“Overreaction City. Constant complaining and negativity. Have you been saying the Dawgs have no chance at the SEC championship or playoff this year ? It makes you annoying as hell. Once you’ve unloaded from the band wagon stay off.” Oh I see you are a GOD DAMN FAN because you criticize what we’ve been doing too but are a GOD DAMN WIMP and think only you can say how badly we’ve been doing and then THROW IN YOUR piss ant EXCUSES like you did with Mark Richt for his last 8 years of 32 losses averaging 4 a year slightly more than Kirby’s 3.3 losses a year. Look dimwit there are NO EXCUSES. Setting up this game as an EXCUSE pre-game now you say that all bets are off if it rains or that Kirby is so great at second half adjustments. Dumb shit. Kirby starts off slowly against EVERYONE. Do that again today and the game will quickly get out of hand. Florida has an offense. Do you only watch our games ? Jesus Christ. Florida has it going on and yes sir our offense does NOT. Call it like it is. Put some pressure on Kirby to not just call running plays up the gut. Dumbass. What Kirby is good at is NOT 2nd half adjustments but coming-out and running every first and second down. It is after all what you are saying too brookstilley you punk.

Forget all your excuses.


After you get through with all your excuses what we are all left with is that Kirby is young and inexperienced as a head coach with little or no experience at all ever anywhere coaching special teams nor coaching offenses so our special teams and our offense SUCK.


Forget you if you think I will shut up or not say that. Sure I will.


Just as surely as you will sit there making excuses.


The difference in us is that I was here 2 decades before Herschel Walker so I have seen national championships unlike you.


You are one aggravating little son of a bitch.


Look Village Idiot we can CRITICIZE if we want. You can say you are NOT but don’t then do.


Do as you say not as you do.


You can say you do not criticize (Oh ok call you Chuck Dowdle.) but you can not say you don’t criticize then every word out of your mouth is where we are jacked-up and have to do as you now say we have to do to fix our issues on special teams and our issues on offense.


I call it like it is.


We better fix these issues on special teams fair catching every punt and kickoff with all this talent and speed at running back and wide receiver. And we better fix this shit of running up the middle every first and second down for 7 consecutive possessions in a row to begin the game and punting all 7 except for one 4th down and 1 we failed on.


That was the 16th time that Kirby failed to get 200 yards rushing them stacking the box against Kirby.  He has LOST 9 of the 16 games held under 200 yards rushing.  It’s Kirby who will not let Jake Fromm pass the ball – not Jake Fromm who can’t pass the ball.


It’s coaching.  We ALL know that except for you.


I now return you to your own Chuck Dowdle.


It is best to say we are no good where we aren’t. And if we fix it it will be because some of us are not so rose-colored glasses that we kept saying we needed to keep Mark Richt with 32 losses his last entire 8 seasons here.


What we need to fix we all agree on even you in your post.  Once you get passed the part where you say if you criticize you are off the bandwagon you gave us every excuse in the book which you are quite good at and then you leveled the coaching staff for their play calls and called all different plays.  What a jerk you are.  Talk about aggravating.   We better fix those you point out today and then you criticize us.


Even you criticize us. So are you off our bandwagon ? I have been to 17 Georgia Florida games down there in Jacksonville and have been close-up on TV twice. I am NO bandwagon fan with seasons’ tickets since 1957. I remember Fran Tarkenton filling the Fall air with footballs then as now considered quite different from “Kirby Ball.”


And just what is Kirby Ball ?


  1. Fair Catch every kickoff and punt so we can call only run plays to wear them down
  2. Run every 1st and 2nd downs and some 3rd downs maintaining # 75 Passing Offense 4 years
  3. Do not pressure their QB and oh yeah get penalized every play undisciplined



It is a recipe for losing this game that got you to write what you did prior to the game today to highlight that which you too think Kirby must do differently to win.  Only you do not say you have to want it.  Kirby all too often is stubborn and gets taken advantage of multiple times back-to-back.  I am TRYING to tell him to fix that.  You seem intent on being an Internet Bully and not allow me to.


Good luck with that.


And good luck to Kirby with that boring approach to today’s exciting game.  Trust me Florida will be trying to take advantage of where they have talent.  Kirby will be teaching lessons by not playing our guys.  Watch. Turn them LOOSE Kirby !


In other words play football as it was known back in the day before the forward pass.


We are TRYING to send the message that THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE that Kirby has been doing AGAIN this year with us the # 75 Passing Offense ALL 4 YEARS of the Kirby Regime.


Kirby tells special teams who and what and tells offense who and what.  If you think Mark Richt did not or that Kirby does not then well I return you to your post today so full of shit saying just that dumb shit.


We don’t like his substitution rotation on offense and special teams nor do we like those play calls nor not pressuring their QB.




Stick THIS up your God Damn dumbass asshole brookstilley.


I know what it takes to spur our coaching staff on to get the most out of all this talent and I do not give a shit what you think about us doing that.  When only 3 other teams (NOT FLORIDA) have more talent than Kirby then I do NOT accept losing to a 3-5 team. I blame the head coach.  Execution ?  God Damn it.  We ran the ball on both first and second downs 10 times in the game you mother sucking father raper.


It is after all what you are saying too brookstilley you punk.