BAKER MAYFIELD HEISMAN Trophy at 5 feet 11 and FELONY ARREST grabbing crotch. JOKE Heisman. This is like Jason White winning Heisman Trophy. OKLAHOMA IS NOT PICKED OVER SHIT TO BEAT ANYONE. Big XII bullshit. More Bleacher Report BULLSHIT : Joe Tansey today writes blog saying Oklahoma is FAVORED to win OVER The SEC Mighty Georgia Bulldogs despite their Oklahoma bad LOSS to lowly 7-5 Iowa State a HOME GAME for Oklahoma this year. Excuse me Joe Tansey I am looking at 6 Las Vegas Sports’ Books and NOT ONE has Oklahoma picked. WTF Joe Tansey ?

Oklahoma is NOT beating The SEC Mighty Georgia Bulldogs Joe Tansey   .  You are so full of shit


Joe Tansey


6 different Las Vegas books have The SEC Mighty Georgia Bulldogs winning over Oklahoma.


Which is how I have it too.



Do you see one there who has Las Vegas picking Oklahoma ?


I did not think so.


So why this bull shit dated today then pray friqin’ tell ?





God damn LIAR.




Vegas has Georgia Bulldogs second best odds to win 2017 season at 5-1 and picked to BEAT Auburn by two and a half points.



Las Vegas gives UGA Georgia Bulldogs Kirby # 17 odds for 2017 while some teams are expected to win 10 and a half games of their first 12 games Kirby is expected to win only 8 tied for # 17 # 18 # 19 # 20 odds thinking we win only 8 of our first 12 in what MUST BE 14-game season for Kirby and 15-game season for the top teams.


All the sports’ books are all the same for Kirby 2017.  In fact they all have Oregon Florida and Auburn tied with Kirby winning only 8 of his first 12 games in what must be for Kirby 2017 a 14-game season – meaning he makes it to Atlanta SEC Championship Game.  Las Vegas is not so sure about Kirby getting to Atlanta.


We must be.




6 SEC Top 25 for 2017 Kirby Top 10 but Kirby faces 11 of his 12 games before SEC CG and Bowl Game where he could lose any week. 2017 could get out-of-hand for Kirby with THIS TOUGH SCHEDULE if he does not BRING-IT Spring Practice from the first practice preparing the guys who he will end-up starting. That is just around the corner with early enrollees on-campus today. This season could go to hell in a handbasket in a damn hurry with this schedule. No Cake-Walk.

Adding to Nick Chubb Sony Michel and Jacob Eason along with Roquan Smith Trent Thompson Dominick Sanders Lorenzo Carter Davin Bellamy Natrez Patrick Julian Rochester Brian Herrien  Mecole Hardman Junior Isaac Nauta Ben Cleveland Lamont Galliard  we have at least one top ranked wide-receiver Jeremiah Holloman along with the impressive 14 top 100 recruits with him D’Andre Swift D’Marcus Hayes Isaiah Wilson Netori Johnson Andrew Thomas  D’antne Demery Justin Shaffer  Robert Beal and we have frankly an entire 2017 roster chalk full of excitement.


Easy to get excited about the most talented team my UGA Georgia Bulldogs have EVER assembled.


But wait just a minute.

It’s EASY-as-pie to see how Kirby is TOP 10 pre-season.


I have been saying this for some time here now on this blog that Kirby would be and now indeed is Top 10 Pre-Season.


Cake-Walk 2017 for Kirby all these games you can pencil-in a win over ?




It’s a great schedule.


There is NO REST for the weary.


6 SEC teams are ranked Top 25 for 2017 and while Kirby is expected to be Top 10 pre-season I have been predicting here on this blog for some time and now is – 2017 is no Cake-Walk for Kirby given 11 of the 12 teams Kirby faces all could beat him before SEC Championship and before Kirby’s Bowl Game 2017. It’s as nice a schedule as Georgia Bulldogs have ever played. Well if you like getting-up for your Opponent every week all season long except for game 3 – it is a nice schedule. If your idea of a nice schedule is a Cake-Walk for Kirby 2017 he will NOT being enjoying such but he is Top 10 perched at the peak and nowhere to go but down Top 10 Kirby 2017 pre-season. I told you he would be. Now he is. 2017 could get out-of-hand in a hurry for Kirby with all the top opponents and one lonely cupcake week 3.


6 SEC teams ranked in the Top 25 for 2017 after looking at the commitments and Kirby is Top 10 while to end-up top 10 he would have to beat Alabama defending national champions in SEC Championship Game and would have to beat # 24 vols and # 19 Auburn and # 14 Florida. LSU is # 11 and then The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs are TOP 10 as I guaranteed we would be Top 10 preseason polls for 2016.


