Georgia Men’s Basketball Number 8 nationally recruiting AND add grad transfer Donnell Gresham Jr. marking then our BEST RECRUITING class 2019 EVER of Rodney Howard the 3-star Center over offers from Georgia Tech and Ole Miss along with 5-star shooting guard Anthony Edwards and 4-star point guard Sahvir Wheeler and 4-star small forward Toumani Camara and 4-star guard Jaykwon Walton and 4-star small forward Christian Brown.

This is VERY encouraging that consistently Tom Crean out-recruited our Rivals for top players nationally.  There is no reason except for our antiquated gym for us to not do this every year.  Tom Crean is married to the sister of Jim Harbaugh Michigan head football coach.  But the facts are that he DID recruit this class.





Georgia Bulldogs consensus Top 5 Football Team 2019 season 8-1 third best odds win it all. And like UGA football top 5 so too is Anthony “Ant Man” Edwards top 5 NBA draft pick too a 6-4 shooting guard ranked No. 5 in the nation by ESPN who has committed Top 5 NBA Draft Pick like Scottie Pippen # 5 in 1987 and Michael Jordan # 3 in 1984 Chicago Bulls (1987-1993; 1994-1998) together they Won 6 NBA Championships in these 10 years together averaging 18 points per game 6.8 rebounds per game 2.1 steals per game 5.2 assists per game .8 blocks per game




Scottie Pippen stats alongside Michael Jordan


Anthony Edwards Under Armour Association averaged 21.4 points and 5.9 rebounds and 2.1 assists and 1.8 blocks per game at 53.5 percent from the field and 37.5 percent from three-point range.





With Anthony Edwards about to announce that he is staying home to play for Tom Crean our coach told the press that it is his fault that he did not go out and get his own players here to play this season instead of keeping players who are 1-9 in The SEC games this season a wholly and completely UNACCEPTABLE coaching job. Last season THESE SAME PLAYERS thrown under the bus by Tom Crean were 7-11 in SEC play causing Mark Fox to be FIRED after his 9 seasons here.

Look Mark Fox was a good coach.

Tom Crean I have no opinion on yet but we’re told that he signs Anthony Edwards here this morning despite the 50-year old Stegasaurus gym while all these other programs have taken their SEC revenue sharing and overall $176 million dollars handed to Greg McGarity annually now and instead of banking it invest it in a competitive gym for our men’s and women’s program.


Tom Crean coached at Indiana and Marquette and frankly his fast break attack has always caused too many turnovers and it is also true that Tom Crean FAILED to sign players such as Anthony Edwards.


One would surmise this is a marketing quote by Tom Crean that he does NOT have the players required to compete and that that is HIS FAULT he did not do something about the 7-11 SEC players from last year who this year with him as their coach fast breaking and turning the ball over are 1-9 in The SEC.  To position himself for Anthony Edwards.


Instead of Greg McGarity defending his choice of Tom Crean Greg McGarity should have announced that he is investing this $50 billion profit we just made into a new gym and give us at least a shot at signing top talent like this all the time guys and gals FROM HERE who stay here in basketball for our men’s and women’s programs.


As it is we have no GOD DAMN HOPE.


1-9 in The SEC.  You had better figure out a way to make us competitive in men’s college basketball Greg McGarity.  I understand EXACTLY what Tom Crean meant by throwing our players under the bus for HIS 1-9 SEC record to-date.


He wants some talent here.  He’s not going to get it without making Greg McGarity INVEST his $176 million dollars annual athletics’ department revenue in a new gym as all The other SEC teams have done.  Our gym is NOT competitive.  We’re not consistently getting these guys and they’re not going to be as long as they aren’t enamored to come play in a place which has NOT hosted an NCAA post-season men’s basketball tournament game in 50 years now.


50 years.







Georgia Bulldogs senior class beats Georgia Tech all 4 games in a ROW for the fifth time. Josh Pastner lost at McCamish Pavilion which is the same old building it always has been all our lives Alexander Memorial Coliseum which Georgia Tech wasted money on fixing-up a few years ago. It’s too small and Georgia Tech not competitive. Josh Pastner does not have a winning record at Georgia Tech 40-40 in his third year unable to recruit to that tiny old gym. Tom Crean 70-59 winner tonight is 3 games over .500 a winning record for UGA by contrast.

God I hate Georgia Tech and all their LIES.



Marquette and Indiana and all he can do is .606 winning percentage. He’ll NEVER last nor get it done at UGA Georgia Bulldogs. He should have INSISTED on a new gym then he would have been successful here. One .606 at Marquette and Indiana is NOT successful. Two we needed a new gym and instead got this.

THIS will NEVER work.


He needed a new gym to be successful and if he gets one during his tenure then he will be successful and if he does not then he won’t be successful.




