So what we have here is a football program with TONS of talent where EVERYONE wants to come HERE to play – and why wouldn’t they since they are all from here anyway ? We have a coach with NO EXPERIENCE on OFFENSE at ALL EVER ANYWHERE who MEDDLES with Jim Chaney 28 percent of all plays PASSES. 28% PASS. THIS is NOT CLOSE to a BALANCED OFFENSE. And we don’t even know whom it is who should be PLAYING. One poster said F – on here yesterday for OFFENSIVE COACHING. Yes indeed ! And why it is F – is (1) 3 runs to every 1 pass and they are ALL against stacked boxes run run run pass plays every time and (2) whole host of players held back ESPECIALLY on OFFENSE because our head coach has ONLY EVER coached defense.

The very WORST portion of this 28 percent of our plays are only PASSES all season is what our “head coach” Kirby said about it yesterday which was : ” What am I supposed to do with Sony Michel and Nick Chubb when we are NOT running the ball ? ”   Of course, any nincompoop on offense or football in general knows the answer to THAT QUESTION KIRBY is to throw them the football.


This is how badly we are coached on offense.

I offer-up FURTHER that EVERY DAY all last season all of 2016 from DAY 1 THIS BLOG stated Ben Cleveland should have been STARTING last year on that lousy stinking itty-bitty OL Mark Richt left behind last year 2016.


Last year all season THIS BLOG stated as FACT that Mecole Hardman Jr. should be getting TOUCHES in EVERY GAME as the # 1 athlete in the nation.  Kirby said : “If he is Elite then after 3 or 4 practices watching him I will KNOW IT.”  No you WOULD NOT Kirby. THAT is the WHOLE ENTIRE POINT Kirby.


This year Ben Cleveland and Mecole Hardman Jr. BOTH proved that I was right EVERY DAMN DAY last year on THIS BLOG about them BOTH.


Now this season I have spent EVERY DAY the entire season telling Kirby how WRONG he is about my guarantee of SEC Championship 2017 if only 4 MORE guys who I said HAD TO START THIS ENTIRE SEASON on the OL :  Ben Cleveland and Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation REDSHIRTED and D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation REDSHIRTED and Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation REDSHIRTED ? Where are they Kirby ?  Without them I stated this season will be SHOT.  That after this season Kirby loses 20 plus another 2 leaving early all 22 whom Kirby STARTED here for Kirby.


Now here we are Al Knight telling Kirby that he earns an F – offensive coaching.


Without a doubt Al Knight sir.


And EVERY DAY all season I have stated that D’Andre Swift would be a HEISMAN TROPHY CANDIDATE on ANY other team but instead Kirby has given him only 62 carries in 11 games 5 carries a game when HE is our LEADING RUSHER nearly 8 yards per carry.  And this blog has complained that our receivers last year and this year drop the football and that when Kirby DOES RECRUIT a guy who flashes good hands that Kirby DOES NOT RECOGNIZE it such as Ahkil Crumpton whom I would have made a STARTER.


Ahkil Crumpton no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Richard LeCounte III  no snaps vs Auburn LOST


DeAngelo Gibbs no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Jacob Eason  no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Jeremiah Holloman no snaps vs Auburn LOST


William Poole no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Lorenzo Carter  did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Ben Cleveland did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Sony Michel did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Isaac Nauta did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Natrez Patrick did NOT start vs Auburn LOST he too was AVAILABLE to start


Trenton Thompson did NOT start vs Auburn LOST seems Kirby had loads in his dog house eh ?


Kirby you are a fine defensive coach but until you can QUIT MEDDLING with the offense you will NEVER be any good as a head coach – not passing the ball only 28 percent of our plays all season long now and counting.   THIS IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE against Alabama or the top 4 teams.  THIS is who Kirby WANTS us to be.


One would think even a DEFENSIVE COACH KIRBY would know that you can NOT just pass the ball 28 percent of the time.  If on defense you can key in on the 1 tailback back there 3 out of 4 times and always the 1st down and always the 2nd down both just only runs ALL SEASON LONG EVERY GAME, you increase the odds to stop both the run and the pass.


I think Kirby would have NO PROBLEM going up against his own offense – NONE.  He would stuff the box and run blitz 1st down 2nd down and pin their ears back on 3rd down.  Even as a secondary player you know you have to support the run stop the first 2 downs EVERY TIME.


F – Offensive Coaching.  It’s Kirby who runs this offense.  Jim Chaney was NOT ALLOWED to tell you Friday last week that this offense can not continue to JUST RUN THE BALL to the CBS telecast crew according to Seth Emerson.  What does that mean ?  That Jim Chaney DISAGREES with Kirby’s offensive mandates to ONLY RUN THE BALL and therefore pass the ball 28 percent of the time (3rd down in other words.)





F – indeed offensive coaching






Al Knight : “ UGA offensive coaching …… F- “


Yes sir Al Knight sir.


Absolutely sir.



Indubitably Al Knight sir.





We’re 7-0 without having played the top teams yet but we will have to and you need to realize the continuing mistakes of Kirby in how he holds certain players back and refuses year after year now to do anything but be obstinate about his preferences for players. It just make no sense. Last year it was Freshman Mecole Hardman Jr. Kirby held back along with 3 freshmen Offensive Linemen and Freshman QB Jacob Eason Kirby held back and would not let get out there and work with the # 1 unit despite the obvious that HE JUST HAD TO. It costs us 5 LOSSES. This year is more of the same and AGAIN now sophomore Jacob Eason again is MISTREATED by Kirby to the detriment of the team. 25-point lead and not one snap Kirby ? 2-point conversion up 25 points with 10:27 left and I am the only one criticizing Kirby for that too ? 3 MORE Freshmen Offensive Linemen REDSHIRTED this season after 3 were redshirted 2016 who could’ve helped Kirby 2016. D’Andre Swift would be FRESHMEN Heisman Trophy Candidate with ANY OTHER COACH BESIDES KIRBY. I swear Kirby does NOT SEE talent on Offense and Special Teams when it bites him in the FACE. I do like it that we are WORKING NOT TAKING THE WEEK OFF. I like that. I would like to sell-out for 2017 season not some future year when Kirby loses 20 who started for him here after this season.

I see all these glowing grades for Kirby coaching last night and I swear he purposely is trying to tell Jacob Eason to piss off.


He tried to tell Mecole Hardman Jr. that last year.


I can name the mistreated offensive and special teams’ players until the cows come home.


Yet Kirby brags how he rolls all these freshmen in and out on defense and we see how deep we are THERE.


For a smart guy Kirby really was DUMB to NOT PLAY JACOB EASON LAST NIGHT AT ALL.


There is no excuse for not playing Jacob Eason except to make the point that well Kirby is the coach and we are none of us not.



Play your freshmen offensive linemen you are REDSHIRTING Kirby God damn it.


And play Jacob Eason.  You dumb shit.  You told us all that Jacob Eason was better than Jake Fromm.  We told you what we saw was that Jake Fromm has more of a sense of urgency and is more accurate along with more willing to use his bulky body to run the ball as an unaccounted for player on offense.


You told us Kirby that we were ALL WRONG that Jacob Eason is your QB.


Now in a 25-point blow-out – that is MORE than 3 TD and a field goal lead Kirby – you go for 2 points at 10:27 in the game and do not let Jacob Eason get a single snap.  Every other player got to play.


Not Jacob Eason.






I did not say I would make you happy and tell you what you wanted to hear. I told you I would research it and tell you that which is salient. Kirby AGAIN 2017 is # 93 in completion percentage which is a combo of WRONG OL and WRONG receivers thrown to. Do you see all the pressure ? Do you see all the drops ? Do you see the run game is LESS than stellar ? Do you think BOTH 5-star quarterbacks NEITHER can throw the ball – is that really what you see in # 93 in the nation completion percentage of thrown passes 2017 ? # 101 penalties. # 78 on 3rd Down Conversions THIS OFFENSE is NOT GETTING IT DONE Kirby. Again. # 83 First Downs on Offense. Passing Offense # 117. Scoring Offense # 67. Rushing Offense # 29. Total Offense # 85. BAD PLAY CALLS KIRBY. Ineffective Offense. Bad OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR Kirby Wake the HELL up Kirby. SOME FOOL this morning said our Special Teams are GREAT. No they are NOT dumbass. NCAA Rankings to evaluate our team

How are we going to win The SEC Championship in Football 2017 which I have GUARANTEED with this OFFENSE and these SPECIAL TEAMS Kirby ?


# 70 PUNT RETURNS not using our best athletes to return punts enough

# 31 KICK-OFF RETURNS largely unremarkable as again not best athletes returning them and too many different combos sent out there to be effective with then resultant too many HUGE BIG PENALTIES as a direct result thereof.  Know who your best runners are have them return kick-offs like they do in the NFL Kirby.  Oh you NEVER played in the NFL Kirby ?  I see.  Never coached Special Teams Kirby ?  Oh I see.  All these HOSSES handed to you Kirby for 2017 and you are # 31 Kick-Off Returns before we start SEC play.  Bad Kirby really bad given the talent we handed you back there for Kick-Off Returns Kirby.


# 64 KICK-OFF RETURN DEFENSE – just awful Kirby  only 4 teams in all of America have more talent than we handed you Kirby for 2017 and you lose 20 whom you had START here for you Kirby after this 2017 season and you can NOT stack your Special Teams better than # 64 in the nation at Kick-Off Return Defense Kirby ?  Awful sir.


# 83 on 1st Downs on Offense just simply deplorable OFFENSE Kirby

# 101 Fewest Penalties Kirby – all you know is Defense Kirby – learn the rest or leave

# 93 Pass Completion Percentage – 4 teams with more talent than you 2017 Kirby this who you throw to

# 49 on 4th Down Conversion Percentage – you have the WRONG OL Kirby wake-up

# 78 on 3rd Down Conversions on Offense – AWFUL bad play calls WRONG PERSONNEL for play called

# 85 Total Offense for Kirby 2017 after last year’s dreadful offense 2016 for Kirby too

# 67 Scoring Offense

# 117 Passing Offense


BAD PLAY CALLS KIRBY. Ineffective Offense. Bad OFFENSE Kirby which will NOT cut it in The SEC.


SEC Defenses will EAT up this offense as it is so far 2016 and 2017 Kirby – wake up.


NCAA Rankings to evaluate our team compare and to judge our team.





Let me get this straight Kirby ? “Are we getting what we need out of our OL? No. We’re NOT where we need to be. Tell me if you grade on EFFORT TOUGHNESS and ASSIGNMENT and our OL can not move guys who are BIGGER – do you GRADE THAT Offensive Linemen for us a MINUS or a PLUS?” Kirby at presser today. Jesus Christ Kirby are you a dumbass or what? PLAY Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation. REDSHIRTED. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation. RE DSHIRTED. Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation. REDSHIRTED.

Are you impaired in some fashion that is not readily obvious looking at you Kirby ?


3:43 mark




What the HELL do you think we just might be TRYING TO TELL YOU KIRBY ?


On Defense you would have no problem grading them a MINUS.  There is NO DIFFERENCE on OFFENSE or on SPECIAL TEAMS Kirby.


You grade them a minus.





Mecole Hardman Junior looks like a man to me. You know what else ? Mecole looks like a very smart and fine young man to me. Mecole is a handsome guy.

One touch all of 2016 and Kirby wonders why Kirby did not live up to Kirby’s own personal expectations of Kirby 2016 ?


For a smart guy Kirby sure is dumb.


It is really being stubborn.  That’s what it is.  He is biased against Freshmen in 2017 like he was in 2016.  Kirby also is a poor evaluator of talent on offense or special teams.


Kirby gave Isaac Nauta 5 starts out of 13 games.




Kirby did not play Brian Herrien when BOTH Sony Michel and Nick Chubb were BOTH INJURED.


Kirby did not play Ben Cleveland Chris Barnes or Solomon Kindley on the OL yet was desperate to do that too.


Kirby barely let Charlie Woerner have a chance at all.


Kirby did not play Elijah Holyfield either.


Kirby did not let Jacob Eason take a single snap with the # 1 offense all Spring or really all Fall either then threw him into the fire anyway.


All of these guys are on OFFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS.



When you get right down to it, yes Kirby has the # 5 best talent in the nation as yet another person reported today – but he does NOT LIKE TO PLAY HIS FRESHMEN – but to criticize their asses instead.


He loves the shit out of that.





Kirby tells PRESS that he has two (2) freshmen who can help sort of some maybe 2017. Jesus Christ Kirby ? You have 15 of the top 100 players in the United States of America you just signed after redshirting 3 more freshmen who all 3 were too. And you have only 2 freshmen who can help 2017 Kirby ? WTF Kirby ? This being nasty to everyone routine Kirby is NOT WORKING. You NEED these guys to not lose 5 games again 2017 Kirby. Play our GOD DAMN FRESHMEN Kirby you dumbass. And quit with this shit Kirby that all our freshmen last year and this year all suck. NO THEY DON’T Kirby. You do.

“Running Back D’Andre Swift and Wide Receiver Mark Webb – those guys are kind of starting to hit that day eight wall.  Some of them haven’t had to compete at this level for this long.  We’re going to keep pushing them though because we think those guys can help us this year.”  Kirby to the press today




Pat Allen is at RIGHT TACKLE for Kirby. Dyshon Sims is at LEFT TACKLE for Kirby. Kirby you are a God Damn dumbass on OFFENSE and on SPECIAL TEAMS and this shit is costing us wins. Who the living hell would call Pat Allen his right tackle and Dyshon Sims his left tackle with what Kirby has on his OL. Jesus Christ Kirby give up the reigns over offense and special teams – you don’t know what you’re doing Kirby – give it up son.


This is indefensible Kirby and it does not matter how little you let us watch this bullshit continue.  We all can see it ourselves in a few seconds.


What the hell is your problem Kirby ?  Is this where you’re going to announce to the press how well they are doing again ?  Well is it bullshit artist ?



Kirby wanted to and for all intents and purposes did redshirt all 4 so if Ben Cleveland Mecole Hardman Junior Chauncey Manac Soloman Kindley do well 2017 and have break-out seasons what does that say about Kirby as a coach that he MISSED that 2016 and did not play ANY of these guys 2016 ? Well what does it say about Kirby ?

I will tell you what it says about Kirby. It says that which we all know about Kirby by now anyway and that is that Kirby is shit for a judge of good offensive and special team players.




That is what that tells us.



I have a problem and take SERIOUS exception to Kirby’s depth chart and how far down ultra talented FRESHMEN are on his silly-assed depth chart. It’s crazy shit naming walk-ons better than overall nationally top 100 players. If you want to know how I really feel about it : It’s bullshit. You have to be able to watch 2 players and know whom it is you see who is the better football player. No Kirby does not indeed even have any clue watching two players on offense or special teams and have any concept which one is the better football player.

When even Chipper Towers can see that Kirby is doing a shit-ass job as head coach then trust me Kirby is not a good coach.  Sure Kirby recruited # 6 class 2016 and # 3 class 2017 which was # 2 and while 2019 is up there too there is still 2018 which is not good with only one player in the top 310 in the nation committed for next year.


When even Chipper Towers can see how BAD decisions by Kirby have cost the team and made us look bad as a program trust me we have an issue at head coach.


AJ-C DawgNation Seth Emerson has said it so many times now that he is emblazed to repeat it daily nowadays that Kirby is a bad football coach but a good recruiter.


But our problems are not recruiting and frankly NEVER HAVE BEEN here at my alma mater they instead are that at the heart of the matter we play the wrong guys at the wrong position and for the wrong reasons.


Notably Kirby has the Offensive Line all wrong 2017 whom Kirby thinks is a better football player than the ones listed after them.


By no means is this limited to just only Kirby’s God Damn Bullshit Depth Chart 2017 on the OL.


Running backs.



Special teams.



Someone will point-out just whom it is Kirby said is the better football player when Kirby is fired for this freaking bullshit 2017 depth chart of his.


If you are one of the most talented players 2017 will play here only 3 years will be drafted by the NFL and find yourself behind the 8-ball 2017 on even getting on the God Damn Field raise your hand.


We know that Kirby can not really believe that these guys are lesser players than the ones Kirby is playing and does have ranked ahead of them.


Hey Kirby ?


Do you know why it is said that you RECRUIT WELL


but that you do not DEVELOP TALENT


Kirby ?


It is because you would not have a freaking clue who is the better player one than another.


No idea.


  • Slot: Terry Godwin, Mecole Hardman, Willie Erdman (walk-on, redshirt freshman), Ahkil Crumpton, Mark Webb.
  • WR: Michael Chigbu, Riley Ridley, Tyler Simmons, Trey Blount.
  • WR: Javon Wims, Jayson Stanley, J.J. Holloman, Landers.


Just like on the OL you have to be kidding me Kirby that you think Willie Erdman is better than Ahkil Crumpton.


Just like on the OL you have to be kidding me Kirby that you think Jayson Stanley is better than JJ Holloman.


Kirby expects camp to begin like spring practice ended — with Isaiah Wynn at left tackle, Pat Allen at left guard, Lamont Gaillard at center, Solomon Kindley at right guard and Dyshon Sims at right tackle.


Here are MY 2017 UGA Georgia Bulldog OFFENSIVE LINEMEN :


  1. Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation DOES NOT FIGURE in Kirby’s plans for 2017 says Kirby.
  2. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017.
  3. D’Marcus Hayes  # 5 consensus OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017.
  4. Justin Shaffer does not figure into Kirby’s plans 2017 on the OL either.
  5. Andrew Thomas consensus # 11 OT does NOT figure into Kirby’s plans on the OL 2017 either.
  6. # 7 consensus OG in the nation Ben Cleveland does NOT figure into Kirby’s plans on the 2017 OL either.  Kirby says he is COMFORTABLE with THESE DECISIONS.


Tyrique McGhee is a better football player than DeAngelo Gibbs and Mecole Hardman Jr. so much so that Tyrique McGhee is handed the position and other stars who should be ahead of Tyrique McGhee are shuffled out and given no shot.  It’s crazy shit to say the least.


It’s not our recruiting that is the problem.  It’s playing the recruits that is our problem.  This is bad coaching.  You put your best 11 out there.  You have to know who the better player is.  You have to be able to watch 2 players and discern whom it is who is the better player.  Did you get any of that ?


Kirby sure as shit does not.


Kirby said Greyson Lambert was our future at QB so all Spring and Fall last year Kirby ONLY practiced Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit.  Then even hard-headed Kirby had to admit that Greyson Lambert has a better future in baseball than being better at QB than Jacob Eason.  Kirby admitted he made a mistake with Greyson Lambert and threw Jacob Eason to the wolves anyway unprepared.


Kirby said after a couple of practices he could tell if Mecole Hardman Jr. was elite or not as a football player.  Then Kirby TRIED to redshirt Mecole last season.  Throw-away year.  Honeymoon.  Mulligan.  Some say Kirby is more than a year away 2017 too.  Another throw-away season when I call for SEC Championship 2017 with the top 5 nationally talent 2017 for Kirby here.  Now Kirby admits he made a mistake giving Mecole only 1 touch all season and is finally letting him play on offense which was obvious last year in that failed offense of Kirby’s.


Kirby saw his 2 running backs were both injured and that Brian Herrien was # 1 on the team in rushing yards per carry behind that bullshit OL 2016 Kirby sent out there but Kirby played his injured RB instead when I called for Brian Herrien to be Starting Tailback this time last year until the other RB were healed enough to go for us.  Kirby never admitted his mistakes at TB last year.


Kirby swapped-out this kicker for that one and whined to the press about them too then admitted he made a mistake and put a different kicker out there.


No Kirby does not indeed even have any clue watching two players on offense or special teams and have any concept which one is the better football player.


D’Andre Swift is going to be redshirted and play here 2 years like Knowshon Moreno then be drafted in the first round pick # 12 and a star in the NFL when we could not even let him get a snap here in the big games costing that coach his job here.


JJ Holloman has proved he can catch the football for a football team who did not have one of those last year except for Isaac Nauta whom Kirby let start 5 of 13 games – criminal.


No we’re continuing to make the wrong choices with personnel.


Aren’t we ?


We don’t throw the ball to Charlie Woerner or get him touches on special teams.


Kirby better figure out how to get the nation’s top 5 most talented rosters on the God Damn Football Field Game 1 of 2017 or Kirby can hit the friqin’ road.


After all if Chipper Towers even can see Kirby is screwing the pooch as coach but recruiting well then by God above so can you.



  • Returning starter: Michael Chigbu, Jr.
  • Notable reserves: Jayson Stanley, Jr.; Tyler Simmons, Soph.
  • On the way: Matt Landers, Fr.; Trey Blount, Fr.




All this talent 2017 at receiver and we line them all up against each other and say one is better than the other so this guy is redshirted and can not play 2017 and leave the WR Z position with this mishmash instead ?


That’s bullshit too.


We don’t have a clue who is the better football player 2017 any more than we did 2016.


Pat Allen is a better football player than all these freshmen and redshirt freshmen ?  Ah bullshit is all I can say Kirby.  Bullshit son.  Your days are numbered because you are a better recruiter than coach Kirby.


You obviously do not know whom it is to play and whom it is who is not as good a player as another watching them both Kirby.  When are you going to learn that lesson Kirby ?


You’re not ready to be head coach Kirby.  Listen in on any press conference and be convinced.


Only 4 teams have comparable talent to UGA 2017 today by ALL ACCOUNTS BY EVERYONE studying talent on the teams 2017 and Kirby had better well win The SEC Championship 2017 as I have guaranteed by PLAYING his BETTER players.




How good can the offense be 2017 ? Let’s assume Kirby is joking about NOT playing his big recruits on the OL he signed 2016 and 2017. Let’s assume Jim Chaney is NOT TOLD by KIRBY to run every first down that something bad happens NOT RUNNING the ball. Let’s assume Brian Herrien gets more than zero starts leading team in rushing per carry. And let’s assume that receivers actually CATCH THE BALL not drop it like Isaiah McKenzie did last season along with Terry Godwin DROPPING PASSES and along with Reggie Davis DROPPING PASSES. Let’s assume Kirby starts Isaac Nauta MORE THAN JUST 5 STARTS out of 13 games 2017. Let’s assume that Sony Michel gets more than just only 2 starts 2017 like he did 2016 by Kirby. Let’s assume Jacob Eason actually PRACTICES with the # 1 unit all Fall Practice for a change 2017. HOW GOOD CAN THE GEORGIA BULLDOGS’ OFFENSE BE 2017 ? We did EVERYTHING wrong on offense last year we could POSSIBLY do. Sure we can be a dominant offense with ALL THIS TALENT if you coach the offense correctly for a damn change.

Pretty damn good if you ask me.


Of course Kirby will have to get his head out of his ass.


Won’t he ?


What does Seth Emerson mean when he says today that Kirby has to coach better ?





Seth Emerson AJ-C DawgNation just now : “And I see PLENTY of CONCERNS with Georgia : COACHING.”

Amen to that Seth.


Me too.



Seth ALSO dispels the concept that Kirby is a year away.


I am with Seth and his multiple readers making THAT POINT too.


Kirby LOSES too much after this 2017 season.  20 starters for Kirby will GONE after this 2017 season and THAT MEANS there is NO WAY 2018 is better than 2017.




Seth Emerson AJ-C DawgNation takes POT SHOT at Kirby stating that Kirby is a BETTER RECRUITER than a coach developing players. Seth Emerson goes on that the BOOK is long since OUT on Kirby recruiting well but NOT DEVELOPING PLAYERS.

Of course Seth Emerson it is pretty darn hard to DEVELOP players when you categorically REFUSE to play them.


If all you do is RECRUIT them and then not play them, you are NOT developing players.


Are you Seth Emerson ?


As one of the other questions this morning asked of Seth Emerson about Kirby : Just what is it that you can point your finger to that was the undoing of Mark Richt and that Kirby really has not properly shown ANY improvement in either Seth Emerson?  Seth Emerson said it was the OFFENSE.  That the offense cost Mark Richt his job and that Kirby thus far has nothing but questions and no good answers on offense EITHER.


Kirby does not know whom it is to play on offense either any more than Mark Richt did.


Both suck at determining whom it is whom we should be playing on offense and whom it is we have on offense who should not be given the job based upon seniority alone.


Some judgment based upon merit would be better.


Kirby needs to do more of promoting players on the merits of their play rather than seniority alone which has dominated his thoughts thus far 2016 and 2017 already now too.




