David Pollack was recruited here by Jim Donnan. Mark Richt would not have even offered him a Scholarship and said so.

Shiloh High School David Pollack was some kind of football player winning Defensive Lineman of the Year Award for the ENTIRE STATE of Georgia.


David Pollack was David Greene’s roommate.


Mark Richt did not recruit David Greene here EITHER.


They both were already here when Mark Richt started screwing-up our recruiting losing all the big games and losing to cupcakes every year too while being totally unable to keep anything near a 85-man roster getting down to 67 at one point before being FIRED for it.


Consensus 1st Team All-America is required to be in College Football Hall of Fame while Aaron Murray NEVER WAS on ANY All-America 1st Team.  David Pollack was 3 years.


  • SEC Player of the Year Award (2004)
  • SEC Player of the Year Award (2002)
  • 58.5 tackles for a loss in College
  • SEC Defensive Player of the Year Award (2004)
  • Chuck Bednarik Award (2004)
  • Ted Hendricks Award (2003, 2004)
  • Lombardi Award (2004)
  • Lott Trophy (2004)
  • Consensus 1st Team All-America 3 years joining only Herschel Walker
  • 36 college sacks Georgia career record and is 3rd best ever in NCAA history
  • 1st Round NFL Draft Pick great NFL career doing fantastic broke neck out of position at LB
  • DE is position where you GO FORWARD and get the opponent while LB is very much sit back tackle
  • 2 totally different positions one he best ever at other broken neck with NO TRAINING to do that
  • All-Time greatest Georgia Bulldogs Defensive End ever no one close
  • NFL first told him could NOT play DE in NFL only LB where they then broke his neck as result
  • 2019 National Football Foundation College Football Hall of Fame



I am so proud of David Pollack and for him standing-up to Mark Richt and telling him what a shit ass coach he is.


Make NO MISTAKE there is NO LOVE LOSS between David Pollack and Mark Richt whom David Pollack wanted FIRED.


THAT endeared himself to me as well.


David Pollack wanted Mark Richt fired for some time.


David Greene wanted Mark Richt fired for some time as well.  David Greene stated Mark Richt went up against our # 1 Rival without a plan and desperate STARTED a guy at QB who had NEVER EVEN HAD ONE SNAP AT QB ALL SEASON LONG.  That is what David Greene David Pollack’s roommate said.  David Pollack said and he LEFT HIM IN THERE despite throwing 4 interceptions.


David Greene and David Pollack stumped to GET RID OF MARK RICHT.


Thank God.


So did I.  I wanted Mark Richt gone after 2007 season.  The 2008 game against Alabama did it for me.  David Polack crawled all up Mark Richt’s butt as ESPN announcer and Mark Richt did NOT like it.  Mark Richt criticized David Pollack.  I love David Pollack.


I quoted David Pollack and David Greene DAILY on the Internet both of them trying to get Mark Richt FIRED.


Thank God for me.


I know David Pollack and David Greene would know that Mark Richt had to be FIRED.  I know I know.  I know they have read my blog posts – both of them.  We are on agreement that this was good for Georgia for Mark Richt to be FIRED.


If you were on the OTHER SIDE of that argument that you wanted Mark Richt retained as our best coach ever trust me on this I will ram it up your God Damn ASSHOLE the rest of your life and mine.



Because David Pollack said I was right and you were WRONG.


Oh you criticize David Pollack ?


You criticize Fran Tarkenton too and for the same damn reason.


Hey Mark Richt the player you said you WOULD NEVER HAVE RECRUITED HERE made it into the 2019 College Football Hall of Fame dumbass.



I hate dumbasses.


If I were David Pollack THAT is what I would say at the induction here in Atlanta.  That Mark Richt said he would NOT even have recruited me here.


So I wanted him FIRED.


Now I am in College Football Hall of Fame and he FIRED.


I guess I am right twice.



What say you ?


Was I correct for all those years for me quoting to you David Pollack ?


Well was I punk ?


Was I right for quoting to you David Pollack wanted Mark Richt FIRED ?


And was I right to quote to you that David Greene said he too insisted that Mark Richt HAD to be FIRED ?


Was I right ?


I ask you ?


Was I right ?


You can’t say it even now can you ?


At the time you stood on the outside of this argument and stated that I was NOT a Bulldogs’ football fan because I dared to quote to you David Pollack said Mark Richt had to be fired.


You put shit on me for saying this.


You banned my posts.


You did NOT want to have my research presented that Mark Richt is a poor football coach who has a completely different set of standards than we have as a football program – that wins and losses are NOT important and NOT how he would be judged Mark Richt told us all repeatedly.


