Kirby is NOT going to let Mike Bobo call his own plays EITHER. It will STILL be KIRBY’S OFFENSE. Kirby has been QUITE CLEAR that he considers 2 of the 3 outcomes of a pass to be BAD and all 3 scenarios for a PASS are BAD FOR THE DEFENSE and that a good running game makes his DEFENSE BETTER.

Anyway Mike Bob SUCKED.  We LOST to all the top teams every year and threw in losses to CUPCAKES every year in ADDITION.


I said at the time that Colorado State was a DEMOTION for Mike Bobo and that he should not take a job at a program with a LOSING ALL-TIME RECORD.


Good Lord Mike Bobo.


If Mike Bobo came here Kirby would STILL RUN EVERY FIRST DOWN and every SECOND DOWN and Kirby would still run on 3rd downs too some.


Even with Mike Bobo.


Mike Bobo could NOT recruit the top players AND he could not beat the top teams… everything we are trying to FIX.



“How ’bout them fucking Dawgs? That’s what I told them.” Kirby Smart head coach The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs who grade out a SOLID A across the board OFFENSE DEFENSE and SPECIAL TEAMS complete WIN.



Wins over


# 6 Florida ON THE ROAD down there

# 7 Notre Dame at HOME

# 12 Auburn ON THE ROAD over there on the plains.



Auburn beat # 6 Oregon.


Auburn beat 7-3 Texas A&M who will be ranked again this up-coming week.


Notre Dame beat # 23 Navy today.


Notre Dame beat # 18 Virginia.



Florida beat # 7 Auburn but Georgia beat Auburn too but still Florida beat # 7 Auburn.



We jumped their shit over there on the plains in Auburn and went ahead 21 to NOTHING at their house then held on for dear life.  44 UGA Georgia Bulldogs have now registered a TACKLE for us 2019 season.  We face-off against LSU in The SEC Championship Game Saturday December 7 of 2019 at Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium.  Texas A&M is next and they won tonight to go to 7-3 and are ranked in the top 25 coming-out in the morning tomorrow and then again Tuesday in the College Football Playoff Poll which will feature # 4 Georgia.  Inside looking in.  Again.  What a win.  Kirby has a fine defense and won the game just exactly as I said and guaranteed pre-game. A solid A by all tonight against a great team.   1,027 rushing yards – D’Andre Swift 2019. 



Bring on # 1 LSU 10-0 on the season who beat # 3 Alabama.



LSU beat Texas who is 6-4 unranked  –  not ranked at all.



LSU beat Florida but so did we and we won AT JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA while LSU won at home at Baton Rouge.


LSU beat Auburn by a FIELD GOAL but we beat Auburn by a TOUCHDOWN and we did it AT AUBURN while LSU again did it at Baton Rouge.


LSU beat Alabama but Alabama hasn’t beat anyone all season.






2 major points while fools want to talk about 2019 being Kirby’s year. First Kirby has to beat Notre Dame Kentucky Florida Texas A&M all 4 ranked top 16 teams plus Alabama SEC Championship to make play-offs And South Carolina Vanderbilt and Missouri along with vols and Auburn all looking prettier 2019 themselves aren’t they ? Playoffs 2019 season for Georgia to end Clemson Alabama game number 5 in the playoffs first 5 years ? Oh come on. NOT WITH THIS SCHEDULE 2019 for us. And point 2 is Kirby hasn’t beat Alabama yet in fact Kirby has LOST to at least 2 SEC teams EVERY YEAR he has ever coached. Remember Texas lost to 7-loss and 6-loss teams ? They beat Kirby too. You might want to remember these points when you wake up calling 2019 Kirby’s year. It can’t be. Wake up.

Dumb shits are writing Georgia can do it all 2019.


I don’t think so.  For one our quarterback loses to 2 SEC teams every year he plays. For two Kirby averages the # 90 Passing Offense every year for 3 years running now.  That isn’t going to change either since Kirby told Jim Chaney run the ball every first down.  Run the ball every second.  And try to pass it sometimes on third down.  That’s Kirby. And that isn’t going to change either.




Kirby likes to LIE to the press like Kirby thinks WE do not know if he LIES to THEM. Yeah we do Kirby. We’re not dumbasses Kirby.

We know Kirby :

You benched starters on offense

You play favorites on offense

You rotate defense but on offense dog house might get 3 snaps

You want ONLY to run the football Kirby

You think running helps your defense which it does

You don’t know about 2019 Offenses Kirby (or 2018 or 2017 or 2016 or 1999…)

You think spread offenses passing the ball is bad

You think leaving qb having bad day in there is best

You think your # 97 then # 105 then # 69 Passing Offense is just fine

You let me-me-me Justin Fields stand on sidelines on TV distract team Kirby

You let your top db take the day off Kirby that was acceptable to you too Kirby

You knew Kirby Texas could not run the ball

You knew Kirby Texas would try to stack the box against your sorry offense Kirby

You knew we had to pass the ball Kirby

You knew Texas was suspect against the pass Kirby

You knew Kirby Texas lost to both a 7 and a 6 loss team 2018 Kirby

You knew your lip-service no use when players took Texas lightly Kirby

You know Kirby you don’t know jack shit about offenses Kirby

You meddle in our offense Kirby and have no expertise to do so

You knew down 7 to 28 we had to pass Kirby

You know you should have known that on the 2nd play Kirby

You’re stubborn Kirby

You have 10 losses your first 3 years guess what Kirby ?   That’s unacceptable.

Mark Richt got fired for averaging 4 losses a season his last 8 years

You’re not far behind Kirby at 3.33 losses per year Kirby for 3 years

You better fix your God Damn OFFENSE Kirby

You better fix your LIES to the press Kirby

Kirby about your qb well he’s NOT getting the job done # 69 Passing Offense

Why did you allow the kids to run their mouths on social media Kirby ?

You lose control of the team Kirby ?

How can the # 2 team be # 69 passing offense Kirby ?  Tell me that ?

Your offense has NOT worked and is NOT WORKING Kirby wake up

That’s a stupid offense run 1st down run 2nd down pass 3rd down

Jesus Christ Kirby figure it out or hire someone who will teach you to pass more Kirby

How utterly boring watching shitty run the ball up the middle lose to a team who lost to 2 really bad teams

That’s NOT SMART Kirby

I know

Guess what ?

Texas Tom Herman knew you would be stubborn and keep trying to run the ball Kirby

It cost you the game

You got out-coached by an undermanned coach Kirby

Dumb shit




  1. How can scholarship players tweet whatever they want no consequences Kirby ?
  2. How can players in portal for transfer stand sidelines at next game Kirby ?
  3. How can scholarship player tell YOU not playing travel with team Kirby ?
  4. How can you run up gut losing 7-28 late in game Kirby ?
  5. How can you average # 90 passing offense all 3 years Kirby ?
  6. How can Mark Richt get fired 4 losses year and you 3.3 are not right behind him Kirby ?
  7. How can 10 losses in 3 years be satisfactory Kirby ?
  8. How can everyone say you benched players at practice Kirby ?
  9. How can scholarship players say they took Texas lightly Kirby ?
  10. How can YOU say the players did NOT take Texas lightly Kirby ?
  11. Why lie Kirby ?
  12. That was one crappy-assed showing Kirby and your excuses are worse right ?



Kirby needs to quit meddling with the offense and special teams. He doesn’t have any experience making those play calls and isn’t any good at it nor which personnel to have out there when. He looks really bad making those decisions all 3 years. THIS BLOG has pointed this out every single year.

“Pre-snap it was open.  D’Andre Swift was uncovered.  Then I Kirby sent the back-up quarterback out there who disrupted the offense every time I sent him out all game long did not call for the ball to be snapped.  If he snaps it we have it.  When he waited ten seconds they covered D’Andre Swift and there wasn’t a back-up plan to that play any longer.  I never did call time-out or send my offense out on 4th and 11.  I just let the wrong personnel call the most important call of the game and left them out there when it was clear the window of opportunity for the play to work had vanished.  Then we gave their former starting QB the short field which he promptly ran it in to beat us.”  Kirby Quote


Kirby Quotes




SEC East as it turns out is BETTER than SEC West and not just the 9-5 head-to-head. The facts are Vanderbilt South Carolina and vols are BETTER than Arkansas Auburn and Ole Miss. And frankly Georgia Florida Kentucky and Missouri are BETTER than LSU Texas A&M and Mississippi State. But Alabama has been the best team in the nation for quite a while now going all the way back to 2008. Is this Nick’s swan song ?

Nick Saban has been so much better than everyone for a decade and now 2018 too.


He’s lost half as many games as Ohio State and Clemson and won 25 more games than both of them during this timeframe at Alabama 2008 until now.


Despite what Kirby has done for us his 3 years here Georgia Bulldogs are # 15 in won/lost record starting 2008.


Perhaps you remember 2008 ?


Mark Richt was ranked consensus unanimous # 1 preseason for the first time in UGA history 2008.  AP and Coaches’ Polls had Mark Richt # 1 in the nation 2008.


Our players went out that night and CELEBRATED.


22 of them got arrested.  One even beat-up the hospital.


We were in brawls all over town in every bar.


Then we played like shit.  Then every poll dropped us worse in the rankings despite winning.  Then we faced Alabama and were supposed to beat Alabama and Nick Saban.  Then the # 8 Alabama came to Athens against us the # 3 undefeated both teams.


It was 31 to NOTHING at halftime Alabama embarrassing Mark Richt on national TV.


We NEVER even scored 31 points in the game.  The game was OVER at the half.


I wanted Mark Richt fired.


8 years later I got my way.


Despite your bullshit that I should not say that.


Sure I should.


I was right.


Mark Richt who was winning 80 percent of his games quit caring about winning.  He said he cared MORE about winning the players over to Jesus than winning in football.  He said he was NOT MEASURED by his wins and losses and that none of that mattered. He won 2 and lost one game from that day forward when he fell behind at home as the FAVORITE to win against Alabama 31 to nothing at the half.


Winning 3 losing 1 became winning 2 losing 1 from there on out.


I wanted Mark Richt fired.


I was right.


He was fired.


8 long excruciating years later thanks to YOU.


You tried to shut me up.


You failed.


I got Mark Richt FIRED.


He gave-up trying to win.


Acted like we were a Church.


So here we are on the precipice 11 years later and somehow I don’t see a 31 to nothing happening at half now do you ?


“Mark Richt is our best coach EVER.”  This is the bullshit you told me at the time.  Remember ?  Well do you punks ?


Mark Richt averages 9 wins a year for 15 years in 15-game seasons for the top teams.  I said  that sucked.  You told me that was awesome.  No it wasn’t dumbasses.


145 wins in 15 years is NOT averaging 10-win season now is it you piece of shit liars ?


Easily you can see it is NOT.


145 divided by 15


NOT EQUAL TO 10-win season average


yet there are 15-game seasons for the top teams.


Mark Richt was NOT THAT starting 2008.


A little trip down memory lane for you God Damn fools known as Mark Richt Apologists…


Kirby is averaging 10-win seasons PLUS and it goes to averaging 11-win seasons if he can beat Alabama Saturday not at our house but Atlanta.


Mark Richt did not do that.





Kirby is not giving the ball to enough of his top recruits on offense and not letting them play. 74 players have played 489 games for Kirby 2018 nearly 7 of the 8 games.

516 games played by Kirby’s players 2018 so far before Kentucky game 9. Of the 94 players 13 have played only a snap or 2 for 1 game and another 7 have played only a snap or 2 for 2 games. So 20 of the 94 really are walk-ons Kirby threw a bone to. Or threw 2 bones to so they can say they got on the field and will practice hard to make Kirby’s practice hard and not play bullshit be what Kirby does.


74 players have played 489 games for Kirby 2018 nearly 7 of the 8 games.


But it’s NOT the 74 players getting participation for a game by getting a snap or two that is the focus of Kirby’s doghouse or lack of playing time for so many of his top recruits Kirby himself recruited here.


Kirby is not giving the ball to enough of his top recruits on offense and not letting them play.


Did you get that ?


On Offense Kirby doesn’t play so many of his top recruits meaningful number of snaps to be fair to them and BRAGS about it now yesterday on the radio that Kirby isn’t answering any God Damn questions about personnel and how many snaps each gets.


Guess what Kirby ?


I’ll hold you accountable for that Kirby.



On the road against # 13 team they took the opening possession down the field on you but we held them to a field goal. We do the same right back in their face and instead of tying it up with one of the top kickers in the nation as the # 2 team nationally Kirby refused to tie it up and went for fake field goal from point blank range. The game was over RIGHT THEN. We never overcame that opening field goal by LSU. Kirby did NOT TRY. He quit and made no adjustments and gave up.

Our quarterback the # 68 Passing Quarterback nationally is playing our toughest opponent all season the # 13 team and he is off target misses seeing open receivers fumbles throws interception after interception gets sacked time after time after time and Kirby never lets the nation’s # 1 recruit nationally throw a single pass.


Kirby said the game was OUT OF REACH which is why he FAILED to give Justin Fields ANY ATTEMPT to play at ALL.  It’s bullshit Kirby.  Bullshit boy.


We are having great success running the football have stockpiled both top running backs and top offensive linemen our quarterback is having his worst day ever we’re losing by 2 scores because we failed to kick the field goal instead going for the fake field goal and we tell the quarterback having his worst day ever to throw the ball instead. We punt after punt and never run the ball. They score each time and we don’t answer don’t keep pace. The back-up Quarterback is shown on the sidelines steel in his eyes but Kirby stubbornly refuses to give him a shot instead. Better to get blown-out by 3 touchdowns and not use him than to have folks say I told you so to Kirby that Jake Fromm is NOT our best quarterback as we all saw in the G-Day Game and EVERY game since.


Every 4th down LSU goes for it and not once did we stack the box. Each time their average at best quarterback KILLED us. They had four 4th downs. They went for it all 4 times. They made it all 4 times. We acted like they were going to throw it on 4th down and inches and watched them run it all 4 times mostly just quarterback sneaks.


We went for it on 4th down once and failed. Kirby was out-coached by a guy no one gives ANY respect as coach Ed Orgeron. Ed Orgeron did this to Kirby.


LSU scored the first 4 times in a row to start the game. Kirby had no answer for our offense any of the 4 scores.


There have been nothing but questions for Jake Fromm.


Still Kirby refuses to consider his choice might be WRONG.


After this loss Jake Fromm’s third loss everyone is aware that Jake Fromm is going to lose 3 games this year now. Kirby ? What did Kirby say after this latest loss ? Jake Fromm gave us the best chance to win.  And Jake Fromm has led us on comebacks before.


Then Kirby tries on this lie : “Justin Fields didn’t get to play because the game was out of reach.”


No it wasn’t. Their quarterback ran rings around Jake Fromm.  And Justin Fields should have played.


How easy is that Kirby you stubborn son of a bitch ?


Here give us your crap again Kirby how you are in control ?


Put in Justin Fields.


I wouldn’t say that we fans have turned on Kirby but the facts are that this is the worst coaching job of Kirby’s entire career.


Kirby did not do anything right.




