SEC Legends is an annual Award program of The Southeastern Conference (SEC) designed to honor outstanding former student-athletes and coaches from each of the conference’s fourteen member institutions which began 1994 to Award the top student-athletes both men and women in SEC history. Who are The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs’ SEC Football Legends ?

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Jon Stinchcomb

Jon Stinchcomb, Offensive Line, 1999-2002
Georgia offensive lineman Jon Stinchcomb made early headlines for the Bulldogs as a Freshman All-American, then went on to a stellar career capped by first team All-American honors his senior year of 2002. It was his senior season when he helped lead Georgia win its first SEC championship in 20 years, the same year he was named to the CoSIDA Academic All-America Team for the second year in a row. He also was one of 11 Division I players nationally to be named to the AFCA National Good Works Team for outstanding contributions to community service. A 2002 recipient of the National Football Foundation Post Graduate Scholarship, Stinchcomb was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the second round of the 2003 NFL Draft, was recipient of the Saints Man of the Year Award for 2008, and was a starting offensive lineman on the Saints’ 2010 Super Bowl Championship team






Lady Bulldogs take on Alabama on SEC Network 5 pm Eastern Time tonight 1-17-2016 Comcast Channel 792 . We won our last road game at Florida Thursday 14th but since Marjorie Butler has been made starter that is the only win on the road for us against a ranked team. We’re 13-4 Alabama 12-5. Our women # 33 RPI our men # 68 RPI. Elle Macpherson.

2013 we beat Kentucky a ranked team on the road but Marjorie Butler did not play at all.  In fact, she did not start at all in 2013, only a bit role as a poor shooter.


2014 Marjorie Butler started 5 of 32 games and 7 games did not play at all because she can not shoot yet jacks it up.


Last year 2015 Marjorie Butler became the Starter at Point Guard for Andy Landers and he quit coaching all together because of the bad example she sets bringing the ball up court for us and jacking it up.  And missing.  She is an awful shooter.


Joni Taylor took over the team this year for Andy Landers who could not take another year of her shooting and Joni Taylor  has made no changes to the line-up because she has zero experience and still today does not see what a pariah Marjorie Butler is to her own job of getting the team to take good shots – shots they have some prayer of making.


If you look at her shooting, Marjorie Butler in her career here has shot the worst of any player in the history of the game.  She is 19 % from the 3-piont line for her entire career now a senior and jacks them up from there EVERY game her entire career.  Clank.


I hate to admit that she has taken the joy out of watching them last season and this for the 1st time in my life yet I am so addicted. So addicted.


The team can not win with her.  We do have the # 33 RPI because the rest of the team is really really good this their senior seasons for the entire team.  We lose everybody after this season.  Everyone.


The bad news is we lose all our players after this season.


The good news is that we lose Marjorie Butler who is on to medical school.


I presume we are Starting her because you must be the Starter to be Academic All-America.


There are 131 UGA Academic All-America in all 19 sports which is # 11 All-Time all schools winning Academic All-America.  Coach Kirby Smart is 1 of the 131 in 1998.


I do not see the Big XII Big 12 surviving in ANY sport although we have propped them up for years to support this inequity of Texas getting so much revenue.  I remain amused that Oklahoma has remained this long.  Adding Podunk teams to their only 10 would be bad for the Big XII.  When we study these minute details of EVERY sport what we find is that The SEC is just so damn strong !  Imagine a 9-2 Bowl Record this year again in football ?  Still it pisses me off that Ole Miss gets a new $ 100 million dollar gym with their SEC revenue-sharing monies and we don’t when their old gym was the same age as our gym still is.  We must do something for our men and women in basketball to get our players in-state to want to play here.  Now that we have our over $ 30 million dollar 20-yards longer Erk Russell Indoor Practice Facility than Georgie tek yellowjackets have, we must turn our attention quickly to catching-up with the other SEC schools in our gym.  Something showcase with all this money we get from The SEC that for the 1st time in over 50 years’ time now will make us competitive again with this antiquated old gym.  If it were bigger then better recruits would flock here and fill it !


