Kirby : “The way the offensive game plan is built will be very similar to what we have been doing in previous years as an offensive identity.”

Yes that is what worries me with all this talent that a defensive coach would think that he knows what our offensive identity is and wants to maintain that arguably crappy assed offense relying on his defense with Jim Chaney’s # 97 Passing Offense 2016 with Jacob Eason and then last year with Jake Fromm the # 106 Passing Offense.


Kirby’s biggest problem offensively other than he only has coached offense one year and that here as running backs’ coach in 2005 at UGA is that he has FAILED to play his hosses on the OL.  He has recruited a ton of them and then held them back in favor of smaller OL that were left here by Mark Richt in his FAILED offensive model.  The receivers who could catch the ball Kirby has NOT LET PLAY EITHER much like the OL sitting there watching us FAIL on offense.


And if you think we have NOT failed on offense 2016 and 2017 then why would James Coley be promoted to offensive coordinator 2018 ?  Because what our identity is has been WORKING ?


Oh no it has NOT.


When James Coley was promoted to Offensive Coordinator I was hoping that Kirby would turn the reigns over on Offense to James Coley and to # 1 recruit nationally according to ESPN dynamic dual-threat


James Coley



“Jim Chaney’s focus remains mainly on the overall offense and all aspects of it. So Jim Chaney will still have the last word on what the offense looks like what the strategy is and yes what plays are called.” Bullshit he will. How do you sleep at night Chip Towers with this CONTINUED unabashed utter crap ?

I am predicting James Coley does NOT have anything like the 31% plays this season passing plays like Jim Chaney did last season.


You are a God Damn LIAR Chip Towers AJ-C DawgNation.  You ALWAYS have been.


“Since Jim Chaney has been at Georgia the tendency has been to think of him as a run-heavy coordinator. And he is to a certain degree.” God Damn it Chipper Towers Jim Chaney passed the football only 31 percent of all the plays not only in the national championship game against that great Alabama defense tipping his hand but also all season. 31 % do you even know what that means to a balanced attack to keep the opponent off-balance Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation ? Do you dumbass ? Yet Jim Chaney had Jake Fromm national leader in passing percentage completion. It was a fool-hearty bullshit game plan which FAILED.


“Head Coach Kirby Smart made it clear at his introductory news conference for the UGA Georgia Bulldogs replacing FIRED Mark Richt that Kirby intended Georgia to be a run-first team on offense under Kirby’s leadership. Beyond that Smart doesn’t meddle much on that side of the football.” What utter nonsense Chipper Towers Jesus frigin’ Christ. Only 300 of our total of 1000 plays all season did Jake Fromm throw a pass. Three hundred passes of one thousand offensive plays for the # 2 team in the nation which THIS BLOG guaranteed pre-season would be The SEC Champions with all this talent. And we tied our hands behind our backs and passed the ball 31 percent of all our plays last season.


That is NOT a balanced attack Chipper Towers you God Damn FOOL.


That is ANYTHING BUT a balanced attack.


So Jim Chaney was DEMOTED. Stripped of being Kirby’s only guy in charge of Kirby’s offense. We all know who is in charge of Kirby’s defense.


Kirby PROMOTED James Coley to Offensive Coordinator. Maybe you missed that Chipper Towers you dumb shit.


“Jim Chaney’s focus remains mainly on the overall offense and all aspects of it. So Jim Chaney will still have the last word on what the offense looks like what the strategy is and yes what plays are called.” Bullshit he will. How do you sleep at night Chip Towers with this CONTINUED unabashed utter crap ?


I guarantee you that James Coley will NOT throw the ball only 31 percent of the plays this year God Damn MORON Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation.


You have written some dumb shit pieces Chipper Towers. THIS takes the cake.


And THAT is saying something.




James Coley is training the quarterbacks himself. I did NOT want you to MISS THAT in this bullshit statement that somehow Jim Chaney was NOT DEMOTED. Sure he was. Our offense SUCKED 2016 and sucked 2017.

James Coley is going to make Mike Bobo look like shit.