Kirby says he did not play Justin Fields because the game was out of reach. Excuse me Kirby ? You said that Jake Fromm gave us the best chance to win. You felt he could lead us on the comeback. Pardon me Kirby ? What the hell is the TRUTH Kirby ?


You said if you thought that Justin Fields would give your team a spark on offense it needed badly that you would have put Justin Fields in.


Kirby you are a GOD DAMN LIAR and these quotes catch you at that LIE don’t they Kirby ?






Let me ask you this if we are supposed to go undefeated winning every game on the 2018 schedule then why is Kirby # 97 and # 106 Passing Offense his first 2 years here stating now he is STANDING PAT on his offensive identity of PLAYING smaller OL not his big boys he has SIGNED but HELD BACK ?

I think there is every reason to believe Kirby will HOLD BACK Justin Fields 2018 season.


So when y’all get all giddy about 2002 and 2012 and 2017 the facts are we LOST 2 games passed the ball only 31 percent of all our plays with Jake Fromm and Jim Chaney and ended-up with the # 106 Passing Offense last season.


According to y’all that’s great.


We relied on our defense Kirby IS great at.





“Negative recruiting to me never works on the kind of kids and people you want in your program. If they buy into that then they are probably a little gullible.”


When you are spending your time negative selling :

1).You are NOT selling your product but doing your competitor a favor by talking on your dime about HIS or HER product instead.  You are giving your competitor another sales call when they are not even there.  Learn how to sell what you have.  What you have is NOT that your competitor isn’t good or his or her product is not good.  The prospect considers the competitor competitive.  You are telling the prospect that you think the prospect is stupid thinking that.  He may tune out your product and you completely.

2).Your objective for your sales call should be not only another appointment with the prospect but also to talk about your product in such a way as to make it the product that does something that you perceive the other products do NOT do.  If you let your competitors come in after you and say me too to your product presentation then you have WASTED your sales call and accomplished nothing.

3).This then presupposes that you know your competition. You should be certified on your competitor’s product and NEVER mention it.  Get the prospect to say that they want that which your competitor does NOT have.  That is selling YOUR PRODUCT.

4).You have  nothing better to do than to whine about your competitor and TRY to put their company or product down?  Think about the Coca-Cola ad where Coke’s competitor shows their cola and Coca-Cola and tells you their cola is better.  They have advertised Coca-Cola for God’s sake.

5).If you do not know how to sell you should take the classes at UGA.  You can NEVER recruit without having a complete understanding of selling techniques.  Negative Selling is NOT a precept of sales.  DO NOT negative sell.


Study your competitor and talk about your product by ONLY talking about what your product will do for the prospect that the competitor’s product will NOT do but just don’t name the competitor.  If you have surround 360 degree bird’s eye camera then demonstrate your car showing ONLY that.  Have the prospect tell you he will NOT buy a car without it.  That is easy to do.  You are selling your product not negative selling against your competitor and recruiting is selling.


Kirby gets selling.  Study Kirby.





Kirby Smart was asked how he gets his team to ignore all the praise of last year which is OVER and concentrate on our potential for THIS YEAR ? “Be a real butthole on the field : you coach them HARD!”

“Be a real butthole on the field : you coach them HARD!”


Kirby does the SAME to the press.


The press seems convinced that Kirby does not like them.  And I believe some of the players think he doesn’t like them either.


But it’s a LOT better than saying you are NOT JUDGED by wins and losses.


Sure you are.


Which is why only 5 make more money than Kirby while FIRED Mark Richt finds he is not even in the top 25 salaries for college coaches 2018 by STARK CONTRAST.


One knows he is judged by his wins and losses.


The OTHER well he was genuinely surprised he was FIRED for his wins and losses.


Mark Richt STILL THINKS he is NOT JUDGED by his wins and losses.  He is one very mucked-up son of a bitch football coach I can tell you that.


We are ALL judged by that which we do.


If you think you are here for SOMETHING ELSE other than what you do you need to have your head examined or at least need to run into me.


I’ll set you straight.


God Knows I WILL.


I’d say Kirby gets it and Mark Richt NEVER will.


Nice.  That’s what I like to hear Kirby :


“Be a real butthole on the field : you coach them HARD!”


They’re kids.  They do NOT need to be coddled.  They need to be inspired and challenged to be the best they can be on the football field and in the classrooms and in the press – in every part of their life.


You ONLY get one go-round.  When you are dead : You are dead.  There is no after-life.  You’re dead.  It’s over.


We had a chance took the lead scoring 4 of the first 5 scores and sat on the ball refusing to throw it and so for the last game the NC Game and for the season we threw # 105 Passing Offense only 31 percent of our plays 305 of 975 plays as passes.


So we LOST.


Now we have Justin Fields and James Coley to FIX THAT FOR KIRBY this season.


Yesterday is a cancelled check.  Tomorrow is a promissory note.  Today is cold hard God Damn Cash.  Make the most of today.  Do NOT be deterred.  You have to WANT it.    Kids need to learn to want it.  Wanting it is a learned experience.


What have you learned ?


I learned that you are NOT going to win throwing 31 percent 305 of 975 plays to end-up the # 2 team last season with Jake Fromm # 105 Passing Offense for the # 2 team.   God Damn disgraceful and it better get fixed.


I did NOT enjoy going to the Atlanta Falcons Mercedes-Benz Stadium to see us and have this happen to us but the rest of the year was good enough to give Kirby the nod to fix his passing game which I know he can with instead James Coley and Justin Fields as I am firmly focused on fixing our weakest area # 105 Passing Offense for the # 2 team God Awful.


I mince no words and NEVER HAVE.


What kind of a God Damn mealy-mouth are you ?


I am decisive.  I am ALSO right.







You’ve had a true freshman Starting QB every year Kirby. How do you determine who is your Starting QB Kirby ? “You compete. You let guys come out and compete. I think sometimes you guys think we just make a decision and just go with it. We do what happens in practice. We have scrimmages. We’ve got 25 practices before our first game.”

“We’re excited about those opportunities to find out how much better Jake can get and how much better Justin can get.  Both of them do a good job managing our team. Both of them are great in the locker room. I’m excited to see where they go.”


Kirby Smart quote 5-18-2018

Does that sound like Kirby is going to start Jake Fromm 2018 to you you God Damn fool ?
It does NOT sound like Jake Fromm has won the Starting job  to ME at all.
It can not sound like he has to you either.
To me it would be all 3 of Kirby’s first 3 years as head coach that he chose a true freshman to be his starting QB.
That is what this sounds like to me.

If Mark Richt is so God Damn GREAT why did he get FIRED and is # 31 in salary at just $ 4 million year while Kirby is # 5 at $7 million dollars a year plus BONUSES ? Tell me why is that ? Mark Richt NOT in Top 25 salaries 2018. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ?

Mark Richt # 31 salary only $ 4 million year :


Kirby is # 5 at $ 7 million a year nearly TWICE what Mark Richt gets and with bonuses is twice.


# 1 Urban Meyer $ 8.49 million year

# 2 Nick Saban $ 8.28 million year

# 3 Jim Harbaugh $ 7.73 million year

# 4 Jimbo Fisher $ 7.5 million year

# 5 Kirby Smart The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs $ 7 million dollars per year plus bonuses

# 6 Gus Malzahn $ 7 million unlikely win bonus losing to Kirby as continues to

# 7 John Calipari $ 7 million year 4 times as many games

# 8 Dabo Swinney $ 6.75 million LOST to SEC again

# 9 Dan Mullen $ 6 million what a God Damn WASTE of money 33-39 SEC record

# 10 David Shaw $ 6 million year

# 11 Tom Herman $ 5.95 million year

# 12 Mike Krzyzewski $ 5.5 million year

# 13 Charlie Strong $ 5.2 million year

# 14 Rick Pitino $ 5.057 million year

# 15 Kevin Sumlin Texas A&M still paying him $ 5 million year 2018

# 16 Gary Patterson $ 4.75 million year

# 17 Bill Self $ 4.75 million year 4 times as many games

# 18 Jim McElwain still paid $ 4.75 million year by Florida as Michigan OC 2018

# 19 Hugh Freeze still being paid $ 4.7 million Ole Miss 2018

# 20 Sean Miller $ 4.53 million year said did not do it reinstated

# 21 Bobby Petrino $ 4.525 million year

# 22 James Franklin $ 4.5 million year

# 23 Kirk Ferentz $ 4.5 million year

# 24 Mark Dantonio $ 4.38 million year

# 25 Bret Bielema still being pad $ 4.2 million year by Arkansas 2018

# 26 Mike Gundy $ 4.2 million year

# 27 Chris Petersen $ 4.125 million year

# 28 Butch Jones still being paid $ 4.11 million year by vols 2018

# 29 Bob Stoops $ 4.05 million year

# 30 Jeremy Pruitt vols $ 4.0 million year

# 31 Mark Richt $ 4.0 million year not earning any bonus losing to CUPCAKE Pitt 5-7





Mark Richt NOT in Top 25 salaries 2018.  WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ?


Kirby gets $2500 dollars an hour until 2025.  That’s a LOT of God Damn monies.


I thought I was something when I made one dollar a minute for 7 years.




Kirby Smart QUOTE on Justin Fields’ amazing performance in the G-Day Game 2018 winning the game as a result of his heroics : “Justin Fields has gotten better. Justin Fields has gotten more comfortable in the offense but I’ll be honest with you it’s not like he’s been behind with the offense from Day 1. Justin Fields has done such a good job coming in and learning. It’s not like it’s been a growth process. He’s never been behind with the offense from Day 1. Justin Fields has gotten more confident and is able to move around in the pocket and create some things when things break down.” KIRBY QUOTE


“Justin Fields AND Jake Fromm performed well in the scrimmage today” Kirby said to Kelsey Russo of The Red and Black student newspaper noting “the offense dominated during the third-down period.” Are you concerned Kelsey that that is the fault of our defensive backs ? Or Kelsey do you see that as a sign of our strength of our passing game which made up only 31 % of all of Kirby’s plays all last season the # 105 passing offense. Kelsey you owe further questioning or are you AFRAID of Kirby Kelsey ? WTF ?

Kirby continued the defense did well against the RUN.


So :


(1) Both Quarterbacks performed well in the scrimmage today

(2) The Offensive passing game had “explosive plays” Kirby told Kelsey

(3) The offense dominated during the 3rd down period meaning run run pass Kirby again 2018

(4) The Defense stopped the RUN

(5) Georgia Bulldogs’ running back D’Andre Swift will NOT play until Fall with groin pull

(6) Kirby can NOT control what WE SEE Saturday at 4 p.m.



I remain not into this bullshit of Kirby being the only source of how we’re doing.  He has been caught red-handed with complete and utter lies about the answers he gives us anyway.


Why ask him ?


Kirby has not had an explosive offense since he got here.


Clemson does.


Trevor Lawrence won the STARTING job at QB for Clemson 2018 today.


Georgia is coming off 2 seasons of FAILED OFFENSE in a row so far for Kirby’s career.


Kirby had a hell of a great defense 2017.


There were concerns in that secondary as well – as seen in the national championship game yet again costing the game.  That and THEIR quarterback made plays and our QB did NOT having him instead try to sit on the ball take the air out of the ball although had scored 4 of the first 5 scores ahead 20-7 and LOST as a direct result thereof.


The question is what are we doing to FIX that ?


Kirby we will see for ourselves Saturday evening 4 p.m.  Explosive plays on offense Kirby ? What does THAT mean ?  That your secondary sucks ?  That your quarterbacks THREW the ball deep on your secondary ?  That your running game is no good without D’Andre Swift ?


Answers in person 4 p.m. Saturday evening for ALL to see Kirby.


I am presuming that Justin Fields IS THE REAL DEAL.


That’s my guess.


What’s yours ?


I do like this schedule where we at least are starting 2 guys on the OL I said one of which should have started 2016 and the other of which I said should have started 2017.  This is good.  We’re ahead on that schedule.  Not ahead of my schedule of that schedule but ahead of my prediction that Kirby would NOT get his best OL out there 2018 either based upon Kirby’s poor choices on the OL 2016 and 2017.


We hold our offense back.


That’s Kirby.


And we LIE about it.


That’s Kirby too.



HOW DO YOU FEEL about what you are being TOLD and NOT TOLD specifically about the offense which Kirby has no prior experience except one year as Mark Richt’s running backs’ coach ?


Kirby gags not only the players and the press but the coaches too.


I for one am looking forward to Saturday evening 4 p.m. to see for myself.


Kirby Quotes.


I for one stand-up to Kirby on his bullshit of his on his failed offense.  I hold Kirby responsible for the failure of his offense.


All we had last season was a defense and Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.




“I thought both offensive units moved the ball well.” Kirby today about the scrimmage played at the new Billy Payne Indoor Practice Facility with BOTH Justin Fields and incumbent Jake Fromm both impressing Kirby today : “I thought both offensive units moved the ball well.” Kirby

Obviously Justin Fields PLAYS 2018. Jake Rowe



“I thought both offensive units moved the ball well.”  Kirby



Happy Easter but don’t give me this shit that the # 1 recruiting class and the # 1 overall prospect as well Justin Fields are not ready to play 2018. Justin Fields is going to play 2018 this year then next year then the year after that and then he plays in the NFL. We were # 105 Passing Offense last year with Jake Fromm and Jim Chaney. Believe whatever the muck you want to believe but that is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

Kirby is saying Justin Fields is really fast and moves around very well back there obviously.  Kirby says Justin Fields is very quickly picking-up the offense.  Kirby says what he likes most about Justin Fields is that he continues to improve not letting the good plays so far or bad plays change his even keel.


Kirby has started a true freshman quarterback each of his two previous years and there is every indication that this year is going to be MORE of the same.


# 105 Passing Offense last year for the # 2 best team in America.  Obviously if we had passed the ball better we win the national championship.


You can not be # 105 in Passing Offense and THAT is why Kirby has accelerated Justin Fields in the 6 practices so far this Spring and why Kirby PROMOTED James Coley to quarterbacks’ coach and offensive coordinator.


ANYONE suggesting otherwise is blowing smoke up your ass.


Trust me we can not continue to pass only 31 percent of the time as we did last year with Jake Fromm and Jim Chaney.


THAT is unsustainable.


If on the 1st 2nd 3rd Down you run run and then pass but not every 3rd Down pass then your percentages are 31 percent of all our plays last year were passing plays.


Kirby HAS to fix that.




# 105 Passing Offense Georgia Bulldogs UGA 2017-2018 season football.

31 % of all our plays all season long last year were passing plays.




So what we have here is a football program with TONS of talent where EVERYONE wants to come HERE to play – and why wouldn’t they since they are all from here anyway ? We have a coach with NO EXPERIENCE on OFFENSE at ALL EVER ANYWHERE who MEDDLES with Jim Chaney 28 percent of all plays PASSES. 28% PASS. THIS is NOT CLOSE to a BALANCED OFFENSE. And we don’t even know whom it is who should be PLAYING. One poster said F – on here yesterday for OFFENSIVE COACHING. Yes indeed ! And why it is F – is (1) 3 runs to every 1 pass and they are ALL against stacked boxes run run run pass plays every time and (2) whole host of players held back ESPECIALLY on OFFENSE because our head coach has ONLY EVER coached defense.

