Here are our teams who ended the season UNRANKED not ranked in ANY Top 25 this latest season for Greg McGarity starting now his 7th season as AD : 1-Football 2-men’s basketball 3-women’s basketball 4-volleyball 5-men’s golf 6-soccer 7-softball 8-men’s cross country 9-women’s cross country and 10-baseball. The 10 double-digit unranked teams for this latest season includes all the high profile sports here at UGA – all unranked in ANY top 25 for the latest season.

Unranked for Greg McGarity’s latest season :


  1. football
  2. men’s basketball
  3. women’s basketball
  4. volleyball
  5. men’s golf
  6. soccer
  7. softball
  8. men’s cross country
  9. women’s cross country
  10. baseball


Because Greg McGarity has predicted SEC East Championship 2017 while I have guaranteed SEC Championship 2017 in football Greg McGarity states that he should not be fired today.




“I was just sick to my stomach. I couldn’t eat I was so disappointed. It’s just part of the disappointment.” Athletics Director appointed by Mike Adams Greg McGarity aka Howdy Doody


Cinco de Mayo








Which is worse Greg McGarity sir ? A coach who thinks his purpose was to lead the players to Jesus stating that there’s something here at Georgia besides winning that’s important or a head coach who is such a CONTROL FREAK that he thinks that THE PROCESS is more important than winning too ? And what is THE PROCESS ?

Here is what THE PROCESS is : Allow none of Kirby’s coaching staff to speak to the press.  Allow none of the players to talk to the press.  Allow ONLY KIRBY to speak to the press.  And oh yeah for good measure DO NOT ALLOW THE PRESS to REPORT that which they WITNESS THEMSELVES in 12 minutes of practice they do get to see while LOSING 5 games including to 6-7 Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat.  Keep everything a secret and lose.


When do we get a head coach Greg McGarity whose emphasis is on WINNING damn it ?  And why is that you can not hire any proven head coach Greg McGarity ?



Jere Morehead : “I think our prospects for the future are bright and I don’t have any reason to think that we’ve got any systemic problems that have to be addressed at this point.” Hello. Wake-up. Football program TOTALLY out of control and has been ENTIRE Greg McGarity era averaging MORE than 4 losses per season 8 full years and NOT getting better with recruiting 2018 down now that everyone sees what a JERK Kirby is to his players.

Then there are ALL the other sports and NONE of them are doing well either.  A girls’ tennis coach for a year is NOT the A.D. of my choice.  Prop him up if you wish Jere Morehead sir but you are just bringing this ALL DOWN on you too.  And what next gaffe will Kirby pull with the press ?


I’m sorry Greg McGarity should be FIRED before he does ANY FURTHER DAMAGE to the coaches which he has been WRONG ON right down the line from the get-go.


We’ve NEVER been this bad in all our sports.  We can’t HIRE PROVEN HEAD COACHES Jere Morehead sir ?


Someone who knows how to develop and implement an Offensive Game Strategy ?


In ANY Sport Jere Morehead sir ?


And where the hell is our new Gym Jere Morehead sir ?


You can support publically Mike Adam$’ hires as Athletic Directors but I will NOT.



Georgia Softball 16-3 record on the season wins double-header tonight and no head coach Lu Harris-Champer was NOT hired by Greg McGarity either. This while Greg McGarity has hired eight (8) and fired seven (7) head coaches yet NONE of them have out-performed their predecessors. We have 10 hitters batting over .300 while our 3 Starter Pitchers are all ERA of 1.35 to 1.39 to 1.94. Yet we have 3 primary fielders who have committed 6 and 7 and 7 errors each in 19 games all well UNDER .900 fielding percentage all 3 on the error-filled infield who cannot catch routine ground balls.

Softball Georgia Lady Bulldogs are # 17 in the USA Today ESPN Poll and # 16 in the Coaches’ Poll.


And no Greg McGarity did not hire us this coach either.


