“It’s great. It’s just like 1942. You read about the Rose Bowl growing up. Here you are going to play in it. You get a chance to play in the Rose Bowl – you don’t ever want to come out of it. You want to stay in there for 60 minutes and don’t ever get tired. You hate to see it end. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s great. Better late than never.” Charley Trippi

Charley Trippi is 96 years young.

Pro Football Hall of Fame

College Football Hall of Fame.


Charley Trippi is the only player in the Pro Football Hall of Fame to throw for 1000 yards receive passes for 1000 yards and run for 1000 yards.


NFL 1st Pick 1st Round NFL Draft Pick.


Oldest # 1 NFL Draft Pick Charley Trippi.


Charley Trippi was a professional baseball player for the Atlanta Crackers at the time and still feels that although he batted .464 for The Diamond Dawgs that he is better at football.


NFL Championship Game MVP Winner Charley Trippi

winning NFL MVP NFL Championship Game (now called Super Bowl) as a Rookie 1947.


“Greatest UGA Player of All-Time” Charley Trippi.


Telegram to MVP Rose Bowl Game National Championship 1942 Charley Trippi from the UGA alumni stationed in North Africa “Congratulations on Rose Bowl bid. After game please send us Charley Trippi to help us catch Rommel. At present he’s running like hell.”




Mark Schlabach former UGA beat-writer for AJ-C now Senior Writer ESPN






SEC Legends is an annual Award program of The Southeastern Conference (SEC) designed to honor outstanding former student-athletes and coaches from each of the conference’s fourteen member institutions which began 1994 to Award the top student-athletes both men and women in SEC history. Who are The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs’ SEC Football Legends ?

Charley Trippi

Fran Tarkenton

Bill Stanfill

Terry Hoage

John Rauch

Herschel Walker

Kevin Butler

Tommy Lyons

George Patton

Scott Woerner

Mike Wilson

Zeke Bratkowski

Garrison Hearst

Rex Robinson

Eric Zeier

Matt Stinchcomb

Ben Zambiasi

Boss Bailey

David Greene

Tim Worley

John Little

Richard Seymour

Jon Stinchcomb

Jon Stinchcomb, Offensive Line, 1999-2002
Georgia offensive lineman Jon Stinchcomb made early headlines for the Bulldogs as a Freshman All-American, then went on to a stellar career capped by first team All-American honors his senior year of 2002. It was his senior season when he helped lead Georgia win its first SEC championship in 20 years, the same year he was named to the CoSIDA Academic All-America Team for the second year in a row. He also was one of 11 Division I players nationally to be named to the AFCA National Good Works Team for outstanding contributions to community service. A 2002 recipient of the National Football Foundation Post Graduate Scholarship, Stinchcomb was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the second round of the 2003 NFL Draft, was recipient of the Saints Man of the Year Award for 2008, and was a starting offensive lineman on the Saints’ 2010 Super Bowl Championship team









I just got my annual Diamond Dawgs “2016 Media Guide.” Let me type you a couple of highlights, ok ? They have finally corrected and now have added MANY of the 128 years not just after 1950 which MAKES NO SENSE TO ME after 1950 ? Good Lord fix this UGA. Still missing a couple of early years but do now have 1886 undefeated year and 1896 one-loss year and 1908 season of 20-2 and 1926 year of 21-8 and Charley Trippi coached years after World War II and 52-19 year 1990 National Championship College World Series Championship and Ron Polk 2001 season 47-22 David Perno 2004 season 45-23 and his 2006 of 47-23 and his 2008 of 45-21-1 but we’ve NOT DONE WELL since Greg McGarity became A.D. 63-109-1 while all-time not counting missing years still which is crazy 2169-1676-24 and SEC 762-876-4 All-Time while SEC is Premier Baseball Conference Buck Belue batted .447 Charley Trippi .464 Gordon Beckham .411 also Academic All-America Jeff Pyburn .400 also Academic All-America and 38 times named All-America including also Derek Lilliquist our Chris Carpenter Dave Fleming Jeff Keppinger 6 SEC Championships 30 of last 31 years SEC team in College World Series and 8 Consecutive years an SEC team in CWS Championship Series SEC team MLB Draft 1st Round every year since 1991 Hoover AL had 130000 fans at SEC Tournament last year 6 UGA College World Series in 2004 Diamond Dawgs played in front of 28836 fans Turner Field and 28216 against Texas at CWS. Only shows record after 1950 vs Georgie tek yellowjackets at 217-116-101 yet we ALL KNOW THE ALL-TIME RECORD is 195-148-2 and 4-2 also advantage for UGA over Georgie tek yellowjackets in NCAA Tournament. FIX your damn “2016 Media Guide” for baseball and include ALL RECORDS not just after 1950 for God’s sake.

I just got my annual Diamond Dawgs “2016 Media Guide.”  Let me type you a couple of highlights, ok ?  They have finally corrected and now have added MANY of the 128 years not just after 1950 which MAKES NO SENSE TO ME after 1950 ? Good Lord fix this UGA.  Still missing a couple of early years but do now have 1886 undefeated year and 1896 one-loss year and 1908 season of 20-2 and 1926 year of 21-8 and Charley Trippi coached years after World War II and 52-19 year 1990 National Championship College World Series Championship and Ron Polk 2001 season 47-22 David Perno 2004 season 45-23 and his 2006 of 47-23 and his 2008 of 45-21-1 but we’ve NOT DONE WELL since Greg McGarity became A.D. 63-109-1 while all-time not counting missing years still which is crazy 2169-1676-24 and SEC 762-876-4 All-Time while SEC is Premier Baseball Conference Buck Belue batted .447 Charley Trippi .464 Gordon Beckham .411 also Academic All-America   Jeff Pyburn .400 also Academic All-America   and 38 times named All-America including also Derek Lilliquist our Chris Carpenter Dave Fleming Jeff Keppinger 6 SEC Championships 30 of last 31 years SEC team in College World Series and 8 Consecutive years an SEC team in CWS Championship Series SEC team MLB Draft 1st Round every year since 1991 Hoover AL had 130000 fans at SEC Tournament last year 6 UGA College World Series in 2004 Diamond Dawgs played in front of 28836 fans Turner Field and 28216 against Texas at CWS. Only shows record after 1950 vs Georgie tek yellowjackets at 217-116-101 yet we ALL KNOW THE ALL-TIME RECORD is 195-148-2 and 4-2 also advantage for UGA over Georgie tek yellowjackets in NCAA Tournament.  FIX your damn “2016 Media Guide” for baseball and include ALL RECORDS not just after 1950 for God’s sake.


We need to fix the discrepancy of our Official All-Time Baseball Record in our own “2016 Media Guide” showing after 1950 when many of those records are available free of charge there they are kept up with showing our tremendous record against for example Georgie tek yellowjacets where in their media guide for 2016 it shows them 160-202-2 against us page 105 at this URL Link :



( https://issuu.com/gtathletics/docs/gtbase16_fullguide_021816 )


So if we are 202-160-2 why does wiki show something else and our media guide a 3rd number for the record between the 2 programs here in-state ALL 3 of which show a HUGE BIG ADVANTAGE Georgia over them in baseball.


Fix this shit.


This is a haphazard media guide you send me every year University of Georgia.



Scott Stricklin needs to have a good year and is 2-1 so far against a strong team from Georgia Southern University annually.








The last game at Turner Field is April 12 2016.







NCAA March Madness looking good for both men and women – Our Dirty Dozen RB will be just fine in bowl game ! All I want for Christmas



Merry Christmas to everyone  this week !


The men’s win over Georgie tek yellowjackets is our best win of the year, but they are going to fire Brian Gregory as soon as they can afford it.  We have a full squad and are ready for SEC play.  UGA Hoops’ Dawgs are # 40 in the RPI, on target for the NCAA Tourney.  It seemed like we would never get over the Jim Harrick, Sr. Jr. show, hires that were made by Mike Adam$ at the specific advice by Vince Dooley that he had “reservations.”  He was quite open about all that before Mike Adam$ insisted he knew he was good at Pepperdine. We have turned the corner finally this season.  We have a very good team, as we all saw yesterday.




The ladies are doing quite well.  Amazing when we have such a challenge shooting the ball.  The Lady Bulldogs are # 6 RPI today !   We beat the RPI # 9 and RPI # 8 this season !  And, the Lady Bulldogs also beat Georgie tek yellowjackets who have no good win and go into ACC play totally unprepared.








Our football team has only 1 game left before all this crap is behind us, and it has been now 4 weeks and one day now since Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor was FIRED, with his announced by ESPN 36 hours later.  We have loads at talent at running back, and I have no concern is this area at all.  Our Dirty Dozen Running Backs have NOT been given the football; but, again all of this is behind us after just one more game – a game where NEITHER opponent has beat a Power 5 Conference foe all season with a winning record.  Maybe something can be done about our 5 wins in 16 games at the Gator Bowl by Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor – fired 4 weeks and 1 day ago now.  Our recruiting class is ranked # 14 with no one committed since we lost 3 of 4 games in October !  I would like to beat Penn State to even our record with them All-Time.




Yeah !


Merry Christmas !


All I want for Christmas is a    new gym !


For the new year, I’d like to see Jake Eason, whom Coach Kirby Smart turned-around despite the dumbass move of his predecessor to try to save his job by flying out there the very day before he was fired by a boss whom he reported to for 6 full complete seasons and therefore knew it, become UGA’s # 5 NFL 1st Round 1st Pick in the NFL Draft.  We have 4 previous NFL Draft # 1 picks overall.




