Georgia Bulldogs alumni head coaches at Georgia in football and their win/loss records :




  1. Bryan McClendon (2015) 1-0
  2. Robert Wilson (1894) 5-1
  3. George “Kid” Woodruff (1923-37) 30-16-1
  4. Ray Goff (1989-95) 46-34-1
  5. Ernest Brown (1893) 2-2-1
  6. Charles Herty (1892) 1-1
  7. Johnny Griffith (1960-63) 10-16-4
  8. M.M. Dickinson (1903, 1905) 4-9
  9. Kirby (2016-) 0-0


When Kirby beats North Carolina he will move all the way to # 1.  He will NEVER be anywhere other than that any year.


Kirby does have a tough stretch of games early 2016 season.


What Kirby remembers that many old Georgia Bulldogs’ fans remember is that we have had 26 seasons where we won 80 % of our games and 16 of those where we played on the national stage at the end of the season in a huge big bowl game everyone watching us both of us and the other team ranked at the very top of the Final AP Poll.  And of those 16 most of which we won we were ranked # 1 by this poll or that poll 6 times.


Kirby is not and neither was any other coach here # 11 All-Time in Wins measured any other way other than his win/loss record.  Now a coach might start-out well with poor foundation and the wrong goals and then go through an 8-year slump but he then is judged on his win/loss record his last 8 years.


Isn’t he ?