The very WORST portion of this 28 percent of our plays are only PASSES all season is what our “head coach” Kirby said about it yesterday which was : ” What am I supposed to do with Sony Michel and Nick Chubb when we are NOT running the ball ? ”   Of course, any nincompoop on offense or football in general knows the answer to THAT QUESTION KIRBY is to throw them the football.


This is how badly we are coached on offense.

I offer-up FURTHER that EVERY DAY all last season all of 2016 from DAY 1 THIS BLOG stated Ben Cleveland should have been STARTING last year on that lousy stinking itty-bitty OL Mark Richt left behind last year 2016.


Last year all season THIS BLOG stated as FACT that Mecole Hardman Jr. should be getting TOUCHES in EVERY GAME as the # 1 athlete in the nation.  Kirby said : “If he is Elite then after 3 or 4 practices watching him I will KNOW IT.”  No you WOULD NOT Kirby. THAT is the WHOLE ENTIRE POINT Kirby.


This year Ben Cleveland and Mecole Hardman Jr. BOTH proved that I was right EVERY DAMN DAY last year on THIS BLOG about them BOTH.


Now this season I have spent EVERY DAY the entire season telling Kirby how WRONG he is about my guarantee of SEC Championship 2017 if only 4 MORE guys who I said HAD TO START THIS ENTIRE SEASON on the OL :  Ben Cleveland and Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation REDSHIRTED and D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation REDSHIRTED and Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation REDSHIRTED ? Where are they Kirby ?  Without them I stated this season will be SHOT.  That after this season Kirby loses 20 plus another 2 leaving early all 22 whom Kirby STARTED here for Kirby.


Now here we are Al Knight telling Kirby that he earns an F – offensive coaching.


Without a doubt Al Knight sir.


And EVERY DAY all season I have stated that D’Andre Swift would be a HEISMAN TROPHY CANDIDATE on ANY other team but instead Kirby has given him only 62 carries in 11 games 5 carries a game when HE is our LEADING RUSHER nearly 8 yards per carry.  And this blog has complained that our receivers last year and this year drop the football and that when Kirby DOES RECRUIT a guy who flashes good hands that Kirby DOES NOT RECOGNIZE it such as Ahkil Crumpton whom I would have made a STARTER.


Ahkil Crumpton no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Richard LeCounte III  no snaps vs Auburn LOST


DeAngelo Gibbs no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Jacob Eason  no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Jeremiah Holloman no snaps vs Auburn LOST


William Poole no snaps vs Auburn LOST


Lorenzo Carter  did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Ben Cleveland did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Sony Michel did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Isaac Nauta did NOT start vs Auburn LOST


Natrez Patrick did NOT start vs Auburn LOST he too was AVAILABLE to start


Trenton Thompson did NOT start vs Auburn LOST seems Kirby had loads in his dog house eh ?


Kirby you are a fine defensive coach but until you can QUIT MEDDLING with the offense you will NEVER be any good as a head coach – not passing the ball only 28 percent of our plays all season long now and counting.   THIS IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE against Alabama or the top 4 teams.  THIS is who Kirby WANTS us to be.


One would think even a DEFENSIVE COACH KIRBY would know that you can NOT just pass the ball 28 percent of the time.  If on defense you can key in on the 1 tailback back there 3 out of 4 times and always the 1st down and always the 2nd down both just only runs ALL SEASON LONG EVERY GAME, you increase the odds to stop both the run and the pass.


I think Kirby would have NO PROBLEM going up against his own offense – NONE.  He would stuff the box and run blitz 1st down 2nd down and pin their ears back on 3rd down.  Even as a secondary player you know you have to support the run stop the first 2 downs EVERY TIME.


F – Offensive Coaching.  It’s Kirby who runs this offense.  Jim Chaney was NOT ALLOWED to tell you Friday last week that this offense can not continue to JUST RUN THE BALL to the CBS telecast crew according to Seth Emerson.  What does that mean ?  That Jim Chaney DISAGREES with Kirby’s offensive mandates to ONLY RUN THE BALL and therefore pass the ball 28 percent of the time (3rd down in other words.)





F – indeed offensive coaching






Al Knight : “ UGA offensive coaching …… F- “


Yes sir Al Knight sir.


Absolutely sir.



Indubitably Al Knight sir.





THIS BLOG has reported that Kirby only lets us PASS the football 28 percent of the time all 2017 season. 205 of 712 plays passing plays. NO GOOD TEAM IN FOOTBALL has EVER won with 28 percent of the plays passing plays. IT DOES NOT WORK. Now Seth Emerson REMINDS US that Jim Chaney sat beside CBS Announcers and RAN HIS MOUTH when KIRBY has gagged the dumb son of a bitch since the day he HIRED HIM as Kirby’s FLUNKY. Kirby will NOT LET Jim Chaney pass the ball. “What am I supposed to do with Sony Michel and Nick Chubb when we pass.” Kirby chides Seth Emerson. How about throw EITHER ONE OF THEM their first TD pass of the entire freaking season Kirby ? “We cannot keep doing this – not passing the ball.” Jim Chaney

Neither Sony Michel NOR Nick Chubb have had a TD pass thrown to EITHER ONE all 2017 season Kirby.  What do you do with THEM on passing plays Kirby ?


Throw them the God Damn FOOTBALL KIRBY.


Jesus Christ.


“We cannot keep doing this – not passing the ball.”  Jim Chaney




If you have not read this article on ESPN today – you can not be Bulldogs’ fan and not read it – best article EVER on Kirby Smart ANYWHERE.


ATHENS, Ga. — Had Kirby Smart not made Nick Saban a promise right before Smart left to interview for the open head-coaching job at Auburn in 2012, who knows what the SEC coaching landscape would look like right now?

For that matter, Smart might even be on the home sideline Saturday on the Plains when Auburn and Georgia renew the Deep South’s oldest rivalry.

Either way, Smart is glad that he made that promise.

“I promised [Saban] that I would stay on at Alabama to coach through the national championship game if I got the job,” Smart told ESPN. “It was important to me to finish what I started.”

Ultimately, Auburn hired Gus Malzahn, and one of the factors working against Smart, multiple sources told ESPN, was that Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs wasn’t comfortable with Smart being the Auburn head coach and pulling double duty as the Alabama defensive coordinator for the next month.

“The others on the search committee [Bo Jackson and Pat Sullivan] were good with it, I think, but I don’t think Jay could ever get past the thought of the Auburn coach coaching at Alabama for another month and all that went into that,” Smart said. “I get that, and the truth is it worked out the way it was supposed to. My experience is that it usually does.”

He wouldn’t get any argument from the red-and-black-coated masses at Georgia. Smart, in his second season as the Dawgs’ head coach, has his alma mater unbeaten, No. 1 in the College Football Playoff rankings and absolutely killing it on the recruiting trail. It’s the first time Georgia has been No. 1 in either of the major polls or the CFP rankings during the season since 1982. For perspective, Herschel Walker was still “running over people” between the hedges in ’82.

Smart, who spent 11 seasons working under Saban at Alabama, LSU and the Miami Dolphins, has never been one to get ahead of himself, and he’s not about to start now.

“They don’t measure races at the 60-, 70- or 80-meter mark. They do at the finish, and that’s our goal,” Smart said last week following the Dawgs’ 24-10 win over South Carolina.

He was obviously talking about this season, but there’s the bigger picture, too.

“I tell our kids all the time that humility is just a week away, and that goes for our entire program,” Smart said. “We’re not there yet, not even close. We’ve made progress and are continuing to make progress in a lot of areas. We’ve got good players, and I love the way our kids are working and have bought in. But we don’t have the kind of players Alabama has. They’re the standard, and we’ve got to keep recruiting better players, developing those players and coaching them.”

The irony that it’s Auburn this week for Georgia isn’t lost on Smart, who says the No. 10 Tigers will be the Dawgs’ toughest test of the season. And, yes, Georgia won at No. 3 Notre Dame the second week of the season.

“They’ve got the best defense we’ve faced and a quarterback [Jarrett Stidham] who throws it as well as anybody we’ve faced,” Smart said. “That’s my focus — not what might have been or what might not have been five years ago when I interviewed for the job.”

If he sounds like his old boss, it’s not a coincidence. Smart worked closer and longer with Saban than any of the other current head coaches who’ve branched out from Saban’s coaching tree. Smart is as familiar with Saban’s “Process” as anybody.

“The most important thing I took from him was holding everybody’s feet to the fire, holding everybody accountable, and that goes for every single meeting, every single drill, every single practice and every single day,” said Smart, who was with Saban for one season at LSU in 2004, one season with the Miami Dolphins in 2006 and then nine seasons at Alabama from 2007 to 2015.

“You take on what’s right in front of you and don’t get caught up in everything else.”

It’s precisely that mindset that landed Smart his dream job. He kept his head down and worked, grinded and learned all those years under Saban and paid little attention to the expanding narrative that his head-coaching window might have closed.

“I knew the right one would come,” said Smart, who will turn 42 in December. “I didn’t necessarily know it would be this one. This was my school and the one that meant the most to me, but I had a good job making a lot of money at one of the best programs in the country and working for the best coach in the country.

“I didn’t care what anybody else thought, that I should take a head job at a smaller school and then work my way up. I didn’t care that people were saying our defensive success at Alabama was really Saban’s success. None of that bothered me. I was going to do the best job I could do where I was and trust that it was all going to work out.”

It helped that Smart was the son of a coach. His father, Sonny, was a longtime high school coach in Georgia and coached Smart at Bainbridge High School.

“My father was a defensive coordinator before he was a head coach, and that’s what I always wanted to be, a defensive coordinator in the SEC,” Smart said. “Growing up, I learned from him that the best job is the one you have, and that’s the one you put all of your energy and focus into. I never looked at it like my career would be unfulfilling if I didn’t become a head coach at a certain place or by a certain time. I was too busy coaching.”

Smart understood unequivocally what the stakes were when he took the Georgia job. His predecessor, Mark Richt, was fired despite a winning percentage over 15 seasons (.740) that ranks first among all Georgia head coaches. But what Richt hadn’t done was win an SEC championship in a decade. Smart, in his second season, already has the Dawgs headed to Atlanta for a Dec. 2 date in the SEC championship game, but he didn’t come back to his alma mater to play for championships. He came back to win them.

He’s coaching and recruiting that way.

To open the game against South Carolina, Georgia attempted an onside kick. The Dawgs didn’t recover, and Smart was asked about it after the game. His answer only fueled Dawg Nation’s fire.

“I don’t want to be the hunted. I want to hunt,” Smart said.

It’s been a similar story on the recruiting front. Georgia had more than 100 prospects on campus for the South Carolina game, and it was a who’s who on the Dawgs’ sideline before the game. The top prospects from Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and both Carolinas were in attendance, and the Dawgs already have committed in this class the nation’s top quarterback and No. 1 overall prospect (Justin Fields) and the nation’s top running back (Zamir White), according to ESPN’s rankings.

“Players see what we’ve got going here and where Coach Smart is taking us,” Georgia senior running back Sony Michel said. “They want to be a part of that. Why wouldn’t you?”

Smart coached under Richt at Georgia as running backs coach in 2005, and Smart said they still keep in touch.

“They don’t come any finer than coach Richt,” Smart said. “I still talk to him some, and it says so much about him the way he’s continued to support the kids on this team and support Georgia. The cupboard wasn’t bare when we got here. Now, we had to go sign a quarterback, but we had players. I know a lot of new coaches talk all the time about how they don’t have enough good players when they get there, but I can tell you this place was in better shape than Alabama was when we got there in 2007.”

One of the main reasons Georgia is considered one of the best head-coaching job in America is the wealth of talent in the state. But as Smart points out, everybody all over the country is trying to recruit the state of Georgia, which makes relationships and pinpoint evaluations even more important.

“We’ve got be sure we take the right players, and sometimes that means telling good players from this state that we don’t have room for them,” Smart said.

“You’ve got to make hard decisions, but that’s not a bad problem to have,” said Smart, who shrugs at the thought that the Dawgs might be further along overall than most people expected in his second season.

“I’m not going to sit here and say I expected us to be No. 1 [in the rankings], but it doesn’t really matter where we’re ranked right now.”

Spoken like someone who knows a little something about the “Process” and is content to let that process run its course.





KIRBY SMART : “Most teams right now they peak out. Some of them start dinged up. Kids get tired of it. They don’t get better. And very few teams in the country continue to get better throughout the season. A lot of teams lose focus. We’ve got to do a great job of staying away from that. The easiest thing to do is focus on each day. And that’s what we try to do.”



“Listen we can quit with the coaching dramatics. Right now I believe Fromm is the guy. I believe Eason is an extremely talented quarterback. But that’s up to Kirby who he decides to go with. I mean he’s not fooling me – if that’s what we think we’re doing here. That young man Fromm’s won ballgames. He just came off a 41 to nothing win.” Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason who looks very smart on the sidelines to me and beat Kirby last year. Derek Mason beat Kirby last year here at Sanford just after vols beat Kirby here too and just before Georgia tek also beat Kirby here all 3 at Sanford. Kirby also lost at Florida. Kirby also lost at Ole Miss. Derek Mason parlayed his win over Kirby last year into playing in the Independence Bowl. Derek Mason looks good on the sidelines. Derek Mason looks smart on the sidelines. He coached in the NFL and at Stanford and is a great player in his own right. I’d say he NAILED this quote – wouldn’t you ? Tom Petty

I like this man Derek Mason.  I believe everyone does.  Derek Mason is one of the good guys.


And smart.


And looks great on the sidelines.


Derek Mason NAILED this quote.


“I mean he’s not fooling me – if that’s what we think we’re doing here. That young man Fromm’s won ballgames. He just came off a 41 to nothing win.  I believe Fromm is the guy.” Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason a fine-looking young head football coach with a bright future.

Is it just me or isn’t Seth Emerson the most impressive Bulldogs’ beat writer of all-time ?









This should be a loss coming-up the way his OL is playing because Notre Dame is a good team and because Kirby will NOT PLAY Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes but WILL PLAY INSTEAD Pat Allen – Dyshon Sims – Lamont Gaillard – Sean Fogarty – Kendall Baker instead. Kirby got away with that against mid-major NOT AGAINST NOTRE DAME. Kirby is a fool to keep up these players on the OL not getting the job done because Kirby says they are doing well in practice. Not in the games they are not Kirby. Hopefully Kirby fixes this against Notre Dame. Kirby is going to have to demote at least 3 of his OL he is playing who can not compete against Notre Dame.

Ben Cleveland should have started for us last year and should be this year too.  Isaiah Wilson should be starting this year.  Instead neither are and instead smaller not getting the job done OL are starting last year and this year.  We are trying to impose our will on running the ball every down and can’t with Mark Richt type small OL yet have recruited top-rated big men on the OL who could impose their will.


What is wrong with this picture ?