Matthew Stafford  2009

Harry Babcock  1953 WR also KR

Charley Trippi 1945 who went on and was equivalent to Super Bowl MVP

Frank Sinkwich Half back


Jake Eason ?

What makes Georgia THE place to go ? Why is THIS the place EVERYONE wants to be at ? Why is THIS THE place ? Why are WE the BEST ? Why is Georgia the # 1 college football job ? Why does EVERY top 25 coach and NFL coaches want this gig ? Why did Mark Richt want this gig ? What are our ADVANTAGES ? “The stadium rocks and swings. So, we’ll try to kick one a 100 thousand miles ! 60 yards plus a foot and a half. Oh my God ! Oh my God ! The STADIUM is worse than bonkers. This is ungodly.”

The state of Georgia finds only California, Texas and Florida have more who go on to the NFL than from here.

The state of Georgia finds only two states who have more who are signed to Power 5 Conferences.

We have no in-state competition for these recruits, unlike EVERY other school does have.

UGA is # 11 All-Time College Football Program in Wins.

We do have 6 national championships all in the very same polls which list Georgie tek yellowjackets with 6 as well – only they have NEVER also had the AP Poll EVER in their existence name them # 1 as we have.

George Woodruff national champions UGA 1927.

Vince Dooley national champions 1966, 1968 and 1980.

Wally Butts national champions 1942 and 1946.

Sanford Stadium is always considered one of the very best venues and is ranked # 7 best stadium.

We sign the average # 8 Scout.com recruiting class Mark Richt era 2001 to-date.  This is 2nd best nationally.

We have 86 NFL Draft Picks 2001 to-date.  This is 2nd best nationally.  This verifies that the NFL agrees then with the recruiting rankings.

Only the University of Southern California has averaged better recruiting ranking in the Mark Richt era, 2001 to-date and only they have more NFL Draft Picks than we during this period as well.

UGA faces little opposition in our state from Georgie tek, Georgia Southern University and Georgia State University.  Only 3 states produce more high school recruits who go on to the NFL.  They ALL 3 face far tougher in-state competition for that talent.  Don’t they ?

Only the University of Southern California has barely had more Signed Scholarship Football players to there, go on to the NFL in the NFL Draft in the Mark Richt era 2001 to-date, to Mark Richt’s 86 NFL Draft Picks to-date.

Our fans are as engaged as any fan base, any sport.

We are the Flagship University of Georgia !

I loved my days at Russell Hall 3B.

I ate at Snelling every meal.  It was awesome !

I never went to Red & Black.  Not once.

I love the eating in Athens.

I wish there were more Home Games in Athens.

I would love to get Home and Home with Florida here in Athens.

Athens is the Classic City !

Off-campus is great in Athens, but I came here to get a great education, not party, so I stayed on campus.

I was NOT on Scholarship to UGA, my roommate was.

I would not trade my friendships at UGA for anything and many of those then are still my best friends now.

They ALSO love UGA !

I have donated lots of money to UGA.

I had great professors at Georgia.

I stayed in my dorm a lot when not playing basketball between Russell Hall and Brumby.

I went to UGA to get an education.

I chose UGA because it was an accredited business college.

I took EVERY UGA law class.  All of them.

I took a lot of EBE classes at UGA too, where I was the only man in the class.  That was loads of fun, I can tell you. Typing for example.  My Dad told me that typing would be important for me if I were to go into computers.

Dean Fluellen had to sign my Registration every quarter because I overloaded.  At first with reservation, later no issues.

I maintained a 4.0 at UGA until my senior season when the upper classes got me.  Truth be told I made B before that, but retook the course entirely with a W.  One I still made a B in.  I was ready to go to work.

I was offered many jobs by Colonel Thrasher my advisor.  They were ALL in computers.  I said I did not know anything about computers, and Colonel Thrasher told me, I was the # 1 or # 2 student in every single computer class I took.  I said I was in all the other classes too, sir.

I have only worked in computers since my graduation.

I still love our campus, and especially the ladies !

I would go to UGA’s campus if I did not go there.

It is that beautiful !

We are UGA !

My whole entire family are college graduates, all 7 of us.

We went to UGA.

We had an UGA van with the fight song when I was 4 growing up and recall fondly watching Fran Tarkenton fill the air with footballs.  Well, for the day.

College should be fun.  You should enjoy it.  It should be GREAT !  Mine certainly fits that bill.

Thank you University of Georgia.

Matt Robinson wants to buy his Jersey from me he wore in the Alabama win we partied all night long before and after.

I am a Bulldog.

We sell as many trinkets for our beloved Georgia Bulldogs’ Football team as any team in the history of sports.

We have more cash in our Athletic Department than every school in America except for Texas.

We have now over 7 million folks living in Atlanta – alone – as the World’s Largest Single City of College Football Fans, worldwide.

The fans of this city of 7 million 59 miles from The University of Georgia have to travel less in time to get to our stadium than the 2 fans of Georgie tek have to travel in time, because they are in the slums downtown and it just takes longer to get there than to our stadium.

Our viewership and readership of all Bulldogs’ media outlets is surpassed by only a very small handful of schools.

We have the most beautiful campus in a college town anywhere.

When folks think of college towns, Athens is the one they are thinking of.

We have more beautiful women on our campus.  That’s important to football recruits.

We protect our ladies at UGA, and always have so their Dads send them to UGA to get their education.  Currently, such cost is just under half a million dollars to do so on the average including all costs except the cost of these gals not working.  It’s very expensive to go to college nowadays, especially when you have to go 59 miles to get there.

We have the single-most best recognized mascot of all sports, UGA.

We have the # 1 Best College Football Player of All-Time in EVERY survey.

How many feet do you go between seeing 1 UGA logo and the next ?  3 inches ?  Every 1 inch ?

No matter where you live, even Sydney New South Wales 10,500 miles from here, you get news’ updates on The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football team – even front page sports.

No matter how far away, you can get The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football team news and watch the games LIVE.

There is not a better team to follow in all of sports.

We pay our coaching staff as much money as all but 5 other college football teams.  Mark Richt makes more than $ 4 million a year by himself, and his assistants are paid top money.  He has a full staff including all the positions Nick Saban came up in an effort to circumvent the NCAA rules of how many coaches he can hire.

We’re in the Sun Belt.

We’re in the Bible Belt.

We can practice every day of the year.

We have the most expensive roadway system the world over to get us quickly wherever there is something to go see about The Georgia Bulldogs.

Every bowl game wants US to be at their venue.

No school has Won more Different Bowl Games than we.

Only 2 have Won more College Football Bowl Games than we.

We have no off-season as fans either 24 hours for 365 days a year.

We have more blogs than every other school.

We have better coverage of our beloved Georgia Bulldogs’ Football team than all others.  The AJ-C alone has now hired a dozen on their staff who report on Bulldogs’ football, for example.  You will find all their names as well as URL Links to every fact listed on this post on the right under categories.  Click the category in question and then click the URL Link to the source of this fact.

Our head coaching football position is considered the # 1 such job in the nation for ALL THESE FACTS.

We have a lot of talent, and this particular set of coaches right now, are ALL the top recruiting college football coaches in all of this wide World.  They do not lack in talent.

We have the same average Scout.com recruiting ranking that the 14 other head coaches in 3.5 years at their school have to win their national championship on the Mark Richt watch # 8.  I averaged the ranking over 5 years to include redshirts.

We do NOT suffer from any lack of talent.

Our football players have as many different areas of study they can choose from for their free college education from one of the Very Top Best Universities in the World.

We are # 55 best college in the U.S. News and World Report Rankings.  Georgie tek yellowjackets are # 36.  None of the higher ranked colleges have anywhere near the advantages in recruiting we do.  You should look up the other top football schools today.  You really should.  I already have and the URL Link on the right under that category like every other statement herein in this post of facts with URL Links to prove every single fact herein, and all of these facts too.  All.

Our Football Players, being of this persuasion, have one of the Top 3 groups of young ladies to engage our desires.

More than half our entire student-body are all beauties, smart, cute, rich, successful, friendly, Southern, eat grits – absolute knock-out dolls.

We are all successful in life and are a bond of fellowship and friendliness in business amongst us all, to further our success in business and in life.

41 UGA National Championships in all sports.  Our women make up the majority of our enrollment.  I happen to like that.  I kissed a girl and I liked it !  Our football players are of this persuasion as well.

This is God’s Country !

The players from here, want to stay here.

The players from everywhere else, want to be here.

We all stay here.

We aren’t toothless.

We don’t treat dogs in a mean fashion but love Dawgs.

We don’t mistreat any of God’s Creatures, including defenseless trees.

We have MORE Rivals than EVERY COLLEGE.

There’s not something besides winning that’s important here.

Winning is everything and nothing else matters.

We have MORE schools who consider US, THEIR, # 1 Rival.

We’re # 11 All-Time in Wins 1-A, but our only 67 % win percentage after 2007 is only # 21.  Two ways to look at this : First, recruits see lots of opportunity as we’ve not done well, or Second, they see us an unable to beat the top teams often enough and too many losses to top 25 time of game or for season or too many losses to 12 unranked teams after 2007.

We have 16 Bulldogs who won the Award named Walter Camp All-America.

We have the 3rd Most SEC Championships in football, one behind the vols.

Our fans know football, follow football and are engaged in discussing football everywhere we go.

We LOVE it !

It consumes us.

Any top 25 college football coach would give his left nut to come here, as would any NFL coach given the money and they all would have their teams ready to play. None of them would be conflicted with 2 Gods to Serve, and would have balance.  All of them would be Christians too.

They also would see an opportunity to do well compared to the most recent 8-year period of Mark Richt.

