ever anywhere) don’t go to the games and don’t follow Vandie football – but sit there all smug about how bad our mascot is and how bad our team is beating a team by one point.  Therefore it is very rare for a Vandie coach to get recognized as I have both James Franklin and now Derek Mason.  This is solely because your “Vandie fan base” doesn’t get involved in supporting your “program.”


By the way it was by 2 points not one and in the 1st start by a true freshmen QB with no wide receivers and 2 injured tailbacks.  Not that I did not pick on Kirby about that myself because I did but only because he refused then and now to even play our other freshmen despite Jacob Eason’s proven true freshmen prowess.  As for his last game I’d like to see a Vandie QB do what he did in 24 mph gusts and 9 and 14 mph sustained wind from Hurricane Matthew off their coast Sunday.


UGA is cute and cuddly.  What the hell is a commodore anyway ?  Is that anything like a commode ?


UGA is the # 1 mascot all sports all nations.


You think he looks like a MELTED version of a BETTER dog ?


Hey.  I’ve got one for you : Stick it up your God Damn ASSHOLE.



Mark Richt LOST to an FSU team who had already lost 2 games when his # 100 special teams missed an extra point with slightly over a minute to go. Typical. FSU had already lost to North Carolina and to Louisville – neither one any good. How bad is Oklahoma ? Houston who beat OK lost to Navy. Big XII bwaah. vols lost but vols should have lost 3 games in a row with their impending loss to Alabama next Saturday. If that happens vols would be 6-2 SEC and 6-1 SEC Florida would have to beat UGA to make them play the game vs LSU that both don’t want to play. We can play in South Carolina today but FL and LSU can not play ANYWHERE today ? WTF ?

SEC League Office is out of their ever-loving minds and have been since Greg Sankey took over.


Greg Sankey was the Commissioner of the Southland Conference last century.


Greg Sankey also tried to stop other payments to student-athletes known as full cost of attendance.


As Commissioner of The Mighty SEC with no alignment or understanding of this level of play he stepped-in in today’s game and insisted Ray Tanner USCe A.D. was correct in scheduling this game there where all the victims are still not allowed to return home.


And now he has not only stood on the wrong side with the NCAA for full cost of attendance because it would give an advantage to The SEC – he did so while he worked on The SEC League Office at the very time.  Who would this give an advantage to The SEC over Greg Sankey ?  Over Southland Conference in football.  Because The SEC has the money and Southland Conference obviously does NOT.


Jeez Louise.


And of course as SEC Commissioner now today he insists he has no say about Florida playing LSU.  Either 1 of those 2 teams as a result could end-up in The SEC Championship as a result of not having to play.


What good is The SEC League Office since Greg Sankey took over last year ?


Well no good.


And Greg Sankey delayed the distribution of record SEC monies in SEC Revenue Sharing and has not released those monies either publically because he wants to KEEP $ 75 million dollars for The SEC League Office – for his money to make all these cornball decisions.


Fire Greg Sankey.


Give us our monies and tell the public if you are KEEPING $ 75 million for The SEC League Office to make all these screwball choices.


Florida does not have to play LSU Greg Sankey ?  What are you in charge for then ?




Absolutely nothing.


Greg Sankey has to MAKE Florida play LSU.  That is HIS JOB.


Or, fire Greg Sankey and give them both a loss if they do not play the game neither wants to play.


Mark Richt announced after the loss by Miami of Florida to FSU Florida State when his special teams let him down as they did HERE for 8 years in a row before being FIRED here for it that he lost to their # 1 Rival for the 7th consecutive year but that hey : “There’s something besides winning that’s important here.”


He did not do well here vs our # 1 rival either losing 11 of his 16 games at the site of the Gator Bowl every year.


Mark Richt also did not do well for the last 8 years losing to top teams, losing to unranked teams, and losing to ranked teams on the road.


But last night’s game for Mark Richt was at Miami.


He lost A LOT of those too his last 8 years ‘Tween the Hedges.  Devastating Losses at HOME for us by Mark Richt after 2007.  Like last year 10-38 loss to Alabama.  Like 24-30 the year before to Georgie tek yellowjackets.  Like Missouri the year before 26-41.  Like losing to South Carolina 2011 by 42-45.  Like the year before that too to Arky 24-31 in his 6-7 year 2010.  Like his loss to LSU 13-20 in 2009.  Like his loss to unranked Kentucky 27-34 also in 2009.  Like his Black-Out Loss 2008 when favored to win losing by 31 to nothing at halftime. And then following that up with the loss at Sanford Stadium too also in 2008 when he won the Fulmer Cup as the # 1 Consensus football team AP and Coaches’ to Georgie tek yellowjackets 42-45.


Just looking back at his last 8 years at HOME like he was in his loss last night – and for which we FIRED him only to see FSU hire him the next day in his UGA belt at the announcement.


There’s something besides winning that’s important Mark Richt ?


What would that be ?


So this is I TOLD YOU SO on that, too.


Good Luck with that down there at Miami of Florida.


You URL Linked to THIS BLOG from down there when you hired him and he showed-up with an UGA belt took off his coat and showed it off to everyone in Miami.  And you said THEN that you did not hire a good coach against # 1 rivals or top teams or even unranked teams.


You can add HOME games to that.




AME CKS is all that is left of their battered Gamecocks’ stadium sign. USCe Athletics’ Director who made this decision to play this game today several days before residents will even begin to be allowed to return in Hurricane Matthew ravaged South Carolina, Ray Tanner, had his neighbor’s tree fall down in his yard. How fitting is that ? Sunday morning update : October 8 2016 Hurricane Matthew is a Category 1 Hurricane which has killed 899 including 16 in the United States. Victims are not allowed on the roads as over 170 roads in South Carolina have fallen trees mostly pine trees and flooding according to DOT. Flooding will subside today so that emergency personnel only can get in and the area affected is wide as you saw on Hurricane reports of South Carolina covering damage throughout the state as the north eyewall battered inland South Carolina for 12 hours as a Category 2 Hurricane. 3 deaths in North Carolina Saturday all happened with folks ignoring the no travel edict. But we can have a game just as long as none our fans can get there safely. Our team drove-up Saturday by bus. There are no motel rooms. There haven’t been any. Electricity will not be restored for Sunday to many areas. Cell phone towers for Verizon and at&t both are down. 3 dams failed in South Carolina. Over 1 million without electricity in South Carolina alone. The entire north eyewall sat over South Carolina for 12 hours where all the lightning and most damaging winds and where all the heaviest rain and flooding was. Hilton Head South Carolina was hit with 88 mph winds and Charleston Harbor the 3rd highest flooding stage in recorded history as the seawall was breached. 15 inches of rain closer to the coast and 10 inches midland South Carolina. Columbia South Carolina saw big rains yesterday. Winds were recorded in Columbia SC by weather service at 46 mph yesterday alone. Curfews for Saturday to Sunday morning were variously 6-6 7-7 or 8-8 across many areas of South Carolina. Other areas have no gas as the pumps don’t work without electricity. The University’s Fall Break starts next Friday. A pier is gone bridges out facilities deemed unsafe. 100 trees are down in Columbia alone. But the game is on for 2:30 p.m. today despite the residents not allowed to return today at all. All of this for a game this afternoon 2:30 p.m. SEC Network. I will not be there. It is irresponsible for USCe A.D. Ray Tanner to have insisted this game happen before victims can safely drive their lousy stinking horrible South Carolina roads. All of this is because he wants the $ 2 million dollars revenue and doesn’t want to send refund checks to us. And who will be at game other than South Carolina fans ? We are to think we can drive there ? That is not clear at all that that would be safe at all. Congratulations Ray Tanner.

Mark Richt lost his last 3 games at South Carolina.


At 3:30 a.m. Sunday game 11 hours away there is no traffic on the roads in Columbia SC at all.  I am looking at the cameras.  7 of the 12 state of South Carolina cameras are out :




There are 170 road closures all the way to Georgia with all lanes blocked due to flooding.


Columbia would be accessed from the North and I-85 NE expressway is moving slowly but steadily.




State of South Carolina road resources are very limited in number and they will awake this morning and head to the coast from their reports to assess what the 8 crews I count do there.  That is one mighty small state of South Carolina road crew total.



If I were going I would take I-85 NE and come down.  I would however not want to be driving back after dark as would be the case with limited gas due to no electricity for the pumps to operate nor on side streets trying to find one open nor dealing with the traffic Sunday night.  There were 25 million hit by Hurricane Matthew.  And they are all out there driving around and at some point next week trying to get home.  In the meantime you have no rooms to sleep.


My firm belief is that this game is in contradiction to prudent decisions to play it there this afternoon impacting all the victims.  That is all we are doing.  And acting like a game is more important than them.


It’s like a 3rd world South Carolina this morning.  If you have an emergency their resources have to be at the coast.


1-3 SEC team vs 1-2 SEC team.




There is not one fan in any direction from your stadium who can be there tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. – not one from anywhere who can. 4:20 a.m. update Saturday 8 October 2016. We will : (1) offer you the gate after expenses and have the game Sunday or Monday at Sanford Stadium. (2) hold the game at Sanford Stadium tomorrow or Monday and we will keep our gate while you refund your own sales and next year instead of the game at our stadium we will begin anew home and away with you next year. How about that University of South Carolina. Hurricane Matthew which was always on a beeline track directly for Columbia SC has its eyewall make landfall 80 miles SSW of Charleston SC with 5 feet storm surge at Fort Pulaski. Category 2 at eyewall landfall 954 mbars 105 mph sustained winds Gusts to 125 mph headed due North straight inland – it’s expected to jog to the right NE toward Charleston but not yet – just straight ahead due North right now with the Northern eyewall nothing but lightning most damaging winds huge deluge of rainfall 12 inches and 20 inches with Hurricane Strength reaching outwards 60 miles and reaching outward 200 miles huge damaging winds and storm surge up to 5 feet at landfall 7 feet 9 feet 11 feet just after high tide eyewall landfall. This was affecting Atlanta yesterday late afternoon so more than 350 miles but 200 miles of very damaging winds. 5 million without electricity. 887 dead. This game was NEVER going to happen 2:30 p.m. Sunday. I get to say I told you so from the prior to USCe announcing it would even play the game there let alone before announced as Sunday before National Guard even allows anyone to move from Columbia. Now Columbia direct hit directly to the rickety old stadium which will require our UGA Engineering Degree to study their stadium to insure structural integrity which by itself can not happen by 2:30 p.m. tomorrow. WE – The University of Georgia – are concerned only with the victims everywhere in the path of this worst Hurricane here in 118 years and WE are concerned for our own SAFETY too. You worry about whatever you want to worry about and make the decision NOW for tomorrow or Monday where it is safe to play which NEVER was going to be there.


The suffering of the victims is our # 1 concern right now other than our safety in addition.  We shall NOT travel to your old stadium other than to check its integrity before WE SCHEDULE 1 of our games there.   91 mph wind gusts Daytona Beach on land.  94 mph wind gusts Tybee Island Georgia (Savannah.) 87 mph Hilton Head Island South Carolina.  Satellite images from north of Miami show no lights all night all the way to North Carolina and in fact Hurricane Matthew continues to pound Jacksonville FL all the way to Washington D.C. at this hour.


Hurricane Dora was a Category 4 storm I remember from 1964 with 942 mbars and 130 mph sustained winds with 135 mph gusts.


But this storm is so slow.


I never liked the idea that you were above the officials telling you that you could not hold the game tomorrow at 2:30 or tonight at 7:30.  Neither were ever likely at all.


Now you must make this decision and we can offer you an alternative :


(1) hold game at Sanford Stadium tomorrow or Monday and we will donate you the gate less expenses

(2) hold the game at Sanford Stadium tomorrow or Monday and we will keep our gate while you refund your own sales and next year instead of the game at our stadium we will begin anew home and away with you next year.


Your choice.


In either case, YOU drive HERE on YOUR STINKING ROADS in this mess – find no gas with no electricity for the pumps to even work, through this deluge, and downed trees, cellphone service down, and otherwise forget it that we are NOT coming to your stadium tomorrow for any reason.


We all have been glued to our TV sets HD832 The Weather Channel Comcast watching the infectious smile of Maria LaRosa reporting blown-over from Folly Beach with her riveting coverage of Hurricane Matthew for many hours now in a row.  Really only her on TV.  Cute.  Awesome coverage.  Maria LaRosa thank you very much, darling.    What a doll Maria LaRosa in the middle of the night no cell phone no electricity standing legs 2-feet apart giving it all she’s got in this disaster letting us feel the pain of the victims on the Atlantic coast this historical storm.  Awards to Maria LaRosa The Weather Channel Folly Beach South Carolina.


Thank you Maria LaRosa Penn State University grad from New Jersey down here really impressing the world over with her emotional coverage.  Best I have ever seen.  Maria LaRosa has a great memory and really thinks on her feet.  Ok I admit it : I am in Love.



( http://s.w-x.co/maria-larosa-blue-white-980×551.jpg )


10-8-2016 at 4:20 a.m. exactly where I said it would be and is and continuing beeline for Columbia from the outset for direct hit


What The University of Georgia officials must do now is to counteract this “decision” and tell EVERYONE to STAY AWAY. 8 a.m. Friday 7 October 2016 update the very brunt of Hurricane Matthew expected to be exactly closest to stadium just as game supposed to kick-off – the University of South Carolina is doing all it can do to send all the wrong messages about the game 2:30 p.m. Eastern Sunday. 938 mbars with 120 mph sustained winds 5 to 12 inches rain gusting now to 150 mph nowhere near yet even to Daytona Beach staying 25 miles off-shore with 102 mph winds at Cape Canaveral. The eyewall which was 2 became 1 since last update 30 mile radius from center 60 mile diameter Category 3 Hurricane with storm surges up to 11 feet directly at closest land point to stadium. 14 mph north northwest bearing down all this directly toward the stadium. Directly. All for $ 2 million revenue in a storm which has done multi-billions of dollars impact already before brunt of it hits in South Carolina. $ 100 billion dollars in damage already projected. 345 dead from Hurricane Matthew. 938 mbars is the very worst most strongest it has ever been. That it stays 25 miles off the east coast of Florida does not mean it will miss South Carolina Sunday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. In fact it means it will hit hardest directly impact there. A wall of water a foot high with rain on top of that and waves above that hitting the coast of South Carolina and a game between their 1-3 SEC lousy football team who was 1-7 SEC last season before Steve Spurrier quit mid-season is MORE IMPORTANT than the SAFETY of the student-athletes students coaches fans and sends all the wrong message just exactly precisely when most everyone needs to be TOLD the exactly opposite by the lousy stinking University of South Carolina an also ran “school” sending this contradictory message about the severity of this major hurricane. Waterspout tornado are now spawning on the north side of the hurricane and extend outwards 200 miles from the eyewall. They then come from the north to the west and south. And they have lightning too. It’s not safe. These saying otherwise disagree with Obama. 5 million without electricity. Trees power poles live wires everywhere and the poor victims of this storm trying to get home. I drove yesterday around Atlanta and saw first hand how I-285 and I-75 and I-20 are impacted from the traffic. The traffic are the victims. This is what this game is doing. And we’re only a 1-2 SEC team. Why ? Why Sunday at 2:30 p.m. as it hits closest ? Why send this message oh it’s not big deal. Yeah it is. It’s the most significant event to affect anything there in over 118 years and worse than that one then. 15 million people the state patrols and national guards are responsible for getting home safely and they will NOT be allowing them home at game time 2:30 p.m. Sunday. It’s not safe and South Carolina roads bad in best conditions. Harris Pastides the University of South Carolina’s president canceled classes Wednesday on Thursday on Friday and there are no classes on Saturday or Sunday or Harris Pastides would have cancelled them for then and still might for Monday anyway. All other USC events were cancelled but this $ 2 million dollar game has to go on or mail us back our refund checks. This all about the $ 2 million revenue and $ 10 million impact on Columbia and to send the message that the University of South Carolina is ranked the # 107 best college 2016 by U.S. News and World Report. That is all this is about showing how dumb the University of South Carolina “officials” really are. That and $ 2 million revenue more important than the victims having to deal with game traffic of # 107 best college 1-3 SEC after 1-7 SEC last season Steve Spurrier quitting mid-season last year. Mail UGA fans refund ? We’ll play game – send that message we care MORE about $ 2 million revenue than safety of students fans coaches or Hurricane Matthew victims at its VERY HEIGHT here at the very moment of kick-off. Idiots. You will be known for your decision on this Ray Tanner – Harris Pastides – Greg Sankey – Nikki Haley all 4 to be fired over this trust me on this. Come on up. Everything you are being told is all just a ruse. All lies by Nikki Haley. Everything is fine. There is no lightning. No reason to fear the roads to the game. Play ball. Who cares about the victims or their homes ? And of course this reflects on The Mighty SEC who will hear about this forever. Don’t go. Greg McGarity – you’re to-blame for this too. Now some players are traveling tomorrow and some not. Which players are expendable and which should not travel because not safe ?



# 50 University of Florida

# 54 Ohio State University

# 56 The University of Georgia U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges 2016

# 57 University of Texas

# 66 Clemson University

# 74 Texas A&M University

# 82 Michigan State University

# 92 Florida State University

# 93 North Carolina State University

# 100 Auburn University

# 103 University of Alabama – Auburn ranked AHEAD of Alabama as school

# 106 University of Tennessee at Knoxville vols

# 107 University of South Carolina -you’re a horrible school as this “decision” proves




( http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities/page+6 )


The University of South Carolina had never accomplished anything in football ever until this.  Now they have singlehandedly sent the very worst possible message at the very worst possible moment.  It’s no big deal.  We can play with all this going on all this devastation.  Come watch us 1-7 last year SEC 1-3 so far this year.  We beat Mark Richt the last 3 years in a row up here.  Now that Kirby will beat us we want our $ 2 million revenue kept here rather than mail checks back to Georgia.


45-18-2 UGA over USCe all-time


Mark Richt loser of last 3 at Columbia Municipal Stadium renamed Carolina Stadium renamed again Williams-Brice Stadium aka “The Cock Pit.”



The only college more stupid than the University of South Carolina is # 111 Oklahoma which is why these stupid colleges are ranked as stupid colleges – making decisions like this.


We care more about the safety of all involved and want to send the proper message on this devastating hurricane to the world how important giving back $ 2 million is to us.


“Due to the potential impact of the hurricane on Columbia and the surrounding area, it is in the best interest of safety to play the game on Sunday rather than Saturday night.” SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey is out of his mind.


You have made a laughing stock of Governor Nikki Haley and yourselves Ray Tanner and Harris Pastides the president of the # 107 best college USCe with an assist by SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey.


Congratulations for sending this wrong message to everyone at the very worst possible moment.  And, for all the wrong reasons like dumbasses.  All 4  of you “officials.” You are entrusted to be in charge of protecting the safety of all involved.  


You have in fact done everything but and have further impacted the victims of the worst hurricane in your area in 118 years.  And that one in 1898 not as bad impact there in South Carolina than this.  Fools.  Congratulations.


$ 2 million in revenue is more important.


What The University of Georgia officials must do now is to counteract this “decision” and tell EVERYONE to STAY AWAY.




Do you see where this huge major hurricane is headed ?  Well do you ?  Do not go to game.  Stay away.  That is the eye in red just now 8 a.m. Friday.  It will be in South Carolina Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at its very peak.


If you can not read that map let me read it to you at 14 mph directly headed to the stadium.


Only a moron college of morons would tell you to come-on up !


During the very peak of the single largest event in our recorded history right here right then.

10-7-2016 at 8 a.m.

Kirby was certainly on the big-boy stage at our house Saturday late afternoon and for all to see he personally took-out Brian Herrien on 2nd and 11 from our 5-yard line. Then we all witnessed in horror as Kirby’s rushed hire of Jim Chaney compounded that Kirby alone decision – I saw Kirby take Brian Herrien out himself – by calling a pass play and Kirby I saw disagreed with that decision by Jim Chaney with the personnel Kirby gave him to work with on that play but did not stop the play or even tell Jim Chaney to. And just as certainly we all saw Kirby send Rodrigo Blankenship BACK out there again to Kick-Off with 10 seconds on the clock when Kirby in Game 5 certainly long-since knew that he has no leg whatsoever and watched it go only 48 yards instead of 17 yards farther for any good kicker. As for Kirby saying he practices that play every Thursday 1 second them the ball at mid-field – all I can point-out once again is that well Kirby has the wrong defense called he is practicing. That too is so clear. He tried to get no pressure on the QB. He put-in small guys to defend the pass except for one guy who never has been known to even know how to defend a pass. This is Kirby’s scheme ? Management Style ? Excuse me, Kirby’s only management style is that he refused to let his QB have any snap at all with the # 1 unit all Spring and all Fall except 2 weeks. You know ? The only QB he has played since game 1. With the guy he has settled-on, Kirby gave that 1 guy zero snaps all Spring with the # 1 unit and again zero snaps with the # 1 unit again all Fall Practice until 3 weeks before Kick-Off then reluctantly gives him just 2 weeks’ worth of snaps with the # 1 unit he has played the entire season with since and then yanks him for the last week of Fall Practice and says Greyson Lambert is a better QB than Jacob Eason. Kirby has stonewalled the press about the freshmen – said nasty stuff about every single one of His Own Freshmen he signed – and still has Redshirted his Top OL Recruit he signed like he is punishing him too for daring to be Jacob Eason’s Best Friend Mr. Ben Cleveland. Mecole Hardman Jr. Kirby has given only 2 snaps and they just in the 2 most recent games only on Special Teams – an absolute star on this team. In fact all these names are. Kirby’s only management style is to rant and rave and yell at everyone that he is in charge by himself and no one else shall challenge that including the press like Kirby is in charge of the press too. Yeah right – that is going over very well Kirby as a management style. Would Kirby beat Florida and Auburn say for example this season with all his freshmen still as in Game 5 relegated to 2nd fiddle to any and every one nobody but losers ? Let’s get even more real shall we ? Is Kirby really going to lose another game this season with 2 in the bag already both on Kirby ? Can he afford to ? I say no. I say he has to finish-out now 11-2 this 2016 inaugural season which means winning his meaningless bowl game no one watching. Only if Kirby does that will Kirby have any chance of being graded-out 2016 as an A himself – given he showed-up finally January 12 saying to Greg McGarity November 28 it would be his dream to take this job 8 weeks and 4 days later showing-up with 2 seniors and 6 juniors only on Mark Richt’s 2-Deep returning – knowing absolutely he would have to start 10 freshmen and so mistreating his freshmen that frankly his # 3 class for 2017 should be in question. “Kirby are you really going to play me 2017 or just give me lip service while you whine to the press that I don’t know diddle-e-squat without preparing me beginning Day 1 Spring Practice?” More than any coach in America in 2017 Kirby will be questioned about his policy about freshmen simply not given the chance to play. For this is what we have seen despite glaring weaknesses ahead of the freshmen on the 2-Deep. Hurricane Matthew ? We’ve already got our own Hurricane brewing here fueled mostly by Mark Richt Apologists exactly as I said they would pre-game if Kirby lost again. Especially if he made the same mistakes – not new mistakes – which is what he did do. No game Columbia. More time for Kirby to steady the ship if he can WAKE-UP about freshmen. I hold no hope on that storm-front, either. Game cancelled at 6 am Wednesday by UGA Thomas Brown as authorities will over react.

Hurricane Matthew is only 962 mb with a less than developed eye and 125 mph winds but with states of emergency declared for Friday night in Florida Georgia South Carolina and North Carolina there is no hope Columbia would be allowed inland to play the game.  It’s already beyond Cuba.  The air northward is colder further weakening it.


Columbia is outside what should be the evacuated area but precisely only by 35 miles or so.  It is inconceivable the game would be played as planned.  The upper-level lightning alone sees to that as folks in charge always over react in such conditions.


Hurricane Matthew will prevent the game as planners will not allow the game to be played between Georgia and South Carolina Saturday night at 7:30.  It’s not happening with the lightning above the storm and so many states of emergency and evacuation already in place.  Governor Nikki has no say in moving the game to Atlanta or it not happening.


Game cancelled per UGA Thomas Brown Wednesday October 5 2016 at 6 a.m.  It should be outside the affected area and still will be cancelled because Governors love to make decisions they have no education in.  This non-event at the site 135 miles from the coast will cancel our game.


Back home here we have our own storm heating-up as well as Mark Richt Apologists try to see some silver lining to all this for Mark Richt.  He’s gone.  There’s nothing there for you guys.  Get over him.  He was miserable for 8 years and fired.  Oh and by the way, you failed to shut me up to prevent it.


Mark Richt would have lost to North Carolina as well as he would still be playing only Greyson Lambert.  That is how he did that since you have forgotten.


You were warned that vols was a must-win after I warned you Ole Miss was a must win.


As for you have won the games you were supposed to win I suggest 45 to nothing last week ended all that discussion.  Did you show any respect to Brian Herrien for that performance Kirby ?


When you think you can edict any 24-hour rule on me Kirby – let me know ok son ?


I have more like a 59-year rule Kirby.


I add your glaring errors for at least 59-years and more than likely for longer than that Kirby.


Kirby since you have my degree from my alma mater do you mind explaining to me this management style in direct contradiction with every class at UGA I took Kirby ?


I was taught that it is typical for new hires to try to be too detailed in every aspect and therefore poor at all and the overall.


I can assure you that is what you are doing and that I was taught anything but.


I can also assure you Kirby that you used-up any Mulligans you thought you had.


If Kirby had won Saturday no one would be saying any of this ?


(1) that special teams kicker – I told you to get him out of the games 3 weeks ago Kirby

(2) that decision to sit-down Brian Herrien 2nd and 11 & your hire Chaney calls pass from our 5 with 2 minutes 56 seconds all remaining and vols all 3 time-outs

(3) that prevent-defense 4 seconds on clock from our 43-yard line is the single worst defensive call by any defensive coordinator ever.  Kirby you’re not trying to cover their routes with small defensive backs but have your leapers in all of them and bat the ball down in the end zone while you get after the QB with everything you’ve got.


If Kirby had won Saturday no one would be saying any of this ?  If a Bullfrog had wings he could fly instead of bumping his buns on the rocks.  Excuse me, but Kirby did not win.   And Kirby made 3 of the worst decisions in the game any coach ever would have and exactly what I would have expected from Mark Richt.


You are a stubborn man Kirby.


Inauspicious beginning.  1st impressions are lasting ones.


I advise no more losses Kirby.


Work hard Kirby forget the score all together ?


