What was your take-away from the 2 Major Events we watched today the Falcons’ GREAT win over Seattle in the Play-Offs when Seattle beat Falcons at HOME in Seattle in week 6 and our Georgia Men’s Basketball losing for the 14th time in a row down there in Florida ? Why do we play the game in JAX every year against our # 1 Rival ? What did you write about today about these 2 Major Sporting Events for us ?

As I watched these 2 major events today the Falcons’ rousting victory and Florida beating us for the 14th time in a row down there I feel compelled to write about what my take-away is from the 2 major events today.


The Falcons just LOST at Seattle week 6 this year.


Now they rout them at HOME here in Atlanta.


Did you hear anyone bragging on the Gator Bowl compared to Atlanta Falcons’ Mercedes-Benz stadium tonight watching the Falcons dominate one of the best NFL franchises Seattle ?


EverBank Field JAX is ranked the # 26 worst stadium in America by Athlon Sports :



Picture the difference in the two NFL franchise’s stadiums ? Jacksonville and Atlanta.  Night and Day.

Once Ted Turner SOLD-OUT to go to Montana and buy that state out with his spoils we have not had good sports here or any effort to until now with Arthur Blank.


The Gator Bowl was opened with the name Jacksonville Municipal Stadium and now nearly a quarter of a century later it is one of the very WORST FOOTBALL STADIUMS in the nation. The renaming rights were sold to a since questionable bank of just 3700 employees who have major lawsuits against them as their investors lost $ 50 million dollars.   Not EverBank their investors lost $ 50 million dollars. EverBank is NOT ranked one of the better banks. EverBank only does $ 883 million in revenue puny by banks standards.   Atlanta Falcons’ Mercedes-Benz Stadium cost $ 1.7 billion so far.  That’s twice what EverBank DOES in revenue.  Who ever heard of EverBank ?  No one.


EverBank does NOT have a 5-Star Rating as a bank by Bauer Financial.




– Opened in 1995 has not hosted a major event after 2005. Will NEVER host a major sporting event until it is torn down and new Stadium built for Jacksonville’s Major Sporting Event EVERY YEAR which is us The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs coming to THEIR hellhole of a city for our game against OUR # 1 Rival.


– Cost: $121 million





Compare that puny amount the city of Jacksonville can come-up with to the $ 1.7 billion Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz football stadium cost for example.  After the exciting Atlanta win tonight in the play-offs against Seattle Matt Ryan is now 2-4 in the play-offs.  We have so many more entertaining places to go right there at the new Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium than in all of drawn-out Jacksonville. It’s a bad deal for us to have to go there to Jacksonville as the only main event that stadium hosts.


Compare still having to play the game in JAX to the experience of having it at the new stadium for football Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium ?


Does this venue compare to Sanford OR Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz Stadium ?


Hell no.


So why is the game there every year ?


For us ?


– Capacity: 67,246


– 75 luxury suites


JAX lacks the bells and whistles that have been required components of most modern stadiums. The entertainment value for the fans just doesn’t add up. Lacks frills and excitement as a venue. EverBank Field is too boring. It is a simple perfunctory stadium. No one wants to go there. There is NO hope of getting a new stadium built anytime soon because EverBank does not have the resources to and the city is not a destination anyone wants to go to. Hosts the annual Gator Bowl every year. In fact when EverBank bought the naming rights to the Gator Bowl on their own WebPages they called it bought the naming rights to the Gator Bowl.


Site of the annual World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party 6 hours away one-way for us where we are not even allowed to host prospects removing The Georgia Bulldogs # 1 Rival from EVER playing at our house. The lost revenue each season in Athens has cost UGA the ability to expand the field to keep-up with other lesser programs who have used the revenue from their games at HOME against their # 1 Rival to expand their stadiums beyond Sanford Stadium on the world’s best college football campus.


The economic impact to the Athens Economy has been devastating to us on many levels.