You saw what the OL looked like AGAIN Saturday.  Kirby is going to have to just leave.  I am FED UP with Kirby’s BS on the OL last year and again this year with ALL THIS HELP he could be playing instead.


It’s just wrong as it can be.


Give us   –   Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes  – Kirby or move along Kirby.  I have seen MORE THAN ENOUGH of your inability to recognize talent on the offense Kirby.




“It’s the best against the best on special teams 2017.” Kirby press conference today about second scrimmage yesterday.

It most assuredly was NOT the best against the best 2016 Kirby.  You gave Mecole Hardman Junior only one touch all of 2016 season Kirby, which absolutely is not the best against the best.


“Mecole Hardman Junior flashed on several punt returns today.  I believe he’s going to be a good weapon for us back there.”










Kirby Smart on Offensive Lineman D’Marcus Hayes : “He didn’t make the jumps in the spring we wanted him to.” BUT THE GUYS who could not even earn a job last year on that OL who SUCKED – did Kirby ? No sir they did NOT Kirby. Kirby said Pat Allen and Dyshon Sims are better football players than D’Marcus Hayes.

Kirby holds us back.


We will NEVER be what we can be with this bullshit attitude of Kirby against all his younger players actually helping him out in the very areas Kirby needs help at most.


Whomever you put ahead of D’Marcus Hayes on your God Damn Depth Chart 2017 again Kirby will FOREVER be held against you.


Kirby said Pat Allen and Dyshon Sims are better football players than D’Marcus Hayes.


Bullshit Kirby.


Just bullshit like comes out of your God Damn mouth Kirby every freaking day boy.



Kirby tells PRESS that he has two (2) freshmen who can help sort of some maybe 2017. Jesus Christ Kirby ? You have 15 of the top 100 players in the United States of America you just signed after redshirting 3 more freshmen who all 3 were too. And you have only 2 freshmen who can help 2017 Kirby ? WTF Kirby ? This being nasty to everyone routine Kirby is NOT WORKING. You NEED these guys to not lose 5 games again 2017 Kirby. Play our GOD DAMN FRESHMEN Kirby you dumbass. And quit with this shit Kirby that all our freshmen last year and this year all suck. NO THEY DON’T Kirby. You do.

“Running Back D’Andre Swift and Wide Receiver Mark Webb – those guys are kind of starting to hit that day eight wall.  Some of them haven’t had to compete at this level for this long.  We’re going to keep pushing them though because we think those guys can help us this year.”  Kirby to the press today




“Obviously throwing the ball more efficient is a big goal of ours. If you can’t throw the ball you can’t run. It doesn’t matter who your backs are.” Kirby says today at 1st Practice. And what does this mean ? Well it means Kirby thinks running the ball 80% of 2016 on 1st Down was right and that the problem with passing is that we can’t pass the forward pass – not that the butterfingers he sent-out on 3rd and 10 every series dropped every pass – but that the First Round NFL Draft Pick QB can NOT pass the damn ball. Forget that the OL can’t block for the pass or the run. Forget ALL THAT and blame Jacob Eason not Jim Chaney for this FAILED GOD DAMN OFFENSE of Kirby’s.

You get that ?



KIRBY QUOTE TODAY : “Let’s be honest. Georgia – if you get the best players in this state – you should be winning championships. I think we’re getting there in recruiting. I see our talent level going up. We still have some questions although we liked what we saw in the spring. We should be a team that will contend. At the University of Georgia that is the expectation. We should be a team that is favored to win the East each year. We should recruit the best players in our state which is a very productive state and develop those guys into really good players. We’re still a young team in my mind. Because over half of our roster will be freshmen or sophomores. But we’ve got some good football players coming back and I’m excited.” I agree with those statements by Kirby except on the OL where his small OL did NOT get the job done. Again. And except for young team when he loses 20 at least part-time starters after this 2017. THAT is NOT young but SENIOR-LADEN. He needs to get the freshmen on the field with them and maximize 2017. 2018 will be DOWN YEAR because we are NOT a young team and lose too much after 2017 for 2018 to be better.



KIRBY SMART to Seth Emerson just now : “Year 1 was disappointing. Any time you finish 8-5 it’s a disappointment at the University of Georgia. This is certainly not the standard that I expect to keep.”

I seriously do not see blogs supporting our Bulldogs such as this blog does making THIS STATEMENT that Kirby makes today to Seth Emerson. This blog most assuredly takes this EXACT take on 2016.

Disappointing.  And not the standard I find ACCEPTABLE.  And NOT what we brought Kirby here for.  Note if you will that Kirby DOES NOT MAKE EXCUSES !


Our blogs have been chalk-full of EXCUSES.


There are none.  We LOST to losing record Vandie for God’s sake whom 3 CUPCAKES beat.


And THIS BLOG has detailed the ERRORS blunders year one which can NOT be repeated 2017.  You are not going to improve any program by burying your head in the sand and ignoring the obvious.  And to a LARGE EXTENT this is the MESSAGE Kirby has heard from ME from Buck Belue from right-minded fans of which there are MANY and from the national press.  It is ALSO what Kirby is hearing from 2018 recruits isn’t it ?


Kirby HAD to make this STATEMENT.  There is no 24-hour rule to where we are as a program.  We’ve averaged as a program now for 9 years more than 4 losses a season.


2017 is full of promise.


2017 finds us with only 4 other teams with more talent than Kirby.  We have a # 36 strength of schedule.  We should be AT LEAST 10-4 meaning Kirby MADE IT to Atlanta thus has a 14-game season 2017.  2017 will be followed by Kirby having the MOST NFL Draft Picks in the nation of ANY TEAM any league.  The time to hit the iron is NOW while it is HOT.



# 13 Georgia Bulldogs Pre-Season Football Poll ESPN says Kirby said he was extremely pleased with his OFFENSIVE LINE all Spring EVERY PRESS MEETING then in the G-Day Game they sucked the hind tit : “UGA’s OL had plenty of hiccups in the spring game. That spring game performance by the OL left a lot to be desired.” — Edward Aschoff ESPN senior writer

It seems that the entire nation noticed that every word out of Kirby’s lying mouth about his damn OL was all bullshit.  Kirby’s lies to the press and only he allowed to speak with the press at all are front-and-center have been and continue to be for the 8-5 Kirby’s Dawgs who lost to losing record Vandie who themselves were beaten by 3 cupcakes but not by Kirby.


Kirby did not put-up a winning record in The SEC.


This continues the ongoing problems here at Georgia where we continue to have lost MORE than 4 games a year for 9 years now and counting.


With the Average # 7 recruiting ranking this is hard to take as a fan of this program averaging MORE than 4 losses 9 years now and 2017 season will be a DAMN DECADE of this crap.


We continue to be poorly coached don’t we ?


All this talent and Kirby is playing on HIS Offensive Line an extremely small line-up of undersized guys who ARE NOT GETTING THE JOB DONE.


Edward Aschoff ESPN senior writer 2017 did not let Kirby off-the-hook noting as Edward Aschoff did that Kirby SAID the OL was doing great ALL SPRING then their performance FOR ALL TO SEE was COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE.


Does this mean that Kirby has NO CREDIBILITY  with the press ?


That is obviously the case now isn’t it ?


The ENTIRE Bulldog Nation expects Kirby to PLAY in Atlanta 2017 meaning this will be a 14-game season for Kirby or damn well better be.  NONE of us expect better than 10-4.  Why ?


Because for 9 years and this will be TEN now 2017 our beloved Georgia Bulldogs average # 7 recruiting rankings and average MORE than 4 losses a year.


Sad reality that for a decade we DON’T PLAY OUR BEST PLAYERS.  There is NO OTHER EXCUSE for # 7 recruiting rankings and averaging more than 4 losses a year for 9 years.


Maybe you’re satisfied with that : I’m not.  I am FED-UP with it.



Kirby : “As far as what number we have in attendance at the G-Day Game I’m not going to say an over-or-under. I don’t think it’s that important.”

It’s like Kirby WANTS us to NOT SHOW-UP.  I do not think that Kirby LIKES ANY of US as fans of HIS TEAM.


We have LOADS of CONTRIVED “news” from Kirby such as Jake Fromm competing to START against Appalachian State.  You believe that ?  I certainly don’t.

Such as what is left of Mark Richt’s undersized OL who NEVER did shit here so far are somehow DOMINATING his defense this spring when they really none of them played last year and those who saw spot-duty who are here still couldn’t dominate Nichols State.  You believe that ?  I certainly don’t.

Such as Seth Emerson should have known NOT to report Deangelo Gibbs’ shoulder injury.  You believe that ?  I certainly don’t.

Such as “It really didn’t go down that way. Will Muschamp and I were just talking about his spring game and about his attendance of 12 thousand more than anything. There really wasn’t as much to it as it was made out to be. Will Muschamp called me and said we would not even get half capacity. If everybody knows Will Muschamp at South Carolina they know he’s calling me out. I figure we will get that. He is calling the Dog fans out.”  You believe that ?  I certainly don’t.

There is NO pre-game band AT ALL WHATSOEVER this coming Saturday purposely designed to make the crowd fewer then than last year’s G-Day Game.  You believe that ?  I certainly find it particularly hard to imagine.

And of course there sits Kirby front-and-center DOING ALL HE CAN DO to NOT PROVIDE all Georgia Bulldogs’ fans ANY INFORMATION about our team 2017 AT ALL whatsoever even going to the point of allowing NO ONE TO SPEAK but he to the press. It’s like Kirby doesn’t WANT US to follow the team or that the press is just out to get Kirby. You believe ANYTHING Kirby has said about our 2017 team ?  I certainly DO NOT.


WTF Kirby ?


Don’t you want us to be fans of the program to clamor to follow our heroes ? Can ANY of this really be good in generating hype about Saturday’s G-Day Game or indeed the 2017 team Kirby ?


2 scrimmages and nothing provided by ANYONE as to what happened.


Jesus Christ Kirby.


How are we supposed to FOLLOW OUR God Damn Team Kirby ?  We’ve been FOLLOWING us for a LOT longer than the one year you lost to Vandie amid your 5 losses Kirby.


You’re screwing this up Kirby.



Kirby : “We even had a situation the other day where we were gonna clock the ball with the clock running. We had a first down and we went to spike the ball and the guy jumped offsides. At the end of game then instead we had a 10-second runoff. I mean Jay Johnson’s a guy from Minnesota and he brought a list of situations they did there. That’s so invaluable to me because you try to simulate those. I think that our kids can learn a lot from these situations.”

Yeah and I think that our head coaches can learn a lot from these situations.



Do you know what this means when Kirby says he is going to OPEN-UP the offense 2017 and what he means about receivers running that first part of the pass route called the STEM portion of the route ? Here I will explain it to you if you don’t know. IF KIRBY would only line-up whomever it is he intends to be his pitch-and-catch combo 2017 at receiver and let the 2 get in-tune. Includes Kirby Quotes on this today :

The stem portion of a pass route is the first burst part where under total control the receiver starts-off in one direction for the purpose of getting his defender going that direction and then moves-off in a different direction after the cut to gain separation from the defender during which time the quarterback throws the pass to the receiver knowing where the receiver is going on the route. The defender at the cut has to adjust unless he jumped the route guessing it making that the key moment for the pass to be more wide open.


We don’t have a receiver on the team who does this well. Thus when you look downfield there aren’t open receivers. A natural or good receiver is one who does this so well that you don’t even recognize that he doesn’t have the speed to get open. In 2017 it is very difficult at any level to separate yourself from the defender just on speed. Even Julio Jones with all his speed gets open more on his stem and cut than on his speed. And Julio Jones runs a 4.39 in the 40-yard dash far quicker than anyone on our roster receiver or defender.   And of course Julio Jones is 6’ 3” and 220 lbs. of all muscle.


How does Julio Jones get open every play ?


One it is that brief moment at the transition from the stem move on his great pass route running and his cut when he is open and two he is 6’ 3” and 220 lbs. being covered by men slower than 4.39 forty-yard dash time and by men not as tall as well. And thirdly because Matt Ryan puts the ball in a very small window while getting good offensive line work for him with a quick release in the pocket meaning the other receivers block well downfield for each other and that the running backs pick-up the blitz when the defense calls that.


It’s all intertwined why our receiver corps has been wholly unable to get open. So I wanted to explain that to you since I played this position and understand it.


There are other skills as well such as catching the ball with your hands and not with your body which receivers such as Isaiah McKenzie NEVER DID learn which are pre-requisites to being that pitch-and-catch combo which we have NOT had here so far this 2017 year did not have 2016 and did not have 2015 either nor did we have 2014 either.


All of THIS has contributed to our Offense being TOTALLY FAILED.


Good route running is part-and-partial to being that 3rd Down go-to receiver.


The money guy.


The size of your hands contributes mightily as well as your leaping ability and the ability to get your toes inbounds.


You have awareness of the sidelines on every route. You get there and stop and lean over.


Of course the quarterback has to be able to hit the out-route and neither Greyson Lambert the year before last nor Hutson Mason the year before that were either one capable of that.


We did not run any out-routes for Hutson Mason OR Greyson Lambert. That severely limited the passing game both years 2014 and 2015 for us as it also is indicative of both of their inability to stretch the field and open-up the defense stretching them because if they could not even hit an out-route then they certainly could not execute the deep routes either.


Last season we had a quarterback for the first time in 3 years who could hit the out-route and who could stretch the defense with accurate deep routes. An arm in other words. But we did not call those plays which typically are run on 2nd down and SHORT when they are BEST UTILIZED.


You just have to understand this to understand just why it is that our Offense is so FAILED and has been for 3 years in a row now. So when Kirby states he is going to OPEN-UP the OFFENSE 2017 he means THIS PRECISELY EXACTLY that he is going to HIT the out-routes and deep routes and have receivers who RUN those routes adroitly.


You have flag and post routes and go routes for example all designed for opening-up the field for the offense by stretching the defense.  When you stretch the defense and make them cover the outs and deep routes you open-up your running game which of course was our number one failing 2016 with Kirby’s offense.  This opened-up offense is the complete opposite of what we saw ALL YEAR LONG LAST YEAR 2016 BY EVERY DEFENSE AGAINST US EVERY SINGLE GAME where they all stuffed-the-box often lining-up 8 and even 9 defenders on the line of scrimmage to stuff the run because the COACHING STAFF refused to CALL any of these out and deep routes.


That and because we haven’t had for the previous 3 years in a row receivers capable of the stem and move routes such as out-routes go routes with a juke post routes or flag routes.


These routes take time. With all these Offensive Linemen we have for 2017 if Kirby PLAYS THEM we can block for them but the receivers have to block downfield too on BOTH the pass routes and the run options.


Run Options also go hand-in-hand with RPO run-pass-option and Option Reads. Now you are getting-in to the TYPE OF PASSING PLAYS Jim Chaney 2016 CATEGORICALLY REFUSED TO CALL because Kirby told Jim Chaney what plays Kirby wanted Jim Chaney to call.


By necessity every football team MUST have a pitch-and-catch combo. These are 2 guys who like Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are in-tune with each other.