Excuse me Kirby you had better be mindful of the 31-28 score kicking-off with someone who has a leg after 15-yard penalty Kirby – mindful of the 24-21 score on 2nd and 11 with only 2 minutes 56 seconds remaining and leave-in Brian Herrien Kirby not yank him then yourself – and mindful of both the 31-28 and the 4 seconds when you practice this Thursday Kirby South Carolina at our 43-yard line to get all different guys in the end zone this time emphasizing leaping not cover skills Kirby.


Jesus Christ Kirby.


You know what Kirby ?  Your management style grinds on me son and that is what my degree is in.


See to it Kirby you make new mistakes this week not the same old mistake of no-leg kickers you send-out game on the line us winning and the same old mistake of holding back 10 freshmen you should have groomed from Day 1 to be Starters before now Kirby with the season long-since over now Kirby.


It’s too late to realize you must rely upon freshmen Kirby.  45 to nothing and then these 3 decisions by you alone Kirby vs vols.


Not good Sir.





Harrison Martin I understand that you’re a fine young man calling us “Old Timers” who have rooted for The Georgia Bulldogs – my alma mater – prior to Mark Richt as you never did you said this morning Harrison Martin. But your choices for Most Tormented Fan Base in College Football do not include in your survey of the most tormenting games the 2008 Alabama game losing 31 to nothing at half here when prior to Kick-Off Mark Richt had won 80 % of his games and went only 68 % from that game until we fired him and it does not include the 2015 Alabama game either when we were picked to win and got blown-out 10-38 me drenched. In fact it doesn’t include so many losses you have tried to block-out of the Mark Richt Era. But my point is that you said we’d win the national championship with Mark Richt within the next 2 years Harrison Martin this time last year. And now you say October 2016 “Mark Richt should never be forgiven for that 2008 season.” You’re an inconsistent fine young man of 24 Harrison Martin Sir. Which is it – since it is not possible to say both he would win the NC last year you said repeatedly October 2015 and now this year that “Mark Richt should never be forgiven for that 2008 season.”

August 10, 2015 Harrison Martin 7 reasons why Mark Richt will win a national championship within the next 2 years at 9:24 a.m. you wrote that Harrison Martin.  That was only 1 year ago Harrison Martin.  I took exception to that and now today you write a reply to that that you felt Mark Richt should have been fired as I have maintained the very day he feel behind 31 to nothing to Alabama at the half at our house.  The game was over at half time as we didn’t even score 31 points yet we were the consensus # 1 team AP and Coaches’ Polls # 1 pre-season for the only time in UGA history.


So I guess the question is Harrison Martin : Which is it ?


# 1 “Things got worse after 2007 though. That 2008 season sucked. The Alabama game, “The Blackout”, was bad, real bad. Most fans have tried to black that one out of their memory. Then Florida got pay back for the year before. And then we topped it off in typical Georgia fashion, by blowing a double-digit lead at home to Georgia tech. We came into that season as the No.1 team in the country by the way. Mark Richt should never be forgiven for that 2008 season. Huge disappointment.”


“Mark Richt should never be forgiven for that 2008 season.”




( http://www.dawgsports.com/2016/10/2/13140442/georgia-fans-are-the-most-tormented-fanbase-in-college-football )



# 2 “Mark Richt is the man in charge and is the person that has put all of this together. This national championship will define the Mark Richt era at Georgia and will be a huge monkey off his back.  Buckle up Georgia fans, your in for one hell of a ride over the next couple of seasons.”




( http://www.dawgsports.com/2015/8/10/9126109/7-reasons-why-georgia-will-win-a-national-championship-within-the )


Which is it Harrison Martin Sir ?


# 1


# 2




You left out 2008 that Mark Richt got to play a 4-loss team # 24 Michigan State in a meaningless bowl game no one watched.


You’re too fixated on national championship only Harrison Martin Sir.  15 times The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs # 11 All-Time in FBS Wins have been on the National Stage in Big Huge Bowl Games to end our seasons and won most of those games with 6 National Championships.  26 seasons we have won 80 % of our games.  I believe this is our goal to win 80 % of our games and to then therefore end the season playing on the National Stage everyone watching us two teams both ranked in the very top of the final AP Poll.


I know you don’t know about these 26 seasons of 80 % win percentage nor the 15 Big Huge Bowl Games we’ve played on the National Stage but in my 59 years of seasons’ tickets I can share with you any questions you have about any of these 59 years and have studied the years prior to my lifetime extensively as well to share about those with you too Harrison Martin Sir.


And Harrison Martin Sir we’re not the most tormented fan base in College Football.  We’re # 11 All-Time in Wins 1-A FBS.  We’re actually # 3 or so All-Time in winning our Bowl Games.  Most Tormented Fan Base in College Football ?  No sir.


We just have had a tough stretch for 8 years during which time you Harrison Martin Sir tried to shut me up that Mark Richt had to be fired and bragged on him less than a year ago that he would win the national championship last year or this year and provided all the details of how and why.


And you have contradicted yourself on the Mark Richt era Harrison Martin Sir and I remember all that too.  I realized at UGA in my classes always # 1 or # 2 in every class that I have a Gift of great memory for details.


So when I read you say TODAY that Mark Richt should never have been forgiven for 2008 when I turned on him Kick-Off Game 5 vs. Alabama and frankly just prior to that knowing it would happen as it did and provided YOU the details of that AND remembered what you said less than a year ago now too bragging in OCTOBER last year how great Mark Richt is you said October 2015 and how he would win the national championship you repeated yourself numerous times last year in OCTOBER 2015 too even – I told YOU then AGAIN that you were absolutely wrong Harrison Martin Sir that Mark Richt was never going to do anything here ever again after 2007.


You see ?


I have been consistent.


I liked Mark Richt 2001-2007.  I started having questions about him when 2008 saw all his recruits he given so much credit for bringing here and all the NFL Draft Picks out 22 of them celebrating being Consensus # 1 Pre-Season for the 1st time in UGA history.


And you Harrison Martin wanted to shut me up on that.


Now you say he should never have been forgiven for it.




Which is it Harrison Martin, Sir ?


Which pray tell ?  # 1 or # 2 Harrison Martin Sir ?


# 1 Mark Richt should never have been forgiven all the way back to 2008 when you and a very small extremely vocal clique including yourself Harrison Martin tried to shut me up saying he had to be fired, or # 2  Mark Richt was going to win the national championship for us last year or this year Harrison Martin Sir ?


It cannot be possible to say both, can it Harrison Martin, Sir ?  That Mark Richt should never have been forgiven for 2008 and that the same writer Harrison Martin a year ago only said Mark Richt would win the National Championship last year or this year and also leave-out in your Survey both 2008 Alabama and 2015 Alabama as the Most Tormenting Games of all-time ?


There is no URL Link to the article by Harrison Martin on http://www.TheDawgBone.com .  Why is that Mr. Blue ?  Is it because Harrison Martin said today that Mark Richt should have been fired in 2008 ?  Sure that is it.  Any criticism however correct of Mark Richt even after he was fired is viewed as a hater as a URL Link he will not provide on his supposed list of URL Links for Bulldog Fans to read.


Either provide the URL Links to Georgia Bulldogs’ Football blogs http://www.TheDawgBone.com Mr. Blue or don’t.  Do not pick and choose only those with whom you agree.  We are all capable on our own volition to determine what is and what is not acceptable.


So far the 9th year in a row is UNACCEPTABLE performances by either when Mark Richt lost an average of 4 losses a year for the last entire 8 years prior to this one.  The fact that Kirby might not also be acceptable is no consolation for the Mark Richt Apologists.


I remember Mr. Blue of http://www.TheDawgBone.com that when Harrison Martin said this time last year that Mark Richt would win the national championship that you did provide that URL Link but TODAY this article’s URL Link by Harrison Martin that Mark Richt should never be forgiven for the 2008 season is not provided because it is viewed as a criticism of Mark Richt.


This is the # 1 MOST READ ARTICLE CLICK on Georgia Bulldogs’ Football this morning Mr. Blue of http://www.TheDawgBone.com where Harrison Martin states as fact that Mark Richt should never be forgiven for the 2008 season of his. 


Yet http://www.TheDawgBone.com who purports to provide the URL Links to Georgia Bulldogs’ football and DOES NOT, does NOT provide this URL Link on his site because Harrison Martin says Mark Richt should have been fired all the way back to the 2008 season – never mind that he says that today when this time last year the very same two-faced Harrison Martin GUARANTEED the national championship for Mark Richt LAST YEAR this time.


I don’t take a lot of shit off of folks Harrison Martin.  In fact none ever.  If you say this time last year that Mark Richt was going to win the national championship October 2015 as you did repeatedly – do NOT come right back and say TODAY Harrison Martin that he should have been fired all the way back to the 2008 season.


I’ll notice.


I’ll write about it.


Won’t I ?


Especially given that for 8 freaking years you wanted to shut me up that Mark Richt had to be fired in 2008.


Sorry-assed piece of shit, if you want to say you MADE A MISTAKE and maybe I UGA Thomas Brown was right all along about Mark Richt should have been fired for the  2008 season – then be man enough to say THAT Harrison Martin – not 1 of those God Damn Pussies who says that UGA Thomas Brown should not be allowed to say that Mark Richt should have been fired for the 2008 season and then TODAY write that you say Harrison Martin that Mark Richt should have been fired for the 2008 season acting like you never GUARANTEED the national championship for Mark Richt all August September and in October repeatedly 2015 just one year ago.


I’ll remember that like I know you do too Harrison Martin.


The difference is Harrison Martin that I can remember what you said 1 year ago about Mark Richt winning the national championship and I can correlate that with TODAY you said Harrison Martin that Mark Richt should have been fired for the 2008 season.


While presumably you either think you can get away with this bullshit contradicting yourself, or think you can act like you did not guarantee the national championship for Mark Richt all August September and even in October 2015 Harrison Martin and then late October you DEMANDED that Mark Richt be fired right then.


It can not be that you don’t remember this sequence of your OWN posts on your OWN blog Harrison Martin.


I remember what you said and it stuck with me because it was so PROFOUNDLY wrong.


You’re just one of those pussies who thinks you can get away with what you wrote in the past Harrison Martin, by ignoring it – and REWRITE frigin’ history today like you NEVER SAID IT.



vols’ fans think they have the advantage in every aspect of this game tomorrow afternoon despite having beat no one. vols did beat Florida last week who has beat no one either. vols’ fans are acting like they’re great on every blog. 11-14 SEC Butch Jones I don’t think so. Until they beat Northwestern in an 11 am bowl game last season they had not been ranked in 7 consecutive seasons ending # 23. # 106 best college vols 2016 U.S. News & World Report UGA is # 56 by stark contrast. UGA # 8 average 247Sports.com composite last 5 classes while vols are # 14. We can even series with win vs. vols who had no business beating us last year up there. “With the injury to Nick Chubb the Bulldogs cannot compete with the upper echelon of the SEC. 31-20 vols win.”

Excuse me if I am unimpressed with vols and most especially with their big-talking vols’ fans.


Not that we’ve looked like much but we’re more talented than they – if we would only play our freshmen and pass the ball to Mecole Hardman Jr.


If we don’t then vols have a 3-game lead on us in The SEC East requiring 3 losses by them while Kirby then goes undefeated the rest of the season.


Frankly both of those could happen too.


I would love nothing more than 3 straight losses for vols because I remember how nasty vols fans can be.  It was a long time ago but I remember when they last were any good.


vols are not any good this season and I do not consider that vols were any good last season either but they beat Mark Richt anyway.


But what really gets to me is that vols’ fans act so high and mighty before the game tomorrow.


Wes Rucker Go vols 247Sports.com :



“With the injury to Nick Chubb the Bulldogs cannot compete with the upper echelon of the SEC.  31-20 vols win.”



“If ever there was a week where Georgia would rise to the occasion it would be this one. I really wish I could believe Tennessee is going to blow that team out. As of right now, I’m just not there.”


Tony Basilio . com




Prison Orange ?  Who wants to wear orange pants ?  Orange shirt ? Orange hat ?  Orange socks ?  Orange anything ?


Go ahead.


Who ?


If my coach was 11-14 in The SEC the last words out of my mouth would be anything that even resembled that the vols are back.


The vols are NOT BACK.


Not with Butch Jones.  All he does is talk.


Oh, and LOSE to 3 more SEC teams than he’s beat in a DOWN SEC East all this time he has been there.


11-14 SEC Butch Jones


I suggest the vols lose 3 games in a row.  That is my prediction.


And if my school was ranked # 106 in the latest 2016 U.S. News and World Report Rankings best colleges, I would not act like we were any great college football team either – not going 7 straight seasons UNRANKED then beat Northwestern in an 11 am bowl last season and finally make # 23 just for that.  That is the ONLY year you have been ranked vols’ fans in the last 8 years.  We fired our coach for that and he wasn’t 11-14 vs. The SEC.  In fact, Mark Richt was ranked for half the last 8 years.  4 of the 8.


vols fans are desperate for a great team.  It is NOT this one and they all should know that not act high and mighty – here is a URL Link I find amusing.


Amusing that UGA has had 16 running backs rush for 1000 yards.  We have 2 freshmen both of whom will pass that mark as well.  But not if we continue to mistreat freshmen and not even play them.


We don’t play them.


We don’t play any of our freshmen.


If we did we would be a lot better.


Playing with a dozen hands tied behind our backs.


Do that again not playing our freshmen and try to run the ball up the middle every play again and we lose again.


Otherwise I don’t see vols as any good.


vols lose to Alabama

vols lose to Texas A&M

vols lose to UGA or SHOULD if our smart coach WAKES-UP

I am not even sure vols can beat Missouri


vols lose to Alabama second time in SEC Championship Game if they beat Kirby.  This is what this game is all about.  Beat Kirby get 2 losses to Alabama this season.


vols lose their bowl game


I have vols UNRANKED again this year with Butch Jones OBVIOUSLY.


I see 5 losses for vols 2016-2017 season with Butch Jones – at least 4.


And I see Butch Jones being 11-15 in The SEC tomorrow.


So yuk it up vols fans.


While you can acting so great.


I don’t THINK so.


Let everyone else tell you are more talented than UGA.  Heck tell us yourselves.


You are not.


In your orange prison garb jump suit.  How fitting with all that goes on in your football program this entire century of bad press for the vols following Tee Martin admitting that he took a bunch of $ 7 thousand and $ 6 thousand dollar payments from you at the 7-11 store all the time during his tainted NC 1998.


You have been the laughing stock of The SEC for a decade now.  So you yuk it up that our fans are amusing ?


Good luck with that.


I am bemused by that statement Tony Basilio.


Yuk it up pre-game like you are great.


I know you know you aren’t.


Talk about being nonplussed by a college football program ?  vols rear their ugly heads pre-game and yuk it up that they’re playing UGA who only has 2 freshmen running backs to play vols.


Your football program has sucked for so long you don’t have any fans who remember when you last were any good.


So vols pick on UGA pre-game like vols are UPPER ECHELON SEC.


Look down at UGA.


Butch Jones’ only win over a top 10 team in his entire career is beating South Carolina his 1st year there with vols and UGA beat South Carolina that year, too.


Good luck with that you nasty-assed vols’ fans.


# 51 vols under Butch Jones vs teams ranked at time of game like UGA # 25 tomorrow :






vols upper echelon of The SEC ?


Butch Jones is # 11 of SEC teams vs. SEC teams in Butch Jones Era for vols.



ha ha ha ha ha lol rofl what a joke 11-14 SEC Butch Jones – some UPPER ECHELON of The SEC.


yuk yuk yuk





48 University of Georgia Bulldogs at Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony tomorrow Friday 5 August 2016. Here is list no one else can be bothered to give you of 48 UGA University of Georgia Bulldogs students athletes coaches or staff who have braved to go to Rio Summer Olympics 2016 which includes 2 Paralympics and all 48 trust me represent The University of Georgia in so doing. The University of Georgia UGA Bulldogs will be represented by 48 current or former students athletes coaches and staff in the Rio Games 2016 Summer Olympics. www.georgiadogs.com has corrected its list to 48. You would think it would be a source of PRIDE. It is to me which is why I did all this RESEARCH. Why do some list only 29 ? Which of these does www.secsports.com leave-off and why ? Whom of the 48 while they here at The University of Georgia did NOT dream of being at The Summer Olympics 2016 ?

updated by The University of Georgia as 48 and it is STILL WRONG.  This is a more complete accurate list right here I did researching http://www.georgiadogs.com myself.




( http://www.uga.edu/about_uga/profile/going-for-the-gold/ )


They can not count.   But they got the names right.  That is a START UGA.  I guess when you take our money to be STUDENTS or write checks to coaches, you can get their names right anyway.  I have been trying to tell them their names are WRONG for days now.  They are still wrong.  Use my list here not UGA.edu


And I demanded UGA write something that is CORRECT about who UGA sent to the Olympics.  Finally today they have replied to me with this updated list.


I guess when I kept telling UGA that it SHOULD BE A SOURCE OF PRIDE and that MY LIST here is more complete than that provided by UGA to http://www.sec.com that they FINALLY capitulated and did a more accurate list of names anyway than previously done by UGA prior to the Olympics.


They probably updated it from their expense reports turned-in REPRESENTING The University of Georgia is my guess.  I have been linking to UGA about this list to GET IT CORRECT at our own Official UGA WebPages and that which we TURNED-IN to http://www.secsports.com and one guy who plagiarized his list from http://www.secsports.com without URL Link provided to you of it.



( http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/geo/sports/w-gym/auto_headshot/10432024.jpeg )

# 5 on my list August 5 Canada Brittany Rogers women’s gymnastics Aug 7 at 8:45 in 5 events.


MY LIST I compiled myself from researching the web myself for every name :


1.Bubba Watson – Golf men’s individual Thurs Aug 11

2.Olivia Smoliga – current – women’s 100-meter backstroke Aug 7 at 12:02 p.m.

3.Chase Kalisz – current – 400-meter individual medley Aug 6

4.Jay Litherland – current – 400-meter individual medley Aug 6

5.Canada Brittany Rogers – current – women’s gymnastics Aug 7 at 8:45 in 5 events

6.Canada Brittany MacLean 200 400 800 meter freestyle Aug 7, 8 and 11

7.Canada Chantal Van Landeghem 50 meter  freestyle Fri Aug 12 and 4x 100 meter freestyle relay Aug 7 and 100 meter freestyle Wed Aug 10

8.Canada Javier Acevedo men’s 100 meter backstroke – current – Aug 7 at 1:11 p.m.

9.Finland Matias Koski men’s 400 meter freestyle Sat 8-6 men’s 200 meter freestyle Sun 8-7 at 12:19 p.m.

10.Gunnar Bentz – current – 4 × 200 m Freestyle relay at Rio

11.Allison Schmitt fourth at the 200m (1:56.72) qualifying her to the relay team and is 9th American lady swimmer to compete in 3 Olympics 4 x 100 freestyle relay Aug 6

12.Keturah Orji women’s triple jump Sat Aug 13

13.Cypress Leontia Kallenou high jump Thurs Aug 18

14.Antigua and Barbuda Cejhae Greene – current – men’s 4×100 meter relay Thurs 8-18, men’s 100 meter Sat 8-13

15.Estonia Karl Saluri – current – decathlon.  There are 206 countries after all.

16.Argentina Jenny Dahlgren hammer throw Fri Aug 12 listed as Jennifer Dahlgren

17.Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Charles Grethen 800 meters Fri Aug 12

18.St. Lucia Levern Spencer women’s high jump Thurs 8-18 is 3-time Olympian & country’s flag bearer former UGA Bulldog

19.Bahamas Shaunae Miller women’s Track 100 meter Fri 8-12, 400 meter Sat 8-13, 200 meter Mon 8-15, and 4×400 relay Fri 8-19

20.Lindsay Grogan Paralympics 100% UGA loving life Macon 2 degrees from UGA Para Swimming 400-meter freestyle

21.Jarryd Wallace former UGA 100 meter sprints his second Paralympics 2016 also in Rio Athens Georgia Oconee High where he lettered in track and field and Tennis.  In 2007 he signed a Scholarship with The University of Georgia in Track. Current world record holder.  Had surgeries February 2010.

22.Hali Flickinger women’s 200 meter butterfly Tues Aug 9 at 12:28 p.m.

23.Melanie Margalis 200 meter individual medley Mon 8-8 at 12:56 p.m. 200 meter freestyle

24.Dan Laak – current – Georgia head diving coach, Brazil Olympics assistant coach after 2 previous Olympics U.S. Olympics’ assistant coach

25.César Castro – current – Georgia assistant diving coach Brazil 4-straight Olympics assistant coach

26.Jack Bauerle – current – UGA Swimming Coach, U.S. Olympics Assistant Coach for 3rd time

27.Petros Kyprianou – current – Georgia Track & Field Coach Estonia Olympics Track & Field Coach

28.Teresa Edwards – staff Team USA

29.Estonia Maicel Uibo decathlon

30.Kendell Williams – current – women’s heptathlon Fri Aug 12

31. Connor James Nolte Alpharetta former Bulldog Starting Basketball Player 3 NCAA games 6′ 7″ sharpshooter 3-point shots U.S. Olympic digital media intern for the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) in Colorado Springs, Colo., and will be assisting the governing body with its social media outreach efforts leading up to and during the Olympics

32.Kibwe Johnson track and field men’s hammer throw Wed August 17

33.Amanda Jo Weir Davis swimming 4×100 meter freestyle relay 3rd Olympics

34. Yijun J. Feng Ping-Pong men’s Table Tennis – current student at UGA Sat 8-6 singles Fri August 12 at 6:30 p.m. Team U.S.A. and UGA vs Sweden.

35. Becca Leopkey, an assistant professor of sport management in the College of Education, is serving on the International Olympic Committee’s Sustainability and Legacy Commission – See more at: http://www.uga.edu/about_uga/profile/going-for-the-gold/#sthash.MuhNpXpM.dpuf

36. Mike Mobley, an associate director of sports communications, will work with Olympic Broadcast Services at the team handball venue

37. Nicole Chrzanowski,  student in Grady College’s sports media certificate program, is selected by the U.S. Olympic Committee to report on the games for USOC’s various information channels, including its TeamUSA.org website.

38. Jaylon Thompson, student in Grady College’s sports media certificate program, is selected by the U.S. Olympic Committee to report on the games for USOC’s various information channels, including its TeamUSA.org website.

39-49 : Nine other Grady College students will join 1-Vicki Michaelis, the John Huland Carmical Professor of Sports Journalism & Society, and 2-Mark Johnson, a senior lecturer in journalism, to cover the Paralympics. Grady Sports students 3-Jamie Han, 4-Emily Giamalvo, 5-Emily Greenwood, 6-Kendra Hansey and 7-Kennington Smith along with photojournalism students 8-David Barnes, 9-Jenn Finch, 10-Joshua Jones and 11-Casey Sykes will travel to Rio for the Paralympics, which will be held Sept. 7-18

50. Alexandra Oquendo volleyball career at Georgia was one of the most decorated in the program’s history.  All-SEC and All-America.  Now Puerto Rico team playing the U.S.A. Team on August 6.

51.Michelle Gerlosky Schiffler Paralympics Volleyball



What inspires you ?



pic jpeg 7.Canada Chantal Van Landeghem 50 meter 100 meter freestyle

( http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/geo/sports/c-swim/auto_action/11216385.jpeg )


In Summer Olympics 2012 London Olympics 29 current at the time or former University of Georgia students athletes competed in the 2012 London Summer Olympics and 3 UGA coaches also represented us in London for total of 32 Georgia Bulldogs’ students athletes or coaches representing UGA in London.


The University of Georgia UGA Bulldogs will be represented by 48 current or former students athletes coaches and staff in the Rio Games 2016 Summer Olympics.




GeorgiaDogs.com left off a bunch in their latest report to us prior to the Olympics but had URL Links to those they left-off which I found through searches of our Official UGA Athletic Department WebPages.  http://www.georgiadogs.com/sports/c-swim/spec-rel/071816aaa.html







( http://www.bulldawgillustrated.com/uga-olympians-events/ ) plagiarized from SEC Sports.com without credit



























Track and field at the Paralympics will start on Sept. 7.





I am PROUD of them representing The University of Georgia 100 % Bulldogs at Rio which is why I invest the time in my hobby of researching who it is who is representing us in the 2016 Summer Olympics.   You leave-off whomever you want to leave-off some list you copied from somewhere else.  Me ?  I researched every name both on our own Official WebPages at UGA my alma mater AND other WebPages Official sites for the Olympics.


UGA has no one involved in men’s or women’s basketball in Rio nor any men’s or women’s football players.  There is no baseball cricket or football as we know it in Rio.  Moe Brian of St. Simons Island Georgia is on the women’s football soccer team but she played for Virginia not UGA.


That is the best I can do for you.  I get 48.  I cannot explain why I get a more complete list than everyone else.


I tried to find the list and could NOT as you can see find a complete list.  So I wrote one myself.


I am PROUD of them representing The University of Georgia 100 % Bulldogs at Rio which is why I invest the time in my hobby of researching who it is who is representing us in the 2016 Summer Olympics. 



10.71 in 100-meter dash World Record Jarryd Wallace

( http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/geo/sports/genrel/auto_action/11195462.jpeg )


( http://www.teamusa.org/~/media/USA_Paralympics/Images/Headshots/Track-and-Field/Parapan-Am-Headshots/wallace_jarryd_120x187.jpg?h=250&la=en&mh=250&mw=150&w=150 )


pic jpeg Jarryd Wallace – if he is not an inspiration to you I have no idea what might be.  I am so proud of Jarryd Wallace.  I am moved by knowing about him.  Proud to call him mine.  Mine !


Here is list no one else can be bothered to give you of 48 UGA University of Georgia Bulldogs students athletes coaches or staff who have braved to go to Rio Summer Olympics 2016 which includes 2 Paralympics and all 48 trust me represent The University of Georgia in so doing.  I am proud as hell of these 48 representing MY alma mater.


Whom of the 48 while they here at The University of Georgia did NOT dream of being at The Summer Olympics 2016 ?


August 3 to August 21 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2016 Summer Olympics


How exciting.


“It’s nearly impossible to control your emotions here. When you have the Olympics on the line, it’s hard to stay calm. This is so cool. It’s an awesome feeling. I still can’t believe it. Honestly, I’m in shock right now.”  University of Georgia’s Olivia Smoliga


What are you doing today ?



( http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/geo/sports/c-swim/auto_headshot/11387681.jpeg )

pic jpeg Olivia Smoliga – so proud of you Olivia Smoliga


I tried to LOOK it up and all I could find was partial lists.  I knew better so I have tried to compile a better list for you thank you very much.