Kirby when you are GRUFF with the press and mean to all your players telling everyone how BAD THEY ALL ARE well son that only works when you are NOT 8-5. When you are NOT losing to Vandie a losing record opponent whom themselves lost to 3 other cupcakes but their Vandie coach beat Kirby and Vandie coach cried on OUR FIELD Kirby. So NO that shtick does NOT work for you Kirby. NOT. You need a new signature behavior Kirby for THAT ONE has become OLD on YOU Kirby and doesn’t work for you. No one wants to hear a coach who loses to Vandie whine that this player does THIS wrong or that. No one wants to hear a coach who loses to losing record Vandie act up and be animated with the press every press meeting. Try to blend-in Kirby. Its not working for you Kirby. Moreover it does NOT FIT. THAT act just does NOT WORK for you Kirby. Try something else. We’re ALL tired of it Kirby. Get a new act Kirby ! One which fits your record.

Forget you could not even beat 7-loss Ole Miss Kirby.  Forget you couldn’t beat Florida or even the vols Kirby.  Forget you lost to Georgie tek yellowjackets with their average # 52 signed scholarship recruit rankings to give their coach too not a losing record at Sanford Stadium Kirby.


You LOST to Vandie for God’s sake Kirby – so quit acting so tough with the press EVERY press meeting Kirby and cease with the act that this player needs to do this or that to finally be recognized by you Kirby as a player deserving YOUR RESPECT Kirby.


We’re ALL TIRED of it Kirby.





Athlon Sports ranks 64 FBS head coaches BETTER than Kirby 2017 today and 65 worse. # 30 Butch Jones vols # 53 Scott Satterfield Appalachian State # 55 Will Muschamp USCe and # 65 Kirby Smart UGA Georgia Bulldogs : “After one season plenty of questions remain about Smart and whether or not he can elevate Georgia in the national conversation.”

“After one season plenty of questions remain about Smart and whether or not he can elevate Georgia in the national conversation.”  Athlon Sports Steven Lassan ranking Kirby # 65 head coach today.


After Kirby loses 20 STARTERS here at UGA after this 2017 season 2018 will be particularly PAINFUL for Kirby so he must make hay 2017 with all this talent.  Kirby certainly will lead the nation in NFL Draft Picks after this 2017 season.  Recruiting and Defense is ONLY part of the job of being head coach.  There are 2 more parts OFFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS plus some press meetings Kirby needs to improve at as well.


Kirby did not help himself having to admit that he himself said he did NOT DO WELL at ALL 2016.  And of course it is hard to argue that point with Kirby with all this talent he has.  Still 2017 promises to be SEC Championship with the Top 5 overall talent in the nation 2017 for Kirby this year.


If Kirby does NOT PLAY all this talent 2017 like Kirby did NOT 2016 then 2018 will be the end for Kirby because if you can’t win with all this talent then you have no business being coach.  I think Kirby will be ok though because I think Kirby will win 2017 SEC Championship and go better than 10-4.  Now next year 2018 is all together a lesser year than 2017 no matter what Kirby does 2017.



It does not take a genius to figure-out that our offense and special teams have not been properly coached and that our defense has been. Anyone watching us or rooting for us is painfully aware of these 3 distinct truths and the statistical evidence supports this general observation which includes MAINLY not playing the right players on offense and special teams. So why is this ? Do we have barriers preventing us from getting our talented players on the field especially at positions on offense and special teams ? The EVIDENCE that FRESHMEN are TOTALLY READY TO PLAY 2017 and that staffs who FULLY EMBRACE this new concept are FAR MORE LIKELY to succeed especially if the senior-laden squads find-out earlier seasons that those players JUST HAVE NOT GOTTEN THE JOB DONE. # 87 Offense overall nationally. # 101 Special Teams overall nationally. # 16 Defense overall nationally. Is THIS a test of Kirby’s ability to develop talent or PROOF Kirby knows DEFENSE and NOT OFFENSE and NOT SPECIAL TEAMS ?

In the NBA the new RULE allowing college FRESHMEN to play in the NBA after JUST ONE YEAR OF COLLEGE SPORTS has demonstrated that what once might have been true – about FRESHMEN not being READY to play professionally against MEN – is totally debunked nowadays in the NBA.


There is NO DIFFERENCE in the NFL.  None.


Or ANY other sport such as Baseball or Track and Field etc.


Rumors abounded that Kirby purposely scuttled his season 2016 – so that comparing when he got here with this 2017 season would give rise to HOPE among the faithful that we are HEADED in the RIGHT DIRECTION.


There is ample evidence that there generally was a LACK OF EFFORT to even get here and be a part of the 2016 season, followed by a general dragging of feet by our staff to PREPARE our team for 2016.  Therefore, we FELL BEHIND the 8-ball and never did achieve homeostasis on offense or on special teams – yet on defense we did quite well and we did a far better job of getting HELP in there 2016 on defense than we did on offense or special teams.


# 97 Passing Offense :

  1. bad OL play
  2. poor play calls sent in by a former Defensive Linemen hired as Offensive Coordinator
  3. playing of injured stars
  4. not playing healthy back-ups
  5. lack of fulfilling the receiver needs in recruiting 2016 and again 2017 for an area of OBVIOUS NEEDS
  6. a simply willy-nilly approach to sending BACK out there on a rotation basis EVERY SINGLE receiver even those MOST PRONE to PURELY DEMONSTRATE that they can’t catch the ball
  7. POOR skill-based proof that we do NOT even know HOW to catch a ball
  8. let alone we can’t run a route
  9. we can’t  block downfield
  10. we can’t even get open
  11. we do not present ourselves for a pass
  12. Of course all we were trying to do was RUN THE BALL anyway
  13. And we didn’t even practice the players who we threw to the wolves later anyway who did start for us in the passing game in the Spring or Fall of 2016.



All of THIS caused this # 97 Passing Offense nationally 2016.    THIS is BAD COACHING and is not therefore some TEST that Kirby DEVELOPS players 2017.


# 50 Rushing Offense :

  1. bad OL play
  2. poor play calls sent-in
  3. playing of injured stars
  4. not playing healthy back-ups
  5. we seemed more interested in lying to the press about our GIVEN GAME STRATEGIES of run EVERY FIRST down play than trying ANYTHING to fix what clearly was a poor coaching job of our ULTRA talented stable of running backs handed to Kirby by Del McGee and previous recruiting efforts prior to Kirby.
  6. And of course Kirby has NO PRIOR experience on offense doing anything meaningful to coach offenses ever before.


# 101 special teams :

  1. hired son a special teams’ guru like that demonstrates that he has the balls to insist on certain players STARTING for him on special teams overruling the head coach with NO EXPERIENCE on special teams either.
  2. We could not kick-off, kick, catch kicks, return kick-offs, block for kick-offs, block kicks, fend-off blocks for kick-offs by us, punt, return punts, block for punts, block punts – in short we proved beyond a shadow of the doubt as on offense that we DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE DOING on special teams NOR offense.


# 87 Overall Offense nationally 2016

# 101 Overall Special Teams nationally 2016

# 16 Overall Defense nationally 2016


Despite a huge advantage in TALENT 2017 over the other teams nationally these underlying ISSUES remain for the new staff to prove they actually have experience in fixing ANY of this.


Or if 2017 will just be another WASTED SEASON of great promise talent-wise with poor coaching except on defense.


I am predicting an SEC Championship better than 10-4 then for 2017 and a drop-back after this 2017 season where we lead the nation in NFL Draft Picks after the 2017 season and then do worse 2018 than we do 2017 losing 20 who STARTED for us after this 2017 season.


It’s do it now for Kirby’s staff on offense and special teams or move along after the season.


There is NO REASON to WAIT until next year 2018 if Kirby’s staff continues to PROVE they can not coach ALL THIS TALENT handed to them 2017.


There is no progression or getting better 2017 over 2016 that occurs 2018 losing the most NFL Draft Picks in the nation after this 2017 season of 20 who started here at UGA after THIS SEASON.


There are no more apologies by Kirby in the off-season after this 2017 season as he did after scuttling the 2016 season personally for us that can be accepted given his Great Exodus after 2017 of one of the top 5 teams in the nation 2017 in star-power.


Put-up or SHUT-UP 2017.


# 87 Offense overall nationally.

# 101 Special Teams overall nationally.

# 16 Defense overall nationally.


Is THIS a test of Kirby’s ability to develop talent or PROOF Kirby knows DEFENSE and NOT OFFENSE and NOT SPECIAL TEAMS ?



# 13 Georgia Bulldogs Pre-Season Football Poll ESPN says Kirby said he was extremely pleased with his OFFENSIVE LINE all Spring EVERY PRESS MEETING then in the G-Day Game they sucked the hind tit : “UGA’s OL had plenty of hiccups in the spring game. That spring game performance by the OL left a lot to be desired.” — Edward Aschoff ESPN senior writer

It seems that the entire nation noticed that every word out of Kirby’s lying mouth about his damn OL was all bullshit.  Kirby’s lies to the press and only he allowed to speak with the press at all are front-and-center have been and continue to be for the 8-5 Kirby’s Dawgs who lost to losing record Vandie who themselves were beaten by 3 cupcakes but not by Kirby.


Kirby did not put-up a winning record in The SEC.


This continues the ongoing problems here at Georgia where we continue to have lost MORE than 4 games a year for 9 years now and counting.


With the Average # 7 recruiting ranking this is hard to take as a fan of this program averaging MORE than 4 losses 9 years now and 2017 season will be a DAMN DECADE of this crap.


We continue to be poorly coached don’t we ?


All this talent and Kirby is playing on HIS Offensive Line an extremely small line-up of undersized guys who ARE NOT GETTING THE JOB DONE.


Edward Aschoff ESPN senior writer 2017 did not let Kirby off-the-hook noting as Edward Aschoff did that Kirby SAID the OL was doing great ALL SPRING then their performance FOR ALL TO SEE was COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE.


Does this mean that Kirby has NO CREDIBILITY  with the press ?


That is obviously the case now isn’t it ?


The ENTIRE Bulldog Nation expects Kirby to PLAY in Atlanta 2017 meaning this will be a 14-game season for Kirby or damn well better be.  NONE of us expect better than 10-4.  Why ?


Because for 9 years and this will be TEN now 2017 our beloved Georgia Bulldogs average # 7 recruiting rankings and average MORE than 4 losses a year.


Sad reality that for a decade we DON’T PLAY OUR BEST PLAYERS.  There is NO OTHER EXCUSE for # 7 recruiting rankings and averaging more than 4 losses a year for 9 years.


Maybe you’re satisfied with that : I’m not.  I am FED-UP with it.



Kirby Smart is MORE on the coaches hot than Will Muschamp. Muschamp is considered safer than Kirby in his job. Now 11 Alive is TURNING-UP THE HEAT ON KIRBY about his 11 arrests so far and that is just ARRESTS not counting those who MISSED TIME HERE NOT ON THE FIELD FOR US who were NOT ARRESTED but could have been.


And all this BAD PRESS for Greg McGarity is none of it good news for Kirby either because after all this is a football school.




JOHN DAVID BUTLER : “CALM DOWN ABOUT THE 2018 RECRUITING CLASS” WITH ONE COMMITMENT TO REPLACE 17 SENIOR STARTERS 2017 ? Look the issue with Kirby is : If you can beat North Carolina and Auburn 2016 then well you should not be losing 5 games including the regular season finale and losing to 6-7 Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat. WE LOST CONFIDENCE. WHAT ARE YOU A DREAMER ?

There is NO EXCUSE for it and hiding all news from the ENTIRE Bulldog Nation is NOT GOING TO HELP.


So pardon us ALL but having only one 2018 commitment to replace 17 senior starters for us 2017 when other schools have 18 commitments most certainly raises yet ANOTHER RED FLAG ABOUT KIRBY.


If you don’t like reading from us that at least WE are concerned then you are obviously one of those online posters who has NEVER POSTED that indeed The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program has LOST MORE than 4 games a year average over the last entire nine (9) years.


Call it like it is John David Butler :



We’re concerned.


We have EVERY RIGHT to be.




Kirby loses 17 STARTERS after this 2017 season as SENIORS yet has only one commitment for 2018. So how can Kirby have another throw-away season 2017 when this HAS TO BE THE YEAR for after this season he loses 17 STARTERS. I don’t care about the NFL Draft what I care about is 2017 and some sense of URGENCY by Kirby to WIN which doesn’t seem to be part of his PROCESS.

  1. 97 John Atkins N SR 6-4 308 Thomson, Ga./Thomson/Hargrave Military
  2. 17 Davin Bellamy OLB SR 6-5 240 Chamblee, Ga./Chamblee
  3. 83 Jeb Blazevich TE SR 6-5 242 Charlotte, N.C./Charlotte Christian
  4. 11 Keyon Brown OLB RS JR 6-3 257 Wauchula, Fla./Hardee County
  5. 70 Aulden Bynum OT/TE SR 6-5 295 Valdosta, Ga./Valwood School
  6. 7 Lorenzo Carter OLB SR 6-6 242 Norcross, Ga./Norcross
  7. 45 Reggie Carter ILB SR 6-1 230 Snellville, Ga./South Gwinnett
  8. 27 Nick Chubb TB SR 5-10 228 Cedartown, Ga./Cedartown
  9. 35 Aaron Davis CB SR 6-1 189 Locust Grove, Ga./Luella
  10. 85 Jordan Davis TE SR 6-4 240 Thomson, Ga./Thomson
  11. 36 Dante Dixon RB SR 5-7 170 Dacula, Ga.//Kennesaw State
  12. 69 Trent Frix SN SR 6-0 215 Calhoun, Ga./Calhoun/Air Force Academy
  13. 53 Lamont Gaillard OG RS JR 6-2 288 Fayetteville, N.C./Pine Forest
  14. 1 Sony Michel TB SR 5-11 222 Plantation, Fla./American Heritage
  15. 92 Cameron Nizialek P GS 6-2 200 Chantilly, Va.//Columbia Univ.
  16. 14 Malkom Parrish CB SR 5-10 185 Quitman, Ga./Brooks County
  17. 47 Christian Payne FB SR 6-1 242 Athens, Ga./Prince Avenue Christian
  18. 24 Dominick Sanders SS SR 6-0 193 Tucker, Ga./Tucker
  19. 55 Dyshon Sims OG SR 6-4 290 Valdosta, Ga./Lowndes
  20. 75 Thomas Swilley OG SR 6-3 318 Athens Cedar Shoals 1 game yr
  21. 23 Shakenneth Williams WR SR 6-1 208 Macon, Ga./Rutland not play
  22. 6 Javon Wims WR SR 6-4 215 Miami, Fla./Ed White/Hinds CC
  23. 77 Isaiah Wynn OG SR 6-2 302 St. Petersburg, Fla./Lakewood


Also if Kirby does not win THIS 2017 YEAR then Greg McGarity will be FIRED.



I am not happy with Kirby. Are you happy with Kirby ?

I am NOT satisfied with Kirby.  That is the message I want to send to Kirby with all his SECRETS about this football program.  Does he really think he can control what we think about The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs ?


23 seniors 2017 for Kirby and how many commitments does Kirby have to REPLACE these 23 after the season while some schools have 19 commitments already ?  One commitment a 3-star linebacker. None committed G-Day in our SPARSE not impressive crowd.  17 of the 23 seniors are STARTERS.


Kirby is the # 66 Recruiting Ranking 2018 :


  1. 97 John Atkins N SR 6-4 308 Thomson, Ga./Thomson/Hargrave Military Academy
  2. 17 Davin Bellamy OLB SR 6-5 240 Chamblee, Ga./Chamblee
  3. 83 Jeb Blazevich TE SR 6-5 242 Charlotte, N.C./Charlotte Christian
  4. 11 Keyon Brown OLB RS JR 6-3 257 Wauchula, Fla./Hardee County
  5. 70 Aulden Bynum OT/TE SR 6-5 295 Valdosta, Ga./Valwood School
  6. 7 Lorenzo Carter OLB SR 6-6 242 Norcross, Ga./Norcross
  7. 45 Reggie Carter ILB SR 6-1 230 Snellville, Ga./South Gwinnett
  8. 27 Nick Chubb TB SR 5-10 228 Cedartown, Ga./Cedartown
  9. 35 Aaron Davis CB SR 6-1 189 Locust Grove, Ga./Luella
  10. 85 Jordan Davis TE SR 6-4 240 Thomson, Ga./Thomson
  11. 36 Dante Dixon RB SR 5-7 170 Dacula, Ga.//Kennesaw State
  12. 69 Trent Frix SN SR 6-0 215 Calhoun, Ga./Calhoun/Air Force Academy
  13. 53 Lamont Gaillard OG RS JR 6-2 288 Fayetteville, N.C./Pine Forest
  14. 1 Sony Michel TB SR 5-11 222 Plantation, Fla./American Heritage
  15. 92 Cameron Nizialek P GS 6-2 200 Chantilly, Va.//Columbia Univ.
  16. 14 Malkom Parrish CB SR 5-10 185 Quitman, Ga./Brooks County
  17. 47 Christian Payne FB SR 6-1 242 Athens, Ga./Prince Avenue Christian
  18. 24 Dominick Sanders SS SR 6-0 193 Tucker, Ga./Tucker
  19. 55 Dyshon Sims OG SR 6-4 290 Valdosta, Ga./Lowndes
  20. 75 Thomas Swilley OG SR 6-3 318 Athens, Ga./Cedar Shoals plays 1 game year
  21. 23 Shakenneth Williams WR SR 6-1 208 Macon, Ga./Rutland med redshirt?
  22. 6 Javon Wims WR SR 6-4 215 Miami, Fla./Ed White/Hinds CC
  23. 77 Isaiah Wynn OG SR 6-2 302 St. Petersburg, Fla./Lakewood


I did not enjoy Vandie 6-7 beating us whom 3 cupcakes beat.

This recruiting is a RED FLAG.

His secret practices and NO NEWS for The Bulldog Nation has stymied interest garnering only 25 maybe 30 thousand at most to G-Day.

According to Coaches’ Hot Seat dot com Kirby is # 31 on the Coaches’ Hot Seat today on the edge of the hot seat.

The question is are you satisfied with Kirby ?

Kirby has been critical of EVERY player we have.

Kirby has NEVER coached an offense or special teams and has no clue to offensive game strategies.

Frankly Kirby has misjudged some major talent on this roster except for on defense where he seems to recognize talent.

I’d say his honeymoon is over.

How can Kirby have 23 seniors 17 of whom are STARTERS when there are Juniors who will declarer after 2017 season is over too and have one commitment for 2018 ?


How any of this ?




Which is worse Greg McGarity sir ? A coach who thinks his purpose was to lead the players to Jesus stating that there’s something here at Georgia besides winning that’s important or a head coach who is such a CONTROL FREAK that he thinks that THE PROCESS is more important than winning too ? And what is THE PROCESS ?

Here is what THE PROCESS is : Allow none of Kirby’s coaching staff to speak to the press.  Allow none of the players to talk to the press.  Allow ONLY KIRBY to speak to the press.  And oh yeah for good measure DO NOT ALLOW THE PRESS to REPORT that which they WITNESS THEMSELVES in 12 minutes of practice they do get to see while LOSING 5 games including to 6-7 Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat.  Keep everything a secret and lose.


When do we get a head coach Greg McGarity whose emphasis is on WINNING damn it ?  And why is that you can not hire any proven head coach Greg McGarity ?



Jere Morehead : “I think our prospects for the future are bright and I don’t have any reason to think that we’ve got any systemic problems that have to be addressed at this point.” Hello. Wake-up. Football program TOTALLY out of control and has been ENTIRE Greg McGarity era averaging MORE than 4 losses per season 8 full years and NOT getting better with recruiting 2018 down now that everyone sees what a JERK Kirby is to his players.

Then there are ALL the other sports and NONE of them are doing well either.  A girls’ tennis coach for a year is NOT the A.D. of my choice.  Prop him up if you wish Jere Morehead sir but you are just bringing this ALL DOWN on you too.  And what next gaffe will Kirby pull with the press ?


I’m sorry Greg McGarity should be FIRED before he does ANY FURTHER DAMAGE to the coaches which he has been WRONG ON right down the line from the get-go.


We’ve NEVER been this bad in all our sports.  We can’t HIRE PROVEN HEAD COACHES Jere Morehead sir ?


Someone who knows how to develop and implement an Offensive Game Strategy ?


In ANY Sport Jere Morehead sir ?


And where the hell is our new Gym Jere Morehead sir ?


You can support publically Mike Adam$’ hires as Athletic Directors but I will NOT.



Let’s judge Kirby on his statements before and after G-Day Game to see if he has credibility in being able as head coach to know what is going-on or not shall we ? I mean he is controlling every word we are told by every coach on his staff and all his players and now of the press too he thinks. Judge him on that please then ok ?

Is Kirby on the hot seat ?  Why or why not ?  You see any improvement or more of the same or don’t care or have no expectations ?

The unanimous opinion is that Kirby put-on some kind of a face all Spring about his LIES that his under-sized OL left-overs from Mark Richt were “DOMINATING” his defense he said all Spring when instead they were totally deplorable as were Kirby’s offensive linemen all of 2016. The OL was a weak link all G-Day blocking for the run and for the pass.

Also all of 2016 Kirby 8-5 loser to 6-7 Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat said that his defensive backs were “weak” and had been “protected in the 2015 defense.” They were totally dominated by EVERY QB all G-Day Game. Recently Kirby has told us that the defense has gotten the best of the offense for the last half a dozen Spring practices. It was embarrassing for Kirby’s defensive backs the entire G-Day.

Kirby made the statement that he “would know if Mecole Hardman Jr. was an elite player after 4 or 5 practices” last year. He redshirted him for the first several games then gave him one touch all year. 2017 Kirby has played Mecole Hardman Jr. also a top defensive back solely on offense at receiver. It appears as if Kirby has relented and disagreed with himself on Mecole Hardman Jr. Right ?

Just as in the Florida game last year Jim Chaney and Kirby gave Nick Chubb and Sony Michel no opportunity to untrack this offense of Kirby when Kirby has never coached an offense ever before nor now nor last year.  When the players called a player’s only meeting prior to kick-off what they said to Kirby Kirby refused to tell us but in the game Kirby and Jim Chaney did not give Nick Chubb and Sony Michel their touches vs. Florida.  Afterwards they TOGETHER IN UNISON went to Jim Chaney and complained afterwards. In the G-Day game combined they got 3 plays the entire G-Day Game 2017.

How is this any different or better play calls than last year Kirby ?  Go ahead tell me.

That’s an offensive game strategy to pass every play all game long ?  That is supposed to make us believe he has revamped the # 100 offense morphing into more 2017 ?  That is AS FAILED AN OFFENSIVE GAME STRATEGY as it is to run on every first down as you did ALL of 2016 Kirby and Jim Chaney most of the time into the teeth of at least 8 in the box and sometimes 10 still calling the run.  My gracious Kirby please learn how to call plays.  Your play calls and those of Jim Chaney are among the worst EVER.  Did anyone see Jacob Eason audible at the line out of a run into a pass or vice-versa ?  No.  I didn’t think so.

Kirby said that Jake Fromm was doing great not that there is ANY independent verification of that either.  Kirby said Jake Fromm was teaching Jacob Eason how to be a QB. In the G-Day Game Kirby gave Jake Fromm a better OL than the “starting offensive line for Kirby G-Day Game” and gave the better receivers to Jake Fromm. Jake Fromm’s last pass should have been intercepted by any scholarship defensive back but wasn’t and the 2 quarterbacks both feasted on Kirby’s defensive backs making Kirby’s pass defense look silly. Both were at or near 300 yards passing 600 yards passing total in the G-Day Game 2017.

Kirby said the press could not report anything that they saw themselves in person at any Spring Practices specifically stating that up-coming opponents would know something they otherwise would never be able to ascertain AND that Kirby did not have enough time to tell the kids’ mommies about the injuries before they all called him crying about how badly their baby was injured in practice. The press unanimously signed a petition from 6 of them across the board that Kirby would not be able to stymie the press in any fashion. This is part of an on-going harangue of yelling kicking and screaming at every press conference by Kirby that he demands to have his way even in the face of him being proven incorrect right down the line on every lie out of his mouth.

Kirby said all Spring AND all Fall Practices last year that NO FRESHMAN would be prepared to Start and would not start for him. Then of course Kirby started Jacob Eason anyway throwing him into the fire without preparing him and putting him behind an under-sized OL who did not block for the run nor the pass all of 2016 and had him throw to no one in particular yanking every receiver both in and out of the line-up and having no continuity therefore between Jacob Eason and ANY receiver and behind an under-achieving totally criticized OL none of whom will EVER be drafted into the NFL. Kirby’s OL 2017 certainly looked WORSE than his 2016 OL all G-Day to every single person who showed-up which would be that which anyone would suspect coming-in to 2017 given that Kirby lost 3 starters on the OL after 2016 season at 8-5 was over.