Some other of the 131 Academic All-America at UGA All-Time include Bill Stanfill, Kevin McClee, Jeff Pyburn, Terry Hoage, Chad Kessler, Alec Kessler, Matt Stinchcomb, Jon Stinchcomb, Coco Miller, Kelly Miller, Courtney Kupets, Gordan Beckham, Ty Frix, Aaron Murray, Drew Butler, and Fran Tarkenton was our 1st Bulldog Academic All-America in 1960.  1960 is when we decided we needed a new gym.  I remember it well.


131 in 56 years is more than 2 a year for us which is GREAT !


But also VERY RARE.  To be a Dean’s List Honor Roll Scholar and STARTER on your team is as you can see .000 percent.  Have to take it out 4 decimal places to see how infrequent it is that a Starting Athlete would also be a top scholar !


Utterly amazing feat.


I will just be glad when the career 29 % from the field shooter 19 % career from the 3-point line is gone.


You can use this URL Link to look-up ANY player ANY sport and goes back at least to 1964 for the major sports and goes back to 1932 for football and 1947 for men’s basketball.  Very cool useful URL Link I use all the time when I want to know about a student-athlete’s entire career up-to-date to the moment, not just looking at a single year.  Thank you NCAA for adding this for us.


If she would just quit shooting !



Unfortunately this does NOT bode well for the career of Joni Taylor here because next season is going to be STARK.


And not because she loses Marjorie Butler.


We might actually beat Alabama on the road tonight on National TV, but only if Marjorie Butler never takes a 3-point shot ever again in her lifetime and only if she limits her shots from the field to 4 one of which she MIGHT make.  Might not based on her career here.  Otherwise we are doomed even against a lesser foe we own like Alabama.


It is sad when one who is so smart as Marjorie Butler can be so damned selfish and set such a hideous example to all her teammates taking the ball down the court and jacking it up.


So when 1 of the others gets into the game, they have to do the same to get any shots.




And, very aggravating.


Our football team got to this point too where if the opponent was ranked and we played them away from Sanford for these last 8 years we lost 15 of 24 games going into this 2016 season, which is not even Top 25 in the nation away from Home for # 11 All-Time Football Wins’ Georgia.  It is a measure. How well you do against ranked teams away from Home.


The Lady Bulldogs used to be great.  We’re the # 5 women’s basketball program of All-Time !


Our men have an RPI of 68.  So our women # 33 RPI are far more likely to make the NCAA Tournament than our men.


Our men because they can shoot but too many turnovers not enough rebounds and no defense.

Our women because despite being unable to shoot do play defense and rebound and do not turn the ball over.


There is a lesson there somewhere.


Last night for example our men lost in basketball at the Stegesaurus because we had 150 % more turnovers than Texas A & M committed, because we were outrebounded again and because we played absolutely no defense allowing Texas A & M all kinds of open shots making no effort to play defense again.  Texas A&M plays defense, rebounds and does NOT turn the ball over.  Result only 45-points we score in a 34-point then blow-out of Biblical Proportions as I have maintained about this team, also suffering greatly after this season with us also losing all our players as we do in women’s basketball after this season.


The Dawgbone for the last 8 years of Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor here, refused to allow any updates on its site if he LOST AGAIN fearing that someone might actually 1-line the poor efforts of our “coach” cough cough.  They make no such effort when not Apologizing for HIS sorry ass – please note.  The Dawgbone waited 24 hours after every loss before updating a DAY LATE then anyone’s and everyone’s efforts to discuss his bullshit coaching these last 8 years before he was finally FIRED as I predicted all along had to happen.


Men’s Basketball – Fair Game !


That certainly is one-sided, isn’t it ?


Mr. Blue’s The Dawgbone – he gives you some URL Links mostly to pay-per-view sites notably during 8 years of unsatisfactory results refused to provide that news until one full day out-of-date !  Freaking Apologist to THIS VERY DAY !


Isn’t he ?


And, you look at Coach Mark Fox on the sidelines and he is just peeved at the players.  He stands there shaking his head, bemused at the bullshit efforts by his troops – unlike his predecessor’s counterpart in football ever was.


But it is ok for us to say that about Coach Mark Fox but not ok to say that about Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor until no one bothered to look that deeply into the archived URL Links Mr. Blue decides when and if he will show you the URL Link to the real news on our football team.  He still does choose the URL Links the damn Apologist – and biased son of a bitch.


He wants to control what we think.


How did that work out for you Mr. Blue ?


Asshole !


I will tell you how that worked out tens of thousands flocked HERE instead and read what I had to say.


