Knowshon Moreno was high school All-American 2nd All-Time in New Jersey history rushing yards and finished 1st in points All-Time in New Jersey. In addition he won 3 state championships in track and field – three (3.) Ranked in the top 10 best running backs Michigan and Florida both highly coveted Knowshon Moreno who won 3 STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS in football as well in New Jersey. SEC Freshman of the Year. Semi-Finalist for Maxwell Award. Semi-Finalist for Doak Walker Award. AFCA Coaches’ All-America. Mark Richt aka dumbass REDSHIRTED him so we only got to see him 2 years then # 1 NFL Draft Pick of all running backs # 12 overall Denver Broncos after 3379 yards and 32 TD in just two years here at UGA. Chip Towers says today it is Mark Richt’s greatest regret as head coach ever and Chipper Towers figures-out Knowshon Moreno could have done something about 4 losses in 5 games for Mark Richt 2006 WITHOUT KNOWSHON MORENO vols Vanderbilt Florida and Kentucky for GOD’S SAKE beat Mark Richt 2006 WITHOUT Knowshon. “Oh the new NCAA redshirt rule would’ve allowed Mark Richt to FIND-OUT how great Knowshon Moreno was preventing the losses to Vanderbilt Kentucky Florida and vols 2006 without Knowshon Moreno – redshirted.” God Damn bullshit artist Chipper Towers thinks of only THIS when he thinks of new redshirt rule to save face for Mark Richt. “Oh if they just had THIS RULE then…” Bullshit Chip Towers you God Damn Dumbass Mark Richt was destined to screw-up Knowshon Moreno ANYWAY.

I thought Mark Richt was your God Damn HERO Chip Towers you God Damn dumbass.


You figured-out this redshirt rule for the NCAA 2006 would have saved Mark Richt his job because then Mark Richt would’ve been able to play Knowshon Moreno and find-out he was REALLY GOOD.


God Damn shit-ass news’ reporter Chip Towers.


Everyone in the God Damn NATION knew Knowshon Moreno was GREAT.


Mark Richt was bound and determined to screw it up with Knowshon Moreno no matter what the NCAA had allowed or not 2006.


Jesus Christ you are one dumb son of a bitch Chip Towers.


AJ-C DawgNation Chipper Towers – remains Apologist a God Damn Liar.


Chipper Towers figures-out how Mark Richt could have saved his job by NOT redshirting Knowshon Moreno 2006.


No Mark Richt was destined to mismanage his talent.  It was ordained from God.


Knowshon Moreno was a huge big recruit for Mark Richt who just WASTED HIM knowing full well he was great.   Don’t try to cover-up for Mark Richt.