His coaches have flopped all of them.




“Those are all things that we’ll be looking at in the future.” Greg McGarity about MY complaints HERE about the HORDES OF CASH from SEC Revenue Sharing Greg McGarity is JUST SITTING ON instead of a new gym stinky piss-smelling bathrooms tail-gating restrictions parking and getting to and from the venues traffic control bullshit cupcakes we play as home games because FLORIDA our # 1 Rival is played in JAX EVERY year watching our SEC brethren go past us in seats not filling-in West end with seats and view of Baxter Street RIP-OFF for foods and BAD SERVICE IN OTHER WORDS Greg McGarity is NOT DOING ANYTHING about the LOUSY STATE OF EVERY ONE OF OUR SPORTS’ TEAMS since the day Greg McGarity took over nor anything about all our complaints about the venues either : “Those are all things that we’ll be looking at in the future. Our donors have been fantastic. I think one thing is we have just scratched the surface. We just know there’s tremendous upside there. And I think the message that we’d like to convey is that it’s a huge deal for us. Those are all things that we’ll be looking at in the future.”


Get rid of this Greg McGarity clown puppet NOW who has let the general state of all of our sports’ teams and their facilities fall into a state of TOTAL unacceptable DISREPAIR.


This Howdy Doody clown has got to go.





JPEG Greg McGarity



Howdy Doody Greg McGarity has GOT TO GO.


He is just a marionette clown puppet whose puppeteer marionettist is STILL Mike Adam$ doing Mike Adam$’ BIDDING directives – sit on cash and DONATE our monies we entrusted to him to manage our sports’ teams and their venues –  to The University of Georgia millions upon millions every year which we GAVE Greg McGarity to FIX this SHIT with instead when The University of Georgia has an annual budget of a billion and a half dollars.  The millions DONATED every year by Greg McGarity were specifically FUNDS I donated to the ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT to fix this SHIT not the separate MONIES I donated to The University of Georgia for OTHER PURPOSES of The University of Georgia.  Most of us DONATE MONIES to BOTH.  My MONIES donated to The University of Georgia are MATCHED by my MAJOR EMPLOYER thus doubling-up those FUNDS but my DONATIONS TO FIX THIS SHIT are NOT :


  1. New Gym
  2. Stinky piss-smelling bathrooms
  3. Tail-gating restrictions
  4. Parking
  5. Getting to and from the venues
  6. Traffic control
  7. Bullshit cupcakes we play as home games because FLORIDA our # 1 Rival is played in JAX EVERY year
  8. Watching our SEC brethren go past us in seats not filling-in West end with seats and view of Baxter Street
  9. RIP-OFF for foods
  10. BAD SERVICE at all the venues
  12. Donating monies millions upon millions EVERY YEAR specifically targeted by ME for Athletics’ Department instead donated by the Athletic Department to The University of Georgia instead whose annual budget finds these millions but a DROP in the damn bucket of their annual one and half billion dollar budget when these funds so DESIGNATED by ME were INTENDED by ME to FIX this SHIT of our venues and the lousy state of our venues and of our sports’ teams also ALL in a LOUSY state of DISREPAIR as well.


Mike Adam$ is still controlling the STRINGS of this clown puppet marionette Greg McGarity still doing Mike Adam$’ bidding DIRECTIVES.


It is HIGH TIME we rid ourselves of ALL vestiges of Mike Adam$.


Fire Greg McGarity.


He was ever only just a puppet installed by Mike Adam$ to replace ANOTHER Mike Adam$ CLOWN puppet as AD Damon Evans.


“And I think the message that we’d like to convey is that it’s a huge deal for us. Those are all things that we’ll be looking at in the future.”


This lip service from this clown puppet is just too much to bear any more.


Greg McGarity alone bears all the responsibility for all of this and this sorry state of our sports’ teams and their venues under Greg McGarity do not bear scrutiny do they ?