They are so in-tune with one another that THEY then OPEN-UP every OTHER receiver on their routes because you only have one best cover guy on ANY team.  This opens up the other guys.  You need to know when to call the run and when to call a pass or screen or when to hit the tight end to open-up the offense but YOU HAVE TO CALL those plays too.


Not only did we NOT CALL those plays 2016 Jim Chaney running Kirby’s offense per Kirby’s insistence on running the ball every first down every game all season long but to make it all the more predictable Kirby REFUSED to allow Jacob Eason to CHECK-OUT of the play call at the line of scrimmage even if he read the defense was TOTALLY PLANNING on stuffing the box and stopping the run which was sent-in by Jim Chaney.  So we looked like crap on offense.


The QB and the WR pitch-and-catch combo are the guys who PRACTICE TOGETHER ALL DAY EVERY DAY FOR YEARS and they KNOW each other well enough to know that the other sees what they see of the defense.


Last year we blindly called an in-route and gave Jacob Eason NO AUTHORITY to check-out of that at the line to an out-route. We were PREDICTABLE.


We FAILED as an offense as result thereof.


OPTION READS are where the receiver and the QB are so in-tune with each other and WHAT THEY SEE the defense is lined-up to do that the play call is an in-route and both QB and WR see the defense set-up to defend JUST THAT in-route that mid-route the receiver stems then cuts to the OUT-ROUTE. This Option Read is what can only be accomplished by a QB and receiver who PRACTICE together.


Who play with each other.


Who throw that route OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.


This time last year Greyson Lambert practiced EVERY SNAP with the # 1 unit. Every single one. There was NO CHANCE for us to prepare the eventual starter on ANY of this nor the receiver RB or OL either with one another.


If you are going to talk about the offense being stale or predictable or run almost exclusively on every first down all game all year then you must be conversant on these parts of an OPEN OFFENSE that Kirby SAYS HE IS GOING TO RUN 2017.


That’s because he has a QB capable of it – IF KIRBY would only line-up whomever it is he intends to be his pitch-and-catch combo 2017 at receiver and let the 2 get in-tune.


Kirby today : “I think you’ve got to be careful because is Charlie Woerner normally lined-up as a tight end better than your fourth receiver? Is Sony Michel or Brian Herrien both normally lined-up at tailback better than your third receiver? So there are a lot of things that we’re doing out there to get the best football players on the field.”


Now you’re thinking and talking Kirby.


Kirby today : “We’ve got to improve as a receiver group starting with the toughness. We hope we improved that through our recruiting because some of the kids that we signed have got some stature to them.   Somehow we’ve just got to play better at all the receiver positions and be more productive. That doesn’t just go on the receivers. That goes on the quarterback and on the offensive line as well. But that’s one position – receivers – we’ll be watching closely.”


Kirby today : “Mecole Hardman Junior has got to become a more natural receiver. He was more of a guy with the ball in his hands – they snapped it to him. There’s a big difference when you’re talking about stemming and moving. All of the things that Terry Godwin is really good at are things that Mecole Hardman Junior has to improve at. Some of the things that Mecole can do Terry is still developing at. Terry’s been a really good helper for Mecole as far as playing the slot receiver.”



Kirby on Jeremiah Holloman : “I am excited about his work habits as he is focused on giving you all the effort he can. The biggest factor he brings is TOUGHNESS. He’s physical. That’s the demeanor we need – a guy who goes out there and will hit you and hat you up. I really like that about the guy. He’s not afraid to try hard a trait I look for in players and that’s a good trait.”

Kirby today : “I’m excited about Jeremiah Holloman’s work habits. He’s one of the hardest workers out there with those mid-year guys. He doesn’t really care what other people think. He doesn’t look around at the other guys. He’s focused on : ‘I’m going to give you all the effort I can.’ I think the biggest thing he brings is the toughness factor. I think one of the things that stuck out on his tape – everybody talks about the catches and the sides – but he’s physical. That’s the demeanor that we need – a guy that’s going to go out there and hit you and hat you up. I really like that about the guy. He’s not afraid to try hard. When you get that as a player then that’s a good trait.”



KIRBY took all the players to go BOWLING this afternoon with Spring Practice to start Tuesday. My coaches told all of us that swimming impinges on the shoulder of the college athlete causing tendon injuries prevalent in 17 % of college swimmers and of course staying in the water causes skin issues as well.

I grew-up bowling.


And while I enjoy the water and always have every serious coach has always told us all not to go swimming that it is the cause of injuries to the shoulder.  We had players injured swimming in just exactly this manner yet Mark Richt insisted every year that ALL the players HAD to go swimming with him so he could do a back-flip off the high dive.


Yet for 15 consecutive years we stopped practice and went swimming while THIS BLOG reported that it was way wrong to do so.


When football players in a sustained fashion get wet and stay wet for a prolonged period this causes calluses to soften, and makes all the skin susceptible to blisters.  Quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, running backs, defensive backs, linebackers, centers, offensive linemen, defensive linemen and special teams’ players all are putting not only their shoulders at risk but also causing them to get blisters.


This affects our players being unable to compete at this all-important time in their personal development and it portends for two types of injuries therefrom just when this all-important 2017 season up-coming is so important to our entire football program.  When there is every known fact about swimming being bad for athletes of MANY sports that this went-on has bothered me for years that no one spoke-out about it when everyone knows what I know on THIS TOPIC of SWIMMING.


Terry Godwin injured his shoulder swimming and frankly he has not yet lived-up to what we all hoped.


It is so important to take care of ourselves and to do activities which are approved for our sport.


So this afternoon Kirby took the entire team bowling this afternoon after warm-up.  Perfect timing.  Perfect activity.



Kirby Smart : “I expect Jake Fromm to come out and compete like he’s trying to win it. I look at Jake Fromm no different than I did with Jacob Eason this time last year. Jake Fromm is coming in highly regarded a heralded recruit but he’s very serious and very professional about his work. Jake Fromm is a great leader in the locker room. Guys in the locker room respect Jake Fromm. Jake Fromm has got good arm strength and is a good decision-maker. Jake Fromm has got a little leadership to him that Jake Fromm is not afraid to jump out there and tell guys where to line up what to do and get after it with a little fire. I think that dynamic Jacob Eason sees that. And Jacob Eason is sitting there watching this young kid that comes in with a little more fire and brimstone than even he Jacob Eason had. Plus Jake Fromm is coming in with Jacob Eason there and that makes it a little bit different than last season with Greyson Lambert who was the incumbent starter. I think Jake Fromm is in a good place. And I think Jake Fromm is ready to go compete.” Kirby Smart.

I have seen Jake Fromm throw 2 dozen strikes in a row for a long time now.  The Jake and Jake Show.  I have also witnessed Jake Fromm for a long time now put his team on his back especially in pressure situations game on the line.


I can tell you from watching Jake Fromm for a long time now that he is a great athlete.  Jake Fromm knew Jacob Eason was here long before Jake Fromm committed to Kirby.  Kirby wanted Jake Fromm when Kirby was at Alabama.  Jake Fromm de-committed from Alabama to come play for Kirby.  That was when Jacob Eason was already here.


Jacob Eason goes to the NFL after next season.


This season is their first of 2 seasons together – the Jake and Jake Show.


Jake Fromm was committed to Alabama including February of 2016.  Then Kirby got Jake Fromm to commit to Georgia after National Signing Day last year 2016.  Then Jake Fromm came to the G-Day Game last year with 93000 of us here.  Then Jake Fromm took Camp here with Kirby last year 2016.


You people tried to tell Kirby that Kirby did not recruit Jacob Eason.  The way that actually went down was that YOU TOLD ME Jacob Eason coming here was ABSOLUTELY dependent upon Mark Richt being here.  Your quote was that Jacob Eason coming here is CONTINGENT upon Mark Richt still being here.


I told you you were full of shit.  That I had read the words of Jacob Eason and of his Dad.  That I heard them BOTH say that Jacob Eason LOVED the FANS of Georgia.  That he wanted to be followed by US.


You always have been FULL OF SHIT.  You are ALWAYS wrong.  You are ALWAYS PROVEN WRONG.


Then Mark Richt went to Miami of Florida on December 4.  At that time then Kirby was NOT HERE.  And Jacob Eason told Florida gators that he was coming there on a recruiting trip.  Florida wanted Jacob Eason to be their QB before Kirby ever was here.


That pissed-off the Florida gators’ quarterbacks they were recruiting and those already committed to Florida as well as those Florida gators’ quarterbacks who were there already.


Then Kirby was hired.


Then Kirby instantly left from the announcement and went to Washington.  Directly.  Left announcement got on plane to Washington and INVITED Jacob Eason HERE not to Florida gators.


Then Kirby came back and hired rock star Sam Pittman.


Then Jacob Eason’s Dad told everyone that THAT changed everything : Sam Pittman.


Then Jacob Eason came here.  You were holding God Damn VIGILS for Mark Richt.  Kirby had to meet with Jacob Eason ANYWHERE but where the rest of us were.  He couldn’t come to the Gala.  That’s how friq’d-up YOU made all of this.


Then Jacob Eason committed to Kirby.


Then Kirby signed Jacob Eason.


This while Miami of Florida fans were fawning over Jacob Eason saying THEY would get Jacob Eason.


And you said you were NOW a fan of Miami of Florida.


And you said that YOU COULD MAKE a good case that Mark Richt should NOT have been fired.


THIS is how all this went down.


Oh Yee of short memories.


Oh Yee God Damn LIARS.


What you hate about me is that I have a better brain than you have.  I remember what you say and ram it back down your God Damn throats daily forever every word out of your stupid dumbass mouth.  You are jealous of my ability to tell it like it is.


All during all of that Jake Fromm was committed to Alabama.


Then February of 2016 after Kirby had been here in Athens for 7 weeks from January 12  Jake Fromm committed to Kirby at which time Jacob Eason was enrolled in classes here.


Then Jake Fromm saw Jacob Eason play for us G-Day Game 2016.


Then Jake Fromm came to camp here.


Jake Fromm 5-Star Quarterback.


I have watched Jake Fromm grow-up.  Jake Fromm is going to be a Professional Athlete of the highest level.


Jake Fromm got Georgia the # 2 best recruiting class in the nation according to  Jake Fromm recruited these guys here for us.  16 of them in the Top 200 of the ESPN RecruitingNation Top 200 nationally no matter what position they played.


15 of them ranked in the Overall Top 100 recruits of 3300 recruits 2017 according to either or according to ESPN RecruitingNation or according to Composite.


You said Kirby did NOT recruit Jacob Eason here.


Kirby heard you tell him that he did not recruit Jacob Eason here.


This is exactly how all this came down in the order in which it came down.


You have made yourself out not only a horses’ ass the whole ENTIRE time but have been PROVEN INCORRECT on EVERY WORD out of your God Damn LIAR mouth.


Remember telling ME that I could NOT say this.  That YOU would NOT allow me to say this ?


Well do you punks ?


If it were up to you still today Mark Richt would still be here as you promised me he would be today and Jake Fromm would still be committed to Alabama and now preparing to play in THEIR Spring Practice instead next Tuesday.


That is how THIS all would have come down if it were up to you.


Except that I would not have been ALLOWED to say this to YOU.  How did that go for you ? Well ?  Did you shut me up ?


Did you ?


Did ANYTHING you said on ANY of this any of it come-out like YOU TOLD ME ?


Go ahead.


You can say it.


We ALL know.


I was RIGHT about all of this.  And NOTHING you said came to pass.  You questioned whether you wanted to be a fan of us any longer.  THAT is what happened.


That and you tried to CENSOR me because you did not want to hear what you said when you said it and how you still feel about it all.


You did not have your way on that either did you ?  Did you censor me ?  Was ONLY your opinion heard ?


Or did I have my say ?


Did I tell it like it is and how it all turned-out ?


Were you right about ANY of this ?  No.



Spring in Atlanta is March 20 and that is when our Spring Practice begins the next day March 21 as well which is 2 weeks’ time from now. Kirby tweeted today when is the G-Day Game ? Well that is 7 weeks’ time from now April 22 which is also Spring. May is Spring as well as is June with Spring ending June 21. I commend Falcons’ head coach Dan Quinn for saying they are improving that he was on the headset and that he is the head coach and TAKES RESPONSIBILITY therefore – that Dan Quinn OWNS that. Now Kirby today in response makes the tweet that he wonders when G-Day Game is. THAT is one of his top 25 blunders of 2016. Looking FORWARD without looking at what he could have done to prepare the TOP PLAYERS ON THE TEAM to PLAY FOOTBALL 2016 which then therefore became a THROW-AWAY SEASON. Everyone needs to learn to get past something but no one can be over anything. You must OWN that which defines you. If you don’t then you NEVER LEARN from your past. You can not get over something. You can get past it.

“I am past it.  I am not over it.  I don’t think I ever will be and that’s a good thing.” Dan Quinn Atlanta Falcons’ head coach.


They never should have tried to have passed the ball on the play call.


Here is hoping that Kirby does not look past last Spring Practice where he FAILED TO PREPARE the players to play – not even knowing whom it was he WOULD play – let alone prepare them Spring Practice.


Unfortunately I read Kirby’s last tweet about when is G-Day Game as completely different from Dan Quinn’s latest Quote that HE is not OVER 2016 season but is past it in the print edition AJ-C Page C-4 Sports Section article by D. Orlando Ledbetter AJ-C I presume DawgNation I mean they have REBRANDED themselves as NOT AJ-C but as DawgNation right ?


One head football coach here studies where he mucked-up stands-up like a man and said I was on the headset I take OWNERSHIP therefore of the play call AND of all 3 phases of the game.  It’s my bad.  I have studied it.  I am past it but NOT over it.


The other head coach here prior to Spring Practice appears headed to making the SAME MISTAKE year 2 as year 1 looking past Spring Practice.  Kirby has NOT TAKEN OWNERSHIP of shit about 2016 and does NOT intend to considering it a THROW-AWAY season.  No it wasn’t Kirby.  And when G-Day Game is does not really even enter my mind right now but how can we get ALL THIS YOUTH on this team 2017 PREPARED in the up-coming Spring Practices ?


Forget the damn PROCESS and live in the damn MOMENT Kirby.  You ONLY get 1 go-round.  It’s NOW.


We need to not look past Spring Practice but to see the opportunity of Spring Practice to finally only now prepare the youth if they the stars of the team.  This 2017 recruiting class – most especially the early enrollees – must be prepared now and not put into the position of persona non grata.


I am consumed by it –


– well that and in the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.



I am sick and tired of THE PROCESS personally and want us to put some God Damn Emphasis on WINNING by getting our best 22 on the field instead of making some point to this one or that one and not playing him as much as he should’ve been early enough this season to do something about us WINNING. Send the message we’re only going to have 9 practices that we want them to HAVE FUN and more bullshit from you Kirby about the God Damn PROCESS ? When do we begin TRYING TO WIN Kirby ?

I would have held two (2) hard practices as soon as we were announced as the opponent of TCU in our MOST IMPORTANT BOWL GAME. I would have set the tone for the players that blowing a 13-point lead vs a team who SAID they consider US their # 1 Rival at the end of the last game was UNACCEPTABLE and that the offense defense and special teams MUST get after it and NOW or we stand to be 7-6 this season. That TCU might be a struggling defense but that we’re a STRUGGLING OFFENSE. If I were Kirby this would have been my strategy.


