D’Andre Swift only got 1 START all 2017 season and only got 5 STARTS all 2018 last season. Held back by Kirby D’Andre Swift now says he isn’t answering the question whether or NOT he is going to play in the Sugar Bowl against Baylor or will let Kirby’s BOWL RECORD DROP TO A LOSING BOWL RECORD.


D’Andre Swift 100 yards 5 times this season 1100 yards (22nd UGA player over 1000 yards season) so 19-13 win over Texas A&M to even the series 3-3. Jake Fromm 33-6 Starter. Rodrigo Blankenship 4-4 field goals 2nd all-time SEC leading SCORER.

Tyler Clark senior gets sack with 5:57 seconds left at midfield making it 2nd and 20 forced stupid Jimbo Fisher PUNT.  Never got ball back. Brian Herrien first down behind Woerner block 2 seniors for the win 2:59 left.


D’Andre Swift


TO HELL WITH TECH like my daddy used to do before me.





21 Georgia Bulldog Running Backs have gained over one thousand rushing yards in a season. Here they all are in order. Congratulations to Nick Chubb and Sony Michel 2017 and to D’Andre Swift and Elijah Holyfield 2018.

 21 Georgia Bulldogs rushing 1000 yards in a season :

  1. 1,891 – Herschel Walker 1981 SEC Record ***
  2. 1,752 – Herschel Walker 1982 ***
  3. 1,616 – Herschel Walker 1980 ***
  4. 1,547 – Garrison Hearst 1992
  5. 1,547 – Nick Chubb 2014 ***
  6. 1,400 – Knowshon Moreno 2008 **
  7. 1,385 – Todd Gurley II   2012
  8. 1,345 – Nick Chubb 2017 *** 6 games 2015 injured 747 yards 92 carries
  9. 1,334 – Knowshon Moreno  2007 **
  10. 1,324 Musa Smith 2002
  11. 1,312 – Willie McClendon 1978
  12. 1,227 – Sony Michel 2017 **
  13. 1,216 – Tim Worley 1988
  14. 1,161 – Sony Michel 2015 **
  15. 1,130 – Nick Chubb 2016 ***
  16. 1,103 – Frank Sinkwich 1941
  17. 1,068 – D’Andre Swift 2018
  18. 1,059 – Rodney Hampton 1989
  19. 1,058 – Kevin McLee 1976
  20. 1,042 – Elijah Holyfield 2018
  21. 1,016 – Lars Tate 1987


1,000 Yards Rushing Season Georgia Bulldogs 21 to-date including two last year and two different ones this year 2017 and 2018 which no team has EVER done.   Congratulations to Nick Chubb and Sony Michel 2017 and to D’Andre Swift and  Elijah Holyfield 2018.


*** Includes two 3-time 1000 yard rushers Herschel Walker 1981 SEC Record and Nick Chubb who also appeared in 6 games 2015 before injured 747 yards on 92 carries

** Includes two 2-time 1000 yard rushers Knowshon Moreno who was redshirted 2006 or he would’ve had 3 and Sony Michel whom Kirby gave only 2 starts 2016 finishing with 840 rushing yards anyway no thanks to Kirby but Sony Michel 2016 season caught another 22 catches 4th best on 2016 team receiving for another 149 yards giving Sony Michel 2016 total of 989 yards rushing and receiving no thanks to Kirby.  Kirby also let Elijah Holyfield have only 6 rushes in 5 games 2016 while Jacob Eason got 32 carries for minus a yard and a half per carry 2016.  Kirby of course LOST 5 games 2016 with these fascinating FACTS about Kirby’s meddling in the 2016 offense with no prior experience by Kirby screwing-up 2016 season as he did.  And he did on the offense.  The defense 2016 was fine.  Kirby knows defense.  Offense he does NOT.  Knowshon Moreno and Sony Michel should have both had three 1000 yard seasons but Mark Richt redshirted Knowshon Moreno 2006.  Perhaps you recall the 2006 season for Mark Richt when he did NOT even finish in the final Coaches’ Poll Top 25 teams 2006.  Mark Richt LOST 2006 without Knowshon Moreno to vols for God’s sake LOST to Vandie who was 1-7 in The SEC 2006 and LOST to Kentucky another unranked CUPCAKE Mark Richt lost to 2006 without Knowshon Moreno because Mark Richt didn’t need Knowshon Moreno 2006.  Like Kirby didn’t need Sony Michel much in 2016 losing 5 games for Kirby and being unranked as Kirby was 2016 meddling with our offense with no Kirby experience on offense.