( )

It seems like Kirby is going to have to play his freshmen from last year 2016 and these 14 in-coming who are top 100 overall prospects nationally of the 3300 FBS Division 1-A will sign 2017 four Wednesdays from now National Signing Day 2017.


While the recruiting class for Kirby 2017 will not be ranked the # 1 class by any of the services it is the top recruiting class for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs ever with the MOST HELP in one class we’ve ever assembled.


Kirby gets Notre Dame 2017 at South Bend at Touchdown Jesus Mississippi State who played in a bowl game 2016 and Appalachian State who won their bowl game 2016 and were Sun Belt Champions at 10-3. Appalachian State gave the vols all they could handle in the opening game 2016 for both teams losing by only by 20-13 in overtime at Neyland so Appalachian State is not coming here to Sanford September 2 as some opening game warm-up for Notre Dame for us.


Samford is game 3 and that is the only game which is a breather September 16 for Kirby all 2017 season. If the players and coaches take any other game all 2017 for granted we’ll lose. 11 of our 12 games before SEC Championship and then the Bowl Game could easily be a loss.




Kentucky was a Bowl team 2016. Vanderbilt was a Bowl team 2016. Mississippi State was a Bowl team 2016 too. Appalachian State was a Bowl team 2016. vols were a Bowl team 2016. In fact vols won their Bowl Game 2016 against # 24 Nebraska 38-24 and vols were # 21 in College Football Play-Off Poll 2016 by virtue of them beating The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs on a last-gasp Hail Mary. We ruined Auburn’s season 2016 beating them at our house but Auburn was still # 17 in the College Football Play-Off Poll 2016 and ended # 17 in both the AP and Coaches’ Polls after losing to # 7 Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl 2016.   I’ve been to many Sugar Bowls through the years but Kirby certainly did not 2016 like Auburn.


Of course The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs are UNDEFEATED all-time against Notre Dame beating them at the Sugar Bowl. I went to that Sugar Bowl Game too along with a host of other such as Penn State and the one at the Georgia Dome.  I can’t wait to go to the most expensive football stadium and most expensive stadium all-time when it opens this coming July. But we have NEVER played at Touchdown Jesus nor them here.


Mississippi State won their Bowl game 2016 too and to get to the Bowl game 2016 Mississippi State beat Texas A&M and South Carolina and Ole Miss before beating Miami of Ohio in Mississippi State’s Bowl win 2016. So that is no gimme given our blow-out loss to Ole Miss whom Mississippi State handled AT Ole Miss by three times their score 55 Mississippi State 20 Ole Miss at Ole Miss. Texas A&M whom Mississippi State beat 2016 too was # 22 in both the AP and Coaches’ Polls for 2016 and Mississippi State beat them by double-digits.


I saw one Atlanta rag writer say just last week that Kirby is beating this team and that team and this other team and rattled off I swear 10 wins for Kirby before National Signing Day even is here. I don’t think folks know or realize whom it is Kirby faces 2017. He had it easy 2016.


2017 is no Cake-Walk for Kirby let me assure you of that right this second.


There used to be Southern Dance-Offs where the top dance combo teams would prance around the dance floor and be awarded a huge big cake for winning the dance contest.


2017 is NO Cake-Walk for Kirby.



Samford is Kirby’s only Cake-Walk ALL 2017 season.


The participants in the Southern Dance Contests would find the last couple of pairs given an opportunity to do a prance around the dance floor before being named the winner. They pranced around in a Cake-Walk high-stepping it.


Kirby will be doing NO high-stepping 2017 before any game is determined on the field other than Samford.


Trust me.


Brian Kelly in his 7th year at the helm for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat Mark Richt’s Miami of Florida Hurricanes at South Bend 2016.


And while that may not surprise Mark Richt fans – both of them – that Mark Richt went to South Bend 2016 and LOST the fact remains that Notre Dame RUINED Mark Richt’s season 2016.


Ask Mark Richt.


South Carolina was a Bowl team 2016 and while they lost their Bowl game to South Florida South Florida was # 22 in the Coaches’ Poll 2016 and # 24 in the Final AP Poll. I think we all recall the game at South Carolina last year where they wouldn’t relent on playing it there in the 45 mph gusts. 5 passes ? STFU about 5 passes. It was miserable conditions for Jacob Eason and you know it.


South Carolina is a Rivalry Game to South Carolina and with Kirby’s best of buddies Will Muschamp picking-off the top Wide Receiver in the state of Georgia 2017 trust me Kirby and Will see this as a Rivalry game both of them.