After not giving Brian Herrien more than a cameo opportunity all 2016 Kirby said all Spring 2017 that Brian Herrien was doing “great” and stood-out as the best offensive player. He was unable to garner any traction running and had one pass thrown to him. Nothing Kirby has said has been borne-out as resembling the truth.

Kirby has given none of his 2016 OL recruits Kirby signed-on here ANY chance to help-out on a sorry OL all 2016 and more of the same to begin 2017. The problem here is that ALL FANS of THIS PROGRAM believe that Kirby will play his freshmen OL 2017 while myself I read what he has done to-date in playing freshmen and DO NOT BUY THAT although he should.

Kirby said 66 thousand came to G-Day 2017 when prior to the game Kirby did all he could do to not allow ANYONE to talk about ANYTHING to do with our football program. Kirby has killed the interest of The Bulldog Nation. Kirby has made himself out the village idiot in public both with his hatred of all press and rants against them daily but also in his inability to recognize talent that could help him at positions of need such as OL and WR. I counted them closely. The third deck was empty and the 2nd deck was empty and the first deck had at least 22 percent spaces. The estimate best I could count was 30 thousand and possibly only 25 thousand but certainly nowhere in the ballpark of any 60 something thousand as Kirby claimed to the press in his opening remarks just after the game.

Kirby said he has revamped his offense with Jim Chaney for 2017. No he has not. He did this last year 2016 when his OL could not block for the run nor for the pass and had Jacob Eason fling it up instead. That is ALL we saw all G-Day Game 2017.

We have areas of weakness all are more than aware of. Kirby has pooh-poohed ALL OF THEM and said instead the opposite is true. We all saw otherwise all G-Day Game and all of that which we were able to ascertain of his Spring Practices. So where do we go from here ? Assume Kirby will plug-in this 2017 freshman signing class of his when he categorically kicking and screaming refused to 2016 ?

I do not like this attempt by Kirby to control all that all of our players are ALLOWED to say and that which all of our ENTIRE COACHING STAFF as well are ALLOWED to say. I do not like all secret practices. I’d like to help Kirby and to give him input on his decisions before he CONTINUES to mess-up EVERY decision he has made so far further into the future.

We say as a group that only if Kirby gets to Atlanta meaning 10-4 at the minimum will Kirby be judged as successful 2017. Kirby MUST have a 14-game season 2017 all of us say : That is he MUST make it to Atlanta.  With all this talent he should be better than that. We do not have the expectations that Alabama has and that is why they do better than we. Their fans demand to know and do know and do expect greatness. Here we have no greatness averaging # 7 recruit rankings after 2007 and also averaging more than 4 losses a season after 2007 under 2 failed coaching regimes after 2007 obviously.

And this brings us to this SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT for all INFORMATION regarding The University of Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program. Kirby has NOTHING but egg on his face for all of his unadulterated lies on EVERY single word out of his mouth on EVERYTHING. Doesn’t he ? I read one reporter who went so far as to say that he gives 8-5 Kirby the “benefit of the doubt as the head coach and therefore should know what is going-on with his team.” Based on what pray tell ? His record ? His proven credibility on that which does come out of both sides of his two-faced hard head ?

68 thousand fewer than 2016 G-Day of 93 thousand are the 25 thousand who for sure showed-up for G-Day 2017. This indicates that Kirby’s PROCESS of POLICIES to keep The Bulldog Nation in the dark and to lie to us about that which he does say in some attempt to SAVE HIS JOB on the edge of the hot seat as it is according to hot seat . com has HURT the following of our program by our fans. And it is designed only to NOT ALLOW us to have ANY INPUT into his on-going WRONG DECISIONS. Nick Saban NEVER did ANY of this. This is a Kirbyism of his own. I put Kirby squarely on the hot seat for ALL OF THIS both he and Greg McGarity.



Let me ask you this ? Does Alabama have ways of finding-out if say Jacob Eason is injured or not for The SEC Championship Game if it were played next Saturday ? Where would they find that out if it were true ? Ok. So they do. All right then. So just WHOM is it we are KEEPING in the DARK then ? I submit that Kirby is purposely keeping in the dark NOT THE MEDIA and NOT THE UP-COMING OPPONENTS but we THE BULLDOG NATION. Are you WITH ME on this ? Kirby wants to KEEP US IN THE DARK. He knows he can NOT keep the opponents in the dark nor can he keep the press in the dark since BOTH have the same sources.

The only possible group who remotely could be kept in the dark would be those who follow their head coach and give him the benefit of the doubt because he is our head coach.


That if he says it then it’s true.


Christians tell us that God is not an alien yet every word out of all Christians’ mouths say that He is and well we all know that it is entirely possible that there are aliens and that in fact we might have already had encounters with aliens kept from us.


I see right through Kirby on ALL of this.


I know whom it is Kirby wants to keep in the dark.


It is Bulldog Fans.


Because he knows he can not keep our press nor our opponents in the dark.


And because does NOT want Bulldog Fans to tell him what we want him to do.


Don’t we Bulldog Fans tell Kirby that Mecole Hardman Jr. was WASTED last year with just one touch all season.


Don’t we Bulldog Fans tell Kirby that Jacob Eason HAD to get the snaps with the # 1 unit all last Spring.


Don’t we Bulldog Fans tell Kirby that the reason 93000 of us showed-up last year was because we were sick and tired of averaging 4 losses per season for then the last 8 years and because we WANTED to see Jacob Eason START The G-Day Game LAST YEAR not come-in with 10:36 left in the 2nd Quarter.


Don’t we Bulldog fans tell Kirby that Mark Richt’s leftover under-sized OL who did not get the job done last year could not dominate Nicholls State or 6-7 Vandie who got beat by 3 CUPCAKES but NOT Kirby.


Kirby does NOT want to hear ANY of ALL THIS from ANY of us including BOTH the press and The Bulldog Nation.


Kirby wishes to make you believe that which he tells you.


So do Christians.


I consider myself a Christian.


I know I am a Christian.


I consider myself a Bulldog Football Fan.


I know I am a Bulldog Football Fan.


I also know that Kirby is in trouble.


And I know that Greg McGarity is in trouble.


At more than 4 losses a year for these latest most-recent most-current 9 years I know our football program is in TROUBLE.


I ask myself is Kirby the answer ?


I know Kirby is super smart and highly educated.


So I ask myself why does Kirby do ALL this ?


Because Kirby wants to control what Bulldog Football Fans think.


And I will go one further for you.


Kirby knows that he is keeping Bulldog Football Fans in the dark.


It is ALL he really is doing.


He wants us to not know as much as he knows because if we did then we MIGHT make different choices than he makes and we might second-guess him.


It is NOT his program.




There is no Georgia Bulldog Football Program without Bulldog fans.


There is NO FOOTBALL TEAM AT GEORGIA without the fans.


There is no coach and never has been a coach who TRIED to HIDE EVERYTHING about their team from their fans.


And there NEVER WILL BE.


NFL owners for example embrace what the fans say about their team and they ADDRESS those very fans in EVERY discussion ABOUT THEIR TEAM.


So does their coach.






I am going to WATCH today.  I will report that which I witness.  That is ALL I have EVER done.  That will continue to be that which I do do.



I have made many sagacious astute observations about our football program and what we should do to improve upon this average of more than 4 losses a season average for 9 years now and counting with average # 7 Recruiting Rankings. ALL SEASONS AFTER 2007 MORE THAN 4 LOSSES PER SEASON AVERAGE with # 7 avg recruit rank – JUST AWFUL. Now it appears I was right all along about Mecole Hardman Junior as well.

We have SO WASTED TALENT around here after 2007.  I can not picture we can use all this talent on Offense this year based on how we coached our offense last year including whom it was we FIGURED would do well and whom we basically gave only cameo if it all appearances.  At no point 2016 did we take advantage of the talent we have on offense.  2017 is NOT going to be different in that regard.  It can NOT be unless we purposely acted like we could not recognize the talent we had last year 2016.


Some of the wise clever intelligent knowledgeable sensible discerning judicious canny perceptive astute shrewd prudent thoughtful insightful sagacious recommendations I have made are :


  1. Put Mecole Hardman Junior at Wide Receiver game 1 last season 2016
  2. Practice Jacob Eason with the # 1 unit all Spring and all Fall Camp last year 2016 instead of wasting 33 weeks preparing the WRONG GUY Greyson Lambert as the # 1 STARTER getting ALL the # 1 snaps until September 5 as it was STILL Greyson Lambert September 5th Tuesday STILL getting the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit prior to Nicholls State game
  3. Do NOT redshirt Ben Cleveland Chris Barnes and Solomon Kindley on OL 2016 when the OL is our weakest area and they 3 who maybe could help us
  4. Do NOT give Nick Chubb 32 carries for 227 yards game 1 after 3 ligaments surgery and never the same after and with Sony Michel best out in space anyway also hurt and START Brian Herrien tailback 1st game last season with BOTH the 2 ahead of him BOTH injured
  5. Fire Jim Chaney and have Kirby quit meddling with the offense about which he knows NOTHING
  6. Kirby telling Greg McGarity November 28 it would be his dream job to come be our coach and then not bothering to show-up for 6 weeks and 4 days’ time until January 12 being behind the 8-ball all 2016 as a direct result thereof
  7. Running with opponents loading the box with 8 and 9 men like fewer bad results happen with you basically running on so many 1st and Tens that we never did uncork our offense all 2016
  8. That we’d recruit BETTER without Mark Richt than we did with him.  Of course RECRUITS don’t mean ANYTHING if we don’t practice them with the # 1 unit and PLAY them.



The SEC East has 3 of the top 4 WORST under-achievers in Final AP Poll rankings in ALL of college football starting 2002 through today and yet we recruit at the top of the recruiting rankings 2002 through today. This chart proves we CONTINUE to WASTE TALENT here at Georgia and NOT succeed DESPITE all our talent. How did Kirby do and is he doing again now 2017 ? It’s a pretty simple question to answer.

Difference between Final AP Poll Ranking Points and Final Rivals’ Recruiting Ranking Points:

Top-10 Underachievers (2002-2016)

Difference Team AP Poll points Rivals’ points
-159 Tennessee 46 205
-140 Florida State 143 283
-131 Florida 132 263
-109 Georgia 162 271
-108 Texas A&M 36 144
-104 Notre Dame 77 181
-101 Miami (Fla.) 82 183
-101 UCLA 36 137
-95 Auburn 131 226
-84 So. California 224 308


This chart shows that we have recruited very well since Rivals and began keeping their final rankings online starting 2002 for all to compare over time with 271 Rivals’ points.  There are only 2 others on this chart who have recruited better than UGA starting 2002.

This chart also shows that despite all our talent here The Georgia Bulldogs have only 162 Final AP Poll points starting 2002.

The difference between the final Rivals’ Recruiting Rankings 2002 through today and the Final AP Poll Rankings 2002 through today is minus 109 poll points. -109 UGA.

And this chart shows The SEC East has 3 of the WORST 4 underachievers with all this talent we have here at Georgia and continue to have losing 5 games this latest season last year even.

I realize that we have an Athletics’ Director for this football school here who has no idea about college football with no experience and no knowledge of anything football related but there is no excuse for us to recruit so well and continue to do so poorly.

I knew it would happen and indeed it did yesterday that one of our fans pointed-out how well Mark Richt is recruiting next year 2018.  He had plenty of talent here.  That was not his problem.  But with all the myriad of stories of how poorly Kirby is doing with not only the press but in also in terms of basic choices by Kirby in players he is preparing to start again now 2017 and that he is just continuing all this unabated it was inevitable that the Mark Richt Apologists would come out of the woodwork to say see I never wanted Mark Richt fired in the first place.

Kirby is just continuing the crappy coaching of Mark Richt.

Yes Kirby is a poor coach unprepared to be a head coach.

You see that across the board in EVERYTHING he says and does and in his results.

That does NOT mean that we should not have fired Mark Richt.

Jesus Christ do you really believe that you can do away with the wealth of knowledge of Mark Richt’s results after 2007 until we finally had to fire him?


Yes you actually do think you can TELL US ALL NOW that you NEVER wanted Mark Richt fired – now that Kirby is being proven as NOT PREPARED TO BE HEAD COACH.

Neither were any good as you can CLEARLY see if you only get your head out of your ass.

The school who despite all its recruiting prowess here can not do well with them while we sit and twiddle our thumbs about well let’s see is Greyson Lambert a better QB than Jacob Eason ?  Yes I think he is.  I will start Greyson Lambert.  Therefore I will NOT prepare Jacob Eason and hold him back.

I said Mecole Hardman Jr. if he is elite rated the consensus # 1 athlete in the nation I will be able to tell after 5 or 6 practices.  Well after several games I was redshirting him.  I kept telling the press that we won’t even consider him on offense despite the obvious glaring hole that I was unable to recruit a top receiver for the # 2 rated QB nationally.

Now this season I have banned everyone from talking including the press itself which 6 of the most prominent members of yesterday banded together to tell Greg McGarity that they will report what they see.  Pardon us.  And what is it that we’ve continued to see from 2002 through today pray tell ?

(1)Jacob Eason clearly was the only hope for us last season not Greyson Lambert

(2) Mecole Hardman Jr. has practiced EVERY practice with the receivers 2017


We suck at PLAYING our best 11 players and preparing them to play even if we have an obvious hole and even if it is obvious whom it is who should be filling that hole.  That is OUR PROBLEM.  And continues to be.  Our coaches do NOT recognize talent quickly enough.  They see what we see.  They just don’t recognize what they see.  You need perspective to see talent.  As seasons’ ticket holders for the Atlanta Falcons for decades I can assure you I clearly know an NFL player when I see one.  They STAND-OUT.


There is NO QUESTION of this POOR COACHING for Georgia Florida or Tennessee for the entirety of the time 2002 through today.  And there is just as much NO QUESTION that Kirby coached this team crappy last year too.


I don’t frankly give a shit that Florida and the vols are BOTH in the top 3 worst coached football programs for 16 years in a row now.


The issue I have is that EVEN THEY beat us.  We lost to BOTH with Kirby.


Does banning news make Kirby or the team better ?  Certainly NOT.  It is a weak attempt to CONTROL.


Just how easy has this been and continues to be to beat these underachieving SEC East teams in The SEC East ?


Kirby DAMN WELL better get his ass to Atlanta 2017 at the Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium.


Now I do care about how we APPEAR to the press too that our coach is this poorly prepared to even talk with the press but then again I never suspected for one moment that Greg McGarity would actually TEACH Kirby anything.

That leaves it to me.  Here on my blog.  Me to now have to teach you the facts.  We continue to be one of the weakest divisions in all of college football and yet we have not won The SEC in 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 and in fact in 2005 we ended-up in EVERY poll the # 3 SEC team.  This is the 3rd longest streak in our entire history of not winning The SEC.


Is it because we can not recruit ?


It’s because despite all this talent we CONTINUE to NOT PLAY our best 11.

This chart proves it because the recruiting services have proven beyond all doubters otherwise that they do in fact a top-notch job of highlighting the top players.  The NFL agrees with them and the national champions come from these doing well in the recruiting rankings’ services.

Our coaches both Mark Richt and Kirby Smart have failed to play the players rated well by the services and they go on to the NFL and do well there while less talented teams beat us here and they accomplish NOTHING here.

Kirby last year for example said about our 2 top-rated players Jacob Eason and Mecole Hardman Jr. that they were in fact NOT his choices.

Now he takes that ALL BACK and says they are.

This blog said that all year last year – didn’t I ?

What is Kirby doing with this recruiting class 2017 ranked # 2 nationally by and # 3 by Rivals and # 3 by ESPN RecruitingNation ?  Is he PLAYING  them ?  Is he PREPARING them to play even in the holes our team CLEARLY has ?

The day after tomorrow you can judge for yourself.

He is playing the wrong guys and it will be clear to all of us the day after tomorrow because Kirby is playing the ones against the ones.  And the twos against the twos.


The twos will stand-out but they will NOT be prepared and will NOT play 2017 any more than Kirby did in 2016 with that crappy-assed OL yet all 3 Kirby signed 2016 to help on the OL all 3 got one snap combined all of 2016.

Come Fall Camp Kirby AGAIN will NOT prepare this fantastic best-ever UGA football recruiting class to play 2017.

He thinks he has ANOTHER throw-away season.

That he can muck-up 2017 and you will give him ANOTHER Mulligan.


Like the one touch Mecole Hardman Jr. got all of 2016.

Like all the days from January 12 through September 6 when Greyson Lambert was STILL practicing with the ONES.

You can watch this AGAIN the day after tomorrow yourself.  And you can report it online in whatever manner it is you speak on the Internet.  No one can stop you.

What will you report ?

That we with all this talent stockpiled here since 2002 don’t play them.  That they CONTINUE to be the players who are NOT the ones but the twos.

We can not even figure-out who should be playing.

That is what Kirby does NOT want reported.

If you recognize who are your best players and get them on the field to fill your holes you will do better and be judged a good coach.

If ALL you do is to RECRUIT and don’t even prepare them to play then throw them into the fire anyway without any preparation and without coaching them then all you have done is to recruit well.

But how is Kirby doing COACHING ?

Surely by now you determined that Mark Richt was NOT the answer and NEITHER is Kirby.

The very definition of “coaching” is to get more from less.  Here for 16 years and counting we get LESS with MORE.

Just imagine that Kirby lost to 6-7 Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat.

Does it matter that Mark Richt is ranked # 1 for recruiting 2018 ?  Hell no.  He had more than enough talent here and could not get the job done # 42 in won/lost vs top 15 teams after 2007 yet # 7 average in recruiting rankings.  Talent was not his problem.  It was PLAYING the talent coaching them getting them prepared and on the field to do well.

Does Kirby help his situation with the latest firestorm that 6 of the most prominent members of the press had it OUT with Greg McGarity yesterday that they WILL report that which they do see.


So will I.


I have continued to.

Haven’t I ?

Kirby is a bad coach and so was Mark Richt.

If THIS is what you EXPECTED to be my summary Kirby of you banning EVERYTHING about our football program we are all TRYING to be the fans of then congratulations Kirby for you sir have succeeded.

You’re not prepared to be our head coach Kirby.

Come back when you are.

And STFU about what I can and can NOT say.


I can say you are trying to cover-up how poorly you are coaching.

And there is NOT a DAMN thing you can do about it Kirby.




Cut to the chase Kirby – how do you REALLY feel about the press ?

You know where for 124 years before you became the head coach here we used to get the news about our football program Kirby ?


The football program they cover because they care about our football program or they would not cover it.


The football program we covet news about.


It has grown very old Kirby this heavy-handedness of you toward OUR PRESS.


Our press Kirby.




The vast majority of the millions we pay you Kirby is solely for your COMMUNICATION with the press only you view them instead as the enemy and frankly Kirby it comes across to ALL of us as though you don’t care about EVEN LETTING us get the news on the team.


Is that going to help you beat Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat Kirby ?


This on-going bickering and bitterness toward the press ?


I read it said by someone else other than just by me finally today that NICK SABAN does NOT do this Kirby.


You vote for censorship on NEWS Kirby.


Do you really think you can control the NEWS of how poorly you are doing your main job of being a head coach which is to COMMUNICATE ?


You are the single worst communicator for a head football coach ever.


You give the impression you don’t want ANYBODY to follow YOUR team Kirby.

I have news for Kirby : This is NOT your team and our team will revert to just that in short order the way you are mishandling the press.


And it’s NOT just only the press either is it Kirby ?


No it is not just the press you’re having problems with Kirby.  It’s across the board in every single aspect of this FAILED FOOTBALL PROGRAM except for your recruiting.  Other than recruiting there is NOTHING you are doing correctly as our head coach Kirby.




And now G-Day is more about the team than the fans ?


Excuse me we packed over 93000 into Sanford Stadium to watch Jacob Eason and Kirby did not even let him take a snap at QB until 10:36 remained before half.


So make no mistake about it G-Day is ALL ABOUT THE FANS.


Without the fans clamoring for the players and news about the players there is no team.


I am sick and tired of averaging more than 4 losses a season for the latest most-recent 9-year period Kirby and you sir were NOT brought here to continue it while TELLING THE PRESS what they can and can not say.


Try shutting me up Kirby?


You have already got quite a reputation Kirby.  And you get more stubborn on every issue of your coaching and controlling with the passing of every new day.




Kirby : “As far as what number we have in attendance at the G-Day Game I’m not going to say an over-or-under. I don’t think it’s that important.”

It’s like Kirby WANTS us to NOT SHOW-UP.  I do not think that Kirby LIKES ANY of US as fans of HIS TEAM.


We have LOADS of CONTRIVED “news” from Kirby such as Jake Fromm competing to START against Appalachian State.  You believe that ?  I certainly don’t.

Such as what is left of Mark Richt’s undersized OL who NEVER did shit here so far are somehow DOMINATING his defense this spring when they really none of them played last year and those who saw spot-duty who are here still couldn’t dominate Nichols State.  You believe that ?  I certainly don’t.

Such as Seth Emerson should have known NOT to report Deangelo Gibbs’ shoulder injury.  You believe that ?  I certainly don’t.

Such as “It really didn’t go down that way. Will Muschamp and I were just talking about his spring game and about his attendance of 12 thousand more than anything. There really wasn’t as much to it as it was made out to be. Will Muschamp called me and said we would not even get half capacity. If everybody knows Will Muschamp at South Carolina they know he’s calling me out. I figure we will get that. He is calling the Dog fans out.”  You believe that ?  I certainly don’t.

There is NO pre-game band AT ALL WHATSOEVER this coming Saturday purposely designed to make the crowd fewer then than last year’s G-Day Game.  You believe that ?  I certainly find it particularly hard to imagine.

And of course there sits Kirby front-and-center DOING ALL HE CAN DO to NOT PROVIDE all Georgia Bulldogs’ fans ANY INFORMATION about our team 2017 AT ALL whatsoever even going to the point of allowing NO ONE TO SPEAK but he to the press. It’s like Kirby doesn’t WANT US to follow the team or that the press is just out to get Kirby. You believe ANYTHING Kirby has said about our 2017 team ?  I certainly DO NOT.


WTF Kirby ?


Don’t you want us to be fans of the program to clamor to follow our heroes ? Can ANY of this really be good in generating hype about Saturday’s G-Day Game or indeed the 2017 team Kirby ?


2 scrimmages and nothing provided by ANYONE as to what happened.


Jesus Christ Kirby.


How are we supposed to FOLLOW OUR God Damn Team Kirby ?  We’ve been FOLLOWING us for a LOT longer than the one year you lost to Vandie amid your 5 losses Kirby.


You’re screwing this up Kirby.



There are loads of videos of MECOLE HARDMAN JUNIOR making catches with his hands ALL SPRING PRACTICE now. He has 4.35 speed in the 40-yard dash and has a great vertical leap nearly 6 feet tall. His leap is higher than 6′ 4″ receivers. JUMP BALLS ? Throw them to GLUE hands Mecole Hardman Jr. Kirby likes PHYSICAL receivers so he is going to have to HIT some people to START. Once that happens he is off to the NFL as wide-out. You can’t have that much jumps and speed and hands and MOVES and be kept off the field ANY LONGER. Even Kirby has to ADMIT this now.

We’ve all seen the videos of Mecole JUMPING-UP and making great catches using his hands.  Mecole has GREAT HANDS.  Yes he is known for his 4.35 speed and rightfully so but he isn’t a little guy but a TRACK STAR high jumper.  His muscles in his legs are JUST ONE of his skills.  He has the right to TAKE-OVER 2017 at wide receiver something this blog called for last season from the day he signed.


Kirby has pissed me off the way he has WASTED Mecole mad at the press asking him ANYTHING about Mecole.


1 touch all 2016 season.  One.


Lost 5 games including to 6-7 Vandie.


6-7 South Carolina beat Vandie.

4-8 Missouri beat Vandie.

7-6 NC State beat Vandie.


But NOT Kirby.


I will get into his Offensive Line bullshit NEXT POST here on this blog.


But Kirby’s hardhead about Mecole Hardman Jr. has really pissed me off too.


Seems ALL ALONG THIS BLOG WAS DAMN RIGHT ABOUT Mecole Hardman Jr. at STARTING WIDE-OUT last year while Isaiah McKenzie was dropping every pass catching every pass off his shoulder pads not using his hands AT ALL.


Mecole Hardman Jr. has BIG HANDS soft hands skilled hands.


He’s ready Kirby.


I am super excited that Jeremiah Holloman whom Kirby calls J.J. is physical.


I hope that Mecole is listening to Kirby about PHYSICAL RECEIVERS.


Given half a chance to NOT PLAY MECOLE again 2017 Kirby will DO IT just to piss-off the PRESS all of whom he freaking hates with a hearty passion.