I was NOT satisfied with 32 losses Mark Richt’s final 8 years here averaging 4 losses a season and guess what ?  I am NOT satisfied with Kirby’s 10 losses in 3 seasons 3.33 losses per season EITHER.


They BOTH can go stick it up their ass for their meddling piddling offenses.  Look this is 2019 prolific offenses throw the God Damn football and their quarterbacks are NOT statues back there handing the ball off only to running backs tipping-off our play calls as especially Kirby has done all 3 years now record-setting for


Kirby NOT PASSING the football averaging # 90 passing offense for Kirby all 3 years # 105 in 2016 then # 97 in 2017 and now # 69 for 2018 Kirby passing offense.  THIS IS NOT WORKING KIRBY.  Wake up dumb shit.


I also take exception to Kirby’s choices for starting offensive linemen 2016 and 2017 and 2018 as I take exception to Mark Richt’s crappy offensive lines every God Damn year all 15 of 145 wins obviously NOT 10 wins a season in 15-game seasons only 9 wins a season for Mark Richt.  Kirby is averaging 10.6 which IS over 10-win season average in 15-game seasons for the TOP TEAMS which we OBVIOUSLY are NOT 2016 or 2018.  Frankly we lost two games in pitiful fashion 2017 five such pitiful losses 2016 and now 3 God Damn pitiful losses 2018 with Kirby.  So I am NOT seeing a lot different between Kirby and Mark Richt.  But I will leave that for you to tell ME how great Kirby is.  Right now Kirby is on my SHIT LIST.


Why don’t you tell me how we don’t need to pass the football ?


Go ahead.


I’ll wait and give you the floor…



Polly Wolly Doodle All the Day – despite losing 2 dozen all starters Georgia has quite the haul for AP All-SEC 2018 Pre-Season Selections

Offensive selections



Running backs


Wide receivers


All-Purpose Offense






Tight ends

Defensive selections

Defensive ends

Defensive tackles




Special teams



All purpose/return specialist



This looks quite a bit different from what will be the AP 2018 All-SEC football team Post-Season.  Still Polly Wolly Doodle All the Day would seem the general sentiment of the inclusion of a dozen UGA Georgia Bulldogs on the AP Poll 2018 Pre-Season All-SEC football team.










The Top 50 Most Important Players for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2018 season – these guys should make the most impact 2018 for us