While Mark Stoops at Kentucky beat all these teams. Mark Stoops watched us march into Lexington and was nonplussed with us losing by the slimmest of margins 27-24 The Good Guys. Mark Stoops went to # 11 Louisville and beat the shit out of Bobby Petrino who was # 13 in the College Football Play-Off Poll 2016 and # 15 in the Final Coaches’ and AP Polls. Mark Stoops also beat South Carolina Vanderbilt Missouri and Mississippi State. This is not the definition of a CUPCAKE.


No Creampuff.


No Powderpuff football team.


There are NO Cake-Walks 2017 other than Samford week 3 September 16 of 2017.


We had better be practicing with a PURPOSE Spring Practice # 1 because if we pussyfoot-around Spring Practice again 2017 this season will get out-of-hand in a hurry.


Did I mention Florida beat us ? vols beat us. Vanderbilt beat us. The damn yellowjackets beat us. None of them of push-overs for 2017 either.


It’s a fine schedule and one I am personally really looking forward to. But I like good football. Going 37-1 vs. non-bowl teams means little to me.


And Samford was # 24 in the FCS Coaches’ Poll for all of 2016.  Remember Nicholls game last year ?  This team is a LOT better than Nicholls last year.  Trust me.


Call one game 2017 a Cake-Walk or write one post about Kirby wins this game and that game and I will kick your ass from pillar to post.


This schedule could be headed for disaster inescapably and precipitately frankly EVERY week.


This 2017 Schedule for UGA The Georgia Bulldogs College Football I have NEWS for you is lousy with great opponents any one of which can beat us.  There is no stinking Cake-Walk Honeymoon or Throw-Away Year 2017 for Kirby.


I want to BEAT these guys on our Schedule 2017 and I know Kirby has the talent if he GATA Spring Practice # 1 which is not that far away with the early enrollees on campus today.





Kirby has moved us from # 41 for 2016 season at 100-1 odds all the way up to # 14 at now this morning 33-1 odds for 2016 season since he was hired according to Las Vegas. We were # 41 for 2016 then we hired him and remained there until today when we moved-up to # 14 now for 2016. Las Vegas heavily considers the one-on-one match-ups of individual talent and of course he signed a ton of TOP ELITE players – more than anyone in the nation # 1 average individual recruit rank in the nation of his signees. Kirby MOVED-UP in Las Vegas MORE THAN ANY OTHER. Let me explain this if you are not too full of yourself to think you already know or know better than I. You might just learn something here.

I know that Las Vegas bases its odds not on who they think will win but on how they can maximize betting.  They do not care which side you bet; Las Vegas wants the most bets – so they set the odds to where they think more bets will be placed.


If you think about it, the odds favor the house.  So why not try to maximize getting more bets.


Las Vegas does not care if they win or lose that particular college football outcome because if they can maximize the number of bets, they will win.


They win on the overall number of bets so they want to insure they get more bets.


I see blogs try to discuss this without an understanding of this fundamental basis of Las Vegas and they say oh Alabama is only # 2 for 2016 based-upon Las Vegas odds.  WRONG !  Alabama is NOT # 2 for 2016 based-upon Las Vegas odds.  Alabama fans are MORE LIKELY to bet anyway and Ohio State fans LESS LIKELY to bet if Ohio State is # 2 and Alabama # 1 in the odds for 2016.


I am sure that went right over your head, like so many discussions which require you to think.


Alabama is picked to lose 2016 to Ohio State.  No, they are NOT !


That is NOT how Las Vegas sets the odds, at ALL !


If Las Vegas can get Ohio State fans to BET, Las Vegas WINS !


Las Vegas WINS whether Ohio State wins or not – as they see it – BECAUSE the more bets the better for Las Vegas because the odds favor the house.


There is only 1 winner.


There are 128 teams.


Ohio State going to win is NOT 1 out of 128.


This is not coin-toss.


Paul Johnson only wants to get rid of the pre-game coin-toss for a tug-of-war because he ALWAYS wants the ball first.  He can NOT recruit defensive players because NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND wants to practice against an offense every day that at best is a high school offense they will NEVER ever see again in their career.


Everyone else if they win the coin-toss doesn’t want the ball anyway – they ALL want to defer to the 2nd half.


Paul Johnson knows he has no defense.  He prefers NOT to have a coin-toss.  He wants better odds than 50/50.  So if it is a game of skill not a game of chance, he could work on that and improve his odds of getting the ball first more.  Because he has no defense.


