Texas A&M will have 4 losses when she comes to Athens 2019 but the game will show not how Texas A&M will do 2019 but how Georgia’s quest to overcome 5 consecutive losses to Alabama fairs this season.

The narrative is how Kirby has the talent but can’t get over the hump against Alabama.


But with Texas A&M coming into town to take on Kirby 2019 the story will be that they bring with them 4 losses 2019 before kick-off.


The question will be with the LSU game next up for Texas A&M after coming to Athens will Texas A&M be any better than not a winning record 2019.


Fisher can’t run the ball and his defense is not going to be any good either.  Jimbo Fisher has NOT FAIRED well against top teams.


Jimbo Fisher’s last 3 seasons at FSU and now 9-4 Texas A&M last season have witnessed Jimbo Fisher not do well.


34-16 Jimbo Fisher his last 4 seasons now.


Jimbo Fisher averages 4 losses a season his last entire 4 years of his career now and that got Mark Richt fired.




Jimbo Fisher will not fair any better fate.


If Jimbo Fisher comes into Athens carrying 4 losses already and I say he does the natives will be restless in College Station.


The same 4 teams who beat Jimbo Fisher last year will beat him again this season with no running game and a poor defense.


And now he faces Georgia with LSU after our game.


6-6 ?


You heard it here first.


40-22 Jimbo Fisher his last 5 seasons after this debacle.


I am sorry but I am NOT a Jimbo Fisher fan.  No one is really.