Our problems all season long have been missing free throws jacking-up 3 pointers and missing those too many turnovers and allowing too many steals and today was MORE OF THE SAME but we WON on the road at Missouri to advance 3 p.m. today Friday against Kentucky



7-9 SEC Georgia men win overall 16-12 over LSU while Sean Miller Arizona Coach is a GOD DAMN CHEATER winner of 3 of every 4 games Xavier and Arizona NCAA Tournament every year. HIS CAREER is OVER everywhere as FBI wiretap has him discussing payment of $100,000 to insure he gets a prospect. His brother is not as good a coach as he because he does NOT pay his players $ 100,000.



Stick THIS up your God Damn CHEATING asshole Sean Miller.


Here are the teams FBI probe is aimed at :



North Carolina


North Carolina State









South Carolina


Wichita State

Michigan State


Seton Hall

Notre Dame



Southern California





Announce we are building us a new gym.   Georgia Bulldogs’ Men’s Basketball



Why is it no one can type all their names 5 million posts about it no one write the cheaters’ names down according to the PROBE by the FBI.


Duke North Carolina Virginia North Carolina State Louisville Clemson Maryland Alabama Auburn Kentucky LSU Vanderbilt South Carolina Kansas Wichita State Michigan State Texas Seton Hall Notre Dame Utah Washington Southern California Xavier Arizona






Once in a Blue Moon : Men’s Basketball BEATS FLORIDA TOO 72-60 here at the Stegesaurus # 23 Florida missed 15 field goals in a row and Georgia made 12 free throws in a row at the end. First Super Blue Blood Moon since 1866 right now outside 31 January 2018 in the West Sky up high now both at the SAME TIME.

Nicolas Claxton of Greenville South Carolina came off the bench to claim 8 rebounds and 3 blocked shots to LEAD the CHARGE tonight on national TV.


Yante Maten had 20 points 7 rebounds 2 assists and a blocked shot.  No he did not sell popcorn at halftime but he put his team on his back.


13-8 Georgia

4-5 SEC Georgia

# 57 RPI

# 78 BPI


Georgia was down

43-48 with 13 minutes 5 seconds to go on the 2nd half.

70-58 Georgia went on a 27-10 run down the stretch to come from behind.


It will knock Florida OUT of the top 25.




That was a fun game to watch tonight.


Once in a Blue Moon :



First Super Blue Blood Moon since 1866 right now outside 31 January 2018 in the West Sky up high now.





Both men and women Georgia Basketball are 7-1 with schedule strength averaging the # 250 opponent going NOWHERE. Women blown-out by Texas by 28 points in the only game all season. No show here at our house. SEC Big XII challenge. FAILED. Women # 51 as top 5 program ALL-TIME. Men # 74 with one good opponent played as well and LOST as well. Game coming-up against Georgie tek Sunday and Tuesday next week. Better not lose to them.


I still maintain that if we built our basketball programs a proper NEW GYM like EVERY OTHER SEC school is doing with their SEC monies then we would recruit better talent and keep it at home here in Georgia like we do in football.


We need a new gym to be competitive.


We have little talent in basketball and it has BEEN THIS WAY forever.


# 74 men

# 51 men


RPI is NOT competitive.


We should and HAVE TO BE better than this bullshit





Take that vols. 21678 expected at Thompson-Boling Arena to coronate vols’ season to March Madness 883 ESPNU carries the festivities and J. J. Frazier just RUINS everything. They fouled-out Yante Maten with just 7 pts 4 rebounds but Tyree Crump contributes 13 pts Juwan Parker 11 pts while J.J. Frazier rips their hearts out with a lay-up with 21 seconds left and makes the 3-point play the hard way hitting the foul shot too to tally 29 points against the vols who were # 38 RPI fresh off wins over Kentucky Vanderbilt Kansas State and Auburn with Georgia # 62 RPI. Ladies then finish-off the nightcap of double-header in softball to remain unbeaten # 10 nationally 9 to 1 and 14 to 2 with again great hitting and pitching.




Georgia Men’s Hoops beats Texas again and with THAT The SEC ties the Big 12 in SEC/Big 12 Challenge 5 wins each.


Georgia 59

Texas 57


2017 SEC/Big 12 Challenge tied this season at 5-5 so we’ve never beat the Big 12.


This brings UGA to 13-8 on the season and with just 4-4 in The SEC this season is going nowhere at this point.  We have two (2) players Yante Maten a Junior this year and gone after the season is J.J. Frazier a senior.


UGA Women’s basketball ALSO suffered in recruiting 2016 and ALSO has not enough real players.  2017 the women will have a good team again finally.  The women play this afternoon Sunday but the season was over before it began with not enough top players like the men suffer from as well.