Wally Butts and Vince Dooley FREQUENTLY took us to the national stage everyone watching us huge big bowl game everything on the line and BOTH won these bowl games too.

Herschel Walker played here.  He came to the game last week to see his record tied.  I saw him.

He still has every penny of the $ 5 million Donald Trump handed him when he challenged the NCAA.

We are KNOWN as The University of Ground Attack.


Every coach we previously had and currently do have is and was a Christian.

We play tough games, high strength of schedule and always have.

Our teams have to be able to beat not only just teams who go on to a bowl game that season, but top 25 time of game and top 25 for the season ranked teams.

Every game is on TV and anyone anywhere can see every game live.  http://www.georgiadogs.com carries every event live, even if your smart TV does not have complete Internet viewing, you can watch us on the Internet from smart phones or laptops.

I choose The University of Georgia over the Georgia Institute of Technology and Cornell.  After UGA, I went to Princeton where I studied computers another 2 years before going into selling them.

If you are considering us as your college, you will sign with us.  We do NOT have folks look at us and decide we’re not right for them.

We’re that good.


Sports Illustrated.

Did you get that ?

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated ranked us 2015 the very best # 1 college football head coaching job # 1.

How impressive is that ?

Our fan base is loyal to our coaches, pay them tons, make their life easy street cushy damn job.  We really do.  We really always have.  We’re the Good Guys !

We treat our Rivals with respect.



All of us.

We had Erk Russell as Vince Dooley’s Defensive Coordinator !

We have a ton of former Bulldogs in the game on ESPN and every other network right now.

We DOMINATE the NFL with our former players.

We have had former players coach in the NFL too.

Our former players, such as Thomas Brown, coach ALL OF THE FOOTBALL WORLD.

We are in The SEC – the premiere college football conference, has been, is and will be.

Every kid wants to play in The SEC.

The state of Georgia is The # 1 state for sending recruits to The SEC !

They ALL want to play in The SEC.

14 Conference Championships Georgia Bulldogs

50 Bowl Games Georgia Bulldogs

# 1 Most Different Venues in Bowl Games The Georgia Bulldogs

28-19-3 Bowl Game Record

3rd Most Bowl Wins

4th Most Bowl Games  All-Time any school

Won Rose Bowl, Won the Orange Bowl, Won the Sugar Bowl, Won Oil Bowl considered big at time, Won Gator Bowl, Won the Cotton Bowl, Won the Peach Bowl, Won the Chick-fil-A Bowl, Won the Sun Bowl, Won the CapitalOne Bowl, Won the Citrus Bowl – many of these on the National Stage against top-ranked team the whole entire nation watching us – and we WON !  This is our Heritage.

2 Maxwell Award Charley Trippi 1946 and Herschel Walker 1982

Lombardi Award David Pollack 2004

Outland Trophy Bill Stanfill 1968

Doak Walker Award Garrison Hearst 1992

Ray Guy Award Drew Butler 2009

Chuck Bednarik Award David Pollack 2004

Bronco Nagurski Award Champ Bailey 1998

Paul Hornung Award Brandon Boykin 2011

Walter Camp Award Herschel Walker 1982

Ted Hendricks Award David Pollack 2003 and 2004 both

Draddy Award Matt Stinchcomb 1998

ESPY Award Garrison Hearst 1992

Lott Trophy David Pollack 2004

781-412-54  through loss to vols

6 National Championships Football Georgia Bulldogs

2 Heisman Trophy Winners Frank Sinkwich and Herschel Walker

2 Number 1 Over-All # 1 NFL Draft Picks Charley Trippi and Matthew Stafford

12 College Football Hall of Fame Charley Trippi, John Rauch, Frank Sinkwich, Fran Tarkenton, my friend Jake Scott, Bill Stanfill, Bob McWhorter, Catfish Smith, Bill Hartman, Terry Hoage, Herschel Walker # 1 best All-Time College Football Player ever on EVERYONE’S list, Kevin Butler so we’ll try to kick it 100 thousand miles

3 Pro Football Hall of Fame Fran Tarkenton Frank Sinkwich Charley Trippi

Famous NFL head coaches : John Rauch

3 NFL Most Valuable Player Frank Sinkwich 1944, Fran Tarkenton 1975, Terrell Davis 1998

4 MVP of NFL Championship Title Game Charley Trippi, Jake Scott, Terrell Davis and Hines Ward

3 Super Bowl MVP Jake Scott, Terrell Davis, and Hines Ward

Every All-America Team has awarded Georgia Bulldogs All-America

24 Consensus All-America such as Jake Scott 1968 and Jarvis Jones 2011 and 2012

AP Poll National Champion

Coaches’ Poll National Champion

Every Other Poll National Champion

Major Bowls

Won Major Bowls

SEC Champions

8 Famous Head Coaches Wally Butts Jim Donnan Vince Dooley *Pat Dye Joel Hunt Pop Warner George Woodruff Mark Richt

5 College Football Hall of Fame head coaches Wally Butts Jim Donnan Vince Dooley *Pat Dye Pop Warner

Larry Munson # 2 Clemson “The stadium rocks and swings. So, we’ll try to kick one a 100 thousand miles !  60 yards plus a foot and a half.   Oh my God ! Oh my God ! The STADIUM is worse than bonkers. This is ungodly.”

$ 30 million dollar full indoor practice facility

Every business owner I sell to went to Georgia

I wear my ring every day

School and team to be damn well reckoned with

Really only Ray Goff since 1963 has not been a good head coach elected to Georgia-Florida Hall Fame quipped “For which team?”  Matt Robinson # 17 was a better QB for us and came in to bail his ass out on 4th downs.

The World’s Most Famous Uniforms and Logo.

How ‘Bout Them ‘Dawgs !

We have more former players who have Won MVP of the NFL Championship Title Game than all teams.  4.

We have 39 Bulldogs who have lifted the NFL Championship Title Game trophy as winner.

We’re it !



*Pat Dye All-America Consensus 1959 & 1960 The University of Georgia Lineman & Linebacker Auburn head coach East Carolina Wyoming, motivated us to beat Alabama 2002 in Tuscaloosa # 11 Final AP Poll, not man enough











Manifesto on Mark Richt



Manifesto on Mark Richt :


This blog answers 2 questions.

(1) Who is Georgia – what have we accomplished – why have expectations?

(2) Who is Mark Richt – what has he really done after 2007 ?


Why did Georgia Bulldog coach Mark Richt quit ?


He did NOT quit.  He was FIRED.


For cause.


This blog for 8 long years told you why he had to and guaranteed that he WOULD QUIT.  In fact, this blog ALSO stated the date he would quit – right after the Georgie tek game 2015 where he looked like crap AGAIN !


He was given no choice.  We had offered the job to Coach Kirby Smart and Mark Richt was being fired for averaging 4 LOSSES a season for 8 years now.  After 2007.


He also was # 40 in Win Percentage vs the Top 15 after 2007.  For # 11 All-Time Wins’ UGA.










Sent packing.


Run out of town on a rail.


Who are we ?  What have we accomplished ?  Why should we expect more than averaging 4 losses per season over the most-recent 8-year period ?


Sports Illustrated Zac Ellis :

” I used to consider Texas the best job in the country, but now I think it’s Georgia, followed by Ohio State. Why Georgia? My top criterion is access to players relative to competitors, and Georgia is in a really enviable position. In the past five recruiting classes, an average of 113.6 high-schoolers from the state of Georgia have signed with Power Five schools each year. (Note that we’re talking Power Five, not all of the FBS.) That number is third behind Texas (179.4) and Florida (164.4) and ahead of California (100.4). The competition between state schools in those states is far more intense than it is in Georgia. With Georgia Tech running the option, the schools aren’t really going head-to-head on offensive players because of different needs, and Georgia is the bigger brand name. It’s also in the conference that more recruits consider desirable. In Georgia, they grow up wanting to be Bulldogs. The state of Ohio produced 64.6 Power Five signees a year over that same five-year period.”

“Do Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Tennessee, South Carolina and others come in and poach Georgia talent? Absolutely. But there’s such an abundance of it in the state that Georgia can afford to lose a few top in-state targets and still field a team capable of competing for SEC and national titles. Alabama and Auburn have to invade Georgia. During that five-year period, their state produced 36.4 Power Five signees a year. People talk about LSU’s monopoly in its state, but the numbers between Louisiana and Georgia aren’t even close. Louisiana’s average number of Power Five signees during that span was 38.6 a year.”

“Add to this great facilities (now that the Bulldogs are building an indoor), great tradition…possibly the best college town in America and the fact that they play in the easier division of the nation’s deepest conference. That’s the recipe for a great job that just about every coach in America would crawl over broken glass to take.”

“I know no school president or athletic director will ever say it out loud, but coaches almost always get fired because of their win-loss record—not because they didn’t mold enough men.”


ESPN Alex Scarborough: “Let’s be clear, they’re both great jobs. If LSU and Georgia are open, the line of candidates will stretch as far as the eye can see. But for me, the question of which job is more appealing is easy. It’s Georgia, and I don’t think it’s close.  The support is there from fans and administration. You’re recruiting in a state that produces the most SEC players of any in the country. And you don’t have to bother with the West.”


ESPN Edward Aschoff: “To me, Georgia would be the better job. It’s in the heart of one of the Southeast’s most fertile recruiting grounds. Atlanta is right down the road, and the facilities are only getting better. It’s also in the East, which has barely registered a pulse recently, so any rebuilding project shouldn’t take too long. And you don’t have to play Alabama every year.  But don’t get it twisted, LSU is a great job. Louisiana doesn’t have the talent pool that Georgia has on a continuous basis, but you can pluck plenty of elite-level prospects out of your backyard However, you have to compete in the SEC West !”



