Kirby goes out-of-state to sign 12 of his 20 joining us now. Kirby is # 2 overall as he was # 1 overall last year and # 3 overall the year before (and # 6 his partial first year.) Kirby is getting it done. Kirby went NATIONAL ! 15 of the top players in the country added today ! Great Coach can be seen that way just by being a GREAT RECRUITER. Kirby is that.

Nolan Smith 5-Star new goggle boy and top linebacker too out of Savannah # 1 overall

Nakobe Dean 5-Star top linebacker # 1 Mississippi # 14 overall

Clay Webb 5-Star on OL comes Spring # 1 Alabama to get on field 2019 # 22 overall early

Travon Walker 5-Star fills big need on DL Upson-Lee # 24 overall

Dominick Blaylock 5-Star out of Walton wants to catch passes from Jake Fromm # 34 overall

Lewis Cine as well out of Texas is another highly sought after at defensive back # 66 overall

Rian Davis linebacker out of Florida # 90 overall

Trezmen Marshall Linebacker Clinch County # 122 overall

Bill Norton # 2 Tennessee DL # 129 overall

Xavier Truss # 1 Rhode Island # 139 overall 330 lbs. OL

Kenny McIntosh Top 10 RB in the nation from Florida # 179 overall

Ryland Goede TE from Tennessee # 196 overall

Jermaine Johnson Linebacker is joining us from Minnesota # 1 JUCO early

D.J. Daniel a defensive back also fills an important need Griffin top-rated JUCO early

Tramel Walthour DL Liberty County JUCO early

Makiya Tongue WR from Baton Rouge # 209 overall

Warren McClendon 320 lbs. OL Brunswick # 235 overall

Dwan Mathis 6′ 6″ 205 lbs. QB from Michigan # 261 overall

Zion Logue from Tennessee 6′ 5″ 295 lbs. DL # 344 overall

Tymon Mitchell from Tennessee 6′ 3″ 315 lbs. DL # 418 overall



In all 20 signed with a dozen from other states


Kirby has really done it.  All over the country.  Kids buying-in.  A coach can be a great coach simply by recruiting top players.  He can call a bad game offensively and call a bad game special teams and with all this talent still be in fact a great coach.


Mark Richt NEVER did this.  Kirby has done this 3 times in a row # 2 # 1 and # 3 classes (# 6 Kirby’s first partial year.)



16 of the ESPN Top 300.


Solid # 2 best in the nation.





Georgia # 2 in national recruiting 2019 December 12 and Alabama is # 1 at average 93.73 while UGA’s Kirby is 93.58 although we only have 19 scholarships to 24 for Alabama. Last 3 classes # 3 UGA # 1 UGA now # 2 UGA after # 6 UGA Kirby’s first (half year.)



What does that say that the # 1 and # 7 best players in the state of Florida choose Georgia Bulldogs ? What does that say that the # 4 and # 13 best players in the state of Louisiana both choose Georgia Bulldogs ? What does it say that the # 3 and # 21 best players in the state of Tennessee the # 13 player in Mississippi and the # 1 in Rhode Island all 8 select us out-of-state of our 16 commitments to push us to # 2 best class in America for the 3rd time in a row for Kirby in recruiting ? It says that Kirby’s recruiting is truly nationwide. THAT is what it says.


Kirby goes out-of-state to pick up three more top picks overnight :



John Emery Jr 5-Star running back the # 4 best player in the entire state of Louisiana



Rian Davis one of the 5 best linebackers in the entire nation from Florida

Makiya Tongue  one of the 15 best athletes in the entire nation from Baton Rouge
What Kirby is doing here in Georgia in-state is being recognized by the best players in the nation.  When did The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs EVER go out-of-state to pick-up commitments from 3 like this in one day ?










THAT IS NOT WHY MARK RICHT WAS FIRED BECAUSE HE COULD NOT RECRUIT. Jeff Sentell the little SHIT writes today on AJ-C DawgNation Recruiting that Mark Richt better than Kirby recruiting 2019 (He said 2018 but he meant 2019 typo.) Jeff Sentell states this is because Mark Richt has 2019 commitments from nine (9) recruits who are 3-Star and two (2) who are 4-Stars and none who are 5-Stars. Hey Jeff Sentell you dumbass that SUCKS. “That’s the big news of the week for UGA recruiting.” Jeff Sentell writes today that Mark Richt has OUT-RECRUITED Kirby 2019 so far. Again he said 2018 but MEANT 2019. Nine 3-Star commitments Jeff Sentell surmises is GREAT. Jesus Christ Jeff Sentell that is God Freaking AWFUL.