  1. Justin Fields
  2. D’Andre Swift
  3. J.R. Reed
  4. Jake Fromm
  5. Brenton Cox 5-Star Stockbridge 6′ 4″ 250 lbs. # 33 nation overall # 2 DE
  6. Richard LeCounte
  7. Zamir White 5-Star Scotland NC  6′ 1″ 220 lbs. # 6 nation overall # 1 RB
  8. Mecole Hardman
  9. Terry Godwin
  10. Natrez Patrick
  11. Riley Ridley
  12. Jeremiah Holloman
  13. Kearis Jackson Peach Ft Val 4.53 in 40-yard dash # 26 nation overall # 4 WR
  14. Elijah Holyfield
  15. Jonathan Ledbetter
  16. D’Andre Walker
  17. Deandre Baker
  18. Isaac Nauta
  19. Ahkil Crumpton
  20. Monty Rice
  21. Robert Beal Jr.
  22. Brian Herrien
  23. Tyler Clark
  24. Trey Hill Houston Warner Robins 6′ 3.5″ 346 lbs. # 38 nation overall # 2 Guard
  25. Andrew Thomas
  26. Netori Johnson
  27. Ben Cleveland
  28. Cade Mays 5-Star Knoxville  6′ 6″ 318 lbs. # 16 nation overall # 2 OT
  29. D’Marcus Hayes
  30. Isaiah Wilson
  31. Charlie Woerner
  32. DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle
  33. Rodrigo Blankenship
  34. Jamaree Salyer 5-Star Pace Academy 6′ 4″ 342 lbs. # 10 nation overall # 1 OG
  35. Tyson Campbell 5-Star Am Heritage Ft Lauderdale # 12 nation overall # 2 CB
  36. Adam Anderson 5-Star Rome  6′ 5″ 225 lbs # 18 nation overall # 1 OL
  37. James Cook 5-Star Miami Northwestern 5′ 11″ 183 lbs. # 22 national # 3 RB
  38. Quay Walker 5-Star Cordele # 2 best OLB nation # 31 overall JaQUAvian
  39. Luke Ford Illinois 6′ 6″ 252 lbs. # 49 nation overall # 2 Tight End
  40. Azeez Ojulari Marietta  6′ 3″ 230 lbs. # 79 nation overall # 7 Defensive
  41. Otis Reese Leesburg GA # 56 overall prospect in the nation # 5 OLB
  42. Channing Tindall Columbia SC 6′ 2″ 218 lbs. # 91 nation overall # 5 OLB
  43. John FitzPatrick Marist School  6′ 6″ 230 lbs. # 121 nation overall # 5 TE
  44. Chris Smith Hapeville Atlanta # 295 nation overall # 29 cornerback
  45. Devonte Wyatt Towers 6′ 3″ 301 lbs. DL # 10 JUCO nation # 4 JUCO DT
  46. Nadab Joseph Miami 6′ 180 lbs. # 155 nation overall # 10 Cornerback
  47. Warren Ericson North Gwinnett 6′ 4″ 315 lbs. # 222 nation overall #11 OG
  48. Jake Camarda Norcross Keith Maloof 6′ 2″ 175 lbs. # 7 Kicker nation and Punter
  49. Tommy Bush Samuel Clemens Schertz Texas # 196 overall # 37 top WR
  50. Jay Hays DT transfer from Notre Dame




These are ALSO the ones I see with NFL potential.


As you can SEE HERE the # 1 recruiting class in the nation makes up quite a bit of our talent 2018.  If Kirby HOLDS THEM BACK 2018 then 2018 is shot and we shall NOT make our potential.


29 seasons Mighty Georgia Bulldogs won 80 percent of our games and this will be 30 seasons college football play-off final 4 team – if we get these 50 on the field doing the heavy lifting and if Justin Fields and James Coley can do SOMETHING about only 31 percent of our plays all last season passing plays and the # 105 Passing Offense awful numbers we put up for all of last season. We need our freshmen and Kirby has held back freshmen both 2016 and 2017 seasons costing us.  He pulls that again 2018 and we will not achieve what we could 2018.




“Justin Fields AND Jake Fromm performed well in the scrimmage today” Kirby said to Kelsey Russo of The Red and Black student newspaper noting “the offense dominated during the third-down period.” Are you concerned Kelsey that that is the fault of our defensive backs ? Or Kelsey do you see that as a sign of our strength of our passing game which made up only 31 % of all of Kirby’s plays all last season the # 105 passing offense. Kelsey you owe further questioning or are you AFRAID of Kirby Kelsey ? WTF ?

Kirby continued the defense did well against the RUN.


So :


(1) Both Quarterbacks performed well in the scrimmage today

(2) The Offensive passing game had “explosive plays” Kirby told Kelsey

(3) The offense dominated during the 3rd down period meaning run run pass Kirby again 2018

(4) The Defense stopped the RUN

(5) Georgia Bulldogs’ running back D’Andre Swift will NOT play until Fall with groin pull

(6) Kirby can NOT control what WE SEE Saturday at 4 p.m.