Then I would have held 9 more practices December 14 to December 23 Friday here after the Finals.


Then I would have held 4 more December 26 to December 29 with two to get them refocused Monday the 26th as a two-a-day to send the message THAT THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.


The VERY LAST MESSAGE we should be sending to the players after this debacle in the last game is that our coach is satisfied with 5 national championships as Defensive Coordinator for Alabama and that therefore we will only have 9 of the 15 practices.


God Damn it Kirby.


I am sick and tired of THE PROCESS personally and want us to put some God Damn Emphasis on WINNING by getting our best 22 on the field instead of making some point to this one or that one and not playing him as much as he should’ve been early enough this season to do something about us WINNING. Send the message we’re only going to have 9 practices that we want them to HAVE FUN and more bullshit from you Kirby about the God Damn PROCESS ? When do we begin TRYING TO WIN Kirby ?




Our last game with 6 minutes and 29 seconds we mismanaged a 13-point lead against a team made-up of # 52 average recruiting rankings to our # 7 and LOST.


I’d like to see Kirby TALK ABOUT and WORK ON winning.


Not the process.


The process presupposes that there is something here at Georgia BESIDES WINNING that is important.


That there is some throw-away year we handed to him because he bothered to show-up on January 12 when 7 weeks and 4 days’ prior he told Greg McGarity it would be his “DREAM JOB” to come here and be our coach.


Why didn’t Kirby get the highest 3 rated OL he recruited in the games with the combination of the 3 getting only 1 snap all season ?


Why didn’t Kirby play HEALTHY Brian Herrien instead of BOTH injured Nick Chubb and Sony Michel ?


Why did Kirby wait all of pre-season Spring and Fall Practices and even into the games game 3 before he finally quit practicing Greyson Lambert with the God Damn # 1 Starting Unit ? After game 3 Kirby STILL gave the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit BOTH Monday and Tuesday that week too to Greyson Lambert.


He REDSHIRTED Mecole Hardman Junior or TRIED TO and then had a come to Jesus meeting CALLED by Mecole Hardman Junior’s mamma where he finally relented and played him but just on special teams and NEVER on defense or offense and never on special teams except to tackle.


Now as we prepare for the Bowl Game AGAIN Kirby is TALKING ABOUT THE PROCESS – not beating TCU whose coach Gary Patterson turned Vince Dooley down for this job and who has a record against beating teams who take him lightly despite having no defense this season.


We’re struggling on OFFENSE Kirby.




Try to win.


Be the head coach and TALK-UP how BADLY you want to WIN God Damn it Kirby.


We have not won any God Damn National Championships this season Kirby. Who gives a friqin’ shit if you have Kirby at ALABAMA where you seem to have been replaced without skipping a beat.


Or I am seeing something here no one else is ?


I don’t give a shit about growing and looking forward Kirby : I want you to win the God Damn Game against TCU and you have a completely different agenda.


( Jason Butt just now.


We have had ENOUGH FUNNING-AROUND Kirby from you beginning with you telling Greg McGarity November 28 of 2016 that THIS would be your “DREAM JOB” Kirby.




Start with TCU.


Get with the freaking program Kirby.


Instead of standing idly by as you CONTINUE to make these ROOKIE MISTAKES as coach Kirby I TRY to make the POINT to you BEFORE it is too late.


Because I God Damn am going to come in here and criticize you AFTERWARDS if you LOSE to 6-6 TCU.


You’re stubborn Kirby.  You BETTER get with it.


I will FIRE your ass in a God Damn heartbeat.  And don’t think I won’t.



Jacob Eason THROWS the passes not try to CATCH them as Trevor Lawrence 6’ 6” and 200 lbs. of # 1 football player in the nation Pro-Style QB watches Kirby’s upset of # 8 Auburn who on 22 plays in the 2nd half could not muster a single 1st Down against Kirby. But when we were down there ready to score we whiffed on the Play Calls puckered our assholes unable to figure it out who you want throwing the God Damn Football for God’s Sake. I mean. Let’s discuss please who throws the freaking football for this team for God’s Sake. The Next Game is Game 11. When is it we figure out who throws for the football for us Kirby ? Next year ?

I don’t think Auburn has even offered Trevor Lawrence.  Auburn was never in the picture for Trevor Lawrence anyway but Jeremy Pruitt is recruiting him and so is Clemson.


Why is Jim Chaney the guy recruiting Trevor Lawrence 2018 ?


All Jim Chaney did was nothing all night long. If there were any plays by the Offense it was because of sheer willpower on the part of Jacob Eason and Nick Chubb against that stout Auburn defense who gave up only 2 field goals on the night and was that only despite the Play Calls whoever thought them up and whoever agreed with them when we puckered on Play Calls in the Red Zone.


Figure it out who you want throwing the God Damn Football for God’s Sake.


You go with the guy who brought you to the Dance.  You know ?  They guy who was flawless all night long.  Take the ball out of his hands ?  God Damn it No.


You got this down about who do you give it to on 3rd and short.  We had to TELL you.  Now you have to learn this.  Who do you have throw the ball ?


Shit I have been telling you that since January 12.


On the 2 scoring chances you have BOTH passes thrown by Terry Godwin not Jacob Eason ?  How to put this delicately.  Bullshit.


Besides the attempt to hit Jacob Eason on a delayed jump-ball in the end zone with several Auburn players covering him with the ball dribbling off his fingers, Jim Chaney benched Jacob Eason on another scoring try too having Terry Godwin throw Auburn the pass in the end zone 3 of their men there and our WR on the ground before he lofted the floating pass.


What were we thinking ?


Excuse me, what was Jim Chaney thinking ?


And Tray Matthews gets the interception that led to Auburn’s only score all night long. Tray Matthews. I am glad I am at Auburn Tray Matthews. Here let me help you all I can find where you can go to play including our Bitter Rival Auburn after I kick you off the team here Mark Richt Tray Matthews. 4th and Forever time expiring on the clock Nick Marshall Hail Mary TD Pass to beat us Tray Matthews cough cough defending Tray Matthews.


Kirby said : “Jim Chaney agreed with me on the call.”


If it was Kirby who suggested both or either of those plays it was Jim Chaney’s Offense and he had to make the call. All I know is that that is the SINGLE WORST use of Jacob Eason there could be.


Auburn has a GREAT DEFENSE.


But to take the ball out of Freshman All-America 1st Team QB Jacob Eason and have him NOT be the one throwing the pass when only 14 quarterbacks in the all the nation have thrown for fewer interceptions than Jacob Eason this year and none of those freshmen – that is blame stupid.


Look Kirby if you and Jim Chaney come-up with plays for a SCORE how about you have Jacob Eason THROW it.


Good Lord.


Trevor Lawrence saw that Kirby.


Why do we keep stalling in the red zone ?




Have ANYONE throw the football but Jacob Eason.


Jesus Christ.


On another critical 3rd and 1 and a half I saw Jim Chaney got Nick Chubb the ball this time not Isaiah McKenzie.  On the crucial 3rd and short you gave it to Nick Chubb who converted not Isaiah McKenzie.


I do believe WE made that point to Jim Chaney.


Now on the fumble by Senior Center Brandon Kublanow where he dribbled the ball and then turned and ran after it yes it was Jacob Eason AGAIN who recovered that fumble as he does. Jacob Eason always recovers those fumbles doesn’t he ? Even in the end zone it is Jacob Eason who recovers the fumbles.


Brandon Kublanow 6’ 3” and 293 lbs. that is no way to try to increase your chances of being drafted to have the entire nation watching on Prime Time on CBS and see you dribble the ball only to be bailed-out by Jacob Eason.


Auburn upset.


But it wasn’t the Play Calls.


It was DESPITE the Play Calls.


I expected Kirby to bring a Defense like that calling for Junkyard Dawgs the win in Honor of Bill Stanfill.  What I didn’t know what to expect was of Jim Chaney.  I am learning more every day on that one.


Kirby gets upset DESPITE the Play Calls as this win was on the Defense and on the sheer willpower of Jacob Eason who had over 200 yards passing and no interceptions and of Nick Chubb who finished with 101 yards rushing.



Georgia held a PLAYERS ONLY MEETING. 7 games for Kirby. PLAYERS ONLY MEETING. That is NOT to get the negativity out of the locker room. That is to VENT. Why would that be Kirby ? Then Kirby issues this statement : “I’m not looking at it like we’re desperate or anything like that.” 17 first down runs up the middle last game for 36 yards and Kirby is not desperate. Oh God help us.

Well excuse me I can tell you what the players said.  They said they are NOT being given legitimate opportunity to help the team.


We play the same stupid ram it down their throat with personnel that doesn’t fit that.  We play the wrong guys on special teams too.  And we have a coach who has done nothing but criticize when TOUGH LOVE has clearly HURT the morale of the players.




We have a host of players who have DEMONSTRATED with their body language that they keep being removed from the game and not given an opportunity to help the team when they are DOING WELL.


And we instead play the same ole same ole players and strategy.


So Kirby issues the statement : “I’m not looking at it like we’re desperate or anything like that.”


Yes you are too Kirby.


If you think you can do the same as you have been doing when the players TELL YOU KIRBY that you are NOT IN CHARGE and that THEY ARE and THEY want to VENT without you in the locker room AT ALL, you better WAKE-UP Kirby.


Did they come to you with a collective statement Kirby ?



Did you GAG that statement so that we can not hear it Kirby ?


All you do is issue the statement : “I’m not looking at it like we’re desperate or anything like that.”


We’re more DESPERATE NOW than we were last year when Mark Richt was so DESPERATE that he started a guy in game 8 last year whom Mark Richt had not given one single snap to at QB all year long and NONE after.


That’s how DESPERATE Mark Richt was Kirby this time last year.


We are MORE DESPERATE this year Kirby.


What do you mean Kirby : “I’m not looking at it like we’re desperate or anything like that.”


Oh God Kirby.  Tell me you’re not going to line-up and play smash-mouth up the gut every 1st down again game 8 Kirby ?


Tell me it isn’t so Kirby.


Tell me you’re going to play the freshmen for a change.


We’re desperate Kirby.  We have to win this afternoon Kirby.  You better look at it like you’re desperate Kirby.




Otherwise Kirby we would not have had 85 Scholarship Players DEMAND you leave the ROOM Kirby.  Playing 58 of the 85 as you have been with cameo appearances ONLY by the freshmen – kicking and screaming all the way as you have done about playing the freshmen or even letting the freshmen practice with the # 1 unit.


We’re damn desperate Kirby and you bloody well had better be.


That statement worries me more than anything you’ve ever said Kirby.  “I’m not looking at it like we’re desperate or anything like that.”


Just what the hell do you consider DESPERATE Kirby ?




Kirby NOT desperate.


Kirby refuses to let them talk.  Gag order.  Players AND coaches gagged by Kirby.


So they HOLD a PLAYERS ONLY MEETING and clearly came-up with a statement to Kirby.


So Kirby says : “I’m not looking at it like we’re desperate or anything like that.”


This is as DESPERATE as this football program has been in a long time.


17 first down runs up the middle last game for 36 yards and Kirby is not desperate.


Oh God !



“I’m impressed but I see it every day in practice. The kid Jacob Eason has a bright future.” Nick Chubb says after the DECISIVE MOMENTOUS WIN. … … “Jacob Eason is unbelievable ! The amount of poise he had on that last drive was incredible for a true freshman. He took control of the pocket. He knew what he was doing. He executed.” Tyler Catalina says seeing this phenom lead The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs to 3 CONSECUTIVE COME-FROM-BEHIND WINS to start his absolutely obviously PROPITIOUS career. … … “Jacob Eason keeps his composure. He ENCOURAGES us in the HUDDLE. In those situations – you wouldn’t expect that from a freshman. For him to come in and do what he does – I love it.” Isaiah McKenzie says about the AUSPICIOUS PROMISING fabulous efforts of one cool hand back there – especially when he is down behind losing to come-from-behind yet again. … … “I had a visual before the play started. The linebacker came up and I knew I had to beat the corner before he beat me to the middle and as Jacob Eason threw a GREAT BALL – I adjusted to it and came down with the catch. I had to adjust and come down with it and secure it. That put us on top.” Isaiah McKenzie says about The Catch on the order of Verron Haynes – only THAT YEAR we LOST 4 games – not so this season of 12-2 I predicted. … … “I tell the rest of the guys that : If y’all practice like Isaiah McKenzie that we wouldn’t lose a game. Isaiah McKenzie practices hard.” Kirby says after another outstanding performance by BOTH to lead Top 10 Georgia Bulldogs to our 3-0 start all 3 games we were losing and came-back to win. … … “The kid Jacob Eason really grew up tonight. The quarterback grew up a lot and became a better player.” Kirby

“I’m impressed but I see it every day in practice.  The kid Jacob Eason has a bright future.”

Nick Chubb says after the DECISIVE MOMENTOUS WIN.


“Jacob Eason is unbelievable !   The amount of poise he had on that last drive was incredible for a true freshman. He took control of the pocket. He knew what he was doing. He executed.”

Tyler Catalina says seeing this phenom lead The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs to 3 CONSECUTIVE COME-FROM-BEHIND WINS to start his absolutely obviously PROPITIOUS career.



“Jacob Eason keeps his composure.   He ENCOURAGES us in the HUDDLE.   In those situations – you wouldn’t expect that from a freshman.   For him to come in and do what he does –  I love it.”

Isaiah McKenzie says about the  AUSPICIOUS PROMISING fabulous efforts of one cool hand back there – especially when he is down behind losing to come-from-behind yet again.


“I had a visual before the play started. The linebacker came up and I knew I had to beat the corner before he beat me to the middle and as Jacob Eason threw a GREAT BALL – I adjusted to it and came down with the catch.  I had to adjust and come down with it and secure it. That put us on top.”

Isaiah McKenzie says about The Catch on the order of Verron Haynes – only THAT YEAR we LOST 4 games – not so this season of 12-2 I predicted.



“I tell the rest of the guys that : If y’all practice like Isaiah McKenzie that we wouldn’t lose a game.  Isaiah McKenzie practices hard.” 

Kirby says after another outstanding performance by BOTH Jacob Eason and Isaiah McKenzie to lead Top 10 Georgia Bulldogs to our 3-0 start when in all 3 games we were losing when Jacob Eason came in to give us 3 come-from-behind wins in a row to begin his unbelievable career already.  How exciting is that ?  I knew he had them right where he wanted them – beating us – and the game resting on his considerable shoulders.


Jason Butt


( )


( )


Why is that Jason Butt UGA grad was able to give us these quotes tonight and no one else could ?  Aren’t you better-off having read these quotes by Jason Butt ?





“The kid Jacob Eason really grew up tonight. The quarterback grew up a lot and became a better player.” 