Dare to be great.  Take the risk.  Represent The University of Georgia well !  100 % Bulldogs !  Loving Life !  I could not be more proud of these men and women !


( http://media.graytvinc.com/images/810*607/uga-university-of-georgia2.jpg )




( http://www.secsports.com/article/17208877/sec-represented-211-olympians-rio-games )




( http://www.uga.edu/about_uga/profile/going-for-the-gold/ )




Want to see the Top 19 Running Backs in the Nation 2016 Recruiting Class ? Here they are. Brian Herrien # 19 best running back in the nation a bruiser with 4.45 speed in the 40-yard dash with 44″ vertical leap DUAL-THREAT. I am so proud of him. He signs financial paper with us binding us to him. What a hard worker. He will NEVER waste his scholarship NEVER EVER NEVER. New Manchester my roommate at UGA was from New Manchester Douglasville and these are well grounded solid citizens hard work ethic – good folks. 6′ 1″ 205 lbs. of break-away speed BOUNCES OFF folks. If you could be more proud of him I couldn’t. SOLD 3-STAR I think more like a 4-Star. Sony Michel # 16 Bulldog to rush to 1000 yards season. Brian Herrien WILL DO THAT !

Want to see the Top 19 Running Backs in the Nation 2016 Recruiting Class ?


Here they are :




( http://247sports.com/Season/2016-Football/CompositeRecruitRankings?InstitutionGroup=highschool&Position=rb )



Brian Herrien # 19 best running back in the nation a bruiser with 4.45 speed in the 40-yard dash with 44″ vertical leap DUAL-THREAT.  I am so proud of him.  He signs financial paper with us binding us to him.  What a hard worker.  He will NEVER waste his scholarship NEVER EVER NEVER.    New Manchester my roommate at UGA was from New Manchester Douglasville and these are well grounded solid citizens hard work ethic – good folks.  6′ 1″ 205 lbs. of break-away speed BOUNCES OFF folks.  If you could be more proud of him I couldn’t.  SOLD 3-STAR I think more like a 4-Star.    Sony Michel # 16 Bulldog to rush to 1000 yards season.  Brian Herrien WILL DO THAT !


Dirty Dozen Running Backs just got a LOT better !


Thank you Brian Herrien.


Any of you out there got any nasty statements about this fine young man signing financial papers with us ?


Brian Herrien is the most impressive running back and young man I have seen in a while and I consider him my FAVORITE Bulldog for that.  Kirby is limited in his players and getting this fine young man is his biggest coup after signing Jacob Eason.  Together they come here and together they go to the NFL both 1st round draft picks.  Trust me on this.


I have MORE respect for a young man who was cruising and not studying who turns it on and gets his grades up and goes to college than anyone you will ever meet finding such their personal heroes.   He can be a top student, as you can see.  He just wasn’t studying.  I had to have someone teach me how to study.


Ask me sometime.


I know Jacob Eason will be drafted higher than Brian Herrien.  I expect Brian to be a 1-2 punch for 3 years and both 1st rounders NFL Draft after 2018 season.   I love Jacob Eason and this is no slam on him or the others who are in this great freshmen class.  This is recognition of the best by one who knows what he is looking at.


Some folks have great grades.  That does not mean they are smart or that they are great – all it means is that they did their homework.  Admirable.  Some folks don’t.  That does not mean they are stupid or will not apply themselves in college and it is THESE I seek – the ones who TRY HARD.


I have seen folks in the Honor’s Program with me at UGA who continued to stay right there with me making all A every quarter every class every field of study.  I recognize hard work when I see it and know exactly how it affects life.


Pardon me for picking someone as my Favorite Bulldog.


I am rooting for you Brian Herrien, Sir !


I have been rooting for you.  And you rewarded me so far.  Great job Brian Herrien Sir !  The only single reason he was not given 5-star is because of grades but sometimes grades do not reflect the hard work of the person and hard work is all I ask.  Brian Herrien has got it.


Heisman Trophy Brian Herrien will make his name running the ball catching passes tackling on offense and special teams.  That’s right he will RUN THEM DOWN.


And he will GRADUATE and be 1st Round NFL Draft Pick some team lucky enough.


Brian Herrien is what college football is all about and this is why I point-out to you that he is the # 19 best running back in the United States because of his grades because he was lazy and not studying but the light has GONE OFF and he knows now.  Otherwise he would have been and should have been 5-Star.  I would have given him higher ranking than # 19 personally and I have studied this fine young man.



Manifesto on Mark Richt



Manifesto on Mark Richt :


This blog answers 2 questions.

(1) Who is Georgia – what have we accomplished – why have expectations?

(2) Who is Mark Richt – what has he really done after 2007 ?


Why did Georgia Bulldog coach Mark Richt quit ?


He did NOT quit.  He was FIRED.


For cause.


This blog for 8 long years told you why he had to and guaranteed that he WOULD QUIT.  In fact, this blog ALSO stated the date he would quit – right after the Georgie tek game 2015 where he looked like crap AGAIN !


He was given no choice.  We had offered the job to Coach Kirby Smart and Mark Richt was being fired for averaging 4 LOSSES a season for 8 years now.  After 2007.


He also was # 40 in Win Percentage vs the Top 15 after 2007.  For # 11 All-Time Wins’ UGA.










Sent packing.


Run out of town on a rail.


Who are we ?  What have we accomplished ?  Why should we expect more than averaging 4 losses per season over the most-recent 8-year period ?


Sports Illustrated Zac Ellis :

” I used to consider Texas the best job in the country, but now I think it’s Georgia, followed by Ohio State. Why Georgia? My top criterion is access to players relative to competitors, and Georgia is in a really enviable position. In the past five recruiting classes, an average of 113.6 high-schoolers from the state of Georgia have signed with Power Five schools each year. (Note that we’re talking Power Five, not all of the FBS.) That number is third behind Texas (179.4) and Florida (164.4) and ahead of California (100.4). The competition between state schools in those states is far more intense than it is in Georgia. With Georgia Tech running the option, the schools aren’t really going head-to-head on offensive players because of different needs, and Georgia is the bigger brand name. It’s also in the conference that more recruits consider desirable. In Georgia, they grow up wanting to be Bulldogs. The state of Ohio produced 64.6 Power Five signees a year over that same five-year period.”

“Do Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Tennessee, South Carolina and others come in and poach Georgia talent? Absolutely. But there’s such an abundance of it in the state that Georgia can afford to lose a few top in-state targets and still field a team capable of competing for SEC and national titles. Alabama and Auburn have to invade Georgia. During that five-year period, their state produced 36.4 Power Five signees a year. People talk about LSU’s monopoly in its state, but the numbers between Louisiana and Georgia aren’t even close. Louisiana’s average number of Power Five signees during that span was 38.6 a year.”

“Add to this great facilities (now that the Bulldogs are building an indoor), great tradition…possibly the best college town in America and the fact that they play in the easier division of the nation’s deepest conference. That’s the recipe for a great job that just about every coach in America would crawl over broken glass to take.”

“I know no school president or athletic director will ever say it out loud, but coaches almost always get fired because of their win-loss record—not because they didn’t mold enough men.”


ESPN Alex Scarborough: “Let’s be clear, they’re both great jobs. If LSU and Georgia are open, the line of candidates will stretch as far as the eye can see. But for me, the question of which job is more appealing is easy. It’s Georgia, and I don’t think it’s close.  The support is there from fans and administration. You’re recruiting in a state that produces the most SEC players of any in the country. And you don’t have to bother with the West.”


ESPN Edward Aschoff: “To me, Georgia would be the better job. It’s in the heart of one of the Southeast’s most fertile recruiting grounds. Atlanta is right down the road, and the facilities are only getting better. It’s also in the East, which has barely registered a pulse recently, so any rebuilding project shouldn’t take too long. And you don’t have to play Alabama every year.  But don’t get it twisted, LSU is a great job. Louisiana doesn’t have the talent pool that Georgia has on a continuous basis, but you can pluck plenty of elite-level prospects out of your backyard However, you have to compete in the SEC West !”



“If Georgia were to make a change at the top it would be a highly-coveted job perhaps even as attractive as the opening at Southern California.”

Dan Wolken, USA TODAY Sports




“Georgia is…a great job that just about every coach in America would crawl over broken glass to take.”


Andy Staples – Sports Illustrated





The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program is # 11 All-Time in Wins.




Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program in history :

5-1-0 in 1894

4-0-0 in 1896

5-2-1 in 1908

6-2-1 in 1910

7-1-1 in 1911

6-1-1 in 1912

6-2-0 in 1913

8-0-1 in 1920

7-2-1 in 1921

9-1-0 in 1927

7-2-1 in 1930

8-2-0 in 1931

8-2-0 in 1933

7-3-0 in 1934

9-1-1 in 1941

11-1-0 in 1942

9-2-0 in 1945

11-0-0 in 1946

9-2-0 in 1948

10-1-0 in 1959

10-1-0 in 1966

8-1-2 in 1968

11-1-0 in 1971

9-3-0 in 1975

10-2-0 in 1976

9-2-1 in 1978

12-0-0 in 1980

10-2-0 in 1981

11-1-0 in 1982

10-1-1 in 1983

9-3-0 in 1987

9-3-0 in 1988

10-2-0 in 1992

10-2-0 in 1997

9-3-0 in 1998  for 299 Wins 55 Losses 12 Ties .8361 Win % these specific 35 years before Mark Richt

17 seasons of 0 or 1 loss for # 11 All-Time Wins’ UGA



10-Win Seasons before Mark Richt – twelve (12) but those are ALL 80% win % or more.


Winning Percentage Season of 80 % or better before Mark Richt























22 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Seasons before Mark Richt of 80 % Win Percentage or Higher

4 Mark Richt Seasons of 80 % Win Percentage or Higher


26 Seasons of 80 % Win Percentage or Higher of which Mark Richt has 4 – eleven NOT.


These then are Mark Richt’s Best 4 Seasons :


2002 when he lost to Florida unranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 even with their win over us when he went 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions relegating him to play 5-loss unranked Arky SEC Championship Game and 5-loss FSU # 23 in the bowl game nobody cared about and nobody watched.

2004 when he lost to a hapless Phillip Fulmer vols’ team who should have lost 4 games that 2004 season and he got blown-out by Auburn by 3 TD without extra points 6-24; therefore he did not even get to play for The SEC Championship.  For this, he played in the Outback Bowl nobody watched and nobody cared about at 11 am.

2007 when he lost to 6-6 South Carolina who did not even play in a bowl game.  And, he lost – blown-out by the vols 14-35 by 3 TD.  The vols should’ve been a 5-loss team.  For these performances, he was awarded the booby prize of beating # 19 Hawai’i in the bowl game nobody watched and nobody cared about.

2012 when he lost – blown-out by South Carolina 7-35.  A 4 TD beat-down.  And, then he 3 times in front of me told Aaron Murray No, No, No, do not spike it – that Mark Richt said he was certain that Nick Saban would not expect an Aaron Murray pass, which was batted down at the line of scrimmage with all receivers covered.  For these performances he was awarded 4-loss Nebraska # 25 AP Poll in the CapitalOne Bowl which nobody watched and nobody cared about.

Note please, that of these 4 best Mark Richt seasons only 2012 is after 2007 and that year he had 2 really really really bad coaching decisions – not preparing the team to be ready-to-play against South Carolina beat by more than 3 TD for 7 times after 2007 and this 1 of them !  And, then his disagreement 3 times with Aaron Murray that Aaron Murray wanted to spike it and Mark Richt 3 times over-ruled Aaron Murray when Aaron Murray CLEARLY DECISIVELY was correct and Mark Richt just wrong.

These are his 4 “best” seasons and the bowl games he earned for us compared to the 15 Bowl Games on the National Stage by The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program, many of which we Won and 6 of those named # 1 by this poll or that poll.


We have played in 50 Bowl Games :



Only 4 teams have played in more bowl games than we have.

Alabama, Texas, Southern California and Nebraska.  And Southern California and Nebraska have only played in one (1) more bowl game than we have !

We are 28-19-3 in Bowl Games.

Texas has not done as well as we have in bowl games and neither has Alabama, and neither has Nebraska.  In fact, only Southern California has done better than us in Bowl Games !


6 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football National Championships :





# 1 College Football Town Athens, Georgia by panel of AP Poll voters :



# 1 Mascot in all of Sports UGA


# 1 of 10 Best Mascots in College Football Today by USA Today.com


The 10 best mascots in college football of 2014


# 6 Hottest Student Bodies !


“Last Years Ranking: 9”

“Athens is an all time great college town, and its women can be put up against anyone’s and come out looking good. People who go to college in the northeast really have no idea what they are missing when it comes to the ladies.”


# 6 Merchandise Sales of Top 200 Colleges in selling memorabilia





# 1 Party School Princeton Review Georgia

# 7 Playboy Party School Georgia




# 5 Party School Bible.com


5. University of Georgia – Athens, Georgia

BroBible Party School Index Score: 314.5

Notable Party Reputation Accomplishments: Princeton Review Party School (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2002), Newsweek Party School (2012), Playboy Party School (2012, 2011, 2009, 2006, 2002), Football School Factor

Notable Campus-wide Parties: Football Saturdays, Greek Life

Testimonial #1:

“The scene here in Athens is something that has to be experienced to be believed. If you’re over on Milledge Ave (Frat Row) on any given weekend night, you’ll hear bands and big time rap names blasting over the screams of some of the finest Southern Belles. But the main attraction to UGA is the downtown scene; it is absolutely unreal. Thursdays find wild outfits from socials running around, and every other night it seems like the entire student body is out raging in their Sunday best. Athens is where The South’s finest go to raise a little hell.”

Testimonial #2: 

“To put it simply, Athens is insane. Every single night of the week, you can go downtown and find people drinking and partying. Whether it be Sunday nights at Pauley’s or Thursdays at Whiskey Bent, there will never be a shortage of attractive Southern men and women downtown to meet. The Greek scene tends to dominate the party scene, with socials every Thursday and band parties nearly every weekend. However, one does not have to be Greek to go downtown and have a great time. Getting into bars downtown is a joke as well, so being a freshman does not mean you can’t join in the fun. Downtown Athens has 20+ bars where you can drink as much as you want. This is also a great school for guys, where the student body is comprised of nearly 60% women in a school of 32,000+. Saturdays in Athens on Gameday are also one of the big parts of the insanity. Typically, people wake up and start drinking and tailgating all day until the game starts. Athens is literally shut down so everyone can party and watch the game.”

“The music scene in Athens is also a big part of what makes UGA a great party school. With the Georgia Theater attracting big names on a weekly basis to huge country concerts in Sanford and out in the field, there will always be somewhere to listen to music and drink. Athens, GA is the best college town in the United States.”


We raise a little Cain, now and again.


We are characters !


I am sorry; we are characters !  And, we don’t like what’s been going-on over the last 8 years here.




# 2 Forbes’ Magazine Most Revenue nationally from our football team





U.S. News and World Report 2016 Top Colleges Rankings :

# 61 Best National University – The University of Georgia !  Higher than nearly every top football program.

# 36 yellowjackets trade-school playing their 12th game this season vs us, Won 3 games !




Look up please here at this URL Link the OTHER FOOTBALL PROGRAMS who are considered the Top Football Programs and see how far down they are as a University !  These other top football programs really almost all of them are way worse as a school.  We are going to recruit more of the Elite Talent here at Georgia after Mark Richt leaves.  And, why is that ?  Because one, we are a great University AND we have a great Football Program !  And, because two, the top players do NOT want to play for a Charlie Brown who really only beats the cupcakes and who struggles against EVERYONE else.  This is the Major Point of this blog, whatever part of it you read.


Now that we’ve established who we are at Georgia, let’s study exactly coldly precisely whom it is Mark Richt has run his record up on, and why he has been considered by everyone as a coach who – just has lost it after 2007. Is it ok if we do this please ?  This blog here does not have the 250 top analysts in college football today who have TOLD YOU he has to go for those would make this blog post too long.  They are found on the right side of this blog as you read it in the 250 CATEGORIES where you can see in the 250 CATEGORIES on the right just who said what in their own words with the URL Link in each CATEGORY so you can just click it and see exactly that they ALL think he just has to go.  Or, shall we just simply say he is a nice guy and leave it at that ?


72-32 beats powder-puff teams, averaging 4-loss season after 2007.




36-1 after 2007 vs teams not playing in a bowl game that season

36-31 after 2007 vs teams who do make 1 of the 42 bowl games that season !


Likely as not to lose to any of Top 82 teams for 8 years’ time now !

Runs up record on easy teams.





Not even been Top 25 half the years after 2007 !






His religion has given him different goals from our own.

His roster mismanagement after 2007 has clearly been because of a goal other than winning, and his failures at his main position of QB are that he came here as a QB coach yet has failed to develop them.  I think he spends too much time not directly doing his job.  In fact, I know that has to be the issue because he tells us winning is not important to him and he’d be SATISFIED with whatever happens here in winning at Georgia.  It’s not how he’s JUDGED he says !


# 88 Passing Offense 2014 with Mike Bobo

# 104 Passing Offense 2015 with Brian Schottenheimer




Years 14, 15 and 16 of the Mark Richt era are compounded by this being his year – the year of the last of the Mark Richt’s “DREAM TEAM” recruits – losing 20 seniors off this team after this year.


So, next year is BLEAK for our program’s outlook !


They’re gone !  This was SUPPOSED TO BE THE YEAR !


Sporting News does NOT rank Mark Richt one of the Top 25 College Football Coaches 2015.



You saw something different against # 64 Georgia Southern in the last game than I ?


“We knew. I’m telling you,” Mark Richt said of Georgia Southern. “Everybody was like, ‘well coach is just saying this and that to try and get his boys ready to play,’ but we, especially our defensive staff, could see how well this offense executed. Just knowing what it takes to prepare for an offense like that. It keeps you up at night.  Well-coached team.  A team that knows how to win. They played their tails off.” 





‘ I don’t think we’ve gotta create motivation. I think we’ve gotta temper it’  “head coach Mark Richt said on his radio show Monday night ” before Alabama kick-off this season – blown-out 10-38 more than 3 TD as he’s done 7 times after 2007 and did not once prior, because the team showed-up again not-ready-play !  Told players all week prior to Alabama THIS – that it’s HIS JOB to DE-MOTIVATE them, then they showed-up not-ready-play which the # 1 Athlete in the nation he invited to the game as Our Recruiting Guest told you after the game that his impressions were that Mark Richt did NOT bring his players to the game ready-to-play.  It’s written between the lines in this blog post that these items herein listed make it patently clear that Mark Richt does NOT know how to coach a football team, or that if he does, he has FAILED to do so – often because he has a completely different set of goals from our own for our Proud UGA Football Program !  Did you get that please ?





Mark Richt says : “You can’t become what you do. What I do is not who I am. If I become what I do and I become just a football coach, then you’re asking for disaster. My identity is in Christ. I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. I know that he died for my sin and I am going to heaven when this is all said and done, forever. That gives me peace, no matter what happens here.”






“All the time y’all probably thought I was being coy but I really really didn’t know.  Even on this decision – very very close decision to name the Starter.  I think they all can get us in the right plays; all can get us in the right protections; I think they all can function extremely well and help us win.  That is what made it tough. I can not tell you how many times it went back-and-forth quite frankly. It was very close. It really has been a tough decision because they all are extremely hard workers; all smart; all capable; all talented.  It was a battle that didn’t define itself; no one really pulled away.”

5-2 before the game 8 with Faton Bauta -0- snaps at QB.  None all season !  Then, left him in every snap not 1 running play for him – running QB – 4 interceptions.   DESPERATE !






“There’s something besides winning that’s important here.”





“I see your frustration; I understand your frustration.  I wasn’t born yesterday, I’ve coached football for 25 years, so I know what the hell I’m doing, OK?”




“Teams are trying to stack the box against us Malcolm Mitchell said.  Vanderbilt stacked the box and we didn’t pass the ball and you saw what happened.  Until we get comfortable throwing the ball I hope our defense shows up.”



“I think Coach Brian Schottenheimer is a great coach.  I think he knows what he’s doing. I think he knows how to coach QBs extremely well. I’ve got a lot of faith in that.”  Mark Richt head coach who calls ALL the shots on Offense and always has – and none on Defense and never has.



David Greene says : “Here we are in November and we still don’t know which direction they’re going in. It’s tough to be this deep in the season really without any identity offensively. Unfortunately it’s not just one thing.  Offensively right now it’s very stale.  Special teams has really struggled. There’s a lot of talent on the team but sometimes the players just aren’t making plays.  As an entire team they just kind of seem lost…like they just don’t know what they want to do and how they want to do it.  A good example of that is starting Faton Bauta when he has zero starting experience. It just goes to show that what they’ve been trying to do just isn’t working.”



1-10 vs ranked Top 10 for the Year not at Sanford after 2007

6-15 vs ranked Top 25 for the Year not at Sanford after 2007

18-22 vs teams who played in a bowl game not at Sanford after 2007

12-1 vs non-bowl teams not at Sanford after 2007







# 40 nationally all games not at Sanford after 2008 at only 24-22 !



This is down there with Temple and Bowling Green !

Actually, both of those teams Temple and Bowling Green are BOTH better than Mark Richt after 2008 in all games not on their home field !



# 5 in NFL Draft Picks with 86 – as much talent as ANY team in the country but averaging 4 losses a season for 8 years now with ALL this talent :






Georgia Bulldogs.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2015 # 4, 2014 # 12, 2013 # 8, 2012 # 14, 2011 # 4, 2010 # 21, 2009 # 4, 2008 # 5, 2007 # 17, 2006 # 4, 2005 # 4, 2004 # 6, 2003 # 11, 2002 # 9.  15 years’ recruiting rank avg recruiting rank # 8.  Mark Richt 15th year as head coach.  2016 # 7 Scout.com recruiting ranking same as every other year :



Mark Richt, what were you doing with your time here ?

It’s NOT coaching this football program after 2007; that much is VERY CLEAR, sir !




All he needs is a QB and his 9th Coordinator Change in 15 seasons ?

Excuse me, he had Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, Mike Bobo and AJ Green and LOST 3 games getting to Play # 24 Michigan State in our meaningless bowl game THAT SEASON 2008 :




He was BLOWN-OUT embarrassed in 2 of those losses and the 3rd loss was to the yellowjackets averaging the # 52 Scout.com recruiting ranking !


“I don’t think much about it.  I think the Lord is in charge of everything.  So, I don’t think much about it.”  Mark Richt


This is NOT your Calling Mark Richt.  The SEC is NOT a Church League son.

We have 26 seasons of 80 % win percentage or higher – THAT is what the OLD  10-Win discussion was about !

Only 1 after 2007 of 80 % for Mark Richt !  One of 8 and it marred by blow-out Biblical Proportions by Spurrier 7-35 and then in front of me Mark Richt over-ruling Aaron Murray 3 times no don’t spike it !

You have told us since Mark Richt, that Nick Saban will never figure it out and expect an Aaron Murray pass with no time on clock, won’t rush him and deflect the pass and will not cover my receivers !

BoWeevil BBA


No one hates Mark Richt either.


I would rather have Mark Richt quit, which is that which I have said all season he will do and why he did not sign the extension – giving up half a million a year.


And, then tell us all that it was the Lord’s Will that we win this morning.  Why show up then ?  I guess that obviously explains the way you play against ranked teams sir !  We are to forget about the 5, 4 and 4 unanswered touchdowns by the vols, Alabama and Florida against you Mark Richt this season because it was the Lord’s Will ANYWAY so why bother to try ?  It’s all preordained ?  Where do you dream-up this crap Mark Richt ?




You have free choice to work diligently at this your job sir – that which we offer-up $ 50 millions of dollars sir to you for coaching our team and being successful at it sir.  It’s NOT God’s Will that EVERYTHING is preordained !  Not close !  Not true.  Lie.  You speaking of that which you have NO KNOWLEDGE !  A neophyte.



You sire are being held accountable by God for not performing your lifework up to the greatest of your ability, and wrongly putting it off on God that which was your own free choice sir.  Your own free will sir !  Your goals are not our goals.  Our goal is not to be SEC Champion or National Champion but to be in the game.  15 times in 15 previous Big Bowl Games Georgia has been in the game, winning most of these Big Bowl Games at the end of the season, the Nation Watching, all eyes on us, between 2 teams ranked at the very top of the Final Poll.

You never got that Mark Richt.

You still do not.

Rewriting history after all you can accomplish is a SEC East title in 8 years sir as that is our goal is just dumb.

Only your supporters who are ALL WRONG and owe me an apology would believe the lies out of your mouth that our goal was to win The SEC East.

The AJ-C has kowtowed to Mark Richt and lied about letters sent to them about our unhappiness with the direction this religious guy has taken our football program.

Bluto said that Mark Richt would be back.

Barrett Sallee Bleacher Report said to another Bleacher Reporter who bragged yesterday how great Mark Richt is and would be back, as well owe me an apology.

The Dawgbone owes me an apology insisting that anyone who dared speak up that Mark Richt is not beating the top teams and not getting us to our goals can not be linked to their WebPages.

Many DISNEYdawgs.com posters who supported the mediocrity of Mark Richt owe me an apology.

What he cares about is religion.

Not our football program.


God does not sit there and be in charge of everything at all.

God gives us Free Choice.

Lesson # 1 in my Discipleship.

According to you, then, God set Adam and Eve up for failure !  He did not.  He told you He did not !  It was their will, not His.  He gave them and you Free Will.

You just have chosen to NOT do your duties which could have brought great Glory on God, and have FAILED at YOUR HANDS sir !  NOT His.

Genesis 3 God tells us that He became saddened surprised and disappointed in Adam and Eve, sir !  He did NOT preordain it AT ALL !  He then tells us that Adam and Eve and all mankind would suffer for the consequences of our Own Free Will.


That is what God preordained, son.  That you have Your Own Free Will, Mark Richt !  As we do to fire you.  And, as you do to just step down, which is what I have called for for 8 long years now.


You have chosen to BLAME IT ALL ON HIM.


To resign yourself to Him preordaining EVERYTHING !

That is a purposeful lie on your part as you so often have done here for 15 entire years since you finally showed-up here Mark Richt.


You do not know what you’re talking about.  You only recently even began studying the Bible.  And, NOT very well.  This is the major problem I have with you that you do NOT understand much around you – nor accept the responsibility of being our coach of our football team.