ALABAMA CONNECTION – How Kirby has AFFECTED Alabama and Nick Saban : What exactly has happened in lowering Alabama while elevating Georgia ? What is Alabama Connection at Georgia guys Kirby has brought here who were there and would have been there today had Kirby not taken this gig ? And whom has Kirby brought with him that have HURT Alabama ? Why does no one talk about this when it is so OBVIOUS ? Nick Saban’s guys on The Georgia Bulldogs Now. The Nick Saban Connection at UGA. The University of Georgia 2016-2017 season. Frankly Kirby appears to be making a huge impact on both Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide since coming here January 12. The kids are BUYING in. They have BOUGHT-IN. 12 on 2017 commitment list. 9 on 2016 roster not counting walk-on QB. 10 on coaching staff. Kirby leaving Alabama and coming to Georgia has hurt Alabama and helped Georgia.

10 on coaching staff :


Kirby Smart Head Coach UGA : was Nick Saban’s LSU Defensive Backs’ Coach when Nick recognized Kirby’s greatness then Nick took Kirby with him to Miami Dolphins NFL to coach Nick’s Safeties then Nick took Kirby with him to Alabama as Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Backs’ Coach then Kirby in 2008 eight years ago made Kirby Defensive Coordinator where in these last 8 years of nothingness here Kirby called every defensive play as he did at UGA as a player All-SEC 1st Team all Kirby did was win the NC half the time while our coach was unranked in the AP Poll half the time these same last 8 years.  Now Kirby has GUTTED Nick Saban’s Alabama and it is SHOWING listening to Nick Saban as I have been.  His Dad was head football coach high school.


Mel Tucker Defensive Coordinator UGA : was Nick Saban’s graduate assistant at Michigan State when Nick Saban recognized Mel’s greatness and Kirby brought Mel with him from Alabama where Nick had Mel as Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Secondary Coach.


Glenn Schumann Inside Linebackers Coach UGA : was Nick Saban’s Director of Player Development at Alabama and Kirby’s right-hand man as Glenn Schumann was there at Alabama under Nick for 8 years and Glenn Schumann played Safety Defensive Back for Alabama.  He has his degree from Alabama.  Also has a Master’s Degree in Sports Management. His Dad was DC college football for several decades and his granddad was a football coach at FSU.


James Coley Wide Receivers’ Coach UGA : Nick Saban recognized James Coley and hired him as his graduate assistant at LSU where James Coley won the NC with Nick Saban at LSU 2003 then Nick took James Coley with him to NFL Miami Dolphins where James Coley was Offensive Assistant Coach NFL Miami Dolphins for Nick Saban when Kirby was Nick’s Safeties’ Coach.  James Coley is the former Offensive Coordinator at both FSU and at Miami of Florida.


Dell McGee Running Backs’ Coach UGA : Nick Saban has been recruiting Carver-Columbus players in a big way.  Dell McGee is generally considered one of the very best high school football head coaches in the world for some time now.  When Dell McGee told Mark Richt that Mark Richt could no longer recruit Carver-Columbus stars and he has a ton of them at Carver-Columbus Nick Saban moved-in recruiting his stars.  It was the opening Nick was looking for.  Dell McGee is an Auburn grad where he was a Starter for several years.  Last season Dell McGee was Head Coach at Georgia Southern University leading GSU to their 1st Bowl Win EVER and before that Dell McGee was on the Auburn Coaching Staff when Auburn beat Nick Saban for Auburn to play in the NC game not Nick Saban.  Dell McGee made THE interception against Alabama in 1993 which beat Alabama when he played at Auburn who was undefeated in 1993. Undefeated as Division 1 College Football Coach.  Georgia Southern SHOULD have made Dell McGee their head coach OBVIOUSLY. They whiffed on that and since Kirby who was Mr Everything in Recruiting for Nick Saban knew Dell McGee extremely well from recruiting all his stars at Carver-Columbus where Dell McGee won the State Championship in Football for the state of Georgia.  Drafted 5th Round NFL Dell McGee coached Offense at Auburn.  89-19 Record Head Coach High School and College Head Coach Record is a LOT better record than Mark Richt’s at .8241 winning percentage which has GONE UP not down like Mark Richt’s over the last 8 years. Pay Dye recruited Dell McGee to Auburn.  Jarvis Jones played for Dell McGee at Carver-Columbus.  He not only won his bowl game he beat the ever-living shit out of them 58-27 scoring 35 unanswered points.  Dell McGee is very handsome man who is all business. Imagine Dell McGee told Mark Richt to not recruit his Carver-Columbus stars. Georgia Southern in their game prior to Dell McGee being head coach lost to Georgia State University in Statesboro 7-35.  This is the same Georgia Southern who Mark Richt said was so great the game before that.  Yeah uh huh with Dell McGee head coach they certainly were.  But not the coach who lost to Mark Richt 17-23 in overtime which sealed the fate of Mark Richt here.  Alabama’s Nick Saban has recruited players from Carver-Columbus such as Mekhi Brown.  Nick Saban thought he was getting Jawon Pass.  Nick Saban also got DeQuan Menzie from Carver-Columbus Consensus All-America who beat LSU in the 2012 NC game and then was 5th Round NFL Draft Pick.  Dell McGee brought along with him Olten Downs.  Nick Saban and Dell McGee are best of friends on 1st name basis.