Kirby is being very hard-headed about his crappy little itty bitty small under-sized offensive linemen he continues to give all the snaps to with the # 1 unit and NEXT I am GETTING INTO THAT.


How are we the # 1 most TORTURED fan base in college football now that Kirby is our coach ?


Because Kirby has TWO HOLES 3 if you include special teams Mecole can fix by himself TOO on offensive line and at receiver and yet Kirby has ALL THIS TALENT he DOES NOT WANT to let us see them so he doesn’t play them and complains about them to the press to put them down.


Because HE KNOWS we will LIKE THEM better than his crappy choices.


That’s all I got for today.


See my next blog post on the OL Kirby insists are his # 1 unit all spring.


We’ve seen all the videos Kirby – so get over yourself and play Mecole damn it.


Skill guy with tons of skills on a team devoid of that on offense the last 3 years in a row now.


Kirby teach Mecole to be physical and the STEM beginning portion of the pass route.  Teach him Kirby or get someone who can.


I’ll let you read my post on Kirby’s choices on Kirby’s AWFUL offensive line choices this spring on Monday so you will have something to read at work.


But we are NOT the most tortured fan base now that Kirby is our coach because Kirby is making the right choices on offense and special teams.  In fact he is making all the WRONG CHOICES for the WRONG REASONS and that is why Kirby lost 5 games last season and with the horrid Vandie loss did not even have a winning record in The SEC.


I don’t want to be tortured any longer for I’d love to have a coach who LISTENS to ME.


I have been right about a lot of shit for a long time now but I have never been more right than about Mecole Hardman Jr.






LSU hires Matt Canada Offensive Coordinator. Prior to last year Matt Canada interviewed with vols as their OC. Now this year Matt Canada was the only Offensive Assistant Coach in the nation to be a Broyles Award Finalist as the top assistant coach in the nation which has proven to be a highly successful indicator of greatness scoring more than 28 points is EVERY GAME this season and averaged 42 points per game while Kirby’s Offensive Coordinator Jim Chaney did NOT even score 42 points in ANY GAME this year. Pittsburgh had far less talent to choose from than Kirby and Jim Chaney on offense this year as well. AND THEN WE LOST TREVOR LAWRENCE.

So this is the guy who REPLACED Jim Chaney at Pitt for this year. Jim Chaney had 2 games last year and no games this year where he even scored 42 points the AVERAGE Matt Canada had this year replacing Jim Chaney.


Matt Canada is of a Win-first mindset – players love him – makes it tough on defensive coordinators – has a creative mind – makes in-game adjustments – if we have a logjam of talent at TE then there will be more of those players on the field Matt Canada says at LSU Press Conference today – I maximize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses he says – we’re going to use the talent of our players we do have to win games says LSU O.C. Matt Canada.


In short Matt Canada says he does everything Jim Chaney does NOT do which is why he obliterated what Jim Chaney did at Pitt DIRECTLY after replacing Jim Chaney at Pitt.


LSU lost 4 games this season and fired their coach who won the national championship. The 4 games LSU lost this season were :







Instead Kirby hired the guy who was replaced by Matt Canada at Pitt Jim Chaney. And we lost 5 games while Kirby stands-pat with Jim Chaney.


Who is the better hire ?




“I don’t think Georgia is as far as some people think in terms of turning things around and being a great team. Where I was most disappointed was offensively. In this day and time it’s not that big of a deal for true freshmen to come in and play compared to 10 years ago. You’re seeing more true freshmen even on the offensive line getting on the field and making an impact.” David Greene

How sobering is THAT ?


I don’t think we are as far along in turning this program around to be a great team either.  I share David Greene’s disappointment in our offense as well.


And as for David Greene’s pinpoint analysis that IN THIS DAY AND TIME it’s NOT that big a deal for true freshmen to come in and play compared to even 10 years ago again he makes another good point.  Are you listening to David Greene Kirby ?


David Greene has spoken-up for us several times through the years and always when we needed it most.  There is no question we are at a crossroads in how we HELD-BACK our freshmen this year like it was LONG AGO and true freshmen were NO DAMN GOOD.


We are going to have to fix that 2017 if we are to improve.  If Kirby drags his feet with his freshmen coming-in 2017 too in getting them out there practicing and preparing them with the # 1 unit again it will spell doom to Kirby actually making it as a head coach with no offensive or special teams’ experience.


This is why I agree with David Greene AGAIN.  Because Kirby certainly has a built-in bias to NOT WANT to play freshmen.  Either that or he purposely wanted to compare 2017 to 2016 by making 2016 lousy and unacceptable.


It is the single most salient sagacious recognition of where we are with Kirby that he did drag his feet and SAID SO REPEATEDLY getting his true freshmen out there and yet he had no choice.  We’re not as far along because I certainly expect Kirby to do the SAME 2017.  I do not see Kirby getting 8 of the top 100 players coming-in 2017 out there leading the team either.  They certainly represent 8 who will be STARS here.  Holding them BACK a year is why we ARE NOT as far along as we SHOULD HAVE BEEN right now today.


While worst of all was our offense it’s especially noteworthy that David Greene would make these statements about freshmen who did not get the break they deserved this season and the TEAM paid for it as a result.  They had to be a vital part of the 2016 team and Kirby just NEVER recognized that or held them back so 2017 would be better by comparison.


David Greene 42-10 Starting QB 1st Team All-SEC.


( )


Times Free Press David Paschall one of our foremost sportswriters of all-time for a long time now.


Now what was it again YOU read David Greene say ?



Jeff Dantzler Bulldawg Illustrated AND senator of NOTHING Bluto gtp are BOTH peddling the future may or may not be bright here this morning but slide down this URL Link to recruiting HANDED to Kirby see it was # 8 in the nation making-up his 2016 team and see how he SQUANDERED that talent to BE IN FACT the # 66 team in the nation with his # 8 talent at 7-5 at this 2nd URL Link – and then ASK YOURSELVES what did Kirby do to WASTE all this talent 2016 season ?

This blog has given the blow-by-blow of it since Kirby told Greg McGarity on the way home from the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game December 28 of 2016 that it would be his dream to be our coach – over 100 posts here on this blog DETAILING SPECIFICALLY what Kirby did to SCUTTLE the damn season as it was unfolding – every stinking decision Kirby made.


Rookie mistakes ?


The mistakes Kirby made from the time he bothered to show-up here January 12 were DAMN OBVIOUS to EVERYONE.


Kirby purposefully wantonly deridingly putting the players down in the press EVERY DAY and not preparing them at KEY POSITIONS which would bite and did bite Kirby in the ass and STILL IS AS WE “PREPARE” for the bowl game against a TCU we are 3-0 against all-time.


Any football team has weaknesses. It is the JOB of the coach to minimize those NOT MAKE THEM worse damn it all.


It is his job to quickly determine his best players and he said he WOULD and would get them out there if after 4 or 5 practices Kirby told us he recognized them as elite.


Well excuse me Kirby you could NOT still on September 5 Tuesday second game week vs. Nicholls STILL NOT DETERMINE who your God Damn Freaking QB was EVEN then still.


After 4 or 5 practices Kirby ?


You had Jacob Eason from January 12 when YOU finally showed-up to prepare him. Now today you say to Jason Butt out in Memphis that you think NOW Jacob Eason needs all the snaps he can get.


Stick it up your mother freaking asshole Kirby.


Now he needs all the snaps he can get.


What about January 12 Kirby ?


What about September 5 Tuesday Kirby ?  You practiced still Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit Tuesday September 5 Kirby Smart.  You call THAT 4 or 5 practices Kirby ?


Jacob Eason did NOT need all the snaps he could get then TOO ?


Jesus Christ.


That is THIRTY-THREE WEEKS to the damn day Kirby you WASTED NOT GETTING Jacob Eason all the God Damn snaps he could get with the # 1 unit Kirby.


33 weeks wasted Kirby and NOW 7-5 for December 30 bowl you are CONCERNED that Jacob Eason NOW needs ALL THE FREAKING GOD DAMN SNAPS HE CAN GET BETWEEN NOW AND BOWL GAME ?


You know for an Academic All-America there is ONLY ONE possible view of 2016 Kirby and that is that you WILLFULLY tried to make 2016 a THROW-AWAY SEASON.


You STILL are Kirby.


I have NEVER witnessed the WASTING OF TALENT as you did 2016 Kirby.


You recruited 3 top OL for 2016 and combined gave them 1 snap all season.


Brian Herrien is a GREAT RUNNING BACK demanding the ball and you did all you could do to NOT give him the ball EVEN WHEN BOTH YOUR RUNNING BACKS were BOTH injured.


You gave Elijah Holyfield the # 6 best running back in the nation 6 carries.




All season 6 rushes Elijah Holyfield.


If I were Evander I would KICK YOUR ASS Kirby.


Since I am not 4-time heavyweight champion of the world I will WIELD the sword I do have.




If I were Mecole Hardman Junior’s mamma I would KICK YOUR ASS KIRBY for TRYING to redshirt him then NO TOUCH OF THE FOOTBALL ALL SEASON Kirby – NONE.


I shall make it so abundantly clear to EVERYONE that the issue is NOT what you have done to SQUANDER all this # 8 talent HANDED you to be # 66 in the nation with # 8 talent Kirby BUT TO WARN of what you will do with the eight (8) top 100 players NEXT YEAR 2017 Kirby which is that you Kirby will NOT be preparing them with the # 1 unit NEXT YEAR 2017 either Kirby.


What you learned that lesson this year and will ?




Because you are a biased son-of-a-bitch Kirby who HATES FRESHMEN.

( )


# 66 of 128 teams 2016 season to-date Kirby


Average # 8 recruiting classes HANDED Kirby to be # 66 with them including last 5 classes with redshirt making up OUR 2016 team.   1 of those yrs?


“Then we should see the Bulldogs knocking on the door of greatness.” ?????????  THAT is your summary last statement Jeff Dantzler ?  Kiss my ass.


NOT if Kirby does NOT play his God Damn HIGHLY-RATED FRESHMEN we won’t.


EVERY coach in America did a better job of HIGHLIGHTING their freshmen than Kirby 2016.


He better damn well fix that shit or this is going to be a FAILED REGIME.




I’m not putting-up with it.


You 2 do whatever the hell you want.


If you think I am going to sugarcoat the manner in which Kirby conducted himself as my God Damn coach 2016 – you are out of your friqin’ mind.


# 66 team with # 8 talent and By God I am going to CALL IT LIKE IT IS.


There is NO EXCUSE FOR IT.  How about you 2 say THAT ?



Kirby in Memphis today says Jacob Eason needs all the snaps he can get NOW. But what about the 8 players determined to be 8 of the top 100 players in America coming-in to a 7-5 friqin’ team Kirby ? Going to sit them down and NOT PREPARE them either next year Kirby ?

Jacob Eason Kirby’s starting QB all season – who did not get ANY snaps with the # 1 unit all WASTED spring practice and who did NOT get ANY snaps with the # 1 unit ALL FALL PRACTICE too until 3 weeks before kick-off AND EVEN THEN got NO SNAPS with the # 1 unit the last entire week of Fall practice and STILL WAS NOT GETTING THE # 1 SNAPS WITH THE # 1 UNIT September 4 Monday and September 5 Tuesday before Nicholls State can USE and NEEDS all the snaps he can get between now and bowl game Kirby says.


Jacob Eason NEVER got his timing down with the receivers ALL SEASON LONG. Kirby tried to cram the ball down the opponents throat ALL SEASON LONG and NEVER did settle-in on who it was Kirby did THINK was the pitch-and-catch COMBO for Jacob Eason at receiver.


Our offensive coordinator Jim Chaney AND KIRBY sent-out this receiver then next play THAT receiver.


No one ever got the feel for 13-game grueling season. The QB was HELD BACK. The receivers were yanked in-and-out willy-nilly.


No one EVER got used to any position on offense. The OL were dog-tired every game. Still Kirby and Jim Chaney gave their three (3) top OL recruits only 1 snap COMBINED all season.


There was never a time when our offense was NOT behind the 8-ball from Spring Practice Day 1 through the bowl game 2016.


That’s right it’s a December 30 bowl game.


A throw-away year.




Hoping to have FUN during the bowl time according to Kirby.


NOW out in Memphis Kirby tells Jason Butt UGA grad that :


“Every rep he gets, every mental rep he gets, every walk-through rep he gets, every live rep, seven-on-seven rep — he needs as many as he can get. Seeing coverages, seeing multiples, seeing different pressures. I think it’s really important for his growth.”


What about his timing with his receivers Kirby ? Any chance you have figured-out you and Jim Chaney who he is supposed to have his timing down with to THROW TO ?


Gotten comfortable with ?


Gotten used to each other ?


Know each other’s tendencies ?


Know how they handle hot reads ?


Know how they might read coverages ?


On Offense you run to set-up the pass and pass to set-up the run. You and Jim Chaney NEVER did do that Kirby.


Where were all the reps he could get all Spring and All Fall Practice and still even game two Nicholls State STILL practicing Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit Monday and Tuesday Nicholls State game ?


You threw the season away from the beginning Kirby.


You did not figure-out EVEN WHO YOUR GOD DAMN STARTING QUARTERBACK was let alone who the shit he was supposed to throw to or who was his line blocking for him AND you insisted on giving the ball to 2 injured running backs instead of Brian Herrien Kirby.


YOU HAVE LOTS to reflect on Kirby the next freaking month such as what are you going to do with the 8 top recruits coming-in Kirby ? Going to tell them to shut-up and NO SNAPS with the # 1 unit ? Going to THINK ABOUT redshirting them next year Kirby ? You know ? The 8 players determined to be 8 of the top 100 players in America coming-in to a 7-5 friqin’ team Kirby ? Going to sit them down and NOT PREPARE them either next year Kirby ?  Then before the December bowl game 7-5 say that THEY NEED ALL THE REPS THEY CAN GET ?


( )




So how did Kirby do ?

Why do the players hold a players-only meeting ?

When the players hold a players-only meeting is this a good sign for your football coach ?

Why do players hold a players-only meeting and not allow the football coach in his own locker room ?

If there are players who are the leaders of the team – and there are always leaders in any group of people at any endeavor ever in the history of mankind – what have they done ?

Have the team leaders gone to the coaches ?

Have the team leaders gone to the coaches and make points to the football coaches ?

Have the team leaders gone to the coaches made points to the football coaches and told OTHERS that they did ?

What does THAT indicate about the coaching of your football team ?

Nicholls State had a losing record this season and Kirby beat them come-from-behind 26-24 at Sanford.

Missouri was 4-8 this season a losing record too and Kirby beat them 28-27.

Ole Miss had a losing record as well 5-7 and they BEAT Kirby ahead 45 to nothing.

Vanderbilt was 6-6 and they beat Kirby at Sanford as well.

vols Georgie tek yellowjackets and Florida beat Kirby too.

Is number 26 ON THE HOT SEAT of 128 acceptable for your football coach – THAT 102 ARE DOING A BETTER JOB THAN KIRBY ?

The reasons for this are obvious to all Bulldog fans.  We had a great recruiting class last year and Kirby DRAGGED HIS FEET playing them, preparing them with the # 1 unit and using all that talent in the 2016 class.

What worries me most about his bias against Freshmen like this is 1959 with all these freshmen across the country doing so well for YEARS now is that our 2017 recruiting class is our best class arguably we’ve ever had.

Remember how Kirby was still practicing Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit NOT Jacob Eason AFTER the 2nd game still both that Monday and Tuesday ?

He did not take advantage of his Freshmen class.

He was stubborn about running the ball even with every defense loading the box and did NOT use it to open up his passing game.

Kirby never figured-out who to throw to either.

His passing game NEVER got their timing down all season.  Still do not.

And there questions about the guy who hired Kirby big time right ?

Greg McGarity has been here all of 2010 through now.  He has been horrid across the board all sports ESPECIALLY FOOTBALL averaging MORE than 4 losses per season in football.  And it’s not just football.  All Greg McGarity’s hires have been MEDIOCRE hires.

So let’s evaluate here when do you know if a guy is a good football coach ?

Where are we ?

What does he know ?

College football is unique in that you have to be able to recruit. But if you hold-back your recruits are reticent about getting them out there with the # 1 unit and preparing them and urging them on and celebrating what you want from them when they do well and don’t do any of that what difference does it matter if you recruit well ? Don’t you have to play the recruits if you recruited good ones to have them make you look better as a coach than you might be on the strength of your experience as a football coach ?

Are we any good on offense ?

Are we any good on special teams ?

Is your football coach one who knocks the players down ? Is it wrong to do this ? Does any manager succeed if to others he is knocking the players down ? How do the players feel about it ?

Do we really just pay lip service to the back-ups or do you see the coach actually identify the back-up as a potential star who could take over if the others are injured for example ?

If a player is injured does the coach send him out there anyway less than 100 percent ? If he has the flu does he play him when he really was questionable in the first place before the flu too ?

Does the football coach take care of injured players or really take advantage of them and just ask too much of them when they had surgery of 3 ligaments in their previous game ?

How do you tell if we have a good football coach or not ?

Is your job to teach a football coach how to be a football coach or if you offer him up five million 400 thousand in 2016 to coach your team is it reasonable to expect him to have certain knowledge which you see he is demonstrating he simply does not have ?

Does a good football coach try to change the perception of how he is doing when he is not doing well by controlling who he lets talk and what he lets them say ?

Is it readily apparent what the questions are to ask a football coach ?

Does he see that as being critical of him or that ALL OF US are on the same page trying to do better ?

Is it pretty-darn obvious who the better players are and they are just not out there doing that all the time only as ho-hum go get a couple of snaps ?  Or can you really not even tell who the better players are ?

How does this motivate the others on the team when they know too who the better players are at certain positions and this guy they all thought would be isn’t out there all the time doing that when they too thought he should be ? Does this inspire others to be the best they can be ?

Should it be you want to be perceived as in-charge and therefore you are giving a player a lesson as a football coach and therefore spite him to teach him the lesson whether that is spiting you ?  When that hurts the team as a whole ?  Does ANY of this hit home here now ?

How does he treat his players ?

Does he inspire and motivate his players ?

Does he know about defense and how to teach that ?

Can you indeed succeed at any profession if you as the manager don’t have a desire that you want them to be perceived as great players who you helped succeed and win awards and win football games ?

Is he even willing to answer the question of him if you ask him ?

Does his utter denial to answer questions of him as football coach indicate that there probably is fire where there is smoke ?

Is anyone who is any good at anything unwilling to answer direct questions ?

Do you just hire experienced football coaches or can you hire a person with the traits and skills that give him the make-up to be a football coach ?

Is this the school to do that at or are other schools the proving ground for UGA ?

Is this the right time for that or did we just fire a coach because he was no experience as head coach either and was quite mediocre the last 8 years losing to unranked teams losing to the top teams and having glaring issues as head coach everyone easily saw ?

Does a successful company leave a guy in-charge who they maybe made a mistake in hiring ?

Is it obvious when a football coach needs help ?

If you’re his boss and you hired him should you be able to talk to him about what you hired him to do ?

Or are you obviously a person who was put there by a quite controversial person Mike Adam$ who has demonstrated yourself that you know nothing about what you’re doing too ?

Do you have expectations for your football team that you EVEN WANT the coach to be great ?

Do you settle for less than great ?

Do you really not even really care how great or not the football coach is ?

Does he know about offense and how to teach that ?

Does he know about special teams and how to teach that ?

Can he be a good head football coach and know only defense ?

Can he be weak himself at offense and special teams ?

How well does he recruit ?

How well does he evaluate talent and quickly get the best players on the field ?

If he recruits well but is slow on the uptake to play them what difference does it matter how well he recruits ?

Does he seem to have some other goal other than getting his best players playing ?

Does he have built-in biases ?

Is he treating all his players and coaches equally ?

How has he done in hiring coaches ? Do they know what they’re doing ?

Can you evaluate a coach after one year ? Sure you can.

Just as a coach has to be quick on the uptake to get his best players out there playing for him – if you are going to judge how good a coach he is then you have to evaluate him after a year and see where his deficiencies are right ?

Does he know what he needs to learn about coaching football ?

Is he stubborn about being told where he is needing to improve himself as a football coach ?

Does he seek those who know what he does not know about coaching football and surround himself with those or only wants to have it his way or the highway ?

Is sheer determination to WIN a trait of a successful coach ?

Does a good football coach force his system on everyone around him all his players and coaches or does that coach have an uncanny ability to adapt himself and his system to what he actually has as players ?

Do you frequently see him urging the players on and his staff too ?

Or does he mostly criticize ?

Does he get his players to think they can do more and get them fired-up to try to do more than they thought they might ? Is this what a good football coach does ? Can you be a good football coach and not do this ? Can a coach be lucky and have good players and that made him a good coach ?

What are his priorities as coach ? What are your priorities for him as your coach ?

What experience does he have as coach which prove that he is an experienced coach ?

Do you have a list of questions you ask of a prospective football coach you expect him to know ?

Do you have no business in hiring a coach ?

What skills and traits you have seen in successful coaches does he have ?

Does he know enough about the game to teach the skills to his players ?

Is he winning ?

Is he a good coach ?

Is he learning to be a football coach ?

Is he continuing to make the same mistakes or learning from his mistakes ?

Has he been making mistakes as a football coach ?

It seems in each lifetime there are certain winning coaches who get it as a football coach and seem to have a tree of those under him who go on and prove that he developed good football coaches on his staff or does he seem to come from a tree where the successful coach he worked for really has a mixed-bag of former coaches for him who really didn’t prove that they know how to coach at all ?

What do others say about him as a good football coach ?

Did he play the game himself or was a back-up not playing football ?

Is that important ?  Can he have the skills to coach when was just a back-up ?

Do you want a coach who wins ? Does he want to win ?

Are you wanting some goal from him as coach other than winning ?

Does he have some other goal other than winning ?

Does he have a list of areas where he can improve himself as a football coach ?

Is he studying the game and taking courses on being a football coach ?

Does he know it all ?

If you stand idly by and never get in their face and demand greatness can you be a successful football coach ?

How do you judge a good football coach ?

You have to be a good football coach to judge a good football coach ? You have to have been a good football coach to hire a good football coach ? You can get lucky as a person hiring a football coach for him to be good ?

Can a woman be a football coach ?

What would a woman have to know to be a football coach ?

Does being the son of a football coach mean that you will be a football coach ? How good average or great was the father in coaching football ?

Are you pretty-much a know-it-all or like to just put others down ? Have you ever managed or coached yourself or played the game ? Is that important either ?

Do you select among those yourself of the players and spur them on ?

Does a good football coach have favorites ? Should he ? Should it be a trophy for everyone ?

Is being the best they can be what is important ?

How does he deal with losing ?

Does he have some other goal other than winning ?  Is that wrong to ask yourself of your team ?

Is your football coach not doing well ?

Why are you afraid to say that your coach is not doing well ?

Can’t you see what makes a good football coach and what does not ?

Are you a casual fan who really knows nothing and really don’t care to learn either ?

Do you find yourself studying the game of football ?

Do you go to the games ?

Have you been to many away games too ?

Have you been to a ton of bowl games ?

Do you just go on the Internet and criticize others on the Internet and turn the TV off when the team is not going to win that day ? Or do you stick it out to the bitter-end each game and have expectations of at least trying to help the team players and coaches ?

Do you ever get to the point where you give-up on a football coach ? What does he have to demonstrate for you make that decision ?

Did the football coach start doing anything that made you wonder about him as a football coach ?

How long to go before you speak-out about it ?

Is that for someone else to do to determine if he is obviously the guy who gets it as a football coach ?

Are you just kind of stupid and lazy and really don’t get into anything so you really don’t care as long as you like a guy or not as your football coach ?

Do you go along with others’ evaluations of him as a football coach or do you have an informed opinion of your own ?

Do you hate it when a fan says that they think their football coach isn’t doing well when it might be obvious to you as a player coach on his staff administration or fan that this guy has clear weakness a clear limitation to him being a good football coach ?

Is a good football coach a teacher ? Does a good football coach teach ?

What areas do you see us as having flaws ?

Are we any good on defense ?

Do we sit back or get after them on defense ?

Do we take it to them on offense ?

Do we seem to have the same guys back there who are losing or do we try someone else at those positions ?

What makes a good football coach and bad one ?

Is there no question you ask of him to determine for yourself ?

How does he conduct himself ?


What is the essence of the make-up of a good football coach ?


Who should be making these decisions ? A former tennis coach of one year ? Is tennis anything like football ? Is one year coaching tennis really enough to have proved that you do know how to hire a football coach ? Who hired the 1-year tennis coach as athletics’ director at a football school ? Is that important who hired whom ?


How did he get the job as football coach ?