You do not think about it, because well it’s God’s Will ?  Well excuse me Mark Richt, but EVERYONE else thinks about it a lot, sir !  Especially all of us who pay your salary sir.  For all your obvious talent from this last of your Dream Team, 20 seniors gone, with # 8 Scout.com Average Recruiting Ranking and # 5 Most NFL Draft Picks, you surely are not Top 25 after 2007 at ANYTHING – any way you slice it – Mark Richt over this most recent most current 8-year period.

And, your blaming or resigning yourself to YOUR FACT ONLY that the Lord is in charge of EVERYTHING is another LIE from you sir to obfuscate your lousy records against the top teams after 2007.   You are simply trying to turn our attention from your 2 tales of Mark Richt : (1) When you did do well oh so long ago now against the top teams 2001-2007.  And, (2) when you GAVE UP, quit trying, made no effort at all, said you would become instead the CEO of this football program – promoted yourself in Peter Principle – to that which you finally then reached your own personal level of your own personal incompetence.

But, say oh well the Lord is in charge of everything.

I am satisfied.

I am over it.

I do not care.

I have no input on it anyway.

It’s all the Lord’s Will.

I do not think about it !

Why should I ?

The Lord is in charge of EVERYTHING.

I think.

I think ?

Nah; not me !

Silly reporter.

Don’t you KNOW that the Lord is in charge of EVERTHING ?

“YOU cannot blame me !”

That’s exactly what that means !

NOTHING else !

God was in charge of 2001-2007 ?  God is in charge after 2007 ?  Just what is that you SAY God is responsible for and not you Mark Richt – that you say is EVERYTHING ?

You are especially inept, sir, at beating Top 5, Top 10, Top 15, Top 25, and teams who go on to a bowl game that season sir.  And, as bad as your records are against ALL of these – none in the Top 25  – with your # 8 talent sir, your record against them not at Home for us, is EVEN WORSE sir.

You tolerate our criticism because to be a coach is to know that, you said after the game this morning Mark Richt ?

You do NOT !

You THINK you are BETTER than us.

So, what you are left with sir is your 37-1 vs non-bowl teams after 2007, eight years of meaningless seasons with 33 teams now looking at 10-win season 2015 sir.




The Lord is NOT in charge of everything. We wanted to pay you over $ 4 million dollars a year until 2019 to have you be in charge of our Football Program. To beat ranked teams as the # 11 All-Time Win program with the # 3 best recruits available in this state which has no competition for them in-state from yellowjackets or Georgia Southern.  You have FAILED to do so sir after 2007.  No, sir, the Lord is NOT in charge sir – not of our football team, and NEITHER are you obviously.


The Lord is NOT responsible for all this after 2007 Mark Richt, you are !


10-Win Season (Current FBS Teams) Year 2015
Showing Actual Game Results


Team Record Points Opps Rec (-HtH)
1. Clemson (12-0-1)–0.96154 (35.00-17.38) (83-59-0)–0.58451
2. Iowa (12-0-1)–0.96154 (31.08-17.23) (77-66-0)–0.53846
3. Oklahoma (11-1-0)–0.91667 (45.75-20.75) (75-53-0)–0.58594
4. Ohio St. (11-1-0)–0.91667 (35.00-14.00) (72-60-2)–0.54478
5. Alabama (11-1-1)–0.88462 (31.85-13.23) (98-43-0)–0.69504
6. Michigan St. (11-1-1)–0.88462 (30.85-19.46) (89-54-1)–0.62153
7. North Carolina (11-1-1)–0.88462 (38.08-19.15) (78-64-0)–0.54930
8. Houston (11-1-1)–0.88462 (38.77-19.46) (69-72-0)–0.48936
9. Northwestern (10-2-0)–0.83333 (20.67-16.42) (79-52-2)–0.60150
10. Notre Dame (10-2-0)–0.83333 (34.75-22.42) (75-55-4)–0.57463
11. Florida St. (10-2-0)–0.83333 (32.33-15.75) (75-56-2)–0.57143
12. Oklahoma St. (10-2-0)–0.83333 (41.17-29.00) (71-56-0)–0.55906
13. TCU (10-2-0)–0.83333 (41.67-26.08) (65-62-0)–0.51181
14. Navy (9-2-0)–0.81818 (37.55-21.73) (74-46-2)–0.61475
15. Baylor (9-2-0)–0.81818 (50.82-27.91) (63-55-0)–0.53390
16. Toledo (9-2-0)–0.81818 (35.27-21.09) (57-63-2)–0.47541
17. Appalachian St. (9-2-0)–0.81818 (37.45-17.45) (51-63-1)–0.44783
18. Stanford (10-2-1)–0.80769 (34.08-21.38) (83-61-1)–0.57586
19. Florida (10-2-1)–0.80769 (23.31-14.31) (81-61-0)–0.57042
20. Western Ky. (10-2-1)–0.80769 (40.77-23.08) (71-72-0)–0.49650
21. Temple (10-2-1)–0.80769 (29.77-17.31) (71-73-0)–0.49306
22. Mississippi (9-3-0)–0.75000 (40.25-22.83) (81-48-2)–0.62595
23. Oregon (9-3-0)–0.75000 (43.17-36.75) (78-51-3)–0.60227
24. Michigan (9-3-0)–0.75000 (30.58-17.17) (77-55-1)–0.58271
25. Memphis (9-3-0)–0.75000 (42.67-27.00) (72-58-3)–0.55263
26. Utah (9-3-0)–0.75000 (30.25-21.83) (70-61-1)–0.53409
27. Southern Mississippi (9-3-1)–0.73077 (38.46-20.69) (61-81-0)–0.42958
28. BYU (9-3-0)–0.75000 (34.17-21.83) (65-66-0)–0.49618
29. San Diego St. (9-3-1)–0.73077 (29.77-14.46) (68-72-0)–0.48571
30. Marshall (9-3-0)–0.75000 (32.58-18.42) (56-75-2)–0.42857
31. Bowling Green (9-3-1)–0.73077 (40.77-25.62) (72-71-0)–0.50350
32. Wisconsin (9-3-0)–0.75000 (27.08-13.08) (62-69-2)–0.47368
33. Georgia (9-3-0)–0.75000 (26.50-16.92) (67-61-2)–0.52308



After 2007 :


Team records (Current FBS Teams) Years 2008-2015
Showing Actual Game Results
Away and Neutral Site Games Not at Home


Pos Team Record
1. Alabama (43-8-0)–0.84314
2. Oregon (40-11-0)–0.78431
3. Boise St. (43-12-0)–0.78182
4. Ohio St. (36-11-0)–0.76596[1]
5. Florida St. (39-13-0)–0.75000
6. TCU (39-14-0)–0.73585
7. Oklahoma (40-17-0)–0.70175
8. Michigan St. (33-16-0)–0.67347
8. Oklahoma St. (33-16-0)–0.67347
10. USC (35-17-1)–0.66981
11. Florida (32-17-1)–0.65000
12. Utah (32-19-0)–0.62745
13. Texas (32-20-0)–0.61538
14. Missouri (33-21-0)–0.61111
14. Old Dominion (22-14-0)–0.61111
16. LSU (28-18-0)–0.60870
17. Virginia Tech (34-22-0)–0.60714
18. Northern Illinois (38-25-0)–0.60317
19. Appalachian St. (27-18-0)–0.60000
20. Notre Dame (31-21-0)–0.59615
20. Stanford (31-21-0)–0.59615
22. Texas A&M (28-20-0)–0.58333
23. Northwestern (27-20-0)–0.57447
24. Cincinnati (31-23-0)–0.57407
25. Georgia (31-23-0)–0.57407





12 Losses to unranked teams time of game or for year season after 2007 :

12 losses after 2007 to unranked teams :

2009 Okie State not ranked AP Poll season

2009 vols not ranked any poll ever 19-45 lost

2009 Kentucky not ranked any poll ever lost at Sanford Home game

2010 Colorado not ranked any poll ever

2010 Florida not ranked any poll ever

2010 Central Florida UCF  not ranked AP Poll time of game

2013 Missouri not ranked Coaches’ Poll time of game

2013 Vandie not ranked in both Coaches’ Polls and AP Poll time of game

2013 Nebraska not ranked AP Poll for year & not ranked either poll time of game

2014 South Carolina not ranked either AP or Coaches’ Polls for the year

2014 Florida not ranked any poll ever yet blown-out 20-38

2015 vols not ranked any poll at all 2-3 team 31-38


7 LOSSES by MORE THAN 3 TD after 2007 with NONE PRIOR :


10-49 crocodiles 2008

19-45 vols 2009

17-41 crocodiles 2009

10-42 LS who 2011

7-35 gamecocks 2012

10-38 bammer 2015

3-27 crocodiles 2015


After 2007, Mark Richt blaming God for all this :




37-1 vs non-bowl teams

36-31 vs teams making a bowl game




4 losses per season average 73-32 :  37-1 vs non-bowl teams 36-31 vs teams who made a bowl game that season after 2007.




Not Ranked half the time AP or Coaches’ Polls  2009 2010 2013 and now 2015 :




Mark Richt averages the # 8 Scout.com Recruiting Ranking and has the # 5 Most NFL Draft Picks with 86, but after 2007 he is not in the Top 25 at really anything !

Talk about underachievement !  This blog post details the epitome of underachievement with all his talent after 2007 and details the vast resources at hand for Mark Richt to have accomplished after 2007 diddle-e-squat.


AFTER 2007 by Mark Richt and for which he is judged :

Man and God judge Mark Richt for all this after 2007 in his Calling which the Lord Called Mark Richt to, but which he DENIED and said unto the Lord, I am NOT accepting this Calling Lord.  I want to be a preacher man.  And, teach people in religion that which I know not either.

# 33 vs teams when you are not at home Mark Richt sir http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&away=on&neut=on&breakdown=on&cres=1&scrview=3&sortby=Y10

# 26 vs ranked team for the season year http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&away=on&neut=on&yrk=on&jrc=on&cres=1&scrview=1

# 44 vs Top 15 http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&gur=on&grl=01&grh=15&cres=1

# 40 vs ranked teams time of game http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&tgrk=on&jrc=on&cres=1&scrview=1

# 37 vs ranked teams for the season year http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&yrk=on&tyrk=on&jrc=on&cres=1&scrview=1

# 36 vs ranked teams time of game not at home  http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&away=on&neut=on&grk=on&tgrk=on&jrc=on&cres=1&scrview=1

# 34 vs ranked teams for the year season not at home  http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&away=on&yrk=on&cres=1

# 30 vs Top 10 for year for the year season  http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&yrk=on&yrr=on&yrl=01&yrh=10&cres=1

# 26 vs ranked teams for the year season   http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&yrk=on&schedanl=on&cres=1&scrview=2&tview=4

# 25 vs ranked teams time of game not at home  http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&away=on&neut=on&grk=on&jrc=on&cres=1&scrview=1

# 26 vs ranked teams time of game  http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&schedanl=on&cres=1&scrview=2&tview=4

# 28 vs Top 10 time of game  http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&breakdown=on&sgrb=on&cres=1&scrview=5&tview=4&sortby=G10

# 29 vs ranked teams time of game who played in bowl game  http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&breakdown=on&sgrb=on&cres=1&scrview=5&tview=4&sortby=BTM

# 32 vs teams who went to bowl game  http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&bwl=on&tbwl=on&jrc=on&cres=1&scrview=1

# 33 vs Top 10 for the season year not at home   http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&away=on&neut=on&yrk=on&yrr=on&yrl=01&yrh=10&cres=1


Mark Richt, sir, God expects us to take an active part.


This is why we find so many vigorous words and phrases in Scripture, such as “make every effort”, “strain”, “struggle”, “pursue”, “run with diligence the race set before you”, “fight the good fight”, “persist”, “resist”, “stand”, “take hold”, “guard”, “endure to the end”, etc. If everything is preordained, what would be the use of all this strenuous effort?


His plans for all of us  – His plans for each of us will not be fulfilled unless we cooperate with Him in their fulfillment.


No sir.  Everything is NOT preordained.  You should KNOW that !  Your Calling in fact could have brought Great Glory to God, but you choose instead to say God Preordained EVERYTHING !


So, you did not try.  Why indeed try Mark Richt – after all – the Lord is in charge of EVERTHING !  So, why think about anything related to anything as mundane as doing your Calling to Glorify Him. To Witness to others by doing what He asks to the best of our ability. As in every word out of your mouth : You just do not get it.

“I don’t think much about it.  I think the Lord is in charge of everything.  So, I don’t think much about it.”  Mark Richt


God is not imposing Himself on everything Mark Richt.  Good Lord, son.


This utter nonsense that Religion, Mark Richt and The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program may not be discussed, is over here on my blog.


Everything is NOT preordained.  God is NOT in charge of everything.


Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.


God does not tell ME that He is in charge of everything, but that it is MY choice, as yours – only you do not see it and prefer to hide behind that which you know not, and tell us all purposely that He indeed Is In Charge and not you therefore – not your fault :  You say as your parting shot :


“YOU cannot blame me !”


color pie vs top 15 tog after 2007 6-18 25%


# 41 at 18 losses of 24 games vs Top 15 after 2007 for # 11 All-Time UGA







Time-out mismanagement

Roster mismanagement

In-Game Decisions such as pooch kick-off vs yellowjackets last year

In-Game Decisions such as 1st and dumb against Spurrier last year

Telling Cam Newton he is only a TE here that Aaron Murray is his QB instead

His own coaching staff he only hired – total discord

Embarrassing losses

His recruits have been in the bad press

He hasn’t signed contract through 2019 at over $ 4 million a year – take off the table

Too much bad press

Brings his staff and players not-ready-to-play too many times every year

Not developing his players

Has had 4 offensive and 4 defensive coordinators – tell me you’re not going to blame them again !

Look what David Greene said !

Poor leadership

Not trending upward at all !

All we give him all these resources and averages 4 losses over current 8-year period ! 72-32 with 36-1 vs non-bowl teams and 36-31 vs bowl teams.  Unacceptable !

No Direction

Wastes Talent – plays wrong guys

Says there’s something here at Georgia BESIDES winning that’s important

Mixed messages sent to the student-athletes

We have pre-game brawls before Alabama this year and Georgia Southern yet again !

We did the same at Clemson up there

Where is Mark Richt ?

No strategy for special teams and no coach like 100 of his rivals have

Did not even practice special teams in the G-Day Game again !

Dissension and he just stands there and puts gag-order on everyone ?

Nothing done

No results

Disharmony in our football program he is in charge of

Frankly Greg McGarity is to blame for doing nothing about all this

Jere Morehead has done and even said nothing ?

17 years of 0 or 1 loss in UGA history, yet now we’re averaging 4 losses per year for the most recent 8 years now !  Just unacceptable.

The recruits have ALWAYS come here to UGA because we’re the best school if you play football

He leaves holes in his roster recruiting anyway every year he does this

Mark Richt has lost control of this football program for 8 years now.

The problem isn’t Mark Richt if he is still here after the game Saturday, it’s you !


Greg McGarity J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics ad@sports.uga.edu

Jere Morehead e-mail address (since I firmly am convinced the problem is Greg McGarity no good at his job since he got here) president@uga.edu


Howdy DoodyF report card



How can the # 11 team All-Time in Wins, with our Average # 8 Scout.com Recruiting Ranking, with 86 NFL Draft Picks # 5 best nationally, us with 17 seasons of 0 or 1 loss, us with 15 Bowl Games on the National Stage both teams ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll most of which we Won, us with 26 seasons of 80% win percentage or higher have only 1 season after 2007 over 80 % win percentage and it marred by 2 devastatingly horrible coaching decisions to  be # 41 in Won/Lost Record after 2007 vs the Top 15 Ranked teams, be 36-1 vs non-bowl teams and only 36-31 for our 72-32 over the most-current 8 years averaging 4 losses per season and therefore have only played in meaningless bowl games by stark contrast with 12-1 record not at Sanford vs non-bowl teams and only 18-22 vs bowl teams # 26 nationally ?  How is this possible ?  How could this possibly be considered remotely acceptable ?   Mark Richt can not win the big game.





He’s gone and I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish with the FIRED guy you kept bragging on.  I won !  You LOST.

This is supposed to be a condemnation of me that I am a Mark Richt “basher” ? Excuse me ? There is NOT one post on this blog here where I did NOT SAY IT, but SOMEONE ELSE and I referenced whom it is saying it, gave you the URL Link to that, and provided you the DETAILS of my analysis of it. Not 1. Richt “basher” ? Bullshit. # 24 nationally after 2007 at beating top 25 teams AP or Coaches’ Polls for the year, for the season – the REAL teams the year he played them # 24 best beating ranked teams after 2007 with he # 8 talent. How the hell is that great coaching ?

You think I was a Richt “basher” when Mark Richt was winning 80 % of his games ?  When he won 17 games against teams who were ranked for that season AP or Coaches’ Polls 2001-2007 ?

You know how I won the debates ?  When someone put up a red herring, I got everyone on the side, and said excuse me.  Here are the facts.  What do you think ?  They’d then agree with me on the facts.  Pretty simple process.  Not that you understand that.  Which is why you lose this argument.  You have been told repeatedly by everyone who has read my posts for all these years, that in fact, I provided the same facts about how great Mark Richt was up until one day when it just pissed me off all the assholes out there defending Mark Richt recently then when he had turned the corner and quit coaching.  And, everyone has read my posts for all these years.  Dumb shit.  Lazy so and so. And, it pissed me off even more when you thought you could just remove my post from the blog and what I had said would go away.  Not be there.

How did that work out for you ?

Then, you prove a friqin’ dumbass you really are.  What a damn weak argument that I am a Mark Richt “basher” when it was I you read and said how great what I said Mark Richt did way back then 2001-2007. Hell, you have said how right I was all 30 years you have read me on the Internet.  It’s actually been 38 years you have read me on the Internet now and AGREED WITH ME ALL 38 YEARS.

You can not ignore me.  You can NOT read a blog because you have no freaking balls and have no damn reply to the FACTS, but you can NOT sit there with 3,000 folks yesterday for example reading my damn blog and say that the reason you do not read the facts is because I am a Richt “basher.”  Not 1 came here from some stupid bullshit list of must reads, who in actuality is a list of posts from a pay-per-view site, or those who believe that a person should not be read because they too have no friqin answer to the damn facts.  They come here because they know I call it like it is.

I was a HUGE SUPPORTER of Mark Richt when he first got here.

Did you know before kick-off against Alabama 2008 here in the Black-Out that Mark Richt was 80 % win percentage ?

That’s right Black-Out, Mark Richt was 80 % of all his games – WON !

He has turned in instead for 2008 through the end of the most recent season, only 68 % win percentage.

That is HUGE difference.

Everyone knows who I am.  You have ALL read me for 30 years on the Internet.  ALL OF YOU have.  I have posted.  You have read it.  You know damn well what a huge supporter of Mark Richt I have been when he was good.  That was so long ago now, that NONE OF YOU remember like I do the great stuff Mark Richt did way back then until 2007.  I posted about those here for you.  You read it.  You loved it.  But, now, that Mark Richt sucks after 2007, you have the unmitigated gall to call me a damn Richt “basher.”  That’s bullshit and you know it.

YOU ARE A DAMN LIAR.  And, you are a damned Mark Richt Apologist.

You want Mark Richt’s job to be easy as hell. Cushy.

I want him to win.

There is a difference.

That is ON YOU.

Not me.

Mark Richt has not developed a back-up quarterback here other than DJ Shockley when he redshirted him in 2001, and when he did redshirt him DJ’s Dad made Mark Richt promise him that he would at least play DJ Shockley every game.  This is just one position where Mark Richt’s roster mismanagement has put us out of position to beat the real good teams.  It caught up with him after 2007.  He has had issues at other positions such as OL where he fails to get those, FB in an offense that REQUIRES a FB yet there are in fact over 200 FB top-rated every single year we watch all these other teams covet and sign instead, WR where he gets caught with his pants down, and defense frequently like OL and FB frequently it seems that Mark Richt does not give a shit about recruiting.  He plays Favorites too.  At the detriment of the team.  He lacks vision in his selection of QB too.  Remember Cam Newton can only play TE for Mark Richt, he told us ? How has Cam Newton worked out as a QB ?  Remember Nick Marshall can only play defense for me ?  I will not consider Nick Marshall as a QB because Nick Marshall is not as good a quarterback as Hutson Mason is.   I will play Hutson Mason at QB and leave Nick Marshall on defense, only.  How that work out ?  He told us that Joe Tereshinski III is a better QB than Matthew Stafford.  Remember that one ?  These all cost us games.  I will get to the cost of this roster mismanagement in losses in this post too.  But, I want to explain WHY he is not in the Top 25 coaches today in college football.  This is the most important position in college football, QB.  He did not select the QB at FSU but he did teach them.  He promised Vince Dooley 20 December 2000 that he would be head coach because of the top recruits UGA attracts AND he would teach our quarterbacks here.  Now he sees himself as CEO and FAILS TO DEVELOP his back-up QB every single year except 2001 redshirting of DJ Shockley.  He told us that Joe Cox, chronic shoulder and flu too for Okie State game is a better QB than Zach Mettenberger whom I called for pre-game to Start and who got zero snaps against Okie State.  He lacks vision.  Joe Cox play in the NFL or Zach Mettenberger ?  Just like all the others here at just QB we examine of his roster mismanagement, all 6 of these just QB decisions were all wrong.  And, I say it is because he did not develop his back-up QB.  He told us that Hutson Mason is a better QB than Jacob Park, Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta; but the facts are the Hutson Mason was # 98 in the nation for us in Passing Offense, could not pass the ball downfield, floated his passes and lost 3 games BY HIMSELF against unranked teams Nebraska, South Carolina, Florida and he also lost to a team with far less talent around their QB.  Georgie tek yellowjackets won that game in overtime when Hutson Mason threw the interception in overtime.  I remember that.  Why don’t you ?  Hutson Mason had around him here a lot better talent than their QB who won the game in overtime because of Mark Richt’s chosen one at QB. Bad choice Mark Richt, again, sir at QB. 6 times chose wrong QB.  6 proven times chose wrong QB Mark Richt.  In fact, # 52 avg recruiting class to our # 8.  And, lost that game too BY HIMSELF. I will discuss game management like wasting time-outs, freezing his own kicker with time-outs, and not have time-outs then when he needs them,  game decisions like pooch kick so they have ball 43-yard line 13 ticks remaining us ahead by 3 last year, failing to pound the ball against South Carolina with Todd Gurley II with 1st and goal at 4 on interception losing by less than TD game win staring him in face, not preparing his team to play which happened 3 times last year Florida, Georgie tek yellowjackets and South Carolina and just dumbass game decisions.  But, it was in fact Hutson Mason who had the ball in overtime against Georgie tek yellowjackets and he who threw the interception against which LOST THE DAMN GAME.  Didn’t it ?  And, his 6th dumbass decision lacking vision is at QB this season.  He lets Jacob Park go because he failed to develop him when I hoped for a 4-year starter from him.  He failed to prepare Brice Ramsey yet game lost he yanks his Starter and puts him in.  Brice Ramsey has somewhat better footwork now but why did he not teach him that 2 years’ ago now ?  And, he has not given him any preparation to know what is a bad pass.  Hell, Aaron Murray had 10 % of his plays here, either a fumble sack or interception.  And, he kept playing him.  But, Brice Ramsey he yanks for it.  Inconsistent roster mismanagement.  Faton Bauta he told us all not 4 weeks’ ago now was right there with the other 2, neck-and-neck-and-neck.  But, when Brice Ramsey continued to show that he has not been developed by Mark Richt, Faton Bauta was not brought in.  Why ?   Shit.  Alabama had scored 5 unanswered touchdowns in a row.  What the hell is he saving Faton Buata for ?  Put him in.  Now, he says he has to reevaluate everything at QB today for the vols Saturday.  Put Faton Bauta in for that game ?  Alabama was lost.  Right ?  5 unanswered touchdowns.  Neither QB did shit except fumble or throw interceptions, or get sacked.  Reevaluate everything on the table at QB ?  What bullshit.  We can NOT lose to the vols.  So we go back to what ?   A guy who lost his job at Virginia for LOSING to FSU ?  He got blown out by FSU, just like he did to Alabama. He is horrible at his QB decisions, choices, developing his back-up QB and this has cost us dearly every year as a direct result thereof.


What have been the consequences of all this after 2007 ?

(1) Against Ranked teams for the season, called end of year rankings – you know the teams who in fact were good teams that year he played them – Mark Richt is # 24 nationally after 2007.

(2) Mark Richt has lost to 8 teams who DID NOT MAKE the AP Poll Top 25, ranked Top 25 end of year, for the season after 2007.  8 unranked teams.  8 teams who no argument were HORRIBLE TEAMS.  Florida for example in the most recent season.  They had lost 10 of their most recent 13 games.  And, they not only beat Mark Richt, they beat the ever living shit out of him.  South Carolina beat him in the most recent season as well.  Another unranked team.  Who the hell gives a rats’ ass if South Carolina was ranked at game time in week 4 for example ?  That is NOT the measure of football team as good or not good that season.  Being ranked is.  Isn’t it ?  Being ranked for that season.  The Final Polls.  The End of Season Polls.  The End of Year polls.  The ONLY DAMN POLLS PUBLISHED FOR ANY FREAKING YEAR.

(3) Against Bowl teams, teams who got to play in a damn freaking bowl game the season Mark Richt played them after 2007, Mark Richt has played 62 games and won only 33.  He beats the year they played in one of the 41 bowl games, half the teams who played in a bowl game after 2007.

(4) At kick-off 2008 against Alabama in game 4 of 2008, Mark Richt won 80 % of his games here.  He has won only 68 % since.  Win 4 lose 1. Since, win 3 lose 1.

YOU JUST HAVE no freaking reply to these facts.  That is what the problem is.  There is NO OTHER problem with me, other than you can not formulate a freaking rational answer how this is acceptable.

When I pin you down on it, you ADMIT that it is IN FACT unacceptable that which Mark Richt has done after 2007 : For example against teams who went to a bowl game that year won only 54 %, against teams who were ranked in the Top 25 that season in the Final Polls the real teams for that season won 11 of 35 for # 24 nationally with # 8 talent, and unacceptable that he has lost to 8 teams who were not ranked that season – EVEN WITH THEIR DAMNED WIN OVER mediocre Mark Richt.

Moreover, you can KISS MY ASS.