( )


( )





Noon ESPN at Ole Miss who is our best Opponent all season long before Kirby plays Nick Saban in The SEC Championship. Georgia moves into the Top 10 with road win Prime Time. IT HAPPENED JUST EXACTLY AS I SAID IT WOULD AND PRECISELY AS I GUARANTEED IT WOULD. There ALSO is NO QUARTERBACK CONTROVERSY as I have guaranteed all along as well. And, I said why there wasn’t. And all that – just as in my guarantee that Mark Richt had to be fired and why – are all ALSO 100% CORRECT PREDICTIONS BY ME. But you can read whoever the hell you want to go read. Get Ben Cleveland on the field NOW. Jacob Eason has hit his Tight Ends and Fullback 12 times in these first three come-from-behind wins by him. Players/Coaches of the Game Award. It’s GREAT to be a Georgia Bulldog. Kirby is a STRONG MAN.

Georgia Bulldogs Game Awards :  Kirby A  Jacob Eason A Isaiah McKenzie A Quincy Mauger A Christian Payne A Mel Tucker A Defense A Natrez Patrick A Aaron Davis A Juwuan Briscoe  A.



Nick Chubb had 63 yards and Sony Michel had 37 but Isaiah McKenzie had 19 rushing yards and a TD Rushing and 2 TD Receptions – one on the order of Verron Haynes – for another 122 yards in receptions.


The Human Joystick looks to me like he wants to be All-America 2016, as I said after the North Carolina game.


I do want to see us throw to Mecole Hardman Jr.  I don’t care about us having 2 short wide receivers.  That does not bother me one bit.  Not one.  I also would like to see Ben Cleveland not redshirted.  We need these 2 on Offense.


We have a lot of work to be a great team.  A ton of work is required for us to be great.  But it sure is nice to see such solid coaching decisions by Kirby all night tonight really.  And how wonderful is it to see these guys step-up for us with the game on the line and us losing for the 3rd week in a row only to watch Jacob Eason just take us down the field no matter what work we have to do to improve on offense.  I mean.  It is so exciting !


We had 20 First Downs on Passing Downs and only 5 Rushing.

We out-rushed Missouri by 6 yards on one more rush than they.

We scored a TD rushing and they did not.

Both teams had 3 Passing Touchdowns.

We held the ball and had 93 plays to their only 75 twenty percent more than they.

Missouri had 4 fumbles and 3 interceptions while we had no fumble and only 1 interception.  I said pre-game we would do THIS exactly.

We’re Plus THREE +3 Turnover Margin for the year.  That is good.

I said there was NO QUARTERBACK CONTROVERSY.  There is NOT !

I said Missouri would be good and they were.


Mecole Hardman Jr. got in the game against Missouri.

Now throw Mecole Hardman Jr. the ball please.

Elijah Holyfield got in the game against Missouri.

Now throw him the ball too and hand it off to him and hand it off to Brian Herrien more.

Solomon Kindley got on the field.  Try subbing Solomon Kindley and Ben Cleveland to give our Starters a rest please.  Kirby, you said when you have players that aren’t getting the job done that you would tell them to do so and if they still did not that you would play someone else and let them have a go.

And find us a kicker.  We don’t have one on the roster.

Get Ben Cleveland on the field NOW.


By the way Kirby sometimes you have to throw to the same guy tired or not when everyone is dropping the ball and one guy is making plays.  He is strong.  He is in shape.  He certainly is an All-America Candidate as I announced for Isaiah McKenzie the Human Joystick after Game 1 against North Carolina.


Good job coaching Kirby.  Thank you for listening to me.


Jacob Eason has hit his Tight Ends and Fullback 12 times in these first three come-from-behind wins by him.






“When we feel comfortable about who’s going to go out there for the first play at quarterback then we’ll name it. But we’re not that comfortable about that right now. I don’t think it’s as pressing an issue right now because both of them have played now. So it’s not as in the forefront.” So there you have it. Kirby is NOT comfortable with Greyson Lambert. Yeah I wouldn’t be either. That was a HORRIBLE GAME by Greyson Lambert. One of his VERY WORST of ALL-TIME. 11 passing plays 54 yards no TD pass oh and 3 sacks standing back there all day – oh and LOSING by DOUBLE-DIGITS down 10. Rank Rookie who doesn’t communicate perfectly and who is not in the right play some ALREADY has Greyson Lambert VIEWED BY KIRBY as hey I am just not comfortable with him. I named him Starter. I am unwilling to name him that now. It is what it is and The Good Lord Knows we have LOTS of issues. All you have to do is look at the NCAA and see that. We suck at really just about everything. We need major improvement across the board with 2 road games up-coming after Saturday. We have Missouri and Ole Miss both away after Saturday and then welcome the vols. The season rests in the team improving in so many areas basically everything. Not basically – is everything. We’re # 9 because we have inside track to play Alabama. And we’re NOT THERE folks. Not at anything. Kirby needs some time to work this out. I am more than willing to give it to him with all on his plate. We’re NOT an easy fan base and our press is even tougher. Then there is this stretch after Saturday. Season in the balance and we’re just not ready – anywhere.

Good to be back home.  Wish we had the HOME GAMES some teams get.  Florida being down there really cuts into our home games we get to watch.


I know Greyson Lambert can read what Kirby is saying.  He better step-up and get the ball downfield and open up our running game.


I think the tape is getting on Kirby’s mind about Greyson Lambert.  When your coach says he is NOT COMFORTABLE with you.  Well you know you LOST his confidence after that POOR performance.


Take your time Kirby.


Let’s work on Special Teams.


Let’s work on run stopping.


Let’s get some guys catching passes.  Try throwing 1 pass to Nick Chubb or even Brian Herrien out of the backfield.


Linebackers have been uncharacteristically quiet for us.


Kirby wasn’t kidding about wide receivers.


And he is shaking-up his secondary NOW.


Let’s throw some passes to Mecole Hardman Jr.



I tend to think that is rather MAJOR NEWS that a packed house heard Kirby say that he has CUT IT DOWN to 2 QBS and those are Jacob Eason and Greyson Lambert. So Jacob Eason has now PASSED BRICE RAMSEY before the season even. Did any of the packed house write the quotes of Kirby in this packed house ? No. Not not bulldawg illustrated not Athens Banner-Herald not Seth Emerson. He told us today was the day. He held media EVENT. Packed house. Grab a pen folks. Write down what he says. Print it. I mean there are ONLY about what ? 5 million Dawgs’ Fans that about the number. Gee whiz. I don’t live in Athens. He is member at Country Club. Holds press meeting there to packed house. Pretty sad folks. Everybody take the day off ? No one with a pen ? Odds has North Carolina winning by several points with Greyson Lambert.

Chip Towers AJ-C at least showed-up and had a pen.  Not that he can keep to the point, but he said Kirby said at Athens Country Club that


“JACOB EASON is on the 2-Deep at QB.” Kirby 1 reported who had a pen


“I certainly think their reps need to be done right by a certain date.” Kirby 1 reported who had a pen


“We need to start getting two guys ready. I think it’s hard once you start getting more than two quarterbacks ready. We’ve got some guys who have looked good during camp.” Kirby 1 reported who had a pen


One would think you could lay THAT out in an organized fashion from your notes.


Kirby said that we have to get 2 guys ready at QB and Jacob Eason is on the 2-Deep and I certainly think we need to get the Starting QB getting his reps right by a certain date which may have already been in the past since we ALL KNOW Jacob Eason started with the # 1 unit ALL WEEK LAST WEEK at the COST of Greyson Lambert.


North Carolina is HOPING that Kirby starts Greyson Lambert.  Their game plan is if he is stack the box and make him throw.  Then they have a completely different game plan with Jacob Eason whom they can not do that with AT ALL.


This is where we are in a game MANY have said we lose to North Carolina.


In fact Odds has North Carolina winning by SEVERAL POINTS.


Odds Shark says North Carolina has a BETTER OFFENSE than Georgia and a worse defense than us.


150% better offense than us and expect us to pass for only 185 yards.  Well that happens with Greyson Lambert Yes.  NOT Jacob Eason.  If Jacob Eason can only pass 185 yards against a crappy defense like North Carolina we are in big trouble and NOT just against North Carolina.  I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that is NOT the case.




Our Defense is 144 % better than their defense.


We lose to North Carolina by several points according to Las Vegas.


I asked the question last week why would Kirby start Jacob Eason all week if he were going to start Greyson Lambert and answered that that the decision is MADE.


Now today we learn that Kirby indeed has MOVED JACOB EASON UP on the chart and as I said after the 1st scrimmage NO MORE # 1 Unit for Brice Ramsey.


INDEED that too has come to pass and EXACTLY when I said it after scrimmage # 1 last week not Saturday.  He’s also lost his punting job.


So North Carolina and Odds can BOTH prepare for Greyson Lambert but Kirby is NOT starting him.  You need a good back-up QB.  It’s very important.  I am comfortable with Greyson Lambert as back-up QB to Jacob Eason.  No problem with that.  We have NO CHOICE.  If we had Jacob Park or Jake Fromm then THEY would be back-up.  Next year Jake Fromm will be back-up to Jacob Eason.  And the year after next will be Jacob Eason’s LAST YEAR HERE.


No reason have a problem with that.  Mark Richt left Kirby with 2 seniors (1 whom Mark Richt DEMOTED at the end of last year and pissed him off and then Bryan McClendon suspended him from the bowl game and now he is GONE.) and 6 juniors the # 93 most experienced team in America on the 2-Deep.


I stated and named them the 10 freshmen who get a START this season.  1st year players 12 get a START this season.


So if you are going to go to the Athens Country Club and not even lay it out where folks can read it, let me fix that for you.


( )


Kirby is NOT ABOUT to lose that game to North Carolina.  I promise.  He’s starting Jacob Eason and BEAT THE ODDS.


Everything that has happened has been bad for Greyson Lambert but WORST OF ALL was ALL last week standing on the sidelines watching Jacob Eason START with the # 1 unit ALL WEEK LONG.


I tend to think that is rather MAJOR NEWS that a packed house heard Kirby say that he has CUT IT DOWN to 2 QBS and those are Jacob Eason and Greyson Lambert.

So Jacob Eason has now PASSED BRICE RAMSEY before the season even.  Did any of the packed house write the quotes of Kirby in this packed house ?  No.  Not not bulldawg illustrated not Athens Banner-Herald not Seth Emerson.


He told us today was the day.


He held media EVENT.  Packed house.  Grab a pen folks.  Write down what he says.  Print it.  I mean there are ONLY about what ?  5 million Dawgs’ Fans that about the number.  Gee whiz.  I don’t live in Athens.  He is member at Country Club.  Holds press meeting there to packed house.  Pretty sad folks.  Everybody take the day off ?  No one with a pen ?  This doesn’t really say it :


( )


Greyson Lambert is not the guy and NEVER WILL BE he who can lead us to where we want to go.


No one.  No one has EVER said that Greyson Lambert is a better QB than Jacob Eason and they NEVER will. Greyson Lambert does not even get invited to the NFL Combines while Jacob Eason ALREADY has his invite.


It is NOT smart for us to SAY that Jacob Eason is the BETTER QB and start Greyson Lambert.  It is NOT smart for us to say that Greyson Lambert is a BETTER FIT for us vs North Carolina who LOADS OF FOLKS say we LOSE TO with Greyson Lambert throwing his 185 yards passing and refusing to TRY to throw the ball down the field.  In his entire season last year he BEAT NO TEAM like North Carolina.


His best win was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


North Carolina is HELPED-OUT by Greyson Lambert starting who is NOT the better QB and who will NOT STRETCH-OUT the defense but allow them to solely work on just stopping the run the next 3 weeks.  We are a team under Mark Richt with WHOMEVER he had as Offensive Coordinator who did not throw the ball last season with Greyson Lambert # 104 Passing Offense and who did NOT throw the ball with Hutson Mason the # 88 Passing Offense 2014-2015 season Hutson Mason Mark Richt and Mike Bobo.


If you want to be stupid as shit and CONTINUE that bullshit then by all means be a God Damn freaking dumbass and say that you WANT Greyson Lambert to START because he is a better fit for North Carolina so that they can line-up and stack the box to HELP their defense.


I for one read INSTEAD that IN FACT Kirby DID SAY that Jacob Eason is on the 2-Deep.


Officially ?


What kind of BULLSHIT is that ?


Kirby said : “Jacob Eason is ON THE 2-DEEP.”


THAT is official in ANYONE’S BOOK.


Now as for YOU WANTING Greyson Lambert to START.




What the hell good does it do for QB Greyson damn Lambert to read the defense quicker or he smart enough to read it at all if he is # 104 passing the God Damn Ball ?  He is not going to pass the ball on North Carolina or Nicholls State University or anyone else.  All this halting QB does is try NOT to throw it so he can hang-on to his Starting QB role as long as he can here because he knows if he does, he will LOSE his Starting QB role – such as it is – and hanging by a God Damn Thread as it is.


Don’t answer what good it does for Greyson Lambert to read the defenses quicker or he smart enough to read it at all Admin Field Street Forum if Greyson Lambert will not try to throw it.


We all know the answer to that question.


It does no God Damn Good for 1 to read the defense better if that one refuses to even try to throw the ball down the damn field.


Greyson Lambert is not going to score the points this 2016-2017 season.  It will be Jacob Eason.


Why be dumb as shit and make stupid dumb shit statements about reading the defense better or quicker or at all when he WILL NOT TRY to even throw the God Damn Ball ?


Kirby ALREADY has.




HE is the 1 getting the reps.


I just hope that North Carolina is as God Damn Stupid as YOU and is confused and preparing for Greyson Lambert because he ain’t starting.




If you are so God Damn Stupid to say he hasn’t officially made Jacob Eason on the freaking piss ant 2-deep even, then whatever the hell you have to say about YOU WANT Greyson Damn Lambert to START so he can let North Carolina TRY to fix their defense by stacking the box against a Georgia team WITHOUT Jacob Eason at QB who is more like a wishbone only our QB with Greyson Lambert back there has 7 fumbles and minus 39 yards on 29 carries.


Good Lord son.


Play right into their God Damn HANDS dumbass son of a bitch.





Would Kirby have done this the last 3 weeks of Fall Practice with his quarterbacks if he had not come to the decision to tend to agree now with the many who have been giving him the advice that Greyson Lambert is NOT the QB to move The University of Georgia Football forward ? Obviously this observer is quite confident that indeed this is the case. Kirby Era has begun. It has been going on now all week and it isn’t a decision he took lightly nor one therefore he intends at this point to second-guess himself on. The Kirby Era and the Jacob Eason Era are one and the same at this point. All week is all week. You wouldn’t do that FOR ANY REASON – with kick-off vs North Carolina a team many have said we lose to 2 Saturdays after this Saturday’s Scrimmage where once again it is widely reported that Jacob Eason will indeed continue working with the # 1 unit – were you going to start Greyson Lambert. That will give him 3 weeks with the # 1 unit. I, of course, would have done so Day 1 Spring Practice. It is what it is and what it is is in fact nothing good clearly for Greyson Lambert. Shit Kirby has : 15 First year players this 2016-2017 season who have shot at a Start. 10 True Freshmen of these 15 will earn a Start this season. There are a Ton of True Freshman Quarterbacks who have done extremely well nowadays. This is 2016-2017 season The Kirby Era/Jacob Eason Era. Jacob Eason is STARTING QB for Kirby tomorrow in Scrimmage at Sanford.