Similarly, fans would like to think they know more about their team.  They do read-up on it and follow it.  Some can be enticed to bet on it.  Not many, but some.  Those who might, Las Vegas wants to bet.  Las Vegas KNOWS it is a game of skill for them.


128 teams.


Odds favor the house.


Only 1 of the 128 wins.  Who Las Vegas does not care.  All they care about is setting the odds so that of those who might bet, the largest number of them who might, do.


This makes Las Vegas more money.


It is why everything is comp for us in Las Vegas and always has been.  They WANT me out there.  They make nothing on me.  They do not care.  They just want the Casino filled and we do sit there and churn lots of cash.  This is that which they do care.  Because, again, the odds favor the house.


For me Las Vegas is entertainment.  Vacation.  Free vacation.  If we leave with 3 grand, we return with 3 grand.  2 weeks for nothing.  Great stuff.  Only once have we gone out there and I went down.  The lucky lady in the room late at night, I awoke and went downstairs only to drop it all; but, with friends I got it all back just as she awoke.


That was the end to that.


I was 3 grand in the hole.


I cannot explain it.  It was bad.  I have to get up, give up seat to friends who then got it back for me and would not even take a commission.  Tell that story all the time.


Odds favor that happening at Las Vegas and truth be told we have been in every Casino in the World worldwide and NONE of them will I ever take 3 grand, just $100 and when it gone, that’s it. I do not trust Casinos on cruise ships, Europe, Africa, Aruba, Canada, Costa Rica, Spain, Puerto Rico, not even Atlantic City, Australia, Biloxi, Shreveport, Reno, New Orleans, Indian Casinos, Cherokee, and Fiji.  I have been in all these Casinos all these places $ 100 they get.  Not one penny more.  Sometimes it lasts about 2 minutes and our vacation there in their casinos anyway is over for the casinos and then only for everything else the rest of our 2 weeks there.  These places are all a rip-off.  I have never won squat at any and have lost $ 100 each of them.  I casino per locale. They get one shot.  I had better win.  Or, we are disciplined and do leave.  In fact, now on cruise ships, we refuse to put-up even a 5 dollar bill even.


Kirby is picked # 14.  What you can glean from that is that Las Vegas has worse odds on 114 teams for 2016.


And, what you can glean from that is that we were # 41 until today and today we moved all the way up from # 41 to # 14.


All Las Vegas will tell you is that they have studied the recruits, added them individually for each team and re-calculated their odds based upon talent.


There are many teams whose odds went way down today in Las Vegas for 2016.  We are NOT one of those.  We went up MORE THAN ANY OTHER TEAM.


vols went up too.  They are considered the odds-on for The SEC East.  They did recruit well.  The vols did NOT improve themselves in the recruiting as MUCH AS WE DID.  But, they were ALREADY better odds for 2016 than us and we CAUGHT UP WITH THEM a huge gain improvement because our recruiting was FAR SUPERIOR to the vols’ recruiting.


Kirby went from 100-1 until today to 33-1.  If you bet $1000 you win $3300.  Sucker bet : you lose $1000.


Kirby was # 41 nationally 2016 season up-coming at 100-1 odds Bovada- see URL Link below.


Kirby went WAY UP all the way to # 14 at 33-1 odds Bovada 2016 season up-coming today – see URL Link below as well.


FACT Bovada had Kirby at 100-1 until this morning and up-dated it this morning to 33-1.


Far better odds in the stinking Big 10 who can not count to 14, while at least the Pac-12 can count.  The Big 10 is now comprised of 14 teams all sports and 1 for just lacrosse Johns Hopkins.  It is only the Big XII – who also cannot count – who is made-up of only 10.  The ACC is made-up of 14 for football and 15 for not football, but Notre Dame DOES steal an ACC bowl bid if they want – pretty damn stupid arrangement for the ACC.  Notre Dame plays 5 ACC teams and is NOT eligible for conference anything other than their ACC Bowl tie-ins other than Orange Bowl – but, Notre Dame could still end-up in the Orange Bowl.  Best of all worlds for Notre Dame and dumb as shit for the stinking ACC – little sister to The SEC.


4 of the top 21 in recruiting 2016 are from the Big 10 of their 14.  This means that 10 of the 14 aren’t worth a shit at the damn game.


8 of the top 21 in recruiting 2016 are from The Mighty SEC.  This means that 6 SEC aren’t worth a shit at the damn game.


Mississippi State, Missouri, South Carolina, Kentucky, Vandie, and Arkansas.


Mississippi State, Missouri, South Carolina, Kentucky, Vandie, and Arkansas, are all 6 at a serious disadvantage.  They have to play SEC teams and they DID NOT recruit the TALENT that the OTHERS DID !