  1. Losing $ 25 million in Revenue having the game at Sanford every other year in the WLOCP.
  2. Losing economic impact to # 1 College Football Town of $93.7 million* every 2 years no Florida.
  3. Having sad home schedules for which we all pony-up so much money to watch 6 cupcakes.
  4. Some schools get-in 9 “home” games for their team vols for example do so frequently.
  5. Never play our # 1 Rival at home.
  6. Our coaches have ALL STATED that playing there is a DISADVANTAGE for our players.
  7. The humidity is such that it is a huge difference compared to Athens causing us to show-up not acclimated to their climate.

*$93.7 million 2016 Economic Impact to the city of Athens # 1 college football town for NOT having Florida every other year based on this December 2016 Economic Impact Study listed here at this URL Link :




N.B. college football is twice the number of fans of NFL NBA and ANY OTHER SPORT.  It also is the MOST EXCITING SPORT and my own personal hobby.


I personally believe we would find the Economic Impact on Athens to be in excess of $ 93.7 million every other year.  It’s Florida.


Starting 1990 we have played there at the GATOR BOWL 24 times and won 6.

The Gator Bowl is in the middle of nowhere with nothing around it like EVERY other stadium.

The only team who embraces the stadium IN ANY SPORT are the Florida Gators which reside about an hour away.

Some stadiums are less equal to the others. This is one such. Some stadiums are glorious palaces to football’s honor. This is NOT one of those.

This is more of a depressing hole in the ground in a hellhole of a city.

This is one of the Doldrums of stadiums where even where we have to park is just all wrong even with it situated where there is nothing you can do pre-game or post-game nearby.

The stadium doesn’t even look particularly special.

The NFL franchise is very much in doubt because one JAX should NEVER have been awarded an NFL franchise as a dump of a city and because two no one wants to go to their stadium. This is a failed NFL franchise hanging-on by a thread.

Even the Gator Bowl has suffered where it once had prominence among Bowl Games because the stadium is now several decades out-of-date.

It was not a prominent top-tier stadium when it was built nearly a quarter a century ago now.

They have needed a new stadium in JAX but frankly can not afford to build one with the NFL franchise itself daring to move out to a different newer nicer fancier stadium elsewhere. If you were Birmingham and built a top-notch stadium the franchise would move there in a heartbeat. Maybe someone would even go the games in Birmingham.

It appears as a little cheesy stadium sitting by itself.

The tarps are certainly an eyesore.


It’s just not a classic stadium.


It’s a morgue going to the games there and has been for MANY YEARS now.


They’ve tried to put lipstick on the pig but the stadium sucks.


The bathrooms are awful.


The food you can buy is no good.


The view from the stadium inside and out is drab.


They could give-away 2 free Coca-Colas 2 free hot dogs 2 bags of free boiled peanuts a free parking pass to entice someone to come to the rickety old stadium and still no one would.


It’s depressing to go there.


Our WLOCP game there is in November hardly when you want to be in a pool people piss in.


The design is too wide.


If your seats are mid-field you are WAY away from the field in the upper deck.


There is no proximity to anything. JAX is the largest square mile city in the world which is NOT an advantage to going there where NOTHING is nearby.


It’s always raining and even when it is not it is a very poor tail-gating experience compared to say on campus in Athens.


If you are trying to tail-gate in a lot shielded by the overpass even there you are there by yourself with the parking lots EMPTY. It’s no fun.


It’s almost a thousand square miles. It’s just too spread-out.


Yet there are only 800 thousand who live there. What does that tell you compared to the 7 million who live here in Atlanta ?


That NO ONE wants to live there. That’s it’s NO GOOD there.


That the place doesn’t OFFER ANYTHING.


There are no parks there.


It’s not pretty.


The roads are horrible and not well kept.


The police are not friendly.


WE are the major event for the hellhole.


Jacksonville is nearly a thousand square miles while Riverside Park is only 11 acres. Eleven.


Riverwalk is only 2 miles of a 1000 square miles for the hellhole city Jacksonville.


The St. Johns River is not a pretty river in fact it looks poorly maintained to everyone.


Jacksonville is only the # 47 largest local TV market so even the folks who live there don’t watch the games from the stinky stadium.