“If Georgia were to make a change at the top it would be a highly-coveted job perhaps even as attractive as the opening at Southern California.”

Dan Wolken, USA TODAY Sports




“Georgia is…a great job that just about every coach in America would crawl over broken glass to take.”


Andy Staples – Sports Illustrated





The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program is # 11 All-Time in Wins.




Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program in history :

5-1-0 in 1894

4-0-0 in 1896

5-2-1 in 1908

6-2-1 in 1910

7-1-1 in 1911

6-1-1 in 1912

6-2-0 in 1913

8-0-1 in 1920

7-2-1 in 1921

9-1-0 in 1927

7-2-1 in 1930

8-2-0 in 1931

8-2-0 in 1933

7-3-0 in 1934

9-1-1 in 1941

11-1-0 in 1942

9-2-0 in 1945

11-0-0 in 1946

9-2-0 in 1948

10-1-0 in 1959

10-1-0 in 1966

8-1-2 in 1968

11-1-0 in 1971

9-3-0 in 1975

10-2-0 in 1976

9-2-1 in 1978

12-0-0 in 1980

10-2-0 in 1981

11-1-0 in 1982

10-1-1 in 1983

9-3-0 in 1987

9-3-0 in 1988

10-2-0 in 1992

10-2-0 in 1997

9-3-0 in 1998  for 299 Wins 55 Losses 12 Ties .8361 Win % these specific 35 years before Mark Richt

17 seasons of 0 or 1 loss for # 11 All-Time Wins’ UGA



10-Win Seasons before Mark Richt – twelve (12) but those are ALL 80% win % or more.


Winning Percentage Season of 80 % or better before Mark Richt























22 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Seasons before Mark Richt of 80 % Win Percentage or Higher

4 Mark Richt Seasons of 80 % Win Percentage or Higher


26 Seasons of 80 % Win Percentage or Higher of which Mark Richt has 4 – eleven NOT.


These then are Mark Richt’s Best 4 Seasons :


2002 when he lost to Florida unranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 even with their win over us when he went 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions relegating him to play 5-loss unranked Arky SEC Championship Game and 5-loss FSU # 23 in the bowl game nobody cared about and nobody watched.

2004 when he lost to a hapless Phillip Fulmer vols’ team who should have lost 4 games that 2004 season and he got blown-out by Auburn by 3 TD without extra points 6-24; therefore he did not even get to play for The SEC Championship.  For this, he played in the Outback Bowl nobody watched and nobody cared about at 11 am.

2007 when he lost to 6-6 South Carolina who did not even play in a bowl game.  And, he lost – blown-out by the vols 14-35 by 3 TD.  The vols should’ve been a 5-loss team.  For these performances, he was awarded the booby prize of beating # 19 Hawai’i in the bowl game nobody watched and nobody cared about.

2012 when he lost – blown-out by South Carolina 7-35.  A 4 TD beat-down.  And, then he 3 times in front of me told Aaron Murray No, No, No, do not spike it – that Mark Richt said he was certain that Nick Saban would not expect an Aaron Murray pass, which was batted down at the line of scrimmage with all receivers covered.  For these performances he was awarded 4-loss Nebraska # 25 AP Poll in the CapitalOne Bowl which nobody watched and nobody cared about.

Note please, that of these 4 best Mark Richt seasons only 2012 is after 2007 and that year he had 2 really really really bad coaching decisions – not preparing the team to be ready-to-play against South Carolina beat by more than 3 TD for 7 times after 2007 and this 1 of them !  And, then his disagreement 3 times with Aaron Murray that Aaron Murray wanted to spike it and Mark Richt 3 times over-ruled Aaron Murray when Aaron Murray CLEARLY DECISIVELY was correct and Mark Richt just wrong.

These are his 4 “best” seasons and the bowl games he earned for us compared to the 15 Bowl Games on the National Stage by The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program, many of which we Won and 6 of those named # 1 by this poll or that poll.


We have played in 50 Bowl Games :



Only 4 teams have played in more bowl games than we have.

Alabama, Texas, Southern California and Nebraska.  And Southern California and Nebraska have only played in one (1) more bowl game than we have !

We are 28-19-3 in Bowl Games.

Texas has not done as well as we have in bowl games and neither has Alabama, and neither has Nebraska.  In fact, only Southern California has done better than us in Bowl Games !


6 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football National Championships :





# 1 College Football Town Athens, Georgia by panel of AP Poll voters :



# 1 Mascot in all of Sports UGA


# 1 of 10 Best Mascots in College Football Today by USA Today.com


The 10 best mascots in college football of 2014


# 6 Hottest Student Bodies !


“Last Years Ranking: 9”

“Athens is an all time great college town, and its women can be put up against anyone’s and come out looking good. People who go to college in the northeast really have no idea what they are missing when it comes to the ladies.”


# 6 Merchandise Sales of Top 200 Colleges in selling memorabilia





# 1 Party School Princeton Review Georgia

# 7 Playboy Party School Georgia




# 5 Party School Bible.com


5. University of Georgia – Athens, Georgia

BroBible Party School Index Score: 314.5

Notable Party Reputation Accomplishments: Princeton Review Party School (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2002), Newsweek Party School (2012), Playboy Party School (2012, 2011, 2009, 2006, 2002), Football School Factor

Notable Campus-wide Parties: Football Saturdays, Greek Life

Testimonial #1:

“The scene here in Athens is something that has to be experienced to be believed. If you’re over on Milledge Ave (Frat Row) on any given weekend night, you’ll hear bands and big time rap names blasting over the screams of some of the finest Southern Belles. But the main attraction to UGA is the downtown scene; it is absolutely unreal. Thursdays find wild outfits from socials running around, and every other night it seems like the entire student body is out raging in their Sunday best. Athens is where The South’s finest go to raise a little hell.”

Testimonial #2: 

“To put it simply, Athens is insane. Every single night of the week, you can go downtown and find people drinking and partying. Whether it be Sunday nights at Pauley’s or Thursdays at Whiskey Bent, there will never be a shortage of attractive Southern men and women downtown to meet. The Greek scene tends to dominate the party scene, with socials every Thursday and band parties nearly every weekend. However, one does not have to be Greek to go downtown and have a great time. Getting into bars downtown is a joke as well, so being a freshman does not mean you can’t join in the fun. Downtown Athens has 20+ bars where you can drink as much as you want. This is also a great school for guys, where the student body is comprised of nearly 60% women in a school of 32,000+. Saturdays in Athens on Gameday are also one of the big parts of the insanity. Typically, people wake up and start drinking and tailgating all day until the game starts. Athens is literally shut down so everyone can party and watch the game.”

“The music scene in Athens is also a big part of what makes UGA a great party school. With the Georgia Theater attracting big names on a weekly basis to huge country concerts in Sanford and out in the field, there will always be somewhere to listen to music and drink. Athens, GA is the best college town in the United States.”


We raise a little Cain, now and again.


We are characters !


I am sorry; we are characters !  And, we don’t like what’s been going-on over the last 8 years here.




# 2 Forbes’ Magazine Most Revenue nationally from our football team





U.S. News and World Report 2016 Top Colleges Rankings :

# 61 Best National University – The University of Georgia !  Higher than nearly every top football program.

# 36 yellowjackets trade-school playing their 12th game this season vs us, Won 3 games !




Look up please here at this URL Link the OTHER FOOTBALL PROGRAMS who are considered the Top Football Programs and see how far down they are as a University !  These other top football programs really almost all of them are way worse as a school.  We are going to recruit more of the Elite Talent here at Georgia after Mark Richt leaves.  And, why is that ?  Because one, we are a great University AND we have a great Football Program !  And, because two, the top players do NOT want to play for a Charlie Brown who really only beats the cupcakes and who struggles against EVERYONE else.  This is the Major Point of this blog, whatever part of it you read.


Now that we’ve established who we are at Georgia, let’s study exactly coldly precisely whom it is Mark Richt has run his record up on, and why he has been considered by everyone as a coach who – just has lost it after 2007. Is it ok if we do this please ?  This blog here does not have the 250 top analysts in college football today who have TOLD YOU he has to go for those would make this blog post too long.  They are found on the right side of this blog as you read it in the 250 CATEGORIES where you can see in the 250 CATEGORIES on the right just who said what in their own words with the URL Link in each CATEGORY so you can just click it and see exactly that they ALL think he just has to go.  Or, shall we just simply say he is a nice guy and leave it at that ?


72-32 beats powder-puff teams, averaging 4-loss season after 2007.




36-1 after 2007 vs teams not playing in a bowl game that season

36-31 after 2007 vs teams who do make 1 of the 42 bowl games that season !


Likely as not to lose to any of Top 82 teams for 8 years’ time now !

Runs up record on easy teams.





Not even been Top 25 half the years after 2007 !






His religion has given him different goals from our own.

His roster mismanagement after 2007 has clearly been because of a goal other than winning, and his failures at his main position of QB are that he came here as a QB coach yet has failed to develop them.  I think he spends too much time not directly doing his job.  In fact, I know that has to be the issue because he tells us winning is not important to him and he’d be SATISFIED with whatever happens here in winning at Georgia.  It’s not how he’s JUDGED he says !


# 88 Passing Offense 2014 with Mike Bobo

# 104 Passing Offense 2015 with Brian Schottenheimer




Years 14, 15 and 16 of the Mark Richt era are compounded by this being his year – the year of the last of the Mark Richt’s “DREAM TEAM” recruits – losing 20 seniors off this team after this year.