If you offered a job to a guy and he said it would be his “dream job” what would you do if he said he wanted to stay at his old job for 7 weeks and 4 days before bothering to show-up to your job you offered him ?  November 28 he told Greg McGarity dream job showed-up January 12.  Kirby said Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead said this was just fine.


Would you think that that would raise a red flag ?


Does it always work-out when you promote a coach up the ranks ?


Should the # 11 program all-time in wins hire a proven head coach ? Should that be a priority ?


How have the other coaches this guy hired worked-out ?


How well has he done as the athletics’ director during his tenure here starting just prior to the 2010 sports’ season ?


Is that how you measure him ?


Is there some other measure ?


Should no one ever question anything ?


Should online blogs have people who all they ever do is criticize someone for HAVING AN OPINION of how well our football coach is doing his damn job ?


Is that all they have to say ?


Do they have no opinion at all other than he is my coach so I think he is the best ever ?


Is that the best for the players ?


Is that the best for the school ?


What about the school ?


How does THIS reflect on Jere Morehead as the president of The University of Georgia that his first act was to hire one assistant coach promoting him to head football coach at a football school to replace another assistant coach promoted to head coach who for 8 years with # 7 talent here was # 45 in wins vs top 15 teams as the # 11 program all-time in wins ?


Why do Alabama fans have expectations that they MUST do well ?


Why don’t we ?


Should we ?


Is Alabama a better school ?


Is Alabama a better or bigger place or has a better campus or better football stadium or better fans ?


What are your goals to sit back and have no opinion on how Kirby is doing as football coach ?


Does it matter that coaches has Kirby at # 26 after his first year ?


Is he really even number 26  ON THE HOT SEAT ? There is no measure I know of which ranks Kirby as highly as number 26.


Number 26 of 128 is certainly in red on their webpages as ON THE HOT SEAT.


Is Kirby on the hot seat ?


Is this just fine and dandy and Kirby can do whatever and we all love him anyway ?


Now that he is telling the players to have fun now that we play TCU in the Liberty Bowl and that he wants them to take time-off not practice is that telling the players and indicating the coach thinks his job is secure ?


Did Mark Richt say that he was SURPRISED that he was fired ?


Is Kirby going to say the same ?


While I listed Kirby as a possible better coach than Mark Richt and noted that Kirby was the ONLY one on my list NOT a current proven head coach – is it what you expected of me to settle for 8-5 when Mark Richt was 9-4 at 73-32 his last 8 years here ? Is Kirby going to be 7-6 and not even 8-5 ?


Is there anything to indicate that Kirby is doing anything different NOW today than he did starting January 12 ?


Do you see our offense as a FAILED OFFENSE ?


Do you think that Kirby KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT OFFENSE ?


Or do we have a defensive coach who is our football coach ?


Which is it ?


Is your football coach stupid or did Kirby earn Academic All-America as our 1st Team All-SEC defensive back and team captain here ?


So he is not stupid then right ?


He is inexperienced isn’t he ?


He has certain areas where he has a lot to learn about being a good football coach doesn’t he ?


Am I allowed to open-up this discussion ?


Should I or should you indeed should anyone who writes anything about Georgia Bulldogs’ football ignore that which is obvious about where he is lacking as a good football coach ?


Should Kirby have given his top 3 OL signees this 2016 one snap combined or was THAT one of the very weakest areas of this team ? Did it matter ? Was he on a damn honeymoon anyway ?


When does the honeymoon end ?


When you finally fire his ass ?


When is that ?


When you sat by and never offered-up an opinion and finally one day he loses to Vandie and you fire him ?


Or finally one day many years of mediocre football from now because he is not prepared to be a good football coach you let him go for being WORSE than Mark Richt who was fired for being 9-4 for his last 8 years here now winning NOTHING at 8-5 one season ?


When ?


When NOT ?


When can this be discussed ?


Does it hurt recruiting to discuss this ?


Do you think the recruits saw that Mecole Hardman Junior got no punt returns no kick-off returns no passes thrown to him no passes defended no rushes no touch of the ball ?


Should Ben Cleveland have been redshirted ?


Should Brian Herrien have been the starter this season as Tailback when Nick Chubb and Sony Michel were trying to get over their injuries ?


Or should Nick Chubb have been given 32 carries for 227 yards right out of the gate and really not been the same since ?


Can you criticize Kirby about ANYTHING ?


Well can you ?


Should I ?


Indeed should anyone ?


Did Ole Miss have better talent than we HANDED Kirby ? No. We average the # 7 recruiting ranking for the last 5 years with redshirt making up this team and Ole Miss # 11. Should Kirby have been 45 to nothing ?


Is that acceptable ?


What kind of message are YOU sending if you write anything about or say anything about The Georgia Bulldogs and disregard asking these questions ?


Can Kirby not GATA and beat TCU or is that a throw-away have fun game too ? More honeymoon ?


When is the honeymoon over ?


When must he answer the tough questions ?


When do you ask one of him ?


When do you say anything on this topic or frankly any other relevant topic on this team you purport to write about ?


Well ?


Fluff pieces ?


Is that what you say to yourself as you sit down to do your job covering this team we PAY YOU to ?


That you are going to IGNORE anything about Kirby’s coaching and just write a fluff piece again ?


Ignore Kirby ?


Ignore the season ?

I really don’t give a damn what you think about me in case you have not figured that out yet after me writing about us on the Internet since 1977. I ran my own BBS for many years. I built my own computer. I ran two phone lines into my computer I bought with my money and built myself. It is what I do.


I was honored Honor’s Day as Top 5 % of my graduating class at The University of Georgia. I have the papers to prove they invited my parents there to Foy Fine Arts Building for the Ceremony.   I am not in this world to live-up to YOUR expectations of me.


What I do give a damn about is that my alma mater wins.


I have a DEGREE in THIS.


I have coached for MANY YEARS.


I played 4 sports and lettered in 4 sports.


I was the Senior Patrol Leader of my Boy Scout Troup HERE where I have lived all my life.


Good coaches always build-up self-esteem rather than undermine it. This self-esteem building is not a gimmick nor is it done artificially. In other words the coach doesn’t praise a mediocre effort. A good football coach judged as a good football coach simply makes it a practice to catch his athletes doing things RIGHT. The good coach doesn’t get caught up in playing head games that leave the athlete questioning his abilities. He doesn’t criticize them to the press but PRAISES them.


I know what I am talking about.


I can prove I know what I am talking about.


College football players are not criticized by their football coach for a mistake failure or short-coming. This is an aggressive assault on that athlete that doesn’t build mental toughness or enhance performance.  There is NOTHING educational or constructive about it. It tears down that athlete and grossly undermines his self-esteem creating performance problems.


I have a DEGREE in this.


I have studied it all my life. I did it before I went to UGA. I have done it EVERY day since.


A good football coach does not just teach the skills techniques and strategy of this sport. Instead a good football coach looks for opportunities where the more important life lessons can be taught such as mastering hardship handling and rebounding from failures and setbacks trusting his teammates sacrificing himself for the benefit of the team emotionally dealing with winning and losing teaches good sportsmanship fair play honesty integrity and that as a team the team is TRYING to win. Some get it. Some don’t. Which do we have ? I ask these questions because I am not about to put-up with it next year nor will I stand idly by and have not since PRIOR to January 12 when it finally dawned on little ole me that we HAVE A PROBLEM here in our football coach.


When you are out-of-balance in a job offering-up $ 5 million 400 thousand plus an expense account plus a retirement package for life and think there is something you will be judged on other than winning or that THIS is acceptable as laid-out by me here for Kirby this 2016 season pardon me but I am going to direct myself to what he needs to do to improve.


Mark Richt ignored me and called me noise.


I fired his ass. I had no choice.


He would NOT IMPROVE HIMSELF in the areas he was simply ineffective as a football coach. He was stubborn about it.


Kirby is showing these same stubborn traits about his areas of weakness as well the very same as Mark Richt.


And Kirby unlike Mark Richt is not stupid.


On the contrary Kirby is smart enough to KNOW I am RIGHT about this.


In anything you have to have self-awareness. You have to take ownership. It does not work not to. If the team wins THE PLAYERS did it not the coach. If the team loses YOU MUST BE THE ONE WHO SAYS IT WAS YOUR FAULT ALONE that the players and staff did EVERYTHING they could do. That you are SATISFIED with the performance of the team. That you have to do a better job of coaching.


That’s what I am saying here.


What Kirby has to do to improve.


I will NOT settle for this shit as it is.


A good coach knows that while one athlete may respond well to a hard edge and raised voice and he knows that this approach may totally shut another down. What I see is what I saw in Rodney Garner here – tough love only.


Kirby had to have seen that Brian Herrien wanted the ball more.


Kirby has to know that Mecole Hardman Junior’s mamma is very disappointed in Kirby not playing him either.


It’s a good thing that Kirby doesn’t let Ben Cleveland as a freshman to speak-up or Elijah Holyfield for getting 6 carries or any of his assistant coaches – none of whom does Kirby allow to speak-up because THEY WOULD TELL HIM THIS TOO and you know it.


Game plans in-game adjustments time-outs play calls practice not practice say great accolades about the guys you signed yourself to your team are all areas a good coach is great at. We don’t have ANY of these.


You know that too.


I am not the only one who sees this.


I am not stupid. I know you know this.


The good football coach is flexible. He adjusts what he thought he wants to what he DOES have.


All good coaches are GREAT communicators. Kirby is probably about as abrasive a football coach as he can be and have any chance of being a good football coach one day.


When will that day be ?


Do you expect Kirby to play his freshmen with the # 1 unit this Spring who show-up this Spring who Kirby will START next year ?


I do NOT.


How can you expect to LISTEN well if all you EVER do is tell everyone to SHUT-UP ?


That you categorically refuse to answer the question ?


I understand how important it is to LISTEN.


I know how to ask open questions. I am trained at it. I know how to ask directed questions. I know how important this is.


I know how the Bulldog Nation feels this morning.


A football team has a mission. It is not a process but a GOAL. It is that you WANT IT BADLY ENOUGH to give it your all. Kirby still seems locked-in on something else. He hasn’t gotten to the point yet that he feels the pressure yet to WIN.


He will.


He has to LEARN THAT apparently.


Nick Saban did not prepare Kirby and TOLD US TO HIRE HIM anyway. Nick Saban had to know all these short-comings of Kirby after all these years the 2 were inseparable. And Nick had to know he had not given Kirby a free hand to make these decisions such as who starts at QB and why ?


Who redshirts ?


What are the teams’ strengths ?


What are the teams’ weaknesses and what can I do as football coach to fill that hole to fix that ?


Give up on it ?


Write the season off as a throw-away year ?


Say we have NOBODY on the team ?


Criticize EVERY PLAYER to the press ?


Say the guy has this weakness and that weakness as QB as to why you NEVER practiced him with the # 1 unit even Monday and Tuesday after GAME TWO (2) and made him your starting QB all year WITHOUT the confidence of his teammates and without the experience with the # 1 unit ?


I mean.


No timing down then with the receivers. No feel for the game with them as receivers.


A good coach is not defensive about these tough questions EVERY TIME all season long when we ALL asked you Kirby.


We’re NOT the opposition Kirby. We’re not Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fans Kirby. No sane person would read any word in 50 years I wrote and say that Kirby. We’re TRYING to HELP. Are you LISTENING ?


Feedback Kirby is the breakfast of champions. Learn from your mistakes Kirby.


This is NO FUN Kirby. How much FUN do YOU think this is Kirby ? Well son ?


All season long we did EVERYTHING we could do to LOSE.


Where are we at with our football coach ?


Do you think that the foundations are set for us to do well next year ?


Or do you think that we aren’t coaching our recruits as well as we could ?


What are YOU going to do about it if you do think we have areas to improve for Kirby ?  Be like Kirby and not allow the question to be asked ?


That will fix it ?


Do you WANT IT ?


Do you know what it means to WANT IT ?


I am sorry but I am not into dinky.  I know how to ask others :




I will stand there until they say :





And we’re going about this all wrong.

What I do give a damn about is that my alma mater wins.  I think that is fun.  I want that.  I have expectations that we do win.  I do not consider 7-5 winning football. This is unacceptable. Kirby is a neophyte at coaching and has loads to learn.

If he is not ready what do we do now ?

Do you think I am wrong ?  Or even wrong to ask ?

Do you think I have the RIGHT to ask you if you think this is acceptable right now today that this is where we are ?



I am sick and tired of THE PROCESS personally and want us to put some God Damn Emphasis on WINNING by getting our best 22 on the field instead of making some point to this one or that one and not playing him as much as he should’ve been early enough this season to do something about us WINNING. Send the message we’re only going to have 9 practices that we want them to HAVE FUN and more bullshit from you Kirby about the God Damn PROCESS ? When do we begin TRYING TO WIN Kirby ?

I would have held two (2) hard practices as soon as we were announced as the opponent of TCU in our MOST IMPORTANT BOWL GAME. I would have set the tone for the players that blowing a 13-point lead vs a team who SAID they consider US their # 1 Rival at the end of the last game was UNACCEPTABLE and that the offense defense and special teams MUST get after it and NOW or we stand to be 7-6 this season. That TCU might be a struggling defense but that we’re a STRUGGLING OFFENSE. If I were Kirby this would have been my strategy.


Then I would have held 9 more practices December 14 to December 23 Friday here after the Finals.


Then I would have held 4 more December 26 to December 29 with two to get them refocused Monday the 26th as a two-a-day to send the message THAT THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.


The VERY LAST MESSAGE we should be sending to the players after this debacle in the last game is that our coach is satisfied with 5 national championships as Defensive Coordinator for Alabama and that therefore we will only have 9 of the 15 practices.


God Damn it Kirby.


I am sick and tired of THE PROCESS personally and want us to put some God Damn Emphasis on WINNING by getting our best 22 on the field instead of making some point to this one or that one and not playing him as much as he should’ve been early enough this season to do something about us WINNING. Send the message we’re only going to have 9 practices that we want them to HAVE FUN and more bullshit from you Kirby about the God Damn PROCESS ? When do we begin TRYING TO WIN Kirby ?




Our last game with 6 minutes and 29 seconds we mismanaged a 13-point lead against a team made-up of # 52 average recruiting rankings to our # 7 and LOST.


I’d like to see Kirby TALK ABOUT and WORK ON winning.


Not the process.


The process presupposes that there is something here at Georgia BESIDES WINNING that is important.


That there is some throw-away year we handed to him because he bothered to show-up on January 12 when 7 weeks and 4 days’ prior he told Greg McGarity it would be his “DREAM JOB” to come here and be our coach.


Why didn’t Kirby get the highest 3 rated OL he recruited in the games with the combination of the 3 getting only 1 snap all season ?


Why didn’t Kirby play HEALTHY Brian Herrien instead of BOTH injured Nick Chubb and Sony Michel ?


Why did Kirby wait all of pre-season Spring and Fall Practices and even into the games game 3 before he finally quit practicing Greyson Lambert with the God Damn # 1 Starting Unit ? After game 3 Kirby STILL gave the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit BOTH Monday and Tuesday that week too to Greyson Lambert.


He REDSHIRTED Mecole Hardman Junior or TRIED TO and then had a come to Jesus meeting CALLED by Mecole Hardman Junior’s mamma where he finally relented and played him but just on special teams and NEVER on defense or offense and never on special teams except to tackle.


Now as we prepare for the Bowl Game AGAIN Kirby is TALKING ABOUT THE PROCESS – not beating TCU whose coach Gary Patterson turned Vince Dooley down for this job and who has a record against beating teams who take him lightly despite having no defense this season.


We’re struggling on OFFENSE Kirby.




Try to win.


Be the head coach and TALK-UP how BADLY you want to WIN God Damn it Kirby.


We have not won any God Damn National Championships this season Kirby. Who gives a friqin’ shit if you have Kirby at ALABAMA where you seem to have been replaced without skipping a beat.


Or I am seeing something here no one else is ?


I don’t give a shit about growing and looking forward Kirby : I want you to win the God Damn Game against TCU and you have a completely different agenda.


( Jason Butt just now.


We have had ENOUGH FUNNING-AROUND Kirby from you beginning with you telling Greg McGarity November 28 of 2016 that THIS would be your “DREAM JOB” Kirby.




Start with TCU.


Get with the freaking program Kirby.


Instead of standing idly by as you CONTINUE to make these ROOKIE MISTAKES as coach Kirby I TRY to make the POINT to you BEFORE it is too late.


Because I God Damn am going to come in here and criticize you AFTERWARDS if you LOSE to 6-6 TCU.


You’re stubborn Kirby.  You BETTER get with it.


I will FIRE your ass in a God Damn heartbeat.  And don’t think I won’t.



Kirby’s grades as head coach including now game 8. The Offense did not show-up ready to play again today. You could not run and you tried to force your will running without personnel to do that Kirby. Then you did all pass. No Kirby. That is not an offense EITHER. You have NOT shown-up ready to play HALF YOUR GAMES AS A HEAD COACH ALREADY KIRBY 4 of the 8 on special teams either. Are you getting the job done coming into the game telling everyone you are NOT DESPERATE Kirby ? Sure you were desperate. We saw your halftime interview grinding your teeth Kirby. You showed-up NOT READY TO PLAY FLORIDA on Offense nor on Special Teams Kirby. You came here with no experience on special teams or offense. You have proven that assessment. Right on target for Mark Richt’s average 4-losses a season for his last 8. This is NOT what I bargained for. Greg McGarity loses his job over this Kirby. You’re not ready to be a head coach Kirby sir. You were hired here to fix this mess Kirby not continue on unabated. Hit the road jack. It disappoints me to admit it Kirby. But you’re not ready to be a head coach yet. Maybe in a few years. Maybe not. You are too head-strong in your weakest areas Kirby.



Kirby has done a stellar job of recruiting.  He has so many holes that you can hardly really criticize him for the hole at receiver he was unable to fill last year and still somehow next year too at this point.  He would get an A+ if he had for either year and I can not picture that the next on the line for Kirby will not be reeled-in. Only a fool receiver would not want to catch Jacob Eason for his last 2 years here.  He and baller Jake Fromm.


Kirby has done very well with the defense.  It doesn’t show-up in the stats because he is so weak in EVERY other area, but no fault here on Defense.  There have been some poor defensive plays but the ones which stand-out are specialty defenses where Kirby had the wrong concept as head coach what he was trying to do in those situations.  Kirby has rotated-in some guys here who have helped as this long season has progressed.  We are in good shape on Defense and even the guys on the line are getting the job done.



The Passing Game has been particularly disappointing.   Blocking has been poor for the pass and Kirby keeps sending-out receivers who just drop the ball.  None of this get my best 22 out there.   16 first downs Kirby had Jim Chaney RUN instead last game and this game 8 no different until he was proven he could not run.  Kirby hey boy  we cannot run the ball.  Wake up.  He gained 36 yards those 16 running first downs last week and this week even worse.  This goes back to Kirby’s INCORRECT assertion that few bad things go wrong when you run the ball up the gut every First Down.

Then there is the dearth of receivers who can catch Jacob Eason’s passes.

He is offered-up such a mishmash of guys all who drop the passes that it boggles the mind.

That he has hit any of the crazy array of receivers offered-up to him is truly amazing in its own right.

Jacob Eason has not practiced with any of them.

238 days in and we are not settled on a single pitch and catch combination for the # 1 recruit nationwide at QB.

How bad is that ?



He failed to recognize – even having dominated Greyson Lambert himself last year and watching him YANKED by Mark Richt during the game early-on – that he had to prepare Jacob Eason as his only option at QB 2016.

He likewise failed to recognize – even given that Mark Richt just finished the end of his Dream Team 22 seniors gone (who averaged 4 losses a season for the 6 years they were here since they included Kolton Houston the 2010 recruit from the year before Mark Richt’s Dream Team) all 22 of whom started – that he had as his only option to prepare his entire freshmen class to play 2016.  Phil Steele rated Kirby’s returning 2-Deep this season the # 93 most experienced 2-Deep.  Still, Kirby could not be bothered to prepare his freshmen even at positions of need.


Talk about having your butt cheeks clinched Kirby about freshmen.  Maybe if you had actually taken this job the day you said it would be your dream to coach us November 28, you might have by now recognized this Kirby and prepared, practiced with the # 1 unit, and played your freshmen you yourself signed 2016 Kirby.

He as well failed to recognize what he said himself from the time he got here that he had no interior linemen offense or defense left with nothing either side of the ball by Mark Richt in the trenches and instead preferred to stand-pat rather than get Ben Cleveland his top OL recruit a single snap game 8 come and gone now.

He so failed miserably on running backs that he stood-pat there too with 2 injured running backs Nick Chubb and Sony Michel and ONLY played those 2 despite the fact that Brian Herrien leads the team as a NATURAL BORN LEADER and in ADDITION leads the team in rush per carry.  Game 8 for Brian Herrien ?  2 times handed the ball.  When the game over and Kirby STILL trying to impose his Will running the ball.  Awful Kirby.

Perhaps given these above areas of weakness that this last one is the most criminal of ALL is saying something – Kirby from the outset said he needed to sign a big-time receiver and whiffed.  This was his BIGGEST need to complement Jacob Eason as 2016 was shaping-up as he arrived.  Jacob Eason was here before Kirby got here January 12.  Jacob Eason had already taken 2 weeks’ worth of classes.  For a team who could pass the ball finally when we have not been able to 2015 or 2014 with Greyson Lambert and Hutson Mason both # 119 passing offense and # 89 passing offense.

Then to complicate his biggest jump-out at you roster missing link, Kirby failed to look around creatively to find guys who can catch the ball from the 85 scholarship players he most certainly did have for 2016 and still has all 85 playing only 58 of them.  27 sitting on the bench.  27 who average the # 7 recruiting class including redshirt for the 5 classes Kirby was handed.


Of course Kirby could have fulfilled his need at receiver had he simply announced from the beginning that he would ONLY start Jacob Eason win or lose.  Kirby was going to have Jacob Eason practice only with the # 1 unit he could have said.  And have that unit as well-oiled as he could get it.  When Kirby arrived January 12 and Jacob Eason in classes for 2 weeks then, Kirby could have announced him as his Starter Game 1.  Come catch Jacob Eason here Kirby could have said.  He whiffed on receiver because he WHIFFED making that statement.


But no.  That was too much to ask from Kirby.




As big as his roster mismanagement has loomed all season and it has been the worst a job of roster management since Mark Richt – Kirby actually stated to press when pressed about Mecole Hardman Jr. – that Kirby would know after 4 or 5 practices if Mecole is Elite or not and would get him on the field the question was specifically about on offense and special teams – then Kirby REDSHIRTED his ass for the first SEVERAL GAMES and then was called on the carpet about it by Mecole himself.  Only then did Kirby relent and let him play one snap on special teams each game since.  2 assisted tackles all season by Mecole Hardman Jr. the consensus # 1 athlete in the nation and CLEARLY still could be a BIG HUGE HELP at receiver. In the last game for example too we were punted to 8 times.  Isaiah McKenzie missed all 8 punts and twice got his unsure hands on the ball only to bat it around back there – never catching ANY of the Vandie 8 punts.  None of the 8 punts did Isaiah McKenzie field.  There is NO QUESTION that Mecole Hardman Jr. could have done AT LEAST AS WELL.  Going into Game 8 Mecole Hardman Jr. 2 assisted tackles on special teams ONLY.  Criminal.


Could Kirby have used Mecole Hardman Jr. today trying to get open for Jacob Eason to throw to ?



Jacob Eason.  Kirby was still CONFUSED who was his QB 2016 in WEEK # 2 against Nicholls State still having Greyson Lambert with the # 1 unit practicing Monday and Tuesday September 5 and September 6 of 2016.  This is then after 100 practices and 34 weeks watching the two quarterbacks.


34 weeks WASTED.


238 days WASTED.


His offense has failed to find any rhythm yet as a result of these wasted 238 days from the day Kirby got here January 12 when Jacob Eason had already been here for 2 weeks’ time in classes already.




I have personally never witnessed a head coach with this piss-poor recognition of talent.


At GLARING holes on the team.





This leads-in to the category of realizing that for the best players on ANY COLLEGE TEAM you get to see them for 3 years and then they are gone.


Kirby so wasted his FRESHMEN 2016 that it begs the question what will he do 2017 with what clearly is the # 1 football signing class The Mighty Bulldogs have ever had.


NOT PLAY FRESHMEN 2017 as well ?


The entire freshmen class 2016 have been so mistreated that as a group there never has been such a class so misused anywhere anytime in the history of college football.


Kirby allowed Charlie Woerner to have one pass thrown to him all day.  He caught it.  1 pass.


Brian Herrien got 2 rushes all day today.  All those rushes in a row by Nick Chubb telegraphing him as running the ball.  Knowing full well Kirby ONLY would do just that.