Only the # 46 largest radio market Jacksonville pales in comparison to Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz Stadium for example.


Our game the WLOCP is more important to their economy than the Gator Bowl which began there in 1946.


There are only 2 shopping malls in Jacksonville. Two. And they are BOTH graveyards with poor choices because no one goes to either.


There is no MLB baseball team in Jacksonville.


There isn’t even a NBA basketball team there.


There is NOTHING there in JAX except for our game.


The Gator Bowl has certainly fallen-off in prominence as a Bowl Game.


Like I say it is OUR GAME AGAINST OUR # 1 RIVAL which is THE Major Event of the “city.”


Such as it is as a city.


They built the stadium 1995 over two decades ago coming-up on quarter of a century old for the NFL franchise and should NEVER have been awarded it. It will go away soon. Any day now.


Because of the stadium.


And because of the city.


Jacksonville is an Atlantic Sun Conference city.


Atlantic Sun.


Laugh out loud.


The airport is 13 miles away from the city and has less than 100 flights a day. Seriously. We have ten times as many people through our airport here in Atlanta than Jacksonville gets as tourists all year long.


The hellhole no one wants to go to and where nobody lives.


With no mass transit unless you count a 30 mph monorail with 8 stops.


JAX raised its taxes to pay for improvements there so every dollar spent helps make Jacksonville what it NEVER HAS BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE compared to say Atlanta for example.


Jacksonville Landing is 126 thousand square feet that opened just before the Gator Bowl stadium to support the Gator Bowl trying to make the hellhole JAX into a tourist destination.  A tourist trap for their FAILED NFL franchise. 126 thousand square feet. Puny. This is a tourist trap. Built as a tourist trap 3 decades ago and designed to be a tourist trap.


126 thousand square feet is two (2) acres. My yard is bigger than that.


Parking is across from the Landing not at the Landing.


The Landing is a little itty-bitty poor designed tourist trap built as a tourist trap and out-of-date by 3 decades now. Underground Atlanta built in 1869 is no longer viable but we support the Landing as Dawg Fans on what is the biggest event the entire city has. Us.


Now 3 decades later Jacksonville is TRYING to RE-INVENT the Landing. This means they are TALKING ABOUT IT BEING OUT-OF-DATE not that they have done A THING about it. Rape the tourists. Keep the profits do nothing.


Like the whole city.


It’s a joke. The “city” and the stadium. Keeping us there every year is a detriment to our football program and boon to Florida’s and to THEIR ECONOMY there – NOT here.


We put our players at a disadvantage to the detriment of what is in our best interests.


For them.


No other reason.


As their biggest event.


Jacksonville’s BIGGEST EVENT.



Athens Georgia is # 1 college football town. Auburn was never played at home for us. We played Georgie tek yellowjackets every year in Atlanta. Auburn was Columbus.

We played 23 of 24 games in Atlanta against Georgie tek yellowjackets from after the eighteen hundreds until several years after we had joined The SEC. We won 8 of 24 games. Some neutral game.

We played Auburn in places like Macon Atlanta Columbus Montgomery Savannah for 59 years until last in 1958. We lost not only the last 6 in Columbus but lost all the games in Montgomery never won in Savannah won only twice in 4 games in Macon and won only 4 of the 12 games in Atlanta.

We did the same with Alabama trying best as we could not to give Athens any revenue.

We also did the same with North Carolina again let’s play them anywhere but Athens.

Tradition ?

The tradition for UGA is to play our games NOT at HOME and we fixed that with every team save one.

World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. I was the poster boy.

We all know why Florida fans want the game to STAY down there. We even have those of us who have been to JAX 25 times like I have for the game who paint some picture about themselves which disregards our coach saying every year before going down there that it is a disadvantage to him and to his team – no matter how popular our coach may or may not have been.

Now our Athletics’ Director who is STILL HERE who used to work on the staff at Florida and could answer the tough questions on this if pressed from the Florida point of view, has us at our worst in all sports we’ve ever been since he took-over at the behest of Mike Adam$ – nothing but a puppet and NOT that popular right now however high he steps. And he has capitulated on JAX as well.