Because I predicted it ALL ALONG and why daily.


Shit lick.




I will be watching us tonight at 5 pm to 7 pm Comcast 792 HD.  Will you ?


There is a lesson there somewhere too.


Joni Taylor played at Alabama from 1997 to 2001 but only has the 1 SEC win all season against # 20 Florida Thursday.  When they look back at Georgia under Andy Landers who up and quit entering this season facing these prospects again this season of our horrible shooting and a ball hog jacking it up bringing the ball up the court setting such a horrid example and she so smart what is always found is that Georgia is # 5 in the nation all-time with The Lady Bulldogs.  It is quite a precedent !


With all the resources we have except a new gym we could’ve been even more.  Instead we are in a no-win scenario for both Joni Taylor and Coach Mark Fox who is great.  But I would not have taken this gig without assurance The University of Georgia would build me a new gym before they fired me or pay me a penalty of one million lump sum cash. I call it my one percent penalty tax because the new gym is going to cost one hundred million dollars – certainly not chump change – but if Ole Miss can pony-up a hundred million for a new gym to replace their gym also which opened in 1964 as ours did then by God we HAVE TO !


1 year now to the day from now, our Erk Russell Indoor Practice Facility opens at which time I sincerely hope the entire University pushes hard for the new gym our men and women have such richly deserved – a long time coming !


We have been rubbing salt in the wounds of our richly deserving men and women basketball fans with all the traffic getting into and out of the Stegesaurus due to the construction of the Erk Russell Indoor Practice Facility closing down all the streets to traffic.


This also is the reason why the new gym can not be on the site of the Stegesaurus.


We can use the Stegesaurus for other events besides basketball, which the Stegesaurus never was built for specifically anyway.  And, we can keep wasting money on it until the cows go home.  If you have never been on a dairy farm, the cows go home when they decide amongst themselves.


We have momentum in football because we dared to be great yet all we have in basketball is that we have a great Coach for the men.  Unfortunately he would be so much even better somewhere else and he would be so much far greater here if he had a new gym as well.


If we gave a shit about trying to win around here.


Maybe Fran Tarkenton would give us some money for a new gym too since we are content to sit on all this cash The SEC gives us every year in the over half a billion annual SEC revenue-sharing which is going WAY UP beyond that now with the SEC Network kicking-in finally now.  Fran Tarkenton remembers when the new gym was built as do I.  And, we can not buy a new gym but Ole Miss can.


( )

( )


Dare to be great !  Elle Macpherson shown in the 2 pics was born in Sydney where I lived for 3 years the day we opened the Stegesaurus !


Billy Joel wrote 3 songs about his dating Elle Macpherson but no one writes shit about the Stegesaurus in 52 years !



The Stegesaurus has not been an up-town girl in 52 years – half a century.


This is Christie Brinkley in the video of the song, both in Billy Joel’s entourage.


We need an uptown girl for our gym.



Coach Kirby Paul Smart earned Academic All-America 1998 at The University of Georgia. Chuck Dowdle Interview.


Fran Tarkenton was The University of Georgia’s first ever Academic All-America in 1960.

There are 131 UGA Academic All-America in all 19 sports, which is # 11 All-Time all schools winning Academic All-America.

Coach Kirby Paul Smart earned Academic All-America at UGA 1998.

Some other of the 131 at UGA All-Time include Bill Stanfill, Kevin McClee, Jeff Pyburn, Terry Hoage, Chad Kessler, Alec Kessler, Matt Stinchcomb, Jon Stinchcomb, Coco Miller, Kelly Miller, Courtney Kupets, Gordan Beckham, Ty Frix, Aaron Murray, and Drew Butler.


Congratulations to these Scholar-Athletes for The University of Georgia all 131 of them, including Coach Kirby Paul Smart !


True meaning of the word Scholar-Athlete.


You will see all 131 UGA Academic All-America at this URL Link :



You will see that UGA is # 11 All-Time with 131 Academic All-America here:


I personally am extremely proud of these 131 ever here at UGA.  They did have to be a Starter on their team AND have the grades which qualified them for Academic All-America to be listed of the 131.  I had the grades; I was not a Starter.  I know how much hard work in the classrooms this requires.