I remain not into this bullshit of Kirby being the only source of how we’re doing.  He has been caught red-handed with complete and utter lies about the answers he gives us anyway.


Why ask him ?


Kirby has not had an explosive offense since he got here.


Clemson does.


Trevor Lawrence won the STARTING job at QB for Clemson 2018 today.




Georgia is coming off 2 seasons of FAILED OFFENSE in a row so far for Kirby’s career.


Kirby had a hell of a great defense 2017.


There were concerns in that secondary as well – as seen in the national championship game yet again costing the game.  That and THEIR quarterback made plays and our QB did NOT having him instead try to sit on the ball take the air out of the ball although had scored 4 of the first 5 scores ahead 20-7 and LOST as a direct result thereof.


The question is what are we doing to FIX that ?


Kirby we will see for ourselves Saturday evening 4 p.m.  Explosive plays on offense Kirby ? What does THAT mean ?  That your secondary sucks ?  That your quarterbacks THREW the ball deep on your secondary ?  That your running game is no good without D’Andre Swift ?


Answers in person 4 p.m. Saturday evening for ALL to see Kirby.


I am presuming that Justin Fields IS THE REAL DEAL.


That’s my guess.


What’s yours ?


I do like this schedule where we at least are starting 2 guys on the OL I said one of which should have started 2016 and the other of which I said should have started 2017.  This is good.  We’re ahead on that schedule.  Not ahead of my schedule of that schedule but ahead of my prediction that Kirby would NOT get his best OL out there 2018 either based upon Kirby’s poor choices on the OL 2016 and 2017.


We hold our offense back.


That’s Kirby.


And we LIE about it.


That’s Kirby too.



HOW DO YOU FEEL about what you are being TOLD and NOT TOLD specifically about the offense which Kirby has no prior experience except one year as Mark Richt’s running backs’ coach ?


Kirby gags not only the players and the press but the coaches too.


I for one am looking forward to Saturday evening 4 p.m. to see for myself.


Kirby Quotes.


I for one stand-up to Kirby on his bullshit of his on his failed offense.  I hold Kirby responsible for the failure of his offense.


All we had last season was a defense and Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.




31 percent of our plays are passing plays. That is NOT EVEN run 1st and 2nd pass 3rd down. That is run on 3rd down some too. Here are my 2-Deep 2018. Who are the players I am expecting the MOST from 2018 season ? This is a REBUILD. All you have to do is look to see this is not a reload. I told you THIS all last year. Lose 3 games 2018. Remember I told you SEC Championship 2017 ? Well do you ? I am counting on 12 Freshmen 2018 twelve got it ? Without those 12 Kirby NEVER replaces all he just lost. 12-3