We will watch the VERY BEST of this 2016 class really only 2 years next year and the year after for we sure as SHIT did not watch them prepared – practiced – put in the game at CLEAR OBVIOUS HOLES – and see how THEY might help-out.




This is another area for Kirby where his too in-depth meddling across the gambit of his team has shown-up.  Too many penalties.  Killing penalties.  Penalties where our players look unprepared.


Kirby wouldn’t play our freshmen then he puts them out there game on the line against our # 1 Rival and we have another 49 yards of penalties again today.  Sad.




Kirby has so meddled in the Offense of Jim Chaney that the fault is Kirby’s.  Shackled with the wrong players – wrong personnel – Kirby insisted to Jim Chaney that he run the ball.  Kirby did that again today vs. Florida until he finally gave up on it.  And when he gave up on it Florida then teed-off on Jacob Eason.  Hot or Cold.  Hit or Miss.  Run or Pass.  No balance.


Particularly one-minded all season he would run.  Kirby announced he would run before the Florida game when he said he was not desperate.  Since all he has tried to do all season was run, I knew THEN that we’d lose with that mindset.  It doesn’t fit this team.


Kirby prior to the Vandie loss BRAGGED that “fewer bad things happen when you run the ball.”


Anything but has been the case.


Kirby has 1 year as Mark Richt’s running backs’ coach 2005 as his only experience including Pop Warner football on the offensive side of the ball.  He either has to hire a guy like Erk Russell was to Vince Dooley for that side of the ball and LEAVE HIM ALONE, or take classes and try to learn offenses 2016 for Kirby clearly has no clue to say fewer bad things happen when you run the ball when Kirby states he has no OL to block and knew his 2 top returning running backs whom he ONLY wants to run up the middle were both injured.




Kirby has never been involved in coaching special teams at all anywhere either.  And this has bit him in the butt.  Today in the Florida game Kirby gave-up an entire length of the field 100 yards advantage Florida over Kirby’s special teams. The hiring of a son of a father who had good special teams has exacerbated this as he can not turn to him to run the special teams for Kirby and make Kirby look good.  Kirby also has meddled in Special Teams unwilling to put stars out there on special teams whom any good special teams coach would have given the nod to long before Game 8 losing half his games and now SEC record 2-4.




Today Kirby your kicker kicked-off to their 5-yard line.  He returned it to the 37.


Jesus Christ.


YOU gave them a short field ALL DAY TODAY again Kirby.


Can’t you see that Kirby ?


I am the only 1 who knows about Mitchell Wasson ?


I doubt that Kirby.


Kirby signed a KICKER this 2016 class.  He stated he wanted to have him walk-on then refused through game 8 to let him even try to kick-off to see if Mitchell Wasson can kick-off out of the end zone.  Florida did it all night.  We were inconsistent at it.  Opening Kick-Off last week for example Kirby STILL has his 2 kickers both of whom were here under Mark Richt kicking and the current CHOICE who was NOT Kirby’s first pick kicked-off to their SEC leading Kick-Off man to the 3-yard line on a line drive kick-off which was returned to the 3-yard line. This week we gave Florida short field after short field.   Kirby was 3 of 7 on Field Goals and said himself he clearly made at least one bad choice as Kicker until the Vandie game.  Kirby said he was worried sick about Kicking all off-season.  That instills a lot of confidence in the group of 3, only 2 of which have we seen.  Saving Mitchell Wasson for 2017 are you Kirby ?  Or have him and another Kicker 2017 and not play the other one 2017 Kirby when you OBVIOUSLY are NOT impressed with Mitchell Wasson – not that I agree with that having NOT SEEN it myself.  But having seen your other choices Kirby, I certainly CRITICIZE not having shown ME Mitchell Wasson.




Kirby has just as clearly earned a D for his coaching of running backs – the only area of offense he has ANY previous experience with and it one year here for Mark Richt 2005 a dozen years’ ago.


Having Nick Chubb run 38 times up the gut on Top 25 North Carolina game time who is Top 25 still now too was criminal after 3-ligament surgery.


He hasn’t been the same since.


Likewise Sony Michel up the gut instead of spread out wide at his natural position of receiver and with his broken arm and pin in it with cast from July 4 horsing-around on dangerous ATV given that Sony Michel KNEW Nick Chubb was certainly in question early-on too and now lingering all season that way with multiple Nick Chubb injuries now 2016 has put Kirby behind the proverbial 8-ball; but GIVEN THOSE out of his own personal control Kirby gets an F handling both of them and a D for FINALLY letting Brian Herrien TRY to lead this team running the ball which is ALL KIRBY WANTS TO DO OFFENSIVELY.


When today against Florida Kirby hit Sony Michel out in space Kirby instead went right back to having Sony Michel run up the gut.  Run Nick Chubb up the gut until he is tired.  Bring in Sony Michel more of the same.  Oh yeah and 2 cameo runs by freshmen sensation Brian Herrien back when Kirby was ONLY trying to run every down until the game was OVER.


I would give Kirby an F for his handling of Brian Herrien.  But Brian himself has responded to the BULLSHIT of Kirby’s mishandling of him by BEING A TRUE TEAM LEADER on the field and off that I give Brian Herrien an A personally.  Some of that rubs-off onto Kirby’s grade – increasing his overall F with regard to coaching running backs – to D only because of the ONE GUY who was HEALTHY Kirby could have used for his dumbass running game strategy with 2 injured running backs every 1st down up the gut.


And behind an OL who can’t block for the run.  Thus D for Kirby at running backs’ coaching.


If I had to pick the second guy picked in the NFL Draft in the year after next it would be Brian Herrien.


But there are so many others of this 2016 Signing Class who might get to play next year for Kirby MAYBE who we have truly no idea about such as Mecole Hardman Jr. and Ben Cleveland that there might be OTHERS leaving after the year after next with Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien.

Congratulations Kirby – the one guy who you have mistreated the most who is your best leader on your team enhanced your grade to a D as running backs’ coach.  How does that make you feel Kirby ?




Perfect example today vs. Florida continuing the season long refrain that fewer bad things happen when you run, Kirby just was relentless on trying to force Kirby’s Will against Florida running the ball.  It FAILED.




Kirby yanked the punter and forced trying rugby style kicks.  That cannot be the special teams’ coordinator who makes that choice today vs. Florida.  A special teams’ coordinator would KNOW who is his best punter and the style punt he is best at.  You go with your best.  We have no clue.




Kirby doesn’t know when to call time-out and when not.  This is something he can learn over time.  These head-strong biases of Kirby against letting freshmen practice with the # 1 unit are far more worrying long term.




Yanking Jacob Eason game 1 vs. North Carolina when he brought us back from down 10 is just wild and wrong Kirby.  You yanked Jacob Eason game 2 also and put in Greyson Lambert.  Figure out who your players are Kirby more quickly sir and then let them practice with the # 1 unit and go with them.




Why are you 2-4 in The SEC Kirby ?


Well one of the reasons is that you perceive the press as working against you when the press for Georgia follows us.  No one else in the nation does Kirby.


We suck.


So when they ask you questions it is because they think the question deserves an answer.


Maybe it will help us.


A large part of your salary Kirby is to have scheduled press meetings where you discuss with us  what we deem necessary for you to answer us about.  We are millions of not Alabama fans but Georgia Bulldogs fans.  There are more of us than Alabama’s fans although we’re not used  to their winning ways.  We are trying to help you Kirby and our program.  And our 2016 season which is one of a very limited number of years each of these 85 a year scholarship recruits can be here.  3 years for the best.  5 years for the worst.


These antics of yours ranting and raving to the press that we dare to even ask you the tough questions is OVER Kirby.


You will answer our Questions Kirby.


You are a neophyte head college football coach Kirby unprepared and over your head.  You have disgraced The Proud University of Georgia IN EVERY PRESS MEETING since January 12.


You are NOT DESPERATE going into today’s game Kirby ?


Seriously Kirby ?


We cannot put up with these press meetings’ antics by you Kirby.


We need you to WAKE-UP Kirby.


2-4 in The SEC Kirby ?


You are lucky you are not even worse than that.




It is clear that Nick Saban did not prepare you to be head coach Kirby.  He raped you for your defense and you’re good at that Kirby.



When we hold a press meeting and ask you about the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING Kirby we expect honest answers.  Such as here is what they demanded when they refused to let me in my locker room with the players.


You never did tell us what their demands were from the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING Kirby.


We know they wanted more access to you and more PT by you of the players all players know are our best players but since freshmen get only casual looks.





You and Jim Chaney both can both go stick it up your asshole Kirby for your God Damn sorry-ass play-calling on offense.  You neither have a friqin’ clue on offensive play-calling tailored to your personnel  and you BOTH have failed to get your best 11 out there.  Game 8 today Kirby y’all ran and ran and ran and ran.  Once they proved to you that you could not run as you could not all year Kirby, then they were prepared for you to go all pass and just killed Jacob Eason back there.




Many of your problems stem from the fact that although November 28 you said it would be your dream job to coach us, you demonstrated that to ME Kirby by NOT SHOWING-UP for 6 weeks and 4 days.



The fact that out-of-hand you GAVE-UP on even trying to pay the monies to keep Jeremy Pruitt gave you a decided disadvantage with regard to The # 1 SEC team RIVAL Alabama.  The lone bright spot the year before you made NO EFFORT Kirby to keep Jeremy Pruitt here.  If I were to tell me that you STILL were trying to help keep Nick Saban from retiring and to help Alabama by capitulating on Jeremy Pruitt as YOUR REPLACEMENT DC at Alabama I would say Kirby that you and Nick Saban were in-collusion on this against US sir.  You know ?  Your alma mater.

If you were to prove to me what you have since Kirby that you would be this stubborn as a new manager and try to DO TOO MUCH at EVERY ASPECT of the team I would have told you then now looking back at it, that YOUR ONLY HOPE would then be to MAKE Jeremy Pruitt the head coach for the bowl game and give him half your own salary to be UGA D.C. naming him as ASSISTANT HEAD COACH and title of Coach in Waiting.  This would have freed you up to do what you have done anyway which is to meddle in every other part of the football team which you clearly are UNPREPARED for and unsuited for with your lack of experience such as notably Kirby Play-Calling, Offense, and Special Teams with a Special N.B. at recognizing talent.

While I applaud the hire of Del McGee, you should have made him your Offensive Coordinator Kirby.  Were it not for your GAG ORDER Kirby on all the coaches we as the fan base could have recognized the dumb shit the assistants on your coaching staff say.


Yes, you are smarter than they are Kirby.


But, you MUST rely on your staff and your gag order of not only freshmen but of all your assistants too has caused you to have a poorly coached 2-4 in The SEC team.


Unranked just like Mark Richt half the last 8 years in the Final AP Poll Top 25 with NOW no game you can do ANYTHING about that EITHER 2016 now long since over Kirby.




JUST LIKE MARK RICHT WHO PULLED THIS SHIT EVERY YEAR Kirby has seen fit to continue this BAD HABIT as well, AGAIN too. From the frying pan to the fire Kirby.  This is NOT what I bargained for.   Kirby was not ready for Vandie at all.  Or Nicholls State.  And Ole Miss 45 to nothing against a team we clearly could have exploited with a passing attack and absolutely can compete with.  Missouri only Jacob Eason bailed you out against that hapless team.  That’s 4 already in the first 7 games MORE THAN HALF THE GAMES KIRBY.  Today Game 8 only your defense showed-up.  You cannot tell me Kirby that your offense or special teams came ready to play against our # 1 Rival.








Frankly you did not come-out ready to play South Carolina either Kirby and I have my doubts therefore that you show-up Saturday ready to play as well.


Pre-game today I knew you would not show-up ready to play Kirby.  Actually I had no doubts.  That you will show-up today Kirby ready to play Florida was no longer in question once YOU SAID the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING left YOU with the impression that YOU WERE NOT DESPERATE.  I figured you will NOT.  I predicted you would run until you proven unable to.  Proven to you.  It was proven to me game 2 Kirby.  After ALL you have NOT shown-up ready to play MORE THAN HALF YOUR GAMES AS A HEAD COACH ALREADY KIRBY.


Kirby you have failed to meet your Goals for Coach Kirby Smart.  You have NOT MET our expectations on MANY LEVELS and I therefore expected you show-up NOT prepared for Florida too.  After all you have NOT SHOWN-UP here with the mindset that 2016 is AN IMPORTANT YEAR Kirby.  So far Kirby, and this is not an insignificant sample size of game 8 Kirby, we ALL KNEW you came as DC with no experience on offense and special teams.  Where are YOU BAD KIRBY ?  Offense special teams and talent recognition.  I would have NEVER GUESSED you could not judge talent  EITHER Kirby sir.  After bothering to show-up here January 12  and thank you for that.  You acted like this season was about a honeymoon a mulligan and another wasted season after 8 years prior us averaging 4-losses a season.  9 with your year one Kirby.


For 9 years now Georgia averages 4-losses a season.  Greg McGarity’s choice as head football coach as a former tennis player and not a good one at that, has EXTENDED this to 9 years now.


This is Not what I find acceptable across the board Kirby.  For you to say :


“Oh I will show-up and start helping full-time on MY CALLING January 12.  I spoke with Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead and THEY SAID it is ok.  I also think it is ok.  I want to finish doing a 4th time that which I have already done 3 times.  This is best for me.  This is best for Georgia.”  A total of 8 weeks and 4 days after the job was offered to you Kirby.  ALL THIS despite Nick Saban saying YOU SHOULD BE HERE AT GEORGIA Kirby.  You should have walked-out that day.  I would have coached us in the Gator Bowl were I you Kirby.  Take a new job and not bother show-up for 6 weeks and 4 days’ time.  Good Lord.  I have frankly been all over your ass since.  I would have retracted the offer.  You getting any of this Kirby ?


Me a dumbass ?


I had a 3.88 GPA at Georgia Kirby my 3rd Quarter of my senior year with 239 credit hours 180 required for graduating.  I took EVERY law class.  I took every accounting class.  I took every course I could possibly get my dear old Dad to help pay for.  I am no dumbass.


A job which you said Kirby :


“It would be my Dream November 28 I told Greg McGarity to coach my alma mater Georgia.”


Kirby you did not make the grades I did here at UGA.  I was Honored Honor’s Day Foy Fine Arts Building my parents invited to the Ceremony me the holder of said document proving it Top 5 % of my graduating class.  You were almost that good Kirby.  Not quite.


That you therefore would not have your Offense and Special Teams prepared to play today AGAIN Kirby did not surprise me sir.


Because I gave a shit about my grades at Georgia and here are MY GRADES TO YOU KIRBY so far.


You didn’t care enough to show-up 6 weeks and 4 days.  I FIRED YOU THEN.  Right that day.  My call.  No questions about it.




You should have FIRED yourself for saying Greg McGarity told you it was ok.


You know better than that Kirby.


You have been behind the 8-ball all year.


Will 2017 be different Kirby ?


I don’t see how.  You refuse to practice your freshmen at positions of need with the # 1 unit.  Game 8.  Are you DESPERATE NOW Kirby ?


Are you studying like I did here at UGA Kirby now all of a sudden ?


When ?


When pray tell Kirby will you put forth the effort here at MY alma mater I did here ?  Ok.  I was a walk-on.  You starred as 1st Team All-SEC.


But you are not putting forth THAT EFFORT Kirby to THIS JOB.


You haven’t from the beginning but you are smart enough Kirby to HEAR what I am saying and WAKE-UP and give a shit about the rest of 2016.


A year I frankly was NOT READY to write-off like you have sir.


It disappoints me to admit it Kirby.  But you’re not ready to be a head coach yet.  Maybe in a few years.  Maybe not.  You are too head-strong in your weakest areas Kirby.


When your players called a PLAYERS ONLY MEETING the week you are playing our # 1 Rival Kirby that is a VERY BAD SIGN SIR.  This indicates that your players Kirby did NOT want YOU in your own locker room Kirby.  That they wanted to talk among themselves without your meddling Kirby.


That they have grievances against you Kirby that they wanted to discuss.


Such as your tough love.  Today seriously you criticized Jacob Eason for sliding with little time on the clock before half.


Excuse me Kirby ?


You have ALL these weaknesses and you can pick on the one guy who you have no criticism which had a damn thing to do with us losing today again Kirby.


Yeah.  You’re 4-4 alright Kirby.


It could be worse were it NOT for Jacob Eason whom you failed to recognize.  Failed to give snaps to with your # 1 unit.  Failed to prepare.  Have not practiced with the guys you handed him today to throw to.  Behind an OL who can’t block.  Not for run or pass.


How do you run an offense Kirby with these limitations ?  No OL.  No running game.  No WR.    No practice of # 1 unit to be well-oiled machine game 8.


Oh, you send you coach out to blame the damn QB for sliding too soon.


That’s what you said Kirby.


Now, what was it that the PLAYERS ONLY MEETING resulted in the players presenting to YOU Kirby afterwards while you prepare for # 1 Rival Florida Kirby this week ?


What did they say to you Kirby ?


That you don’t play certain of us ?


That you criticize us in public ?


That you do all you can do to NOT LET US PLAY KIRBY ?


You came here with no experience on special teams or offense.  You have proven that assessment.





I never figured game 8 next Kirby still would not have played his freshmen class – not given them the opportunity to help us out. It’s unacceptable.

I am not going to put-up with Kirby not playing his freshmen class next year too.  I want to nip it in the  bud now.


Roster mismanagement.



Is it a results-oriented analysis that says it is too early to judge Kirby because he lost to Vandie when YOU figured we lose to vols and Ole Miss anyway ? Or is it the PROCESS that has us here today where we are 2016 – this FOUNDATION – that is CLEAR for ALL to see that Kirby is just in-over his head ? I like Kirby. But this is not what I signed-up for – nor his freshmen.

Anyone who has followed any press meeting 2016 knows Kirby is in over his head.


But is that the only area where Kirby really is criticized rightfully ?


You’re results-oriented in your analysis that it’s just too soon to judge Kirby because he lost to 2 teams you figured he’d lose to (both of whom have LESS talent according to’s rankings of the last 5 recruiting classes who with redshirt were the teams playing each other) and because he lost to Vandie. Don’t over-react we’re rather uniformly cautioned.


It’s the basis – the foundation – the PROCESS if you will that is just too plain to see. You see it’s too obvious to ignore, not the scores and not the won/lost record, but the process which has resulted in our 2016 wasted campaign.


THIS is where we’re in deep trouble.


(1)It is plain to all that Kirby joined-up the head coaching ranks having coached 1 year as Mark Richt’s running backs’ coach 2005 and has no involvement with the offense ever anywhere otherwise.

(2)Likewise Kirby has not been involved with special teams anywhere at any time for any reason.

(3)Our offense is a mess. It started with Kirby stating that he STILL did not know whom it was who was his QB Monday and Tuesday after the North Carolina game still giving the # 1 snaps to Greyson Lambert. It continued with the running backs first giving Nick Chubb 38 carries vs. North Carolina coming-off a 3-ligament surgery while Nick Chubb has not been the same since instead of playing Brian Herrien whom I thought and still do should have started the North Carolina game. And it continues through the receivers who going into game 8 next Kirby also has not settled on. Has he even tried his receivers he might have on the roster who might be able to actually catch a Jacob Eason pass ? No. And then there is the offensive line and how they completely bungled not only the Vandie game but have absolutely been unable to impose their will all season long against anyone. And not to leave out the glut at tight ends Kirby is unbending there as well leaving the logjam rather than moving one of them out wide since they ALL seem fully capable of catching Jacob Eason’s passes.

(4)The biggest problem with Kirby however is that he is headstrongly against playing freshmen when he lost 22 seniors off last year’s team and knew coming-in he would have to play his freshmen. Game 8 next, he still has not.


No sir. The process which has gotten us to this mess is the problem. What mess is it we’re in ? This is our last chance for any semblance of redemption for the entire 2016-2017 season – that we beat Florida Saturday at 3:30 when basically every Bulldog fan has given-up on the season and no longer bothers doesn’t care anymore. Harsh reality.


  1. There is no excuse for not recognizing Jacob Eason.
  2. There is no excuse for redshirting Ben Cleveland.
  3. There is no excuse for not moving guys around to get best players on the field in the Spring such as tight ends to relieve the logjam there and shortfall at receiver.
  4. There is no excuse for Nick Chubb 38 carries 1st game after 3 ligament surgery.
  5. There is no excuse for not playing Brian Herrien a LOT more.
  6. There is no excuse for hiring a head coach with no experience on offense or special teams.
  7. There is no excuse for Kirby’s antics in every press meeting.
  8. There is no excuse for not playing the freshmen he himself signed here.
  9. There is no excuse for the play-calling on offense all season.


I am sorry it is so easy to see that Kirby clearly is in over his head.


You make-up whatever excuses you want for 45 to nothing vs Ole Miss whom we should have been able to play nor losing to the vols nor the loss to Vandie…


But it’s Kirby’s process which has got him to this that is not in question but is instead by stark contrast completely utterly and fully ridiculous .




On the job training ?


For $5 million 400 thousand dollars with incentives for 2016 not counting retirement nor unlimited expense account ?


I am sorry Greg McGarity  Jere Morehead and the search firm but Kirby is in over his head and you and all the rest of us know that.  Who is going to teach him – you, Greg McGarity ?


I am sorry to report that Nick Saban did NOT teach Kirby offense special teams talent recognition or the basics of getting his best 11 on the field.  In short, Nick Saban did not size-up what Kirby does NOT have any experience at and teach him these areas he is WEAKEST at.  Instead Nick Saban raped Kirby for defense ONLY.  There is no development there.  These 9 numbered points are irrefutable.


Will he learn the job ?


Well he is smart enough to learn the job – although I see no AD with head coaching experience or football knowledge to steer him in the right directions.  Kirby has been unable to step-back and see the overall.  He’s been too detailed in ALL the areas of the team which is a common mistake for 1st time managers I was taught at UGA.  So the big picture has been missed.  What MOSTLY did we need to do ?  You know back in Spring when he finally showed-up.


Will Kirby, who has the capacity to learn, actually learn the job with no one to teach the job to him ?  I say Kirby will not learn the job if he doesn’t play his freshmen again in 2017 as he has not 2016.  I think this is his major hang-up and why we as a fan base have become numbed by all of his mistakes.  Yes, he has made a ton on the field too, but I remain focused on HIS PROCESS rather than those mistakes because some of those can be learned over time.  But play his freshmen when he HATES on all freshmen ?  I don’t see him learning that.  I see us 2017 having our best class ever next year and him NOT PLAYING THEM EITHER.


I have banged my head against his on the freshmen from the get-go.  Game 8.   And whom among the freshmen class has Kirby done what he SAID he would do after 4 or 5 practices – recognize if they are ELITE and play them ?  You certainly can NOT point to Jacob Eason because of all the freshmen he is the one who MAKES MY POINT that the freshmen HAD TO PLAY.


If Kirby is going to be that pig-headed about freshmen – even Jacob Eason – will Kirby torture us and all the freshmen again 2017 and not play them either when obviously Jacob Eason has done very well and hundreds of other freshmen on EVERY TEAM in America 2016.


I am sorry to report that I  do NOT see Kirby playing his freshmen 2017 EITHER.  Why would I ?


No sir.  I will FIRE HIS ASS if Kirby does this again 2017 and refuses to play his freshmen again.


And you know I can MAKE IT STICK.


I do not think Kirby is a quick study of talent.


I like Kirby.  But this is not what I signed-up for – nor his freshmen.




Next game is game 8 this season. Florida after our bye week this week. Why have our opponents out-scored us ? Why have our opponents returned kick-offs better than we do ? Why do we have more penalties than our opponents ? Why do our opponents have better Net Punting than we do ? Why do our opponents have a better Net Kick-Off than we do ? Why do our opponents have more sacks than we do ? Why have our opponents scored more touchdowns than we have ? “It won’t take us long. You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite.”

Well on Offense it is because of what Kirby did all Spring and all Fall Practices not getting the # 1 unit set and together to become a well-oiled machine.  This was because Kirby waffled at QB like he did not know who would be his QB.  In fact he said as much.


“I think it’s going to go into August. I need to use the G-Day Game to judge.”


Kirby said this about 1 of his players he brought in this season but not about others he brought in :


“I’m looking for him to come in and compete right away. It’s not like it’s a deal where you can sit down there and say You’re coming in fourth string. You’ve got to come in and compete.”


Kirby they ALL need to come in and compete.  No one you bring-in should be considered 4th string Kirby.  Why bring him in if that is your expectations of him Kirby ?  Why treat him or you to that ?


