5th criminal allegation against Jameis Winston including third sexual allegation – only 2 shoplifting allegations including crab legs video are NOT sexual allegations against Jameis Winston.

Jameis Winston is a THUG.


This is ALL he ever has been.


Florida State paid-off one million dollars on just one of these charges against Jameis Winston.


FSU has tried to cover-up ALL of this.




Compare The University of Georgia with Florida State University.


What next for Jameis Winston ?


NFL suspension now.


Multiple games.


Nice Jameis Winston you GOD DAMN sexual predator.




Pac-12 now 0-1 in bowl games this season and have not won national championship after 1972 in football. Will not win this year EITHER since Pac-12 is not even in it. Oregon finishes 7-6 when they were a RANKED TEAM this year. Now that crappy coach Willie Taggart takes over at FSU. Willie Taggart has a LOSING RECORD as head coach AND has LOST every bowl game he has been to as well. He SUCKS. Congrats to Pac-12 Willie Taggart and most especially congrats to Florida State who got the short-end of this stick when Jimbo Fisher jumped the sinking ship and took pot shots on the way out. FSU # 59 in recruiting for tomorrow # 59. It could not happen to a nicer bunch of fans. Way to go guys.



# 59 in recruiting for Florida State.  Apparently the recruits are listening to what Jimbo Fisher said.


I have ALWAYS hated Florida State as a Podunk school in a bad location with no fans whose only claim to fame was that Clemson sucked so FSU could be top dog in a crappy conference of really no one but Clemson.


But Jimbo Fisher’s comments on the disadvantages of FSU when he left took my feelings about this crappy assed school to a whole new level.


# 59 in recruiting  FSU while # 27 Texas A&M


Florida State University


Laugh out loud.


Have fun in Shreveport Louisiana FSU.  We haven’t been there since 2009.


It’s a no-brainer to jump ship from FSU to go to The SEC’s Texas A&M instead Jimbo Fisher says because the resources are just so widely worse at FSU.  This is what Jimbo Fisher said.  He knew that would be published in hell hole Tallahassee.


“If your administration doesn’t see things the way you see things and allow you to do things that way nothing can be achieved with worse recruiting base worse facilities and worse local support at FSU.”


“We’ve got to get caught up.  We haven’t done anything for a long time here. We did when we first got here. We made a few little adjustments. Since then we really haven’t. We’ve got to get caught up in that area.”  Jimbo Fisher September at FSU




# 59 in recruiting signing day tomorrow.