  1. D’Andre Swift Sophomore TB I felt would’ve won Heisman last year nearly any other team 1 start 17
  2. Jake Fromm Sophomore QB All-America QB returns but Kirby has started True Fresh QB 2 yrs row
  3. J.R. Reed Redshirt Junior DB our single best defensive player returning
  4. Deandre Baker Senior CB
  5. D’Andre Walker Senior LB
  6. Michail Carter Junior DT
  7. Tyler Clark Junior DT
  8. Ben Cleveland Redshirt Sophomore OL
  9. Ahkil Crumpton Senior WR
  10. Deangelo Gibbs ? Wasted Freshman none last 8  games better last play than Malkom Parrish DB
  11. Terry Godwin Senior WR
  12. Mecole Hardman Jr. Junior WR 1 start 2017
  13. DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle Senior DT
  14. D’Marcus Hayes Senior now wasted last year OL
  15. Brian Herrien Junior TB I still see him as NFL potential
  16. Jeremiah Holloman Sophomore WR held back 2017-2018 season
  17. Riley Ridley  Junior WR held back to just 6 starts 2017-2018 season
  18. Elijah Holyfield Sophomore Special Teams TB WR great potential 1 start 2017
  19. Netori Johnson Redshirt Freshman OL
  20. Solomon Kindley Redshirt Sophomore OL
  21. Richard LeCounte III Sophomore DB got one start last year
  22. Jonathan Ledbetter Senior DE
  23. David Marshall Junior OLB
  24. Nate McBride Sophomore LB
  25. Tyrique McGhee Junior DB
  26. Isaac Nauta Junior TE believe will declare for draft after 2018 season pretty much wasted 2017
  27. Natrez Patrick Senior ILB drug treatment gave-up his scholarship would not be on my team
  28. William Poole Sophomore DB
  29. Monty Rice  Sophomore ILB felt should’ve started vs AL & OK
  30. Riley Ridley Junior WR held him back 2 years now
  31. Julian Rochester Junior DL
  32. Ameer Speed Sophomore DB
  33. Andrew Thomas Sophomore OL
  34. Isaiah Wilson  Redshirt Freshman OL wasted 2017
  35. Charlie Woerner Junior TE
  36. Rodrigo Blankenship  Junior K
  37. Jake Camarda Frosh 2018 Punter
  38. Kearis Jackson Peach County 4.53 in 40-yard dash # 26 national prospect # 4 WR Early Frosh
  39. Trey Hill Houston County Warner Robins 6′ 3.5″ 346 lbs. # 38 national # 2 Guard Frosh
  40. James Cook Miami Northwestern HS 5′ 11″ 183 lbs. # 31 national # 3 Running Back rotation Frosh
  41. Jamaree Salyer Pace Academy 5-star 6′ 4″ 342 lbs. # 10 national prospect # 1 Offensive Guard Frosh
  42. Zamir White Scotland NC 5-star  6′ 1″ 220 lbs. # 6 national prospect # 1 RB be redshirted Frosh
  43. Azeez Ojulari Marietta  6′ 3″ 230 lbs. # 79 national prospect # 7 Defensive End Frosh
  44. Devonte Wyatt Towers 6′ 3″ 301 lbs. DL # 10 JUCO national prospect # 4 JUCO DT rotation Frosh
  45. Luke Ford Illinois 6′ 6″ 252 lbs. # 49 national prospect # 2 Tight End Frosh
  46. Channing Tindall Columbia SC 6′ 2″ 218 lbs. # 91 national prospect # 5 OLB start Frosh
  47. Justin Fields Harrison 5-star # 1 prospect in the nation overall # 1 QB nationally too start Frosh
  48. Adam Anderson Rome 6′ 5″ 225 lbs. 5-star # 18 national prospect # 1 Outside Linebacker start Frosh
  49. Cade Mays Knoxville  6′ 6″ 318 lbs. 5-star # 16 national prospect # 2 Offensive Tackle start Frosh
  50. Brenton Cox Stockbridge 6′ 4″ 250 lbs. 5-star # 22 national prospect # 2 Defensive End start Frosh


Let’s put it like this : If Kirby does not play 12 of his true freshmen game 1 this 2018 he can never replace all we lost and if he doesn’t play 12 freshmen 2018 Kirby is writing this year off as rebuilding year.  It is VERY dangerous to not study 37-50 on the depth chart and get them in the rotation early.  Last year at the end of the year we had freshmen who were ready but they had no snaps so were redshirted when they could’ve helped.


For all we did right 2017 the last play is a screw-up when others could have helped and were NOT out there.  You have to cover the guy.  Now we will be 12-3 twelve wins 3 losses for 2018.  Lost too much. Rebuilding year.


Swift, D’Andre got 5 carries a game 1 reception a game which I see as criminal

Hardman, Mecole got 25 receptions all 15 games also criminal

Nauta, Isaac got 9 receptions all 15 games should turn pro after this 2018 season then

Crumpton, Ahkil allowed to have 5 passes thrown to him all year flashing great hands

Holloman, Jeremiah allowed to have 1 pass thrown to him all year I counted on game 1

Hardman, Mecole had 8 carries all year long 8, Prather Hudson got 6 – you get that ?