To whom much is given, much is expected.  And, these Scholar-Athletes are extremely gifted in the classroom and on the playing field. Rare.  Very Rare.  Very very very Rare.  These are both Gifts.


The best of the best.


Smart and Athletic.


God gives very few both.


Then, they had to work hard at both their Academics and their Sports.


There is no question that Coach Kirby Paul Smart is special.


This is what the Press Release was trying to say, but did a poor job of it.  I had to look it up. I thought I remembered this when he was here 1998.  I certainly remembered it about Fran Tarkenton, Matt Stinchcomb, Jon Stinchcomb, Kirby Smart, Gordan Beckham, Drew Butler, Alec Kessler, Chad Kessler, Ty Frix, Bill Stanfill, Kevin McClee, Aaron Murray, Jeff Pyburn, Kelly Miller, Coco Miller, and Terry Hoage.


We will continue to excel with Coach Kirby Paul Smart Academic All-America UGA, 1st Team All-State AAAA Bainbridge High Football Baseball Basketball 3-time 3-sport Letterman, 1st Team All-SEC Georgia Bulldogs Defensive Back DB, Captain Georgia 4-Years SEC Academic Honor Roll, and Christian married to our own Lady Bulldogs Mary Beth Lycett Smart who before Sunday was the more famous of their family !  BMOC Bainbridge Georgia Most Famous son after Governor Marvin Griffin Army Brigadier General Big Man on Campus.


He is BMOC now !

His Dad, Head Football Coach Bainbridge High School Sonny Smart, said to him this week that he will have to get off the porch and run with the Big Dawgs Now !


That is what his Dad said to him this week.


As you can see, Kirby Smart has ALWAYS run with the Big Dawgs.


Kirby told Sonny this !


I thought I always had been running with the Big Dawgs, Dad ?


I am certain over time, that those of you still talking about his predecessor 12 days’ later, such as Bernie yet again today will soon realize we are ALL All-In behind Kirby Smart !  And, why !

The Best of the Best and why I cry when I talk about him too : I am just very proud of Coach Kirby Paul Smart.


You should listen to this Chuck Dowdle Interview of Coach Kirby Paul Smart :



Matt Stinchcomb and Paul Feinbaum agreed, Mark Richt loses to vols and to Auburn

Starting Offensive Tackle : John Theus

Starting Outside Linebacker : Jordan Jenkins

Starting Fullback : Quayvon Hicks

Probable Starting Inside Linebacker : Jake Ganus

Starting Wide Receiver : Malcolm Mitchell

Starting Place Kicker : Marshall Morgan

Starting Tight End : Jay Rome

Starting Wide Receiver : Justin Scott-Wesley

Starting Tailback : Keith Marshall

Possible Starting Center : Hunter Long

Starting Offensive Tackle : Kolton Houston

Starting Defensive End : Josh Dawson

Starting Defensive Tackle : Sterling Bailey

Defensive Tackle : James DeLoach

Starting Nose Tackle : Chris Mayes

Cornerback : Devin Bowman

Starting Linebacker : Leonard Floyd

Kicker : Patrick Beless

Starting Punter : Collin Barber

Starting Long Snapper : Nathan Theus

All 20 of these are lost from Mark Richt’s teams after this season, and Alabama actually loses MORE than these 20 after this season as well, but Paul Feinbaum and Matt Stinchcomb both agree that Mark Richt will lose to Auburn and to the vols this regular season. That does NOT bode well for Mark Richt that he should lose to the vols and to Auburn this regular season because Alabama is ranked better than BOTH of those teams and we have to play them twice.

Mark Richt has to play this put up or shut up season along with having to play Alabama twice Auburn and the vols teams such as Florida, Georgie tek yellowjackets, South Carolina, Missouri, and whomever our opponent is in our bowl game.

There is only 1 assurance from Mark Richt and that is that whomever his bowl opponent will be, the bowl will be his 15th in a row meaningless bowl opponent – as he never has played in a meaningful bowl game, let alone won against a top bowl opponent in such a bowl game.

Edward Aschoff, ESPN Staff Writer who just last week said the job is Brice Ramsey’s to lose because he has such a great talent with his arm strength, is singing a different tune today and now says that there is no hurry whatsoever for Mark Richt to name a starter with all the cupcakes we face the entire month of September. Mark Richt said there was a fumble in an exchange on Offense yesterday. Duh.