Oh I get it.  All these OTHER players moving-up to play with the # 1 unit means THEY are being groomed and getting acclimated to play with the # 1 unit.  But for Jacob Eason it means nothing of the sort.


Would Kirby have done this the last 3 weeks of Fall Practice with his quarterbacks if he had not come to the decision to tend to agree now with the many who have been giving him the advice that Greyson Lambert is NOT the QB to move The University of Georgia Football forward ?


Obviously this observer is quite confident that indeed this is the case.  Kirby Era has begun.  It has been going on now all week and it isn’t a decision he took lightly nor one therefore he intends at this point to second-guess himself on.


Kirby can not afford to at this point.


The Kirby Era and the Jacob Eason Era are one and the same at this point.  All week is all week.


You wouldn’t do that FOR ANY REASON – with kick-off vs North Carolina a team many have said we lose to 2 Saturdays after this Saturday’s Scrimmage where once again it is widely reported that Jacob Eason will indeed continue working with the # 1 unit – were you going to start Greyson Lambert.  Maybe Mark Richt would.  Kirby would NOT.  Kirby wants to win.


That will give Jacob Eason 3 weeks with the # 1 unit.  I, of course, would have done so Day 1 Spring Practice.  It is what it is and what it is is in fact nothing good clearly for Greyson Lambert.


The Kirby Era/Jacob Eason Era began Monday 15 August after Saturday’s scrimmage where Kirby clearly and plainly stated that ALL the quarterbacks :



“We’re not where we need to be for sure.  The execution was poor.  We’re trying to find the best 50-60 players – NOT NECESSARILY FIND THE ONES WHO KNOW WHAT TO DO.  Each guy at QB who did something good did something boneheaded.”


Kirby is not about to Start Greyson Lambert because he knows what to do.  Each quarterback who did something good did something boneheaded.  Kirby saw Greyson Lambert last year where against him he FUMBLED the football 3 times refused to throw the ball down the field against Kirby and was YANKED.  When next he tried to sit on the ball ahead by 3 TD vs the vols and LOST Greyson Lambert LOST his starting QB job in the only other game against a ranked team 2015 for The Georgia Bulldogs which was the Florida Game.


Georgia played 3 teams who were ranked for 2015-2016 season and they were Alabama the vols and Florida.


Greyson Lambert did so poorly that he was not even allowed to come into the game vs ranked Florida even with the 3rd string QB throwing 4 interceptions.


# 104 Passing Offense # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions only 12 TD passes all season and 7 fumbles by Greyson Lambert and his best win was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


Kirby is not starting Greyson Lambert because he knows what to do.  Read that STATEMENT FACT by Kirby again and tell me he does NOT mean that.  Sure he does.


He saw Greyson Lambert last year.


He saw Greyson Lambert Saturday in scrimmage.


He SAID he would COUNT that scrimmage Saturday and said he would TRY to get the reps with the # 1 QB to the # 1 QB as soon as he could.  He promised it would be by the scrimmage this Saturday if he could but that he WOULD consider last Saturday’s scrimmage.


He also said he would as soon as he could.


That certainly by game week.


Ok he’s not starting a guy because he knows WHAT to do.


He’s looking for the best 50-60 players.


If you think Greyson Lambert is one of the best 50-60 players then you’re just out of your mind.


As for Brice Ramsey he lost the punting job too Kirby said.


I said that as well prior to the scrimmage.  On my Depth Chart I have had Brice Ramsey back-up Punter since Signing Date and at QB behind Jacob Eason and I stated that ten (10) First Time True Freshmen Players would START for Kirby in 2016-2017 season and that 12 First Time Players this up-coming season would START for Kirby.


I have not been wrong on ANY of this.


Neither frankly has anyone else been either on QB except for a couple whom I immediately called-out on it when they did or expressed questions about it.


There is NO QUESTION in my mind at all.


15 First year players 2016-2017 season have shot at a Start. 10 True Freshmen of these 15 will earn a Start this season. Ton of True Freshman Quarterbacks who did great.


In this same press conference when Kirby made up his mind, Kirby ALSO said :


“This FRESHMEN CLASS I am proud of.  Wow !  On EVERY 2-Deep is this guy who JUST GOT HERE and surpassing upper-class guys.”


Well yeah.


Freshmen Class he is proud of he RECRUITED HERE.  Mark Richt did not recruit these guys here.  Kirby did.  It is his signing class not Mark Richt’s.  When Mark Richt was FIRED for example Jacob Eason went to the University of Florida on recruiting visit.  Florida who had a QB thought Jacob Eason was an upgrade to him and felt that despite how that would be interpreted by their QB at Florida that it was worth the gamble because Jacob Eason is that good.  It was opened up.


Kirby got on plane flew to Washington as soon as Kirby was announced at the press conference.


Next Kirby invited Jacob Eason here.


Next Kirby put on a dawg and pony show for Jacob Eason.


Then all the Mark Richt Apologists said :

(1) “Jacob Eason coming here is contingent CONTINGENT upon Mark Richt being here.”

(2) “Mark Richt is recruiting Jacob Eason to Miami of Florida and I hope Mark Richt does well at Miami of Florida and I am NOW a fan of Miami of Florida and have bought a bumper sticker on my truck for Miami of Florida as one of their fans too.”  The Miami of Florida fans said that : “WOW Mark Richt is going to bring US Jacob Eason.”

(3) “Jacob Eason has opened up his recruiting.  This was a big mistake to have a coaching change. It cannot be justified that our best coach ever is involved in this coaching change.  We’re having a Facebook vigil for Mark Richt.  We want Mark Richt to coach our team in the bowl game so he can get to 10 wins this season with 29 teams who did win 10-wins 2015-2016 season.  We want Mark Richt at our Gala.  This was a huge mistake to bring in Kirby who is an UNPROVEN COACH.  Mark Richt was consistent here.”


NEXT Kirby got to work hiring his offensive staff and when he got Jim Chaney and then with him as a tandem SAM PITTMAN who looks and is the part as ROCK STAR Jacob Eason’s Dad who calls his son Jake said that DID IT.  “Jake is coming to UGA.”




Then Kirby got finished with his 4th NC calling every play on Defense for 8 years as DC half the time NC and came here where Mark Richt HIS LAST 8 YEARS was # 45 at 18 losses 24 games 8 yrs vs top 15 and half the time unranked in the Final AP Poll.


Then Kirby finished off his 1st Year Recruiting Class and OBLITERATED Mark Richt who was # 39 Recruiting Ranking for his class down there where Mark Richt was LONGER and where down there in Florida where the recruits are FAR MORE prevalent while Kirby was # 7.  And Mark Richt whom you Mark Richt Apologists said would sign all the guys here in Georgia as a “fine man Mark Richt is” was SHUT-OUT in the state of Georgia.  And Kirby who has been in Alabama the last 8 years as DC racked-up by stark contrast here in this state of Georgia.




Then Kirby KEPT RECRUITING and recruiting and recruiting and recruiting and now his 1st Year players THIS FIRST YEAR of the Kirby Era are : “Wow !  On EVERY 2-Deep is this guy who JUST GOT HERE and surpassing upper-class guys.”  Kirby said after Saturday’s scrimmage.


But you want to read that as Kirby isn’t starting Jacob Eason.

Shit Kirby has : 15 First year players this 2016-2017 season who have shot at a Start. 10 True Freshmen of these 15 will earn a Start this season. There are a Ton of True Freshman Quarterbacks who have done extremely well nowadays.  This is 2016-2017 season The Kirby Era/Jacob Eason Era.


Jacob Eason is STARTING QB for Kirby tomorrow in Scrimmage at Sanford.



Several days ago with the Signing of Mo Smith I announced on this blog that by my count Kirby had 3 remaining Scholarships for 2016-2017 season. Today he gives 3 walk-ons Scholarships. Congratulations to the 3 Kenneth Towns who twice last year saved Mark Richt’s job temporarily by himself Tommy Long and Trent Frix. And congratulations to this blog and to me for keeping proper count all along on Kirby’s Scholarships. He has several other PREFERRED WALK-ONS waiting for the next opening including one whom Mark Richt promised before last year as kicker who has not solidified that yet nor is one available yet. By my count we are at 85 Scholarships. Why this site is the only one keeping up with this any longer I can not imagine. But I am right have been right and continue to be right on this all important NUMBER OF SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE.

Several days ago with the Signing of Mo Smith I announced on this blog that by my count Kirby had 3 remaining Scholarships for 2016-2017 season.


Today Kirby gives 3 walk-ons Scholarships.  Congratulations to the 3 Kenneth Towns who twice last year saved Mark Richt’s job temporarily by himself Tommy Long and Trent Frix.


Kenneth Towns saved Mark Richt’s bacon twice his fatal final season anyway and none bigger than Georgia Southern University on a night that wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be.  The Eagles played a great game but Isaiah McKenzie who has only played in 9 games made his best effort again to try to lose the game for us.  In 9 games, he has now tallied 5 FUMBLES !  I cringe when I see the ball near him.  But have there been any suspensions in his 2 missed games as well ?


We were losing 7-14.  We were PUNTING.


So our hero on the night vs Georgia Southern University Kenneth Towns is the same walk-on who…


Kenneth Towns won the game against Missouri for us on the 1st play of the game interception thrown by Greyson Lambert tackling the guy at the goal line never giving up then either.


And, were it not for Kenneth Towns AGAIN, on Senior Night, Mark Richt’s unlucky 13th LOSS to UNranked Teams time of game or for season – all this just after 2007, standing there totally asleep at the wheel all night long and not 1 single adjustment to his horribly failed offense ONLY Mark Richt is responsible for.


After winning the game over Missouri 9-6 for us,


Kenneth Towns walk-on wins the game again !


This after Kenneth Towns walk-on won the game when Keaton fumbled the punt from Brice Ramsey and he and Nathan Theus Senior pounced on the ball !  I have no idea why that long time out by the officials.  Maybe someone can explain all that.  He called fair catch waving his hands wildly; we stayed away let him catch it with Nathan Theus’ big body right there; and he muffed it.


Nathan Theus Senior put his weight over the ball and Kenneth Towns got the ball ! 


You get these kinds of officials when you are 2 unranked teams, and they failed to call really anything correctly that night – this play perfect example.  I never saw any indication except by us that he muffed-it !  And, Willie Fritz was one pissed-off dude – unlike our own give a shit coach – that these worthless officials called themselves up to the booth to purposely over-rule them.  They said actually on the field these dimwits that he caught the punt !  Good Lord, the damn official was standing right there.  Must have had his thumb up his ass ?  I dunno.


We were LOSING 7-14.


Mark Richt would have been 6-5 instead of 8-3 after Georgia Southern University had Kenneth Towns walk-on not beat Georgia Southern University for Mark Richt and had Kenneth Towns not beat Missouri.


For surely as I stand here it was in fact Kenneth Towns and NOT Mark Richt who beat Georgia Southern University and Missouri Mark Richt’s final season anyway.


THANKS to me AS WELL on this point.  For I fired him here on THIS BLOG.


Didn’t I ?


And you were WRONG on that too.


And congratulations to this blog and to me for keeping proper count all along on Kirby’s Scholarships.  He has several other PREFERRED WALK-ONS waiting for the next opening including one whom Mark Richt promised before last year as kicker who has not solidified that yet nor is one available yet.


By my count we are at 85 Scholarships.  Why this site is the only one keeping up with this any longer I can not imagine.  But I am right have been right and continue to be right on this all important NUMBER OF SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE.


How in the hell can you talk about a football program and not even know how many God Damn Scholarships are available ?


Why did Rivals who used to do a poor job of this give it up ?


For years I went to a specific page which no longer exists now that gave me the breakdown of on Scholarship and Walk-Ons and the year they were in.  It was not always correct but you could easily search and update it.


Now I have been all on my own on this for ever since Mark Richt got us down to 67 Scholarship Players who could play in the Belk Bowl Game against Louisville in Charlotte December 30 2014 of the 118 Mark Richt had signed who with a redshirt could have.


Of the 118 Mark Richt signed Scholarship Recruits who could have played in the God Damn Belk Bowl in Charlotte December 30 2014 all but 67 just went missing.  How the hell do you have 51 Scholarship Recruits for whom you were given SO MUCH CREDIT for signing here who just go missing for the bowl game up in Charlotte no less 2014 ?


How is that possible ?


Poor roster management.


Poor management of the number of available scholarships Georgia Bulldogs have.


Kirby felt these 3 proved their value to the program.  Kirby rewarded them.  I can tell you from not having a scholarship here that it means a great deal.  Some take advantage of the free education and some do not.  I was not good enough to get a Scholarship.  It wasn’t because I did not try.  I certainly appreciated the education but it was my Dad who sacrificed for me to get my education and who insisted I do so as he provided for all 7 of us in my family.  All of us made top grades two of us were Valedictorians in my family.  All 7 of us have a college degree.


When it got so God Damn bad December 30 2014 that we had only 67 Scholarship Recruits who could play in the God Damn Belk Bowl 2014 all of a sudden no Georgia Bulldogs’ blog could keep up with Mark Richt’s friq’d up Scholarship numbers except for me.


I alone have kept up with it since.   I list it all during Signing Date and afterward as each change is made.  It’s NOT that hard honestly.


Want to know what a degree from The University of Georgia is worth over your lifetime ?  For me it’s $ 5 million dollars.


Therefore that is the VALUE of a free education from The University of Georgia.  Sure I gave up income during my 3 years during which time I overloaded every quarter and graduated in quarter system with 239 credit hours when 180 was all required to graduate.  I went every Summer.  I took classes from 7:50 a.m. until 2 p.m. daily.  I ran as the rabbit before classes.  I practiced every day after classes.  I ate at Snelling Dining Hall.  I even worked every day.  And I studied.  I studied and studied and studied.  If I were awake I studied.  When I fell asleep my light was still on above my headboard.  When I awoke I studied again until I fell asleep again.  I studied all weekend every weekend.  I never once went to the Red & Black.


I wasn’t at UGA for that.  I lived in Russell Hall 3B with an on scholarship recruit as my roommate.


Therefore I keep up with Scholarships for Georgia Bulldogs.


It’s important to me and frankly I don’t think you can talk about us without discussing and keeping up with the number.


It’s just that the God Damned Mark Richt Apologists hated me for keeping up with the Scholarship Numbers.


Know what ?


They STILL do.


It made him look bad.


And he by God Above was.


What were you thinking when you saw Kirby today give 3 walk-ons Scholarships ?


I will tell you.


You were thinking that Thomas Brown UGA just got it out of his freaking mouth that he said by his count that there were 3 Scholarships Available for Walk-Ons just 3 scant days ago when Kirby gave one to Maurice Smith.  That was Friday 12 August 2016.


THAT is what you were thinking.  That I was CORRECT AGAIN.


It is not because I am smart but because I work hard.  I study it.  I care about it.  It matters to me.


We have a full boat 85.



( )