Mississippi State 250-1, Missouri 100-1, South Carolina 100-1, Kentucky NO LINE, Vandie NO LINE, and Arkansas 75-1 (same as Miami of Florida with their dumbass coach who recruited the # 37 recruiting class in a state FAR SUPERIOR to Georgia with MORE TIME recruiting there than Kirby had here also therefore 75-1 for 2016 for Miami of Florida.)


Mississippi State # 35 Recruiting Rank, Missouri # 59 Recruiting rank, South Carolina# 26 Recruiting rank, Kentucky # 38 Recruiting Rank (one worse than Miami of Florida), Vandie # 68 recruiting rank, and Arkansas # 32 Recruiting rank.


Recruiting is the lifeblood of all 128 teams.   A team’s path to the play-offs as well as its Recruited Talent is the basis upon which Las Vegas both determines the odds and has this morning updated its odds for 2016.


Kirby went from 100-1 Bovada odds 2016 season :


Kirby IMPROVED to # 14 at 33-1 Bovada odds 2016 this morning :


Because Kirby in-fact signed the highest average recruit in the nation.


He shed himself of some lesser talent and picked-up huge GAINS at the very top of the Elite Prospects – many of whom first and only even committed here AFTER Kirby was hired here – folks who WERE NOT coming here until he was hired.


Elite Top Prospects.


Elite Top Prospects want to WIN.


You can ONLY field 11.


If your team is made up of MORE Elite Top Prospects, and your coach is not a dumb shit and does not play them – your odds of winning are increased.


If you redshirt Knowshon Moreno so that we only see him for only 2 years then he is taken as the 12th best player in All of America after just 2 years of watching him, your odds for winning go DOWN.


If you do NOT play Jake Eason, your odds for winning go DOWN.


And, you will see him then for 2 seasons and he will go A LOT higher than # 12 best in the NFL Draft – trust me.


I was the # 1 or # 2 student in all of my classes 239 hours.  I averaged a 100 in statistics.


I can make these statements and I can make them stick.


I can also stick it up your ass when you disagree.


Can’t I ?


So bring your weak-ass personal attacks and find out.  Right ?  Anyone attest to that fact ?


I know this shit.


It is my hobby.


It has been my hobby every day of all of my entire life.


I am QUITE GOOD at it.




Then, again, you MIGHT NOT LEARN ANYTHING here because you are a damned lazy ignorant poorly-educated bullshit biased prejudiced jealous as shit fan of the previous regime I FIRED.


Whether you do or do not matters not to me.  (1) I will READ and study and think about your blog posts.  (2) I will provide you PROOF with URL Links to make my damn point researching my point.  (3) I will continue unabated to say that we are doing better than averaging 4-loss season as we have for 8 entire years now and better than # 41 at beating top 15 teams losing 18 of 24 over the same entire last 8 years now.


Are these the good ole days ?


Or, were they the last entire 8 years ?


Is this proof that we are better today ?


Sure it is !


You BET !


The goal is to be better than we have been the last entire 8 years – not # 1 National Championship.


We are better.


I can be magnanimous; I do not have to be; folks do not like being made a fool in public; you thought for 8 years you were doing so – only to find-out you were getting it SHOVED-UP YOUR DAMNED ASS.


Jake Eason has 22 targets for his passes – 22 of the top targets.  We are NOT short of targets for Jake Eason with 22 of the very best targets for him 2016.  We are doing well 2016.  We are TRYING TO WIN, not saying that we are NOT measured by that.  We are NOT measured – and as the FIRED guy found out much to YOUR chagrin neither was he – by something else.  Nor is there something besides winning that IS IMPORTANT here at Georgia or at Miami of Florida.


Kirby has KICKED his ASS and the proof is in the PUDDING.


This is the PUDDING.


Disregard at your own personal risk.


There is NOT.


Life is simple.  College Football is simple.  One can make anything convoluted.


We’re going to kick some friqin’ ass and I will be here to tell you about it both before, during and after.



12-2 would be better than 9-4.

11-3 would be better than 9-4.


9-4 is what we have done on the average over the last entire 8 excruciating years.


We will NOT go 15-0, nor that required of Kirby – nor what a fan must say to BE A FAN.


It’s NOT !


CULTURE of the Bulldog Nation is being FIXED.


I am a part of that.  I am FIXING it.


Whether you like it or not.


You do NOT gain an advantage by telling anyone they can NOT have an opinion and you are NOT better-off by not hearing it.  You are lesser a person in both circumstances, which is why I read your blog everyday.


That is being pusillanimous.


And, I have NEVER been accused of being lily-livered, not once, not ever !