If a coach has THIS MUCH working for him, and has in fact # 8 avg recruiting classes with 86 NFL Draft Picks, and all this beautiful campus, # 55 best college in the nation (Georgie tek # 36) US News and World Report, # 7 best stadium, # 1 in Party School, 7 million folks in Atlanta 58 miles away, # 3 best state for high school football recruits signed by Power 5 conferences, # 11 All-Time Most Wins Football, and he is # 24 at beating top 25 teams as ranked for the entire season, he has it coming.  That makes him not in fact a top 25 coach with in fact # 8 recruits.

I hope you get that.

And, you can NOT by God Above censor me or ignore me.

Dumbass bullshit artists who think the way you SUPPORT a team is to BRAG on Mark Richt as one of the nation’s best and use some damn stat from 2001-2007 and talk about that bullshit to build him up when you have sat there WITH ME at the games and booed after 2007 – like ALL the rest of us at the games.  Shit, maybe you just switch the TV off and don’t even go to the damn games after 2007 for you to put up that bullshit argument that I am a Mark Richt “basher?”  Otherwise, you have booed him too after 2007.  Haven’t you ?  You little piece of shit.

Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think about me.  You can not handle the truth.  You don’t want ANYONE to say the truth about Mark Richt after 2007.  How’s that going for you ?

Well ?

How is that going for you that you do NOT want ANYONE to talk about Mark Richt after 2007 ?

Do you categorically refuse to read EVERY BLOG ?

Then, by God above, you have read it EVERYWHERE.

Haven’t you you little piece of shit ?

You have told your friends Mark Richt has not done well after 2007.

Every freaking place you turn, you READ that Mark Richt has NOT DONE SHIT after 2007.

You know why that is ?


It’s ME.

That’s what pisses you off.

Not that I am a Mark Richt “basher” but that I am RIGHT AS RAIN, and specifically point out the exact URL Link and DETAILS of why indeed Mark Richt is the Charlie Brown of college football.

Hell, you do not even know what the hell that means.

Dumb shit.

“You know, Thomas Brown is right.”  That is what you say, they say, and why thousands read my blog daily.

You need me.  It gives you an opportunity to make up a long list of excuses for why he is not the same coach 2001-2007 that he has been since.  You actually think excuses are hard to come up with.  No sir.  What is hard to come up with are the facts.  The truth.  It requires you to look up details, be specific and summarize them.  And, talking on the Internet requires a special set of skills too.  Skills I honed on the Debate Team representing Georgia in NATIONAL DEBATES.  All you have to do to call someone a Richt “basher,” is to just say it.  It does not have to be true and after all, the last thing you want is to have to say that what I have been saying is what now everyone is saying.

Isn’t it ?

So, instead of saying that you looked at the facts as presented by me and could not formulate a reasonable excuse for the facts that he has sucked after 2007, you just are lazy.  Call me a Richt “basher.” And, get handed your damn hat.

You knew I would hand you your hat ?

Right ?

Tell me you knew I would rip you a new asshole when you put forth your weak ass bullshit argument for why Mark Richt recruits the # 8 avg recruiting class verified by 86 NFL Draft Picks but is only # 24 in won/lost against ranked teams for the year after 2007, is that it is because I am a Richt “basher?”

You did know that ?

Tell me you were not pinning your hopes that anyone – least of all yourself – would accept that the reason for Mark Richt being # 7 for 2001-2007 against ranked teams for the season at 17-15 and # 24 since at just 11-24, is because I am a Richt “basher?”

So, you can go stick it up your freaking ass that you actually think you can one-line me as a Richt “basher.”  Yeah right – like that then makes it so you can act like what I say is a lie.

If it were a lie, you would say, it is a lie.

It’s not.

So, you say you are a Richt “basher.”

Did you get that ?

Mark Richt has played 35 games against teams who ARE RANKED FOR THE SEASON the real top 25 either AP or Coaches’ Polls after 2007, and has won a grand damn total of 11.

Stick that in your damn pipe and one-line me ?


Why is EVERYONE else so much better than Mark Richt after 2007, why is he # 24 at beating top 25 teams after 2007 ranked top 25 for the season he played them, when he averages the # 8 Scout.com recruiting rank ?

Mark Richt was 17-15 for 2001-2007 against teams ranked top 25 for the year, for that season, the real teams the top 25 best teams.  That was # 7 nationally.  And, you sit there with your weak ass bullshit that I am a Mark Richt “basher.”  Grow up.  I certainly am not a Mark Richt “basher.”  I am in fact a huge Mark Richt supporter of Mark Richt 2001-2007 when he was # 7 nationally, and I criticize him JUST LIKE YOU DO after 2007 for being in fact # 24 with the same # 8 avg Scout.com recruiting ranking.

How can he be # 7 for 2001-2007 and # 24 since against top 25 teams and you sit there and act like anyone is a damned Mark Richt “basher” for daring to say out loud that which you deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties bragging on Mark Richt STILL in 2015 for what he did instead 2001-2007 – NOT SINCE – you know you do not want the damn truth.

You actually think that telling the truth now about Mark Richt 2015 is bad for the program.  You really do.  You do not want the truth, no matter how damn obvious the truth really is.  Including especially, it is what YOU SAY too, deep down in places you do not want to talk about at parties.


You do not give a damn about the truth and I do not give a damn about your wimp ass bullshit of how great he is, when EVERYONE knows he has not done shit after 2007 – including MOST ESPECIALLY you you little twit.

Never mind, you would never get it anyway.

You think he’s God himself freaking reincarnated.  While I am certain that the Aliens stole our # 7 best coach in America beating season ranked teams 2001-2007, cloned him but left out the DNA for him having ANY fire since, and replaced Mark Richt after 2007 with a clone without the DNA the original Mark Richt had for fire.  He is asleep on the sidelines, and looks down with no answers.  That is not the Mark Richt I rooted for, nor the one you attempt to make up flimsy excuses for since.  God, make the Aliens beam back down from their UFO the real Mark Richt, oh please God.  Thank you Jesus.

He is just a mediocre football coach after 2007 with a ton of talent who can not win the big games.  He has 2 BCS Bowl Game wins over # 23 FSU a 5-loss team in 2002 and over # 19 Hawai’i 2007.  That’s it.  A coach who has not taken us to one single meaningful bowl game with all this talent on the National Stage, everyone watching us.  Let alone win one : Heaven Forbid !

# 24 best at beating ranked teams after 2007 with he # 8 talent.  How the hell is that great coaching ?

You can not handle the damn truth about Mark Richt.  The rest of us ALL know the truth about Mark Richt after 2007.  He can’t do shit anymore and still has the # 8 best talent with which he does absolutely nothing.  He’s got more losses 2015 yet coming, and this when he is # 19 now with the # 8 talent and for the time after 2007 is # 24 with the # 8 talent vs ranked teams end of year.

If what I say is not correct, you would have long-since have said it is a lie.  Since you click the URL Links I provide I know because I get a report on the URL Links you click, and have failed to say it is a lie, all you can come up with is that a guy who loved Mark Richt 2001-2007 when his 17-15 record against end of year top 25 teams was # 7 best nationally, is a Mark Richt “basher” for daring to say out loud that which you say in private anyway that after 2007 Mark Richt is only # 24 vs ranked teams for the season with # 8 talent at only 11-24 vs ranked teams for the season – clearly a mediocre coach.

Isn’t he ?



Quincy Carter first told Mark Richt he would not return, then Mark Richt’s first act as head coach here was to kick Quincy Carter off the team. Now, 15 years’ later, he has had 86 NFL Draft Picks, more than every school except USC but he loses more than 4 games a season average for the latest current 7 years (2nd half Mark Richt era) How can this be ? How all these inexplicable losses EVERY YEAR with all this talent ?

Mark Richt Era NFL Draft Picks, Georgia Bulldogs  :

2001   1 6 6 Richard Seymour Patriots DT 1

1 13 13 Marcus Stroud Jaguars DT 2

2 8 39 Kendrell Bell Steelers LB 3

2 22 53 Quincy Carter Cowboys QB 4

3 33 95 Jonas Jennings Bills T 5

4 6 101 Jamie Henderson Jets DB 6

2002 1 25 25 Charles Grant Saints DE 7

3 8 73 Will Witherspoon Panthers LB 8

4 16 114 Randy McMichael Dolphins TE 9

4 22 120 Terreal Bierria Seahawks DB 10

5 22 157 Jermaine Phillips Buccaneers DB 11

5 31 166 Verron Haynes Steelers RB 12

7 9 220 Josh Mallard Colts DE 13

7 22 233 Tim Wansley Buccaneers DB 14

2003 1 6 6 Johnathan Sullivan Saints DT 15

1 20 20 George Foster Broncos T 16

2 2 34 Boss Bailey Lions LB 17

2 5 37 Jonathan Stinchcomb Saints T 18

3 13 77 Musa Smith Ravens RB 19

6 37 210 Tony Gilbert Cardinals LB 20

7 28 242 J.T. Wall Steelers RB 21

2004 1 32 32 Ben Watson Patriots TE 22

2 27 59 Sean Jones Browns DB 23

4 21 117 Robert Geathers Bengals DE 24

4 25 121 Bruce Thornton Cowboys DB 25

2005 1 14 14 Thomas Davis Panthers DB 26

1 17 17 David Pollack Bengals DE 27

2 3 35 Reggie Brown Eagles WR 28

2 16 48 Odell Thurman Bengals LB 29

3 21 85 David Greene Seahawks QB 30

4 30 131 Fred Gibson Steelers WR 31

2006 2 30 62 Tim Jennings Colts DB 32

3 8 72 Leonard Pope Cardinals TE 33

4 2 99 Max Jean Gilles Eagles 34

5 17 149 Greg Blue Vikings DB 35

5 20 152 DeMario Minter Browns DB 36

6 27 196 Kedric Golston Redskins DT 37

7 15 223 D.J. Shockley Falcons QB 38

2007s 4 0 0 Paul Oliver Chargers DB 39

2007 3 1 65 Quentin Moses Raiders DE 40

3 20 83 Charles Johnson Panthers DE 41

4 34 133 Martrez Milner Falcons TE 42

6 16 190 Ken Shackleford Rams T 43

2008 5 26 161 Marcus Howard Colts LB 44

6 6 172 Thomas Brown Falcons RB 45

7 15 222 Chester Adams Bears G 46

7 28 235 Brandon Coutu Seahawks K 47

2009 1 1 1 Matthew Stafford Lions QB 48

1 12 12 Knowshon Moreno Broncos RB 49

2 18 50 Mohamed Massaquoi Browns WR 50

3 22 86 Asher Allen Vikings DB 51

3 29 93 Corvey Irvin Panthers DT 52

6 9 182 Jarius Wynn Packers DE 53

2010 3 33 97 Rennie Curran Titans LB 54

4 22 120 Geno Atkins Bengals DT 55

5 32 163 Reshad Jones Dolphins DB 56

7 36 243 Jeffrey Owens Eagles DT 57

7 41 248 Kade Weston Patriots DE 58

2011 1 4 4 A.J. Green Bengals WR 59

3 6 70 Justin Houston Chiefs DE 60

3 27 91 Akeem Dent Falcons LB 61

4 4 101 Clint Boling Bengals G 62

4 10 107 Kris Durham Seahawks WR 63

7 17 220 Shaun Chapas Cowboys RB 64

2012 2 9 41 Cordy Glenn Bills T 65

4 4 99 Ben Jones Texans C 66

4 21 116 Orson Charles Bengals TE 67

4 28 123 Brandon Boykin Eagles DB 68

6 5 175 Blair Walsh Vikings K 69

7 1 208 Justin Anderson Colts T 70

7 29 236 Deangelo Tyson Ravens DE 71

2013 1 17 17 Jarvis Jones Steelers LB 72

1 30 30 Alec Ogletree Rams LB 73

3 20 82 John Jenkins Saints DT 74

3 22 84 Shawn Williams Bengals DB 75

5 1 134 Sanders Commings Chiefs DB 76

5 28 161 Tavarres King Broncos WR 77

6 20 188 Cornelius Washington Bears LB 78

6 23 191 Bacarri Rambo Redskins DB 79

2014 5 15 155 Arthur Lynch Miami TE 80

5 23 163 Aaron Murray Kansas City QB 81

2015 1 10 10 Todd Gurley II St. Louis RB 82

3 12 76 Chris Conley Kansas City WR 83

4 19 118 Ramik Wilson Kansas City LB 84

5 31 167 Damian Swann New Orleans CB 85

6 31 207 Amarlo Herrera Indianapolis ILB 86




Our recruiting is just fine.  It’s our coaching that has fallen on its collective face.

Hasn’t it ?

How many games will we lose this year ?  More than 4 losses ?


Smith Street from South Lumpkin Street to Sanford Drive should be razed & that asphalt made into grass for new Indoor Practice Facility. Where the new gym ?

I am not in favor of razing Hope Smith Annex.  That building was constructed too far in from Carlton Street, needlessly.  Now, it is in the way.  There is no need for Smith Street to exist starting at South Lumpkin Street over to Sanford Drive.  We can repurpose Hope Smith Annex and expand it further over towards Carlton Street.

The New Indoor Practice Facility has focused mainly on an area miles and miles away, making that site totally untenable. However, this block of land has a building which when it was built, was intended to be there forever.

The bigger issue ultimately after all these monies are finally actually spent, is that the block next to the New Indoor Practice Facility where the Stegosaurus still stands as our “gym” built as a Cow Palace, still has to be replaced with a New Gym.

I am still struggling with $ 4 million dollars spent last week on Joni Crenshaw, an unproven coach of any sport at any level, taking over the # 5 all-time Women’s Basketball Program Lady Bulldogs.

Now, this $ 50 million dollar IPF requires we raze Hope Smith Annex.

And, the real issue is they are still ducking the fact that it’s been half a century since we hosted an NCAA Big Dance Tournament Game here in the dilapidated stinking old poorly designed Stegosaurus. Leave the Stegosaurus for what it was originally intended for, and give it to the Agricultural Department.

We need a new gym.  With these wild expenses, when can we expect a new gym ?

We could have hired a proven women’s college head coach, who at least has coached somewhere.  Paying her this $ 4 million dollar contract is uncalled for.

We have no vision.

We have no purpose.

We have no direction to our Athletics’ Department anymore.

This is all nonsense.  Where’s our gym ?

Georgie tek had 4,000 show up to their annual Spring Football Game whatever it is called, yesterday.  We had 47,000 at ours last week, when we determined we have not prepared ANY quarterback to be our Quarterback 2015 – something which has not occurred previously prior to Fran Tarkenton I saw playing at Sanford with my Dad in the late 1950 timeframe.

Georgie tek already has a new gym.

Georgie tek already has a sort of Indoor Practice Facility, although it is not even a full football field.

We have neither, but have 11 times as many fans at our Spring Football Games in the last week.

It’s the same crowd Georgie tek has every year for their Spring Football Game.

We have a pitiful Athletics’ Department right now.

All the wrong decisions are being made to keep up with Georgie tek.

We are without conceptual forethought wasting monies and making all the wrong decisions for all the wrong reasons.

Tear Down Hope Smith Annex ?

Get real.

When are we going to fix the cash cow that pays for all this where the men’s bathrooms are exactly the same now at Sanford Stadium as they were at Ponce de Leon Ballpark on Ponce de Leon Avenue, across from the old Sears Building in Atlanta ?

This whole entire sordid mess wreaks of piss, like our football program after 2007 with 29 losses, an average of more than 4 losses a season for 7 seasons and counting.

Is there nothing we can get right  in our Athletics’ Department anymore ?

We are 34-28, a measly 54 % win percentage against teams making a bowl game after 2007 in football – and, we are the # 11 all-time winningest 1-A football program.  Our baseball team sucks.  Our men’s and women’s basketball program compete with all these newer fancier basketball gyms, and cannot keep the players in-state because of our facilities’ mismanagement.  Our women’s gymnastics’ program cannot win anymore either.  Our women’s basketball coach quit over his team’s inability to win.  We hire a baseball coach who can do nothing.  We hire a women’s basketball coach who has never coached a tiddlywinks team and pay her $ 4 million dollars, while she pleads for recruits in-state to stay here and play at the Stegosaurus. Our men’s rooms at the facility paying for all this stink of piss.  And, we have a president Jere Morehead allowing the utter complete failure of Greg McGarity to continue unabated since he took over, with no experience either.

We are a rudderless ship with a coach lying to us for his $ 50 million we’ve given him that he is going to win The SEC East this coming season, like that is our goal.

Shit, we suck.

Top all that off with Mark Richt announcing a few weeks’ ago now that here at Georgia, we adhere a higher Calling than Winning.

We make no timely decisions and the ones we gnash our teeth over for half a century, are wrong-headed.

How can this be that we will raze Hope Smith Annex ?

Dumbass Bluto, who at no point during the movie itself was he Senator, says he knows how teams feel about being left out of The Big Games at the end of EVERY SEASON because Bluto felt that way 2007.


One, 2007 was now 8 years’ ago.

We just finished our G-Day Game 2015 without figuring out so much as who our damned quarterback even is.

This after we have lost 29 games after that fateful 2007 precious season so far to-date, an average of MORE than 4 losses a season.

Certainly not elite and not requiring any discussion as if we are.

Two, 2007, in case you cannot remember now this 2015 season, eight seasons’ ago, we lost at our Home to 6-6 South Carolina who did NOT even go to a damned bowl game.

And, in 2007, we were blown out by should have been 5-loss vols.  The final score ?  14-35.  They beat the ever living shit out of us.  By 3 touchdowns, the lousy should have been 5-loss vols, beat us.

And, you have the unmitigated friqin’ gall to not discuss our issues yesterday again on Special Teams, and at Quarterback, but TRY to bring up instead that we were damn it all HOSED in 2007 to be left out all those years’ ago now.

Bullshit Bluto.  Friqin’ Bullshit son.




G-Day Spring Game 2015 promises more of the same mistakes Mark Richt makes EVERY G-Day game such as not even trying to practice in game conditions NET PUNTING or Kick-Offs ?


Fans such as I and all the rest of us get so excited for G-Day game every year.  This year is no exception with so much lost off last year’s disappointing 3 losses all 3 to far lesser-talented teams than our own.  One of the banes of our program recently, after such a great start by Mark Richt here to begin with at Special Teams, is our horrible Special Teams’ showing again 2014.  2014 does not need to be labeled 2014-2015 season because well, we did not play any game in 2015.  Did we ?  We played in the Belk Bowl 98 miles NORTH in Charlotte.  Only 3 SEC teams played their bowl game before us.  What does that tell you ?

Every G-Day game, Mark Richt despite our weak ass Special Teams for years now, plays the ENTIRE GAME with NO PRACTICE of Special Teams.

Like they do not matter.

Like they are unimportant.

Like what we are doing is fine enough.

Or, like we play NO STARS on any of our Special Teams like all of our opponents do, and like we do not give a shit, except for a trophy for everyone, so all walk-ons get to play Special Teams.

This is what we’ve been doing.

Every G-Day Game the same exact format of NO SPECIAL TEAMS.

Excuse me, we do not even have a Special Teams’ Coach.  Over 100 other major colleges ALL have a Special Teams coach, and by the way, damn it all, they play their stars on Special Teams.

So, as we gear up for G-Day Game after tomorrow on a beautiful not raining Saturday, I leave you with this thought


that once again 2015, there will be NO SPECIAL TEAMS play.

Some damn freaking “GAME” that is, eh ?

2014 :

# 83 net punting – we’re not going to practice this, yet we can’t cover.  Can we ?  # 13 in SEC.

No need to practice this, is there ?

None in the world I can see.

# 59 blocked kicks allowed – we’re not going to practice this, either.  We do not even know how to line up for a kick to stop the opponents from blocking them.  It’s ridiculous.  How in the living hell can a supposed “top team” be # 83 net punting and # 59 blocked kicks allowed, and not even practice this in game conditions ‘Tween The Hedges all of us watching and evaluating our ability to cover on our punts, or even line up for a kick to prevent opponents from taking advantage of us in what makes up at least one-third of the “GAME” of football ?

# 36 Kick-Off Returns – and all of that by TGII early and none thereafter.  We have no clue how to put guys back there in position to field kick-offs who even know what to do when they get the damned ball at the 11-yard line.  They call fair catch.  Good Lord, Mark Richt.  Is it not obvious we are way behind the 8-ball on ALL Special Teams, sir ?

Or, you just do not give a shit ?

Which is it ?

# 24 Punt Returns

# 25 Punt Returns Defense

We do not establish ourselves as a program who understands just how friqin’ important Special Teams are.  We are satisfied being # 25.  We do not go out and attempt to strive hard to either return punts nor defend punts.  We lose game after game at these two every year.  It’s the same old bullshit for Mark Richt on punt returns and punt returns defense.  We make no effort to establish this as a priority to be the very best at either.  No effort.  No priority.  And, now the day after tomorrow, no game condition practice of it.

Like it does not matter.

The freaking hell it does not matter.

Why do we lose all these games to lesser-talent teams ?  Because we play Special Teams nowadays, these latest 7 years of frustrating inexplicable losses, like it is unimportant.

Don’t we ?

Isn’t that why we do not practice Special Teams with our atrocious Special Teams, any G-Day Game any more here under Mark Richt.

It’s bullshit.

So, while we focus on who our quarterback is and having only 5 returning starters on either side of the ball, I leave you with this one thought for the G-Day Game :

Why is it that we fail to even try to practice in game conditions ,Special Teams, at our Annual G-Day Game ?


The answer is because Mark Richt is afraid of injuries.


Football Coach.


Field Street Forum admin has an interesting strategy. In today’s “forum” he says Keith Marshall RETURNS ! Exclamation point. That is not what Buck Belue says, sir. Or, anyone else. UGA “4-headed monster” at TB

Comments : OFF




Excuse me sir, but if you have something say, then we are allowed sir to reply to your musings.  Get that ?


I am not against your site, or your opinions, or any of your articles.  I have read them all since you started.


We deserve to reply, and you need our input on what you are saying.


Either that, or you MISS everything we point out.


What ?


We are supposed to go to a one-sided site and study your every word ?


We are not to ask questions, sir ?


We are not to point out anything ?


I do not believe that the proper headline is that GURshall has returned.


I, for one, expected him not to have to endure all these four (4) injuries.  We all love the man and hope for his return.

Clearly, he is NOT back, sir.


He is this year like he was last year.  Isn’t he ?


He gets a medical redshirt year, and he will need it to go to the NFL.  I expected with his Dad and Mom, that he would be a shoe-in for the NFL.  Then, we began hearing about Todd Gurley II.  More and more, we heard about TGII.  Then, it was known TGII would surpass Keith Marshall, injuries or not.  Then, they hit the campus together.


Todd Gurley II is gone now.


Keith Marshall has a lot of years left for us yet.


Can we please cease sir with the pressure added to him to do more than play games for us ?


We have misused him since his arrival.  We force him to play the same plays TGII was going to run, if he were to have played that play too.  They are entirely different running backs.  There is really no similarity at all between them.


One more point sir.  We have an entire stable of running backs, and you left out significant proven great things expected of them here, running backs.  And, you did so in elevating others and completely left off our entire stable.  It’s just not right, sir.


Like your site with COMMENTS : OFF.  It is just not right, sir.


I have no idea what goes through your mind writing such a headline story as you do today sir.


It’s as one-sided as your site, sir.


If you have some aversion to hearing what others may say, close your site down sir.


If you do not like one of our running backs, then say it !


I truly do not appreciate for the players sir, that you left-off what you left-off, and that you emphasize your personal favorites to boot.  I believe that there are fans of every player on our team’s roster.


You list all these running backs for us, and leave off such significant others, sir.


Ones who have produced MORE than Keith Marshall.


And, Keith Marshall does not need to have you hurry him along and come back NOT READY AS HE CLEARLY IS BY ALL ACCOUNTS except for your headline today sir that he is back exclamation point.


You owe the other running backs, and Keith Marshall, an apology, sir.


Get your media guide out, sir.  Maybe that will assist you in naming a list of all our running backs ?


Or, come clean on what it is you ARE saying when you name all our running backs, and leave off others ?


Life, sir, is give and take.


I have no problems with you having an opinion.  Just be man enough to stand up and say it.


And, be man enough to encourage everyone to share their thoughts on your “forum.”


I have been on the Internet since I was a student at The University of Georgia.  The word forum connotates discussion, sir.  The idea sir, is that you speak, we read, and we reply to your reverie, sir.


Your ruminations in this case, sir, come across as well – just wrong.


We have a lot of areas for improvement to shed all these on-going inexplicable losses every year.  The salient significant one being that our fan base cease to believe that only their opinion matters, and they think they must say only the good, and disregard all these bad losses every year.


I believe we as a fan base, put too much emphasis on a player to his detriment and to our team’s detriment, and to the detriment of the other players at his position.


This brings us down as a program.


We have to fix this.


Your forced “4-headed monster” is a farce.  We have Nick Chubb, whom our coaches saw fit to really not even play until the others were doing nothing.  Then, we played him every play nearly every game.  Had we played him on all those numerous occasions when Todd Gurley II took the play off, Nick Chubb would have won the Heisman Trophy already, and you know it.  He is the only running back we rely upon.  There has been, and is no “4-headed monster,” sir.


“4-head monster,” my ass.


Forum my ass.


http://www.fieldstforum.com/2015/04/08/keith-marshall-returns !


A forum, sir, is an open place where opinions are shared, sir.  Everyone in one open public place, sir.


An Internet forum,  is an online discussion site where we all can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.  Sometimes in a thread on an Internet forum sir, you agree or disagree with that which is said.


And, sometimes you have something to add to that which someone has said.


Each new discussion started is called a thread, and can be replied to by as many people as so wish to, sir.


Your site is not a forum, sir.


Keith Marshall has not returned exclamation point, sir.


We have no “4-headed monster” as you define it, sir.


You sir, are just plain wrong.


Aren’t you, sir ?


About everything in this pontification on Keith Marshall, whom it is you refer to as our “4-headed monster” and everyone you left off.


Aren’t you, sir ?


You have to fix this.


Ok ?


I have posted on the Internet daily since 1977.  I have run a BBS since 1977 with multiple access on a PC I built myself, sir.  There are always replies to these forums, sir.


I believe that Faton Bauta is a great running back for us, who also happens to have a good arm.  He has proven both sir.  He knows the plays, and is recognized as an Academic Genius.  He is a punishing runner who holds on to the ball, and has been misused by this staff.


Roster Management.