“Wins and losses ?  I am not judged on wins and losses.  THAT is NOT how I am judged.  If I were just judged on being a football coach that would be bad because that just is not how I am judged” Mark Richt told us ALL repeatedly as he was losing 18 of his last 24 games vs top 15 time game and losing to cupcakes every year too.


Steve Spurrier put shit on Mark Richt for Mark Richt’s wins and losses and for Mark Richt’s inane musings daily for 14 years after David Pollack was recruited here by Jim Donnan that winning is not important.  That something else is.


WE put shit on Mark Richt.


Sure it is how he is judged by Steve Spurrier.


David Polack said so too that he judges Mark Richt on wins and losses.


I was right on top of all of this with David Pollack and with David Greene and with Fran Tarkenton that Mark Richt had to be FIRED.


Wasn’t I ?


You can say it.


UGA Thomas Brown.wordpress.com said that Mark Richt had to be fired after 2007.  I said that Mark Richt is a GOD DAMN DUMBASS and he is a poor coach with a completely different set of priorities of how Mark Richt is judged than we ALL have and have had.  Especially David Pollack took Mark Richt to task on his wins and losses and dumbass statements daily that somehow it was NOT important and NOT how he is judged.


When he was finally fired Mark Richt said that he was surprised.  He said he was NOT judged by wins and losses and therefore took exception to being fired for wins and losses after 2007.


You defended Mark Richt and put shit on me for daring to quote David Pollack to you.  THAT is what happened.  You TOLD EVERYONE that my posts should NOT be allowed.  That I could NOT even have that opinion according to you.




Shove THIS up your God Damn dumbass asshole.  David Pollack was quite clear as well on Mark Richt and David Greene and Steve Spurrier and Fran Tarkenton.  You said get on the bus.


You did not want to hear what David Pollack said about Mark Richt.


I told you I felt that Mark Richt HAD to be FIRED because David Pollack said Mark Richt had to be FIRED.


You thought you could pick on ME about that.


No sir.





I am NOT satisfied with Kirby nor ONE WORD which has come out of his mouth since the very day he said it would be his DREAM JOB to come here SATURDAY 28 November when Greg McGarity called Kirby and asked him. David Pollack spoke his mind and so have I : “I felt bad for Nick Chubb and Sony Michel at times watching them have to make their own holes.”

Kirby is not ready to be a head coach yet.  One day maybe he will be.  Until then he’s JUST NOT.


I would have FIRED Kirby on November 29 the day AFTER Greg McGarity offered him the job.  I listed a host of PROVEN HEAD COACHES we should have hired and did not.  I did list Kirby as the ONLY NON-PROVEN HEAD coach who would be an improvement over Mark Richt.


That is not saying much.


It’s really just more of the same.


Once Kirby demanded he stay at Alabama while Nick Saban was TELLING KIRBY IN PUBLIC THAT HE SHOULD COME HERE, I wanted Kirby FIRED.


I would have fired Kirby for it.


Absolutely and said it here on this blog then.


I don’t understand what Kirby is up to.  It doesn’t follow that which he does.  It makes no sense especially for someone as smart as Kirby.  He is just stuck in his ways is all.


I am VERY disappointed in Kirby and REMAIN so.




Every word out of his mouth.


There is NO WAY that Greg McGarity did OTHER THAN call Kirby Saturday November 28 and ask Kirby if he wanted this gig.  There is no way that Kirby did other than assure Greg McGarity that this would be his dream job.


Otherwise nothing that happened after that makes any sense either.


I still say Greg McGarity will not suffer Kirby screwing-up this SEC Championship he has 2017 by NOT PLAYING HIS STARS on offense and special teams AGAIN as he did NOT 2016 either.


And he is NOT going to.


Trust me on this.





Kirby has made it clear to me and to David Pollack that Kirby is NOT going to play his stars on the Offensive Line 2017 but instead small guys who could NOT even beat-out the ones on the OL now gone who were our worst OL of all-time.




“I think the reason David is doing what he’s doing is he’s never had a problem just spewing stuff out.” Mark Richt told Chip Towers AJ-C UGA Sports Blog about David Pollack.

So, according to Mark Richt, all David Pollack has ever done is spewing stuff out.

Ten@10: QB competition will be decided on field, in classroom


Mark Richt is just pissed-off and embarrassed by the fact that he did not think much of David Pollack as a player and was not even going to recruit him but that Jim Donnan did and that the ONLY reason he was here – that once again, Mark Richt was WAY WRONG on his player evaluation.