He isn’t doing anything telling us that he isn’t doing anything about any of it but might at some point in the damn future.



AJ-C DawgNation Seth Emerson is doing a GREAT JOB bringing us all this NEWS isn’t he ?  I have always liked Seth Emerson for his thorough reporting.  He stops and thinks.  Then he interviews and does HIS RESEARCH.


Well research this.  The University of Georgia MAKES MORE PROFITS than EVERY other Athletics’ Department and SITS on it rather than investing it as it was INTENDED by US the ones donating our monies to IT.


Then they BRAG to US that they have just scratched the damn surface ripping us all off and NOT doing as we wanted with those funds but as Mike Adam$ told Greg McGarity to do with those funds INSTEAD.




“Our donors have been fantastic. I think one thing is we have just scratched the surface. We just know there’s tremendous upside there.” Greg McGarity to Seth Emerson AJ-C DawgNation just now.


I predict this is the END for Greg McGarity who shall NOT recover from this duly reported by Seth Emerson AJ-C DawgNation.


This is the end of the end that Greg McGarity would MOUTH-OFF like this to the press about how much MORE he can BILK from we Georgia donators who have given so much for the lip-service Greg McGarity gives us and BRAGS he can get MORE from – that he has only scratched the surface with us donating to him.


“Our donors have been fantastic.  I think one thing is we have just scratched the surface.  We just know there’s tremendous upside there.”

Greg McGarity quote to Seth Emerson AJ-C DawgNation just now.



We are 6 points from being 4-8 and only 12 points from being 3-9. And we don’t know what the future with Kirby may bring or not ? Excuse me ? I’m an alumnus too. Let’s talk about that. We “GEORGIA’D” another game this weekend. We have ALL THIS TALENT here. We “Georgia” a game ALL THE TIME and ALWAYS HAVE. It’s what we do. It is what defines us. It is what HAS DEFINED us. It is who we ARE. It is who we WILL BE with KIRBY. I mean Kirby is the guy who HIRED Jim Chaney and Shane Beamer. And made NO ADJUSTMENTS all season long. We averaged # 8 recruiting class under Mark Richt and # 7 under Kirby and IMPROVING on THAT yet we “Georgia” games. I said for 8 long excruciating years that we “pulled ANOTHER Mark Richt” and LOST AGAIN. Kirby is no better. The REAL PROBLEMS are Mike Adam$’ two (2) Athletic Directors first Damon Evans now Greg McGarity. And that he chose a head coach who isn’t one. Harrison Martin calls for JIM CHANEY and SHANE BEAMER to both be FIRED. But ALL of us know the problem with special teams is that the WRONG PLAYERS are playing the WRONG POSITIONS and that Kirby ALSO DRAGGED his feet about playing OTHER notable freshmen across the board from the time of Spring Practice until TODAY. Kirby is stubborn. That is not going away. He’s conservative. That’s not going away. He wants ONLY to be IN-CHARGE. That’s not going away either. But Greg McGarity can HIT THE ROAD. And that could be GOING AWAY – couldn’t it ?

Here are our HOME GAMES 2017 next year :

Appalachian State Moutaineers

Samford Bulldogs

Missy State


South Carolina



You want to improve our HOME-GAME environment ? How about IMPROVE our OPPONENTS we spend all this money to come see play ? Is there one good game there ?


One ?


If we had Florida on HOME-AND-HOME we’d have a GREAT GAME AT HOME every other year.


( )


( )


Having Florida at Sanford every other year would invigorate our entire program.



vols had 8 HOME GAMES AGAIN this year and we had 6 again.


We always have 6.


It’s what we do.


We Georgia our schedule then we Georgia the games.


Thanks Kirby.  It’s no longer that we “Mark Richt’d another game to a lesser opponent.”


Now it’s we Georgia’d another game against a lesser opponent AGAIN.


It’s habitual now Kirby – so thanks for that Kirby.  Really.  Thanks.