Kirby you were the # 93 most experienced team left you by Mark Richt 2016.  You knew right then that you had to play your freshmen.  Only you failed to practice and prepare them and it


HAS SHOWN on offense Kirby.


“If Mecole Hardman Jr. is one our best 11 players on either side of the ball he needs to be on the field. To determine that I don’t think it takes real long. Now will he have a lot to learn? A lot. A lot more than he knows. But that’s our job. That’s why they pay us as coaches to educate players and get them on the field. I think he’s a great athlete. It won’t take us long.   You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite OK or if he’s going to be able to handle this. I do think he’s a very mature kid that’s going to be able to handle a little bit of the pressure because he kind of likes that. He’s always been that way.”


Really Kirby ?


So what you are saying is that you think Jacob Eason is not elite and you think Mecole Hardman Jr. is not elite and you think that Ben Cleveland is not elite.  Kirby that is what you have told us.


“It won’t take us long.   You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite.” Kirby


Practices Monday September 5 and Tuesday September 6 2016 Greyson Lambert took the snaps with the # 1 unit and Jacob Eason did NOT. This is AFTER the 1st game this season for Kirby. And before Nicholls State.



September 8 2016 “We’ve got to make some decisions as we go. It’s hard to get two guys enough reps – more or less one. So we’ll have to make a decision.”  This is AFTER Kirby’s 1st game where he started Greyson Lambert and before Nicholls State.


Why is the offense in disarray ?


And it’s not just Jacob Eason Kirby has held-back and made insignificant to 2016 :


Ben Cleveland – redshirted with the blocking demonstrated by Kirby’s OL vs. Vanderbilt yesterday. You are kidding me right ? We don’t need Ben Cleveland Jacob Eason’s best friend at all. I mean he is only the ONLY OL Kirby signed 2016 and the best OL Kirby signed 2016 and Kirby says Nah I don’t need Ben Cleveland. Folks will say that Mark Richt left me with no talent so I can write-off 2016. Ben Cleveland leaves after 2018 anyway so now we only get to see Ben Cleveland 2017 and 2018 only just like Knowshon Moreno – no difference.


“It won’t take us long.   You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite.” Kirby


Tyler Simmons – Kirby rips the redshirt off Tyler Simmons last week vs South Carolina only. He got 1 snap on offense. That is all season long. Game 8 coming-up next for Kirby and this 4-star wide receiver from McEachern has been put in for one play in one game and that is it.



Chauncey Manac not played one snap


Isaac Nauta – a beast among men Kirby has only given him one start all year. You will watch him on Sundays set records for decades but Kirby sparingly has used him. Does Jacob Eason have any receivers who can catch the ball ? No. Does Kirby put Isaac Nauta out wide ? Never crosses his mind. Mecole Hardman Jr. either. Kirby has not put him out wide either. Sony Michel ? Do we line-up Sony Michel outside or tell him to run the ball up the middle ? I ask you ?   Sony Michel has only 11 catches while being forced to run the ball up the middle 73 times when in every game they have stuffed our run.  It is hard to imagine a worse offense in this much disarray game 8 next. Whom does Kirby design his offense around ? Really it is Isaiah McKenzie. That’s right. That is the featured Kirby player on Offense 2016 season : Isaiah McKenzie. Kirby has thrown the ball to Isaiah McKenzie MORE than the next 2 targets combined.


“It won’t take us long.   You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite.” Kirby


Charlie Woerner – game 8 next game and Kirby has seen fit to throw Charlie Woerner 3 passes all season long. 3. You would NEVER know you will be watching him on Sundays after just 2 more seasons after this one. Not with Kirby as coach.


“It won’t take us long.   You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite.” Kirby


Mecole Hardman Jr. did not get even one snap until SEC schedule started then only playing bit role cameo appearance last few games at all.  This Sunday NFL player # 1 athlete in the nation Kirby does not think is elite at all.  That’s what he said.  Game 8 next.  Mecole Hardman Jr. has played a snap or 2 on special teams  but not at any impact position even on special teams and that is IT.


“It won’t take us long.   You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite.” Kirby


Elijah Holyfield – not allowed to play even 1 snap vs Vanderbilt. Benched – sat down by Kirby. Kirby has WASTED his season and should have redshirted him hoping he does not leave after 2018 season.   Next game is game 8 this season and Elijah Holyfield has 5 carries all season long. 5. Elijah 2016 has 5 carries and 1 catch. That’s it.


Michail Carter not given any snaps at all 2 of the games already this season barely used when he was in a game


Brian Herrien when The SEC schedule began after his stupendous start for us 2016 Kirby did not even put him in the game – sat him down – benched him for Missouri game. Cameo role vs Vanderbilt. Who has the highest average per rush 2016 for The Georgia Bulldogs ? That’s right Brian Herrien. This has just been awful.

“It won’t take us long.   You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite.” Kirby


Solomon Kindley – Kirby ripped the redshirt off Solomon Kindley for the Missouri game – gave him a couple of snaps and benched him no snaps any other game before or after. Why waste his redshirt either Kirby ? Criminal misuse of 2016 for Solomon Kindley by Kirby.


Greyson Lambert – Greyson Lambert is a better QB than Jacob Eason so I am choosing Greyson Lambert as my QB for the 2016 season Kirby told us all. He started Greyson Lambert vs North Carolina whom he promptly went 10-points down to. Then Kirby brought-in Jacob Eason who is not as good a QB as Greyson Lambert Kirby told us all and all he did was put us ahead by several points in short-order. What did Kirby do ? Kirby benched Jacob Eason in the North Carolina game and brought BACK in Greyson Lambert his starter once Jacob Eason bailed him out and put us ahead finally in the game. What happened to Jacob Eason the next week after this great start by Jacob Eason ? That’s right. Right back to Greyson Lambert. Monday and Tuesday AFTER Jacob Eason bailed his butt out against North Carolina, Kirby had Greyson Lambert BACK taking the snaps with the # 1 unit on BOTH Monday and Tuesday. Criminal ? You tell me ? Then Kirby continues this harangue against Jacob Eason not getting to take the snaps with the # 1 unit to have a cohesive offense 2016 and YANKS Jacob Eason in game 2 and puts BACK-IN Greyson Lambert. Waffling indecisive. Poor judge of talent. Yet Kirby tells us in 4 or 5 practices if the guy is elite I will recognize it right-off. No Kirby you will NOT sir.


“It won’t take us long.   You can have five or six practices with a guy and you’ll know whether he’s elite.” Kirby





Mike Bobo as head coach 9 wins 10 losses Colorado State competing against the Mountain West Conference. Mike Bobo is 2-4 this 2016 season after going 7-6 last season. Faton Bauta has thrown 26 passes completing 12 for 1 TD and 114 yards and has run 14 times for 111 yards 8 per carry for -0- TD. I said Faton Bauta should have been moved to TB here in 2014 when we were thin and he knew the plays when Mark Richt said he was “standing pat at TB” despite being thin at TB 2014. I also said Mike Bobo, who had a very good year 1997 his senior year but not before that, was not good here beating top 15 teams top 10 teams top 25 teams or even beating unranked teams as Mark Richt’s Offensive Coordinator and therefore would not be a good head coach. I see Mark Richt beat Georgie tek yellowjackets here where he never lost to them in Atlanta. And I presume therefore that our Athletics Director Greg McGarity is NEXT to be fired for thinking that UGA could not afford 1 of the top PROVEN head coaches like LSU is doing now – us # 11 All-Time in Wins. Search firm said hire Kirby ? Congratulations to vols – you still lose twice to Alabama this year now.



Well we’re 3 games behind vols for SEC East now.    I got to see a fine football game between 2 teams going nowhere.


Nice play call Jim Chaney from 7 yards deep in your end zone ahead in the game after the great vols’ punt to our 6-yard line with 3 minutes 43 seconds to go in the game on 2nd down and 11 yards to go to pass the ball Jim Chaney.  Good hire Kirby.  Ahead 24-21 with 2 minutes and 56 seconds to go in the game.  None of the players in on that play had practiced with Jacob Eason all Spring, all Fall Practices except for 10 practices and have not been starting.  But on that play that is who you relied upon to block them on a pass play from 7 yards deep in the end zone with 2 minutes 56 seconds remaining in the game winning by 24-21.


Not after that play call were we winning any longer and required the heroics once again of Jacob Eason.  Fire Jim Chaney promote Del McGee to Offensive Coordinator.


vols scored 3 TD in the 4th quarter.


It was a beautiful day today on my campus in full splendor for me to get to come back and see it even if we had 8 penalties for 44 yards none worse than Nashville Rico McGraw # 36 taking his helmet off on the field of play when he was not even playing after Jacob Eason threw the TD to put us ahead with 10 seconds to go in the game ahead with Georgia winning 31-28.  On the kick-off Mark Richt recruit Rodrigo Blankenship kicked-off then only 48 yards when top kickers kick the ball off 17 yards farther to only the vols’ 32-yard line who then only had an even shorter field returning it into Georgia territory and of course the guys Kirby has not been practicing with the team stepped over the line on his kick-off too taking it to our side of the field for vols to be at our 43-yard line with 4 ticks on the clock.


I guess Mitchell Wasson must be a really weak-legged kicker Kirby recruited to be our Place Kicker if a guy kicks the ball – game on the line – only 48 yards.  I am so over Rodrigo Blankenship Mark Richt brought here.


They called time-out after seeing our coverage and threw the Hail Mary with our tall defender in the back of the end zone and all our short secondary in front not our leapers and not our tall guy in front.


It’s not coverage you are playing with 4 ticks on the clock and them gifted our 43-yard line.  This is a specialty defense.  You practice that.  We have guys who can leap 39″.  They were not playing that play.  We have guys 6′ 10″ tall.  They too were not in on the play to bat the ball downwards.  A seasoned coach would have prepared his team for that play.  And no Mark Richt is not a seasoned coach because he did not care after 2007.  If he cares now he did not from 2008 to 2015 and would have lost to both North Carolina and to vols because he would still only be playing Greyson Lambert.  That is how he did that.  In case you have forgotten.  Kirby said he practiced that but his play call was wrong.


Don’t let them practice with the # 1 unit all Spring all Fall and don’t play them but others in the season because they dared to be freshmen and then with the season over if we lose to vols too these the very ones out there getting these penalties called on them to allow them to only have to heave it 43 yards after the weak leg kick-off and 2 penalties applied to the kick-off.


Brian Herrien only had 15 carries but for 77 yards and I still say he rushes for 1000 yards whenever Kirby decides to run him.  If Kirby had run him when we had healthy TB he would be well on his way to being # 17 Bulldog to rush for 1000 yards in a season already and we would not have lost this game.


Kirby played only 58 of his 85 Scholarship players and had Mecole Hardman Jr. play a play on special teams only again.  Kirby has redshirted his top OL recruit Ben Cleveland who is Jacob Eason’s best friend.


Kirby I thought you were going to ready our freshmen play our freshmen and win with 10 of our freshmen clearly stars on this 2016 season now over sir.  You failed to prepare them Kirby.


This is when Mark Richt Apologists for what he did even worse than Kirby so far his last 8 years here would say all our goals for 2016 are still there.


Not for me.


You have to run the ball with 2 minutes 56 seconds and vols with all 3 of their time-outs remaining on your 5-yard line ahead 24-21.  If we do run that play vols lose.


Jacob Eason with 59 seconds remaining in the game hit Terry Godwin to our 35-yard line after the punt from their 40-yard line to our 19-yard line.  Isaiah McKenzie caught the ball from Jacob Eason with 42 seconds to our 46-yard line.  Jeb Blazevich caught Jacob Eason’s pass to the 42-yard line with 29 ticks remaining in the game.  Then Jacob Eason calmly hit Riley Ridley for the TD with 10 seconds to go on 4 plays 81 yards 31-28 the good guys.


Then Juwan Taylor was off-sides on a kick-off for us.


Kirby is now 3-2 and unranked in the polls.


We out-rushed vols and were dominating vols on the ground.  Since Brian Herrien was tailback we would have won the game had we run it on a bunch of plays we failed eschewing the run – obvious running down plays that we had Dominated vols with running with Brian Herrien.  The most glaring a failed 4th down and another short yardage where he again was not called upon despite his proven prowess as our # 1 TB this season.  And, of course, the dumbass pass play with 2  minutes 56 seconds and them 3 time outs us on the 5-yard line.  Run Brian Herrien.  Instead I saw Kirby on the sidelines TAKE BRAIN HERRIEN OUT for that play and we tried a deep pass from 7  yards back in the end zone with 2 guys blocking who were undersized and over-manned and should NOT have been in the game on that play either one.  vols dominated the 2 and let their best pass rusher kill Jacob Eason.


It is the single worst play-call in the history of Georgia Football and it lost the game for us up by 24-21 with 2 minutes 56 seconds remaining in the game to pass from 7-yards deep on deep pass when all we have to do is hand it to Brian Herrien to run out the clock and vols lose rather than win with 4 seconds remaining.


The 2nd worst play-call all-time for us was not preparing the team for last gasp TD only play from 43 yards away.  You don’t play your secondary.  You are NOT covering wide receivers on their routes.  You are simply defending the end zone.  You line up 8 guys in the end zone who are all tall and great vertical leap.  And you put-in 3 guys up front who only have 1 goal to hit the QB. We did neither Kirby.  That is easy to defend Kirby and your practice behind hidden curtains of that play is wrong and I would have told you it was wrong if you had let us see your practices before you lost the game because of it.  You did not have pressure on the QB and you had the wrong guys in the end zone Kirby.




Awful coaching Kirby.  Simply awful sir.


That is my analysis of what I saw.  Mark Richt would have lost this game by only playing Greyson Lambert who would have also lost to North Carolina.


Congratulations vols.

Kirby you told Greg McGarity November 28 it would be your dream job to be our head coach then did not show-up until January 12. You’re doing well recruiting 2016 and 2017 for a team with 2 seniors and 6 juniors left by Mark Richt on his 2-Deep and you have an aversion to freshmen like an old-school coach. You knew your freshmen had to play and you wasted their Spring Practice then Fall Practice and now that we’re playing SEC now all of a sudden you want them to play with no timing no reps no familiarity. You play 60 players every game when I expected to see more of them playing and I expected more of them to practice together knowing you would be forced to play them in Game 5 Kirby. You have help on OL you recruited and don’t play them. Your WR aren’t working. Your defense isn’t working. Your special teams aren’t working. Your kickers aren’t working. Your RB aren’t working. You send the same tired guys out there not getting the job done and yell kick and scream at the press when we dare to ask you about what you said were weaknesses like K OL WR RB DL LB and Offensive Game Strategies. I don’t get it Kirby? Let the freshmen play and you should have been practicing them in the Spring. They got here early. You wasted your signing class. You will get rep not play freshmen except special teams. Oh and whining all the way you will finally settle on Jacob Eason whom you did not let practice with them and it shows. Let me be clear Kirby. 0-45 is not acceptable nor how you got here to this, Sir. Is there anything you think we’re good at Kirby ? What would that be Kirby ? That our freshmen don’t make fools of themselves in press meetings – just the coach ?

You were hired to beat Florida Kirby.


You were hired to be here and to get your best players ready and get them on the field playing cohesively like they have practiced together.


You were hired because your predecessor was constantly criticized for just not caring about his job of winning acting like there was something besides winning that he ultimately was judged on when he failed to play his best players.


You seem to be making some point to the press each day and to the players that the press is asking you about.  You very much come across as stubborn Kirby.


Combative and stuck in your ways and unwilling to discuss even that just maybe you showed-up without the Offensive Experience to be head coach and without proper footing on special teams.  If those 2 coordinators are any good at all then you’re also holding them back with your policies.


At this point all we really know is that you’re in charge and that we’re about # 75 team at every aspect of the game.


With very good talent you have not prepared and certainly are not getting on the field in practice or games you looked miserable as a team yesterday 45 to nothing.


You are trying to do too much detail everywhere when you should have been delegating your weaknesses to guys you hired who might have been ones who could cover your lack of experience in those aspects of the game.


I am not at all convinced having seen how you have dispatched your duties since November 28 the day of the game that you are ready to be a head coach after I listed you as one of a list I offered-up noting you did not have head coach experience and all the others did.  In time at this point I am unsure you aren’t too head strong to listen to those trying to help you to learn your deficiencies.


Mark Richt called us noise. I sincerely believe you think we’re your mortal enemy.  We’re only trying to assist having the temerity to simply ask you questions only to be bawled-out for even asking.


Tongue-lashing dressed-down and called-out on the carpet is not what an experienced coach or manager does in any field of endeavor each time someone simply enquires about what they perceive to be a good logical intelligent question when that is their job to ask such questions Kirby.


Looking back at those questions now they should have been asked and you sir should have tried to answer them not chew-out everyone who asks you something like you are a petulant child.


I think Butch Jones needs to go and I have been consistent on that too Kirby that he should have been before you beat him Saturday because he can not recruit and is all talk and has no idea how to coach a team but only to lie to the press.


At least you don’t do any of that Kirby.


Again you are expected to beat vols Saturday Kirby.  Are we clear on that, Sir ?


Florida is not any good and has not been in a long time now.  Their choice for head coach was poor.  He isn’t a good head coach, either.  He wanted Jacob Eason when inviting him there sent the wrong message to the quarterbacks he did have.  You got Jacob Eason here Kirby.  Then you have sent him out half-cocked against # 9 last year Ole Miss who is clearly # 9 this year again too.  You wasted from January 12 to September 25. You also wasted from November 28 to January 12.  There is no tomorrow, only today Kirby.


You are in a weak division and play a weak schedule Kirby.


You can not lose to Ole Miss, vols, Florida, Auburn…


If you thought you could say as Nick Saban 2007 losing before he made you defensive coordinator for 2008 that the first year does not matter, I have news for you.  You’re not Nick Saban.  You needed to be working hard at this job getting prepared for Ole Miss and you failed to do so to the tune of 45 to nothing.  7 times Mark Richt in his last 8 years lost by more than 3 TD.  You accomplished that once already now after just 4 games and against a team whose talent averaged # 12 to your # 9 according to of the last 5 years Kirby who with redshirt could’ve played yesterday.


Watching the game at Ole Miss on TV, I was reminded of what I have been telling you since you did show-up Kirby.  We have glaring weaknesses across the board and you seem to stand-pat more than you do do something about them.


You better back-up and figure whom it is you want playing, and get those guys practicing with each other Kirby, Sir.


Your biggest problem is arguing with the press Kirby as this has consumed you for 8 entire months and counting when their questions were good ones had you addressed with them you might have learned what they were trying to tell you rather than be down 45 to nothing to a team you certainly should have been able to compete with.


You have dismissed their every question out-of-hand Kirby without addressing a single question ever to-date.  What now ?  Ignore them again ?  Get the hair up on your neck again Kirby that they ask even again knowing full well they about to get their butts chewed-off again for even trying to ask you again Kirby ?  Or, you get your way, and no one ever gets or even wants to ask you the hard questions you do nothing but duck ignore dismiss out-of-hand and then get all up in the air about steeling yourself that because they thought they could ask you now you definitely therefore will not do anything about that aspect of our # 75 football team ?  Which one of these only 2 possible choices is it going to be Kirby ?


I can tell you this for certain Kirby and that is that what you have been doing, isn’t working, Sir.


You think all of us who devote so much time to your football team Kirby don’t care about our team ?


You’re making a ton of mistakes Kirby – again – the largest your bickering with the press about what you might do to improve the obvious weaknesses.


You spend all your time telling them they wrong and you right Kirby to the point you don’t do anything about the weakness out of spite for them asking you Kirby.


That’s what’s really happening.  Surely you can see where we need work and what that should have been all along by now Game 5, right Kirby ?


Get some input Kirby.  Make some changes, Sir.


Don’t keep up with this.  It’s not working.  Is it Kirby ?

Our problems around here are that we have been hiring athletics’ directors who have never coached tiddlywinks and ask them to help our coaching staffs in our 22 sports coach.


I am convinced you are not even listening to your Dear Old Dad either Kirby.


You are going about this all wrongly Kirby.


You should have realized that you needed to be here November 28 when you said you would find this your dream job.  Now 10 months later you would have known you needed Jacob Eason taking all the snaps all Spring and Fall with the # 1 unit and would have had Ben Cleveland out there on the OL Brian Herrien and Elijah Holyfield catching passes with Mecole Hardman Jr. and all 3 running the ball behind Solomon Kindley.


These are all questions we tried to ask you Kirby.


I asked you if we shouldn’t have a few wide receiver sets with Dominick Sanders on Offense then yesterday I watched as Hugh Freeze did that exactly with one of his secondary.


Kirby you are not Hugh Freeze.


I asked about Charlie Woerner if he should not be playing some on Defense and certainly as wide-out.


Your wide receivers are all dropping the ball Kirby and have all season 10 percent of the time or more.  Don’t you even notice that Kirby ?  If you do why do you send the same ones back out there then and not try anyone different ?  Excuse me Kirby, in your hidden private only you can see practices have any of these guys we keep asking you about actually held-on to the football when Jacob Eason threw it to them ?  Oh, I see you haven’t had him throw to them in practice, so you don’t know.  So you kick and scream at us for wanting to even try to ask you what we know before we try you are going to redress us for.  I get it now, Kirby.


Kirby you have not taken up quickly to evaluation of your own 85 Scholarship Players.  I told you to get Mitchell Wasson out there trying his leg and instead you miss another field goal.  You miss more than half the field goals you try and neither of the 2 kickers – both whom were on Mark Richt’s previous teams – are neither one any good.  I would have told both no scholarship because you have no leg.  You have Kevin Butler.  Kevin Butler did not tell you NEITHER has a leg Kirby ?  Come on.  I’m not stupid Kirby.  You do not try Mitchell Wasson at all Kirby ?  Explain to me why please, Sir ?


I am frustrated at your antics with the press when they try to ask you these questions and your resultant stubbornness to do anything about all our weaknesses because this guy or that one is a freshman.


2016 you get them 3 years if they are good.  You had better recognize them or be like Mark Richt and play Knowshon Moreno only 2 years and not hand him the ball those 2 years in the Big Games.


We all have tried to suggest what we think are salient questions.


Instead of possibly being viewed as sagacious you dismiss everyone out-of-hand Kirby.


Well excuse me I think we’re all right on all of this Kirby.


Why ?


Because now push-to-shove you have been forced to do that which we all have been asking since November 28.


Greg McGarity would not have gone to Jere Morehead the next day November 29 and asked to fire Mark Richt and hire you had you not told Greg McGarity the night before that yes it would be your dream job Kirby.


We’re just not getting it done Jere in football and I spoke to our alum Kirby who is the top assistant in the nation for 8 years now and he said it would be his dream to be our coach.  Ok Greg.  Go hire him if you think he is the best but shouldn’t we pony-up the money for a proven head coach since we are # 11 all-time in football wins ?  They all started somewhere Jere.  Well get a search firm Greg and let’s be sure.  Ok Jere.  Thank you.


We’re not getting any pressure on our opposing quarterbacks even Kirby.  We look in good shape but even that does not mean that you act like you don’t have over two dozen guys on scholarship which you do have and refuse to get prepared Kirby.  You give your starters a blow.


It is basic coaching that you must be able to evaluate talent quickly Kirby – not in game 5 of the season.  Good Lord son a Pee Wee football coach can tell who his best players are – love at first sight.


Your bias against Freshmen is duly noted Kirby.


Nick Saban ?  We can’t offer Nick Saban but Alabama can ?  Urban Meyer no offer to hire ?  All we can offer is some assistant who has not demonstrated that he can head coach a major college football program ?  No red flags when he is given a job and doesn’t even show-up for it for 8 weeks and 4 days ?


I have been offered lots of jobs Kirby.  If someone is given 5 times their current salary where they have already accomplished their goal 3 times previously and demands he finish number 4 national championship before he takes over our struggling not-up-to-par job here that sends red flags.


Jere Morehead and Greg McGarity were wrong to let you not even show-up for their most prestigious hire in their lifetimes for 8 weeks and 4 days’ time Kirby.  You should know that inherently Kirby.  You’ve been behind the 8-ball since you showed-up Kirby and have been too slow to determine your best players.


Jimbo Fisher Gary Patterson David Shaw Tom Herman – I listed a host of proven head coaches we could have hired and embraced you until you didn’t even show-up for 8 weeks and 4 days’ time Kirby.  Then sir I have crawled all over your butt since about every decision you have made Kirby because it raised red flags to me Kirby.  We can only offer non-head coaches at Georgia head coach ?  We’re afraid to pay them what it would take and Alabama is not ?  Give the game up then if this is what we get is a head coach who argues gets bent-out-shape at any question no matter how innocuous like he is in charge and goes out there 45 to nothing to a team we clearly match-up with talent wise.