So, next year is BLEAK for our program’s outlook !


They’re gone !  This was SUPPOSED TO BE THE YEAR !


Sporting News does NOT rank Mark Richt one of the Top 25 College Football Coaches 2015.



You saw something different against # 64 Georgia Southern in the last game than I ?


“We knew. I’m telling you,” Mark Richt said of Georgia Southern. “Everybody was like, ‘well coach is just saying this and that to try and get his boys ready to play,’ but we, especially our defensive staff, could see how well this offense executed. Just knowing what it takes to prepare for an offense like that. It keeps you up at night.  Well-coached team.  A team that knows how to win. They played their tails off.” 





‘ I don’t think we’ve gotta create motivation. I think we’ve gotta temper it’  “head coach Mark Richt said on his radio show Monday night ” before Alabama kick-off this season – blown-out 10-38 more than 3 TD as he’s done 7 times after 2007 and did not once prior, because the team showed-up again not-ready-play !  Told players all week prior to Alabama THIS – that it’s HIS JOB to DE-MOTIVATE them, then they showed-up not-ready-play which the # 1 Athlete in the nation he invited to the game as Our Recruiting Guest told you after the game that his impressions were that Mark Richt did NOT bring his players to the game ready-to-play.  It’s written between the lines in this blog post that these items herein listed make it patently clear that Mark Richt does NOT know how to coach a football team, or that if he does, he has FAILED to do so – often because he has a completely different set of goals from our own for our Proud UGA Football Program !  Did you get that please ?





Mark Richt says : “You can’t become what you do. What I do is not who I am. If I become what I do and I become just a football coach, then you’re asking for disaster. My identity is in Christ. I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. I know that he died for my sin and I am going to heaven when this is all said and done, forever. That gives me peace, no matter what happens here.”






“All the time y’all probably thought I was being coy but I really really didn’t know.  Even on this decision – very very close decision to name the Starter.  I think they all can get us in the right plays; all can get us in the right protections; I think they all can function extremely well and help us win.  That is what made it tough. I can not tell you how many times it went back-and-forth quite frankly. It was very close. It really has been a tough decision because they all are extremely hard workers; all smart; all capable; all talented.  It was a battle that didn’t define itself; no one really pulled away.”

5-2 before the game 8 with Faton Bauta -0- snaps at QB.  None all season !  Then, left him in every snap not 1 running play for him – running QB – 4 interceptions.   DESPERATE !






“There’s something besides winning that’s important here.”





“I see your frustration; I understand your frustration.  I wasn’t born yesterday, I’ve coached football for 25 years, so I know what the hell I’m doing, OK?”




“Teams are trying to stack the box against us Malcolm Mitchell said.  Vanderbilt stacked the box and we didn’t pass the ball and you saw what happened.  Until we get comfortable throwing the ball I hope our defense shows up.”



“I think Coach Brian Schottenheimer is a great coach.  I think he knows what he’s doing. I think he knows how to coach QBs extremely well. I’ve got a lot of faith in that.”  Mark Richt head coach who calls ALL the shots on Offense and always has – and none on Defense and never has.



David Greene says : “Here we are in November and we still don’t know which direction they’re going in. It’s tough to be this deep in the season really without any identity offensively. Unfortunately it’s not just one thing.  Offensively right now it’s very stale.  Special teams has really struggled. There’s a lot of talent on the team but sometimes the players just aren’t making plays.  As an entire team they just kind of seem lost…like they just don’t know what they want to do and how they want to do it.  A good example of that is starting Faton Bauta when he has zero starting experience. It just goes to show that what they’ve been trying to do just isn’t working.”



1-10 vs ranked Top 10 for the Year not at Sanford after 2007

6-15 vs ranked Top 25 for the Year not at Sanford after 2007

18-22 vs teams who played in a bowl game not at Sanford after 2007

12-1 vs non-bowl teams not at Sanford after 2007







# 40 nationally all games not at Sanford after 2008 at only 24-22 !



This is down there with Temple and Bowling Green !

Actually, both of those teams Temple and Bowling Green are BOTH better than Mark Richt after 2008 in all games not on their home field !



# 5 in NFL Draft Picks with 86 – as much talent as ANY team in the country but averaging 4 losses a season for 8 years now with ALL this talent :






Georgia Bulldogs.  Scout.com recruiting rank 2015 # 4, 2014 # 12, 2013 # 8, 2012 # 14, 2011 # 4, 2010 # 21, 2009 # 4, 2008 # 5, 2007 # 17, 2006 # 4, 2005 # 4, 2004 # 6, 2003 # 11, 2002 # 9.  15 years’ recruiting rank avg recruiting rank # 8.  Mark Richt 15th year as head coach.  2016 # 7 Scout.com recruiting ranking same as every other year :



Mark Richt, what were you doing with your time here ?

It’s NOT coaching this football program after 2007; that much is VERY CLEAR, sir !




All he needs is a QB and his 9th Coordinator Change in 15 seasons ?

Excuse me, he had Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, Mike Bobo and AJ Green and LOST 3 games getting to Play # 24 Michigan State in our meaningless bowl game THAT SEASON 2008 :




He was BLOWN-OUT embarrassed in 2 of those losses and the 3rd loss was to the yellowjackets averaging the # 52 Scout.com recruiting ranking !


“I don’t think much about it.  I think the Lord is in charge of everything.  So, I don’t think much about it.”  Mark Richt


This is NOT your Calling Mark Richt.  The SEC is NOT a Church League son.

We have 26 seasons of 80 % win percentage or higher – THAT is what the OLD  10-Win discussion was about !

Only 1 after 2007 of 80 % for Mark Richt !  One of 8 and it marred by blow-out Biblical Proportions by Spurrier 7-35 and then in front of me Mark Richt over-ruling Aaron Murray 3 times no don’t spike it !

You have told us since Mark Richt, that Nick Saban will never figure it out and expect an Aaron Murray pass with no time on clock, won’t rush him and deflect the pass and will not cover my receivers !

BoWeevil BBA


No one hates Mark Richt either.


I would rather have Mark Richt quit, which is that which I have said all season he will do and why he did not sign the extension – giving up half a million a year.


And, then tell us all that it was the Lord’s Will that we win this morning.  Why show up then ?  I guess that obviously explains the way you play against ranked teams sir !  We are to forget about the 5, 4 and 4 unanswered touchdowns by the vols, Alabama and Florida against you Mark Richt this season because it was the Lord’s Will ANYWAY so why bother to try ?  It’s all preordained ?  Where do you dream-up this crap Mark Richt ?




You have free choice to work diligently at this your job sir – that which we offer-up $ 50 millions of dollars sir to you for coaching our team and being successful at it sir.  It’s NOT God’s Will that EVERYTHING is preordained !  Not close !  Not true.  Lie.  You speaking of that which you have NO KNOWLEDGE !  A neophyte.



You sire are being held accountable by God for not performing your lifework up to the greatest of your ability, and wrongly putting it off on God that which was your own free choice sir.  Your own free will sir !  Your goals are not our goals.  Our goal is not to be SEC Champion or National Champion but to be in the game.  15 times in 15 previous Big Bowl Games Georgia has been in the game, winning most of these Big Bowl Games at the end of the season, the Nation Watching, all eyes on us, between 2 teams ranked at the very top of the Final Poll.

You never got that Mark Richt.

You still do not.

Rewriting history after all you can accomplish is a SEC East title in 8 years sir as that is our goal is just dumb.

Only your supporters who are ALL WRONG and owe me an apology would believe the lies out of your mouth that our goal was to win The SEC East.

The AJ-C has kowtowed to Mark Richt and lied about letters sent to them about our unhappiness with the direction this religious guy has taken our football program.

Bluto said that Mark Richt would be back.

Barrett Sallee Bleacher Report said to another Bleacher Reporter who bragged yesterday how great Mark Richt is and would be back, as well owe me an apology.

The Dawgbone owes me an apology insisting that anyone who dared speak up that Mark Richt is not beating the top teams and not getting us to our goals can not be linked to their WebPages.

Many DISNEYdawgs.com posters who supported the mediocrity of Mark Richt owe me an apology.

What he cares about is religion.

Not our football program.


God does not sit there and be in charge of everything at all.

God gives us Free Choice.

Lesson # 1 in my Discipleship.

According to you, then, God set Adam and Eve up for failure !  He did not.  He told you He did not !  It was their will, not His.  He gave them and you Free Will.

You just have chosen to NOT do your duties which could have brought great Glory on God, and have FAILED at YOUR HANDS sir !  NOT His.

Genesis 3 God tells us that He became saddened surprised and disappointed in Adam and Eve, sir !  He did NOT preordain it AT ALL !  He then tells us that Adam and Eve and all mankind would suffer for the consequences of our Own Free Will.


That is what God preordained, son.  That you have Your Own Free Will, Mark Richt !  As we do to fire you.  And, as you do to just step down, which is what I have called for for 8 long years now.


You have chosen to BLAME IT ALL ON HIM.


To resign yourself to Him preordaining EVERYTHING !

That is a purposeful lie on your part as you so often have done here for 15 entire years since you finally showed-up here Mark Richt.


You do not know what you’re talking about.  You only recently even began studying the Bible.  And, NOT very well.  This is the major problem I have with you that you do NOT understand much around you – nor accept the responsibility of being our coach of our football team.




You do not think about it, because well it’s God’s Will ?  Well excuse me Mark Richt, but EVERYONE else thinks about it a lot, sir !  Especially all of us who pay your salary sir.  For all your obvious talent from this last of your Dream Team, 20 seniors gone, with # 8 Scout.com Average Recruiting Ranking and # 5 Most NFL Draft Picks, you surely are not Top 25 after 2007 at ANYTHING – any way you slice it – Mark Richt over this most recent most current 8-year period.