We’ve lost 14 times in a row now playing our # 1 Rival in Florida in men’s basketball.


If we can NEVER beat Florida we will NEVER achieve shit in ANY sport.

Mark Richt did NOTHING BUT COMPLAIN about playing Florida at the site of the annual Gator Bowl and then promptly went-out and lost 11 of his 16 games there.

There is NO QUESTION that we could play HARD-BALL with the Gators about this game and FAIL to take advantage of doing so. We negotiate like wimps.

It takes us 6 hours a tank of gas a cheesy motel room and bad seats in a decrepit stadium with temporary seats in a city I don’t enjoy like I do even in Daytona Beach an hour away with far better accommodations and restaurants and a far nicer beach. So why THERE instead of Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz Stadium for example ?  The DeSota Hotel in Tybee Island I prefer as well to all the cheap-ass bug-infested motels in JAX. And that also is a far better beach with again better restaurants too at Tybee Island than JAX. All the places I really love to go on Vacation by stark contrast and certainly NOT 2 days before November with it 46 degrees when no one wants to be in the stadium pool – supposedly the one claim to fame of the venue.

It’s just not our idea of a vacation spot.

So why purposely then totally disregard our coaches and players state they are at a disadvantage – not the least of which is again it was 46 degrees this latest season game day here and expected to be 90 degrees game time there. How can we prepare for that ? It is giving the Gators a decided advantage in us trying to acclimate to the humidity showing-up on Thursday. A day and a half while they live in that Hell Hole.

So that you can take a vacation in November in that God-Forsaken parking lot where we are even mistreated where we park.


Still I have been to the Hell Hole 2 dozen times to watch the game.

I feel like we are targeted the trip down there and mistreated in the Hell Hole when we finally get there worn-out.

4th and Dumb. Now that was a fun time to go. I said I was studying that week-end then was zoomed-in-on 3 times on TV. I maintained it was not I. But I came home with the 4th Down marker, which when we stormed the field, I stuck inside my # 17 jersey and walked-out with it between my legs straddling it very nicely thank you.

Las Vegas gives you a + 3 points home field advantage.

In Athens that is supposed to mean at least that. Over time, there is no question that we play better at home than not – and certainly giving-in to ANY advantage against Alabama, Georgie tek yellowjackets, Auburn, North Carolina and the Gators is a decision which long-since has been clear to MANY of us.

Why fix Auburn, North Carolina, Georgie tek yellowjackets, Alabama and leave the Gators as it is ? Because THEY want it there ?   The Florida Gators. Yeah them and our own fans who don’t give a rat’s ass about OUR Team as long as they get to party November in that awful place – like it is good for our players and coaches because the fans have fun in a different place.

Count me and many others like us, out.

I do not want them getting our revenue any longer.

Let them spend half the time coming-up here and giving us their revenue for say the next 50 years ? Or, at least home-and-home. Forget Atlanta. Athens.

If THEY want to play their game against US there at the site of the annual Gator Bowl, that is fine.

But our year is at SANFORD Stadium.

Or at Arthur Blank’s new palace. Look at what Arthur Blank is doing for sports here in Atlanta ?  Compare that to all the entire city of Jacksonville and what THEY do there by stark comparison ?

This is what I saw this day in sports.

Florida is a Favorite because the game is THERE.




Mark Richt lost 11 of his 16 games at this site so he wasn’t going to win there. He told you that. He told you for 15 years that HE was a disadvantage there.

It’s the BIGGEST GAME of the YEAR for US and for the city of Jacksonville.

How stupid can we be ?


Thanks Arthur Blank for what you are doing for this city’s sporting events.  Sorry Florida Georgia is NOT one of them.  And on the same day we watched our men lose for the 14th time in a row down there in Florida playing our # 1 Rival there in men’s basketball today.


I sure wish we’d wake-up and do something about this injustice.


This is the impression this day’s 2 major events left on me.


What did you see today ?  That JAX should host us as their # 1 event for the entire city all year long ?