Brendan Douglas needs to hold on to the football.  Now that he has a running back coaching him, instead of wide receiver, I expect him to be taught this lesson.  It is a learned skill.  3 points on the football.  He played in 150% more games just last season 2014, than Sony Michel did, sir.  Brendan Douglas, sir, also the year before in 2013 had the most games played for us and was our most accomplished running back 2013 besides Todd Gurley II and J.J. Green whom we transferred to Georgie tek because of our poor roster management.  You left him off somehow, and the slight does not go unnoticed by yours truly, sir.


What are you saying about Brendan Douglas ?


He was 2nd on the Depth Chart 2014 season, sir.


“4-headed monster,” sir ?


Isaiah McKenzie is an accomplished running back for us, sir; and, while he too needs to be taught by our now running backs’ coach who in fact was a running back and knows how to hold on to the football as a running back, you cannot name today as you have sir Wednesday 8 April 2015, any “4-headed monster” at running back and leave him out either, sir.

Quayvon Hicks is another misused running back for us you left off as well.  We misuse him as we misuse Keith Marshall, forcing Keith Marshall to run inside the tackles when his expertise is out in space.  We do not play Quayvon Hicks at all.  We prefer a trophy for everyone in our roster mismanagement so we stole his job for us and gave it to a guy Merritt Hall, who is not in the program and did not play a single game 2014 after being named as a walk-on stealing Quayvon Hicks’ job.


We bungle talent everywhere every year now.


No more so than at running back.


While we brag on the coach making these decisions, and his decisions, and his greatness, while in fact his roster mismanagement is nowhere more evident than at this running back position, sir.


Sony Michel is certainly an accomplished running back, too.  He only played in eight (8) games and wasted his redshirt year for that.  His carries were all in mop-up duty.  8 of should have been 15-game season for the top teams, which this time last year, you declared sir we were one of.  Wasted talent.


A.J. Turman is a heralded running back whose talent also has been totally wasted.  He is the 6th best football player in the state of Florida, no less.  Not at running back, but A.J. Turman is the 6th best overall player in the state of Florida.  4-Star Running Backs of this stature come along very rarely.  He is the complete running back with bruising blocking, soft hands, and punishing style.  We witnessed for example last G-Day Game both score touchdowns both running and catching.  A. J. Turman was recruited by us in 2012 and signed with us in 2013 to great fanfare, and has yet to carry the ball once.  Bullshit, is all I can say about this roster mismanagement as well. All at just the running back position you highlight today for us all, sir.


We have so much talent at running back, wasted talent – every single man, that not one (0) nada running backs would sign with us this 2015 year until the night before Signing Date when really a wide receiver, Tae Crowder, was first recruited by us.  Our coach will jerk him around, like he did J.J. Green – moving him around too from position to position until finally his opportunity here, as with these others, has come and gone as well.


B.J. Emmons the 7th best running back in the nation, looking at all these who really none of them have even been given a fair shot at running back here, has said he fills the bill for next season for us.


And, I am quite certain his career here will also be marred by our coach’s roster mismanagement here too of him.  I welcome your reply here on this real forum where everyone who has ever said anything here is instantly heard by all worldwide Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Fans.

We do not value running backs.  We have a wealth of talent at running back, and not one of them was picked-out even to be The Man at Running Back.  Had we given Nick Chubb even a fair shot at it to begin last year while Todd Gurley II stood the sidelines, Nick Chubb would’ve already won the Heisman Trophy.


As for your bullshit “4-headed monster” at tailback for us, you sir are a DISNEYdawgs.com poster of a DISNEYdawgs.com site where ONLY your opinion is ever heard.


At least Buck Belue tells it like it is.


You sir can kiss my ass about your so-called “4-headed monster” at TB for us, your so-called “forum,” and about all those you left off your “4-headed monster” at TB for us, and especially proclaiming that Keith Marshall is you say only sir back.


You are full of shit.


admin Field Street Forum




Larry Pope writes Bill King AJ-C asks if read Sports Illustrated showing UGA most NFL Draftees, high AVG recruit rankings, failure comparatively final poll results ?



“Larry Pope writes: Bill, forgive me if I missed it, but have you commented on last week’s Sports Illustrated college recruiting analysis, which shows (a) UGA has the most NFL draftees, (b) on average the No. 5 recruiting classes but only No. 15 AP poll ranking, and what that says about the state of UGA football?

No, I missed that one, but I’ve seen other analyses that compare Georgia’s recruiting prowess and reputation for producing NFL talent with its on-field results and conclude that the Dawgs have been underachievers. And you can make a pretty good case that Mark Richt’s final results haven’t lived up to expectations, particularly in recent seasons”


Junkyard Mail: Sweater Guy, hiring Hines Ward, Dawgs underachieving, recruiting, basketball and more! (Updated)


Speaking of recruiting, Steve Upshaw writes: Mark Richt has publicly stated a dominant offensive line isn’t necessary to win big. He said they won all those games at FSU without having great offensive lines. The Seminoles do not play in the rugged SEC. You have stated several times how the OL is a perennial problem with the Dogs during the Richt era.  As written in your most recent posting, once again there did not seem to be an emphasis on getting top O linemen signed.  Nine of the Top 10 and 17 of 20 top OL prospects in Georgia chose to leave the state. It’s pointless to despair over Mark Richt.  He is who he is, and that is a man who will never change nor adapt while everyone else around him is in constant adjustment mode and winning championships. So Dog fans, let’s get ready for another 10-win season.  I love my team and school.  That’s why I’ll be there again in section 137, row 60 hoping against all hope we’ll finally witness something different in 2015 — but I doubt it.

As I previously wrote, one of the areas I was most concerned about was offensive line, more with future seasons in mind than 2015, since those guys generally take a year or two to develop. And while Georgia did pretty well here in the latest recruiting class, it bothered me they didn’t really seem to put top priority on signing offensive linemen until after new coach Rob Sale was hired last month, when they suddenly launched on a frantic quest for prospects in that area. I think you may have touched on why this has chronically been the case under Richt — he’s convinced himself that a merely adequate OL is good enough”



DAWN OF THE DAWG MICHAEL COLLINS JUST NOW : “Georgia Football: Underachieving or unlucky program?”

2008 we were ranked # 1 Consensus by both AP and Coaches’ Polls, but played very poorly and were dropped from the # 1 spot prior to our Black-Out against # 10 game time Coaches’ Poll Alabama at home, where we fell behind on national TV 30 to nothing, losing that game by more than double-digits coming into that game # 6 ourselves in both polls.  The very night that for the 1st time in the then 116 year history of # 11 All-Time UGA Football Program in Wins, 22 players went out and celebrated.  We were in bar room brawls, all kinds of mayhem and ended up with one of our players even beating up St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens.  This night that both Coaches’ and AP Poll ranked us # 1 for the 1st time in our history, ever and only, was the beginning of what has been the most under-achieving program of the top recruiting programs in the United States of America.

We went on 2008 to not only lose to Alabama after bragging how we’d beat them, but we lost to game time # 7 Coaches’ Poll Florida 10-49.  It was so bad in this game for the Consensus # 1 UGA Bulldogs that when we finally did score a TD late in the game meaningless to the outcome against their 3rd stringers, we still playing our Consensus # 1 Starters, that the Florida players clapped politely like little old ladies at an opera.   You might not know that, since you were not there at the game, but I am sure you can find others like we who were there to verify this under-achieving 2008 team that started all this under-achieving for us.  It was embarrassing.

Then, this under-achieving 2008 UGA team Consensus # 1 lost to Georgie tek who was ranked # 22 in both polls for the season, a 4 loss team who should have been a 5-loss team.  A team made up of # 52 average recruiting rankings, beating us, the Consensus # 1 team in the nation pre-season 2008.  Our team has averaged the # 9 recruits 2001-2015.

Under-achieving ?

Or, just bad luck ?

Fulmer Cup National Championship 2008.  That is what we won.  For going out celebrating our # 1 Consensus pre-season.  And, for beating up a Hospital.

This 2008 season marked not only the demise of our program since, but was the penultimate under-achiever.

You do discuss 2009 season.  You said, setting that year to the side.  Well, let’s summarize that which we exclude to discuss the years you do discuss, shall we ?  2009, we started out losing to Okie State who would go on to a 5-loss should have been 6-loss season in which they even with their win over us, did not make the AP Poll Top 25 for 2009.  Then, we lost to one of the worst LSU teams in recent memory, a should have been 5-loss LSU.  Then, we lost to a 7-6 vols’ team 19-45 in a blow-out of Biblical Proportions. Then, we lost to Florida 17-41.  Then, 7-6 Kentucky beat us – matching two then 7-6 teams who beat us 2009 alone.

2010 there is no need to discuss since we had a losing record.

2011 then we lost to Boise State and to South Carolina back-to-back to begin the season.  I bought a Bust Boise T-Shirt prior to the game at the Georgia Dome.  Want it ?  I cannot even wear it to mow the grass in – so ashamed.  Then, LSU beat the crud out of us 10-42.  Coming back to you ?  SEC East Champions you refer to us as 2011.  You mean the SEC Championship Game 10-42 ?  That’s what we’re talking about.  As if that was not bad enough, then we lost to Michigan State – all this 2011.  Sweet, right ?  Not under-achiever, Heavens no.  Just bad luck.

2011, you say we should have played for the national championship and not LSU who beat 7 AP Poll Top 25 teams that 2011 season.  LSU beat South Carolina and us, but we according to you should’ve played in the national championship and not LSU.  Who buys into that ?  LSU 2011 beat # 19 Texas A&M, # 4 Oregon, # 25 Mississippi State, # 16 West Virginia, # 17 Florida, # 19 Auburn, # 1 Alabama, # 3 Arkansas, and # 20 Coaches’ Poll 2011 UGA a 4-loss team we were 2011.  I am sorry, but our recruiting rankings were as good as LSU’s, who beat all these teams.  We under-achieved and they did not 2011.

Right ?

Under-achieved ?

Expected based on talent to contend.

Came in instead # 20 Coaches’ Poll a 4-loss squad while LSU beat the ever living daylights out of us 10-42.  Perhaps you were not there either at that game either ?  I was.  It was cold.  LSU folks let us share their jambalaya.  It was good.  The game was not, nor the ride home on Marta.   When did we have a year like LSU did 2011 ?  LSU lost to # 1 Alabama in the rematch in the NC game.  2002 ?  That the year we supposedly were as good as LSU 2011 ?  The year we lost to unranked Florida going in fact 0-13 on 3rd down conversions for the game ?  Losing to Ron Zook ?  That the year ?  Selective memory not to discuss that game.  Perhaps once again, you were not there as we ?  What a long ride home.

What an utter disaster.

We were better than Miami of Florida 2002 you say ?

Miami 2002 beat should have been 6-loss Florida 41-16.

At the Swamp, no less.

Miami beat # 9 FSU 2002.  Miami beat # 17 Pittsburgh, # 18 Virginia Tech, and lost to # 2 Ohio State 24-31 in the game in which Ohio State’s running back for that one season admitted that he made MORE money at Ohio State for, than he did in the NFL.

Georgia 2002 compared to Miami 2002 in fact shows that The SEC was down 2002.  Way down.  The only other SEC team besides us in the Final Coaches’ Poll 2002 was a 4-loss Auburn.

As for the it’s been a decade since we won The SEC Championship, saying SEC Championship 2005, well did you not also there too forget to point out that we ended-up in EVERY POLL the # 3 SEC team ?  We did you know ?  Maybe you were not at the Georgia Dome against West Virginia in the Sugar Bowl 2005 ?  We were just getting settled back in our seats after booing Mike Adam$ when the score was 0-28, losing that game and propelling both Alabama and LSU to both be higher ranked in the Final Polls 2005.  We were The SEC Champion ?  # 3 in EVERY POLL 2005.  2005, we had lost you recall to Florida another lousy horrible Florida team we’ve lost to. Florida should’ve been a 4-loss team 2005, but no.  No, they beat us 2005.  Then, we lost to Auburn in the next game.  Then, I bought us ticket to the Sugar Bowl and we lost to West Virginia.  I do not remember seeing you there.  Did I miss you at the game ?  2005 we won The SEC Championship ?  Really ?  That all you can say about 2005 ?  I have a better memory of 2005 firsthand, than you I do believe sir.

2012 we are up to now.  Well, 2012 got off to a rocky start losing to Nebraska to start the 2012 year off.  Then, we played South Carolina and lost 7-35.  Where did you mention that ?  Did I miss that in your summary fluffing over this ?

This was 1 of the most under-achieving performances in our storied UGA history now 123 years’ old.  7-35 blow-out of Biblical Proportions even does not begin to suggest the under-achieving of us 2012 against South Carolina.  LSU you say was lucky 2012 and we were unlucky.  LSU beat South Carolina 2012.  Why did you not in all fairness say that LSU beat South Carolina and that we LOST to them by 7-35.  We gave up .  Quit.  Folded the tent.  LSU beat the same team we lost to 2012, and not just lost to them but were embarrassed by them.  Weren’t we ?  Go ahead.  You can say it.  We all know.

National Press and our own fans label us as under-achievers ?


Then, 2012 we lost to Alabama.  To hear your rendition of the game again we were at, you might not have been to too, there is no mention of little Aaron Murray asking Mark Richt 3 times in front of me : Spike It ?  Spike It ?  Spike It ?  All 3 times Mark Richt said no.  Well, after the game he intimated that was a mistake.  Duh.  Rushed against # 1 Alabama then we threw a pass deflected by Alabama from little Aaron Murray.  Hit at the line.  Excuse me, we lost that game because of that.  Read your summary of that game and no mention of Spike It ?  How is that possible sir ?

2007 you discussed as well.  2007 we lost to South Carolina, again.  Again, LSU beat South Carolina 2007.  But, according to you, LSU was lucky and we were not lucky 2007.  South Carolina was a 6-6 team 2007 and did not even play in a bowl game 2007 season.  But, they beat us.  LSU beat South Carolina by two touchdowns.  The vols beat us 2007 in a yet again a Blow-Out for the ages 14-35.  They beat us to a pulp by 3 Touchdowns. LSU ?  Of course, LSU beat Tennessee 2007.  The vols were a should’ve been 5-loss team 2007.  But, we under-achieved.  To hear your rendition of 2007, no one would ever suspect that LSU in fact beat both the teams we lost to 2007.  LSU 2007 ?

2007 LSU beat # 9 Virginia Tech, beat South Carolina whom we lost to, beat # 16 Coaches’ Poll 2007 Florida, beat # 15 Auburn, beat Alabama who at time of game was # 17 AP Poll, beat the vols whom we lost to, and beat # 1 Ohio State by two touchdowns.  Us 2007 better than LSU, and more deserving ?

I am sorry sir, but that is just plain old B.S. isn’t it ?

2013 we’re up to now and you concede 2013 now we did under-achieve.  You think ?  We lost to Clemson, Missouri, Auburn, Nebraska and oh by the way we lost to Vandie as well 2013.  Under-achiever 2013.  Well, you got that one right.

5 losses 2013 and your summary of 2013 is that well we under-achieved 2013.  What was your 1st clue ?

2014 is not an under-achiever according to you.  How ?  On what planet ?  We played Nebraska to begin the 2014 year and lost to a unranked Nebraska team 2014 in the January 2014 bowl game.  Nebraska was not ranked in either poll time of game, and after they beat us, they STILL DID NOT MAKE THE AP POLL.  What does that tell you ?  Under-achiever 2014 for us or Nebraska ?  Then, with that back-drop all off-season, we go to South Carolina and lose to Steve Spurrier.  A South Carolina team 2014 who not only does not make the AP Poll Top 25 for 2014 season, but does not make the Coaches’ Poll either.  But, they beat us.  No discussion by you other than we did not under-achieve 2014 season; but again after the game Mark Richt again admitted if he had it to do all over again, he’d pound it with Todd Gurley II on 1st and goal from the 4-yard line after interception, losing by 3.  B.S. 2014 was not under-achieving year.  We had that game.  We snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

If that was not bad enough, then we go down 2014 to JAX and play should’ve been 6-Loss Florida, another unranked team we lost to 2014.  And, we get blown-out of the water.  Florida out-scored us by 3 touchdowns.  Unranked Florida.  They had lost you might recall before we got in our vehicle to head down there losers of 10 of their previous 13 games.  But, they beat us to a pulp.  Recurring theme ?  Under-achiever ?  Us or Florida ?  Florida fired their coach anyway the week after he beat us.

Then, to add insult to injury 2014, we are playing at Sanford Stadium against a team who averages # 52 recruiting rankings to our # 9 and we lose to them.  Mark Richt again afterwards admitting on review, he should have kicked-off deep.

Just to set the record straight, if you allow a guy to write once a week and have his say to your comment that in fact for the latest 7-year period here at UGA that we are not under-achievers with our # 9 average recruiting rank, just unlucky.


If ever there ever was or ever will be a team who averages the # 9 recruiting ranking as we every year – all this talent – who has so under-achieved after 2007 with all this talent and who in fact has beat only 54 % of the teams that even went to a bowl game the entire period after 2007, it is us. Sir. With all due respect.


Unlucky.  What a load of bullshit.


Not under-achievers averaging # 9 recruiting class and beat only 54 % of teams even going to a damn bowl game after 2007 through to-date ?




Full of shit.




The Georgia football program has been tagged as an underachieving one by both local fans and the national media, but is it truly a fair assessment?” Michael Collins Dawn of the Dawg wrote 2 hours’ ago now.





ImYourHuckleberry Posted 21 hours ago “4 losses a season, is that acceptable? No”

“4 losses a season, is that acceptable? No”
Of course, it’s actually seven years now, and it’s not averaging 4 losses per season but MORE than 4 losses a year for 7 years and counting.
Or, to quote Todd Gurley II during the disappointing season last year, he’s sick and tired of losing and being mediocre.
64-29 over latest current 7-year period.  More than 4 losses a year.

” We (mostly) agree that we need to win more games, not lose to lesser teams, and have better winning % especially in the years since 2007. ” SCDawg

” We (mostly) agree that we need to win more games, not lose to lesser teams, and have better winning % especially in the years since 2007.  ”


We do ?


Or, we feel that there is nothing wrong under the sun with our program right now ?  That we are doing great ?


Which is it ?


Censoring opinions of fact because you do not like the facts is certainly not going to fix the issues.


The issues are plain.  They are clear.  We, as fans, send the message to the coaches and players that they are great.


Then, after 2007 these are not on Mark Richt’s To-Do List ?  Seriously ?


(1)  not have only 72 remaining of 118 signed who with redshirt would’ve played last game.  How do you fix that ?  Well, you fix that by teaching the players to obey the rules.  Conflicting messages that we love them, when we kick them off the team, is not teaching them to obey the rules.  The head coach is sending mixed messages to the players.  There is no excuse for giving Mark Richt all the credit for signing these 118 recruits who with redshirt play in the last game, to have only 72.

You get that, or you got something else to say about my mama ?

It has nothing to do with my mama and every thing to do with the lax discipline (teaching to obey the rules) followed by harsh punishment (which is not discipline.)


(2) not lose so many games against bowl teams after 2007 that our win % against them is only 54 %


We are unprepared for many games after 2007.  We have the superior talent and are lax about our preparation.  We take opponents lightly – teams we should be beating.  We make bullshit in-game decisions such as wasted time-outs, not calling time-outs, not trying to use all the clock we can use to score against teams who consider us their # 1 Rival.  We do this all the time.  No one discusses it.  No one suggests it’s an issue that we have poor clock management all the time.  No one wants to discuss it.  Just tell everyone we’re # 11 all-time in 1-A wins; and, that we recruit 2nd best nationally; and brag about what Mark Richt did 8 to 14 seasons’ ago, instead of saying what it is we’re in fact doing after 2007.  We lost to 3 teams this last season who we should never have lost to.  Shall we discuss the in game decisions by a coach 14 seasons now our head coach ?  1st goal 4-yard line and Hutson Mason who should never have been our Starting QB 2014 tries to throw a pass, when he is incapable of throwing the ball 14-yards down field out of the end zone.  Mark Richt said he was wrong.  Yes, he was.  All our players told the press we took a team who considers us their # 1 Rival and whom Mark Richt is 5-9 against, lightly.  Mark Richt told the press to tell his players to shut-up.  You are ahead against another team who considers us their # 1 Rival by 3 points with 13 ticks remaining.  What do you do, squib kick ?  Mark Richt said he was wrong.  Yes, he was.  We cannot beat our way out of a wet paper bag, and it’s damn frustrating reading blogs tell us how freaking great we are.  We’re anything but.  We’ve been anything but after 2007 with a 54 % win percentage over bowl teams after 2007.


Did you get that damn it ?

You knew we’re 54 % win percentage against bowl teams after 2007 ?

You got some bullshit you want to put on ME for saying it out loud ?

I am freaking tired of it.

You seem totally satisfied with it.

(3) not have 29 losses the latest 7-year period, an average of more than 4 losses a season.  You want a way where we can stop losing more than 4 games a season on the average after 2007 ?  Hire a damn football coach who gives a shit.


And, quit telling him he’s friqin’ great.


He was when he 1st got here.  He hasn’t been after 2007.


(4) not have so many games lost against less-talented teams who even with their win are unranked teams, 10 such after 2007 and 2 of those again in 2014.  You want a solution to that from me ?  This is my problem that I point it out to everyone ?  Or, this is Mark Richt’s problem on his To-Do List ?


Which is it ?


You tell me ?


We’re not ready to play.  We have 72 remaining to even suit-up of 118 signed to suit-up the latest game.  This is a serious grievous issue that is pervasive across Mark Richt’s program after 2007.  You cannot play winning football when you are not on the field. Credit is given to Mark Richt every February for signing all these guys.  He’s had 82 NFL draft picks, and more 2015.  Only Southern California has more.  He’s had the average # 9 Scout.com recruiting ranking.  Again, only Southern California has done better.  We have plenty of talent and give Mark Richt the credit for signing them here.  That is only half the battle.  Once here, he has to coach them.  Coaching is defined as getting more with less : Here, we get less with more.  Georgie tek averages # 52 recruiting ranking and they beat the average # 9 recruits.  Now, their coach does not have a losing record against us at Sanford.  Mark Richt’s roster management is the worst in the nation.  He has the 2nd best talent and # 21 in won/lost record after 2007.  That’s not my issue.  That’s not my problem.  That is Mark Richt’s won/lost record which is not some damn stat but his won/lost record.  Get off my back, and put the pressure where you say the pressure belongs.  Not on me, but on Mark Richt.


Get with the program.

(5) not be 2-13 vs teams ranked AP Poll Top 10 for the seasons after 2007.  We not only lose to lousy unranked under talented teams but we cannot compete with the top teams, either.


Get over yourself that you have made some freaking point to me about this, when this should be discussed openly by us, as it is by our opponents.  If we’re unprepared for a team who lost 11 of their most recent 13 games who calls us their # 1 Rival and who Mark Richt is 5-9 against, then what the friq do you expect of the same coach against the top teams ?


His record after 2007 speaks for itself.


(6) not be 11-23 vs teams ranked for the seasons after 2007.  This is a deceiving record as it is because if you play a 1-AA FCS team, that game does not count.  Unless you lose.  So all these games we lose to unranked teams has to be ADDED to this record of 34 teams, 23 of whom we’ve lost to who are simply ranked in either the AP or Coaches’ Polls for the seasons after 2007.  He really therefore has played 44 games after 2007 leaving his wins in only 11 of the 44 games against ranked teams in either the AP or Coaches’ Polls for these latest 7 seasons after 2007 because he’s lost to 10 unranked teams after 2007.


Do not be sitting there asking me what to do to fix all this.


That is not my job.


It’s also not my job to be winning all these games you say SCDawg Mark Richt should be winning and isn’t at the rate you say he should be winning.


I am not paid $ 4 million dollars a season to be our head coach.  He’s not supposed to be losing all these games, and you damn well know it.


Cease with your bullshit to me about his friqin’ losses.


I call it like it is.


I get it out in the open.


I know the recruits know it.  I read Todd Gurley II say that he is sick and tired of losing and being mediocre.  I read Chris Conley say the same.  I read our players say this all the time.  The recruits know it.  I am not hurting recruiting by bringing it out in the open.  We do not beat the teams we are supposed to beat, do not compete with the top teams, and overall lose over 4 games a season after 2007.


If this is acceptable to you, then, kiss my ass – that is not what you said.  Instead, you’ve put the onus on me to explain to you what you say is unacceptable.  I do not believe you believe it’s unacceptable.  Otherwise, you would say : Yes, sir – Mark Richt has done a poor job of it after 2007 and I agree with you Thomas Brown, sir !  He needs to step up his game getting more with less, instead of less with more.  And, honestly, I did not know that Mark Richt has been this anemic against bowl teams after 2007 that his win percentage is only 54 %.  If it’s not acceptable that our win percentage after 2007 against bowl teams is only 54 % then stand-up and say it.  And, do not blame me for his failures on and off the field to have his team prepared, to have his players he should be having play, in fact play.  And do not blame me for his head coaching decisions.  During these 14 seasons before this one, he has lost every year to teams he should have never lost to.  It costs us dearly every year.  He does a poor job, as you say, especially after 2007, SCDawg, sir.


(7) not be 57 % win percentage in bowl games after 2007.  Mark Richt’s record away from Sanford after 2007 sucks.  Overall, away and at home he once, had a 81 % win percentage.  Now, after 2007, he’s 68 % win percentage, overall. He once was great against teams who that season made the AP Poll or Coaches’ Poll Top 25.  Now, after 2007, he won twice only.  We have had 49 games not at Sanford and lost 21.  The games we’ve won, have been against cupcakes – except for 2 wins out of 49 games not at Sanford after 2007 !   It’s unacceptable and damn embarrassing to read hogwash excuses for it every year by the DISNEYdawgs.com fans of our program who actually truthfully believe he is doing well.  No.  No, he’s not.  We do not beat the top teams away from Sanford, and only because he was extremely frustrated as all of us were with 2014, did he even try to win this bowl game.  A trophy for everyone has been his mantra.  Mark Richt does not give a shit about winning.  He actually  believes his calling is to be preacher man.  He actually has conflicting mixed messages about players who brought us so much bad press all 2014 that he told them each he loved them.  What the F is that ?  His calling is to be our head football coach at the rate of $ 4 million a year.


We do NOT have something more important that we adhere to here at Georgia than winning, as Mark Richt told us 2014.



And, you know what I love more than that ?  Reading DISNEYdawgs.com tell me about my mama when my post is quite plain exactly in fact what we are doing nowadays after 2007.