975 total plays on offense and 305 were passes 31 percent .31 not balanced sat on lead and lost


We scored the first 3 times in the game unanswered and lost imposing our will with small OL.  We scored 4 of the first 5 scores in the game and got beat.  You can say all you want but THESE are the facts.   You know what my NFL buddies said to me ?  They thought they were watching the FALCONS.  Guys who played in the NFL.  This is what THEY SAID.  Nick Chubb had 18 carries for 25 yards.


That is a FAILED OFFENSE 2017 Kirby.


You better FIX THAT SHIT 2018 Kirby passing only 31 percent of the plays.  That works fine against unranked teams but in the play-offs you telegraph your plays against a good defense.  They can sit on a play which is what they did.




This is a tremendous opportunity for these players. There are key guys who could make quite a name for themselves Saturday night. We haven’t won since 1980, and despite whining about it – we have not been there to win one. Now Saturday we can for the first time in 37 years. You can’t be a Bulldogs’ Football Player and NOT RECOGNIZE this opportunity to have one hell of a game. You can yourself really affect the outcome by yourself. Want some names ? When I guaranteed The SEC Championship 2017 for us, it was because I figured these guys would STAND-UP and BE COUNTED. Now is the time. The rest was all warm-up. Starting with the win over TCU last year this time, I guaranteed This SEC Championship here on THIS BLOG and EVERY DAY since and THESE GUYS HERE LISTED HERE are WHY. Now can we get a BIG GAME FROM THEM ? I say HELL YES. Here are the 48 I was counting on to win This SEC Championship I GURANTEED starting TCU game last year. Is it too late to burn the redshirt of 3 more for the 3 biggest games of the last 37 years coming-up now ?

Jake Fromm

Sony Michel

Roquan Smith

Natrez Patrick

Lorenzo Carter

D’Andre Swift

Jacob Eason

Elijah Holyfield

Jonathan Ledbetter

Ahkil Crumpton

Davin Bellamy

DeAngelo Gibbs

Isaac Nauta

J.R. Reed

Nick Chubb

Isaiah Wynn

Trenton Thompson

Brian Herrien

Riley Ridley

Reggie Carter

Tyler Clark

Tyrique McGhee

Aaron Davis

Monty Rice

Walter Grant

Jeremiah Holloman

Charlie Woerner

Terry Godwin

Cameron Nizialek

Dominick Sanders

Michael Barnett

Jeb Blazevich

Jordan Davis

Julian Rochester

Rodrigo Blankenship

John Atkins

David Marshall

Richard LeCounte III

Malik Herring

Mecole Hardman Jr.

Javon Wims

Solomon Kindley

Andrew Thomas

Ben Cleveland

D’Marcus Hayes

Netori Johnson

Isaiah Wilson


I remember when we recruited EVERY one of these men.  I remember Auburn wanted EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY one of these men.  I know we have better players than Auburn.  I know we have recruited better than Auburn after Mark Richt was FIRED.





I would rather these guys than Auburn has.


I would rather our coaching staff than their staff.


I would rather have LOST to them behind 10 to 40 just 3 weeks ago.


I guaranteed this on THIS BLOG after TCU game last year this time.


We WIN this game.


HERE is why.


These men.


These 45 men will step-up THIS GAME.


This game which counts.


I actually counted on 48.  Is it too late to say again let’s burn the redshirt of 3 more for the 3 biggest games of the last 37 years coming-up ?



Kirby has let our 2017 team throw the fewest passes of every SEC team but we are the # 2 team in The SEC in Passing Efficiency as Jake Fromm is # 2 SEC QB for Passing Efficiency at 172 for his career here at UGA.



Who is # 2 Georgia Bulldog in rushing 2017 ?


D’Andre Swift   


Who is # 4 in receptions 2017 for us ?


D’Andre Swift




Who is # 3 in Total Offense for us 2017 ?  D’Andre Swift behind only Jake Fromm and Nick Chubb.


Who is # 2 in All-Purpose Yards 2017 for us ?  D’Andre Swift.