It was NOT that Mark Richt could NOT recruit here at Georgia with his average Recruiting Ranking of # 7 every year here but that he LOST to 12 unranked teams time of game or for season from 2008 to 2015 when we finally fired his sorry ass for it even with all his recruiting talent he signed here.  Unranked teams time game or for season like 5-7 Pittsburgh whom Mark Richt LOST to last year 2017 Jeff Sentell in Mark Richt’s last 3 games of the 2017 season Jeff Sentell.


In addition it was NOT that Mark Richt could NOT recruit here at Georgia but that again even with all his recruiting talent here at UGA # 7 average Recruiting Rankings every year Mark Richt still was # 45 against top 15 teams time game at 18 losses of his last 24 games here after 2007 at Georgia from 2008 to 2015 season during which he was fired summarily for this.  Top 15 teams time game like Clemson and Wisconsin BOTH of whom Mark Richt LOST to last year 2017 Jeff Sentell in Mark Richt’s last 3 games of the 2017 season Jeff Sentell.  So ALL he can sign are 3-star recruits mostly.  The TOP PLAYERS do NOT want to play for such a stupid coach and Mark Richt is make no mistake about it stupid.


It was NOT that Mark Richt could not recruit the 3-star recruits here to Georgia that he was fired from here for Jeff Sentell but that the top recruits wanted to WIN the football games so he didn’t get enough of them.  Kirby by the way IS averaging over 10 wins a season which Mark Richt did NOT.


Kirby lost to NO UNRANKED TEAM 2017-2018 season and Kirby beat # 11 Notre Dame AND # 3 Oklahoma AND # 19 Mississippi State AND # 10 Auburn.  It is judged that this is BETTER RESULTS Jeff Sentell than Mark Richt at Miami of Florida where he is # 13 and Kirby # 2 Jeff Sentell.


Now I know you’d love to say Mark Richt is BETTER than Kirby and that THAT is the NEWS of the week in recruiting Jeff Sentell but that is simply totally NOT the case and NOT why he was FIRED from here by THIS BLOG.


For 15 years you MADE EXCUSES for Mark Richt Jeff Sentell and this morning you are AGAIN.


Why ?


He’s gone and for GOOD damn reason.


Others have tried to TELL this LITTLE SHIT Jeff Sentell that Jeff Sentell just DOES NOT GET IT when it comes to Mark Richt.  He didn’t back then and he damn sure still doesn’t.


I said back then that our new coach would recruit BETTER than Mark Richt and has.


Mark Richt has 9 commitments who are 3-Star only 2 who are 4-Star and NONE who are 5-Star for 2019.  Jeff Sentell says for 2018 but he MEANT for 2019.  Hey Jeff Sentell THIS is 2018 dumbass.  You know ?  The 2018 recruiting class determined to be the # 1 recruiting class in the nation.  Over.  Finished.  The 2018 signing date completed now.  Jesus Christ Jeff Sentell.  Get your thumb out of your friqin’ ass and correct your own post dumb shit.


Further 63 of Mark Richt’s final 146 signed scholarship recruits did not end-up at Georgia as they were either kicked-off the team by Mark Richt MOSTLY or flunked-out or failed to qualify or were arrested or were suspended multiple times or never showed-up here at Georgia or quit.  63 of 146 is 43 % of Mark Richt’s latest Georgia signed scholarship recruits just were NOT HERE.   43 % SIGNED scholarship recruits by Mark Richt from 2010 to 2015 inclusive simply put were NOT HERE.  Did you get that Jeff Sentell ?  I bet you did NOT dumb shit.


So I wake-up this morning and Jeff Sentell states : “That’s the big news of the week for UGA recruiting.” Jeff Sentell writes today.


Mark Richt has OUT-RECRUITED Kirby 2019 so far. Again he said 2018 but MEANT 2019. Nine 3-Star commitments Jeff Sentell surmises is GREAT. Jesus Christ Jeff Sentell that is God Freaking AWFUL.


Nine 3-star and only two 4-star while none 5-star Mark Richt Miami of Florida is recruiting BETTER than Kirby Jeff Sentell states for 2019 so far.  Well he said for 2018.  I am smart enough to know he MEANT 2019.  He is still wrong.  Either case.  What he said or what I think he meant.


THIS IS NOT MARK RICHT’S PROBLEM.  No one said that Mark Richt could NOT recruit.  It is what he does with his recruits for which he was FIRED by THIS BLOG after 2007.


Try to say that Jeff Sentell.  Everyone else knows (1) two 4-star and nine 3-star sucks 2019 and (2) we all know except you that Mark Richt was FIRED not for his recruiting but for in fact what he did with his recruits.


Kirby has three 5-Star and four 4-Star with none 3-Star 2019 Jeff Sentell – you freaking little SHIT.  That is a LOT better than Mark Richt 2019 (or 2018.)


You do NOT even know what the big news is for recruiting for the week for us Jeff Sentell and you damn sure don’t know how to read the recruiting news and make sense of it.