Can you imagine what this off-season would be like right now had he lost this last bowl game, as he did 3 of the previous 4 bowl games ?  I wrote on my blog where I get to have my damn say unabated, just as I give you here, the Absolute Right to have your say sir, that he took the sour taste out of our mouth for 2014.  A season of what could’ve been.  But, wasn’t because once again he lost to 3 teams who were far less-talented but better coached against us than we offered-up against them.  In each case, Mark Richt discussed the single issue in each game that cost us the game.  In 2 of the 3, he admitted he was wrong.  In the 3rd loss to Florida who beat the shit out of us, he told the players who ran to the press telling everyone we took them lightly to shut the hell up.


That’s what you really want from me.


To shut the hell up.


Bury our heads in the damn sand.


Good Luck with that !


(8) not be 4-21 against teams higher ranked than us in the AP or Coaches’ Polls for the years after 2007.

” We (mostly) agree that we need to win more games, not lose to lesser teams, and have better winning % especially in the years since 2007.  ”     SCDawg


We do ?


Or, you do not want to hear about it ?



Bluto’s Mark Richt’s To-Do List is bullshit (aka Senator Freaking Bluto) GET THE PICTURE ? I think not !


There is something here besides winning that’s important ?  Or we need more clear precise goals as our To-Do List – not bullshit ?  Which is it ?  Our goal is to quit losing for 7 years now more than 4 losses a season average ?  How do we teach them to obey the rules not punish them harshly as if that is teaching them to obey the rules ?  You’re clueless and more to the point purposely painting Mark Richt as not responsible for that which only he is responsible. He runs a lax ship and only punishes harshly.  He doesn’t know how to tell them to obey the rules.

Get the Picture says Mark Richt’s To Do List is to score more touchdowns in the red zone when Bluto says that surprises him !  And, not do anything about all the arrests/suspensions/kicked-off that led to having only 72 suit up for the latest game of the 118 he signed who with redshirt would’ve been playing instead.  And nothing to do with our abysmal 54 % win percentage against bowl teams the entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era – after 2007.


Nothing on Bluto’s Mark Richt To-Do List for 2015 about not losing to unranked teams as he’s done 10 times after 2007.  Nothing on Bluto’s Mark Richt To-Do List for 2015 about him being # 50 in the nation at beating top 15 teams time of game after 2007 when we are all-time the # 11 program in wins.  How can this be that THESE are NOT on Mark Richt’s To-Do List pray tell ?


Well punks how ?


Mark Richt needs to fix this shit.  What is the fix for this shit ?  Obviously I am saying it is Mark Richt.  Aren’t I ?  Are you that God Damn Stupid that you can’t see I am saying that the fix to this crap is that Mark Richt just has to go  –  this God Damn Friqin’ Hero of yours- not mine ?


You do not fool me that you do not see this is what I am saying.


You are just acting stupid.


And, because you DO NOT WANT TO DISCUSS THE ISSUES I am bringing up about your freaking hero and not mine.  Why ?  Because you know I am right if you did discuss any 1 of these individual points I make that you would agree with me.  You do not know these points.  If you did you would TALK ABOUT THEM as items Mark Richt needs to fix.


You do NOT know them.


They are NOT insignificant or meaningless.


They are ALL instead his win/loss record after 2007.


You know ?


Against top 15 teams after 2007 us # 11 all-time in wins.


Against unranked teams after 2007.


You know ?


With his average # 8 recruiting rankings.


Against teams who even go to a bowl game the season he plays them after 2007.


You know ?


The ones he likely as not loses to when they are bowl teams after 2007.


Quit telling me how great he was 2001-2007.  We all rooted for him then me included no matter how you try to paint me TODAY on that way back then 8 to 14 years’ ago.


He has LOST IT.


Against ALL these groups.


It’s not a mini-record.


It’s what he’s doing NOW – these latest 7 years making up the entire 2nd half his career here.

Quit ignoring the point.


The more you do, the more you cement MY POINTS in everyone’s mind.


Surely by now you know you are LOSING this argument and me winning it, don’t you ?


Sure you do.



These are his real To-Do List items not that he needs to JUST ONLY score more TD in the red zone.


So why is it then that NONE of you can discuss what the issues are ?


Because I do not say it in a fashion in which you can look at a sentence and say you could re-word it better ?  So could I.  So what ?  That is not what this is about and your stupid attempts to IGNORE all the facts or act like you knew them all anyway when you did not, just leaves me making my point and leaves me making my point which you make yourself out the village idiot for not addressing.


My points are here.


You attempting to avoid my points leaves ONLY ME MAKING MY POINTS of what should have been on Bluto’s To-Do List for Mark Richt for 2015 and did not.


Doesn’t it ?


Well punks ?


You’re just all a God Damn Bunch of NOTHING BUT INTERNET BULLIES the freaking lot of you.


These pervasive issues about Mark Richt are going to cost him his job.


I will see to it.


You want to stop me seeing to it.


This is where we are.


You are going to lose.

You IGNORE me at your own risk because I am making these points about him as coach and don’t give a shit if he is a fine man.  Nothing on Bluto’s Mark Richt To-Do List for 2015 about teams who play in a bowl game the season he plays them which he is after 2007 likely as not to lose by the way.  Nothing about getting the ever-living shit kicked out of him after 2007 every year by more than 3 TD when he never did that 2001-2007 either.  Just that I can NOT say this on his blog, you can say the problem is my English or my mother and TRY TO IGNORE these points I DO BY GOD MAKE, and that he ONLY THINKS THE ONLY ISSUE is instead his bullshit Mark Richt To-Do List for 2015 that we have to do better in the red zone scoring TD.  Yeah, that’s the point.  He’s a dumbass for even attempting to say that and does not have the balls to hear me take him to task on same on his blog where I made him look like shit so he banned me at your request because YOU ALL – as a group there – think we have some other goal besides winning here.  We don’t.  You can’t.  You’re wrong.  He’s shallow and off-point and he is wrong that Mark Richt only needs to score more TD in the red zone.  It is a LOT more pervasive across our football program than that shallow bullshit analysis and if Bluto and his minions don’t wake-up he will be FIRED for what I have been saying after 2007 about him.  He could have looked at ANY of my posts to know what Mark Richt’s To-Do List IS for 2015.  Any of them.  You can read my points quite clearly.  You just want to act stupid that you can’t.  Sure you can.  You do NOT LIKE WHAT I SAY not how I say it.  You can ALL stick it up your assholes.  I will make my point. I do make my point and you have NO POINT.


Whether you like it or not I am changing the court of public opinion about what a fine man Mark Richt is.  He is a fine man and shitty coach after 2007.  Wake-up.  You have FAILED to shut me up and I am WINNING.  That is what bothers you.

Bluto is the character’s name in the movie – not any damn freaking senator.  He showed-up online a few years’ back now in the Online Athens’ forum crying for censorship then, too.  Today, he writes a Mark Richt’s To-Do List.  Ah, bullshit Bluto is all I can say to such utter nonsense, Bluto !

(1) Mark Richt is # 21 in Won/Record after 2007 – the entire 2nd Half of Mark Richt era



Teams such as Florida, Southern California and Nebraska who have been abysmal, are all better than Mark Richt these latest 7 years now to-date.


And, Bluto says that Mark Richt’s To-Do List is scoring better when we are down there ready to score and that ” given how solid Georgia’s offense was running the ball ” that surprises him.  Dimwit.  Dumbass.


How about beating teams we should not be losing to, you freaking dumbass Bluto ?


Wouldn’t that be up there on the Mark Richt To-Do List ?


He’s 5-9 vs Florida, and let yet another underwhelming Florida team beat him.

He lost to Georgie tek to give their coach now not even a losing record against us at our house.

(2) He made a quarterback our Starting Quarterback who lost to 3 unranked teams and to lowlife # 52 average recruiting ranking Georgie tek – 4 inexplicable losses.


But, when we get down there ready to score, we should do better Bluto surmises – bless his heart – despite our awesome OL and running game.


How about our damned Quarterback # 88 in Passing Offense Bluto dumbshit ?  Nothing about that, either ?  If we had a passing game, we would have really racked-up down there in the red zone scoring touchdowns.


(3) Instead, we’re # 88 in Passing Offense nationally.




And, # 67 in Passing Yards per completion.  If Mike Bobo had not taken that demotion to way out there in the snow with a program who has a losing record all-time, Mark Richt would have never done anything about his offense which Bluto says is anemic inside the red zone actually scoring as Mark Richt’s To-Do List.

(4) Now that Penn State has been restored to its previous win total which the NCAA took away from them in 2012 and added back last week, UGA is now outside the Top 10 All-Time in Wins again back to # 11 All-Time.





Instead, Mark Richt has 29 Losses after 2007, an average of MORE than 4 losses per season for these 7 latest current seasons.


But, Bluto says that in the red zone, Mark Richt should score touchdowns more frequently.


God Almighty Bluto !   What a dumbass liar you are to not discuss what we’ve been doing these latest 7 years and the reasons for it, which are by the way the attrition on our roster.


In the latest football game, we had only 72 of the 118 signed scholarship recruits who with a redshirt season would’ve been playing this game.  None were drafted early by the NFL in the 2014 NFL Draft.


The attrition has been so damn devastating that teams who recruited nowhere near us have dominated us.  How do you explain away Florida’s win over us this season or South Carolina either for that matter ?  Georgie tek was supposed to beat us with their recruiting so sorry compared to our talent ?  No !


But, Bluto says nothing about this either, just that when we’re down there we need to score more touchdowns.


(5) Mark Richt’s To-Do List is quite a bit different from the bullshit presented by Bluto this day, I can assure the dumbass.


He has not won a national championship yet the coaches who have won these 15 years now average only 3 and a half years at the school before they won one.


Mark Richt has 2002 when unranked Florida of Ron Zook mind you held him to -0- of 13 on 3rd Down Conversions, a hapless Florida team.  And, Mark Richt has 2007 when not only did the vols blow us out but that we also lost 2007 to 6-6 South Carolina who did not even go to a damned bowl game.  Of course, there is 2012 when South Carolina beat us like a drum 35 to 7.  And, 2012 we have that wondrous do not spike the ball by Mark Richt as well !  These are the high water marks for Mark Richt.  The best of the best.  Mark Richt just has bad luck ?  Bullshit, he sucks and you know it.

Bad Luck, my Ass !

And, so he censors posts to “his blog” and calls me out saying I am not a fan of The Georgia Bulldogs.


Hogwash, he isn’t and never has been.


I’ve known this twit Bluto for 15 years now online.  He does not want the countering viewpoint and for smoke and mirrors, he shall reply to this reply to his bullshit post of Mark Richt’s To-Do List with there is something wrong with me !  No, his post sucks and even he Bluto senator of nothing, would readily admit that my discussion here is far more hitting the nail on the head for Mark Richt’s To-Do List !  Don’t you Bluto ?  Facebook says you have to know the person face-to-face.  I think not.  We all have many dealings with folks whom we speak with every day, and whom we send back and forth e-mails all the time to transact our business, and none of these are our friends ?  Bullshit Facebook.  Bullshit.  We do not “KNOW” these people ?  Ridiculous proposition. Bluto is a guy who is into censorship and into power and authority – wanting to tell everyone else how to live their lives – he having so screwed-up his own.  Daily in every blog post, Bluto, has come-on titles designed to get you to click the URL Link to see just what the hell it is his blog is about that day.


What is Bluto’s blog about ?


Well, # 1 it is a Mark Richt Apologist blog.  If that is not obvious.


And, # 2 it is a blog about anything but that which are our woes, anything but that which are our bucket list.  Afraid to bring it out in the open, and unwilling to discuss the real issues you get red herrings instead.


Bluto spends his days reading a blog such as this one here with meat in it, and then he “WRITES” a blog about it, putting it down and saying how worthless the blog’s point is.  He oozes censorship and unfair play, that he can say whatever the Hell he wants to say but Heavens Above, do not allow the altering viewpoint.


That is Bluto – the one you call senator when the character was called Bluto the entire movie.


(6) NEVER does Bluto have a point of his own.  Never !  Always just steal someone else’s idea and present it as his own blog post of the day with inane discussion of the point of the actual point-making blog post.


# 63 in Sacks by our Defense and Bluto tells you to your glee drink the damn Kool-Aid that we have all these mighty pass rushers returning to our team 2015.   We do not sack opposing quarterbacks, now do we Bluto ?  Why say that bullshit either then bubba Bluto ?






Come-on titles to stolen point-making blog posts where you throw your 2 cents worth in, all how great Mark Richt.




No, he isn’t.


Is he ?


He was when he 1st got here, but what he did 8 to 14 seasons’ ago has little resemblance to what he’s been doing since, now does it ?




After 2007, Mark Richt has 29 losses latest 7 years averaging over 4 losses a season 2nd Half CMR era.




Find that on Bluto’s blog and report back please ?


Find that on Bluto’s To-Do List for Mark Richt this morning ?


I’ll wait.


2-13 vs teams ranked AP Poll Top 10 for the seasons 2008 to current :




And, that is not on Mark Richt’s To-Do List Bluto ?


Hogwash bullshit freaking moron !


11-23 vs teams ranked for the seasons 2008 to current :




Add in to that that he has also lost to 10 unranked teams in this timeframe and you have a horrid situation requiring it to be up there at the top of Mark Richt’s To-Do List, you dumbass !


Right ?


Think just maybe you failed to hit the nail on the head ?


Again ?


As always ?


Only 2012 blown out by South Carolina and then the don’t spike it in front of me, and this past season when we lost to 3 far less talented teams has Mark Richt made the AP Poll Top 10 after 2007, clearly our goal as a program # 11 All-Time in Wins.  But, no that’s not listed – or, even hinted as a To-Do List action item for Mark Richt !




Mark Richt was 81 % Win Percentage but now these latest 7 years making up the entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt Era, he’s only 68 % win percentage.


Is this perhaps maybe on Bluto’s To-Do List for Mark Richt ?  Hell freaking no.  It’s too obvious how lousy this blog post by Bluto !




Bluto misses the damn point right down the line, doesn’t he ?


He’s afraid to have the real topics discussed.


So, he leaves himself wide friqin’ open to a proper rebuttal to his utter nonsensical Mark Richt To-List blog post, doesn’t he ?


Well Bluto ?


What smartass reply have you to offer-up in defense of such bullshit man has never witnessed in the history of histories that your Mark Richt To-Do List is a worthy discussion of same ?


What response of how great you are and how that of not a fan of this football program I ?




Mark Richt is 65 % win percentage away from Sanford after 2007 to-date and no To-Do List discussion by you sir ?  Seriously ?

54 % win percentage vs Bowl Teams after 2007 to-date and not worthy on your To-Do List ?  Come on you bullshit artist of no substance and just censorship how great you are and your friqin’ To-Do List for Mark Richt !


57 % win percentage bowl game after 2007 and again no mention.  Why is that Bluto ?  You that stupid ?


Vs Higher YrRnk Tms: 25-(26.9%)-(4-21-0)–0.160 after 2007 to-date




4 wins 21 losses to teams after 2007 to-date who are higher ranked in either the AP or Coaches’ Polls for these latest 7 seasons making up the entire 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era, and Bluto says this is not worthy of discussion on his blog post of that which is in his humble opinion the Mark Richt To-Do List.



Hear a lot about our overzealous drug policy, how bad our admin is, how indoor practice facility only 1 other SEC does not have, and the great recruits coming-in next, new coaches – hear a lot about all of these

They are the same posters who say our 29 losses the most recent 7 years is not all that bad, too.

They are the 1st posters who call for censorship.

They say that other teams tell our recruits about all this.

Oh, boo-hoo.

Do you really think the recruits do not know all this ?

That it was a long long long long long long long time ago that we were considered elite.

They say we were great 2012, 2007 and 2002.

2002 we lost for God’s sake to a team not ranked who held us to zero for 13 on 3rd Down Conversions.  Mark Richt was not jobbed 2002.  He wasn’t ready to play a team who calls us their # 1 Rival.  He is 5-9 against them.  That was Ron Zook for crying out loud.


2007, we lost to 2 more such teams.  One South Carolina for example was 6-6 and not even in a damn bowl game, but we lost to them.  The vols blew us out of the water – destroyed us.

2012 we lost to South Carolina 7 to 35.  Convenient how you forget all this, isn’t it ?  I am sure you even have an excuse for Aaron Murray asking Mark Richt 3 times should he spike it ?  Oh, yeah, I just love me 2012.  Such bullshit.

Hear a lot about our overzealous drug policy, how bad our admin is, how indoor practice facility only 1 other SEC does not have, and the great recruits coming-in next, new coaches – hear a lot about all of these.

Know what you do not hear a lot about ?


That we’re # 21 in won/lost record the most current latest most-recent 7-year period.


No one discusses that.




The 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.


They also do not talk about all the arrests/suspensions/kicked-off – except to whine about our written drug policy which is only different in 1st offenses from everyone else’s.


Our drug issues have been repeated violators who would have met the same fate at every other school by their policies.


They act like the police cover-up stuff about other teams’ issues, but we’ve covered-up as well.  Haven’t we ?


Do you remember our police chief press interview about Nick Marshall et al ?  He told us all that no one contacted the police.  That there was over $ 500 stolen in cash from the locker room.  That makes that a felony.  Police never notified.


We have a ton a damn excuses for 29 losses.

It takes a lot of excuses to cover-up for 29 losses.

10 of the 29 are to teams who either were not ranked at time of the game or for the season, or both.  That just the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era.

Remember when he used to win away from Sanford ?

Not so now, is it ?

We have a horrendous record away from Sanford nowadays against teams ranked for the seasons we lost to them in away.


Has talent been the issue here ?


No, it hasn’t been.  We’ve had plenty of talent.  Take South Carolina, Nebraska, Florida and Georgie tek – the latest 4 losses (by Hutson Mason), all 4 of those losses were to far less talented teams.

Was talent any issue in these most recent 4 losses ?

Averaging over 4 losses per season for 7  seasons now.

No.  Talent was here, but the coaching was not.

Do we need to expand our stadium ?  Sure we do.  Been many years since we talked about making it into a bowl with a view of Baxter Street dorms over the bridge.  Nothing has happened.

Whined about IPF.  Nothing done there either, yet even Vandie has a 120-yard field with a 6-lane track outside that 180,000 square feet – for all sports.

Now only 1 other SEC team does not have one.


But, we still have 29 damned losses the latest 7 years.

It’s all this bad press.

No. Not me.  I am not angry and upset.  You are complacent while I am not satisfied in the least bit with any of this.

We’re Top 10 All-Time in 1-A wins as a Program.

We find only 3 other states produce more high school recruits who go on to the NFL than we do.

Talent, ladies and gentlemen is not going to fix any of this.  Is it ?

The class coming-in will end up # 8.  It’s always like that.  That’s good recruiting.  Coaching ?  Not so good.

So wait until new OL and new OC get on same page as 2nd year DC.

Wait until we get a Special Teams’ coach.

Wait until Hell freaking freezes over.

The issues remain the same.

Yes, the AD is weak.  Yes, he has a horrendous record in football on his watch.

For the talent handed this coach, he is the dead last worst coach in all of America.

He fails to teach the boys to obey the rules.

He fails to prepare for the easy opponents who are lesser than we.

He fails against the top teams.

He fails to win and loses too many.

He doesn’t care.


Do I want us to go undefeated every year ?

What kind of hogwash is that ?

More of the make excuses crowd.

More of the you settle for nothingness – mediocrity.


Do you realize we have 6 wins out of the last 22 games away from Sanford against teams ranked for that season we beat them or not ?



Then, why do you brag about his away record ?


He sucks on the road against the top teams.

He sucks at teaching them to obey the rules.

He frankly sucks at hiring a coaching staff and I told him this 10 years ago that he was costing us with his sorry staffs.

Now, he has a good staff.

Will this change anything ?

I know this that he is still the head coach and still makes these decisions such as Joe Cox Starting QB over Zach Mettenberger NFL QB, Joe Tereshinski III Starting QB over Matthew Stafford NFL QB, and Hutson Mason over Jacob Park and Brice Ramsey – both of who also are NFL QB.

He still will not teach them to obey the rules.

We will brag on the recruiting class.

They will come here and be no different because they in fact are no better and no worse than the ones already handed this coach.

We have top facilities (other than Gym and IPF.)

We have fan support unmatched in any sport anywhere.

None of the football schools up where we are in football come close to the education at my alma mater here at UGA.

We’re in the Sun Belt – the Bible Belt.  Everyone wants to be here.

We have 7 million now they count here.  Loads uncounted.

We buy our merchandise.  Everywhere we all wear our Bulldogs’ memorabilia we all buy.  We say Go Dawgs ! to each other as we pass.  Our vehicles are clearly UGA vehicles.

Our homes are.

We hang on every news.

We follow year round.

Can’t even talk about the men losing in double overtime or women winning on road against really a pretty good Auburn team, despite making like 14 baskets.


All we think eat and drink is Bulldogs.

All of us.


The truth of the matter is it is all we really care about.

$ 100,000 and counting for me.  That’s just to be able to spend all my monies on our team.


It’s all I talk about.


It’s all any of us talk about.

It’s almost all we think about.


Seriously now we average over 4 losses for 7 years and that’s not that bad really for us ?

Mark Richt had bad luck ?

Other coaches’ teams –  14 others – got lucky and Mark Richt did not ?

Are you a fool ?


Do you really believe when LSU won 7 games against Top 25 teams 2007 that we deserved to be in the NC game and not them with our 2 losses to 2 horrible teams one who blew us out by three (3) touchdowns and the other who was 6-6 and not even in a bowl game ?  Was that bad luck or bad coaching ?


I want an answer to that ?


Do you really believe it was bad luck in 2002 either ?  That a team not even in the Top 25 even with their win over us held us to zero (0) of thirteen (13) on 3rd Down and beat us while 2 teams went undefeated ?  That’s bad luck or bad coaching ?  Damn it answer the freaking question ?


2012 was bad luck ?  Or bad coaching ?  South Carolina beat the ever-living shit out of us 7-35 and then our QB is smart enough to repeat the question in front of me to Mark Richt not once or twice, but 3 times : Spike It ?  Not liking the answer, he kept asking and Mark Richt kept telling him the same, no do not spike it.  You even have the damn balls to still today try on some new excuse for that one.

Squib kick with 3-point miraculous lead with 13 ticks on the clock ?  God Almighty.

1st and goal and Mark Richt says now he would’ve hammered it.  Jesus Christ is all I can say with Todd Gurley II and the crowd all knowing it would be.


Mark Richt makes no excuses for all these myriad of bullshit seasons all because he is a dumbass.


And, you ?


Where do you stand ?


We have only 72 of the 118 signed to play this season who were left and could even play in the latest game.  We have an outstanding large class coming-in ?  Duh.


We over-sign because we have too much attrition.

We stay in the bad press.


Mostly because every off-season YOU  brag on the staff and players and then reality hits averaging more than 4 losses per season for 7 years now.

You are proud to say that you indeed are a DisneyDawgs.com ?

Why don’t you brag some more about what he did 8 to 14 years’ ago now ?  I loved it then too.  That’s not what we have anymore around here nowadays, is it ?


Inexplicable losses


Not all that bad losing more than 4 games a season for 7 seasons now ?

Wait until the latest coach added fixes his won/loss for him  ?

Wait until the next batch of recruits fixes his won/loss for him ?

Wait until he has an IPF ?

Wait until the admin does not have HIS won/loss record as their won/loss record since he took over as his boss ?


He isn’t being paid enough ?


His prayer circle staff was not being paid enough ?  The OL coach at Alabama makes more than our OC ?  That’s the damned freaking problem around here ?


I am fed-up with it.  And, you are not !  It’s his damned religion, if you ask me ?









Brian Schottenheimer loves college football the most, and intends on being head coach at the right place. He’s turned down head coaching jobs in the NFL twice already because they were the wrong place at that time.  His dad is mostly famous in the NFL as a head coach for losing in the play-offs, and winning in the regular season; but Marty played linebacker.  Brian is a quarterback of some note.  He obviously sees the offense run here by Mark Richt, and believes that this will further his advancement – either here as Mark Richt’s replacement, or clearly at least to somewhere else in college as head coach at the right place and right time.  Connections remain the mainstay of this 41-year old.  While his dad is ESPN announcer we see on TV, his dad’s coaching tree is all connections.  His dad is only 71, so he was 30 when Brian was born.

Brian has seen it all both as a quarterback playing the game, and coaching including college and NFL.

He knows everyone.  His choices under him here will be future great coaches in their own rights.  Maybe better than Brian.  The book is not complete on Brian yet; but his lineage bodes well for his bright future in his prime now.

Jacob Park, Brice Ramsey, and Faton Bauta should do very well transitioning easily to the new OC, and this is now the 4th very good hire by Mark Richt.  Mark Richt is so tenured now that he is developing his own connections now because he is such a likable guy.

Mark Richt has surrounded himself with only those who recruit well.  Schottenheimer is another.  Future Quarterback recruits after 2015 season will see this as a huge big plus, while his success at offensive coordinator is solid and not spectacular.  He could use a spectacular but frankly you can seldom be head coach in college without being Offensive Coordinator.

Head Coach Brian Schottenheimer is around the corner now.

All-America Nick Chubb 2015, Sony Michel, and the stable of running backs 2015, are what brought Schottenheimer here.  That and the veteran 4-Starters Returning Offensive Line along with the great situation at both Tight Ends and Wide Receivers.

There is no question that he gets a jump-start being here January 7 with a month before Signing Day although many of our top targets are now already enrolled.  They all have to be thrilled.

I know I am.

There were times when Mike Bobo just did not get it.

He left me frustrated.

He made some nice calls, but too frequently left too much on the table, seemingly not understanding the objective was actually converting on 3rd downs – something he was particularly inept at – despite all the talent handed him.

This could not be a better position for Brian to be in.  It is a perfect fit.  It would be interesting to hear who called Mark for him ?

We should hire a lot more from the NFL at UGA.

The NFL is a different game than college and not as much fun.

And, this is where the water hits the wheel – not to be confused with the senior circuit’s huge success as the top fan-based sport worldwide.

If you are blinders on about the NFL, then you never do anything but look down at college football.  But, I have to share with you as a long-suffering Falcons’ fan and fan of other NFL teams before the Falcons got here in my youth, that there is something about the grind of the NFL that leaves you wanting something more, something better – something more exciting than being caught-up in the daily grind of the middling NFL clubs.

There is only 1 Super Bowl Champion.  Anything else, as Marty Schottenheimer attests, is really just going through the motions.  The money in the NFL is really little difference from that Brian can get in college.  He’s done both – back and forth.  This is what he prefers.

Me too.