Good job Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead you dumbasses.



Paul Johnson 3-2 record at Sanford as Georgia gives up 2 unanswered TD to end the game 27-28 as Kirby drops to 7-5 on the season. In the meantime Tom Herman says he was interested to come coach here. Tom Herman NOT interested in going to LSU. Tom Herman takes Texas job. Kirby now 0-1 vs. 5 teams FL GT Vandie vols and Ole Miss. Hey Greg McGarity I hardly see this as any improvement son. Thank you Mike Adam$ for Greg McGarity now 63-29 in 7 years as our AD appointed by Mike Adam$ to replace Damon Evans Mike Adam$ also hired NEITHER of whom should EVER have been AD here.

The tipped pass tipped upward by tentative Terry Godwin costs us the game on the interception with 3:33 left in the game converted for the winning TD on what appeared to me to be a fumble midair after they broke the plane.


That’s how I saw it.


That is too many of these this year Kirby.  7-5 is unacceptable Kirby.


And Greg McGarity that is too many of these in your sad career here.


63-29 Greg McGarity record as our Athletics’ Director a former girl’s tennis coach for a year promoted to this position by Mike Adam$ to replace Mike Adam$ previous puppet AD Damon Evans – neither of whom should EVER have been A.D. of The Georgia Bulldogs Athletics’ Department.


No way.


63-29 Greg McGarity record in football as our A.D.  7 years 63 wins 7 years 29 losses.  You do the math.


Greg McGarity MORE than 4 losses a year for his 9 years as our AD.


Mark Richt was fired for averaging 4 losses per season for his last entire 8 years here and this is no improvement Greg McGarity.


Fire Greg McGarity.





Only 1 hitter last year hit over .300 and only 1 pitcher had a winning record. Our baseball team has loads of room for improvement at just 11-19 in The SEC. Scott Stricklin has had a losing record every year and looks to break through with good recruiting when we begin February 17 of 2017. His most wins in The SEC are 11 and is 21-37-1 vs. The SEC in his 4th year now this next season. I can not see where Scott Stricklin is any better than our previous coach in baseball either Greg McGarity. We give you all this money all these facilities this great school and frankly Greg McGarity you are not getting the job done in our sports. In fact we have gone downhill since you got here Greg McGarity.


( )


What do you need to be successful as our Athletics’ Director appointed as Mike Adam$’ puppet Athletics’ Director Greg McGarity.  To get lucky in a hire for once ?


Greg McGarity you are unsatisfactory as Athletics’ Director.


Since when did a girls’ tennis coach for one year get to be Athletics’ Director at The University of Georgia ?


Frankly that you replace another Mike Adam$ hire as Athletics’ Director UGA Damon Evans before you is reason enough to have you MOVE ON.



Like I said Kirby is slow on the uptake. Game 8 next and NOW he moves around players but does he do it at positions of need with IMPACT players moved so they can PLAY ? No sir. Suspensions of 2 starting linebackers or just one of them suspended – the one caught last year too. This is where Mark Richt should’ve kicked him off last year ? I mean he did kick-off one last year with him and this is really 3 times for him right ? One is Suspended for rest of the year instead Kirby practiced both starting linebackers yesterday. Wake up Kirby. Speaking of waking up : What did you expect from Greg McGarity – our ENTIRE Athletics’ Department across the board all horrible uncompetitive teams and have been EVERY year of the FAILED Greg McGarity regime installed as his puppet by Mike Adam$ as Greg McGarity was.