Travares Tillman Graduate Assistant – Defense UGA : played for Nick Saban and Kirby as Safety at NFL Miami Dolphins


Kevin Sherrer is Kirby’s Outside Linebackers’ Coach at UGA : Nick Saban recognized Kevin Sherrer and hired him at Alabama where he worked for Nick Saban for 3 years.  Nick Saban and Kirby.  Kevin Sherrer won the NC 2011 and 2012 with Nick and Kirby and had Aaron Murray all covered-up when Mark Richt insisted 3 times in front of me to not spike it.  Every receiver was covered-up and the defensive line was all over Aaron Murray as it was OBVIOUS Academic All-America Aaron Murray was correct and Mark Richt incorrect to spike it to have 3 such shots.  Kevin Sherrer was Defensive Coordinator at Hoover Alabama and won the state championship 6-A twice.  Kevin Sherrer played Tight End at Alabama as a player.  Also Kevin Sherrer is a graduate of Alabama and has his Master’s Degree from Alabama.  Kevin Sherrer was Kirby’s second hire after Glenn Schumann as Outside Linebackers’ Coach.  Kevin Sherrer has been a Defensive Coach his entire career as Kirby except for Mark Richt hiring Kirby as Running Backs’ Coach 2005 the dumbass.  Imagine that and now Mark Richt is fired and Kirby made head coach because Mark Richt lost it after 2007 when Kirby PROVED HIMSELF as a great coach and one who makes GREAT HIRES and out-recruits Mark Richt and is an Academic All-America while Mark Richt is a dumbass who warmed the bench not 1st Team All-SEC like Kirby.


Ed Ellis Senior Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning UGA former Alabama grad.


Aaron Feld Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach UGA who in 2014 was on the strength and conditioning staff at Alabama for Nick Saban.


Blaine Miller Quality Control Assistant UGA  : was Nick Saban’s Player Personnel Assistant at Alabama. During his time in Tuscaloosa assisted with on-campus recruiting efforts last year.


Hannah Brinks Football Graphic Design Coordinator UGA : Hannah Brinks is a consummate professional who is doing all this great art work for Kirby and our tickets and our WebPages you are seeing now here.  When LSU began having their budget cuts because they are broke Kirby jumped in and instantly hired Hannah Brinks on his football staff here to do our graphics.  UGA does not credit the artists with their name on the works and although I recognize Hannah Brinks’ style we have no WebPages yet crediting her for her outstanding works here for Kirby and UGA.  Another great Kirby hire with Alabama Connections.  Hannah Brinks is an HONORED Alabama graduate and one of Alabama’s all-time greatest student-athletes.  Hannah Brinks holds many Alabama School Records in Swimming and in her combination of Academics’ Dean Lists Honor Rolls and Athletics prowess.  Everyone at the University of Alabama knows EXACTLY who Hannah Brinks is.  Kirby certainly DID and jumped at the chance to get her on Kirby’s football staff.  Look at our graphics and what she has done since she took over.  Just look.  I do daily.  I love her work and would recognize it in an instant.  Hannah Brinks is one of The SEC’s Most Celebrated Student-Athletes of All-Time. Competed in the U.S. Olympic Trials 2008.  Alabama graduate and competed for Alabama and The SEC Scholar All-America.


Nick and Kirby are inseparable.  They are joined at the hip. Who will Alabama turn to and offer $ 7 million dollars to coach Alabama when Nick Saban gives it up with all these devastating losses to Georgia of all these Nick Saban Connections ?  You tried for 8 mediocre years of UGA football here to tell me Mark Richt would be FSU’s hire. I said no.  I tell you NOW that Kirby is # 1 on Alabama’s list today to replace Nick Saban AND that Nick Saban is CLEARLY hurting over all this right here right now today in this blog post of his LOSSES to Kirby.  If you think that Kirby did not call every down on defense these same last 8 years as he did here as a player at the line of scrimmage 1st Team All-SEC here at UGA then you are showing that you don’t know what you are talking about AGAIN.  And I am showing that I do know what I am talking about and ALWAYS have by stark direct contrast.