In the NFL, if your team has poor draft picks, you might have no running back, no OL, and no defense.  How much fun is that ?  You get top picks each year, but that takes a long time.  Ask Detroit.

In college, if you hire-on to a place that has running backs, quarterbacks, receivers, tight ends, OL, and lots of pieces on defense, along with a solid kicking game, you can make a name for yourself and achieve your ambitions.  Brian’s are to be college head coach.

How good a college head coach will Brian be ?

You have to surround yourself with connections and have in-fact a real staff.

For far too long here, Mark Richt did anything but.

That not only has resulted in not only consistently losing to mediocre teams with far less talent than he, but also recently – if 7 latest years is recently – this has also manifested itself with the utter lack of wins against top teams away from Sanford.

For the talent he has, he has to have this kind of a staff that he has now.

Not a prayer circle.

I think Brian knows a quarterback when he sees one.

# 58 on 3rd Down Conversions with all this talent

# 88 in Passing Offense

left us with 3 losses to far-less talented teams 2014-2015.




We could not continue with such a poorly-conceived offense – not with all this wasted talent on it.  Mike Bobo is at a bad place at the wrong time, a move Brian would never make.  Bobo gave-up a better job to take a demotion, while Brian is at the right place at the right time and has a far brighter future directly as a result.  Will Brian move on ?  Yes, but he might be back too.  In the meantime, we are a better football team this morning than we were at # 58 on 3rd Down Conversions because of our # 88 Passing Offense.  I expect Brian to decide which quarterbacks to play and when.  He backed-up Danny Wuerffel which means he saw good action for Steve Spurrier, and that is what I fully expect of him while he’s here, too.  Obviously.

I predict that Brian Schottenheimer will be the Offensive Coordinator of the Year, and that our Rivals hate that we have someone who knows which type of play to call based on down and distance for a damn change.


This is a fine staff Mark Richt has and he has great talent, lacking nowhere 2015.


Of course, if Mark Richt CONTINUES to make all the decisions herein listed as Brian Schottenheimer’s choices instead, you will blame Mark Richt for making the wrong hire !  And, say that he hasn’t done well as OC anywhere he’s ever been, as I say here too.  Mark Richt is so stubborn !

SEC East goes undefeated 5-0 in bowl games 2014-2015 Bowl Season, led by UGA’s victory over Louisville while we have 29 losses latest 7 years # 21 latest 7 years for us



Georgia beat # 21 Louisville who won at Notre Dame who beat LSU Music City Bowl

Florida beat East Carolina who beat Virginia Tech when they were # 17

South Carolina beat supposedly rebuilt Miami of Florida leaving ACC 4-7 in bowl games

Missouri beat Big 10 Minnesota in the re-named Citrus bowl

Tennessee beat Iowa who lost by 2 points to Wisconsin 24-26 who beat Auburn Outback Bowl by 3

 5-0 SEC East Bowl Games this season

The only conference who won more bowl games than The SEC East alone was the Pac-12 who has 6 bowl wins this season, and they had 2 losses !


Ole Miss got blown-out in Peach Bowl by 5 TD and 2 FG

Alabama defense blistered for 42 points in Sugar Bowl by team 12 previous bowls vs SEC never won

Miss St lost by 15 to Georgie tek in Orange Bowl for their 1st Major Bowl win after 1955

LSU lost to Notre Dame who still even after the win does not have a winning bowl record, even.

Auburn lost to Wisconsin in Music City bowl.

2-5 SEC West in Bowl games this season.

Only Texas A&M and Arkansas of SEC West even won their bowl games, while Georgia and Missouri beat Arkansas and while Missouri beat Texas A&M as well.


The mystique of the SEC West is shattered.  In fact, they have collectively shamed the entire SEC with their bowl performances this season, now over.


The SEC’s 7 Bowl Wins this season tops all conferences, thanks to The SEC East !


Hell, Ohio State had played 12 Bowl Games against SEC teams and never won even once, before beating Alabama scoring 42 points on Nick Saban.

Notre Dame does not even have a winning bowl record, even after beating LSU.

Nice job SEC West.

Instead of trying to tell us all how great you all are before you even play each other, how about winning other than over yourselves !

Bring on Alabama 2015 !  Lame Kitten’s play calling was horrendous and childish against Ohio State and their defense was lackluster.  Alabama does not have any more talent on their team than we have.

We have South Carolina at our house game 3 in 2015, then 2 games later welcome Alabama back to Sanford as well.  Then, we have the vols up there, followed directly by inviting Missouri back here.  Then, we have an open date, then Florida.  2 games after that, we go to Auburn where we more likely than not win.  And, then we have Georgia Southern University who was snubbed from a bowl game 2014 when they damn sure earned one, and then Georgie tek who has a QB, don’t they ?  We play them at Bobby Dodd Stadium 2015, where we own them – their stinking old stadium named for a college drop-out from the University of Tennessee at ObKnoxiousville.


We start-off with 2 easy games against cupcakes 2015, so we can have as many suspensions again this off-season as the guys want.

Have at it.

Party hearty.

The coaching staff is all given raises and extensions for losing to 2 unranked teams and a 3rd team whose average recruiting rank is # 52 and their coach now does not even have a losing record at Sanford.  Good thing we play them there !


Only 2 SEC teams played bowl games on days’ before us this season.

Our bowl record is 2-3 over the latest 5-year period.

We have 10 losses to unranked teams after 2007.


We have had 9 seasons of 14 with 10 wins or more, but only half of the last 6 years !




It would seem prudent to me to give raises and extensions to coaches when they are doing well.  You send mixed messages of what is acceptable to extend their contracts and give them raises to great fanfare when in fact after 2007,, we have won 2 games and lost 1 for 7 entire seasons  – a paltry 67 % win percentage when Mark Richt had an 81 % win percentage back when he was calling play calls for us as our Offensive Coordinator – which is what he told us he would do when Vince Dooley hired him December 20, 2000.


So, we usher in a New Year, and Happy New Year to all, while we spend our off-season bragging on our recruiting.  The only problem with that is that one we will end up the # 8 ranked class 2015.  And two, talent here has never been an issue.  Our issues are two-fold : First losing to lackluster unranked teams and Second losing to the top teams – none of whom did we play 2014.  We do this because of our roster mismanagement we’ve practiced every year !


2015 is a far more challenging schedule.  We lose only 1 of the OL starters.  We need a slew of players on defense.  We are way short of scholarship recruits, again.  We do not play starters on our special teams as we see all these top teams doing, who by the way over 100 of them now have a Special Teams’ Coach, which we do not have.  Brice Ramsey is concerned for his job and Jacob Park has kept quiet.  Faton Bauta has done everything asked of him, and more; but, could obviously play lots of positions for us – unlike the other 2 pocket passers.


We return our running backs, except for Todd Gurley II – when he was not on the field here more often than he was.


Here in this state where only 3 other states have more high school recruits who go on to the NFL, our fortune cookie for 2015 reads the same as it has all the previous 14 seasons.


We tell the coaches they are doing great.

We recruit well.

We still lose to less-talented teams.

We fail to beat the top teams.

We have been doing this for 7 seasons in a row now.

8th season in a row, shall be, no different.

Did I mention the off-season shall be marred by arrests/suspensions/kicked-off and that we completed 2014 with 16 such.

Maybe I did.

Maybe I stated clearly that Mark Richt not calling the plays and the arrests/suspensions/kicked-off have directly led to our demise 7 seasons in a row – 2014 included.


Now, give them all raises and extensions.  Tell them how great they are with 9 of 14 seasons 10-win seasons in what is now 15-game seasons for the top teams of which we have not been and are not now either, and disregard that half the latest half a dozen seasons have seen us NOT make even 10-wins.

It’s sad for what passes for great around here.  SEC West included.

29 losses latest current 7 years for Mark Richt including 10 to unranked teams, a lousy record away from Sanford, horrible record against top 25 teams even and anemic record against top 10 – but, boy do we have talent – all wasted.


I-A FBS Southeastern Conference East division

2014 at 10-3

2013 at 08-5

2012 at 12-2

2011 at 10-4

2010 at 6-7

2009 at 8-5

2008 at 10-3


2nd Half of the Mark Richt era


I-A Winning Percentage 2008-2014 (7 years) 2nd half his tenure

# 1   Alabama 84 -11

# 2   Boise State 81-12

# 3   Oregon 80-13

# 4   Ohio State 64-16

# 5   Florida State 74-21 distracted all year by Jameis Winston

# 6   Texas Christian 70-20

# 7   Oklahoma 71-22

# 8t Louisiana State 69-23

# 8t Georgia Southern 9-3

# 10   Michigan State 68-25

# 11   Northern Illinois 70-26

# 12   Stanford 67-25

# 13   Oklahoma State 66-25

# 14t Cincinnati 65-26

# 14t Southern Cal 65-26

# 16   Wisconsin 67-27

# 17   Nebraska 66-28

# 18   Florida 63-28

# 19 Missouri 64-29

# 20 Clemson 64-29

# 21 Georgia 64-29

I say give him a 4-year extension and pay him the # 21 best in the nation, while reminding him that NONE of these teams ahead of him in won/lost record the entire 2nd half of his tenure here had better talent than he did. Say something such as coaching is defined as getting more from less – not the opposite. Remind him too that his win percentage was 81 % when he was calling the plays because it kept his head in the game. And, ask him to teach his scholarship recruits to obey the rules for a damn change, ok ?

UGA Top 10 Wins’ Program All-Time should be WAY UP this chart of won/lost records his 2nd half of his career here. Ask him why recently, currently, the latest 7 years have been so mediocre – so inconsistent, so schizophrenic ?

I thought Florida was doing worse than us ?

I thought Clemson was doing worse than us ?

I thought Missouri was doing worse than us ?

I thought Southern California was doing worse than us ?

I thought Nebraska was doing worse than us ?

I thought Oklahoma State was doing worse than us ?

I thought Oklahoma was doing worse than us ?

I thought Stanford was doing worse than us ?

I thought Wisconsin was doing worse than us ?

I thought LSU was doing worse than us ?




In fact, none of them are.




I know they did not have the talent we have had these latest 7 years. I can tell you that.


But, none of these teams are doing worse than us, are they ?


Let’s brag on us all off-season.  We’re great !




Alabama vs Lady Bulldogs 1 pm Sunday Jan 4, 2015 on Sports South Network channel 884 Comcast HD

Marjorie Butler, the worst 3-point shooter on the team, took 7 more 3-point shots last night in route to losing the game on the road at Starkville – a fine team in their own right and we knew that going-in.  For the season now, Marjorie Butler has taken 25 three-point shots and made 4 for 16 % shooting from the behind the arc.  Why ?

After starting the season 12-0, the Lady Bulldogs have fallen twice in a row now on the road against ranked teams because we cannot shoot the ball, and the people taking the shots are the ones least likely to make them.  Our Center drifted outside last night to take three more 3-point shots herself.  Merritt Hempe made none, and for the season now is 1-8 an even more paltry 12 % three-point percentage.

Between them they took 10 three-point shots and made 2, slightly better than their average for the entire season; and, exactly what they and everyone else besides themselves expected them to make of 10 three-point shots.  It cost us the game.


Despite out-rebounding Mississippi State 43-38, we shot 21 three-point shots – missing 16 costing us the game.

To compound our issues, Marjorie Butler refused to drive the lane and dish to Merritt Hempe – instead settling for long shots jacking the ball up like she is our best shooter which complicated the matters then when she also as a direct result never shot a single free throw.  This is exactly what a point guard does not do.


It is rare for a point guard to be able to also shoot the ball.  Her job is to drive the lane, get fouled, and dish – to create plays.  Instead, jacking the ball up like that, causes nothing but dissention on the team.  And, mounting losses with the tough SEC slate we face.

Erika Ford came in from the bench, and for the 2nd consecutive game – both losses – threw gasoline on the fire making only 2 of 12 shots from the field and nearly fouling out.  No offense, no defense, fouls, no assists and turnover.  This is unlike Erika Ford, and it has directly led as well to our 2-game losing streak now, going into tomorrow’s contest on Comcast 884 at 1 pm against Alabama.

This does not bode well for us.  It’s a shame we need to recruit shooters for a team who has shooters, but the ball hogs with the ball want to jack it up instead.

If it were a men’s game, someone would take them out back and settle it.

I am frustrated with the shooting not only from the 3-point line, but also both from the field and the charity stripe.

We, as a team, cannot shoot the ball because the ones who do get their hands on the ball, jack it up and miss.

It is going to be a long season, if we do not learn from now 2 consecutive losses from the wrong shooters taking all the shots and missing them, while failing to drive and dish the ball off to the big men underneath.  Krista Donald for example.  Get her the damn ball.

Or, dish it back after driving the lane to Tiaria Griffin.  If you are incapable of driving the ball to the lane and dishing underneath or back-out, then ask to sit down.  You’re embarrassing your teammates with your ball hog attitude, poor shooting, failing to do your duty, and losing us game after game.

I said this after the last loss, and instead of correcting any of it, bull-headed, you go right back out there and not only do it again, but worse this time – even more profound.

Surely, you can step back and evaluate your own game.  You don’t need me to tell you again and again.

You are on target to graduate.  You’re not stupid.

Pardon me for calling it like it is.

Andy Landers I am certain keeps telling you this ?

Georgia Bulldogs end season on high note thanks to Nick Chubb 266 yards second best all-time for UGA vs Todd Grantham’s # 2 Rush Defense, second only to Alabama. Brice Ramsey not ready replaced concussion Hutson Mason.



Nick Chubb is All-America.  The All-America teams will show him on it.  He is a true freshman.  He has this year, 2015, 2016 and 2017 if he wants.  I think he may want.

A memorable season has come to an end.  The Georgia Bulldogs ate up and spat out Todd Grantham and Bobby Petrino, who could find no QB on their roster, while Brice Ramsey showed the effects of not being prepared as I called for for him all season.

After the game, Nick Chubb was asked about his performance and he said it was about his team, not him.  They blocked for him and got him the ball.  He just did his job.  Nick Chubb has long-established he gives the best interviews.  So, ESPN asked about the future for UGA, and Nick actually for the 1st time, was caught by surprise by that question.  Is it bright ?  No real answer.

Hutson Mason was releasing the ball in an over throw to the end zone, and was slammed to the grass surface and his head bounced.  John Lilly had rolled him out when it seemed the pocket protection was this year, awesome all year.  Run blocking by this veteran OL who loses only the center, was also spectacular this season.  Still, Hutson Mason was asked to roll-out to his right and throw toward the end zone.  He was on an island.


Hutson Mason stated he had a concussion and everything was spinning.  If you have never had a concussion, the first is recognizable.  You have no idea where you are.  Everything is light.  You are light-headed.  It takes some time, which the NCAA does not allow, to play-on.  He did anyway, not telling anyone.  But, he had no idea where he was or what he was doing when Nick Chubb had his memorable TD run.  The hit happened when it was 13-7, having settled for 2 field goals.  There was the Chris Conley beautiful post route.  How does Louisville have safety on the play and coverage, and the route so adroitly run that he is wide open by 10-yards.  To Hutson Mason’s credit, he hit him in stride.  You could see Chris Conley get his feet right, something Brice Ramsey needs a lot of work on as detailed on this blog all season long about him, before hauling in the give-me TD reception.

Hutson Mason was dazed and confused, and led UGA Passing attack the only QB to play all season, to # 87 Passing Offense all 2014 season nationally.  Not good.  Not respectable.  Hutson Mason did beat Mike Bobo’s 1997 season, a season I’ve pointed out to you ever since.   Why he was out there with no protection, God only knows, but that was the play call.  John Lilly is a Tight End’s coach here who only played QB by trade himself, and not an offensive coordinator, and he did not make this game plan.  But, he did his job to fill-in, and that is good on his resume; although Mark Richt must go hire a top offensive coordinator since obviously he does not care to take over calling plays as he did when we were great 2001-2005.

2006, he started transitioning to the now demotion Mike Bobo takes to the # 92 University nationally US News and World Report ranking as top colleges in Fort Collins Colorado.  Fort Collins is quite the growing city and Colorado State University is quite large actually, but they are a horrible football program.  And, they always have been, with a losing record all-time in 1,040 games with only 470 wins.


Kurt Roper would be a fine choice.


Mark Richt will not hire him.


Mark Richt is trying to let John Lilly take over as O.C.


Anything, but call the plays himself.


He does not care.

Speaking of which, how in the Hell does he have a such a suntan December 30 ?

Was he on vacation in the tropics at the end of the season while we lost 2 and won 3 ?

The year, 2014, started off poorly off-field with what ended-up 16 arrested/suspended/kicked-off.  And, the season got no better start than to beat an impressive Clemson, who just doesn’t have a QB – although I identified one in the game, and pointed it out in my review of that game found by clicking calendar on home page and seeing all the posts here on this blog by date they were written.  As the season turned-out, Clemson took my advice at QB and is quite good right now.

They still need a running game.

Many of the teams at the bottom of the polls will drop-out.  LSU comes to mind, and so too does this team Louisville, although they might hang-on utterly demolished by UGA on a day Hutson Mason and Brice Ramsey made 12 of 18 on 3rd down conversions against supposedly the # 2 best rush defense nationally.  Louisville played no one.  Well, the teams they played, all beat them.  Clemson beat Chokelahoma like a red-headed step child.  Mark Richt beat Todd Grantham, who hate each other and everything each represents, 37-14.




3 TD and a field goal Mark Richt beat Todd Grantham.


Mark Richt never liked Todd Grantham to begin with and only chose him because he was told to.  He did so against his own better wishes and better judgment.  He quickly criticized everything Todd Grantham ever said or did here.


There is little difference in that hate relationship and the hate relationship now enjoyed by Mark Richt as well with Greg McGarity.  Greg McGarity is happy to finally have his 2nd bowl win, albeit finding only 2 SEC teams played on days’ prior to our own weenie bowl on a night of 31 degrees and a 7 mph wind from the NE.  It was cold.  Nick Chubb will be drafted higher than Todd Gurley II, because well, he is a workhorse and tireless and thankless at his task.  That would be a factor that he did well in such cold condition for the NFL to rate him higher, since football is a winter sport, called Fall Sport.

NFL Winter Sport for sure with the cities up North.


After football, I played basketball and lettered as well.  Then, the 3rd season, I lettered in track and field and also in baseball as the starting catcher my junior and senior seasons.  This season has come to an end, and hopefully the off-season will not be like last year.

Mark Richt needs to get on the stick and hire Kurt Roper.  He will pause and think of John Lilly.  It is what he does.  He just doesn’t care.  If he did, he would call the games, himself.  It is his Calling actually.  Well, his second Calling.

Mark Richt has been fit to be tied.  He cares about his suntan, but he has been fit to be tied for some time now.  It is his own fault for not preparing once again his back-up QB.

Jacob Park gets a shot at the job now.  Brice Ramsey has taken 2 steps back in recent games.  He and Hutson Mason should have both thrown 2 more picks each.  Louisville just had not played anyone.  Certainly not with our talent.

Steam-rolled 37-14.

Make no mistake about it, it was bitter cold.  Some guys can play in the cold.  Some cannot.  It is a mindset, as I see it.  Your task at hand, you focus in, or you are destroyed by the 7 mph wind.  If it were slightly warmer, as New Year Day’s Bowls in Florida hint hint, then, the 7 mph wind or even the same temperature would not be so bad.  But, this was cold.  Bitter.

If you step outside in cold, you get a feel, but you have to imagine yourself in the mountains for the weekend, and nowhere to hide from it.  It gets old, and you need to warm-up.  A football game of 3 hours with break inside halfway, one can get one’s mind right about the cold.  For that period of time.

We did and Louisville, a itty-bitty city of Healthcare really is up North.

Charlotte is certainly not down South.

Raleigh is 8 hours from us and quite North.

Nick Chubb had a task at-hand.  He was in a zone, and remained there through his interviews.

All-America Nick Chubb


I am so proud of Nick Chubb.

I hope that you all are enjoying your holidays, and that at least for you, they were not mostly just discussion as with ours of Mark Richt and where his head is consistently.  Tonight on this cold evening, Georgia showed what it is capable of, albeit against a team likely to be removed from some Top 25 Polls for the season, having beat no one.  Still, they find a QB, and they might well be a team who can beat Clemson and FSU, the only 2 teams in the stinking ACC with their stinking bowl record, Louisville adding to that.  All-Time Louisville does not even have a winning bowl record.

Notre Dame does not either.

28-19-3, now, Georgia is one of the top bowl teams, despite Mark Richt having lost 3 of our previous 4.

This was the shot in the arm we needed.

Obviously, Mark Richt is going to give Brice Ramsey the 1st right to refusal to the QB job.  I’d personally consider this the right time to begin my call for Jacob Park to get more play next season than afforded strong-armed Brice Ramsey.  He really has shown the rust from not playing now for two years.  How you can have a QB of his caliber and put him in that position at this critical juncture of his growing life that he has not played at all really for 2 entire seasons now, is a question for Christian Mark Richt.  He plays Favorites.  He always has.





He is quite stubborn, a trait not normally noted about Christians, but can be in circumstances where the Christian thinks his does not stink.


Or, that his lot in life is to run others’ life for them.  I believe they screwed-up their own life and have no Calling to screw-up others’ as well.

If you want to do something : Do it; do not tell me how to live my life.

I reserve that right to screw-up my own on my own, and my own way.


No one has ever told me what to do.

No one ever will.

If that your lot in life to tell others how to live their life, good luck.

All the best.

But, you are FOS to do so.

And, will fare no better than anyone else with me.

I know you are wrong to do so, and you probably know that yourself.

But, you do it anyway, because well, that makes you feel superior.  I mean, well, you’ve thought about it, and this is what is right to you right now – so, you share it; but, you do not stop there : You feel obligated to ram it down everyone else’s throat how they should follow your lead.

You might change your mind.

Then, we must follow that new lead in your own direction.

Just let me be.

I am not here to live up to your expectations.

I’ve thought about it.  I choose what I choose because well I get one go-round.

You shall not live my life for me.

This is where Todd Grantham got off on the wrong foot with Mark Richt.

This is where everyone has felt the need to correct Bobby Petrino – nothing but a little shit himself.

I on the other hand, you see, am quite fed-up with the




followed by the results of losing to far less-talented teams and ending up losing to 3 such this season alone, not to even begin to mention the 16 arrested/suspended/kicked-off.  If Louisville does as I think next season, it will be because of our players in this category.


Why are they in no trouble up there ?


Yet ?


Is it because they are lax ?

Or, we were lax ?

Harsh punishment : Yes, by all means !

But, we turned our backs on them when they needed us most, and we failed to teach them to obey the rules, prior.

Is someone teaching them to obey the rules, there ?

The police had no problems here finding them, and there no different.

Here they were Forgiven.

Loved when they bad.  Sent all the wrong signals at all the wrong times. Not taught to obey the rules, therefore.  It is our Achilles’ heel.


And, so another off-season begins.


One with great promise for the future of a few and others, well the end.

A time when standing-pat once again, will just not get it.

But, without the sour taste in our mouths we had until tonight in the cold.

Todd Grantham is tossing and turning.

On a night they had no QB, our quarterbacks were woeful, but converted 3rd down two-thirds of the time.  Funny how that works.  2/3 of the time lose in football, and you are an also ran.  In baseball, the greatest ever at the plate, and in football for the game, the winner.

Or, the loser failing that.

We racked-up 505 yards of offense, 305 on the ground against the # 2 best rushing defense nationally.


Our OL tore them a new one every play.  Nick Chubb had a Thanksgiving Feast of cardinal stew.

1-0 all-time now thanks to Nick Chubb.

Let’s get out our crystal ball, shall we ?

Mark Richt will drag his feet on his OC and lean towards John Lilly promote from within.  Brag on the plays he neither designed, the OL he neither recruited or trained, the running back he neither recruited or trained, and the game plan he also neither came-up with nor the plays themselves he conceived.  He will be bragged about 37-14, not Nick Chubb All-America, then promoted.

A special teams’ coach will not then be hired.


To fill that old position of John Lilly.

Tight Ends’ Coach who knows nothing about Tight Ends.


Quarterback by trade, his Calling may well have been to ultimately be OC, but he has no experience wasting his time teaching that which he knows not, Tight Ends.  When what you do your whole entire time is but tight ends, you well might learn something about that, but you certainly are not honing your skills to conjure up not an antiquated offense, as our own.  And, this what Mark Richt wants.  It is his team.  You call plays here, you will call the plays 10 years’ ago he designed and since we’ve run.

10 years’ ago, it worked.

Now, we need new vision.

Modern Offense.

Not the antiquated one conjured up by a then vibrant young man, who since just doesn’t care, or he would take over play-calling duties himself – by far our best option since we were great then.  Elite.  Losing to the likes of 7-win South Carolina and 6-win Florida ( who did not lose 6 games, yet.) and # 52 recruits of Georgie tek, is most certainly




We have not been elite since Mark Richt last called our plays.




We were the # 76 team nationally stopping the run.  Louisville had no QB, so they, we stopped.  Plus, they had not beat anyone, and end the season that way.

Passing Offense, we were not # 21 like Alabama, but # 88.



We got a sniff of what this season might have been with a QB to complement the running game tonight, but unfortunately, Brice Ramsey was only allowed to throw

24 this season


24 is all we had Brice Ramsey complete all season, and that includes coming-in the 2nd quarter of this game and playing exclusively there after.  He was poor as a result.


When all you are allowed to do in a 15-game season for the top teams of which we are not one because of this, is to complete 24 passes, you are not in the least able to come in and play a top defense, rated that way without beating anyone or not.


Buck Belue, he played tonight.  He had to.  For one, we were ahead 13-7 when Hutson Mason suffered his career-ending concussion, and 20-7 when he came in for him.  For two, he was not prepared by Mike Bobo and Mark Richt.  Damn it, you have to play your freaking back-up quarterbacks.

How many times, do I have to tell you the same basic precepts of college football ?

Brice Ramsey looked like shit out there tonight and it all is because he has not played at all in 2 years’ time of 24 passes.  That’s one completion per month for 2 entire freaking years, for God’s Sake !

Get Jacob Park in in game 1 and let him throw the damn ball, live.

Don’t tell us all off-season how great Brice Ramsey is, or is not, and teach him instead how to throw the football by placing his feet in a throwing position.  He has not done that since he got here.  When he does, he will be sent directly to the NFL.  He will anyway, and they will re-teach him that.  Obviously, we’re incapable of that.  John Lilly can teach him that.

Mike Bobo could have, but whiffed.



We converted less than half our 3rd downs for the season, against a weak-ass schedule with the likes at running back The University of Ground