And, your blaming or resigning yourself to YOUR FACT ONLY that the Lord is in charge of EVERYTHING is another LIE from you sir to obfuscate your lousy records against the top teams after 2007.   You are simply trying to turn our attention from your 2 tales of Mark Richt : (1) When you did do well oh so long ago now against the top teams 2001-2007.  And, (2) when you GAVE UP, quit trying, made no effort at all, said you would become instead the CEO of this football program – promoted yourself in Peter Principle – to that which you finally then reached your own personal level of your own personal incompetence.

But, say oh well the Lord is in charge of everything.

I am satisfied.

I am over it.

I do not care.

I have no input on it anyway.

It’s all the Lord’s Will.

I do not think about it !

Why should I ?

The Lord is in charge of EVERYTHING.

I think.

I think ?

Nah; not me !

Silly reporter.

Don’t you KNOW that the Lord is in charge of EVERTHING ?

“YOU cannot blame me !”

That’s exactly what that means !

NOTHING else !

God was in charge of 2001-2007 ?  God is in charge after 2007 ?  Just what is that you SAY God is responsible for and not you Mark Richt – that you say is EVERYTHING ?

You are especially inept, sir, at beating Top 5, Top 10, Top 15, Top 25, and teams who go on to a bowl game that season sir.  And, as bad as your records are against ALL of these – none in the Top 25  – with your # 8 talent sir, your record against them not at Home for us, is EVEN WORSE sir.

You tolerate our criticism because to be a coach is to know that, you said after the game this morning Mark Richt ?

You do NOT !

You THINK you are BETTER than us.

So, what you are left with sir is your 37-1 vs non-bowl teams after 2007, eight years of meaningless seasons with 33 teams now looking at 10-win season 2015 sir.




The Lord is NOT in charge of everything. We wanted to pay you over $ 4 million dollars a year until 2019 to have you be in charge of our Football Program. To beat ranked teams as the # 11 All-Time Win program with the # 3 best recruits available in this state which has no competition for them in-state from yellowjackets or Georgia Southern.  You have FAILED to do so sir after 2007.  No, sir, the Lord is NOT in charge sir – not of our football team, and NEITHER are you obviously.


The Lord is NOT responsible for all this after 2007 Mark Richt, you are !


10-Win Season (Current FBS Teams) Year 2015
Showing Actual Game Results


Team Record Points Opps Rec (-HtH)
1. Clemson (12-0-1)–0.96154 (35.00-17.38) (83-59-0)–0.58451
2. Iowa (12-0-1)–0.96154 (31.08-17.23) (77-66-0)–0.53846
3. Oklahoma (11-1-0)–0.91667 (45.75-20.75) (75-53-0)–0.58594
4. Ohio St. (11-1-0)–0.91667 (35.00-14.00) (72-60-2)–0.54478
5. Alabama (11-1-1)–0.88462 (31.85-13.23) (98-43-0)–0.69504
6. Michigan St. (11-1-1)–0.88462 (30.85-19.46) (89-54-1)–0.62153
7. North Carolina (11-1-1)–0.88462 (38.08-19.15) (78-64-0)–0.54930
8. Houston (11-1-1)–0.88462 (38.77-19.46) (69-72-0)–0.48936
9. Northwestern (10-2-0)–0.83333 (20.67-16.42) (79-52-2)–0.60150
10. Notre Dame (10-2-0)–0.83333 (34.75-22.42) (75-55-4)–0.57463
11. Florida St. (10-2-0)–0.83333 (32.33-15.75) (75-56-2)–0.57143
12. Oklahoma St. (10-2-0)–0.83333 (41.17-29.00) (71-56-0)–0.55906
13. TCU (10-2-0)–0.83333 (41.67-26.08) (65-62-0)–0.51181
14. Navy (9-2-0)–0.81818 (37.55-21.73) (74-46-2)–0.61475
15. Baylor (9-2-0)–0.81818 (50.82-27.91) (63-55-0)–0.53390
16. Toledo (9-2-0)–0.81818 (35.27-21.09) (57-63-2)–0.47541
17. Appalachian St. (9-2-0)–0.81818 (37.45-17.45) (51-63-1)–0.44783
18. Stanford (10-2-1)–0.80769 (34.08-21.38) (83-61-1)–0.57586
19. Florida (10-2-1)–0.80769 (23.31-14.31) (81-61-0)–0.57042
20. Western Ky. (10-2-1)–0.80769 (40.77-23.08) (71-72-0)–0.49650
21. Temple (10-2-1)–0.80769 (29.77-17.31) (71-73-0)–0.49306
22. Mississippi (9-3-0)–0.75000 (40.25-22.83) (81-48-2)–0.62595
23. Oregon (9-3-0)–0.75000 (43.17-36.75) (78-51-3)–0.60227
24. Michigan (9-3-0)–0.75000 (30.58-17.17) (77-55-1)–0.58271
25. Memphis (9-3-0)–0.75000 (42.67-27.00) (72-58-3)–0.55263
26. Utah (9-3-0)–0.75000 (30.25-21.83) (70-61-1)–0.53409
27. Southern Mississippi (9-3-1)–0.73077 (38.46-20.69) (61-81-0)–0.42958
28. BYU (9-3-0)–0.75000 (34.17-21.83) (65-66-0)–0.49618
29. San Diego St. (9-3-1)–0.73077 (29.77-14.46) (68-72-0)–0.48571
30. Marshall (9-3-0)–0.75000 (32.58-18.42) (56-75-2)–0.42857
31. Bowling Green (9-3-1)–0.73077 (40.77-25.62) (72-71-0)–0.50350
32. Wisconsin (9-3-0)–0.75000 (27.08-13.08) (62-69-2)–0.47368
33. Georgia (9-3-0)–0.75000 (26.50-16.92) (67-61-2)–0.52308



After 2007 :


Team records (Current FBS Teams) Years 2008-2015
Showing Actual Game Results
Away and Neutral Site Games Not at Home


Pos Team Record
1. Alabama (43-8-0)–0.84314
2. Oregon (40-11-0)–0.78431
3. Boise St. (43-12-0)–0.78182
4. Ohio St. (36-11-0)–0.76596[1]
5. Florida St. (39-13-0)–0.75000
6. TCU (39-14-0)–0.73585
7. Oklahoma (40-17-0)–0.70175
8. Michigan St. (33-16-0)–0.67347
8. Oklahoma St. (33-16-0)–0.67347
10. USC (35-17-1)–0.66981
11. Florida (32-17-1)–0.65000
12. Utah (32-19-0)–0.62745
13. Texas (32-20-0)–0.61538
14. Missouri (33-21-0)–0.61111
14. Old Dominion (22-14-0)–0.61111
16. LSU (28-18-0)–0.60870
17. Virginia Tech (34-22-0)–0.60714
18. Northern Illinois (38-25-0)–0.60317
19. Appalachian St. (27-18-0)–0.60000
20. Notre Dame (31-21-0)–0.59615
20. Stanford (31-21-0)–0.59615
22. Texas A&M (28-20-0)–0.58333
23. Northwestern (27-20-0)–0.57447
24. Cincinnati (31-23-0)–0.57407
25. Georgia (31-23-0)–0.57407





12 Losses to unranked teams time of game or for year season after 2007 :

12 losses after 2007 to unranked teams :

2009 Okie State not ranked AP Poll season

2009 vols not ranked any poll ever 19-45 lost

2009 Kentucky not ranked any poll ever lost at Sanford Home game

2010 Colorado not ranked any poll ever

2010 Florida not ranked any poll ever

2010 Central Florida UCF  not ranked AP Poll time of game

2013 Missouri not ranked Coaches’ Poll time of game

2013 Vandie not ranked in both Coaches’ Polls and AP Poll time of game

2013 Nebraska not ranked AP Poll for year & not ranked either poll time of game

2014 South Carolina not ranked either AP or Coaches’ Polls for the year

2014 Florida not ranked any poll ever yet blown-out 20-38

2015 vols not ranked any poll at all 2-3 team 31-38


7 LOSSES by MORE THAN 3 TD after 2007 with NONE PRIOR :


10-49 crocodiles 2008

19-45 vols 2009

17-41 crocodiles 2009

10-42 LS who 2011

7-35 gamecocks 2012

10-38 bammer 2015

3-27 crocodiles 2015


After 2007, Mark Richt blaming God for all this :




37-1 vs non-bowl teams

36-31 vs teams making a bowl game




4 losses per season average 73-32 :  37-1 vs non-bowl teams 36-31 vs teams who made a bowl game that season after 2007.




Not Ranked half the time AP or Coaches’ Polls  2009 2010 2013 and now 2015 :




Mark Richt averages the # 8 Scout.com Recruiting Ranking and has the # 5 Most NFL Draft Picks with 86, but after 2007 he is not in the Top 25 at really anything !

Talk about underachievement !  This blog post details the epitome of underachievement with all his talent after 2007 and details the vast resources at hand for Mark Richt to have accomplished after 2007 diddle-e-squat.


AFTER 2007 by Mark Richt and for which he is judged :

Man and God judge Mark Richt for all this after 2007 in his Calling which the Lord Called Mark Richt to, but which he DENIED and said unto the Lord, I am NOT accepting this Calling Lord.  I want to be a preacher man.  And, teach people in religion that which I know not either.