Since winning his 4th national championship for Nick Saban as his Defensive Coordinator these last 8 years of rotten football here at UGA half the time NC there while half the time Mark Richt did not make the AP Poll Top 25 even, Kirby finally got here January 12.  Since January 12 Kirby has SIGNED these players HERE at UGA who previously were NOT Mark Richt commitments whom Alabama thought they had and who were going to play for Nick Saban and now are NOT :


9 on 2016 roster not counting walk-on QB :


Brian Herrien superstar Running Back Nick Saban was hot and heavy after future NFL

David Marshall superstar Defensive Tackle Nick Saban was sure he had future NFL

Michail Carter superstar Defensive Tackle Nick Saban was sure he had future NFL

Tyler Simmons Wide Receiver who Nick Saban was also recruiting heavily

Mecole Hardman Jr. superstar defensive back wide receiver special teams Nick Saban sure he had NFL

Solomon Kindley 6′ 5″ 345 lbs. OL Alabama and Nick Saban wanted at Alabama

Isaac Nauta # 1 Tight End United States of America Nick Saban and Alabama dearly wanted NFL

Riley Ridley Nick Saban and Alabama wanted his brother Heisman Trophy candidate WR now


This whom Kirby has ALREADY SIGNED and has playing for Kirby now instead.




Mo Smith 1st String Defensive Back 2016-2017 senior season at Alabama Transfer


IN ADDITION KIRBY Commitments 2017 :


12 on 2017 commitment list :


Toneil Carter one of top RB nation 2017 Nick Saban wanted dearly NFL

Andrew Thomas OT Nick Saban wanted badly  future hopeful NFL

Robert Beal Defensive End Nick Saban wanted badly NFL

Latavious Brini Defensive Back Nick Saban wanted

Trey Blount Wide Receiver Nick Saban wanted badly NFL

Netori Johnson 6′ 4″ 325 lbs. OT Nick Saban wanted badly NFL

William Poole III Cornerback Nick Saban dearly wanted NFL

Jake Fromm Pro-Style Quarterback Nick Saban was absolutely certain he had NFL

Justin Shaffer  6′ 5″ 330 lbs. Offensive Guard Nick Saban badly wanted NFL

Jaden Hunter Linebacker Nick Saban wanted

Richard LeCounte Safety Nick Saban dearly hoped to get too NFL


If ANYONE thinks that Kirby has not IMPROVED Georgia Bulldogs and HURT Alabama and Nick Saban dearly they would be absolute fools and could not possibly believe it themselves when they tried to say it.  Sure Alabama still has a great recruiting class 2016 without these Kirby STOLE from Alabama at the last moment here for Georgia Bulldogs but they don’t have THESE GUYS and We DO !


Frankly Kirby appears to be making a huge impact on both Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide since coming here January 12.


Kirby leaving Alabama and coming to Georgia has hurt Alabama and helped Georgia.



Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor OVERPAID his staff averaging 4 losses season for 8 years !

Head Coach Kirby Paul Smart – $ 5,380,200 plus expenses plus retirement



Jim Chaney — $850,000 – Offensive Coordinator


Mel Tucker — $850,000 – Defensive Coordinator


Sam Pittman — $650,000 – Offensive Line Coach


Tracy Rocker — $525,000 – Defensive Line Coach


James Coley — $450,000 – Wide Receivers’ Coach


Kevin Sherrer — $375,000 – Defense Coach


Shane Beamer — $300,000 – Special Teams TE


Dell McGee     — $275,000 – Running Backs’ Coach


Glenn Schumann – $225,000 – Defense Coach



Scott Sinclair – $220,000 – Director of Strength & Conditioning


Marshall Malchow – $180,000 – Recruiting Coordinator



Ed Ellis – $160,000 – Senior Associate Director Strength & Conditioning


Mike Cavan – Special Assistant to Coach Kirby Smart


You can see the entire support staff here :

and here :



(,g_north_west,h_941,w_1788,x_0,y_221/c_fill,h_1078,w_2048/f_auto,q_80/v1452526883/Mike-Cavan-SMU_imanft.jpg )


I bet that these men do NOT average 4 losses per season the next 8 years.  Any takers ?


They have the nation’s best # 1 overall average for their recruit commitments.


I told you we would recruit BETTER with those LOSERS gone !


  1st Team All-SEC Coach Kirby Smart then Academic All-America