If you ever thought there was some honeymoon to this job you should have discounted that Kirby when you saw we fired Mark Richt who had at the time the best coaching record of any UGA coach ever.  His work was totally unsatisfactory for 8 years.  His decisions ones we all second-guessed him on.


It seems to me that Georgia deserves an experienced coach proven he can handle the job for what could be $ 5 million 3 hundred thousand dollars with incentives not counting expense report and retirement we could pay you this year or any year here Kirby – and if not – then at least one who cares enough about the respect this job deserves to get here and be able to evaluate talent quickly and determine just whom it was you would need in a 15-game schedule to be ready to play game 5.


Mark Richt in game 8 last year started at quarterback a guy whom he had not given one single snap to at quarterback all season long.  None of his 3 quarterbacks he did play last year nor the one he redshirted and ran-off who I thought should have been a 4-year starter here were any of them injured, Kirby.


Honestly Kirby you don’t look that much different to me.  You better get with it Kirby.


You hear me ?


I am not putting-up with 45 to nothing scores Kirby.  If you don’t hear me trust me you will.  You had more talent than they but their head coach just ran rings around you Kirby.  You did not even get guys in the game until he had his 4th string out there against the # 11 team in the nation – guys I figured would be household names by now.


You’re behind Kirby.  You are not prepared for game 5 Kirby.  If you had left that other job November 28 you might have been able by now to tell who your players just had to be you would play in game 5 because you certainly don’t yet Kirby.  And you haven’t practiced them prepared them or the team for them and you have no concept where our weaknesses are or don’t care like we put up with Mark Richt for 8 years of averaging 4 losses a year so this is a cushy job you can spend flying-off at the handle every press meeting instead of belling-up to the  bar and answering their questions.


They think these questions have been and are worthy, Kirby.


Guess what ?


So do I.


I can abide you making a mistake Kirby and starting one guy instead of another to a point where it is not totally obvious to the casual observer even Kirby Sir.


But not playing guys a single snap at positions of such glaring weakness and sorry Kirby I am calling you out on those and have been since Spring Practice # 1 in case you have not noticed Kirby.  I expect you to play your players.  I am not asking you.  I am telling you.  You aren’t in charge – you only think you are.  You are not in charge very well are you Kirby ?  You answer to us whether you like it or not Kirby.  We hired you.  We’ll also fire you if necessary Kirby if you can not bring this football team up to snuff.  To-date, you have not listened to us.  See to it sir you hear us this time please, Sir ?


It is unacceptable right down the line Kirby totally.  45 to nothing with all this talent.

NCAA Rankings to evaluate our team :


# 45 Strength of schedule this season Kirby for Georgia – not that tough sir

# 68 on 3rd Down Conversions better than # 119 last year. Unacceptable

# 86 in Fumbling the ball.  Why do you have no beeping footballs Kirby?

# 100 Kick-Off Return Defense. Where is Mitchell Wasson Kirby ?

# 93 Kick-Off Returns by us. Mecole Hardman Jr Elijah Holyfield Brian Herrien?

# 68 Turnovers Lost send them right back out there no one different tried

# 71 Net Punting.  Kirby you told us 2 weeks ago you no experience special teams

# 93 Field Goal Kicking Oh you made mistake at FG kicker Kirby ? Nowhere else sir?

# 56 Rushing Offense Fire Jim Chaney promote Del McGee Kirby do it now

# 66 Passing Offense every WR you are playing drops the ball more than 10% time

# 84 Red Zone Defense  Kirby this is what you are supposed to be good at.

# 92 Red Zone Offense you are spread too thin too much detail Kirby

# 102 Sacks Allowed Ben Cleveland Solomon Kindley neither got snap Ole Miss again.

# 105 Sacks of our Opponent’s QB – no excuse for this Kirby either one

# 120 Tackles for a loss 128 teams Kirby you’re # 120 tackle behind their line


Is this where we’re supposed to be Game 5 ?


When is this unacceptable ?


Is there anything you think we’re good at Kirby ?  What would that be Kirby ?  That our freshmen don’t make fools of themselves in press meetings – just the coach ?




Matt Stinchcomb : “It did appear the program had settled into what is better described as a rut.” Well yeah avg lose 4 games year for 8 years and you find yourself fired from a gig like UGA. Lose to 18 of last 24 vs top 15 AP or Coaches’ time game # 45 nationally with avg # 7 talent while winning only 8 of his last 21 vs top 25 AP or Coaches’ for the season # 42 nationally at that and add-in another 12 losses to unranked teams AP or Coaches’ time game or season his final 8 years too, and well yeah – you are best described as IN A RUT Matt Stinchcomb. Yesterday we practiced Greyson Lambert # 1 unit and today it is Jacob Eason. No QB prepared AGAIN. QB Controversy fueled by Kirby. By implication by Jim Chaney too.

I don’t think much of this site I must say as it forced me to answer a personal question to read the article but here is the URL Link :



( )


It says St. Louis Post Dispatch.


Like Facebook, if you answer their personal questions online, you are opening yourself up to having all kinds of junk mails and advertising.


It is a BAD failed model in my book.


Think about it.


Put a cookie on your device.  Read more articles St. Louis Post Dispatch and answer FURTHER more revealing follow-up questions to the same cookie.  Pretty soon, they will know more about you than your own mother.


Yesterday we practiced Greyson Lambert # 1 unit and today it is Jacob Eason. No QB prepared AGAIN.


We are in SEC portion of schedule now and STILL we don’t know whom it is who is our QB.  This is a FAILURE on Jim Chaney and especially on Kirby.  Well we do.  But Kirby doesn’t.  By implication Jim Chaney does not.


Kirby continues to define himself as our coach and he continues to not get the timing down between his # 1 QB and his players on the # 1 unit together.  This has gone on all year starting January 12 despite my best efforts otherwise.  The team is OUT OF SYNC offensively because of this on-going waffling and has no rhythm no confidence and NO IDENTITY.


EVERYTHING asked of Jacob Eason has been done ON THE FIELD with great aplomb.  EVERYTHING asked of Greyson Lambert to set-up the running game with his # 104 Passing Offense last year and # 87 Passing Offense this year has been to simply allow ALL DEFENSES to jam the line and make Greyson Lambert beat them.


Now we face SEC defenses and remain out of sync without identity on Offense.


I see LITTLE difference in THIS from the FAILED Mark Richt regime.  He too could not figure out who was his quarterback and PLAYED FAVORITES just like Kirby.


This is frustrating.


Kirby YANKED Jacob Eason for throwing a STRIKE to Javon Wims who had his back to the pass and let it hit him squarely in the numbers – the big ones on his back – on a passing play designed to throw the ball to him for a 1st Down.  He wasn’t even looking for the ball.  Then after it bounced off his back the FCS team returned it for what would have been a TD were it not for the play by Brian Herrien defensively.


I am not fooled by ANY of this.


Jacob Eason is our QB.


Kirby wants to gag the quarterbacks so they run to the press and tell us what is going on anyway.


Duh Kirby Duh.


You have mishandled Jacob Eason completely and utterly from January 12 when you showed-up.


Wait all week this week until YESTERDAY to finally get Jacob Eason the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit.  This destroys the confidence and timing of them with each other and the team in him.  It also reflects very poorly on Jim Chaney and Kirby.


Ok guys. Go out there and get ready for this season front-end loaded on the field of play since I won’t let you practice together as the # 1 unit.  And then when the games arrive willy-nilly I will yank your ass from the role as Starting QB to further adversely affect this mess on Offense.


Mark Richt did this ALL YEAR LAST YEAR and found his ass FIRED for it.


Barry Odom is the Defensive Coordinator of one of the nation’s very finest defenses and HAS BEEN at Missouri.  For that he was promoted to head coach this season.


You think he is not loving this indecisiveness, lack of continuity, discord, and lack of practice of the # 1 unit of the team he is playing with a then clear design on how to stop Georgia by simply putting 9 in the box as even FCS teams do against us ?


When you do put in Jacob Eason, every play is a running play.  Stupid.


Shit he will SHUT-OUT Greyson Lambert like he did last year.  And worse than that he will be facing Jacob Eason with NO PRACTICE UNTIL last night as the Starting QB for the game the day after tomorrow as he did not last week.


It does not matter whom you start at QB NOW Kirby.  It’s too late to issue glowing reports of Jacob Eason and FINALLY let him practice as the # 1 Starting QB on Wednesday yesterday finally this week AGAIN for the game which is the day after tomorrow.  You pulled this shit last week too Kirby.


In case you are NOT KEEPING SCORE.




SEC wins EVERY game. 8 SEC teams Top 25 now. ACC Clemson is NOT # 2 and we’re NOT # 9. Big XII is a horrible conference after Choke-la-homa lost last week to American Athletic Conference tonight Arkansas beats # 15 TCU Big XII and Central Michigan beats Oklahoma State. MAC better conference than Big XII. Big 10 Penn State loses to unranked Pitt. Purdue Big 10 loses to Cincinnati whatever that is. Big 10 Northwestern who was 10-3 last year in Big 10 half conference of CUPCAKES 7 of the 14 Big 10 teams can not play football AT ALL. So Northwestern lost last week to Western Michigan what conference is that ? Now today Northwestern Big 10 loses to Illinois State an FCS team Division 1-AA Good Lord. Big 10 Illinois loses to North Carolina ACC who bounced back after losing to us as Big 10 takes it on the chin in their league Big 10 of half who can’t play football AT ALL. ACC Clemson has looked like shit all year while ACC NC State loses to East Carolina Jesus. While Kirby got only 2 players more this week playing than last week now playing a transfer from NC State walk-on and Sony Michel who we tried to run up middle after flared him out on a pass in space as he should be used. Our Offensive Coordinator needs to lose about 200 lbs. of his 400 and he has not done diddle-e-squat run all he thinks about no mixing it up TOO PREDICTABLE. I never figured that we’d be REDSHIRTING these 4 stars. Sad Kirby. Really sad sir : Ben Cleveland. Chauncey Manac. Elijah Holyfield. Mecole Hardman Jr. We better quit screwing around with the Press and get to COACHING the team. We’re NOT ready for ANY of the next 3 games. Lose all 3 ? Thanks Defense. You bailed our asses out today. FIRE Jim Chaney – replace his FAT ass with Dell McGee as Offensive Coordinator. Do it NOW Kirby before the next 3 are ALL LOSSES. Kirby D and Jim Chaney F.

You will not be seeing anyone talk about The SEC down this week because our 14 teams did NOT LOSE.


South Carolina did but to Mississippi State non-bulldogs.


In other news, well there isn’t anything positive outside the defense bailed-out the coach after last week the back-up QB did.  Bring him in behind and we get serious about offense.  We’re a dysfunctional team that has  diarrhea mouth of the coach to the press mad as hell at everyone in the press.  He who continues to poorly coach the team.  I know we fell behind not getting started here until January 12 like the old job that paid one-fifth of what we were offering him HERE was a better gig; but, there is no excuse for him telling the press last week that he doesn’t know anything about special teams.


Well he doesn’t know jack shit about offense either.  This guy Jim Chaney and he have FAILED to prepare ANY QUARTERBACK for a season front-end loaded and here they come with what now 3 straight losses ?


I don’t know how we get untracked but we’re clearly not the # 9 team.


We needed to run our stats up and play a lot of players.  We did NEITHER.


We are redshirting Mecole Hardman Jr. ?  What the hell ?


All the guys I called to play this morning did NOT.  I have no idea what we’re doing but Kirby and I quickly are getting off to a poor start together.  His on-going bullshit with the media has to END.  Whatever the hell he is doing, are all lies to the press and hiding from them – mad.  Clearly mad at the press.


You will NOT win that battle Kirby.


You are making yourself look as if you do not know anything about offense or special teams sir.  Why take charge when you don’t know what you are doing at EITHER ?  Go take classes from someone who does and bring THEM to the press meetings and LET THEM ANSWER.


We’re not focusing on what it takes to win on our coaching staff.


We constantly seem to be trying to make some POINT instead.


Ben Cleveland

Chauncey Manac 

Mecole Hardman Jr.

Elijah Holyfield

I never figured that we’d be REDSHIRTING these 4 stars.  Sad Kirby.  Really sad sir.


We’re not good enough or deep enough to have 4 of the best players in America redshirted as Kirby has done.


Kirby the only reason you do not get a F today is because you WON.


Over a FCS team # 81 FCS team by 2 points when your defense scored on fumble recovery return for 6 or you lose.  Your decision to go for 2 nearly cost you the game if you had to punt with a minute left.  Their kicking game AGAIN was better than yours.


You MISSED another field goal.


How can you expect the team to look prepared when you don’t have your starting QB practicing with the # 1 unit preparing in practice ?


Throw them on the field and let them learn chemistry together OUT THERE live ?


What the hell kind of strategy is that ?


I give Kirby a D today and Jim Chaney an F.  We did not do today what we NEEDED to.  Instead we tried the same bullshit again of run run run and be conservative with them stacking the box.  NCAA stats reveal we’re NOT a very good team.


Ton of mistakes on special teams and offense with nothing going on that even demonstrates that we have any concept of what to do in practice or games at EITHER.


Thanks Defense.  You bailed our asses out today.


Kirby needs to replace Jim Chaney.


FIRE Jim Chaney – replace his FAT ass with Dell McGee as Offensive Coordinator.  Do it NOW Kirby before the next 3 are ALL LOSSES.


Who the hell ever heard of a college football team whose quarterbacks are NONE of them EVER ALLOWED TO TALK TO THE PRESS ?  These are the spokesmen for the team.


At one point today I felt Jacob Eason looked at Jim Chaney like he was a FOOL.


Here let me speak for them  : I don’t think Jim Chaney looks the part, is the part, prepares his quarterbacks, has a plan, knows how to run an offense, has any concept of what he has in players, nor does he know offensive game strategies,  and oh he is profoundly obese.


Clearly the offense and the special teams – the 2 areas Kirby is WEAKEST ON with NO EXPERIENCE AT EITHER – have no rhythm plan strategy aren’t prepared don’t practice to be prepared nor show any improvement – we’re out of kilter at BOTH.


Our offense is in poor condition – poor health.

Our special teams are also no damn good out of order.


Both our offense and our special teams are in poor spirits. I watched them all today again look around with bad negative body language.  This CLEARLY is indicative that THEY FEEL they are not being properly utilized.  That they FEEL they should be doing BETTER.  The  offensive players are moping around and the special teams should be.


That goes for Jacob Eason too.


We’re in trouble.


If you expected me to say otherwise, you came to the wrong blog.  Go find some blog to hear lies and excuses about this bullshit on offense since Spring Practice with all the back-and-forth on quarterbacks and on special teams as well.


So much talent.  So poorly coached on offense and special teams.


What did you see ?


We are going to get killed the next 3 weeks if we continue with the same bullshit of Kirby spending all week talking to the press in riddles about BOTH.  We better get with it.


The time for screwing around has come and passed.


We’re fixing-to get our damned asses kicked. This is The SEC not the ACC or Big 10 or Big XII or Pac-12.


You can NOT have a dysfunctional offense and special teams and hope to compete in The SEC.  The defenses are TOO GOOD for that.


9-11-2016 fifteen years later lest we forget.



Darling Georgia Bulldogs fly to # 9 after staking North Carolina to 10-point lead with plodding Greyson damn Lambert who remains on 2-Deep vs Nicholls State as # 1 QB as does Brian Herrien remain NOT LISTED behind Brendan Douglas – then letting us watch Jacob Eason for one hour to take lead scoring 19 unanswered points PRIME TIME to wipe them out to end game. Florida DROPPED from Poll as 6 SEC teams top 21 headlined by # 1 Alabama and then # 2 in The SEC and # 9 overall The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs ! We’re all put to the test. It’s what you do, when you are, that is the difference in winners and losers. A call for Biran Herrien Mo Smith and Jacob Eason to be ADMIRED as Players of the Game along with 7 others – only Nick Chubb of which when the chips were DOWN did as much as they.

How about THAT Georgia Bulldogs’ fans !


Kirby disses publically Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien who are only as far as I am concerned 2 of the stars.  Kirby said Jacob Eason didn’t get in right plays and said Brian Herrien needed to block better listing NEITHER as players of the game.  Pretty tough LOVE.  Considering Brendan Douglas TRIED his best to one scuttle Jacob Eason’s Come-Out Party with fumble AGAIN as he has PROVEN through the years his penchant.  And considering Greyson damn Lambert did his best to LOSE the damn game down 10 with the same guys Jacob Eason beat the ever living shit out of North Carolina with.


Brilliant game strategy for Kirby.


Lull them and the crowd to sleep for 2 and a half hours falling behind by double-digits.


Then YANK Greyson damn Lambert and Brendan Douglas who REMAIN on the 2-Deep AHEAD of Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien, insert Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien, watch Jacob Eason completely destroy North Carolina to storm back and take the lead – then bench his sorry ass for being in the wrong damn plays.


Greyson damn Lambert – in the right plays – didn’t couldn’t and wouldn’t do shit.


Going to be mighty hard to justify Kirby who nonetheless had these assessments when asked by the Press who thought Kirby would praise the 2.


But no.


And Brian Herrien absolute hero status as well.  All he did was lead us down the field and set up the field goal.  And oh yeah by the way on his first carry ever scampered determined as hell all the way in the end zone.


Jesus Christ couldn’t have scripted it any better for Jacob Eason and for Brian Herrien.


Publically dissed by Kirby.


I’d be having some words with him personally.


Oh I am.




Just as long as I am TRUE to my HEART on this.




See Jacob Eason listed Nicholls State BEHIND Greyson damn Lambert ?

See Brian Herrien listed Nicholls State BEHIND Brendan Douglas ?


One is in the right play.

The other blocks better.


Never mind in the right play did not do jack shit.

Never mind fumbled the God damn football just when Jacob Eason was going to score.


Big 10 has 5 of the top 32 in the AP Poll.

SEC has 6 of the top 21 in the AP Poll and 8 of the Top 32.


But I forget.  The Big 10 fans say THIS is their heyday that they are doing BETTER than The SEC.




The Pac-12 ACC and Big XII took it on the chin Opening Weekend.


The SEC did ?


Excuse me ?


Then why are 6 of the Top 21 teams ALL SEC teams ?


Lowly unranked Auburn nearly beat the team y’all all said would BEAT Alabama this year.  Really had them beat as it was.  Blew it.


I do believe folks believe that Jacob Eason is going to do WELL with Nick Chubb as the Leading Heisman Trophy Candidate with bruiser Brian Herrien backing him up.


Well not according to Kirby.


It’s a good press conference for Kirby who luckily had ALL THIS to say to guys not a one of which any longer have ANY VOTES in the AP Poll.


Some bullshit about WRITING the NEWS – not MAKING it.


I had reported 12 hours earlier HERE on this blog that former Official BCS Poll from 1998 to 2013 Massey Rankings had ranked The Georgia Bulldogs # 9.


AP Poll 12 hours later followed suit.


Kirby be damned the AP Poll voters think Jacob Eason looks just fine thank you in the WRONG PLAY making plays while Greyson damn Lambert in the RIGHT PLAY didn’t do a God Damn freaking NOTHING but be LOSING by double-digits.


I see Kirby retreated slightly on Brian Herrien as all welled-up about him scoring, when I reported that was what I saw Kirby doing in fact.


We were in SAD SHAPE and sorely needed some frigin’ heroes to STEP-UP and do SOMETHING.


Right on cue, Jacob Eason and Brain Herrien DID JUST THAT.


The Whole World saw it Kirby.




Honestly if you look at the NCAA Rankings Kirby’s Dawgs did really quite frankly VERY POORLY in nearly every aspect of the game : We certainly could NOT pass with Greyson damn Lambert.  We certainly were bottled-up running the ball LOSING by 10 points when Jacob Eason called-upon by Kirby to bail his sorry ass out – losing as he WAS by double-digits.

We absolutely were taken advantage of on Defense as well – losing by 10.  Then when Jacob Eason was INSERTED the entire team SHUT-OUT North Carolina from THEN ON.

Our special teams despite stars playing looked horrible and did their best to give away the damn game.


Then we all watched Florida vols and Ole Miss stink-up The SEC.  Ok and LSU.  Ok and Mississippi State.




Darlings of the AP Poll The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs on the HEROICS of Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien STORMED back and come-from-behind kicked North Carolina ass for an entire hour.  Then were YANKED sent to the pine and NOT REWARDED on Kirby’s 2-Deep for Nicholls State AND said by Kirby to the press who don’t vote in the AP Poll that Brian Herrien doesn’t BLOCK as well as Brendan Douglas.  And that Jacob Eason was in the WRONG PLAYS and poorly communicated some.


Right play.  Wrong play.  Greyson damn Lambert was SHOWN-UP by Jacob Eason.  Communication is clearly required by your QB sir.  So too is actually wanting to do something in your offense and having the desire to execute within that offense.  Communicate all you want sir.  But if you can’t or will not execute, communication truly means little.

Blocking is important too Kirby but Brendan Douglas gave the God Damn Game Away with his frqin’ FUMBLE.  Again.  As he is only wont to do.


For years.


As Greyson damn Lambert.


As he is only wont to do.








With BOTH.


The Coaches’ Poll ALSO has us at # 9 as I reported at midnight Massey already had and the Coaches’ Poll has SEVEN (7) SEC teams ranked.




The Richard Billingsley Report another former Official BCS Poll has Georgia at # 7 :


And Richard Billingsley Report has 8 SEC teams ranked in his top 25 with Arkansas # 25.


Kirby sir, I am all for being in the right plays and blocking.  I want to be on record agreeing with you on these fundamentally imperative objectives for Jacob Eason and for Brian Herrien, sir.


All I am telling you Kirby is that Jacob Eason is HEADS-AND-SHOULDERS way the hell ahead of wherever Greyson damn Lambert ever was or will be.  Sir.


And Brian Herrien is a NFL star while Brendan Douglas like Greyson damn Lambert will NEVER be invited to the NFL Combines even.


Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien HAVE THEIR INVITES to the NFL Combines and BOTH are assured of NFL Draft Picks.


I don’t think it tells these rookies NOT TO WORK HARD and NOT TO KEEP IMPROVING to tell the true freshmen that hey the WHOLE TEAM rallied around y’all and you SAVED MY DAMN BACON – I can ASSURE YOU TWO OF THAT !


All I was going to have without them was that we played hard and that every single aspect of the team’s preparedness in all 3 phases of the game was and is looking like it needs a whole hell of a lot of work to be worthy of being named today SEC Championship Game match-up for # 1 Alabama.  Even with them.


Brendan Douglas and Greyson damn Lambert do NOT belong on the same field as Jacob Eason and Brian Herrien.


In 59 years’ worth of seasons’ tickets I have NEVER seen a Quarterback Controversy this PRONOUNCED and frankly there has only been one worse-treated at running back as well.  Well, maybe Vince Dooley starting Ray Goff instead of Matt Robinson, whom I was vindicated about after when he had a fine NFL career.

Vince Dooley would wait until 3rd Down.  Then, he would substitute Ray Goff with Matt Robinson.  This is worse than that letting Greyson Lambert be LOSING by double-digits – insert Jacob Eason take the lead by several points, then YANK his ass and put back in the plodder who didn’t do anything.


I shout-out to them BOTH !


Good job guys !


I could shout-out to Mo Smith too for both his game-saving TD preventing pass defenses which BOTH were crucial but at least HE got to START whatever the hell he did wrong too Kirby.


I have no problems with your Players of the Game Kirby EXCEPT that you LEFT-OFF the 3 MOST DESERVING behind Nick Chubb.




What message does it send to your team Kirby to point-out the absolute heroics MAKING PLAYS of these 3 sir ?


That 9-4 average for 8 years is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and HERE are 3 guys who MADE plays.


Go to cult-site UGA Thomas Brown and read all about it !


That’s what I have got to say.


Thank you very much…


for allowing little ole me to share that :


We’re all put to the test.

It’s what you do

when you are

that is the difference





because :

You have to WANT IT.

Do you want it ?

Those who do, can accomplish what others can not.

Those who do not, will NEVER accomplish anything in this World

and Never have nor ever will.


If you can’t say that Nick Chubb, Brian Herrien, Mo Smith and Jacob Eason did what was asked of them and won the game for us, then you’re simply biased, or blind – or both.


Please Start Jacob Eason.  Please BENCH Brendan Douglas a game and move-up Brian Herrien.  Please let’s get some rhythm to our offense.


And what in the world can we do about our special teams too Kirby ?


Statistically speaking, we did little on offense defense or special teams.  But you and I know Kirby whom it was in the game we both watched you slightly closer than I, who wanted to do something to improve us and ultimately did.


These 3 clearly did not only want to, but went out there and did Kirby sir.