# 33 vs teams when you are not at home Mark Richt sir http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&away=on&neut=on&breakdown=on&cres=1&scrview=3&sortby=Y10

# 26 vs ranked team for the season year http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&away=on&neut=on&yrk=on&jrc=on&cres=1&scrview=1

# 44 vs Top 15 http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&gur=on&grl=01&grh=15&cres=1

# 40 vs ranked teams time of game http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&tgrk=on&jrc=on&cres=1&scrview=1

# 37 vs ranked teams for the season year http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&yrk=on&tyrk=on&jrc=on&cres=1&scrview=1

# 36 vs ranked teams time of game not at home  http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&away=on&neut=on&grk=on&tgrk=on&jrc=on&cres=1&scrview=1

# 34 vs ranked teams for the year season not at home  http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&away=on&yrk=on&cres=1

# 30 vs Top 10 for year for the year season  http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&yrk=on&yrr=on&yrl=01&yrh=10&cres=1

# 26 vs ranked teams for the year season   http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&yrk=on&schedanl=on&cres=1&scrview=2&tview=4

# 25 vs ranked teams time of game not at home  http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&away=on&neut=on&grk=on&jrc=on&cres=1&scrview=1

# 26 vs ranked teams time of game  http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&schedanl=on&cres=1&scrview=2&tview=4

# 28 vs Top 10 time of game  http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&breakdown=on&sgrb=on&cres=1&scrview=5&tview=4&sortby=G10

# 29 vs ranked teams time of game who played in bowl game  http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&breakdown=on&sgrb=on&cres=1&scrview=5&tview=4&sortby=BTM

# 32 vs teams who went to bowl game  http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&bwl=on&tbwl=on&jrc=on&cres=1&scrview=1

# 33 vs Top 10 for the season year not at home   http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&away=on&neut=on&yrk=on&yrr=on&yrl=01&yrh=10&cres=1


Mark Richt, sir, God expects us to take an active part.


This is why we find so many vigorous words and phrases in Scripture, such as “make every effort”, “strain”, “struggle”, “pursue”, “run with diligence the race set before you”, “fight the good fight”, “persist”, “resist”, “stand”, “take hold”, “guard”, “endure to the end”, etc. If everything is preordained, what would be the use of all this strenuous effort?


His plans for all of us  – His plans for each of us will not be fulfilled unless we cooperate with Him in their fulfillment.


No sir.  Everything is NOT preordained.  You should KNOW that !  Your Calling in fact could have brought Great Glory to God, but you choose instead to say God Preordained EVERYTHING !


So, you did not try.  Why indeed try Mark Richt – after all – the Lord is in charge of EVERTHING !  So, why think about anything related to anything as mundane as doing your Calling to Glorify Him. To Witness to others by doing what He asks to the best of our ability. As in every word out of your mouth : You just do not get it.

“I don’t think much about it.  I think the Lord is in charge of everything.  So, I don’t think much about it.”  Mark Richt


God is not imposing Himself on everything Mark Richt.  Good Lord, son.


This utter nonsense that Religion, Mark Richt and The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program may not be discussed, is over here on my blog.


Everything is NOT preordained.  God is NOT in charge of everything.


Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.


God does not tell ME that He is in charge of everything, but that it is MY choice, as yours – only you do not see it and prefer to hide behind that which you know not, and tell us all purposely that He indeed Is In Charge and not you therefore – not your fault :  You say as your parting shot :


“YOU cannot blame me !”


color pie vs top 15 tog after 2007 6-18 25%


# 41 at 18 losses of 24 games vs Top 15 after 2007 for # 11 All-Time UGA







Time-out mismanagement

Roster mismanagement

In-Game Decisions such as pooch kick-off vs yellowjackets last year

In-Game Decisions such as 1st and dumb against Spurrier last year

Telling Cam Newton he is only a TE here that Aaron Murray is his QB instead

His own coaching staff he only hired – total discord

Embarrassing losses

His recruits have been in the bad press

He hasn’t signed contract through 2019 at over $ 4 million a year – take off the table

Too much bad press

Brings his staff and players not-ready-to-play too many times every year

Not developing his players

Has had 4 offensive and 4 defensive coordinators – tell me you’re not going to blame them again !

Look what David Greene said !

Poor leadership

Not trending upward at all !

All we give him all these resources and averages 4 losses over current 8-year period ! 72-32 with 36-1 vs non-bowl teams and 36-31 vs bowl teams.  Unacceptable !

No Direction

Wastes Talent – plays wrong guys

Says there’s something here at Georgia BESIDES winning that’s important

Mixed messages sent to the student-athletes

We have pre-game brawls before Alabama this year and Georgia Southern yet again !

We did the same at Clemson up there

Where is Mark Richt ?

No strategy for special teams and no coach like 100 of his rivals have

Did not even practice special teams in the G-Day Game again !

Dissension and he just stands there and puts gag-order on everyone ?

Nothing done

No results

Disharmony in our football program he is in charge of

Frankly Greg McGarity is to blame for doing nothing about all this

Jere Morehead has done and even said nothing ?

17 years of 0 or 1 loss in UGA history, yet now we’re averaging 4 losses per year for the most recent 8 years now !  Just unacceptable.

The recruits have ALWAYS come here to UGA because we’re the best school if you play football

He leaves holes in his roster recruiting anyway every year he does this

Mark Richt has lost control of this football program for 8 years now.

The problem isn’t Mark Richt if he is still here after the game Saturday, it’s you !


Greg McGarity J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics ad@sports.uga.edu

Jere Morehead e-mail address (since I firmly am convinced the problem is Greg McGarity no good at his job since he got here) president@uga.edu


Howdy DoodyF report card



How can the # 11 team All-Time in Wins, with our Average # 8 Scout.com Recruiting Ranking, with 86 NFL Draft Picks # 5 best nationally, us with 17 seasons of 0 or 1 loss, us with 15 Bowl Games on the National Stage both teams ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll most of which we Won, us with 26 seasons of 80% win percentage or higher have only 1 season after 2007 over 80 % win percentage and it marred by 2 devastatingly horrible coaching decisions to  be # 41 in Won/Lost Record after 2007 vs the Top 15 Ranked teams, be 36-1 vs non-bowl teams and only 36-31 for our 72-32 over the most-current 8 years averaging 4 losses per season and therefore have only played in meaningless bowl games by stark contrast with 12-1 record not at Sanford vs non-bowl teams and only 18-22 vs bowl teams # 26 nationally ?  How is this possible ?  How could this possibly be considered remotely acceptable ?   Mark Richt can not win the big game.





He’s gone and I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish with the FIRED guy you kept bragging on.  I won !  You LOST.

Charley Trippi the greatest Georgia Bulldog All-Time


Charley Trippi lives in Athens, Georgia and is a proud graduate of The University of Georgia.  He is in both the College Football Hall of Fame and in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  He won MVP of the NFL Championship Game, after being selected # 1 in the NFL Draft.  He also is a Consensus All-America Football player (required to be in the College Football Hall of Fame) and won the Maxwell Award as the finest College Football Player.  He won one of our Six (6) National Championships in the Rose Bowl 1942, after then after having his college career interrupted by World War II, he returned here to us and won us another National Championship 1946 winning the Sugar Bowl undefeated.  He also is a tremendous baseball player.  We are all very proud of Charley Trippi.

Rightfully so.


This is his personal Facebook page.  He writes in it frequently and has wonderful pictures.  His first wife passed before I attended Georgia myself.  His degree is in Education.  BS degree.


This is the Official Charley Trippi WebPage.

Charley Trippi played for the Atlanta Crackers at the old Ponce de Leon ballpark across from Sears, Roebuck and Company where we used to go before the games every night and buy hot peanuts.

Charley was never the spokesman for the Roebucks, shoes Sears sold.


This is Charley Trippi’s Twitter contact information.  He is active on Twitter as well.

In fact, Charley Trippi is very well connected.

Charley Trippi is a fine Christian.


This is a wonderful photo of Charley Trippi here at Georgia.

He comes to our games.

We retired his # 62 Jersey.

Johnny Rauch of NFL fame, said that Charley Trippi is our Greatest Quarterback and a lot better than he.

Charley Trippi won the Rose Bowl for Georgia prior to World War II, and then after proudly serving this great country after we were attacked in such cowardly fashion in such a vicious manner, Charley returned to UGA and won us another national championship.  2 of our 6.

As a baseball player, there never has been an equal to Charley Trippi representing The University of Georgia.

Imagine ?

Professional baseball player and professional football player.

How many ever will do that ?

Charley is from Pennsylvania and one of the greatest recruits in the nation. Notre Dame had, you know, the reputation for playing in the big bowl games and winning national championships in football.  But, we never had.  Not until Charley Trippi.  Charley Trippi really started it all for Wally Butts and for Georgia.  And, Charley led our baseball team beating the shit out of Georgie tek.  This was a time when Georgie tek was good in football back then, but baseball they were not our equal.  This season just ended, Georgie tek won its first Major Bowl Game Win since 1955.  That’s how long they have suffered.

Charley Trippi’s over 2,500 yards passing in the NFL, over 3,500 yards rushing and over 1,300 yards receiving marks the only Pro Football Hall of Fame member to have achieved these numbers in all 3.

Charley Trippi is the player who won the MVP of the Rose Bowl, just as he won the MVP of the NFL Championship Game (preceded the Super Bowl but is the same exact game and distinction.)  Thus, I always have listed Charley Trippi with the Super Bowl MVP list here at Georgia by calling it NFL Championship Game MVP.  It is quite a shame to act like 49 games is the entire history of the NFL ignoring those with the same Award prior to the 49 Super Bowls.  You might not remember those games prior to Joe Willie Namath, but I certainly do.  For a long time, the NFL would never consider the AFL as up to their standards, you see ?