Here all my assistants game 8 next and instead of you DOING SOMETHING to IMPACT our 4-3 season down the stretch here.  Take ALL THESE GUYS I want the scholarships of to recruit BETTER players with and quit working on what you need to do to fix ALL this and instead here take ALL these guys and teach them ALL  a new position too.  That is my answer to the OBVIOUS wholesale changes of IMPACT players to make a difference the remainder of the season.  Oh and both starting linebackers get out there at your STARTING positions both of you at starting linebacker.  Let me send THAT MESSAGE just before The University has to step in on AT LEAST ONE for the remainder of the season.  I realize he is going to be suspended for the rest of the season but since he is the 1 guy I want starting at LB let him at least practice there so our # 1 Rival can beat the ever-living bejesus out of us too – you know like 48 to nothing Ole Miss – picking on a guy you don’t practice with the # 1 unit now. Seriously ?


Too early to draw conclusions ?  How do you figure that ?


If it were about losing to Vanderbilt, which it is not, then I could understand that it is too soon to draw conclusions.  But that is not the case at all.


After all in the last 25 years we have lost to Vanderbilt now 3 times.  Twice by Mark Richt.  So losing to Vanderbilt is NOT why Kirby is on the hot seat.


It is the whole entire package of not understanding offenses or special teams at all and his absolute wasting of freshmen because of his clear bias against them even at positions of need.


No the base position of Kirby is all wrong.  I want to be in charge Kirby screams.  Then Kirby makes some minor changes and tweaks for a whole entire host of players game 8 next.  Late Kirby ?  And right after I said it is OVER with you sir if you don’t fix this NOW.  You don’t get it Kirby.  Wholesale changes to KEY FRESHMEN finally turning them ALL LOOSE including Ben Cleveland who after 2018 goes to NFL with Jacob Eason – learn offense or hire offensive GURU in-shape OC and stay out of it – and learn special teams or hire FATHER not son who actually did something on special teams and stay out of that too.  Or MOVE-ON.


And try making some changes that mean something.  This wasting of time teaching players new positions at every part of the team prior to game 8 is counter-productive to what you should have done now.  Guys who you really don’t want on your 85 scholarships and are tacitly asking to leave.


These cosmetic changes of personnel from one side of the ball to the other are what you should’ve done with KEY PLAYERS before Spring.  You do not do that game 8 next Kirby.  Jesus Christ.  And what you had to do in the Spring we are TELLING you to do now finally Kirby while you procrastinate and think you can weather the storm and screw-up the rest of your mulligan year too was not to run-off a dozen guys prior to # 1 Rival game down there in JAX but to move KEY FRESHMEN to IMPACT POSITIONS.


Why do I always get addressed ?


Because I am CONSTANTLY right.


It’s too little too late now Kirby.


Make some significant shake-ups of inserting freshmen into the line-ups both sides of the ball and on special teams – you know Kirby the 3rd side of the ball.


Hello ?


And where did you say something about the play calls Kirby ?  Did you figure you could DUCK that issue as well by gagging every assistant coach and telling ALL of them NONE of them can speak to the press at ALL Kirby ?


Answer the questions Kirby.


I removed you from being in charge Kirby if you can not fix ANY of your 3 weaknesses.  You don’t know what you’re doing offensively special teams nor with freshmen and it has gone on since January 12.


I told you BIG CHANGES in your base position offense special teams and Freshmen and you respond with this that guys you never intended to play one side of the ball you are moving to the other side where you also have no intentions of ever sending any of them out there on that side of the ball too.  And what about figuring out your top 22 players and get them ALL 22 on the field at SOME POSITION any position Kirby ?  Good Lord Kirby.  Hello.  Is anyone home ?


Nice opening kick-off Kirby to the 3-yard line.  Where did you say Mitchell Wasson is whom you recruited as your ONLY KICKING RECRUIT 2016 Kirby ?  If you have so much confidence in your kicker that you eschew the field goal after running a running play with one minute to go before half to hear all of us boo Kirby and throw to a 5 feet 4 inch tall guy who drops them anyway instead where is Mitchell Wasson ?  I have NOT seen him.  I care NOT about your PRIVATE personal practices Kirby as you sir are IN QUESTION.  I want to see Mitchell Wasson Lassiter whom you STOLE from Nick Saban at the last moment Kirby the # 26 best kicker in America.  I can assure you kicking-off to the 3-yard line is why you LOST the game that and eschewing the field goal in favor of your FAVORITE Isaiah McKenzie.  Isaiah is the ONLY player we have according to you Kirby.