Who is # 1 in punt returns for us 2017 ?  Who is # 3 in receptions 2017 for us ? And who is this same guy who is # 1 in kick-off returns for us too 2017 ?  That’s right Mecole Hardman Jr.  who is also # 4 in All-Purpose Yards 2017 for us after getting one touch all of 2016 going 8-5 as we did.


Mecole Hardman Jr.


Roquan Smith # 1 tackles – this is a MAN

J.R. Reed # 2 in tackles 2017 – how about THAT ?






J.R. Reed Defensive Player of the Game everywhere all night long workmanlike job – not flashy – kicked butt. J.R. Reed LED THE TEAM in solo tackles (Tied with Richard LeCounte), LED THE TEAM in forced fumbles, LED THE TEAM in sacks (Tied with Trent Thompson), and LED THE TEAM in yards tackled for a loss. Both late scores with less than 5:42 seconds on the clock in the game at the end came against the 3rd team both directly following INTERCEPTIONS thrown by BRICE RAMSEY who just doesn’t seem to care where he throws the ball to and NEVER HAS. Jake Fromm threw 1 pass directly in bread basket of # 5 Terry Godwin who just stood there and let the ball hit him in the chest and drop to the ground – or Jake Fromm completes 70 % of this passes game 1 coming-in off the bench to bail-out STRUGGLING Jacob Eason. You have to report that Jacob Eason WAS BAD and that the game was OUT OF HAND until Jake Fromm came in and was on a mission to get scores and move us down the field in a hurry.

The OL was horrible to start the game.  If there were adjustments frankly what we saw was that Jake Fromm just wants to get down the field in a hurry.


I don’t have ANY problem with App State scoring twice in the last 5:41 because Kirby played the 3rd team.  I am all in favor of that.  However HOW they got to score twice was that Brice Ramsey threw two (2) interceptions back-to-back resulting in a TD and then resulting in a field goal.


And that is bad.  I looked at Brice Ramsey.  He did not seem to care.  I watched him.


It is after all ALL Brice Ramsey HAS DONE HERE.


D’Andre Swift was magnificent.


Ahkil Crumpton did fine.


Cameron Nizialek was fabulous and when Jacob Eason was doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING it was Cameron Nizialek who kept on pushing the ball farther and farther back and then pinning them twice inside the 20 to FLIP THE FIELD and ultimately get us finally a SCORE.


It was a beautiful afternoon.  Perfect.  Then our Offense and Offensive Line could not do anything until they knocked our starting QB out of the game for good and I believe for the next game as well.  You don’t tweak a knee and force him to come back given his performance AGAIN.


Not when…


Jake Fromm got the ball down the field.  Ok so he threw the ball into triple coverage one on 3 but Javon Wims caught the pass and punched it in for the TD.  Are you criticizing that ?  This is what we have NOT BEEN DOING for this stretch of 9 years prior in a row averaging MORE than 4 losses a season.



2017 Georgia Bulldogs Depth Chart

QB Jacob Eason 6′ 6″ 245 lbs. Sophomore, Brice Ramsey Senior Graduate Transfer 60.8% completions 4 TD 4 INT 38.7 punting average transferred-out 3/14/17, Jake Fromm Freshman.

RB Nick Chubb Senior, Brian Herrien # 19 RB nationally Sophomore, D’Andre Swift 214 lbs. Philadelphia # 3 RB nationally Freshman, Sony Michel Senior, Elijah Holyfield Sophomore, Mecole Hardman Jr 4.32 Sophomore, Prather Hudson Redshirt Sophomore Preferred Walk-on,  Isaiah McKenzie Senior, Nick Moore  Junior Walk-on, Christian Payne Senior Walk-on.

TE Isaac Nauta Sophomore, Charlie Woerner Sophomore, Jeb Blazevich Senior, Jordan Davis Senior, Jackson Harris Junior, Aulden Bynum Senior, Mirko Jurkovic Redshirt Sophomore Walk-on.

