“I been dreaming of buying my mama a house since I was 8 and now to finally do it words can’t explain how happy i am 🙏🏾 I love you ma x1000000000❤️ It’s my turn to take care of you now 🙏” Mecole Hardman Junior to his mom whom he bought home for with swimming pool 1 half million views – same as his signing bonus NFL over 1000 yards here despite being HELD BACK by Kirby.

Mecole Hardman Jr. # 1 athlete nation # 13 football player nation 6 starts for Kirby 6










Knowshon Moreno for 2 years Now Mecole Hardman Jr for all intents and purposes 2 years too in case you FORGOT. 2016 Kirby held back Mecole Hardman Jr. He was NEVER going to come here with Mark Richt here. Kirby got him to come here then Kirby well HELD MECOLE HARDMAN JR. BACK.

2016 Kirby wanted to REDSHIRT Mecole Hardman Jr. THIS BLOG rallied to the support of Mecole Hardman Jr. and MADE Kirby put him in. Sparingly.


The first SEVERAL games of 2016 Mecole did not play at all despite them being CUPCAKES where a freshman could play.


Kirby LOST 5 games 2016 holding back players such as Mecole Hardman Jr.


For the entire season of 2016 Kirby gave Mecole Hardman Jr. not one run and not one pass.


Kirby WASTED Mecole Hardman Jr. all of 2016.


Mecole had one solo tackle all of 2016.


247Sports.com five-star prospect

# 13 player nationally

# 1 ATHLETE nationally


And Kirby wasted him his freshman year didn’t he ?


Now Mecole Hardman Jr. is the 2nd round NFL Draft Pick with a GREAT FUTURE.


Just as he came here with.


2017 Kirby gave Mecole Hardman Jr. ONE START all season long.

2018 Kirby gave Mecole Hardman Jr. FIVE STARTS all season long.


Thank you Kirby.



Academic Honor Roll student Mecole Hardman Jr. college days were WASTED by Kirby and now he is a star player for Kansas City.


Chiefs get a great wide receiver not that Kirby could throw him 3 passes a game because Kirby DID NOT.


950 yards receiving for the # 1 athlete and # 13 overall best football player in America his entire Kirby Smart Georgia Bulldog career.


At least Knowshon Moreno got the ball 2 years here…