This lack of recruiting at UGA in a SPORT is caused by the gym or lack of one Stegesaurus which is NOT COMPETITIVE an eye-sore and a huge damper on the sport of basketball for The University of Georgia.


Our gym holds back both the women and the men.


These are just two (2) MORE sports Greg McGarity sucks at and has his ENTIRE tenure hired here by Mike Adam$ as HIS puppet with no head coaching experience to run The University of Georgia ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT unless you consider 1 year girl’s tennis coach an Athletics’ Director.


At UGA I do NOT consider that or Damon Evans whom Mike Adam$ also hired as AD here Athletics’ Directors obviously.  Their records speak for themselves.


All Greg McGarity wants to do is to MAKE MONEY and sit on it the same as Damon Evans.  This then is prototypical Mike Adam$’ puppet.  Make millions of dollars DONATIONS to The University of Georgia.  Bullshit.  The University of Georgia has a one and a half BILLION dollar budget and our sports’ teams SUCK.


The RPI for the men is # 58.


And Texas’ RPI was # 125.  So that was not going to help anyway.  Not that there is any help for 2-man team.


The women have an RPI of # 107.


We don’t have a man or a woman who can bring the ball up the court and neither team can shoot or play defense.  We suck.


You needed me to tell you this ?






I can’t see how the men or the women can make the NCAA Basketball Tournament 2017 but the staff at Missouri react to their guy trying to take the ball from Yante Maten who just has passed 10 thousand points for us just before half in what ends-up being an important win for Georgia not unlike last night’s win in women’s basketball for Georgia beating Texas A&M a fine team and host yet another of the same tomorrow on SEC Network at noon Vanderbilt.

The Lady Bulldogs are just simply over-manned with just 8 players 7 who really play but next year we have a great recruiting class coming-in so we will compete next year.


The men who have the RPI to but with a bad record not deserving of an NCAA bid and they too are over-manned with just 2 players really.


But on this day it was Mark Fox’s coaching entourage who takes-up for Yante Maten.




10-5 might give the men a chance.  We’ll see.  J.J. Frazier and Yante Maten are a tandem the entire nation would enjoy watching play their team.


It is more desperate with the women who field a team of 4.


We just don’t have full teams although Mark Fox always has a better bench than the women of late.




Juwan Parker 3 of 8 made both free throws snagged 5 boards with 3 assists and no turnovers to add to Yante Maten’s 27 pts and 7 boards along with J.J. Frazier’s 28 points to will us to victory at home tonight.

Furman is a team of just all seniors and juniors as starters so they’re not like we are.


Hoops’ Dawgs improve to 2-1 on the season for Mark Fox.


Jarvis Hayes and Jonas Hayes are 2 fine-looking young men.  They both did a great job tonight.  Jarvis says he is 5 minutes older.  I sure remember them here.  I think they are both better looking young men now than then.


That was back when Mike Adam$ was meddling in the not only the Athletic Directors but also the coaches back then.  Vince Dooley had said he had his reservations about hiring that coach from Pepperdine Jim Harrick and his son but Mike Adam$ insisted as he did on Damon Evans and then Greg McGarity.


You see ?


Mike Adam$ and Jim Harrick both worked together at Pepperdine from 1982 all the way through 1988 when they both left together from Pepperdine.



Mark Fox has made the semifinal of The SEC Championship Tournament 3 years in a row and can gain 20-Win Season for the 3rd year in a row tonight ESPN2 at 7 p.m. Wednesday March 16 2016. Tubby Smith put together a team who went 3 years in a row to the NCAA but was replaced by Ron Jirsa and it ended 1998.

I don’t know if Mark Fox can win 20-games next year or not, but I know this The Georgia Bulldogs’ Men’s Basketball Program never has won 20-game seasons for 4 years in a row.  That presupposes he can win the NIT game at the Stegesaurus tonight. As for us putting lipstick on a pig with a million dollar center point scoreboard after this season, make sure it can be dismantled and moved to the new gym – or else do NOT do it.


The Stegesaurus has not hosted an NCAA Tournament Game since 1971 – a span of nearly 50 years now for the over 50 year-old gym built originally as a cow palace for the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.


Neither our men nor our women will accomplish anything as long as we toil in the out-of-date antiquated small poorly engineered unhappy laughing stock gym.


But tonight at 7 p.m. on ESPN2 Mark Fox can do what Tubby Smith did and put together a team that won 20-game seasons 3 years in a row.


This mess is not Mark Fox’s doing.  It wasn’t Andy Landers’ either.  It is the fault of the Stegesaurus that the best players in this state sign with ANYONE ELSE ANYWHERE every year despite having all the same benefits of our football program here at Georgia EXCEPT for the facility.


