No one wanted Justin Fields to leave The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs. Our offense absolutely sucks and HAS since the day Kirby took over as our de facto Offensive Coordinator 2016 then 2017 and now 2018. A job Kirby assumes without ANY experience anywhere deciding who plays and who doesn’t and what type of play we will have such as a run first down run second down and pass 3rd down because that is ALL Kirby does and HAS DONE.

When you get over the crying about Jacob Eason and Justin Fields Jacob Eason should have appealed to play instantly.  The way Kirby misused him last year would have made that an easy decision for the NCAA.  And now the way Kirby misused Justin Fields he is gone now too and for good reason.  He’ll play right away because of the scholarship player who said what he did to Justin Fields in 2018.  Totally awful and Kirby did NOT fix it.   I would have made Justin Fields the staring QB the next game.  That is what was fair.


This is UNFAIR for Justin Fields.


I am with Justin Fields on this.


There is no sense beating a dead horse here OTHER THAN Kirby just has to quit meddling with the offense.


Play-off team supposedly who is in fact the # 68 Passing Offense 2018 Kirby’s Georgia “offense.”


Imagine putting the 2nd best football player in America 2018 on the field and telling him he can NOT pass the God Damn football…


Hardware for Jake Fromm ?  So far he can’t beat the other team in our conference nor can he do better than lose 2 games inside our own conference EVERY YEAR so far.


I love the guy Jake Fromm.  But the facts are that Kirby misused Justin Fields who is MORE talented and will be a better NFL draft pick and better NFL Quarterback.  Justin Fields doesn’t lead the team in fumbles and get sacked 4 times a game in every big game like Jake Fromm.


This is why Jake Fromm has so far lost EVERY YEAR to 2 SEC teams Auburn and Alabama both last year now this year too LSU and Alabama both again.  Hardware for Jake Fromm for that ?  Excuse me ?  No one has Jake Fromm listed on ANY list of the top football players.  What are you watching ?  Him hand the ball off ?  Well ?  He is # 68 passing offense 2018.  He was # 106 last year passing offense.  Don’t forget his fumbles and his sacks 4 times every big game.  Look at his stats.  He isn’t doing jack shit.


Now this stale offense is all we have.


Good work Kirby.


Why was it again when the season was OVER when Jake Fromm lost to LSU by 3 touchdowns that you didn’t play Justin Fields for one single play Kirby ?


Tell me that again you dumb son of a bitch ?


Because you didn’t think it was “fair for Justin Fields to come in in that situation.”


God Damn it Kirby.