To the day, therefore as well, the NFL calls it the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Charley Trippi played for the NFL Chicago Cardinals.

Charley Trippi played for the Atlanta Crackers before we went to every game, every night.  His batting average is .334 as a professional baseball player.  The Atlanta Crackers were a huge hit in Atlanta and filled the stadium with star players.  We had a sign in right center field from C&S Bank which paid $ 1000 to any player who hit a home run into the large circular hole the sign had in it.  I saw several.   3 I saw hit through it.  Later, Charley Trippi came back when I was going to the games every night and coached our team.  We won 1st place every single year.  Always the Champions.

We had great players on the Atlanta Crackers.  Names I can recite to you, and their children they brought to the games too who played on the field pre-game, and later went into MLB too.

The NFL after 1 year on the Atlanta Crackers paid Charley Trippi $ 100,000 plus a $ 25,000 bonus to play with them instead and he did instantly being NFL Championship Game MVP and NFL Champion, after being selected # 1 over-all in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft 1945.  You could buy a new Packard for $ 500.

Charley Trippi also served on the coaching staff of the NFL Cardinals.

Quite a nice man, and fun to talk to, I have admired Charley Trippi all my life.  My Dad in World War II was stationed part of the time in the Pacific and part of the time at the Pentagon and he introduced me to Charley Trippi at one of our games, telling me in front of Charley how he had Washington Redskins seasons tickets as an orphan from Georgia and watched Charley Trippi return punts, kick-off returns, actually the punter as well, catch passes, throw passes, run, intercept passes and excel at all phases of the game.  Charley Trippi is so gracious.

Charley Trippi did not sell popcorn at half-time.

I believe one of the greatest quotes of all-time is his teammate College Football Hall of Fame Quarterback Johnny Rauch when inducted in the Hall of Fame said that truth be told, he preferred to pitch the ball back to half-back Charley Trippi.  Charley Trippi throws the ball better than I.

The Arizona Cardinals claim Charley Trippi, but I think with my background here, that I claim Charley Trippi.

The fine University of Georgia Baseball Program who has a national championship in the College World Series, also had Charley Trippi as our head baseball coach and for good reason as well.

Charley Trippi is a great hitting instructor.

We’ve had several 2-sport stars at Georgia, and we’ve had several really great football players and baseball players.

There never has been anyone who really stands the scrutiny of Charley Trippi – man without peer.

Charley Trippi was such a great football player that he played both ways, serving as defensive back.  In fact, when you look up his records, many list him at my position, db.

Pennsylvania is long known for their famous Italian-Americans, but perhaps none so highly decorated as this really good guy, Charley Trippi.

I have no idea why folks cannot spell his name.

I grew up on Charley Trippi in our home.  Charley Trippi is my hero.

Charles Louis Trippi.

Charley has a great family including a son bearing his name as well.

I do not bear his name.  I could never live up to it.

Charley Trippi was great for us prior to WWII.  And, then he returned home as Dad did here.  At that time, Charley Trippi won us a National Championship as MVP Rose Bowl 1942, then went to fight in the War, then came back and won us another national championship in football his final season here 1946 also winning the Maxwell Award as the nation’s best college football player, then went to the Crackers batting .334, then the Cardinals and instantly was # 1 Draft Pick, MVP NFL Championship Game (Super Bowl) scoring several touchdowns and therefore NFL Champion 1947.  Then, College Football Hall of Fame and Pro Football Hall of Fame.

One of the greatest players of All-Time in The SEC.

I have been to several Charley Trippi Days at Sanford Stadium, and always love to see him on the field.  A more humble man, you’ll never meet.

Wish some of that would rub off on me !

At Georgia, Charley Trippi batted .464

What does that tell you ?

Charley Trippi played for us in the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl.  How about that ?

I just thought you should know, since you do not know much about us. About all I ever hear here or any of the other Georgia Bulldogs’ blogs ever from you, is Ray Goff and how great Mark Richt is today losing more than 4 games a season average over the latest 7 years.  Yeah, Charley Trippi and I suffered through the Ray Goff years too.

Average over more than 4 losses a season for the latest 7 years here at UGA in football ?  Not on the same playing field as Charley Trippi – The Single Greatest Bulldog Ever.

Lives in Athens with his family and very active in technology as a Real Estate Business Owner.

So, as we tip our hats to deserving loved ones this Valentine’s Day 2015, I raise up Charley Trippi to you as my personal hero.

Have a great day Charley Trippi, sir.

You never settled for 2nd best at anything, ever.  Who is a real hero ?

Charley Trippi



Georgia’s RB Todd Gurley II and UCLA’s LB Eric Kendricks Named Walter Camp National FBS Players of the Week. Herschel Walker only Dawg to win Walter Camp POY Award.

Todd Gurley II scored 3 rushing TD, had 1 catch, amassed 198 rushing yards on 15 carries, scored a TD on his 2nd 100-yard TD kick-off return by Todd Gurley II, and twice shoved Hutson Mason into the End Zone when he was stopped and beat # 16 AP Poll and # 16 USA Today Coaches’ Amway Poll Clemson, who ended last season # 9, and who was said to have a great Defense.

Herschel Walker is the only Georgia Bulldog to ever win the Walter Camp National Player of the Year Award.

There have been 16 Georgia Bulldogs named Walter Camp All-America, the most recent of which is Jarvis Jones who 3 times won Walter Camp National FBS Player of the Week.  Other Walter Camp All-America players for Georgia besides Jarvis Jones LB are Drew Butler P, Max Jean-Gilles OL, Greg Blue S, Thomas Davis S, Jon Stinchcomb OL, Joel Parrish OL, Randy Johnson OL, Royce Smith OL, Jake Scott S, Bill Stanfill DT, Edgar Chandler OL, Frank Sinkwich HB, Tom A. Nash E, Joe Bennett T, and Charley Trippi TB.

There were no Walter Camp All-America players named from Georgia last season, on either the 1st or 2nd team.

Walter Camp is one of the most prestigious Awards annually, given to the Top Football Player of the Year – the Walter Camp Player of the Year Award.

Clemson has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

Alabama has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

Georgie tek has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

South Carolina has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

Tennessee has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

Missouri has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.

Texas A & M has never had any player who won the Walter Camp Award.


All-Purpose Running All-Time UGA Leaders :

293 yards Todd Gurley II vs # 16 Clemson 8/302014

290 yards Rodney Hampton vs Ole Miss 1987 (227 rushing, 28 receiving, 35 KO return)

285 yards Fred Gibson vs KY 2001 (201 receiving, 84 KO return)

283 yards Herschel Walker vs Vanderbilt 1980 (all rushing).

NCAA FBS head coaches make up a group including also Sports’ Information Directors who name the Award.

Some of the previous Walter Camp Player of the Year Award are Herschel Walker, Pat Sullivan, Johnny Rodgers, Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders, Cam Newton, Charlie Ward, and Danny Wuerffel.  Todd Gurley II would be Mark Richt’s 3rd Walter Camp Player of the Year Award and Georgia’s 2nd, if Todd Gurley II can keep it up.

He will be a marked man.

Opponents will not kick-off to him, and they will spy on him.


Fairly amazing again that when we returned from Athens, ESPN was running a spot every 15 minutes all day Sunday about the 4 best Performances of the Day, all against Cupcakes, and Todd Gurley II was not even included in the 4 anyone in the nation could even vote on.

Bullshit.  Pure unadulterated Bullshit.

Todd Gurley II was given the nod over Kenny Hill Texas A&M.

The Walter Camp Foundation’s prestigious Awards are carefully measured by the head coaches and the sports’ information directors to insure moral fiber.

Todd Gurley II is of fine moral fiber from Tarboro North Carolina, where they do not have a football team and have not had a football team.  Many of our top recruits come from both North and South Carolina.  He is a Business Major at The University of Georgia, as I.

He is 6′ 1″ and 226 lbs of all muscle.

He was the North Carolina High School Player of the Year 2011, and is only 20 years’ of age.

He is an accomplished receiver with 54 catches already now, and has played here already as many years as Knowshon Moreno.  This is his final season with us. He is our Captain.  He now has over 2,500 yards rushing.

He averages over 6 yards per carry and over 10 yards per catch.

Perhaps the nation’s most feared kick-off returner, he leads the cheers on the sidelines.  Everyone at the game Saturday noticed him on the sidelines, and how not only all the other players came over to congratulate him every one of his plays, but how he was the 1st to lead the cheers for his teammates.

When he came here, he was very quiet.  Time has not changed him much.  While there were accolades heaped upon Keith Marshall, there were low rumblings of the awesomeness of Todd Gurley II.  No one calls him Todd Gurley II, only I.

When Hutson Mason was struggling Saturday to throw completions of 4 yards, he wanted the ball.  When Hutson Mason struggled against Georgie tek to fall behind 20 to nothing, he had every touch in both over-times and scored 4 consecutive touchdowns, our only 4 of the game to beat Georgie tek.

He ran 10.7 seconds in the 100 meter dash, and competed # 15 in the World Youth Championships in France. He is named for his father, Todd Gerome Gurley.


He was given a scholarship offer as the # 5 best running back in the nation from Clemson, North Carolina University, North Carolina State University, Virginia Tech, Georgie tek and Auburn.  SEC schools were slow on the uptake up in North Carolina and he wanted to pry his trade here, as one of the nation’s best pass blockers.


His parents are proud of him.  His dad lives in Baltimore, Maryland – not far from Washington, D.C.

He will name his son the III.  They put that on the back of Joe Tereshinski III, but refused until last season to put II on Todd Gurley II’s Jersey.