We have over $ 150 million dollar annual annuity thanks mostly to SEC Revenue Sharing and Ole Miss can build a $ 150 million dollar gym with the monies and we can’t ?


We need this advantage of a new gym for all our sports at UGA and for The University of Georgia.


What’s wrong with this picture ?


A new scoreboard ?


You can’t be serious.


Good Luck Mark Fox for even Tubby Smith did not win 20-Win Seasons for 3 years in a row because he left to take the job at Kentucky where he won the national championship.


You can not tell me that you expected more of Mark Fox.  Well you can try but you have no leg to stand on.


I like Mark Fox and I do not care what you say about him given what you said about Mark Richt.  You have proven you do not know what you’re talking about and I have proven I do.  Haven’t I ?


As you can see Mark Fox does not have the most-talented guys.  Neither does our Lady Bulldogs team trying to compete in the NCAA Tournament for their 32nd time # 5 best program in all of America.


We must have a new gym.  There is no other discussion.  Yeah I read what you wrote about Mark Fox – you’re as OFF-BASE about Mark Fox as you were about Mark Richt and you saw how that turned-out for you, didn’t you ?




2016 NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Tournament reveals names today Monday March 14 while men snubbed yesterday for playing too tough a schedule (and a loss to Auburn) 19-12. Lady Bulldogs face a bigger burden as they are missing their best players Shacobia Barbee broken leg and Mackenzie Engram upper respiratory infection both out and been out rest year. Men have a full squad. Both men & women’s basketball suffers from Stegesaurus causing best players in-state to play elsewhere while Stegesaurus has not hosted NCAA men’s tourney game since 1971 nearly 50 years.

What is the problem with both men’s and women’s basketball for UGA ?


The best players in-state have chosen to play elsewhere for 50 years.


The men play in the NIT and Andy Landers refused to accept the NIT last year for the women.  That’s bullshit.  Everyone knows the NCAA Tournament is not the best 68 teams anyway.  It is designed for the 32 automatic qualifiers from each conference and then the remaining 36 teams.  Men’s tourney starts tomorrow March 15.   Was Georgia men’s basketball 1 of the top 36 in the nation ?  Perhaps not.


Will the women be ?  Sorry.  What good does it do for the women’s selection committee to choose UGA this year missing perhaps as many as the top 3 players on the team ?  Useless act going nowhere obviously now.


The women can not shoot.


The men are exciting.


In both cases, our old gym does not need a center scoreboard but a new gym – lipstick on a pig.


The men and women face the facts that they do NOT have enough talent – talent that leaves this state to go play in nice new big gyms fun places to play that host big events.


2016 NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Tournament reveals names today Monday March 14 while men snubbed yesterday for playing too tough a schedule (and a loss to Auburn) 19-12.  Lady Bulldogs face a bigger burden as they are missing their best players Shacobia Barbee broken leg and Mackenzie Engram upper respiratory infection both out and been out rest year.  Men have a full squad.  Both men & women’s basketball suffers from Stegesaurus causing best players in-state to play elsewhere while Stegesaurus has not hosted NCAA men’s tourney game since 1971 nearly 50 years.



It’s just not the resume I expected from Hoops’ Dawgs this season. We only beat 1 team all season long and at 8:30 tonight that team can knock us out of SEC Tournament. 16 games vs RPI Top 100 and beat 1 team who can knock us out tonight the # 56 team. Not good.

It’s been a largely poor season for Georgia this season in men’s basketball.


They put-up graphics of what a team’s record is against RPI Top 100 teams and our record  shows we have played 16 games vs RPI Top 100.  The only team we beat all season long was South Carolina # 56.


South Carolina has 6 wins over RPI Top 100 teams and now tonight they can put this squad to rest except for a NIT appearance.


# 71 RPI Georgia men’s team


It was fun watching us last night beat Mississippi State.


I am expecting us to be put out of our misery tonight maybe.


We have been wholly unable to recruit to the Stegesaurus both for men’s and women’s basketball and this year’s men’s team as well as The Lady’s team shows that we have no bench.


And I look at their gym in Nashville hosting this SEC Tournament and think 1971 last time Stegesaurus hosted an NCAA Tournament game.


Mark Fox brings his bench in and they do nothing.  They’re tentative and without merit. If they do that tonight, they will not have beat a team 3 times who is their only win over any RPI Top 100 team, but it’s a very talented team we have and frankly I had hoped for more so I will be watching hoping we can move on to Kentucky. I played on the city champion team and we had 2 full squads.  First we had a center.  Second we had a point guard.  Our center got the rebounds and rarely fouled-out.  Our point guard brought the ball down the court and really never shot the ball – just dish.  Our shooting guard made his shots.  We had a 2nd group who if the 1st group didn’t show-up we could play well with.


We just don’t have that talent at Georgia and frankly never have had.