WR Terry Godwin Junior, Mecole Hardman Jr 4.32 Sophomore, Javon Wims Senior, Dominick Sanders Senior, Jayson Stanley 6′ 3″ # 2 WR Creekside 4.36 and 206 lbs. Junior, Riley Ridley Sophomore, Charlie Woerner handful line him up WIDE Sophomore, Michael Chigbu Junior, Sony Michel best out in space Senior, Shakenneth Williams Senior, Tyler Simmons Sophomore, Steven Van Tiflin Redshirt Junior Walk-on, Isaiah McKenzie Senior, Mark Webb Freshman, Trey Blount Freshman, Jeremiah Holloman Freshman, Matt Landers Freshman,  Joshua Moran 6′ 2″ 193 lbs. 3-star Preferred Walk-on.

OL Isaiah Wynn Senior, D’Marcus Hayes Freshman, Ben Cleveland Redshirt Freshman, Lamont Galliard Redshirt Junior, Isaiah Wilson Freshman, Netori Johnson Freshman, Andrew Thomas Freshman, D’antne Demery Freshman, Justin Shaffer Freshman, Kendall Baker Redshirt Junior, Patrick Allen Redshirt Sophomore, Sam Madden Redshirt Sophomore, Dyshon Sims Senior, Sage Hardin Redshirt Sophomore,  Michael Barnett Junior, Solomon Kindley Medical Redshirt Freshman, Daniel Gothard Redshirt Freshman Walk-on, Allen Williams Preferred Walk-on Redshirt Freshman 6’7″ 352 lbs., Thomas Swilley Senior Walk-on.

DL Lorenzo Carter Senior, Trent Thompson Junior, Julian Rochester Sophomore, DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle Junior, John Atkins Senior, Michall Carter Sophomore, David Marshall Sophomore, Devante Wyatt Freshman, Tyler Clark Sophomore, Chauncey Manac Redshirt Freshman, David Marshall Sophomore.

LB/DE  Roquan Smith Junior, Davin Bellamy Senior, Natrez Patrick Junior, Jonathan Ledbetter Junior, Robert Beal Freshman, Walter Grant Freshman, Jaden Hunter Freshman, # 9 ILB Monty Rice of James Clemens High in Madison ALABAMA 6′ 2″ 228 lbs. Nike 40-yard dash time 4.62, Reggie Carter Senior, Malik Herring Freshman, D’Andre Walker Junior, Jaleel Laquins Sophomore,  Justin Young Redshirt Sophomore, Juwan Taylor Junior, Shaun McGee Senior, Tae Crowder Redshirt Sophomore, Keyon Brown Redshirt Junior Walk-on.

DB Dominick Sanders Senior, Aaron Davis Senior next year 2017 says he is thinking of leaving after the bowl game wait until Friday week to tell us , Malkom Parrish Senior, Deandre Baker Junior, Mecole Hardman Jr. 4.32 Sophomore, DeAngelo Gibbs 4.52 Nike 40-yard dash 6’ 2” 204 lbs. Grayson Signed # 13 overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com, Richard LeCounte Freshman, # 9 Athlete Nationally Tray Bishop 6’ 3” 185 lbs. Terrell County # 129 overall prospect nationally 2017 Scout.com, William Poole Freshman, Tyrique McGhee Sophomore, Jarvis Wilson Junior, Reggie Wilkerson Senior Graduate transfer out 3/14/17 immediately available anywhere, Rashad Roundtree Junior, J.R. Reed Junior transfer, Jordon McKinney Preferred Walk-on Redshirt Freshman.

P Cameron Nizialek Senior Graduate Transfer Walk-On 44.8 yd punt 53.6 yd K-O, Marshall Long Sophomore Knee Surgery, Brice Ramsey Senior.

K Rodrigo Blankenship Redshirt Sophomore Walk-on, Mitchell Wasson Redshirt Sophomore Walk-on, William Ham Redshirt Junior Walk-on.

LS Trent Frix Senior.

PR  Isaiah McKenzie Senior, Terry Godwin Junior.

KOR Mecole Hardman Jr. 4.32 Sophomore.