Nice punt returns by him too 8 that all 8 got by him including 2 MORE bobbles.


Oh yeah and great kick-off return by # 100 KR man Reggie Davis.  I see we still have not taught him which ones to return and which not to Kirby.  You are TOO involved in the details of EVERY area to be good at ANY of them.  Work on the most important items that day.


Such as should I play a freshmen PR and Kick-Off man Mecole Hardman Jr. ?


Look Kirby you can either make these changes in your base positions offensively on special teams and with freshmen or move along.  I see you don’t understand Kirby.  I said do THESE or move along.


As for the suspensions, one is suspended for the rest of the year.  If Kirby doesn’t The University of Georgia will do it for Kirby.  Both practiced Kirby ?  Excuse me ?


Kirby still has not unredshirted Ben Cleveland moved Mecole Hardman Jr. to getting a rush or a pass thrown to him nor even looked at to return kick-offs or punts wasted Elijah Holyfield’s freshmen year gives cameo appearance to Brian Herrien only the leading rusher per rush all season not moved around his logjam at TE to get 3 of them on the field every down playing games at receiver when game 8 next and clear none holding on to ball etc.


You are stubborn Kirby about the very weakest areas you have – total blind spots offensively on special teams and freshmen.


Getting nasty with the press about these 3 key areas of weakness for you Kirby only serves to make the point on ALL 3 all the more clear to everyone and why I called for you to move along if you don’t it fix all 3.  Why ?  Because I knew you would announce you aren’t doing ANYTHING about ANY of the 3 Kirby.  I have you down boy.


You’re too conservative Kirby like most folks in South Georgia.


And be a man and apologize to the freshmen Kirby for this harangue you have had against them ALL from the beginning because by God I am NOT PUTTING UP with THAT AGAIN 2017 with those freshmen or 2018 when you announce after 4 or 5 practices you can determine if the player is elite and get them on the field on offense and get them the ball.


And then going into game 8 in 2018 still having NOT PLAYED ANY FRESHMAN really at ALL just nasty statements about EVERY FRESHMAN all 2016 and 2017 and 2018…


Acted upon nasty statements about EVERY freshman by Kirby all 2016 Spring Fall and into # 1 Rival Rivalry week wasting time of your assistants to teach new positions to a dozen players instead of FIXING this.  Acted upon nasty statements by NOT letting them play.


Your shtick of tough-love to freshmen reminds me Kirby of Rodney Garner.  He coached in the 2 previous regimes here prior to you and that was ALL he did too.  That does NOT work.  He is living proof.


When do you pull the plug ?  Oh let him continue THESE POLICIES such as notably hating on ALL FRESHMEN and then if after 2018 still the same – then well yeah I guess he has to go.  But ONLY then.  I mean I was satisfied with Mark Richt the last 8 years averaging 4 losses 73-32.


So I fully expected you to say that it’s too early to come to any CONCLUSIONS.


And I really loved the blog post yesterday on Bulldog Illustrated former Leather Helmet Dawg saying that Mark Richt is gone so whining about having him still here instead of this by Kirby would be SO GREAT is counter-productive. Must be getting a lot of those e-mails right I’mYourHuckleberry ?


After you said that it was unacceptable what Mark Richt was doing his last entire 8 years 4 loss average and now announce the same for Kirby across the board the # 75 team in America with the # 7 average recruiting rankings.


Frying pan to fire.


What did you expect from Greg McGarity – our ENTIRE Athletics’ Department across the board all horrible uncompetitive teams and have been EVERY year of the FAILED Greg McGarity regime installed as his puppet by Mike Adam$ as Greg McGarity was.